Hey, what the heck happened to Halloween?  Even though we had less than a dozen visits from trick-or-treaters LAST year, I nevertheless stocked up in the hopes that things would turn around THIS year.  I didn’t want to be stuck in one of those situations where I run out of candy early in the evening and have to start dispensing baker’s chocolate and dried figs from the pantry.  So, the first thing I did yesterday morning was pick up one of those economy boxes, this one containing snack size Reese’s peanut butter cups, Reese’s pieces, and Oh Henry bars.  I know, I know.  Why would I get these peanut-packed treats given the staggering number of children out there suffering from peanut allergies?  Well, simply put – because I wanted to buy treats that I could enjoy if I ended up being saddled with leftovers.  Is that wrong?  Okay, only a little.  Next, I went by a specialty candy shop and picked up a slew of fun stuff: Nerds, Razzles, Shockers, Warheads, Gumpowder, Pop Rocks, Pixy Sticks, Millions Cola, Jumbo Jawbreakers, Bottle Caps, Juicy Drop Pops, Sour Candy Sprays, and Slithering Snake Suckers.  My house was going to be THE fun stop this Halloween.

I set everything up and waited.  A little after 6:00 p.m., the doorbell rang.  My first customer!  I answered to find two kids – accompanied by mom – standing on the porch.  “Trick or treat!”they chimed.

“Oh, you’re in luck,”I told them, reaching over and presenting my bowl of treats pictured here:

Nature's candy!

“You can have broccoli or brussel sprouts or garlic to help ward away vampires…”

They were clearly unenthused.

“OR, you can take your chances with…THE MYSTERY BOX!”

So mysterious!

Not surprisingly, they went with the mystery box (which was a good thing since I was planning to have the brussel sprouts for dinner tonight).  The bigger kid was absolutely thrilled with his Slithering Snake Sucker.

Off they went and I retired to the living room where I watched football and awaited the rest of the neighborhood kids.  Yep, once word got out that I was dispensing Slithering Snake Suckers and Gumpowder, they’d be beating down my door.  Just in case, I made sure I had enough back-up baker’s chocolate and dried figs.  THIS was going to be great!

Brie and Jelly can barely contain their excitement.

I anxiously awaited the next batch of tricker-treaters.  An hour passed.  I went outside and checked to make sure the doorbell was working.  It was.  An hour later, I stepped out into the front yard and peeked over the gate, looking first one way, then the other.  The streets were deserted.  Well, looked like the young ones were being kept in this year (on account of H1N1 no doubt) but I assumed I could count on the usual teenagers in goth make-up somberly making the rounds.  Surely some Jumbo Jawbreakers and Juicy Drop Pops would crack those stony facades.

Wait! Was that the door?!

An hour after that, I thought I heard something and rushed outs.  The sidewalks were empty.  Somewhere, in the far distance, some hooligans were setting off firecrackers.  I lingered, half-hoping they’d make their way down toward me so I could offer them some Razzles and Shockers but, alas, either because they’d grown weary of the pyrotechnics or simply blown their fingers off, their evening had apparently come to an end.  How disappointing for all.

An hour later, I turned off the lights, locked up, and headed up to bed.

Two kids?!  Two measly kids?!  What has this most hallowed of annual holiday come to?  Back in my time, when I journeyed out as the likes o Captain James. T. Kirk (Yes, it WAS my pyjama top.), Han Solo (toilet paper rolls make for great blaster barrels.), and Wolverine (Yes, Das, for true.), the streets were always packed running from house to house or away from bigger kids intent on shaking them down.  We’d return home, exhausted but buoyed by the task ahead: carefully sorting our loot into two distinct piles, edible treats and probably doctored fruit and poisoned raisin boxes.  Those were the days!

Oh, well,  Guess I’ll bring the mystery box into work with me tomorrow.  Since we’re spinning stories all this week, I’ll reward every good idea with a shot at unknown treasure.  Who knows?  Coming up with that elusive third act could win some enterprising young writer a pack of Pop Rocks, Bottlecaps, or, if they’re really lucky, a Slithering Snake Sucker.

A good Act II twist gets you a shot at some Pixy Sticks!

I’d like to thank everyone who took the time to post a response to yesterday’s entry – those who expressed support for the show and its cast, and those who expressed their intent to continue critiquing in a respectful manner.  I’ve often said that this franchise has the best and smartest fans out there and I think yesterday’s comment section proves it.  Still, there are those who missed the point of my rant either due to spite, willful ignorance, or an inability to grasp the fairly straightforward points made.  So, for those who fall into the latter group, here is the Cliff Notes version of yesterday’s entry so simple even one of your more intelligent gorilla could follow:

1. Criticizing the show = OKAY.

2. Criticizing the characters using extreme labels like “whore” = OKAY TOO but you risk not being taken seriously.

3. Personal attacks against the actors = NOT OKAY.

4. If you expect SGU to be SG-1 or Atlantis, you’ll be disappointed.

5. If you want people to respect your opinion, make the effort to respect contrary opinions as well.

Finally – my bad.  As poster J. pointed out, I did my argument a disservice by using the term “idiot” (when “idiotic” would have been more appropriate).  J., you’re absolutely right.  That was idiotic of me (or, if you prefer, I was an idiot).

To everyone who was inquiring about Maximus’s condition (my pug pictured in the banner), he is recovering nicely from minor surgery and should have his stitches out sometime next week.  Check out the makings of a nasty scar that the will drive the bitches wild back at doggy daycare.

My battle-scarred buddy.

173 thoughts on “November 1, 2009: Trick or Tedious! The Cliff Notes! And Maximus on the Mend!

  1. hi, joe,

    since you guys are so interested in showing ship couples actually being *together* (kissing, sex, other good stuff), can you pass that mindset to the 3rd sg1 movie and Sam/Jack? pleeeeeeease!?! 😛

  2. Hey Joe, you give out the FULL size candy, wow, unheard of these days, could ya send me the razzles please?? I’m trick or treating at your house next year!! Sheryl

  3. We actually tripled our number of trick or treater this year! Last year we got 6, this year 18! I remember when I was younger our streets were always full and our neighbourhood got around 50 kids. My little brother, our neighbours and I would go out and collect a pillowcase full of candy. Most of our kids this years were under 7 and we only had 3 girls that appeared to be over 12. So now I get to eat all the leftovers!

  4. Heya Joe,

    Is it just me or is Lulu looking a little like the Doctor from Cannonball Run with her eyes like that?

    Maximus always has a look that you half expect him to start speaking with a well-to-do British accent and his first words would be something profound such as, “Life.. you’ll find the true meaning is…” as he waves a paw around.

    Wanna see Ralph’s battle scar/patch?

  5. Oh, poor Maximus! Hope he heals up well and fast.

    And poor you for the lack of trick or treaters. I feel like the holiday has waned, too. At least on the candy giving (the slutty costumes, those are in abundance). Of course, even when I was in high school it wasn’t cool to go out anymore. Whatever, I went out a year or two with a few friends to the rich people’s homes. *nods* Gotta love regular sized candy bars (or dollar bills!) over the fun size.

    Sadly, this year I did nothing but study for tomorrow’s test. Meh, grad school. Takes the fun out of everything.

  6. Ha! I’ve got you beat on the amount of leftover candy, if only because I went insane this year. Approximately 30 pounds of candy, PLUS three dozen larger items like giant gummy creatures, movie sized candies, and other treats. Plus I threw up some decorations to intimidate the youngsters. They got two handfuls of candy if they made it the 15 feet from the sidewalk to the step and bowls of candy. They also had to pass me, as I sat with mask, cape, and unsheathed sword. I scared more adults than kids, but still had the gratifying experience of having kids turn and run back to parental arms. Like you, I do mourn the decline of this wonderfully ignoble holiday. Most of the kids don’t even know to say trick or treat, and the concept of TPing a house or some other inane form of trickiness is lost to this generation. All in all I handed out less than 20% of my loot, even allowing that the last kid to come along had an entire bowl of candy dumped into his bag. I’ve actually resisted the temptation of eating the candy myself, and am letting my coworkers put in the effort to put on the pounds.
    Any bets on who else brings leftovers to work, and who will have the best stuff of those who do? My money is on you Mr. M. for the latter. Thanks for sharing time and pictures with us tonight.

  7. At my parents house back home in Winnipeg, when I was kid, we’d get at least 150 kids every year – my mom kept a tally on a note pad. Most years there was around 180. Nowadays, they’re lucky to get 50. We think there’s just less kids around. I’m 25, so all the other kids from back them are certainly grown up as well.

    I do miss it though, watching the kids run around. The weather is usually awful, our costumes had to fit over full snowsuits. Slip on the ice and someone had to help you get up because you couldn’t move through all the layers.

  8. Is Maximus posing like that to ensure that we appreciate the extent of his wound – the one that will drive the bitches (is that an ‘okay’ word?) wild.

    Water is not shown in UK until Tuesday but I am looking forward to watching it. Not enjoying SGU as much as SGA but it is still good quality entertainment.

    However my two kitties used to love SGA with space battles and fights to watch, they are not really ‘into’ SGU. Perhaps they are not part of your target audience.


  9. Awe. Poor maximus. 🙁

    Hope he gets well soon.

    I just wanted to say something about last post quickly if you don’t mind.

    I was really glad to see you somewhat empathize, though not agree with, the air part 1 sex scene haters. And I was also glad to see you hold your ground for the light sex scene. Even me, the prude major D. That I am, had no problem with the scene and thought it was very tastefully done. As bambam said, it was one of tge most tame love scenes ever on tv. The lighting, the music, the angles, all tasteful. Even I can barely sympathyze with the light sex scene haters.

    Also, I agree with not calling the actors names. I mean it’s like this. The boss tells the employe to take out the trash. So the employe takes out the trash. Then, the guy who picks up the trash gets all pissed at the employe for unnesecarly dumping trash and making his life harder. But it’s the without the boss telling the employe to take out the trash, the employe probably wouldn’t have taken out the trash, therefore it’s unfair for tge trash collecter to blame the employe.

    Same(I think) goes for SGU. The writers write a scene. The actors act the scene, and then the people get pissed at the actors calling them whores???!! I mean cone on, if your gonna tear up someone for all it would be tptb, but of corse you won’t. Just like if you were at Elyse’s twitter, you wouldn’t call her a whore, you would blame tptb for writing the “atrocious” scene. In the end the writers make the descisions, just like everyday bosses do. Amyways sorry for my rant. Hope I’ve accomplished something here in all my wasted ink, or should I say pixels? Lol

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  10. Like you, we only got candy that we liked so that we would enjoy the leftovers. So that means we have lots of chocolate (we don’t enjoy fruity candies). Yum!

    The best costume we saw was a girl with a knife stuck in a Cinnamon Toast Crunch box that was tied around her neck. Upon asking her what she was, she replied in a blank voice, “I’m a ‘cereal’ killer.” For someone who showed some creative, she certainly wasn’t enthusiastic about it.

  11. well joe, at my parents house, we got alot of trick or treaters and ended up running out of candy….however at my brothers house there were very few and at my girlfriends house there were just 6….i dont know what it is but when i was a kid it was fun putting on a costume and getting free candy!

  12. Hey Joe,

    Aww, poor Maximus! I hope he’s feeling better soon! It always sucks when one of your pets is sick…

    We didn’t get ANY trick-or-treaters yesterday. Not *one*… But where we live we don’t usually get many, so that wasn’t *entirely* unexpected.
    I must say, I’m extremely impressed by the amount of candy you got there – when I was little, your house *definitely* would’ve been on the “must visit” list!

    Enjoy getting all the folks in the office totally buzzed on sugar tomorrow! Hmm, wonder if this will lead to some curious moments in next season…

    (or, for anyone on twitter: naddycat)

  13. I only get a handful of trick-or-treaters at my place, so I always buy stuff I like– tons of Reese’s peanut butter cups.
    It wasn’t until I was about 12 or so that I found out not all kids were out of school the day after Halloween. Having gone to Catholic school, I was rather spoiled by that gig. Of course, I had to go to stupid church at some point.

  14. I never liked getting yelled out, even if the teacher was yelling everyone else in the class, and not me. It makes me feel guilty. (I have a huge guilt complex, which is kinda weird, ’cause I’m neither Catholic, or Jewish…) 😛

    We were out for the day, but I did see Captain America walk past our place last night when we were returning home from a day of shopping, and a lovely luncheon here: http://www.renaultwinery.com/tuscany.asp

    Hmmm. Maybe Cap was looking for you, Wolverlozzi. I REALLY NEED to see pictures of THAT! 😀

    I hope Maximus heals up quickly! Scars are sexy, I’ll give you that! Um…sexy on a human, that is. Maybe on an elf, too. (Isn’t that right, Sparrowhawk? Poor Prince Nuada, with all those nasty battle scars on his body… YUMMY! 😀 )

    Yeah, I’m a sicko.

    Have a good night, Joe. Glad I’m not in trouble.




  15. I had one pair of trick or treaters at my door on Sat night .. one wore a dark green plastic rubbish bag and the other drew a nose and pussycat whiskers on her face.

