An early blog entry today as Remi has asked me to put the word out to you Persons Unknown fans – NBC has moved the show to 8:00 p.m., so if you’re tuning in tonight (or setting your PVR), take note!

Well, with both Italy and England eliminated from Wold Cup contention, my prospects of winning the office pool have greatly diminished.  In a way, it’s a relief since I’m now free to root for whoever I like (Japan!) and, more importantly, against the teams I hate (Brazil and Germany!).  Carl’s standing also took a hit with USA’s loss to Ghana, but he seems to have taken it well.  This was him this morning –

Several people in the office commended him on his loyalty to his homeland and sympathized with his team’s loss.

“What do you mean?”he asked.  “My team didn’t lose.  They won!”

Indeed.  That jersey, upon closer scrutiny –

Admittedly, the German squad does look strong.  But what do you expect given they’ve got Dolph Lundgren playing for them –

"I must break you!"

A couple of weeks into the World Cup and you know what I’ve noticed?  World Cup referees are, by far, the shittiest refs in all of sports.  They make NBA officials seem downright competent in comparison.  I’m not referring to occasional oversights or tiny mistakes.  I’m talking MAJOR blown calls: phantom off-sides, disallowed goals, the awarding of game-changing red cards like high school science fair ribbons.  And you know what else I’ve noticed?  Soccer players are the biggest pussies in all of sport, dropping as if shot at the slightest provocation, writing on the ground, clutching their shins in the desperate hopes that their cry-baby performances will be rewarded with the bestowing of a yellow a card (and, sadly, they usually are).  I mean, really.  These delicate flowers could learn a thing or two from tougher, more macho athletes like, say, that female gymnast who competed in the Olympics with a sprained ankle or little leaguers who get ouchies sliding into second but still manage to play through the pain.  Oh, and one final thing I couldn’t help but notice: soccer is only slightly less interesting than watching your wife try on new shoes.

On the SGU front, Director Peter DeLuise started shooting episode #11, Deliverance, in the darkened confines of Stage 5…

While, over on Stage 4, Director Will Waring finished up on episode #10, Resurgence…

Today’s entry is dedicated to blog regular Das and her dearly departed tooth.


Becky writes: “Hey Joe … has anyone asked you if we will be seeing the folks who were left back on that paradise planet again?”

Answer: Boy, wouldn’t that be weird?

elliev writes: “Sorry, but that doesn’t make much sense, Joe. Earlier in the episode, we see all five communication stones in the case.”

Answer: That’s assuming there are no extra stones to provide for loss or damage to any of the originals.

SG7 writes: “And will we be seeing more of “Brody’s” Bar in season 2?”

Answer: We will.

Jovanna writes: “Ever tried a purple icecream that tasted like old Arrowroot biscuits?”

Answer: I’ve tried purple ice cream that tasted like ube (purple yam).

Kymm writes: “Joe – I meant to say that picture of you yesterday, where you were demonstrating the shirt tuck to Carl. You look like you are about 5 years old and are waiting for your Mom to finish talking so that you can tell her something.”

Answer: I burst out laughing at your description.  Spot on.

Thornyrose writes: “So, is the Richmond Night Market a 7 day a week thing, or something seasonal?”

Answer: I believe it runs Thurs. – Sun., from mid-June to late August.

dasNdanger writes: “1. With Rob gone, will there be any additions/adjustments to Team Stargate? Like…will you get a bigger office, or anything?

2. Have you ever wanted/owned a big dog, or do you prefer the little ones?

3. What’s your least favorite chore around the house (that you actually do)?

4. You’re watching a movie at home and eating popcorn topped with fresh shredded cheese. What kind of cheese is it?

5. Any opinions on the ever-increasing negativity towards the use of salt in our diets?”

Answers: 1. Nope, no changes to the roster since most of season two has already been mapped out.  Paul and I will continue as co-show runners alongside Brad.  Carl, Remi, and Linda round out the room.  Carl is still eyeing Rob’s vacant office however.

2. I prefer the smaller dogs because it means I can fit more into a car for those long summer road trips.

3. Anything involving a screwdriver.  I did fix the front fence yesterday!

4. A most unlikely scenario.  Popcorn tops my Three Things I Won’t Eat list alongside candied fruit and Shepherd’s Pie.

5. Nope.  I rarely add salt to anything so I’m ambivalent on the controversy.

85 thoughts on “June 28, 2010: The Soccer Report! Production Update! Mailbag!

  1. I think I was the only Englishman **not** watching the Germany match on Sunday – I must be the only Brit who doesn’t give a monkeys about football. Still, at least the roads were nice and quiet with everyone else enjoying the game in pubs. Do you have big screens showing the matches on Stargate stages for cast and crew to keep up with events?

  2. Why the hate against Germany and Brazil!!!?
    There are people there that love you!!!

  3. Thankies, Joe! I must agree with you on candied fruit, and Shepherd’s Pie (I got really sick after eating a ‘hamburger helper’ version of it once as a kid, and won’t touch anything even remotely similar to this day). I’m surprised that you seem to dislike all forms of corn. How about grits (they’re awesome with fresh garlic, cheddar cheese, and hot sauce!)?

    Also…about that screwdriver. How many band-aids did you need to patch yourself up afterwards?? For some reason, I’m envisioning you standing there, with a screwdriver run through the palm of your hand. 😉

    “Soccer players are the biggest pussies in all of sport…”

    I couldn’t agree with you more. After watching rugby, where I’ve seen guys playing with dislocated body parts and blood gushing out of their heads, soccer/football players just make me laugh…they’re so pathetic. Here, have a look-see at this:

    And, in contrast…

    There just is no comparison!

    Have a good evening, Joe!


