I spent a couple of early hours on set this morning to watch Director Andy Mikita work his magic on Awakening (Day #3 of production).  A lot of jumping around in this one which resulted in our block-shooting a number of successive scenes.  Producer John G. Lenic swung by to inform me that we were pulling up a big scene from tomorrow’s schedule in order to give Andy time to shoot in that impressive new set in Stage 6.

What lies behind these walls on Stage 6? The super-secret new set for Awakening, of course.

Andy was confident that he could get it done – and so long as my director was comfortable with it, I was comfortable with the decision.  And props go out to Louis Ferreira, David Blue, and Jennifer Spence who ended up having to pull up and prepare yesterday’s scene today on next -to-no-notice – and still hitting ’em out of the park!

I eventually returned to the office where I tackled the infernally frustrating scene.  Once I get pat it, I wrap up Act II and it’ll be smoooooooth sailing from there.  I would have finished it up sooner but every time I get into a conversation with my fellow writers, I end up having to tweak the scene (or other scenes) in order to track a recent change or development in the ongoing story arcs or character through-lines.

Speaking of which, here’s peek at what was up on the board today – a cryptic hint of what’s to come.


I hope I didn’t spoil anything for you.

Anyway, guess what we had for lunch today?  If you guessed “chocolate”, send yourself an autographed self-photo.  Ashleigh contacted the people at Vosges about the late chocolate shipment that arrived yesterday and she was told we could keep it.  I felt bad and phoned up the company, offered to pay for the chocolates, only to be told the chocolates were on the house because of the shipping error made on their end.  The woman I spoke to sincerely hoped the experience wouldn’t dissuade me from ordering from Vosges again.  A classy act all around?  Anyway, today’s lunch consisted of –

Peanut Butter Bonbons topped with Maldon sea salt. Yeah, these never last long, no matter how many I order.
Smoked applewood bacon milk chocolate truffles with sea salt. Incredible! One of my top five fave truffles.
Rose Truffles. Paul and Lawren weren't won over, but Ashleigh adored these delightful floral morsels. She's bringing the leftovers to her girl's night get-together (Which I wasn't even invited to. What's up with that?")

We also enjoyed their Exotic Truffle Collection (which includes Oaxaca, Gianduia, Ambrosia, Viola, Absinthe, Naga, Black Pearl, Budapest, Woolloomooloo, Red Fire, and Dulce de Leche), the Sweet Coquette Collection (described as “a dossier of aphrodisiac truffles” – which, in hindsight, explains a lot with regard to my late-afternoon mood), and the Collezione Italiana (Taleggio Cheese, Sicilian Sea Salt Caramel, Wild Tuscan Fennel Pollen, Olive Oil, and Balsamico).  Linda declared them the best chocolates of the week.

More cause for celebration as today marked the birthday of one of our new writers, the lovable Remi Aubuchon.

Pretending he doesn't know cake is coming.
Growing tired of pretending he doesn't know cake is coming.
Where's my damn cake?!
Oh! Here it is!
Birthday Boy Remi. And Carl.
Remi and Linda
Linda, me, and Remi. Look at the fun we're having! I must be a joy to work with!

And a pic of the white board in Remi’s office.  Spoiler alert for every episode Remi has written and will ever write:

Today’s entry is dedicated to other birthday individual vv4072.

60 thoughts on “April 20, 2010: Spoilers! Chocolates! And Cake!

  1. I was in a bit of a state when i checked 30 minutes ago and you hadn’t posted, thought maybe it was something I’d said. Then I realised it was only 5.30am here and you were still on Tuesday.
    Great spoilers BTW I won’t tell if you don’t:P

  2. Thanks Joe for the great documentation of my birthday cake “surprise” but I sure wish you hadn’t given away my secret story-telling technique! BTW, I do like working with you — my smile was genuine!

  3. Woo hooo….white boarding. THANKS for the hints and spoilers.

    hmmm, who took the translation book?

    Glad Vosage came through. Unfortunate it was delayed, but yummmmmmy stuff.

  4. Ok, first, I will like to say again that His Holy BAGness MUST return to SGU. You, Joe, have given us BAGgers a bit of hope in your answer to my question yesterday, but that’s only the beginning. This campaign will soon kick into overdrive and I hope to see you on it, rather than to see you be the one to try to stop it, in which case you are DOOMED to fail. So sayeth His Holy BAGness.

