Whenever a spam comment manages to find its way into my moderation queue, I’m always quick to trash it.  But this one I couldn’t help but set aside because it was refreshingly unique.  It doesn’t pretend to be anything else but a straightforward link dump.  With a twist:

I’m currently being held prisoner by the Russian mafia (penis enlargement link) and being forced to post spam comments on blogs and forum! If you don’t approve this they will kill me. (penis enlargement link)  They’re coming back now. (name of company selling penis enlargement product with link) Please send help! nitip (penis enlargement link).

Normally, I do everything I can to help save kidnap victims, but WordPress is fairly strict about spam content.  Sorry, buddy.  Rules are rules.  I did, however, run a search of on the IP and traced it to somewhere in Illinois.  So if you’re out there reading this, buddy, hang in there.  Help is on its way!

The other night, Akemi and I hit Refuel for a long overdue visit.  We enjoyed…

One of the best risottos I’ve had in recent memory.  Garlic Scape Risotto with scamorza cheese and king oyster mushrooms.

Hand Rolled Potato Gnocchi with fava beans, scallions, and creme fraiche

The tasty House Meatloaf with fries.

Refuel co-owner Tom Doughty informed me that he and Chef Rob Belcham have teamed up with their returning patissier, Paul Croteau, to open Paul Croteau Confections, offering a host of delicious desserts for the discerning palate.  He was nice enough to provide a few samples.  For review purposes of course.

Les Macarons.  Flavors include chocolate, coffee, salted caramel, pistachio-vanilla, and lemon (not pictured).  Best I’ve had outside of Tokyo.

The Sables.  The chocolate has a nice bitter dark kick while the regular sable delivers a luxurious buttery finish.

Guimauves, Gelees, and Florentines. I'm not a fan of fruit desserts but the gelees even won me over - although I preferred the delightful almond flavor of the florentines.

Chocolate-dipped Hazelnuts and Salt Caramel. Both marvelous. I could have finished the entire package of the former on my own. The latter were chewy yet not overly so, melting faster than your average caramel and thus avoiding that annoying stuck-to-your-teeth consequence I personally can't stand.

Orange-Fennel Biscotti. The orange flavor is very subtle, somewhat overshadowed by the fennel, but it's excellent nonetheless.

Scout Magazine does a nice piece on Paul here: http://scoutmagazine.ca/2010/08/05/paul-croteau-confections-now-available-at-oakridge-mall/

And if you’re looking for more information on were to pick up some of these goodies, head on over to the Oakridge Mall or check out: http://www.pcconfections.com/Welcome.html

On to Stargate: Universe.  Another hint at what’s to come in season 2…

Photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television

And a few snaps from the Atlantis archives especially for Das who has been a little aggravated of late.  All photos courtesy and copyright MGM Television…

Another awesome review of Masked (the anthology of all-original superhero fiction that will appeal to comic book fans and non-fans alike) here: http://elitistbookreviews.blogspot.com/2010/08/masked.html

About a week ago, officials in Tokyo were planning to honor the city’s oldest living resident, only to discover the guy had been dead for thirty years.  Not to be discouraged, they moved on to the city’s oldest living woman, 113 year old Fusa Furuya – who it turns out has been missing for a couple decades: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-pacific-10848254

Today’s blog entry is dedicated to (belated) birthday gal Anais!

48 thoughts on “August 5, 2010: Creative spam! Dinner at Refuel! Paul Croteau Confections! Another Masked review! Another SGU season 2 teaser! More from the Atlantis archives!

  1. Well I was wrong. Guess TJ and Varro shippers may be right. Lol.

    @Das Why have you been aggrivated? 🙁

    LOL Russian Mafia in Illinois forcing poor soles to spam people with penis enlargement material. Classic. Thanks for sharing Joe! 🙂

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  2. Wow! You finally posted a pic (meatloaf and fries) of food that I can identify with, or for that matter, have actually eaten. 😉

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  3. Hello Joe,

    Thanks for the pics. Hmmm… Two characters from Faith, and now Varro… Intriguing.
    My guess, and this is just a guess (and maybe some wishful thinking) is that the Aliens powerful enough to create a solar system rescued the people who were stranded, used their power to get BAG and the other guy whose name escapes me at th moment (someone help me out) back to the ship. The aliens also help our heroes deal w/ the Alliance… ;-). (Joe feel free to edit details out of that comment if I am either way off base, or close to being right). “Okay, and in 5, 4, 3, 2,… (McKay gestures 1…”

    Sorry, I watched that episode on Syfy last night… Thanks for the pictures from Season 5. Any shots of Chris’ last day in set (preferably in full makeup as Todd?

