So, I’ve been following this whole Tiger Woods debacle and, despite all of the increasingly sordid details that have emerged, I’ve remained unfazed.  Until today,that is, when I read something truly shocking about the guy and, if true, will forever tarnish him in my eyes.  According to one of the gals he dated, Tiger NEVER TIPPED!  Sure, allegedly cheating on your wife with scores of young women demonstrates highly debatable judgment, but regularly stiffing a hardworking wait staff points to a far more heinous, deep-rooted character flaw.  Sure, the suggestions of philandering are embarrassing, but THIS!  THIS is damning.  Come on, Tiger.  The people serving you make minimum wage and depend on those gratuities (and, in most cases, are taxed on them regardless of whether they receive them or not).  Why be such a cheapskate when, obviously, you can afford NOT to be.

And that little revelation led me to this fascinating article: “34 Notoriously Bad Celebrity Tippers”:  Very interesting.  And, in many instances, not all that surprising.  I mean, who can say they were shocked to discover that “There are lots of instances of Sean Penn stiffing waitstaff” or that Britney Spears once “tipped a valet by dropping change on the ground and telling him “there’s your tip”.”  But Rupert Everett?  Michael Moore?  Tobey Maguire?!  Shameful.  Truly shameful.

Awww crap.  It’s snowing today.  And me without my winter tires.  The drive in to work tomorrow should be all sorts of fun.

Now, come on, what gives?  Since returning to Vancouver, I’ve eaten at two Japanese restaurants, not because I was craving Japanese food but because I wanted to practice my Japanese – only the waitresses insist on speaking to me in broken English.  Iradatashii!

At the request of blog regular Susan the Tartan Turtle, I give you some pics of the pooches..







Cat writes: “As an experienced world traveller, how do you deal with the jet lag?”

Answer: The key is to force yourself to adapt.  Melatonin also helps.  I would take some every night and it would put me right out (but, unfortunately, didn’t keep me out).  In the past, adjusting to the time shift in Tokyo isn’t too bad.  You end up going to sleep late (10:00 ish) and waking up early.  Returning home is usually the problem.  On this trip, I’ve had trouble on both ends – sleeping fitfully throughout.

Thornyrose writes: “As far as Stargate talk, I was wondering about your thoughts on the last aired episode, given it is the midseason cliffhanger. Any enlightening tidbits about the episode’s production?”

Answer: Enlightening tidbits?  Hmmm.  Not sure.  I remember we all discussed the story in the writing room and Alan was assigned the task of writing the script.  He turned in a solid first draft, then Paul did his pass, then Brad did his polish.  By the time all was said and done, it was a very tight script.

Mel writes: “Unfortunately the +7 time shift numbers did not save Atlantis.”

Answer: Realistically, however, Atlantis was in the fifth year of its run and pulling in a lower average, especially among key demos.

Dasndanger writes: “Whose teapot collection?”

Answer: Not mine.

Teal’c_P.I. writes: “First of all, both myself and my Aloe Vera-drinking friend are curious as to exactly how many pairs of cuff links you have. If you have a moment in between your writing, could you quickly count them for us, please?”

Answer: Roughly thirty pairs.  Most of my shirts are french-cuffed.

Teal’c_P.I. also writes: “So if you can, could you please just tell me: why was Atlantis cancelled? Was it a unanimous decision or a question of ratings?”

Answer: Unfortunately, I don’t have an answer for you.  When we received news of the cancellation, we were surprised to say the least.  Granted, one could argue that the ratings for the show had slipped since its second season, but there was no denying the numbers had actually improved in season five.  From a creative standpoint, we still had stories to tell and the writers’ room was confident we would be back.  But what did we know.

AV Eddy writes: “So I saw the latest video of asparagus juice. Not good bud. Almost half the drinkers from the high are gone…”

Answer: You made me laugh.

Sis writes: “I have almost completed my Christmas shopping for you; I have bought Mom’s presents for you and Lili’s presents for you.”

Answer: What am I getting you guys?

Beaudacious writes: “I tryed putting the wesite I got the info from but I guess the blog has url’s blocked or something.”

