Over the course of the many weeks I’ve spent researching restaurants for my upcoming Tokyo trip, I’ve made use of numerous resources: professional reviews, personal blogs, the Michelin guide, and, of course, several Japanese food sites. Negotiating the latter has not been without its share of frustration, however, owing to the fact that many of these sites are not in English. Fortunately, Google offers a handy translation service that allows you to translate a page almost instantly – with often bewildering or hilarious results. A recent google translation of a restaurant’s home page yielded the following tasty menu items:

“Liver appetizer dish of sand”

“Zestfully zanthoxylum, side dishes and a menu”

“Shanghai ‘catching drool’ hemp ‘oak Yamato’“

“Vegetable empty cores this month”

“4 old boiled beef”

And the following helpful suggestions:
“People who are bad, please call the voice when you order.”

“Ingredients not in your mouth, please consult us in advance what the charge and any allergies.”

Hey, finally received notes on both scripts today. Thankfully (and most importantly) everyone agrees that it’s a two-episode story. “I can’t believe we thought this was only one episode,”were Paul’s words. Anyway, some terrific suggestions that will help clarify certain elements, address a few outstanding issues, and generally tighten things up. I tend to hate rewrites, but this one (technically, these two) actually looks like it could be a lot of fun.

Ah, the life of a writer. Given your profession, you’re expected to come up with clever contributions or witty turns of phrase upon request. Take this afternoon for instance when Lawren and Ashleigh marched into my office and Ashleigh asked me: “What do you write in a wedding card?“

It took me all of three seconds to come u with the obvious answer: “Come to my wedding.”

Apparently, this wasn’t the scenario they had in mind. I wasn’t the one getting married. I was writing a card for someone else who was getting married. Ah, they should’ve been more specific. Not that it helped. I’m a notoriously terrible card-writer. Still, I thought about it and, as I was heading out, I poked my head into Lawren’s office and suggested what I thought was a fairly brilliant: “May your love prove as everlasting as the Saw franchise”. (Seriously. I think they’re up to Saw 7). Don’t know if he used it, but at least I was able to head home feeling I’d made a great contribution.

Well, off to Carl’s birthday dinner tonight. But, before I go, I’d like to thank everyone who took the time to post some wonderful, incredibly supportive comments. They were very much appreciated. You guys are the best!

Also, before I go, I leave you with a few snaps from a couple of visitors to my office. First up is VFS Supervisor Mark Savela who dropped by to discuss fandom. Visual effects, and t.v. in general. Holy smokes! I thought Martin Gero was a t.v. junkie. Mark Savela actually puts him to shame. He watches everything. And I do mean EVERYTHING! Except, for some reason, Top Chef which Rob Cooper was convincing him to check out as I was leaving the office.

VFX Supervisor Mark Savela talks Big Brother and House.
VFX Supervisor Mark Savela talks Big Brother and House.

Actor Jamil Walker Smith also dropped by my office today, sporting some wacky purple he was only too happy to model for us. Trust me. If you’re throwing a party, this is a guy you want at the top of your invite list.

What the - ?!
What the – ?!


Yep, they're purple alright.
Yep, they’re purple alright.
Jamil Walker Smith IS the hip, new Agent 86.
Jamil Walker Smith IS the hip, new Agent 86.

58 thoughts on “August 21, 2009: Google Translation! Script Notes! Wedding Wishes! VFX Supervisor Mark Savela! Actor Jamil Walker Smith!

  1. Love Jamil’s shoes! I can’t wait to see him in SGU…even his shoes have personality! 😀

    Mmm, “liver appetizer dish of sand”. Sounds delicious! I wonder if Google translator is responsible for the funny translations on Engrish.com?

  2. I haven’t been reading here much of late and I’ve missed a few BoTM. I miss the dogs and the books. I’ll have to go back and check out things.

    Seems like the turbulence never ends for Stargate. I can’t imagine how emotionally up and down the last months have been with the folks in the Stargate creative world. Lots of emotion and misunderstandings and both sound and questionable decisions on all sides. As SGU premiere time approaches, I doubt it’ll get any easier. Though I won’t be watching SGU, I hope things settle down for those whose livelihoods depend on its success.

