Carl, fighting back the tears.
Carl, fighting back the tears.

Poor Carl was perusing the blog today when he came across a Das comment that made reference  to “skeevy Carl”.  He was both horrified and offended, despite the fact that he had no idea what “skeevy” actually meant.  Well, my writing partner, Paul, was more than happy to provide him with the following wiktionary definition of the word: “disgusting or distasteful; Perverted, strange in a sexually unpleasant way” – ensuring that Carl was even more horrified and offended.  Das, how could you?!!!  Someone else was quick to point out that Das was simply following up a reference I had made to Carl’s attire in yesterday’s entry that read: “Whoa! And you thought I looked skeevy! I suspect Carl must’ve rolled a hobo for this inspired ensemble.”  HOWEVER, in truth I bear no responsibility because, if you continue reading, I go on to state: “Oh, no, sorry. Check that. Those are his regular clothes. Please disregard this comment.”  Please disregard this comment!  In other words, having read the offending comment, you should have immediately deleted it from your memories.  But you didn’t!  Shame on you, Das!  You made Carl cry!  He was even considering boycotting this blog until a rather fortuitous comment popped up, this one compliments of Jeff O’Connor who wrote: “I’ll never understand why Carl didn’t just do a double and sign up as one of the actors for an SG while he was at it. He’s seriously the best recurring thing on your blog.” (Next to me, of course, but that was implied.)  Catastrophe averted, but I think we’ve all learned a powerful lesson about the power of language and how words can prove as destructive as a slap or a punch or a puppy left unattended in a sea of new shoe purchases.  Even a seemingly innocent offhand comment, a remark made in jest, can injure, leave scars, even kill!  Well, maybe not kill, but certainly injure and leave scars – nasty, deep emotional scars invisible on the outside but all too present deep within, located somewhere between the aorta and the left pulmonary artery, a painful reminder that lingers like an annoyingly catchy pop tune you hear on the radio while you’re on your way to work in the morning.  So next time, THINK before you make a comment – for YOUR sake, MY sake, and, most importantly of all, the sake of poor skeevy Carl.

Oh, and a bit of trivia.  Script coordinator Lawren and Exec. Producers’ Assistant Ashleigh were actually good friends prior to Ashleigh’s joining the production.  How good?  Clearly their body language in the proceeding picture demonstrates a comfort level characteristic of the very best of  pals:

Lawren and Ashleigh do their best imitation of a Jon and Kate Gosselin photo op.
Lawren and Ashleigh do their best imitation of a Jon and Kate Gosselin photo op.

Hey, remember way back when the U.S. led the way in technological innovation?  It seems like not that long ago, every other country in the world was following the trail they blazed.  Well, today, I came across this interesting article ( outlining Canada’s new method for gathering television ratings data.  It’s called a Portable People Meter, a device capable of following people’s viewing habits wherever they are be it at home, a friend’s house, or a local sports bar.  According to the article: “…there is an encoder in each and every radio and television transmission facility in Canada. It emits a code every four seconds into the station’s audio signal.”   Initial results are impressive with this new system recognizing a significant number of hitherto undiscovered viewers.  The season premiere of House, for example, drew an astounding 4.4 million pairs of eyeballs [as, er, opposed to just eyeballs which you’ve all been kind enough to point out amounts to the same number].  That’s roughly double the previous season’s average!

74 thoughts on “October 8, 2009: Carl Cries! Again! Lawren and Ashleigh = Best of Buddies! Ratings Revolution!

  1. Poor Carl –

    Joe – you are a total eejit in laying the blame with poor Das. Take total responsibility for reducing Carl to tears – you are a cruel person yea bampot.


  2. susan the tartan turtle said:

    “Joe – you are a total eejit in laying the blame with poor Das. Take total responsibility for reducing Carl to tears – you are a cruel person yea bampot.”

    “Bampot”? My father used to call me “fathead”. I think I’d prefer Bampot.

    Anyway, Carl is just like a cute puppy. Personally, I think he is absolutely adorable and very sweet. On the other hand, Joe, you could give Ba’al lessons on being evil. You seem to take such glee in tormenting your friends and coworkers. Good on ya!


