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Thanks for all the awesome feedback on last nights’ episode, Subversion.  It was scripted by my writing partner, Paul Mullie (he of episode #11, Divided, fame) and, as I mentioned in a previous post, he’s been firing on all creative cylinders of late.  He’s in fine form in season two as well with two equally fantastic episodes, Intervention and Trial and Error – but you won’t get to see those until the fall.  In the meantime, we close out Stragate: Universe’s first season with a runnin’ gunnin’s two-parter, Incursion I and II, written by yours truly.  As for those who have yet to see Subversion – I promise not to let slip any spoilers within the body of these entries.  But, just in case, steer clear of the comments section.

Photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television.

Wow.  I realized I’d finally made the shift back to bachelorhood the other day when I found myself standing in the supermarket aisle, thrilled at the prospect of adding a half-dozen tupperware containers to my paltry mismatched collection.  In that instant, there was no feeling more luxurious than the prospect of surplus lunch containers.

Which reminds me.  Although I make mention of wanting to date those gorgeous actresses from Japanese SF flicks (, I’m a realist.  If experience has taught me anything, it’s that the best connections are made through simple introductions, ideally through friends.  So, friends, somebody introduce me to this girl:

Which also reminds me.  On the anime front, finished Code Geass R2 last night and plan to finish off Black Lagoon tonight.  What’s next?  I dunno.  Any suggestions?

Some interesting links you should check out:

Mike Moody has a terrific Q&A with actress Alaina Huffman, SGU’s Lieutenant Tamara Johansen, over at TVSquad:  Alaina talks about T.J., the pregnancy, and fan reaction to the new show.

Writer Jason Sanford discusses whether online magazines can help bridge the divide between the literary and genre camps:  He also provides a link to a fascinating article he wrote a few years back in which he tackles the issue of the U.S. literary establishment’s need-hate relationship with speculative fiction:

Editor Lou Anders joins The Functional Nerds (Patrick Hester & John Anealio) for a podcast covering “the history of the Pyr imprint from Prometheus books, the branding of Pyr that stands out on the bookshelves thanks to artwork from great artists like John Picacio, upcoming projects from Pyr, two new anthologies from Lou titled ‘Swords & Dark magic’ due in June and ‘Masked’ due in July”, Stargate Universe, our humble little book club, John Scalzi, FlashForward and Batman comics:

Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited offers up 400 completed series: Thanks to the gang at for the tip.

Hey, check out google’s new ad-supported service:,17470/.

98 thoughts on “May 22, 2010: Subversion! Recommend me an anime series I haven’t watched yet (and I’ve watched plenty)! And lotsa links!

  1. all im gonna say if somebody doesn’t mention naquada generator or ZPM in the next couple episodes im going to SCREAM!!

  2. Hello.

    Just saw Subversion. Great job!!! I thought it was a great episode! Can’t wait to see how everything with Telford plays out next week.

    Best Wishes,


  3. The only anime series I’ve actually seen, and I liked it, is called I My Me Strawberry Eggs. I don’t understand this titling system at all. It’s about a male teacher who has to dress as a female to work at an all-girls’ school, then ends up falling in love with one of his students. I think it would have been funnier as a live action (my suspension of disbelief regarding males looking like females only goes so far, I’m afraid, and animation makes it too easy for them to fudge it). It doesn’t really sound like your thing, though. Maybe if he was some kind of demon robot monster pretending to be a woman…

  4. Subversion…probably the best episode of the season! If you have to do an Earth based episode with the stones, this is how you do it!.





    I never would have pegged Telford as a traitor. He just seemed so straight-laced that the fact that he wasn’t brainwashed and was really doing this of his own free will was very surprising. Almost as surprising as letting Rush go on the mission. He is a scientist, not a spy. How could Young allow it, and then how could O’neill then also allow it. Nice to see Daniel, although briefly. Once Rush learned what the Alliance was doing, how could he possibly help them succeed. He wants the ship to himself, the Alliance will kill him once they took over the ship. Young really showed something in giving Telford the beating he deserved. And the baby shower was a very cute moment in an otherwise tense episode. I was surprised Scott went over Young’s head and told Wray what was happening. How much trouble is he in now. One nitpick…you have to assume Telford had a transponder implanted into his body. Why couldn’t a SGC ship in orbit beam up Telford/Rush before the Swat team arrived. So now we have to wait two weeks for the next episoded because SciFi doesn’t want to air new shows on holiday weekends. But at least we get to see Sam!!!! Bring on Incursion!!!!

  5. The anime I recommend (if you haven’t already seen it) is Vandred, Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid, and Gungrave.

    Did you like Code Geass R2?

  6. Anime you haven’t seen… tough one. My faves are ones most people have seen like Macross and Space Battleship Yamato. Other than those I recommend Patlabor, Urusei Yatsura, Planetes, and a short ova series called Crusher Joe.

  7. Hi Joe,

    “Recommend me an anime series I haven’t watched yet (and I’ve watched plenty)!”

    Have you seen “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya”?

    Check it out if not. 🙂

    Also, my Matcha arrived today! VERY GOOD stuff! Prepared exactly as it is meant to be prepared, well according to the instructions 😉 haha… very good!

    -Sean D.

  8. Something is puzzling me:

    Why would you hire Mike Dopud to play someone in the Lucian Alliance who isn’t Olodai Ventrell? IMDB has him listed as someone called Varro.

    Now I know you’ve hired actors from previous episodes to play different roles in the past, and Mike has himself played three different roles on SG-1/SGA in the past – but he played someone linked with the Lucian Alliance before, so why not just re-use that?

    Just seemed like an odd choice to me.

