Actor Patrick Gilmore (SGU's Dale Volker) awaits your interrogation.

Guess who was unfortunate enough to saunter by the production offices the other day and ended up getting corralled to do a fan Q&A for this blog.  Yes, actor Patrick Gilmore – SGU’s Dale Volker.  And, yes, he WAS sauntering although he’ll no doubt insist it was more of a sashay.  Anyway, the point is Patrick has kindly agreed to come by and answer your questions out of the goodness of his heart and a desire to connect with the fans (and a general desire to avoid being probed onscreen by myopic aliens in my next script).  So there you have it: our next super special guest blogger – Mr. Patrick Gilmore.  Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to rake him over the coals.  He dares you!

Today, we tried somewhere new for lunch – and Robert and I paid the price.  Rather than go with the regular rotation, we decided to check out (at Ashleigh’s suggestion may I add) a new Italian restaurant called Poor Italian Trattoria & Ristorante.  While everyone else went pasta, Rob and I decided to go with the Pollo al Forno (oven-roasted chicken).  I sensed trouble the second Ashleigh walked in with our lunch orders. “What’s wrong?”I asked, reading the look on her face and fearing the worst.  “Your dishes are kind of small,”she informed me, handing me my order.  I opened up the take-out container and this is the sight that greeted me…


“Wow,”marveled Paul.  “Even at $8.50, I’d consider that a rip-off.”  As it turns out, it wasn’t $8.50.  My price?  $20!  The tiny chicken morsels were admittedly tasty as were the accompanying four pieces of potato and paltry salad.  Still hungry after my meal, I ended up polishing off a cup of chocolate-covered almonds.  Those were free by the way.

Hey, I’m loving this Skype thing.  Spent an hour talking to my friend in Tokyo on Sunday, some time chatting with another Tokyo friend yesterday, then another friend in London today.  I only wish the video quality was a little better.

Since several of you were so very helpful the last time I solicited your medical advice rather than seeking a professional opinion, I thought I’d give it another go.  How can you differentiate between pulling, straining, or outright tearing a muscle?  Please reply in 50 words or less.  Winning entries get to come visit me in the hospital and change (and keep!) my bed pan.

Congrats to Iamza who guessed the episode four title…





#5: C*********

Today’s blog entry is dedicated to Deni and Elway.  Wishing Elway a speedy recovery.


Cat4444 writes: “Hey, Joe, are you harassing the SGU cast about doing Q&A’s? If not, why not? If yes, are any lined up?”

Answer: Voila!

Luis writes: “How do you get a good workout at home and how many different type’s of equipment do you have at home ?? Versus going to a gym???”

Answer: All I need are free weights and a treadmill.  I also have an elliptical for variety.  And that’s all I really need.  Being able to just wake up, walk downstairs, and work out is extremely convenient.  If I had to go to a gym, it’s unlikely I’d ever make it.

Michael writes: “If the crew found an exotic power source, from another alien race’s technology (minus the messiness of Wraith biotech), and adapted it to Destiny; would they be able to a – access/power more areas in Destiny and b – widen the Gate’s dialing range?”

Answer: Theoretically, yes.  The Destiny gate is capable of dialing back to Earth.

Nina K.P. writes: “Have you finished Tad William’s Otherland yet? How do you like it?”

Answer: My recreational reading has slowed considerably of late.  Am still reading, and enjoying, Otherland.

Fargate writes: “You’ve missed HOUSE of course and should I suggest “Farscape”all 4 seasons and Peacekeepers War if you have not seen yet.”

Answer: I don’t need to catch up on House dvd’s as I watch the show as it is broadcast.  And, I’ve already watched Farscape.

BridJess writes: “Quite a few of those are Studio Ghibli films, have you seen many of them, which one is your favourite?”

Answers: I’ve seen Cast in the Sky, Grave of the Fireflies, Porco Rosso, Lupin III: Castle of Cagliostro, Princess Mononoke, My Neighbors the Yamadas, Spirited Away, and The Cat Returns.  As for which ones are my favorites – check out in the coming days for My Top 5 Anime Films.

Kabra writes: “Ok speaking of work outs, any suggestions for the triceps??”

Answer: Dips.  And lots of ’em.

Eric writes: “Why is there a timer for when the Destiny jumps back into hyperspace every time it stops? I get the part where you need it for dramatic purposes, but what’s the practical reason for it?”

Answer: At present, the Destiny is operating on an automated setting so the crew has no control over when or where they stop – and, most importantly, leave. The countdown clock is the equivalent to a bus schedule.  Make sure you’re aboard for departure because you may be waiting a while for your next lift.