  3. Hey Joe,

    Hope the little ones are doing well; haven’t heard much about them lately…

    Just wanted to say: I loved SGU’s premiere last week, and I’m waiting with bated breath for Air part 3 tomorrow!

    Also, the last couple entries have rendered me incapable of doing anything but giggle like a crazy person for several minutes. I’m starting to think I shouldn’t be reading them at school…. Of course, not during class or anything, really!

    And, I shall never eat beet cake.

    Oh! This evening, while I was watching Fringe (tonight’s episode was awesome, by the way) I caught movement out of the corner of my eye. I turned my head, and a pony-sized black bear was ambling across our back yard. Gave me quite the adrenaline boost, to say the least!

    Can’t wait until tomorrow’s SGU! Oh, and I don’t think Carl comes off as “skeezy” at all.. Actually, my favourite pictures from yesterday’s blog entry were the “review of the cheesecake”. Oh, and loved your “undercover” look. Very chic!


  4. “…or a puppy left unattended in a sea of new shoe purchases.”

    I shutter to think! I am so shaken by the thought, I am going to go lie down. (You need to be careful of your words too mister!)

  5. Hi, Joe
    When does the mailbag come back?
    I think lots of people are waiting for it.

  6. i have a question. How many times was the two-hour (sorry 3- hour Pilot) rewritten?

  7. Awww, so sad to see all the hating on chocolate beet cake. I’ve had it made as sort of a variant on red velvet cake – using pureed beets and beet juice. Delicious and moist, with a rich chocolate flavor.

    Joe, you mentioned making caponata in a previous post – do you mind sharing your recipe?

  8. DUDE! America needs “portable people meters!” I dunno how our system works, but it can’t be that awesome. It just can’t.

    Awww, Carl is awesome. I agree with whomever said he’s the best recurring person on this blog. He and the puppies. And Ashleigh. 😀

    @Arctic Goddess: That’s really funny, because every time I see Ba’al in SG-1 reruns or on my DVDs, I think of Joe. Can’t help it… not sure if it’s his sense of fashion or his haircut. I’m a fan of both! ;-D

  9. Hi Joe. Haven’t commented in a while, but I read your blog every day! I really enjoyed Air I and II. Favorite Scene: Eli with the Kino. Wow DB is funny! I was wondering, on some episodes of Stargate Atlantis that you and Paul wrote, you provided kind of an outline of the way the scenes were written. I loved it! Any chance of that happening for Stargate Universe? Oh and will we find out this season how the Destiny travels faster than the speed of light without going through hyperspace? I love the special effects- the colorful mist or whatever it is around the ship. And I assume the General Hammond is not fitted with Asgard beam weapons yet? Otherwise I would think the Hammond would’ve made quick work of the Leutian Alliance ships. Can’t wait for Air III!

    Berry of Texas

  10. Hah, I’m glad to keep Carl around. The newest image is one of the best. Poor guy looked positively grief-stricken.

    That ratings tech sounds pretty impressive. Very unique, but that’s really what Nielsen needs, is a complete overhaul. Ask most anyone in any fandom lately (well, in sci-fi, anyway) and they’ll tend to agree there. Double last season, you say? Geez, imagine if we had that sort of thing during the ‘lesser’ seasons ratings-wise of SG-1 and Atlantis.

  11. Hey Joe,

    Where exactly is the split between Air, Part 1 and Part 2? Gateworld shows it as after the Pentagon scene, but it seems that would be the opening for Part 2.



  12. Hi Joe,
    I have 2 fan type questions that I normally wouldn’t ask but they have been bugging me since I watched the premiere for some strange reason.
    First- why did it take the Hammond so long to travel 21 light years? Based on how fast these ships have been established to be it shouldn’t have been more than a few minutes. I know that it was a show decision to have Eli watch the tapes and meet Chloe and talk to his mom etc… but why not just stick with established speeds for the ships and say that the planet was 21,000 light years away instead of 21? Obviously I know they don’t have to go full speed and that this is just fiction and the ships are a plot device but that would have seemed more logical to me.
    Second- Why didn’t the Hammond use the Asgard weapons to destroy the ships attacking the base? Should have been like 1 shot per ship given how powerful you guys have made those ships in the past.

