Many of you have asked: “What is it like working with author John Scalzi?”.  Well, while I can tell you it’s been both fun and informative, I can’t really offer much in the way of details given the secretive nature of his work. As Stargate: Universe’s Creative Consultant, John reads and weighs in on all of the scripts, in addition to providing input on various story ideas.  He’s a very knowledgeable guy who can always be counted upon to offer informed advice on everything from vectors of inertia to the politics of woodland creatures.

Take the episode I’m presently working on: Resurgence.  The writers had beaten out the story and I was in the midst of writing the outline when I came up against a TBD.  A TBD, for those not-in-the-know, is a story element that has yet to be fully realized, a crucial albeit mysterious little piece of the narrative puzzle whose details are shelved for future identification.  Like, say, when you actually sit down to write the outline.  TBD.  To Be Decided.  And it was time to decide.  I spent the better part of the morning wracking my brain, trying to come up with something clever and cool (and made sense).  And then it suddenly dawned on me.  Hey, why am I so miserable?  We have a Creative Consultant!  Why not make him miserable too?

I sent off the following email to John Scalzi [note: in order to avoid giving away any spoilers, I offer a slightly edited version of our exchange].

“Joe Mallozzi here.  I was sitting at my desk agonizing over my latest Stargate outline when it suddenly hit me.  Hey, why don’t I share the love and have John agonize over it as well.

So the basic premise has Destiny [redacted].  While [redacted], they [redacted] that opens [redacted].  They [redacted] in [redacted].  The reason?  Well, here’s where you come in.  I was discussing the idea with Brad and we threw out the idea of [redacted] that [redacted].  Of course, the big question then is why doesn’t [redacted]?  Perhaps [redacted]?  Alternately, we were considering the possibility of [redacted], a result of [redacted], that somehow [redacted] between the [redacted].  Thoughts?  And, no we can’t have space dolphins magically appear and [redacted].  I already pitched that out and, for some reason, Brad wasn’t enthused.  I think maybe Battlestar already did it.”

Moments later, I received a response from John:

“First, this show’s bias against space dolphins SICKENS me and always has.

[Redacted] won’t work tremendously well because [redacted] without something to [redacted] (and [redacted] would [redacted]).

But I did think of something that might work for your purposes; Destiny, as you know, has [redacted]. Why not [redacted]?

Opportunities for drama include:

1. Redacted

2. It can give you a “[redacted]” issue, in either a) there’s [redacted] and/or b) you can have [redacted];

3. Either way it’ll have to be [redacted] who [redacted].

Let me know if this helps.”

Well, you’ll no doubt agree, this helped tremendously.  I wrote back:

“Love it.  However, I need the [redacted] to be [redacted] so that they don’t simply [redacted].  I want them to be [redacted].  That said, what would be the likelihood of their being able to [redacted]?”

And he replied:

“If [redacted], I think it could be pretty likely. Just have your [redacted] be [redacted], and have that [redacted] be [redacted]. [Redacted] a lot [redacted].”

So. there you have it.  A rare glimpse a the creative process at work.  Magical, isn’t it?

Anyway, I wrote the script and received John’s notes on Thursday.  All great.  I’ll be incorporating them into the next draft which comes out next week.

Speaking of which – I fear that this script may end up being a little short.  Anyone have any suggestions for an extra scene?


Mishmee writes: “One my brother and I loved as kids was the 1979 The In-Laws, with Peter Falk and Alan Arkin.”

Answer: One of Carl’s favorites.

Zoomeister writes: ”

1.) Are we going to get a Ben Browder (Cameron Micthell) appearance on SGU or in ANYTHING Stargate-verse related in the near future? I happen to be a huge fan of the character and actor and I was pretty disappointed to learn that he’s apparently not going to be appearing in Stargate: Revolution. Will we be seeing any more Browder/Cam any time soon?

2.) Are we going to get a fun, Riley-based episode any time soon?”

