BEST – CAST DINNER – EVER!  And I’m not just saying that because I ended up sitting at a table with Alaina Huffman, Elyse Levesque, Jennifer Spence, and Julia Benson.

Okay – maybe that had a lot to do with it.   They were lovely company and, as an added bonus, were completely stuffed after the pasta course, leaving me to tackle the entire pork platter all by my lonesome.

Elyse Levesque (Chloe), Jamil Walker Smith (Greer), and Patrick Gilmore (Volker) – best of buddies?
Director Will Waring says: “Hey, it’s Carl Binder!”
Brian J. Smith (Scott) and Patrick Gilmore (Volker).
Louis Ferreira (Young) and Rob Cooper (creator, writer, director, exec producer)
The waiter came by and offered us some veal appies. “You mean veal tongue,”I said. Yes, indeedy. Veal tongue. And delicious.
Kaleena Kiff (co-creator of Riese).
The always awesome Alaina Huffman (Tamara).
The sablefish – which Brad likened to butter.
Julia Benson (James).
Saffron risotto. Carl's favorite!
Our main course: the porchetta.
Jennifer Spence (Park)
Elyse Levesque (Chloe).
Michelle Mullie, Paul Mullie, and Carl Binder.
Michelle enjoys the vino while Paul feels a migraine coming on.
Jen Spence wonders where the hell dessert is.
Oh, there it is. As usual, these desserts are served with never-quite-enough ice cream and/or cream. In the case of our table, it was cream but in the case of the other tables, it was ice cream - which, quite frankly, I would've preferred. What gives?
Brian J. Smith says: "Good night."

And finally – Hey!  The new network trailer for the back half of SGU’s first season is up at SyFy.  Head on over to the SyFy website to see out and check out the other goodies (–stargate-universe/v1206467#self) or scroll down to the bottom of this blog’s right sidebar.

MGM studio trailer to follow.

Tomorrow will be your last day to get your questions in for Cherie Priest!  Post ’em if you got ’em.

Today’s entry is dedicated to our friend and blog regular MaggieMayDay.

58 thoughts on “March 4, 2010: The Stargate: Universe Cast Dinner at La Quercia! Check out the new network SGU 1.5 trailer!

  1. Thanks for the trailer and the pictures. Looking forward to the SGU premiere next month.

  2. Did you get that email from me with the story/plot line?

    [Hey, Ian. Unfortunately, I’m unable to read unsolicited submissions. Sorry.


  3. Thanks soooo much for the pictures and the trailer. I can’t wait til April when the back half comes on!!!

  4. My goodness, director Will Waring is a handsome man! I’ve always enjoyed watching him on the DVD’s special Director’s featurettes.

  5. WOW!!! Nice picture of Alaina Huffman. I didn’t realize who the hot blonde was until I scrolled down and saw her name.

  6. Wonderful pictures Joe, thanks. Great to see everyone (minus David Blue and Ming Na wherever they are) back together. Wonderful pics of the food too. Thanks so much for the trailer post. Am soooo excited!!!!!

  7. Thank you so much for the pictures! Brian looks Great! Everybody else does too, but he really looks great!
    You made my day, week, no month!
    He does need a haircut though!

  8. DUDE THAT FRACKING TRAILER KICKED A**!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Freaking balls!!!!!! That looks soooooooooooo flipping cool. I just wish all the sgu doubters could see this!!!!!!!!! Omg. Why can it be freaking April yet????????????????

  9. Nice pics (aside from Jen Spence whose photos seems mysteriously dark; is she hiding?).

    Joe, the BC Film Commission website is listing Robert Carlyle as directing SGU. Is he directing an episode and if so, which is it? (and the big question if he is: will it all be improv?)

  10. Cool pix, Thanks Joe. Our dinner the other was a blast but I think your cast party kinda blows ours out of the water. We had a great time Tuesday night, Sheryl, Deni and Deni’s daughter Lauren are a lot of fun to be around. It just amazes how your blog has brought so many people together in so many ways. I have pics but I gotta get permission to post them. I think they all came out great!

    Looking forward to SGU.

  11. I loved the trailer. Now I’m feeling the effects of the Inverse Time Law: The fewer days left until April 2, the longer the apparent length of the day.

  12. It’s like all the men grew out their hair during the hiatus!

    The trailer is A-A-A-W-E—–S-O-M-E. Michael Shanks? Wait–was that a female wraith? Rush kissing someone? What in the world are Volker and Brody up to?

    I’m hyperventilating.

    BTW missed posting on the last few blogs–

    Huge welcome to Remi (love your work on Caprica and 24) and Linda (loved Chicago Hope). Fantastic additions to Season 2. Definitely agree with the sentiments of adding a woman to the writing staff. It can only make things even better.