  13. Poor Das, the scapegoat.

    Joe – I firmly believe that Carl is evil. You can tell by the way he smiles. Truly terrifyingly evil. The evil force is strong in October, you better watch your back or your chocolate halloween candy may end up tainted…with beets. 😉 and if Ashleigh and Carl team up…uh oh! You may want to amend your will to leave your comic books for Das, for reparations…I’m just saying. lol.

    Well, the show is going to air in about 3.5 hours. I can’t wait!

    PS. I think my fortune cookie is really for you…”Don’t look back, they’re gaining on you…”

    PPS. There’s seriously something wrong with a restaurant that ruins perfectly good chocolate cake with beets. Please slap me if I ever breath a word of becoming a vegetarian.

  14. Thanks for the link about how they’re doing ratings these days. Though with the advent of digital cable, I wonder why they haven’t just started collecting stats through the tubes?
    Maybe with the advent of these new ratings technologies, SPACE will start broadcasting in HD too?

  15. Thought I’d mention that this whole Letterman situation brings home why some/many of us professional women object to the Sam and Jack innuendo/hints/wink-winks or whatever you guys want to call what you put into the franchise. Whether Letterman did or didn’t do anything untoward in the workplace, both he and they are now tarnished with specters of sexual harassment, favoritism, and deserved/undeserved promotion speculation which undermine the integrity and competence of all women in the work place and undermine the morale of men and women alike. In co-workers and the audience. Something I never wanted to see beloved characters such as Jack and Sam be tarnished with. It just undercuts the reality you try to give the characters, for if we think of them as realistic representations of our servicemen, then we are left with the unsavory thought that this could be what our real servicemen are contemplating on assignment when they are supposed to be focused on the mission at hand.

    Sadly, from the time in which you guys had Jack grab Sam in WoO and inappropriately kiss her, not only in the work place in front of a superior, but without asking her permission and waiting for whether she’d say yes or no, just because he could get away with it, through the times you’ve given tidbits to the romantics (most of whom I doubt have ever worked as the only woman on all male teams in a male-oriented, boys club environment like I did before changing careers into showbiz), you’ve managed to change beloved characters into caricatures where before I can even get into the meat of their scenes (separately or together), I’m praying I’m not going to be subjected to shows of inappropriateness.

    It’s bad enough to be happening on a TV show like Letterman where if the public rejects his behavior, many innocent people could find themselves out of work, but to look at beloved characters representing the people who defend us and be thinking, god I hope the real Sams and Jacks aren’t thinking this way when they are stationed in combat zones, is just downright depressing.

    Anyway, I thought I’d drop these thoughts into your path in light of the upcoming sometime third movie where I’d really like to only be seeing Sam and Jack as shining examples of what we want our defenders to be.

  16. Alrighty, I had to watch the premiere twice cuz some pillock on Sky one decided the first airing was gonna be afore ye watershed and the “nooky-in-a-cupboard” scene was cut!!
    Anyways I thoroughly enjoyed it, got lost aboard the Destiny…I don’t think my sat-nav is gonna work up there somehow but I’m strapped in and ready for the ride.

    *HUGS* for Carl, he’s not skeevy at all, he reminds me of a retired greyhound I know called Stig:)

  17. “The season premiere of House, for example, drew an astounding 4.4 million eyeballs. That’s roughly double the previous season’s average!”

    Well, duh! If they’re gonna start counting eyeballs instead of people of course they’re gonna nearly double their ratings!

  18. Quite frankly, I think the days of traditional scheduled broadcasting is deader than Roast Dodo on toast.

    Video/Programming on Demand is becoming increasingly popular with people. It potentially gives studios and content providers with much more information than standard eyeball count (particularly as people need to sign up to these services and thus depending on data sharing policies, one can gleam quite a bit of info from the viewer).

    Speaking of VoD, I note with much interest that Stargate Universe[*] is now available to purchase on a episode basis on the UK iTunes platform which is something that I had hoped MGM would do (and have, so many thanks to them for doing this).