87 thoughts on “January 19, 2010: Actor Patrick Gilmore (SGU’s Dale Volker) Wants Your Questions!

  1. If you tear a muscle you will be in excruciating pain. is it actually the muscle that hurts or is it the ligaments? If it’s the ligaments they will heal themselvese. If it’s the muscle you gotta keep using it so it doesn’t tighten up more while it heals, but don’t overuse it.

    I sprained some ligaments in my elbow and it felt like a muscle strain until the doctor told me otherwise. If the pain doesn’t get any better within a week, definitely go see a real doctor.

  2. As someone that has pulled, strained and torn numerous muscles, plus ripped their leg out of the socket, partially amputated a toe, ran into a vaulting horse at full pace and various other incidences, this is how I tell the degree in which I’ve injured myself.

    1. Pulled – “Ah!”
    2. Strained – “Ooh! Ouch! Eek. Pain not going away”
    3. Torn – “Holy Mother of #$%!”
    4. Ripping a joint from its socket – “Whoever has the shotgun, point it at my head now. Don’t hesitate to pull the trigger.”
    5. Partially severing a toe – “That was me? Ouch. This should be hurting pretty badly by now shouldn’t it? Yep, there it is.”

    Hope my pain scale assists you to correctly identify your injury.

  3. Muscle: you can’t always tell if strained or torn. If you can’t use at all, that baby is torn. If it just hurts, rest completely a few days, ice it.. if it doesn’t improve probably torn. Sometimes torn will result in bruising but not always. Ignore Quade1… even Mayo Clinic says REST, ICE, COMPRESSION, ELEVATION. If it is torn and you keep using it can tear worse.

  4. Sorry Joe, I don’t know much about medical…if it hurts a little, that’s good. If it hurts alot, that’s bad!

    That’s definitely a rip-off. And I thought Disneyland charging $3 for water and $5 for a little box of popcorn was too much… Anyways, my guess for the 5th episode: Corruption

    Is there any way I can get tomorrow’s blog entry dedicated to me? It’s going to be my 18th birthday.

    And a couple questions for Mr. Gilmore:
    First, thanks so much for taking the time for our Q&A’s (and thank you Joe, for setting these up!)
    1. What was your favorite scene to film from the first season?
    2. How did you get involved with SGU?
    3. What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

  5. Approximately how long is the Destiny. Don’t need exact length, 300-500 meters, 500-1000 meters or longer.

  6. What was Mr. Cooper’s reaction to the oven roasted chicken and were there any survivors?

    Mr. Gilmore:

    Thank you for volunteering your time for this Q&A:

    1) What surprised you the most about Dale Volker?

    2) Was acting an injured arm more of a challenge or annoyance to you?

    3) What do you hope to see for your character as the series progresses?

  7. Joe,

    My Last Guess:

    #5 – Contraception

    Questions for Patrick Gilmore:

    1. IMDB has you listed as an actor in the upcoming movie “Dear Mr. Gacy”. That sounds really scary. Was it scary to be in a movie that dealt with a serial murderer?

    2. Will you get more screen time during the second half of the first season?


  8. That really is a rip-off! Wow. At least it tasted good, I guess?

    Pulled is a pain for about a day or so. It may cramp, it certainly feels like you stretched too far. A torn muscle is going to be painful enough most of the time that you can’t move that extremity at all. Walking or lifting would be very difficult and painful if arm or leg, etc.

  9. I agree completely with Debra (third post). And the treatment is basically the same for painfully damaged muscles, ligaments, and/or tendons.

    Also, take anti-inflammatory meds regularly (in recommended doses), preferably with meals. — If you have visible swelling or bruising, and/or immobility, bite the bullet and go see a doc. DO IIIIITT!!! This is especially important if pain is making you 1) lose a lot of sleep, and/or 2) “guard” the affected area (avoid using it, or flinching from light contact). You could have more damage than you realize. And online assessments/ recommendations, even from the experienced and knowledgeable, can’t replace a professional’s hands-on, eyes-on expertise.

    The doc (or a physical therapist) will be able to tell you when you’re ready to start mobilizing the area in order to avoid “frozen joint” syndrome, or muscles/ ligaments/ tendons developing scar tissue rather than healthy, functional tissue.

    — Yeah, waaaay over 50 words, but I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t be eligible to win your freakin’ bedpan. (Not that you’re going to be in hospital anyway.) — Take care, okay?

  10. Glad your enjoying Skype. I use it frequently. There is supposed to be an update in the works for High Definition video. So you will get your better quality video.

    Question for Mr Gilmore:
    Have you played any pranks on any other cast members? Or had any pranks played on you? If so , who?

