WTF?  I am suddenly beset by a host of discomforting aches and pains – not enough to cause me major concern, mind you, but more than enough to really annoy the hell out of me.  I can’t remember awkwardly twisting it but my hand is certainly doing its best to remind me of the incident.  I’ve switched off dumb bell training in favor of crossfit but that hasn’t stopped me from continuing to experience a sensation akin to what an elderly arthritis sufferer must no doubt contend with on a daily basis.  Special Features Producer Ivon Bartok assured me this sort of thing happens to him all the time and it may take a while for such an injury to fully recover.  Like, say, the seven months it took for his twisted finger to heal.  Seven months!

Of course that’s one of the best case scenarios.  Another possible explanation is that I’m just getting old and the injuries I sustained in my youth (double compound wrist fracture in fourth grade while setting up the school trampoline for gym class, wrist fracture in high school while playing pick-up football on cement) are finally catching up with me.  A hand massage would probably do me some good but Ashleigh, our Exec. Producer’s Assistant, feels it doesn’t fall under her job description.  This, by the way, is the same Exec. Producer’s Assistant who put the kibosh on my idea to purchase a producer’s rickshaw to transport us to and from set.  The same Exec. Producer’s Assistant who, just today at lunch, laughed at me when I dropped my piece of tropical cake AND then laughed again when I spilled my cream of mushroom soup attempting to wipe away the cream from the tropical cake I dropped.  The same Exec. Producer’s Assistant who was disrespectfully gloating about her standing lead in the office NCAA office pool.  And this was all today!  I’m not even going to bother mentioning the fact that she promised to bake us chocolate chip cookies last year and never followed through.  Nope.  Not going to say a thing about it because I’m not that type of guy.

Even thought she IS that type of girl.

Who promises cookies and then doesn’t follow through.

Just not saying.

Anyway, thanks to those of you who offered up links to and suggestions for potential dining targets I should hit on my forthcoming road trip.  It looks like I should be setting aside more time for this little culinary excursion than I’d originally planned.  Say, two months more time.

Looks like Jelly, Maximus, Bubba, and Lulu now have a distant cousin (and Brie has a little brother).  The latest addition to the extended brood = Stewie.

More goodies from the Stargate: Atlantis Art Department archives…

Replicator Mid-Range Warship - Stargate: Atlantis, Lifeline. Another space ship to add to our growing collection.
Wraith Research Facility - Stargate: Atlantis, Reunion. And future home of the Philadelphia Eagles.
Climbing Wall - Stargate: Atlantis, Quarantine. First, let's situate the area our hero will be climbing.
Climbing Wall - Stargate: Atlantis, Quarantine. Next, lets show 'em how easy it is to climb.
Climbing Wall Lights - Stargate: Atlantis, Quarantine. Those weak mullions will be the death of someone!
Replicator Drone - Stargate: Atlantis, This Mortal Coil.

Asuran Drone - Stargate: Atlantis, This Mortal Coil.

Crystal Lattice Motherboard - Stargate: Atlantis, This Mortal Coil.

Today’s entry is dedicated to Jordan’s mom Sophie.  Bonne Fete!

66 thoughts on “March 22, 2010: Annoying injuries and assistants! Presenting…Stewie! More goodies from the Stargate: Atlantis Art Department archives!

  1. Ouch! for releif of hand pain try skelaxin if its available if not soma is good (vila from blakes 7 used soma all the time) if you go to a doctor for the pain.
    Say that reminds me I know we have TJ there but how about a story where someone needs a doctor there via the communication stones to perform surgery and with what supplies they have on board.

  2. A friend of mine thinks that earth could dial destiny using 1 fully charged zpm and that there would be 1 minute of power to send supplies then it would drain it totally.
    Also this is for sg1,atlantis and universe request can you have Rodney or someone find out how to make new zpms or recharge the dead ones they have in storage maybe would love to see earth be able to send help one-way I know to destiny from time to time and unexpectedly surprise them and viewers with no warning or advertisement have help from earth come through the destiny gate and maybe send somebody from the sgc or atlantis through the gate so we can have them on universe to help out.

  3. Hey there,

    Ashleigh sounds like a fun lady. 😉

    And Stewie just looks so cute!

    Just dropping by to say hi from the Netherlands. 😀


  4. I would like to correct one minor detail.. When you refer to “attempting to wipe away the cream from the tropical cake I dropped”, I believe it was “licking the side of your cake and with lack of coordination dumped your cup over at the same time”

    Minor details……

  5. You were licking the side of your cake? What are you, four? I kind of like Ashleigh’s attitude. And the fact that she reads your blog to set you straight. I still like you too, Joe.

