So, I’ve been following this whole Tiger Woods debacle and, despite all of the increasingly sordid details that have emerged, I’ve remained unfazed.  Until today,that is, when I read something truly shocking about the guy and, if true, will forever tarnish him in my eyes.  According to one of the gals he dated, Tiger NEVER TIPPED!  Sure, allegedly cheating on your wife with scores of young women demonstrates highly debatable judgment, but regularly stiffing a hardworking wait staff points to a far more heinous, deep-rooted character flaw.  Sure, the suggestions of philandering are embarrassing, but THIS!  THIS is damning.  Come on, Tiger.  The people serving you make minimum wage and depend on those gratuities (and, in most cases, are taxed on them regardless of whether they receive them or not).  Why be such a cheapskate when, obviously, you can afford NOT to be.

And that little revelation led me to this fascinating article: “34 Notoriously Bad Celebrity Tippers”:  Very interesting.  And, in many instances, not all that surprising.  I mean, who can say they were shocked to discover that “There are lots of instances of Sean Penn stiffing waitstaff” or that Britney Spears once “tipped a valet by dropping change on the ground and telling him “there’s your tip”.”  But Rupert Everett?  Michael Moore?  Tobey Maguire?!  Shameful.  Truly shameful.

Awww crap.  It’s snowing today.  And me without my winter tires.  The drive in to work tomorrow should be all sorts of fun.

Now, come on, what gives?  Since returning to Vancouver, I’ve eaten at two Japanese restaurants, not because I was craving Japanese food but because I wanted to practice my Japanese – only the waitresses insist on speaking to me in broken English.  Iradatashii!

At the request of blog regular Susan the Tartan Turtle, I give you some pics of the pooches..







Cat writes: “As an experienced world traveller, how do you deal with the jet lag?”

Answer: The key is to force yourself to adapt.  Melatonin also helps.  I would take some every night and it would put me right out (but, unfortunately, didn’t keep me out).  In the past, adjusting to the time shift in Tokyo isn’t too bad.  You end up going to sleep late (10:00 ish) and waking up early.  Returning home is usually the problem.  On this trip, I’ve had trouble on both ends – sleeping fitfully throughout.

Thornyrose writes: “As far as Stargate talk, I was wondering about your thoughts on the last aired episode, given it is the midseason cliffhanger. Any enlightening tidbits about the episode’s production?”

Answer: Enlightening tidbits?  Hmmm.  Not sure.  I remember we all discussed the story in the writing room and Alan was assigned the task of writing the script.  He turned in a solid first draft, then Paul did his pass, then Brad did his polish.  By the time all was said and done, it was a very tight script.

Mel writes: “Unfortunately the +7 time shift numbers did not save Atlantis.”

Answer: Realistically, however, Atlantis was in the fifth year of its run and pulling in a lower average, especially among key demos.

Dasndanger writes: “Whose teapot collection?”

Answer: Not mine.

Teal’c_P.I. writes: “First of all, both myself and my Aloe Vera-drinking friend are curious as to exactly how many pairs of cuff links you have. If you have a moment in between your writing, could you quickly count them for us, please?”

Answer: Roughly thirty pairs.  Most of my shirts are french-cuffed.

Teal’c_P.I. also writes: “So if you can, could you please just tell me: why was Atlantis cancelled? Was it a unanimous decision or a question of ratings?”

Answer: Unfortunately, I don’t have an answer for you.  When we received news of the cancellation, we were surprised to say the least.  Granted, one could argue that the ratings for the show had slipped since its second season, but there was no denying the numbers had actually improved in season five.  From a creative standpoint, we still had stories to tell and the writers’ room was confident we would be back.  But what did we know.

AV Eddy writes: “So I saw the latest video of asparagus juice. Not good bud. Almost half the drinkers from the high are gone…”

Answer: You made me laugh.

Sis writes: “I have almost completed my Christmas shopping for you; I have bought Mom’s presents for you and Lili’s presents for you.”

Answer: What am I getting you guys?

Beaudacious writes: “I tryed putting the wesite I got the info from but I guess the blog has url’s blocked or something.”

Answer: Nope, your post went directly to spam – as do most comments containing links.  But fear not.  In addition to reading and approving all comments, I always make it a point to check the spam folder as well.  So, your original post has been saved.  Thanks for the info.  Food for thought.  Sounds like my best bet is to marry a Japanese national first.

Marsha_R writes: “Blog reader membership dues? Oops. Can I pay mine in corn tamales?”

Answer: Yes, you may!

TBA writes: “- Are there any new writers on board for season 2?

– Any changes in the tone/style/storytelling/main cast?

– I’m still hoping that the Trust or Kinsey pops up again… Any chances on that happening?”

