Hey, guess who I had dinner with last night?  That’s right.  Writer-Co-Exec. Producer Alan McCullough!  How the hell did you know – ?  Oh, you read the title of this blog entry.  Right.  Anyway, guess where we went?  Uh, right again.  Yes, Boneta Restaurant in Gastown where we enjoyed a terrific meal, great conversation, and the almost-company of a dozen mini-skirted lovelies celebrating a birthday party at a neighboring table.

Hey, look who it is! Former Stargate Writer-Supervising Producer/Present Sanctuary Writer-Co -Executive Producer Alan McCullough. But you knew that already.

I’ve been battling the onset of a cold and figured some ginger would help soothe my raspy throat, so I ordered the Mr. Samuels, a tasty cocktail comprised of Makers Mark bourbon, maple & blueberry, ginger beer, and fresh citrus.  And, oh yeah, a cube of candied ginger.  For my throat.  After my second drink, I was feeling MUCH better.

We caught each other up on our respective productions, discussed future travel plans (Heads up, Shirt ‘n ‘Tie!  Alan is going to the Emerald Isle – which is cool, though not as cool as the Emerald City which is where I initially thought he was headed), and lamented the fact that Tyson’s idiot move cost came back to haunt Boston Rob on Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.  Then, we ordered –

The amuse bouche: a sablefish brandade in butternut squash soup. You can never go wrong with butternut squash soup.

The ever-gregarious Neil Ingram swung by the table to say hi and offer a wine recommendation.  Neil’s online bio states that, in his younger more impetuous days, “he ran with a fast crowd”.  Hey, it’s no surprising then that this former actor still hangs with one Paul McGillion.  And, speaking of actors, Alan – who watches a lot more t.v. than I do – recognized a Fringe cast-member enjoying dinner at a cosy corner table.

I resisted the urge to go with the duck parfait and, instead, decided on the Steelhead Trout Tartare with cucumber, tobiko, avocado, and Asian vinaigrette, served with crostini. A perfect dish right down to the paper thin crostini.
For my main, I went with the seared pacific scallops with lemon & arugula risotto, parmigiano reggiano, and lobster bisque froth. Another terrific dish.

Alan and I split a side dish of house made gnocchi with brown butter sauce, fried sage & capers, and parmesan. Like it but didn’t love it.  I think they used to do a similar dish that incorporated meyer lemon that I much preferred.  Or, I could’ve dreamt it.  Not sure.  I distinctly remember sharing an order with Goku from Dragonball before our dinner was interrupted by an attack from Super Android 17.

We ordered the tarte tatin for dessert. But since this special dessert takes twenty minutes to prepare, we opted to tide ourselves over with a pre-dessert dessert: the glazed bread pudding with gala apple, and caramelised walnut ice cream

And finally, the main event: the Tarte Tatin for two. Fantastic - and this coming from a guy who is not big on fruit desserts. It seems that every time I order this dish anywhere else, I always have to order an extra scoop of ice cream. Not on this night. Starring along side the tarte was a generous serving of home made vanilla bean ice cream.

Highly recommended if you happen to be in town (say, for a sci fi convention).  And, if you do drop by, make sure to check out those cocktails!

Speaking of food, I also caught up with my former culinary wingman, Martin “Golden Boy” Gero today.  He was in Toronto heading back to New York where he is working on the second season of HBO’s Bored To Death. He’s been keeping busy, jetting from the Big Apple to Hollywood, and I predict it’s only a matter of time before he breaks out BIG TIME, experiences enormous success and, more importantly, gets that condo in Manhattan I can stay at while he’s out of town.  Anyway, remember the cross-country road trip I was thinking about doing?  Well, it looks like I’ve found someone to chip in for gas money.  Turns out Marty G. has been thinking about doing something similar for some time.  Now it’s just a matter of finding a way to ensure our schedules line up.  With production on SGU’s second season not set to wrap until late November, my annual Tokyo trip is already in peril.

Which reminds me.  Finish up Christopher Barzak’s The Love We Share Without Knowing because discussion starts tomorrow!

51 thoughts on “April 11, 2010: Dinner at Boneta Restaurant with Alan McCullough!

  1. Just saw Divided. Easily one of the best so far this season. I’m glad this show doesn’t pull any punches and just moves forward with the plot, rather than slow-burning stuff for an entire Season.

    And I really cannot wait to see the fallout between Chloe and Scott over this. He did not look happy with her…

  2. I just thought of the best character name ever in the history of the world: Bic Pentameter.

    When the character introduces himself to another character, he can say, “Hi, I am Bic Pentameter.”