Answers: 1) It’s possible.  Time will tell.

2) No plans for a Riley-based episode per se, but it’s very possible we’ll see Riley or any of our supporting cast play a pivotal role in a given episode.

Becky writes: “You probably have already answered this question, but what happens if, while using the stones, one of the hosts dies?”

Answer: Good question.  It remains to be seen, but past experience would suggest it would kill both participants.

ZeroPointBatteries writes: “ok joe great epp sofar but why didn’t carter just beam out the two pilots that were on their way back to the hammond?”

Answer: She certainly could have tried, but the time spent locking onto their lifesigns and transporting aboard were precious seconds needed to escape.  Faced with the tough call, she elected to take the sure thing and waste no time retreating, saving the lives of all those aboard the Hammond.

Kymm writes: “Why would the connection not break when Telford/Rush died?”

Answer: Another incident that points to the possibility that, rather than simply severing the connection, killing one will kill both.

crayonbaby writes: “What’s your take on writers of the scriptwriting persuasion getting into the comic trade?”

Answer: Scriptwriters writing novels.  Comic book writers scripting movies.  Authors writing for television.  I think it’s great.

Arctic Goddess writes: “A question regarding your comic book series. Have you had to lay out any of your own money to get this off the ground, or is it more like writing a novel and getting your agent to sell it for you?”

Answer: Our agent and lawyer negotiated the deal.

Former SGU Watcher writes: “No explaination why the Lucian Alliance would want to go to Destiny when it is known to them it will be a one way trip with only a 0.0001% chance they can return. What could they gain by going there?”

Answer: Just because an explanation isn’t immediately offered doesn’t mean one doesn’t exist. 

Former SGU Watcher writes: “With the LA knowing the situation aboard the Destiny from Telford, they took even LESS equipment and supplies than the humans from Icarus?”

Anwer: Because, like the humans from Icarus Base, while they may have planned to head through the gate at some point, they didn’t plan on doing it so soon.  The attack on the base was unexpected and they were forced to escape through the gate with what they had at hand.

HBMC writes: ”

The way the Lucian Alliance succeeded in Incursion 1 was just absurd, especially when you consider at the start of the ep we saw it was possible to have a person unconscious on the ground after a few mins of venting air.

You vent the air for half that amount of time, and every LA member is then on the ground gasping for air, which incapacitates them, which then allows Young’s group to rush in and take them all without firing a shot.”

Answer: Ah, the benefits of Monday morning quaterbacking.  Young vents the atmosphere in Telford’s quarters in order to kill him – bring him to the brink and back – because he has no other options.  That is the only proven way to overcome the brainwashing.  And there was no guarantee it would even work. 

The same logic would apply to the attackers in the gate room.  Yes, he could have vented the atmosphere immediately and killed them as per his initial plan, but when he saw Telford come through the gate, he elected to offer the Lucian Alliance the opportunity to surrender.  It wouldn’t have cost him anything but time and could well have saved Telford’s life.  If they’d refused, he would simply go back to Plan A and vent the atmosphere – which he does, but too late because the attackers have technology he wasn’t expecting them to have. 

Immediately venting the atmosphere and waiting until they were presumably incapacitated would have made even less sense.  How would you know who is incapacitated and who isn’t incapacitated?  How could you be certain that some Lucian Alliance members couldn’t be holding their breath, playing possum, in the same amount of time it would take for Telford to suffocate?

HBMC writes: “Sure, Telford is gasping for air alongside them, but really, removing the oxygen from a room doesn’t kill people instantly. 20 seconds would’ve been enough time.”

Answer: But the Lucian Alliance is still armed.  Why risk it when you can either: a) give them the opportunity to surrender and save Telford or b) simply vent the atmosphere and kill them all?

imadaman writes: “Why didn’t the F-302 pilots use the Hyperdrive on the ships to jump out from the AoE? (Area of Explosion)”

Answer: Presumably they believed they could make it back to the ship in time or their hyperdrive engines could have been damaged in the attack.

jinx writes: “Why is the “Lootin’ Liance” using earth style weapons?”