  11. Huh, for a person who once said he is more the “I enjoy staying at home and reading a good book” kind of person, you socialize a lot lately. 😉

    Sorry, I’m not good with giving medical advice. I tend to ignore such things until they’re gone. 😉

    Pleased to hear that your mother is doing so well. But really sad news about Kage Baker.

  12. Hi Mr M!

    OK, I’ll bite


    It’s only a matter of time before the crew get exposed to some weird pathogen leading to a lock down…hence contagion…

    Congrats to Mark Savela and the rest of the team for the Award Nomination!! Well deserved…Am sure they will win.

    Best from chilly Ireland.


  13. Hey everyone,

    Having a great time even though the weather’s been dodgy.

    Looked up a crossword helper for ideas for that episode. Here are some ideas:

    chauffeurs, cockfights :), colonizers, carnations, centaurian, changeling, childproof, chrysaloid……more tomorrow

    Cheers, Chev

  14. Questions for Patrick:

    1. Who’s the toughest scientist on the Destiny? Who should I put my money on in a fight?

    2. Did Volker work for the SGC or Area 51 or both?

    3. What was your first acting job? What about first job overall?

    4. Is the Gacy film based on one of the books? I must say Brian Dennehy creeped me out with his portrayal in one of the earlier tv movies. Will I be creeped out by this one too?

    5. Question from my sis – Why do Koalas not fall out of trees?

    6. Who’s your childhood hero? (Mine’s Joe Montana)

    7. Who has the biggest trailer…you or Peter Kelamis?

    Cheers, Chev aka @imwebgurl

  15. Thanks so much Joe, I will pass along your good wishes to Elway in a little while when I pick him up. He had a pretty rough night, kinda glad I took him right in rather than trying to deal with it at home this time. I’m in for a long day though, have mountains of laundry to do from this mess (this time he even nailed the featherbed) and even though I’m hoping that it’s over for now, I doubt that’ll be the case. So, we’ll see what the day brings, hopefully only good things 🙂 Naturally, I didn’t sleep much, so just hoping I don’t fall into zombie mode too early.

    Have a lovely day and give us a funny episode, wouldja? I’m missing the humour from SG1 and SGA on SGU. xoxo

  16. At the risk of winning your prize, may I say pulling a muscle would be like “oh what have I done there?” While straining a muscle is more like “I’m gonna feel that in the morning!” and when you outright tear the muscle, it would be like “HOLY CRAP, WHAT WAS THAT??!

  17. @Narelle – Excellent pain scale! I’ll have to give it to my husband, who is an athletic trainer. He’ll enjoy that.

    @JM – For $20 I’d expect the whole darned bird! Wednesday night is dinner night at work, and we’ve decided on Chinese. Our favorite place delivers, which is handy since we’re not allowed to leave the building on duty, and they have the best crab rangoon in town. I’m going with the combination lo mein, I think, and a half order of rangoon. Luckily there are two of us ordering, because on my own it’s hard to order enough to make the $10 minimum for delivery. For about $25 we’ll be able to stuff ourselves and tip the driver, too. Not that I’m rubbing it in or anything.

  18. Hey, Joe!

    Questions for Patrick Gilmore:

    1) How do you feel about the overall response from the fanbase about SGU both positive and negative?

    2) What’s it like working with someone like Robert Carlyle?

    3) Had you been an SG fan before you got the role?

    Questions for Joe:

    1) I’m guessing ”Pathogen” is a TJ episode?

    2) Is Robert Carlyle on board for Season 2? Would hate to loose him!

    3) Did you watch the 24 premeire? If so then did you catch Cliff Simon?

  19. The only major difference I’ve found between those would be the tear would more than likely have some swelling..again whichever it is it needs to be Iced for 20mins on the hour every hour (say u put the ice on at 2pm..take it off at 2:20 and reapply at 3pm etc) for minimum 4 hrs. After the initial 48-72 hrs (depending how sore you really are) you can switch to a heat pack and using the 20 min rule aswell..but this time after the 20mins you can try some gentle stretching to the area. Failing that a good sports massage will help(after the inital 48-72 hrs) my sports therapist qualification is useful!


  20. Hi Joe!

    Thank you for answering my questions. 🙂 That’s a bummer about being allergic to pineapple. That’s a favorite of mine, though I suppose that wouldn’t be the case if allergic to it. 😉 Anyway… let’s guess episode #5 title…

    Is the title for season 3 episode 5, “Catharsis”?

    Cheers! 🙂

  21. @ Deni – {{{Hugs}}} to you and Elway! Thoughts and prayers are with you.