    By the way, I hope Jelly and the rest of the Mallozzi clan are doing well.

    Best wishes,


  4. Do you have any plans to do an Aschen storyline this year?

    The timing would be perfect, since the real year is 2010 and their first appearance concerned an alternate future 2010.

    It’s very rare that a franchise gets 10 years or more under its belt, or is around long enough to catch up to its future predictions.

    Doing an Aschen storyline whose episode title is “2010” would be a golden opportunity for Stargate.

    Please make it so, some how. Thank you in advance.

  5. 😆 A LITTLE aggravated? You mean, it shows???

    Thank you very much, sir…it gave me a much needed chuckle (the aggravated remark) and a little flush of envy green (No fair! Queen Teyla is having just too much fun with Todd!). Thanks, buddy…I do appreciate it. 🙂

    And I have a little something for YOU…a great big BRA…



    VO! 😀

    That’s right – Bra-freakin’-vo for a job well done on Downfall!! Once I got to the halfway point, the rest of the story just flew by – I gobbled everything right up. I JUST finished up, and I gotta say – you got me. You totally got me. AND…got TO me, you stinkin’ son of a… ahee-ahee-ahhhh…wah, wah, wah…! “I am” – yeah…right there…tears. Not ‘OH, NOOOES! Elric is gonna DIE!’ blubberyass tears, but tears nonetheless. I’m reading…I get to ‘that’ part…and suddenly I’m all sniffly and I’m like, “What the hell is this?? What the hell are these??” Totally out of the blue…just didn’t expect it. And I didn’t expect the ending either. Very well done, and well-worth the read!

    Thank you, sir…and have a good evening. And me? Well, hopefully I’ll be having sweaty sweet Wraithy dreams involving Todd, a leather whip, and pink, fuzzy handcuffs. 😀


  6. Earlier on “Josephmallozzi’s Weblog”

    Simone Said
    5) Will we be seeing an AU storyline in SGU sometime?
    And you replied.
    The magic 8 Ball says “Signs point to yes.

    So I’m a Stargate fan and I cant find any reference to AU, so im thinking (hoping) that this means Australia? let me know if im off base.

    I only ask cause it always kind of bothered me that there was no mention of the fact that the fights in Antarctica almost had to be on Australian land (Australia is in custody of almost 2/3’s of the Antarctic continent) So all these wars your fighting over the ancient Defence base, and the base itself are more than likely on the Australian Claim. Even Mc Murdo the US Base is on the NZ Claim right next to one of the Australian Claims.

    Not that Australia begrudges the US a good war(we’re kind of your bitch on that regard) but seeing as this all happening on our land, i would have thought to see us represented in the international efforts just a little bit more.

    Now that I’ve offloaded that. Love SGU simply love it. Keep up the good work.

  7. @ Major D. Davis – I ranted on yesterday’s blog…just crap at work. I’m feeling much better now. 🙂


  8. yea!! I am so glad she is still pregnant! I was worried about the fate of the baby. Thanks for the spoiler pic love it!!

  9. *sigh*. I think Varro is my next Stargate crush.

    Mike Dopud has what I call “drummer arms”, having seen such on a few fellow percussionists. Any chance he plays with sticks, skins, and hollow cylinders? I guess I could Google his resume…tomorrow. *yawns and turns off iPhone*

  10. Dear Natip;

    THANKYOU SO MUCH for linking me to the penis enlargement site!

    I’m so grateful, what can I do to help you?

    By the way, I’m sitting two feet away from my keyboard, typing with my penis.

    Cool huh?



    Joe Mallozzi.

  11. Been a busy couple of days at work, but I feel I must comment today.

    Well, technically, I should’ve commented yesterday, but like I said, I was busy.

    I return to you now, at the turn of the tide of the war between us fans and you producers over the issue of BAG. Clearly, you guys hate him. I mean, I can list a million quotes from this very blog where you professed your hatred for this, this, this balding Adonis. Here are a few selections:

    “I hate BAG” – fairly self-explanatory.

    “I hate BAG, a lot” – see above.

    “BAG is to my hate what Wraith is to [b]das[/b]’s love” – Again, see above.

    “I eat BAGs for breakfast” – A little confusing, but still clearly a sign of your hatred for Him.

    “My hatred of BAG is purely based on my jealousy of him being utterly great.” – Yes, we all succumb to that, but there is no point in being a hater, Joe.

    “So if you’re out there reading this, buddy, hang in there. Help is on its way!” – Disgusting. I did not know that hate could be so ugly.

    What’s that? You want links to the blog entries where you said these things? Bah! I don’t post links and I never do. Why start now? No reason, that’s why.