    I’ll be tuning into season five of Supernatural. Have you ever seen it? Pretty cool. They do a good job with story arcs. I only started tuning in after seeing their self-reflective meta episode with the prophet Chuck. Anyway, it has an exec producer/creator who also engages with the fans. Its fascinating to watch a different creative group deal (perhaps more successfully) with highly passionate and strongly opinioned fans.

    I truly do find the fan/showrunner relationship interesting and how the internet (chock full of rumor, some valid, some not) has solidified it, or rather, made it more possible. Also, it’s disturbing how easily the internet can inflame things (in all types of conversations). And is it just genre shows that inspire this kind of ‘conversation’ between fans and showrunners?

    Anyway, enjoy dinner.

  3. “But, before I go, I’d like to thank everyone who took the time to post some wonderful, incredibly supportive comments. They were very much appreciated. You guys are the best!”

    Well, I guess that didn’t include me, BUT I did offer you chocolate sushi! I should get points for that…

    Just got back from happy hour[s] down at our local dive bar. Drinks, dinner and dancing with some friends that just moved down from Philly. Wow. What a cultural shock! I am so NOT a Philly girl! I’m usually the ‘sit in the corner and brood type’, but tonight we were the ‘loud rowdy table’. 😳 Well, they were loud, I still was a bit broody.

    Anyway, our friend is a union roofer, and it turns out that two of the guys in the band (lead singer & guitar player) were union roofers, and had worked with him up in Philly back 15 years ago…they were best buddies back then. Needless to say, it’s always better when you have an in with the band – the guys all had a blast. Oh, and to crush all those white/black stereotypes, lead singer is black, and he belted out one hell of a Metallica song. I’m thinking of calling the guy Psycho, just for the hell of it. 😀

    Nite, Joe…have a good one, and enjoy your date! 😉


  4. Never tried Google translator but it looks extremely entertaining – not terribly helpful, but entertaining.

    Re: wedding cards – write something? I thought that was why you bought a card, so you didn’t have to make up your own prose for the occasion. Then you just add something like “wishing you many years of happiness” Yeah, I’m not great with cards either.

    Nice purple shoes on Mr. Smith!

    Oh- I got a great present from the writers for whom I edited – a Darth Vader Fx lightsaber. It is amazing. The ultimate editor’s red pen. Cuts through everything!

  5. @kabra, 2cats, PG-15, and Tammy Dixon ~Thankee all for your kind words about my painting — glad you all liked it! 😀

    2cats, thanks for the second exposure! 😀

    Kabra, it was done in acrylic. 🙂

  6. He’s (Jamil Walker Smith) the voice of Gerald from Hey Arnold. (Probably been said a thousand times before. This is a thousand and one.)

    I use the google translator to check if I misspelled a word in another language. It’s all right if you need to get around a site quickly, though.

  7. Lol I would die to invite Jamil to a party, but I doubt he would come. Seems like a hilarious great guy, but also awesome onscreen. Like everyone says Greer=Ford but I’m like he looks so much better and cooler please don’t kill him off. Just kill the doctor off, us stargate fans atmre so used to it were just numb to the death of doctors, we probably won’t notice. :). I just got back from a hour and a quater workout. Ran 2 miles and did a butload of machine reps. Starting to get back to working out, after getting thrown out of sync from my missions trip and summer laziness. :). So one question W

    What do you do for your workout? Is it a program you follow, or just do random stuff. Like do you do it at home or at the gym?

    Really curious what you do cause you seem to enjoy eating really nice food and somehow keep the weight off. When I start to enjoy food too much, I begin to gain weight…. Fast. It’s a strugle to stay in shape for me. Lol Ill stop whining now. Off to watch Eureka. Just out of curiosity, does Mark watch Eureka?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  8. OK, so now we’re all wondering if Ashleigh and Lawren are getting married….