    [*] But PLEASE keep the camera crew of SGU off their Red Bull/Jolt/caffeine fix because the shaky hand-held shots are so damn shakier than “normal”[**] (note that I DO like hand-held shots – makes it personal and interesting than straight forward tripod, crane and dolly shots, but not when it appears that coffee has been injected intravenously directly into the veins of those operating the cameras!).

    [**] I’m having some difficulty in quantifying “normal”, but from my perspective it was a lot more wibbly than I like.

  19. Ahhh, a point well made. I know my own culpability in regard to making offhand remarks that I assume others will understand to have been made in jest. To quote David Blue, “THINK, McFly!!!” (Though I should clarify that while said remark is used here out of context, the circumstances may have been similar; but I have no inside information to substantiate my speculation.) Since I’ve amassed enough guilt in the category of “open mouth, insert foot” to insure that, were I to be reincarnated, I’d be live fish-hook bait for several cycles before advancing to some form of relatively advanced but still annoying insect life, my own hypersensitivity to remarks made in jest never ceases to amaze me — especially when others quite readily pick up on the humorous intent that held no malice. (Live and learn, or else build up negative karma points as quickly as a pinball wizard racks up victories.)

    I hadn’t known that the accumulated emotional effects of misconstrued offhand remarks could travel from the midbrain to the limited mediastinal space between the aorta and the left pulmonary artery, but am glad to be alerted so I can do my best to forestall otherwise avoidable (and possibly tricky) thoracic surgery.

    Thank you for captioning the pic of Lawren and Ashleigh in a way that enables my jaded self to think of the Gosselins as something other than a two-person megamarketing machine. (Oops, keyboard engages before brain once again — how soon we forget.) – In all sincerity, I feel very bad for the children involved.

    I’m as impressed by the Canadian TV-ratings technology as I am by a virtual glimpse inside Vancouver’s incredibly well-designed and internationally admired airport. Possibly being American conditions me to feel a slight Big Brother-ish vibe from the people-following encoder of the ratings system. Then again, that could be my own slightly paranoid predilection combined with my fairly thorough ignorance of anything more technical than old-school but admirably secure necklace clasps, chignon hairstyles, dual exhaust pipes, or the inner workings of the CFL. (Still, major props to them for giving Doug Flutie a chance to keep playing in between NFL gigs. – On a semi-related note, go Boston Bruins!)

    – Apologies for going on at length. The opportunity to give feedback on your droll-to-LMAO blog entries is proving invaluable this morning while I think about not-unexpected news from my father. And more props, this time to Carl’s alma mater, for their helpful medical website detailing the info I wanted. – With that, I’ll just note that Dad has a lot in his favor, and that life goes on, and that I should take advantage of my wakefulness to get in a good workout.

    Thanks, Joe.

  20. Wow, Joe, how bored were you yesterday? @Deni, My love to the pup. I hope he is doing better this AM. Sheryl

  21. “The season premiere of House, for example, drew an astounding 4.4 million eyeballs. That’s roughly double the previous season’s average!”

    So what you’re saying is the premiere episode of House only got 2.2 million viewers?, Or is it that the House fanbase mostly consists of pirates?

  22. Hiya, Ive been avoiding this blog for that past few days so as not to spoil SGU.

    I just this minute finished watching the Australian premiere of Air pt 1 & 2 and I loooooooooooooooooooove it. Its so different from the other series.

    First the music, omg i cannot tell you how much I enjoyed it.

    Eli is my favourite character hands down, hes great.

    I love the new stargate and how it spins into the floor,one of the best!!

    Only bad part about show is when it ended GRRR haha

    Im already a fan, great job!!

  23. G’day Joe
    “Air” just finished on Aussie tv. Awesome!! Could have done without the sex scene though.
    Love Eli. Scott – not too sure about yet. Rush is a bit of a prick with a huge chip on his shoulder.
    The kino are really cool. I am waiting to see if they do anything more than float and take videos.
    Next week looks good.

    Keep up the good work

  24. Good Morning Joe,

    Are the Canadian ratings also tabulated by the Nielsen organization? My guess is that, especially in the US, they are very much against anything that would render them less important to the networks. If everyone’s viewing habits were recorded, rather than the small sample that they randomly select, then much of their service would become irrelevant.