Answer: Yes to the new writers and no to the Trust or Kinsey.  As for tone/style/storytelling/main cast – there are plenty of developments in the back half of the season that will carry over into season two.

Susan the Tartan Turtle writes: “Can we get some doggy pictures to cheer us up? Or to cheer me up!”

Answer: Those were for you.

dodoalda writes: ”

1) Could you please confirm or deny that the ship they found in Justice is made by the same race like the one in Air III?

2) Any new world about SGU soundtrack?”

Answer: 1) I can neither confirm nor deny.  But, now that you mention is, they ARE very similar in design.  Hmmmmm.  2) Sorry.  I haven’t heard any word.

Garion55 writes: “Ummm what? Air Part 3 …9-oct-09…2.447 million viewers.  Justice … 4-dec-09… 1.34 million viewers.”

Answer: Um read the whole of my response.  While the overnights may have dropped, time-shifted viewership has, to date, increased significantly, making up for the initial drop.

Garion55 also writes: “talk about ‘justice’. compare that to the the highest ratings any of the shows have gotten.”

Answer: Can’t.  We haven’t received the +7 numbers yet.

Chevron7 writes: “So when is your short story published? Did I tell you I’m now published as well? I co-wrote a journal article and received it in the mail the other week – way cool!”

Answer: Congrats!  “Downfall” will be published as part of the Lou Anders edited With Great Power superhero anthology…sometime in 2010?  Hey, Lou, what’s the lastest?

101 thoughts on “December 13, 2009: Celebrity Skinflints! Pooch Pictures! The Mailbag!

  1. You had snow, I got rain. Some of wich became slippery on some road surfaces this morning.
    On a better note I was able to vote for Felix this evening, even though it wouldn’t let me yesterday. Poor pup still has fewer than 700 votes, though. C’mon people. Let’s vote!

  2. Dont know if this is the right place to ask mailbag questions (if it’s not I’m sure someone will point that fact out to me) but I have a couple…

    1) Is the Apple Core the official bridge on Destiny or some type of relay station? Will we be seeing the actual bridge some time?

    2) In Atlantis many of the scenes shot inside the city were on or around cat walks or just plain hallways. Is that going to change of SGU? Any chance of seeing some “great halls” large finished rooms like we did in “Air”?

    3) Who is responsiable for the Kino shorts? Whoever is running that show I say Bravo! I love them!

    Thanks Everyone

    Matt R.

  3. Why do fans obsess about the inside baseball of ratings? There’s not much we can really do about it and it’s not like 50+ viewers matter much for advertisers that much anyway.

    My real question, since I’m interested in Chloe actually doing something on the ship: We know Chloe majored in political science, any interesting or quirky minors?

  4. You laughed at AV eddy… 🙁 I never make you laugh. 🙁 *sniffle*

    RE: Teapot collection. “Not mine” is a cold, unfeeling answer. It should have been, “they belong to my loving wife, who will hit me over the head with one of them if I ever pull a Tiger.”

    RE: Tiger Woods. I really don’t care much either, apart from the magnitude of it all. The guy must be a real ass, which is a shame, since the image he promoted was the opposite, and a lot of people – especially kids – looked up to that image. That said, I guess if you’re gonna self-destruct, best to do it big. ‘Better to burn out than fade away’, as they say.

    RE: Tipping. Last year Oprah stayed at the hotel where my husband works. She did tip, but not well (according to the chambermaids – I think $20 for her entire entourage). At least it was something, but considering the amount of money she pours into projects in Stedman’s home town, you would think she’d have a little extra to spare for the hardworking people as opposed to those looking for handouts.

    That said, I heard Johnny Depp once left a $50 tip for a glass of wine. The man is not only beautiful, but he’s a good tipper, too! 😀

    Joey, thanks for the doggie pictures! I’m on a different computer, so gonna go vote for Felix again. 🙂 Have a good night!


  5. Speaking of Kinsey, Ronny Cox will be on WGNAmerica (USA cable network) Mon. 14 Dec. evening in “Spirit of Giving”. Check your local listings for times.

  6. I was wondering about the safety protocols on the Gate. After watching Air III, I realised that Rush bets on there being something that prevents Destiny from shutting down while something is it the wormhole. But in SG-1, I was sure there was an episode or two where someone entered a closing wormhole and didn’t make it.

    Perhaps I was thinking of when Kowalski got infested with a Goa’uld and they hit the emergency shutdown to decapitate him.

  7. @das.

    I know. I probably just frustrate him. 🙁 At least he said he thought you were good. 🙂

    ohhhhhhhhhjhhj mailbag!!!

    I have a question.