  4. Hi Joe, Will the Baron or any of the Spam fighters be making a return appearance anytime soon? A coworker got a spam email that reminded me who much I enjoy the spam fighters work.

  5. Hi Joe,

    Just got back from Alaska cruise yesterday *Fabulous* and had such a wonderful time with Mom & Dad, sister-outlaw Ella and niece Robin. We saw tons of whales and wildlife and gorgeous glaciers, we had JoeM-worthy fantastic food *roast suckling pig*, Dad won at Bingo and we saw some really first rate musical productions. Jealous? Well, let’s bring it back down to earth a little; much of the inside passage, Ketchikan, Juneau and Skagway lie within the Tongaas Temperate Rainforest – so, it rained, and when it didn’t rain, it RAINED! Good thing I’m from Seattle and I don’t melt – there were others on the ship who were clearly taken aback by the weather; quite a few people didn’t show for shore excursions in Juneau where the skies opened up and absolutely poured buckets. BTW, I did wave at you and Nadine *naddycat* when we passed Vancouver – both times. 🙂

    Well, I’ve been home for a little over 24hrs and have emptied the suitcase, done all the laundry, emptied the dishwasher, fixed the damn toilet tank which flaked out this morning, and it’s taken me several hours last night and this afternoon to catch up with your Blog. So, tears for Rob – so sad to see him go, but glad he will keep in touch; fingers crossed for Jelly; I think Carl could go either shirt out or in, he’s right on the line; desserts from hell – I’ve already printed the recipe for Krispy Kreme bread pudding and I preferred Ding-Dongs to Twinkies *the secret is to eat the chocolate coating first, then vampire the creme filling out of the chocolate cake, leaving it for last, mmm!*; got my first experience with the vuvuzelas on shipboard as they offered ESPN on TV and constantly showed FIFA results – I think it’s funny that other countries were irritated by the horns in the beginning, but now that they seem to have horns in their own colors they’re okay; the NightMarket looks like great fun – I may have to come up this summer to check it out!

    Have to organize and upload pics from cruise ~

    Smiles, Julie

  6. I know I’ve been a bit MIA lately, and I don’t really have any excuse, so I’m not gonna try! 😀

    Trying to get my head around how much work I have to do for Uni this coming semester… this could get ugly *eek*

    I love markets, so I’m wondering if yours have anything other than food? Do they have fresh produce for sale or trinkets (crap on a string) or stuff like that? I don’t think I’d be able to eat all of what you summarised, but it all looked fabulous! I’ll have to remember if I’m ever on that side of the planet. 😀

  7. Carl, how could you?!? Bandwagon-hopper!!! “Mr. Go with the Flow”!!! “Sir Pix-a-Lotta Winnah”!!! “My team loses, so I root for who grooveses!!” (I know, I know – not gonna quit my day job.)

    I realize that you may still be partially in a state of shock from the sanctions imposed on USC. Personally – and I say this in all my Gen. George S. Patton III humility – my opinion is that there’s *no excuse*!!!

    After all, there’s another perfectly acceptable major university in Los Angeles, which will be happy to make you an honorary alum for a nominal annual fee. Those sky-blue jerseys sure look nice. *w*

    Joe – Thanks for the behind-the-scenes pics, and particularly for revealing the fifth-column element at Bridge Studios. Who knows what he’ll aim for after demanding to annex Rob Cooper’s office?

    Das – Sending good vibes your way. . . If any hot Wraith appear in my dreams, I’ll redirect them to yours. 😉

  8. Hello Joe,

    Popcorn, Really??? I am kinda surprised since Twinkie
    casserole was at the top of your list? 😉

    I had you pictured as the kind of person who enjoyed sitting in front of the home theater with a bucket of popcorn.

    I guess that means I won’t be sending you Dale and Thomas Popcorn for the holidays (usually a safe bet when I an looking for a gift to send people).

    BTW, how has Jelly been doing lately? I hope she is doing well. And speaking of the Mallozzi Clan, how has your Mom been doing since her hip surgery? As usual, you have my best wishes, and my thanks for showing your appreciation for us fans. Speaking of the show, is Will standing in from of the Iris from the SGC?

    looking forward to Season 2!!!

    Best Wishes,


  9. As an ex-girlfriend of a professional AFL player I find soccer very, very hard to watch.

    The years of bruises, breaks, sprains, internal bleeding after he finished a game but would never say a thing to the umpire because you just don’t do that in AFL (plus he had usually given it back twice as bad) has me yelling at the screen to ‘TOUGHEN UP YOU CRAPPY ARSE B-GRADE ACTORS POSING AS SPORTS PEOPLE!!”. I have some longer insults but it’s hard to keep the conviction in your voice as the insult goes on.

    Plus as a retired gymnast who did the sand shoe blowout into the vault breaking five bones in my wrist in warm up and then competing in all apparatus I’d like to say these overpaid ball chasers don’t even deserve to have “You’re playing like a girl!” yelled at them.
    We are far tougher 🙂
    I think only the Aussies will understand the sand shoe blowout reference as gymnasts don’t wear sand shoes, but Wired World of Sports summed up so well what happens when you run into a vaulting horse.

  10. @Narelle from Aus – Would that be “The agony of de feet”.? 🙂


  11. Hello Joe,

    I was so surprised earlier, I forgot to ask if Ashley was keeping her streak alive in the pool for the World Cup?

    Best wishes,


  12. Hello Joe,

    Darned blackberry! Could you please correct the spelling of Ashleigh’s name? Thanks.
    Best wishes,


  13. Why hate Germany? 🙁 We love you. Or at least I do… I will be willing to bear the responsibility of my people on this one.

