This morning, my laptop was really  zipping along, operating like a brand new purchase unencumbered by personal files, pics, and software.  Unfortunately, that was because it was unencumbered by personal files, pics, and software.  For some reason it failed to load my personal settings despite multiple reboots.  This may be just the latest in a long line of problems that have plagued this computer of late or it could be the result of the headlong tumble (compliments of my pug Maximus darting in front of me as I was walking, laptop in hand) that sent me crashing into a staircase – though, in hindsight, my right knee absorbed most of the impact.  No, no.  It’s time I faced facts.  I can’t put it off any longer.  It’s time I got a new laptop.  I just have to decide what I want and pull the trigger.  Mac or PC?  Ashleigh suggested I was more the “PC type”.  I asked her what the hell she meant by that but she deftly skirted the subject.  I had my suspicions and they seemed to be confirmed later in the day when, during a discussion on vocal producers, she jokingly referred to Carl and I as “Old Yellers”.   I know, I know.  It’s a wonder I still let her send out my mail.

Anyway, like yesterday, script coordinator Lawren Bancroft-Wilson addressed my computer problems.  Sort of.  He located my personal files, but my outlook express and various documents remain inaccessible.   Fortunately, I backed everything up on an external hard drive.

That I can’t find.

So today, we celebrated Robert Cooper’s birthday by gathering outside his office, cake ready and candles flaming, and waiting for him to get off the damn phone.  Fifteen minutes into the small talk and standing around, Ashleigh complained that her arms were getting tired and asked me whether I would mind holding the cake.  I was more than happy to oblige and, moments later, the birthday boy exited his office.  A spirited off-key rendition of Happy Birthday later and Rob blew out the candles – spraying chocolate flakes all over my suit and dress shirt.  I threw a look to Ashleigh who feigned an apologetic shrug.  No problem.  I’ll send her the dry-cleaning bill.

After a special birthday-schnitzel lunch, we watched two FANTASTIC episodes back to back – the Day 2 mixes of Justice and Time (Trust me.  You’ll be blown away by some of the surprises in store.) – and then watched about an hour’s worth of visual effects for Space, Divided, and Faith.  Mark Savela and his team continue to produce some of the best visuals this franchise has ever seen: aliens, ships, space battles.  Incredible stuff.

Finally – One of the many things that have pleased us in the early ratings has been the show’s impressive performance in the key demos.  Now I’m sure that for many of you sitting at home are wondering: “What the hell are key demos?”.  Well, key demos (aka key demographics) are that subset of our viewing audience that appeal so greatly to advertisers and, by extension, the network and studio.  And what groups comprise these subsets of the viewing audience?  Well, let me break it down for you:

Deathbed millionaires: Apparently, approximately 1% of all deathbed millionaires bequeath part or all of their fortunes to individuals associated with their favorite programming.  (Hey, how do you think John Coulier got that place in Malibu?)

Young males aged 16 and a half to 18 years of age: Studies have shown that boys who fall within this narrow age bracket are most likely to make impulse purchases motivated by commercials featuring speeding cars, explosions, and/or talking animals with foreign accents.

Pets with disposable income: one of the fastest growing market segments out there.

Doting grandmothers who count on t.v. to let them know what their grandkids would like for their birthdays.

Hugely successful criminals looking to launder cash by purchasing big ticket items.