    You are getting old, Joe. Go to the doctor already. Make sure nothing is broken or messed up. You’d be surprised what you can do to the human body and never know. I’m taking Paleopathology right now. Bones can really get messed up.

    What is tropical cake? Is it a tropical theme or is there an ingredient in it that makes it tropical?

    Oooooh, sweet little baby puppy. Stewie is so adorable. He looks so soft.

  6. Hello Joe and Welcome Ashleigh.

    Quick question: was Joe still holding the tray when he was wiping up he cake rather than setting the tray down? In that case you’re okay…

    Joe, thanks for the art department photos. I was particularly interested in the climbing wall. Keep up the great work and keep the photos coming. The dogs look great!

    Best wishes,


  7. Hang on though,


    How could you do that to Joe after he bought you breakfast the other day?!?! 😉

    after thinking about it… I got your back Joe.

    Best wishes,


  8. 1. My voodoo doll does not disappoint! 😀 *pokes Joey in da heinie wif a pointy pin – doink! * 😈

    2. Ashleigh needs a raise. 🙂

    3. The cuteness that is Stewie beats out all other cuteness ever posted on this blog.

    4. Odd…two main characters that have been killed off over the course of NCIS‘s run – they are Shepard, and Todd. 😕


  9. Brie looks so big now 🙂 Stewie is absolutely adorable! Re your hand, sounds like you’re getting old, Joey. Hell, I’m already old and getting fat. Sucks.

  10. Love the Stewie pic!
    And the SGA stuff was awesome (in particular that guy with the red undies on the climbing wall :P).

  11. Oh, what a darling dog.

    I just read your post from yesterday. They’re remaking the Wizard of Oz? Well, I’ll be honest, I love the Oz stories so much that I’m always curious to see remakes. I mean, it’s not like the WoO movie was the original. It wasn’t even the first film version. I mean, I love it of course, but I would be curious to see how they remake Oz for today’s audience without going the sort of slant remake route that things like Tin Man and Wicked have. (Speaking of which, it still bugs me that you guys didn’t make Daniel the Tin Man in the SG-1 version. Yes, things like that bug me. It’s a curse.)

  12. So, is Stewie now part of your pack, or are you merely a two footed uncle to him? And as far as your Ashleigh issues, Stewie is obviously the solution. Five minutes with Stewie should render even the demi-goddess of executive grief powerless to find ways to torment you, at least for a few hours.
    As far as aches and pains, can’t help you. Not enough information. Have to use a bit of common sense. Numbness or tingling in fingers may indicate some neural issues that need to be addressed. Otherwise, changing your routine is about the smartest thing to do for awhile.
    Thanks for the great pics,as well as the too hilarious images your text bring to mind. Hope tomorrow turns out to be a bit more satisfying, though I’m rooting for Ashleigh to win the pool.

  13. One day Ashleigh will be older too and Joe can tell us stories about her and we can all laugh…the little whipper-snapper!

    Wow-wee! Your art department is fantastic drawers. All these pictures are very intertaining in themselves. I feel like I’m at an art gallery every night. Thanks for putting them out here.

    Stewie is adorable! But then, all puppies are.

  14. Tendon injuries (even more so than other tissue injuries) really do heal faster with anti-inflammatories. I’m a walking ANOVA test that proves it. It probably has to do with how tendons move within sheaths so inflammation perpetuates injuries and scar tissue.

    Here’s the regimen.

    Anti-inflammatories for the injuries.
    Eat more to avoid ulcers from anti-inflammatories.
    Work out more to burn off the extra weight.
    Anti-inflammatories for the overuse injuries from the extra work-outs.

  15. Cough…..sgu cast… Where are they….cough…. I don’t see any pics…cough.

    Lol sorry for nagging.

    Oh and thanks for the atlantis art!!

    Major D. Davis

  16. PS – I really think you have carpal tunnel or some sort of inflamed nerve/tendon overuse syndrome.
    Go see a sports medicine doc!

