This morning, I met the positively delightful actress who’ll be playing the role of Ginn in season 2.  Loved her in Mad Men.  Apparently, she’s already worked in Vancouver (most recently on Supernatural), loves the city, and already has plans to hit some of her favorite food spots.  After her wardrobe fitting and a visit to hair and make-up of course.

At lunch today, Paul pointed out that we have a lot of “horse television” experience on the SGU writing staff.  Brad got his start on Black Stallion, Remi and Linda worked on Wildfire, while Carl also worked on Black Stallion in addition to spending a few seasons on the equine-friendly set of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman.   So why, may I ask, hasn’t anyone come up with a good horse-based episode yet?  Great question that I, being more of a cartoon jungle animal guy, am unable to answer.

The other day, I received a text message that read: “Want to have king crab lunch today?”

Alas, I was busy and texted back, suggesting we reschedule for later in the week.  And then, several hours later: “BTW – Who is this?”

As it turned out, the texter/crab-hankerer was Tom Doughty, owner of Refuel and Campagnolo.  After some back and forth, we solidified dinner plans and headed to Sun Sui Wah on Main Street for king crab three ways…

Tom and Phil the Crab in happier times.
Tom and Paula in hungrier times.
King Crab - steamed with house garlic sauce.
Fried with garlic and jalapenos.
Served with rice and Portugese sauce.

Sticky rice with preserved meats. One of my favorites.
Eat yer greens! Snow pea leaf tips sauteed with garlic.
Dessert! Black sesame balls in ginger soup.

During dinner, Tom described a special dish Refuel has served in the past: a whole confit pig’s head that is carved table-side, allowing the diners to select their favorite parts be they the succulent cheeks, the crispy ears, or the oft-ignored snout.  He offered to serve one up – if I was interested.  Well, I like to live life by the simple precept WWABD = What Would Anthony Bourdain Do?  What WOULD Anthony Bourdain do?  He’d eat him some pig head!  It’s going to make for a very interesting blog entry.

A peek at the Art Department Package for SGU’s 9th episode, Life…

Art Department Package - Stargate: Universe, Season One, Life.
Neural Interface Chair Room - Stargate: Universe, Season One, Life.
Int. Homeworld Command Locker Room - Stargate: Universe, Season One, Life.
Int. Wray's Bathroom - Stargate: Universe, Season One, Life.
Ext. Homeworld Command Parking Lot - Stargate: Universe, Season One, Life.

47 thoughts on “March 23, 2010: Assorted SGU Tidbits! Feeling (King) Crabby! And Somewhat Pig-Headed!

  1. Do you ever wonder if human beings got smarter because they ate smart animals?

    By the way, I’m not a vegetarian.

  2. Apologies for being AWOL of late, it was Spring Equinox and I was out with my burner friends doing burnery things with fire and music and camping. I do not recommend tent camping when the night time lows are 30 degrees, nor in a state park which borders the train yard. Them suckers is LOUD. But I had fun!

    Mmm, crab. Looks wonderful! The pig’s head probably tastes better than it sounds.

    Horses are a universal constant. I got that from the comic Goats.

    Mainly if the humans and the apes in the remake of Planet of the Apes came from the space station, where did the horses come from?

    Sorry to hear about the pain, may it resolve itself soon. That crap ain’t fun!

  3. some of my most treasured possessions are my star trek tech manuals and HUGE TNG blueprints. is there any hope for a stargate tech manual or blueprint set? that would be awesome, and would look very nice on my wall next to my enterprise-d blueprints 🙂

  4. Joe, I have never had an intense desire to travel to Canada, even less to Vancouver. BUT, your blog entries leave me feeling quite deprived. The INCREDIBLE meals you share with us make me want to plan a trip, but I sincerely doubt I would fare as well without the “jedi master” Joseph Mallozzi as guide.

  5. Look out! That waiter behind Tom is being attacked by a crab!!!!!

    I think I’ve had crab (real stuff not the tinned) once in my life.

