Actor Patrick Gilmore (SGU's Dale Volker) awaits your interrogation.

Guess who was unfortunate enough to saunter by the production offices the other day and ended up getting corralled to do a fan Q&A for this blog.  Yes, actor Patrick Gilmore – SGU’s Dale Volker.  And, yes, he WAS sauntering although he’ll no doubt insist it was more of a sashay.  Anyway, the point is Patrick has kindly agreed to come by and answer your questions out of the goodness of his heart and a desire to connect with the fans (and a general desire to avoid being probed onscreen by myopic aliens in my next script).  So there you have it: our next super special guest blogger – Mr. Patrick Gilmore.  Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to rake him over the coals.  He dares you!

Today, we tried somewhere new for lunch – and Robert and I paid the price.  Rather than go with the regular rotation, we decided to check out (at Ashleigh’s suggestion may I add) a new Italian restaurant called Poor Italian Trattoria & Ristorante.  While everyone else went pasta, Rob and I decided to go with the Pollo al Forno (oven-roasted chicken).  I sensed trouble the second Ashleigh walked in with our lunch orders. “What’s wrong?”I asked, reading the look on her face and fearing the worst.  “Your dishes are kind of small,”she informed me, handing me my order.  I opened up the take-out container and this is the sight that greeted me…


“Wow,”marveled Paul.  “Even at $8.50, I’d consider that a rip-off.”  As it turns out, it wasn’t $8.50.  My price?  $20!  The tiny chicken morsels were admittedly tasty as were the accompanying four pieces of potato and paltry salad.  Still hungry after my meal, I ended up polishing off a cup of chocolate-covered almonds.  Those were free by the way.

Hey, I’m loving this Skype thing.  Spent an hour talking to my friend in Tokyo on Sunday, some time chatting with another Tokyo friend yesterday, then another friend in London today.  I only wish the video quality was a little better.

Since several of you were so very helpful the last time I solicited your medical advice rather than seeking a professional opinion, I thought I’d give it another go.  How can you differentiate between pulling, straining, or outright tearing a muscle?  Please reply in 50 words or less.  Winning entries get to come visit me in the hospital and change (and keep!) my bed pan.

Congrats to Iamza who guessed the episode four title…





#5: C*********

Today’s blog entry is dedicated to Deni and Elway.  Wishing Elway a speedy recovery.


Cat4444 writes: “Hey, Joe, are you harassing the SGU cast about doing Q&A’s? If not, why not? If yes, are any lined up?”

Answer: Voila!

Luis writes: “How do you get a good workout at home and how many different type’s of equipment do you have at home ?? Versus going to a gym???”

Answer: All I need are free weights and a treadmill.  I also have an elliptical for variety.  And that’s all I really need.  Being able to just wake up, walk downstairs, and work out is extremely convenient.  If I had to go to a gym, it’s unlikely I’d ever make it.

Michael writes: “If the crew found an exotic power source, from another alien race’s technology (minus the messiness of Wraith biotech), and adapted it to Destiny; would they be able to a – access/power more areas in Destiny and b – widen the Gate’s dialing range?”

Answer: Theoretically, yes.  The Destiny gate is capable of dialing back to Earth.

Nina K.P. writes: “Have you finished Tad William’s Otherland yet? How do you like it?”

Answer: My recreational reading has slowed considerably of late.  Am still reading, and enjoying, Otherland.

Fargate writes: “You’ve missed HOUSE of course and should I suggest “Farscape”all 4 seasons and Peacekeepers War if you have not seen yet.”

Answer: I don’t need to catch up on House dvd’s as I watch the show as it is broadcast.  And, I’ve already watched Farscape.

BridJess writes: “Quite a few of those are Studio Ghibli films, have you seen many of them, which one is your favourite?”

Answers: I’ve seen Cast in the Sky, Grave of the Fireflies, Porco Rosso, Lupin III: Castle of Cagliostro, Princess Mononoke, My Neighbors the Yamadas, Spirited Away, and The Cat Returns.  As for which ones are my favorites – check out in the coming days for My Top 5 Anime Films.

Kabra writes: “Ok speaking of work outs, any suggestions for the triceps??”

Answer: Dips.  And lots of ’em.

Eric writes: “Why is there a timer for when the Destiny jumps back into hyperspace every time it stops? I get the part where you need it for dramatic purposes, but what’s the practical reason for it?”

Answer: At present, the Destiny is operating on an automated setting so the crew has no control over when or where they stop – and, most importantly, leave. The countdown clock is the equivalent to a bus schedule.  Make sure you’re aboard for departure because you may be waiting a while for your next lift.

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If you tear a muscle you will be in excruciating pain. is it actually the muscle that hurts or is it the ligaments? If it’s the ligaments they will heal themselvese. If it’s the muscle you gotta keep using it so it doesn’t tighten up more while it heals, but don’t overuse it.

I sprained some ligaments in my elbow and it felt like a muscle strain until the doctor told me otherwise. If the pain doesn’t get any better within a week, definitely go see a real doctor.

