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When editor Lou Anders sent me an advanced copy of Masked for proofreading purposes, I ended up reading the entire anthology over the course of two days.  I remember emailing Lou soon after to discuss, among other things, Daryl Gregory’s brilliant contribution to the collection.  I enjoyed “Message from the Bubblegum Factory” so much that I decided to make Gregory’s The Devil’s Alphabet our August Book of the Month Club selection (Oh, and here’s a perfect opportunity to remind you all that discussion on the novel begins next week, so hurry and up and finish!).

Daryl Gregory is no stranger to anthologies.  His short fiction has appeared in numerous Year’s Best collections.  His first novel, Pandemonium, won him the 2009 Crawford Award for Outstanding New Fantasy Writer and was a finalist for the World Fantasy Award.  His second novel, The Devil’s Alphabet (did I mention it’s this month’s book of the month club pick?), was named One of the Best Books of 2009 by Publisher’s Weekly and nominated for the 2009 Philip K. Dick Award.  His first comic book, Dracula: Company of Monsters which he co-wrote with the legendary Kurt Busiek, will be out this month from BOOM! Studios.  His next novel, Raising Stony Mayhill, will be out the summer of 2011 by Del Rey Books.  Between writing, family, and being a self-described “web guy”, Daryl also blogs here:

Like previous Masked contributors, I asked Daryl if he could tell us a little about his story and how he ended up a part of the anthology.  He offered the following:

The only reason I’m in this anthology is because Chris Roberson, another MASKED contributor and a great writer, pushed a story of mine called “The Illustrated Biography of Lord Grimm”  into Lou Anders’ hands. That story, which appeared in an SF/Fantasy anthology called ECLIPSE, was a minion’s-eye view of life in a nation run by a Dr. Doom-like figure, but played straight. I thought SF readers might not know what to make of the story, but I really wanted to write it.

See, I’m a science fiction writer who’s just now breaking into comics, but I’ve been a comic book fan my entire life — even longer than I’ve been a reader. I have a distinct memory of sitting in my father’s lap as he read aloud to me from an issue of Spider-Man. And today if you come to my house, you’re required to salute the statue of Captain America I keep in my living room.

In “Message from the Bubblegum Factory” I was trying to have my cake and eat it too — by writing an SF story that spoke to my love of comics. As Matt noted in his post a few days ago, “Message from the Bubblegum Factory” feels a bit deconstructive, and Publisher’s Weekly called it metafictional — but I’m here to say it’s neither! Okay, maybe a little. But not really.

Let me explain.

In these big comics universes — like DC, Marvel, or the brand new one Bill Willingham invented for the closing story in MASKED — there’s no coherent explanation for how these people got their powers. Everything is true: super-science, aliens, lost civilizations, mythology, mutations, magic… it’s all up for grabs. Aquaman can fight side by side with the Martian Manhunter and Zatanna against Zeus. Which can be an awful lot of fun, but you can’t think too hard about it.

It seemed to me that if you’re going to write a prose story about superheroes, you can go the Wild Cards route and invent a shared origin, or you can ignore the incoherency and just have fun with it. But what I decided to do — this is the cake-eating-and-having part — is come up with a science fictional explanation for a Marvel-style universe.

The main character of “Bubblegum” is Eddie King, a former sidekick who believes  the whole world has been invented for the amusement of Soliton, the world’s first superhero and Eddie’s adoptive father. After Soliton arrived, supervillains and more superheroes started popping up, freak accidents began giving people powers instead of killing them, and the laws of physics got rubbery.

Eddie knows Soliton came here from a mundane parallel universe that sounds suspiciously like the reader’s. So that raises some questions for Eddie. Is everyone in his world living in some kind of virtual reality, or personal artificial universe? And is every event — even Eddie’s plot to kill his father — part of Soliton’s script? Like poor old Oedipus Rex, Eddie King is trying to figure out if he’s fated to play out his role, or if he has free will… or if he’s just crazy.

I have a couple more stories planned about Eddie and the team he’s assembled to kill Soliton. Maybe if folks buy lots of copies of MASKED, Lou will make a home for another one of them.

And more Daryl Gregory to come in the coming weeks…

Once again, a little pic from Stargate: Universe’s first season that hints at something to come in season two…

And a few somethings from the Atlantis archives and, specifically, one of my personal top ten favorite episodes I’ve written…

Director Will Waring sets up his next shot.

Shooting the Sheppard-Kolya chat 'n chop.

One of my favorite Act outs of the series.

