Spooky jungle pic.
Spooky jungle pic.


My pug Jelly went in for her ultrasound this morning. According to the helpful, page-long summary of results I received when I picked her up, her “left and right medial iliac lymph nodes are sonographically normal measuring 5.1 mm and 3/6 mm in thickness respectively” which is great to know as it saves me the trouble of measuring them myself. “The small intestines maintained normal discrete wall architecture”, as opposed to the no doubt indiscrete if not altogether flamboyant intestinal architecture of the poodle who lives three houses down. “There is a mild hyper echoic outer medullary rim of both kidneys” that apparently confirms she is of extraterrestrial origin. I’d appreciate it if you guys kept it on the down low as the FBI tends to get all proprietary over Earth-based aliens. “However the corticomedullary definition is well maintained”. Well, clearly she’s been working out! Also there “is no evidence of peritoneal effusion” which is a big relief. Not quite as big a relief as I would no doubt experience if I knew what a peritoneal effusion was, but a big relief nevertheless. Hey, the spleen was “of echogenicity throughout”. Not one unechogenicitc part to be found. Beat that, Regis Philbin!

What does it all translate to? Roughly eight hundred dollars. Also, they obtained “fine needle aspirates of the liver parenchyma” (they stuck a needle in her stomach and took a sample of her liver) and we should have the results back in a couple of days. Thanks to all who asked and expressed concern. I’ll keep you posted.

Peter Kelamis on set
Peter Kelamis (aka Adam Brody)

When I’ve been interviewed, I’ve often described the people I work with as my extended family. And it’s so true, especially given that I spend more time with them than I do with my actual family. Yep, just like on the home front, we have the squabbling siblings, the creepy uncle, that eccentric aunt, and – amazingly enough – that guy who was a passing acquaintance until the day I found it he was actually my cousin. The SGU version of the latter is Vancouver actor Peter Kelamis who made appearances on SG-1 before landing the role of Adam Brody on Stargate: Universe.

Peter Kelamis - Battle Ready!
Peter Kelamis – Battle Ready!

I’ve said it before – our acting bench is deep. And it’s thanks to actors like Peter who never fail to impress. I can’t count the number of times we’ve been sitting in the writers’ room, watching dailies, and had one of Peter’s performances trigger a “Damn! This guy is good!” or the occasional variant “Damn! This guy is funny!”. Good and funny. What more could you ask for? Why, yes, not enough can be said about being a nice guy off the set, and I’m pleased to report that Peter doesn’t disappoint on that count either. One thing I didn’t know about Peter that I learned from fellow actor Patrick Gilmore (and, frankly, doesn’t surprise me at all) is that he is a premiere stand-up comic. The guy is quick-witted – and, like pricey events, prop zats, and an unwieldy fan-made super soldier suit, would make a great addition to any scifi convention.

Destiny thinkers foreground; Destiny fighters background.
Destiny thinkers foreground; Destiny fighters background.


DasNdanger writes: “Waitaminute! I just noticed you read Wolverine: Blood Debt. How’d you like it (or not)?”

Answer: I liked it fine.

Deni writes: “Elway settled down after only 2 seizures yesterday, but still holding my breath a little today.”

Answer: How’s he doing today?

Anais33 a ecrit: “Allons nous voir ou parler des Furling dans SGU?”

Answer: Non.

Sort of translation: Don’t hold your breath waiting for the furlings to make an appearance in SGU.

Elf a ecrit: “Combient de temps cela met-il aux décorateurs de fabriquer une porte des étoiles ? Et combien en avez-vou fabriqué pour Universe ?”

Answer: Nous avons construit deux pour Univers.

Sort of translation: We constructed two gates for Universe (shipboard and off-world).

AthenasHavoc writes: “ I guess more specifically, do you always know the exact motivation for all the characters? Is it more ambiguous? Or is it just enough to move the story forward?”

Answer: We have a general sense of the character motivations. However, we can’t possibly work out every detail far in advance. Some developments are planned while many evolve from the various storylines.

AthenasHavoc also writes: “Also, I know you’ve mentioned it a few times here, but how often do you guys have those “something’s not quite right” kind of moments?”

Answer: I’m not sure what you mean by that. Do you mean creative disagreements in the room or actual mistakes made re: canon?

Apollo_031 writes: “I read somewhere (probably here) that Amanda Tapping is in the premiere of SGU, so it would seem logical to me that, since she is the commanding officer of the USS George Hammond, you guys would put the George Hammond in the premiere, and not the Odyseey for instance, am I correct?”

Answer: That would be a logical assumption.

Apollo_031 also writes: “My second question is regarding the design of the USS George Hammond. Is it a Daedalus Class Ship and therefore identical to all other X-304’s or is it a new designed ship?”

Answer: It’s a Daedalus Class ship.

Apollo_031 also writes: “Can I assume that the U.S. are not the only country currently capable of building hyperspace ships? Could i.e. China, France or Germany build them as well?”

Answer: It’s safe to make that assumption. The Korolev was a Russian ship; the Sun Tzu a Chinese ship.

Major D. Davis writes: “1. Is it true Telford will appear in the back half of the first SGU season(there have been hints on LDP’s twitter)?

2. Which episode are you currently shooting? I remember Pain was in prep almost directly after Human finished shooting, so is Lost or Sabotage waiting to film after Pain is shot, or is my math and logic all off and you are shooting both Lost and Sabotage before Pain?”

Answers: 1. Maybe, maybe not. There are suggestions the character will be in the back half. Then again, those suggestions could be misdirects on the part of the production. Of course, this applies to all characters.