    RE: Haiti – Another earthquake at 6:00 am this morning – 6.1. To put this disaster in perspective – the 2004 tsunami killed 230,000 people in FOURTEEN countries. This Haitian earthquake has killed an estimated 200,000 people, and injured another 250,000 (many who may die from their injuries without proper medical care), most of whom were in just ONE city. Only so much one impoverished country can take. Please keep these people in mind, and do whatever you can to help (just be careful, a lot of bogus organizations out there asking for donations that will never get to the people who are in need).

    @ Joey – Looks like Narelle REALLY wants your bed pan. 😉 Good advicie, I can’t top it! 😆 My advice? If, in three days, the pain has not eased (muscular pulls/strains from normal ‘over-doing-it’ seem, from my experience, to ease after three days). But if you’re in pain to the extent of feeling like puking (as I’ve been with my shoulders), and the area hurts even when at rest, and no position you get in gives you any relief – then go to the doctor.

    In the meantime, have a good day!


  22. The last one is…


    shutup.. I’m just having fun…

    Geez that is one small meal you got there. For twenty bucks, you should have got Ashley to do a song and dance whilst you ate (dinner and a show)

  23. Coucou !!

    ça va bien? moi oui =)

    Je vais réfléchir avant de poser des questions à Patrick! 🙂
    Merci de nous faire partager les nouveaux titre de la saison 2 mais moi je préférai dèjà avoir des infos sur la saison 1^^!

    Bonne journée!

  24. “Pathogen” sounds very cool!

    I loved reading Narelle’s comment! It’s good to start the day with a laugh! Thanks Narelle!!!!

    Ever think about getting a hot tub? A hot tub can really work out soreness. Does Aleve take care of the pain? If not, call the dr.!

  25. Sorry Joe, I don’t know very much about pulls/tears/strains etc. If I do any of the above, I tend to ignore it or try to sleep it off. Eventually it goes away. Usually.

    So that lunch is quote the rip-off. How fared the pasta dishes? Pasta is typically a restaurant’s profit leader due to how inexpensive it is. Until you start adding truffle or a high end prosciutto.

  26. Narelle from Aus has the best description I’ve seen. I may use that when teaching con ed classes. Essentially, if you can’t use the limb any more you’ve probably completel torn the muscle. With a strain, you’ve only torn it slightly, so the remainin muscle will function, albiet with a lot of pain. The first 48 hours you should use ice on the site intermittently to keep the swelling down. After that use heat pads to stimulate blood flow and healing. Partial tears will heal in a week or so so long as you don’t aggrevate the injury. You can also use ibuprofin or other NSAIDs to keep the swelling down. If the affected area is really bothering you, go see a doctor, just to make sure. A complete tear is a royal pain in more ways than one, and you’ll need a doc to fix it right. If it’s less than that you suffer only the humiliation of having the doctor think you’re a wuss for coming in for such a minor thing. As someone who survives Ashleigh’s barbs, I suspect you won’t have a problem with that.
    For twenty dollars, I at least one the damned bones and feathers from the chicken, just to give the container some weight. At least you know where the Poor comes from in the place’s name. It refers to the customers after paying for enough food to actually survive on.
    Oh, if I win, I’d be happy to do the bedpan changes. I happen to know where to get hold of some of those nice old fashioned metal ones. An ice cooler and a small blowtorch will ensure that you will never forget the experience… hope the muscles are just strained. can’t afford to have you in hospital and possibly unable to post on the blog. Though maybe Maximus will fill in? Thanks for strongarming Mr. Gilmore for us, and hope to post some questions tonight.

  27. a strained muscle when you stretch it
    a pulled muscle hurts also when walking
    a torn muscle hurts probably a lot (haven’t had one torn yet) and you get a bruise

    that’s not even 40 words. But I’m not really going to come and visit you, albeit you’re paying the flight :mrgreen:

  28. Ok dude see a real doctor already!!

    Name of epsiode 4 my guess is: Contemption? or Consessions?

    Question for Patrick Gilmour: When did you realize that you could do this acting thing for real and pay the bills with it? Love your role in SGU 🙂

  29. If you’ve done serious damage to a muscle, it can be hard to tell if the muscle is more stretched out than normal. In that case, you could find yourself moving the wrong way and causing pain less often than you would with a less damaged, but normal-length muscle.

    I’m speaking from my own experience here and it takes a LOT of stretching for me to damage a muscle in the first place (super power-related hyper-flexibility, jealous people call it Ehlers-Danlos) so there may be a more direct correlation between pain and damage for you normals.

    Regardless, if you have the luxury of not having to continue to work a damaged muscle (I didn’t), the treatment is the same – not doing anything that would cause your muscle pain until it feels better and not letting a surgeon near you until you’re sure you have no other choice. Look up a condition called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy if you feel tempted to let a surgeon cut you just because you can afford it.