  14. Hey Joe,

    You mentioned the darkened stage and it reminded me of an amusing story.

    I was talking to my IT guy and we were bemoaning the fact that we spend too much time staring at a screen which is why the brightness on our TVs are turned down. We were discussing the benchmark for calibrating TV brightness, and he proclaimed that SGU was best show. If you can see the people and just make out the shadows in the back that is the perfect setting. And you know he’s right.

    Hope you enjoy your evening.

  15. Hey Joe,

    What did the Tok’ra healer say to the Tau’ri patient who had broken a leg?

    Why did the wraith stop sucking the life out of the clown?

    How many Replicators does it take to change a light bulb?



  16. I don’t watch soccer, but I watched the video from the link das posted and found myself calling them a bunch of pansies, but I have to take that back since it’s an insult to pansies.


  17. I don’t care about soccer, but is really sad to see people that never played the game speak badly of it just out of prejudice.
    It is especially funny to see all the pre-soccer England colonies make fun of it and to think that they are superior because of their “footballs” played with theirs hands by fat people that think that are strong using full body armor and helmets!!!
    Grow up people, just because you don’t understand or can’t play it, doesn’t mean that you are superior.
    Here is a small example of two guys, reaching each other at 30 km/h each. Very entertaining 😛

  18. Awww.. you made my day sir, knowin’ that I actually made Mr. Joseph Mallozzi guffaw.

    Those soccer players really are pussies (no offense meant to the cat population). In hockey, they may make the ‘odd’ dive, but if you still have your front teeth…… YER doin’ it WRNG…. Hell, I think even Lady Byng hisself Mr. Wayne Gretzky has a flipper.
    (Oh man, Dougie Gilmore’s toothless visage was the BEST it made me howl every time I saw him).

    Not like those pretty boys of soccer, Beckham and Renaldo. I mean seriously, wouldn’t you like to see one, or both, of them take a ball to the face? Now THAT would be some exciting/entertaining soccer!!

    Don’t like popcorn? *shocked silence* Not even caramel popcorn with nuts & gummies? You hardly even taste the popcorn, it’s more of a ….. a candy delivery system. Ohh I bet you could even throw in some chocolate chips and/or mini marshmallows. Yummmm…

    I’m with you on the candied fruit with one exception. My Mom’s dark fruit cake, not the light fruit cake, it’s gotta be the dark one. Now I know what your saying everyone DETESTS fruitcake. Nope, not this one, everyone who tastes this cake, likes it. Whenever she sends me a loaf, it’s gone in one day, and I’m foraging for crumbs….

    I thought Carl had already marked his territory (Rob’s office) and by marking territory, I meant by nappin’ in the big chair, of course. (Hey, do you smell something? Did someone bring their dog to the office?)

    Have a Good One!

  19. @ cat4444 – My favorite is when their foot is lightly tapped, and they grab their head and start writhing in pain, as if their face has just been ripped off. 😆 Cracks me up every time!

    @ Narelle – AFL can be brutal, too. I remember the first match I watched back in the early 80s…this dude ran up another dude’s back, repelled off his shoulders, and snatched the ball mid-air. That was the day I stopped watching hockey (for reals). This vid gives those unfamiliar with the game an idea of what I mean:

    And as far as you go, young lady…I think you’re related to Wolverine. 😉

    @ annie from Fremantle – That video is a riot!! 😆

    And as far as rugby goes…well…kiwis, aussies, scots, frenchies…whoever…as long as they beat England, it’s all good! 😀

    @ Joe – Speaking of Frenchies…Joey – BUY THIS FOR ME!! (And no, Joe…it’s not a little Japanese girl in a French maid costume… 🙄 )

    Too adorable! 😀


  20. I can’t even run thru the house without cracking my elbow on a door frame as I go by, so I’m certainly not going to bash soccer players, who have me constantly asking, “where do they get all that energy?”.

  21. Elminster – Hehehehe. I was thinking more…
    Darrell Eastlake: “So what happened? Did your sand shoe blow out like many expect, or did you just f**k up?”
    Rick Disneck: “No Daryl. I just f**ked up.”

  22. das – I’m laughing at that video because my ex is in at least three of those marks. Except he’s the one with someone’s boots in his back! That’s what you get for playing in the back line. Highlight reel after highlight reel of a full forward taking marks over your head.

    I wish I was related to Wolverine. Pretty sure he doesn’t get achy when it’s cold 🙂

  23. Hi Joe,

    Okay, OT, and this may be not be welcome news (considering your earlier difficulties with Firefox), but there seem to be a number of Stargate fans among Firefox developers:

    SGU seems to have a good following with these folks.

    I liked the “Stargate one” by softmi…I downloaded it and my 11-year old son immediately yelled “Stargate geek!” Never mind that he has watched almost all ten seasons of SG1 (except for the questionable parts of Season 1…as a dad I had to draw the line).

    Use at your own potential belittlement…



  24. Oh, Joe, ambivalent to the salt controversy? Say it isn’t so.

    Try to see this from the perspective of, say, an evil, medieval king – a good mental exercise for any political topic. Outside of salt’s value as a currency, would it even occur to him to regulate his people’s salt consumption? Think of the historical implications that society has come to such sadism.

  25. Hey Joe,

    Thanks for the anime recommendations! I did mean Blood: The Last Vampire, the series. My brother loved it and recently got me to sit down and watch it too…
    I thought it was great. I haven’t actually seen the initial movie, but very much enjoyed the series.

    Out of curiousity, have you seen Fringe? I know you’ve mentioned it in the past, but if you’ve talked about seeing it I think I missed it..

    Love the pictures you share, by the way. The picture last week of Mr Ferreira as a ref cracked me up, and Peter sure does love those jazz-hands eh?