2. We wrapped Sabotage yesterday and have moved on to Pain.

Juralas writes: “I just watched the SGU panel at Comic-Con 2009 on youtube and I noticed something…both Brad Wright and Alaina Huffman refer to her character, Tamara Johansen, as “TJ”. Is this something we can expect other characters to call Tamara, or is she just referred to as “TJ” around the set?”

Answer: She’s T.J. to her friends, Lieutenant to everyone else.

Kabra writes: “SO I have a question, does the actor/actress define the character or does the delivery define the character?”

Answer: The character is defined by various contributors – actor, director, writer, producer.

DC writes: “While on your various culinary escapades, have you ever come across a food that you wouldn’t eat not because it sounds like it’d be gross, but on -for lack of better phrasing- moral grounds?”

Answer: Off the top of my head no. That said, there are certain animals I wouldn’t eat if offered. Yes, dolphin comes to mind.

Nadine writes: “Oh, I was wondering: are you planning on attending the Olympics?”

Answer: Nope. Ideally, I’ll be vacationing somewhere without access to Olympic coverage.

JYS writes: “which script got you and Paul the staff position?”

Answer: Scorched Earth. SG-1, season 4.

Seh writes: “What recurring character is gay in Stargate Atlantis? And do you know why the amount of different writers writing episodes has decreased in Stargate since season one of Stargate SG-1?”

Answer: Do you have a guess? When a show is about to start production, many freelancers are auditioned with the purpose of staffing the show. Some writers impress enough to be invited to join the production. Other writers aren’t “the right fit” and may write a script, maybe two, and focus on other productions. Once the show is staffed, those writers who made the cut are the ones who will write the bulk of a season. Occasionally, freelancers will be brought in and given a shot. If they impress and circumstances are favorable, they may be asked to join the writing staff as well. Freelancing is not as easy as it sounds, however – especially not on established shows where staff writers have a huge advantage getting in on the ground floor and being privy to information and production nuances that those on the outside often miss.

Jackie writes: “Would you even consider taking a vacation in NZ?”

Answer: Sure, I’d consider it.

Arctic Goddess writes: “1) Rum or Whiskey?

2) Coke or pepsi?

3) Blue pen or black pen?

4)Gift for Fondy – flowers or chocolate?

5) Vehicle – domestic or imported?

6) Weight training or aerobics?

7) Boutique hotels or chains?

8.Cruise or Flying vacation?”

Answers: 1) Rum

2) Coke

3) Black

4) Flowers

5) Imported

6) Weight training

7) Chains

8) Flying vacation

DasNdanger writes: “Joe – when do you leave for Japan…’cause, ya know…I have to plan my trip to Vancouver accordingly.”

Answer: Sorry. Bad news. The house will be occupied while I’m away. Fondy is flying her family over.

AnneTeldy writes: “ People can only travel one way through a stargate’s wormhole: planet of origin to destination. What happens if a person crosses the event horizon going the wrong way: destination to planet of origin?”

Answer: The gate will spit them back out.

Gilder writes: “Grocery run this evening…and my San Antonio supermarket has Coquitlam blueberries again! IMHO, best blueberries on the planet. They look a tad smaller than past years; do you know if it was a poor season?”

Answer: No, actually, just the opposite. They produced way too many blueberries this season and prices are at an all-time low.

NOT A SGU fan, SGA all the way though also writes: “Only come here now again for ANY or at least hopfully some SGA movie news, nothing more, as I dont like SGU an am not watching it so never bother posting, no reason to.”

Answer: Realistically, you don’t have to bother coming here at all. Any news I post of note eventually makes its way onto the other fan forums, so you can just hang around there instead.

Rob Cooper at the helm.
Rob Cooper at the helm.

71 thoughts on “August 28, 2009: Deciphering the Results! Actor Peter Kelamis! And Random Set Pics!

  1. In the Rob Cooper pic, love how the gate doubles as a computer monitor. A very LARGE monitor.

  2. Short tanslation the med speak: “We didn’t find anything”. What are her symptoms again, that you’re having to run such extensive tests? I’m concerned given the organs they are focussing on. Jelly has to stay healthy for several more years at least, the more to entertain us with. And the more to demand your attention and sympathy as she gets on in years.
    Nice mailbag. As for Not an SGU fan, well, I’ve become resigned to the fact that the only way for us to get an Atlantis movie is for the franchise to do well. So, I’m following SGU(truthfully not a hardship given the consistantly good production values of the franchise so far), buy up Atlantis dvds and products for gifts, and hope the economy upswings enough for the tightwadded hydro-cephalically gifted business types realize that the movies are not in fact a gamble, but an investment with a reasonable rate of return. Besides, after SGU makes it several season run, I can’t wait to see how you folks plan to top it. Also, even if you culled out ALL the Stargate stuff from your blog, there are a number of reasons to keep reading. BotM, the dogs, Baron Destructo, Fuel and Weird Food reports, and ongoing examples of your evil tinged but delightful sense of humor.
    As always, thanks for taking the time to keep up the good work.
    Thanks as always for the

  3. Dangit – it’s been a huge day and I’m beat. Will have to read in the a.m. I just hope Jelly will be okay…give her kisses for me!

    Nite. Psych just came on, and that should put me to sleep in about 5…

    (last week’s ep was a riot, btw…when I finally was able to stay awake through the entire thing. I’m sure this one will be equally enjoyable…when I finally watch it on Saturday or Sunday…)

    Have a good one, sir.


  4. The Stargate runs on Windows! I knew it. Score one for the PC! Ha! 😛

    What I wouldn’t give for a computer monitor that looked like the Stargate. I hope you guys patent this idea; it’s gold, Joe, GOLD.

