Floored by the SGU premiere.
Floored by the SGU premiere (photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television).

Only eight days to the world premiere of Stargate: Universe!  Make plans to be home next Friday night, October 2nd, at 9:00 p.m.  If you already have plans, break ‘em.  If your friends, family members, co-workers, or acquaintances have plans, break ‘em as well (“Hi, I’m calling on behalf of Sheila.  I’m afraid she wont’ be able to attend your wedding.  Incidentally, while I have you on the phone, would it be possible to take a short one-hour break between the best man’s speech and father-daughter dance so that the rest of the wedding party can enjoy the premiere of Stargate: Universe?”).  I’m not going to lie.  Ratings are important to some people.  Not me, mind you, as I do it all for the love of the art and so I can have somewhere to store my vast collection of SF and Fantasy books.  But, for some people, ratings are very important.  Especially those looking for a second season pick-up.  So do your best to get the word out to anyone and everyone – whether it be your local sewing circle, your online chat buddies, or all those participating in uncle Norm’s intervention this weekend.  Let ’em know!

Photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television.
Photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television.

A day chock full of fun!  This morning, VFX Supervisor Mark Savela came by bearing gifts.  No, not another Bacon Explosion (see last issue, ed.) but alien effects.  Wow!  Truly spectacular visuals – some unsettling, some downright mesmerizing.  And that ship!  Or should I say “ships”!

So Ming-Na dropped by my office recently (Quite unintentionally of course.  She was on her way to size a crew jacket and apparently got lost and stopped by to ask for directions.).  While we were chatting, I asked her about all the wonderful local restaurants she had visited since coming to Vancouver.  I was shocked to discover she hadn’t tried any.  “No one has invited me out,”she explained me – which I found surprising but suspect given that I’m sure I extended an invitation very early on in the season back when she only knew me as the guy in the suit and the weird shades which, in retrospect, might account for her reluctance to take me up on the offer.  As it so happened, I was heading to La Quercia with fellow producers Robert Cooper and Carl Binder last night and asked her if she’d like to join us.  She happily accepted the invitation (I think the fact that I was sporting a less corporate jeans and dress shirt ensemble had something to do with it.  Also the fact that I’d written the season finale and seemingly held everyone’s fate in my hand).

Anyway, we had a very nice meal – three courses in all.  I started with a half order of the rotini al sugo di agnello, home made with lamb ragu.  I completely forgot the dish contained lamb and offered Carl a bite.  Being the lamb-hater he is, he wasn’t enamored of the ragu – but did enjoy the pasta.  Being the lamb and pasta lover I am, I enjoyed both.  Ming, meanwhile, had an wonderful little taleggio and mushroom tart (which I sampled when her back was turned).

Rotini al Sugo di Agnello
Rotini al Sugo di Agnello
Taleggio and Mushroom Tart
Taleggio and Mushroom Tart

For our second course, I had my favorite pasta on the menu, the spaghetti al’amatriciana – a sweet, savory, smoky, and spicy combo of perfectly prepared pasta, smoked pork cheek, chilies, and san marzano tomatoes.  I also took part in the communal alla famiglia squash mascarpone risotto with saffron.  Now, to be honest, I’m not a huge saffron fan (I find the flavors redolent of a public swimming pool), but its addition was very subtle here, just enough for a touch of flavor – and vibrant burst of color.  Carl’s response to the dish was interesting.  He thought it interesting at first but the more he ate, the more intriguing he found it.

Spaghetti al'amatriciana
Spaghetti al'amatriciana
Squash Mascarpone Risotto with Saffron
Squash Mascarpone Risotto with Saffron

For our mains, Rob and Carl went fish (trout and halibut respectively) while Ming went with the linguine alle vongole which, after the first two courses, she was barely able to make a dent in.  She did pack it up to go, however, and I received an email from her today informing me that she was enjoying the leftovers.  For my main, I went with the Guanciale e lingua di vitello – braised beef cheek and poached veal tongue, a delightful and delicious combination, both flavorful and fork-friendly.

Linguine alle vongole
Linguine alle vongole
Guanciale e lingua di vitello
Guanciale e lingua di vitello

We went with three desserts: apple strudel with grape sorbetto for Ming and Carl, the chocolate polenta cake for Rob and I, and the almond tort “for the table”.  Alas, Carl was underwhelmed by the strudel.  I liked my chocolate polenta cake enough but found it surprisingly light.  I was expecting it to be richer, denser, especially since I did ask (as is customary) for “the heaviest dessert on the menu”.  The winner was the terrific almond tort tough, served with a scoop of very ice home made vanilla ice cream.

Apple strudel with grape sorbetto
Apple strudel with grape sorbetto

Chocolate polenta cake
Chocolate polenta cake
The almond tort
The almond tort

All in all, a terrific night, in part because of the food, but mainly because of the company. Rob and Carl are always great fun, and Ming-Na was an utter joy – lively, laid-back, and positively hilarious.

