My dog-sitter sent me the following snaps she took of the pooches while I was away in Montreal.





Is it just me, or do all four seem a little melancholy, no doubt missing me terribly and reflecting back on happier times like our weekend walks, couch sprawls, and the last time they had something to eat.

Well, I’m pleased to report that I’ve cleared a HUGE hurdle.  That early in Resurgence that had been giving me fits is finally done.  I can now move forward, complete Act I and then it’s smooooooooooooth sailing.  Until the next unforeseen issue.

Getting past this infernal scene is a big relief, especially with the first day of principal photography on Awakening fast-approaching.  Day 1 = Friday, over on Stage 4.  I put out my yellow pages today, incorporating everything Director Andy Mikita and I discussed in the concept meeting and in the various other chats we had in my office, in his office, in the corridor, or passing each other on the stairs.  There’s A LOT going on in this episode and it’s great to have someone as talented as Andy calling the shots on set.  I, of course, will be spending some time on set with him while the episode shoots, on hand to answer any questions and stand in exactly the wrong spot whenever equipment is being moved.  I also get to spend time with the cast.  I hear that Brian J. Smith is a super nice guy.  Can’t wait to meet him.

After lunch today, Paul, Carl, Remi, Lawren, and I took a tour of the new sets.  In a word: Wow!  That work of art on Stage 5?  Carl feels it’s the best set we’ve ever built for the franchise and I have to agree.  The cast and crew will certainly get a work-out going up and down those stairs but still…  Did I already say “Wow?”.

Carl put out his revised writer’s draft of The Greater Good late this afternoon – just to spite Paul who spent the day in editing, working on the producer’s cut of episode 1, Intervention.  It’s six seconds over and I can’t wait to see it.  Andy’s Director’s cut was great!  Brad, meanwhile, put out a full pink draft of Cloverdale.  It’s one of those scripts the cast will LOVE working on it.  They’re going to have tons of fun.  Fun isn’t a word I’d use to describe the episode presently in production, Aftermath.  Great, yes, but heavy.  It packs a huge emotional wallop.  Rob, Remi, Linda, and I continue to work on our respective scripts while Paul starts thinking about the second part of the mid-season two-parter.

That cold that’s been winding its way through the production offices has finally found me (I was hiding under my desk at the time).  Feeling somewhat miserably but my spirits are buoyed by the fact that I can look forward to working on my taxes later tonight.

WTF?!!  I’ve just been informed that today is Tuesday, not Wednesday!  How the hell did that happen?  What was that phantom day I just lived through?

News of note:

Thinking of producing your own movie?  Well head on over to and check out: Movie Genres That Make The Most Money –

Two convicts escaped from a maximum security penitentiary in Argentina and successfully evaded a police manhunt by: a) Gunning their way out of trouble, b) having an accomplice pick them up in a helicopter or, c) dressing up as sheep.  Hint: it’s not a) or b).

I’m waiting for the complete box set of this North Korean t.v. series to come out on DVD.  It should be about the size of my house:

“Two strips of bacon, two slices of cheese and a healthy dollop of the Colonel’s Sauce all sandwiched between (insert drum roll please) two thick and juicy filets of deep-fried chicken.” Ladies and gentlemen, I present KFC’s new “Double Down Sandwich… offers up their list of the Top 20 Worst Saturday Morning Cartoons.  Chuck Norris Karate Kommandos?  Seriously?

Models striking weird poses.  I dunno.  Maybe it’s art?

49 thoughts on “April 13, 2010: Pooch pics! Updates! News of note!

  1. Joeseph said: “WTF?!! I’ve just been informed that today is Tuesday, not Wednesday! How the hell did that happen? What was that phantom day I just lived through?”

    That happens to me a lot, actually. They way I keep up with days is that I know V comes on Tuesday, Fringe comes on Thursday and SGU on Friday.

    I’ve been experiencing phantom hours too 😛

  2. Cool, thanks for the updates!

    Oh and when your on set on Friday, do you think you could snap some non spoilery pics of the cast?