    Did an IMDB search on Peter Kelamis, and found out that he voiced Goku in ~70 episodes of the dubbed Dragonball Z! I used to love that show!! This is so cool.

    Oh, and I also found some stand-up from him:


    Parts 2 and onward should be on the right side, I think. HILARIOUS!!

    @ Narelle: I tried to take a photo upside down, but it hurt my neck, so I totally cheated by flipping the photo upside down after taking it right-side up. XD

  5. They could have given you a short synopsis in English instead of med-speak. That’s why I like my vet so much.

    I saw that you mentioned humor in SGU. Do you think it’ll be a little more serious than SGA and SG-1 or will it have it’s own brand of humor? SGA and SG-1’s humor is different to me, so I was just wondering. Is there always going to be one or two characters that you write that will be able to provide a sense of humor to the series? I just hope that the tradition of humor continues on SGU like it did the others.

    I do hope that all turns out well with Jelly. Such a sweet dog.

  6. Hi Joe, thanks for asking about Elway. He’s doing great, no more seizures, although he’s still a bit ataxic. It usually takes him a couple of days to get completely back to normal, but hey, considering how violent the seizures were yesterday, it’s all good 🙂 No matter how many times we go through this, I never get used to it. I know he’s my dog and I’m just a little biased, but damn, he’s so sweet. Happily, once these episodes are over, he’s his normal, happy self.

    Loved your rundown of Jelly’s test results! Ok, laughed my ass off 😉 Hey, if everything else is good, don’t forget to try the milk thistle, it really helps.

    I’m pooped out from staring at the dog for two days and dealing with the other 3 (Flannery and Molly are terrified of thunderstorms and naturally, we’ve had them almost every afternoon for months), so I’m off to bed! Thanks for posting early, I’m sure I wasn’t the only one waiting for Jelly news! Have a good weekend! D

  7. Hi Joe,
    Finally got caught up on all the past blog entries. Was gone on a Disney Cruise and out of touch. Wow, lots happened while I was gone. Took some time to take it all in. Bottom line, I am looking forward to the October 2nd premier. You’ve put so much time an effort in, it’s time to get some kudos for it.

    A few days ago you mentioned a bacon wrapped date. Just so happens that one of my appetisers on board the ship was a bacon wrapped date with a green olive inside. Don’t like olives, but the date and bacon were delish! Felt a bit like a foodie, trying things I hadn’t eaten before, and even taking some photos of the presentation. I wasn’t as adventurous as you are, especially since I don’t like seafood. They did have a good selectin of other things to try, though. Had a great time on the cruise even though they had to divert us from the east Caribbean to the west cuz of the two hurricanes headed our way.

    You chose fly vs. cruise, but I would be curious if you thought the food on board a cruise ship would live up to the high standards you set at the many restaurants you visit. What do you think?

    Have a great weekend. Best wishes for Jelly.
    Good night!
    Patty O

  8. I’d always thought the ‘gate should spit people back out if they go the wrong way, it’s an important safety feature.
    But I suppose that’s only when its in the proper upright position. It would be problematic if the gate was lying on its back (like for Teal’c in 100 days…)

  9. Hang on a second… that’s a BTTF shirt! Awesome, and not surprising 😀

  10. i was planning on watching the premier of ‘sgu’ to see sam/amanda! 😉

    any pics you can share of amanda being on set?

  11. Apollo_031 also writes: “Can I assume that the U.S. are not the only country currently capable of building hyperspace ships? Could i.e. China, France or Germany build them as well?”

    Answer: It’s safe to make that assumption. The Korolev was a Russian ship; the Sun Tzu a Chinese ship.

    But…but…but….the Korolev was the whole subplot of “Crusade”! The Russians made Landry think they were going to lease the SGC’s Stargate to China just so they could get the pretty new, fresh off the docking bay ship, i.e. the Korolev (that promptly gets blown up–I still dream that Chekov was one of the 6 survivors).

    You meant the other countries contract/pay the bills for the USAF to build them or some such handwavy thing, right, Joe?

    That’s the ticket, er, right? (Throw the pedantic SG-1 trivia geek a bone.) 🙂

    Glad puppy is doing better! And since I mostly lurk, let me also take this moment to say have a great and safe vacation!

  12. So, apparently “how to fold a t-shirt in 2 seconds” is at the top of the list for related videos when viewing the SGU trailer. I know everyone shall be properly riveted.

  13. In that last picture, it looks like Robert Cooper has everybody’s attention. Good idea, him being the boss and all. Does he get more deferential treatment than the other directors?

    Sounds like your little princess is doing good. “No evidence of peritoneal effusion” = tummy lining is good. My last dog had arthritis in her hips. Her feet would slip around too much on slick floors. She would be standing there getting a drink of water and her back legs would slowing be doing the splits. I laid down some throw rugs and that helped a lot to give her more traction and grip. My dad built her a 3″ tall wooden deck out the back door so she could step down the one 6″ step out of the house easier. Whatever she needed, she got.

    I discovered your blog during the wonderful years of SGA. Even though I am a huge fan of SGA and it is over now, I’m still loitering on your blog because of your sparkling personality, your dogs, your fine appetite, and your travels. You are a lot of fun. Thanks for perservering and being so kind to all of us.

  14. I’m with Tim H., I glanced at the photo and thought how useful it was that you guys can use the ‘gate for other things…. Is that aqua colored metal object in the corner of the same pic a DHD?

    Glad to hear Jelly’s tests went well(?), I hope she is feeling better. Found 2 rescued huskies permanent homes this week, wanted to share the good news with all the other animal lovers who frequent these parts…..

