So I was driving down Hemlock street at about 6:30 p.m. last night, enroute to meeting a friend for dinner, when I was suddenly struck by a thought.  And then, the car to my left.  I heard the crunch, felt my Q7 shudder, and then I was pulling into a nearby gas station for the traditional post-accident exchange of information.  My car had sustained a long, ugly gash along its back door.  As luck would have it, his car escaped relatively unscathed.  Needless to say that put a little damper on my evening.

This morning, I called my insurance company and filed a claim.  They phoned me back an hour later to tell me the other driver had contacted them and claimed full responsibility for the accident.

“He did what?!”asked an amazed Carl when I told him.  “That’s how you know you’re in Canada.  Did he say sorry?”

“As a matter of fact, he did,”I said.  “Right after he pulled over.”

Carl threw his hands up in disbelief.  Apparently, assuming responsibility for your actions is anathema to most Americans.  Carl told of an incident in which he was on the road and had another driver blow a red light and hit him.  This individual, driving an unregistered car without a license, sued HIM! And his insurer chose to settle because they deemed it would be cheaper in the long run!  Remi emerged unscathed from a similar crash, only to have the other driver ask him whether he wouldn’t mind taking the blame on this one because she couldn’t afford another accident.

On set today for Day #1 of Resurgence with ever-effervescent Director Will Waring.

Will and Script Supervisor Amanda

Leo Award-winning Make Up Artist April Boyes

Peter Kelamis. Action is his middle name. Actually, Actionoupolus, but he changed he shortened to Action after becoming a naturalized citizen.

And that other Greek guy - 1st AD Alex Pappas.

Meanwhile, over on Stage 6…

I woke up Carl for this shot. Bam Bam (in the BG) approves.

It's Director Peter DeLuise!

And back on Stage 5…

Time flies when you're having fun. But it's slow as molasses when you're shooting space suits!


Robert L martin writes: “i would have had a couple naquada reactors and some basic supplies on a cart ready to go (food/water/air basic medical supplies and some explosives)”

Answer: They would have too when the time came, but the attack on their base forced them to scramble and head through the gate well ahead of schedule with no time to prepare.

Robert L martin also writes: “why does she still trust telford at all??”

Answer: Why wouldn’t she?  He’s been loyal up to this point and, although his cover was compromised, she still feels confident in the technology used to turn him.

majorsal writes: “you’re joking, right? sgu would get a movie made *over* sg1, that’s been in holding pattern for how long?”

Answer: No joke.  It makes sense because all the sets are up and the cast in place.  But, again, this would be a worst case scenario.  Ideally, we will shoot the SG-1 movie during one of our hiatuses, either between production on SGU’s second and third seasons or during our summer break in season three.

duneknight writes: “what is needed to move the show onto season 3?”

Answer: Continued fan support and good word of mouth.  A move to Tuesday night would also be great…oh, we’re already doing that?  Never mind then.

Randomness writes: “Considering Stargate being a flagship francise for the channel it makes sense that Season 3 is a sure thing right?”

Answer: Nothing’s a sure thing, but I feel confident the show will go five seasons.  At least.

aaron writes: “Joe are you giving her major doses of glucosamine?”

Answer: Yep.  Every morning.

jreeths writes: “You thought Spain was going to beat Switzerland, didn’t you?”

Answer: Yes.  Yes, I did. 🙁

Sean D. writes: “1. Any chances of Rush’s chess set making an appearance in either season 2 or at some point in the future?

2. Will we have future episodes focusing on individual characters – possibly in season 2 – similar in concept to “Human” (Rush) and “Lost” (Greer) from season 1?

3. Can we see Scott, Greer, Eli, and Chloe team up again and explore alien worlds in future episodes?

4. Can we see any combination of: those 4, and Young, Rush, Wray, T.J., Telford, Brody, Volker, James, Park, Riley, etc. team up and explore worlds?

5. Will we possibly get to see the forming of established SG teams in any of the future SGU episodes?”

Answers: 1. Sure.

2. Yes.

3-5: . Possibly.

Isle writes: “so how is your mom’s hip?”

Answer: Still not 100% but much improved.  Thanks for asking.

Daniel writes: “1) are the US ratings the only real factor in the shows on going renewal? – or can international fans have a signficant positive effect on the chances of renewal by buying DVDs and episodes from iTunes?

2) when incursion part 2 was written how many resolutions to the situations presented where already worked out? And how many areas where left with a “we’ll figure that one out later?”

3) anything you’d change about the first season if you could?”

Answers: 1) They are the most important factor in assessing a show’s chances for renewal.

2) We knew how most of the resolutions would play out, though not necessarily in great detail.

3) Oh, sure.  I don’t think there’s a single episode of the franchise’s 300+ episode run that I wouldn’t want to tweak in some way.

Ian Z. writes: “1. Do you guys (the writers) have an idea of how you want to end the current story arc?

2. Will the characters in the next season become more stable? And by this I mean become used to the issues at hand instead of continuously being frightened, and angry.

3. In season 2 which character has the most life-changing event? (if thats not too much to ask)”

Answers: 1) Yep.

2) Yes, there will be a shift in general attitude.

3) Off the top of my head, I can think of six.

Philbert writes: “Could there possibly be an answer in the mailbag where you dont say possibly, possibly?

Will we be seeing more of Becker?”

Answer: Um.  Potentially.

Major D. Davis writes: “1. I heard on the Gateworld forum that Robert Picardo said that if there are going to be a SG movie it will probably be a combo movie between SG-1 and SGA. Can you comment on this?

2. Would it possible to arrange a pre order for the SG-1 and SGA movies before they even go into production? That way MGM can see fans are still interested and ready to pay money to see these movies.

3. I know you’ve been asked this question to death but I just wanted to follow up on the rumblings you talked about a few weeks ago. So have there been any more rumblings on the SG-1 movie front? Any on the SGA movie front?”

Answers: 1. As the first draft of the SG-1 script now stands, it’s strictly an SG-1 affair – although it could be rewritten to include Atlantis participants.

2. This is a question for the studio.

3. Nope.  Same rumblings, all related to the SG-1 movie.  When it gets made (and I say “when” and not “if”), fans will have Brad Wright to thank.  As the movie’s co-writer and producer, he has been tireless in working to keep the project alive and in discussions.  Even during these seemingly extended lulls where it may seem like progress has stalled and things have fallen silent, he’s been very vocal, pushing to ensure that fans of SG-1 get their movie.  So, when it finally happens, you’ll have Brad Wright to thank.

Jim writes: “1. I feel like Stargate merchandising such as comics, action figures, and books is an area, say compared to Star Trek, severely lacking. Star Trek merchandising is a billion dollar industry! If MGM needs the money- why not take a hint and capitalize on some of these ideas. Also to this end, you said no to Stargate comic- because studio does not want to give the right away to a comic- or because you really don’t have an interest?

2. When bloggers ask questions such as if making a Supergate out of the seeder ship is possible, why not just say well I don’t think the writers want to take the story in that direction. Instead, we get “I don’t understand what your talking about” like were trying to explain what a ZPM is to our grandparents. Is this you being snarky Joe?

3. My wet dream: Atlantis takes several wormhole jumps but locates Destiny. We have a powerhouse fleet of Destiny and Atlantis. Just a wet dream or maybe one day a reality?