P.S.: We’ve cast one of my favorite local actors in the three-part closer.

P.P.S.: Vancouver drivers must rank as the most clueless when it comes to traffic protocol.  The fact that most of them have yet to master the four-way stop procedure astounds.

P.S.P.S.: Brie drools a lot.  What gives?

Brie in a less drooly instant.
Brie in a less drooly instant.

72 thoughts on “September 24, 2009: Eight Days to the Stargate: Universe Premiere! Production Update! Dinner with Rob, Carl, and Ming-Na!

  1. Oh, that food looks so good!

    I am counting down to the SGU premier on facebook. I’m making sure as many people know about it as possible!

    Must be so exciting, but scary at the same time, wondering how people will react to a new show, especially one with such history. But as you and Gateworld have said, it still has the feel of “Stargate” to it, which is awesome.

    BRING IT ON!!!! Go Stargate Universe!!!

  2. I will be ready next Friday. I even skipped a chance at overtime (time-and-a-half, you know) so I can watch it “live” instead of recording it. I pointed to my supervisor that the premiere is coming up, which made his clutch his head and stumble out the door. He’s one of those people who thinks Star Trek and Stargate are basically the same thing. He told me once that if he’d known at the time that I watched scifi, he would never have hired me. I’m pretty sure he was only kidding.

  3. I totally understand how you feel about Saffron. And yeah, Vancouverites and 4 way stops…had that experience today

  4. Hey Joe,

    Mind if I vent? Sorry what was that? I can’t hear you.

    What kind of screwed up planetary alignment occurred surrounding the day I was born?

    A few weeks ago when friends started saying, “Hey, it’s your Birthday soon!”. I let out a moan. I don’t care about getting older, that’s not an issue, but every year, in the days leading up to my Birthday, bad crap happens.

    And it’s generally not to me directly, but someone or something I care a lot for and nothing I can control.

    And this year is no different.

    Last week I found myself in the middle of stopping a physical punch on between two men. One of them being my Husband (who’s just not one to get into fights!). I never knew I could hold down a 90kg man, but it’s amazing what you can do when someone you care about is about to get hurt. All involved ended up unharmed thankfully. I thought that maybe that was my Birthday bad luck for the year.

    Nope! There was more in store.

    Ralph, whose record with possums is a 100% strike rate, never a scratch, had the tables turned on him last night.

    We heard a loud bang, went outside and saw Ralph limping. Ok, he’s hurt his foot. Nothing unusual. Then we saw the blood. Nath lifted up his front leg to find the possum had sliced right through the soft under belly of his front leg. A gaping wound that we knew meant we had limited time to get him to a vet. Nath held the wound together and got him in the car while I drove to the Emergency Centre. We got him there in time and they got him stabilised. 5 hours of overnight surgery to try and get him patched back together. The next two weeks we will find out how it’s going to affect him in the long term. There’s concerns the area may die so he’s got three drainage tubes to try and draw some of the crap out. They’ve had to remove a lot of fat and muscle they knew would die and have done the best to patch the remainder back together. He’s a big dog, tough and had some pretty big operations, but he’s struggling with the pain of this one. He’s alive though, and not even having that was a reality that was passing through both of our minds last night.

    With 24 hrs still to go until my Birthday, if there’s any Astrologists or tea leaf readers out there, what do you do to get a whammy off the time surrounding your Birthday? I’m willing to chant, sacrifice vegetables (can’t sacrifice animals) and potentially even dance naked if it will help.

  5. Four-way stops confuse me as well. I mean, what do you do if you all get there at THE EXACT SAME TIME?!? I myself usually brake several meters beforehand and then roll to the actual stop sign whenever there is a chance that I might get to the intersection at the same time as another driver. And when that fails, I flash my lights to signal the other driver(s) to go ahead of me. Four-way stops are so awkward.

    To all you people here on Twitter, tag ALL your Tweets with #SGU on Thursday, October 1st. Maybe we can get #SGU trending and then more people will watch!

  6. Air Part I on Friday, Oct. 2nd, Parth II and III the next week? For some reason I had thought it was the other way round.

    So that the audince may plan the days of their lifes accordingly…

  7. Since Brie isn’t your dog, I’m not sure I should be giving you advice about the little girl…but maybe she has a mouth/tooth issue? Perhaps her real owner should ask the vet? (Of course, maybe she should just stop reading your foodie blogs. 😉 )

    My husband hasn’t quite mastered the 4-way stop. Not that he doesn’t know the routine (first to stop, first to go), but that he can’t seem to go through a 4-way stop without griping like there’s no tomorrow about the very existence of the 4-way stop. I keep telling him that it doesn’t matter how much he complains to me, it still doesn’t change the fact that – as long as they exist – he must go through the routine of the 4-way stop at the 4-way stop.

    Food looks delish! Ya know…I’VE never eaten at any restaurants in Vancouver, either… *nudge, nudge* 😉

    Of course, I have no plans of ever going to Vancouver…so…yeah, you’re safe.