    Oh and I met this guy today who’s a HUGE fan of stargate. He owns all the DVDs and watches at least an episode a day! He even knew who you were Joe!! He admitted he was on the fence about SGU but he said the last two eps one him over!!

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  3. LOL! I really need to see pics of the guys dressed up as sheep! Too funny!

    And the dogs are adorable! Bet they’re happy to have you home. Thanks for sharing.

    If I seem ‘blah’ tonight it’s because I’m sleep typing here. Met up with a couple friends from England tonight, and after an evening of debating football (soccer) vs rugby, and busting on Chelsea 😀 (it pays to watch British sports!), and being teased about liking ‘grey brigade’ shows like Midsomer Murders and Inspector Lewis, I’m pooped! We had a real blast, especially when I realized the one guy sounded exactly like the Geico gecko. 🙂 But now I really gotta go sleepies, before I pass out on the keyboard.

    Nites, sir!


  4. Your dogs look like they were imagining how that little Russian boy must have felt who got sent packing.

  5. Your dog sitter takes good pooch pics.

    I have to share my poochie poo poo story with you and all your devoted blog comment readers.

    I was traveling in Houston last week for work and had a poor hotel experience. I discovered dry dog poo in my room the morning after I had spent my first night there. Yep, real live dry dog poo in my room, in the corner, behind the big comfy chair. I only discovered it because I was looking under the lamp next to the chair to find the ‘on’ switch. If it had been fresh and smelly, I’m certain I would have discovered it immediately.

    Of course I told the front desk clerk (the GM was not on site), and was told it would be cleaned up and I could move to another room as well. I didn’t have time to switch rooms that morning, so off I went.

    Upon my return in the evening, I discovered the dog poo was still there! Again the GM was not on site to speak with, so I changed rooms and did what any normal person would do….I posted pics of the poo on Facebook.

    The next morning the GM was again again not on site, and the front desk clerk had no ability to completely refund my stay, so I drove home to Dallas after finishing work and wrote a nastygram via the hotel chain’s website.

    Wtf is wrong with the GM that he/she is never on site at their own hotel? No one has ever contacted me about my complaint, but they haven’t charged my company credit card for the stay, either. At least they met one of the several expectations I laid out in my email.

    I support pooches and appreciate that many hotels accept pets. But that doesn’t mean I want to sleep with dry dog poo.

    I am scarred for life from this poofectly awful experience. Nah, it makes a great story, but ewww.

  6. I would have to say the dog sitter takes decent pictures. Jelly is the only one that looks sad.

    Seeing how Grant Imahara is a fan of your dogs any chance your dogs will book him for a guest spot on SGU?

  7. Here’s hoping we might get to see some ‘off the cuff’ funny video on the blog, from the set of Louis Ferreira acting very Un-Young’ish 🙂

  8. I firmly believe that the new KFC “sandwich” was created by heart surgeons. Their continued job security can be the only explanation for that monstrosity coming into existence.

    I found myself missing pictures of your dogs. Thanks for some new ones.

  9. LOL the dogs are saying: For crying out loud, he’s gone and we STILL have to get pictures taken?

  10. Love the dog pics – Lulu’s looks like a hero shot, however, while the others look sooo pathetically sad!

    Found out this morning that my cat Dion has a malignant tumour in her salivary gland. It looks like it may have already spread to her lymph nodes, but I guess I’ll know more after the oncologist appointment next week.

    Love ’em while you’ve got ’em, folks.

  11. I agree that your dogs surely missed you so much and the pictures just prove how sad they were. Next time before you go off somewhere on your grand adventure, you should tape record a nice pep talk so the sitter can play it to them when they get sad. And be sure to have pictures of yourself placed in strategic spots so they see your face and know you will be back!

  12. @Elway and Deni – wonderful news.
    Like DAS and Elway said – let’s party!! woo hoo.
    Bet Elway likes “camping.”