  30. Straining a muscle is loser talk, and if you were to use such phraseology, you’re branded so forever. Pulling a muscle is slightly less losery, but the best medical advice I can offer is to be a mensch already and power through it. And saying you’ve torn a muscle…well, that’s just being a drama queen, and Joe, nobody likes drama queens.

    In all seriousness, those two bites of a meal are hardly worth it. It’s probably ten times better if you eat it there.

  31. Omg sweet. Questions for Patrick.

    First off thanks so much for agreeing to do this q&a!!!!
    1. If SGU was real which character would you look up to most? which one would you probably hang out with?
    2. If you could create one story for you character what would it be. Would you have him visit earth? Would you have him save the day?
    3. How much do you share in common with you character? Any similarties?
    4. What episodes are your fav from season 1 and which one do you think the fans will love most

  32. Crap I accidentally posted my comment to soon. Oh well. Probably a good thing. 😉

    Joe, If you could just put a question mark a. The end of my last question that would rock!!!

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  33. I’d guess Concentration.

    And you might want to bump Howl’s Moving Castle up to the front of the line, I loved that one, it was my favorite from that studio.

    Hope you feel better. A soak in the tubbie with epson salts can’t go wrong with a tubbie, even better if you have jets. That’s my first action whenever my back goes hinky.

  34. JOE,
    Answer: Theoretically, yes.  The Destiny gate is capable of dialing back to Earth.

    Its just Earth can’t dial Destiny because of the power generation needed right?

  35. Firstly, how’s sis and Mamma Mallozzi?? Hope all is well!

    Secondly, this isn’t going to be 50 words or less (not that my other one was…I didn’t even count).

    You haven’t told us what you’ve strained/pulled/torn. If it was your shoulder (as you hinted at in the previous entry), then don’t monkey around if you don’t have some relief in a day or two. Like I said before, I have a lot of shoulder problems, and – of course – I’ve never gotten medical attention for them (except a couple ER visits – the pain was that bad). Now I have flirtations with ‘frozen shoulder’, and all sorts of neck, shoulder, and arm problems, such as my arms falling asleep down to my fingertips at night (not that nice numb, tingly feeling, but something akin to someone twisting your arm around 360 degrees, over and over again). I get up, do a couple shoulder flexes, and the pain/numbness goes right away. I wear hand braces (they help a little), but I don’t think the problem is in my wrist – it all seems to be neck and shoulder related…and I think it’s because I ignore stuff until it’s too late, and then I have bigger problems than before.

    Basically what I’m saying is use good judgment – if it’s no expense to you, have it checked out. What’s the worst that can happen? They give you a sling (if it’s your shoulder) and tell you to keep the arm still, so Ashleigh has to wait on you hand and foot? Don’t be stoopit…sympathy for your sliced finger has waned, if you want to be the evil villain, you now need a new gimmick to get what you want!



  36. Damn:

    Craptastic just Joking

  37. Hello.

    Hope your mom is still doing well.

    $20.00 for that little portion!?!? Please tell me you called the restaurant?

    Quick SGA question:
    I was wondering… The script has been completed since May for Extinction. You probably have vis-effect crews working on pre-viz right now. You have said that MGM and SyFy are paying the rent on the sets. Is it more cost effective to pay for something that does not give you return on investment, or make a movie for $8,000,000 that if it does decent will atleast earn back its budget it revenue? The last two movies did respectably, earning about 11,000,000 so there will probably be profit in it. Sorry, that’s just the accountant in me speaking. Thanks for you time.

  38. Treatment heating pad 20 min, cold pack 20 minutes alternating bettween hot and cold , and streching the area to help mobility.I tore a rotator cuff and seperated my AC joint in my right shoulder years ago and didn’t know it. Till I woke up the next day and couldn’t turn my head or lift my arm above chest heighth.The pain the next day was manageable unless I tryed to do any of the afore mentioned.When I tryed to lift my arm above my head it was like being stabbed in the shoulder with a red hot knife.Trying to turn my head caused the same effect and made me dizzy.

  39. Sprains are tender and lots of swelling.Shin splints and forearm splints , flex no pain release sharp pain shooting down the muscles,then they fade away.Strained muscles are just really sore.

  40. Thanks Joe for the tip, I have not tried dips, but I will now, I’ll be a dipping maniac. (not sure if that sounded right)

    Yeah what Narelle and Deb said. Speaking for myself, if the pain lasts more than a week and the extremity or muscle is pretty useless and not functioning normal, I see a doc.

    Maybe you need to recover here in sunny S.FLA. It’s warmer now, normal temps for this time of year. Guests are welcome,four legs or two, we got plenty of room.

