First off, thanks to everyone who chipped and helped clean up.  To those of your regulars and semi-regulars I didn’t name, I limited myself to those who had posted in the last two days figuring they’d be in the neighborhood.  Don’t feel left out because the floors will need a fresh buff before Tuesday morning.  Again, thanks.  The house is spotless.  Now, if someone can just tell me where you guys put Lulu and the silverware…

Well, it seems that on-again/off-again comic book series is back on again.  Between now and Monday, I need to put deliver a breakdown of the first four issue story arc.

Oh, in case you missed the opening ceremonies of the Olympics – like I did – here’s a link to the highlight:  Meanwhile, amid the sea of rah-rah-rah press, comes this refreshing look at the games by The Guardian’s Douglass Haddow:

I realized that in posting pics of some of my recent meals, I forgot to upload pics of a wonderful dinner I enjoyed at one of my favorite casual restaurants in Vancouver: Peaceful Restaurant.  On the night we visited, the name of the restaurant felt like bit of a misnomer given that a shouting match in the open kitchen resulted in one of the cooks being reduced to tears, but that did little to detract from our visit.  Peaceful specializes in the cuisine of Northern China so the food here tends to be heartier than its southern counterpart.  Noodles, steamed buns, pork, and lamb take center stage, and the dishes are boldly spiced.

The Peaceful Beef Roll: Five-spiced beef rolled in crispy green onion flatbread and hoisin sauce.

Xing-Jian Cumin Lamb: Stir-fried with hot peppers, crushed cumin, and chili flakes.

Northern Curry Noodles: Shredded pork and veggies stir-fried with spicy curry noodles.

Xiao-Long Bao: Steamed buns stuffed with minced pork, ginger, and a savory sauce.

If you’re in the Vancouver area and looking for a terrific low-budget meal, head on over:

63 thoughts on “February 13, 2010: Thanks! Vancouver can’t get it up! Another Olympic Update! Peaceful Restaurant!

  1. Lulu? Nope, haven’t seen her. My purse? Why is my purse moving? Uhhhh, no reason. (edging toward the doorway….) 😉

    So where are you taking all of us worker bees for our thank you dinner? The (not so) Peaceful Restaurant sounds fine to me, maybe you have discovered Vancouver’s version of Gordon Ramsay.

    Good luck on the story arc for the comic book – you should have plenty of time NOT watching the Olympics! Chop chop!


  2. So, I take it you are opposed to the games? I guess that would be the understatement of the year. 🙂

    Joe, What is the difference between a Grip and a Key Grip and what exactly do they do?

    Since neither you or Paul Mullie seem to draw or paint, how did you set up the graphic part of the comic book?

    Do you have anyone short listed for the new villain in season 2?

    When you first started out as a pro-writer, how did you find your agent?


  3. Well, our company came and went, and we all had a delightful evening. That is, after Mr. Noelm practically broke his back shoveling our roof to mitigate all the water streaming down the walls.

    Hope your company enjoys your freshly cleaned home!

    I know I SHOULD watch the Olympics. But really, I just want to watch SGU and Burn Notice. Is it April yet?

  4. Oooo…that lamb sounds delish!! Send me some! 😀

    Gotta make this quick – reading comics (maybe someday even yours!)…but I had to share this with you Joe – please watch, and admire the dedication of German Wraith fans (their costumes are quite good!):

    Some others on there – they really did have a lot of fun – gave me a chuckle or two! 🙂


  5. I’m not into green onion anything, but that Peaceful Beef Roll really does look scrumptious.

    Hopefully I’ll make it over to Vancouver sometime soon. *crosses fingers* And if I do, I think I’ll need to save up food money and not just air fare. o_O

  6. hey joe,

    So I was watching Samantha Brown between the olympics and she went to the restaurant C. Have you been there? I was hoping that she would go somewhere like Fuel.

    Also, do you happen to know if there will be the usual season box sets as well as the half season ones? You could have the second half with a space to put the first half in 😛

    Anyway, hope you are having a somewhat peaceful time with all the olympic crazyness going on.