    @aveddy: My sympathies about Simon.

  13. Hey Joe

    You know, I’ve ate a pretty wide range of things over my life. Including Hagis, steak & kidney pie, snails, oysters as well as a host of critters that roam, crawl, swim or slither around Africa and North America. But for all that, I just can’t put something in my mouth that was in something elses mouth. Yes, I’m talking about tongue… I just can’t do it. You’re a better man than me, Joe, a better man.


  14. Louis looking GooooD!!!!

    BTW…do you know if SPACE is going to starting back up at the same time as Syfy!!

  15. AWEsome….Great Trailer and great to see the SGU Team together to start more episodes. Someone round up David Blue and Ming Na please. Who else is missing from the photo ops?

    4MaggieMayDay – sorry to hear the news. Thanks for sharing with us.

  16. OMG the HAIR!!!

    And by the way, Paul Mullie has the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen. I’ve been meaning to say that for years.

  17. bummer, and nice pics and the second half looks amazing.

    And by unsolicited submissions, do you mean to your email, or unsolicited by MGM/Stargate peoples?

  18. All those ladies??! Joe, I think you went straight from ‘international playboy’ to ‘man-ho’. 😉

    Good-looking bunch of folks – and food – and good to see Brian all smiles! 🙂 One thing about Brian though (and Brian – if you’re reading this – PLEASE – take it as a compliment)…

    For some reason, he reminds me of Jeff, from Coupling…and I LOVED Jeff:

    Maybe it’s the hair…



  19. Just curious, what kind of camera did you use to take this shots? The close-ups are pretty good. Specifically how many mega-pixels?

  20. All I see is a black square…..they must be blocking folks from overseas from seeing it, but if it was the video the awesome Carl Binder sent around this morning then wow!! I wanna know who Rush was kissing. Lots to see in that promo. I watched it over and over and over and…..well I had to go to work then.

    Cheers, Chev

  21. not fair. I was just saying to Das earlier this evening that I wasn’t going to be continuing on. SGU just wasn’t me (too much drama) and I had held on to the mid-season break and was done. Now you guys throw in Shanks as well as give a bit more action?!
    I’m so torn and yet how can I miss Shanks? argh!

  22. Yay. Same week as Doctor Who comes back in the UK (assuming Sky plays it a few days later). Looks like a good scifi week!

  23. Hey Joe,

    You are the ♥❀KING♥❀ of show-n-tell. Hard to top this one. Smith, Gilmore and Carl…OMG I am in heaven. Loving the longer hair. I hope the Destiny doesn’t get a hair stylist. No cutting hair.

    What a fun party…and yes, your dinner companions would definitely influence your enjoyment of the evening. I know who I would choose for my table. I just want to know who put them at YOURS. Who else was at your table?

    Ha, thanks for the treat. Love the trailer too. Wow, are we in for a ride. Can’t wait. How many days is it? Daaayymmmnn I need a calendar.

    Best to you Joe,
    Cheryl 🙂

    Oh, news of the blog is all over Twitter. So very cool.

  24. I’ve been giving your future career options some consideration and come up with a few occupations for you to consider:

    Professional Pet Photographer: Lots of practice here

    Professional Pet sitter and Dog Walker: lots of need in your area it seems from your difficulty to find someone

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    Restaurant Menu Advisor: You can go to a place, eat the entire menu, then advise them what works and what doesn’t. Then you can advise them which offerings to drop, and what they could add to make it appeal to more diners.

    Travel Guide Writer: Zagats? Fodors? Forget them. It is now the Mallozzi that people will want. You can call it the Mallozzi guide to Vancouver’s best places to eat and play. Then you can go to other cities, like Montreal, Tokoyo, New York. Blog readers can invite you to their city, and even take us with you to give our opinion of our city. I will put it an invitation to my city!

    TV critic: you can watch TV all day/night and then write your opinions of what is good to see/not see. I am sure your articles would be syndicated right away!

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    Professional Blog Writer: You can start charging subscription fees for your readers, and keep on entertaining us daily like you are doing now! I am sure everybody would be willing to pitch in a dollar or two.

    As you can see, you have many options, should you choose to take your career in another direction in the future. I hope you get to continue in your present capacity for many more years.

  25. Hello sir, you don’t know me, but I have admired your work with Stargate and its many fans.

    I’m new to this blog and it would be an honor to be accepted amongst the “blog regulars”, as you refer to them. At least, I think I’m new; I have vague memories of posting comments here, but either that was a loooong time ago and I just finished a long leave of absence, or it was one of my many, many delusions. It’s probably the latter.

    Anyways, I should probably start by complimenting you all on the ultra-exciting trailer for the back half of Season 1! So many shots, and our first space battle!! I can’t wait!! 😀

    It would also be wise to congratulate you on your wonderful time at the cast party, and your supreme luck at finding yourself seated beside such lovely ladies! You must have worn a smile on your face the whole night long!