    Thanks for the poochie snaps, they are always good.

    4DAS….want to see a wraith? The Uber Wraith?
    please visit this URL:

  13. The dogs do look sad. Or do they always give you that look because you don’t feed them enough?

    Hey, at least one of those models is covered in chocolate. Weird. Just because the new KFC sandwich doesn’t have bread, doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Yeah. Could you please sample it for us? Anyone?

    I did watch Divided the other night. The cast outdid themselves again. I did love some of your choices, particularly when all the civilians are leaving the mess hall and Young just stands there in the way, making them go around them. Excellent choice.

    Not happy about SyFy’s choice to change the days on viewing though. Tuesdays? Worst night because of Idol. Do they think they’re using alternative programming as the hook? We all know that Idol’s days are numbered, but will this help Universe and the other two shows? Not that Friday is the best day, but everyone knows that Fridays were and are always reserved for Stargate with BSG thrown in for good measure. I know that producers play a wait-and-see game, but I just don’t think it’s a smart move. I’ll still watch whenever though.

  14. I meant “him” not “them”. Making them go around HIM. Geez. I can’t type tonight.

  15. @riley: So sorry to hear about your beautiful cat. Having just gone through this twice in less than two weeks, I know how you feel. Let us know what the oncologist says, we’ll be thinking of you.

    @sylvia: Yeah, he’s diggin’ it, and I’m up at 2:30 a.m. with a cramp in my butt 😉

  16. The dog pics are adorable, the script news uplifting, and the news bits hilarious. Only thing missing from the post is a mailbag. Don’t worry, we’ll give you some slack for that, given your schedule and the last couple of mailbags you’ve done. Now, just get Ashleigh to get you an extra large calender and circle the day of the week for you, and you’
    ll be fine.

  17. Petit coucou 🙂

    Mon internet recommence à mal fonctionner…
    Merci pour ces photos de vos chiens, ça fait bien plaisir les revoirs!

    Demain je suis en vacance 🙂 je part à Paris Samedi pendant 5 jours, j’espere reçevoir l’autographe à mon retour ♥

    Lol certain de vos liens sont étranges, notamment le dernier XD

    Gros gros bisou!
    Anais !!

  18. Thanks for all the interesting updates. My curiosity is definitely piqued, though it’s not as if I would miss an episode of SGU anyway. I rewatched “Divided” last night, and was just blown away again by how awesome the show is.

    LOL re. you hiding under your desk with the cold virus going around. It seems the mega-bug in Vancouver has been gathering steam, as well as brass knuckles, for quite a while now. No doubt it was just waiting until tax-torture time to find a new host; in all likelihood it’s been stalking you for several weeks, sizing up all your weak points and reporting back to HQ. Enjoy the next week or so of number-crunching and toting up all the receipts for Kleenex and whatnot to add to deductibles. (Nah, really, I hope you get off easy.)

    And yeah, just where do those extra and/or missing days come from (or go to)? That question has been perplexing me for – let’s see – hmm, polydactylism has its benefits at times. . . dumdedummm. . . OMG, that KFC sandwich sounds like enough to make a vulture swear off — well, never mind; a cold is already enough to put you off your feed.

    ROFL over the Argentinians who made their break dressed as sheep. Smart move – a bovine look probably would have gotten them shot by a beef-obsessed citizen (possibly my distant cousin Guillermo, not to be confused with the Englishman without a stable address – you heard that one from Carl already, right?) within moments of their emergence.

    Glad to hear you got past the sticking point in Resurgence. Buona fortuna.

  19. The new KFC sammy is called “The Double Down” because that’s how many times you go into cardiac arrest after eating it. =)

  20. “Two strips of bacon, two slices of cheese and a healthy dollop of the Colonel’s Sauce all sandwiched between (insert drum roll please) two thick and juicy filets of deep-fried chicken.” Ladies and gentlemen, I present KFC’s new “Double Down Sandwich…

    …except in Canada where KFC has said “Uh, no. I don’t think so. No.” (at least for the time being).