    With the massive population of the US compared to most other nations this would be a costly undertaking, but as someone who ultimately depends on the ratings numbers, do you think it would be worth it to the television industry?

    The overwhelming majority of viewers receive there television via cable or satellite. With the advances in the technology of the receivers, it seems to me that real time information, being transmitted back through those devices should not be that far off. This would make the ethereal “nielsen family” a thing of the past. Of course getting information on the strata breakdowns may not be as easy.

    As someone who has always wished my opinion could represents hundreds of thousands, and loves television, I think about this topic more than the average person.

  25. Firstly, Mallozzi, I will not fall into your little trap and grovel for forgiveness for something you started. And I’m changing your name from Joey the Icepick to Joey the Ratfink.

    Carl, dahling…you should know by now that I LIKE skeevy. Hell, I love the Wraith, and you can’t get much skeevier than that! *looks at Marty G’s plaid suit again…and shudders* Weeeell…maybe you can. 😛

    No worries, dear, you’re skeevy in a good way…in that leering-lasciviously-from-the-shadows-sexy-Wraith way. I like it. In fact, as I recall…I long ago said you’d make a great Wraith. See…there’s skeevy that makes you want to bath in vats of bleach (plaid suits), and then there’s rock-star skeevy. You’re rock-star skeevy. You should get a tattoo and start a death metal band.

    I can abide by skeevy in a man. Skeevy I understand. What I can’t abide by in a man is prissy…it just sends out so many wrong signals. I mean, for the longest time here, I thought Joe was gay. I just hate being confused like that.



  26. Carl is a chameleon. He can take the same look and make it look skeevy, casual, stylish, academic, etc. all depending on the situation he’s in. So, veggie places = skeevy. I’m sure Ashleigh will appreciate that. Seconding Jeff O’Conner’s comment, the production crew is losing a valuable asset keeping Carl behind the cameras. Of course, there would be the danger of him stealing the show, even if cast in a non speaking background role. And I can only imagine what what happen to the Earth’s axial tilt if the both of you were to appear onscreen at the same time….
    I’ll also second the idea of another mailbag in the near future, given you have a three day weekend coming up.
    One last thing. Took my first pictures of the latest household addition. Posted here on photobucket.

    Thanks for the laughs; please keep up the good work.

  27. You are such a Libra.

    The season premiere of House, for example, drew an astounding 4.4 million eyeballs. That’s roughly double the previous season’s average!
    Assuming it doesn’t count cyclops or 3-headed orgs, that’s 2.2 million people, which makes it the same.

  28. Poor Carl. Victim of Joe’s wit. Emotionally scarred for life.

    And I just don’t see the point of ruining perfectly good chocolate with beets. No wonder Carl’s traumatized.

  29. LOL….I thought that Lawren and Ashleigh were doing their imitation of Frankenstein and Igor! (Not that Ashleigh looks anything like Igor btw… 😉

  30. OK, I turned to the online OED instead. Apparently the first printed use of the word “skeevy” was in 1976. although its etymology goes back to 14th century Italian. Here’s the information, which is more than anyone reading here needs to know:

    skeevy, a.

    U.S. slang.

    [< Italian regional (Tuscany) schifo, adjective (< Italian schifo (noun) sense of repugnance, nausea, disgust (1353 in Boccaccio) < Old French eschif hostile, fierce: see ESCHEW a.) + -Y1. Cf. later SKEEVE v., SKEEVE n.]

    Disgusting, distasteful, or dirty; discomforting; sleazy.

    1976 J. D’ALESSANDRO in Philadelphia Mag. Mar. 125/1 The word ‘skeevie’ used by South Philadelphians to indicate something disgusting is from Italian ‘schifare’, to loathe. 1991 Newsday (Nexis) 3 Nov., Zevon has built a career on well-crafted pop songs that tend to be either smartass and sensitive or smartass and skeevy. 1994 Rolling Stone 22 Sept., He’s trying to get her to give him one [sc. a massage], and I think with another guy it would have come across kind of skeevy. But Jerry’s got this quality that..made it..innocent and boyish. 2001 K. WALKER & M. SCHONE Son of Grifter xvii. 155, I suffered through a few months of late hours as the front-desk clerk at a skeevy Vegas motel.