Answer: The Alliance, as the name implies, is made up of  a coalition of various groups, so it’s very likely they’ll have access to very different weapons and resources. 

jinx also writes: “What was the purpose of the Camille character…”

Answer: She is the one pushing for negotiation in order to save the lives of the hostages.  And we’ll see her step up next episode as well.

jinx also writes: “In comparison with the Camille character yes, she is lesbian but I felt you really didn’t give us much past who she sleeps with. What was it like growing up being an Asian in a traditional family when her goals were far more western.”

Answer: We’ve established that Camille is in a healthy, grounded and supportive relationship which is in stark contrast to her lonely existence aboard the ship.  Back on Earth, we see beyond that cold shell to the warm, caring, and loved individual she really is.  That is, in my opinion, far more interesting than finding out whether or not her parents supported her in her career decision.  You’re oversimplifying by saying all that Life accomplished was to show who Camille happens to be sleepinh with.  That would be akin to saying all those ten years of SG-1 accomplished was to show who those people were working with.

kabra writes: ” So just to make sure I got this correct, Telford is now aboard Destiny physically and mentally? So how does this open the doors for more Destiny/Earth travel????”

Answer: It doesn’t.  The power source – the planet – was destroyed.  But, to answer your first question – yes, Telford is now aboard Destiny.

Shannon writes: “Where do you guys get your World of Warcraft references?”

Answer: I thought it would be a funny gag, then did a little research to make sure it actually made sense to you WoW players.

Dodoalda writes: ”

1) Did LA guys found those “door openers” somewhere or they just created them using Telford’s informations about the Destiny he told them?

2) Is that elevator mechanical or it’s more like SGA’s transporters?

3)And my traditional at the end: Is Joel Goldsmith planning to release the SGU soundtrack?”

Answers: 1) Telford was unaware they possessed this technology.

2) Mechanical.  And it can go sideways!

3) Don’t know.  Sorry.

Major D. Davis writes: “Im like CUT THE CONNECTION AND THEN VENT THE ATMOSPHERE! Then revive telford like you did at the beginning of the episode.”

Answer: As I already said – easier said than done.  Just because it worked the first time doesn’t mean it would the second.  Sometimes, attempts to ressucitate people don’t work – and they stay dead.  Given the information Young had, he lost nothing by giving the LA an opportunity to surrender.  What he wasn’t banking on was the technology they possessed.  They surprised him.  Happens in battle a lot.

kabra writes: “What’s the difference between “back ordered” and “out of stock”? Either way the item isn’t in the inventory and you still have to wait for it to arrive. Is one or the other suppose to make me feel better as a customer?”

Answer: Yes.  “Back ordered” should comfort you in the knowledge that the item in question is already enroute.

lkk222 writes: “why didn’t they just vent the atmosphere, and as the Luciens were grasping for air, go in, shoot them one by one in the back of the head, easy picking”

Answer: Except that they’re all armed and extremely dangerous.  Wouldn’t it be easier to just vent the atmosphere and kill them that way?

lk222 also writes: ”  or just station soldiers behind/sightly to the side of the stargate, so as the lucians came out one by one, they can be shot in the back.. as they are struggling to get up… why give the enemies the time to regroup and form an assault?”

Answer: Again, why put lives at risk?  Why put your men in potential harm’s way when you can simply vent the atmosphere from outside the room?

lkk222 also writes: “not enough dead people! not enough dead people!!!”

Answer: Our guys were in retreat while their guys were looking to take hostages rather than kill.

lk222 also writes: “joe, what are the limits of the communication stones? can a human use it to swap bodies with say a dolphin? or an ant? or a guaold snake?”