  15. Like the Not a Fan above, my main reason for coming to your blog is to check on any SGA or SG1 movie news, but I have found other things that I like about it too. Love the pups, the food and really enjoyed your Japan trip last year.
    Other than one issue I have with you that doesn’t really need to be discussed ever again, the parts I am not interested in, I just don’t worry about…and so continue to enjoy the things I like.

  16. What I say? That’s right, I said that Jelly was perfectly healthy! And through all that medical gobbledygook, I can only assume that I was right!

    Whatever the case, it’s good to know that most of her tests were “normal” and “well maintained”. I hope that the test you must wait for returns with satisfactory results as well. 🙂

    Hey, did anybody go watch The Final Destination and/or Halloween II? A new SGU trailer is supposed to be attached to them!

    @ sheryl: You’re welcome! And thanks! 😀

  17. Nice mailbag!!! 8)
    I agree with Thornyrose; there’s so much more here than just SGU stuff. This isn’t just a blog, it’s a community!
    @Joe: Stargate: Atlantis was nominated for 5 different Gemini Awards. Be sure to pass our compliments on to Brad Wright, Val Halverson, Todd Masters, Leah Ehman, Holland Miller, Brad Proctor, Kyla Rose Tremblay, Mark Savela, Brenda Campbell, Natalia Diaz, Carina Dielissen Hunt, Shannon Gurney, Paul Hegg, Vivian Jim, Chandra Juhasz, Kodie MacKenzie, Alex McClymont, Jason Gross, Brandon Hines, Jamie Yukio Kawano, Krista McLean, James Rorick, and Luke Vallee on their nominations next time you should happen to see them!!!

    Having a hard time waiting for October!!! 😀

  18. I would never have guessed that comments on an abdominal ultrasound could be so incredibly funny. The docs and nurses I work with are going to love it. – No prob with keeping quiet about the “mild hyper-echoic medullary rim”; we deal with law-enforcement people all the time in regard to psychotic patients, and know just what needs to be said, or not said. If an FBI agent were to approach me for info on a possible alien life form in the Vancouver area, I’d just reply, “Do you know anything at all about Vancouver? Hyper-echoic medullary-rim numbers are off the charts up there. Talk to a guy named Paglia.” – But it’s good to read that all’s well so far. Hoping for the same for the liver tissue samples.

    Probably the vet has already explained his/her approach, but re. Thornyrose’s comment, I’d guess the extensiveness of the sonography is related to forming a differential diagnosis. Common sense says do the liver aspirates first, since the elevated liver enzymes led to all this; but a lot of docs prefer to use non-invasive diagnostic tools first when they want to rule out possible contributing, or else related, disorders. – Okay, okay, I’ll stop.

    Enjoyed the character/actor comments, and the pics — spooky jungle = eerie coolness. The b&w photo is also very interesting, and it’s also pretty awesome that monitor screens are getting MUCH bigger. Can the IPO for “Windows Universe” be very far off?

  19. I dont understand this antipathy for SGU and the “fans” who angrily state their hatred for the show, a show that no reader on this blog has seen. Years ago I had watched bits and pieces of Stargate and always flipped the channel quickly as it made no sense to me. That all changed about 6 years ago when I was bored at home and nothing was on tv, as I was channel surfing I came across one of those all day scifi marathons showing season 1 episodes of SG1. Being bored I said why not and decided to watch a bit. After the first episode I watched, one of the late season 1 episodes, i said “hey this isn’t bad”, I continued to watch and after another episode I said “I kind of like this show”, by the end of the day I was totally hooked. I haven’t missed an episode since. I have seen every SG1 and Atlantis episode and own both movies as well as most of the seasons of the show on dvd. I can watch almost any episode at random and still enjoy it no matter how many times I have seen them.
    I have introduced person after person to the Stargate franchise and every one has come away addicted as well.
    In my opinion Stargate is one of the best written shows I have ever watched. It is dramatic and exciting while still humorous and self depricating. This is a franchise that relies heavily on special effects yet I would still watch it if the special effects consisted of chalk drawings and some guy making sound effects in the background. I am one of the ones who eagerly downloaded a leaked version of Ark of Truth and watched it immediately. I didn’t care that the special effects were unfinished. Special effects are amazing but they don’t make the show. I watched that movie and thought it was amazing even missing several crucial effects.
    I was blown away by Continuum. I had high expectations and they were exceeded in every way. The movie was simply too good to have been released only on DVD.
    This brings me back to my central problem, why are people so hostile to a show being made by the same people that have written the shows that they love for so long? I love SG1 and Atlantis and wish that they were both still on the air but I will certainly watch SGU. You think that Atlantis was cancelled to soon? So do I. I thought the show was great. I think SG1 was cancelled too soon as well, I think that the show was really hitting its stride with the new team in the latter half of season 10. The problem is that television is a business like any other, its not a charity. If a show doesn’t make enough money they stop making it. Fortunately for all of us the studio was willing to continue the show as movies.
    I for one am grateful that they are making a new show because it will hopefully be on the air for years to come. How could anyone not watch SGU after seeing the quality of what these people have made in the past? I have no doubt that once it catches its stride it will be outstanding. I have a feeling that most people reading this blog and most people who watch the show feel the same way I do. There is simply this vocal group for whom this show is more than entertainment, it is a fetish. Those people have to write comments on fan sites and this blog complaining about everything they can think of, I think it makes them feel like they are smarter than everyone else because they are somehow able to see through the “lies”. If you feel like Joe is lying to you why do you bother to read his blog? If he isn’t telling you the truth what is the point? I don’t know about the rest of you but Joe’s blog entertains me on a daily basis.
    On behalf of all of the people out there that agree with me and can’t wait to see this new show as well as the movies that will be coming, I want to say thanks to Joe and the rest of the writers, producers, actors, and crew who have entertained me for over 6 years. I am personally looking forward to the next 6 years and can’t wait to see what they have made.