  31. Poor Carl. But after all, there is a downside to being a Ham. Still, I think he would make a perfect addition to the cast of Glee. I don’t know why – but I somehow can see him as one of the teachers in that school or maybe a guest conductor of the chorus.

  32. Hey Joe

    I’ve been hanging around your blog about a year and a half and I don’t remember it being as hillarious as it’s been this past while. Must be the new series. Keep up the great work!

    @maggiemayday – hahahahahah plop


  33. @das – Coundn’t forget that show, it was funny!

    The best was back in the the late 60s, early 70s, when Graham Kerr (The Galloping Gourmet) made spotted dick on his tv show.


  34. Aww, poor Carl.

    Personally, I think Carl is a non-skeevy person. Don’t listen to Das’ words of harshness. 😉 We all think you are awesome. Be encouraged Mr. Binder(or is it Mr. Jonathan livingstone Binder 🙂 ). We all love you here!!!

    Hope you feel better,
    Major D. Davis

    P.S I have no clue what the joke is about Jonathan livingstone, just I remember it was carl’s fav caption, so if it is something negative, sorry, I had no clue.

    Oh and das, be careful, if he goes into a permanent state of depression, we won’t get those classic Carl Binder Stargate episodes anymore, and for me, thats enough to make me stop watching and loving stargate!!!! :0

    THANKS DAS!!! :p 😉

    Major D. Davis

  35. Coucou Joseph!

    Désolé du retard mais j’ai peu de temp et ce week end je ne serai pas là, je vais qu’en même beaucoup penser à vous!! Encore 6 jour éhéh =)

    Passez un bon week end! J’espere que l’épisode 3 fera une bonne audience^^!

    A bientôt!

  36. Carl’s gett’in to be a cry baby! What is he, a little giiiiirrrl? Booooo whooooo!

  37. The U.S. is hot on the heels of Canada in creepy, Big Brother tech innovations. Google LRAD or “active denial system”. Gives a new meaning to shouting down protesters. Boosting House ratings, Pshaw.

  38. @ Mel – Thank you. You seem to be the only one who sees me as a victim in all of this. Joe is truly evil! And prissy. Can’t forget that. 😉

    @ Sparrowhawk – Woo! I haven’t watched the Olympics in 20+ years, but maybe I’ll check out the rugby…though I think it’s rubgy 7s, not the full 15 aside teams. Did they say what year? 2012, or something? 😉


  39. Oh, I take that back, it’s not just Mel…forgotsies about susan the tartan terror …Thanks! 😀


  40. Ok I’m catching up on the Blog it’s just been crazy here on the farm. I’ve been under the weather, working 60 hour weeks, and then have a big catering gig next weekend. I think my head is going to pop off.

    @Joe in reference to yesterday’s entry That last picture of you was too cute!!! You looked all innocent. Have you been taking acting lessons?

    @Carl Don’t you listen to Das she is just in Wrath withdrawl and slightly jealous that you get to hang out with Joe and she can’t.

    @Thornyrose Girl next time your in Richmond go to the White Elephant they serve Vegan and real people food. Both versions tasty as they would never serve Chocolate beet cake.

  41. @Major D. Davis–You’re not old enough to understand the Jonathan Livingston Binder caption, so let me try to explain. A short novel called Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach was published in the very early 1970s. It became a huge best-seller in the U.S. The book was about a seagull who loved to fly and experiment with flying in ways not acceptable to conventional gulls. He broke from his flock to pursue his desire to explore flight and, in the end, convinced other gulls to also soar. The book reminds us all to question authority and to not let conventional thinking limit our lives. This message resonated strongly in the U.S. at a time when we were mired in a seemingly endless war in Vietnam and the ongoing demonization of those who opposed that war. I’m sure that the message also resonated with Carl, as an unconventional (which could perhaps be another definition of skeevy) guy and that’s why he chose that caption. Either that or he likes the name Jonathan Livingston better than Carl.

