I asked.  You answered…

20) The race back to the gate (Air III).

With time ticking down, Greer rallies Scott and, as both men scramble to get back before Destiny can jump to FTL, Eli buys them time by holding the gate open for them, quite literally risking life AND limb.

19) The Senator’s sacrifice (Air II).

With Destiny’s oxygen supply dwindling, Senator Armstrong locks himself within the damaged shuttle, sealing the venting breach and buying the rest of the crew time to save themselves.

18) The sacrifices made by our team (Time).

Cut off from Destiny, with a horde of menacing aliens lurking in the shadows, the team make a heroic last stand.  And then do it all over again.

17) The evacuation of Icarus Base (Air I).

As Earth’s top secret off-world base comes under attack, desperate guests and personnel scramble  through the gate to safety – and one big WTF?!

16) Discovery of the alien ship (Justice).

The Destiny crew makes an awesome off-world discovery: a downed alien vessel.  It’s Rush’s lucky day!

15) Eli realizes Chloe has fallen for Scott (Light).

As the gathering of crew members within the gate room disperses, Eli scans the crowd for Chloe and finds her – in Scott’s arms.  The look on Eli’s face says it all.  Bummer.

14) Young beats the crap out of Telford (Life).

Young doesn’t like the fact that Telford has been spending time with his wife, and he lets him know.  With his fists.

13) Now that is one sweet po-ta-to! (Justice).

Greer taste tests an alien tuber, much to the delight of his fellow crew members who happily follow suit.  What were they thinking?

12) O’Neill takes on Young (Earth).

Jack O’Neill was always the easy-going comedian on SG-1 but here he demonstrates his tough military side with a dressing down of the Destiny commander.

11) Eli opens up to a dying Chloe while an emotional T.J. looks on (Time).

A distraught T.J. can barely keep it together as Eli opens himself up to Chloe, only to realize she has died.  Gut-wrenching.

10) The crew prepares for their seemingly inevitable deaths (Light).

Taking part in a prayer service, playing cards, reading a truly mediocre book – the crew of the Destiny live out what they assume will be their final moments.

9) The crew watches their own deaths (Time).

All are stunned.  Chloe is sick.  Eli turns to the others and says what we’re all thinking: “What the – ” And we cut to commercial.

8) Rush pulls off his secret plan to rid Destiny of Telford and co. (Earth).

Alarms sound.  Destiny is doomed.  As Telford and his people flee, Rush gives Brody a nod.  The alarm’s cease.  Destiny’s been saved.  But was it ever really in danger?  According to Rush, it could have been.

7) The suggestion that Rush knew all along Destiny wasn’t doomed (Light).

As everyone celebrates their close call, Young posits the possibility that Rush may have known they were in no danger all along.  Everyone else dismisses the notion.  Everyone, that is, except Dr. Rush.

6) Eli visits his mom (Earth).

Eli pays his mother a visit under an assumed name – and body.  He opens up to her and, all the while they talk, she remains oblivious to the fact that he is, in fact, her missing son.

5) The lottery (Light).

With Destiny headed toward certain doom, a lottery is held for the precious few available seats on the ship’s shuttle – and a shot at survival.

4) That WTF? ending (Time).

No narrative spoon-feeding here as viewers are dealt an ending that had some thrilled, others livid.

3) The Young/Rush throwdown (Justice).

No cartwheeling acrobatics or spinning roundhouse kicks here.  It’s down and dirty when Young and Rush finally go at it.

2) Destiny’s solar encounter (Light).

Incredibly, Destiny does not go out in a blaze of glory.  Instead, it skims the surface of the star, gathering the energy it will need to continue its journey.

1) Rush gets left behind (Justice).

After his tussle with Young, Rush awakens to discover he’s missed the last bus.

Yes, great moments all, but I have a feeling that as the back half episodes start airing, this Top 25 list will change…

Finally, I conclude today’s entry on a sad note.  As many of you may have heard, author Kage Baker passed away today after a long battle with cancer. I didn’t really know Kage, my association with her was limited to some emails we exchanged leading up to the reader Q&A she did with us back in July of 2008, but even those brief interactions conveyed a personality that was compassionate, clever, and delightfully humorous – traits reflected in the many works she leaves behind, from her short stories to her popular Company series.  Tonight, my thoughts are with Kage’s loved ones and  her many, many fans.