Answer: Nope, your post went directly to spam – as do most comments containing links.  But fear not.  In addition to reading and approving all comments, I always make it a point to check the spam folder as well.  So, your original post has been saved.  Thanks for the info.  Food for thought.  Sounds like my best bet is to marry a Japanese national first.

Marsha_R writes: “Blog reader membership dues? Oops. Can I pay mine in corn tamales?”

Answer: Yes, you may!

TBA writes: “- Are there any new writers on board for season 2?

– Any changes in the tone/style/storytelling/main cast?

– I’m still hoping that the Trust or Kinsey pops up again… Any chances on that happening?”

Answer: Yes to the new writers and no to the Trust or Kinsey.  As for tone/style/storytelling/main cast – there are plenty of developments in the back half of the season that will carry over into season two.

Susan the Tartan Turtle writes: “Can we get some doggy pictures to cheer us up? Or to cheer me up!”

Answer: Those were for you.

dodoalda writes: ”

1) Could you please confirm or deny that the ship they found in Justice is made by the same race like the one in Air III?

2) Any new world about SGU soundtrack?”

Answer: 1) I can neither confirm nor deny.  But, now that you mention is, they ARE very similar in design.  Hmmmmm.  2) Sorry.  I haven’t heard any word.

Garion55 writes: “Ummm what? Air Part 3 …9-oct-09…2.447 million viewers.  Justice … 4-dec-09… 1.34 million viewers.”

Answer: Um read the whole of my response.  While the overnights may have dropped, time-shifted viewership has, to date, increased significantly, making up for the initial drop.

Garion55 also writes: “talk about ‘justice’. compare that to the the highest ratings any of the shows have gotten.”

Answer: Can’t.  We haven’t received the +7 numbers yet.

Chevron7 writes: “So when is your short story published? Did I tell you I’m now published as well? I co-wrote a journal article and received it in the mail the other week – way cool!”

Answer: Congrats!  “Downfall” will be published as part of the Lou Anders edited With Great Power superhero anthology…sometime in 2010?  Hey, Lou, what’s the lastest?

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You had snow, I got rain. Some of wich became slippery on some road surfaces this morning.
On a better note I was able to vote for Felix this evening, even though it wouldn’t let me yesterday. Poor pup still has fewer than 700 votes, though. C’mon people. Let’s vote!

Matt R.
Matt R.

Dont know if this is the right place to ask mailbag questions (if it’s not I’m sure someone will point that fact out to me) but I have a couple…

1) Is the Apple Core the official bridge on Destiny or some type of relay station? Will we be seeing the actual bridge some time?

2) In Atlantis many of the scenes shot inside the city were on or around cat walks or just plain hallways. Is that going to change of SGU? Any chance of seeing some “great halls” large finished rooms like we did in “Air”?

3) Who is responsiable for the Kino shorts? Whoever is running that show I say Bravo! I love them!

Thanks Everyone

Matt R.


Why do fans obsess about the inside baseball of ratings? There’s not much we can really do about it and it’s not like 50+ viewers matter much for advertisers that much anyway.

My real question, since I’m interested in Chloe actually doing something on the ship: We know Chloe majored in political science, any interesting or quirky minors?


You laughed at AV eddy… sad I never make you laugh. sad *sniffle*

RE: Teapot collection. “Not mine” is a cold, unfeeling answer. It should have been, “they belong to my loving wife, who will hit me over the head with one of them if I ever pull a Tiger.”

RE: Tiger Woods. I really don’t care much either, apart from the magnitude of it all. The guy must be a real ass, which is a shame, since the image he promoted was the opposite, and a lot of people – especially kids – looked up to that image. That said, I guess if you’re gonna self-destruct, best to do it big. ‘Better to burn out than fade away’, as they say.

RE: Tipping. Last year Oprah stayed at the hotel where my husband works. She did tip, but not well (according to the chambermaids – I think $20 for her entire entourage). At least it was something, but considering the amount of money she pours into projects in Stedman’s home town, you would think she’d have a little extra to spare for the hardworking people as opposed to those looking for handouts.