4. The criticism: Is posting all the negative posts like picking a scab? If you get 50 good reviews, does the one negative review hurt the most?”

Answers: 1. Alas, I have no say in merchandising.  Of course, it would be great to produce all sorts of Stargate tie-in swag, from action figures to large scale ship models – provided there’s a market for it.  As for that Stargate comic – I believe there is a Stargate comic coming out.  I simply prefer to limit my Stargate writing to the series.

2. I wasn’t being snarky.  If I were – trust me – it would have been a lot more obvious.  In that instant, I didn’t understand the question.  And even though a seed ship is capable of manufacturing gates, that’s a long way from possessing the ability to manufacture a supergate.

3. Given the events of the Stargate: Extinction – unlikely.

4. Nope.  I love to hear what the fans feel is and isn’t working – so long as they express themselves in a respectful manner.  As for being hurt by reviews – honestly, event the most blistering of online reviews are relatively pleasant compared to the buzzsaw of the writers’ room.

CuperMcLeod writes: “1. I love seeing Richard Dean Anderson as Jack O’Neill. I’m sort of curious, though. He has brought a lot of humorous elements to the shows. Are his quips scripted, or does he ad-lib a lot of his lines? I may be totally wrong about this, but I thought I read in an interview that a lot of the stuff he does onscreen is basically made up on the spot (particularly in the later seasons of SG-1.)

For example, on a recent episodes of Universe, when he walks the wrong way down the hallway, or remarks “I know what makes ME special”, is that in the script, or made up by RDA on the spot?

2. Very nerdy question: I don’t think it’s ever specified, but I always guessed that the environmental suits that Greer and Scott wear in the season finale had magnetic boots to allow them to walk on the outside of the ships hull. At the end, they are clearly running, and it seems like both feet come off the surface at times, but they don’t fly off into space. Was I wrong, and some other mehcanism is at work?

3. Finally, where do you find the patience to deal with fans’ questions like mine above (and the nastier stuff I’ve seen on the web)?

Answers: 1. I’d say roughly half of Rick’s quips are ad-libs – like the “I know what makes me special.” and wrong-way walk-out in Subversion.  He’s a funny guy.

2. Nope, they’re magnetic.

3. It’s a pleasure to field fan questions.  As for the “nastier stuff on the web” – I just ignore it.

90 thoughts on “June 17, 2010: Aw %#&@!!! Resurgence Day #1! Mailbag Day #872ish!

  1. Joe, i don’t read comments that don’t get promoted to the mailbag, but let me say this just in case no one else has: we silent lurker-folk love what you are doing here. the questions asked, answered, behind the scenes stuff – we love it. LOVE it.

    I read a lot online about how this show doesn’t please people as much as it could, though I rarely read common opinions. (to me, the lack of at least some common opinion about any particular moment in the show makes the bad comments spurious.) For the record, I love the show. I think it’s great, i don’t want to wait until some Tuesday in October to discover how Incursion wraps up.

    I’m a technical person, I can’t even keep people paying attention to what I say when their jobs or their business depend on what I’m telling them. You and your cadre are wonderful at not only keeping my attention, but countless millions of others, now and in the future.

    is this a kiss-ass comment? yeah. it’s due. SGU (as well as SG-1 and SGA) are really great television. I mean it. i really enjoy what you and your coworkers do.

    Please find a way to thank them all on my behalf. I’m some nerd eli-look-a-little-like dude from Illinois who likes the show a hell of a lot, and think all of the actors, production people, writers, director(s) — EVERYONE are doing a great job.

    My name is Jeremiah, and I love what you’re doing with this franchise.

  2. I’ll read this already-epic-looking blog entry when I get home. For now though…

    @ Melissa:

    2 – Shaky cam too much? […] Lessen it up a little. I know it’s some stupid style that some people find cool like the Cloverfield movie. Your whopping 1.1 mil and 1.4 mil finale rating should show you that MOST people don’t find it cool. I did see Cloverfield and I wished I could have had my ticket refunded.

    This is a logically-dubious argument. Just because you didn’t like the shakey cam doesn’t mean those people left the show because of it.

    And by the way, Cloverfield made $170,000,000 worldwide, so I think it did just fine.

    3 – Believability. There is none. […] I’ll site one example. Chloe is sleeping with Scott. Chloe goes to Earth via the communication stones (hate those). She sees her ex bf with her best friend. She gets upset. Why? If you can answer one question, answer that please.

    It was answered in the episode. Chloe was upset at her ex and best friend because the former cheated on her with the latter, and it was the reason why Josh (the ex) broke up with Chloe in the first place.

  3. Hello Joe.

    You know, I was in an accident a few years ago. I hope that you are okay, and as always give my best wishes.



    ps. If my first entry went through, please do not post it. My darned blackberry decided to post before I wanted it to. Any idea when Verizon will carry the Iphone?

  4. Hello Joe.

    I guess I still feel a need to gripe about it. Sorry. Thanks for letting me vent. 😉



  5. G’day Joe

    Your blog is fantastic. Getting behind info on one of my favourite shows is great. Food pics…wow. And dogs!!!! Well what more could a girl want? Well except for confirmation of JackSam marriage…but that is for another time.

    I am liking Universe much more that I did Atlantis. Although it will NEVER be better than SG-1. IMHO

    I feel your pain for the car bingle. Someone backed into my car a few years ago while I was at work and I never found out who the culprit was. I mean the car was parked in a proper car park. So it had to go onto my insurance. Just lucky I believe in good insurance.

    Give Jelly a hug for me. Hope it all goes well with her treatment and she gets some relief.


  6. “As for being hurt by reviews – honestly, event the most blistering of online reviews are relatively pleasant compared to the buzzsaw of the w”

    of the what? Did you get distracted? Did you mean to say
    the buzzsaw of the weedwhacker? Warthog? What?

    Sorry you had an accident. At least he confessed. Usually they say it wasn’t them.

  7. Ouch!! I’m sorry to hear that you were involved in a fender bender, but at least no one was hurt. The biggest pain in the buttockal area, is going to be dealing with the aftermath, having the car in the shop etc. I laughed at Carl’s disbelief at the acceptance of responsibility and the apology. Being the victim of a crash and then getting sued for your trouble, talk about insult to injury!!

    Thanks for the behind the scene pics!!

    What in the world is Peter Kelamis wearing? He has apparently found a new outfit to wear, but it looks like it may be lacking somewhat in the comfort department. Ohh assuming it IS a work outfit? *cough cough*

    Have a good one!!

  8. Hi Joe,
    Just wanted to express my thanks for the optimistic news about the SG-1 movie (even if it does seem like those hiatuses are a long way off!). And please do pass along to Mr. Wright much appreciation for contnuing to work to make it happen. Hope to hear similarly good news about Extinction sometime soon!


  9. ..How’s that old vampire saying go…? “Life sucks, then you live forever…”

    Was it just the door that looks like it got whacked by the Key-To-The-City? And you know, you’ll have to get the whole thing repainted too – replacements never really quite match.

    Hey, look on the bright side – you can always embellish the whole incident and use it in an episode or something…

    “..whilst surveying the outer hull, the shuttle gets *accidently* strafed by Destiny’s weapons…”
    ELI: *shit*! How’d that command get into my GAMES file?