    SGU question: We know several fans on that ‘big, damp, foggy island nor-noreast of Ushant’ will be tuning into the new show. So, my question: Does England’s viewership count toward the overall ratings? If the show doesn’t do as well in the States, does it help to balance things out if it does very well in England? Or do only the North American ratings count towards a series being picked up for a second season?

    Thankies, sir!


  8. Hey Joe,

    I’m all set for next week: a friend of mine, my brother, and I are all going to sit down and watch it. My parents and younger sister are heading down to the States (mom’s running the Portland marathon) and they’re going to watch it down there. I’m kind of hoping we can get my mom watching it and make it a weekly family thing (she’s not that big on tv in general)…

    I noticed something in the local listings: we have it as 6-8 pm as the air time on SPACE.

    Also – and I know you have nothing to do with this, so it’s pretty much just me venting – it greatly vexes me that we won’t be getting SGU in High Definition up here… Because, apparently, SPACE does not *have* a HD channel. Last year, SGA aired in HD on MovieCentral (I think it was), and I FAR prefer high def…

    Oh, and Bella’s doing much better. She’s still a bit sluggish at times, and she’s visibly lost weight, but for the most part she’s back to her charming self.

    Almost forgot – I got my MCAT scores back and was pleasantly surprised (they were higher than I was expecting). So I don’t have to write it again next year. I mean, I could, if I *really* wanted to, but I don’t, so chances are I’ll keep them as is.


  9. @Mr M

    When will we get some Q&A with the SGU cast? Hope they knew it’s an obligatory duty to keep the guy in shades happy.

    Your comment yesterday that Ming-Na is an immortal, hope you don’t mean the Highlander headhunter variety. But it would be fun seeing her running around with a blade.

    Finally does Ashleigh have anything to say on her photoshop image?

  10. Oh wow! You’re making me hungry. Again.

    I have never been more than 1 or 2 days behind on your blog since I started reading it back on blogspot. I knew I was a wee bit behind, but when I logged in this afternoon I found that the last entry I read was on the 3rd…. dude. I was stuck in my chair so I wasn’t going to get any study done, with a new puppy sleeping in my lap, my computer on my knees and my old cat sprawled out across my legs.

    I want you to meet my little man… a slightly unfortunate cross of chihuahua, pug and foxy, I love him to bits.



    Check out the little pug wrinkles



  11. @Nadine, congrats, i understand mcats are a real tough thing, where are you trying to go to med school? Good luck. Sheryl

  12. @ Narelle – My advice? Do what I do and stop observing birthdays. I haven’t for years. Works wonders – not only do you not care what happens on or before that day, you also totally forget how old you are! WOO! 😀

    However, on a more serious note – SO sorry to hear about Ralph! Animals are amazing – they seem able to pull through things people cannot. But it still hurts to see them in pain and distress…god, how I know that! Hang in there… *hugs*…thoughts and good vibes are with you!


  13. No need to post…

    At first I was confused about the almond tort ‘tough’ (above the apple strudel pic). At first glimpse, I thought you were criticizing it – just figured you wouldn’t want others to make the same mistake, for the restaurant’s rep, and all of that.


  14. You know who I hate? People who change lanes in the intersection: complete crumb bums.

  15. @ crazymom1 – He probably wasn’t kidding. My parents still can’t accept my enjoyment of sci fi and fantasy. “It’s ridiculous” – that’s what I hear all the time. Mom just kinda laughs and rolls her eyes, like, ‘oh, here she goes again with this silliness!’, whereas Dad says stuff like, ‘You’re an idiot, because that’s the mentality of people who like that shit!’

    Yeah. Old folks. Gotta love ’em. 🙄


  16. @das Tried the ignoring manouver. Didn’t work either. Bad stuff still happened.
    @maggiemayday Some warmer weather would be of assistance.

  17. Pasta. Yum.

    Did you tell Ming-Na that if she hangs out with you that she will 1) be well fed and 2) have to work out even harder because of number one?

    I hate to say this, but I have to be careful in some circles about counting down to SGU’s premiere. There’s some crazy scary people out there that have been meanies about the show already and they haven’t even seen it. In my family, it’s all thumbs up for the premiere. That’s all that matters. My oldest boy is a fan of a few of the actors. I can’t wait to watch it!