  20. Joe, are we going to get an SGU trailer with the women of SGU playing a prominent role? I’d love to see more of them in action, and possibly even getting to say a line or two…

    Who comes up with the ideas for the trailers? Do the writers get a say, or is it mostly down to marketing at Syfy? Or MGM? Or some combination of the three?

    When you say Sabotage has just wrapped, was that the script, or the actual episode shoot? Because if the latter, wow! Things move fast!

  21. Hey Joe,

    Glad to hear Jelly’s test results didn’t throw up any alarm bells; here’s hoping the next round goes well too….

    I wish we could get out of town for the Olympics. UBC is giving students 2 weeks off, so we won’t have to brave the mayhem that will inevitably ensue when the hoards descend upon our fair city. Due to some family reasons, it’s not really feasible for us to try and take extended vacations like that. I suppose we’ll just try to avoid the city 😛

    I’ve started reading one of my textbooks for school and it’s actually very neat. Have you heard of a book called “Phantoms in the Brain” by V.S. Ramachandran and Sandra Blakeslee?

    Oh, and I *loved* the picture of Maximus on Twitter when he’s “hiding”.


  22. Hey Joe,

    I am so glad to hear Jelly’s test went well. Sorry about the dent in the pocket book. I am always amazed that animals are almost the same price as a human to treat. AND equally important.

    Peter is also an artist. I have a Facebook page and to the right they run “are you interested in” type ads. There was Peter with one of his paintings asking if you wanted to be a fan. I’m an artist so I thought why not, love his work. Clicked, joined and went to Peter’s page. There was a video of the first trailer for SGU. I couldn’t believe it. I still think it is weird. But, great paintings. Hauntingly immersable.

    Loved the pictures. Do you take them? or borrow?

    Bubba was so cute on the couch. Just had to throw that one in.

    Best always Joe,

  23. hey joe,
    i would like to see Mark Valley from Boston Legal in an episode of Stargate or series that you are involved in later down the track. Nice actor… he has the whole commando, and patriotism thing down so… i think he would fit in well to a military position??? Thoughts??

  24. Peritoneal effusion = fluid in the abdomenal and pelvic cavity that isn’t supposed to be there. Basically they’re saying everything looks normal. You want echogenecity because it means everything looks the same as opposed to tumours which would look different from their surroundings.

  25. I see Brad Wright is up to his old tricks again, first cancelling Atlantis, now taking the Gemini nomination away from it’s rightful owner. Nobody would have even cared about that episode if it wasn’t for Jewel’s outstanding performance. She should easily have been up for that award, but no, Brad takes all the credit.

    Congrats to the make-up/costume/VFX departments though, well deserved.

  26. Hi Joe,

    Hope all is well with you and the extended family. A quick question buddy: Those exoskeleton suits from the pictures you have been posting, are they found aboard the Destiny spaceship or are they brought along with the crew when they evacuated from the Icarus base. ( Insinuating that they are those Rodney and Daniel wore in Atlantis season 5 mid season two parter. Thanks

    Talk to u soon

  27. Coucou Joseph! =D

    Merci pour ces photos! Je ne connais pas encore bien Peter, mais j’espere que ça va changer.

    Votre chien est un extraterrestre lol, un peu comme dansMen in black…ahhh tout s’éxplique maintenant ^^!

    Merci pour aussi d’avoir répondu à ma question! ….Je voudrais tellement voir des Furlings en vrai! Gardez cette idée dans le coin de votre tête.

    J’adore les questions de “Arctic Goddess”, je comprend tout au moin^^! Pleins de gout de Joseph en quelques mot, c’est super =D.

    Concernant sa question 4 c’est un peu de ça que je ne voulais pas vous parlez la derniére fois, je me pose de sérieuse questions, beaucoup de choses laisse à croire que ………(je ne finis pas ma phrase car si c’est la vérité vous ne devez avoir envi d’en parler)

    Passez une bonne journée!
    Gros bisou!

  28. Hey Joe, since SGA isn’t anymore, and the movie is yet to be made, can’t you post some never before seen concept art/behind the scenes pics of the Wraith and their hives? I’m feeling strong wraith-withdrawel symptomes here!!! Das, help me out here!

  29. “NOT A SGU fan, SGA all the way though also writes: “Only come here now again for ANY or at least hopfully some SGA movie news, nothing more, as I dont like SGU an am not watching it so never bother posting, no reason to.”

    Answer: Realistically, you don’t have to bother coming here at “all. Any news I post of note eventually makes its way onto the other fan forums, so you can just hang around there instead.”


    Way to go with taking a snippet of the post out of context, firstly wasn’t talking to you directly OR INFACT AT ALL, was actually replying to someone else’s remark.

    Secondly I don’t care what you think about me, so you can be as condescending as you like mate, so as you said I’ll just hang around the other forums for SGA news, because there’s very little here about it anyway. Also them going by your tone you must think there more accurate, than your own blog, ok then, so I guess I’ll just start to believe all the rumours that are flying around on those “other fan sites” as you so eloquently put it, because I did think they were just rumours but thanks for clearing that one up for me then.

  30. Hi Joe, thanks for your answers.

    So, do you mean to tell me that the other countries build Daedalus class ships as well? The Korelev was built by the U.S., as Aurora pointed out.

    Why is it then, that there were no more ships available to defend Earth from that Super-Hive in the Atlantis finale?

    If I recall correctly, the U.S. is capable of building one ship per year, and if the other IOA nations are also building ships, why are there only a total of five ships? Wouldn’t the other nations built ships as fast as possible to defend Earth and keep the balance of power on Earth?