Narelle from Aus

As someone that has pulled, strained and torn numerous muscles, plus ripped their leg out of the socket, partially amputated a toe, ran into a vaulting horse at full pace and various other incidences, this is how I tell the degree in which I’ve injured myself.

1. Pulled – “Ah!”
2. Strained – “Ooh! Ouch! Eek. Pain not going away”
3. Torn – “Holy Mother of #$%!”
4. Ripping a joint from its socket – “Whoever has the shotgun, point it at my head now. Don’t hesitate to pull the trigger.”
5. Partially severing a toe – “That was me? Ouch. This should be hurting pretty badly by now shouldn’t it? Yep, there it is.”

Hope my pain scale assists you to correctly identify your injury.


Muscle: you can’t always tell if strained or torn. If you can’t use at all, that baby is torn. If it just hurts, rest completely a few days, ice it.. if it doesn’t improve probably torn. Sometimes torn will result in bruising but not always. Ignore Quade1… even Mayo Clinic says REST, ICE, COMPRESSION, ELEVATION. If it is torn and you keep using it can tear worse.


Sorry Joe, I don’t know much about medical…if it hurts a little, that’s good. If it hurts alot, that’s bad!

That’s definitely a rip-off. And I thought Disneyland charging $3 for water and $5 for a little box of popcorn was too much… Anyways, my guess for the 5th episode: Corruption

Is there any way I can get tomorrow’s blog entry dedicated to me? It’s going to be my 18th birthday.

And a couple questions for Mr. Gilmore:
First, thanks so much for taking the time for our Q&A’s (and thank you Joe, for setting these up!)
1. What was your favorite scene to film from the first season?
2. How did you get involved with SGU?
3. What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

John Morrison
John Morrison

Approximately how long is the Destiny. Don’t need exact length, 300-500 meters, 500-1000 meters or longer.


What was Mr. Cooper’s reaction to the oven roasted chicken and were there any survivors?

Mr. Gilmore:

Thank you for volunteering your time for this Q&A:

1) What surprised you the most about Dale Volker?

2) Was acting an injured arm more of a challenge or annoyance to you?

3) What do you hope to see for your character as the series progresses?

Jim of WVa
Jim of WVa


My Last Guess:

#5 – Contraception

Questions for Patrick Gilmore:

1. IMDB has you listed as an actor in the upcoming movie “Dear Mr. Gacy”. That sounds really scary. Was it scary to be in a movie that dealt with a serial murderer?

2. Will you get more screen time during the second half of the first season?



That really is a rip-off! Wow. At least it tasted good, I guess?

Pulled is a pain for about a day or so. It may cramp, it certainly feels like you stretched too far. A torn muscle is going to be painful enough most of the time that you can’t move that extremity at all. Walking or lifting would be very difficult and painful if arm or leg, etc.

otros ojos
otros ojos

I agree completely with Debra (third post). And the treatment is basically the same for painfully damaged muscles, ligaments, and/or tendons.

Also, take anti-inflammatory meds regularly (in recommended doses), preferably with meals. — If you have visible swelling or bruising, and/or immobility, bite the bullet and go see a doc. DO IIIIITT!!! This is especially important if pain is making you 1) lose a lot of sleep, and/or 2) “guard” the affected area (avoid using it, or flinching from light contact). You could have more damage than you realize. And online assessments/ recommendations, even from the experienced and knowledgeable, can’t replace a professional’s hands-on, eyes-on expertise.

The doc (or a physical therapist) will be able to tell you when you’re ready to start mobilizing the area in order to avoid “frozen joint” syndrome, or muscles/ ligaments/ tendons developing scar tissue rather than healthy, functional tissue.

— Yeah, waaaay over 50 words, but I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t be eligible to win your freakin’ bedpan. (Not that you’re going to be in hospital anyway.) — Take care, okay?


Glad your enjoying Skype. I use it frequently. There is supposed to be an update in the works for High Definition video. So you will get your better quality video.

Question for Mr Gilmore:
Have you played any pranks on any other cast members? Or had any pranks played on you? If so , who?


Huh, for a person who once said he is more the “I enjoy staying at home and reading a good book” kind of person, you socialize a lot lately. wink

Sorry, I’m not good with giving medical advice. I tend to ignore such things until they’re gone. wink

Pleased to hear that your mother is doing so well. But really sad news about Kage Baker.


Hi Mr M!

OK, I’ll bite


It’s only a matter of time before the crew get exposed to some weird pathogen leading to a lock down…hence contagion…

Congrats to Mark Savela and the rest of the team for the Award Nomination!! Well deserved…Am sure they will win.

Best from chilly Ireland.



Hey everyone,

Having a great time even though the weather’s been dodgy.