  6. Hi! Newbie here 🙂 I think first before I express my humble opinion I should make aware the fact that when I tell you I have just finished watching seasons 1 – 10 of SG1 and 1-5 of SGA (commentaries and all!), it’s important to know that I had fallen seriously ill and have bed ridden for much too long. Please, in no way is that an attempt at any form of “oh, I’m sorry, etc., etc.” I’m going to be fine, just healing up. I’ve otherwise been healthy and fit, that won’t change….When I first started what I like to consider my “post” as this illness will surely be my personal war story to be handed down generation to generation :-), anyway, when I first began this challenge I reviewed my movie collection. Movies weren’t going to cut it, I needed something to keep my mind focused for a while.

    I started thinking about Stargate. My husband and I never started watching SG1 until season 7. It was a fluke really, flipping through the channels on a Friday night. Turned out to be a great show and became a regular for the family (two sons). If we didn’t catch it “live” we always had it on DVR. I loved it so much I decided not to wait for repeats, we went out and purchased all the seasons prior and would have weekend stargate marathons. Then we started watching Atlantis and that too was part of our family viewing. But…I digress.

    So, knowing I’m stuck here……well at least if I have to be stuck here I have a projector and screen set up. I realized I had never watched any of my stargates on this huge screen so……I’ve spent most of my time not just watching the shows (all in order) but listening to the commentaries because I never had before (except there are no commentaries for S1&S2). I know what I’m about to say is totally predictable, corny and really probably not believable but it’s true. I don’t know if I would have been able to maintain my sanity if it weren’t for these shows. It made me forget, for a while anyway. I laughed, sometimes cried, found myself having favorite bad guys as well as good guys. Yea sure they’re the “monster of the week” type of stories but they are awesome nonetheless. It had been so long since I had watched any of the older shows it was almost like watching them for the first time. I fell in love with the shows all over again, and learned that Gary Jones together with Peter DeLuise, hands down, made the best commentaries. Seasons 9 &10 left me wishing you had added Vala Mal Doran years before. She was so awesome.

    After I finished all of these seasons, knowing there are no more, I felt a sense of loss. Those were such great characters, all of them. But, not to fear…..I knew there was a new series I just never had time to watch it. So, I sent the husband out to buy the first half of season 1 of SGU. Under normal circumstances I would never buy 1/2 a season full price, but desperate times.

    There was one thought that kept coming to mind while I watched the new incarnation of Stargate, and that was “WFT?” Maybe it’s because I had just watched so much of SG1 and SGA that I was unable to enjoy SGU. One thing was clear, not something I was going to watch with my sons! I understand the desire to want to do something different; I’m only sorry that it wasn’t something I could enjoy. Part of me can’t help but think if you want to do something different, maybe you shouldn’t call it Stargate and try to ride off the coat tails of the successful SG1 and SGA. It almost feels like your trying to use the established fanbase of an old show to jump start a totally new show. Again, I mean absolutely no disrespect. I am grateful for the years that were given and that they could help me through this time. I’m also grateful for the opportunity to express my thoughts (as meaningless as they are to anyone but myself, it’s still nice) I’m sure SGU will do wonderfully and find an audience all it’s own but I will miss the others and will hold out hope that some new show will come on that captures the essence of what the SG1 and SGA characters did. I really hope that I never have an opportunity to be bed ridden long enough to watch all the stargate seasons again but, if I have to I’m glad I have the option!

  7. Hubby works at a hotel in town, and after work tonight we hung out in the lounge in front of the [real] fireplace, snacking on appetizers. Hubby had a crab cake and sweet potato fries sprinkled with brown sugar, and I had beef sliders and a delicious baked brie platter with fresh fruit. It was really nice…especially since there wasn’t a pig head to be found! 😀

    Ya know, Joe…I’ve been thinking of those remakes, and what I’d really like to see is Rob Zombie tackle the entire Atlantis series. Betcha then the Wraith wouldn’t be such sissies! 😀

    Have a good evening, sir!


  8. Pig Head… as we discussed in your office today, it’s simply wrong. Mr. Bourdain has a TV show that pays him a lot of money to eat creepy food. I suggest a BLT.