    I think I am supposed to talk about my personal adventures next. Ok then. I visited CalTech a week ago and it was a blast! We drove from Vancouver on LA while following the Pacific shoreline on highways 101 and 1. It offered helluva view, especially near San Francisco where we were basically driving along the side of a cliff that dipped into the ocean right below us. It was very exciting!

    CalTech itself was tiny! But then, that was its charm. The professors there were all incredibly cool and hilarious and brilliant, and the fellow prospective grad students I met were all very nice. I think, for all intents and purposes, that that is where I will end up come September!

    Unfortunately, I caught a cold on the way back and have been pretty miserable since Sunday; I also missed Canada’s big gold medal haul in the Olympics in the last days of the Games, so that was disappointing. Still, it was a proud moment finding out that we beat the US hockey team and ended up getting more Gold medals than any other nation in the history of the Winter Olympics! Woohoo!!! GO CANADA GO!!

    That’s all for now. I hope that I’ve made a good first impression.

  26. @Maggiemayday: So very sorry to hear the terrible news. Please pass along my condolences to your family. May your solace come from heaven.

    @Tammy, Das, Narelle: You’re all too sweet, will let you know how it all goes. Summer (aka Dinky and/or Piggie) thanks you as well, but told me to tell you she would prefer your good wishes in the way of treats 😉

    @Kabra: Just don’t post that last one and we’ll be ok 🙂

    @ladyhgiggle: I’m with you, can’t miss The Shanks, so I’m in as well. Damn.

    Sheryl and I are going to the Vulcan convention in Tampa JUST to see my Daniel at the end of April. No excitement going on here, really.

    @Joe: Hi!

  27. Hello Joseph!!! =P

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh !! Super trailer!! ça donne vraiment envi de regarder cette dexième partie!! Vivement le 2 Avril!!!

    Merci pour toutes ces photos 🙂 ça fait plaisir de revoir le cast de SGU !!

    Gros gros bisou!

  28. @jason96706

    Mr M took the above pics with his Canon SD1200 IS digital camera with 10.3 MP and maximum image resolution of 3648 x 2736 pixels. The camera was introduce on April 2009, so is started to get dated. It’s available on Amazon America for $149.

  29. Ian Z said:
    And by unsolicited submissions, do you mean to your email, or unsolicited by MGM/Stargate peoples?

    He means to ANYONE involved in writing or producing the series. It has to do with intellectual-property rights. If Joe read Freddie Fan’s idea and then wrote something similar for the series, Freddie Fan might sue Joe, MGM, et al., seeking compensation. Better to avoid the problem altogether.

    Just one of those trade secrets like “name clearance” and “practical effects”. 🙂

  30. Dessert looks a little burnt.. tsk tsk…

    Alaina is sooo beautiful .. she reminds me of Charlize Theron!

  31. Sorry for double posting but these old eyes didn’t see the link to the SGU trailer!

    Wow!! Can’t wait till it starts again… (wonder who Rush was kissing – it looked like…………..can’t be…….)

  32. Joe forget Paul, you should bring Michelle on as your writing partner, she has way more fun!

  33. Thoughts on pics posted:

    1) Louis’ hair has grown wild. I guess they don’t have a barber shop on Destiny. LOL

    2) First time I’ve seen Brian J. in a suit and tie. Looks good on him.

    3) Jennifer Spence didn’t smile in either photo she was in. Either she doesn’t like having her picture taken or the food wasn’t agreeing with her. LOL.

    Carl posted that trailer on Twitter previous to you blog posting so I had seen it already by the time I read this. Still very cool. Looks like there is some very interesting stuff coming up for TJ and Rush.

  34. Saw the trailer – WOW! Looking forward to seeing Michael Shanks – I’m really not done with SG1 or SGA. The second half of SGU looks great and I am so looking forward to seeing it and seeing how all of the actors and storyline develops – not just the actors that I know & love – although more of them would be a gift.

    I know it’s too late now (or maybe not – what do I know..), but would it have been so hard to do if the originals had somehow morphed onto an alien ship… etc… and SG1 / SGA had become part of a new adventure…? The characters could have continued developing in new and uncharted circumstances…

  35. AAAHHHAHAHAHAHA! I didn’t even recognize Louis – a.k.a Young – with the hair! (I’m laughing at myself for being so daft – not at Louis.)