  7. You forgot to dust behind the pictures during your “Winter Cleaning”. I took care of that for you.

  8. Now that y’all have finished at Joe’s, would some of you please stop by here?

    I’m going to bed for six hours, would appreciate it if my suitcase and carryon were packed. Clothes are laid out in guest room, packing list is on bedside table.


  9. PG15 sold Lulu for soap. As for the silverware, well, it walked out the door. You didn’t have assign anyone to polish the silverware and it was kind of tarnished, so we got rid of it. Sorry.

  10. Hi Joe:

    Looks like you forgot about assigning a security position to someone. Our debonair dentist, Shirt ‘n Tie, would have been a great choice. He has the weapons at hand to take care of would-be light fingered workers. Getting them to open their mouths while he sorts them out might be a tad challenging, however.


  11. Don’t worry Joe, Lulu’s up-province enjoying the farm.

    Let’s see here; the buyer left me a receipt. The farm’s name is Peaceful Farm. Hmmm…looks like they crossed out the real 2nd word and put “farm” there instead. Weird. Meh, I doubt it’s anything malicious.

    Anyways, with Lulu there, I don’t think it’s going to be very peaceful anymore! Haha.

    I’ve seen enough of the “can’t get it up” joke to last me a lifetime, thanks to Twitter. That was embarrassing. Oh well, at least the 3-armed torch still looked nice; kind of a weird post-modern asymmetric statue thing.

    Here’s a funny(?) story: I’ve been having Internet problems for the last week or so. I use wireless Internet so I was wondering if my router or the “receiver” in my computer was broken. For hours on end my Internet would stop working, then start, then stop, and so on. It was frustrating.

    I finally had enough of it tonight and demanded it to be fixed. My parents gave me a modem (or something) so I can have my own network in my room. That didn’t work. They talked about getting a new router, or drilling holes into my room so that there can be a direct connection (I live on the 2nd floor, the router is on the 1st).

    Well, guess what the problem was? Turns out, there was a metal plated mirror and a bunch of other wires basically covering the router. That was enough to interfere with my Internet signal! That’s it! The cause of my frustration was a foolish misplacement of wires and metal!

    Oh Physics, you and your easily-overlooked details.

  12. Hey, Joe

    I see you didn’t upload a pic of the pizza success, and so I assume no one left even a slice for you as they sauntered out the door. You grabbed the ice cream, then?

    How do SGU story arcs in other media, like comic books, animation, etc, fit with those of the developing TV series which you are now plotting into Season 2?

    Given the variety of story/arc opportunities, I do so want to pitch. I’ve the title, concept and key character roles figured for a trading opportunity that splits the adrift crew…Where do I email?


  13. Hmm. Those buns in the bottom pic actually look pretty good. There should be a way to click on pictures on the internet and magically have things appear on your desk.

  14. Mmmmm. The food looks great at Peaceful!

    Also, you just really don’t like the Olympics? Or you really don’t like them in your town?lol

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Joe! Although my friends and I are celebrating Anti-Valentine’s Day. Not out of hatred for the holiday (ok, not on my part, anyway). We’re merely celebrating as strong, independent women…who have no time to date. 😉

  15. Hi Joseph!

    ça va today?? Oui moi j’ai regardé la cérémonie hier matin, elle était rediffusé sur une des chaines nationale. Je trouve que c’était superbe et ils ont beaucoup parlés français 🙂 c’est mieux pour comprendre^^! En plus on eu une médaille hier 😛 ….les US sont déjà à 4 O_O!!

    Merci de nous faire partager ces photos 🙂

    Bonne semaine et gros bisous!

  16. @ZeroPointBatteries

    SGU box sets? No such thing. You are getting a demi season (SGU 1.0) in one regular size perforated case with 3 DVD discs inside. Be very careful opening case and handling DVD discs since the whole contraption is quite flimsy. Have the same type of crappy DVD case foe Castle season one. Verify by inspecting newly displayed SGU 1.0 DVDs at downtown video store after dentist’s appointment.

    There probably will not be any more box sets issued by any of the major Entertainment companies.