  9. So I am right in assuming Ginn is played by Sarah Drew, who was Kitty in a few episodes of Mad Men season 2/3 and appeared in Swap Meat, a recent Supernatural episode?

    ‘Cause if so, that’s pretty boss.

  10. King crab yum! I just bought some snow crab legs for later in the week and that is making me want to go eat them.

    Joe I am curious, I thought the only part of the king crap or snow for that matter they kept were the legs. Never seen the whole thing served up.

  11. so you cast Julie McNiven as Ginn, well i think you did. I really enjoyed her portrayal of Anna in Supernatural.

    Good luck with the pig’s head, can’t wait to see the blog post. Also WWABD, that just pure genius.

  12. On second thought, mayhaps the actress in question is Julie McNiven? She’s a Mad Men vet and appeared on Supernatural one episode after the other actress that was my first guess.

    Either or… my detective skills need polishing.

  13. Dinner looked great! Sticky rice and the snow pea leaf tips are a couple of my all time favourite dishes; those and the cold jellyfish starter. I don’t usually eat the crab or lobster when we go out for family dinner, IMO it’s too much work for the reward. =P How is King Crab better than the run of the mill crab?

  14. Oh and I forgot! Your dessert of black sesame balls in ginger soup has me craving my aunt’s black sesame dessert soup. She makes it from scratch and also puts in the black sesame or peanut balls. SO GOOD!

  15. Am I the only one who looked at the “happier times” king crab photo and saw a replicator?
    – KB
    P.S. Maybe you could combine WWABD with an installment of WFPOTD?

  16. Hey Joe,

    Is Akemi still in Perth? If so, how’s she surviving? We had an amazing (and incredibly destructive!) storm here on Monday evening, with giant hail and flash floods throughout the whole city! Hope she’s all good. And that goes for any other Perth/Freo people reading this as well!

    As for me, I have yet to hear back from my insurance company about my car. Many many dents and a cracked windscreen, but at least I can still drive it!

    Some pictures here for anyone who’s interested:
    (sorry, not sure how to link directly)

    Jade 🙂

  17. Is it just me, or does that crab-on-a-platter pic not look just like the Replicator in ARK OF TRUTH?! — You know, when it was held in the forcefield…

  18. I love crab, but it’s so messy. Talk about working for your meal.

    What on earth is that dessert made of? Looks interesting.

    Pig’s head? You’re kidding? It SHOULD make an interesting post to the blog. The things you eat kind of reminds me of going to a Basque restaurant. Some serve tongue, brains, etc. of animals. I sort of like pork, but don’t think I have the stomach to watch them carve it up at the table like that.

  19. Often watch The Deadliest Catch where they are fishing up those enormous King Crabs so was interesting to see how it is served up !

    And, as for pigs head…. People used to eat that in the past because they had to and couldnt afford to waste anything, you dont have to any more, we are affluent Westerners :p

    That also seems to go for a lot of the stuff that the Japanese and Chinese eat as well, hehe, although I get the impression that the more endangered a specied is, the more they like it……

  20. Hi, Joe.

    Would the actress portraying Ginn be Sarah Drew?

    And thank you again for the SGU production artwork photos … and for the photos of the crab feast. Yum!

  21. Charlene – Sorry to hear you’ve been having a long recuperation period. But I can’t think of a better opportunity to get introduced to Stargate. As far as SGU goes, I agree that the transition to a new concept in the Stargate series was slow in that it showed the background of the personalities and how these people stuck on a ship somewhere out there, were evolving. But the trailers for the second half of the first season of SGU look really promising and exciting. I would say, stick with it.

    But I agree with you – SG! and SGA were quality shows with quality characters that are REALLY hard to get over. Both ended long before their time, especially SGA… and I really wonder what adventures the characters (in the shows) have gotten themselves into since the shows ended. I was laid up too and really had my head wrapped around everything “Stargate”, as well… hard to move on, forget the past characters and get into the new, I know.