    When will Major Davis be in SGU? Wouldn’t it make sense that he would be the one to bring people on visits?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  8. Thanks for the dog photographs, but I have to say that Maximus is looking his age – he looks like a grumpy old man. Getting old is no fun – but it’s still better than the alternative.

    No snow here but it is very cold, the furry babies have hidden under my/our duvet and won’t come out until the central heating comes back on in the morning.

    sis – do you do everybodies Christmas shopping? 😉 My brother is actually quite good at picking me a present.


  9. Good call, StTT–we were long overdue for pooch pics!

    Tipping: I feel guilty when I use my debit card at Sonic and then don’t have any cash to tip the carhop! I can’t imagine going INSIDE a restaurant and then not tipping!

    A couple of days ago a coworker of mine asked, in all seriousness, if Star Wars and Star Trek were the same thing. I told her to be really, really careful about asking that question in public! I gave her the 30 second lesson on how to tell the difference between Star Wars, Star Trek and Stargate in casual conversation, just for her own protection.

  10. Awww….dog pix are gorgeous. We’ve had an emotional few weeks of pet deaths at my sister’s house. They lost all but one rabbit due to Calici virus – so sudden. Now their 21 year old cat has disappeared – we think she has gone somewhere to die. I spent yesterday afternoon on my hands and knees under the house but couldn’t see her. The kids have been upset but at least have the comfort of a new kitten they got last week and Fluffy the bunny.

    Sorry….this post is a bit of a downer…


  11. 30 pairs of cufflinks – I’m impressed…..although not quite as impressed as I am with Ivon’s collection of shoes.

    Have you seen these? Raiders cufflinks

    Cheers, Chev

  12. Is Brie yours? I thought she was a friend’s dog.

    None the less , she and your pugkids are soooooooo cute (especially that pic of Maximus) ♥ hope that code works. It’s a love heart lol

    SGU starts tonight on channel 10. Hope it goes well!

  13. Thank you for the doggie photos, that looks like a wonderfully thick comforter they are laying on(lying)(whichever). Are they sticking to you like glue? or maybe they are ok since you brought them presents.(you did right?!?)
    We generally tip 20%. That is one job I hope I never need to have is waiter/waitress. I see how (mean)people treat their servers and I wouldn’t want to be treated that way, so I try to be courteous. Now if the service and the food sucks, well I guess that would be a slightly different story, but normally..
    My son works in a restaurant and goes to school, and I hear a few stories about how it is in the trenches. Still not a job for me thank you. I am still hoping to hit the lottery big! A gal can dream can’t she. Enjoy the evening.

  14. I agree that the lack of tipping is a worse offense than infidelity. the wife at least will have recourse to exact her vengence. The staff that’s waited on a non tipper doesn’t have so many options. I may never be rich, but I’ll not eat out if I can’t leave a decent-to-extravagent tip. I also make it a point to leave the hotel cleaning staff something, as well as trying not to be one of those high maintanance types. On the plus side, those places I frequent regularly I am guaranteed the best service one could ask for, a more than fair exchange I think.
    Alan did an outstanding job on Justice, especially if he’s the one that came up with that final bit with Young and Rush. Was there any serious argument about how that scene played out? I’m not going to ask questions about the upcoming episodes, figuring we’ll get some answers once the show starts back up. Though the questions are bubbling inside my head; just as well I have so much empty space there or I’d look rabid.
    Loved the dog pics. Good luck getting to work safely, and thanks for the nice mailbag.

  15. Hello!

    I also was not sure how to address questions to the mailbag and I’m not sure if this was brought up before but I wanted to your attention and error regarding the rank of Ronald Greer.

    Both myself and a friend of mine are really enjoying this Stargate series, in fact this is the only one of the franchise that he will watch. He is a former US Marine and he pointed out an error. He stated that the character of Ronald Greer is a Master Sergeant and he would never be referred to as just Sergeant from anyone in the military. He would always be addressed as Master Sergeant and never just Sergeant. As a former marine he cringes whenever he hears MSgt Greer referred incorrectly. 🙂

    I read on Wikipedia that an informal name for a Master Sergeant is “top”. I’m sure you would want to check all of this information out yourself but I thought I would pass it along in case you wanted to verify and correct this for future scripts.

    Regardless we love the show. Col. Young and MSgt. Greer are fantastic! I really like that Dr. Rush is becoming Col. Young’s nemesis and how loyal MSgt. Greer is to the Colonel. We are looking forward to the rest of season one.

    Hope this helps!

  16. @chevron7 Awwww, I’m so sad for your sister’s family. 🙁 Loss of one pet is hard enough, but to lose so many so fast. 🙁 My condolences.