    Belated thanks for yesterday’s post in support of sanity. (And general civility.) And regarding Paul’s comment that the franchise is not a nonprofit: In this economy, nonprofits also are also cutting back or delaying projects. On this I speak from personal experience, having recently been laid off after working over 16 years for the same nonprofit. (The organization cut 25% of the staff nationwide — Ouch.)

    And to the more rabid fans: The overwhelming majority of my now-former colleagues who also lost their jobs reacted with considerable less anger to the loss of their livelihoods (in a terrifyingly bad job market, I might add) than some fans reacted to the delay or rumors of cancellation of the SGA movie. How about a little perspective, people.

    Ah well. Thanks again Joe for the blog.

    – KB

    P.S. Job interview Tuesday — my first in 17 years. Wish me luck.

  9. Haha!! Get Smart, I love it!! Also, ask him if he’s a Vikings fan considering the shoes are purple AND yellow. And if so, his opinion on the whole Favre thing. 😉

  10. Wow, that Shanghai ‘catching drool’ hemp sounds very appetizing. I think I’ll pass this time though.
    Oh man, those are some weird/kinda cool looking shoes. Only Jamil, I think, could pull those off. And he definitely would be sweet to have at a party.

    Also, just wondering, but is each character going to get an episode that focuses on themselves this season? (like Ronan w/ Sateda or Teyla w/ Missing)

    As an aside, does anyone know what this new Avatar movie is about? I saw the trailer and it looks kinda interesting/confusing….

    Also, have/hope you had a great b-day dinner Carl, if you’re reading!

  11. A few days ago, you mentioned Air would use an “established contemporary tune”. You probably can’t tell us the name of the song, but any hints as to who the performer is? Probably not, but no harm in asking.

  12. Great to hear word of Ashleigh! The wedding card story had me chuckling to myself.

    “Would you believe, this shoe, contains enough nutrients to feed a man for eight days? Would you believe it, eight days?”

    “I find that hard to believe…”

  13. @ Carl Binder – happy birthday man!

    @ Robert Cooper – my new favorite show on the Food Network is “Chopped”. Have you seen it? It’s fun!

    @ Ashleigh and Lawren – congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I wish you many days and nights of wedded bliss. ( just kidding – or maybe not)

    @ sorrykb – go get ’em!! Good luck on your job interview.

    @ jelly, max, bubba, lulu – my puppy is your biggest fan!

    @ Joe – I love you, and your blog.

  14. Oh anfmd happy birthday Carl. Oh and can I have a link to the painting of Joe, thanks!!!

    Oh and @pg15

    it’s cool dude. Everyone knows your generally a nice, cool, person. And when I see you out of your element, I feel bad for you not mad at you. (Though that one time where you were about to make fun of me more for my religion when you thought I was taking it to seriously, you know, when the debate started to get heated. It kinda got to me a bit but that’s in the past and as far as I know, were cool). Hope your doing better. :). Oh and were cool… Right?

    Thanks so much, good night and good luck,
    Major D. Davis

  15. HAHAHA My friend is currently living in China and sends pics of the funniest Chinese – English Translations on menus….now I know how they get it so wrong 🙂

    For a laugh check out http://www.rahoi.com/2006/03/may-i-take-your-order/

    And you could have just pointed the girls to google for the wedding invite thing there are NUMEROUS websites online of how to do just that. As for figuring out what to write on cards…you can google that also 🙂 Especially when you have cards to sign at work I have found this site handy (http://www.what2write.co.uk/)



    P.S I LOVE Google’s translation service…It has helped me on numerous occasions when trying to translate stuff from Dutch to English for my family tree!!

  16. And make that girl and guy :blush: that will teach me for not reading properly and automatically thinking Lawren was a girls name hehehe


  17. Winter in Japan means yaki-imo carts in the neighborhoods. Is this a treat you’ve had the chance to try? Yaki imo … Ishi-yaki-imo …. like a song announcing the arrival of cold weather.


    Mmmmmm, sand. Hey, don’t knock it until you try it. After all, it’s full of minerals!

    The Voice? That’s sinister. I guess The Voice is what will make those bad people good.

