Oh, boy.  Here we go.  Just checked my flight status.  Delayed by 15 minutes.

So far.


Since I’ll be traveling all day today and it’s unlikely I’ll be able to get around to posting something tonight, I leave you all with an all-mailbag blog entry…

Andrea FWhite writes: “I saw on IMDB that StarGate:Extinction moved from pre-production to production status, is that correct? Any good news for us?”

Answer: Sorry to say that’s incorrect, and I’ve received no news, either good or bad, on the Stargate: Extintion front for quite some time.

Susan the tartan turtle writes: “But how do they remember screeds of data? It would take a person of exceptional memory to store all that info.”

Susan the tartan turtle also writes: “Does your sister have a dog too?”

Answer: Two actually.  A husky named Aspen and a mixed equally big dog named Roxy.

DasNdanger writes: “Just one thing I need to know – when you’re feeling this way, does my snarky overfamiliarity annoy you?”

Answer: Nah.  I consider it one of your more endearing qualities.

Answer: True.  Which is why it’s a long and laborious process.  Sort of like having a meeting with the network and then trying to remember everyone’s names when you get back to the office.

Thornyrose writes: “….. the most undeserved victory in Survivor in the history of their show. absolutely disgusting.”

Answer: Agree.  For the first time since I’ve started watching the show, the best player did NOT win.  Rather than take the high road and pick the most deserving candidate – a guy who outwitted and outplayed them all, the jury members proved themselves petty and spiteful by rewarding an individual who did nothing more than ride his coattails.  What a bunch of cry-baby losers.

Ytimynona writes: “I didn’t have a cute nickname growing up, either: mine was (and still is, unfortunately) Doo.”

Answer: I was YoYo.  Later, The Spider.  Now, J-Motz – but only by Carl Binder.

PoorOldEdgarDerby writes: “CheeChee Bean?”

Answer: Hits a little too close to home, don’t it?

Narelle from Aus writes: “My passport must be with your outline.  Can you let me know when you’ve found them?”

Answer: Still looking.

Anais33 a ecrit: “1) Je ne comprend pas pourquoi il faut attendre jusqu’a Avril pour revoir SGU sur les écrans? Croyez vous que cette second partie de la saison 1 aura de meilleurs audiences? 2) Quels fromage préférez vous? que pensez vous du camembert?”

Answer: 1) C’est la decision du diffuseur.  2) Je prefere les fromages moelleux.

Translation: 1) The decision to air in April was a network call.  2) I prefer soft cheeses.

Simon writes: “Question that follows the same as the above. How many scenes go into each act of an SG script?”

Answer: The scene counts vary depending on the type of story your telling.  On average, however, I’d say about 5 beats (scenes) per act.

Joebags writes: “Are we every going to discover why certain planets were selected for gates? Why there are no DHD’s? How are these gates supposed to work and interact with each other? What is Destiny’s purpose? Make sure the gates work? Why? For whom? Destiny is huge, so what was its crew like? What happened to them?”

Answers: Planets were selected on the basis of their ability to sustain life.  No DHD’s because the Ancients planned to use remote DHD’s instead.  Destiny’s purpose was to explore the planets seeded by the advance seeder ships.  Destiny never had a crew.  The Ancients ascended before they could board it.

Eric.Stewart writes: “Between the very long Camille reunion who goes see her parents for 3 sec 1/2, Scott’s ex-girlfriend who’s a go-go dancer, the very unoriginal gun planted in an air vent, 1 fake fight with Telford, 1 embarrassing one with Rush…”

Answer: Camille saw her parents for all of 3.5 seconds because, as hinted, she is estranged from them.  Also, she didn’t reveal who she was, instead posing as a friend to relay some information.  Scott’s ex-girlfriend is a stripper, not a go-go dancer.  I know a couple of go-go dancers who’d have your head for that. The “unoriginal gun planted in the air vent” was intended to be discovered – thus the less-than-genius hiding place.  As for the fight scenes – well, they were both fake.  This is t.v. after all.  Less choreographed to be sure, but certainly more realistic than we’ve done in the past.

Lex Brown writes: “Also can destiny self repair itself like asgard ships can asuming that they fly into another sun and power up some more and start auto repairs.”

Answer: I’d say that is a pretty fair assumption.

Annie from Freemantle writes: “Hey Joe..ever experienced a Southern Hemisphere Christmas?”