  10. I believe Americans are as honest as our cousins to the north. Alas, the culture here pressures honest people into being less than forthright in the case of car accidents. From driving instructors to insurance agents to family members, people are warned to never admit responcibility. In a lawsuit happy environment doing so is setting oneself up for a pocket emptying operation. Despite this, I’ve seen many people do the right thing. And it usually works out. I’ve also seen people fake injuries on the hope/expectation of a quick and easy payoff, which alas does happen too often. Feeding one leech just encourages more, so the insurance companies still end up losing all the blood they would have by resisting the first attempt to feed on them.
    Here’s hoping getting the repairs done will not involve a series of events designed to raise your blood pressure. While that would be entertaining for we, your readers, you seem to have enough on your plate for now.
    thanks as always for the pics and the nice fat mailbag. Hope mom, Jelly, and the rest of the crew are doing well. And would it help you change your mind about Comic Con if I promise to stay away? It would be a shame for neither you or your partner to attend. So, what form of bribery would it take you to change your mind?

  11. Holy Cow!! Thank you Brad Wright!! Please pass on my thanks to him!

    Thanks again for answering my questions!

  12. Sorry about the accident Joe. :(. It’s stressful stuff. And thanks for the pics!!

  13. @ganymede:

    Didn’t that happen in Light? I think Young said something to the effect of: I’m gonna make you go out in a spacesuit and patch (the paint) up right now.
    By the way, does the Geiko Gecko or Flo the Progressive Insurance lady make housecalls to Destiny for that? 🙂

    Best Wishes,


    Best wishes,


  14. Sorry about your car Joe, I would have been so p***ed off. now you have to get it fixed and not have a vehicle or get a rental car and hope they can fix it quickly and do a good job as well. as for the “other ” guy admitting the blame, well how great is that! You were fortunate.

    Thanks for posting the people pix, like those spacesuits, Something about a man in uniform, cool looking.
    Poor Carl, so now we have his sleepy look, adding it to the collection. thank you.

  15. 1. Thanks everyone for your advice about my hand problems. Main reason I’m going to the doc is to find out where the trouble originates – I’m not totally convinced it’s in my wrists. Elbow, mebbe…or even my neck. I come from the No Neck Tribe – we all have really short necks and with it comes a lot of tension, stiffness, and other problems that create everything from headaches to hand problems. Once I find out where the trouble is, I’ll know what to do to ease the problem. (Mostly, I’m really thinking I need a new bed – but just can’t afford that Tempur-Pedic I want so badly).

    2. I guess we know now who was wearing that pink apron…

    3. In all seriousness, really sorry about your car, Joe. Some things I can joke about (tin cans on your garage roof, for instance), but I know the hassle stuff like car repairs can create…so I hope everything goes smoothly for you.

    That’s about all I can manage tonight. Again, thanks everyone for the tips – and for those of you who are dealing with health and other issues – my thoughts are with you, too. I’ve been a bit neglectful in acknowledging your difficulties, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t noticed, or cared. It’s just that – between real life and now this worsening situation – I’ve been running around like a head with my chicken chopped off. Forgive me, please.


  16. Yikes, glad you’re okay. BTW: I was rear-ended about 6 months ago, and the woman both apologized AND claimed responsibility. And that’s here in California, where ‘responsibility’ is tantamount to a curse word. 😀

  17. I really hope you guys are bringing RDA back for a couple of guest spots in season 2……….his remarks are hilarious and its always a pleasure to see him in the episodes……

  18. Hi Joe,

    Question. In my favorite episode “Faith” TJ goes to a river where there is a waterfall. Can you tell me the name of that waterfall? As I will be in Vancouver for GateCon in 3 weeks and wondered if it is anywhere close (within a couple of hours) to go visit it

    Just spent a few days processing the season finale after seeing it live at SPACE’s studio and with David and Andy for the aftershow. And wanted to say that it was a brilliant episode. Unfortunately I personally absolutely hated the last five minutes because those last five minutes completely broke my heart. Can’t even begin to explain it. However those last five minutes were also one of the most brilliant five minutes of TV I have ever seen.

  19. Hi Joe,

    Chances are, in perusing SGU episode reviews around the internet, you’ve probably come across some of mine. I am occasionally and perhaps frequently critical of the show (hopefully my criticism comes off in the productive and respectful tone I aim for), but either way, I just wanted to say that I think it’s great that you open yourself up so completely to fans (and non-fans) on this blog. Keep it up, and good luck with the upcoming season(s).


  20. I’m so excited to announce our upcoming puppy adoption!

    He’ 4 wks old, a collie/husky cross. Despite protests logded by the little peeps, I’m happy to say that his name is Ronan – and is adorable, just like his namesake…albeit in a completely different way 😉 He will be joining his feline family members, Teal’c and Teyla in a few weeks. (The unexpected perk to having a cat named Teal’c is that you learn who is a SG-1 fan very quickly. With that name you either “get it” or you don’t.) Jack and Sam’s names have been reserved for the upcoming horses.

    Yup, I’m grateful to have a husband who doesn’t fight me on names for new pets 🙂

    P.S. Thank you Brad!

  21. @Joe: Sorry about your car, but isn’t that nice to live in the world where people take responsibility for their own stuff. It has to be the #1 thing on my list of what I hate about other Americans. No sense of personal responsibility. I was in a car accident back in 1992 (not my fault) but I was going 40 miles per hour in a 35 miles per hour zone and I said that to the police officer taking my statement, “Now, I know, Mr. Police Officer that I was going 40 in a 35 zone, so I understand if you have to ticket me for that, but the accident was not my fault.” He looked like he wanted to give me a Breathalyzer test to see if I was high. After taking statements from the 85 year old woman who pleaded with me not to call the police because she would not be allowed to drive anymore (yes, that is the point grandma in the Lumina), the officer came over and laughed at me and said, “Do me a favor, next time you are in an accident, just say you were going the speed limit.” I can only imagine that might have been the only honest statement he got out of anybody in a long time.

    Glad to hear about your mom’s recovery; slow but steady.

    Can we please keep VARRO around forever on SGU? Just love Mike Dopud and this Varro character is complicated. He seems to have a sensitive side, he has a diplomate’s side, and he has the ruthless-I-can-kill-anybody-I-have-to side. I think he would make a nice addition to the Destiny crew PERMANENTLY. Consider it a gift from you to me for the first day of summer that is coming up on Monday. LOL. Pretty please with ice cream on top (your ice cream on top, of course)?

  22. SG-1 fans should indeed be thankful to Brad Wright…as co-writer he obviously had an interest in seeing the project through and worked hard to achieve it.


    Didn’t you write the SGA script?????

  23. “Given the events of the Stargate: Extinction – unlikely.”

    Does this mean something bad happens to Atlantis? Maybe the other driver was a Stargate fan?

  24. I gotta say that there are a lot of Americans that would have pulled over immediately, apologized, and taken responsibility for their actions. Granted, there are large geographic areas full of people who don’t, and sadly I live in one of these areas, but I’ve also encountered many, many people in other parts of the country that DO stand up and accept responsibility. Just sayin.

  25. Man, I’ve been asking a lot of question recently.

    In Continuum I think. Carter says (off the cuff) something about a Moon base.