    This would be particularly useful in a Shakespeare parody.

    I know, I know…I’m a genius. Yes, thank you.

  3. Alan is just as handsome as ever! Just you two for dinner? Bet everyone thought you were a couple. 😉

    Dinner looks and sounds lovely. The drink’s a bit too froufrou for me, which means it sounds right up your alley, Mr. Fancy Pants. 😉 One of these days I’d love to see you eat something that isn’t mixed with something else…like…a carrot stick. Betcha can’t do it, though. 🙂

    Ugh…tired. Been sitting out back around a fire all night, and now I’m ready to drop. I really thought I could sit up until 2 am because I had a really good nap today, but I didn’t count on the relaxation factor of a fire pit and a glass of wine. 😛

    Nites, sir!

  4. Hey Joe,

    This September I’ll actually be doing the Cross-Canada road trip. I’ll be living in the southeastern states for the summer and on my way home will enter Canada from Buffalo, NY and then drive to Toronto, Ottawa, (and maybe a side trip to Montreal) before heading west Calgary and then up home to Edmonton. Eventually I’ll have to make it out to the west coast and Victoria as well as the Atlantic provinces but this drive will take a big chunk out of places in Canada I need to see.

    And as of right now, I’m doing this by myself but a friend is thinking about joining me.

    And on the SGU front: How is it that you guys are so awesome? Every episode makes me love the show more! And the characters I started out hating don’t bother me as much anymore. The show keeps getting better and better! The cast needs to come to DragonCon in Atlanta in September so I can meet them all. Thanks to all the cast and crew for making the show so awesome! I can’t wait until Friday each week!

  5. hey joe don’t worry about your trip it will work out.

    i myself have planed a fabulose trip to Boston for my self. Its my first vacation by my self. I leave at the end of may for a week

  6. That was no Kraft Dinner.

    From now on I am definitely going to eat before I read your blog. Man that all looks really good, particularly the scallop and bread pudding w caramelized walnut ice cream selections. Yum!

    I don’t like Survivor anymore, but I like both of those other shows; Sanctuary and Bored to Death.

    Have a good one!

  7. Hi, all – Would really appreciate any reactions anyone has had to Tad Williams’ Otherland series. I read City of Golden Shadows, good-not-great and LONG, not sure whether to push on for three more volumes… Thanks in advance!

  8. Will Alan be in Eire June 15–25? That’s when I’ll be on the tour hosted by SG1 guest Ronny Cox.

    Which reminds me…Shirt’n’Tie, are you on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn? I can’t recall if we’ve touched base privately about meeting while I’m on your isle.

  9. SOOO, Who was it from FRINGE, please tell!!, BTW, if you go cross country, ya better let us know so we can make up the spare bedroom. How tall is Carl? I don’t know if he will fit on the bed!! I am NOT happy I will not be in VAN. this weekend,anyone who is going, please post pictures!! Thanks. Sheryl.

  10. Jenny Robin – You always crack me up. You need to carry around a snare drum and sticks so the “titty boom cha” is always handy.

    Joe! – How the hell have you been?

    Hopefully will get to pop back in a week or so to say Hi.

    Take care!

  11. Haven’t had much time to chat these past few days. I went to a short film screening this week and ended up as an extra in a short production being filmed this weekend.

    So I volunteered as an extra Saturday before going to work. Then Sunday again because I was asked to come back (by the producer). Only stayed till 13h30 because I was working Sunday evening . Nobody had mentioned to me that the shooting was supposed to last till 20h30.

    ….been talking non stop with the same guy from 10h30 to 13h30 about any subject that would pop out of my head. We were laughing so hard between takes that people kept asking us what we were exactly talking about “extra are not supposed to have fun!”

    oh! I was having fun! The lead actor cracked a few jokes with us. He was talking with every one. The lead actress spoke with no one except the production crew. It was an unpaid production. Well, it didn’t stop me from having fun.

    The only real sad part was that the food was supposed to be provided, but I never ate anything that looked like a “meal”. Maybe, I did not stay long enough to have food privilege since I left at 13h30. The production crew knew since the day before that I could only stay till 13h30.