That said, I heard Johnny Depp once left a $50 tip for a glass of wine. The man is not only beautiful, but he’s a good tipper, too! grin

Joey, thanks for the doggie pictures! I’m on a different computer, so gonna go vote for Felix again. smile Have a good night!



Speaking of Kinsey, Ronny Cox will be on WGNAmerica (USA cable network) Mon. 14 Dec. evening in “Spirit of Giving”. Check your local listings for times.


I was wondering about the safety protocols on the Gate. After watching Air III, I realised that Rush bets on there being something that prevents Destiny from shutting down while something is it the wormhole. But in SG-1, I was sure there was an episode or two where someone entered a closing wormhole and didn’t make it.

Perhaps I was thinking of when Kowalski got infested with a Goa’uld and they hit the emergency shutdown to decapitate him.

Major D. Davis
Major D. Davis


I know. I probably just frustrate him. sad At least he said he thought you were good. smile

ohhhhhhhhhjhhj mailbag!!!

I have a question.

When will Major Davis be in SGU? Wouldn’t it make sense that he would be the one to bring people on visits?

Thanks so much,
Major D. Davis

susan the tartan turtle

Thanks for the dog photographs, but I have to say that Maximus is looking his age – he looks like a grumpy old man. Getting old is no fun – but it’s still better than the alternative.

No snow here but it is very cold, the furry babies have hidden under my/our duvet and won’t come out until the central heating comes back on in the morning.

sis – do you do everybodies Christmas shopping? wink My brother is actually quite good at picking me a present.



Good call, StTT–we were long overdue for pooch pics!

Tipping: I feel guilty when I use my debit card at Sonic and then don’t have any cash to tip the carhop! I can’t imagine going INSIDE a restaurant and then not tipping!

A couple of days ago a coworker of mine asked, in all seriousness, if Star Wars and Star Trek were the same thing. I told her to be really, really careful about asking that question in public! I gave her the 30 second lesson on how to tell the difference between Star Wars, Star Trek and Stargate in casual conversation, just for her own protection.


Awww….dog pix are gorgeous. We’ve had an emotional few weeks of pet deaths at my sister’s house. They lost all but one rabbit due to Calici virus – so sudden. Now their 21 year old cat has disappeared – we think she has gone somewhere to die. I spent yesterday afternoon on my hands and knees under the house but couldn’t see her. The kids have been upset but at least have the comfort of a new kitten they got last week and Fluffy the bunny.

Sorry….this post is a bit of a downer…



30 pairs of cufflinks – I’m impressed…..although not quite as impressed as I am with Ivon’s collection of shoes.

Have you seen these? Raiders cufflinks

Cheers, Chev

annie from Fremantle
annie from Fremantle

Is Brie yours? I thought she was a friend’s dog.

None the less , she and your pugkids are soooooooo cute (especially that pic of Maximus) ♥ hope that code works. It’s a love heart lol

SGU starts tonight on channel 10. Hope it goes well!


Thank you for the doggie photos, that looks like a wonderfully thick comforter they are laying on(lying)(whichever). Are they sticking to you like glue? or maybe they are ok since you brought them presents.(you did right?!?)
We generally tip 20%. That is one job I hope I never need to have is waiter/waitress. I see how (mean)people treat their servers and I wouldn’t want to be treated that way, so I try to be courteous. Now if the service and the food sucks, well I guess that would be a slightly different story, but normally..
My son works in a restaurant and goes to school, and I hear a few stories about how it is in the trenches. Still not a job for me thank you. I am still hoping to hit the lottery big! A gal can dream can’t she. Enjoy the evening.


I agree that the lack of tipping is a worse offense than infidelity. the wife at least will have recourse to exact her vengence. The staff that’s waited on a non tipper doesn’t have so many options. I may never be rich, but I’ll not eat out if I can’t leave a decent-to-extravagent tip. I also make it a point to leave the hotel cleaning staff something, as well as trying not to be one of those high maintanance types. On the plus side, those places I frequent regularly I am guaranteed the best service one could ask for, a more than fair exchange I think.
Alan did an outstanding job on Justice, especially if he’s the one that came up with that final bit with Young and Rush. Was there any serious argument about how that scene played out? I’m not going to ask questions about the upcoming episodes, figuring we’ll get some answers once the show starts back up. Though the questions are bubbling inside my head; just as well I have so much empty space there or I’d look rabid.
Loved the dog pics. Good luck getting to work safely, and thanks for the nice mailbag.