Answer: No idea.  I’m sure someone somewhere is working on this.

lkk222 also writes: “and speaking of sex, i’ve always wondered… if someone makes a Stargate themed porn, would they get sued?”

Answer: Probably.  I strongly urge you to reconsider.

Brandon Williford writes: “Did you have any idea that it would end up being so much fun when you were bashing your head against the keyboard?”

Answer: It’s always a lot more fun than bashing your head against a keyboard.  Also, great responses to some of the questions asked – particularly to the individual outraged by the fact that we haven’t immediately explained why the Lucian Alliance wants Destiny.

Kevin writes: “Young vents Telford’s room to undo the brainwashing and manages to revive him…yet doesn’t vent the gateroom the moment the L.A invades for concern over Rush/Telford. He could’ve vented the room and tried reviving Telford 100% certainty it’d work but Telford would have understood the risks. Much better to do that then allow armed boarders to gain a foothold.”

Kevin: “Young vents Telford’s room to undo the brainwashing and manages to revive him…yet doesn’t vent the gateroom the moment the L.A invades for concern over Rush/Telford. He could’ve vented the room and tried reviving Telford 100% certainty it’d work but Telford would have understood the risks. Much better to do that then allow armed boarders to gain a foothold.”

Answer: Again, this is Monday morning quarterbacking.  You’re criticizing Young’s decision with the knowledge of what happened.  He didn’t have that luxury.  Given everything he knew at the time, it would have cost nothing to give them the opportunity to surrender.  He could have simply vented the atmosphere anyway if they’d refused. 

Also, given the amount of time it took for Telford to collapse when he was losing oxygen, it’s more than likely the Lucian Alliance would have been able to get those doors open anyway.

vvv0472 writes: “Technically speaking, if the Lucian Alliance can dial Destiny in another universe from their Icarus-type planet, could they have dialed Atlantis in another galaxy as well?”

Answer: Yep.

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Lisa R.
Lisa R.

Thanks for the mailbag. I enjoyed the further insights into the episode. I was thinking about it some more today, and I came up with another possible reason that Young might have hesitated about venting the gate room. Is it possible that when he saw Telford, and not knowing that the switch had occurred, that he was wanting to make sure that nothing happened to Rush as he knew that Rush was their best chance for getting home, and he also still felt guilty for leaving Rush behind on the planet in Justice.

I’ve only been a member of your blog since January, and it has been great reading all of the behind the scenes stuff for the show. Keep up the great work!!!!!!!


I feel much more enlightend now that you’ve shared your correspondence with Mr. Scalzi. It almost feels like I wont even have to watch the episode itself.
Thanks for the mailbag. It’s appreciated that you took the time to repeatedly address the issue of “he should have dumped the atmosphere in the gateroom”. While I had some issues about the way the defense was carried out, this wasn’t one of them. Young had every reason to think he had the enemy contained, and he would have time to figure out how to extract Telford from the surrounding LA troops. I am going to be really interested in seeing what would induce the Alliance to sink so much manpower, resources, and time into the attempt to gain hold of Destiny.
Belated congratulations on the comic contract. Looking forward to the details, such as artist, release date, and how much you’ll charge for autographed copies.
Hope you have fun through the weekend. And it’s been a few days since we’ve had doggie pictures…just in case the pack feels like mugging for your camera.


Awesome Episode, like all SG season finales! Good Job Joe!
Heres some Qs for your next mailbag, please reply smile :
1-Can the “Repair Robot” repair Destiny’s hull breaches?

2-This is something i’ve been wondering since Air Part 1, when the Milky Way dials Destiny, the travelers enter the gate running/walking, why do they come out in Destiny flying through the gate getting injuried?, Is this because the VERY VERY BIG DISTANCE between MW and Destiny?


>they’ll have access to very different weapons and resources.

I thought it was already established they mostly use projectiles as they are deemed most effective, or at the very most if the need someone alive, Zats? I don’t remember seeing the Lucian Aliiance use anything but Earth style guns in SG1.