  9. Oh no. Serious loss of macho/man points for admitting to rhapsodising over tupperware. You could blame Ashleigh for it. Perhaps something she put into the cookies is affecting your hormonal balance? Sometimes honesty is not the best policy, even if you’re simply confessing to friends. I fear that the tupperwear thing will haunt you at work.
    Sorry I can’t recommend any anime. I’ve still to seek out some of those that you have recommended at some time or another. Work, podcasts, books, doggie, and other real world intrusions into my time and pocketbook have so far kept me seeking out some of the titles.
    Looking forward to Incursion. You’ve given kudos to your writing partner, but you should take a small bow for yourself. You’re definitely hitting some doubles and triples, and Im fully expecting a grand slam home run by the end of the last scene of the season finale.
    Thanks for the daily post, and hope you and the doggies enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  10. its so wrong what you guys did leaving us to wait another week! wtf is up with that?!

  11. Speaking of character actors, I hope you have cast Brent Stait, David Palffy, Doug Arthurs in SGU S2. I think enough time has passed to dim memories of their previous franchise characters.

    Has anyone else in USA noticed the NASCAR ads on TNT? The CGI features a familiar-looking giant metal circle… :-O

  12. I contend that the U.S. literary establishment won’t embrace genre literature until the last gray-pony-tailed academic with pretensions to intellectual Marxism retires and/or dies.

    But a younger generation that grew up on Star Trek, Star Wars, and subsequent actual, literary speculative fiction, is coming up, and genre fiction will at last take a respected place in the body of literature.

  13. I don’t know what you’ve watched but I’d like to recommend some “anime” movies, and t.v. shows.

    Movies; (you’ve prob seen these?)



    Warriors of the Wind/Nausicaa

    Princess Mononoke

    Spirited Away

    T.V. series;

    Full Metal Alchemist – Seemed childish but this show had very dark, adult themes, very good storyline & characters, animation. The movies that accompany the t.v. show are pretty good too, especially this scene (Wrath vs Gluttony);

    I really liked Inuyasha for awhile. At first glance it looked childish with a dog eared guy with big white hair. The animation and dynamic between Inuyasha & his brother Sesshomaru drew me in. I especially like how Sesshomaru the ultimate bad ass slowly and reluctantly becomes a good guy in the long run & his interactions with Rin (although he’d never admit to it) some clips of Sesshomaru’s power;

    Also, one that I overlooked but turned out great, Justice League Unlimited. My favorite part is when Darkseid makes a surprise appearance… and the fight between him & superman A+ (goto around 8 min)

  14. Re: Literary vs. Genre

    What’s amusing is that so much of what’s considered classic literature would be classified as genre if it were published today.

    Sometimes folks get fascinated by the theories of what makes good literature, and forget their storytelling roots.

  15. @ Gilder – just watched that ad on youtube and wow, the similarity is a bit toooooo uh similar.

    Looked at the link Joe for the google ad phone. Apparently there was a 911 call made from the phone and the ads got in the way.

    I dunno about you but that phone would end up being part of the wall before too long!!

    Enjoy your holiday (if you do take a break which is highly unlikely haha)

    How’s mumma Joe ??? She doing marathons yet?

  16. For anime I recommend checking out Kemono no Souja Erin (Beast player Erin)
    It’s a slow paced story but very good and the animation is unique.
    If you can buy the DVD where you are, great. If not, like me, try
    Also Tegami Bachi is a great anime to watch. Darker than Black, Honey and Clover, Eden of the East, Spice and Wolf, Skip Beat and xxxHolic off the top of my head.

  17. I couldn’t wait a week to watch it so I bought it off of iTunes instead. Excellent! Might be my new favourite ep!
    Was awesome seeing Jack and Daniel again and their bantering. I was glad that Jack still has his sense of humour and all his Jack-isms, even if they’re sometimes at inappropriate times (and yet, that’s what makes him awesome). I noticed with that scene, that his humour seems almost out of place, but I guess that just goes to show how much grittier SGU is compared to SG1.

    Everyone, especially LDP and RC were phenomonal! Props to them. It seems Telford forgot about one of my favourite commandments of the “thou shalt not be a dick” variety, but perhaps thats just the brainwashing talking as Young and him may have sorta been friends, or a reasonable facsimile thereof, before it all hit the fan.

    I won’t go into details about the whole torture thing as I have too much to say on that, but what I will say is that I think Young was justified in what he was doing (saving loads of people, etc); Kiva not so much, as she was only furthering her own agenda. But damn, she’s a cold bitch. I love it!

    Do you, by chance have any piccies of RDA when he was on set? I’ve missed him. All in all, a great ep, and can’t wait to see how these last 2 play out!

  18. Anime recommendations?

    There is a series that has been running for a long time in Japan that is FINALLY being released here. It is subtitle only and just the first 13 episodes have been released. I highly recommend it for a good time:


  19. Hi Joe,

    About Universe: Just saw Sabotage last Wednesday. Really cool episode, but what happend to Franklin on the Chair? (Subversion will go on air here in something like 10 days.)

    Other things: Did Elyse Levesque finish answering the questions once told for her here? – If not, then it would be nice, if you add another one. I just discovered there is singer/actress named Joanna ‘JoJo’ Levesque. So the question to Elyse is:
    Is there any relationship between you and Joanna?

    Also I’d like to know if I won’t get answers to the questions I asked here:


  20. I haven’t been a very faithful reader for the past several months, so I somehow missed your return to bachelorhood.

    I would say I’m sorry, but maybe that would be the wrong thing to say.

    I would say congratulations, but that also seems insensitive.

    I would say I’m here for you, but I don’t know you and you don’t know me, so that would be untrue and unoriginal.