    The producer seemed to have realized it at about 13h . The strange thing is that I recall someone mentioning it to him before, but not sure if he was paying attention, because he kind of got ticked off and decided to cut my shot out. The assistant producer tried to convince him not to do so, but I’m pretty sure if I appear in that film, I will be lucky if I can recognize the tip of my shoulder. That was another disappointing part of that shooting. It takes all the fun out of been an extra. If I’m an extra, I want to be able to see myself somewhere in the background, not the “spirit of me”.

    I could have been in my bed sleeping….. Wouldn’t have laughed as much….but I guess… can’t have everything !

  12. Don’t tell Naddycat you saw someone from Fringe (lol).

    Sorry to hear you are coming down with a cold. Homemade chicken soup is not a myth. Also vitamin D3.

    Part 2 of the ongoing soap opera with our school district over bare-bottoms education of my kiddo today (Monday). Last meeting was 6 hours and we didn’t even get to goals for next year. We recessed for a month so they could meet with me to discuss them so we didn’t have to waste everyone else’s time (like speech therapist, occupational therapist, physical therapist) who have to come to these meetings, too, but they did not negotiate in good faith (i.e., meaning, they did not negotiate at all. We had a 2-1/2 hour meeting talking about 23 signs (sign language) my son has because they have yet to prove they taught him 10 new words the entire school year. Yep, 10 new words. Pathetic. Now all these districts are claiming “funding problems” and are cutting teachers in special education. These are the days I wish I could win lotto. I see at least another 2 more long meetings after today’s.

    Joe: Divided was fantabulous. You may remember I had a few nitpicky issues about the medical inaccuracies in Air, but this medical procedure in Divided was right on the money. That is exactly how they do it. I liked all the “thank-yous”, the calmness about it — that is how professionals do it. Bravo for that.

    Felix Alcala did a superb job at directing. Visual effects: Stunning. Music: Superb. I had a lot of lines I loved in this episode. Like when Brody talks about Volker and his bridge club. I liked many of TJ’s lines: “Well we’re not going to shoot any one.” Eli’s line: “It’s not pretty now.” Another Eli line: “Whoa! Irony!” Rush’s “how-the-hell-did-you-get-in-here” look at Young that said so much in just a facial expression. James’ hit on the civilian (go Julia Benson and the stunt team!) TJ’s line to Dr. Brightman, “Welcome to Destiny.” The space walk. Anybody who says there is no humor on this show doesn’t understand dark humor.

    But above all that, there is one sequence that made me cry: The nightmare sequence that Chloe is experiencing. Filming that sequence must have taken a long time, especially with no breathing apparatus. It was stunning photographically. I wondered if the aliens tapped into her mind to get the image of her mother to extract information from her, or if the inner child who has been traumatized by the abduction naturally went to the image of mother instinctively in her nightmare. Dreams and nightmares fascinate me.

    My heart ached for Chloe as she mouthed the word “mom.” There was something that touched me in a deeply personal emotional way about this scene. I have read stories from people who had severe autism who later learned to communicate via writing or computer about what it is like to have autism. It was very similar to this scene being played out. When I watched the episode I wondered if this is how my son perceives my world, living in this type of hell where sights and sounds are altered and muffled (as if one was under water), screaming out to me (as Chloe screamed for her “mom”) but being separated by the glass between our two worlds. It would be absolutely terrifying to be there, so alone, being held captive, not being able to communicate anything. The scene brings tears to my eyes. I still have a hard time thinking about that scene without crying.

    It is a compliment. There are few shows on nowadays that can affect me in such a way (had a similar moment with the deaf glee group singing/signing on Glee).

  13. No “Divided” comments/mailbag?

    Forgot to mention earlier that loved the doctor Brightman cameo from SG-1 S8. Whose idea was to bring *her*?

  14. Great to see Mr. McCullough looking as handsome as ever. Also great to hear you’re still in contact with Martin G. If you’re looking for a roadtrip in November or December, that suggests a southerly trip so that you can avoid the chance of a major snowstorm, or at least minimize the effects. Might I suggest a trip down the 95 corridor? Though with Philadelphia and Baltimore on that route, you might not make it even as far as D.C. Plenty of places along that route, and further.
    The dinner looked intriguing. Glad it was so enjoyable. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to your next gastric outing.

  15. Das: Sean Bean is fun to watch but his accent takes some getting used to.

    Dinner looks yummy! However, Steelhead Trout Tartare is raw food, correct?

  16. …a dozen mini-skirted lovelies celebrating a birthday party at a neighboring table.

    And where are the pictures? Eh? Eh? Eh? Geeezeee.

