What do you mean "place holder title"? That's what we're calling it.

Five days.  Five stories.  Ish.  After breaking the first four episodes of season one Monday through Thursday, we spent a far more leisurely Friday discussing the general premise for the fifth, a.k.a.’s Brad’s episode.  Unlike everyone else in the room, Brad prefers a less structured, more free-flowing approach to scriptwriting so, in his case, no breaking required, just a gentle couple of hours in the spin cycle.  Still, I’d call that five for five.

A relaxed week and a half while we go our separate ways to put the finishing touches on our Tokyo trip and hash out our beat sheets after which we’ll reconvene back in the office to provide notes, offer inspired ideas, and let one another know where our respective outlines went horribly, horribly wrong.   There’s even talk of coming back to the office for a week in December to break – dare we hope? – another five stories.  Wishful thinking perhaps but it doesn’t hurt to try.  Unless, of course, you’re terribly jet-lagged from a two week Tokyo jaunt.  Then, maybe, it might hurt a tad.

This afternoon, we watched Brad’s producer’s cut of Incursion I.  Plenty of suspense, lots of action, and some outstanding performances make it a a terrific precursor to the season finale.  Wow.

Hey, I received an email from David Anthony Durham, author of Acacia a former Book of the Month Club pick, who informs me that The Other Lands, his folow-up to Acacia, is out.  I loved the first book and I’ll definitely be picking this one up.  If you’re thinking of doing the same, check it out here:

This weekend, I get  new laptop.  Promise!

And fear not!  I’ll be easing back into the mailbag starting tomorrow…

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If Telford is doing what I think he’s doing in the last scene of “Earth” – please tell me Young get’s the chance to knock Telford’s lights out.


This morning my cat and beloved companion of fifteen years died. Tonight’s episode has been the only thing that offered me a moment of comfort and I have to say that it was very nice to see the characters have real issues. I loved all of Chloe’s stuff this week. Nicely done.


omg…really really well written and executed episode…

the multiple “twists” with the stones were both funny and dark…makes for good TV

itwas certainly nothing like we saw in SG1 or SGA..but was certainly captivating


I really hate the personal use of the stones and this episode took it too far.

Anne Teldy


Hey Joe, already picked out your new laptop? I recommend a Mac!

Earth was nice. David Blue and Elyse Levesque really brought their A-game!


Hey Joe,

I love the scifi references the Eli makes, the Phillip Fry one really had me laughing tonight. Can we expect to see more of these throughout the rest of the season?



A REALLY interesting episode.

A REALLY FUN episode.

A Richard Dean Anderson episode…REALLY?!?

BRAVO to the writers and to the actors!!
(..and also to everyone else who helps
to make it all happen in the SGU world.)

The episode didn’t go where I thought
that it might all be headed…and that’s
not such a bad thing.
I have to wonder if any of the ideas that
I was thinking about where ever bounced
around the writers room…because it seemed
as if quite a number of the characters
were being set up for the same type of
“happening”. All of the right people
were being put into the correct
positions for a “shift” in the show/storyline.

The preview for the next episode looked
really good too!

I’ve been reading online about the rest of
the episodes left in the first half of season
one…and also about all of the episodes lined
up for the second half of season one.
…and it all looks good to go…I am really
looking forward to the episodes that are
coming up leading up into season two.

It looks like some smooth sailing ahead for
the viewers all the way to the end of season
one….even if that means some not so
smooth sailing for the Destiny and her


Hi Joe,

I loved Earth, this one was my favorite of the season so far. Nice scenes between Eli and his mom, and I loved the Futurama reference.
Awkward situation for Telford to show up at the ‘wrong’ time, and totally creepy that he showed up at her house at the end (trying to be vague for spoilers here).
Rush is a lot of fun, I love how we have no idea what he’s really up to, and I hope you can keep that up for a while.

I have a question though. Why is Jack wearing the Icarus base uniform? Is that the new standard uniform for SG personnel? I think he looks better and more authoritative in his more formal uniform.


@ Sparrowhawk – Get well soon! And STAY AWAY FROM ME!!!! Geez…I’m really getting paranoid about this bug. Mom wanted me to get the seasonal flu vaccine today, but I decided against it (never had a flu shot). Now I’m wondering if I should have gotten it – ’cause what happens if I get the seasonal flu, AND the pig flu? God I hate germs! I think I’m staying in the house for the rest of my life. Three quick comments, since we’ve had a late night. Firstly, we had a WONDERFUL dinner out tonight at our favorite haunt: Everything was delish, but my favorite was the walnut crusted goat cheese app, served on a walnut raisin crouton with strawberry-balsamic compote. There was a fig in there somewhere, too. The fig totally made it. The owner sent out an appetizer – a lentil salad with goat cheese, and I had another app – pea and pancetta risotto. Main course was chicken saltimbocca, and then pumpkin poundcake with walnuts and a caramel sauce for dessert. We went with an early bird (just because we’ve never tried their early bird specials – something they run off-season). Usually I go for a filet, or their lamb – but decided to try this instead (mostly because I wanted that risotto!), and wasn’t disappointed. Secondly, Sanctuary totally ROCKED! Well…maybe it would be better to say it scared the snot out of me. Pretty intense – makes me wonder why they didn’t air this one on Halloween week. No Chris in it at all – it was only Amanda…and that guy (Will, I don’t know the actor’s name). Had me on the edge of my seat, through the entire thing – just really good stuff! Best ep so far this season. Thirdly, mixed feelings about Universe. Yeah…really getting tired of the sex and relationship stuff. HATE. THE. STONES. Hate Telford more. Still love Eli, Rush, and Greer, but the love triangles and the use of other people’s bodies for sex has me close to walking away right now. I want more of the Rush fake out at the end, and less of ‘oops, I jumped back into my body while you were humping this really hot chick…who I might just have to go screw again, my own wife be damned!’ stuff. And Chloe’s upset over her boyfriend finding someone else when she was whooping it up with Scott? Gimme a freakin’ break! See…THIS is exactly what I hate about ‘that’ type of tv – whether it be soaps, or nighttime dramas, or whatever. I really do not have time for these types of people. They annoy me with their ‘issues’ and it totally takes away from the story I want to see. But on a brighter note – my husband loved it. So…looks like we might be watching separate shows on Friday nights again. No matter how good the story is…no matter that I really like a couple of the characters…all this Peyton Place stuff… Read more »