    Be thankful it’s not 6 DVD discs jammed into one regular size case like Bones season 4 also with perforations. Notice much of the recent DVDs and Blu-Rays uses this type of flimsy and self-destructing case. Have to look up a case supplier with sturdier non-perforated units when the current manufacture supplied cases bites the dust.

  17. @pg 15:gotta love farraday cages.

    Heard about the lighting mishap but didn’t realize people were making getting it up jokes over it. Maybe the olympic committee can get Cialis or Viagra on as last minute advertisers to offset some of the financial loss.
    Comic book on is a good thing. Hopefully you’ll get your shot, and we’ll get to have a new way to harrass you here as we critique it. That brings to mind a quesiton though. You’ve indicated that after Universe, you’re leaving the franchise, even if it continues. What about Mr. Mullie? Assuming the franchise has a fourth incarnation, would he elect to stay with the show, venture off with you, go his own way, or combine working on the show and maintaining some sort of working relationship with you?
    Anyways, thanks for the daily dose, glad to see all the others were as dedicated to their work as I was(no, I did NOT fall asleep in one of those chairs, I was testing them for comfort), and wish you a good remainder of the weekend, with or without Olympic encroachment.

  18. Hey Joe. How come you were not on that vacation/tourism promo for British Columbia? You would be a perfect spokesperson. You could tell them about all the fine cuisines in Vancouver.

  19. Hi Mr M!

    @DP : You know me too well! I did indeed sneak off for a snooze….that’s what happens when you have a 3 week old girl!! But many thanks for not waking me…unlike the others!! (*points finger at Arctic Goddess!*)

    @Arctic Goddess: Yes, security Detail is a lofty position I aspire to….and Martin Gero gave me his Tazer, so I am all set !

    By the way….what did Carl get detail wise??

    Best to all


  20. Lulu took the silverware and booted! She’s taken off to see Brie and needed something to hock for train tickets.

    I saw her as I was drin — alphapet—alphabret– oh bugger it I was too pissed.

  21. The Olympics, World Cup, etc. ect. are what we do instead of having world wars yes the military industrial complex does not make money but the construction companies etc. do & ALMOST nobody dies except for the recent bobsleigh accidents.

    Cynical I know but least I do believe man landed on the moon!


  22. Happy Valentine’s Day Joe! Never thought I’d hear myself say this, but ‘house-cleaning’ was fun yesterday. Thanks. 🙂

    Well. I didn’t watch the Opening Ceremonies, and I didn’t watch the games last night, either. I did watch the premiere of “Surivors” on BBCAmerica. Did anyone else watch? What did you think? I know that the sound of flocks of birds in the background of many scenes was to emphasize how quiet things are in the aftermath of the flu pandemic, but after a while I started to worry that something horribly Hitchcock-like was about to happen. “Birds! Run!”

    In spite of a rather depressing premise, I have the show on my DVR list for now, because the idea of how a handful of survivors…er…survives this is interesting. We’ll see.

  23. Hey Joe,

    Hope all is well.

    I was under the impression that SyFy was splitting the costs for the SGA movie. Reruns of SGA still are doing well on SyFy, and I think an exclusive movie would attract at least 2 Million viewers easily. Which would mean profit for SyFy.

    If this was the case, wouldn’t the SGA movie have a better shot to get the greenlighted than the SG-1 movie? Doesn’t SyFy and MGM have a contract that they agreed to last year for this movie? Wouldn’t it be a breach if it didn’t happen? Then again maybe if MGM goes bankrupt that likely nullifies any contracts.



  24. Hello Joe,

    You know, as much as I love the winter games, I am very upset with the TV coverage. Does anyone else feel like broadcasters are trying to belittle this event?

    First they go and call the athlete who died in the training run inexperienced. If you are good enough to make it to the Olympics you are not only experienced, you are among the best in the world. Georgia should be very honored that one of their athletes gave their life to defend the country’s national pride.

    Also, I am getting sick of repeatedly hearing about a technical glitch in the opening ceremony. If broadcasters hadn’t said anything, I wouldn’t have noticed.

    It’s like the network is taking advantage of these stories in order to get people to watch. I don’t know if the same network has broadcasting rights in Canada, but here the late night fiasco killed the ratings.