    Was this ad-lib? Or did you guys really mean to portray that there is a moon base and/or it is wanted to come up at some point down the road?

  26. I’m sad that SGA doesn’t have a champion like SG1 has in Brad Wright. I really feel SGA deserves a movie much more so as SG1 already had two and it would be so good to find out what happened to Atlantis – they have just been left drifting, literally…
    David Hewlett tweeted that he had a meeting at Bridge earlier today. Did you see him? Any good stuff on the way for us DH fans?

  27. I’ve had both happen: some apologize and some don’t. A guy down the street hit our light that was on our fence, claimed that it jumped out at him on the street, tore the whole side of his car up, then proceeded to fall into our bush by the side of the road. Even the CHP officer laughed (don’t ask me why Highway Patrol takes accident reports, they just do where I live). I actually hated the wall he knocked over, but not the light.

    Hopefully it won’t take long to repair the car. Yikes. Glad it wasn’t a bad one.

    Oooh, nice pics. Peter DeLuise is back?! Directing possibly? Love those suits (the actors in the pics) are wearing.

  28. Here’s a money-saving tip I picked up:

    Don’t pay to repair body damage. You’re bound to get hit in the same spot again, eventually.

  29. May I alert your readers to a one-off podcast about Stargate Universe, please?

    I’m a BBC writer in England and do an independent DVD review podcast. Currently it’s in a series of specials about films and TV that are especially recommended and the current edition is called Can’t Shut Up About… Stargate Universe.

    The show’s homepage is:

    The next edition is out on Sunday night (UK time) but I’ll make sure the Stargate Universe special will be prominently displayed still.


  30. Quote Joe: “Given the events of the Stargate: Extinction – unlikely.”

    I knew it! Atlantis had to be destroyed, to finally stop all those whining about SGA been canceled and SGU being no adequate successor. Once and for all, neither SG1 nor SGA have any chance against SGU, period! I love all the SG series, but time passes, one gets older, and SGU just hits it at this point in time (something younger viewers, who did not grow up with SG1, most likely just can not relate with). Speaking of, my wife was watching quite some SG1 at that time, when it was originally aired, but stopped at some point, and omitted SGA and SGU completely (although I plan to rewatch SGU with her, once the second part of season 1 is out on BD), I guess she thought it was getting silly, and does not fit any more for a grown up…

    BTW I vote for a live web cam, attached to Joe’s head, so that we can tune in when ever possible to have a look what’s going on over there in Vancouver. 😉

    Hit by a car, photo of the damaged back door, but no comment or pictures of the following dinner?

    Oh and for the car having to stay at repair for some time, what a fabulous way to switch to pubic transport! I just fetched my “Active Pass” and 1 month public transport card yesterday, to proof to my wife, that we don’t really need a second car (well, we most likely do, but it’s fun to ride a trolley, that goes up a beautiful hill through woods where our new house is).

  31. Dear joe.

    Been following your blog the last couple weeks now and I thanks alot for doing such an amazing job in season 1 and upcomming seasons of SGU. I was wondering what does it take to be a writer and what kinda of layout you would give an inspiring writer to follow so that they can find progression in their writing.


    Gus B

  32. Coucou! Me voila enfin! Désolé du retard mais comme je vous l’ai dit, j’ai eu un oral hier et du 21 au 23 j’ai des examens écrit =S je stresse, j’espere que tout ira bien.

    Un accident!!!!!! Piouuuu du moment qu’il ne vous ai rien arriver O_O c’est l’essentiel!!!

    Hier j’ai regarder le match de l’équipe de France…et c’était minable!! j’ai honte de mon pays, je vais m’expatrier au Canada je crois^^!

    Merci pour ces Q&A =)

    Gros bisou!
    je vous adore!

  33. @PG15 Although profit can be a good indicator on how great a movie is received, it isn’t always, especially when the said movie has a lot of hype. Cloverfield was advertised exceedingly well. A few shots here and there that made people want to go see what it was about. $32 of that profit is from me and we didn’t like it. It doesn’t sound like you know anyone who worked at the theater at that time, but I had a friend that did. They told me not to go see Cloverfield. I told them they were crazy, it’s supposed to be fantastic. And they said that they had the unique point of view of opening the theater doors after the movie finished. They could tell if a movie was well received by what the people said as they left the theater. I had to check this out for myself. As the people were leaving, I noticed she was right. People muttered about how that movie was all right, but it wasn’t great. It’s really an unique point of view, you should try it sometime.

    I hate to say it, but you’re in the minority in thinking SGU is awesome. Maybe you aren’t on Joe’s blog or in gateworld, but go outside those forums and you’ll find an entirely different story. I’m not speaking about the site that shall not be named. I am speaking about the mere million who are watching the show with you. If that doesn’t show the majority of people aren’t into SGU or are losing interest, then you need to take a closer look.

    Now most writers and producers try to figure out what’s not working so they can increase viewership. Heroes did this between their second and third seasons.

    I hate to say it, but given the low ratings, I can safely say that most people are not watching SGU. You all can rave about the Live + 7 numbers all you want, but in all seriousness, they are lower than SGA’s. Also, Senior VP at SyFy digital said in his blog that SyFy does not look at DVR numbers for renewals as they do not indicate the actual number of people watching the commercials.

    The reasons I listed are the reasons I’m not watching the show. I have no intention of watching season 2 even if that means the show gets canceled. I’ve always supported Stargate (Sg1 and SGA). I’ve bought the movies, the box sets, and listed them as my favorite shows on my Nielsen survey. I’m a little offended that I have to support a show I don’t enjoy in order to purchase the movies I’d pay top dollar to see. So if SGU gets canceled and forces the movies I’d buy on blu ray not to get made, so be it. I’ll take my $40 elsewhere.

    I’m not the only common sense person out there that doesn’t enjoy the show. If they at least fixed the stone issue, I might somewhat enjoy it. I just cannot wrap my mind around the fact that they could bring in all the top people to solve the problem. I think it defeats the whole purpose of the show. If TJ can’t do surgery, bring in a surgeon. I guess it seems a bit too convenient. It isn’t the wrong people in the wrong place, they can just bring in the right people and fix the place. Am I wrong? Personally, I feel that I’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg with the darn stones. I’ve not even gone into how seriously wrong and bad the whole sex thing is. I find it laughable that they’d have to sign a disclaimer saying they won’t have sex while in another person’s body. Jerry Springer anyone? The stones are like an emergency exit. The actual characters really do not need to solve anything. They can just bring in the actual experts to do all the work for them. If they don’t, then I’m sitting here thinking how seriously dumb they are for not using that resource. The stones are not conducive to the show, they detract from the whole meaning of it.

    I have issues with the stones, take them away, and maybe I’d watch season 2. That doesn’t sound like that’s the case.

  34. Yes, I know your pain. The garage dropped a tool box on my car. It’s amazing how much a small dent will cost to repair! Good luck with the time without your car. At least no one was hurt.

    Mr. M., how will they get the stem cell donor for Jelly? My vet friend looked into a kidney transplant for her cat. The Vet school (they only ones that do such extensive animal procedures) requires that she adopt the donor cat, also.