    Hope your week’s off to a great start,

  26. Just a quick fly-by. Should already be in bed.

    Joe, I ate (home) grilled shrimp on skewers & later, grilled corn at an outdoor festival the day you posted about the Night Market. (grinsies) It was 95-ish degrees F., so shaved ice hit the spot.

    Das, sassy Dad says howdy back at you, and asked me, well didn’t you write her back already? LOL. *Beacuop* commiserations on teeth ailments. Have some stories that would make even Shirt-n-Tie cringe. Heal fast!

    Narelle, 😆 about the candy floss hairdo. You can be blonde cotton candy and I can be red-headed cotton candy. (‘Cept my hair is long, so make that a tumbleweed.)
    Good night! Was that a 9.5″ *drain* that came out of poor Ralphie’s leg/side? Left behind after surgery? His vet owes you an explanation, I think.

    I talked to Anne Teldy on the phone earlier this spring. She had been away due to fighting off various infections. Keep her in your prayers. As Sylvia said, she’s been reading tons, and we talked about many, many books. If you search Joe’s blog, you might be able to find where her snail mail address was once posted.

  27. Interesting that you find soccer no fun to watch. I rarely watch sports (way too boring–rather be playing) esp golf–talk about super boring. (If you are going to hit a ball away from you, have a dog bring it back rather than wander around looking for it yourself.) Soccer is about the only sport that I find interesting enough to watch longer than 30 sec. But I have to admit the best soccer games to watch are those with 5 or 6 year-olds. Way too funny. You usually only know where the ball is because ALL the kids are usually in a pack around it. Better yet is watching a munchkin happily running a ball towards a goal with no defense, only to find out that they are shooting at their own goal.

  28. D’oh! Sorry, Joe. Didn’t mean to give you the willies with veterinary mishaps.

    Ya know something? I’m still remembering The Speed of Dark, July 2009’s book-of-the-month selection. I don’t ever want to forget Lou, the main character. The ‘do you want to be healed?’ part was haunting, and a message this weekend reminded me of it all over again. Lou still feels real to me, though he was a fictional character.

  29. Hey Joe! I’ve been away, as I’m sure you’ve noticed. (Haha) Just wanted to swing by now that I’ve watched the back half of SGU season one (I have been otherwise engaged–gimme a break!) and tell you that it left me breathless! The character development blew me away and the plot lines just sucked me in like those head-sucker-thingies! 😉

    Also, thanks for the blog dedication after my mom died. It was oddly comforting. More for the fact that my online friends thought to have you dedicate the blog than the actual dedication itself, but…yeah…thanks. It was nice.

    Also, thanks for posting more pics of yourself and the other PTB! My PTB Fangirl Art has been suffering greatly. I’ll post links to the new artwork as soon as I make some.

    As always, you rock and I am fangirling you from afar.


  30. re: the soccer leg break, the poor man’s leg broke like it was made of paper. It’s painful to watch 😳

  31. Patrick Gilmore has been asking everyone what are they doing over the summer to bring in more viewers to SGU. I’m doing my part. I got an autism newsletter to print something and Stargate Universe was in the headline. Am sending it to you. However, I don’t know how she got the word “brief” out of “guest star” for LDP. The circulation of this is about 7500 people. I plan to write a similar article for Fox 26 Houston blog and WHR.

  32. Hi Joe,

    Excited that we will see more of Brody’s. That really did add a beautiful touch to the show & my dad (whom I had to drag kicking and screaming to watch SGU after SGA storyline got left in the lurch until we get the movies) & I absolutely loved it. And thanx for the info on the Market. Will love to check it out when I’m there next week.

    Question: Normally I wouldn’t bother asking anything about the movies, because I’m sure movie questions are being asked to death, but I was wondering if there would be anything that we as fans could do that would help get the “Green Light” for the SG1/SGA movies? For example setting up ‘preorders’ for the DVD’s. Or getting lists of people who would buy the DVD’s etc. Since obviously we the fans would be the ones driving the sales of the DVD’s and making it possible to produce them.

  33. Hey, Big J, you in a temporal anomalesque mood again…? [psst! Check your “date”]

    Anyway… found out my niece is having another girl! She had to have an emergency ultrasound today for other difficulties… But everything is fine. Looks like the kid is going to be a big one!

    Apparently she kicks well too… Must be the family soccer genes – my grandfather played Pro Soccer in England just after WWI. [Two of his cousins were also team mates!]

    However, she’ll likely be a shopaholic like her grandmother! – Just before the ultrasound, my sister [the grandmother] put her hand on her daughter’s belly and asked the Baby, “When we’re done here, wanna go shopping?”. That’s when the Kid gave a big kick in answer and my sister comments, “Yep, definitely a girl!”

    After which point, I’m sure my brother-in-law was probably in a state of depression…. They had just driven [10 hrs] into town the day before, 2 hours of hospital parking rates, and *several* future hours of driving my sister about “shopping”!! Never thought I’d say this about the man, but he’s working towards sainthood at this point!

  34. Yes, but how are you with a sonic screwdriver? You don’t even have to turn those!

    Hey, a really-belated “Thank you!” to those who complimented my “list of changes” to SGU that I’ll make when I begin my stint as Rob Cooper’s replacement. Speaking of which, I went to Bridge Studios a few days back, but the security guard won’t let me in – not even after I showed him the security pass I drew with crayons (see, my inner child is alive and well). What’s going on here? And tell Carl to stay out of my new office!


    I thought Andy Mikita was directing Deliverance and Peter DeLuise was directing Twin Destinies. What up with that?