    Back to the opening ceremony, my parents came over to watch Apolo Ohno win last night, and all they could talk about is how China did it better. Personally, I enjoyed the opening ceremony. I liked the tribes welcomed the athletes, I also thought the wire work and that 3D floor were impressive.

    I still say you should take your guest to one of the events. It would be the chance of a lifetime, but I can understand your frustration with the games as well. All the additional crowds, extra garbage, extra security, extra people creating a wait at restaurants… (sorry…)

    I hope things aren’t too disruptive.

    By the way, how is your mom doing? I hope she is still doing well. Is Brie getting settled in her new home?

    Best wishes,

  25. Oh Shawna, I’m with you. I want interactive internet so we can all enjoy some of the foods photographed from Joe’s meals. Oh and wouldn’t we all want to click and enjoy the chocolates from Joe’s annual event.

    Hey Joe, when are you planning this year’s choco overload? I was thinking of having a mini-event (as in just for me!!!!!)

    Glad to hear that the comic book is on again. But don’t you hate the hurry up- wait – crazy hurry up of life? Good thing you are on Olympic break so you can get those arcs written my Monday.

    Do we have to lock you into your office to ensure they are completed ?

  26. Also, just to clarify: I know Georgia is honored, I am simply stating that the TV coverage is somewhat inappropriate.

  27. Joe come on, did you even read that article from the Guardian??

    “Vancouver looks more like post-war Berlin than an Olympic wonderland.” – Are you kidding? That is the most absurd comparison I have ever heard.
    “al-Qaida are set to descend from the slopes on C2-strapped snowboards.” – Did he not have 30 seconds to Google search C4 explosives?
    “Whole sections of the city are off-limits, scores of roads have been shut down, small businesses have been told to close shop and citizens have been instructed to either leave the city or stay indoors to make way for the projected influx of 300,000 visitors.” – Not a single word of this is the truth, Olympic venues are locked down, a few small businesses have experienced problems, but VANOC has done their best to accomodate them. And not a single time have they told people to close shops, leave the city or stay inside.

  28. Hello Joe,

    Were those plates for the whole table??? That looks like a lot of food for one person. Did you eat it all by yourself? 🙂

  29. for some reason I tought the olympic were over, not starting. It’s coming to Québec in a few years, that is if my mom information is right.
    My second day today!!!!!

  30. Bryan M. White: I enjoyed the opening ceremony as well. I loved the 3-D projections. The only glitch I saw was at the end and it still looked amazing.
    Yes, I also felt the TV coverage for the deceased athlete has been inappropriate. The “Press” has become a business with its own agenda.
    As for all the comments from other athletes, you see that kind of rationalization all the time with other kinds of tragedy. They try to put the blame on the person, because others don’t want to believe it could happen to them. I feel bad for Nodar Kumaritashvili’s parents/friends. Twenty one is so young.

    It’s fun to watch from a distance but I wouldn’t want to live in a city that host the Olympics! Elvis birth/death week is bad enough for Memphians!!!!

  31. @Montrealer: Star Trek DS9, another one that the cases completely fell apart in no time. Cheap plastic crap, and these seasons (at the time) were over $100 each! There is basically nothing left of the cases – first it was the front cover literally falling off, then the sides, then came the cuts on my hands from the platic edges. Arrgghh.

  32. Happy Valentines day to all who are happily single. Its liberating to look around and see all those stressing out at whether their gift will be good enough and have they got the right card. I bought myself a lovely bunch of roses which I love myself for and allowed myself a lazy day reading my book and watching Babylon 5 reruns. No expectations to fall short of and no disappointment 😉 It doesn’t get better than this guys:)

  33. I want to say that even if there are Canadians who didn’t want the Olympics, I thought the opening ceremonies were fantastic. It made me want to be a Canadian (more than I already do). It have me goosebumps and chills. Loved the whales in the world and learning about the original tribes of Canada. I loved that four people, especially of the paralympians, lit the indoor torch together. Just loved that.