Joe fitted with the magical green glove that will allow Mark Savela and his team to make that hand disappear.

I keep meaning to put together a countdown of my top ten favorites.  I’m credited on a little over 70 Stargate episodes and have been able to come up with 15 that I consider personal faves.  And, as you probably guessed, my list doesn’t exactly line up with the fan choices.  In fact, many fan favorites like Siege II, Space, and Exodus don’t even make the cut.


link022 writes: “1/The origin of the evolution of goauld is another mystery, Have they really discovered on their own initiative how to travel by the gate (It is very difficult to compose an address in the good order knowing that it has 7 symbols, without counting the fact that some would correspond to no planet)?”

Answer: We know that the goa’uld appropriated much of their technology from other civilizations.  It stands to reason that they acquired knowledge of the gate system the same way – through their host bodies.

“2/Nox was left of quoted in SG1 contrary to asgards, Will reinstate them you one day in one of your movies or in SGU?”

Answer: No plans to revisit the Nox.

“3/We see in one of the episodes of SG1 that some asgards stayed under their original shape (cf 5X22) is it possible that like the asgards of pégase, several factions not agreeing with the program of cloning exile themselves?”

Answer: It’s possible – and also likely they’d have died off by now.

“We know that the ancients put in by drones possess beams of plasma as weapon.  will they put in evidence in your next movie of stargate atlantis”

Answer: Nope.

ytimynona writes: “Hey Joe, what’s the name of the actress who plays Eli’s …female friend… this season?”

Answer: Might you be referring to the lovely and talented Julie McNiven who’ll be playing the role of Ginn in SGU’s second season.

Deni writes: “Hi Joe, thanks for the pics, I really liked “Brainstorm”. So, like, if I’m having a lousy day (which I am), could you post a couple of pics of Daniel Jackson tomorrow, or does Das get all the perks?”

Answer: Here you go.

Lewis writes: “What were some of your favorite comic titles/characters you read while growing up?”

Answer: I kind of did a blog entry about it here:

Winst writes: “Joe……..FYI…check out the cover image of the new issue of Time Magazine.

Looks a lot like your adorable Maximus.”

Answer: Well, whaddya know.  It DOES look a lot like Maximus.

62 thoughts on “August 7, 2010: Author Daryl Gregory pops in! Another hint at SGU season 2 things to come! More from the Atlantis archives! And the mailbag!

  1. Dammit, Joe – I’M supposed to get all the perks! 😡


    Dammit, Joe – I had a question for the mailbag! 😡

    Can I ask anyways?? No? Too bad! 😀

    Joe – What are your favorite cookbooks? Do you regularly use cookbooks/on-line recipes, or do you just wing it?

    Thankies. 🙂


  2. PS:

    Joe, I think Deni meant NAKED Daniel pictures. 😀

    Onto other news that no one really cares about…

    I recently purchased an old solid wood dropleaf table for the kitchen, to replace my more modern (albeit ‘colonial’ design) round table with the wood composite/fake woodgrain top. Tonight we finally broke in the new old table…with an candlelight Italian dinner. 🙂 Now, I don’t have the patience to make everything from scratch, but I DO have good connections! 😀 Whole wheat pasta and meatballs (the meat sauce was homemade by my neighborfriend – I added my own fresh herbs – the meatballs made by the local butcher), with Caprese salad (tomatoes, mozz., fresh basil, a dash of olive oil and basalmic vinegar – I dood that ’cause it’s easy!), Italian bread (the GOOD kind that can only be had in the Philadelphia/Delaware Valley region) with herbed dipping oil, all washed down with a few glasses of red, red wine…go to my head…make me forget that I… still need Todd so…


    It was delish! Mr. Das said it felt just like being in a restaurant. I LOVE my new, tiny table! It’s just so intimate and nice…first time in ages that we ate at the table instead of in front of the tv…and we both loved it. The larger table was nice, but in our small kitchen, it was just too much…and since we rarely used it, the cats DID. Though I’m used to cats and their ill-disciplined ways, not many people would want to eat at my house once they got an eyeful of the cats lounging on the kitchen table, napping in the sunbeams. 🙄 The new table is off limits, and really too small for them to comfortably spread out on…though I’m still suspicious that they may be jumping up during the day when I’m at work. Maybe I’ll put sticky tape on the edges…that’ll learn ’em! 😀


  3. I just rewatched Remnants the other week. Listened to the commentary, too. Rolled my eyes when you referred to Anna Galvin as a ‘Newzie’ … while she’s clearly wearing an Australian flag on her arm. White stars = Australian, Red stars = Kiwi. Although, I’m not so much against the idea of calling Kiwis Newzies. If we have to suffer the indignity of being called Aussies, why not spread the indignity around?