    I had nothing. It’s Australia – I wonder why we do Halloween.

    Hugs to Maxi – you’re right. Tha biyotches at the doggy daycare will definitely dig the scar.


  16. PS: Will I be taken seriously if I say ‘rumpy pumpies’…WITH a British accent??


  17. I’ve got a short question for you this time, Mr. Mallozzi–you can either answer yes or no, I guess! Basically, I love looking at the snapshots you share with us, and I was wondering: can I use them to make icons, banners and such to share on GateWorld? (I don’t want to steal your files, after all.)

  18. Well I had no trick or treaters which was lucky ‘cos I didn’t think I’d be home so I hadn’t prepared. We don’t do Halloween much in Australia.

    Hey I have an idea….don’t know if it’s good. Why don’t you do a horror ep. for Halloween next year (bit of a homage to The Simpsons)? Which character would you like to scare the most? Have you heard the actors scream yet?

    (((Maximus))) Hope you get better soon. How did I miss the surgery?

    Cheers, Chev

  19. Did you have a jack-o-lantern on your porch and your porch light on? I think most kids have learned not to knock on doors of houses without those advertisements, because the majority of those homeowners don’t respond to the door knock at all.

    Also, do you live in a neighborhood where the houses are relatively far apart? I know a lot of people trick-or-treat in neighborhoods that aren’t their own, simply because there are more houses per hectare. More bang for the shoe leather, so to speak. A materialistic trend of which I don’t approve, but still… a lot of people do it.

    What candy shop did you go to? I’d like to check it out! (Especially if they might be having a post-Halloween sale.)

    An SGU question: any more geologists left in the Destiny group, or did you guys kill off the only one? I can’t tell you how excited, and then disappointed, I was when there was finally a geologist character on a Stargate show, and then she got offed almost immediately.

  20. There’s totally nothing wrong with only buying the candy that you enjoy. What else are you planning on doing with it once not enough kids come, throw it out to the masses as you drive to work??

    Mega props on the rant there. Unfortunately that’s just something that will pop it’s head up dealing with a public forum like this. No offense to anybody in particular, as I don’t normally read any of the comments, but frankly it sounds like there are a lot of people out there really need to open their eyes more. First off these guys aren’t highly disciplined airmen/soldiers. I’m not sure if the Icarus base was one where they sent the trouble makers, but Young should really be smacking them into shape. But that’s off point. The fact is that they aren’t disciplined, and they aren’t as old/mature as Carter, O’Neill and Jackson. Alot of these people are young kids. You can be an Lt straight out of University, 21. One guy having relations with 2 different girls in what, 4 days, is a slow week for him. This happens every day, all over the place. It’s real life. Geez, what are people going to say when one of the main married characters has an affair?

  21. Glad to hear Max is on the mend! Go Maximus! The ladies dig scars!

    Not one kid in my whole neighborhood, so I opted for the Brussels sprouts sautéed with butter and bacon and pan seared lamb chops! Yum!

    On the rant topic; I for one agree with you, the actors are awesome and having met a few of them on the day I visited the SGU set during the filming of Incursion, I have to say that Brian J. Smith is the most gracious, humble, sweetest man I have ever met and I’d fight to the death anyone who say differently.

    BTW one quick Q: Will Peter Deluise be doing commentaries on the episodes he directed?

    I am looking forward to season 1 DVD’s and all the extras from the fantastic Ivon Bartok. Will you please let us know when they will making the DVD’s available? I hope it is soon after the first 10 episode’s air on TV!


  22. Seriously with stuff like that I think I’ll cart the kid to your house next year. I was *appalled* at the haul she brought back from her trick-or-treating. She got an Orange from one house(but we live in a small town so I know them) and weird candy from the rest. *shakes head*

    My sister and her friend went out as well and when they came home I admonished them to have their parents check the candy for razor blades and such and they looked at me like I was insane.

    I miss the good old days though when Halloween was just that Halloween.

  23. I gotta say, I think your number 2 is a NOT OKAY. Hit the delete button. Number 3, hit the delete button. Please.

    I am more beloved. I had 42 tricker treaters. I handed out pre-prepared halloween bags with about 5 items in it, rangeing from snack size popcorn to actual magic tricks. They loved it.

    Poor sweet Maximus!

  24. “Trick or treating” is seen as a vile American import over here in the UK. It’s just extortion with menaces. Here, the kids have to work if they want their sweets – they tell a joke or do some sort of party piece. In Scotland we call it guising. When I was a kid, everyone visited our house because my mum refused to hand out apples, oranges or monkey nuts. She only gave out the good stuff! Everyone went away with a mixture bag and several different mini bars/bags of chocolate. If my dad was home he’d try and slip some fruit and nuts in their bag as well though.

    Messers Fry & Laurie teach the nation how to deal with trick or treaters – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-u0RQkj3Tic If the link doesn’t work, a quick YouTube search for Fry Laurie Halloween will sort it. Hugh Laurie isn’t dour all the time. 😉

  25. Hi Joe,

    We had a TON of trick or treaters this year!! Way more than in years past. Probably close to one hundred kids. Sorry you got all worked up for nothing but at least you stayed inside and got to enjoy TV or a good book, most of my neighborhood sits outside to welcome the kids as they approach (and to save on wear and tear of the door bells) though it was about 70 degrees last night so its wasn’t too much of an inconvenience 🙂

  26. Hi joe,

    Better hope and pray kids don’t work out time zones, halloween two days a year would be a nightmare, had to turn off all the lights and sit in the dark with my laptop and a decent headset to watch a movie here :p

    Nice rant btw, hardcore fans can be a real pain in the…lower back sometimes i’m sure, personally i don’t like that Scott’s had his fun with James and has moved on to chloe, but the possible drama it could create would make for great Schadenfreuder.

    Something hit me in Water, what happens when they run out of Bullets? Ancient weapons? I doubt they brought the nesessary equipment to make the bullets, or the gun powder.. Also, Atlantis is still on earth isn’t it? why hasn’t the SGC tried to dial the destiny with a ZPM or two

    Thanks for reading.

  27. Well if it makes you feel any better I had NO ticker-or-theaters, course I live in a retirement community with my parents.

    And with everything going on in the Stargate community, I wonder if the Stargate fan base has reached the same point of devotion toward the franchises that the Star Trek fan base has.

    Now for the really important question; So are we going to get a new mailbag soon? 😉

  28. Completely off topic, but PBMom will appreciate.

    Book TV /C-SPAN2 (USA) interviewed Temple Grandin, PhD today and is repeating it tonight. WOW. She’s an adult autistic and animal behaviorist, in her 60s. Her life story is amazing and is the subject of an upcoming HBO film.

  29. @dasNdanger – If you’re allowed to say Rumpy pumpies, then can I say ‘bumping uglies’??

  30. I have the same problem when it comes to Halloween, it seems like less and less people go out at night and go trick or treating every year. Whether it be from people staying indoors due to poor weather, health, or fear of razor blade apples, it seems like no one takes their kids trick or treating anymore. I try to be hopeful for next year, and hopefully you will too. Hope Maximus feels better soon, and yes chicks dig scars.

  31. I had 7 trick-or-treaters show up at my house this year. Not counting the SIX that my mother forced my father to take out. (Little sister brought her best friend, who brought her twin brothers. Little brother brought his best friend. Six kids. Poor Padre!) But it was pouring rain in NEPA, so I’m kind of surprised we even got that many. BTW, I’m trick-or-treating at YOUR house next year, Joe! That “mystery box” has the best treats I’ve ever seen given out! We get the “bite-size” candy roundabout these parts!

    Did I mention I absolutely LOVED “Water” yet? I loved “Water” very much! (I still need to rewatch “Light” and review that before I rewatch “Water” and review that though.)

  32. I intentionally gave out the peanut-filled candies to the kids, because my mom and I can’t have peanuts, and I figured parents should look at their kids’ candy anyway, especially if they’re allergic to something. They’d gotten a variety pack and we wanted to save the ones we could eat for ourselves, or at least give them out last so we could eat them if we had leftovers.

    P.S. Is “ruffian” an “extreme label”? What about “strumpet”? “Person of low moral character”? Just want to get my glossary straight for later.

  33. As for being the “it house” with the it candy. I’ve found
    the secret is decorations set up at least a week in advance and having the top two favorite universal kid candy, Skittles and Sour Patches. I have yet to meet a kid that did not like one of these two selections.

    But to be honest in truth it’s a new age for Halloween. The good old trick or treating has be corrupted poisoned apples, kidnappers, and christian tracks. Trick or treating is now done at festivals and shopping malls. Or at least that is how it is out here in the sticks. We handed out candy last night at the store. I bought what was the equivalent of 3000 pieces of candy. At the end of the Trick or treat hour there were only 6 pieces left.

    We adults sneaked out to the local winery for a hunted trail and bonfire. The rain got the best of me so we didn’t stay long. Instead I went to an 18 and up party at the drive in. Nothing says Halloween like sitting in a car on a rainy night with your special friend, watching a movie about a person sitting in a car on a rainy night with their special friend and being slowly bludgeoned to death by man with a mask.

  34. Mr M

    It’s been a very quiet Halloween this year. No kids wandering around for treats at all.

    Several factors to consider. There is the H1N1 flu outbreak. The weather was beastly, near tropical storm force wind bursts with rain squalls. There is definitely less children in my neighbourhood. Most of the people having the Halloween spirit have their high school (incl CEPEG) days way behind them.

    Guess the Halloween treat or treat thing needs plenty of young ones and decent weather.

  35. I know where to send all the Trick or Treaters that stop by my house to annoy me when I am doing coursework, I’m sure they wouldn’t mind a 10 hour flight if they knew about your mystery box 🙂


  36. Gilder’s Roll Call

    Joe M. Vancouver, Canada
    Gilder Texas, USA
    PBMom Texas, USA
    Susan the Tartan Turtle, Perthshire, Scotland
    SG-1lover Scotland
    Dasndanger New Jersey, USA
    Charlie’s Angel Southern USA
    Pastrygirl Arizona, USA
    Montrealer Montreal, Canada (obviously)
    Rose/OhioAnne Ohio, USA?
    Sparrow_Hawk Midwest USA
    deeinsouthafrica South Africa
    Elminster Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
    2cats, New Jersey (shore), USA
    Thornyrose Virginia, USA
    chevron7 (chev) Melbourne, Australia
    Maddog316: Ft. Myers, FL, USA
    Shiningwit – Cornwall, England
    Berry – Las Vegas, NV
    Belouchi- Montreal, Canada

  37. I can pull my last post on topic.

    I wonder if Rush, Eli, or any others on DESTINY fall on the Asperger’s spectrum?

    Following the neurological & psychological thread, l still think Rush is a depressive.

    I also think most, if not all of the “jarring” behavior of the DESTINY refugees results from the extraordinary situations, first on Icarus, then aboard ship. After “Air I”, I mentioned boredom and frustration might have caused the closet scene. Depression, frustration, fear are reflected in the actions of Chloe, Wray, Spencer, the conspiracy theorists…

    As for why I think so, I’m a mild depressive and needed several months of grief counseling after my mother passed three years ago.

    Forgive me, please, for repeating thoughts from earlier weeks.

  38. Last year at my house we had 7 trick ‘r treaters. This year? 24! Where did they all come from? Still way down from years back when I was a kid though.

    I started working recently at a job in the mall. Now they do trick ‘r treating there. In the span of 3 hours we had more than 500 kids. We ran out 20 min from the end and had to turn kids away.

    Only had 3 kids see me in my Harry Potter costume and run away in the other direction. That’s a way lower scare rate than the mall Santa gets for his photo thing.

  39. hey, do you watch Doctor Who? must be great to have him on the series, ey?

    *which the probability would be close to 0.000001*

  40. I meant. AUTISM spectrum. Asperger’s is at the high-functioning end of that spectrum.

  41. I think people are attacking Scott-Chloe because let’s face it, Stargate like a lot of Sci-Fi attracts a chunk of males who, socially, might be more like Eli than Scott. And so it touches a nerve with them if it reminds them of experiences they’ve had and so, intense feelings.

  42. Hey Joe,

    Two kids…Wow…you were prepared. The TWO didn’t know how lucky they were.

    Candy looked great by the way. BIG too. More brownie points. Does that mean someone bakes you brownies? hmmm

    I hope Maximus feels better soon. Love seeing pictures of the pups. They are adorable and so loved. Thank you for sharing them with us. Means more than you know.