  18. Memo to self. If and when I ever make it back to B.C. skip the cruise, and put the money towards an exploration of Vancouver eateries. Besides all the cool places you’ve shown us over the years, I saw lots of “hole in the wall” type places I’d have loved to have checked out had I had the time before. Especially Asian and mid-eastern foods. Just not that many good places locally.
    As far as ratings, I expect Universe will do fine in the premiere. The real issue will be maintaining or improving on those ratings. It would be nice is Neilson would select more sci fi fans as part of their polling audience. Or if they could pull viewing numbers off of cable boxes, however big-brotherish that would be. Then I could make sure my t.v. at home cut on to watch the show when I’m working.
    @Narelle : sorry to hear you’re having such a hard time of it. I make it a point to have vacation time on and near my birthday so that I can avoid people. But I’ve not found that that time of year is especially bad for me. How could it be? I was, after all, fortunate enough to being my journey towards sentience on that date. But if it really bothers you, I guess there are a couple of options. Buy a nice steak, or fresh fruits or veggies, and offer them up as a sacrifice to any and all supernatural beings who may be bothering you, known or unknown. Or you can rid yourself of the humans pestering you by loudly announcing “hey, my birthday is in X days. What are you getting me? where are we eating dinner? I’d like Y type of cake, with those number candles instead of individual candles….” just keep laying it on. Alas, the tactic won’t work for you this year, as you’ve run out of time. And Happy Birthday. But if you start a month early, I promise inside of two weeks folks will be finding ways to express their regrets on why they won’t be around to help you celebrate. Done properly, you can traumatize them enough to squelch any need to have to repeat the process the following year.
    Thanks Mr. M. for the picture of brie, as well as the food review. And do try to keep the body count for the finale down a bit. It will make it a lot easier to invest in the show for its second season.

  19. @ Narelle – Hmmm. Maybe…change the date…like…to Conception Day??? Otherwise, I’m out of ideas.

    @ Joe – The whole point to the ‘no need to post’ was to discreetly make you aware of the confusing (at least for me) wording. Nevermind now. 🙄


  20. @ NZNeep – AAAAAAWWWWWWWW!!!!! That second picture!!!! AAAAAAAWWWWWWWWW!! (that little one is gonna give Brie a run for her cuteness title!) Thanks for sharing!! 🙂


  21. @Narelle I’m sorry to hear about your dog. My thoughts and prayers are with your family. He’s going to be just fine, I’m sure! As for your bad luck run of birthdays, here’s something that was told to me once.

    “Bad luck comes to those who expect it.” Or you make your own luck.

    My aunt can’t go into a store or restaurant without something bad happening to her. Every time she goes to a store, she picks up a broken item, or the employee has trouble scanning it, there’s a pricing error and it causes her to pay more, or lay away loses her items. Consequently, she’s not allowed to go back into Wal-Mart anymore. lol.

    Eating out is just as fun. Her order will 100% be messed up, and there’s a 90% chance the waiter is going to dump a drink on her. It usually ends up in getting free stuff for us though. haha.

    And my mom, who is terrified of drowning, will always be the one who gets soaked on the amusement park rides involving water. Anyone who sits next to her is fair game. My sister, Dad, and I fight over who sits across from her. The last time we all sat across from her forcing her to sit with a different family. They all got soaked. LOL.

    It’s tough to beat a streak of bad luck, but the moral of the story is not to expect it. Plan something fun next year and be determined that no matter what, it’s going to be the best bday ever. Who knows, maybe you’ll win the lottery. 😉 Or a walk on role on stargate universe. I don’t know that the dancing naked thing would help with that, lol, but I do know lucky people always have a positive mentality. The glass is half full scenario. Try it, you might be surprised of the results.

    I did want to say thanks for all the congratulations previously for my wedding. It’s been a busy time so I’ve not gotten back here since then. Life is going great, I’ve actually lost 12 pounds on my diet! 😀

    Hey Joe, I got satellite tv installed yesterday so I’ll be able to watch the premiere when it airs here. 🙂 I hope you have a safe, fun filled trip!

    Speaking of birthdays, I decided for my 30th that I was going to write up a list of things I want to do before I die. This way I’m going to have plenty of time to do it all. I’m going to include visiting Japan as I’ve heard so many wonderful things about it, and to try those cookie like desserts that you’ve posted several pictures from your last trip. Getting published is another item on my list.

    Anything on your list that you’ve yet to do, Joe?

  22. Ah yes, Vancouver drivers. Seeing as I have to drive from the Burnaby-New Westminster border to UBC and back everyday, we see plenty of idiots on the road. Really, it’s kinda like a drinking game now, except without the drinking, and with much more swearing.

    My Uncle is usually the driver on these daily excursions, and his pet peeve is people tailgating him, which, as you can imagine, is a problem in Vancouver. Only a few days ago, this stupid person was tailgating us for miles, and Uncle finally had enough, stopped the car right beside 41st and Main, got out, and screamed his head off at the person. Lucky for this person, she was a girl. Uncle told me afterwards (and I guessed as much), that, if it were a guy, he would’ve proceeded to pull the guy out of the car and beaten the crap out of him.