    I laughed (a lot) when you mentioned in the commentary that you were accused of writing certain scenes (like the ones depicted above) just to see a certain actor get the crap kicked out of him.

    I did enjoy that episode. It was great to see Parrish and Kolya again.

  4. I couldn’t agree more. What I loved about Masked was its treatment of heroes and villains as people first and guys and gals in spandex second. And Daryl Gregory’s Message from the Bubblegum Factory was definitely a highlight for me.

    I’m almost finished with The Devil’s Alphabet. I’m going to resist the temptation to ask a very cliched question that really begs asking: Where do you get your ideas? I promise to come up with better questions next week.

  5. Just curious though, aren’t you credited on all of Pauls scripts that hes written(with or without your help). So then it wouldn’t quite be 70 if you take out the ones Paul wrote by himself… unless im mistaken.

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  6. I’ll be missing out on another botm club discussion, but at least September is coming… and what is it with everyone involved with Masked being handsome gentlemen? Not complaining, but it just seems like a statistical anomoly.
    Ok, so you’re doing top 10 SG shows, and not top ten for each series? I know it’s early to be doing top 10 on universe anyways, though I suppose you could do a top 2. THEN it would be interesting to see how you place the respective 22 episodes in relation with each other. Any chance you’d take the time to do it that way? Maybe if we come up with a decent sized chocolate bribe?
    Thanks for the pics. Not a big hurt/comfort fan, but I must admit sheppard suffers so nicely, and Kolya in that episode had the hair on my neck standing up.

  7. YOWZA! Thanks Joe, that made me feel much, MUCH better 🙂 You’re one sweet guy, but don’t worry, I won’t tell. Have a great night!

  8. @Das: OMG! Naked Daniel? Oh, no, never…nope, not me 🙂 So like, Joe, do you have any?

  9. Hey Joe,

    I’ve got a question that’s been been bugging me, I understand why you can’t read fanfiction and the legal issues behind it, but i was curious about actually buying the rights to said works.

    Ii mean, you’ve got guest writers all the time on shows. If say in a season of SGU or any other show you’ve got 20 episodes and the main ‘plot’ episodes take up 12 episodes, you’ve got 8 ‘filler’ episodes to play with. While i don’t doubt that the show’s main writers could handle it (and handle it you guys did for 15+ years) wouldn’t it be possible to buy the rights to the ‘best’ fanfiction scripts/stories that fit in with the established canon? I’m not talking all the shippy stories or ones with crazy convoluted plots that make no sense, but actual fanfic writers who strive to deliver the same quality and even fit in with the established canon of the story.

    I know Fanfic gets a bad rap because (and this is just my opinion) alot of it is pretty singleminded and not meant for mainstream popularity, but there ARE good creative stories out there, and while you can’t ‘copy’ them (nor should you 😛 ) I’m curious as to the legalities of actually ‘buying’ them and perhaps being able to tweak them if they don’t fit in perfectly.

    Thanks in advance,

  10. Naked pictures of Daniel? Meh. Granted he is very nice looking, but it’s Ronon I’d be interested in. 😯

    Joe, if your top 10 favorite list does not include Reunion and Broken Ties, I’ll be wondering what you were smoking when you made the list up.

  11. @Ponytail: It apparently has become naked guy pictures night 🙂 I wouldn’t complain about Ronon pics, not at all…
    What was I talking about? Oi, poor Joe.

  12. @Sam –

    If Joe can’t look at the fanfic in the first place, then how would he be able to pick out the ‘best’ ones?

  13. I haven’t got around to picking up Masked yet but I just finished The Devil’s Alphabet. I don’t want to jump the gun because were only starting the discussion next week but…wow!

  14. SGU question: In SG1&SGA, each member of an off-world team would have a GDO so that any one of them could send the code to lower the Iris/Shield in case one got seperated or the rest of the team was captured. Why in SGU don’t all members of the off-world teams have a Keno remote? It’s not like there is a shortage of them, based on the big “Keno dispenser” in “Air.” That way they don’t run into a situation like where Scott, Eli, & Chloe had the remote and Greer was stuck without one. Seems like it should be standard equipment for every member of the team.