    Glad I’m not the only one who thought Ashleigh and Lawren were getting hitched. LOL. The Exec. Producers’ assistant and the former Exec. Producers’ assistant; awww, what a beautiful love story concept. 😀

    MD: We’re cool. 😉

    And the final item on this list of random reactions to your blog post: hooray for the other writers agreeing to keep the finale a 2-parter!! A few questions, as a result:

    1. Is the title of the episodes, “Incursion”? Plus “part 1” and “part 2” where necessary, of course.

    2. So is this it then? It’s for sure going to be a 2-parter? I mean, unless something unforeseen happens?


  19. Joe… Please tell Carl Happy Birthday… oh and the whole google translation thing was just plain funny! I wonder what those things really said… scary thought.

  20. Joe,

    Well, I finally got my MCAT out of the way (it’s the test you have to write for medical school applications) and let me tell you, 5 hour exams are not my idea of a good time 😛 Given that, my brain is feeling a little fried so if bits of this comment don’t make sense, that would be why…

    My mom and I drove down to Seattle last night, and came back home tonight and we swung by Campagnolo for a late dinner. I was very impressed. And the Nutella Tart was soooo good. And the staff are friendly and welcoming, always a plus…. Particularly after driving up from Seattle.

    I didn’t get a chance to weigh in yesterday, but I very much agreed with your post. I’m sure you’ve gotten lots of feedback, but I just wanted to say, as a fan, that I thought you were, for lack of a more eloquent turn of phrase, right. And I was very impressed with your eloquent defense of Brad Wright.

    Hope the little ones are all doing well!

  21. Hey Joe,

    Congrats on the script(s). That is great. I love two-parters, it extends the story telling. Your stories have made me laugh and even cry. Characters that are admirable and lovable at the same time. Well, Weir….what can I say. There has to be one.

    I love Mark Savela. I love the creativity and magic in special effects. He has participated in some great behind the scene interviews with “how to” videos for show and tell.

    Jamil in purple shoes, now that is something. I never thought I would see a guy where a “girl” color. Hey Jamil, you are wearing my favorite color.

    Have a fun weekend, go see a movie. I just may.

    Best always,

  22. Happy Birthday indeed to Carl, and I hope we get a report of the birthday tortur…um, festivities. Loved the google translations, and am wondering which of the dishes you might try. “Shanghai ‘catching drool’ hemp ‘oak Yamato'” sounds like an especially appetizing dish.
    As for the wedding card thing, you could have scads of fun with that. First, explain that to make it especially personal and effective, you need to know everything about the soon to be couple. Ask ring sizes, boxers/briefs, how often hair is dyed, left leg or right leg first into pants, first grade teacher’s name…you get the idea. Most likely you’ll never be bothered again. If for some reason you are given the requested data, well, just channel Baron Destructo and not only will you not be asked to help out again, you’ll probably avoid unwanted wedding invitations for years to come. Caveat; I have not tried this myself since I’m not a professional writer, but I just know the idea will work. Thanks for the laughs for the day.

  23. Happy Birthday to Carl! I hope a good time was had by all. I certainly had a good time celebrating here, making a cake in just the right shades of sky blue and gold. – Oh, wait, I forgot: He went to UCSC, right? And I used up all the banana slugs last week. Oops.

    “May your love prove as everlasting as the Saw franchise” — do you know how hard it is to type when you’re crying — no, SOBBING from laughter??? Ohhhh . . . man. And I was already chuckling over the scrambled translations. – If I have a headache in the morning, it’ll be from having had convulsions of laughter all evening, and likely during my sleep as well. Really, though, card messages like that can turn *any* occasion into something truly unforgettable. Maybe 50 years from now (or two, in cases of selective memory – like if the wedding takes place on the same date Joe Montana announced he’d be leaving the 49’ers), the couple won’t remember their wedding day all that well; but they’ll remember the flaky message from that one dude in Vancouver, and start laughing all over again. Probably about a white, long-nailed severed hand that kept trying to creep up the best man’s leg.

    Woohoo, purple sneakers! Didn’t know soldiers could wear those with camo now. Cool.

    I’m glad to read your good news on the script front. You sound amped-up. – Hope you have a good weekend.