    Best always,
    Cheryl :o)

  43. Did you have a pumpkin outside? Cause if you didn’t…I think that might explain your lack of trick or treaters. Have you had the confit of pork belly rack at Fuel? If you have, how was it? I’m thinking about ordering it next time I go for dinner

  44. I must say … I’ve never heard of most of the candy you bought! I’m also jealous … I didn’t get to go trick or treating. I had to go to a doctor on halloween thats out of state. By the time we got home I was to tired, and sick. Although I did get to stop at a bakery, got some lobster tails!
    My house last year got about 2 trick or treaters. That record has been broken! Grand total is 4. Woo. (More oreos for me!)
    Also I’d like to say that my wording as calling SG-1 and Atlantis “Family Shows” … well that probably wasn’t the best way to word it. Didn’t cross my mind that all the violence isn’t really considered family when I was typing it. Actually I remember being terrified of Hathor when I was little, and I guess I just got used to the violence in general after a while. Okay it was really a long time before I got completely over it. (I’m such a weirdo) But I trust you get what I was saying.
    Hope Maximus heals up okay! All your doggies are just too cute!!!

  45. Hi Joe,

    See? I went to sleep, woke up an hour ago and here I am, wide awake at almost 2 a.m. Managed to sleep for two whole hours. Had toast, it didn’t work. Disregard toast suggestion 😉 I suppose it doesn’t help that Elway’s taking up most of the bed while snoring (and tooting) away. Molly’s a snorer as well, but at least she stays at the bottom of the bed. Flannery sleeps next to me on her memory foam doggie bed (those things are frickin’ comfortable!), but has happy dreams and wags her long Greyhound tail in her sleep. Talk about things that go bump in the night. Summer (my other Cocker) neither toots nor snores, but hates sleeping with anyone.

    No trick-or-treaters here last night, not a single one. It’s really kinda sad, but between the sex-offenders and other weirdos, it’s hard to blame parents these days. Still, it wasn’t that long ago that Lauren and I got dressed up as cows (udders and all) and took my son trick-or-treating while Mr. Deni walked 10 steps behind us, pretending he didn’t know us.

    @Narelle: Glad to see Ralph’s doing so well!

  46. “here is the Cliff Notes version of yesterday’s entry”

    As Mckay would say. Don’t you mean Cole’s notes?


  47. Joe nice ghetto blaster!

    we had about 20 kids all night and I live in a townhouse complex. by the way where did you go to get that candy, looks good, i want a slithering snake sucker! The best I got as a kid was the jumbo Mr. Freezies.

    You were part of the baby boom, which could explain the surplus of kids on the street. But even when I was a kid, 14 years ago, I remember running door to door with my friends just on the off chance we were too slow and they ran out of candy! Then dumping out my stash in the corner of the living room, to make sure it didn’t mix with my sisters, lincase they tried to claim some of my booty!

  48. Water was a bit… meh… after Darkness and Light, two episodes that were essentially quite predictable but the main emphasis was on /how/ they would survive and not /if/ they would survive, I found the “Scott down the hole” plotline to be a little tedious. There’s no tension in threatening the life of a main character 5 episodes into a show’s first season – at no point did my brain ever go “Will he make it”, and I was never that interested in finding out how he made it.

    It’s one of the reasons why Season 7 of SG-1 was so terrible – too many “Will they survive?” moments and not enough “How will they survive?” moments – we knew Scott was going to make it, and the “how” was just Young trying a bit harder. As I said, meh.

    And Expendable Soldier was so obviously expendable that I knew from the moment I saw him standing behind Greer that he was gonna get got. The way he died though was horrific – though I’m reminded of similar creatures from Prodigy and The Defiant One (obviously they were glowing, but same idea).

    Personally I wanted more of James/Chloe, and the betrayal she obvious feels now. That’s an interesting plotline worth developing a little more.

    What else… what else… I liked Eli and Rush in this one. Even TJ is beginning to grow on me, though of all the characters we need more from her the most, as she seems a little lost in the crowd.

    Oh, and finally, there was too much emphasis on the sex scene in this episode. It went on for far too long (at least one whole act) and just wasn’t appropriate for the genre. That’s a joke BTW, as are all the criticisms levelled at SGU and the actors/writers/makers thanks to the (whopping) 1 minute of footage out of 270+ we’ve had.

    Looking forward to Earth. Young is still my fav character.

  49. Dang. Looks like I missed the big blow out last night. That’s so unlike me.

    Well, suffice it to say, I was looking forward to the rant, and I was not disappointed! There’s nothing more I can add to it, other than the fact that I hope karma bites those “fans” in the ass.

    Poor Max! Hope he is feeling better! Looks like he can’t lie on his stomach for a while; that must suck. How are the other doggies reacting to this?

    Whelp, that’s Vancouver for you. Parents are getting paranoid with all the news of killings and shootings and kidnappings that I’m surprised there are any trick or treaters out these days. Halloween seems more like a day for blowing crap up than for getting candy; things were exploding outside my window for most of the evening!

    On the plus side, the near-full moon last night was very creepy. Nicely done, Moon.

    Oh hey, I liked Water a lot, though I think that Light and Air III are the best so far. Still, Young was freaking Awesome in it, and TJ definiately went up a few notches!

  50. HA! We got 12 Trick or Treaters this year. It was 6 more then last year.

    Just wanted to say I of course don’t think its the same as SG1 or SGA. That’s a good thing its just beginning its gotta start a life of its own.

    How much do you wish you can have one of those instant fully recharged pads they have on the ship? Is it safe to assume that will be the only time we see it in use? That anytime you see a fully charged piece of tech you are to just think its being used from this point on?

  51. Halloween here in deepest cornwall was also disappointing. This year the ‘party’ was at our house and so we duly spent the best part of the day dressing windows, carving pumpkins, nicking sweeties, and occasionally breaking into song/dialogue whilst in the background the Rocky Horror Picture Show played. I even managed to appropriate a fog machine which duly threatened to suffocate everyone with rather acrid tasting fog, oh joy. We parked our broomsticks outside next to the werewolf who appeared to be climbing out of my recycling bin, set the cauldron bubbling next to a pile of polystyrene bones and put the wrapped candy in a bucketful of pumpkin innards that were heavily disguised as scrambled brain matter and waited for the first victims. We only had five lots of trick or treaters but the party was a blast with traditional pursuits such as bobbing for apples and telling scary stories. Did you put out any pumpkins or decorate to give any indication that you were a participant in the festivities? I only ask because I always told my kids to only go where people had put out some kind of clue that they at least made an effort so as not to bother people who weren’t interested.

  52. That is so sad! I think the bowl of veggies and the mystery box were great ideas. How fun! One of the kids I used to nanny had a genius costume this year: he was mustard.

  53. Coucou Joseph! ça va bien?

    Moi oui super, la forme =) .

    Cool votre journée d’Halloween! Snif moi aussi je voulais me déguiser (en sga …Tiens ça vous étonne?^^) mais chez moi il n’ya personne et la ville la plus proche compte à peine 5000 habitants…je m’enfiche de toute façon je les dit sur facebook, l’année prochaine comme je serai sur Paris…je ferai une journée Halloween Stargate avec pleins d’amis cosplay=)!
    Dommage que vous n’habitiez pas à Paris car sinon vous auriez était la 1er personne chez qui j’aurai sonner, en France on à pas une tel divérsité de bonbons lors de cette fête^^!

    Je suis bien contente que Maximus aille mieux =)

    Il était trés sympas tout les commentaires d’hier, vous savez il y’a des gens bêtes partout malheuresement, mais il ne faut pas les écouter, il faut écouter la majoritée ..donc nous =P

    Bonne journée!
    Bisou =)

  54. @ DasnDanger

    I’m with you there on the guilt complex all the way! Hi-five? 🙂

  55. the problem is that your fans dont really want that kind of realism or else they wouldve not bothered to watch SG-1 and Atlantis in the first place, but i now know im partially-wrong since alot of fans seem to enjoy SGU. just it would be nice if you can continue to slipstream some quirky SG-1 elements into SGU’s realism, ah, you know what i mean– the humor thing is one.

    and i dont mind the depiction of nudity but i mind its frequency. these guys have been lost for how many weeks now?–and they are already “doing” it. thats not realistic, whatever the circumstances. if people get trapped in a mine with no hope of a way out, they wont be doing it. if people were trapped in the ISS with no way to get home, they wont be doing it. if a bunch of 16 year olds got trapped on Destiny with no way out, you bet your a** they would be doing it.

    im actually surprised that there have been more steamy sex on Destiny than on Atlantis; i find Atlantis’s place more appealing to the senses—was a jacuzzi ever around? because thats the only thing that was missing, a hot tub, like the ones kings had. had the ancients cared more about pleasure and hedonism than science and ascension, Atlantis wouldve been a playboy mansion.

    you know whats hotter than having the crew sleep with each other? is having them sleep with humanoid aliens, but you guys missed out on that one when you said there will be no more human-looking aliens. because eventually the crew will get tired of having sex with each other naturally–thats if they dont die first. but when you guys said no more human-looking aliens, you werent being truthful, because Lucian Alliance members are aliens and if they are any semblance of an enemy to them on Destiny then you already got your human-looking aliens.
    this has been one unfocused multi-segwayed comment.

  56. I guess those Halloween kids are all here now – in Germany, where until a few years ago, no one knew a thing about Halloween.
    But thanks to Hollywood, this Saturday we got overrun by children in painted bedsheets (or Harry Potter costumes left over from last Carnival) begging for sweets from bemused adults unprepared for this situation.

    I loved your ‘rant’, btw, and hope the right people have read it. Everyone knows that it’s pathetic when people ask an actor, who plays a doctor in a TV series, for medical advice. Criticizing actors for the actions of the characters they play is just as dumb. Insulting writers/producers, just because they don’t write/produce the same stuff as five years earlier, isn’t much better.

    Personally, I am very much looking forward to the SGA movie, but I’m eagerly awaiting every new episode of SGU now (sent to my by compassionate British friends).
    Darkness and Light were wonderful in terms of showing human nature, although I have to say I wasn’t surprised by the ending. A great, artificial intelligence like Destiny, run out of power, turning towards the next big power source – it was quite obvious it wanted to refuel, not commit suicide.

    Nevertheless, it was a treat to watch. Great performance by everyone, especially Robert Carlyle.

  57. Hey Joe,

    At least you got two kids …we got ZERO for Halloween this year.Could have been the threat of rain that did it, but other areas got lots of kids.

  58. I too mourn the lackluster Halloweens of late. I blame the many helicopter laws prohibiting trick-or-treating after dark. If there are safety concerns, parents should be able to take time to escort their kids. Back when I was a kid – which was not long ago, mind you – we ran around after dark on Halloween, got to stay out late, all that horrible unsafe stuff and nothing bad ever happened to us. There’s no point to trick-or-treating while still light, and there’s no pride in a well-made costume anymore, and these factors along with the obligatory stories on the news about razors in apples and Halloween misconduct have sown the seeds of the holiday’s destruction.

    Melodramatic terms, perhaps, but no more melodramatic than the terms used by the journalists writing the above-mentioned stories. We should return to Halloween as a fun time and a night to celebrate mischief and let our spirits roam free. The more seriously the holiday gets treated, the more serious people will be about it, and the more serious the mischief will be. The more levity there is in the holiday, the less misconduct we’ll see, I believe.

    Oh, and on an extreme view the other way: I’ve felt that both scenes involving intimate relations were well-done. They both accomplished exactly what needed to be accomplished with those scenes, and neither was anything more than a depiction of that moment in those people’s lives. In fact, the entire “preparing for death” sequence in “Light” is perhaps my favorite extended stretch of the series so far. I’ve watched since SG-1 was airing originals, through SGA, and I’m delighted with this new series’s concept and execution – you have an ardent supporter here. Good luck on your renewal! I hope Syfy can see through the FUD people have been posting on the forums to the core of the show.

  59. Hi Mr M!

    RE: Location roll-over:

    Joe M. Vancouver, Canada
    Gilder Texas, USA
    PBMom Texas, USA
    Susan the Tartan Turtle, Perthshire, Scotland
    SG-1lover Scotland
    Dasndanger New Jersey, USA
    Charlie’s Angel Southern USA
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    Rose/OhioAnne Ohio, USA?
    Sparrow_Hawk Midwest USA
    deeinsouthafrica South Africa
    Elminster Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
    2cats, New Jersey (shore), USA
    Thornyrose Virginia, USA
    chevron7 (chev) Melbourne, Australia
    Maddog316: Ft. Myers, FL, USA
    Shiningwit – Cornwall, England
    Berry – Las Vegas, NV
    Shirt’n’Tie, Tipperary, IRELAND

    WOW 388 Comments!!

    Well done all


  60. We all miss Todd DAS. We just have to hope we’ll see his pretty white locked head pop up eventually, in the movie if it ever happens, or any behind the scenes pics Joe happens to have hidden away somewhere.

    Funny story about Mr Das, is he aware that you tell us funny and occasionally embarrassing stories about him?

    Can’t comment on SGU since it’s not available here. When it is i’ll watch the first half of season 1 before deciding to keep it or dump it. Probably be awhile though, we never even got all of Atlantis.

  61. Nomi and I moved to our new place last December, so we weren’t sure what tended to happen on our block on Halloween. The other residents said that we almost never get anyone, but the building put out a basket of candy just in case.

    We all ended up with a lot of leftover candy. 🙂

    On an entirely different note, and going back to a thread many posts ago, I’d sat that TJ showed she is a remarkably strong character in “Water.”