56 thoughts on “January 31, 2010: What was your favorite “story moment” from the first half of SGU’s first season?

  1. Wait. Eli finds Chloe in Scotts arms in air part 2.

    Wasn’t that at the very beginning of light, or are my teenage hormones messing with my memory. 😉

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. David

  2. Hello.

    Sorry to hear about Kage Baker. Hope your mom is still doing well in rehab.

    I wanted to say thank you for addressing fan concerns, and compliments for SGU. I think it is great that you take so much time to listen to us and address our likes and dislikes regarding Stargate’s new creative direction.

    I was also curious: how can the season 1 Blu-ray be ready for release when the season is only half over?

    Thanks for your time.


    Bryan M. White

  3. Oh and epic list btw. Sorry for being rude. Thank you for taking you time to do this fan survey and listen and talk to us about our opinions. 🙂

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  4. Omg. You replied to me in the comment section!!! I feel special now!!! Lol this day will be remembered

  5. Ha, wow. I’m just making it worse. I’m so insecure. 😉 I’m gonna go get some rest now.

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  6. @ Major D. – You’re too cute. 🙂 But I understand…it is unnerving when Joe replies to you in the comments section, especially the first time. Not really sure why, other than maybe it’s just a reminder that he’s real, and out there…watching…waiting to pounce…

    But I’m not afeared…I have my iceball at the ready! 😀

    Well, I just spent the last five – that’s FIVE – hours sorting and filing my comics from the better part of the past year (probably since Mayish). Most were bagged and boarded, but not sealed – so had to do that – and then file them away in boxes. I now have 10 short boxes, most packed full. I need more storage. 😛 I’ve also discovered that I totally hate these big crossover events, because I don’t know whether to file them together as an event, or with the rest of their volume. I have heard that Marvel is going to revamp how they publish books, perhaps doing away with these crossover events. I sure hope so!

    Ah, oh well…maybe I should just switch to trades.

    Have a good one, sir. Again – so sad about Kage – cancer is just evil. I’ve already decided that if I get it, I’m not fighting it – I’m just gonna go (depending on the type and stage). My grandfather had it the best way – found out he had pancreatic cancer, and died three weeks later. Up until then, he felt fine. Yeah, that’s how I want it to happen if I ever get it. I just don’t wanna live with that spectre following me around for the rest of my life. Of course, I consider death to be a release from this world, so maybe that’s why I feel this way.


  7. @Bryan M. White
    Somebody forgot to send you the memo. 😉

    MGM is marketing “SGU Season 1.0” for home viewing before “Season 1.5” starts in April. Which makes me wonder if the long hiatus was planned jointly by Syfy and MGM for marketing purposes…

    That’s a rhetorical question, Joe. No need to comment. Anyone who doesn’t know what Joe’s said about the long hiatus can search the blog for “original content all year” or similar phrasing.

  8. Hi, Joe.

    Sorry to hear the news of Kage Baker. My condolences to you, Ms. Baker’s family and friends.

    Best wishes also to your Mom on her continued recovery.

    Thank you for all the feedback on the SGU survey.

  9. Sorry to hear about Kage Baker. When people like her get diseases like that, it makes you consider the structure of the universe. Certainly it shakes one’s sense of fairness and justice.
    So, did you save five slots for the second half of the season, or did you hold out on the top 25 list? And was the list a personal favorite, or did you actually collate that insane number of responses? from the terse sentence at the beginning, I suppose the latter. If so, how about your own top five moments?
    Thanks as always for the time and effort you invest here.

  10. So sad about Ms. Baker. Cancer is evil and it sound like she found hard to live.

    Our weather today, anyone ever hear of “freezing fog”?.

  11. HI Mr M!

    Thanks for the break down of the Fav Moments.

    I am saddened to hear of the passing of Kage Baker. I, like so many, sent an email following your blog post some time back.

    I can only assume that she was being well cared for towards the end and that her passing was swift and painless. We here shall remember her tonight. We lit a candle for her some weeks back and said some prayers. We shall do the same tomorrow.