  41. Hi Joe!

    Yup, $20 for that teensy meal was a rip-off. Grrg for you!

    No second letter for title #5? It is a 10-letter word, correct?

    OK, I’ll give it a go again:



  42. For Patrick Gilmore:

    Your twitter voice is like haiku, but cool. Do you talk like that in real life?

    Just so I get this right, I’ll pose this question verbatim as it was suggested: when you are playing Wii Frisbee golf…when you sink a hole that is even better than a Birdie, and an Eagle, what is that called?

    Who would you most like to do a DVD commentary with?

    Another suggested one, not so verbatim: Who was not able to hold his liquor at the “Regal Beagle” charity gold tournament?

    What are those little facial expressions called in acting jargon – the ones you throw out during and between your lines that suggest there is more to Volker than stereotypical science guy trapped on a spaceship?

    Are those expressions written into the script?

    Do you like for those expressions to be written into the script?

    How can I learn to flash those expressions in regular conversation so people will know that I’m interesting?

    Which actors have had speaking roles in all three stargate series?

    Have you ever had any trouble crossing the U.S.-Canadian border?

    BTW, that omgfacts twitter feed is not snopes-vetted. Don’t repeat any of it around Das.

  43. Trust me: if you’ve torn a muscle, you’ll definitely know it.

    Just a word of advice. Go easy on the ice. I once gave myself a bad case of frostbite after tearing a muscle in my leg. That was even worse than the torn muscle.

  44. @Kabra, you go girl, Deni was a blast, we talked for hours, ya gotta meet her!! @DENI, kisses to elway, now i DO know him!! JOE, Kabra, has it rite, warm Fl. temps. ,now, and you have several places to choose from, in fact, you could take a tour of the state with us all spread out in the state.
    Question for Patrick- Met you and Peter K. at the LA con. Thanks for the pic. , Did you get recignized, did you enjoy the con? Would ever do the cons.? When will we see more of REISE the web series? Thanks, Sheryl.

  45. Joe,
    If you want your doctor to be of any assistance when you finally go see him about your injury (which hopefully you will if it doesn’t stop hurting soon – see all advice above), don’t take Mr. Cooper. He likes to kill Doctors and may take out his frustration over the tiny meal on yours. ;p

    C is for…Chimera?

    Question for Patrick: If you could play any other character on SGU, which would you choose?

  46. Question for Patrick Gilmore (a two-parter):

    1. Why has your older brother called you “Princess” since you were thirteen?

    2. And how do you account for your total inability to get a date with a real live girl (as opposed to a dakimakura Japanese hugging pillow, for example)?

  47. @RebeccaH – I did the frostbite thing with ice, too. It wasn’t really my fault. My roommates turned the freezer from 3 to 10 while I was gone.

    The frostbite wasn’t over the main injury – I was just treating where I was battering my foot in the wrong places because it was so tightly taped. It was turning gray by the time I went in for a surgery for the real injury and the bad places were magically gone when I woke up from the surgery.

  48. Your injury:
    See Tina and other replys.
    Iceing the injured area is important to minimize swelling.
    Then, assuming it is more than 3 or 4 days and you have not RUN for doctor, then alternate heat and ice. The heat improves the circulation and promotes the healing of the “injured tissue.” And, do massage or work it (gently stretch, etc.) so it does not totally tighten/lock up.

    It would also help diagnosis – of what you did and what hurts.

    I am not a medical professional…but I stayed at a holiday inn express. (not funny if you have not seen the commercials.)

    Agree with CrazyMom – for $20 I expect an entire roasted chicken…maybe 2.



    OK…will stop.

  49. Whee! \o/

    Okay, a few more episode 5 title guesses:
    COELACANTH (Not really a guess; more, I love that word)

    Questions for Patrick Gilmore:

    1. What do you think is Volker’s greatest strength? Did you have an idea of who he was as a person before shooting started on the series, and did that picture change over the course of the first season?

    2. What are you most looking forward to about season 2, in terms of your character?

    Many thanks for your time!

  50. Okay…I’m bored…so, here goes…(Some have already been mentioned):



  51. What I do, WHAT I DO??! Did I blow up WordPress with too long a post… 😛


  52. My guess at ep5 title is Confusion, wait, thats only 9 letters not ten… hmmm..

    Patrick Gilmore do you prefer to stick to what the director gives your for your character? or do you try to run with it as much as possible?

    Joe Mallozzi, what do you think of the new Stargate Resistance video game? Have you had a chance to see gameplay or play it? Did you get to have a say on the story line continuity or was it mostly Brad Wright and Rob Cooper?