  42. Just spent an enjoyable day watching a film crew film the same scene again and again and again and again.
    Y’see, two females clad in tight black leather with military badges on their upper arms were meant to abseil down the building opposite where I work. I think they were meant to abseil down together, but try as they might that just wasn’t going to happen. A combination of wind/sun/traffic/snarled ropes made for one being always ahead of the other. I think the director finally gave up and tossed them both to their doom off of the 13th floor. Now, THAT I would have liked to see, but unfortunately I was stuck doing mundane things like helping keep the economy going and missed it. Darn. 🙂

    Re: Carl. I can’t help it. I really think he’s sexy. Joe is to dark and Italian looking, but Carl? Mmm.

    I betya he’s more intelligent too. 😀

  43. Ya know…on further reflection, that first picture of Carl ‘fighting back the tears’ looks more like Carl ‘looking at porn’. Skeeeeevy, indeed!


  44. that didn’t quite come out how I intended so I’ll shut up now and gibber quietly in the corner

  45. @ Dan L – I kinda thought the same thing…or, maybe Esmeralda and Quasimodo, only that would make Lawren Esmeralda…

    Ya know – I better stop before I insult everyone on this blog, myself included!

    @ suziesbluefeather – Thanks. Of course, I posted that after a good night’s sleep. Had I stayed up long enough to read Joe’s entry last night, no telling what crazy, sleep-depraveddeprived things woulda come out of my fingertips. 😛


  46. @ Shiningwit – 😆 Too funny!

    @ deeinsouthafrica – You’re comment about Carl/Joe reminded me of a friend of ours, and what he recently said about me. He was sort of trying to give me a compliment (or, encouragement), but it came out wrong. He said he met this girl who reminded him of me, BUT she was really, REALLY nice. 😕

    Yeah, I’m plotting my revenge against him, too. 😈


  47. In response to an earlier post, I have to say that as a well-educated (Master’s degree), mature, professional woman in a heavily male-dominated work environment (high tech), I want to say I absolutely love the Sam/Jack relationship and want to see it confirmed in the SG1 movie 3. There’s no reason why they can’t pursue a relationship if they are not in each other’s chain of command, and I can assure you (having worked with the Canadian military many years ago), there are indeed officers who are in relationships, and some who are *gasp* married!

    Life doesn’t always lead you on a path that your head wants to take you, and often, it’s the heart that will lead you somewhere else. This is what I love about Sam and Jack. We’ve had 12 (?) years of subtletly with their relationship, and I want to see something concrete and confirmed. Even strong, professional, educated women want to have someone to share their life with (go figure!), and there’s no reason to believe that Sam will be weakened by that.

    As far as sexual harrassment goes, as a feminist, I am well aware of the issues of power and people’s perceptions (I even wrote an Honours thesis on sexual harrassment way back as an undergrad). As for what others think, you can’t let your entire life be ruled by that, especially if your behaviour has always been honourable. As it is, from the hints that we’ve gotten post-Threads, it sounds like Sam and Jack have done what they could to be in a relationship without breaking the regs.

    In short, I am all for seeing confirmation in Sam and Jack’s relationship in either SGU or SG1-3 — bring it on!

    (Sorry this post is so long…. I hope what I’ve said makes sense, but I am in a hurry as I write this, and I don’t have time to go back and edit.)

  48. Hey Joe,
    I saw a quick story in the local news of good Vegies like your greens and even your fruits are now found out to be not so good for you, what are we supposed to eat now? Take all the food from the fat guy, I guess I could let my organs feed on eachother.

  49. I’ve watched Universe and it’s definitely interesting enough to keep watching.
    Eli seems like a friendlier McKay-version (there were lines when I could almost hear Rodney talking) – it’s not that I dislike him but it’s something I have to get used to.
    The similarities are even understandable since they are in some ways similar (genius and all 😉 ) but McKay is still very vivid in my mind which makes watching Eli a little strange.

    I think Rush has the greatest potential to become my favourite character (and not just because he’s played by Robert Carlyle – even though I admit that’s a bonus 😉 ), he’s not the hero type, but seems like a broken man whose only thing left in life was this one project…
    seeing him deal with the situation might be the the most interesting thing for me (my main focus is usually on a limited number of characters and even the storylines aren’t that important to me – if I don’t find someone whose “destiny” really touches a nerve it’s very hard to get into the series at all – a problem I had eg with NCI).
    So I’d advise you to better not kill him any time soon 😉

    I like the storyline itself as well (so far at least), and even though I guessed that it would be one of the two wounded (senator or military man whose names I haven’t yet memorized – I’ll need a few episodes more to get the names) the fact that it was the politician acting on his own was a surprise to me (a good one).