    Best to all


  12. @dasNdanger Joe is real??? He’s way too perfect to be a real person! But yes, he seems to be like a sly cat, waiting to pounce!

    The list is making me miss SGU even more! April I feel, is going to be epic!

  13. So sorry to hear about Kage Baker, thoughts n prayers with her friends, family and fans. I truly enjoyed her work and thanks Joe for bringing it to my attention, my life is a bit more richer because of it and that’s what anyone can hope, to impact even one person. She was blessed with many. And I believe that immortality is found in being remembered by others.

  14. i only asked because it’s wat i wanna do when i am older i am olny 14 and it would be my dream job

  15. @das

    Yeah, really it is a little weird. When I have a question for Joe i’m used to waiting for the mailbag, then….. Boom!!!! a few minutes later he responded to me and in the comment section. Also he rarley responds to people in the comment section and it’s usually only people like u or pg so it’s kinda weird and cool at the same time. 😉

    Like I came back to post another comment a few minutes after the first cause Joe made this awesome list and I wasn’t appreaciative I just corrected him on the only mistake he made. So I came back to thank him and appologize and OMG!!!!!!!! He responded!!!!

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  16. Joe – I don’t have any problem with the use of the stones that some others do. Although, explaining why different actors were switching in and out of scenes to SG newbies was a bit tedious. Anyway, I’m wondering if you guys have considered doing something that explores the consequences of someone entering the body of someone else with a different body chemistry.

    A perfect example might be a chocoholic entering the body of a diabetic. The chocaholic stranded on Destiny finally gets back to Earth, eats a couple Toblerones, and goes into anaphylactic shock.

    Now I’m sure that the SGC would screen potential “stones vessels” for unusual medical conditions. To NOT do so would require a set of operator’s instructions for each body that gets used.

    This is something that has intrigued me about this concept because I’m hypoglycemic. If I used the stones and entered a normal person’s body, would I be able to eat anything I want without consequence?

    Have you guys considered anything like that?

  17. Cancer sucks. My SIL in WV has ovarian cancer. They’ve been treating it the best they can, but she’s not doing well and is too weak for more chemo or more surgery, both of which she needs to survive. Except they’d kill her. Hubby is two days away from home with the semi, he got a call last night saying plan on a planr trip NOW. Crap, huh?

    Fight it or die? My oldest brother had colon cancer and ignored the symptoms. Nine days from diagnosis to death. No chance of fighting it, he was too late. My third brother had multiple myeloma, and began a radical treatment to kill off his immune system and rebuild his bone marrow with his own stem cells. He actually died of a common cold caught from a family member.

    I was the lucky one, two cancers in one year, both in stage one. No chemo, little more than surgeries and radiation. Short radiation at that, I got the internal catheters type, five days only. The “bravest” thing I did was go to Burning Man two days after finishing radiation. A week in the desert blitzed on Vicodins. Yeh, brave my ass. Tough and foolish maybe, but never brave. I have immense survivor guilt because I got off easy.

    Sorry, cancer is much on my mind this morning.

    Everyone should have life insurance, and if you own a house, mortgage insurance which pays it off in case of death. My pone SIL has lost her house, and the other is working on it hand over fist.

    Sorry, sorry. I can’t help it. My young nieces read FB where I usually blow this type of crap off.

  18. Oh and just to clairify, I’m actually not a teenage girl but a teenage dude. I know I use omg way to much but I just really like the way it expresses emotion. 🙂

    However I know that word is supposed to only exist in a teenage girls vocabulary so I will do my best from here on not to use that word!!!!!

  19. ok RE: shaking the camera.

    perhaps the people that get sick by it get sick in cars too, but is it really THAT shaky? seriously, it either helped the plot (getting on the destiny. would’ve looked ridiculous without the shaky cam) or made you feel “there”.

    i haven’t seen “blurry shaky cam” yet, where the camera shakes because the person holding it runs, which blurs it all and IMO wastes a perfectly good look at that menace.

  20. So sorry to hear about Kage Baker. I haven’t read her works but will put them on my reading list for the future.

    Thanks once again, Joe, for making the effort to connect with all of us about SGU. Nice countdown of first half of Season 1 favorite moments.