    There were 1 spot on Friday night’s coverage that was truly funny: There was an interview with 3 young ladies from the US snowboarding team. They were trying to keep the interviewer and the 3 ladies in the shot and to do that, the rather large interviewer had to get closer. Well, the youngest girl of the bunch as she was talking and moving her left arm was rubbing up and hitting the private area of the interviewer. His face was saying it all (don’t let this happen), his body was responding as it naturally would. LOL. I was rolling on the bed laughing.

    I also got to see the wonderful BC tourism commercial and it included the place I would like to stay on my next time in town in Tofino — The Wickaninnish Inn. I marked the time stamp so I could show my husband the next morning.

    Then last night, they were focusing in on of the speed skaters and caught him mouthing the “F” word. I find these moments much funnier than a technology glitch.

    I also saw, however, on our local news about the violence protest that broke out. What were these violent protesters speaking out about: Poverty. Are these the same people that follow in the anti fois gras circles?

    I agree that “athlete error” is a cop-out. This doesn’t reflect on Vancouver at all, I think it is more the idiocracy of the bureaucracy — the IOC. Obviously if the track wasn’t an issue, they wouldn’t have made modifications.

    Oh speaking of modifications, one of the American luge team members said something that I found funny, too. He was speaking about having to start now at the ladies area and how much easier it is. (Yeah, the ladies must have loved hearing that comment). He ended the interview by saying that now the course was much more boring. Apparently he loved the danger of the course that took this athlete’s life. Adrenaline junky, self-absorbed American, or just lacking brain cells? I suspect all three.

  34. So I went back to work three weeks ago (after being a stay at home mom… economy required me to head back to the officer) – and I haven’t been good with the keeping up with blogs (my Google Reader has me with over 60 items unread EGAD)…

    I’m trying to figure it out but I just can’t – what happened to Brie?! Where did she go? :: blinks blinks :: Have I been wrong all this time in thinking she was one of your Mallozzi pack? :: headdesk ::

    Reading blogs backwards with a toddler at your foot while trying to do laundry for Monday does not make it easy to put stories together.

  35. @Gen. watched Survivors. liked it. looking forward to seeing the rest of the season/series. It will be on my dvd purchase list when it’s available.

  36. Hey Joe, was wondering if you had ever had any ligament damage and could offer any advice/ tips on how to get voer it quickly!

    Severely sprained my foot, and tore several ligaments today fighting in a judo competition!


  37. @Bryan M. White: From what I understand (and what little I exposed myself to by tuning in) the U.S. feed of the proceedings was very commerical-ridden versus the Canadian feed (CTV) and there was a LOT of useless commentary over the proceedings. The whole cauldron problem was merely noted on the Canadian feed but they didn’t really dwell on it. Overall, for the amount of tech involved, I thought it went rather well. I was rather surprised reading online how many people thought that the Native dancing was very insulting to the Aboriginal people. Of course, these comments coming from people who had no idea what Northwestern NA native dancing actually SHOULD look like.

    Anyway, that food from the Peaceful Restaurant actually looked really good. Because, alas Joe, some of the stuff pictured here looks fairly, um, “challenging” to me! 🙂

    Also, sorry I missed the cleanup! (Really!) But I’m ready with the floor buffer for round two!

  38. Checked Bella’s squeaky toy collection and no Lulu. As Annie from Fremantle suggested, Lulu may be on her way to find Brie.

  39. @AlexT

    The first few times you compete on a surface that’s different from what you train on, your chances of injury are greater.

    Even though I’ve done the torn ligament/ multiple-surgery route, there’s not much I can tell you. Every injury is different. You might not know the extent of the damage for a while. Rest, ice, lots of ibuprofen (not on an empty stomach).

    A lot of people say not to work out until you’re fully healed. I say you also have to plan for the chance you’ll never be 100% and learning how to execute your moves in an alternate way (around your injury) also has value so you’ll be more aware of where your weakness is. It comes in handy to be hyper aware for 10 years later when you’re carrying your baby down the steps and you can respond to your weakness more readily.

  40. Man, that food is looking really good! If I ever make it up to Vancouver, I will certainly check out that restaurant. Thanks for the recommend!

  41. Pant. Pant. Pant.

    Did I make it in time? Here’s some Crest and Dove soap. Couldn’t find a shampoo with conditioner, though…

    (Seriously, I saw my job listed last night, but one of the kids kept us up most of the night, and today we day-tripped Boskone. So, been a little busy.)