  53. A strain means that you pulled or tore a muscle. A sprain means that you stretched or tore a ligament that holds bones together. The doctor may have put a brace, splint, or elastic bandage on your injured limb to keep it from moving.

    What dis you hurt this time?!

  54. @Das, it wasn’t just Port-au-Prince that was hit, but also the smaller cities of Carrefour and Leogane. The Epicentre was at Carrefour and I think most of it has been reduced back to sand.

    Jacmel is also a badly hit area.

    Yeah-yeah, I have been using Google Earth waaay too much. 🙁

    Hey, at least our South African rescue team worked with a Mexican team and managed to pull a lady survivor out of the ruins of the Cathedral. The language barrier must have been fun – Afrikaans/Spanish/French Creole. 🙂

    To cheer us up – my brother directed me to this website. It can be a bit long-winded and technical, but the column on the right hand side had me laughing like a Hyena.

  55. Great, so now we know four titles. Hard to believe, that we won´t see those episodes until next Fall.

    Questions for Mr. Mallozzi:

    1) Will Robert Cooper direct Aftermath?

    2) When will the actors recieve first S2 scripts?

    3) If you could say, which S2 episode looks the most interestingly now (from ep 1 to 5)?

    And question for Mr. Glimore:

    Your character is a fan of classical music. What
    about you? What kind of music do you like?

  56. levels of muscle injury:
    sprain – injury to a ligament
    strain – injury to tendon

    “tear” – a tear to either ligament, tendon, or muscle belly.

    All these are graded:
    Grade 1 – regular injury (some pain, not too bad, able to bounce back after icing and rest)
    Grade 2 – a little more serious, swelling, bruising, lots of PAIN, usually, its a partial tear, might notice some weakness in the muscle
    Grade 3 – complete tear – no pain at all. Weird huh? The muscle will usually ball up under the skin, a lot of weakness in the muscle, swelling, bruising may accompany.

  57. Joe,

    Couldn’t help noticing you had read Azzarello and Lee’s Superman: For Tomorrow. What did you think of it?

    For myself, when I read it a few years back, I loved the art, but thought the story moved…slowly, and was ultimately unimpressed (especially when DC then chose to follow the One Year Later format for all their other books, heh).

    It was very pretty to look at, though, and I loved the moments of reflectance especially near the beginning of the book, and the sense of isolation and doubt that came through. I guess Superman is not a character I typically associate with doubt (isolation, alienation, yes, but he usually comes across as pretty confident and sure of himself and his choices).

    Anyway, would love to hear what you thought if you have the time and inclination to share them. Or anybody else’s thoughts. (I am trying to persuade myself that it is past time to find a new local comic store, and start reading comics again. It’s proving a tough sell… 🙂 )

  58. Wow, everyone’s guessed a ton already for ep 5 🙂 What about Changeling…connection doesn’t make sense, but it’s the only other word I can think of.

  59. Re: Chicken

    Given that Ashleigh is so devious, how do you know the chicken cost $20? Could it have been $5, and Ashleigh pocketed the rest? I’m just sayin’!

  60. @ DP – WhatIdonow??!

    @ deeinsouthafrica – Yeah, I know more than one town/city was affected, but I think most people equate the disaster to the capital. I had to stop watching the news because it’s just too upsetting. 🙁

    @ Narelle – NOPE! I can’t think of anyone else better equipped to take all of Mallozzi’s crap. 😉 Besides…I think I could persuade you to rub some Capzasin on his hiney wipe, just for funsies! 😈

    @ Me – Note to self – don’t go overboard with the lists next time…they look much shorter on Word. 😛 😛 😛


  61. lol at Scott….brilliant! It’s on like Donkey Kong as they say…..looking forward to the response.

    Cheers, Chev

  62. “The countdown clock is the equivalent to a bus schedule. Make sure you’re aboard for departure because you may be waiting a while for your next lift.”

    So why isn’t anyone checking if they’ve got tickets? 😉

  63. @Das: Elway thanks you, darling! He’s doing much better tonight, spent the day at the vet’s relaxing in his own bed (no cages for him, thankyouverymuch), no more seizures. Just hoping for a quiet night and only good things for tomorrow 🙂

    @Sheryl: Elway sends kisses back, says “send cookies”. Oh yeah, 6:30 p.m. and just getting finished with the laundry NOW. You’re right, I need a vacation!

  64. das – Yeah, me again. Talking about the tsunami. One thing I noticed with Thailand is that the people came together to rebuild. I worry about how the people of Haiti are turning on themselves and those trying to assist. If aid workers get caught in the crossfire then public sympathy and support will ebb which would make their situation continue in a downward spiral.
    Here’s a good site to see the rebuilding on Phuket.
    Also, check out the cats and dogs link 😉

  65. @Das – I got that 7up/abino eye tidbit from omgfacts’s twitter feed. Patrick Gilmore’s a follower, too. I was following it, but I unfollowed it after that.