  17. I don’t think that a debate about ratings makes much sense without numbers. So I made a list.

    Ratings so far in million viewers per episode live +SD (same day) and live +7 (days) and the difference between them:

    1./2. Air, Part 1 and Part 2
    SD: 2.346
    +7: 2.779
    Dif: 0.433

    3. Air, Part 3
    SD: 2.447
    +7: 2.99
    Dif: 0.543

    4. Darkness
    SD: 2.099
    +7: 2.6
    Dif: 0.501

    5. Light
    SD: 2.015
    +7: 2.7
    Dif: 0.685

    6. Water
    SD: 1.974
    +7: 2.64
    Dif: 0.666

    7. Earth
    SD: 1.626
    +7: 2.3
    Dif: 0.674

    8. Time
    SD: 1.802
    +7: 2.529
    Dif: 0.727

    9. Life
    SD: 1.891
    +7: 2.44
    Dif: 0.549

    10. Justice
    SD: 1.340

    Unfortunately most of the live +7 numbers are more rounded than the SD numbers. I don’t know more precise live +7 numbers.

  18. @ Major D – Yeah. If I could only get Joe to laugh once, then I would stop trying so hard. 😉 However, as a consolation prize, I DO think I get him to sigh and roll his eyes, a LOT. 😀


  19. Joe usually does his own Christmas shopping for our gifts… or maybe he just gets Fondy to pick up what he knows we want. Unfortunately, I have to buy my own gift from my Mom, sometimes a gift for myself from Joe if it is more practical for me to do so, and always from the family here to Joe & Fondy… and I really hate shopping. Oh, and then I have to wrap everything too.

    I was thinking… since we have gotten Mom the fence around her yard, every year for the past three years, and because she is still complaining about that television, maybe we could get her something she will actually use – like grooming sessions every two months for Felix & Baby Cat.

  20. also, looking for a vancouver restaurant with good non-chocolate desserts (though i know you hate fruit); any recommendations?

  21. Just read that Season 2 of SGU has officially been given a green light, Congratulations, not get to work,

  22. AV eddy said:

    @chevron7 Awwww, I’m so sad for your sister’s family. 🙁 Loss of one pet is hard enough, but to lose so many so fast. 🙁 My condolences.


    Thanks eddy….they had 2 females with babies too, its been hard. They can’t bring the remaining rabbit in the house for four months.


  23. Kind of funny, in a way, but The Hollywood Reporter Announcement linked above by Morjana has a picture of the Stargate Atlantis crew in its’ SGU announcement!
    The Revenge of SGA….

  24. Great to see the doggies again. Did they go nuts when they saw you? Just voted for Felix.

    RE: WFPOTD – You are a brave man, Joe Mallozzi. I won’t be imbibing any of those particular liquids anytime soon.

    Anyone who doesn’t tip well will be going straight to hell – along with Tiger Woods. It appears to me that his marriage was mostly about making more endorsement money. How much money is enough? I never understand why guys like that get married. They don’t have to. He should have just done a “George Clooney” and saved many great heartache.

    Alan McCullough has had a great couple of weeks. Justice was the best SGU episode for me to date and he also wrote Penance which was this past episode for Sanctuary. (Great to see Amanda T. with Michael Shanks again.)

    While I liked certain parts of Justice more than others – the “dust up” between Young and Rush was the best. Rush – what an admirable snake. It seems the ends justify the scientific means. And, if there is one amoral, scientific genius marooned on a deserted planet in the universe that could figure his way off – it is Rush. In fact, with a little luck – I suspect it will be “baby food” for him. And, I’m pretty sure we will find that his antics in getting someone in the Ancient chair will yield some very important and helpful info down the road. So – folks will have to reluctantly forgive his treachery – a bit. Loved it, loved it, loved it.

  25. Hey Joe, just saw the news about SGU getting renewed. Congratulations on a job well done to you and the rest of the crew and cast!

  26. So, are you going to rescue this link from the spam bucket xxx ? 🙂

    (Not my site, just testing 😉 )

    [Damndest thing.]

  27. @ Sis – It’s really nice having you here more often. Now…start spilling the beans about Joey! 😈

    I think gifts for parents are especially hard. If I buy my mom anything, she says, ‘I hope you like it, too, because when I die you’re gonna be stuck with it.’ That really gave me something to think about, so now I just buy them food. 😀






  29. See, people like that are why I feel the need to tip around 25%. And having been a waiter with little-girl feelings, I know that the sub-par service one guy gets might be a result of how lousy the first person was.

  30. WAHOOO….

    Congratulations to SGU on being renewed for season 2!