But with that being said, I don’t think the Lucian Alliance has been completely explored if anything it could just be personal preference, some may like the flashy kinda beam weapons, some guns.

>could they have dialed Atlantis in another galaxy as well?”

Wouldn’t of lasted long, Ronan + Sheppard combo would kill all the intruders, if there’s one thing Atlantis personal are good at, it’s taking back the city. Still a Ronan & Teal’c Reunion clearing the LA off Atlantis would of been amazing.


Early tonight, hey? Aren’t you going to the Leo Awards?


Thanks for the mailbag and the WoW answer. It did make me laugh. Pretty hard. Yes I am a geek smile

Camille is probably my least favorite character but I think I’m really biased towards the military (AF brat here). I have a hard time sympathizing with her mostly because I feel like she pities herself too much (when the whole swap with Mandy thing happened I immediately thought “Great, another reason for Camille to feel sorry for herself”) and I don’t get the impression that she believes in her cause (like Woolsey did). I think she definitely agree with it, don’t get me wrong on that side. That being said, I thought she did step up pretty decently in this episode. The last time I liked her on screen was with Eli (but I think Eli makes every scene that much more likeable).

On another note with everyone asking about Young waiting to vent the atmosphere – it happened pretty closely to Carter making the painful decision to leave her 302 pilots behind. I saw a contrast working between the characters (which I thought as being supported by O’Neill dressing down Young later).

I’m done rambling. Again, thanks for the mailbag.

Cory H
Cory H

Joe, I thought the episode was killer, granted the tactical decisions the Col. Young made with trying to kill the L.A. in the gate room by venting the atmosphere, oh well. I’m curious to see what the season finale plays out. But Good work. I hope that Eli and Chloe can find some super weapon to use against the LA. We shall see..

Cory H
Cory H

BTW, Are you, MGM or Whom ever going to release a SG Atlantis Movie “Extinction”? Looking foward to more SG1 movies and Atlantis..etc

Tim Lade
Tim Lade

A more important explanation for me is why someone with the handle Former SGU Watcher is commenting on an episode of SGU.

You have far more patience than I to entertain such foolishness. How do you put up with this Joe?

You’re a better man than I am, Gunga Din.


I wounder if you can make a episode about redaction. Becuase in this bolgpost it has a good basis for it.


“We’ve established that Camille is in a healthy, grounded and supportive relationship which is in stark contrast to her lonely existence aboard the ship. Back on Earth, we see beyond that cold shell to the warm, caring, and loved individual she really is. That is, in my opinion, far more interesting than finding out whether or not her parents supported her in her career decision.”

Hi I have to disagree with you. My question

“What was it like growing up being an Asian in a traditional family when her goals were far more western.”

This question was not simply about her career decision so please let me be more specific.
Camille being an Asian woman in her late forties, no doubt felt the sting of racism/sexism, while growing up, going to school and in her career choices. What were her parents like? Is she the first generation born here in the states. How was she able to become a member of the IOA a mostly male dominated organization.

When you compare her background experiences, education, perceived stereotypes, it provides a much richer character than who she sleeps with.


Joe – hubby and I just watched Incursion and enjoyed it immensely! Well done! I don’t have any questions or complaints – thought it was fairly straight forward enough, and anything unanswered is just part of the suspense. My only ‘disappointment’ is that I love hating Telford, and now I’m not sure I can. I liked it better when he was a rat, through and through. smile Well, there’s still Wray… wink



What was up with the George Hammond having a pink hyperspace window? wouldn’t it be the same as the Daedalus, Apollo and Odyssey