  21. Joe, How’s your hand/injury? Haven’t heard anything about it,just wonderin’. Hope your mom is still doing well. Is Sis wearing out?? It can be tiresome no matter how how much we love our family, we’re only human.
    Hugs to all.

  22. Coucou ! ça va aujourd’hui?

    Moi moyen, j’ai eu une journée bien remplit et fatigante.

    Je ne pourrai pas dire quels épisodes je préfére car aucun ne ma vraiment conquis à 100%

    …oh Kage Baker nous a quitter, quel triste nouvelle :'(…tout mes condoléances.

    Bonne journée!

  23. Okay, Joe…You Are Safe. I got it out of my system – Mr. Das and I just had a snowball fight. He beaned me in the head with a 6″ snowball (thank goodness it’s light and fluffy!). I got him back by putting my icy cold hands under his toasty warm shirt. 😈


  24. Hey Joe, been a while since I last posted, but thought I should drop by the comments and put my two cents out there 😛
    Although it’s somewhat on the late side, I have to say that the only thing I really had an issue with in the first half of the season was the use of the stones. You’ve pretty much got rid of my worries with what you said about the new ways they’ll be used, but I do have one question; Will the use of stones be in any way limited in certain situations, especially ones where it seems they need them the most?
    Simply because of the stones functionality, it kinda left the door open to bring in experts in the event of any problems. Until the episode Earth, where it seems bringing in “experts” was the last thing they needed. Will what happened and its consequences of Rush and Young seeming to trust any Earth based scientists less continue to affect the way they handle and major problems, and make the ship based crew the first option in the remainder of the first season, and into the second?

    Maybe it was two questions 🙂

    And now, a non-SGU based question: Seeing as though you enjoyed the Haggis, what are your top 5 foreign cultural foods you would most like to sample? And are there any you are adamant you never want to taste?

  25. Joe,

    I should explain, my thought. Eli’s arm “held’ the gate open from shutting off. Why? When Kawalsky’s head was in the puddle, it shut off and sheared off too!

    Sorry for the double post, I hit “Submit” too soon.

    Thanks again for taking the time.

  26. Oh and sorry to hear about Kage Baker. It’s crazy how one day people are perfectly fine and then the next day they’re gone without warning.

    It just snowed in our area and when my friend went sleeding, he ruptured his spleen. I mean he’s getting better, but it was just a few days ago we were hanging out playing call of duty and basketball and just a few days later he’s seriously injured in the emergency room. It just goes to show you how crazy and unpredictable life can be. 🙁

  27. Hey Joe

    Don’t ya just hate making a beautiful, well thought out, numbered list and having #8 turn into a smilie?


  28. Joe,

    Thanks for the chance to reflect back on the show, and while I’ve views they’re just snapshots. They’ll change, each ep firing the synaptics over story arc and thread possibilities. Great to watch it unfold.

    A question, if that’s ok: viewers are only 10 eps in but you see the arcs, so do you think we’re (mostly) where you’d expected? Pleasant surprises on our take? Disappointments?

    Ok, I throw another: as a storyteller you’ll want to change gears, flavours, and genre blending can play well to mix with sci-fi, eg love, thriller, crime, etc? Feels like one of the differences of SG*U. What about horror, like the Stones being portals to let others get onboard and stalk, hunt the crew who are, in effect, trapped? Haunted house!

    best, and thanks for the tales!


  29. hi Joe!
    I was surfing the net , ended up on a fan site that had a picture of this cute kid on it.


    next thing you know, I also found this picture …


    and realized that in that scene there was




    hummm! interesting !!!!

  30. You might have mentioned this already (I’m actually quite sure you have mentioned it but I can’t recall…):
    What was *your* favourite scene of the first half of season 1?

    I didn’t read any of Kage’s books but when you first mentioned her illness here some time ago I went to the page and read her mother’s words. Sad story.

  31. As a fan of Japan, perhaps you can find some inspiration here for some future story moments 😉

  32. Hey Joe,

    How was your weekend?
    I spent mine sitting in the pool reading while craving stale bread. Have no idea why.