  15. LOL well if it’s naked picture post, how about someone with manly hair on chest, which sadly both Ronon and Daniel lack. How bout it Joe, going to step up to the plate and give us folks a memorable picture? Hmmm?

  16. I liked Remnants very much! Although perhaps not for the same reasons you do…
    Thanks very much for the BTS pictures 🙂
    BTW, what does “Act outs” mean in the context of the above photo?

  17. @Riley: To be fair, us Kiwis and our Aussie neighbors have two of the most indistinguishable flags in the world. <..>

  18. It’s the ever elusive [well, here anyways] Joe F!!! (Being WHUMPED, no less!!!!) Thanks SOOOOO much, Joe! 😀 ((Pardon me while I SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!!))

    Thanks for the mailbag, too. 🙂 Ginn, pronounced like the alcohol? Niiiiiiice. That will go along well with the SGUdg! 😉 Seriously though, I’m glad that Eli gets a …. female friend… 😀

    @Sam Star Trek used to do exactly that… anyone could submit a script for consideration. I wish there were more shows like that now. Unfortunately, most FanFic is not in script format, so it wouldn’t be eligible even if SGU did accept unsolicited scripts. I’m told the best way to get a script considered for your favorite show is to write a spec script for a different show (because producers will notice all your mistakes in your script for THEIR show), find an agent willing to shop it around for you, and send that. Then, if the producers like your spec, you go from there, telling them your story ideas for THEIR show. ((Joe et al, correct me if I’m wrong.))

  19. If the ladies get naked Daniel or Ronon pics, could us guys get naked Teyla or Sam pics??? 🙂

    It would only be fair, ya know…

  20. Hi Joe,

    As always, LOVE the pics, though you do seem to have stirred up some…er…feeling today? I believe there are nekkid Michael pics from “Fallen”…just saying. 😉

    How’s Jelly? And has Maximus been moonlighting? THAT’S what the kitchen capers were about; they were trying to distract you while Maximus did his photo shoot!

    Smiles, Julie

    @PBmom – anxiously awaiting the promised good news, can’t wait to hear!

    @Debra – Cara looks adorable, what a ham!

    @Das – congrats on the table and dinner both! NTM scoring big with the wraith pics a few days ago! 😉

  21. Oh PS I think some of your favorites need to be fan favorites as well! Window of Opportunity? Ripple Effect? Both are pretty much universally loved by fans, and I can’t see how they wouldn’t be your favorites as well! I mean Jack’s rant! Jack/Sam kissing! And multiple SG-1s! And you brought back Janet! 🙂

    You also wrote Morpheus, which was my introduction to the Stargate franchise…so it has to be on *my* list of favorites for that reason alone! 😀

  22. Thanks for the Daniel/Michael pic!

    Although looking in the background…don’t tell me that the fish tank is the property of the SGC as well!!!!….LOL

    Kriss 🙂

  23. I just completed a student film this week 😀 . I saw its screening a few hours ago. That was one fun shoot !!!!
    the end result looks great. It’s called “Xzil”.
    24 films needed to be produced in 48 hrs. I’m glad I could participate to one. Its was made in association with the production group I’ve been hanging out with at the beginning of each month.

  24. Hey Joe 🙂

    Been reading your bloig the last few days. Thank you for all the nice things you say about so many people I like, like Amanda, Michael and all. I live as far away from everything interesting Stargate related as possible, in the capital of In-The-Middle-Of-You-Know-Where, Somewhere-In-Eastern-Europe, Oh-Forget-It, and thank God for Internet and YouTube interviews.

    What I wanted to ask is do you know what local TV channels do to your work? They totally ruin it, some of the best scenes, the best moments, the best lines, they just ruin them. I don’t know who the translators are, I don’t know who decided that they speak English, or how come they get paid for it, but even you will have a hard time recognizing your own work, if you could just understand the “translation”. I can’t remember a really good example (there are just too many in every episode), but there was this scene in Arthur’s Mantle, nevermind who actually wrote it, when Mitchell tells Teal’c to let him go annoy the bad guy, because he couldn’t get hurt, and he tells Teal’c to try and hit him with his gun, and Teal’c does, and then says “OK, go” or something like that. Then Mitchell asks “Hey did you even think twice about that?”, and Teal’c says “I did not.”. In the AXN SciFi translation, that’s a local Eastern European channel, their conversation sounds like that:

    T: I do not feel comfortable allowing you to shoulder all the risk
    M: No risk…I’m out of phase remember…
    T: And you are certain you will not be injured?
    M: Hey take your best shot if you don’t be-
    T: Good luck Colonel Mitchell
    M: Hey, aren’t you going to change your mind?
    T: No.