  62. Liz wrote on Nov 1st:

    I can’t see the behind the scenes vid for some reason. It just doesn’t show up.

    You may need to update your Flash player. The current version is 10,0,32,18 Most videos on WordPress and other web sites uses Flash. Which will not work properly if your version of Flash is too out of dated.

    To check for the version of Flash Player currently installed in your machine. Right click on the video to bring up a pop up menu. Select about Adobe Flash Player 10 to open new window with information about your current version of Flash Player installed on your machine. If it is not version then you have to update your flash player.

    To update click on on the player download center link just above the platform/browser/version chart. This will bring you to the Adobe Flash Player Update page. Then after you close all other browser windows you click the install button.

    Note – browser windows opened before updating Flash player will still be using the old version of Flash. Also, Flash got to be updated on each of your browser individually.

  63. The writer (who happens to be one of the producers) has mentioned that they wanted to make this new series more “mainstream”. What exactly do they mean by this? If the current episodes mean “mainstream”, the series may fail sadly.

  64. I like how you put the Reeses Pieces and the Oh’henry bars at the bottom of the “Mystery Box” Lol Believe it or not we had a Good turn out at my Aunts house, besides candy we give out juice boxes to! We’re the only ones in the neighborhood that does this so the Kids apprieciate it especially sice FL weather has been hot this year.
    So Maximus is playing his scare off on the Ladies at DDC, hehe Ladies dog. Lol
    thanks for sticking with the Blog, you have our support and hopefully the Stargate Crew & Actors/Actresses will still do Q&A for you and us.

  65. SGU needs to wrap up the “ship is in trouble” storyline and get on to the actual star-gating. If they drag this out too long, people will lose interest.

  66. Hi Joe

    loving SGU, don’t listen to the haters!

    one question though.

    will we ever see any sort of vehicle designed to go through the gate speed up exploration, or to go to inhospitable planets as a backup to the suits, or to help bring back materials?
    Like an early incarnation of a PuddleJumper, but more like a buggy, or a wheeled or hover-car type thing?
    it seems silly that the crew can only explore a tiny fraction of a planet with the default 12h stop off time, that doesn’t even seem long enough explore enough of the planet to decide whether the planet is even worth staying longer for! (if and when the 12h stop off time can be extended manually). Especially when Eli can build a makeshift hover platform in 5 minutes, you would think there would be larger/better fit-for-purpose hover platforms, at the very least, right?

  67. Okay, I don’t watch the show anymore, and that’s fine, I’m not missing it at all. However, your blog is still on my morning read websites, so I’m reading today, with interest, your extremely whiny “rant”. Before I began writing this I used the search box quite a bit to make sure I wasn’t missing something. I wasn’t…So here goes.

    As far as I can see, no one called the actress that plays Chloe a whore. If they did can someone please show me where? I saw a regular poster call the character, a fictitious person, a figment of a writers imagination, a “whore”. So what? Did not one of our American congressman, a real “american idiot”, a miserable excuse for a human being, named Grayson, call a woman a whore in an interview? A “K” Street Whore? No one seemed upset at that, and the person being called a whore by Grayson actually exists. So what if a *character* in a TV show is called a whore? I don’t see it Joe, I don’t see it.

    Then you let us all know that Brian J Smith (who does he play again? Eli or Scott?) has been turned off to Twitter (1 down 7 billion to go is what I think about Twitter) because of nasty comments… But, comments about HIM as an actor, such as “Brian, now that I have seen you act I’d like to say, well, just stop.” or are the comments akin to “Brian, your character is an ass, a man-whore, a whatever”? If it is the latter, so what? It’s a character he plays, that’s all. Can you imagine what the actor who played Hitler in [insert any WWII movie here] would think if someone called him evil instead of calling his character Hitler, evil? Big difference here Joe and if Smith is turned off to TWIT-ter because of comments about his character, that’s pretty stupid. If the comments are about HIM as an actor, that’s another thing. He shouldn’t be on Twitter, FaceBook, MySpace, or any other social networking whorehouse anyway.

    My daughter is an actress in a sitcom in the US and her character is a bi-sexual doofus. She gets emails, letters, etc about her character, some of it not too nice, and she laughs it off, but most of all she loves it because at least people are responding to the character so she believes she’s playing her well. I got her to read your column and her response was that it seems many people at Bridge are a little “thin-skinned” these days. Perhaps she’s right.

    Now, I left the show because it just wasn’t for me. Not out of spite or anger or anything else. My time is precious, as is everyone else’s. SGU is not what I hoped it would be, then again I had no right to expect anything. It’s your show, your ideas, your futures. No one scores 100% every time.

    About SGU: There is enough morally bereft characters in the real world right now, the USA now has a government dead set on transforming this country into a socialist experiment, REAL unemployment is 17.7% in the this country and the state I live in has never, ever recorded a higher unemployment number. Throw in the fact that we elected the most thin-skinned, narcissistic, Chicago thug as President, someone who will most assuredly destroy this country’s 230-year run as a democracy in 4 years…..because of that you have millions of potential viewers who might want to sit down to watch something “escapist” and instead they would be bombarded with an ensemble cast of morally bankrupt people (characters, not actors). Maybe Joe, just maybe, people responded to SG1 and SGA because of, er,… what was it you said;

    “flawless people, square-jawed heroes, and stories that set up and deliver all the answers over the course of a forty-five minute episode”


    The world sucks right now Joe, and for *some* of us we don’t need to be reminded that the world is so full of bad guys pretending to be good guys… we rather liked that Teal’c could not be compromised, Sam wore her heart on her sleeve when it came to children, O’Neil made a joke to deflect his own acts of selfless heroics, and Daniel always did figure it out, just in time. In the latter days, Vala (oh dear dear Vala) could make us laugh no matter how close we were to doom and gloom we were, and Mitchell was always prepared to go that extra mile to get the job done, even if it cost him his llfe… What’s wrong with Heroes Joe? You, and the rest of the producers, sound downright ASHAMED of SG1 and SGA and now you’re all trying to gain same street “cred” with flawed, manic, downright stupid, young people who have adopted the Bill Clinton attitude about sex, you know, where “hooking up” is just “something to do”. Is that REALLY the side of the table you want to sit on? Have you complete abandoned the ideals of people doing the right thing every time because doing the right thing was it’s own reward? Joe, how many people do you think are out there on a Friday night embracing the darkside McKay, the homicidal solider, the weak scientist, or the spoiled rich kid who will no doubt play the character Eli like a fiddle, because she can? How many Joe? 1.1 million? Is that enough? You okay with that?

    You know, I could just see you and the rest of the producers at a convention and before you appear at a panel discussion for SGU you send out a notice that you will NOT be answering ANY questions about your embarrassing past of SG1 and SGA, and if anyone mentioned Jack/Sam they will be thrown out of the convention…. Yeah, Joe, I seriously think you’d at least *want* to do that.

    Do you really, really, believe that MGM, a studio that exists to make money, would not want to move ahead ASAP with both a new SG1 and SGA movie, a straight-to-DVD 20-million dollar movie? Yeah, right. It’s not MGM, it’s not the sudden downturn of DVD sales (check Amazon on Tuesday’s Joe), its nothing more that the producers wanted to leave both those shows in the past because they are embarrassed and ashamed of the positive heroics the show often displayed.

    Today, STARGATE is permeated with characters that would sell their grandmother for the ability to dial that 9th chevron (Rush in fact, killed everybody by NOT dialing Earth when he had the chance) , young soldiers with more libido than common sense (just as I was back in the 70’s), a so-called “leader” that would gladly accept the death of someone else if it meant she lived, and a solider who certainly seems to be more than willing to kill anyone who dare pisses him off… Hell the closest you have to a character we die-hard Stargate fans enjoy is Eli and Chloe, and you are surprised that the readers of your blog, who are ALL viewers of SG1 and SGA, are reacting to this alternate universe “gate” show in a way that YOU and the others find disturbing. Surely you, all of you, didn’t expect to be welcomed with open arms, a parade, and old fathers giving away their young daughters to the soldiers as you come marching into town with your new show? Remember what happened the last time the US government expected to be welcomed like that? Didn’t go so well.

    So, now, after reading your last two blog posts, I see where all this is going and I won’t be reading your blog any longer. You don’t want people to tell you how they feel, you never did. We ALL know that you never ever accept the opinion of a single poster and everything you do, everything you say has always been the correct one, we all know that. Often we looked the other way with your snide comments to posters that object to the way something was done on SG1 or SGA, because we still got the inside story every day. But don’t think for a minute that we didn’t already know that we would never get a “I agree with you, we never should have done that, it was dumb” comment from you… it’s not who you are. You are one of those people that must be right 100% of the time, regardless of “facts”.

    Today you are scolding your readers to NOT do things no one has ever done (i.e., the whore comment, no one called the actress a whore), and your attitude is “you don’t like the show? Piss off then” … well Joe, some of us have already “pissed off” SGU, and since you sound like someone who would fit right in with the new USA government, some of us will UN-Bookmark this site from our browsers. Who knows, maybe “V” or “Flashforward”, or “Dollhouse”, or “Sanctuary” will be enough for us, it will be for me. Plenty of SciFi on TV, and 300+ episodes of real “stargate”.

    Several days ago I was “done” with SGU and haven’t watched since. Today, I am “done” with you, Joe Mazzolli, because your overly righteous attitude about your Grand New Experiment is simply too much for me.

    I once thought that no matter how badly SGU would be there would be enough fans to keep it going 5 seasons. Today, I’m not so sure you’ll get to season 3. If that happens I do hope you’ll pull out all your columns and comments to those columns, that you wrote in 2009. You might learn something about yourself. But probably not. Hell, you probably won’t approve this post, or even respond to it. Like Obama and Fox News isn’t really a “news” channel, the fans that are very unhappy with the new Stargate aren’t really “fans”, right?

  68. I hope they cancel this show and use the money to make SG-1 and SGA movies.

  69. Joe,

    I’m jumping in regarding the previous post. I wish I had gotten in earlier to be honest.
    I have been watching SGU with the honest intention of giving the show a good chance of hooking me in. The show managed that during Air Part I. I spent the second half of ‘Light’ choking back tears (even though I knew they had to make it out 😉 ).
    I thought the acting of everyone especially Brian J Smith, Robert Carlisle and Justin Louis was SUPERB!!!. The emotion they portrayed was so real it was electric. Lt Scott is actually turning into a favourite of mine.
    I think the children who are making stupid, childish and personal comments about the actors need to be shaken down severly. God only knows what these children will do with themselves once Hannah Montanah isn’t on the air for them too? If you don’t want to post this then please feel free but please let everyone on SGU know that not everyone out there is against them 🙂


  70. I bought candy I didn’t like so I’d stay out of it. Handed it out by the handfuls, and threw in some rhinestone bracelets (long story). Most of the bracelets I slipped into little girl’s bags, but one boy spotted the sparklies and asked for one. “Will you wear it?” “Oh, YES!” Fabulous.

    I threw together a gypsy/Bedouin outfit, not too difficult as I have so many Burning Man costumes, and sat outdoors. Even with temps in the 50s, you can layer under lose flowing desert robes! We have a nice new conversation bench (two seats and a table thingy). Mrs. Bucky the skeletal bride was there, as were the littler Buckys, Bucky himself needs a hip replacement and stayed in the basement. Anyway, the kids would roar up the porch steps, not seeing me down in front of the picture window. I spooked a few! The best were the kids who stood in front of Mrs. Bucky and waved their hands: “Aw, this one doesn’t react”. One boy then stood in front of me, staring intently. I jumped forward and waved my hands, “But I do!” Scared him! He kept telling his friends that he knew I was real all along.

    Didn’t get as many tricker or treaters as last year, there are fewer and fewer each year. I blame the stupid church up the street for the trunk or treat… handing candy out from the back of a car. How dull! And the mall stores were handing out candy. Good marketing, but no room for highjnks.

    One group of slightly older kids chatted with me, they were amazed that as a teen I’d help set up haunted houses in people’s basements; that was the big thing in the 70s before the professional houses got going.

  71. Hey Joe,

    Great rant the other day, and I totally agree with you. People should have the right to voice their opinions, but be civil about it! I do have 2 questions for you. 1. In Air, was the “Video Introductions” by Daniel/Michael Shanks really video, or were they live feed from somewhere else in the studio? 2. Was there talk or a chance of also incorporating Teal’c/Chris Judge into that episode to have all 4 SG1 team members involved? What about any Atlantis Members? Thanks Joe!

  72. Poor Maximus! Stitches are never fun, but that will be one bitchin’ scar! Wishing him a speedy recovery!

    As for Halloween, I went as a ghost this year… Old school, sheet with eye holes cut out. I have never had so much fun! It would have been better if I could have trick-or-treated but alas, I am too old. Though I may have to break my own rules if I am ever in Vancouver around Halloween. Reese’s, Nerds, and Slithering Snake Suckers! You rock Joe!