Now the aforementioned are fairly obvious.  The following are a list of less obvious but no less important key demos: high-strung classical pianists, left-handed barristas, twins of a twin parent with names that begin with the same letter of the alphabet, belligerent raccoons, individuals who sing lustily in the shower and on public transport, baseball players reluctant to slide into second base for fear of getting an ouchy, capeless magicians, those chimps local sports shows get to pick the winners of upcoming NFL games, tuba players in marching bands, people who think they’re telepathic, people who don’t think they’re telepathic but really are, anyone sporting a prescription monocole, towel boys for Division 1 college football teams with a losing record and a mascot wearing a silly hat, temperamental spoiled children used to getting their way, parents of temperamental spoiled children eager for some peace and quiet, circus clowns, pannini maker makers, albino sherpas who offer accounting services out of their own home office, pirates and/or people who dress up and fancy themselves pirates, anyone who has contracted a rare disease from a parrot used to round out a pirate costume, anyone who says “for prosperity’s sake” instead of “for posterity’s sake”, adventurous librarians, snake charmers who own their own cobras rather than rent them on an as needed basis, claustrophobic figure skaters, grape farmers suffering from sleep apnea, ferret owners who dress up their pets in funny outfits, airport security wand wavers, spirit mediums who rarely do anything well done, train conductors who also conduct orchestras, and dolphins with t.v. privileges.

Hope that clears things up.

75 thoughts on “October 14, 2009: Computer Problems Part Deux! Birthday Festivities! And Key Demos Revealed!

  1. You do know that today is actually October 14, yes? (For another 37 minutes here in the Central time zone).

    I just looked at the pics of the dogs on Twitter. If I thought there was a snowball’s chance in hell that my cats would ever forgive me, I’d get a pug. They are so cute!


  2. Sounds like you have a dying hard drive, on the computer. Run a scandisk of the drive and see if it detects any faults.

  3. Gremlins again… But “an” external hard drive? I have backups of my backed-up backups (though that may be a little extreme). I think you should go with a Mac. All Windows based computers have too many problems.

  4. Well Joe it took you almost a year to pull off but you complete lost me in the middle somewhere.

    The Demon did what to the grape farming twins that had train conducting dolphins with t.v. privileges?

  5. Buy a Mac. If you don’t, next time you get the blue screen of death, I’ll laugh at you. Seriously, I click on potential viruses all the time. Just to laugh evilly at them when nothing happens. Not really (I’m not stupid about it), but I don’t hafta worry about that. At all. Ever. The OS is easy to learn to use (right clicking is seriously the hardest part) and is actually easier to understand and learn your way around than a PC is. Also, I can personally vouch for the awesomeness of the Mac customer service people. All of the ones I spoke to over the phone spoke perfect English and when I brought it to the Apple store I got my computer back, all fixed, in 2 days! (It didn’t break because of shoddy hardware or software; I left it on the heater and someone turned the heat on in the building when it was 95 F outside. The ambient temperature was 112 in the room when I woke up and I can only imagine how hot the heater was. So um, if you get a Mac, don’t bring it with you next time you happen to be shooting in New Mexico.) My family recently purchased a PC, and my mother is already complaining that it’s not as fast or as nice as my Mac, which has half the memory. Worried about compatibility with PC software? Don’t be. Every new Mac comes with Boot Camp installed, which lets you run even Windows-only programs. Seriously, the only reason I can think of NOT to buy a Mac is money. And if you’re going to use it for work, it’s worth it.

    I should apply to work at the Apple store! Haha I’m like a walking Mac ad! 😉

    That’s a lot of demographics you need to please!
    I actually know twins of a twin parent with names that begin with the same letter of the alphabet (Sam and Sara, whose mother has a twin), but they don’t have cable or high-speed internet. So they can’t watch SGU. 🙁

    I seriously wonder how Nielson picks people worthy to have boxes. I don’t think it’s fair at all that a handful of our population has control over which of our favorite shows is renewed and which is shown the door.

  6. Matt Stover….like Matthew Stover…the best Star Wars author????

    I will be completely stoked if that’s who you mean…in fact….I am reading his novelization of Revenge of the Sith right now….which is 1000 times better than the movie by the way!!!!!

  7. I have a Mac and I love it. Macs are dependable and low maintenance. That’s not to say I hate PCs. They both have their ups and downs. Your gonna have to do your research to see what fits best.

  8. Love the blog Joe. I always thought that albino sherpa accountants were left out when talking about key demographics but it’s great to know I was wrong.