    Not sure if you remember, but in late September Ralph had an SAS trained possum declare war and attempted to rip him to shreds. 4 months on, he’s still recovering. The leg heals up, then fluid builds up, it reopens, drains, heals, build up of fluid again. Rinse and repeat continually. His nickname is now patch. Wonder when the fur will start to grow back?
    There’s just something about Australian animals with their big, cute eyes but freaking talons of death.

    maggiemayday – What do you think we’re doing now to see so much cancer? Genetics? Lifestyle? Or is it just that we’re living longer? Having seen far too many deaths from cancer and also sat with someone as they died of “old age” give me a heart attack or stroke thanks.

    With how many brain knocks I’ve had (yeah, yeah I know. It explains a lot) I might use that as my backup plan. The doc said after my brain shake when I was a youngen that one more and it was bye-bye. Whether it was my memory or my life, he said he couldn’t predict, but he made me promise to start avoiding situations where my skull would take the brunt of impact. Sure, sounds easy, but I don’t think he realised what he was asking. Everything I used to do involved the potential of skull crackage!!

  33. Hello mr. M

    First off just wanted to ask if you could not publish this message once you read it! 🙂 Thanks!!

    Just wanted to let you know I sent you an email and would be delighted if you would read. Just wanted to let you know so you didn’t delete it to spam cause you didn’t recognize the name: I understand if you don’t have the time to send a response but if you could just let me know that you’ve recieved it by maybe a “got it” or something like that. If you do have the time however, I would be delighted to hear back from you, but please don’t feel like I’m nagging you to reply, cause I know your busy. 😉

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  34. Joe, I have to say the dips are working so far. I really feel the burn and the tricep area is feeling a more toned. I actually lost 5lbs over a week and a half, increased my protein (what proteins I am allowed to eat anyway) ate more frequently,more whole grains, fruits and veggies and really hit it hard on the Nordick Track. I am aiming for another 5lbs, but if I can lose at least 3 more I’ll be happy with that and then it’s just maintenance.

    So is it better to increase the weights or reps to tone up more? I don’t want to bulk up I just want more definition.

    Someone a few days ago had a question about belly fat, I found that drinking green tea helped me. http://www.marktwendell.com has some really good fruit and herb green tea.

    Thanks for the dip tip, Joe.

  35. Narelle… I see the increase of cancer rates as a combination of many factors. Genetics yes, as we spread bad genes throughout the pool of humanity. Lifestyle and diet, most assuredly. Better diagnostics, people no longer die of “pains i the belly”, we know the causes. Living longer and getting cancer our ancestors would have had if they lived long enough … in my case, I had a ruptured ectopic pregnancy at age 32, a death sentence a hundred years ago. Left me alive to get cancer 15 years later. Environmental reasons too… I’ve lost two of three siblings to cancer, and I’m the cancerous fourth. We lived on a Naval Weapons Testing Station in the 60s. Can we say downwinders? Oh, and certainly genetic in my family, the amount of maternal cousins, aunts and uncles I’ve lost to cancers is staggering.

  36. Oh, dear, dear me…
    I mourn for all the stories Kage Baker had yet to write. How many gems of humor and thoughtful adventure are now left orphan and silent?

    I count myself a fan and I discovered her here, on this blog, only last year. And I’ve read just a portion of her prolific, creative output. I’ve read her entire Company series, greedily and gleefully and then went looking for more, short stories, anything I could find. I’m still searching.

    Kage, I pray that you find peace and a restful soul’s home.
    Thank you my dear, for so many hours of wonderfully spent excess. I loved every minute of it. To you, I raise my theobromos on high.


  37. Hey Joe,

    Any news forthcoming about Stargate Revolution? What do you think the odds are it will ever get made?


    The Mick

  38. Wondering…

    … if Rush has been cooking an agenda from before Icarus popped – he just managed, in the midst of a deadly attack and in the nick of time, to get the 9th Chevron to lock and the gate to work?

    What was he before then – one of the workers, in effect, never get the tech as his own toy to use as he would wish, exploring, and get away from Earth – or, possibly, get to somewhere?