    Which is a not necessarily a bad thing as it has almost a full-day’s allotment of sodium in one serving.

  21. @Riley: Hang in there, we’re all here for you.

    @Jenny Robin: Are you sure it was dog poo? OMG! Says so much about hotel cleanliness, doesn’t it? ROTFLMAO about the FB pics – well done!

    Just getting over my butt cramp from last night. “Camping” sucks.

  22. Hey, Joe, wish Mr. Carlyle a happy birthday for us. You will at least take pictures of the cake, right? There will be cake because there has to be cake. Oh, and take it easy on the guy today. Well . . . maybe not, whump is good. 🙂

  23. Hey Joe!!

    Guess where I am! Right! I’m in Vancouver! Hanging out waiting to meet and greet and be silly with my favorite people!! Oh, and the fans of Stargate too! Yesterday, as I arrived in town, I met Apophis himself, coming through the Gate – the Arrivals Gate, that is. He was in fine form. That Sarcophagus is really something! He was no longer missing the top of his head!!!

    Actually, Peter Williams is in town to hang with us crazy obsessed fans and see if there is any work coming his way. Hint Hint, Joe.

    The reason you thought yesterday was Wednesday is because you are so looking forward to my Fan Party, right? Even if you can’t attend, you want all the juicy details…(you are getting sleepy…sleeepy….)

    Have a great day.


  24. @ riley – hugs to you, remember the good times with your cat, remembering happy times helps me get thru.

  25. Joe – how are you feeling? I got my path report today, ready for this “heavy growth haemophilus influenza” I like the heavy growth part. That’s attractive. And this strain isn’t something that a flu shot would have taken care of. It isn’t resistant to anything. I have been instructed to take the antibiotic and am still doing. Still no voice – 8 days, not that I am counting.
    It’s a odd strain, never had a fever, mild aches, no vomiting or nausea, it felt like a bad cold that has lasted longer than I care for it to. My throat felt like raw meat and when I swallowed it was like hot knives slicing thru my throat. Good times. Maybe I need a sarcophagus? At this point stasis is sounding good, wake me when it’s over.

  26. @Kabra – I feel your pain! I’ve only ever lost my voice once, and that was for a couple of days… *sigh* Just try to look on the bright side, you won’t be getting this nasty bug again! Woohoo!!

    @Elway – YAYAYAYAYAY!! So happy you’re gonna be around for a while longer buddy-boy 😀

    Oh and Happy Birthday Rob Carlyle! You thing from another world you!

  27. @das – I read in the latest SELF magazine today that, that neti pot is actually more harmful than good. I guess people get over zealous about putting things up their nose and cleaning out mucous on a daily basis. Mucous is our one of first defenses. Some is a good thing, to help fight germs, bacteria, etc. In short daily use is bad, but I do like the idea of the saline nasal spray. I think it helped today.

  28. Hi Joe!!!

    I was wondering if you could give us a hint and tell us if SGU is going to have a darker tone in season 2 or if the crew is going to be more upbeat?


  29. I feel confident you will find the Season 2 Brian J. Smith is just a nice and the Season 1 Brian J. Smith was. If he isn’t you let me know, I will have a talk with him.

    Your dogs are so cute! Thank you for sharing the pics.

  30. Obviously I worked too hard today and can’t type correctly! You know what I mean, hopefully! Geesh

  31. @Joe: cute dog pics! And they do look mournful. Thanks for the link to the model pictures – very entertaining, but some were downright creepy. And congratulations on making such excellent progress on your script.

    @deni: I’m very glad to hear that Elway’s pathology report came back negative and that he is doing well. I’m sure he appreciates your camping out to keep him company.

    @kabra: Hope you feel better soon. A good friend of mine had it for about 2 weeks, but is finally better.