  17. I suggest drowning your sorrows in Nutella while you still can! I was having a lot of those mysterious aches and pains, too, and I decided that I really needed a healthier lifestyle. I started walking on a treadmill every day. After two weeks, I noticed that the stiffness and ache in my back was getting better…but my foot was kind of sore. I tried one of the bicycle machines, thinking it might be better for my foot, but my right knee kept making this crunching sound when I pedaled, so I went back to the treadmill. After another week, my back didn’t ache at all! However, my foot was hurting so much I was limping all the time. I went to the doctor, and it turned out I had developed a stress fracture in my foot. Also, the lab tests she ordered showed a vitamin D deficiency, hypothyroidism, type 2 diabetes, and high cholesterol. So now I’m hobbling around in a walking boot, taking a handful of daily meds, and checking my blood sugar every day. My foot feels better, and I’m learning how to eat healthy. But I haven’t been able to exercise while my foot’s healing, so my back hurts again.

  18. Stewie…awwwwww
    Is that a pix of Brie? If yes, who is the other baby?
    Easy to climb…Yeah, right.
    Your aches and pains – sorry to hear, however, we must adjust. Try – activeOn…silly stuff but it does give relief.
    Then there is always Motrin. The elixir of my aches and pains choice.

    Oh…you attacked the cake properly!

  19. Awww, Stewie is so cute! Also, you should be nice to Ashleigh. She can probably forget to pass on an important phone call. Or bake poison into the chocolate chip cookies. You’re not the only evil master mind after all. 😉

  20. Hi – On your hand miseries… A couple years back, I experienced months of tingling/numbness in the ring and pinkie fingers of my left hand. My doctor told me it was due to years of leaning on my left elbow while reading and on computer, and if it didn’t clear up I was looking at probable nerve damage and maybe surgery.

    Then one day I picked up a heavy box, and something slipped inside my elbow. There was a jolt from my elbow to the tips of those two fingers – and, after an achy night, my hand was fine. Never bothered me again. I did quit leaning on my elbow, of course.

    Here’s hoping your hand is as easily remedied!

    Thank you very much for the Atlantis artwork; thoroughly enjoying it.

  21. Having issues with cake are you?

    Sorry I haven’t been around much. My sister is in the hospital. They are going to induce her and make her give birth to my first nephew on Thursday. She has been having issues for the last week or so with the pregnancy. The baby is fine it’s just my sister that is having problems. We are all on pins and needles.

    ROAD TRIP!!! I love a good road trip. I would stay stop here but our DQ is the best thing around this backwoods town. Just in case though Tuesdays are the best time to stop in for ice cream since it’s when we get the fresh milk in. The fresh milk just makes it extra creamy. There are no flavors of the months since they are having the 25 flavors celebration so I’ll just give you my employee discount.

  22. re: A hand massage would probably do me some good but Ashleigh, our Exec. Producer’s Assistant, feels it doesn’t fall under her job description.
    you tell him Ashleigh! 😀 By the way Joe, I think it falls under the ‘girlfriend” job description :mrgreen: How is your search going ❓ haven’t seen any pictures of good looking women around you in a couple of days! Are you losing your touch with the ladies :mrgreen:
    Stewie looks adorable, how old is he?
    Did I ever tell you my Mariah Carey story?
    I saw her in concert 2 or 3 years ago, when she came to Montreal. I had great tickets, floor tickets. At one point in her performance, she came to the center stage. She was only a couple of feets away from me. Then, don’t ask me why, I stood up on my chair. I was the only one . I started doing an “impression” of her. I was waving my hands and blowing kisses. She looked in my direction , stared at me for a few seconds, adjusted her sunglasses and went back to the front stage a few minutes later. She disappeared for a change of outfit and when she came back,she was wearing a blue dress whose top was identical to the one I was wearing. I thought that was so cool 8)

  23. Merci Joseph, vous êtes génial, je vous adore. Je lui montre ça tout à l’heure, je suis sûr que ça va lui faire plaisir. Merci encore et bonne journée.

  24. Love the pics. Stewie looks awesomely cute:)
    Love the way Ashleigh puts us straight *waves @Ashleigh* Keep him in line, the world isn’t ready for his evil arch-villainy yet.
    Hey Joe, ever think of going into politics?

  25. Tropical cake sounds really good. I saw a Bobby Flay Throwdown last week for a coconut cake that sounded divine. If your Road Trip takes you to Charleston, South Carolina check out the Peninsula Grill. They are famous for this 12 pound 12 layer Ultimate Coconut Cake. Makes me wish that they would ship to Canada!!

    My armchair diagnosis for what it’s worth. If it’s your pinky and ring finger that hurts, it could be a pinched nerve. If the pain is in your index and middle finger it could be carpal tunnel. If it is joint related, no idea, but if any joint feels kind of ‘grainy’ I hear that a supplement of Glucosamine and Chondroitin helps with joint/cartilage mobility.