  31. Hi Mr M!

    @PG15 : ALL HAIL THE TWITTER KING!! *we are not worthy*
    Nice! Well done!!!

    Cool pics re: set etc. RE: Peter Kelamis…. bizarrely I saw that snip on Comedy Now on late night cable here in Ireland….while flicking between SGA and SG1 re-runs…..Resistance is futile, SG IS EVERYWHERE!

    @Anne Teldy : My very best to you Anne. We are rooting for your here.

    Best to all


  32. Ahh so the gate runs Windows XP, good choice I suppose. I see there that there are several different ‘puddle’ files which can be run for different times of day.

    What is the visual difference between them?

  33. I really hope Jelly’s okay and the results come back clean. Glad you’re keeping us updated on her condition.

    AnneTeldy writes: “ People can only travel one way through a stargate’s wormhole: planet of origin to destination. What happens if a person crosses the event horizon going the wrong way: destination to planet of origin?”

    Answer: The gate will spit them back out.

    You know, for some reason I’ve always thought that it would vaporise the person – no idea where that idea came from (oh, wait a minute, maybe that fanfic over there…!).

    Anyway, spitting the person back out sounds safer. Though I do wonder what happens when the gate is flat…!


  34. So the gate spits them back out if you go through the gate the wrong way? I have waited a LONG time to know that. It’s never even been tackled or even questioned on-screen.


    1 – If you went through the gate the wrong way, would it also retain your momentum as it pushed you out?

    2 – What would happen if you through a stargate (origin end) but on the opposite side of the event horizon?

    3 – What would happen if you through a stargate (destination end) but on the opposite side of the event horizon?

    Would any of these points be mentioned in SGU?

  35. Unless I’m mistaken, SGU has not yet premiered so how do people know they are not a fan of the show yet if they have not yet seen it?
    Joe do you know which channel SGU will be on in Canada? I’m assuming it will be The Movie Network and then Space in a year or 2.
    Glad to hear that Jelly’s ultrasound went well. I hope all goes well with the liver samples as well.

  36. 1. You’ve praised the entire cast of SGU for their acting skills thus far. I just rewatched “Momento” from SG-1 Season 6, and I was very impressed by the performances from all on-screen characters (which, even though I too often love the stories, the guest stars are often blah to me). If you agree with me about “Momento” (or I ‘spose even if you don’t), how would you rate the SGU cast against that one SG-1 episode (fair comparison…HA!).

    2. You just noted that SGU has had two gates constructed. Do I remember correctly in that SGA had one, and any offworld shots were cgi? If so, why no 2nd gate in SGA like SGU and SG-1?

    3. Are differentiating the writers this year (relative to past years only) a response to criticism that Stargate’s writers/stories were suffering from “inbreeding”? (I did read that somewhere, but don’t remember where…)

  37. Irish Spring, Joe? You’re Italian…shouldn’t you be bathing in vats of olive oil?



  38. Joe it freaks me out when I catch you approving your comments backwards. You tricky little devil. Is that what you have to do?

  39. Joe – glad to hear that Jelly appears to be OK – hope further tests go well.

    DougIndy – I concur with your comment as I had a similar introduction to Stargate and remain a great fan. I am also looking forward to SGU as I feel that everyone involved with the production of this franchise has earned more than a “benefit of a doubt” about their ability to create an inventive new entry for the franchise. Cheers.

  40. @ Joe – I have no idea what all that means regarding Jelly…I just hope everything’s okay.

    @ Deni – Give Elway hugs for me. One of my cats… (China – this one): http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v54/dasNdanger/china-1.jpg

    …started having ‘accidents’ in the bathroom after Cowboy died. She’s always been a bit neurotic, and the change affected her. So now I have to ‘walk’ her down to the litter pans in the garage at least twice a day (if I had a room where I could keep her locked up with a pan, I would…but I don’t, and I don’t want litter pans in the house because of the odor). In grooming her, I’ve found lumps on her tummy – I suspect maybe breast cancer (had another cat die from it). Financially there really is nothing I can do right now, and she doesn’t seem to be suffering. I’m just gonna keep her comfy and as happy as possible…with everything else going on right now, it’s the best I can do. All my cats are getting to that age – all have something wrong with them – and I’ve just got to toughen up so I will be prepared for whatever happens.

    @ Anne Teldy – Hang in there, luv! They tell me positive thoughts work wonders…I’m trying to think more positive myself. It’s hard for me, seeing as how my brain is so negatively wired.

    Speaking of which, I’ve had a thought recently about some of my depression, anxiety, ADD and similar conditions. I’ve always had these things, but they seem to have worsened in the last few years. The other day I was talking to a fellow leftie, and we were discussing how being left-handed affects the way we use the computer. It dawned on me I’m using my right hand more and more – in typing (I used to only use my left hand to ‘write’), and more specifically, in using the mouse (which I can only use right-handed) to do ‘creative’ things, such as manipulating pictures in paint shop, etc. When I first started using the computer I remember telling people that I had this constant sensation of my brain being ‘pulled’ – lol…I think my exact words were ‘I can feel my brain moving inside my skull’…lol. But that’s what it felt like…and that’s when my focus problems and anxiety started to increase.

    I’ve heard stories of left-handed children having behavioral problems when forced to use their right hand. I don’t know if there is any connection, but I wonder if in using my right hand so much now to do things (from spelling, to art, to calculations) I’ve tapped into a part of my brain that I rarely used before, and now my two hemispheres are battling for dominance.

    I know it sounds totally insane, but I swear that’s what it feels like…like a pushing and pulling in my head.