    Medical note: Haemophilus influenza is a bacteria and the influenza you get “flu shots” for is a virus (or rather a group of viruses). But a vaccine does exist for the bacteria H. influenza. Little kids get immunized for it now: it’s the Hib vaccine they get as part of their childhood immunizations to protect them from H. influenza pneumonia and meningitis. Okay, I’ll stop now since I’m pretty sure no one really cares.

    @das: The “grey brigade”, eh?

  32. @crayonbaby: Huh? Is Syfy USA changing SGU’s schedule? Or are you outside USA? Friday evenings have been “Sci-Fi Fridays” for about 10 years on Syfy USA, would hate to see that change.

    @Arctic Goddess: Please give Peter W a hug for me; we’ve been friendly for a few years.

    @Riley: Please give your kitty extra love from me.

    @Deni & Elway: Glad to hear the good news.

    @Joe & Kabra: Hope feel better soon!

    @Joe: Tuesday the 13th is considered bad luck in Hispanic and Greek culture. Perhaps it’s GOOD that you skipped it. (I broke an arm on. Tues. 13th, decades ago.)

  33. @ SPARROW!!!! I need you to e-mail me with your anime recommends. Have you ever read any manga?? Joe, have you? I’ve come to realize that my ‘ideal’ character isn’t going to be found in American comics, outside of Wolverine. Comic book characters are just a bit too…too much like jocks in high school. Manga/anime characters are more like the kids in high school that the jocks beat up. 🙂

    I already know you both like Cowboy Bebop, but I was looking for something to read. I did stumble across a character that is right up my alley in Bleach (Jūshirō Ukitake), but I don’t know a thing about the series (either anime or manga).

    Anyhoo…just wanted some pointers. 🙂

    @ sylvia – Ahhh! Dan – he’s so handsome, even without the makeup! 😉 Nice guy, too. I got to ‘talk’ to him in Bam Bam’s thread at Gateworld – seems like a really funny guy. 🙂

    @ kabra – Feel better soon! (You too, Joe!) Whatever that is you have, it sounds nasty. Get your rest!


  34. Hey Joe,
    I saw an episode of Stargate Atlantis on TV today and it made me realize how truly different SGU is. I was surprised at how much more real I though SGU looked in comparison to SGA. I am really enjoying the darkness of the series. To be honest I always thought that SG1 and SGA lacked certain relationship arcs. (That is not to say that I didn’t throughly enjoy them.) I am really happy with the SGU series. It is going in the direction I have wanted the Stargate franchise to go in.

    I also have to say that I do not understand the comparison/criticism that SGU is too much like BSG. I have watched both and I assure you they are NOT the same. People are basing it on the fact that it is darker and more relationship-based but my response to that is so 90% of the other shows currently on TV.

    Keep up the good work!

  35. I am re-watching “Divided” again and I know that Joe M will be posting soon, but what I am most waiting to see going forward is not Rush v Young or even Young v Wray, what I want to see is how Chloe and female military leads (TJ for one) relationship will play-out.
    Its funny how Art works, I originally watch this episode I was not that crazy about but now watching it again I really enjoyed and now I can’t wait to get my Blu-ray for the last 10 episodes and yes I will be buying the full -set once it is out. Great job Production Crew!!

  36. Hey, guess what. I just saw Michael Shanks in Supernatural. His character was a bit of a nutbar fanatic. And oh so scruffy.

  37. @ Kabra, Deni & Elway – thanks for your thoughts and wishes, much appreciated.

    @ Gilder – Dion looooves a good scratch under the chin, I’ll give her one from you 😀

    @ Tammy Dixon – The easiest way to win me over is to compliment my girl. I think she’s a cutie too! (Although, she does snore like a champion from time to time, and belched catfood breath into my face at 5.20 this morning to wake me up for pats!)

  38. Bubba, Jelly and Max looked so sad. I just wanted to put my arms through the computer and give them a hug. Lulu looked sad too but with a touch of attitude as if she didn’t want you to know she was sad.

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