    So, I guess I’ll simply say I hope the best for you. That’s very unoriginal as well, but it’s sincere. Sincerity trumps all in this case.

    And you don’t have to post this comment. I’m perfectly fine with that.

  21. Subversion was amazing! I loved it and I was so moved when Telford mentions how Destiny belongs to all of man kind not just those of us on earth, I’ve been thinking that about the whole Stargate program since I started watching the show, why is it that its we Tau’ri that must have everything for ourselves, we have the Asgard database, Atlantis, which is the most powerful (city)ship in the known universe and now we have Destiny which is basically a huge repository of knowledge of the entire universe(or how far it has traveled so far), seems unfair that the rest of the Humans in the Milky way are still living in hut houses and tents, so its understandable that the Lucian Alliance thought they should be policing everything we Tau’ri do, we cant always just find something and automatically claim it for our own all the time. I am aware that the alliance has less than reputable intentions for Destiny though, but what those intentions are, we dont know yet. Looking forward to the Finale
    that being said
    Anime you should most definitely check out, all highly recommended

    Darker than Black
    Eureka 7
    X’amd: Lost memories
    A certain Magical Index/to aru majitsu no index
    Macross Frontier
    Serial experiment Lian
    Ergo Proxy
    Soul Eater
    The Tatami Galaxy
    Birdy the mighty

    thats pretty much all I can think of right now

  22. Yeah, i guess the only thing I was disappointed about in Subversion was Dr. Jackson didnt pull out a Zat when he was trying to save Rush.

    Other than that though, I liked it!

  23. Joe: This has nothing to do with nothing, except that I just realized why Robert Carlysle looks so familiar – The Full Monty and Priest! Wow – such a great actor! Rush is by far one of the most complex characters in the Stargate world – in any of the series, actually.

    I love the juxtaposition of Eli’s character’s against Rush’s. Eli’s innocence against Rush’s cynacism, stuff like that. I know you cannot tell us much, but will we see any new developments in their relationship? Will Rush start to trust him more and depend on him – or will Rush continue to think he is the only one who can help them find their way home?

  24. Great episode, I think most episodes that involve running around on earth tend to be good due to a change of pace and scenery, adds more to the story.

    Alright, time for a nerd moment.. If one knows the “point of origin” symbol for a particular planet, could they do a search in the ancient database for that symbol and it bring up the address for that planet, assuming that the address in in the db. How is the symbol assigned to a planet if it is a gate from another world moved to another?

    Also, the scene where Telford attacks Young, it doesn’t quite make sense to me. It seems to me that a person using the communication stones are still subject to their host bodies strengths and weaknesses. Also even with combat training and experience you would still be thrown off by the change of balance and body mass. In other words I don’t think that Rush’s body would have the physical strength to over power Young even with Telford’s training.

    And last question, the moments of levity with RDA, were they all scripted?

  25. *peeks in*

    Hey, Joe…can’t really help you on the anime. The only ones I’ve watched have been the first (mebbe second) Star Blazers (Space Battleship Yamato) series – which will always be my favorite – most of Fullmetal Alchemist (hey, it’s got an ‘Elric’!), and the steampunky Samurai 7 , which I really liked, too. Honestly, with your job, your dogs, your reading, your writing, your blog updates, your workouts, and your fancy dining, I really can’t figure out when you even have time to watch tv!

    Been really busy today – mostly gardening (and shopping for garden stuff). The trick is to see what survives the first week. Last year something ate all my marigolds – I have no idea what it was. Because I have so many trees and acidic soil, I have only one little bed that I plant with flowers (my yard doesn’t like flowers – but it LOVES St. John’s Wort, vinca vine, ivy, and anything evergreen). I still have to fix up my Japanese garden, and then that’s gonna be it for this year. Once the summer kicks in, I need my yard to be self-sustaining. 😛

    Also soaking an old cast iron pot in lye to clean up the rust (not planning on cooking with the thing, but still want to clean it up). Lye (draino, oven cleaner, etc) supposedly works well. We will see. This was a very old pot used for melting glue (the bottom of a double boiler)…it’s small and cute and I figure I can incorporate it into my retro medieval kitchen. Not sure I’ll ever get it looking exactly as I’d like considing that my kitchen has an electric stove, drywall instead of stone walls, and a refrigerator…and no live chickens running about…but if I can capture the spirit of days past, I’ll be happy. If I could afford it (in both time and money) I would love to put stone on one wall, but that’s not gonna happen. I think I’ll end up with something between my old French country look and 1275 AD. If only I had that open hearth fireplace…

    Hubby and I were catching up on Foyle’s War tonight – still one of the best mystery series ever – and now we’re off to bed. I have about 3 weeks worth of unread comics, and my very messy bedroom closet to organize…I wonder which will win out to tomorrow. I’ve hardly had a moment to sit and read, and when I do, I fall asleep. I really need another 5 or 6 hours a day. Can you arrange that for me, Joe?? Pleeeaaaase??


  26. Alright, Joe.

    Here’s my personal list:

    Last Exile
    Eden of the East
    Ergo Proxy
    Boogiepop Phantom
    Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
    Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C. 2nd GIG
    Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C. Solid State Society
    Elfen Lied
    Serial Experiments: Lain
    Gurren Lagann
    Outlaw Star
    Turn-A Gundam
    Samurai 7
    Samurai Champloo
    Afro Samura
    Eve no Jikan
    Key the Metal Idol
    Ima, Soko ni Iru Boku (Now and Then, Here and There)
    Paranoia Agent
    Darker Than Black
    Gundam: 08th MS Team
    Someday’s Dreamers
    Blue Gender
    Kino’s Journey (lol “kinos”)
    Kara no Kyōkai (all movies)
    Higurashi (the anime)
    Haibane Renmei
    Area 88

    Now I’m certain you couldn’t have possibly watched ALL of these already (you’re a bigger anime nut than I am if you did).