  66. Questions for Patrick Gilmore:

    You’ve built up a respectable list of credits, according to IMDb. Which would you say was the most enjoyable project you’ve done not counting SGU? Subquestion: have you done any theater work and do you prefer it over TV or films?

    A quick Google search yielded an old Irish composer by the same name. Any relation?

    This might be a question for the wardrobe department, but have you been wearing the same actual suit all season? Have you requested that Volker finds a change of clothes yet?

  67. @das, I think that is officially a 2 part episode post, depending on what size font you chose, my font just went smaller reading it,,lol. but way to guess!! You go girl!
    @deni, I hope Elway is much better and you got some rest.
    -Patrick Gilmore, How is the craft services for SGU? good food? what’s your favorite?
    -Joe I hope your muscles are feeling less burn and pain.
    @narelle, great pain explanation,I hope you win!

  68. @ Deni – hope things are getting better for you and Elway. posted on FB.

    @ Das – LOL

    @ Sheryl – wuz up?

    Not to self… don’t do dips after allergy shots. Thanks again Joe, why didn’t think of those. AS we say in New England- you’re so smot. ( I have lost my NE accent it comes back when I talk to my family) I really felt it,it was a good burn tho, just not after shots.

    For Patrick Gilmore – I see your dad played for the Oilers, do you still pull for them? Are they your favorite team? I always love to see Luongo -awesome goalie and Lilya – pure eye candy, tho I am a Panther fan, who is your favorite player? Do you play in your spare time?

  69. @Sylvia, That was TOO funny(Holiday Inn) Joe, my hubby

    came up with some funny t-shirt sayings, enjoy! 1. A picture of a wraith holding a X-Mas wreath “Here’s your christmas wraith.”(That one’s for DAS!) 2. “I can’t get moving without my morning cup of JAFFA” and 3. “We buy GAU-OLD” (SP?), hey they made me laugh!! Sheryl.

  70. @ Deni – Give Elway kisses for me, and a belly rub! Hope he rests well tonight, and you, too!

    @ Narelle – After Katrina, people in the US weren’t acting much differently than what’s happening in Haiti (on a smaller scale, perhaps). The crime rate soared, and it did affect public opinion. After a while things do level out, but in the meantime a lot of people suffer. However, I have hopes that good folks will rise above, and – hopefully – this time the people of Haiti won’t be forgotten.

    @ DP – Ah, yes…now I remember. I’ve come to rely heavily on Snopes, especially with FW: ‘OMG! You HAVE to see this!’ e-mails. 95% of the time they’re faked…like, orgasms. 😀


  71. Deni: just wanted to add my well wishes for Elway’s health!

    About Haiti, I’m watching too. Sad. It’s like after 911 and the tsunami. I wanted to go to those places and help pick up stones or SOMETHING. Too many cooks in a kitchen and all of that, though. We can’t all go and help, so I sent money/prayers.

    Interesting point Narelle on comparing the way some of the citizens are turning on each other in Haiti. It reminds me of Darfur/Sudan. To think of all the people who died because the politicians threw out aid workers.

    Let’s speak of good things now! How is your mom Mr. M?

  72. Contagions

    @Das – Clarification on last post: I stopped following omgfacts’s twitter feed because of the unvetted 7up/albino eye tidbit, not because Patrick Gilmore is a follower.

  73. Q’s for Patrick Gilmore:

    a) Do you, like Kelamis, do stand-up in your free time?
    2) Can you see through your Riese eye-gadget?
    3) Have you participated in any SGU pranks/been pranked?

  74. Hey Joe,

    OMG are you hurt…poor thing *hands him a warm folded cloth* Ah, (((((GO TO THE DOCTOR))))))! Yep, that is it.


    1. What did Joe really say to get you to do this?
    2. What kind of walk was it? Have to know these things. Joe brought it up.
    3. Tell us something Joe doesn’t want us to know..shhh I won’t tell too many people.
    4. OMG when will Volker get laid? Okay, you don’t have to answer that one. JOE, (((hello)))) when will Volker get laid?
    5. SGU, think of show…um, nope can’t think of anything. *giggles*

    Best to you Joe,
    Are you happy or sad I am back?
    Cheryl 🙂

  75. Hello!! I hope you had a nice trip to La Finca Vigia. It was nice meeting you..I am the “third autograph” 😉

    That’s it.. have a nice day! 🙂

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