    Wishing for better times for you.

  22. Too funny about the pig’s head.

    Cheers to all the vegetarians who say that they don’t eat anything with a face. Joe will not only eat EVERYTHING that has a face but then he will EAT THE FACE. So there!!

    If the head was deconstructed before it was brought to the table, I could probably do most of it (no ears pls) ……and if it didn’t have a name. Oh and if it didn’t come from a certain pig farm in B.C. (just sayin’ I was off my pork for awhile, but we’re not gonna go there).

    This post did answer my cheek debate from past posts though. face cheek or butt cheek.


  23. Hello Joe,

    Horses? My favorite animal. A horse-based episode? Joe, I would love you forever! The horses could communicate with our heroes via telepathy. Be sure to include the scene where the hero rides up at a gallop and makes the horse rear up. Or, hey, how about a pegasus? What pilot wouldn’t want to ride a flying horse??? 🙂

  24. Joey, dahling…with all those long, white Wraithy manes in Stargate Atlantis, I think you had all the horsey eps you could ever want! I mean, there’s a couple Wraith I wouldn’t mind saddlin’ up and ri…




  25. King Crab is one of my favorites, but I just like it plain. And yes, it does look like a replicator! Flooding in Perth looks pretty bad.

  26. the pig’s head dinner sounds interesting, and a lot more appetizing than chitlins. Looking forward on your report. I do know that if any place can make such an item delicious, Fuel/Re-fuel is that place.
    It would be great if you could work horses into a story. I’d be curious to see how the actors and actresases handle working around the animals. Horses have such varied personalities and temprements, and it’s a hoot watching when a rider and a horse are badly paired; i.e. scared rider and wickedly intellegent horse intent on humiliating the rider. Back in the 50s and 60s actors had to do their time in the saddle, whether for bit parts or as a steady role. recently heard dwight Shultz(aka Howling mad murdock) say he knew he would never be a star because he could never ride a horse with the conficdence and expertise that the top actors seemed to be able to muster. I wonder how this generation of actors would do. Doubly so since there would be more opportunity for both genders to go galloping along with a half ton of equine temprement to cope with.
    Anyways, thanks for the pics and reports. And have you by chance any idea of when you might do your road trip, and which part of the country/countries you may drive through? It’s start of the shrimp/chicken/pork/beef/oyster/unidenfitired food substances festivals in this neck of the country, so depending on the timing there could be some recommendations there. (there is nothing like a bunch of rednecks drikning beer and overstuffing themselves to have an..interesting tme. And I’ll have to catch up with the red cross to see if they need a pork-chop flipper this year. They didn’t get hold of me in time last year. Nothing like spending a spring evening turning over 2000 pork chops, 20 at a time). And if you don’t choose the east coast, I’m sure readers in other parts of the country would be glad to innundate you with options for their local specialties.
    Again, thanks for the work you put into this blog, and here’s hoping you have many more fappy food experiences this year.

  27. You mention horses, I must comment. Nothing beats a good-looking guy (SGU has many) on a great horse, so you need to fit it in somehow. If you need inspiration, I have a few horses that have quite the personalities and sometimes I believe they come from a different planet….

  28. So, Joe, you have discovered the ultimate way to defeat Replicators — just throw a good sauce on ’em and eat ’em!
    And who would ever have thought they would be so tasty? 😉

    Pig’s Head is something you have to eat to win The Amazing Race. Not something you choose to eat. And pig should always be eaten with BBQ sauce, unless it’s bacon.