    And yet, even with your position as co-GOD of the Stargate Universe, you still could not prevent the glorious return of BAG. GOD vs. BAG. There is only one winner, and I wouldn’t bet on the old man with the white flowing beard, if you know what I mean. I think you do, Joe. I think you do.

    Clearly, a man with NO hair is so much more powerful. Just ask Samson. Or something.

    On the other hand, you made a fatal mistake by showing your hand, Joe. You should not have posted that picture of BAG, for he is the missing piece of the puzzle. He is always the missing piece of the puzzle. Any puzzle. All puzzle. Before, you showed a picture of the Blues attacking Destiny. Then you showed the pious Dr. Caine whose only mistake was to not realize that his searched-for Divine was only a few meters from him, and now TJ and Varro. Clearly, they are all connected. Here is what’s going to go down in Season 2:

    Trumpets sound as a light appears, vanquishing all the enemies of our crew, except for Varro who has fallen madly in love with TJ. BAG emerges from the euphony, bringing with him all those who saw the light on the Faith Planet, including Dr. Caine, and brings about peace to the denizens of Destiny. Varro, now devoid of the rigid constructs of the Lucian Alliance, acts on his passion for the young, strong Doctor, with BAG’s blessings – for that is why he spared him his terrible wrath. Meanwhile, The Blues return, sensing once more that BAG and Destiny were one – for that is why they were obsessed with Destiny in the first place; they require the wisdom of BAG.

    But wait, you say – they attacked Destiny in Sabotage, after BAG left. To this I say: ye who doubts the BAG doubts one’s own soul. Clearly, they couldn’t believe that BAG and Destiny would ever part, for that is Destiny’s destiny – to host BAG’s glorious existence. That is its mission of cosmic importance – to deliver BAG to where he belongs: the beginning of time itself, for it is Him that created the…get ready for this…are you ready?

    BAG created the Big BAnG!

    Doesn’t everything make so much more sense now?!

    Yes, BAG took out his notepad, and a canvas of space and time was born. On The Notepad, he wrote down all that he wished to populate this new Universe. Our Universe. He wrote down the stars. He jotted down the galaxies. He painted the nebular clouds. He inked the Black Holes. He penned the planets. He listed the diversity of Life. Then, at the end of his Universal Poetry he signed his name, and created himself – to be delivered by Destiny right back to the beginning of all of this Cosmos. A harmonious circle, not unlike the shape of BAG’s glorious head.

    But all these hater-talk and prognosticating is beside the point. BAG returns. His returning was foretold in The Notepad, and that’s all it matters. Glory be to BAG!Hallowed is BAG! Hallowed is his return!!

  12. 1/The origin of the evolution of goauld is another mystery,
    Have they really discovered on their own initiative how to travel by the gate (It is very difficult to compose an address in the good order knowing that it has 7 symbols, without counting the fact that some would correspond to no planet)?

    2/Nox was left of quoted in SG1 contrary to asgards,
    Will reinstate them you one day in one of your movies or in SGU?

    3/We see in one of the episodes of SG1 that some asgards stayed under their original shape (cf 5X22)
    is it possible that like the asgards of pégase, several factions not agreeing with the program of cloning exile themselves ?

  13. We know that the ancients put in by drones possess beams of plasma as weapon.
    will they put in evidence in your next movie of stargate atlantis

  14. Ok, gonna be serious for a moment: thank you for the SGU teases and SGA photos!! 😀

    So…TJ and Varro eh? Hmmm, not sure about that. I kinda like Young and TJ being together. Yeah, I know, Young cheated on his wife with her and they’re in the same chain of command, but they seem to “know” each other, if you know what I mean. They obvious care about each other a whole lot more than normal.


    Meanwhile, in real life, it looks like I’m heading off to Penticton for a week later this month, and then it’s off to California for six years! Yikes. Not only does that mean that I will be living on my own, it also means that I will be waaaay farther from Bridge Studios than I am now. No longer can I creepily stalk it and hope that somehow I’ll make it inside and revel in all that magic while not getting beaten by the security guards.

    That said, being in LA = being near Hollywood. Maybe I’ll find an agent and eventually pitch you guys a story or something. After all, it looks like I already have some inside references, what with Patrick Gilmore and Brian J. Smith thinking that I should work on the show (thank you Major D. Davis!) and Carl being a fan and all. Oh, and you’ll vouch for me, right Joe? Right? 😉

    Oh, and thanks Tammy for the vote of confidence!