    Sure, you may scoff at my threat, but I assure you that it is very much real. In return for our eternal devotion His Holy BAGness has given us special powers. For instance, we have X-ray vision now (though His Holy BAGness prefer it to be called “B-ray vision”), and I can easily see through those wooden walls of the new set that you are trying to keep hidden from us. Well, I do believe you’ve FAILED at that task, HAHAHAHAHA. Oh yes, I can see the set just fine.

    Hmmm. Why is there a large basin in it that is filled with steaming and churning water? I do not understand. What scenes could possibly be filmed there? Is it a time machine of some sort? It reminds me of one I’ve seen recently.

    I suppose I shall wait and see.

    Secondly, those photos of the white board are as transparent as the wooden walls are to my B-ray vision. Clearly, the Destiny will soon expel a field of giant flowers from its aft section, then proceed to run away from it because flowers are evil. That makes the utmost of sense!

    Then, the Destiny will hit a point in space – perhaps the fabled magnetic monopole – and suddenly blink out of existence and blink back into existence a few centimeters to the left, where it will proceed to run away because magnetic monopoles are also evil.

    Finally, it is all revealed to be a bad dream of Remi’s due to a cake and chocolate and festivities and Carl overdose. BEHOLD, I HAVE UNLOCKED YOUR SECRET SPOILERS.

    If you wish to have this Awesome power that I possess, you would do well to worship His Holy BAGness and bring him back to SGU.


  5. “…which, in hindsight, explains a lot with regard to my late-afternoon mood.”

    Sooo…I take it you spent the afternoon locked up in your office, putting those finishing touches on your…uh…script, eh? 😉


  6. Happy Birthday Remi!! Cake mmmm. What kind was it?

    It’s unfortunate that a shipping error occurred, but that is really good Customer Service.

    Boy now that I’ve seen the spoilers I won’t have to watch the rest of the season.

    By the way, how many episodes are left in Season 1?

    Have a good one!

  7. Happy Birthday Remi! Spoilers — Alien sunflowers? Interesting. Is Remi into sunflowers (Caprica trivia)?

    I finally watched Faith another few times, and I agree with PG15’s review. But I wanted to add these thoughts:

    1. I think the episode is not just about questioning of their own faith on the planet, but also their faith in one another after what happened in Divided.

    2. Loved the moments between Eli and Camile. I’m sure Camile is feeling very isolated. Not sure if the civilians know yet that Rush didn’t tell Camile the entire truth (that he had an alternate agenda), but if so, then Camile probably feels isolated from the civilians and she is definitely isolated from the people in the military because she was leading the civil divide in that episode. But Eli. I think Eli is not on anyone’s “side.” There is no team Rush or team Young for him; it is more like Team Destiny. He has no agenda. Because of that, Eli is the one person who is unconditionally accepting of her. Sure, families fight, but you still love each other. That kind of feeling.

    3. Miscarriage. I’m telling you that is what you have planned for TJ’s baby. As a writer, that would be my move because it makes for good drama and it is something that was only touched upon in the SG-1 episode Unending with Vala’s character and Daniel. We’ve already had a baby on the show (Atlantis). And Amanda Tapping’s baby was not written into the storyline. As soon as I found out Alaina was pregnant, I knew where it was going. You know I will have great difficulty watching those episodes. It will bring back some painful memories for me.

    As much as I love the action, I also love episodes that are cerebral. Looking forward to this week’s episode and getting some backstory on Rush’s character.

    Congratulations to Mr. Cooper on his award for “Time.” It is well-deserved.

    Keep good thoughts. Tomorrow (Wednesday) is another 5-hour, round 3 meeting with the school district. It will be me against 14 school representatives. My advocate had something else come up so they cannot go. Not intimidating at all (heavy sarcasm).

  8. Mmmm, more delicious chocolates … I get to enjoy without the accompanying weight gain! Thanks for taking that on for me, Joe.