  73. I do not live in a neighbourhood with children, so we don’t get any trick-or-treat’ers. However on Hallowe’en night I had to run out to the store during prime Treat’ing hour and the neighbourhood I drove through had a fair amount of kids and parents roving. It was kind of dismal though, especially since I know how many kids actually live over there (way more than I saw).

  74. You are too funny Mr. M.!!!! I’m sure the word was spread through-out your neighborhood. In my old Memphis neighborhood, you would have gotten egged!

    I was watching Ewan McGregor on Leno and he said in Scotland the kids have to do some kind of song/dance/trick for their candy. Interesting.

    I’ve noticed Trick n’ Treaters in my new neighborhood are different that the ones in Memphis. We moved five miles over the state line into MS. In Memphis, a large van would let off about 30 kids at once. Driving from block to block. Plus, when we ran out of candy, they would keep ringing the doorbell. We would have to unplug the doorbell.

    In our MS house, kids are driven around behind four wheelers. Lazy but at least they don’t egg us like in Memphis and when we turn off our porch light-no one rings the doorbell.

    I bought 15 lbs of candy (should have done like Thornyrose and bought 30). Only about 13lbs made it to the kids. I found twenty or so empty candy wrappers in our kitchen trash can! I also found a small box of choice candy confiscated by my hubby in the kitchen.

    Back on the subject of fans yelling at the actors. When they confuse fiction for life, that is where mental illness comes in. When I’m watching a show and hating one of the characters, I’m always thinking, “What a great actor! He plays bad so well!!!!”. Not that I’m stating I’m all sane but I can tell the difference 😀 .

    So glad Max is doing well. I used to administer anesthetics for dogs/cats/ferrets and it’s always complicated with brachiocephalic dogs. They are high risk with anesthetics. So I’m glad you have a good vet!

    Das: The post yesterday about your hubby and his boob obsession? Does he read your posts? 😉 .


  75. Hehe, good subject. They should let you do some episode titles for Universe *g*

    As for the trick or treating, you can’t just rely on random chance, you need to promote it!
    Next year make sure to send out fliers and introduce yourself to all the neighbors in a 10 by 10 block radius (give them stargate cap,pens – a t-shirt perhaps *g*)

    “the slutty costumes, those are in abundance”

    Now if we got some of those on SGU that would be different! 🙂

    @Major D. Davis
    “and then the people get pissed at the actors calling them whores???!!”

    This is how it spirals out of control. They called a CHARACTER a whore.

  76. Just read the previous post you made, I must say I’m shocked. I don’t make it a habit of reading peoples comments on your blog entries (To lazy to keep track of all that) So I had no idea people were being this rude and disrespectful towards the people behind SGU.

    I just like to say, I don’t really have anything to complain about, In fact I find the interaction between the crew of the Destiny quite entertaining. Never have I seen a show that depicted it’s cast in such a down-to-earth way. The characters are much more real to me, They show genuine emotions and the story telling of SGU doesn’t make them all suddenly forget what has transpired in a previous episode unlike some other current shows which clearly lack any sign of continuity. SGU gives me the feeling like I’m a part of the crew, And that is just one of things that has me hooked on this show.

    So in conclusion I’d like to say, Whatever negative comments you guys get, DON’T CHANGE A THING!

    And thanks for making such a kick-ass show. I hope it goes on for many more seasons.

  77. Brian is wise to step back from Twitter. It’s a good decision on his part.

    Unfortunately, any public figure that opens up communication with the public will get some, perhaps many, angry notes from jerks. If the star snaps one day and responds in kind, it results in negative publicity for the star — not the anonymous, obnoxious idiots.

    It’s better for Brian as a person and as a star that he refrain from interacting with the mob. I would recommend the other actors follow his lead, as well.

  78. Aah, seventeen comments. Much better.

    Now, about those bitches…

    They are going to have to learn how to act their behinds off….

    …to catch Maximus’s eye. 😈

  79. I had a chance to see the SG-1 and SGA sets during a studio visit a couple of years ago and it has been fun paying attention to how those sets have evolved into SGU set pieces. What is the updated set or set piece of which you and the art department are proudest? Is there a particular piece the art department believes no one would ever spot as coming from the previous productions?

  80. Hey Joe,

    I think all of Canada’s (and truthfully, the western US) trick-or-treaters came to Northridge, California on Saturday. The neighborhood closes off the streets and the houses are completely dec’d out. It’s really wild. Thank God I don’t live on that street, we were just visiting. Must have had more than 1,000 kids/surly teens/adults show up.

    I’m mean. If a teen in no costume at all shows up with the pillowcase in hand and grumpy-but-entitled expression in place, they have to perform a trick to get candy. No trick, no treat.

    For your viewing enjoyment…

    A house on the street mentioned above: http://i328.photobucket.com/albums/l355/polrobin/misc_images/Haunted_house.jpg

    My Stargate active wormhole pumpkin (including nifty reflection of the back, Earth’s symbol): http://i328.photobucket.com/albums/l355/polrobin/misc_images/stargatepumpkin2.jpg

  81. @susan the tartan turtle… yes, it is quite all right to use that word when speaking of dogs. Try hanging out with a bunch of dog people some time…. if you don’t know what you’re in for it makes your ears burn! LOL!! And when people call ME that I take it as a compliment!

    Joe, we didn’t get any trick or treaters at all… but we do live quite far out in the “country” up here in Alaska. We also turn off all the lights and lock our doors and bribe the dogs, that helps too! Just kidding.

    Maximus, you adorable little thing…. LOVE the scar! You are going to look so manly and sexy…. you’ll be overcome at Doggy Daycare. My youngest, Duct Tape, has one too, only hers came from being spayed. It wouldn’t have scarred but she’s so lively and energetic I couldn’t keep her quiet after the surgery and she managed to get an infection! I have a wonderful vet and he only scolded me a little.

  82. Thought the H’ween TnT grab was still going strong. Parties galore & I ran out of candy, abt 65 kids, good weather. Last year I had over 100, so I guess I can only conclude foreclosures took a toll from last year to this year. Love the decked out “limo” golf carts fulla kids and yeah, my house decor is big time as this is still my fave holiday. When I was a kid it stretched over 3 nights and usually spent all Sept & Oct working on costumes- always made never bought. One year I picked Wonder Woman and the night ended up 35 F weather. Wore it anyway, no coat, after fighting with mom compromised with a cape. How bout those iGuys from my area! now that’s the spirit.

  83. Hey Joe,

    Maybe you need to move to my neighborhood where they literally bus in the kids. 😯 If I lived closer I’d certainly bring over my younger one and all nine of my nephews who’d be thrilled with what’s in the mystery box. Allie would want to eat the brussel sprouts so… I’d leave her at home. 😉

    @Das: How you can you NOT be taken seriously when using the term *rumpy pumpies*? I mean, British accent or no, I take you totally seriously.



  84. You beat us by two trick-or-treaters, we had zero, if you don’t count my son who rang our bell on the way back from making his rounds.
    Despite the 2 + feet of snow last week, we had great weather and since our house is off the beaten path, everyone went to the big long street where it’s much more efficient.

    I love your candy selection, when I was a kid, we definately would have changed costumes and gone back to your house a couple of times.

    When I was watching Water on Friday, I decided that Greer is one of the more enjoyable characters on any of the Stargate shows to watch. He’s tough, but not over the top like some characters on the previous shows, and he certainly has a respect for Young, Scott and TJ. I was half surprised to see him back down when TJ ordered him to.
    One thing that I am really enjoying about Universe is that there is already an established relationship between the main military group (Young, Scott, TJ and Greer) and you don’t have to spend time with stories about them getting to know each other.

  85. Aww poor Maxiumus, feel better. I hate when animals are sick.
    @ Deni how is your baby doing???

    I have a question, it may have been addressed already… about the stones. Still trying to wrap my head around that. But what happens if someone swaps places and the other person is like… well.. in the bathroom or naked in the shower, or worse, holy hannah, having sex?? Does anyone get warning, a tingling sensation? And is it gender specific? Sam Beckett lept, leaped,? into a woman’s place many times. ( those were the best episodes). It could happen, right? It could be funny. Think of the possibilities.

  86. To: Executive Honcho of Awesome TV SciFi show
    From: Satisfied Fan

    Note: I was scratching my head at how to address you since I’ve never posted. I figure shameless sucking up can’t hurt. 🙂

    Dude, you have real brass balls for being an executive of a scifi show and having a blog letting people post. Totally ON man. I digg it. It’s only natural for un-righteous dudes and dudettes to flock to thy blog in emptying their cantankerous musings. It’s how the denizens on the fringes of the Intertubes work.

    I be takin real effort next time my Zen meditation session kicks in thinking of yer courage.

    As Emeril says…Kick up a notch! Your show rocks!

    Signed…Satisfied Fan

  87. I really do not understand the hatred to which Joseph had to respond. I think it’s sad that Smith had to suspend his Twitter, as I’ve been enjoying reading the feeds from all the cast.

    So here are my thoughts on ‘Water’.

    This was probably my least favorite episode story-wise; yet it contained my favorite character interactions.

    1. Scott and Chloe kissing: This scene actually conveyed the “getting to know you” softness and vague awkwardness of the early stages of a relationship.

    2. Rush harshing on Eli. While I like Eli, I’ve made a living among geeks much of my life (I am one, but accept that sometimes it’s hard to conduct business when geek you speak with is more worried about being clever than taking care of business). Young geeks generally want to be liked and likeable. When they outgrow that stage is when they become formidable, and sometimes are considered cold. I think this may be in Rush’s background too.

    3. Favorite character interaction of the show thus far: T.J. and Greer’s showdown. “You don’t trust me?” “No.” And Greer being totally cool with it since he doesn’t really trust anybody either. It was a TJ moment, that uncovered Greer’s psychology. Loved it. Also, I could watch the gorgeous Alaina Huffman all day. Glad she had many lines this ep. T.J. is becoming a favorite character.

    This show is becoming problematic to me, in that I don’t really dislike ANY of the primary characters. That is something of an oddity, and a testament to the depth of writing and treatment.

  88. I love SGU and have no problems with what’s been going on. Keep up the great work to all production and actors.

    I loved Alexi Murdoch’s Breathe at the end of Air part 3 and I’ve had a question for quite a while about tv shows in general, who picks the music?, did
    a) the writer who wrote the ep pick it.
    b) did people (production) watch the ep and listen to hundreds of music that might go with the mood.
    c) someone in production recommend it.
    d) another way.

    Just wondering, thanks.

    P. S. to Maximus, get well soon.

  89. No trick around or treaters in my area at all, had plenty of candy to eat for myself though! Can’t wait for Friday’s episode of SGU! Looks like it might be the best yet!

  90. Hey all! “Riese The Series” — which Joe talked about during the summer — has its first episode up at http://www.riesetheseries.com, and also on YouTube. Has a few Stargate and Sanctuary actors in it. Check it out when you get the chance!

  91. @ BlueJay – Well…Kenny DOES have better hair. 😀

    In fact, I think Kenny had the prettiest hair since Steve. Todd’s hair…well…let’s just say he looks like a mad scientist…or that fella from Back to the Future. I guess messy hair is a sign of brilliance!

    @ Trish – You’re being facetious, arencha?

    @ Tammy Dixon – NOPE! thankgoodness. 😛 It’s a bit of a joke between us, actually. I can tell it’s just his brain talking outloud – his tone is quite innocent. I mean, he never says, ‘boy, I’d really like to squeeze those puppies!’…probably because he knows I’d kill him if he ever did! And truth be told, I’m far more pervy over pale, long-locked fellas than he ever is over boobies. 😳

    @ Joeverine – Hope Maximus is feeling better, and Mamma Mallozzi, too. Have a good day!


  92. I know you said that the way to ensure a character to stick around is to ask for them to be kicked off. If so then please kill off Lt. James, alot. Seriously though, how do we ask for her to be shown more? How can we ask for her to be a regular, fulltime cast member? Of course she is liked for the obvious reasons, but it is more than that. We like her tough as nails, no nonsense character and the way Julia Benson plays her. To lose this character, or to let Ms, Benson be scooped up by another show(and it will happen when other execs see her talent), would be a real lose. Thank you for your time.

  93. Ha, my parents were out this year, so I just left a bucket in the front garden with a sign saying ‘Help yourelves, if you dare’ and fled to a friends house, which just happened to be on the outskirts of the village.
    I returned a little while later to pick up my laptop to find the bucket empty and promplty refilled it. As I left I saw a family aproaching my door, and when I returned again I again found empty once more. I now believe it was just the same starving family hiding in a bush waiting for me to return and refill it.

    Another quick question, do you plan to explain how the destiny Stargate is theoretically capable of dialling every planet in the universe (so long as it’s in range) when it only has the standard 39 symbols?

  94. we are run out of air
    we are run out of power
    we are run out of water
    we are run out of food

    then what?

    you think this is funny.

  95. @ Michael A. Burstein

    I acquiesce. TJ rocks. “Don’t you trust me?” It made me miss my foreman gig where people had their flaws, but you could call it what it was and move on. Greer types and I get a lot of work done. I can’t believe I gave that up for a corporate gig and all their big talk about integrity – subtext is yucky when it’s real life and all.day.long.