    I’m sure those will fulfill your “new stuff” requirements and they’re all pretty great titles.

  27. Subversion was great! The most “homey” Stargate feeling so far what with Jack and Daniel, earth scenes, humor (from Jack of course) and a goauldish ship. Very, very nice indeed 🙂 Can’t wait til the 2 parter finale.

  28. Hey Joe, just wanted to say I really enjoyed Subversion. Great ep and building nicely to a great finale. Exactly how long did it take to transform the earth gate room into the pyramid temple gate room??? I could tell it was the same set but it looked really impressive. Must have taken a while. Any pics you can share of the transformation??

  29. HEy joe this is unrelated, but you Know they are making a Gantz movie? Mind you the second season of the anime was full of OCs and filler, but the first season was spot on, the manga is great too, its still in progress, and got interesting.

    What would the SGC’s response be to giant robots landing from orbits and invading earth, add to that the people who built those robots are about 50 feet tall and they brought their ships and all that you know wiping out humanity thing… I twould be all fire the laser!!!! I t ink…

    On to better things Joe, I am about one week behind everyone simply due to my job and syfy’s decision to make it so I cannot watch their channel without a box from comcast (not for advertising). That really sucks so I have to wait for hulu (not for advertising) to put it up eight days later, man, I feel like I’m missing out.

    Fire the LASER!!!!!!

  30. Zoomeister has a great list up there. My personal favorites and ones I often recommend anyone to watch are:

    – Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann:
    Excellent balance of humor, angst, exciting mecha battle sequences, and great, meaty plot. One of the very few animes I actually shed tears to.

    – Last Exile:
    GONZO’s anniversary piece. Beautifully executed CG, some delicious ship designs that would make Sam Carter drool, great characters and excellent soundtrack.

    – Haibane Renmei:
    Unique concept. Beautiful, heartwrenching story.

    – The Slayers Series (TV, NEXT, TRY):
    (ignore the crappy 4th season)
    Fantasy/Adventure. A little old but CLASSIC series. Great universe with rich mythology.

    – Scrapped Princess:
    The story is just… so well told. I was blown away from the beginning to the end.

    – Kino no Tabi:
    Good as anime, but if you have the chance, read the novels.

    – Mirai Shounen Conan:
    REALLY old seriesm but good future/fantasy/adventure stuff. Art concept and produced(?) by the very Miyazaki Hayao.

    I’m curious to know what anime you HAVE watched and really enjoyed.

    Also, I have a Q. When you hire writers for Stargate, do they bring in Stargate specs? Or do they bring specs from other shows? Do you prefer specs from your own show or is the quality of the script all that matters, regardless of what show or genre?

    Can’t wait for the next SGU installment…

  31. Hey there. 🙂 What a coincidence that you’ve just finished with Code Geass. I’ve started re-watching the series last week! What did you think?

    As for recommendable anime, it’s hard to choose an anime you haven’t watched yet. 😛 But here are a few that stood out to me:

    Sky Crawlers: very interesting movie (I believe from Mamoru Oshii, of ‘Ghost in the Shell’-fame) about a group of somewhat ‘odd’ fighter pilots in an alternate world.
    Spice and Wolf: sort of late-medieval/fantasy-ish, with instead of the typical focus on battle, a very unique perspective of… economics! Better than it sounds.
    Millenium Actress: another movie from Miyazaki, I believe, about an aging actress reflecting on her life. Very impressive.
    Ga-Rei Zero: anime-prequel to a series of Japanese novels about a modern demon-exercising agency. Pretty dark and pretty awesome.
    Baccano: I think I’ve already mentioned this one.
    Darker than Black: already mentioned by others, but pretty cool scifi/crime/action-ish anime.
    Claymore: not sure if you’ve watched this one. Fantasy setting about half-demon, half-human female warriors being used to slay monsters by mysterious Organisation. Sounds simple, but somewhat dark and very cool action.

  32. Bachelorhood? You single? Me is confused… none of my business though..

    All I wish for you is to be happy 🙂

  33. Coucou Joseph!! ça va bien?

    Yah merci pour ces photos!! Micheal est toujours aussi charmant!!

    A bon vous êtes toujours célibataire? alalala ça va pas, il faut que vous vous trouviez une petite femme :)!

    J’ai regardé Subversion mais ça n’a pas encore était la coup de coeur =( pour l’instant le seul épisode qui m’a vraiment plus c’est Lost, je me demande même si cette serie est faite pour moi =(.

    On pourrai avoir des photos de vous sur ce blog? vous n’en mettez plus trop en ce moment.

    Gros bisou!

  34. Funny you should mention new anime, I was thinking the same thing the other day. I’m currently watching Death Note, Blood+, and Samurai Champloo.

    I think you had some of the best anime shows on your list, but I don’t recall if you have these already.

    Witch Hunter Robin
    I quite enjoyed this one.

    Blue Gender

    The Big O
    This one I found interesting as it’s filmed like the old detective style shows.

    Anyway, good luck with your search. 🙂

  35. what does Daniel do now? It seems he has his hands in everything and does what he wants. Does he have a title or job or they let him freelance cause his best buddy runs everything.

    – on a side note you guys should have put Daniel in charge of Atlantis instead of carter, it would have created a MUCH more interesting dynamic.

  36. Simply… the best Universe episode.
    Subversion was brilliant! I brought SGU back into the world of Stargate with a vengeance.