Looked up a crossword helper for ideas for that episode. Here are some ideas:

chauffeurs, cockfights :), colonizers, carnations, centaurian, changeling, childproof, chrysaloid……more tomorrow

Cheers, Chev


Questions for Patrick:

1. Who’s the toughest scientist on the Destiny? Who should I put my money on in a fight?

2. Did Volker work for the SGC or Area 51 or both?

3. What was your first acting job? What about first job overall?

4. Is the Gacy film based on one of the books? I must say Brian Dennehy creeped me out with his portrayal in one of the earlier tv movies. Will I be creeped out by this one too?

5. Question from my sis – Why do Koalas not fall out of trees?

6. Who’s your childhood hero? (Mine’s Joe Montana)

7. Who has the biggest trailer…you or Peter Kelamis?

Cheers, Chev aka @imwebgurl

All Time SG Fan
All Time SG Fan

5. concealment


Thanks so much Joe, I will pass along your good wishes to Elway in a little while when I pick him up. He had a pretty rough night, kinda glad I took him right in rather than trying to deal with it at home this time. I’m in for a long day though, have mountains of laundry to do from this mess (this time he even nailed the featherbed) and even though I’m hoping that it’s over for now, I doubt that’ll be the case. So, we’ll see what the day brings, hopefully only good things smile Naturally, I didn’t sleep much, so just hoping I don’t fall into zombie mode too early.

Have a lovely day and give us a funny episode, wouldja? I’m missing the humour from SG1 and SGA on SGU. xoxo

All Time SG Fan
All Time SG Fan

At the risk of winning your prize, may I say pulling a muscle would be like “oh what have I done there?” While straining a muscle is more like “I’m gonna feel that in the morning!” and when you outright tear the muscle, it would be like “HOLY CRAP, WHAT WAS THAT??!


@Narelle – Excellent pain scale! I’ll have to give it to my husband, who is an athletic trainer. He’ll enjoy that.

@JM – For $20 I’d expect the whole darned bird! Wednesday night is dinner night at work, and we’ve decided on Chinese. Our favorite place delivers, which is handy since we’re not allowed to leave the building on duty, and they have the best crab rangoon in town. I’m going with the combination lo mein, I think, and a half order of rangoon. Luckily there are two of us ordering, because on my own it’s hard to order enough to make the $10 minimum for delivery. For about $25 we’ll be able to stuff ourselves and tip the driver, too. Not that I’m rubbing it in or anything.

All Time SG Fan
All Time SG Fan

5. Crackling?


Hey, Joe!

Questions for Patrick Gilmore:

1) How do you feel about the overall response from the fanbase about SGU both positive and negative?

2) What’s it like working with someone like Robert Carlyle?

3) Had you been an SG fan before you got the role?

Questions for Joe:

1) I’m guessing ”Pathogen” is a TJ episode?

2) Is Robert Carlyle on board for Season 2? Would hate to loose him!

3) Did you watch the 24 premeire? If so then did you catch Cliff Simon?


The only major difference I’ve found between those would be the tear would more than likely have some swelling..again whichever it is it needs to be Iced for 20mins on the hour every hour (say u put the ice on at 2pm..take it off at 2:20 and reapply at 3pm etc) for minimum 4 hrs. After the initial 48-72 hrs (depending how sore you really are) you can switch to a heat pack and using the 20 min rule aswell..but this time after the 20mins you can try some gentle stretching to the area. Failing that a good sports massage will help(after the inital 48-72 hrs) my sports therapist qualification is useful!


Sean D.
Sean D.

Hi Joe!

Thank you for answering my questions. smile That’s a bummer about being allergic to pineapple. That’s a favorite of mine, though I suppose that wouldn’t be the case if allergic to it. wink Anyway… let’s guess episode #5 title…

Is the title for season 3 episode 5, “Catharsis”?

Cheers! smile


@ Deni – {{{Hugs}}} to you and Elway! Thoughts and prayers are with you.

RE: Haiti – Another earthquake at 6:00 am this morning – 6.1. To put this disaster in perspective – the 2004 tsunami killed 230,000 people in FOURTEEN countries. This Haitian earthquake has killed an estimated 200,000 people, and injured another 250,000 (many who may die from their injuries without proper medical care), most of whom were in just ONE city. Only so much one impoverished country can take. Please keep these people in mind, and do whatever you can to help (just be careful, a lot of bogus organizations out there asking for donations that will never get to the people who are in need).

@ Joey – Looks like Narelle REALLY wants your bed pan. wink Good advicie, I can’t top it! lol My advice? If, in three days, the pain has not eased (muscular pulls/strains from normal ‘over-doing-it’ seem, from my experience, to ease after three days). But if you’re in pain to the extent of feeling like puking (as I’ve been with my shoulders), and the area hurts even when at rest, and no position you get in gives you any relief – then go to the doctor.

In the meantime, have a good day!


annie from Fremantle
annie from Fremantle

The last one is…


shutup.. I’m just having fun…

Geez that is one small meal you got there. For twenty bucks, you should have got Ashley to do a song and dance whilst you ate (dinner and a show)