Answer:  I haven’t.  But it sounds like something I could get used to.

maggiemayday writes: “Hey, I’m catching up… went to Vegas last minute. Miss me?”

Answer: Of course.  I sent the police by your place to check up on you.

dasNdanger writes: “Do you have a male Japanese tutor?”

Answer: Oh, Das.  Why would I want to do that?

Chris U writes: ”

I just got finished taking an online market research study which, after the initial catagorizing questions of which networks and genre of shows I enjoy, became very heavily SGU related. […]  As I was answering many of the questions I thought more than once that these questions, in the wrong hands, could make for some very interesting network notes to the writers and producers.”

Answer: What’s interesting is that these research studies can yield surprising results – often the opposite of online opinion with regard to creative direction and characters in particular.  I think you have to take both with a grain of salt.

Kevin writes: “The Destiny crew is trying desperately to figure out how to access the main computer. […] But seriously…why couldn’t they just look it up?”

Answer: Alas, if it was that simple, they would have done it already.

Desti(N/A)tio(N/A)lly writes: “Is every actor that plays a person aboard Destiny accounted for such as in the scenes where they show the group of people meeting in the gate room, or do they bring in different actors for each group scene?”

Answer: We try to maintain consistency with our background players in particular, coordinating with our extras casting director and keeping a tally of all speaking characters introduced to date.

Dasndanger writes: “Anyhoo – guess what I learned today? Well, see…my favorite pasta sauce is puttanesca, and you know what ‘alla puttanesca’ means? It means ‘in the style of a prostitute’. Figgers. :P Of course, now I can’t wait to go out for a nice Italian dinner, just so I can order me up some whore’s spaghetti!”

Answer: I believe the culinary term is “whore-getti”.

Pol writes: “Check it out, I made a gingerbread version of the USS George Hammond.”

Answer: Wow!  And – Tasty-looking!

56 thoughts on “December 23, 2009: Travel Day! Mucho Mailbag!

  1. Thanks so much for sending the police by my place … they were driving a white van, right? Undercover? Skeevy-looking? That’s how the neighbors described them! They must have taken all our gifts in as evidence…

  2. Okay, firstly…you made me blush. 😳 (Thanks 🙂 )

    Secondly, right after your comment to me (the first time) there is a question missing – just the answer…hanging out there…all alone…with no explanation…

    Thirdly, you’re gonna learn how to speak Japanese with a high girly-voice. Either that, or get an STD. (Too much?)

    Fourthly, ‘whore-getti’. Hmmm…seems you know a bit too much about this particular dish. (See comment above)

    Have a great trip and visit! And – I am impressed. You DID keep your word about an early entry. Of course, this now gives me nothing to do for the rest of the day. 😛


  3. You said:

    Planets were selected on the basis of their ability to sustain life. No DHD’s because the Ancients planned to use remote DHD’s instead. Destiny’s purpose was to explore the planets seeded by the advance seeder ships. Destiny never had a crew. The Ancients ascended before they could board it.

    Now my confusion…Atlantis was manned 10,000 years ago but Destiny is much much older. If there were ancients 10,000 years ago why was Destiny never manned. Or in a nut shell what did I miss?

    Have a Merry Christmas. Best to you and your family!


  4. 1) “Lex Brown writes: “Also can destiny self repair itself like asgard ships can asuming that they fly into another sun and power up some more and start auto repairs.”

    Answer: I’d say that is a pretty fair assumption.”

    Does this include the ability to fix the areas which are expose to vacuum space (from AIR part 1 – the room where Lt. Matthew Scott found the open areas)?

    2) (Answers: Planets were selected on the basis of their ability to sustain life. No DHD’s because the Ancients planned to use remote DHD’s instead.)

    So are we discovering/finding a new form of Gate Systems that will work only with the remote or will at some point maybe in season 3 (cross-fingers) we will run into the old system?

  5. I see Space is having a SGU marathon, what a wonderful way to wa@#te…sorry, spend a day. I’m in. Ah, hours of watching Young and Telford go at it. Peace on earth, and face beatings on tv. 🙂

    I was wondering, if you gentlemen producers/writers/directors/etc of SG have found yourselves more inclined to fine dining as the Destiny crew are forced to eat mush and spacespuds? Are you going to ReFuel more often in order to deal with this horrible starvation of taste? Was the horrible deprivation forced into your writing one of the inspirations for your Japanese Fine Dining Tour? Just wondering.