    Heya, ladyhgiggle! Good to see you haven’t forgotten Joey. You have to at least watch the first ep after the break – I think that one’s Mallozzi’s. Gotta at least give him a chance…just to see if he can outdo Alan…

    I KNOW, Joe…I know … 😉 It’s amazing that you keep me around. Heh. I think you do it just to see how much of an idiot I can make of myself on any given day. 😛

    And since my niece (the above-mentioned ladyhgiggle) said it was okay, just wanted to give an update (some already knew about this): About two weeks ago my brother (giggle’s pop) had heart by-pass surgery and started dialysis. He’s doing GREAT! Quadruple bypass went off without a hitch, and he’s responding well (so far) to the dialysis. I didn’t want to say anything before because…well… it was a bit too close to the heart, and I’ve shared enough of my bloggy drama here (ironic for someone who hates drama…BUT there’s a big difference between ‘my cat died and now I’ve got the flu’ and ‘Mary Jane stole my boyfriend, the biatch!’ …. right?? RIGHT??!

    Geez… I hope so…otherwise I’m the biggest hypocrite on the planet. 😛

    Ya know…I should just keep mum about all things Universe and stick to my impassioned opinions on the now-irrelevant, yet still stunningly beautiful Wraith. We’ll all be much happier that way. 🙂


  36. Here’s a non SGU related question. We are coming up to Vancouver (North Vancouver to be specific) to run a 25K trail race at Lynn Canyon Park weekend after next. After I run for four hours or so, I like to replenish myself with some pancakes, bacon and eggs, but really mostly it’s about the pancakes. Mmmmm….pancakes….

    I was checking out your places to eat in Vancouver list, and I didn’t see a breakfast type place, so I was wondering if you have a recommendation. The race starts late and I’ll probably finish mid-afternoon, so if you know of a place that serves breakfast all day, I’d love to hear about it.

    Thank you for any help you can provide.

    P.S. I am working at fullfilling my dream of being Gary Jones (see post), so if you are hiring… ; )

  37. @maggiemayday — Thoughts and prayers to your family. So sorry.

    @malibunextyear — Brian did look very handsome! You taught him well.

    Joe – Between the glimpses you have given us and that trailer, I am looking forward to April now!

    I just want to hate Alaina, but she seems like such a nice person, I find it impossible. Look at her — she just recently had a baby, and she looks even better!

    So, Joe, did you eat the entire pork platter? Were the ladies impressed? 😉

  38. So strange to see Brian and Louis (who I wouldn’t have recognized without the caption) with hair!

  39. Like most of the other bloggers here, I would not have recognised our boys if you had not had captions. WOW! Having been in the military in my younger years, it never really occured to me how much longer hair changes your appearance.

    Very much looking forward to the back half… getting more and more excited. And as I am wont to say from time to time: This could get interesting! 😀

  40. Thanks for all the info, Joe.

    It’s put up or shut time for me as far as writing goes. Oh, look, it’s time to make dinner. Well, after dinner is put up or shut up time.

    @das – Those by-pass surgeries are amazing. You don’t realize how sick someone was until you see them right after that surgery, but somehow looking healthier than before they had their chest cracked.

  41. A trailer and a fabulous party. Yay!

    And Mmmm. Shanks.

    Thanks everyone. I hated to be a downer, but I share because well, I want everyone to realize this is a one way trip and far too short for some. You have to open your eyes and heart and have a look at the world! I love this blog because it is full of life and joy, not just you, Joe, all the regulars. I do have a happy and full life too, and I want us all to grab on and enjoy what comes our way. And if it isn’t coming your way, folks, get off your duff and go find it. Whatever it is. And tell folks you love them, because what is life without each other?

    Sorry, a little overwrought these days, huh?

  42. Hi Joe

    Thanks for the heads up on the trailer. I know we’ve all had a great time with your generosity in discussing the show through the questions you’ve welcomed and fielded, but to see the new material, albeit briefly – there’s the electricity. You guys must get such a buzz!

    I read a lot in so many places about whether it’ll be good enough, blah. *shakes head* – Of course it B****y is! And, more than we realise. I’m looking forward to be entertained, lower the lights, pass the popcorn..

    So, I love reading. I’d love to read SGU scripts, as opposed to transcripts on websites. How might that be possible?

    Thanks to all you writers for the show.


  43. G’day Joe

    Great pics of the cast and Carl and Will. I am the opposite to most on the blog, in the fact that I hate men with long hair (except Wraith), Louis get a get cut!!

    Totally awesome video – Shanks!!

  44. The actors have hair. Who knew? Just kidding. Glad you had captions on the guys.

    Can’t wait for the second part of the season.

  45. Hi, Joe.

    Ooops, my bad. I meant to leave a note yesterday to thank you for posting the awesome photos of the SGU Cast Dinner, and had another senior moment, and forgot at the time.

    The Syfy video clip is also awesome. Looking forward to the return of new episodes on April 2.

    Best wishes to your Mom, and of course, to everyone at Bridge Studios.

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