    Hey Ashleigh I like that you are spunky – I like spunky people. On a side note if you have had to listen to the chocolate chip cookie lament for the last year or more. I would be tempted to buy some and pass them of as my own. Is that a horrible thing to do? OR you could tease him and tell him that your family recipes contains a ‘surprise secret ingredient’ and I bet he will stop asking for them lol. (Joe doesn’t really read these comments does he? does he? oh-oh I think I just felt myself getting blocked…..)


  26. Yes, I would have to agree with the census from the others; go to the doctor. I’ve been getting aches and pains for the last few years. Mostly in my hands, shoulders and elbows. The doctor said it was arthritis in my hands but the rest is tendonitis. I got the “you are getting older speech” 🙁 . I’ve been doing the same activities all my life but I’m just “now” what the doctor considers athletic.

    Your doctor might have a completely different report for you. Go check!

    Thank you, for the pictures of Brie and her new brother, Stewie (great name). It’s good to know that Brie has adjusted and has a companion.

    Thank you, to Ms. Ashleigh for being a guest commentator 😀 .

  27. Joe, I meant to thank you last night for the picture of the Wraith research facility – very cool! But instead of ‘future home’ for the Eagles, can we make that their ‘future resting place’? Please??

    Speaking of Wraith – so what have they been doing with all this time on their hands now that the Lanteans are out of their lovely white hair?? Hope they’re all fat n’ happy! 😀


  28. Give it up, Joe. You’re over that hill and sliding down the other side. Hey, did your itchy ears clear up?

    Thanks for the Atlantis artwork, btw. Appreciated. I saw a huge whale skeleton (redundant, I know – ever see a small whale skeleton, Riley?) at the museum today and it made me think of Rodney.

  29. I know what is wrong with you, Joe, because I suffer from it a good bit myself. It’s Forties Syndrome.

    When it first started happening, I actually thought something was wrong with me, but both my hub and my sis just said, “Welcome to the 40s!”

    Sounds like Ashleigh is the perfect person for being your assistant Joe. You know, every archvillain needs a foil to keep them grounded.

  30. 1 – Hard to get good help these days, isn’t it?
    2 – Welcome to the rest of your life. Tylenol 3 and Advil at night helps for the next morning…
    3 – A road trip south in the sun would probably help. Looking forward to hearing about it
    4 – “…red undies…” yep!
    5 – Anyone appearing from SGA or SG1 gets a thumbs up from me. I’m hoping that the cruel act of the season finale does not spell the end of one of them. I will be thoroughly ticked off…
    6 – I’m enjoying the art – this is the quality talent that eventually turns out a quality series THAT WAS CANCELLED PREMATURELY……..OY! I hope that doesn’t happen to SGU – but I suspect it will eventually and prematurely – but in the meantime… great show and looking even more promising.

    Joe, thanks again for showing the inside view. I really love this.

  31. This is amazing information about Atlantis. I had not idea what went into the production of SGA, the lengths of drawing every detail. I do wished that the Stargate franchise would bring back this series (or SG1). I really miss not having them to look forward to. SGU is a horrible show and I do not plan on continuing wasting my time watching when it returns in April. I am desperate for the movies of SG1 and SGA to start filming.

  32. I’ll get you a list of Houston stops from my friend Cleverly who is the food guru on Fox 26 Houston. Of course, my treat; I’ll invite her along, too. You’ll like her. She is loud and fun. I’d invite you to the house, but it’s a mess and face it, I cannot cook well.

    Stewie is too cute. Welcome to the pack.

    I know others are making recommendations above, but if you would like to try something that is less harmful to your body, try 2 pills of Pomegranate (probably did not spell that correctly). It did not help the pain in my arthritic joints, but it did help the stiffness. Also, the pain that I had shooting up my side of the wrist that I suspected was my carpal tunnel stopped after taking this supplement, an unexpected but welcome side effect.

    If you want to go the anti-inflammatory route, I found Voltaren Gel, an nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory gel, works much better for me than the pills and it is less invasive because it doesn’t tear up your stomach or cause other problems in that respect. That took care of the pain in my hands. When I had costochondritis, it also helped the pain in my chest. Basically I told my rheumatologist I’d like to sit in a tub of it.

    Robaxin is a mild muscle relaxant that is sold over-the-counter up there in Canada. That might help for any muscle spasms going on.