  42. Settled at Brother’s house, watching Olympic coverage.

    Anyone else seen the Friskies cat food commercial? The cat jumps through a round portal into a fantasy land…need I say more?

  43. Hey Joe

    Hope that you were happy with the job we did in the office for you – filing all sorted! But really, I didn’t think that you were the type to keep your old power and phone bills from 3 yrs ago no wonder it took us all day!…..And as for those old SG1 and SGA scripts that you’d left in a pile on the floor in the corner – they’ve all been filed in the filing cabinet under season and episode order. Hope that helps! Oh, and as I was sorting out your desk drawers and throwing out your old highlighters and refilling the stapler, guess what I found? That’s right that SGU outline that went missing before you went to Tokyo. You wouldn’t believe it, it was jammed in behind the second and third drawers, that’s why they weren’t closing properly! Clearly when you were looking for that outline, you had a ‘mans’ look.

    I must confess to having a sneaky look at the Extinction script, Joe, I’m impressed, I didn’t see that bit in Act 2 coming. The reveal in Act 4 was so cool, and I loved the ending. Hmmmm.

    Oh, and the pot plants have been watered, the PC, laptop, and action figures have all been dusted, and cleaned, as have the windows and blinds.

    Whew, I’m off for a wine now, enjoy 🙂

  44. I’m sorry to say this, Joe, but I’m actually getting caught up in this Olympics spirit thing; not least of which because I’m gonna go see Stephen Colbert outside Science World on Wednesday and Thursday, and it’s all thanks to the Olympics that he’s here in our city.

    It’s too bad that I’ll be out of the country next week.

  45. @ Brandon Williford: Thanks for clearing up the grip vs. key grip. So, smarty pants…what does the best boy do? Huh? 🙂

    @ Shirt ‘n Tie: Poke, poke…are you awake? Huh, are you?

    I thought the opening ceremonies were awesome. Especially when Rick Hansen, the guy in the wheelchair wheeled in. He has been a wonderful voice for people with disabilities. Joe, you guys should have him on SGU. He’d be great as an alien.


  46. Contgrats to Canada on their first gold medal on home soil! Even if it did come at expense of an Australian Gold.

    I had hoped that Dale Begg-Smith being “Canadian grown” would be standing between two Canadians on the podium – that would have taugh them to let him go!

    However, being a country not known for its prowess at the Winter Olympics, we can’t complain.

    And Joe, two aussies were beind that opening ceremony – the same two if did the Sydney 2000 opening ceremony – so is it any surpirse they had a “backup” cauldron outdoors? 😉

  47. @pg-15 (waving a mapleleaf flag vigorously) GO CANADA! It’s only right you haul in your share of medals, and now the hockey team won’t have the added pressure to bring home the first gold…..

  48. Eeek, did you check the dryer for Lulu? My aunt once accidentally put her cat in the dryer when he crawled into her basket of clothes (he was fine!)! Who did the laundry? 😉

    If I ever make it up to Vancouver for a convention, I’m probably going to spend my whole time eating! 😀

  49. @Arctic Goddess

    Why the best boy is better than all the other boys. I thought that’d be self-evident! Sheesh!

    On the other hand, there is no “best girl”. It’s “best woman.” And she’s not actually better than all the other women, for all women are equal in being better than men. Or something like that.

  50. Haha. 🙂 I’m heading up to Vancouver in 2 weeks for some Olympics action, and I certainly didn’t expect to find restaurant recommendations here. Thanks Joe!

    Women’s hockey tickets are some of the cheapest out there right now, wish I could take in the Slovakia game.

  51. Hi, Joseph

    i think youre a good cook and gourmet ^^ Lots of pics from restaurants in Vancouver (right?).

    The food looks sometimes a little bit special or exotic. And cooking with your friend/girlfriend is also very good to my eyes 😉


    in addition you could make new photos of the Destiny set or something about SGU / new SGU stuff to post

    greetings from Germany!
    (SGU starts here at RTL2 at 24.02.2010, I be glad!!! juhuuu!)

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