    Although I’ve stuck with SGU though S1, I’ve always felt it lack the energy and sense of adventure of SG1 and SGA. This episode just blew me away.

    I never thought I’d be so happy to see a Goa’uld Cargo Ship!

    With the story about Telford, Icarus Base and the Lucian Alliance, this episode felt like it should have come right after Air.

    I really Hope that the rest of the Series is just as actioned packed as this 🙂

  37. Hi Joe I hope I’m not asking about something thats going to be explained in the sg1 or sga movies but here goes:
    1) Is Destiny faster in ftl than the Daedalus and sister ships?
    2) Does the SGC and earth stargate still in Cheyenne Mountain or have they been moved to the Pentagon along with Walter and all.
    3) In Subversion was that Rodney Mckay that Colonel Young borrowed his ody when he went to talk to General O’Neill first after Dr.Rush was on Earth in Telfords body?
    4) In Stargate Atlantis when Replicator Dr.Weir came with her crew Season 5 did she put into Rodneys compouter instructions how to make new zpms?
    5) What would happen if the Lucian Alliance dialed Destiny as they are going to and what if they have a puddle jumper stolen by telford would the jumper survive the trip to Destiny or would it be smashed to bits.
    6) Can Destiny gets any can it handle Naquad or Nauquadria Generators and a ZPM?

  38. _______________________________________

    Shall have we the chance to see Doctor Mckay on the destiny?
    For a repair of the destiny for example…
    And other characters of stargate atlantis?

    i have another question:

    thinks of you of creating a series in parallel of SGU?

    a series on the origins of stargate. With the creation of stargate.
    The explorations of ancient in the new worlds.

    with alliance of the 4 breeds. And why not, a exploration team with a member of every breed.

    a serie which would answer all questions that they settle since the beginning of stargate.




  39. Hey Das, Love your description and decor ideas 🙂 out of all that I’ve got the chickens:) albeit in the garden not the kitchen but with a bit of training …..

  40. My list of animes that I watched in case any interests you:
    -Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
    -Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C. 2nd GIG
    -Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C. Solid State Society
    -Macross Frontier
    -Cowboy Bepop
    -Outlaw Star
    -Tekkaman: Blade aka Technoman
    -The Vision of Escaflowne
    -Trinity Blood
    -Witch Hunter Robin

  41. Ahhhh lllliiiiiinks *smiles* I’m still on self-imposed link lockdown *frowns* I had a small slip yesterday, but I’m amending the promise. I will not post off topic links for awhile, but I can still link if it pertains to your post – seems fair, but then I’m making up all of my own rules.

    Yeah, I’m not going to make it until next week to watch the next SGU, wayyyy too many spoilers, so I’m going to watch it later today. I will watch it again on Friday *promise*

    If you start going to Tupperware parties I’m gonna start getting worried.

    Vampy. Just a sec……runs and looks in the mirror…… OK I’m back……Nope, I don’t look stupid today…… After my last debacle on this subject, I better excuse myself from commenting on this particular topic (at this time)….. *still feeling bad about the last time – I’m sorry*

    How stoked are you going to be when you see your name on a comic book? So exciting… childhood dream come true. You will have to send everyone you know a copy!! (signed of course). I don’t recall but is it going to be a series or is it stand-alone?

    On further consideration I probably shouldn’t have sent you that large anime site link eh! Why is it half the time I over-analyze shit, to the point of Analysis Paralysis (eg. career), and yet the other half I don’t think things through enough before I do it? Makes no sense to me either…..

    Not being familiar with ONN, I was watching the vid (and crawl) thinking this cannot possibly be real, who the hell would actually use this phone? Didn’t take me long to figure out that this is a satirical site. That fake 911 call, would be disturbing if it was real.

    Based on yesterday’s comments you have a lot of writers that follow you. It doesn’t surprise me, now that I think of it, but this realization does not actually help DECREASE the intimidation factor of commenting, rather the reverse…*sighs heavily*

    Today it’s housework and an attempt to slay the paper dragon. (which is what I call the never ending paperwork that seems to multiply like bunnies, when I’m not looking, and encroaches all over my home office)…….*shouts battle cry* En Guarde you dastardly dwagon, I’m comin’ for you, prepare to DIEEEEEEE!!!!! *wades in*

    Have a good one!

  42. Das: I enjoyed Foyle’s War, also. The actor that plays Foyle is very good. The actor that portrayed the solider going on trial was fantastic!

  43. Well, it all depends on your tastes, but I’ll recommend a couple that you normally might not watch:

    Seto No Hanayome – Show opens with guy drowning. As he passes out, he sees a mermaid. Guy awakens on shore, but later that night, a girl shows up and asks him to “take responsibility.” Turns out she’s the daughter of a mermaid yakuza clan, and now he has to marry her or die. And yes, that’s as funny as it sounds. It’s a romantic comedy, but a bit more emphasis on comedy. 26 episodes, and well worth it when you need to laugh!

    Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha – What? a magical girl anime!? Despite the fact that it’s called that, and the first few episodes definitely have a magical girl feel… it later becomes something else, taking a very different path than other shows of the genre. Nanoha is a gundam in little girl form(serious, her battle outfit was designed to look one by the creator), she likes her powers, she’s good at them, and if she has to beat you down with beam spam to prove a point, she will. She’s more of a shounen hero, than a magical girl, and there are a couple of twists in the first season alone that you won’t see coming or expect.

    Just a note: If you watch Nanoha, watch the entire first season (13 episodes) and the first episode of the second season (also has 13 episodes). The first 5 episodes of Nanoha is more of a magical girl tribute, and the transformation scenes which make some a bit uncomfortable are in those, but once you get past that, the series really starts to rock.