    Oh @Das, I love the sound of ‘whore’getti, I’m laughing my head off still.

  6. Awww…my neighbor just came over and gave me a box of cookies, thanking us for helping out with her elderly mom and stuff. So kind of her! Now that I have my second cup of coffee (and watching the noon news), I can catch up with the rest of the mailbag…

    1. Firstly – the SPIDER??!! Good thing I have a live and let live attitude when it comes to critters, or else I’d have to squish you like a bug! 😀

    2. J-Motz? Sounds like applesauce. (that’s Mott’s, for those not familiar with the product)

    3. I’ll stick with Joey. 😀

    4. @ Ytimynona – I have a group of friends who call me Poo. One calls me Poogle, because – according to her – I’m a wealth of information…and her own personal search engine. Another friend, and my brother, call me ‘dird’. Maybe it’s ‘durd’. Either way, it rhymes with turd. 🙄 For the most part my husband calls me ‘schmoogie’. I’ve also gotten ‘lovelumps’ and ‘bubba’ from him…so I’ll gladly take ‘schmoogie’ over those! For some reason, no one calls me by my real name…unless I’m in trouble. 😛

    5. Still don’t know what Answer: True. Which is why it’s a long and laborious process. Sort of like having a meeting with the network and then trying to remember everyone’s names when you get back to the office. is in reference to.

    6. You know go-go dancers??! I thought they went out with Rowan and Martin’s Laugh in. 😉

    Caio, for now!


  7. Me revoila! avez vous reçu mon commentaire de ce matin?

    Bon alors voici quelques questions pour vous 🙂

    1) Quel est votre fromage préférer?
    2) Qu’aimez vous beaucoup à Montréal et que vous n’avez pas à Vancouver?
    3) Quel est le plus beau cadeau de Noël que vous n’ayez jamais eu?

    Gros bisou!

  8. Whore-getti, huh? That sounds delightfully naughty!

    I hope you have fun on your trip.

    At least you’re done with all your christmas shopping. I’ve spent the entire day buying and wrapping presents, which I’m horrible at. Once you’ve started your career as a professional gift-wrapper, I’m hiring you!

  9. Hi Joe, If you don’t find Narelle’s passport, still, look for my 1992 Bahamas Scuba trip video, which I’ve hiden pretty much the same way and for the same reasons as you did for your outline. Of course, If I’ve ever stumble on that video for which I spent enough hours at editing to care, I will look around this location for an SGU outline and an Australian passport, rest assured.

    Et pour Anaïs, imagine now being both an SGU and Glee fan like me. Both shows are preempted until closer to the end of times (which we know is December 21st 2012! 😉 ) I may be busy commisioning the boat by then. Couple more people may be busy thawing out oustside finally, while right now, I wonder what to do to forget about the white sh*t. Must be too much sun pouring down on these network execs in Ellay. We should buy them one way tickets to Minessota.

    I thought it was a way to try the patience of new show’s fans and see if they cared enough to come back or even remember those shows. The fact you told us you were already renewed put that theory down the drain quickly. Right now, I’m just trying to figure out if the DVDs may come out first! 🙂

    Maggie: White Van??? Just as you expect them vans to be issued only in black, now, that’s really the best undercover job I’ve ever heard of!!! 😀

  10. Hi Joe!

    Hope you’re having/had safe travels! Joyeux Noel to you and your family! 🙂

    Since you haven’t found your outline yet, I guess I’ll tell you where I hid it. Inside one of your books, tucked behind another of your books in one of your bookcases. Sorry I don’t remember which one (of any).

    I’m sorta eagerly awaiting SGU’s return. Not cuz I’m not excited about the show, but I don’t think I can maintain hyper-happy awaitingness for three months. I’ll get eager for SGU’s return in late March, OK?

    Today is Simon’s 11th birthday. He’s our black lab who was very ill earlier this year. He’s amazingly held on and gotten as well as he can. 🙂 Three more months and he’ll be at the one year mark since diagnosis (degenerative myelopathy). His diabetes is mostly under control, his weight is acceptable (a little light), and he can still walk. It’s getting more difficult for him to keep his back legs under him and moving, but we just keep an eye on him.

    We’re also celebrating our other dog, Sarah’s, 11th birthday. We found her at Home Depot, so she didn’t come with a “born on date,” but they are very close in age.

    *Hugs* to the pups!!


  11. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh oK!!! lol c’est un autre article!!!!!