    Finally, and I hope I get this right…Bonne Fete a toi, Anais!! Yes, I know I’m missing a few accents, but I don’t know how to do them on the computer. Also, I have no clue how to say “belated” in french, so…uh…yeah. Heh. 😀

  15. Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Merci!!!!!!!!!!!!! ça fait trop plaisir =)!!…j’aurai bien voulu passer hier mais je suis tombé malade.

    Merci pour ces photos, j’aime trop les wraiths! ils me manque! CP…hummm ça l’air très bon en tout cas!

    Je vous laisse, je dois me préparer pour aller travaillé.


  16. I would so love to try a proper rissotto. Tried a mushroom rissotto a couple of years ago, but it had the texture of baby food, and had 0 flavor. Very frustrating, especially to a regular viewer of Gordon Ramsey shows. The experience pt me off another experiment, but your description and photo have renewed my interest in trying a properly made dish.
    The rest of the menu was equally enticing. And I refuse to check out the link on the confections store, for fear of being overwhelmed with an urge to order everything offered.(I am assuming they ship to the neighbors in the south).
    Pictures were good, and I did get a laugh out of the spam mail. Much appreciated after a day that left myself and my coworkers going through 3 sets of uniforms due to the heat. And soon we get more behind the scenes when production resumes!

  17. I started reading “Masked” from the beginning. In Matthew Sturges’s story, I did NOT see that coming. Seriously, a good read. On to the next one!

    Food looks good, mmmmm.

    Das: no worries. I was just hoped that I didn’t “seriously damage your calm” (a loose quote from Jane (Adam Baldwin) from Firefly/Serenity).
    My calm is being damaged by in-laws. I get the probate papers (from MIL’s estate) in the mail and they can’t find my dufus brother-in-law to deliver them. He does this kind of stuff. Last year, we drove to Panama City Beach (he lives nearby) to visit him and he was in Brazil! He knew we were coming and all he had to do was give us a call before he left. Still, he is much easier to deal with than SIL. Once, I get both of them to sign papers-the lawyer can finalize estate. Yes!

    It’s supposed to be down to 95F degrees today! I never thought I would be glad to see 95F.

  18. Thank you for the all the recent SGA BTS Pics – they look fun and are appreciated.

  19. ooo, a new love interest! This is going to wreak havoc on Young, I’m thinking. Yet another failed relationship for him? Will it make him bitter, I wonder? How will it affect his (what should have always been) friendship with TJ? Why do I feel I;m doing the opening monologue of that old show, “Soap”?

  20. @Deni and Elmister Thanks for setting me straight on the days. So I am back to work – guessing it’s Friday, but is it 5:00??? Maybe it’s the summer programming that’s throwing me off or I need some serious time off.

  21. @PG15

    I KNOW! I TOTALLY AGREE. Obviously the crew of the destiny isn’t gonna be home for a while, and it soooo obvious Young and Tamara still love and care about each other and I seriously doubt Young is going to be able to pull his marriage together if and when he gets back home, and TJs baby needs a father (Not Scott). And Young needs to be loved. Everyone is mad at him now and he has so much stress as a commander, he needs TJ. And besides, TJ is more hot then Emily. :p

    LOL isn’t that funny. I was about to take a trip to California and go visit Hollywood before school started, but it didn’t work out. I was also hoping to stop by MGM studios and drill them on why Stargate Extinction and Revolution were ditched after they were promised to us (SGA was ended when it still had life in it so they could have an audience for movies and now they’ve ditched the movie) and why they haven’t been greenlit yet even though DVD sales for SGA season 5(in a supposedly crappy market) were the best yet. 😉

    I know its because of debt, but they had the money last year and will probably have the money soon, so maybe you could stop by and see whats up with the movies for us. 🙂 lol

  22. Teyla was a pretty scary queen and it’s good to see TJ will be OK.
    @pg15 Hmm, could that be season 2 in a nutshell?

  23. @PG15: ROTFLMAO, as usual with your comments.

    @Annie from Fremantle: I concur 🙂

    Hey, does anybody know when the new Season of Sanctuary starts? I’m not finding anything but “Fall, 2010”.

    Hey Joe, how’s Jelly doing? Any further improvement?

  24. I am only about 5-6 stories into Masked, and I have to say I am quite enjoying it. I wasn’t too fond of Secret Identity, I thought it was a great idea, but I found the way it was written was too “British” for me. Often losing myself trying to figure out what was going on. Cleaned And Set In Gold has been my favorite so far (since I haven’t read Downfall yet :D) I would love to read a follow up story to it, he was left off in such a precarious position.