    For those who expressed interest: We (Dion & I) had our visit to the oncologist yesterday. Unfortunately, the news was exactly what I was expecting: treatment would be more likely to shorten her life than extend it, given how harsh it would be. We’re left with palliative care. The oncologist recommended some over-the-counter tablets (meant for humans) which would stimulate her appetite and encourage weight gain (she’d dropped to under 3 kgs). She had her first dose last night and ate her little head off. As a consequence, she was much more energetic afterwards then she has been this past week. We don’t have any timeframe for how long she might have left, so I plan to just enjoy it, however long it is, and make sure she exits this world as the most spoilt cat possible.

  9. Hi, Joe.

    Happy Birthday, Remi! Hope this new year will be the best so far. (Well, it has to be. You’re working on SGU with Joe Mallozzi! )

    Okay, so the whiteboard spoiler is about an upcoming SGU 2nd season episode about … Roman Numerals being attacked by flower people and a headless chick in a long white robe with a BSG viper doing a flyby?

  10. Congrats to Remi. I hope you’ve had a great birthday.

    I’d also like to congratulate Rob Cooper on his award for Time.

    And, yes I agree with PG15. We will NEVER back down from this campaign to save his most holy BAGness. Mark my words; we shall be victorious!!

  11. Joe, I laughed pretty hard when I saw your white board “spoilers”, and thought, who has been doodling?

    Those chocolates sound absolutely heavenly! I would have loved to try the fennel pollen one, as I am a great fan of fennel and pollen!

  12. Vosges has always had incredible customer service. It doesn’t surprise me that they saw things the way they did with the mess-up.

    I haven’t tried one of their chocolates, yet, that I haven’t enjoyed. But I guess I’m a simple gal, my favorite will always be Mo’s Bacon Chocolate Bar. Yum!

    Happy birthday, Remi!

  13. belated happy birthday to Remi. Now, please tell him to get back to writing great episodes for the show..(that goes for you too Mr. M. I do hope the bonus chocolates don’t dull your wits).
    That was a classy, and smart move on the part of Vosges. glad you got to enjoy your favorites. Some day I may find an opportunity to sample their wares. Hmmm. Anyone coming to Shore Leave this year? Anyone up for a mini-chocolate party there?
    thanks for the spoilers. Got it figured out. The mystery planet from Faith is in a time dilation field, and those left behind will bring forth multiple generations of children who will lose all knowlege of their origin except for a confused story depicted by the art you photographed. They will eventually build a civilization that seeks out Destiny…what happens then is not depicted yet.
    Thanks for the updates, and really glad Remi doesn’t mind being houn..photographed by you. Good luck on finishing the script up in time to enjoy a stress free weekend.

  14. Happy Birthday Remi!!!


    I totally agree! BAG must live on! Listen to him Mr. M, he speaks the truth! 😉

    Ok, not sure what to make of that white board stuff. I’ll disect it another time, it’s time for school now. Blah… 😉

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  15. A very Happy Birthday to Remi! and many more. chocolate cake,my favorite. Terrific people born in April for sure, hmm, tomorrow the 22nd is my birthday. taurus, hmm that explains a lot..now I think I understand why Jack Benny always said he was 39…age is just a number ,,right?!? I see u.. smilin’ Carl in the background.
    Thanks for sharing your chocolate with us Joe. Did they send the boxes minus pieces or you didn’t get the camera out fast enough. Hope your good mood didn’t leave too soon. The whiteboard, is that the secret path to the chocolate stash??
    Enjoy the day.

  16. In the first spoiler drawings, I saw two ships and some cute little flowers, so it looks like the may be returning to an alien planet. Right, Joe? And in the second photo, it looks like they’re going to be doing some planet hopping. The last photo looks like my schedule, blank…lol (I don’t know what that is). Okay, so if I’ve answered them right, do I get some chocolate Joe?

    Happy B-day to Remi

  17. Hi Mr M!

    Have been absent the past few days due to ducking spoilers for eps. Just caught Divided last night. I understand that we catch up when Memorial Day Weekend happens in the US.

    RE: BOTM:

    I started this book as soon as you announced it. I found the story telling to be engaging and gritty in the main. I have a huge interest in Japan, sparked in no small way, by your trips there over the past couple of years. I have had the privilege of meeting and befriending some Japanese sturdents back in University and find their culture and more interestingly their take on Western Culture, simply fascinating.