    And believe me, it’s no empty threat; he’s done it before. 😀

  23. Thanks Das! I was never allowed a dog when I was a kid. I’ve had him for a week and we are inseparable.

  24. @thornyrose Maybe this time of year would be good to go and visit a secluded mountain top in Bhutan. I’ve always wanted to go. Surely the good whammy vibe there might be able to help balance it all out?. Husband figures naked dancing couldn’t do any harm. Why am I not surprised?
    @Alexandria If the bad occurrences happened to me and not those around me then I’d put it down to negative thinking. But it’s just freakish things that come out of left field that happen. Or it’s just coincidence which is what I’ve been saying all this time.
    @das Conception Day huh? 26th September minus, hmm, few too many Shandies on Christmas in 1977?

  25. I’m a englishman (and it’s largely too my credit), but I’ll be watching the premier on Sky1 when it starts. Obviously overseas ratings aren’t as important as the domestic, but they gotta count for something right?!?

    As a footnote, whats the difference between a sorbetto and a sorbet? I guess I skipped that particular class >_<

    – RV

  26. Joe,

    Its my birthday on the same day that Stargate Universe premieres, but I unfortunately live in the UK. Since you’re an awesome and incredibly generous guy – not to mention brilliant, highly talented, and extremely handsome – is there any way you could send me a press pack so that I can celebrate by watching SGU?

    I’d give you puppy-dog eyes, but since you live with for canines, I’m guessing you’re immune!


    – – –

    @SebiMeyer: I thought the movie was so-so, but that is probably the best movie trailer EVER. Lol.

    @das: Unfortunately, I doubt that it does. Unfortunately, us guys in the UK are only a tiny fraction of the viewership, as compared to America. You have to bear in mind that Sky One has no real affiliation with Syfy. Its my understanding that one of the main reasons that ratings are good is that, if a network has a high-ratings show, people will pay them more to advertise in amongst that show. In the UK, Sky gets the benefits of the viewership and not Syfy.

    The only way that UK viewings would benefit the show is if – as was the case with Battlestar Galactica, I believe – Sky had some sort of investment in producing it. So unfortunately, its all down to our American cousins.

    So you’d damn well all better watch! *shakefist*

  27. So, for those of us, who have never before heard of a 4-way stop before, how is it meant to work? And if its as it sounds, why not just use a roundabout?

    So far Joe, your blog has educated me on dogs, food and Stargate. I’m looking forward to hearing how Canadian traffic rules work!

  28. Since July I have been telling everyone that
    I can about the new SGU show airing on SyFy
    and when it starts airing etc.

    I can honestly say that I have done my part
    to try and get the word out to the world
    about the new SGU series.

    I have a bad feeling that the SGU ratings won’t
    be all that “strong”.

    IMO..and from what I’ve been seeing and hearing
    out in the real world…I don’t think that SyFy
    or NBCU have been doing their job properly to
    help promote the launch of this/(their) new show.

    Maybe they are somehow holding back the big promo
    guns for next week sometime….but I don’t know…I
    fear that their actions might be too little and
    just a bit too late.

    I want to be expecting the best…but I also want
    to be prepared for the worst.

    I really want this new SGU show to get picked up
    for a second and for a third season.

    I would also like to see the SGA movie get a green
    light for full on pre-production.

  29. @Narelle: So sorry to hear about Ralph – you must be so worried. Sending him (and you) healing thoughts for a full and speedy recovery 🙂 Please keep us updated on his progress! He reminds me so much of my Elway I can almost feel your pain all the way in Florida.

    Our entire neighborhood has been invaded by all sorts of snakes (big ones) this summer and we’ve just been lucky that I’ve seen them before the dogs have. Had one actually decide to come in the house last week, and I was forced to scoop it out with the mop handle after I put the dogs in my bedroom – so much for leaving the door open. The thing hissed at me, then PEED on the floor. I’m no Indiana Jones, mind you, and must look like a total nutcase to our non-dog-loving neighbors, inspecting the yard with a flashlight every night before the dogs go out. That said, there’s only so much you can do, and dogs will be dogs. So, maybe stop thinking about back luck and birthdays and think of Ralph as a wonderful (and expensive) birthday present 🙂

  30. Hi Joe:

    I hear that Italian drivers will make you glad you live in Vancouver. It seems that there are terrible drivers everywhere. Here in Alberta, the oil industry attracts young men from all over Canada. With money in their pockets, they buy the loudest trucks and motorcycles they can find. They also treat the streets like a race track. Any time you would like to trade, let me know.

    That favorite local actor for the three part closer; would it be David Nykl?


  31. @narelle – Still sending those thoughts.

    Very funny anecdote about Ming-Na initially declining your dinner invitation. *g* I’m glad that she accepted this time. The food pics are wonderful, and considering the company, how could one help but have a great time? – Good to hear that at least one dessert was a hit.

    I’ve been diligently marketing SGU to my co-workers and friends, and because my enthusiasm is genuine, I seem to have won over a few hold-outs. (Passing around a plate of *big* homemade choc. chip cookies before starting the sales pitch always helps — sort of a captive audience. I’ve sold some people on cars and vacation spots that way.)