    Just some recommendations from experience.

  33. Hey joe!

    Reading about your problems with your wrist /hand..
    I sounds similar to what I had 2 years ago. It also kind of appeared out of nowhere
    I actually had a dislocated articular cartilage in my wrist and a simple tug at my hand from the doctor solved a problem I had for weeks and weeks.
    Maybe you should have it checked out.

  34. No disrespect to Ashleigh intended, but …. really, what kind of executive assistant isn’t up on their hand-massage techniques? I’m sure you could find one who could bake a mean chocolate chip cookie! Just NOT hinting … hint … hint

  35. Coucou Joseph!!!!!!!!!

    ça va bien? moi oui super!!! Malgré mes examens qui approche je ne suis pas stressé^^!

    Ohh je suis désolé que votre main n’aille pas mieux.

    merci pour les photos, le chiot est trop adorable!!!

    Je vais me plonger à fond dans mes révisions, je serai surement de retour ce week end!!

    Gros bisou!!!
    A très bientôt!

  36. @ crayonbaby – LOL that was great

    @Deni – Stop it, you’re not fat, I think you look great

    @ Joe- yeah you’re getting old. And the injuries from your youth – nope don’t help. I have a little arthritis starting in my left knee from the knee slam I did on a basket ball court playing floor hockey. ouch.

    @Ashleigh & Joe – Ashleigh it’s good you keep Joe on his toes. I am willing to go head to head with you, Ashleigh in a chocolate chip cookie contest. Just a warning, this recipe won 3rd place in a baking contest. Are you up for it? How long would it take to ship to Canada from FLA?

  37. Aw, I remeber when Brie was too little to jump over the hedge. Stewie is all kinds of cute; why not give him a cameo in SGU? After all the cast has been through they deserve some puppy play time; got to be at least one dog stowed away on Destiny.

    The ads for the 2nd half of SGU look very creepy, cool and kick ass. And now that Comcast owns NBC I suddenly have real live Syfy on my basic cable service, praise the gods.

  38. Kabra: I love baking cookies. Are you willing to share this award winning recipe? Please?

  39. Hi Joe,

    You should schedule a good month in New Orleans to satisfy your foodie sensibilities. There is so much here and I’d be happy so show you around or at least point you in the right direction.

    Stewie is adorable.


  40. Forgot to tell you…last night hubby woke up all startled, and asked me if I had just screamed. I said, “Nope”, and he said, “It must have been my dream. I was dreaming that some woman was hitting me with an Elizabeth Arden purse.”


    Okay. First of all, not being into cosmetics or fashion, I didn’t even know Elizabeth Arden made purses, so how the hell does he know about them, and second, now I’m wondering who was screaming like a little girly in Mr. Das’ dream – the woman, or him?

    I really should never have let him watch these Twilight movies. 😛


  41. I have osteo-arthritis in my joints and there is one thing I’ve found that works miracles. I’ve been using it for a couple of years now and wouldn’t like to be without it. Read the bumph and give it a try, beats upsetting your system with anti-inflammatories and crap.

  42. @ Kabra – Award winning cookies? Sure, I bet. That’s what they all say! I think I’m gonna need some proof. Go ahead and box some up and send them to me here in Texas. It will get here faster than Canada anyway.

    Joe if you want some real home cook’in on your road trip, come on down and I’ll feed you. I’m thinking my Chicken and Rice Casserole or my Hash Brown Potato Casserole with some other of my fix’ins should do the trick. I just know you will like it, or else a quick knuckle sandwich upside your head will definately persuade you to give my cooking 2 thumbs up! (and bring Carl, there is a new Chili’s a mile from my house!)

    I hope you will give us notice where you will be going. It might get you a few free meals along the way.

  43. OMG Stewie… why why why? Stewie will want to kill it’s mom.. and in case you missed it.. that would be YOU. LOL. Adorable. Of course you could have named it Ashleigh. Tee hee. Okay male spelling.. Ashley. Same thing. (GO ASHLEIGH! But you should make those cookies!)

  44. You are waaaaay too young to be old. I was in first grade when you were born, and I refuse to be old. Ergo, you may NOT be old yet.

    Tell your wrist to get over itself.

    I, too, am overcome with the cutness that is Stewie. Is Stewie named after Stewie Griffin?

  45. @Kabra: Uh, yeah, send a big box of them cookies to mah house too, darlin’ 🙂 Yum. Fat be damned.