    Mince, je trop nul !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Merci de m’avoir répondu !!!! =P

    Tiens en parlant de fromage moëlleux !
    J’ai une super recette!!!


    Un camembert au four ahhhhhh c’est juste délicieux, à essayer 🙂

    Ps: bon mes 2 derniéres questions de toute a l’heure sont encore valable, donc si vous avez le temp d’y répondre =) Merci


  12. OOH! Dogs! if its ok with sis can we see some piccies please?

    I’m off to claim the sellotape back from the dog then I have to de-slobber it and hope she’s left me with a few inches unchewed so I can finish wrapping.

    Love to the rest of the family X

  13. “whore-getti”, that’s a good one! I was kind of hoping for the word noodle in the name though.

    Comment on go-go dancers: We call them strippers here. Strippers get a paid a lot! A lot of those girls have kids with no dad in the picture. A girl has to earn a living.

    I hope you have fun! Be safe! Give Felix a belly rub for me.


  14. Joe
    I thought that Scott’s ex was a dancer and not a stripper or go-go dancer. I am sure that many dancers would be upset at being called a stripper. If I only had the figure ……..

    Nicknames – for some weird reason my friend calls me fatso. My brother calls me crazy cat lady.

    I have opened half of my presents and devoured a bar of Lindt chocolate and started on the sudoku book. I gave the kitties their catnip mice and they got stoned.

    Say hello to mum and sis. Like your sister I prefer big dogs – little dogs make me nervous. Jack Russell terriers are the spawn of the devil according to my brother – he has a point.

    das – that spare answer ‘could’ relate to my question which is just above yours in the mailbag.

    We Wish You a Merry♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Christmas♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪We Wish You a Merry ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪Christmas ♥ ♥ ♥We Wish You A Merry ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪Christmas ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪…And A Happy New Year!♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪
    I hate Christmas – bah, humbug!

  15. Bare knuckles causing cuts in beat downs is definitely more real. Also, guys from Glasgow never stop mouthing off until they’re unconscious. Someone did their research on that one.

  16. WOW you just barely got home from one trip and your are off again.

    Thankfully I am only a 3/12 hours bus ride home to see my family for Christmas. Getting ready for the big christmas eve dinner at my sister and then the big christmas day dinner at my brothers.

    I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas!!!!

  17. I admit to a certain smug superiority, which will no doubt be knocked out of me after posting this. I have atendency to misplace things, but I can count on them resurfacing at some point in the not too distant future. Usually about 2 days after the last moment I absolutely needed the item. I’ve even had wallets returned, money intact. The one exception was a passport I suspect was dropped at an airport. In that case it was a matter of waiting for a few months for it to expire and simply get a new one. Of course, now I can expect things to disappear and the gremlins to keep things from me.
    re Survivor. As much as I loathed Russell, I would have voted for him in the end. He earned it by hard work and play. My favorite was Shambo, who I believe at least voted for him. But overall this was the most oblivious group of players I have ever watched on the show(though I have not watched every single season). I can only hope an allstar show might let us see Russell and Shambo pitted against some other players more worthy of their abilities.
    glad your flight made it safe; at least you didn’t almost end up in the Caribbean. enjoy the holidays and looking forward to the next installlment of your ongoing adventures.

  18. Apologies if this has already been asked before but the Pegasus & Milkway Gate networks (presumably predate destiny’s launch) any gate can take you anywhere in that galaxy yet the stargates in the Galaxy that destiny seem remarkably short ranged little better than ring transporters?

    I keep hoping SGU will grow on me but so far the irritating aspects such as the hand held cam & those Stones interludes keep derailing the story lines for me. I enjoy the character developement but the lack of continuity within each episode coupled with the lack of pace and humour so far is spoiling it for me now the dec, jan, feb, march & april 5 month gap I doubt very much I will take up watching again in the new year.


  19. Fair enough answer to my question 🙂

    I’m still holding out hope that my “Evil Young” idea and his twisted idea of volunteerism makes it to the small screen….just planting the seeds here…lol

  20. Have a good flight Joe. If you ever decide on a Southern Hemisphere Christmas you always know where us Southern Hemisphere livin’ folk are. Well, maybe don’t know exactly where we are, but you have a general location, Southern Hemisphere and you have our IP addresses. How hard could it be?

    I’m afraid if you dropped by this house your last year’s resolution of drinking more may get a good working out. I’d like to say it’s a side effect of living near wineries, but nah, we just enjoy kicking back on a warm night.