  35. G’day Joe

    Totally agree about soccer players being the biggest wusses and sooks in sport.
    AFL players are the best and the greatest bodies. Look at those arms.

    ‘Carn the Mighty Blues!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  36. Hello =) ça va bien joseph?

    Moi aussi je ne suis pas trés fan de ces équipes même si c’est toujours un plaisir de les voirs jouer!
    J’espere qu’aujourd’hui le Japon et le Portugal seront qualifier!..Je suis toute à fait d’accord avec vous concernant l’arbitrage.. quelques fois c’est vraiment mauvais, je ne comprend pas pourquoi ils n’ont pas encore installer l’arbitrage video?
    …bah sinon chez nous il y’a tout le monde qui démissione dans la Fédération française de football…enfin je pense que c’est un peu graçe à Sarkozy, lol et oui c’est une affaire d’état XD.

    A oui ! pour finir, vous avez vu le new trailer de d’HP7??? Ahhhhhhh il l’air génial ce film!!!

    Gros bisou ♥
    Je vous adore

  37. @ Kymm –

    I checked out the pics on your link to the SmoshPit. (Very well-named website.) Geeeez, I didn’t realize so many hockey players *still* get broken teeth. All of those guys look like they could’ve been in an album of players from years long gone, except for the more modern uniforms. It makes me feel relieved that dental care has come a long way since the NHL, and city-league teams, etc., first got started. Glad the commish is working on the more scary serious-injury problem. . .

    Your line “Lady Byng hisself, Mr. Wayne Gretzky” put a huge smile on my face. I know there’s a Lady Byng trophy, but still. . . That’s just too funny. I’m a big fan of Ray Bourque and blueliners in general, and any remark that pokes fun at Gretz just tickles my funny bone. (Not dissin’ Gretzky in any way; I just like to see some of his excellent contemporaries get their due.) – Dougie Gilmore? You Canadian chicks know yer stuff when it comes to hockey – I’m jealous!

    I would pretend to be shocked that you seem to want Mr. Posh Beckham’s GQ-cover visage to get messed up, but pretty faces and buff bods are everywhere. . . Yeah, I look, but listening tells you so much more. – Okay, I didn’t mean to turn serious on ya. Thanks for the hockey humor. *grins, & strolls off whistling The Tragically Hip’s “Courage”*

  38. *Is there a drawing of Destiny in SGA season 1 episode 1 where Teyla shows cave with the various drawings? One seemed to be the shape of Destiny. Sorry can’t put a pic here. Can someone confirm it?

    *Hyphothesis of why Destiny is so important

    *Atlantis cityship – we use and can understand more or less the tech but not copy it because it is so complicated.

    *Destiny – we can use it and understand it and because it’s simpler WE CAN DUPLICATE IT(not the ship but the tech).

    Russian spies-hilarious!!!

    And about football. It used to better on the olden days. But if you hit somebody at full speed while chasing a small round ball is, belive me, quite painful. You shouldn’t comment on something you have not experienced.

  39. Safe at home in San Antonio with miserable cold. Flying yesterday not much fun. More later.

  40. Thanks for the AFL links, all of the above posts! I’ve never seen a Rugby game. Where are the pads/helmets? Rugby makes American football look tame.

    Brian J. Smith will be on Masterpiece Theater next Sunday night: Murder on the Orient Express. I’ve been enjoying the Agatha Christie series for a few weeks now. Classic!

    Narelle: forgot to mention how cute Ralph was in his picture the other day. Sad but cute. I hope he is back to his old self now that drain tube is out.

    DP: There are a lot of fast foods that are WAY too salty for me but if food needs more salt, I will salt it.
    Over here, they are trying to pass a tax on sugary drinks. What about the thin people who drink regular coke? Should we be taxed because of someone else’s lifestyle choices?
    When I meet friends for dinner, I try to make healthy choices. It amazes me when my overweight, diabetic friend with high blood pressure eats huge portions of food with several glasses of sweet tea. Then she hits the dessert menu.
    People will eat what they what to eat, the way they want to eat it.

    Hope everyone has a great day!

  41. Hey… why do you hate the german Team? The young Team is playing a brilliant style of football (or for you guys: soccer) this year. You can compare it to SGU. Younger Team gave a lot of freshness to the franchise 😀

  42. Thank you for the Persons Unknown update. Are you keeping up with the show? Assuming you have no special information as to what is going to happen, do you have a guess as to what is going on? I thought yesterday’s episode was very interesting.

    What do you have against the lovely German team? Sure, we have a few players who have a lot more brawn than brain, but what matters is that they play good soccer. I will agree with you about the refs, though! A lot of the soccer-world is happy to know that Sepp Blatter, head of the FIFA, is now looking into goal-line technology in light of the England and Mexico debacles, as well as other missed goals, like the U.S team’s against Slovenia.

    And a Stargate question, who has been the most difficult character to kill off/which were you saddest to see go, there were so many wonderful ones: Martouf, Janet Fraiser, Narim, Elizabeth Weir (by not naming SGU characters I wish to express my firm belief that they did all make it!)?

    I hope your Jelly is doing well.

  43. @ Tammy Dixon – Rugby is played with the minimal of protection – some soft shoulder pads are sometimes worn (depending on the player) – it looks like a padded wet suit thingy under their shirts. Other players may wear what’s called a ‘scrum cap’, a padded cap that is designed – not to protect the head – but to protect the ears, to prevent players in the scrum from developing cauliflower ear (common condition among players who participate in the scrum).