  24. Happy Birthday to Carl, how old is he now? nevermind that the real question is did he REALLY write Pocahontas? I always thought that was just a joke but it has him listed on IMDB as a writer, although that could be changed by any registered member. Carl impresses me more and more each day. Screw the SG-1 movie, he should just retire and call life a success!

    Is there any other projects by any staff that we know little about? what have you and Paul previously worked on? Anything cool like Pocahontas?

    P.S. was it Carl that secretly drew the male appendage on the cover of The Little Mermaid?

  25. Salut Joseph! =)

    Derien pour le commentaire d’hier mais c’est vous qui êtes le meilleur! 😉

    Merci pour les photos ! Jamil à de jolies chaussures!^^

    Joyeux anniversaire à Carl!! je suis sur que ça fête sera super!! J’espere que vous allez prendres des photos^^!

    Alalala vous êtes impatient d’aller au Japon! Mais ce n’est pas lassant de faire toujour la même destination? Vous n’avez pas envi de changer un peu? Comme la France! (lol oui je sais je ne vais jamais vous convaincre)

    Bonne journée! Bisou!

  26. Whoa. Grapefeet. Only a few people can pull that look off without gettin’ beat up…and I’m guessin’ Jamil’s one of them. (I meant to say something earlier about the shoes, the script, and the translator, but I was sleepy. Maybe tomorrow I will elaborate. Or not. Depends…which I should probably start wearing overnight to avoid my current situation… 😛 )

    See, I fell asleep at about 10:30 watching Psych, woke up at 3 am to pee (I have such class 🙄 ). But I also woke up because I was having a nightmare about finding a dead guy in my back yard – a big, bald biker-type, with tattoos…sitting in a lawn chair under my maple tree. Dead as a doornail, with a can of beer in his hand. The whole community had been partying – like a big block party during a holiday weekend (I think it was 4th of July – or maybe Labor Day. Not Memorial Day – too hot). I had no idea who this guy was…or why he was in a lawn chair, under my tree. Anyway, instead of doing the logical thing and calling 911, I decided to go running to find the police. Somehow I ended up about 80 miles north of here, in the town where my mom grew up, and where my grandma lived until 1979. I was running up and down streets, looking for a cop so I could report the body, then I woke up to pee. Thank goodness, because I really didn’t want to know how that dream ended. I am, of course, also afraid to check out my back yard…

    So, as I went to turn off the tv, I ended up getting hooked on the last hour of Annapolis with James Franco. I just saw Franco in Pineapple Express, and he was both hilarious and quite the endearing character in that movie. Funny stuff for a change (most modern comedies bore me, this one just hit all my funnybones). ANYhoo… back to Annapolis…it’s a good male-bonding type movie. I love movies like this – guys helping guys – the inner conflicts, the ‘bullies’, the whole ‘rising above’ thing, and dudes hugging without going the whole Brokeback route. Good stuff.

    But towards the end of the movie it sounded like a ninja landed on my roof. NO idea what it could be, but it was bigger than a pine cone, Bigger than a pineapple, too. Too early for squirrels. Maybe an owl? Or…a ninja? It was kinda scary, because I swore I heard it take a couple steps. Then…nothing. But my back window blind is open, and so now I’m afraid someone, or something, is hanging off the roof, looking in…watching me…waiting for me to go back to sleep…

    Oh, woo! I hear rain! Maybe it was a big raindrop, and not a ninja…

    Or, maybe it’s a ninja doing something outside to make me think it’s raining. Hmmmm…maybe I should check on the garden hose…or maybe I should stop being considerate and just wake up Mr. can-sleep-through-anything-even-Armageddon Das.

    Ugh. Now it’s 5 am and I gotta try to get back to sleep. Maybe I’ll try Psych again… 🙂


  27. “May your love prove as everlasting as the Saw franchise”

    Hey I like it. If I get married can you put that on my card? Better still, become a marriage celebrant and you could preside over the ceremony & fill the blurb with that sort of stuff. Would be the funniest wedding eva! Way better than the dancing wedding party.