    I’d stick with a PC myself, especially with Windows 7 coming out here shortly. It looks to make amends for the travesty that was Vista.

  9. Get a Mac. Boot Camp let you boot up on Windows so you get the best of both worlds. Also, Time Machine (Mac OS app) with an external hard drive helps you with your backup.

  10. I know it’s a few days early, but I’m wishing you a Happy Birthday! Enjoy the virtual cake and chocolate.

  11. I made Maple and Bacon Ice cream today. Too much maple, not enough bacon, but, I’ve been getting good reviews from my classmates so far. I’m gonna take it to Fuel tomorrow after school

  12. Wow, my head is spinning after that one. You should definitely get an HP thats all we ever get at my house and we rarely have issues.

    So I was watching Air III again today and noticed that the scene with Scott walking through the desert was very similar to Teal’c walking towards the city of Celestus (sp). Any corelation between the two? just wondering

    Well tomorrow is going to be a really crazy day. With a midterm in the morning and a big architecture project to finish, I most likely wont be sleeping. The one thing keeping me going is knowing that come Friday night I can watch stargate.


  13. I would suggest getting a Mac – the hardware is high quality and very durable, the support is great (and get AppleCare if you do – it’s worth it!), and if you end up not liking OS X, you can always install windows on it!


  14. I was a PC user for many years and when my desktop had its final death (it seemed suicidal for a couple of years), my sister-in-law convinced me to try a Mac. Over a year later, I’ve never run into any issues and keep wondering why more folks don’t get a Mac. It takes a bit to get used to but it beats a PC (particularly PCs with Windows Vista). BTW did you see Robert Carlyle on The Late, Late Show tonight?

  15. Ok, being called a PC guy is not a bad thing, or a good thing, it’s just a thing nothing wrong with it, all it means is you’re used to useing windows and it would be easier to continue useing windows then to switch to and learn Mac.

    As mentioned above it does sound like your hard drive is dying, so a scan disk is recommended. If you are looking to get a new laptop, take a look at the Dell Studio range, or if you foresee more drops in your future, the Dell Latitude ATG E6400, it’s buit to military spec :p

  16. Thanks for clearing up the riddle of key demos, it makes much more sense the way you explain it, ever think of becoming a teacher?

    Oh and if I could afford it I’d be going with a Mac and probably an umbrella as well, you can’t be too careful these days.

  17. Oh, no, higher education, fervent prayer, battling through the pain, dark nights of the soul, natural childbirth – twice, and the only thing that keeps me from acting out the mental discipline of a teen-aged boy is the fact I have no money.

    Joe wrote: “impulse purchases motivated by commercials featuring speeding cars, explosions, and/or talking animals with foreign accents.”

  18. In my opinion (which could be worth a grain of salt):

    I’ve owned both Apples and PCs, networked them, used them interchangeably, and like them both… I recommend getting either. Apples are more stable and less malware is written for them, and as I understand it apples are used by a lot of graphics professionals. Also I think that Apples in general have a much more efficient hardware architecture and operating system. Though PCs have a lot more programs written for them. I just find that my need for PC games take precedent over have a really stable computer.

    That Ashleigh is a cunning one!!! And good looking I might add. (Is that considered a form of treason here at the blog?)

  19. Praise be to all the gods in the universe, my precious Rams have been SAVED from Rush Limbaugh. And so has the NFL. Now, if only said gods could grant them a functional offense and defense, maybe we could actually win a game before the end of the season.

    Congrats on the ratings! And finally, I made it into the demographics. Hope I can find that damn monocle before Friday’s new episode. I think the dolphin took it again.

  20. You want a PC, then you want to install Ubuntu on it, or at the very least you want to install some decent applications, outlook!!!!!!!! seriously??????? 🙂

    I was just wondering what the key advertising items are that dolphins purchase? Tinned salmon? and what do the pannini maker makers that have everything buy?

    k, i’m off to bed, even though it is 8 in the morning here(stupid coursework)

  21. Seriously the best post in the history of this blog!

    I always wanted to know what the key demos were. No wonder good shows get cancelled.