    People here do remarkably well with four-way stops. Incredible that at least in one way – though possibly limited to certain geographical areas – Americans can be more polite than Canadians. But I’m sure we amply make up for that peculiarity in other ways.

    Speaking of, since I pretended to hate on your hockey team, it was thoughtful of you not to call me on inadvertently reassigning Bernie Kosar from the Browns to the Bengals. It did confuse me that I had him and Boomer Esiason on the same team. I think I need to run Disk Defragmenter for my brain.

  32. Hey Joe,

    Have you and Mark Dacascos ever discussed you judging on Iron Chef America? It would be good press for Universe. And I’m sure, a real treat for you.

    Happy freaking Friday all!

  33. Dang … forgot to post that it was Leora’ birthday yesterday. Last year it made her day. But we thought of you when we were celebrating at a new (for us) Thai restaurant. The poor woman was horrified at my husband who wanted PLAIN lamb chops & PLAIN salad. She did it but she said that was a first and acted like he was radioactive. I had chicken in yellow curry and Leora went with Massaman curry. Both excellent. I am not sure, Joe… you started out being SG but now the connection is just as much FOOD and oh, pugs 🙂

  34. I’m surprised that you’re surprised that Brie drools. Have you checked out the flews on her? She’s built to drool. Just be happy you don’t have Newfs and St. Bernards. Everyone in my family carries a pocketful of paper towels to catch the drool before they can drown someone. I have heard that breeds like bulldogs, Newfs, and St. Bernards have oversized flews because of the reasons they were developed as a breed. They all use their mouths in their original work; Bulldogs were bred to bait bulls, grabbing them by the nose and holding on. Newfs and St. Bernards were designed as rescue dogs. When all these breeds hold something in their mouths while exerting physical effort, the flews allow them to draw in more air then just their noses permit, thus allowing them to perform their task better. At least, that’s what I heard and it certainly makes sense to me. Anyway, Brie’s apparently just doing what comes naturally.

  35. Naurelle: I saw your dogs’ pics on your blog. They are very handsome! Prayers going your way on Ralph. It’s hard seeing your “kids” hurt.

    A birthday/anniversary is just a date on the calendar. You can celebrate when it’s convenient for you! That is what my hubby and I do when disaster hits on “our” days.

    Food looks great!

    Off to visit my mum. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  36. @ Narelle, Sorry to hear that you’re having such difficult times. It may not be your birthday, but the time of year that is the source of the recurrent disasters. I hope Ralph recovers quickly from his injuries. From what you’ve said about him, he sounds like the kind of dog that won’t let anything keep him down for long!

    @Joe: 4-way stops are a problem in the U.S. too. My daughter is taking driver’s education and we are in the process of doing her 50 hours of practice driving (required for getting a license if you are under age 18). We discovered that not only do people in cars have a hard time figuring out who’s turn it is to go, but people on bikes seem to think they are not required to stop at all. We nearly had a close encounter of the unpleasant kind with a guy on a bike who was running a stop sign (while wearing his Ipod earphones) just as my daughter started to go through the intersection after making her stop. He nearly gave her a heart attack!

    The odds of 4 cars arriving at a 4-way-stop intersection at the exact same time are very small. The rule I learned was the the car to the driver’s right goes first, which applies if there are up to three cars at the intersection. It works pretty well as long as everyone else knows the same rule. 😉

  37. Um, the Almond Torte looks like it was in a bad road accident. Did you add the Vanilla ice cream after you took the photo?

    Regarding the SGU premiere…I would love to sit in and watch it on Friday but there is no point seeing as I live… elsewhere.
    Ah well as they say, ‘all good things come to those who wait.’

    Narelle – hang in there girl. Regarding dancing naked? It’s not so cold if you smear yourself from head to toe with chicken fat first.
    Just remember to do your good luck dance twirling from left to right and not from right to left. Twirling from right to left is not regarded as a good luck dance but rather a rain dance, which is okay if you want rain mind you.

    Hey, I live in AFRICA. My next door neighbour is a genuine witchdoctor. Would I lie to you? 🙂

  38. coucou!!!! ça va ? moi super!!! J’ai passé une exelente journée! En plus c’est le week end!!!

    Je viens de m acheter un magazine sur les serie s TV et ça parle de sgu ♥ C’est si rare ici.

    Plus qu”une semaine =P lol j’ai déja remplis mes cahiers du lycée de “SGU COMING” !

    Bonne journée!

    Ps: merci pour les photos=)

  39. @ Alexendria Your aunt is blessed if she’d been banned from Mal-Wart, the place is EVIL.

    @ Narelle … bonfire. But not indoors.

    @Tholey Roundabouts are traps for American drivers, they can never figure out how to escape. We have four of them in town, on the new streets behind the new construction where no one drives anyway.