  35. Oh and I hope you feel better soon Das! Thanks for the herbal tips Narelle!

  36. Possibly is dead! Long live potentially!

    1 – So, um, potentially, will there be any standout moments for Becker? I’d like to see him appear a bit more.

    2 – In Incursion 1 when the gate shut off someone was standing in one of the gate vents. He screamed, so can it be assumed he was burnt by the blast when the gate shut off?

    3- In Incursion 2 we saw TJ walk up a set of stairs and through the gate. We’ve always seen shots of all the characters from the “console side” of the gate room by and going through those main doors. Whats back there?

    4 – Will it be explained, or will Eli determine, about why the Destiny gates (both planetary and Destiny) is using Ancient symbols rather than constellations as in Pegasus/Milky Way??

    5 – Both Destiny boarding parties (from the Milky Way) seem to be thrown out of the Destiny gate quite literally, and it seems that radio communication isn’t two-way. In Air 1, Scott was telling them to slow down and they continued piling through and in Incursion 1 Kiva asked for confirmation of safe arrival at Destiny and nothing happened. Is there a reason for this? Will we find out?

    6 – This is a very silly question, but all stargates shown have 9 chevrons. Could Atlantis dial there? Does the Destiny stargate have nine too? Could Destiny in theory dial the ninth chevron from the ship?

  37. Hi if the sgc found a way to make zpms then in that scenario how many would they need to:
    1) Dial Destiny
    2) How many zpms would Destiny need to fly back to Earth hoping they have that instant wormhole drive like Atlantis or can use zpm power.
    3) Could Destiny use zpm power?

  38. Ultracurious I have seen a cat called Teal’c on Facebook. Is that your cat?

    It is too warm to do anything and I am off for a nap.

  39. Sorry to hear you were in a fender bender, Joe.

    And it’s really sad that Americans don’t know how to claim responsibility. I was in an accident back in the 90’s where a recruit from the fort ran a red light and broadsided my car–clearly her fault, but because she was NOT supposed to driving. (recruits are not allowed to have cars), she didn’t want to claim responsibility. She was driving her boyfriend’s car and the case was tied up with lawyers for months. Meanwhile, I was dealing with back issues and having to buy a new car.

  40. Like Thorny said: I blame lack of personal responsibility in America on the lawyers, and the litigious nature of those lazy bastards looking for a quick buck.

    Of course, you also must consider the fact that a lot of youth sports these days don’t even keep score, because everyone wants to be a “WINNER!!”. *puke* God forbid little Johnny know what it’s like to lose.

    Accepting blame is not a “win”. So it’s taught at a young age, much to the detriment of our society.

    On that positive note: Happy Friday everyone!

  41. Dear Joe

    I just read that you guys are doing a SGU MOVIE!!! Come ON!! I am so upset and I’m sorry that this is directed to you, but SG-1 didn’t even get any movies until the show was over and we STILL haven’t got any for SGA.
    Why even do a SGU movie…. wait til it’s all over like you’ve done for the other one. IMO. Not a good way to keep your other loyal Stargate fans happy…. or have we got forgotten? 🙁
    I totally understand that you have the SGU staging and stuff up, but to make a movie while its still in season 1 and not ever give us what we’ve been waiting for for OVER A YEAR… UGH!!!! Talk about another stab in the back. We’ve been told no movies because of budgets and so on…. Sounds like another lie…. like we got when SGA was cancel and SGU came in and it was said that one had nothing to do with the other. Yeah Right!
    I’m happy for you guys that you have SGU followers. Glad that Stargate is gong on, but to do this to fans that have been loyal to this franchise for over 10+ years is like a big slap in the face. Sorry to inform you, but not all of us likes SGU.
    We have fans working hard on a campaign to get both SG-1 and SGA movies up and going….. to get a greenlight and then it’s decided that YET AGAIN…. SGU gets to have the spotlight and get a movie after ONLY ONE SEASON!!!!! How does this make sense?
    Make webisodes… like Battlestar Galactica did if you must, but don’t do a big movie. Not before SG-1 and SGA gets one.

    I have a feeling that you guys are going to have some angry fans…. probably worse than when SGA was cancelled. :S

  42. Hi Joe,

    Sorry to hear about your fender bender, hope all parties involved are okay.

    I read you blog daily (and occasionally comment on things that pop in mind). I quite often see questions regarding the “Movies”. I love the films, and like many other fans, eagerly await the next film “WHEN” it gets made. But if possible, I’d like to help. You say that it’s a studio decision, that I understand. But MGM is a vast corporate entity, is there any particular department and/or person we as fans could lobby to assist poor Brad in his efforts in getting the film made?

    Also, if it’s not too much to ask, please pass along my deepest heartfelt thanks to Brad for fighting for the movies. I (we) really appreciate it! (and all of the work he has done for the franchise). I know what it’s like to fight for something in the background in a thankless environment, it’s nice to know people care.

    And of course, thanks to you Joe for keeping in touch with your fans.

    P.S. I can’t recall but have you ever posted a picture of Peter Kelamis smiling? He always looks like somebody soiled his spacesuit.

  43. I have had the worst luck with other bad drivers. 🙁 Including, recently, one hit-and-run. Thankfully the only thing injured was my car’s paint job, but still. It’s very frustrating. It’s nice to be reminded that there are some people who will admit to their driving mistakes.

    Thanks for the pics of some of the behind-the-scenes people we don’t usually see! It’s really great to see everybody involved. (Not that I do not love the pics of Carl and Ashleigh. I do.)

  44. Sorry to hear about your accident. My car was rear-ended a number of years ago (there was black ice), and the other guy apologized and asked if I was OK. When I got home and called the insurance company, they said that the guy had accepted full responsibility. Such a pleasant surprise. (And yes, I’m also Canadian).

    Please pass my thanks to Brad Wright for continuing to work to keep the SG1 movie 3 dream alive. I love that you said that it’s a matter of “when”, not “if”.

  45. Interesting to know that Mr. Wright is pushing for the 3rd SG-1 movie but isn’t it time the numerous SGA fans out there were given something for their devotion. After all we’re the ones left wondering what the heck happened. SG-1 was nicely concluded with The Ark of Truth but Atlantis was left stranded on Earth with the Wraith still a huge threat and the Pegasus galaxy left to fend for itself. Meaning no real conclusion for the show after five years of getting to know and love the wonderful characters the show produced. Sad.

    Surely Joe as the producer of SGA Extinction you would be willing to fight for that too.

  46. I just have to say that is an awesome picture of Brain. He looks like a rock star!

  47. Posted to Fandemonium’s book site: “new Stargate Atlantis ‘Legacy’ series will pick up where season five left off.”

    Looks to me like MGM has made it’s choice concerning immediate continuity of the series. Only because I think it would be stupid to authorize those books, then make a TV movie made covering the same timeframe with an entirely different story, thus creating unnecessary confusion for fans.

    Unless those books are being adapted from your SGA script? Or you’ll be changing your movie script to some other future SGA timeframe?

  48. I think Todd stole 99% of the asuran zpms before the planet blowed up and Col Shepherd can talk him into handing over the zpms so they can at least dial up Destiny and send them inforcements to fight the lucian alliance people and some food.