    Despite having to be the bearer of bad news, I hope that your Christmas with your family is a great one.

    PG15 – Happy Birthday for the 25th! You share your Birthday with my Brother so you must be ok 😉

  21. @das: That answer went to the question about remembering all the data when going back to Earth. It’s like those quizzes we used to have in school: “Match the question from the left column with the answer in the right column.” Joe is a tricky guy. He did that on purpose. Right?

    DasNdanger writes: “Just one thing I need to know – when you’re feeling this way, does my snarky overfamiliarity annoy you?”

    Answer: Nah. I consider it one of your more endearing qualities.

    That makes absolute sense.

    Also @das: Still no sign of the phone charger or the solitary shoe. Also my document stand at work has gone missing. However, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t me who misplaced that. I have put out an email requesting its return. People at work rarely steal things (thank goodness, since it’s a police station), but they do have a bad habit of absentmindedly walking off with things and then forgetting where they got them. I put green electrician’s tape on all my personal supplies, and that way they always come back to me. I should have put tape on the document stand, I guess.

  22. Christmas shopping…not quite done. I absolutely refuse to go to any malls or department stores after mid-December, so Mr. Crazymom got an e-gift card for those shoes he asked for last week. He missed my deadline for actual shopping, which after 26 years, he is fully aware of. I will venture out tonight for the last two gifts, since one is from the grocery store and the other from a teeny tiny geek store next to the grocery store.

    The geek store is always an adventure. Most of the shop is taken up with people playing the games they sell, or painting models used to play the games, and you have to wend your way through the cases of green tea, Dr. Pepper, and Twinkies to get to the cash register/computer (he puts the money in a plastic box). I went in once in uniform and scared them all half to death before they realized I was just GeekBoy’s mom. I actually think they find a mom coming into the store very nearly as alarming as a police officer coming into the store! Me in uniform? Their worst nightmare!

  23. I would just like to clarify my previous post: when I say people at work walk off with things, I’m referring to office supplies only. You could leave a stack of cash out on your desk and no one would touch it. In fact, they’d avoid like it was a sleeping snake. Someone dropped a dollar bill in the lobby once and it laid there for hours, because we all know that if we find money, we have to log it into property and write a report ASAP. There’s nothing scarier than paperwork. Except maybe Internal Affairs.

  24. Around here, the girls say they are dancers, and it really means strippers. I know that, because they usually also tell me where they dance.

  25. ouuuuh! naugthy Joe has an expersite in the world of exotic dancer. I’m sorry, I should have said topless or nude go-go dancer. I sincerely apologize for not being specific enough!!!

  26. yeh, I know! doing my best to be a pain in the A… At least it makes me smile!!!

  27. Happy Birthday to @Gilder and Belated Happy Birthday to @ytimynona.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas. If you are traveling, safe journey and safe return. I just found out I don’t have to work on Christmas. What a gift. I need to rest.

    Nicknames — this will make you laugh. The first two initials of my first name are Hi and my last name began with a C. For a time in my life, I was called HiC (as in the fruit drink). If you remember the commercials, it used to be, “HiC, it’s good fun.”

    Also was known as Broom Hilda and Hurricane Hilda, but now most people know me as PBMom.

  28. Hi Joe — hope you made it safely to your Mom’s without too many travel problems. Merry Christmas to you, your Mom, Sis, and the rest of the family, especially Felix, who gets the good sport award for that really cute Christmas outfit.

    @Narelle and Dee — I’m not in the Southern Hemisphere, but in the Southern US (Alabama to be exact). We never know what our weather is going to do around the holidays. In the past we’ve had ice and/or snow at Christmas, and some years we have to turn on the air conditioner so we can wear our Christmas sweaters.

    Happy Holidays!

  29. @ susan the tartan turtle – Ahhh…NOW the answer makes sense! Joe is just cutandpastelexic. 😀

    @ crazymom1 – You still aren’t as bad as my cousin (through marriage, fortunately!). She spent weeks looking for her keys, and finally found them in the freezer. 🙄 There are other stories, but I’m too pooped to remember ’em.

    Gonna call it a night! Have a good one, sir!