  31. Oh, man, this whole tipping thing is an issue. On the one hand, I find it really quite ridiculous that servers are taxed on their tips, or other ways in which what is meant to be a tip given directly to that person gets parsed out among others it wasn’t meant for. On the other hand, I think the expectation of tipping is unfair. It’s called a gratuity; it’s meant to be an expression of gratitude, not something you’re required to do or be thought an ass. If someone gives me crappy service, I have no problem leaving a poor tip. If someone gives me great service, I tip more than I would for standard. I do sometimes ask for a lot of changes or whatnot, due to kind of being a picky eater (which is also why I usually don’t dine out much in general). In such cases, if the servers go with it and continue to be polite and prompt, I’ll tip more. But the other thing is that, if I’m in a situation where it’s expected for me to go out with someone (say, if they invite me for someone else’s birthday or something), if I can barely afford the $20 bill, maybe I can’t afford to pay a quarter more of that in tip? Is it fair to expect me to get soup and salad when what I really want is shrimp, just so I have enough to give a 20% tip? For that matter, this whole idea of tip being a percentage of the bill is silly. So what if someone buys $200 worth of food? How much more work can it be for the server than if they bought $40 worth of food? 30, 40 bucks? Really? How many people make that an hour? And then there’s the whole ‘who should we tip?’ argument. Why do some people get tipped for their work and others don’t? Lots of people are in minimum wage customer service jobs and don’t get tips–sometimes even explicitly told they’re not allowed to accept them. At some point, it gets silly when people expect to be tipped for doing their job adequately, especially when most people don’t have scads of cash lying around.

    Though I do of course agree that filthy rich celebrities who act like huge asses at restaurants really have no excuse for not tipping at all.

  32. Woo hoo! Doing the renewal happy dance….

    Congratulations on having Universe renewed for a second season, glad to hear they got on it and didn’t make everybody wait for a decision.

  33. Welcome back. So, you guys are getting a bit snow? I just got in from bringing my horses into the barn and they all look like someone dipped them in icing sugar. Not snow–frost. It is -45C (-50F) right now, just outside of Edmonton. My dogs are trying to figure out how to run back to the house without putting their paws down. It’s brrrrrr……until about Thursday when we should warm up to a high (??) of -10C. Hawaii is looking good right now.

  34. The photo of Maximus was the funniest and cutest!

    How did the idea of stranding Rush on the planet at the end of “Justice” come about in the writer’s room or was it a single writer’s pitch to the group?

  35. Hi Joe,

    Like everybody else, I was elated to see the renewal! I know there are some spiteful people out there who wont be happy, but they have delusional ideas of what may happen should that occur.

    Today I thought I’d take the plunge and become an alcoholic. For the first time in my life, I purchased some alcohol. That’s right, I hopped in my Hyundai Accent and headed down to the grocery store. I came out with a hard apple cider. Firstly, I am still sick and my taste isn’t fully here at the moment. That said, it was very sweet and tasted of apple– that is for sure. But there was that subtle note of alcohol that was unmistakable and I’ve found that I don’t enjoy that taste. Thankfully, the sweetness overpowers it and I am able to enjoy the apple flavor.

    Tomorrow I have a phone interview so I’m hoping that goes well. If only my pipes would thaw out without any ruptures I could do my dishes and begin to cook again. My ingredients for beef stroganoff have been sitting in my fridge for a week! My fettuccine carbonara lays dormant in its base ingredients, waiting to be created. What if my heavy cream dare expire?! I could not forgive myself.

    At any rate, I reckon I’m done rambling for now. I’m kinda hungry…

  36. Glad to be of Help. Have Ya’ll ever thought of writting or licensing someone to write a Stargate Technical Manual ?

  37. Dear Joe,

    I would like to be the first blog regular to congratulate you on Sgu second season pick up!

    Hurray!!! You will not be a ” chomeur diplomer” next year!

    take care

  38. Hi and congrats on the renewal! I have a couple of questions about the decision-making process:

    Some of the characters’ names were initially not what they are now. E.g. Eli Wallace was initially Eli Hitchcock. Why were some of the names changed? I personally do not feel any different about the names Wallace or Hitchcock. But why are such changes made prior to the shooting? Who makes the decision that a new name is needed for a character? And how is it decided that Wallace is better than Hitchcock?



    It’s very interesting to me that SyFy took the Live+7 day ratings to heavily into account. Yes, the show’s overall viewers have flatlined, but fewer and fewer of those viewers have been watching live each week, and last year with SGA it seemed like all SyFy cared about was the Live+same day ratings. After all, the advertisers don’t care about the total number of people watching the show; they care about the total number of people watching their commercials. Not complaining, of course (unless you want to list me as “complaining about Atlantis being cancelled,” in which case, I guess I am), just commenting on the fact that SyFy seems to be much more into SGU than SciFi was into SGA. I’m hoping Season 2 will give SGU a chance to improve:

    I’m hoping, praying, and have my fingers crossed (okay, so I’m not superstitious and don’t believe 2 of those 3 will do anything, but I’m still doing them anyways…) that there will be a major change in camera operation in Season 2. Shaky cam and dim lighting do not an edgy show make. The situations, writing, and the way both are acted out and directed are what makes a show “edgy” and I’m hoping y’all will realize that for S2. (And I’m not criticizing the camera operators or directors in any way, because I KNOW FOR A FACT that they are fully capable of making a watchable show, since many of them were involved in SGA or SG1’s production.)
    Before you say “that’s why people are watching, because the camera operation is so weird” I would ask how many reviewers/viewers have actually complimented the show on that specifically. And if you think changing the show majorly between Season 1 and Season 2 will cause the show to lose massive amounts of viewers, look at Law and Order: SVU. The second and subsequent seasons (they’re on ELEVEN now!) had a brighter, less shaky, more colorful, easier-on-the-eyes camera operation, and not only did it retain its viewing audience, it has lasted for ten more years and is right now one of NBC’s highest rated shows! Granted, it’s a cop drama, but I believe that SGU would also benefit from a similar change in easiness-on-the-eyes.
    Sorry to say all this so blatantly… again, I’m happy SGU got renewed, please don’t hate me!

  40. Is it wrong that I feel kinda saddened that Stargate Universe got renewed? I guess after growing up with Stargate since I was 10 I’m just annoyed and a little upset that I don’t like Universe at all… But I’m glad that some people like it and are happy it was renewed.

  41. So just how much weight did you gain in Japan? Back on the diet?

    Oh and congrats to everyone on the renewal. Awesome.


  42. Hi Joe!

    1) Just read about the renewal! Congrats!

    2) Is it true the second half of season 1 will have less focus on the stones?

    3) Speaking of the second half of season 1, I know you probably won’t know the answer to this. Are channles like Sky1 in the UK and Space over in Canada getting the second half before SyFy?

  43. regarding tiger, i actually care, i used to look up to him. he totally fooled me. he has no shame. and how could one do that without guilt. and how did he look his wife and kids in the eye. this guy had the power to inspire millions long after hes death yet he wasted it all.

    regarding stargate, April? why the wait? and episode Life was a complete turn off. try to not do that in the second season. water and life are the worst so far, really bad actually.
    my fear is if syfy is reluctant to give sgu a third season, because well, SGU’s rating is the same as SGA’s fifth season and thats not what you guys were aiming for. the second season should be the best thing you guys could pull off with all your strength or else you might lose it for good this time. i dont know if quality = ratings but just see what you guys did right and what you did wrong for this season, and aim higher. im hoping for a miracle.

  44. Congratulations (to everyone involved)on the SGU show being renewed. Really great!! Sharpen those pencils guys and continue the good stuff. ❗
    –Thanks Morjana for the infomation.

  45. Hey just read on tv by the numbers that sgu is picked up for a second season!!! Woohoo!!!

  46. Hi Mr M!

    Well done to all at The Bridge on the Season 2 pick-up. I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with for S2.

    Congrats to all….

    Best from Ireland!


  47. A Short while ago SyFy announced via twitter it’s renewing SG:U & Sanctuary..
    We just announced the renewal of BOTH #Stargate Universe and #Sanctuary! Thx to everyone who’s been watching!

    Further details from
    Syfy announced it was renewing its new series Stargate Universe for a second season and it was also picking up Sanctuary for a third season. Both were given 20 episode orders which will begin airing in the fall.

    Sanctuary is currently in the midst of airing its second season, while Stargate Universe is on hiatus between the first half of season one and the second half, which will air in April. Universe has been controversial with Stargate fans, who’ve shown a mixed reaction to the franchise’s new direction.

    “We’re dealing with 15 seasons of expectations with a certain fanbase,” executive producer Robert Cooper told the Hollywood Reporter. “Hopefully, as the show goes on, people will appreciate Universe for being its own thing.”

    He also revealed a new alien race will be added to the show. “There is a big story point coming up that does introduce an alien race,” Cooper said. “It’s more along the line of a District 9-type alien. Our interaction is handled in a very Universe way; they’re not the typical Stargate alien bad guys.”


  48. Hi Joe!

    Congrats on SGU’s renewal!!! 😀 😀

    Guess the guys over at will be disappointed, but that’s their problem, not mine. I’m too busy doing a happy dance!

    *dance dance dance*


  49. It’s been my experience that when a person has “highly debatable judgment” in one area, that the person shows this in other areas of his/her life. For instance, one of my in-laws embezzled money from his mother. All of my husband’s family were so shocked BUT he showed “extremely” poor judgment in a lot of areas in the past. I could see this guy as “hinky” from the start. When I pointed out his many transgressions and they acted like his past mistakes were not connected to his character at all! Odd to me but maybe, I had more perspective, being an outsider? Or maybe, I’m just used to dealing with sleezebags.