    Cheers, Chev

  28. Joe, I have just finished watching season 5 of Atlantis. It was fantastic. I’m hard pressed to say which is my favourite episode, but Whispers is definately up there, it had me on the edge of my seat the whole way through.


  29. Joe

    I wonder wether you have used another google service – google trends?

    Use this link (http://www.google.co.uk/trends?q=stargate+universe%2C+stargate+sg1%2C+stargate+atlantis&ctab=0&geo=all&date=all&sort=0)

    and you can compare the number of seaches for the various topics (Sg1, Atlantis, Universe) and they even put news stories in so you can see why the searches went up.

    You can change by date aswell in the top right – last couple of days, last month and all time.


  30. OK, are y’all up for a challenge? Specifically the Moon Survival Challenge?

    Basically you’ve crash landed on the Moon 200 miles from the Base Station. You need to prioritise the salvageable materials listed in order from Most important to Least important by dragging them up and down. Then click finished to compare with NASA’s results and you get given a score.

    I totally flunked the challenge. Got 24%. There goes my shot as an astronaut. I’m sure you can do better.

    Cheers, Chev

  31. Happy Birthday Carl – May you outlast the Saw franchise….hehe. Thanks for hamming it up for Joe’s camera and providing many captionable moments. Oh and thanks for the writing stuff too.

    Cheers, Chev

  32. Hey y’all,

    I’ve been in lurking mode for awhile as I don’t have a lot of time to post. :o(

    Just finding it a bit humorous Joe that you nailed some fans for “name call(ing) like a bunch of children” which was a valid complaint and in my opinion true. Erm…but then you name called them “raving loon(s)”. *grins* And, many others said those fans were disrespectful: jerks, lunatics, idiots, weird, fools, buttheads, zealots, crazy, stupid, fanatics, nutbars, d**kheads and Assholes. *bigger grin*

    Um….pot meet kettle on the childish name calling…hmmm?

    I think that when people get angry we all can resort to childish tendencies. ;o)

    Happy very Belated Birthday to Carl Binder!

    I know his birthday was on August 10th as he shares it with me and Mackenziesmomma. We all shared bday wishes on twitter. He is a sweetheart!

    Love to you Joe and hopefully MGM will look better financially soon….I’m sure their money problems have a lot to do with the lack of an SGA movie. Then maybe we can get our SGA movie made!

    Am hoping it’s not McKeller centric and is more team centric though…..*ducks* Hey….stop throwing things at me! ;o)


  33. Hello Joe, Just got back from my trip to Chicago. Definately a busy city. We stopped at a truck stop on the way up there,(to eat) and on all 3 of the tv sets they were watching a Stargate Atlantis episode, surprised and entertained me thru dinner. Was glad to see they were fans. Drinking my morning cup of coffee from my new Harry Potter mug, I visitied the Harry Potter Exhibit (leaving in Sept) at the museum of History and Science. a neat place to go if you are in Chicago, but put on your walking shoes. Actually needed those shoes the entire trip.
    Read yesterdays blog entry, and wanted to say, I still love all you guys, Joe,Carl,Rob, Brad and all involved with the franchise. and want you to know they have my support.
    Can you ship back chocolates from Japan? Are they known for any good chocolates, bon bons, etc?
    Happy Birthday to Carl!! Hope he had a great one. Good to be 29 (again?)( I know I am) 😆 🙄

  34. Psych worked! 😀

    I also went out in the back yard and checked – NO dead bald biker guys! Whew! But also no tree limbs or any other evidence of something landing on my roof last night…sooooo…yeah. I’m still thinkin’ ninjas.


  35. Hey Mr M!
    ASHLEIGH LIVES!!! (phew…I thought you had czech-ed out)

    Best to all at The Bridge


  36. @wolfenm Love the wolf eye reflecting the city, with a hint of tear.

    Purple sneaks rock.

  37. @drldeboer Thanks! 😀 Glad you like it! I have fun with eyes ….