    …production on SGU’s second season not set to wrap until late November…

    Wow, what’s taking so long – a lot of location shooting? *g*

  17. I hope you do not attempt your food-trip in the cold months! How can I give you proper Michigan fudge if we’re closed for winter?

  18. Joe I hope you’re not getting whatever it is I have. Didn’t think you could catch it thru a blog. 6 days and no voice. Waiting for the results from the culture the doc took on Friday. Still can’t work, glad I didn’t make any plans for a long vacation this summer, I’m sucking up all my PDO (paid days off).

    Finally did see Friday’s episode, that was really good. Wow, Rush and Young are kinda – what’s the word…s.o.b.’s but then again they are both trying to survive, but wow.

    @ Sheryl – how are ya? I’d call ya but I can’t talk.

  19. Cher Joe,
    nous avons regardé “DIVIDED” en fin de semaine. TRÈS TRÈS BON ! Très intéressant , tout à fait cohérent avec la situation. Excellente analyse du comportement humain. Belle métaphore autour ‘un coup d’état!. Philosophiquement profond. Pose les bonnes questions, prépare bien d’autres complications à venir (Chloé et Scott; Young-Wray-Rush etc.)

  20. Yes, do tell who it was from Fringe?

    I’m sorry to hear that your trip to Japan is in peril. Unfortunately, our trip to the States in December is also in peril. This must be what the end of the Earth is like…no more wonderfully delicious vacations.

    Speaking of the end of the world, do you prescribe to any 2012 theories? I think one of the latest theories said the plates could suddenly shift, causing the Bahamas to be at the North Pole and Alaska at the equator. Sarah Palin wouln’t be able to see Russia from her house then…the world would most certainly be doomed. lol.

  21. I have to say I believe the dessert pictures are always the best, my hips thank you for the calorie-sweet stuff. Alan is a cutie but in a different sweet-stuff category. Thanks for sharing.
    Hope you do get to do the road trip, travel like that would be much fun.
    Really liked SGU Friday, looking forward to the next episode, great job by everyone, scary and fast paced. Keep up the wonderful work.

  22. @ Tammy – Alas, it’s not his accent, it’s Bean’s face. I can’t put my finger on it, but when I look at him I get a weird feeling…like a stong deja vu thing that I can’t quite put my finger on…and it’s not a pleasant memory. It’s something with his eyes…reminds me of someone mean. I know it’s silly, but it’s why I like him as a bad guy, but not so much as the hero…I just don’t trust his face. (Like I said – I am VERY picky! 😛 )


  23. Joe I know your not a big hockey fan so here are a few tips to help you finally beat Ashleigh in the playoff pool.

    In the West;
    Colorado, Nashville, Los Angeles, and Phoenix won’t make it past the first round, so loose any of those players immediately. Meaning San Jose will play Detroit and Vancouver against Chicago. I give the edge to Vancouver but the San Jose and Detroit series is a toss up, I would say Detroit but narrowly. I don’t think Vancouver has what it takes to get past either Detroit, or San Jose should they make it to the conference final, so try for San Jose, Detroit and then Vancouver and if need be a couple Chicago players.

    In the East;
    Montreal, Philadelphia, Boston, and Ottawa won’t make it past the first round, so forget about any of those players.
    I give a slight edge to Washington knocking Pittsburgh out, but it will be a fight. New Jersey will easily handle Buffalo but then lose to Washington in the conference final. So load up with Washington, Pittsburgh, New Jersey and a few Buffalo players.

    Here’s to hoping Ashleigh doesn’t get to buy those new vegan sandals she’s been wanting.

  24. @KABRA Sick today,1st time in over a year,or is it just allergies?? FB me or twitter,we can “TALK” there without talking, yea pic’s , I know!! HI JOE!! Later. Sheryl.

  25. Butternut squash soup! My favorite.

    You and Marty G. on a road trip? That’s gotta be the most hilarious and interesting pairs for a road trip ever. You have to do it now. Just think of the stories you’ll gather to tell. I think he’d be a perfect companion for you.

    Oh man, I haven’t watched the latest episode. I’m such a bad fan. Just got back from camping at Zion National Park. Really pretty there.

  26. Joe sometimes I hate you with all your heavenly looking dessert pictures. That Tarte Tatin is making me drool. I have absolutely nothing sweet in the house to eat. The closest thing I’ve got is Lucky Charms cereal. I hope your happy! Meanie!