First time commenter here. But I have one pretty good question (or questions)… Remember Atlantis having that Wormhole drive they whipped out last minute to get to Earth faster than travelling through hyperspace? What if they get the chance to dial Destiny again, get some supplies in and send in a beacon to track where Destiny already is. Then use Atlantis’ wormhole drive to get to Destiny faster no matter how far it is. If ever Atlantis gets more than enough power supply (e.g. lots and lots of ZPMs) do you they would use Atlantis and it’s wormhole drive? Do you think using that wormhole drive would be an effective means of travel? How come the ancients didn’t invent that sort of drive and it was humans who actually made a working “beta” wormhole drive? Maybe they could also fit a wormhole drive in a deadalus-class ship, is that possible? Because if it is, I would really want to see more of the wormhole drive, hyperspace is getting lame already… hehe


Quote “lkk222 also writes: “and speaking of sex, i’ve always wondered… if someone makes a Stargate themed porn, would they get sued?”

Answer: Probably. I strongly urge you to reconsider.”

Not that I am recommending that anyone do that, but there are so many bad porn puns that could be used..

“I’d like to cross her event horizon”, “I hope her wormhole doesn’t have a Iris”.. Yeah I’ll stop now.

I think if I were Young, knowing that the “L.A.” were going to be coming through the gate; I would have vented the oxygen from the room before hand. The human brain can survive 6 minutes without oxygen before it begins to cause damage. Long enough for everyone to pass out, or at the very least unable to concentrate enough to aim.

Found something you could check out while in Japan I have no idea what she is singing about, but I’ll take two. Do I smell a Stargate musical guest?


1) Can we please see some of those Lucian Alliance soldiers use some Zat Guns?

2) What is the status of NID and the Trust during the time SGU takes place?

3) Kiva revealed her rank as Commander, how does this compare to the structure of Netan’s Seconds, higher or lower in rank?

Lt.Colonel John Sheppard
Lt.Colonel John Sheppard

question is this: If Telford survives incursion part 2 and intervention will he and young share command?


I love Mailbag!! OK you may have noticed a pattern, I say that a lot, but then that would probably explain why I love reading/commenting on your blog. *big smile*

Thank you for addressing my question!!

It was good that you clarified the whole venting of the Gate Room atmosphere. That was actually one of my other questions. Now that you have explained it, your reasoning is sound. Plus, Young had a split second to make his decision(s), whereas we, as you correctly pointed out, have the advantage of being Monday night quarterbacks.

Scene suggestions, you want scene suggestions? I know you were teasing, but I’m going to pretend that you were truly asking. Oh what fun…
You can’t really go wrong with Sex, Drugs and Rock n ROLLLLLL!!! Wooo-hooo…..… *waving the devil horns* …….Oh wait, I forgot when it comes to some of the SGU fandom, apparently you can go wrong with S.D & RnR…… No sex, I guess the orgy scene is out of the question, no!? *giggle*…….. No drugs, already short on medicine…….. No rock, some people apparently don’t like the music montages……*grumble mumble* ……..Other ideas: you bring back BAG, someone shouts “LET’S PUT ON A PLAY” and breaks into song (a la Glee), poetry reading, they decide that it’s cleaning day, Eli plays knock knock ginger or some other diabolical practical jokes (a la Ashleigh), food fight (with the non-existent food), so it would be more like a mush fight. This coming with up ideas, that people will actually like, is harder than it looks, I guess that’s why they pay you the big bucks eh? *snicker*

OK, I still like the idea of the Space Dolphins, cue Flipper, only make it a BLUEBERRY Flipper.

@Das – you are definitely right I about Telford and his likability factor, and it will be interesting to see how he interacts with Young and visa versa, now that he has been exorcised.

How are the pups?

Finally, thanks for the spoilers on Recursion. I bet you didn’t know that some computers have software programmes that will see through/translate redaction did ya!!!

Have a good one!!


JOE!!!! For all your amazingness you made one error in your mailbag. An F-302 does not posses a hyper-drive like its predecessor because R&D was not able to utilize naquadria due to its instability (SG1). Therefore a hyper-drive small enough to be incorporated into a small fighter is not possible at the moment, unless there has been some advancement in that area since the end of Atlantis.