    Might he have been able to engineer a way to grab such control? He couldn’t come out straight and say he knew what to do all along at Icarus, then others would control the 9th Chevron access and what lies beyond. He needed to play a game, look less capable by having a trojan horse (Eli) to open the way, but only seemingly share the limelight with Mathboy, for he had to continue to have a stake and then be the one to open the way – and yet keep control…

    I wonder how the attackers found out where to attack, and when? Hmmm…

    And, Destiny…Rush knows much more about the Ancients’ language, as he let all know when chiding Eli amidst the face-off with an armed Greer over whether to press the button or not for air (how had he screwed over Greer?). Might he have known about Destiny, or the like, beforehand? So he would know possibilities for the 9th chevron, if he played right?

    Now he’s prime brain on his own (he’d like to think) starship with Earth command kept way off limits. Amazing how it all worked out for him (till Justice, but there’ll be no keeping that boy down).

    Is he running away? Delusional? Both? Or, could he also be after something? The 8th Chevron had enabled galaxy-jumping. Might the 9th take a further leap in space-time, to enable universe-jumping, open up the multi-verse, dimensions and such beyond the physical? What burns in him, is driving him? What, or who, is he looking for?

    Ohh – I like this, even when I take the cynic shades off!

    Thanks for the show,


  39. Just realised I hadn’t put this on the end of my other post =/
    Sorry to hear about Kage, though I haven’t read any of her books, my thoughts go out to her family, friends and loved ones. I’m sure her memory will live on with her many works, and in the hearts of her fans.

  40. @ Tammy – But his shirt WAS tucked in! 😈

    I’m very good at wrestling…’cept, we usually get laughing so hard, hubby has an asthma attack. 😛


  41. Stargate Universe is the most amazingly done show I’ve ever seen. It’s so carefully crafted and rich in everything that’s fun to watch. It’s the modern masterpiece. I just wanted to say that to you producers of the show.

  42. Man, I’m beat. Worked (fairly non-stop, ‘cept for that snowball fight 😀 ) for 12 hours on paperwork, both our personal stuff, and for hubby’s business (thank goodness that’s just a parttime thing). Transferred 2009 files to the garage, set up the two file boxes (one for personal, one for business) for 2010, organized hubby’s customer files, gathered everything I need for taxes, figured out our medical expenses for the year, paid bills, juggled funds…just everything. Good thing is that now I’m set to send everything to the accountant. The bad thing is I think I’ve gone cross-eyed. 😛 I really can’t complain, though – usually when I do this I get really stressed out because I’m always on the go, doing something. But because of the snowstorm, I’ve been in the house for two days, doing absolutely nothing (except organizing comics). It’s been like a mini vacation, so I went into this project stress-free. Hubby was home today, so that helped because he took care of everything else – fed cats, picked up our lunch (which was enough for dinner, too), washed the dishes, did a bank run…all of which would have really slowed me down if I had to do it all.

    So…that was my project today, I feel good getting this out of the way. Now…I’m going to BED! I’m pooped. 😛

    Have a good evening, sir!


  43. Jenny Robin – I’m intrigued as to the details of the experiment which allowed you to make the comparison. Did you take the puffs to the giraffe or did the giraffe come to the puffs?

    I made an comment to a friend about how incredible bat wings are. He said, “They feel like testicle skin”. I asked him the same question as I just did of you. And yet at the same time did not want to hear the details of that experiment.

  44. I’m not sure if SGU is still airing in Australia at the moment. If it is, it isn’t being promotoed. I thought the series was improving as it went on. That may be because, like you said, I was getting used to the show.

    My favourite moment was Eli with his arm through the gate and from discussions with my friends we have all decided that Eli is our favourite thing about the show.

  45. I wanted to add here that “Time” was one of the all time best sci-fi episodes of anything! And, like the baptism scene in “The Godfather”, was told in such a creatively unique way that any attempt to imitate it again will come across as extremely derivative. When that ending came, I thought, “Finally, a show that assumes intelligence in its viewers.” (Obviously, based on some of the reactions to that episode, your assumption was a little wrong :D)

    One side-note for future reference — you might want to add a little black between certain scenes in DVD releases of your shows. On tv, we got “What… the… “, the SGU logo and short theme, and fade to commercials. On DVD, we get “What… the… Hey, did you guys hear? Yeah, there was a kino already there.” A little interjection would help improve the flow in some scene breaks.

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