  27. Coucou Joseph!

    ça ca bien? moi oui, sa fait toujours aussi plaisir de vous retrouver sur votre blog 🙂 Ce repas a l’air délicieux!!!
    C’est vrai que Martin est vraiment très bon dans ce qu’il fait, je lui prédit une grande carrière!

    Passez une bonne journée!
    Gros bisou!!

  28. Hey Joe!

    It’s been a while since I left a message – things have been a bit crazy.

    Just wanted to say I loved Space and Divided – a *lot*. And if they are heralds of things to come, then bring it on! I can’t wait 🙂

    Hope the dogs are all doing well! Bella’s doing great, though she’s taken to fussing if we put her toys away in a basket: she wants them all out all over the floor so that she can.. well, I suppose so she can see them all while she plays with just one.

    Speaking of Fringe, I’m guessing you haven’t watched it? You really should – it’s a great show and just keeps getting better this season… Not to mention John Noble is rather a genius..

    Nadine Ramsden

    One more thing:
    @PBMom – Oh, hush 😛

  29. Thanks for the restaurant pics. I’ll add Boneta to my list.

    Got to Vancouver yesterday afternoon for a few days before a certain Sci Fi convention. Headed straight to Refuel for a late lunch. Wonderful! Have you had the crispy pork cheek terrine? It is amazing.

    Since the weather looks good for the day, I’m off to Whistler with plans for dinner at Quattro tonight. How can you pass up $10 pasta night.

  30. @PBMom – That sounds rough dealing with a school district. There was a John Stossel report where this high schooler could barely read and they showed this huge IEP meeting where a bunch of bureaucrats sat around saying his improvement plan was going fine. Then, 20/20 privately sent him to Sylvan for a few months where he progressed whole grade levels in reading. Meanwhile, I’m sure the bureaucrats continued to get paid for their heavily staffed meetings.

    Our church is willing to offer us help without a diagnosis for our son, but, if we decide to send him to Kindergarten and they insist on a bunch of meetings that accomplish nothing, it won’t be worth our time. We direct his education and would only be sending him because there will be a newborn in the house.

  31. I FINALLY got to watch “Divided”! I didn’t care much for that beginning song, either, but I’ve liked the other times songs have been used in the show.

    So now the crew knows that Rush will manipulate them anytime he thinks it’s better for him, and even though Young left Rush on that other planet, he’s not willing to kill just anybody who gets in his way. Who will they follow now? Wray didn’t exactly impress, either.

    I like how both Young and Rush will do almost anything, just short of truly ruthless. You really can’t predict what will happen next. I LIKE it!

    I get that the civilians were concerned that Young might jettison anybody he had a problem with, but I have to wonder what they were thinking when they mutinied and told the military to give up their weapons just after they’d been attacked by aliens!! Yeah, I want the botanists defending me in the next attack! Idiots.

    The fallout from all this should be very interesting to watch. Lots of people found out they couldn’t trust their friends. The Chloe/James/Scott situation could get complicated.

  32. My cousin is doing the cross country road trip thing this summer (she’s actually starting in April and going through June)! I want to go with her, but I’m taking summer classes! 🙁
    Anyways, been there, done that. In a Ford Taurus. With five other people. And my little sister’s twelve stuffed animals. Thirty-five US National Parks, twenty-nine states, twenty days. It was awesome. 😀

    What, no picture of said Fringe actor? (Kidding! Glad they got to eat in peace! You know you’re at a high-class restaurant when an actor can go in and eat without being mobbed by fans!!!) 😉

    Divided has divided my opinion. On one hand, I loved it. On the other, not so much… I’ll write up a more coherent review later, because right now I’m sitting on the fence…and it hurts!

  33. @ Tammy Dixon – And they say I’M the naughty one! 😉

    I’m all about the eyes – eyes, smile/expression, hair, hands…then body. See? Body comes last, so I’m not a total perv. 😛


  34. And by the way, the best way to spend a birthday: lounge around all afternoon in jammies, grill 2 pounds of shrimp, and eat chocolate birthday cake while watching SGU! It was the most relaxing birthday EVER.

  35. I don’t mean to alarm you Joe, but it seems like your restaurant timing is haunting me. First you mention Au Pied de Cochon when I’m staying near there, THEN you mention Boneta when I’ve been in Gastown all day. Seriously, is this some sort of foodie foreshadowing talent you have?

    I’ll definitely make a point of checking out Boneta some time soon (in between looking for jobs probably).