    If you wanna know what a scrum is, google it. 😉

    As far as any other protection, I really wouldn’t know, other than to say that I have seen with my own eyes that some don’t even wear underwear. 😯 Those shorts sometimes have baggy leg-holes. 😉

    AFL (Aussie Rules Football) uses even less protection. And those guys don’t even have sleeves on their shirts! I was exposed to Aussie Rules long before I discovered rugby (by about 15 years), and though I like both games, I still prefer rugby a bit more, although I must say that the AFL players are much better-looking!


  44. Gilder: glad you had good time but sucks about flight flu (cute phrase I stole from Narelle). Pictures from trip? Feel better soon.

  45. I think Carl, Will and Peter should switch up their thumbs up picture poses with a few Akemi peace signs or Vulcan gang symbols, just to mix it up a bit.

    The official German team uni is sharp; Carl’s doesn’t have the spiffy split collar and piping down the left shoulder. Carl may wanna update his jersey; it’s like wearing a STNG uniform to a Star Trek 2009 con. The 2010 Jersey is 49 bucks at the FIFA webstore:

  46. Dipping my toes on the football versus American football/ice hockey bashing, can I just remind people that the later are CONTACT sports, where players use BODY ARMOUR and HELMETS?
    Yes there are cases of over dramatising falls and even downright dirty playing with players grabbing heads instead of the body part that was hit but unsporting behaviour is not the sole exclusivity of football players, I’m sure hockey and American football has its share of that, being it on the field or doping, bribery or whatever.
    So, in spite of our preferences, lets just admire the skill and years of training and dedication all sports players have to have to reach the world stage

  47. PS @ Tammy – I forgot to add that rugby players can’t wear anything ‘hard’ during play due to the high impact of the game. Even the buttons on a traditional rugby jersey are made of pliable rubber. So, no hard helmets, no hard shoulder or shin pads. The most dangerous part of a rugby uniform (kit) is the boot – especially those of the forwards because they have (last I heard) screw-in metal studs, and are longer than those on most other sports cleats. You don’t wanna get stomped on the head by one of those!

    Also, a lot of players now are wearing compression shorts (similar to biker shorts). Back when I first started watching around 2001, only a few players wore the compression shorts and soft shoulder padding…now many more do. I just hope it doesn’t wussify the game.

    @ Rafael – No one is saying that serious injury doesn’t occur in football (a.k.a. soccer). It certainly does – I just saw a bad ankle break a couple weeks back during a match. However, football/soccer is FAMOUS for the fake dives and flopping, and it just makes the players look immature and childish. And though it’s funny to watch, it’s not a turn-on for this lady. 😉 By contrast, players in games such as rugby rarely take a dive – when they go down it’s because they really are hurt and battered and bruised, not because they’re faking in an attempt to draw a penalty against the other team.

    After seeing the hard hits in rugby and how a downed player gets up, shakes off the injury, slaps a glob of vaseline on a cut above his eye, and gets right back into the game all taped and bandaged up, I really can’t take serious a sport where a player falls down and writhes in agony over feather-light tap.


  48. @ Gilder – Welcome home! Did you and RC set Ireland’s feet tapping? Hope you feel better soon!

    @ Das – ooooh, puppykins! Adorable! How’s your hand?

    @ PBmom – Way to Go! for putting the SGU word out – I found myself expounding on the SG world on my Alaska cruise and I think I’ve recruited a few people, but I’ll have to step it up to catch you! 🙂

    @ pg15 – LOVED your SGU production notes, shame about the security guard – don’t have him fired, poor fellow – and I’m sure Carl is only keeping your chair warm until you manage to squeak past the front gate. 😉

  49. @ Tammy…again… (Can you tell I love this game??!) Here’s a decent vid that shows several aspects of rugby – including the haka (performed by the NZ All Blacks before a match). Most of the Island teams have there own ‘hakas’ – Samoa, Figi, etc…and you see Ronon do something similar in a couple episodes, including Sateda. 🙂 Mostly this video shows the hard hits (a lot are illegal since shoulder charging, high tackles around the neck, and ‘pile-driving’ a player into the ground are big no-nos in rugby), but it also shows a brief view of a scrum near the beginning, and ‘tries’ (scoring), when the player runs across the line and touches down the ball to the ground. Why it’s not called a touch down, I have no idea. 😉

    This is a great vid of the haka, explaining it as the video plays (note the blond fella in the #9 jersey – he’s Justin Marshall, a favorite of mine. He just retired from rugby 🙁 I’ma gonna miss him lots):


  50. @Tammy Dixon – I am not advocating regulating salt consumption. My point is that the detail to which governments interfere in people’s lives today is far beyond what the most arrogant dictator would have conceived of a thousand years ago. Yeah, it’s nice of them not to stake people anymore, but that notion comes and goes in history so never say never.

  51. WOW , where the hell have I been??? I missed a day and Akemi is visiting,how did I miss that??? I really need to start keeping a log of what I do with my time…. apparently I’m not doing a decent job of extending myself enough to EVERYONE at work.

  52. Ohhh le Japon à perdu =( ..j’espere que ça ne va pas ce finir comme ça pour le Portugal, il y a toujours 0-0

    Vous savez quoi? En ce moment j’ai pas mal d’angoisse… la seul chose qui m”empêche d’y pensée, c’est mon cheri, vous ou Stargate, j’ai donc mis 55 photos de vous dans mon portable =P, je suis certainement la personne qui le plus de photos de vous dans son portable ^^ ?

    Lol, aller biss

  53. @ Stryse – You know what I heard?? Todd REALLY loves Sheppard’s pie. 😉


  54. Das: way cool! Thanks for the videos. (And OUCH!) Say, how did you get interested in Rugby?

    DP: Your point is valid. Unfortunately, when citizens accept benefits from the government, we accept interference also. Social security, disability, Medicare, and government health care improve our living standard but there is a cost. If the government is paying for our health care, should they have a say in what we eat, drink or smoke?
    My point is, people will find a way. The government might have a mandatory salt reduction program for food manufactures but as long as we can buy salt…..