  22. In dedication to Oct 14’s blog:
    I see said the blind farmer to his deaf daughter as he picked up the hammer and saw. Say not this is the truth but so it seems to me to be as the things I now think you just said. huh????

    Sure glad the SGU episode scripts are not as complicated.

  23. Wow, that’s one long sentence… 0.0

    So, your target audience is 16-18 yr olds, did I glean that right? The only argument I have is that with the economy, 16-18 yr old males are not the ones with the excess money to spend. They aren’t the ones who do the shopping for the most part, unless it’s for video games.

    I don’t quite understand the ratings that are being reported. I’ve seen articles stating that SGU had over 2 million viewers. Then it lists approximately 1.2 viewers in the 18-49 age range, and another 1.4 viewers for 25-59. There is a major overlap with those figures, I certainly hope they aren’t adding them up to get the 2 million.

    Everyone is talking highly of the ratings, however, they aren’t that good, are they?

    There were 4.4 million viewers for the premiere of SGA.
    There are over 5 million viewers for Ghost Hunters.
    Warehouse 13 was praised for having over 4 million viewers.
    Heroes was listed as being on the downhill slope for dropping to 5.5 million viewers, and in danger of not being renewed.

    I understand this is the sy fy channel, but still, compared to Warehouse 13, isn’t only 2 million viewers not that great? Or am I missing something?

  24. My computer suggestion…

    If you’ve always been a PC guy, I wouldn’t just jump into a Mac without really feeling one out first. Find a buddy with a Mac, and ask them to show you what it’s all about. Have them explain the bells and whistles, and the differences between a Mac and a PC – the pros and the cons. Have them let you use it, perhaps even post an entry to your blog from it. Do you feel comfy with it? Are you an old dog who actually likes to learn new tricks? If it feels like a good fit, then go for it, but if it just seems like too much trouble, then stick with what you know. But you have to actually try one out; getting advice – no matter how good it is – just isn’t the same thing.

    Oh, and I fit into a couple of those key demos, so you sure as hell better keep me happy! 😀


  25. As a computer tech my advice to you firstly is to buy something you’re comfortable with. I am a die-hard Mac fan(atic) but I’ve seen too many people try to convert and hate the Mac because it just didn’t “act” the same way.

    Secondly, make sure the software you like to use is Mac compatible (another source of frustration from switchers).

    Finally, ask your coworkers who do the same things as you and see what they use and like (which I’m sure you’ve already done).

    Having done all that, keep in mind you can run Windows on a Mac (I run both every day on one machine).

  26. I am a key demographic!

    Should I call Nielsen, let them know? Or maybe just start emailing networks directly. “You don’t know me, but I’m in a key demo and this is what I watched today…”


  27. Hi Joe,

    Mac or PC? Get whatever the hell you want.

    Ooooh, I’m a less obvious key demo person! That is so cool!

    It’s so sweet of all of you to celebrate my hubby’s birthday by giving Rob Cooper a cake! I’ll be sure to let him know he’s beloved in Vancouver too.

    Was Ashleigh hinting you and Carl are rabid?

    As for your missing ext. hard drive, look under the doggie beds and in Ashleigh’s desk drawers. They all can be such kidders!

    Thanks to everyone involved for getting the Daniel vids online. 🙂 Much love.

    Also, the SGU behind-the-scenes vid about shooting the humungous gun indoors was interesting. And loud.

    Have a great day!


  28. PC or MAC? So you are thinking of becoming a switch hitter, huh? Everyone has their own preferences, I’ll stick with mine. Sticks and stones won’t make me switch.

    I live with a PC expert, so my computer is always working well. Good luck with your decision.

    I hope your knee is ok. Good thing you didn’t land on the dog.