  40. Hey, Joey the icepick, how ya doing?And “who took all the donuts?” Wormhole extreme is on at present 10-11am syfy sg-1 all day ,does that line sound familiar? Hey, there’s joe on tv. This has always been one of my fav epi’s. Some of there lines are a hoot!! Boy you guys make fun of yourselves!! @TRISH and AIRELLE, contact us about OCT. 31ST Orlando meetup, Joe Want to meet us?? You can contact me at junkc6@aol.com Joe , you have my permission to print this, thanks, Sheryl

  41. Joey…

    Ya know, Conan O’Brien attracts a lot of young male viewers. Now, if you guys could get one or two of your bigger name actors on the Tonight Show to promote SGU, you’d be hitting the right demographic, and spreading the word to a few million viewers that otherwise might be clueless about what’s airing over on Sy Fy.

    Or – if whoever is in charge of advertising could at least be bright enough to run an ad or two during the Tonight Show. I did just see an ad for SGU aired on CNN at 11 am ET. Nice to see. 🙂


  42. “Make plans to be home next Friday night, October 2nd, at 9:00 p.m. If you already have plans, break ‘em.”

    I wish we could be at home watching the premiere live. As it is, I promise to watch all the commercials when we finally do watch the premiere on Sunday night. How’s that?

    “I’m not a huge saffron fan (I find the flavors redolent of a public swimming pool)”

    I’ve heard that some people are genetically disposed to like saffron (I do), while to others it tastes like soap.

  43. Since you mention the bit about ratings, I’ve always to ask this of someone steeped in the biz enough to have an educated reply: If ratings are calculated based on, I assume, the standard Nielson demographic, then how is it even worthwhile if I actually watch the show? (I will, no question, but just hypothetically). I’m not a Nielson house, or whatever they call it, and have never in my 40 years met anyone who is. And I live in LA. So, if all the shows that my family, my friends and I watch are dependent on ratings, and yet our support doesn’t count, is it any wonder great shows bomb just because not enough Nielson families tune in? In this day and age, you’d think that all TiVo, DVR and online streaming sites would have built in ratings capture software so at least a real estimate of vieweriship could be taken. It just bugs me when I think that the fate of shows I love are in the hands of other viewers I have – literally – never met. And if the only argument here is to say, that’s why we need spread the word so that it might actually get to a Nielson household, that’s not helping much either. I don’t take kindly to thinking I have to convince some random schmuck to watch a show I like. What’s next, we find the Nielson families (by use of PI, maybe?) and then just go bribe and/or threaten them? Sorry, it’s just an annoyance I’ve had for many many years.

  44. Hi Joe, doing housework around the SG marathon on SyFy today, and must tell you, every single time I hear the line in Moebius, Part 1 “Hello, my name is Carlos, you make me so hot.” I still burst out laughing. Who came up with that one?

  45. @Narelle – so sorry to hear about Ralph. I wish him a swift recovery. I agree with many comments re: birthday tactics. Plan a trip next year and/or change the date you observe your birthday. That’s what Queen Elizabeth does – isn’t that right all UK denizens? Her birthday is in April but she observes it in June. So, act like a Queen, er, like the real Queen, that is. You are certainly noble enough. Good Karma sent your way.

    I am watching an SG1 marathon today on SyFy. Don’t know why they aren’t doing this next Friday. But it is a good primer for SGU. Can’t wait. One more week.

  46. Hi again Joe, just occurred to me that this “hot” thing may have something to do with being raised south of the border (ok, the U.S. border). My daughter always jokes about my “Guatemalan heat” (from “The Birdcage”). English is my first language, so why, I ask myself, would I say to a friend a few weeks ago “My hotness is ovewhelming!”? I was talking about the frickin’ hot flashes 🙂

  47. Hey Mr M!!

    Word reaches me here (all the way over in Ireland) that a certain MR RICHARD DEAN ANDERSON is on set today!!!

    If you happen to bump into him, could you please please please please say HELLO to him from me!! I had the pleasure of meeting him in November 2006 at Avalon http://twitpic.com/d14d2

    Also, tell him that Guinness celebrated its 250th Anniversary yesterday, and also Pierce (from Edelman) says hello…He guided RDA around Dublin when he was over to do the HALO launch! He promised he’d come back to Ireland to do a bike trip up the Irish West Coast. It’s awesome…just ask Mark Savela!

    Best to all at The Bridge

    Many many thanks Mr M!!


  48. @Narelle. If you want to do the Bhutan thing, I suspect that would work. Or go to DisneyWorld. Surely the saccharine vibes will bar any bad karma from following you there. Or pick your least favorite person at work or socially, and channel all the dark vibes to them. Imagine them wrapped up in the bad luck, and throw in a mental lock holding them in place. Then Throw the virtual key into a virtual furnace. Problem solved.
    @Tholey. Maggpieday has it right. Roundabouts are an attempt at revenge upon the colonies for our little revolt. Americans seem gentically disposed to being trapped in them, or of causing chaos trying to escape. They are the main reason I will not rent a car when in England. I can handle driving on the “wrong” side of the street. But I will not risk having to deal with roundabouts.