    @Joe, re internet translators, someone recently left a comment in Russian on a pic of mine (of Ronno, from Bambi, as both a fawn and an adult), and Babelfish yeilded this translation:

    “The pancake, this [tipchik] of their insolent [ulybochkoy] painfully to fight [Malfoya] whisk away!”

    I’m thinking the Malfoya had something to do with my conparing Ronno to Draco Malfoy in the description, but I’m really wondering about the pancake! XD

  38. That’s awesome you have such enthusiasm for the rewrite after all that’s happened. Doesn’t fit the model for “development hell”. Try development limbo. Lace those skates up tight.

    If length issues still catch experienced writers who run outlines by one another, what hope is there for newbies without proofreaders?

    I followed this blog during your Japan trip last year and the jealousy killed me, but at least I had my home-grown comforts to fall back on. Thanks to everything except blight growing slowly in cool weather, I’m not sure how that will turn out. I eat all my taunts to Canadians suffering the heat wave about our cool breezes.

    I know someone who was with his friend in Japan and his friend said his dad was picking them up for lunch. The guy showed up in a limo and drove them to the country. The tab for a lunch for 4 translated to $10,000! I can ask where the place was if you want to try it.

  39. First – Happy Birthday Carl!!!!

    OK, Ashleigh, our Ashleigh and Lawren, the dog sitter??? Awesome, Congrats! So that’s where Ashleigh’s been, ahh ha! I see…

    Joe, I have a question, it could have been brought up before, but…. I have been watching season 5 and since we got the big screen t.v., one starts to notice things. The ear pieces that everyone wears… how do they hear anything, it appears that there is no “ear piece” for audio. I don’t mean to nit pick, just curious.

    Also Joe, I enjoyed listening to the commentary you did with Wil Wearing for Remnants. It was very informative, and very entertaining. Nice job.

    OK one more thing. The other thing I noticed, has anyone else noticed this… Joe Flanigan has sexy ears, especially the right one it’s kinda elfish. But what about him isn’t, sexy? – ok I’m going now.

  40. Ok no, I’m back one more thing… I have always enjoyed sketching and just creating anything. I have put myself out there to sell my “art work. ” This was kinda scary for me – but it gives me a chance to release some creative energy. Anyway, Joe if I may – I have a storefront http://www.greetingcarduniverse.com/kabras – this is actually a cool idea Greeting Card Universe has. Someone has actually purchased A card from me. Can’t tell you how excited I was.

    So anyway @ wolfenm – you’d be great at this – check it out.
    Tell me what you think.

    Sorry Joe, I didn’t mean to use your blog for promotion. Just wanted wolfenm to check it out. Hey, you could write cards for me… ???

  41. Hey Joe,

    I saw LDP said on his twitter. Something about him returning to SGU, but it was kinda vague and I might of misinterpreted it. So will he also be featured in the back half of season one or just the first half?

    Oh and just curious, is the final version of Air complete, have you seen it yet?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  42. @Kabra Ooh, I’ve never heard of that company before! I’ve just been using cafepress and deviantART (and not all that successfully). Since this is aimed *specifically* at card buyers, and the cards are cheaper with a better payout, maybe I would have better luck! I think I will try signing up for them! Thanks very much! 😀 (And thanks, Joe, for letting her pass it on!)

    As for your shop, Kabra, I love your autumn cards the best, especially the leaves!:D Nice work!

  43. Hey Joe,

    I just wanted to say, firstly, while I’m in *serious* mode, that I hope you consider me a friend and not a rude fanatic. I do want the SGA movie. I do think the crappy economy is to blame. If I think it’s helpful I’ll voice my opinion about my wish for an SGA movie. I also know I am not sure how it all works in TV land. I get that it’s a business. But other than that, I’m not sure about all the innerworkings. I am guessing other fans are much like me on this. You do an excellent job of trying to explain it all to us. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: you spoil us.

    I do consider you a friend. I’ve met other friends right here on your blog. My mom often says how generous you are and that you do more for the fans than anyone she’s ever known. Also, she wants you to know if you’re ever brave enough to venture to hot and steamy alligator infested Florida (try February), she’d love to meet you. Hopefully you understand what an impact you make on people, in a good way.