  49. @Susan the Tartan Turtle

    I suppose it could have been my cat…although it’s fun to think that I’m not the only crazy one 😉

  50. I just got to work after walking a good distance as the city bus I was on got hit from behind.. everyone is OK!! I had my iPod on and there was this HUGE loud noise I jumped almost cursed out loud the bus continued to stay in the middle lane for a good 5 mins then pulled over past the lights we were stoped at we all got off and went our seperate ways I figured I wasn’t that far from work so I just walked it…. Oh and when I was crossing the street almost got hit by a car doing an illegal right hand turn!!!

    Think I should go home and sit in my comfy lazy boy for fear that I won’t make it throught the day!!

  51. Here are comments by co-author of the SGA Legacy series, Melissa Scott:
    “…I’m looking forward to doing another series tie-in, particularly since the events of the novels take place after the end of the fifth season, and we’re being allowed to move the story and the characters forward. It’s always a privilege to work in other people’s universes; to be able to do it with the brakes off…. It’s going to be seriously fun!”


  52. I assume from your remarks about the movies that we can consider the Atlantis movie pretty much dead? Too bad, because that’s the one I was looking forward to.

  53. Sadly, there is nothing apparent about it. Americans really do have a tendancy to shirk responsibility for their own actions. If the accident had happened here, I’d be as shocked as Carl to find out someone actually called up your insurance and accepted full responsibility.

    Perhaps you all can explore this alarming trend in a future script. Surely some of the civvies on Destiny aren’t American nationals.

  54. You know what has me very worried…

    I’m not seeing any Greer on-the-set pics lately…

    Dammit, Joe…if you guys killed him off, I’m not sure I’ll keep watching…he’s the primary reason I stuck around for the second half of S1. I need a bone here! Toss me one!




  55. I guess why this whole movie thing bothers me, is that, althought SGA doesn’t seem to be my cup of tea at the moment, I’ve kind of made my peace with its existence and don’t actively hate on the show here as I know people are enjoying it.
    But I am at peace because there has also been the hope for and the anticipation of something I really love, i.e., the Atlantis movie.
    Since this now looks like a no-go, (I mean if Brad doesn’t actively support or campaign for it, I don’t see how it’s going to get made), I just feel sad, bitter and resentful about SGU all over again.
    I truly want to see what happens to Sheppard, McKay, Teyla, Ronon, Todd and the rest! No real interest in SG1, although its a fine show, two movies have already been done and the story told.
    Not a good way to end the week at all. Bla….
    Better luck next week, Bailey

  56. Ah yes, car crashes.

    I was sitting in a restaurant once, when there was a loud unpleasant crunch from the outside.

    Someone had, at full speed, lost control of their vehicle crossed across the street and into the front of my parked car.

    He apologized as soon as he was over the shock, and his insurance company paid up – except for the license plate “we’ll just straighten it out – it’ll look fine!”

    Gotta hate insurance companies (what do you mean I should park more defensibly! *g*)

  57. @das

    You haven’t liked SGU except for Greer? 😮

    Are we watching the same show? 😉

  58. I notice that you encourage SGU fans to watch the show live, buy the DVDs, as well as any and all things series-related, spread the word to friends and family, etc., to keep SGU being renewed. These are the same things that you told SGA fans to do to ensure the renewal of SGA, and look what happened: the show was unceremoniously cancelled in favor of SGU. My guess is that SGU is fairly safe as long as its ratings do not dip below a certain level, or at least until Brad Wright develops another series.

    It’s nice to know that Brad Wright is “tireless” in his efforts to get another SG1 movie into production. However, you made no mention of his efforts on behalf of even one SGA movie. Should I surmise that he has made none? As I have always felt that SGA was treated as a Stargate stepchild, it would come as no surprise.

    But what about the promise of an SGA movie TPTB made SGA fans? Perhaps it was meant as a panacea/sop to SGA viewers who were — and still are — upset about the abrupt dumping of the series? Sadly, it looks more and more as if there never will be an SGA movie (but I would REALLY like to be wrong about this).

  59. Hey Joe,
    Glad you’re ok, that’s scary. That statistic that accidents happen closer to home… well I only work less than a mile from my house and I was almost broad sided by someone who didn’t stop at the light and continued to cut in front of me. It was so close I think my heart stopped, I know I stopped breathing, because I couldn’t get enough air and it took me a few minutes to stop shaking. I wasn’t even hit and that near miss was scary enough. Somehow I don’t think she, the other driver would have taken responsibility, she was totally clueless. Glad you’re ok.

  60. @scifan

    There won’t be an SGU movie till its canceled. Hopefully the SGU movie will film this fall. As for the SGA movie… i really don’t know.

    I mean Joe, literally, I had a skip in my step last night because of what you said about revolution. 🙂 Im just sad that we haven’t heard rumblings on both fronts. I mean SGAs DVD sales were great, and SGA really needs closure. I loved Enemy at the Gate, but it needs a movie to finish it out.

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  61. Joe, you wrote my name wrong in the mailbag, but since it was good news about your mom I forgive you 😉
    anyway, haha poor carl. Hes tired of working so hard and you just have to wake him up
    So the driver took the responsibility, wow, good thing no one got hurt! when I was a kid a car hit me when I was driving my bicycle and he/she didn’t even stop.
    I was just riding on the side of the road and the car couldn’t keep his distance and hit me in the side. I was fine though , just some fractured ribs. But it has made me very cautious when i’m driving.
    I’m glad Brad Wright is trying hard to get us a new SG1 movie, thank him for me will ya?

    Have a nice day

  62. Hiya! Didya miss me? I’m currently between computers atm so I’m borrowing my mum’s laptop till my new one turns up.

    Joe, you old softie you:) Hugs to Jelly and fingers crossed she gets some relief from the procedure.

    Its high time life got back to some semblance of normality. Unfortunately I’ve got a bachelorette party to go to tomorrow, nope, not my scene either but its my future daughter-in-law so I kinda have to make an appearance. This one is especially for us oldies who don’t want to go clubbing in Bristol. Instead we have afternoon tea at Camelot Castle, Tintagel.

    Might find that portal I’ve been looking for.

    Take it easy guys *waves*

  63. Is it me, or is the Shuttle set bigger? Hmmm…

    That car crash story is definitely a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming (enjoy your tab explosion). I love it when people mend a bad situation by doing something so nice. Good for him. Still, sorry about the gash, Joe.

    Hey, is that Akemi?

    Brian kinda looks like Jared Padalecki of Supernatural in that photo.

    Thanks for the Resurgence set photos, Joe! So, our peeps are going on a shuttle ride and the space suits are involved.

    Obviously, they are being attacked by a Space Dolphin. Yeah yeah, I know you said they wouldn’t be in the show, but these pictures clearly let us see through your thinly veiled charade. Tsk tsk. 😉


    @ Melissa:

    Although profit can be a good indicator on how great a movie is received, it isn’t always, especially when the said movie has a lot of hype. Cloverfield was advertised exceedingly well. A few shots here and there that made people want to go see what it was about. $32 of that profit is from me and we didn’t like it. It doesn’t sound like you know anyone who worked at the theater at that time, but I had a friend that did. They told me not to go see Cloverfield. I told them they were crazy, it’s supposed to be fantastic. And they said that they had the unique point of view of opening the theater doors after the movie finished. They could tell if a movie was well received by what the people said as they left the theater. I had to check this out for myself. As the people were leaving, I noticed she was right. People muttered about how that movie was all right, but it wasn’t great. It’s really an unique point of view, you should try it sometime.