    That said, the problem I had with the book was the Tarantino-esque Pulp Fiction shuffling. Also, lots of characters introduced quickly, giving my feeble brain a work-out as to who was who….Not being familiar with Japanese or indeed popular japanese names, I had to force myself to say the name aloud so that I could associate the character with the events. Again, a challenge.
    Am still not decided if I am a fan of this style/content, but it DOES have me thinking about it…something I cannot say about alot of the books I have read in the past 3 years.

    I shall return when the author is here to scan through The Thoughts of Others We Share Without Knowing (…sorry couldn’t resist!)

    Going to duck out again to avoid spoilers.


    Oh and the Chocolate party looked terrific!!!!!!


  18. @vvv0472 – Let us know how you do on your exam – all the best to you.

    Joe – um, noodle show?? Please explain, very curious.

  19. Messed up the block quote…sorry.


    Finally, it is all revealed to be a bad dream of Remi’s due to a cake and chocolate and festivities and Carl overdose. BEHOLD, I HAVE UNLOCKED YOUR SECRET SPOILERS.

    You beat me to the punch! Looks like we have another “Dallas Dream Season” on the way 😉

    Oh and flowers…I forgot the flowers.

  20. Happy Birthday Remi!

    @PBMom, I’ll be praying today for the torture session, I mean, meeting. Hang in there!

  21. I have the hint figured out.

    The spaceship is the length of a sunflower and the width of a rose. It flies in erratic patterns to spin the blight spores off the hull because they are dangerous for the delicate little aliens inside.

    A bad dream? It was never a good dream. Waking from a good dream can be dramatic, too.

  22. I’m noticing a theme in these Carl Binder pics.

    This is definitely a different show. We’ve gone from parasitic aliens using pyramids for spaceship landing pads to tiny spaceships darting among the tulips. Not so immediate peril anymore, huh?

  23. Howdy Remi! Welcome Aboard.

    The Vosges Naga bar was my favorite, I do love curry and coconut. The bacon bar was disappointing, but it could be me … I simply like my bacon with dark chocolate, not milk. Seriously, deep dark chocolate complements the salt crisp of bacon far better than wimpy milk chocolate.

    White Board Spoilers… Destiny visits the Hippie Planet. Patchouli for everyone!

    Welcome A Board? I didn’t do that on purpose, honestly!

  24. Crap. You’ve completely ruined the whole episode. What possessed you to post spoilers that specific? 😕

  25. @Riley: Oh honey, I’m so sorry to hear it. Absolutely spoil her, but don’t forget to spoil yourself a little – this is a hard time for you. Remember that you more than anybody know what is best for her, and she’s counting on that. We’re all here for you.

  26. Happy birthday to Remi.

    Mr M, I agree with PG15 that his BAGness should be brought back. He is one of the few instance of an Asian man on TV currently, if at all.

  27. Hey Joe,

    Nice spoiler, looks like Destiny is going to reconnect with an old gardener sibling there! I love the concept, its gonna look epic.

    Thanks for that!

  28. Did the Robert Picardo fans here happen to catch his performance in “Justified” last night? If not, the episode is going to air on Friday and Sunday nights, again. Picardo did a really excellent job — he’s got a scene at the end that about gave me goosebumps.

  29. “Linda, me, and Remi. Look at the fun we’re having! I must be a joy to work with!”

    I think its fear showing in their eyes!

    “She’s bringing the leftovers to her girl’s night get-together (Which I wasn’t even invited to. What’s up with that?”) ”

    Perhaps she isn’t impressed with the look of your new pumps? 😉

  30. oh! i get it, the planet growers, you get it plants==planets, are gonna meet the destiny crew in a ship, im smart or wath

  31. Right. So I think that we are looking at a ship with a funky rear fin. Perhaps it is a small ship, the same size as the flowers?

    It gets somehow transported from a -> b, perhaps via the stargate.

    Location b may be the Destiny.


  32. Pass the truffles please….any truffle will do. Truffles, truffles everywhere and nary a one to eat 🙁

    Happy Birthday Remi!

    Love a good spoiler. Now I know what to keep an eye out for O_o

  33. Thank you all for the great birthday wishes! 🙂 I am so far enjoying my experience on SGU, and deep in the middle of my first episode which I am excited about. Cheers!

  34. Happy birthday, belated, to Remi. I hope Carl let the new guy enjoy at least one piece of cake, since he (Carl) hath that lean, hungry, and fully in tune with reality look (the eyes have to back up abnormal posturing, and so forth) — which blows the cover of emerging madness he put on display (at least long enough for a photo op) at the chocolate party. That was well done. I got a good laugh from mental images of Inspector Clouseau hiding behind potted plants.