  36. Joe, when you’re doing your cross-country trip, don’t forget that the border doesn’t stop at Quebec – the Maritimes are awesome. I do live there, so maybe I’m biased…

  37. Hey Joe,
    I was looking at the Household ratings for SGU and realized that they go up by almost 50% when you add in the Live+7 days viewing. I remember seeing that Stargate Atlantis was tied with True Blood in 5th place as the most DVR-ed shows on TV. Do TPTB take this into consideration? Do you think they should find a way to find HH ratings other than Nielson ratings ? They do not seem to be representative of who truly watches TV anymore. Do the TPTB also take the viewers who watch SGU on Hulu into consideration?

  38. Das: Sean Bean has been in a ton of films but he (probably) has never played a long haired, albino, life sucking alien. If liking him is naughty, then I’m guilty 🙄 . I started paying attention to S. B. in Lord of the Rings, the entire cast…just awesome.

  39. my mom’s got the gastro! will not be able to blog from this computer for a few days 😥 !

  40. vvv0472, brought up the ratings thing, adding to the subject, a 1.6 million SD rating is kinda good. When you think about it, ratings for Scifi Shows in general don’t appear to be breaking any records, V for example is down almost 60-70 percent on the ratings front when compared to the figures it pulled on its premiere(14 mill down to 6 mill lol). Think it’s safe to say SGU will outlast that show.

  41. @DP I must have missed that John Stossel report. I would love to bring in a camera to these meetings.

    If you’d like to see the Fox 26 Houston report that was done on my son from 2007 after the school destroyed his education and turned him into a behavior issue he was not before (and the last sequence with the young man working with him was the 1st day at the private facility I was able to negotiate out of them, POOF — behavior issues resolved), here is the link: http://tinyurl.com/dmk3o4

    He went back to the district 8 months later and things were going relatively well. This year, I liked everyone working with him, but they refused, or should I say the special ed. director, my nemesis because I embarrassed her on local TV, said the private facility would no longer be involved. Well, they had their chance to show me they were “capable” of training staff in applied behavior analysis — they obviously weren’t, and he didn’t have a great learning year. I have some leverage.

    The problem is this: Private school for kids with autism that are as involved as my kiddo is start at about $40,000 a year. Some go up to $70,000 a year (because they require 1:1 help). I do not have that kind of money. Taking them to due process is risky. In Texas, according to Texas state Senate Education Committee testimony by a lawyer who represent many school districts, say that 98% of parents lose in due process. (Rest of the country is about 50/50). That’s because the “independent” hearing officers are former lawyers of Texas Education Agency or law firms that represented school districts. If you represented parents, you have to not practice for 2 years versus 1 year for the other. Biased. So I could spend $30,000 in due process and only have a 2% chance of winning. I cannot home-school him. We can’t move from this state either; if we do, we go to the bottom of the waiting lists of whatever state we move to (the federal money does not follow the child). The Woodlands is a nice place to live if one has to be held hostage in this state; it is a beautiful community. And now we’ve heard from 3 surrounding school districts that they are cutting teachers from special education (100 out of 400 teaching jobs cut in 1 county alone). If they would stop spending excesses, and the superintendents who are making over $250,000 to take care of about 40,000 children (more than the vice-president of the United States) makes, and they’d stop spending $200,000-$500,000 a year on lawyers to fight parents with special education students, all those jobs could be saved. I’m embarrassed to live in this country sometimes, you know?

  42. Hey Joe… I was watching the food network and I caught a bit of that show “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” and I thought that’d be a great resource for planning a cross country trip. Granted I’m no foodie, but a chef’s recommendation should be worth something. This particular episode was about meat and one restaurant in particular made me want to mention it here. It’s called Incanto in San Francisco… the Chef there is a big advocate of offal and using an entire animal so as not to be wasteful. This made me of course think of your weird food purchases of the day.

    Anyways… good luck planning that trip.

    And “Divided” was good. Though I expected that the ship would remain divided for at least a couple of episodes. Still it’ll be interesting to see if the crew ever becomes truly unified.

  43. At first glance the glob of ice cream on the bread pudding, looked like a giant butter colored bug laying wings down on a plate; I thought it was a crab or white beetle. You can even see a little upside mouth, eyes and nose…probably just me, I am in desperate need of sleep. Still, looks like another cool fx for future SGA eps; white beetle in a bed of albino bat wings.

    The trout looked really good, avocado and salmon go very well together. I tried making the zucchini spaghetti; I managed to eat about a third of what I made, but it was pretty heinous. I’m gonna stick to regular pasta.

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