    Well, my Cloverfield remark was just a side note, but if you want to discuss this, then I’ll just put forward that, again, a single instance of something does not mean that it applies to everyone everywhere. Your friend the theatre attendant said she noticed the people weren’t excessively happy about the movie. Ok, that’s fine. But that is just one theatre and one theatre attendant. There is no way we can safely 1). extend that to the whole world or 2). attribute that directly to the shakey camera, which was the whole reason you mentioned this movie in the first place.

    I’ll just say this though: I got pretty dizzy when I watched a clip of Cloverfield online before it came out, but I can watch SGU just fine, so…yeah.

    Since you keep throwing the audience numbers of SGU around, I just thought I threw in the revenue of Cloverfield. If your numbers prove your point, then mine proves mine. Very simple.

    I hate to say it, but you’re in the minority in thinking SGU is awesome.

    But based on what general pool of people? Stargate never got above 4.5 million viewers in a country of 300 million, which I guess means Stargate has always been liked by a minority of people.

    I am speaking about the mere million who are watching the show with you. If that doesn’t show the majority of people aren’t into SGU or are losing interest, then you need to take a closer look.

    Let’s just get something clear here. It’s not one million. SGU seems to have a combined viewership of about 2 million at the moment when we take into account the DVR – and, since all we’re talking about are those watching the show with me with no conditions on watching live, then it’s justified in bringing the DVR people in.

    Now most writers and producers try to figure out what’s not working so they can increase viewership. Heroes did this between their second and third seasons.

    And Heroes has been canceled. Funny how that worked out. 😉

    I find it laughable that they’d have to sign a disclaimer saying they won’t have sex while in another person’s body.

    Actually, the disclaimer allows the person to do anything he/she wants, within reason. It’s all on a volunteer basis and if you’re horrified by what it may entail then don’t volunteer. It seems there are a few though, who wants to help despite the squick.

    Ok, let’s try this again:


    Will we see the characters adding personal touches to their bedrooms? Like, decorating it with non-essential stuff (i.e. a way cool rock) that they bring back from a planet they visit?

  64. Ah crap. I seem to have messed up the HTML code. Ok, somewhere in that middle part where it seems like I was going on a long multi-paragraph rant about that first quote of Melissa‘s are a few paragraphs that aren’t mine. Here’s how it’s supposed to look:

    I hate to say it, but you’re in the minority in thinking SGU is awesome.

    But based on what general pool of people? Stargate never got above 4.5 million viewers in a country of 300 million, which I guess means Stargate has always been liked by a minority of people.

    I am speaking about the mere million who are watching the show with you. If that doesn’t show the majority of people aren’t into SGU or are losing interest, then you need to take a closer look.

    Let’s just get something clear here. It’s not one million. SGU seems to have a combined viewership of about 2 million at the moment when we take into account the DVR – and, since all we’re talking about are those watching the show with me with no conditions on watching live, then it’s justified in bringing the DVR people in.

  65. @ das

    Hoping for good outcomes for you. It sounds like you’re overdue for some relief from everything that’s weighing on you. Take care.

    Joe, I completely agree with Thornyrose. In almost every area of life (or so it seems, at times), if Americans would like to see their fellow citizens be more consistent about personal accountability, we need for politicians and populace alike to do the right thing and put serious limits on litigation in our society — both in regard to what’s acceptable and what’s frivolous, and also the scope and size of court-awarded damages. – Enough said. . . I love my country, but would also dearly love for us to take care of business in so many ways.

  66. @Major D Davis:

    Ok. I’m confused.
    Does this mean that SGU is cancelled? Because I swear Joe said something about a season 3. Is that something they are hoping for(season 3) or is a movie being made just in case?
    Thanks, Scifan

    If I remember the numbers for SGA they were about the same for Season 5 if not better than SGU and that wasn’t counting the DVR and other factors for SGA. It was continuously pointed out that the live ratings were what counted, but now they do count for this show. Why is that.

  67. @ Kymm

    Read your reply from yesterday, and concerning Karla Homolka, Charles Ng, and their ilk, I’m reading you loud and clear.

    I was glad to learn that further changes in Canadian law re. these issues are expected. I know the US has had similar struggles, dealing with personal freedoms vs. the rights of the community. No matter what we do, the system will never be perfect. My take? Our biggest obligation is first to protect our most vulnerable. – Shutting up now. . .

  68. @scifan

    Sorry for the confusion. SGU is getting a 2nd season. Ideally, they will film the SG-1 movie after production on season 2 of SGU wraps. However he was saying that if SGU doesn’t get a third season pick up, and they haven’t filmed the SG-1 movie by the time they get this news, the first Direct to DVD movie they produce will be the SGU movie to wrap up the SGU storyline. But as of now there is no SGU movie.

    However, if SGU gets a third season pick up (and I think it will), they plan to film the SG-1 movie during the break in filming between season 2 and season 3 of SGU, or the break in filming in season 3 of SGU.

    @Melissa and PG15

    PG15 is right on this one. While the live viewership isn’t too great… there is still about 2 million people watching the show… Plus over a million in Germany, plus about 500,000 in the UK, plus several more hundred thousand in Canada… Hmm… Sounds like a lot more then a million to me. 😉

    Also, the show peaked with about 3 million viewers live+7(it got less, like 2.8 million i think for the premier), its now at about 2 million live+7. So while the live numbers have gone down quite a bit, there are still quite a few viewers out there, and if we can get more people(especially in the 18-49 demo) to tune in live on tuesday (which I think will happen)… well SEASON 3 OF SGU HERE WE COME!!!!!!!!!!

  69. you could just buff that out, try some shoe polish, black works best!

    Are those undersuits for the space suits that Brian and Peter are wearing? They look like cheesy “futuristic” get-ups from the ’80s.

  70. Hubby has been in two wrecks, two years apart, both on Christmas night, both about a hundred yards apart on the same road! First one he ws driving a shuttle with a railcrew, a pickup came head on from the other lane. The guys friends were in a van behind him, out him in the van and took off. The truck was unregistered and uninsured. Would have been a DUI for sure if he hadn’t hauled ass outta there. The Suburban’s engine was very nearly in the passenger compartment. Hubby’s main injuries were sprained thumbs where the airbag bent them over backwards. He held his lane even during a head on crash at 55 MPH!

    The next one, he was in our little Scion XA. He saw a car on the other side of the road slide out of control on the ice. He came to a dead stop, but there was nowhere to go. Smack into the front. That guy’s insurance company kept calling, trying to persuade him into a recorded description of the crash, but he would only talk to our insurance people. That’s a trick of the insurance companies, get a second description and if there is any discrepancies, deny the claim. Crazy, the other insurance company was trying to weasel out of the measly $500 deductible. Yeah, right he was sitting still!!

    Don’t drive on Christmas day in Utah.

    @Melissa. Hey, I like the show! If I didn’t I wouldn’t watch, and I certainly wouldn’t waste my life writing long diatribes about things I had no control over. How about you harness that energy complaining about the gulf oil spill? Cancer cures? Predatory lending practices? No one is holding a gun to your head to make or break you as a fan. But I can dream …

    Oh dear, I must have taken a double dose of rude pills with my cup of STFU this morning.