    So which Key Demo is SGU targeting?

    Naurelle: Every vet tech has their own favorite client. Mine was “Skippy” a 125 pound pit bull. He was the sweetest and most stoic dog I’ve ever met. He weighed more than I did but he was as gentle as a kitten. His family owned a butcher shop. Can you think of a better home for a dog? 😉
    Glad your vet is a winner. Pet insurance is something they have been talking about for a while over here. I hope it catches on. Tell me if you like it, please?


  29. HI Mr M!

    Was attending some meetings yesterday in the Corridors of Power! Had to (work related) meet lots of politicians. As ever, I try to spread the SGU word. Unfortunatley I didn’t get to meet Senior Cabinet…but I did get to meet the ex-Premier’s brother (also a T.D. which is a member of parliament here in Ireland). So, after all the business was undertaken, I asked if he and his brother were science fiction fans, and if they watch SGU….like all good politicians the answer was : “I’ll get back to you”

    Best to all


  30. Found your demographics interesting, especially the “impulse buying” by 16-18 year olds. My 16 year old doesn’t have a credit card or checking account, or part time job yet, so he has to come to ME for dough, so no, there is no “impulse” buying in my house.

    As for watching the show, the 16 year old male watched the first half of Air Part 1, and quit. He didn’t give any reasons, except he did NOT like the sex scene, which he called “lame”, and said the gamer (Eli) was too unrealistic for this type of show (this coming from a gamer, who still watches reruns of SG1). This old mom is the only person in my house still watching after Air Part III, and I’ll stick with it a bit longer as some characters like Rush and Greer intrigue me enough to keep going. However, other characters like Chloe, who I can’t stand, and Scott, who I liked initially but now seems to be made entirely of SOAP (know what I mean?), could be deal breakers.

  31. George: “All Windows based computers have too many problems.” I’m sorry but thats just not true. I’m working with computer stuff for 15 years and I can tell you that most “windows problems” are between keyboard and chair. It was the price of freedom, you are not restricted to only few pieces of software and few pieces of hardware Apple allows you to use on Mac OS, unfortunately in past some badly coded (or malicious) third party software and drivers could cause problems, nowadays the newer Windows are a lot more foolproof (while retaining a lot more freedom than Mac), including the latest Windows 7.

    “Mac or PC?” To be honest, Mac IS PC, PC with operating system Mac OS X. Mac OS X compared to Windows has a lot less available software, less compatible hardware (want to print something on this printer? oh, but you can’t, Apple didn’t allow it), uncustomisable workspace… And I could continue for hours.

    Each day I spend working on computer 9 hours average and I can say that I wouldn’t get that much stuff done on Mac as I do on Windows (or Linux, but thats rather ordinary-user unfriendly OS so I’m not mentioning it here).

    In the end it is everyones choice, but they should atleast be properly informed and don’t take the biased myths “windows = problems, viruses” as a fact.

  32. Okay, what does it say about me that I actually pored over Joe’s list of key demographics carefully to see if I fell into any of the categories? 🙂

    (The closest I get to is that I happily sing in public and sometimes do magic without a cape.)

  33. Joe, I worry for you.

    Besides the computer issues, and by the way, Narelle from Aus is correct, you wear a suit to work = you ARE a PC guy. You just wrote an insanely, sleep-deprived, awe-inspiring, creative bit of tomfoolery by way of an immensely long compound, though visionary, run on sentence.

    I’m very proud of you. Keep up the good work.


    GO SGU! And get a new Vaio, they work great.

  34. Have now had time to review Air in it’s entirety.

    Generally I like the show very much. It has legs and will run and run, but one cannot help by feel a slight comparison to Battlestar Galactica (style wise), and even Voyager (I’ve seen a few remarks relating to that – one person even saying this is Voyager done *right*). I’m hoping that the handheld shots will improve in future episodes as I found my eyes getting pretty tired after a while – more so than other shows which have adopted the handheld approach.