    JMS has another secession-based project in the works. Whoo-hoo!

  96. First of all, I really appreciate, what you’re trying to do here. I am a fan of both SG-1 and Atlantis, however, I have always missed something from these shows. I’ve never truly felt that any of the main characters were in actual danger, no matter, how bleak their prospects seemed to be. I believe towards the end of their run, the writing staff knew that too, and the result was joking away most suspenseful moments (for example, in the third mid-season two-parter of Atlantis, The Return, the whole team goes rouge, they try to sabotage a city occupied by an army of Replicators, and the Deadalus is ordered o nuke the hell out of them… and despite this premise, even the “being stuck in a leaking jumper underwater”-scene is designed to be subject of ridicule. Don’t get me wrong, I like this episode, I laughed my ass of on some one-liners, like the F-plan, but hey, I don’t watch scifi shows primarily to have a good laugh).
    With SGU, you have a second chance at creating exciting scenarios, but seemingly you don’t use it. In the Darkness-Light two-parter, it was clear, that Destiny will not perish in flames in EPISODE FIVE, so only the characters felt danger, the audience knew there was nothing to worry about (btw I really enjoyed the lottery and stuff, how the characters dealt with impending doom, but still, there was nothing at stake from my perspective). However, when Destiny was accelerating from the shuttle, it felt like a satisfying and unforeseen turn at the time – only to see the shuttle land on Destiny minutes later. It was disappointing. I would have preferred, that the shuttle crew couldn’t get back to Destiny, and they would be forced to settle on the barely habitable planet, and try to survive. That would have been an emotionally crushing blow, and it would have given the writing staff credit, that not everyone is going to make it back safely to the status quo. Or if it is too far-fetched, at least an extra or two could have been injured during the supposedly “coming-in-too-fast” landing on Destiny… In Water, it was a great (if slightly overused) piece of drama to debate over whether to leave Scott stuck in the ice or not, but then suddenly Scott is saved by a last minute tremor, which allows Young to pull him out of a hole… etc.
    I really want to like this show, there is so much potential in it (the premise is exciting, it’s well-acted, the CGI is superb, the music is gripping, its tone is marvelously dark, and so on), please do not waste this potential on semi-interesting episodes and shallow drama with no real stakes!

    For the record, having a blog like this, allowing fans to express their opinions, is totally awesome for an executive of a TV-show. Respect!

  97. I think the greater part of why an increasing number of people think poorly of SGU’s treatment of female characters can be summed up in three points:

    1) Women are outnumbered in the main cast (primary protagonists).
    2) The women who ARE in the main cast have had relatively little to do, either good or bad.
    3) Chloe has done pretty much nothing worthwhile – no heroic or villainous actions, no funny quips, nothing to make us really sympathetic. The primary thing that’s supposed to make us feel for her – the death of her father – is something that happened [i]to[/i] her, not something she did. And instead of taking that opportunity to show personal strength, the writers had her being nearly hysterical. That’s not a bad choice in itself, but it was a prime opportunity to showcase backbone – and since the character had yet to be established with any particular positive features, it was a lost opportunity.

    Chloe in particular has been portrayed as highly emotional. Having and showing emotions is hardly a flaw, but she’s done so only in ways that do not induce respect. Her emotions seem to rise to the surface because she has a limited ability to control and direct them.

    Other characters are either complex, with positive and negative features (Greer, Rush) or have shown considerable gumption (Johansen). What we’ve seen of Chloe has tended to the negative and non-gumptive. I don’t like Rush personally, but I like his character – I think it’s portrayed well and has interesting depths. Chloe’s character has been shallow, weak, and unpleasant – I dislike her both as a person and as a character.

  98. Ok to the poster from MS, who used to live in Memphis. I too moved from “Willieworld” to Southaven. I was also impressed by the kids on the 4 wheelers. I am wondering if we are in the same subdivision. Mine has the initials BP. Have fun.

  99. So watched Water the other day, and I totally loved it! Really liking TJ and seeing her step up to command the ship even though she wasn’t really ready. And learned a little bit more about Young, which is always excellent.
    All that candy looks scrumptious. Yummy.

  100. Two additional thoughts which I should have included above:

    * I dislike Chloe, but think that Elyse Levesque has done quite well with the material she’s been given. I just think that she hasn’t been given anything valuable to work with. My criticism of the character does not extend to the person portraying her.

    * It was nice to see some character development of 2nd. Lt. Vanessa James. She’s had a few development moments previously – the eye contact with Eli, the uncertainty about whether to go to the shuttle – but this was the most substantive bit. It also reflected quite well on her – she’s annoyed at being dumped, but is big enough to get over her feelings and be kind to Chloe.

  101. Poor Maximus! Hope his siblings don’t try to help his healing by grooming the scar.

    I think that the cast and crew of SGU are a talented bunch. I like some of the characters and dislike some others. It’s just not grabbing me like SG-1 & SGA did. Which is ok. I’m not the “wider audience base” which advertising wants. I’m not ok with that, but that’s just the way the tv business is. I’ll continue to watch because it is stargate (and it’s on before Sanctuary).

    I’m sorry that a group of “fans” are being disrespectful. I enjoy following the tweets of the sgu cast and your blog.

  102. We don’t really celebrate Halloween here in South Africa. Well, the big stores do, but as a tradition? Nah.

    On the other hand, for all I know there were bus-loads of kids wanting sweets etc, but no one dare get by my feline security system. Josh and Danny are father and son. Think witches familiars and you get those two. Black as pitch with flinty light green stares, they sit day in and day out on each side of the entrance to my house like evil gargoyles.

    Better than dogs, I tell you. I love em to bits – apart from when I trip over them at midnight on the way to the loo. 🙁

  103. I just want to say “thank you” to you and everyone else involved in Stargate – past, present and future! It truly saddens me to read many of the negative comments posted. Although I may not like all the aspects of the show, I am thankful to have SGU. While I liked SG-1 the best, I loved Atlantis too and I am glad to have any form of Stargate I can get my hands on. I wish all of these complainers would realize that they are just hurting themselves. A poor hour of Stargate (which rarely happens) is better than 99.9% of anything else on television these days. I like the fact that these characters are real and have relationships rather than just guns and zats. And as I told my husband the other night, this Stargate is different in the fact that you never know what characters will be back next week. Scott could have been lost on the ice planet – which would have been a huge loss in my mind – but the emotion of fear for the characters is a new experience and it brings a whole different element to the Stargate Universe (pun intended!).

  104. Hey!
    Sorry, i dont want to hijack this comment section, but this is the only way i think i am able to contact you.

    I would love to have a big SG-U logo on my desktop as wallpaper. I have already checked the syfy and the stargate websites but was not able to find a logo with a high resolution.

    Does a logo or a wallpaper like this exist?
    Is it somehow possible to get it from your graphics department?

    I think i would not be the only one who would use it.


  105. Thinking back on TJ saying what she meant, I’m seeing a connection to Eli saying “Everyone’s lying.” Ha! That’s exactly what a drop-out from MIT’s undergraduate program would say. Is Carl breaking some rules? I love it.

  106. I’m sure it was huge pain to have to deal with internet trolls. They’re kind of like fish and house guests, rotten when unattended for a few days.

    Light was great. I’m interested to see where you guy’s are taking the Eli character. He seems like he’s got a lot of maturing to do (I don’t recall what the character’s age is). It feels like in a non-stargate universe he’d end up just like Rush, but with the intimacy of the Destiny I think he’ll probably be ok. Someone like Rush seems to have evolved in isolation after his wife’s death, vs the forced intimacy of the Destiny that everyone’s going to be experiencing over the duration of “Universe”.

    So far the drama has felt organic and the acting has been great, not to mention the awesome set dec and vis effects. I also enjoy the new use of music, with exception to the climactic synthesizer ‘mood music’ from the last few episodes.

    I’m looking forward to another Peter DeLuise “Universe” episode. It was nice to see his sense of humor behind the camera again. I also feel like a lot of people’s criticisms of “Darkness” would have been spared had they remembered that Peter DeLuise is an auteur of the “Stargate” forced-akward-intimate humorous situation. I always enjoy finding the “moments” in his Stargate episodes. Hilarious and awesome!

  107. Hi Joe

    Yes, Halloween was a bit of a fizzer at our place this year despite our elaborate preparations…..on instruction hubby came back from a trip to the US, suitcase full of Halloween decorations, banners, cobwebs, plastic spiders etc etc. He also several really cool bags of Halloween lollies that you just can’t buy down here. We put up the decorations and put the lollies into a basket and waited, and waited and waited, and waited, until after 6.30pm when a small group of under 10’s with their Mums knocked on the door, and, that was it……all evening. At least one of the Mums took a photo of the house, so I guess we did OK with the decorations. One of our daughters and a friend went trick or treating and got the best haul ever, I think, because there weren’t the usual number of kids out trawling the streets.

    I think that the low numbers were due to the local fire brigade putting on a fireworks display down at the beach, so lots of the locals headed down there, hopefully next year the two events won’t clash!

    Anyway I love your ‘artfully presented veges on a platter idea’ – will have to copy that for next year!


  108. You had 2 more trick-or-treaters than we had. Most of the kids in our neighborhood have outgrown going out trick-or-treating. And those who are young enough go to the neighboring housing development. The houses are a lot closer together than ours. (Each house is on at least a 1/4 acre of land, if not more here.) Good thing I got candy the family likes.

    On another note, I want to also post my support to the cast and crew of SGU. So far I have enjoyed the show. And even if I didn’t, I would be respectful of the actors and those who work behind the scenes. Every one who works on the show works hard and does their best. If someone doesn’t like something, they can be constructive without being hurtful. And I can’t respect anyone who chooses to be hurtful. You, as well as many others, open yourselves up and make yourselves accessable to the fans. And we should be grateful for that. As the small minority of the fans react so badly, it puts all of us fans in a bad light. Then next time, folks involved with the next new show will be less likely to be accessable.

  109. Soooo…first day back in the office, and I’m kinda bored…and I got to thinking, “Hey, I wonder what ‘Mallozzi’ means…”

    So I looked it up:

    Mallozzi – Italian: probably from a derivative of Mallo.

    Mallo – Italian (Sicily): from Italian mallo ‘soft blanket’ (from Latin mallus ‘tuft of wool’, from Greek mallos ‘fleece’). Caracausi believes the surname may have arisen as a nickname for someone with curly hair.

    Soooo… you’re a blanket, Joe! 😀


  110. why does my first comment still say awaiting moderation when the second one is up?
    can it be seen or not?

  111. I think it would be interesting if there were a poll or a list of some kind that could show the age groupings of your posters and/or viewers of SGU. I’m guessing that the posters that are mostly loving the show are under 35. I could be wrong. But then wasn’t that your intention….to bring in younger viewers? Nothing wrong with that, imo. Being a very big fan of SG1 I feel the biggest draw there was RDA. That said, I feel it did bring in a larger grouping of the more mature fanbase, I being one of them. When he left, the show suffered somewhat but still managed to have 2 more relative good years. With such strong fan followers you will no doubt lose some with change. I have not been totally thrilled with that change but I still watch. I was not totally thrilled with SGA either but I did find it a bit more entertaining than SGU has been thus far. However, I have enjoyed the exceptional acting of your fine cast. All the arguing and character relationship stories are not my cup of tea though. There is too much “real” drama within the world these days to want to also watch it on TV. I prefer the “simple” action and humor that WAS SG1. I do agree tho…..if people don’t agree with you, then be civil about it. Guess that’s where maturity comes in. And, a “little” sarcasum goes a long way too, if you get my drift *wink*.

  112. @Joe – I enjoyed your blog entry today. It was nice to see that poor Maxi is recuperating nicely. It was also nice to see all 5 dogs today, although in separate pictures. One day they might get a group photo, one day… I can hope. Who knows, you might even be in it!

    Peace & Love,


    P.S. I don’t see or prefer anyone as an idiot.

  113. Used to like Halloween, but Spouse doesn’t, so we’ve gotten away from giving out treats.

    After all the safety scares in the past decades, I suspect that many communities have Halloween events. Here in San Antonio, the newspaper listed nine large kid-friendly happenings. There were probably lots of smaller parties.

    I grew up in a rural area. We went to the firehouse costume contest instead of driving around to individual homes. Most of the neighbors were there, anyway. 🙂

  114. Hey Joe,

    The WooHoos over at GW got inspired by the, um… less positive and quite hostile comments on the web and came up with this. We hope it’ll give you a laugh. Or a snort. Or a nice …feeling. A general feeling of ”Oh, ok”…

    The Extreme Anti:
    ”I hate SGU. It’s ickybah and Joe Mallozzi is stupid because he makes fun of me personally by answering my question about why SGU sucks so much with a snarky response. Stargate Sucks!”

    The Avarage Anti:
    ”I don’t really like SGU. Things happen that do not belong in sci-fi. And now Joe answered my question about why SGU seems to be a soap opera with a snarky response. Joe isn’t nice.”