  29. @DAS

    Sweetie! I saw this “title” and just thought of you!! 😀

    It was under new Pilot shows…

    TITLE: Todd & The Book of Pure Evil
    CHANNEL: Space
    STUDIO: Aircraft Pictures/Corvid Pictures/Frantic Films
    TEAM: Craig David Wallace (co-creator, writer, director & exec-producer), Anthony Leo (co-creator & exec-producer), Charles Picco (co-creator & writer), Jamie Brown (exec-producer), Andrew Rosen (exec-producer), shawn Watson (exec-producer), Garry Campbell (writer), James Dunnison (director), James Genn (director), David Winning (director)
    SYNOPSIS: When an evil book becomes loose at a high school, a teenage boy steps in to save the day. This supernatural comedy is based on the short film of the same title.
    CAST: Alex House (as teen metal-head, Todd), Maggie Castle (as Jenny, a no-nonsense kind of girl who Todd crushes on), Bill Turnbull (as Todd’s best friend, Curtis), Melanie Leishman (as reckless science nerd, Hannah), Chris Leavins (as the high school’s creepy guidance counselor, Atticus Murphy Jr.), Jason Mewes (as the high school’s janitor)

  30. Haha.

    I could totally see that. The SGU team discovers million year old horses in a stable while exploring the destiny. 😉

    Oh and a few questions.

    1. Is Rob directing Aftermath?

    2. Is Will directing Awakenings?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  31. Hey Joe,

    Making the rounds today is a memo written by David Mamet from when he was executive producer on “The Unit”, addressed to the writers on the show:

    Was just wondering if you had seen it, and had any thoughts.

    For everyone else here, it’s a good read if you are interested in how television is made (ditto if you watched “The Unit” at all). Note: the language is a little colorful at times.

  32. @ Ganymede – LOLOL! 😆 LOVE it! 😀 Hmmm…I wonder if Todd would let me borrow it? Then I can send it off to Ashleigh… 😈

    @ Tammy Dixon – RE: NCIS – Funny…I can’t remember any hints about Tony and Ziva (Gibbs and Director Shepard in Paris – yeeees ), but sometimes I have to watch an ep a couple times before I catch everything. I know early on there was a hint that Abby and McGeek bumped uglies in her coffin-bed one night, but – again – it was just a hint, and no proof that anything actually happened. I like it that way – I prefer the hints and innuendo, I like the guessing game, and it makes the show all the more entertaining because the characters squirm a bit whenever the subject of intimacy comes up.

    And speaking of NCIS – USA is having another marathon today! I love this channel! 😀

    @ Joe – A few quick questions:

    1. Did you ever check out that cheeseburger site? If not, you gotta!

    2. How’s the aches and pains today?? I’ve noticed that you didn’t start complaining about pain until you amped up your workout. Have you taken it down a notch, just to see if that helps?

    3. How’s mom and sis?

    4. How’s Carl?

    5. Refresh my memory – what are the flavors you do NOT like? I know mint is one, and I thought maybe lime/citrus…but I’m drawing a blank on the rest.

    6. A loooooong time ago I asked if you would share your baby/childhood pics with us…any chance of seeing one or two anytime soon?

    7. Do you like the smell of puppy feet?

    That’s it for now. Hope you’re having a good day!


  33. Joe, I feel compelled to point out (I don’t know why) that you have only done 1 mailbag this month. As you would say, “tisk, tisk”.

  34. Das: check out NCIS “Jet Lag” (January 26, 2010 episode). I’m sure you can download the episode but I don’t have a link for it. (sorry)

  35. @ Tammy Dixon – Oh, I remember that one…I just took it as their usual ‘flirting’…but maybe it was something more. I need to watch it again! 😀


  36. Okay, the crab thing is just creepy. Food should not be posed.
    Yeah, I think you could work horses into SGU. We haven’t had an alien-induced dream sequence/hallucination/acid trip episode yet, they can accommodate pretty much anything. Go for it!

  37. are you guys ever looking for suggestions for the show?

    yeah it’s a real e-mail btw.

  38. Who was cast as Ginn? Is it Julie McNiven? I hope so she was great as Anna in Supernatural.

  39. @Joan001

    Thank you so much for your well wishes. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who decides to spend their forced bed rest with Stargate! It’s silly really, but true…very difficult to let go. I’m really, really hoping for the movies, especially SGA. Although my expectations for SGU aren’t real high at this point, I will watch it. I know it took some time for SG1 to find their “way” so maybe there’s still hope for SGU. But honestly, they need to do away with those stupid communication stones!

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