    Which totally changes the idea of the scene, if I didn’t know better, I would never understand what they’re talking about. And it’s like that and worse every time. I guess it doesn’t really concern you, but poor fans who want to watch it (for the seventh time) on TV…

  25. Well, that’s the first Season 2 hint that I have no idea about! So we have Wray and Greer from Pain featuring the latter being suspicious of the former for maybe formenting another rebellion. Does that mean another rebellion down the road? More hostilities between Wray and Greer? Or maybe they’ll finally work out their differences? So many possibilities!

    @ for the love of Beckett: You are correct! I’m going to grad school there and I will be studying Planetary Sciences. So that’s like studying Mars or the moons of the outer planets or trying to find new planets. Basically, scifi stuff! 😀

  26. Okay, okay…if we get nekkid Daniel, Ronon, Teyla or Sam pics, can we get nekkid Todd pictures, as well?? 😀 But…ya know…ONLY from the waist UP, because I’ma kinda afeared that what’s below Todd’s waist is all slimy and tendril-y… sorta like a crotch Cthulhu, or something.



  27. The shot of Wray and Greer from “Pain” makes me pretty happy, at least in the hope that the characters might get around to dealing with that. I was left with the feeling that Greer had wanted to say something to her about what they had gone through. Just one more thing to hope for 🙂

  28. SGU question: I`m still wondering will we ever see another reference to the “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” movie ?…

  29. @ Das – LOL
    @ Deni – wow, awww wasn’t that sweet???
    @ Joe- you’re a softie, aren’t ya?

  30. Thank you Daryl Gregory for the great introduction and for coming by and telling us about your big comic book project. What’s it like working with Busiek? Joe is right. He’s a legend. And isn’t Mark Waid one of the owners of Boom? Also looking forward to more Eddie adventures.


  31. Oh, my, my, the steam issuing forth from my monitor is blinding me. All this nekkid talk, tsk-tsk, (shakes head to/fro).

    How about nekkid pics of Kavan Smith, who is now recurring on Eureka as the new & improved android deputy sheriff. Now that is one hot bit-o-manliness, er, android-ness.

    Um, excuse me, just got carried away for a moment.

    Joe! Is Akemi traveling with you and Ivon to Japan in December? If not, will she doggie/house sit for you?

    @Das – you slay me girl! Ha!
    @Debra – I agree, pooch Cara looks to be a sweetie. God bless you for rescuing her. AND I also agree about manly chest hair – remember way back to the SGA ep with oe F. and the “Wraith bug”, “Thirty-eight Minutes”? Now that’s what I call a manly chest.

    Oops, seems like I circled back to my original topic 🙄

    Well, everyone have a good day/night !


  32. @Kristina: Darlin’, hate to tell you, but that’s MY picture. 🙂 Ask me real nice and I’ll share it with you…NOT!

    @Das: “Tendril-y”? Really?


    Hi Joe, just go along with it…and have a good Sunday 🙂

  33. I loved the Koyla stuff, and that he was a good Nemesis for Sheppard, however his death was kinda corny, but fun. I wish he hadn’t of died he would of been a good distraction for the team in the later episodes, randomly appearing and trying his damndest to cause the team issues.

    However I pretty much agree that the Wraith taking center stage after the replicator thing was the best thing to do.

  34. The baby’s here! A dainty 9 lbs of baby girl. I delivered Grace at 10:14AM EST. Not quite tweeting during labor like Alaina, but hey.

  35. @ Debra – that cute picture of silly Cara looks amazingly like my crazy beagle Maggie. They could be sisters!

    And wow, that does look like Maximus on the cover of Time. Did he tell Time Magazine what he was thinking? I wonder what he said…?

  36. Wondering….was Lou Anders the inspiration for the Masked cover? Finally realized the cover is of a bald hulky guy and now to see Lou’s picture with a mask…Hmmmmm.

  37. @dasNdanger Todd nekkid? Just when I thought the wraith couldn’t get any scarier, and Wray and Greer? Hmm what could that signify? I wonder if they actually have a proper fight. Barney, cha cha cha.

  38. @ Deni – Well, I wanted to write tentacle-y…but I was afraid that in my haste I’d type testicle-y instead. 😛


  39. G’day Joe

    @ DP – WOW Congratulations, a baby girl, nothing sweeter.
    BTW you wouldn’t possibly be a Jack and Sam shipper???? – ie Grace!!!! Beautiful name.