  30. I used your blog’s search engine to find out whether or not you quaff the occasional beer (I do remember you saying you don’t drink much; but give me a few more hours, and I’ll have forgotten), but might have needed a coupla hours to find some hard info — such as “No, don’t really care for it,” which would have, like, totally bummed me out, ’cause I have this cool link: Chocolate and chili-pepper beer. Check it. (If you’re so disposed and have the time, of course.) — Very bottom of the page, and guys have to allow a few extra seconds (ymmv) for eying up the chick in the image about halfway down.


    I’ll stick with one or (maybe) two bottles of conventional dark beer at gametime/DVD-time, but even just reading about this stuff was fun.

  31. @PG15. Sending warmest wishes for your birthday. We late-December babies have to stick together!

    FYI, while shopping today, I wore an “It’s my birthday!” badge. I’m not above being obnoxious…ahem…assertive about it. 😉

  32. @das: Okay, I HAVE to tell you this one. My husband, Mr. Organized And Efficient, once lost his cell phone. He was quite upset about it, because he NEVER loses things, and you know when you lose your phone, you’ve also lost all the info it, so it’s a huge pain. For two weeks he searched everywhere, home and work, and was quite convinced that one of his students had stolen it off his desk. He’d tried calling the phone, but we never heard it ring. He bought a new phone and spent hours entering numbers and all that. Then he went to the refrigerator in the garage to get his last bottle of beer…and found the phone in the carton, where he had put it when his hands were full coming back from the store two weeks earlier.

  33. Our small clan is celebrating Christmas tomorrow at my Mom’s. It’ll be great to see my niece and nephews. Can’t wait to hear about their adventures at school (NYU & Berkely) and here in SoCal.

    To you Joe and your family near and far, and to all on the blog, Best Wishes for a wonderful Holiday filled with Happiness, Family and Friends!

  34. Coucou Joseph!

    J’espere que votre voyage c’est bien passé 🙂

    Ce soir c’est le reveillon de noël, je suis impatiente:)

    Passer une bonne journée!
    BIsou =)

  35. I think that Atlantis will be able to dial the Destiny, just that they don’t realise it yet. Remember that the magic 9 chevron address was meant to be dialled from earth, implying that there either is or was a sufficient power supply on earth. Atlantis was on earth, can support 3 ZPM’s at once, and has by the final Atlantis episode back onto earth, and why? Maybe because Atlantis may be used to reach the Destiny later in the Universe series, and needed it back on earth in the Milky Way for that very reason.

  36. Why do I have a feeling that Joe will still be at the Airport terminal when he posts tomorrow’s blog entry? “So far” indeed. 😉

    Have a good trip!

    @ Narelle and Gilder: Thank you so much!!

    Well, your brother must be a cool guy, Narelle. 😉

    And yes, us year-end babies must hold our corner against those other keeners, like Joe. Born in October? How very early. If you were so excited for birth that you couldn’t wait 2 months, why didn’t you just FLY out of the womb while you were at it? 😛

  37. hey there. i’m kinda new about all this stargate series. however for the past few weeks, i’ve done all SGA and SG1. and n0w i’m eagerly waiting infront of my tv for the next episodes.

    i’m still kinda blurry about SGU timeline however. any chance you will create a map, grapic or sumthing to makes us more clear?

  38. PG15: Happy Birthday!

    Everybody else, have a wonderful Christmas and a New Year filled with nothing but good health and happiness 🙂

  39. Safe travels to you, Joe, and to everyone heading out to be with family and friends for the holidays. Merry Christmas!

  40. Hey Joe Merry Christmas! 2 questions today. 1. How do you feel about Deadpool becoming so popular? Marvel will have 9 Deadpool comics in the month of March, as well as the spin off movie?
    2. Do you ever watch a show and get an actor that way, like for Example Ryan Kennedy shows up in Smallville as Cosmic Boy, and then Shows up on SGU as a scientist who tries to fly through the sun and send the team back to earth, and also Michael Shanks Playing Hawkman as another example? I know you guys are close with Smallville, so you do check out who they have on and vice versa. Thanks Joe and again merry christmas.

  41. Merry Christmas, and if you ever want to experience a warm Christmas destination where absolutely NO ONE speaks Japanese, look me up in Cape Town.

    It’s not that big a city. You’ll find me eventually. Maybe. 😀

  42. @ crazymom1 – 😆 That’s classic. 🙂 Funny you should say that he gets all frantic when he loses stuff…me, too. When you are not used to misplacing things, it almost feels like a Twilight Zone episode when you do. I will actually get dizzy when I can’t remember where I put something, because it’s so unusual for me to forget. So when I do, I tend to overreact, whereas Mr. Das – who’s always misplacing things – has a more blasé attitude towards it all. “It’ll show up. You didn’t lose it, you just misplaced it” is his attitude, while I’m running around, fretting like a head with my chicken cut off.