    As for the sex scene – yes, it does imply an intimate relationship, but I’m drawn into the Monty Python Meaning of Life Sex Education sketch in which the teacher remarks, “What’s wrong with a kiss, boy?”. Up to now sex in the Stargate Universe has always been implied and never shown, and I still think this should be the case. Likewise toilet duties. Or can we expect toilet sequences in which we see members of the team urinating freely and doing dumps whilst having conversations about FTL drives? (I’m joking, I’m joking!)

    Actually, ARE there any toilets on the Destiny? (I’m joking! Or am I?) I hope so, otherwise the ship will be VERY smelly in future episodes..

    Loved the idea of using a computer game, similar in some ways to America’s Army (which is essentially a recruiting device for the US army), to solve puzzles.

    VFX outstanding – especially during the raid at Icarus base – switching between live action and CG especially impressed me.

    Much kudos to Joel Goldsmith with the score – some of the best work I think he’s done.

    As for the cast, Robert Carlyle is excellent, but so are all the cast. Here’s hoping for a long and successful series, and that you don’t kill off good characters too soon 😉

  35. New laptop, you say?! I’d recommend a Lenovo Thinkpad for your laptopping needs. You can mercilessly beat intruders and/or enraged coworkers with them and they still keep chugging along. I recently purchased the X200 tablet (have you ever looked into a tablet? They’re pretty interesting.) and am quite pleased with it both in terms of performance and build quality.

    Anyway! Good luck with your data!

    P.S. Windows 7 FTW.

  36. Hey Joe

    You don’t need a new computer, unless you want a new computer. Dependig on the age of the machine you may indeed have a dying Hard Drive, or you may have Window Vista. If it were me I’d just have the drive formated and Windows XP installed or Ubuntu, the choice is yours.
    I’d stay away from MACs, they cost way to much for what you get.


  37. So, you folks look for any creature that is actually breathing to gain your demographics? Isn’t that plant prejudice on your part. Think of all the lonely house plants that could raise your ratings if they were counted. Hilarious list, and thanks for yet another true “LOL”.
    As far as computers, I ended up going PC after pricing out the options. I’d love to try a Mac, but the price difference for comparable machines was enough to nudge me for the cheaper PC. Besides, it was Shore Leave convention weekend, and I had other things to spend the money on. Look at it this way. You could probably save enough with a PC to pay for a gourmet box lunch/dinner to carry with you on the flight home from your Tokyo trip.
    Just one rude event to remind me that the calender is unrelenting. The nasal flu vaccines were available at work yesterday. But because of my age, I was told to wait for the injections. I mean, come on! We’re talking a few months here! Bring it up just to say, savor your relative youth while you can, because people and circumstances will bring you back to reality despite the best efforts of your mind to ignore or turn back the clock.

  38. Well, I watch the show. For prosperity’s sake, I’ve been watching it live, of course. Just the other day, my rather doting grandmother tuned in, too. Two of my friends — a rather needy sort of musician and a Starbucks associate of the right-brained persuasion — swung by earlier and I caught them up on the series. Their names are Sally and Samantha, and they’re actually twins, if you can believe it.

    Lately I’ve been having a problem with a rather persistent raccoon lurking somewhere outside, but it only seems to show up when SGU is on the television. Weird, isn’t it? Anyway, I was singing along to U2 in the shower earlier and lo and behold, I find one of my cats rushing out the bathroom window with a fifty dollar bill in her paw. Where she was headed, I’ve no idea, but with skills like that, I’d say she’s a pet with disposable income.

    I think I’m telepathic. Actually, scratch that, I don’t think I’m telepathic after all. See ya later, Joe.

  39. Hi Joe,

    Mac or PC… eh. Linux and Unix are very nice ways to go. 🙂

    Question regarding SGU and episode “Air (part 3)”:

    What if the vortex (wind/sand) alien life form is not from the desert world at all but, rather, while in its natural state as “Air” (or wind) actually resided aboard the Destiny and traveled – undetected – through the stargate with the 7 individuals who stepped through to the desert world?