  49. I refuse to stay home next Friday due to the SGU premiere.

    I’ll be visiting someone who has cable. 😉

  50. Ya know – it REALLY REALLY REALLY SUCKS to get back into the office after being sick all week, only to find out that your desk was the ‘we don’t know what the hell to do with this’ dumping ground! ARRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!! And I was hoping to make this a short day… 😛



  51. 1) EXCLUSIVE DETAILS: MGM Makes Phone Plea To Bondholders To Stay Alive


    2) Liquidation threatens debt-laden MGM


    We know that the two above linked items affected the production of SGA, my question is if SGU is success how would a negative outcome for MGM affect a suucessful SGU?

  52. Hi again! I have four questions for you this time, none of which have anything to do with cartoons:

    1. How exactly is your last name pronounced? I have three possible versions at the moment: ma-LOW-zi, ma-LOWT-zi, and ma-LOT-zi. Could you please give me the correct pronunciation straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, so I don’t end up making a fool of myself someday? (Yes, I know that I could just get it from a DVD commentary, but I’d like to ask anyway for the benefit of those who don’t have any way of knowing.)

    2. I’m attempting to write my first serious screenplay at the moment, and I’m having a bit of a problem with the ‘acts’ part. I’m almost certain that there are five acts in a 42-minute show, so how would those acts be notated, if they’re notated at all? Do you simply type up END OF ACT 1 at the end of the first 10 pages, or are the acts added in later, by way of the cutting process after it’s filmed?

    3. I also have another screenplay question, one which could probably be answered elsewhere…but I’d rather ask you since you’re the authority. I usually just use Times New Roman in 12pt when I’m writing any sort of screenplay, short story, etc. but I think I read an answer to someone else’s question that mentioned Garamond, or something like that. So what font and font size are normally used for screenplays, or do they vary with the writers/shows?

    4. Lastly, I have a somewhat desperate, last-ditch plea. I would love to send some fan letters to some of the actors and writers involved with Sanctuary, but unfortunately I’ve learned (through many, many fruitless searches) that they don’t work at a studio, so I have virtually no way to send any fan letters to them. Since you live and work in the same city as they do, do you have any information on where to send a letter?

    And thank you once again for the food pics. Honestly, you should be a photographer for a magazine!

  53. Me revoila! Je viens de découvrir quelque chose de stupéfiant!

    Connaissez vous le Teste de la danseuse? j’ai essayer et le résultat est impressionnant!!

    Quand je pense à stargate ou à une de mes passionts la danseuse tourne dans le sens des aiguilles d’une montre. Mais si je pense à des calcules ou à de la comptabilité elle change de sens.

    Au début je croyais que c’était une blague mais en regardant l’image avec ma mére ont c’est rendu compte que le danseuse ne tournée pas dans le même sens pour nous deux ^^!!



  54. I saw an article today that I thought you would like to see if you haven’t already. I have no idea if this story is true or not, I’ve never seen anything else from that site to know if they are reliable. The article is basically saying that MGM is on the verge of bankruptcy. Just wondered if you had heard anything about this and had any ideas about how this might affect the franchise.

  55. When the power was out in my city, every stop was a 4-way stop. They ran out of stop signs, too, but I don’t remember there being any problems except long waits.

  56. What? Where? RDA is on set today? Are you getting photos? Get him to do a Q&A! Tell him I said hi, too!

  57. Is one of your favorite local actors Dan Payne or Alex Zahara? I would love to see either one of them again. They are terrific.

  58. YUK! That Mascarpone dish looks like day old baby crap aka meconium.
    put ya off much?

  59. Joe,
    MGM and you guy’s at Bridge are really pushing this SGU thing hard…everywhere I look SGU this SGU that…Hope it live’s up to all this Hype …I will watch the “Premier” and give my Input….not that it will mean much.

  60. @Narelle, ((HUGS)) sending positive, healing thoughts and thinking of you all.

  61. ‘Relle, how is Ralph??? Any updates? Are they keeping him over the weekend at the animal hospital? Went through that with my doggie grrrl once, so I know what that feels like. Will they let you and Nath visit him during the weekend? Sending big prayers for everybody… and for, incredibly, a wonderful birthday for you in spite of everything. HUGS,


  62. Hello I really love SGU! Thats really great, that documentaristic camera and things like this! I really like new music, new ideas, but theres one thing what I cant really understand why is in series. Its that sex part of Air. Really cannot understand thats not stargates thats battlestar galacticas. Please its really terrible cuz my brother (12) is really big stargate fan and this isnt something what I want him to watch.In Stargate Children of the gods was delete nudity, there wasnt sex exactly…. now we have porno in SGU, try to stop it please. Series is really goood, i really like it.

  63. Joe, first time poster, although long-time reader.

    Having watched Air a moment ago, please thank Joel Goldsmith for his score. The music in the opening moments up until people start piling through the Gate was fantastic. Does Joel get to flex his muscles a lot more this season?

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