    And, hey…don’t go calling the white coats on me, k??



  41. Joe, MightyStarGazer has asked for my help…

    Seems MSG wants to see Wraith…hives. Not sure if this means ships, or those red skin welts some folks get after eating strawberries…

    But either will do for me! 😀

    Speaking of Wraith…and strawberries…

    Their human digestive system…in your opinion, was it still evolving (in other words, after a few more centuries of feeding on humans and absorbing their DNA, would it become fully fuctional and able to sustain them on normal food), or was it de-evolving, with their systems becoming more and more dependent on human feeding?

    Thankies, sir!


  42. What happens if a person crosses the event horizon going the wrong way: destination to planet of origin?”Answer: The gate will spit them back out.

    I think you just gave away one of the teasers in the SGU trailer, JM.

  43. Joe wrote: Answer: Nope. Ideally, I’ll be vacationing somewhere without access to Olympic coverage.

    Have you considered…oh…Mars? Not to worry, Joe, I’ll watch every minute for you.

    Tell Jelly to keep her, ah, snoot up; we’re thinking of her.

    Oh, regarding the pic I posted to yesterday’s blog: I meant to tell you that it was taken during our foray north this summer. Charlie served to distract the border patrol from the fact that we were carrying contraband in our camping gear – a hand axe for chopping wood. (Who knew that would be a proscribed item?)

    One last item, I hope it makes it to the mailbag. I guess Amanda had to cancel an upcoming appearance in down under this fall because Sanctuary’s production schedule has moved up. Do you know if that move-up is a result of good news for a new SG-1 movie?

  44. Hey Joe,

    I just finished watching the commentaries for Atlantis Season 5. I really appreciate you commenting on all your episodes. You never fail to disappoint.

    I was a very disappointed that The Shrine didn’t include a commentary. That was one I was really excited for since it was one of my favorites.

  45. @ pg15 – Ahhhh! Just saw the Lestiny!! Or is it the Destigo? Great job – Love it!! We have our fair share of Legos…but I could never put them in a big pile like that! AAAARRRRGGGHHH!!! I saw that picture, and my organizational genes kicked in: By style! By color! By size! Must. Resist. Urge. To. Organize…

    (You see…growing up my dad made me organize his nuts, bolts, screws, washers, nails, etc…and now it’s a full-blown compulsion. I can’t stand in a check-out aisle without organizing the Lifesavers and bubble gum! Ugh. I’m not as bad now as when I was younger, but that’s mostly because I’m always in a rush anymore. But if I have time on my hands…the first thing I’ll do is dump a desk drawer and organize the pens and pencils. Or the silverware drawer…or the storage container cabinet in the kitchen…or the linen closet.

    However, I don’t have this compulsion when it comes to clothes – those I just shove in the drawers and hope I’ll get around to organizing them sometime before I die. I really hate clothes…

    AND I’m rambling! Sorry…

    @ Joe – Glad you liked Blood Debt. Have you ever read Wolverine: Origin (the one where he’s a kid)?

    Oh, and Coke was the right answer. We get Mexican Coke, made with cane sugar instead of corn syrup…it is amazing! (I can only have sips of it – must avoid caffeine. 🙁 But it is still the bestest ever, even in little stolen sips from hubby’s glass!)

    Have a good one!


  46. Oh, poopie…forgot…

    RE: The Olympics.

    I was never a fan, but after the Soviet Union/Eastern Europe communism bust, the Olympics just weren’t fun anymore. The cold war made it entertaining. I didn’t like when they started including professionals, either. I haven’t watched in 20 years, I suppose – maybe more. Just no interest. However, I hear that rugby (specifically, rugby union sevens) may be in the running for the 2016 Olympics. If it makes it, and if I’m still alive, I might have to give it a look-see.

    But that’s a long way off…


  47. Jelly is such a sweetie, I’m glad her tests came out negative.

    Why can’t your neighbor take the bus or train to the grocery store? The drivers are nice, it’s quiick and there are seats right up front for seniors. Or he can get a Segway and zip along on the sidewalk where he’d only be a danger to pedestrians.

  48. @ Shirt’n’Tie: Yes! I am the Twitter King. Be awed, my subject, for I am now following you on Twitter! 😛

    I gotta say though, keeping it under 140 characters is HARD.

    @ NOT A SGU fan, SGA all the way though: I do believe Joe’s comment meant that HIS news of note will be passed onto the forums; “quoted” as it were. But if you want to interpret it wrongly like what you just did, then that’s fine too.

    @ Quade1: Of which Gemini award to you speak?

    @ das: It’s the DESTINY!! Haha, now you have no choice but to do that compulsive thing that you do! 😛

    Ok, I am SO the same way with the organization, except for one big difference: I’m so very lazy. Haha. If I weren’t so lazy, you can bet that I’d be organizing the lego and everything else in my room. Right now though, most of my room is in a state of “chaotic order”, if you know what I mean; I know where everything is, but it’s complete chaos.

  49. coucou !!

    J’ai une bonne nouvelle, j’ai fais des choses cette aprés midi !! (et oui je quitte mon ordinateur quelques fois)

    J’ai tout d’abord était à l’autoécole (là où on apprend le code de la route) puis, j’ai étais faire un peu les magasins pour la rentrée ..ahh j’ai aussi vu une Ferrari jaune!

    Waou quel super vie !!

    Je viens aussi de crée un papier Top secret!! …où j’ai mis tout mes identifiants et mot de passe de chaque compte que j’ai sur la net et j’ai indiquer les personnes a contacter si je devais mourir (et oui on sait jamais ^^). Au moins pour que quelqu’un puisse prévenir mes amis du net qu”il y a eu un probléme.