And thanks for answering my question!!

Thanks always,



@Kymm: OMG i absolutely love your post!! I was laughing soo hard after i read it. the really funny thing was when i realized what you meant by blueberry flipper razz and great scene ideas




So i just watched Incursion on my DVR, and u’know, i just have to comment. Young not venting the Atmosphere has got to be the most ridiculous thing i’ve ever seen and damn good for O’Neill to have bitched at him about it. Telford’s a soldier and he knows the risks. All soldiers do. They have the EVA suits from Water, why not put Greer, Scott, and James in them and have them take cover in the gate room, so when teh Lucian Alliance comes through, just pepper them with rounds. Hell they could have set up a couch in front of the stargate so that the LA would trip over it on their way in. They HAVE guns, let them USE them effectively! Telford and Young are COLONELS. They’re not inexperienced Lieutenants who hesitate at such a hard decision. The military trains their officers to make decisions like that because hesitation leads to people dying. You could have had a mindblowing action scene where the Lucian Alliance has an overwhelming force storming Destiny. It could have been the equivalent of D-Day with the Lucian Alliance having to pay for every inch they take. Yet it comes out with me having to headdesk and question what i just say. Would it have been risky to vent the room? Yes. But is it as risky as letting an enemy force gain a foothold in a tenuous position of a rust bucket in the ass end of the galaxy? Sorry, i can’t digest that. The military takes risks like that everyday and there ARE casualties. They go into action KNOWING that not all of them might come out the other end. They ARE military officers right? There are so many variables over the LA getting onto Destiny, maybe they could throw stun grenades in first, maybe they have a Malp type thing that’ll warn them of the conditions. There were dozens of potential scenarios but the one that played out makes Young look like an indecisive idiot. You can call it “Monday Quarterbacking” all you want, that doesn’t change the fact that venting the gateroom, setting up traps, placing guards in EVA suits MAKES SENSE if you’ve got an invading force incoming! Hell they could have put some of those handy leather couches in front of the gate just to confuse the hell out of the LA and trip them up! This is really sad to me since i actually like Louis Ferreira’s acting skills albeit in other projects. I was really expecting you to pull out all the stops in this season finale 2 parter and instead, it feels like a cheap carbon copy of “The Storm/Eye” I understand that this is a different incarnation of Stargate. I’m not comparing this to SG1 or SGA, but that’s not an excuse for me having to literally pause my DVR and go “Wait… what?” and actually have to try and fill in the blanks. One of my biggest concerns was not even a… Read more »


i have an idea for an extra scene,
general o neill brings his puppy to work as it is bring your puppy to work day at homeworld security.
o neill plays catch with the puppy using the ancient stones and suddenly colonel young tries to use the stones and is in the puppies body and the puppy is in young.

rush enjoys the new young and they cuddle.


G’day Joe

Thanks for the hilarious post today. Have not laughed so much in a few weeks.

However I could not read the mailbag as it has way to much info on Incursion and well being Down Under, it has not aired yet. I have been too spoiled for it now.



@Zeropointbatteries. – whyyyyy thank you, it’s because I’m a Gemini…..and do you know what’s probably even funnier, is that I may have jinxed Joe, so now when he is writing his scene, all he can think about are my crappy ideas. You know how you get a thought in your head and CAN’T get it out. *LOL!!*

Joe – how’s your writing going NOW? *palm to forehead* Oh, just in case, I give you my permission if you want to gank one of my ideas. Although you better be quick, as I’m sure they will be in high demand. Get ‘em while you can. *chortles*

Seriously though, something did come to me, you know how Greer and Telford had a problem in the past (Greer punched out Telford if I am remembering correctly). I wonder if that was before or after Telford was brainwashed. Hmmmm *inquiring minds want to know*


Chy Clayton
Chy Clayton

You could add more Greer!

Or someone could RickRoll a few kino’s.