  40. @ DP – Congrats!! And Grace is such a lovely name – may she bring you a lifetime of joy!

    @ Sparky – I think what might be scarier is my imagination that came up with that idea. 😛


  41. Hi Joe,

    thank you very much for the Atlantis behind-the-scenes pics.
    Because of them I’d like to ask another question about Atlantis. For explaination: In the episode “The Prodigal” is the scene, where Sheppard and McKay are in the stairwell of the maintower and McKay declares, that they have to claim up 28 floors to reach the 63th floor and from there over other stairs 4 more to reach the Gateroom. I took this declaration to think about the height of the maintower and came to nearly 200 meters (655 foot). The question is now: Is this the real height of the tower or not?

    2) Could it be possible that the folks on Atlantis discover a vehilce that can fly through stars like the Destiny does to recharge ZPMs? – If so, they could send it through one to recharge all the ZPMs and have solved the energy problem of Atlantis for all times.

    3) May there be plans about the mission for the Destiny and why nobody went on board of her after she was started in history-databases on Atlantis? – And, more interessting: will the folks from earth find them?

    4) May we learn the measures (lenght, width, height) of the Destiny?

    5) During the first episodes of Univers Chloe is wearing a dress and boots until she tested the Destinys shower in episode 4 (Darkness). After that she wears something like a training suite and sports shoes. But where did she get these cloths from? – I didn’t see, she carried a suitcase with herself when she was beamed down to the Ikarus Base, and so there won’t be one, while they were escaping the planet through the stargate. This brings me also to the question, where she and Rush got their old cloth back from after their escape from the alien space ship?

    6) Some time ago I discovered, there is singer/actress named Joanna ‘JoJo’ Levesque. So the question is: Is there any relationship between her and Elyse, hence SGUs Chloe Armstrong?


  42. @DP – congrats!

    @Das – Ha! I know how to get on your good side. Narelle says you should make some lovely locks for my Todd and send it over. Narelle says hi to all, by the way!

  43. Lemme guess Joe’s SGA top list: eps that injure, belittle or humiliate Sheppard in any way. Especially injure. 😉

    @das Italian bread (the GOOD kind that can only be had in the Philadelphia/Delaware Valley region)
    Stop rubbing it in!! Importing the baking water is Expensive!!!! 🙂

  44. @ Das – Dude. I almost choked to death. I was finishing off a Brazilian Cheese Puff (Pao de Queijo) when I looked at that picture and snorted. Damn near died from cheesy poof inhalation!

    I will pass on your message to Relle.

  45. @ drldeboer – You’ll just have to come visit! 😀

    But not now…it’s still hotter than the hubs of hell in Philly. I think this week the region is gonna see its 7th heat wave (90+ temps for 3+ days). This is just insane…I don’t remember a summer in the 90s nearly every day, especially down here at the shore. We’ve had more days below 90 than Philly, but not many…not many at all.

    Yesterday it was – according to the Philly news – supposed to be ‘pleasant at the shore, with low humidity’. Well, I have no idea what they were talking about, especially when they said the high was 79. 79 my ass! A local park registered temps in the 90s – it was so oppressive and miserable. This morning wasn’t too bad – I thought. I decided to rake up some tree debris (leaves and twigs are falling due to the dryness, not to mention the sour gum balls that are killers to step on). Well, I was only out there for about half an hour or so – around 8 am – and was totally drenched in sweat. I finished up, came in the house, and never went back outside again (I did get all my housework done – yay!). By mid-week it’s supposed to unbearable again, and I’m really getting tired of this crap. It’s like…I don’t even know when to take a shower. Do I do it before bed, only to get sweaty while sleeping (hot flashes!), or in the morning, only to get sweaty by 10am? Maybe I should just take a shower morning and night…but that seems a bit much.

    Guh. I can’t wait for winter when I only have to take a shower once a month! 😀

    (I keed, I KEED! I take one TWICE a month! 😀 😀 )


  46. I just watched Remnants. The blue alien at the end there closely resembled those blue aliens from SGU. And they had telepathy too…. Coincidence? Or were they really not as extinct as the AI thought they were?

  47. @DP: Congratulations and welcome to the world, Grace! Post a pic so we can get a peek!

  48. Ah, Camille giving Greer sass, with her hand on her hip no less. Why don’t the two of them just get a room? You can blame the distance but I could see Greer being responsible for Camille breaking up with her girlfriend.

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