    Je sais c’est un peu morbide, mais bon j’aime être prévoyante =)

    Je me suis aussi demander quelque chose aujourd’hui; alors que je sortais dehors.
    Pourquoi les américans ont une pelouse toujour verte alors qu’en france elles sont toutes grillées?
    Vous, par exemple vous avez une jolie pelouse verte? pourquoi? vous l’arroser souvent?

    humm…l’énigme de la pelouse..?

    Lol, bon il se fait tard et je suis trés fatiguer( ça se voit? :D)

    Bonne nuit!
    A demain!

  50. You have the Winter Olympics? People sliding on white stuff? Oh, okay. 🙂

    You have your anticipated mayhem in February. We have ours in June. All in all, I far prefer our mayhem.

    As for the traffic congestion? I’m leaning more towards a four-wheel-drive Land Rover, jacked up with those ‘lekker’ big wheels. If I can’t drive round ’em I’ll just drive over ’em. 😀

  51. @2cats, I want to get me one of those water slides, wow, looks like awesome fun!
    Joe, are those warrior suits heavy to wear? I remember Chris Judge said those helmets he wore were very heavy.
    Glad to hear some promising news for Jelly, hope the rest goes as well! 😉
    Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  52. Hey Joe, the new character descriptions on the MGM stargate website look good. Did the new character rewrites come with the writers’ input, or was it all down to MGM people? Regardless, I think Chloe’s new profile is a massive improvement!


    Gah! I hope you’re happy, PG! 😡 It’s stuck in my head again…grrrrr… *flings PG’s pile of Legos all over the floor*

    There. I feel better now. 😀

    @ 2 cats – Don’t forget! A new Inspector Lewis tomorrow night! Woo! I can’t wait!

    I’m so in love with Hathaway right now…lol…what can I say, I’m just easy. 😳 Love his relationship with Lewis. This is the sort of thing I’d like to see in SGU, though it’s hard to explain to someone without seeing it because so much of their ‘communication’ is done in the exchange of looks or in body language. But I like his sensitive nature, which is a nice contrast to Lewis’ less polished personality. And I hate Ch. Supt. Innocent!! What a biatch! But I love the fact that there’s a character I love to hate in the show…and that it’s a woman. 😀


  54. Joe,

    Once again, thank you for keeping us informed about all things Stargate. Like “NOT A SGU fan, SGA all the way though”, I am eagerly awaiting news of SGA and SG1 movies.

    I am concerned by the previews of SGU that it will be a much darker series than our previous loves. They had their moments of darkness but there was always that undercurrent of humor (i.e. Jack’s “You ended that sentence with a preposition, you bastard!” and John and Rodney’s snarky banter even in the tensest of situations). I am willing, however, unlike “NOT A SGU fan, SGA all the way though” to give the series a chance, especially since you and Carl and Brad are still involved – as well as P. DeLuise.

    So, can you set my fears at ease? Are there any Jack/John-style, sarcastic/snarky characters on SGU? Will there be “This is revenge for people like me beating up people like you in high school, isn’t it?” moments, even in tense episodes like “Hot Zone”?

    Thank you for spending your valuable time, once again, to answer questions and generally keeping fans in the know.

    Mary A. Milan

    PS Sorry, if I’ve misquoted anything, I’m working from memory…not up to research right now.

  55. Oh! And Joe,

    DD Jennifer’s birthday is coming soon. She’ll be eleven on 9/25. Do you think you could mention it when the day comes? She’ll be over the moon.



  56. Hi Joe. Hope the puppies are all well, especially Jelly. Hopes and thoughts are with you all!

    Anyway, I had to share this link, not in hopes to have a Producer from one of my favorite franchises check out my blog, but rather for you to see the lovely LOLdog my husband put together for me. I believe it is something that you, and others will enjoy: http://vatazes.wordpress.com/2009/08/29/its-hit-me/
    Enjoy the pic!

  57. @otros ojos. Thanks for the belly laugh. I had a little mental movie running in my mind as some no nonsense, no sense of humor Federal type questions you about aliens in vancouver, and you rattling off your answer. Amazing how much milage can be gotten out of a doctor/vet who has to show off and speak in med-speak instead of using simpler termonlogy to explain things.

    @Not a SGU fan. Chill out man. If you were misquoted or taken out of context, simply pointing it out politely would have been more of a slap at Mr. M than your “in your face” tone. but from the rest of the post, I suspect you’re not interested in clarifying things, just venting some spleen. But by all means continue on with any vitriol you wish to pour in here. I enjoy Mallozzi’s dissections of such things almost as much as I do his other intentionally humorous posts.

  58. @thornyrose – Hehe, thanks for the feedback. I’ve gotten plenty of laughs from your droll wit. – Yeah, as nurses we’ve seen our share of docs who can’t be bothered with putting things in plain English, since that can take a few minutes. Or else they make explanations so basic, they hardly give any useful info at all. Then the nurse needs to walk a fine line between, on the one hand, interpreting the medspeak for the patient and family; or on the other hand, inadvertently giving out extra info that’s supposed to come from the physician – who doesn’t have time, or whatever. It’s no wonder there’s about a gazillion websites that deal with breaking it all down for people who don’t lack intelligence, only reliable information.

  59. @NOT A SGU fan, SGA all the way thoughs comment.

    Are you for real? I know Joe gets his fair share of disgruntled idiots commenting on his blog but your comment was just… really.. bad.

  60. Joe, is there someone we can write to – email or otherwise – to encourage them to move ahead with production on the SGA movie? Or, maybe the question to pose is, what’s the best way to let the powers that be, know that we’re out there, waiting for them to move forward with the movie?

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