I also was not sure how to address questions to the mailbag and I’m not sure if this was brought up before but I wanted to your attention and error regarding the rank of Ronald Greer.

Both myself and a friend of mine are really enjoying this Stargate series, in fact this is the only one of the franchise that he will watch. He is a former US Marine and he pointed out an error. He stated that the character of Ronald Greer is a Master Sergeant and he would never be referred to as just Sergeant from anyone in the military. He would always be addressed as Master Sergeant and never just Sergeant. As a former marine he cringes whenever he hears MSgt Greer referred incorrectly. smile

I read on Wikipedia that an informal name for a Master Sergeant is “top”. I’m sure you would want to check all of this information out yourself but I thought I would pass it along in case you wanted to verify and correct this for future scripts.

Regardless we love the show. Col. Young and MSgt. Greer are fantastic! I really like that Dr. Rush is becoming Col. Young’s nemesis and how loyal MSgt. Greer is to the Colonel. We are looking forward to the rest of season one.

Hope this helps!

AV eddy

@chevron7 Awwww, I’m so sad for your sister’s family. sad Loss of one pet is hard enough, but to lose so many so fast. sad My condolences.



Thanks for the answers, Mr. Mallozzi! (Or should I say arigato gozaimasu?)


i just saw justice: amazing, best episode so far.


I don’t think that a debate about ratings makes much sense without numbers. So I made a list.

Ratings so far in million viewers per episode live +SD (same day) and live +7 (days) and the difference between them:

1./2. Air, Part 1 and Part 2
SD: 2.346
+7: 2.779
Dif: 0.433

3. Air, Part 3
SD: 2.447
+7: 2.99
Dif: 0.543

4. Darkness
SD: 2.099
+7: 2.6
Dif: 0.501

5. Light
SD: 2.015
+7: 2.7
Dif: 0.685

6. Water
SD: 1.974
+7: 2.64
Dif: 0.666

7. Earth
SD: 1.626
+7: 2.3
Dif: 0.674

8. Time
SD: 1.802
+7: 2.529
Dif: 0.727

9. Life
SD: 1.891
+7: 2.44
Dif: 0.549

10. Justice
SD: 1.340

Unfortunately most of the live +7 numbers are more rounded than the SD numbers. I don’t know more precise live +7 numbers.


@ Major D – Yeah. If I could only get Joe to laugh once, then I would stop trying so hard. wink However, as a consolation prize, I DO think I get him to sigh and roll his eyes, a LOT. grin



Joe usually does his own Christmas shopping for our gifts… or maybe he just gets Fondy to pick up what he knows we want. Unfortunately, I have to buy my own gift from my Mom, sometimes a gift for myself from Joe if it is more practical for me to do so, and always from the family here to Joe & Fondy… and I really hate shopping. Oh, and then I have to wrap everything too.

I was thinking… since we have gotten Mom the fence around her yard, every year for the past three years, and because she is still complaining about that television, maybe we could get her something she will actually use – like grooming sessions every two months for Felix & Baby Cat.


also, looking for a vancouver restaurant with good non-chocolate desserts (though i know you hate fruit); any recommendations?

Jon K.
Jon K.

Just read that Season 2 of SGU has officially been given a green light, Congratulations, not get to work,


Hi, Joe!

Congratulations to SGU and Sanctuary for their recent season renewals on SyFy!

TV By The Numbers

The Hollywood Reporter


AV eddy said:

@chevron7 Awwww, I’m so sad for your sister’s family. sad Loss of one pet is hard enough, but to lose so many so fast. sad My condolences.


Thanks eddy….they had 2 females with babies too, its been hard. They can’t bring the remaining rabbit in the house for four months.