    Here’s a clip from one of the fights, that got me hooked. This is from the first episode of the second series:

  44. having political intrigue and those ethical dilemmas are really working for the show. and ya O’Neill humor was alittle awkward in the torture room. although it mightve not been clear, i think O’Neill is getting fed up with the situation and he expresses his frustrations with humor. but if i were him i would fire anyone who doesnt laugh at my jokes, im looking at you YOUNG!

  45. @ Guilder: Thank you for your best wishes for Victoria Day. Currently it’s cold (6 C or 42 F) and raining where I live. Yes, this is an Alberta, Canada spring. Bleh.

    @PBMom: If Joe would be so kind as to forward my email to you, I’d be very happy to communicate about our boys.


  46. Anime: Claymore

    I’ve started watching lots but of the two I finished that is by far the best.

  47. Hi Mr M

    (and hi all!)

    Been dipping in and out of the blog over the past few weeks…to avoid spoilers….

    Just wanted to say how I enjoyed yesterday’s blog post about being a writer Mr M.

    Recent changes here are causing us all to re-think certain “truths” about what we do and how we do it.

    I am intrigued with how you made that leap of faith into Freelance. (I’d also like to hear about the “spectacular tumble” the company had after you left!!)

    Once I see Subversion I shall return with comments.

    Best as all to you, all at The Bridge and of course to your Mom.


    PS: Arctic Godess and PBMom…You’re both on Twitter!! And you both follow me!!! Go check it out!!

  48. If you love Tupperware, you must browse the lunchbox sections of major departments stores next time you’re in Tokyo. I have everything from cheap plastic to exquisite lacquer. My best ceramic piece came of the pile on Bog Trash Day. And the 100 Yen shops have the best every day useful containers with the best graphics and Engrish. Then stop off at a stationary shop and outfit you desk with some kawai items. Mine is decorated with Space Moon Cow from Cosmo-Zoo.

  49. @Annie from Freemantle

    The article in the Onion, about the ads on the phone service, was not serious. The Onion is a satire publication.

  50. Forgot to mention my anime I like Cool Devices for my anime viewing also Stargate Infinity and Vampire Hunter D series.

  51. 😳 soldier not solider. All kidding aside, the actor was marvelous! Agatha Christy is on tonight’s Masterpiece.

  52. Joe, looking into how the dynamic has changed up with all of the characters from being 4 years after the fact. I have a few SG-1 related questions.

    1. What is the make up of SG-1 at this point in the story?
    We know Carter is in command of the Hammond, Teal’C appears to have gone back to doing the Jaffa thing, & Jackson seems to be doing whatever he feels like.
    Is Mitchell still involved with a different team make-up?

    2. Who’s in command of the SGC at this point?

    3. Who is Odyssey’s current commander?

  53. Are you joking or do you seriously not notice your tastes in companionship seem to be entering into a creepy old man phase?

    now its evening sunday in middle Europe and in a moment Im going to study Physics on tomorrows exam. I just saw the last episode “Subversion” and I must tell you: This is the way to my hearth! I dont know who worked on this episode, but its so great made. This idea to jump back to Milky Way to see it still exists (no knows what happened after last movie) its like a dream. Lucian Alliance great! Its really nice idea and I love it. Im interested what will happen in next season with LA and I hope you take them through all future seasons. Imagine: survivors, blue and Lucians in battle. Nice! Next thing is Jack! His jokes make me feel like a kid, he was my hero till the youngest parts of my life and he is still (Im now 17 years old). His jokes ever make me laught and RDA is really best actor. If you ever imagine 4th series (5th if you count with hell Infinity), I have my own idea…we all love SG1, thats why we are here now….Why dont you make SG2? Or new SG1? Thanks for Lucian Alliance in SGU, but I hope that blues show up too in next season! Thank you…Live long and prosper…Indeed!!

  55. @Annie from Freemantle…There’s also a cat food commercial that uses the standing ring. I think I posted about it a few months ago.

  56. *groan* Let me rephrase…As of May 29, Steve and I have been MARRIED for 28 years.

    Proofread FAIL.

  57. @mike…Though your idea about Daniel and Atlantis is intriguing, I don’t think the administrator role would suit his personality. Military officers ate groomed from the start to eventually manage units or commands. Jackson is more independent; in the 1994 film, he was an “outsider” in his field (archaeology).

    Joe, comparing Rush to Jackson: Scene in SGU premiere of Rush working alone seems to echo a similar scene with Jackson in STARGATE the film. Deliberate?

  58. Have you seen Initial D?

    Does it have to be science fiction to be an anime? Anyhow, I recommend the alternate music track that the Initial D DVD’s offer. The original one is some heavy music – used to upset my son pretty bad and he wasn’t even out of the womb yet.

  59. Amazing episode! It’s good to see General O’Neill and Dr. Jackson again! One of the most interesting episodes, no doubt. Well done!

  60. Hey Joe, since you’re speaking about anime here try Dragon Ball Z Kai, named Dragon Ball Kai in Japan, a rehashing of Dragon Ball Z but without the filler episodes, just happens to be one of the most popular anime shows of all time in Japan and an easy way for you to drum up a convo in Japan with any nearby Otaku on your next Japan trip.

    First Volume is out on Blu Ray/DVD, the oldish animation may put you off though.