  46. Anybody that was born before man even thought about going to the Moon is going to need help every now and again.

    Hey, I know this, I was born in 1964.

  47. Hey Joe

    Sorry to hear the mysterious pains are persisting…maybe you’re mutating – ouch! Speaking of which – 7 months for a finger injury to heal? I’ll repeat this story here, the Aussies will know it… the AFL one player after repeated dislocations elected to have a finger amputated so he could keep playing football…I’m just saying.

    Moving onto Ashleigh…’d let your arch-enemy massage your hand? You’d never see Batman getting The Joker to do that…..what were you thinking? She doesn’t pickup your lunch does she?

    Thanks for the pics of Stewie, the picture of cuteness and the Atlantis drawing – really interesting.

    Cheers, Chev

  48. Guaranteed way to make your hand feel better… drop something heavy on your foot. It’s amazing how much better your hand will feel.

    Stewie is adorable. Great to see Brie now has a companion. My heart aches when I see dogs separated. Humans you can talk to and explain. Dogs just sit there and continue to give the most heart wrenching, “But I still love you and you wouldn’t do anything to make me sad” look. That kind of torture needs to be stopped! Geneva Convention?

    Is his coat all one colour? Can’t work out if it’s the photo, my eyes or all of his wrinkles, but it looks like an albino brindle. OH NO! SAVE STEWIE FROM DAS!

  49. Riley – Did you let out a ‘HA!’ when you thought of Rodney?
    I was training a girl a couple of weeks ago who’s surname was McKay. Unfortunately I made an audible sound. And yeah it was, “HA!”. When I explained I got the usual comment, “You’re into Sci Fi?”
    Why doesn’t anyone ever ‘peg’ me as a Sci Fi fan?

  50. Hey Joe, have you ever tried making (or eating) an Ice Planet? Perfect for fans of ice cream, fans of “Firefly”, and fans of making a meal out of eating your food!

    Now that I’ve got your attention (see what I did there?), it’s less than a month until the SG convention in your fair city, when legions of hungry geeks will fly from across the world for the chance to sit in a Burnaby hotel. Any chance of a guide to the best places to eat on a budget? Any tips for finding a good restaurant for someone who usually lives on ready meals? Any weird Canadian cultural traditions we should know about? And is there ANY chance that it will stop raining long enough to leave the hotel???

    Thanks for your time. And seriously check out the Ice Planets; we’d love to see your co-workers (and Ashleigh) trying to figure out how to eat them!

  51. Okay, Cleverley, pointed me over to the Zagat new ratings that are out for Houston. Those can be found here:

    She also says, “as far as something unique i would suggest that he visit the original ninfa’s on navigation.
    it is said that the dish called fajitas was invented there.
    true tex-mex cuisine. maybe they don’t have that in canada?”

    Then I found this site, too:,TX/Restaurants/

    The Gulf Coast and/or the East Coast are supposed to have a very active and intense hurricane season (from June 1 to November 1) so keep that in mind with your travel plans. More like our 2008 year (great, just what we need — another Hurricane Ike), than 2009 because El Nino will be gone.

    But we have a generator so as long as my very tall pine trees do not decide to crash into our house or Lake Conroe decide to flood out Spring Creek, we’re good to go. LOL.

  52. Joe,

    You should really consider seeing a good physiotherapist for your wrist problem. I’ve had joint/tendon issues before that that my family doctor just kind of dismissed as getting older or just told me to take a painkiller, while the physiotherapist gave me exactly the exercises I needed to do to fix the problem. Unless it is actually a degenerative problem, there really shouldn’t be any such thing as “age caused” pain that you can’t fix.

    That dog is terribly cute. And thanks again for the Atlantis pics. I really do miss that show, but I’m looking forward to the new SGU starting in a little over a week!! 🙂

  53. Came across this meta on “EATG”. I think you’d find it very interesting. While I give many eppys a large gray area when it comes to sci-fi reality, this person points out so many flaws of Atlantis landing in San Fran Bay, makes one wonder if the writers even sat down for a second to consider any real facts.

  54. Got the heads-up in fandom that you had been posting more Atlantis stuff, so I came here again:)

    Thanks so much for these. I always appreciate Atlantis stuff. Sniff. Still miss the show. Haven’t watched any fictional TV show since Atlantis ended. Still waiting for the next show with Joe Flanigan as a regular. In the meantime, no interest in even checking out any current TV show out there. Hopefully I’ll have a new show with JF to watch sooner than later 🙂

    Keep posting Atlantis stuff, please 🙂

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