    SGU has not been able to beat my new favourite Torchwood (at least the last five episodes – Children of Earth simply blew me away even though neither season 1 nor 2 really impressed me but 3 is just wow ^^”) but (as stated already in the beginning) I’ll keep watching!

    I usually don’t read the comments (lack of time etc.) but seems like I’m missing a lot of fun:
    “I mean, for the longest time here, I thought Joe was gay.” (Das)

  50. I love greyhounds! They have big doe eyes and sweet dispositions 😀 . Don’t knock the greyhounds!


  51. Hi Joseph !

    I write this mail to you in name of my group of fan, SGA-France. As an association of fans, we want to make reunions, participate in some events like conventions, and also, we make our own costumes of the SG universe (not SGU, but entire SG universe ^^, but also Icarus base ones  ).

    We want to thank you cheersfully for all your wonderfull work those 5 past years on the sets of Atlantis. We love what you do ! It was fantastic to live Atlantis adventure with you on commands !

    We contact you not only to thank you and share our passion, but also to ask some questions to you, that I hope they will find answers .
    We’re working on a project of fan-series spin-off of SGA, with original characters played by our members with their costumes.
    As we want to create some original episodes, despite the fact that we will be aboard a giant Ancient ship throughout the Pegasus Galaxy (same as Universe ? non, quand meme ^^), we thank that we could use the ides you share with us, readers of your blog, some monthes ago, concerning a “may-be-shot” season 6. I found some of your ideas brilliant, and we would be so honored to turn them into episodes ! 😉 It would be so great for us, and your ideas would be used too ^^
    So, if you agree, could you send us a copy of them ?

    By the way, we would also ask you some “technical questions”. Concerning the Icarus Base patch, we want to have a good copy, and to make them, we don’t succeed in determining whether they are embroidered or serigraphied ?
    Also, as Atlantis is now cancelled as a regular show, do you know if it would be possible to obtain an Atlantis patch, even one used on a “walk-on role”, a real one in other terms ? We would be so proud to have it ! And it would be a great addition to our collection of costumes ! Whatever the -price. Even the Icarus Base patch, if you got some to sell 😉

    Oh, I near forget, I know it’s very short for the time, but, in my town, in Toulouse, so, in France, there is a little convention base on Sci-Fi and videogames. We wanted to gather you to join us there, if you can, we would be so happy to meet you in person and share comments, ideas, talk to you !
    It’s November 28/29ths. So if you have the possibility, please come and join us !

    Last, we wanted to name as an honorary member of our organization, for all your work in Stargate !
    As soon as the structure is officially created in the Préfecture, we will let you know.

    So I thank you by advance for all.

    Many thanks and regards, Gwénaël CARAVACA and SGA-France.

    Please answer me at :

    CU !

  52. @suziesbluefeather: I’ll give it a try next month.If Mr. M. can manage an entire veggie meal, I suppose I might be able to….

  53. The picture of Marty G., behind Carl on the wall… does it really say “Thanks for the baby”? Hahaha, what’s up with that?

  54. joe, don’t pick on das. she’s been without her pale man and is very vulnerable. and don’t pick on carl either! he’s a HOT babe, and… uh, carl… i think i’m pregnant.

    *runs off*



  55. Michael A. Burstein wrote:

    “[< Italian regional (Tuscany) schifo, adjective (< Italian schifo (noun) sense of repugnance, nausea, disgust (1353 in Boccaccio) < Old French eschif hostile, fierce: see ESCHEW a.) + -Y1. Cf. later SKEEVE v., SKEEVE n.] "

    Hey Joe, didn't Mom use that schifo word in reference to you when we were growing up… "mi fa schifo!" Who knew there was an English word for it!


  56. PS @ Andria – Ack! I meant that in a totally non-creepy, non-skeevy kinda way!


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