  61. i just watched subversion, loved it 🙂 it’s my second favorite episode of the season (first being “Light”)

    on the anime front, have you seen…

    -Saikano (She the ultimate weapon) i think it’s a nice anime, war, politics, romance, sex, ultra cute characters, everything in one. it’s so good it’s got a live action movie coming,
    -Blood+ (also good enough to have a live action movie),
    -Chobits (you’ve probably seen this one, it’s famous)
    -Dance in the Vampire Bund currently airing in Japan, but available online. But as usual, oppressive US censorship laws forced the US version to be censored.

    interesting links: Kiwi rugby players does haka (traditional Maori war dance invented by the fearsome cannibals warriors, I demand to see something like this performed by war-mongering Aliens in SG!)

    similar theme being done in the indian/pakistan border between the two traditional enemies

    looking forward to the end of season finale!

  62. Questions for Mike Banas:

    1. What was the most challenging episode of SGU to edit?
    2. How involved are the directors and writers in the editing process?
    3. Is there a scene you’ve done in which you’d like a second go at it?
    4. Any other job in the production you’d like a go at? Directing?
    5. What do you do for fun in your spare time?
    6. What music do you like?
    7. I’m curious about the editing for the SGU ep Lost compared to Pain. The scenes going back and forth between the characters in Lost was more abrupt than in Pain…what was the reasoning behind this? While I liked Lost it felt a bit like a tennis match…Pain I loved! The transition between scenes was brilliant.

    Thanks for you hard work…you should get on twitter with is.. 🙂

    Cheers, Chev/ @imwebgurl

  63. well
    I must say that i love SGU … love the humor eli brings
    i think eli must be getting nuts in the ship without Internet to geekify more! also i hope his computer doesnt fry or get any ancient comuter virus cus i dont think they can get a windows setup disk.. or linux or wathever ….
    off with the nerdy moment.

    you should what dragon ball / Z again. asuming you already whatched it, and make a better adaptation for a secon movie !!
    same actors and sets i dont care. but make it more reminscet…
    naruto bleach Robotech Hellsing Cowboy Bepop The Vision of Escaflowne,magic knight rayearth tsubasa chronicles

    i hope SGU succeds. cus is going to become my favorite now that heroes is canceled :'(
    make more SG1 movies, but tie them to universe 😉

    also bring teal’t to SGU to train the civilians so they dont have to militarize a lot.
    when/if you bring remember to remove the aphofis patch and putting it to the transferee and the abdominal X goaul’d raising pouch thing.

    bring mckay and carter to study ship. (no to save the day.. for that amanda was perfect.) so the can have a glimpse of the ship.(and we have one of them)
    bring the FURLINGS to save the crew. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    make them find one of the ships that were ahead destiny, and majke an history around that..

    thank you for reading
    this stargate fan …

    greetings from mexico. so excuse the bad fast english.

  64. I’m sure Pokemon isn’t your thing, Mr. M., so I’ll suggest Gundam SEED. I find it a bit depressing, but it’s quite dramatic still. Not sure if you’d like it.

    Also, I agree with Zoomeister on the Kara no Kyokai movies. I’ve never watched them…but that group Kalafina, that I mentioned before, sings the theme songs. Oh, did I mention that the group is made up of three beautiful young Japanese girls? 🙂 If you care to click, this is their blog:


    What happens to one’s accent when they use the comm stone?

    Rush went into Telford’s body. Did Rush have to concentrate on having an “american” accent or did he fake one?


    – Eureka Seven. 50+ episodes of some of the best Anime I’ve seen.

  66. For the anime:

    I really dig the “Death note ” serie as well as the movie Princess Mononoke. But you should check out NAUTO

    Take care buddy

  67. I think, you should watch Dragon Ball, the best shounen-fight ever made. 8)

    OK, I’m joking (not 😀 ), but I recommend you Satoshi Kon’s works, if you’ve not seen them. Paprika and Perfect Blue are my favourites from him.
    Have you seen the Yamadas from Miyazaki Hayao? It’s funny.
    Kakurenbo (Hide and Seek) is a good one too. Azumanga Daioh is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. Metropolis, something from Tezuka, for example Black Jack, Ninja Scroll (the movie), Shin Angyo Onshi, Shinigami no Ballad, Soul Eater(!!!), Voices of a Distant Star?

    Anyway, I have a question about SG. Is there any chance to a “final cut”-like version from an other part of SG-1’s story? For example The Lost City with some prelude and the scenes with Mitchell. Or the CotG Final Cut was the only one from this kind?

  68. @ Gilder – 😆 Just… 😆

    One can ONLY imagine what you were thinking… 😉


  69. Hi Joe! Loved Subversion. Hubby didn’t as much, but then he has a thing against cliffhangers. Given my nom de plume I think you know how I feel! LOL!!! ‘Though I’m afraid I am with HBMC above. I was surprised Daniel didn’t recognize Ventrell! Didn’t SG-1 set him up to take over the Lucian Alliance in the episode ‘Bounty’?!! I understand recasting actors but he played a rather significant role in the episode and was very recognizable here. Maybe if you’d given him a beard or… Sigh! Yes, I am addicted to the franchise and wince over things others probably don’t even notice. Loved seeing RDA and MS again. Any chance we’ll see see them in season 2? Also really loved the Rush torture scenes – no I’m not sick – just really appreciated the intensity of Robert Carlyle’s acting. He made me cringe!

    Sorry, I don’t have any anime recommendations. Not even my kids could come up with anything they thought you might be interested in.

    ‘Back to lurker mode. Thanks!

  70. On your behalf I googled weirdest anime and found the following forum you should like and they were discussing just that:

    Weirdest anime

    Excel Saga seems to get a lot of votes.

    I haven’t seen any anime. Am I weird?