  71. Joe. Thanks for giving us some news on SG-1 movie. That’s awesome that Brad is fighting for the movie! Go Brad and Thanks!! But I am really looking forward to an SGA movie even more than the SG-1 ( Please forgive me but I am one of those greedy fans that would love both).

    Your post has me both elated for SG-1 but now very concerned for the SGA. If Brad is fighting for the SG-1 Movie who is fighting for the SGA movie? Is the SGA movie still in the “pecking order” to be made or is it dead. Please, can you give us any word on the status of the SGA movie?

  72. Agreeing with some posts above… yeah, the middle SG child does seem to get the “red-headed stepchild” treatment. I know you and Paul want the movie, Joe, but it seems to be mostly consigned to a status of “we’ll do it if there’s nothing else going on.”

    Eldest child SG-1 gets first movie, probably based on proven sales of the two before. If that does well, will that only be taken as reason for another SG-1 movie?

    Our best chance may have been when SGA was summarily cancelled, its sets were up and the cast planning on returning for season 6, but all resources were immediately diverted to the new baby, SGU.

    I still hope, and I would pre-order Extinction today if I could, but without someone in the right position and willing to fight for it, hope wanes.

  73. @ Major D. Davis – I *like* SGU, but I don’t love it. With the main exception of Greer, I’m indifferent to a lot of the characters (granted, I’m indifferent to most characters in most tv shows…ergo, only a handful of shows have been able to capture – and keep – my attention). Hell, I don’t even know most of their names. 😛 It’s been interesting to watch, but it really does take a lot to get me hooked on a show…or, sometimes it only takes long white hair and sharp, pointy teeth. 😀

    Also, since I am expecting major character deaths in this show, I refuse to allow myself to get too attached…to care too much about the people aboard Destiny. Usually I wouldn’t even watch a show like this – especially one that warns of upcoming deaths (same reason I don’t watch ‘disaster’ movies) – but I wanted to support it because I hoped its success may help get the SGA movie made. Of course, as things stand right now, I have lost all hope for that SGA movie. 🙁 It doesn’t matter, though…I’ve moved on, I don’t *need* the movie now, not like I needed it those early months after Atlantis came to an end.

    So…why the hell do I still come here??! Well, it’s not for anything Stargate-related. How do I know this? Well, I really don’t have much to say about the show or franchise – hell, I don’t even go to Gateworld anymore…there’s just nothing for me to talk about there. Nope…I’m here for one thing, and one thing ONLY! Joe’s dimples! 😀 No…really…it’s for the chocolate. And the comic books. And the snark. Especially the snark. 🙂

    @ otros ojos – Honestly, my life sounds a lot worse in ‘type’ than it really is. For a while there I stopped talking about ‘me’ (i.e. the daily ‘disasters’, aches and pains, pet problems, work problems, etc.) because… well…because it’s not like I had to cut my own arm off because it was stuck, or my family drowned in flash floods, or I make a living shrimping in the gulf, or I just happened to have the misfortune of running into Joran van der Sloot. There are a lot of people out there with things a lot worse than I have ’em – not to mention quite a few here, too.

    That said, I felt I needed to mention my hand problem because it’s gotten to the point where it’s interferring with the most basic activities in life, and it may prevent me from visiting here as often (depending on what the doc says). I really do like this place…not quite sure why…maybe it’s the decorating…or the company. Nah. It’s the decorating. 😉 Anyhoo, seeing as how a lot of people fell off the map due to SGA‘s cancellation, I didn’t want anyone to think I had followed suit. Not that it matters, really…it’s just that I’ve been on too many forums and such where a regular poster just disappears…and you start to worry that maybe they died, or something. Silly, I know. 😛


  74. BMc, Joe has repeatidly said on his blog, as soon as they’re in a position to make the Atlantis movie, they will, it’s not as if the Atlantis movie is being shelved to troll the fans or anything.

  75. I usually only hear Europeans begin a statement with “most Americans”, but I spend most of my time around Americans so I don’t get to indulge in that wisdom often.

    Personally, I have no problem taking responsibility for what I’ve done, but the usual advice in an accident is to keep your mouth shut because anything you say can be twisted if someone sues you.

  76. Oh, wait, the statements I’ve heard from Europeans simply refer to “Americans”. I guess that implies 100%, as opposed to the somewhere above 50% that the statement “most Americans” invokes. Do they go to special classes to learn what Americans do, believe, etc., ’cause I’ve lived here my whole life and I can’t make such confident statements.

  77. Are those suits that BJS and Peter Kelamis are wearing the cooling suits for the outer space suits? Or something else? And is that an alien ship in the background of the pic with Brian J. or is that the Destiny set? Kinda looks like the “Apple Core” in the background, but I can’t see the…um, core.

  78. @Major D Davis:

    Thank you so much for clearing that up.

    I’m still bummed though. Either way it doesn’t look good for SGA. If SGU continues, who knows when we get a movie and if SGU doesn’t do good…. it’s last in line again. *sigh*

  79. OMG Joe….are you OK? You’re lucky they didn’t push you into oncoming traffic.

    Hope your car gets fixed promptly…so were you on a date? Is that what you were thinking of when it happened? *smirk*

    Oh did you like your gift? They told me it arrived.

    Cheers, Chev

    p.s. love the arty flares in the photos

  80. Hi Mr M!


    Have been meaning to swing by to say how much I thoroughly enjoyed Incursion Part II

    This was classic SG fare, wonderful jeopardy, fabulous beats, good interaction and enough suspense to keep me wanting more.

    To be honest, as a die-hard SG1/SGA fan, SGU has taken time to grow on me. I promised (publicly!) that I would give it one season to impress and then link in for Season 2. This has happened.

    SGU is a very different show/incarnation to SG1/SGA. I appreciate this and I understand that this has been a central core to this first season.

    I am NOW invested in the characters and am genuinely interested in the sequelae for Season 2. Sure, it’s not filled with glib one-liners (ala SG1), it doesn’t have a team against the world (ala SGA) feel…in fact the fractious interaction of the Destiny is designed to militate against such a “cosiness”…I get that.

    I would highlight Incursion I and II as my fav eps, because of the pay-off. Like “Let All My Sins Remembr’d”, this 2 parter rewarded the long-term viewer….and we were not disappointed.

    SGU has a GREAT cast. There are many great strengths evident in the core and secondary ensemble which I’m sure will be explored in Season 2.

    It is impossible to teach patience to anyone… a father of 4 children I could write the book. But, as a committed SG franchise fan, I (for one) am glad to have seen SGU to the end of S1 and will return for more.

    Congrats to all again


  81. @das, glad to see you here on Joes blog, I have never seen the dimples you speak of so maybe I will hang around for a peek. I enjoy his(joe) musings, never know what he (joe)will be talking about, all the more interesting. Stargate or food or pups, you know. So I hope your wrist is an easy fix, and thanks Joe for letting us post to your blog.

  82. oopss.. i’m feeling sorry for the accident..
    me too ever had an accident and the damage my car got was just like yours. what a bad thing.
    anyway, i like the pics. interesting.

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