    Similarly, what if this Air-based life form was helping Lt. Scott possibly so that it could return to the Destiny (undetected) with them, where they would fix the air on the ship, also rescuing the life form?

    Have a wonderful day!


  40. What happened to the Atlantis BTS pics – those were great! Any chance of them making a reappearance Joe?

  41. Whew!! ,, another fine entry! Hah, I saw a guy yesterday walking along in front of the strip mall, carrying his boom box while it and he were preaching a sunday service, hmm. (i ducked into the dollar store,) what was it you were talking about, lost my train of, yeah, derailed somewhere in mid blog, thanks..
    lots of luck with the laptop, my son wants me to get a mac, he really likes his, I am just not over the price yet…

  42. Coucou ça va bien?

    Moi super=)! Joyeux anniversaire a Rob =) Demain c’est vous!!!!!

    Avez vous reçu ma carte? j’espere =(

    Vous avez déja un nouvelle ordinateur et bien vous ne perdez pas de temp!

    Passez une bonne journée!

  43. @pg15: did someone capture you in your finery on Fancy Pantaloon Day for posterity and post it on YouTube? 😉 And neither you nor Joe mentioned the actual date of that holiday of holidays! Inquiring minds need to know.

    @Narelle: I’m glad Ralph is on the road to recovery!

    @Joe: I’m mulling over the whole PC vs Mac question and am strongly favoring the macbook pro at the moment. I’m interested in your laptop decision making process, so please keep us posted.

  44. Doting grandmothers who count on t.v. to let them know what their grandkids would like for their birthdays.

    Hah! You scoff.

  45. Hey there! LOVE the “target-demo” listing…please please may I reprint it for use in one of my post-campaign reports?? It is one of the most annoying reports to sit through for our Media mtgs and I would love to throw this up there in a presentation one day for guffaws & giggles. Stir the pot so to speak.

    Also, I got so much GREAT footage up there last week and cannot wait to get started. I have the international digital campaign already starting, believe it or not. And with our UK, Aus & US numbers so good I have a guaranteed salivating audience. 😉

    Talk to you soo, was great to see you.
    Jenny Stiven
    Fox Home Entertainment

  46. I was helping out my sister one weekend with her children while she and her husband were away. Somehow we got onto the subject of food and I mentioned how you’re a devout foodie. I then mentioned that you’re so much of a foodie that you post pictures of food that you order when you’re at a restaurant. So later on that day, my nephew and I went to a Thai restaurant for dinner (we were waiting for my niece to finish her music lessons) and when he ordered, he remembered what I said about you and took pictures of his food with his camera phone. He’s only 12 years old and he was so cute. I think he feels you have the right idea when it comes to restaurants.

  47. As far as writing goes, I don’t think it really matters what OS you have. Personally I prefer PC, as long as they are properly maintained and not dropped (Of course that goes for any computer) they are generally fine.

    A few companies are selling their laptops with linux based operating systems such as Ubuntu which is decent however it can be a struggle for those less advanced users due to the fact that you have use command strings with a few things.

    With Macs you pay for the name, generally not impressed by them.

    I think its time for me to upgrade laptops, tired of being tethered to my desktop. My old laptop has been inactive for quiet sometime now, modern cell phones have more power. Damn you Toshiba 4000cds. Google it, you get a good laugh.

  48. I fit one of those demographics. You guess which one.

    Today is hubby’s 50th B-day. We got him a motorcycle. A small, used Suzuki. Not a Harley this time, but we’re working back up to one. The last one was eaten by a taxi running a red light in Yokohama as hubby was coming home from Atsugi air base after a four week assignment in Thailand. Bent the triple tree all to hell. He flipped over the windscreen, did a roll over the hood of the taxi, and tumbled across the street, only to stop, in a crouch on his feet inches from a lamp post. Broke his nose, and his thighs were the most interesting set of colors I’ve seen on a living human.