    Cheers, Chev

  71. @ Gilder – your Proofread Fail made me laugh so hard. I think that’s what they call a Freudian Slip. Isn’t it? *giggle*


  72. @Das and Kymm…it was an iPhone spellcheck correction that I didn’t notice before posting. *sigh*

    @Sergio Cebrian…Se puede comprender el tema de su mensaje. 🙂

  73. Luv the ep, and not just cuz awesome O’Neill and delicious Daniel are back and rrrrrrrawrrrrrrr Rush is chained up and tortured… *naughty grin* Rehashing the “who can we trust?” theme from the early SG1 seasons is working out really well!!! Had me bouncing off walls. Excellent.

  74. @ Chevron 7

    I have had people attempt to show me some anime but I can’t watch 5 minutes of it without getting bored. Never liked cartoons either, even as a kid. Except for donald duck and tintin/kuifje. But nothing else really. Not even asterix and obelix (though I appreciated the movie version with the actors very much)… Meh drawn people are not for all of us.

  75. Heh, wonderous world of HD photography. Check out Michael’s/Daniel’s nails – dirty or nicotine stains? And, a nailbiter?

    Or is this all for the character and the scene, courtesy of make-up department and attempts to “get into” the character? If so, respect, cuz I can kinda see Daniel for the type who nailbites and dirty hands after crawling around on the floor are kinda logical.

  76. (btw the jacket looks too new, given the context… first off, I can’t imagine Daniel spending money on tons of new clothes – unless Vala made him lol – he’s probably putting it towards history stuff and books, second of all a leather jacket used for crawling around on the ground sneaking around is going to have some rough patches on it… Costuming department needs to take out their nail files, lol.) Yeah when you make a great episode we can’t criticise, we start to nitpick! :p More seriously, costuming is a pet interest of mine, hence why I tend to scrutinize HD pictures from movies and such. And to be fair, believable aging done artificially is one of the hardest htings to get right.

  77. Here’s another thing to ponder: accents and languages. In your mind, clearly a consciousness transfer does not affect the host’s pronunciation of a language (which, given that there is a physical area of the brain responsible for pronunciation – if it’s damaged by a hemorrhage it leads to interesting results – is not completely without base for a presumption)… What about their abilities to speak and understand other languages?

  78. For a crazy / crazy-awesome anime series, check out the six-episode FLCL, if you haven’t already seen it. I’m not a huge anime expert or anything, but that might be my favorite — either that or Cowboy Bebop, which I’m sure you’re familiar with.

  79. It looks like your Vampy crush likes chives; you coud share a chive-happy recipe as an introduction, or be bold and invite her to dinner in Vancouver after an adequate prelude of tweeting and texting, of course.

    Something tells me you should get yourself fitted for a Final Fantasy type costume for possible cos play just in case.

  80. Joe, I know it’s a little late in the comment cycle, but I just wanted to note (as others have) how much I liked “Subversion.”

    Fascinating how Telford turned out. I do wonder if there’s more going on, though.

  81. Sorry for my terrible english translation, i´m from germany 😉

    What can I say about SGU? Hmm, Stargate without Stargate, combined with Lost.
    I understand that you wanted to make some completly new series, but if you wanna call it Stargate, it must have some kind of Stargate Spirit. I don´t talk about Goauld or other main Enemies, i talk about the core of Stargate, the mystic part, the exploring, not 3 stupid Kids which playing without any reason in a Cave with two spiders (Human).

    The Lucian Alliance? Come on, be serious, that has nothing to do with the lucian alliance. If you wanna play a little bit SG-1 with Jack O´neill and friends in SGU, because the Television ratings are not good, then play it right.
    At the moment, SGU looks like a flag in the wind.
    Ok, fifth season of SGA wasn´t good and too expensive for a 6. season, but is that a reason to produce such kind of …
    Man must not always squeeze the last dollar from a Franchise, at any price.
    Stargate needs some time (a pause) to regenerate itself as a franchise. SGU is the the wrong answer to get the SG Fans back on the TV.
    One question: Do you believe, that Knight Rider comes back in the next 10 years with a new film or series after that piece of shit called Knight Rider 2009?
    The same is with SGU: Do you believe that we get new Films or series, after 2 Seasons SGU with this ratings? I think, when SGU dies, the complete STargate franchise goes into a very very long sleep.
    Don´t understand me wrong, im one of the biggest STargate fans on earth, i buyed all DVD´s and other merchandise, but SGU shocked me. I´m also a big Lost Fan 😉
    When I read in January 2008 for the first time your concept to SGU, i was very enthusiastic, but that changed very fast, after October 2009.
    I thought it would be indeed something completely new, where we learn more about the early ancient Discoveries and getting some answers about the opened questions from the other series. Theres a ship which is Spreading out new Gates over the Galaxies, but where is the ship? I wanna see more of the Story, and not so much Soap Elements. Let´s see the mystical part of Stargate 😉
    The Destiny: Nice Shape and Details, but desaturated, tiled Textures, with UV Mapping and more detailed textures it would look much better. And why dont´t we see stairs, Elevators, or transporters? The Inside of the Ship looks very small, like we have only one Floor. Look at Star Treks Enterprise or to the Deadalus, then you know what i mean. When you make a series on a ship you have to make the ship looking big and not only lookin big from the Outside.

    One last question: I´ve seen “Continuum” and i asked myself: Are all of the goaulds dead? All?

    I´m sorry that i was so clear, I am after all a big fan of your work, SGU can´t change that 😉

    Greetings from Germany
    Matthias alias ColonelMillerSG21

  82. Great episode, Joe.

    For amine shows, have you ever seen “Le Chevalier D’Eon”? I recommend it; it’s a great blend of the occult and historical fiction:

    While it’s a little older, there’s my all-time favorite “Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water”. Similar to “Gankutsuo” as it’s a Japanese retelling of Jules Verne’s “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”:

    Hope this helps.

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