    Congrats on season 2!


  50. Congratulations to you and all the folks at Bridge on Season 2. Also to the Sanctuary folks for their Season 3 pickup.

    The lower live rating for Justice was only to be expected since you were up against the first half of the Monk finale. I’m betting you pick up a lot on the 7+. (I read USA is shifting it’s schedule around so they won’t have first run shows up against SyFy Friday in the new year. Finally NBC does something right.)

    Great puppy pics. Each one cuter than all the others.

  51. We even tip at buffets. Once a group of us were in a casino, yes at the cliche breakfast buffet, and they waiter was running ragged with one of the other tables. we were a large group, but he still saw to our beverage needs… we all started throwing cash on the table before we left. I have no idea how much we left, but I did see a twenty in the pile.

  52. Chevron7: I’ve heard of a new type of Calici virus. Is that what got your sister’s pets? It is very contagious and deadly. It’s wiped out whole catteries in, at least, one shelter!
    So sorry for your loss. Pets become like children to me. It’s hard to explain the loss to kids, also.
    There is a vaccine for this new Calici. Has your sister’s vet talked to her about this?

    Sis: Grooming sessions? Great idea! We managed to vote four times for Fellix.


  53. Love Stargate. Loved all of SG1 even/especially seasons 9 and 10. Loved all of SGA – except for season five (too much Jewel Staite). SGA – The Last Man was one of the finest episodes of any show I have watched. Wanted to be open-minded about SGU. I liked parts of Air. Time was good but it didn’t mean anything because it all reset. Made it through Life and I just could not go any further.

    I was at one time a daily reader of your blog now I am a casual skimmer. I really appreciate the contact that you have maintained with Stargate’s fanbase. It is one of the things that made the franchise seem personal and connected. I am finished with SGU but I will still drop by to see what is up with you and your pooches. Good luck to you and to the cast of the new show. I hope you connect to whomever your intended audience is and have a long run.

  54. Thanks for the doggy pics, cheered me right up cuz its been a f*** of a week/month/year.
    Awesome news re:season 2 SGU. Loved Justice simply loved it, Greer has really grown on me and now ranks equal with Rush and Young in my book.

    Could take the rest of the year to get my head from up my arse.Some people really do take the piss.

  55. Hi Joe,
    Haven’t commented in a long time, but I’d like to say that I had a great time reading about your culinary exploits while in Japan. Have you had any cravings for cod sperm since you’ve been back? And congratulations for the green light for SGU season 2!

  56. Petit coucou de passage car je n’ai pas vraiment le temp….j’ai passé une mauvaise journée -_-“!

    Merci pour ces petites photos.

    gros bisou.

  57. Just read the tweets from the cast on the season two pickup. Everyone is really pumped. I will allow myself a brief, albeit enthusiastic, moment of elation breaking my holiday funk. Yay. Back to my depressed holiday state. Huge congratuations to everyone who works on the show. Can’t wait for the backside of season one.

  58. It’s obvious people went for Tiger Woods because of his fame/money, it’s not like the guy is good looking or anything.

    Anyways I’m kinda happy Sanctuary got a third season, it will probably get a 4th, it always does so well.

  59. first does maximus always look like he is laughing or is that some sort of reflex from the flash on the camera?

    and you better let them know your not going in tomorow, if your afraid of this 2 cm we got today. they are calling for 15-20cm overnight.

    I don’t think the Justice episode was much of a cliffhanger, just incase some people aren’t as astute as myself i won’t mention what I think happens. But I was thinking this would such a cool idea and you guys did it!!…no thanks necessary, if you need any more ideas, gimme a call.

    and now that your back and talking Stargate. What the hell is with this 3 month SGU break and the SGU Season 1.0? I’m not buying a half season dvd set. I own every season thusfar and feel kind of slighted by this offering.
    Atlantis Season 5 (complete season) came out with a “suggested retail price” of $69.98CDN. Now SGU Season 1.0 is coming out with a “suggested retail price” of $59.98? So we only get half the season, but $10 off, what a steal!!

  60. Wow great news on SGU’s renewal. Phew. One less thing to worry about.

    Justice – that was a freaky cliffhanger. I’m dying to find out how this gets resolved and Rush is still around for 10 more episodes. And maybe I head wrong, but is there more on that kino then just Rush hiding the gun? Mysteries, mysteries.

    Is the shutdown for the Olympics just to help free up road traffic and all, or are any of the production facilities being co-opted for the games? I remember poor Farscape had to basically dismante their sets and clear out for the Sydney games, and it threw them off by months.