    My car is back from the body shop. When do you get your car back Mr. M.?

    Give Jelly a gentle hug from all of us!

  55. Sorry, is there some kind of soccer thing going on? Every time I click through ESPN, there’s this godawful insect buzz noise, and some guy smashing his head into a ball-shaped object.

    Re Unknown Persons, this is one of those fascinating puzzle stories that you hope like hell won’t turn into Lost. Fascinated so far, even so.

    I like big dogs. You only need one to fill up a car.

  56. @das
    “After watching rugby, where I’ve seen guys playing with dislocated body parts and blood gushing out of their heads, soccer/football players just make me laugh…they’re so pathetic.”

    Actually, that isn’t noble – that is insane. That isn’t what the game is about, so something else must drive them – greed? Fame? Other dubious means? Answers on a postcard.

  57. We’ve spent the past couple weeks touring parts of the US Southwest.
    In Sante Fe, we discovered a little place called the Chocolate Smith. If you don’t know about it already, you should. I would recommend the Green Chile Pistachio Dark Chocolate Bark. Older daughter recommends the Patties with Nibs. And even though I know it’s not really chocolate, they had a wonderful white chocolate offering (and I’m not a big fan of white chocolate, which is an oxymoron, IMO), lavender almond bark.

    We had many good things to eat. Our younger daughter got hooked on blue corn pancakes. Sante Fe has its own style of Southwestern food. Also had fresh-brewed root beer, quite tasty.

    Of course, we had to visit White Sands. How many times does one get the chance to visit another planet? 😉 But we just couldn’t locate the Stargate.

    I see many things happened in my absence, including the departing of Rob Cooper. Sad to see him go. Wish him the best on whatever he does next.

    I love to watch the soccer/football players being such divas. It’s so doggone funny. I am partial to pro cyclists. Those are some guys who know how to endure pain, almost to a masochistic degree.
    But all my teams have been defeated. Maybe I’ll join Carl in rooting for Germany. I do have a bit of German ancestry through my paternal grandmother.

  58. Ohh… one of you puckish little commenter’s almost got me miffed, and I will admit that the left eyebrow did raise (what my brother calls my Evil Eye). So it was a good try …. *winks*…. but I think I’ll forgo the rant for today…

    I’ve read all of the comments and looked at all of the links and it doesn’t make soccer any less BORING to me….. *giggle*… Sorry, I’m still entitled to my opinion, but I can also understand a differing point of view. I can respect that others really enjoy it. This is obviously a case of, to each their own… I mean some people apparently find trying on shoes to be boring. I mean seriously what’s up with that???? …. *positively sacrilegious*…..Ooooppps wait (peace and understanding)…. *strikes a meditative pose, fingers together, repeat after me ‘ohm ohm ohm’… OK where’s the Kool-aid? OK I drank the Kool-aid and I’m good now…..

    It is perfectly understandable, for some people, not to enjoy shoe fittings.

    @ Otros Ojos – I’ve mentioned that I go through food phases, but I go through phases in just about all aspects of my life (like the majority of people I would think). So sports included….I went through a very long hockey phase, a figure skating phase, a downhill skiing phase, a formula 1/indy car phase, a Tour de France phase, well you get the idea.… which is funny cause if you were to ask me if liked sports I would say no. Go figure….

    As for Dougie Gilmore, Don Cherry used to have a man crush on him, so practically every Coach’s Corner would have a mention of him… and just to clarify, yes I said in a previous post that I would like to see the pretty boys of soccer hit in the face, but I certainly wouldn’t want them hurt, you understand, just have their bell rung a little.

    …and AARRRGGG I still missed Persons Unknown last night, after Joe warned us about the change in time, I checked the listings and they were wrong, which I found out after the fact, of course. So I will have to hunt it down online.


  59. For the love of Beckett – Yep, that’s a drainage tube you see in the photo. We’re still waiting on an opportunity to go and see the vet. We have to be measured in our response (and Nath isn’t feeling measured!) as they are the only 24hr Emergency Vet in the area… and Ralph seems to need to use it more often than we’d like.

    Tammy – His leg has almost closed over! About one inch of skin to heal over. We’ve seen more progress in one week than we had in 9 months. For his size he’s a big softy. He didn’t realise I was watching him last night when he was getting ready for bed. Jack goes onto his bed and shuts eyes. He’s a working dog breed, so no fussing around. Ralph picks up his 4 inch high dog soft toy that looks like Jack by the scruff of its neck using only his front teeth, puts it in the crook of his leg, gives it a clean with a big Ralph lick bath and goes to sleep with his nose touching the soft toy’s nose. Boy does he snore though.

    Joe, who’s the loudest snorer out of your dogs?

  60. Random Question: so what is the weakness in Wraith technology mentioned in the season 2 episode “Aurora?” Does it have anything to do with the fact that their hyperdrives can be effected by the Attero device from the season 5 mid-season two-parter?

  61. @Sean

    “why did the wraith stop sucking the life out of the clown?”

    –Because the clown killer from outer space (play on Killer Clowns from Outer Space) realized it wasn’t funny?

    Best wishes,


  62. Narelle: don’t be too hard on the vet. Sure, in hindsight, it would have been a good idea to count the drains but… Dogs chew those tubes out all the time! Who would have thought one would get sucked in and cause all that trouble?
    It sounded like they really loved seeing Ralph and didn’t want to cause him undue pain by probing around in there too much.
    Ralph should have a new product named after him: A drain tube with an X-Ray Detectable strip similar to surgical gauze. Could be a big market for that! Think about it….