    The really weird thing about this all is that I tend to forget everything else! Tell me you’re name, I’ll forget it (even on blogs and forums it takes me a while to attach the names to the ‘personalities’). Give me verbal instructions, I’ll forget half of them. I have to ask the cashier in a checkout line three or four times what the price is so I can write the check. It just doesn’t register. Maybe because I have other things on my mind, or because I’m daydreaming…dunno…but I forget stuff, both what I hear, and what I read – therefore I tend to repeat myself on forums, or ask the same questions over and over, because I just forget what I’ve read, said, or heard before.

    But if I do or see it, then I remember (except the reading part – seeing words, for me, is different than seeing objects). I fear losing my already poor sight, because it is what I rely on most in order to function. I do have a fairly good ‘touch’ memory, however…such as being able to type – like right now – without looking at the keys. So maybe if I do go blind, my fingers will make up for it. Ugh. Then what happens if I lose my hands! Ack! Now I’ve gone and made myself neurotic! 😛

    @ Joey – Heya, Spider! (Was that nick given you in honor of Spider-Man…or for another reason? And if it was given in honor of Spidey, then can I call you Tiger? 😉 )

    Anyway…I’m not used to you being in my time zone. This is gonna mess my morning routine all up. 😛


  43. Hey Joe, just a little message mate – Merry Christmas, and may the new year be just as prosperous for you 🙂


  44. Happy holidays! Hope you have a lovely relaxing time. (And that the mac connects to all the necessary networks for you to keep the updates coming. 🙂 )

  45. ☆•.¸¸.•´¯`•.¸¸.¤ ~ ๑ ° ☆•.¸¸.•´¯`•.¸¸.¤ ~ ๑ ° ☆•.¸¸.•´¯`
    ☆•.¸¸.•´¯`•.¸¸.¤ ~ ๑ ° ☆•.¸¸.•´¯`•.¸¸.¤ ~ ๑ ° ☆•.¸¸.•´¯`

  46. Merry Christmas, All.

    @Tammy Dixon – The women they’re surveying are saying winter is the least desirable time to give birth? Those women haven’t had summer third trimesters. The heat is rough with those August babies. BTW, why are you reading baby articles?

  47. Merry Christmas everyone! Its Christmas Day in Aus. (early in the morning)

    Found a cool little website Tacky Christmas Yards. I love Griswald type decs. I particularly liked the following picture – More is more.

    Well my Christmas got off to an interesting start yesterday. Power went off overnight, the alarm didn’t go off and I slept in. Then I had a fall at my house and banged my knee into the door frame (it hurts….my knee that is)…..may end up having to see someone about it….ugh….I’ve been getting everyone to pick me up and take me to the various Christmas functions.

    Have a wonderful Christmas folks with lots of good food, laughs, cool gifts and family.

    Also, my thoughts are with those blog friends who have lost family this year.

    Take care everyone!


  48. Hey, I found the stack of credit cards (mostly store cards) I hid from myself. They were in the drawer with all my fancy baking crap. I’ve been making cookies, so I was digging around in that drawer for once. Yep. And I found my Christmas jewelry, after I was Mrs. Claus. Gee, it was in the jewelry box in the gift drawer with the candy canes. I almost gave it away….

    Handing out plates of homemade Cookies to the neighborhood: red and green sugar marzipan (meh, for the kidlets), cinnamon chip shortbread (excellent), soft ginger cookies with ginger bits rolled in raw sugar (OMFG they are GOOD), and a cocoa-chai with caramel chips (yum yum yum). Plus seven layer bars (uber-sweet) and nutty buddies made with Cinnamon Chex cereal (basic but nummy). My neighbors are getting the good stuff this year!

  49. @PG15: LOLOLOL!!!!! 😎

    Flying out of the womb, indeed!

    1956: Mom’s Dr. told her I might arrive anytime between Thanksgiving and Christmas. She claimed that was the only Christmas she was completely prepared!

    @Joe: Spoke with RFD today, 24th. She was cheerfully cooking for a crowd!

  50. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to all who are celebrating today.

    For those of you living in the past, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays for tomorrow!

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