  61. Like Mama Mallozzi, my mom loves cooking, so one Christmas we all went to town on the Pyrex dishes. Big, small, round for steamed veggies, white for smart occasions, extra long for the fish… My Mom loved it. It’s nice to be spoilt for choice when one wants to make a flan, and us kiddies… (not so much kiddies anymore seeing as we were all born in the sixties)…love her cooking. 🙂

  62. Congrats on the renewal of SGU. Not that I watch the show. It just doesn’t grab me the way SGA did.

    Is there still no news about the Stargate Extinction? And what’s your take on the fact that a couple of authors have been given the go ahead to write a series of books called ‘Legacy’ about the future of Atlantis.

    Does this mean that your script is out the window along with our hopes for a movie?

  63. @Joe – Hi there. Congratulations on the renewal. I just saw your Weird Food video. The way you describe that grass jelly drink makes me think of bubble tea. I don’t like bubble tea, so I’m sure I wouldn’t like the grass jelly. I tried some type of tamarind candy once; it was okay. And, I’d probably never try asparagus juice. You are a braver soul than I am in the weird food department.

    I liked the pictures of the dogs. They are as cute as ever. That was a very nice gesture towards Susan the Tartan Turtle that we all got to benefit from. I’m wishing Felix luck. But, even if he doesn’t win, there aren’t many dogs that have hundreds of people rooting for them.

    He’s a winner already.

    Until next time,


  64. Rain, rain, go away, come again another day! Man, we’ve had almost a whole month’s worth in the last 48hrs… stupid Cyclone Laurence!

    Anywho, on to more important things. Congrats on your renewal and here’s hoping for many more.

    Love the pics of the pooches… they really are the cutest things.

    And a question for the mail bag: do your fur kids ever go into work with you?

  65. hey congrats on Season 2

    Joe for christmas you should get your mother Dragon’s Blood!……..or not

  66. Hi Joe,
    I would like to add my congraulations for the renewal,
    looking forward to season two.
    I really must add the snap of Brie made me think that
    well no offence but…. it kinda reminds me of you and I never believed that stuff about pets and their owners before.

  67. Wow in an uncanny coincidence, I can tell you I look just like the avatar that I presume is randomly chosen.
    What are the odds?

  68. Yet another congrats from a long-time lurker Joe.
    And congrats to the other authors/producers as well.
    I really enjoy the SGU ride so far, and am hoping to enjoy it for many years to come!

  69. I have to say that waiting 2-5 months or even longer for a show to come back from break is usually why I stop watching the show. It happens time and time again. Why do the powers let this happen? Doesn’t this contribute to the down fall of shows?

  70. Congratulations on the renewal of “Universe”. I’m very happy we’ll get another season, although I’m disappointed we have to wait until April for the back half of this one.

  71. Congratulations on the renewal of SGU! So glad you will get the chance to torment Destiny’s crew for another year…LOL

  72. FANTASTIC news about the renewal. My Christmas is set. It was great they shared that with us before Christmas as it lessens the sting of having to wait until APRIL to see the last 10 episodes of season 1.

    As far as wait staff, it is common here in the USA that they actually make below minimum wage because their employers consider the fact that they will be making tips. That may have changed with the recent laws that increased minimum wage, but that used to be a fact. I know, I did it for awhile in teen years – 20’s.

    However, I do believe tipping has gotten out of control. Take for example my newspaper person. He always sends us a card enclosed with one of our papers with his return address on there. I feel like delivering your paper is your job. Now, if you bring the paper to my front door instead of throwing it at the bottom of my driveway, a tip would be in order. I don’t see anyone tipping me for an accurately transcribed medical report. It is my job to transcribe the medical report accurately so that you don’t die during your next hospital visit. I even have to put a note to the doctor if there is something questionable about what he is dictating (inconsistencies throughout the report). Being generous to some people has had nice benefits. For example, the person who colors my hair at the salon. I’ve always been very generous to tip her as she sometimes squeezed me in for appointments when I had a TV appearance, or other fashion emergency. Now that I’ve had to take a cut in pay, I went to her to see what the cheapest way possible to cover my gray. She is giving me her family rate which is still within the affordable range for now. Now I have to learn how to receive a kindness without feeling so uncomfortable.

  73. @Shawna Buchanan
    “I think the expectation of tipping is unfair.”

    Well in some countries they get fair wages, in others they have to beg at the table 😉

  74. Hey Joe,

    Any word on the SGA movie? I know this movie will be a success if it gets released. I really want to see the SGA adventures to continue. You and Paul did a great job on Atlantis, and want to see more of those adventures.

    Happy Holidays!


  75. Congrats on Season 2 Joe!!!
    Also, great news about Sanctuary! Not only is it renewed for Season 3, but it will be 20 episoded instead of 13!!!

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