  49. Wow. I must say those key demographics cover some detailed ground! I’d like to know how they people who set it all up get their information. Spy cams? =0)

  50. I knock-off oil tankers off the coast of Somalia on weekends and ransom them for money so I can buy expensive sparkly items that cost a great deal of Dollars (US$ of course) so I guess the demographics include me?

  51. Happy Birthday Joe as your Birthday is tommorow, not sure if i’ll be around to comment here.

  52. during a discussion on vocal producers, she jokingly referred to Carl and I as “Old Yellers”.

    Nope. I’m pretty sure she said “old Fellers.”

  53. Y’know that saying “It’s 5:00 somewhere” well it’s 5:00 here and so is happy hour. Joe, I’ll have a drink for you in honor of you birthday!!! Happy Birthday! ( I know I am a day early)

  54. 🙁

    I hope it’s only Mr. M’s ‘puter that’s busted, and not Mr. M…


  55. I’m guessing that the least appealing demographics (shunned demos) include graduate students earning less than unemployment, nilists taunted in automobile radio advertising, and dolphins without t.v. privileges.

  56. MAC or PC O_o ?
    MAC is also a PC runs on the same hardware ^_^
    Its simple if you only use a Computer to write or sending mails and surfing the web then you can use MAC, Linux or Windows. But if you want to do more like:
    1. Upgraded Laptop with a good GPS device and Program.
    2. Upgraded Laptop with a good 7.1 sound system.
    3. Upgraded Laptop to watch good qualitative HDTV (DVB-C/T) + Auto TV Recorder and more.
    4. Playing Games.
    5. Using a good VoIP-SIP Program.

    Then you need Windows.
    And i would also use Windows XP and switch to Windows 7 (64-bit) only if the Server Pack 1 is out for Windows 7 (64-bit).
    And if you alwas Update your Drivers and your BIOS if you have installed Windows and don’t install and unistall 100’s of programs then you will have no software error problems. And also always save you files on a separt patition or hard disk drive a Computer can be replaced lost files not 🙂

  57. hi, joe,

    with all the numerous pictures in jack’s office (in ‘sgu’), is one of them of sam? if yes, could you show us the picture?

    *feeling her shippy mojo kind of low*

  58. AAAAAAHHHH!!!! Where has Joe gone?!? We can’t even organize a search party via this blog, because we hafta wait for comments to be approved…

  59. Hi Joe,
    I’m going to guess that because of the low number of comments (6 at 8:45 pm central) that your computer has finally given up the ghost. Best of luck with getting back online.

  60. JYS: Bacon, maple ice cream hmmmmmmm

    I read in the summer about a bakery with Bacon Chocolate cupcakes. I wouldn’t go looking for Bacon Chocolate cupcakes, but bacon maple ice cream, I’d almost fly to BC try that.

    My PC is dying a slow death itself. The J key must be pounded on in order to actually put a J onto the screen. The left hand shift key works now and then and then there is the way the cursor will just decide not to work or the screen will flicker, or open documents that you didn’t even know where on the computer. Weird! Ghostly. Requiring replacing, but… I echo your mental anguish. I love Mac’s my first 3 computers were Mac’s, but all my work computers are PC’s as are all the programs I must use.

  61. As far as laptops go I recommend Panasonic Toughbooks. Check out the CF-52 or the CF-30. I vaguely recall thinking I’d seen a toughbook or two on episodes of SGA so perhaps you’ve seen them already. Anyway they are the only ones that I know of that offer a 3 year warranty as a standard not upgraded warranty. Ebay is the cheapest place to buy them that I know of, you just have to be a little patient to find new sealed or open box with everything in it auctions. Feel free to ask any questions you might have here or via email. I hope this helps 🙂

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