    The WooHoo (PTB loving) Anti:
    ”I’m not quite enjoying SGU. But good gosh it looks awesome! And Joe answered my question with a snarky response!! *Happy dances* I love Joe. And look! He’s eating while wearing shoes!! WooHood! ”

    The Totally Off The Wall Anti:
    “The Stargate PTB never could take criticism. They’re all losers and Joe is far more rude than any of the poor fans that he’s snarking at!”

    The Mad SGA Fan Anti:
    “I hate SGU. I hate Joe. He specifically told us that Teyla would get more lines in S5 and he didn’t. Joe is a liar and I will never give SGU a chance. I will never trust him with a TV show of mine anymore.”

    The Ignored Stalker:
    ”I love SGU. I’m watching every week. Twice. Now Joe didn’t respond to my question about how he gets to be more awesome than anyone else in the world, snarky or in a loving way. Why Joe? Why? Don’t you love me anymore? I love Joe. Always.”

    The Lost WooHoo:
    ”I like SGU. No wait… Yes. No. Gaw! I don’t want to ask Joe any questions. I woodn’t know where to start… I… I do love Joe. Well, I like him. I…
    …What was I saying?”

    The I’m the Victim here! Anti:
    ”I Hate SGU. It’s all TPTB’s fault. That scene scarred me for life, My dog is upset because of Joe’s pugs, I used to like Stargate, but SGU has sucked my love for the franchise out of me and I now can’t look at Sam Carter without seeing her in bed with the lesbian character who has made me feel like my heart got ripped out. You ruined Stargate, PTB! I bet you kill puppies. The last ep of SGU made me kick my parrot. Everything is wrong about SGU and I can tell because I have watched from the beginning and I still watch every week, unlike all the other people who complain. You owe me PTB, I bought the boxsets and the movies and now I have no money left. The PTB suck and my tummy hurts”

    *hugs* 😉

  115. Well said Joe on all points. That is what I like best about you, you don’t hold back. Keep it up Joe, I enjoy reading your blog!!

    Loved the veggie bowl, especially the Brussels Sprouts (my fave). And the Mystery Box good idea. We actually had so many treaters we almost ran out. Only a few pieces left.

    My costume, military camo pants, sandy t-shirt, hat and dog-tags. In honour of SGU!!! If only I had a Icarus Patch, it would have been worn proudly on my sleeve!!! As it is I plan on visiting Camouflage on Granville and buying a jacket similar to the ones worn on the show. And when I get a Patch it will have Pride Of Place on my sleeve, opposite of my Canada Flag patch!!!

  116. Halloween is live and well in my neighborhood. We handed out about 100 pieces of candy on Halloween. Turn out was about the same as last year. Although, I may have deterred some treaters as our fogging machine was working full blast. Some would not dare to cross through the impenetrable fog barrier.

  117. Hi Joe. We got 90 trick-or-treaters out here in Langley BC. So I guess Halloween is alive and well in some places.

    My question to you, my first, is: Will we ever see, in a future episode, one of the seeder ships?

  118. Hello Joe! You know what? T.J and Young look nice together 😀
    I’m just saying 😉

  119. I totally agree with you on the candy angle Joe, We have never, since we lived here had trick or treaters,, BUT just on the off chance any stopped by, I got a bag of my favorite mixed, p-nut butter cups, kit kats, hershey and almond joy, less calories, coz they are not giant bars,(right!)?? so now we have all those tasty treats to ourselves and our hips(thats obviously where they go). So another well thought out plan, success!! You can probably put out a dish on your desk at work and will bring you in all sizes of visitors. (joe has the good stuff!)
    I think Maximus has Marty G beat on the stitch department. Not that there was a contest…

  120. @Achaja: I agree and have a working theory on those two! I think they’re together–or were. That’s why she resigned: To get away from him after he “chose” his wife instead of her…what do you think? It is fun trying to figure everyone’s story out, like making new friends!

  121. I’ve never commented before, and only check the blog occasionally, but I understand where you’re coming from in your recent posts about rude behavior. Just because people are loud doesn’t mean they are the majority. I would never use the language used to debase the actors or showrunners.

    Having said that, I also feel like I understand their frustration with the show’s direction because I’m feeling it as well. It’s like when I would watch Voyager or Enterprise every week and hate the experience –but I would still watch it. It’s really perverse. There are some things that are going right for SGU and some things that aren’t. That’s to be expected with newly introduced science fiction shows, especially science fiction shows that are based on specific shows that have come before them. Much like the Star Trek baggage. The problem was, while The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and SGA all found their footing, other shows were not as lucky. Everything based on Babylon 5 has been an unfortunate disaster, and Voyager and Enterprise just kept “screwing it up”.

    I do want SGU to find that same balance, but I’m worried it’s falling in to the same pitfalls as other sequels. Expectations are played with (a good thing) but the results have been unwelcome because they are unsatisfactory.

    The sex scenes aren’t as bad as decontamination gel scenes (I’m looking at you, Enterprise), but they aren’t good either. There’s no depth to the experience.

    The sexual scenes don’t irritate me because I find them sexist, they irritate me because I want to see the conversation that lead up to that. I want sexual tension to go with the sex. You used the word “romance” several times, but I don’t see love, I see animalistic impulses, which would be fine if the characters themselves were aware of it. Even when Chloe is upset over Rush telling Young to abandon Scott in Water, we have a hard time relating to Chloe. Not because of a failure on any of the actors’ parts, but because we haven’t seen a relationship develop between the characters. There were moments between Scott and Chloe, but only fleeting moments, the Cliff’s Notes of a relationship.

    Other than the sex/love there is also the issue of conflict.

    When you take the explosions, and spaceship battles, and the crazy planet-destroying-weapons out of Stargate, there needs to be some meat to replace it with. The more traditional fans want explosions and save-the-world moments, but I think they would be just as pleased if there was more personality in these dramatic scenes.

    As an audience we are not in suspense over their fate. Their fate is sealed by a television contract. We are not worried about Young, or TJ, or Dr. Rush, or Eli, or Chloe, Greer, or Scott surviving. We know they will survive already. We know the Destiny will still be there. We know they’ll still be able to dial planets. So when posed with challenges of air, power, and water, we know that everything will already be fine.

    This is a harsh reality that people producing a movie or mini-series do not have to worry about. The audience will believe a certain degree of peril.

    Expectations of peril can be played with during season finales, and they have been played with spectacularly in the past on SG1 and SGA, but we’re only a few episodes in, no one is anticipating main-character-death so the peril lacks… peril.

    Without any real conflict, the best moments of the show have been the fleeting moments that leave me to wonder about the things that go unexplained. Like the alien pod that flew away from Destiny, or the battle Destiny was in. However, when my boyfriend missed Light, and asked if he should play the episode he had recorded on the DVR, I told him not to, because I felt the only really important moment of the entire episode was the conversation Young had with Rush at the end. The ship dipping it’s wings in the star was cool too, but that’s a given. Other than that? Nothing important happened. I think 4 minutes of exciting drama, out of a 42 minute long dramatic show is very unfortunate.

    I feel the same way about Water. I knew Scott wasn’t going to die, just like I knew Scott wasn’t going to die in Air Part III. It’s not Brian J. Smith’s fault, he’s doing a fine job with the scenes as they were written. Again, the audience knows he’s going to be fine so his behavior can come off as excessively melodramatic. Some people are taking out this frustration on the actor, which is inappropriate and misguided. There’s just nothing for him to do other than urge people to leave him behind, again, for the 10th time in 5 episodes (I might have miscounted). Not his fault though.

    When I watch an episode of SG1, I feel like I just ate chicken fingers with honey mustard dipping sauce. When I watch second season and later SGA I feel like I’m having a cheeseburger and fries. When I watch SGU, I feel like I just had waldorf salad. Waldorf salad is a great, sophisticated salad, but it’s not a real meal. I’m holding out hope a main course (steak au poivre?) later in the season.

    Thank you sir for hours and hours and hours of entertainment. It is stressful, and it is appreciated by many of your fans.

  122. Whoah, Joe. methinks you and your comrades may be having major sugar rush in the coming weeks. Watch out for that type II diabetes now.

    Actually I have the same issue. I had precisely two visits on Saturday, and one of them was my next door neighbours. Usually I have hoardes What is going on? What am I going to do with all these sweets?

    I just about died laughing at the plate of broccoli… it’s broccoli see… yes, I am a Woohoo – see DutchIndeed’s comment – and broccoli what makes the world so much hippier… hmm, I think I am getting my social groups a tad mixed up but, hey, peace and love, man. Peace and love; that’s all.

    Huggles Maximus (gently) and lots of get well soon vibes for the cutiepie.

  123. Hey Joe!!!!

    I have a question for you!!!!!

    Before I ask I just want to say I’m not trying to put you or any of the other writers etc. down nor am I pointing out a mistake and saying haha your noobs!

    I’m simply wondering about this mistake I have found a video of on youtube –


    As it shows Teyla introduces herself as Teyla, daughter of Tegan (presumably her father) but she names her baby after her father and calls him Torren… is this a mistake? (or change of name because to sounds cooler and hope nobody notices :P)

    OR is Tegan her MOTHERS name and not her fathers?

  124. Do you know if SGU will be running straight through, without a break in Canada and the UK?
    Just wondering, because of the several month hiatus here in the US while Caprica airs.
    Hopefully they will go on a break too, so there won’t be an adverse affect on the ratings in the USA.

  125. @Gilder You are so sweet. Temple Grandin is a regular on the autism conference circuit (she has come to the annual conference in Corpus Christi quite a few times). I don’t think any of the characters that have yet been introduced to use are on the autism spectrum, not even Eli. I’d be depressed too if my spouse died (i.e., Rush).

    Joe: I hope Maximus feels better soon. The scar made me hurt. I hope your mother is diagnosed and treated soon, as well.

    As far as Halloween, we bought 72 full-sized bars of Hershey Milk Chocolate bars based on the numbers we had last year. But I forgot Halloween fell on a Saturday, and I wondered if it would influence the # of people coming to the door, having opted for parties earlier in the day or later in the day. We usually have our first T&T-er by 6:30, but by 7:15, no one. Then 7:20 they came to my door, 2 of them, and I told them I was so thankful they came and gave them 2 Hershey bars just to thank them. Their parents at the street assured me more were on the way. In all, we gave out about 42 I think. I say I think because I think my husband took a bar or two from the boxes. I sent the rest of them to school to use as reinforcers for the kids to earn in my son’s special education classroom. My son does not eat candy (or ice cream or some other things like that). Our last T&T-er came in about 8:30 and then we settled down to watch Transformers 2 which was a wee bit too long of a movie, but there were so much action in the movie, even the hubs enjoyed it, having fallen asleep during the first one.

    Then in the USA, we turned back our clocks later that evening (early Sunday morning), so we got an extra hour of sleep, but not really since my son’s body was still on the old clock.

    RAZZLES!? I haven’t had those in more years than I care to share. It’s both a candy AND a gum. I may have to go find some. I like the mystery box. I may have to copy your idea next year. Maybe mix it up (still give full-size, too). I figured that if you give our 3-4 fun size packages, it pretty much equals out to a full-size, and psychologically, the kids think you are fabulous because you give them full-size. I went to Sam’s Club to get mine, and I spent $28 on candy total for 72l. Economically sound choice, too. That’s about 33 cents a bar.

  126. Sorry about the candy overload and lack of Trick or Treaters. We had a pretty good turnout this year, but not as many as, say, five years ago. There seems to be a trend to go to shopping malls or to the downtown shops to get swag these days. But, on the up-side, pretty much every kid who came to the door was in costume this year!

    Luckily I have two teenagers in the house who will make short work of the left-over candy.

    Hey, das! Look up Disabato for me in your Italian dictionary. It’s my mom’s maiden name.

  127. DutchIndeed wrote:

    The Lost WooHoo:
    ”I like SGU. No wait… Yes. No. Gaw! I don’t want to ask Joe any questions. I woodn’t know where to start… I… I do love Joe. Well, I like him. I…
    …What was I saying?”

    I…um…yeah. That’s me. 😛



  128. @Kabra: At the moment, he’s whining about something, so I’d say he’s pretty much 100% right now 🙂 I’m worried about the next time, but for now, I’ll just enjoy him.

    @Rabbi: I like the way you write! Whoever you are, very refreshing!

    @Joe: Hope Maximus is feeling better tonight 🙂 How’s your mom?

  129. chett: Probably not in same neighborhood, cause I’m in Olive Branch. Sorry. Hey, I wonder if Willie will be indicted by the Feds? Memphis politics are an endless source of wonder in our household. I have to keep telling my husband- “We don’t live in Memphis anymore, let it go”.


  130. I love DutchIndeed’s synopsis of the sitch over at GateWorld — funny, insightful, and (in a way that complements your blog entries) kinda lets totally devoted fans like me know where a lot of other people are coming from, when we lack time and/or willingness to read beaucoups of comments.