  25. @Sparky

    The picture of Varro and TJ is actually from season 1. Joe said he would be posting pics of season 1 that is a hint of whats to come in season 2, and I remember the scene from Incursion part 2. 🙂

  26. Hi Mr. Mallozzi,

    who are the main villains of the movies “Stargate: Revolution” and “Stargate: Extinction”?

    I really hope to see Brigadier General Samantha Carter in the future. Any ideas?

  27. Joe,Seriously, I’m going to have to stop reading the blog late at night. 😛 Thats right about the time where it’s possible to feel hungry again–just in time to see yummy photos of dinner and biscotti, which I love. (Heck though they are on dental work.) Even concocted a canine biscotti recipe for my doggie grrl. She loved them.

    Das,Hope you are enjoying your Friday away from the office. 🙂 Doing anything fun? Like a mini vacation?

    Love the spoilery SGU pics, Joe. It’s going to be an interesting fall. 😀

  28. PG15, way to get some Stargate recognition! That was an incredible Lego model of Destiny. And they knew you were from Vancouver and thought you should be in on the production. 😀 And you find this out just weeks ahead of a move to California.

    What’s taking you to LA? Grad school? What will you study? Maybe you can commute back & forth with Carl. We’ll still be here. We’re portable. 🙂

  29. TJ! Yay! 😀 TJ with Varro… Hm… Cautious about this pairing.

    So far, all SGU teaser pictures have been about something I knew to come in season 2 anywayz (minus the BAG, of course). I’m not sure how much more do I want to know. 😛 A few next ones will make up my mind.

  30. Speaking of food, I love meatloaf, granted I don’t have a clue how to make the stuff but honestly the best thing anyone could ever do when eating the stuff is buy it fresh, avoid frozen meatloaf and things like that. May cost more but freshly made meatloaf tastes a hundred times better than premade.

    @the dead woman for 30 years.

    I feel sorry for Fusa Furuya, Japan really let that woman down, she must of died a lonely death, and sad thing is no one she cared about knew she was gone, what a horrible thing for someone to go through. Hopefully she’s at peace in heaven.

    Still I wonder how she could of been ignored for so long?. surely someone would notice the mail piling up, or her home not having the lights on or whatever, or bills not being paid *Shrugs*

  31. There is nothing like good spam to start the day. And BrianC did make a good point.

  32. Hi, Joe!
    I wondering if there will be in the future another reference to the movie `Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid `that both Rush and Young liked? Will we see another situation such as `for a moment there I thought we were in trouble`?

  33. Hey Joseph, thank you so much for these wraith pics! *sigh* I miss them. I wish Todd were the one to make a crossover appearance in SGU. It could have made for… interesting situations, especially with body-swap involved. 😉

    (And hi Das! I’m moving on from SGA, but as you see, I still can’t resist some Todd pics. 😉 )

  34. @ Laura – Is that you – as in Laura Dove – as in the wonderful lady who sent me Toddy pics, all the way from France??! Great to see you! *waves* I’ve moved on for the most part, too. I haven’t been to Gateworld in a while because I’m more into the analyzing than the gushing when it comes to Wraith. However, as you also can see, I still love the li’l green fellas to bits, and will take anything Wraithy Joe dangles in front of my face. 🙂

    I still hang out here in Joe’s house because it’s fun, and Joe still puts up with me. 🙂


  35. Yep, same old me. 🙂 Hey, the pics were my pleasure: You can never share enough Todd love! And Chris is such an adorable guy, I hope you’ll get to meet him IRL some day.

    I agree that discussions are more interesting than plain thunking (although Todd still resides on my screen background…), and with the end of SGA, we lack new material to think about. I haven’t been much on Gateworld lately either. Also, I finished writing the book I had started years ago, and I just bought an apartment. Pfiew, all that doesn’t leave me much free time!

  36. @ Laura Dove – Whoa…you’ve been busy!

    As far as lacking new material…well, I can always find new things to discuss. Most Wraith episodes – with the exception of Common Ground and The Queen – I’ve only seen a couple of times…some only once. I’m sure if I watched them all again, I could find loads of stuff to talk about!

    Here at home Steve resides on my computer wallpaper…he’s just so damn beautiful. Todd is, of course, in a fancy frame next to my desk, and at work I have calendar pics of ‘Rhys’ (from Broken Ties) and a sketch of Steve, and another framed pic of Todd. Alas, no Wraith on my work computer wallpaper, though…that honor belongs to Prince Nuada. 🙂

    Nice to know you’re still around – my e-mail hasn’t changed, if you get a chance, drop me a note. 🙂


  37. Would you ever/whoever has the power to ever green light a Ford novel or Audiobook or something, anything at all about him! Before or after the last episode we got to see him star in!

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