    Ok! Serious mode over! Phew! I can only be that way for so long.

    I thought Carl’s birthday was on the 10th? I’m confuzzled. I have two other friends with the same birthday as Carl. At least, last year they all had a birthday on the 10th.

    Regardless… Happy Birthday Carl!

    Also, isn’t August 21st WolfenM’s b-day? HAPPY BIRTHDAY WOLFIE! I’m a slacker. But it’s still the 21st on Joe’s blog. 😉

    @Deni: (and others lucky enough to be in Chicago with some of the good actors of Stargate) Safe travels and have fun! 😀 I’m so jealous! Wish I could be there.

    @otros orjos & maggie mayday: Yes! Little Shop of Horrors, indeed! My girls have wondered why they hear me saying, “Feeeeed meeee!” While I water the two house plants that have survived my black (ish?) thumb. 😆 I saw that picture with Carl and thought of Audrey the Second. 😀 See, this is why I love Joe’s blog. The Great Minds Think Alike committee is alive and well! Allie’s finally watched Little Shop of Horrors. She loved it. And another convert is created. Sometimes it’s awesome being a parent. Mwahahahaha! 😈

    Ok. I’m too chatty again. Shutting up now. 🙂


  44. Das

    You want nightmare stories?

    Not that long ago something heavy landed on my roof and…there really were footsteps.

    Doof-doof noises all over my roof, like he was trying to find a way in.

    Me not daft, me phone private security firm instant-like and tell the operator in a quavering voice, “there’s a man on my roof.”

    Ten minutes later I hear a welcome knock at the door. “ADT ma’am (yes, they are the world over). I crack open the door a sliver to see a sea of vans all flashing red white and blue lights. Geez, it looked like someone had been murdered.

    There were no less than two different private security firms and even the police (a rare sight).

    Apparently a gang had been robbing a big furniture store and ran when the silent alarm called their security people. Realising they weren’t gonna escape they decided to hide in my yard, but the security people had dogs so they jumped up onto the roof and that’s what I heard – their footsteps.

    Once the dust had settled and the last van had left it was about 4am in the morn.

    Did I ever manage to sleep again? Hell no. I was certain that not all of the bad guys had been arrested and there was still one out there, just waiting for me to go to bed…

  45. G’day Joe

    Happy Birthday Carl!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Today is my 12th wedding anniversary and nobody put anything cool like your saw comment on our wedding cards. Sad now.

    Have a great day.


  46. @Dee 😯 That story is hella scary! All my scary stories involve me calling my dad or some big-guy neighbor to check for monsters… and they find cats in the middle of mating. 😳 Yeah… makes me not want to call for help.

    @Das: I hate when I have nightmares like that. Sometimes I have nightmares about things that seem very real. Then I wake up and am sure I dreamed them because some version is true. I don’t like checking them out to see if something bad has happened, either. And on those nights I’m very, very thankful I don’t have a basement. But only those nights. For the other 99% of my life I wish I did have a basement! 😀 I hope you sleep better tonight. And maybe it was one of *us* squirrels? 😉 We’re bigger than pineapples, too. I think I know a few squirrels who live in your neighborhood. Some of them even consider themselves ninja squirrels. Too funny, right? 😆

    You know what else is funny? That Target has their dog halloween costumes out and one of them is a gray squirrel holding an acorn. They are too small for Ziggy and Annabelle, though!

  47. @Kabra, aka, Caren, nice cards and nice to see the “Jupiter” girl, only up the road in PSL! Can’t wait to hear about con. in Chicago from Deni!! ..Sheryl

  48. @Chevron7 I did a little better but still failed with a 58% on the Moon Survival Challenge !

  49. Okay, this is going to seem like a strange and somewhat random question, but here goes: How do you write fully formed stories, where do you get your ideas, and what do you do when you hit a wall? I’m an aspiring writer (of anything, really, though I like writing stories and books) and I can’t seem to stay focused on any one story long enough to figure out where I want to go with it. It’s starting to get frustrating…Okay, that was more like three questions and an explanation. But still. If you have any advice to offer, I’d greatly appreciate it!

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