    Glad to hear Max is on the mend, and just about ready to join the party at doggy daycare again. — Yeah, that scar will drive the chicks wild. *w* (Still occasionally watching Friends on DVD. Two nights ago, the Netflix DVD turned out to have the ep, “The One with a Chick and a Duck,” in which Joey and Chandler adopt traditional M/F roles in caring for the chick. Hysterical to the point of having to put down my beverage until the show was done.)

    Halloween on the outskirts of town, where I live, was a non-event. C’est la vie. In any event, I wasn’t up for it, so that worked out nicely.

    Still hoping for the best for your mom.

    — Off-topic, but. . . . Thank goodness for people who get your back!! Anytime that happens, I am really, really grateful.

  131. Hey Joe. Just a question regarding the power cells on the Destiny. Are they only at 40% capacity because they have been run down over the years, just like rechargeable batteries? If so, they should have gone with energizer!

  132. AT least you had two appropriate aged kids come by. We had several parents who cam by asking for candy for the 9month old child in the car or the toddler in their arms.

    Not like we’re going to say no, but come on, that seems to be a bit of a stretch.

    Also, glad to hear that your message went out. I know people on the forum I frequent re-posted parts of your blog and told people to be sure that our comments are appropriate.

    I am, sadly, one of the disappointing ones, but would never had thought to criticize the actors as I have no problem with them. I hope you do not have to make a post like that again.

  133. I agree; what’s up with kids’ lack of interest in Halloween these days? I mean, what’s not to love about it? Dressing up and getting free candy? Awesome. If it was at all socially acceptable for a 28 year old to trick-or-treat, I’d totally do it. Maybe next year I’ll have to borrow my nieces.

    I remember going on marathon trick-or-treating sessions when I was younger. At least 3 solid hours; longer if houses still had their lights on. And this was in MN, when half the time you’re trick-or-treating in a snow storm. Now that’s commitment. I once took in 9 lbs of candy. Using the pillow case as a bag was definitely needed that year.

    I don’t any get trick-or-treaters now, as I live in an apartment building with (thankfully) no children, as far as I can tell. But my parents get a fraction of what they used to get, as well. Sad.


  134. Halloween was a success at my place. We can never keep count with hundreds of kids and parents dropping by… they started at 5:00 and came in waves until 9:00! I manned the popcorn machine with Baby Cat, my miniature lion, by my side. Lady Ga-Gaaa told fortunes. Jittery Johnny the inept knife thrower, Bernadette the accident prone fire eater and Ardyth the arthritic acrobat showed kids into the darkened garage, encouraging them to reach into the icky touch boxes. 5 lbs of popcorn, 3 liters of oil, over $150 in chocolate, playdough, crayons and candy… gone in four hours.

  135. I’ve compiled a list of named people that evacuated to the Destiny:

    Adam Brody
    Alan Armstrong (deceased)
    Andrea Palmer (unknown if alive)
    Camile Wray
    Chloe Armstrong
    Chu (http://stargate.mgm.com/assets//Stil…102-1287xe.jpg)
    Curtis (unknown if alive)
    Dale Volker
    Darren Becker
    David Walters (one of the ones chosen by Young from the lottery)
    Doctor Boone (one of the ones chosen by Young from the lottery)
    Dr. Caine
    Eli Wallace
    Everett Young
    Gorman (deceased)
    Hunter Riley
    Inman (http://stargate.mgm.com/view/content/1764/index.html)
    Jeremy Franklin
    Kinnear (Scott considered choosing her to go and get ice for Destiny, see transcript for Water)
    Lindsay (name spotted on his uniform in Water, loading off ice)
    Lisa Park
    Mackie (http://www.gateworld.net/gallery/alb…5_light_14.jpg)
    Matthew Scott
    Nicholas Rush
    Ronald Greer
    Sonja Damji (possibly on the Destiny, last seen at the table at Icarus Base with Alan Armstrong, Eli, Chloe, etc.)
    Tamara Johansen
    Tenza (http://stargate.mgm.com/assets//Stil…102-1287xe.jpg)
    Vanessa James

    Am I missing anyone? That makes 30/29, depending on if Sonja is on the Destiny.

  136. Glad to see Maximus is safely home and resting comfortably. I know you must be relieved. Sending healing thoughts his way.

  137. I didn’t mean to say the actors or characters were whores. Sorry if it sounded like that.

  138. @chett and Tammy Dixon He’s gone, Wharton’s in. Based on his lack of blantantly unethical hires and construction initiatives, things should be turning around soon. But I still can’t believe Carpenter even got 10%. Lousy cronie.

    Well, this is nice. I had no idea there were people from my neck reading on here, too. Memphis FTWish!

  139. @ Sparrowhawk – Okie dokie!!

    Disabato: Italian: patronymic from the nickname or personal name Sabato.

    Sabato: Southern Italian: from a nickname or personal name bestowed on someone born on a Saturday, which was considered a good omen, from Italian sabbato ‘Saturday’ (Late Latin sabbatum, Greek sabbaton, from Hebrew shabat ‘Sabbath’, a derivative of shabat ‘rest’).

    And here I thought it meant ‘Wraith Worshipper’… 😉


  140. On a different note; how many people are deciding whom to cast? ie, final say (apart from the network budding in)

  141. Quick question.. Is 472 comments the most you’ve gotten on one entry? I’m too lazy to look.. lol. I was pretty surprised by the mass reception to that post. That’s awesome!

  142. I wish Halloween was celebrated more widely here in Oz.
    Having said that we did get a few kids, who rated my lollies A+.
    I’m really looking forward to “Water” next Friday nght. Ice planet looks fantastic. Can’t decide which character I enjoy watching most yet, so far Rush Young Eli and Scott are all vying for top spot

  143. RE: Location roll-over:

    Joe M. Vancouver, Canada
    Gilder Texas, USA
    PBMom Texas, USA
    Susan the Tartan Turtle, Perthshire, Scotland
    SG-1lover Scotland
    Dasndanger New Jersey, USA
    Charlie’s Angel Southern USA
    Pastrygirl Arizona, USA
    Montrealer Montreal, Canada?
    Rose/OhioAnne Ohio, USA?
    Sparrow_Hawk Midwest USA
    deeinsouthafrica South Africa
    Elminster Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
    2cats, New Jersey (shore), USA
    Thornyrose Virginia, USA
    chevron7 (chev) Melbourne, Australia
    Maddog316: Ft. Myers, FL, USA
    Shiningwit – Cornwall, England
    Berry – Las Vegas, NV
    Shirt’n’Tie, Tipperary, IRELAND
    Suziesbluefeather, Virginia, USA

  144. Hi Joe,

    love the show. Any chance you guys are going to start easing off of the faux documentary style? Specifically the ‘outside looking in’ writing and directing, not the camera shaking (although that gets old). I think most of the dislike of the Scott/Chloe affair is actually because of this, we are used to enjoying some mutual attraction of characters and we want to feel along with the show (I don’t mean that in a one-handed typing kind of way).

    Eli is clearly a character the viewers can relate to (no doubt the writers intention, alluded to with his ‘You Are Here’ tshirt) but I think it needs more. Although you can’t have the same good guys are the team, and the bad guys are out there, that you could in SG-1/A its just falling a little short of getting into the characters heads at the moment. I think its intentional, but I don’t think its 100% working for the show.

  145. I’m sleeeeepy…


    (Oh, and I was just defending your honor over on the Benbo, Joe. I should get points for that. 😀 )


  146. Joe M. Vancouver, Canada
    Gilder Texas, USA
    PBMom Texas, USA
    Susan the Tartan Turtle, Perthshire, Scotland
    SG-1lover Scotland
    Dasndanger New Jersey, USA
    Charlie’s Angel Southern USA
    Pastrygirl Arizona, USA
    Montrealer Montreal, Canada?
    Rose/OhioAnne Ohio, USA?
    Sparrow_Hawk Midwest USA
    deeinsouthafrica South Africa
    Elminster Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
    2cats, New Jersey (shore), USA
    Thornyrose Virginia, USA
    chevron7 (chev) Melbourne, Australia
    Maddog316: Ft. Myers, FL, USA
    Shiningwit – Cornwall, England
    Berry – Las Vegas, NV
    Shirt’n’Tie, Tipperary, IRELAND
    Suziesbluefeather, Virginia, USA
    cherluvya, Utah USA

  147. Well two is more than none… And I don’t see a problem with buying candy that you’ll eat.

  148. Das, you’re my hero.

    Moments away. Just trying to upload the damn rock ’em sock ’em robot vid.

  149. Your candy stash rocks. I don’t think you can get that candy here in California. If you could, you’d have to search. Certainly not at my local Target. I always buy the stuff I’d like too. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups!! I had to snack on a few while I was waiting for kids. We had a decent year for trick or treaters. Of course, the weather was very nice. I think there are so many parties for kids these days, we tend to get less than ten years ago.

  150. Thanks for answering all the questions. I’m really digging the different feel to SGU. Will we get more little connections and call backs to the other series like we got with mentions of the ATA gene? Also, what’s up with using the Pentagon for the Earth scenes? We going to see the SGC again?

  151. Joe M. Vancouver, Canada
    Gilder Texas, USA
    PBMom Texas, USA
    Susan the Tartan Turtle, Perthshire, Scotland
    SG-1lover Scotland
    Dasndanger New Jersey, USA
    Charlie’s Angel Southern USA
    Pastrygirl Arizona, USA
    Montrealer Montreal, Canada?
    Rose/OhioAnne Ohio, USA?
    Sparrow_Hawk Midwest USA
    deeinsouthafrica South Africa
    Elminster Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
    2cats, New Jersey (shore), USA
    Thornyrose Virginia, USA
    chevron7 (chev) Melbourne, Australia
    Maddog316: Ft. Myers, FL, USA
    Shiningwit – Cornwall, England
    Berry – Las Vegas, NV
    Shirt’n’Tie, Tipperary, IRELAND
    Suziesbluefeather, Virginia, USA
    cherluvya, Utah USA
    Gracey, Connecticut, USA

  152. SGU has wonderful production values…great music, and fantastic visuals but…it doesn’t have one single character that I can relate to on any level. For this show to be “character” driven by your own words and to be lacking any individual redeeming qualities for any of these characters I find it impossible to waste what little free time I have investing it in this show. Good luck to you and the entire production staff…and the actors as well you will need it.

  153. Damns, the pups are cute.
    Trick or treaters here have dwindling down to zero too. I blame fears over Mexican swine flu. That and news stories scaring the bejeezuz out of kids and their parents w/ ‘protecting your children from the homes of child molesters’. Last year it was ‘razor blades in candy’/offers to x-ray candy at hospitals that I think kept kids from going door-to-door and had them going to ‘feel-safer’ Halloween parties.
    Just not too long ago kids went to every house, not just ‘friends’ houses’ and you didn’t feel they had to be chaperoned. Sigh.

  154. Sounds like you were ready for the kids like I was, but they did not show here either. It started raining here and everyone went inside.

    The puppies are lovely, and I am sorry your little guy has a war wound now. I hope the little fella gets better fast. You might consider putting him in a Goa’uld sarcophagus for a little knowing one trip inside will not bother him much.

    Oh, it would be great if SGU were to use the communication stones to talk with Earth and find the SGC is brining in a sarcophagus to use from time to time when needed, but limiting the amount of times any one person can be in it. Just a thought. 🙂

  155. Get well soon Maximus..!

    Anyways gave my rather brief thoughts on your more recent post.

    I think it’s disgusting that people are targetting some of the people involved in SGU. As I said in my other comment if people hate the show/actors so much they should just stop watching the show/leave said people alone.

    Enough said =]

  156. Can I expect SGU to become interesting, exciting or entertaining at any point in the future? Or will it continue to be as tedious, prosaic and trite as the first six episodes have been?

    I’m not necessarily talking about having some action in it — although that would be nice — but does the quality of the storylines, script and dialogue improve at any point?

    I mean, fair enough if you want to do a soap opera in space. But the quality of this soap opera is so poor that it would probably be cancelled if it was on in a daytime TV soap slot.

    I have been sticking with it so far out of optimism, but all my loyalty gets rewarded with is progressively worse episodes that generate an increased level of boredom.

  157. Soooo, I think we should all go to Joe’s house next year, for those veggies, I mean, for the candy.. yes, of course the kids will be with us kids too.. Yeah, the saturday night probably killed the trick or treaters, except 2 dozen visits was up from last year for us, minus a really rude crowd of girls.. and one who thought I was cheating him, who also ended up with a dozen pieces.

    as for “#5. If you want people to respect your opinion, make the effort to respect contrary opinions as well.”

    THHHHBBBBBBBBT, (don’t bash my boy, otherwise it’s 10 paces..) I ranted when I normally don’t, I was in another frame of mind, who the heck do you think ate all the left over chocolate… oh my head.. 🙂


  158. Hi again i love the idea of the communication stones on sgu being used.
    Also can the sgc or atlantis dial destiny one way with their zpms and connect long enough to say send supplies and reinforcements that would be stuck there with them but with proper supplies and eqipment such as medical equipment and weaponry maybe some zats also.

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