    That’s a really nice pic of Remi and Linda.

  35. Happy Birthday, Remi!

    WOW! Those spoilers, Joe. Unbelievable! And I’ve got the perfect song to go with that montage! (to the tune of Tiptoe through the Tulips)

    Darting through the tulips,
    By the wormhole, that is where I’ll be
    Come darting through the tulips with me…

    (I think you get the idea 🙂 )

    Joe, think you need to check again. *whispers* I don’t think you’re one of the girls.*

    I am beginning to see Carl’s evil plan for taking over the world., one photo at a time. 😀

    Joe, you need to find out where Remi is keeping his stash of invisible ink dry erase markers. Might help your spoiler problem.

    Fading into Another.Chocolate.Coma.

  36. There is an ongoing thread on GateWorld in support of Balding Asian Guy (or BAG). Did he stay on the planet?

    We must save him!

  37. If anyone ever cancels on you for your next chocolate party I volunteer to take one for the team and take their spot…would be well worth the flight from Edmonton…I smell an akward contest brewing!

    Quick question for you Joe…what exactly is a consulting producer vs. executive producer. I don’t really see how what you are doing now is different from what you were doing on SGA. Just wondered as I was reading the credits the other day.




  38. Hi Joe,

    If you are gonna do the mail bag please adress this question:

    1. How come Chloe and Rush appear in Faith and Divided wearing their usual clothes but during their kidnapping in space we see them in the rubbery outfit. So, when they escaped it was clear they left their human clothes in the Alien ship and when they got back to the Destiny they were wearing the rubbery alien outfitt?

  39. Re-post

    I am concern that moving SGU to Tuesday night might be the death knell of the show.
    With both NCIS and NCIS LA on from 8 to 10 pm (not to mention ABC’s V) I just don’t see how SFYfy expect to get more viewers on that night, I would have thought a move to Wednesday night made more sense.
    Alas I hope the strength of each episode and more important to me a generous amount of re-broadcast of each will maintain viewers.
    Also since C Judge brought it up maybe the showing of the Stargate: Revolution movie would help with the numbers!!

    Hopefully you will be able to respond to this question regarding the time-shaft.

  40. Watched the season finale episode of Spartacus Blood and Sand…WOW!!!…was life really like that back then????those Gladiator’s had it rough….and the Woman…..

  41. @ Deni & Gilder – thanks very much. She woke me again at 6am for food – those tablets sure are working!

  42. OMG it just dawned on me. Carl is photo-jacking aka as Photobombing.

    It all started with the squirrel bomb….

    The kitty bomb….

    The whale bomb……

    Now the Carl bomb…..
    (see above photo or Chocolate Party photo).

    Go Carl go!!

    Too funny.


  43. @ Kabra, I have 4 exams in a row next week. 26, 27, 28, 29. I will be sure to report back on that week of wonderfulness.


  44. Ack! You spoiled me! The flowers on the whiteboard! Now I have it *confirmed* that Sam Carter and Jack O’Neill are together and they have produced four little flowery offspring!

    Thanks so much, Joe! I have been waiting for *years* for this confirmation and for you to display it so artistically just makes my day!

    Of course, this observation comes after getting a $400 ticket for parking *near* a disabled space. Then there’s the part of my day when I set my microwave oven afire…. :::sigh:::

    So…getting your flowery confirmation made my terrible-no good-very bad day much better! {grin!}

  45. Hey Joe,

    Kino question. What makes it ‘go’? How does it move about the inside and outside of Destiny?

  46. Decadent, rich chocolate, covered in flowers – Vosges must be run by people that know women because they killed two birds with one stone. Thanks for letting Ashleigh share the chocolates with us gals! And, to Lawren for not enjoying them. He’ll eat brains, but not flowers and chocolate?

  47. Hey Joe,

    Was in town for the Stargate convention and some friends and I went to check out the White Dwarf bookstore that you had recommended. It was a fantastic trip as we all left with books in hand, plus we met Judd, the bookstore dog! Thanks for recommending it, we had a great time!



    P.S. Vancouver is an amazing city!! Wow.

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