I have a theory about Telford and Young, and have had for a while. Time will tell, but so far, I seem to be on the right track. Kudos to LDP for making that reaction work in so many ways!


Just saw Water and everytime Rush made a snide remark to Eli about Eli being a child or the ‘adults’ doing something I kept wanting to Eli to point out that he was recruited through a video game & Rush was probably lucky that he wasn’t a 16yr old instead smile


Any chance the stories you are spinning for season 2 involve finding the main engineering room or the bridge???


Love how the use of the Ancient stone’s is turning out. Well done episode. RDA+Young, nice performances. Absolutely, loved what Rush had done at the end.

Is Brody now on Rush’s side after the events of Earth?

As usual, Rush and Greer never fail. (Yeah, even though Greer only had a small part in this one.)


Enjoyed the ep, but,
You used what I think of as the ultimate “Quantum Leap” plot device. Not sure how I feel about this, certainly another of the SGU surprises.

BTW, will we see a male/female swap at some point?

I need to watch again. Husband was bustling in and out, and, I admit, I was also working in some mail.


@Joe, half-facietiously: Want a 17-inch Windows laptop? I’ll gladly sell it to you; it’s bigger than I really wanted, but I can’t justify buying a 15-inch. I’ve barely used this one since buying it last spring.


One last thought for the night. For place-holder names, why not use fan screen names?


Maybe I should keep a list of comments and make them all at once instead of these drabbles…oh well. I was just thinking about your statements about flawed characters. I’m seeing that more and more, and I like it. While I wouldn’t say Jack or John had no flaws, there were certain lines you knew they wouldn’t cross, and that was great. Loved it. I would have been happy to watch several more years of that. But even so, I’m really liking this version of reality. You can never quite buttonhole Rush, and as much as I have a crush on Young, he’s got some tarnish. Telford is an ass. And I love it!


Joe, I realise you might have made up your mind which laptop to get but please consider this one…Hands-free, user-supported portable computer

Imagine sitting in a spin session with the head-mounted display & CPU in a handbag. I’m sure Carl & Paul would be green with jealousy.

Anyhoo…have fun shopping. Don’t let them screw you.

Cheers, Chev


hey Joe,

tonights episode was great, many interesting ideas. I loved the interruptions in the stones, especially between telford and young involving young’s wife. And what is telford up to at the end? This was also an interesting episode for rush, after he shuts down the gate and explains what is going on my girlfriend exclaimed that she loved him. Especially after the crap telford was up to I must say that I agree.

on another note, has anyone noticed all the stargate stuff (props, sounds, etc…) that are being used in sanctuary.



Mr. Mallozzi

Good episode tonight. I enjoyed the club scenes, the fact that you had a performer on stage, everything looked put together well.

Elyse Levesque did a great job playing drunk.

Some awkward scenes with the stones being interrupted.

As far as O’Neill goes, it just doesn’t seem right without him being… Well O’Neill. I always expected him to he on whatever side the audience is on.

Also, Lou plays a good, for a lack of a better word… Skunk. Telford is quickly becoming the character you love to hate.


So. Wow. Earth knocked my socks off. I can only imagine the amount of haters that will flock here but I LOVED it.

The ending (and many scenes before that) had me yelling “OH. MY.GOD.” at the screen.

I haven’t had a favorite episode before now but Earth takes the crown. You say they just get better but at the moment, I don’t see how that’s possible.


Ack. My backlog of books keeps growing and now there’s another one to add to it. Ah well.
Missed the first quarter hour of tonight’s episode, so I’ll hold comments till I can watch on itunes. Though I second Arlan’s sentiments about the final scene. Looking forward to the mailbag.

Matt Boesch
Matt Boesch

I Just wanna say what a great episode earth was. i hope you guys come back for season 2. my question is this “what is your favorite episode from SGU so far?”


Whoa. Have the internet boards exploded yet? I expect they will. I can see the complications to everyone’s lives especially Young and Telford coming from the actions of Telford and Chloe, but I’m also a little squicked too. It is at best a violation of trust…. mind you I’m not angry or anything. I am hoping that future episodes will explore the consequences of this…. and given the last scene, I expect we will see fallout from this.

Hayloh – condolences for your loss. I know from personal expierence It’s so hard to lose your furry friend. My own kitties are 15 and 13, and I dread that day.

A couple of questions: Can Destiny land on a planet? And how long is Destiny end to end?


What did the Ancients call the Pegasus Galaxy? That’s still pretty relevant considering we will still see adventures in the Pegasus Galaxy in the future likely.