  63. Hey Joe, hope everything is alright with mom and sis after yesterdays storm. Are they close to Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue?


  64. Tammy – Interesting part is, we know it wasn’t any of the tubes he was sent home with. We had a close eye on them and when any of them looked like they’d moved at all we had him back at the vet. All tubes were present and accounted for when the last one was removed so we’re a little intrigued as to where this one came from.
    I like your idea!

  65. Tammy – When you talk about not being too hard on the vet, that’s why I haven’t pushed for us to go down there at 9.30pm at night when we’ve finished work. I plan on asking a simple question, “Can you explain how this has been in our dog for 9 months please?” and see what response they come back with. Nath is feeling a little more emotional due to the pain Ralph’s been in for so long so he gets wound up just talking about it. When he went down there to let them know he thought something bigger was still in there they told him to stop worrying and sent him and Ralph home. That’s not sitting well with him.

  66. @morjana

    Thats sweet…. October cant come soon enough!!

    So a couple questions if thats cool with you

    1. Do you think you could maybe feed us another SGU season two hint to get us psyched? Maybe just a small detail? 🙂

    2. So say that the best case scenario happens for the movies.. Extinction and Revolution get the greenlight and film this fall. They come out in summer and do amazing with DVD sales and get lots of viewers on syfy. And say MGM is in better shape then it is now… Is it likely that we’ll get a second SGA movie and fourth SG-1 movie, or will that probably be the last of SG-1 and Atlantis we’ll see.

    Im just asking given how much time has passed since Atlantis was canceled and continuum came out. 🙂

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  67. Hey joe speaking of ice cream have you tried Butter Brickle ice cream not sure if its available outside of the usa i also like Rocky Road as well.Im Rex of Minnesota as Bratac would call me or RDA would say im from his home state.

  68. Becky writes: “Hey Joe … has anyone asked you if we will be seeing the folks who were left back on that paradise planet again?”

    Answer: Boy, wouldn’t that be weird?

    Do they have a communication stone and can they use it to visit Destiny or Earth?

  69. @ Tammy Dixon – Firstly, I’m laughing at myself for spelling Fiji ‘Figi’…lol…I love Figibars! What can I say, I was multitasking and not thinking straight… 😛

    Secondly, how I got interested in rugby is this…

    Remember how I said I saw Aussie Rules Football (AFL) first? I used to get home around 2 am, right when ESPN-type channels were showing games like Aussie Rules because no one was awake to watch them anyway. I instantly fell in love with AFL (it was during that period in the early to mid-80s when all things Australian were really in: Mad Max, Crocodile Dundee, Breaker Morant, Gallipoli, INXS and Men at Work…so it was natural for me to take an interest in an Australian sport, too. But…alas…eventually they stopped airing the matches, or I just stopped coming home at 2 am. 😛

    Years passed. Around 2001 I got a digital tv cable package so I could watch BBC America, and Turner Classic Movies. Well…one day when I was flipping from BBC to TCM, I saw a flash of…something. I flipped back to the channel. At first I thought maybe it was an Aussie Rules game…but watching just a few seconds of it it dawned on me: ‘THIS must be what they call ‘rugby’. I literally knew nothing about the game, and can’t even say where I had heard the word ‘rugby’ before. I do know one thing, however…I was hooked after just watching a minute or two of the game. I know what I thought at the time: This is a real sport, with real men putting their bodies – even their lives – on the line for the game, and for their country (I started watching international rugby before club rugby). Reminded me of soldiers on the front line, or something.

    That was just a few years after the game had gone professional (for over 100 years rugby union had been an ‘amateur’ game). Now that it has gone pro, I’ve seen a lot of changes. It’s not quite as pure as it was back when I first started watching; men are leaving the country of their birth to play for clubs in other countries, just like football/soccer players do now, and there are fewer conflicts and dirty tactics now (which isn’t necessarily bad). They’re trying to make the game more appealing on a worldwide scale – which is fine – just as long as they don’t ‘Americanize’ it like they did hockey. That would be terrible.

    @ Shadow Step – What drives them?? One word: testosterone. I went to a rugby tournament several years back, and you could literally cut the testosterone in the air with a knife. You could smell it – taste it – it was like this strange force field all around the playing pitches. It was contagious, too. I turned my back for a second, and Mr. Das – who doesn’t even watch the games with me – volunteered to be a touch judge (like a sideline ref). 😕 I asked him how he was going to ref the game since he didn’t even know the rules, and he said, ‘Don’t worry, it’s just coming to me naturally…it’s in the AIR!’

    He was really macho-manly for the rest of the day, too. Unfortunately, it wore off. 😛


  70. Hopefully we will get some inkling of what those tight-fisted MGM debt holders are up to in the next several weeks. Either they green-lite the The Hobbit or the continued wasting away of MGM will be terminal. Think this is the same bunch that wants a return with no new products. So no new James Bond movie or anything else from MGM including the SG1 & SGA movies in limbo. The way things are going now, if SGU gets axed, we might have nothing after it.

    Enough of the rant

    Hope Mr M is going enjoy the highly likely D-land versus Samba final in FIFA world Cup final. Hehe Hope nobody make silly side bets at Bridge. Also some updates on the office World Cup pool.

  71. Two questions:

    1. How do you respond to fans who think that including SGA characters in season two is a desperate ratings grab?

    2. Can we expect an announcement about the movies or even an update at Comic Con?

  72. Somehow i laughed at the i must break you. Schweinsteiger does look like the guy from rocky i must admit. Rafael, that vid you showed is nasty…

  73. Huh, that is totally not the smiley I intended to have at the comment above. *wondering*

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