Over the course of my many years with the Stargate franchise, I’ve seen fandom at its very best and at its very worst.  Instances of the former far outweigh the latter as fans have come together in shared interest to discuss, critique, and, more importantly, support one another.  Speaking from personal experience, it’s been wonderful to see this little blog community develop over time, watch the various friendships develop, and, yes, even make some friends along the way.  It’s been nothing short of amazing.  But, sadly, I’ve also borne witness to the flip side of fandom, a shallow and surprisingly mean-spirited side that occasionally rears its ugly head.  For an example of what I’m talking about, look not further than some of the recent online reaction to the rumored scrapping of the Stargate Atlantis movie purportedly owing to a “lack of fan interest”.  When I first saw this rumor, my initial reaction was to laugh.  What a perfectly incendiary remark, tailor made to enrage fans gullible enough to take the bait.  According to this source, the movie wasn’t moving forward, NOT because of the oft-cited economic downturn or due to the much-reported drop-off in DVD salest (Yes, Atlantis’s fifth season did very well in its first week.  Anyone have any idea how it did in the ensuing weeks?  I honestly don’t know.), or even as a result of an all too foreboding prophecy from the official studio soothsayer.  Nope.  According to this source, it was all the fault of the fans.  Yep, you heard right.  We’re to believe that, rather than offer up a perfectly plausible reason, the powers that be elected to go with the far more sensational and assuredly antagonistic “lack of fan interest”, then marched onto the set and announced it to everyone.

Yes, I laughed when I first heard this because it seemed such a transparently deliberate provocation that I was certain any fan who actually stopped to think about it would recognize it for what it really was – a big steaming bowl of bullshit.  While cooler heads did prevail and most of fandom took the news with a huge grain of salt, certain fans divested themselves of all logic, falling all over themselves to proclaim us liars for saying there would be a movie in the first place.  Well, liars and much, much worse, but first thing’s first.

According to them, there was never any intention to make a movie and we’ve just been stringing fans along.  Well, if there was never any intention to make a movie, I can assure you that MGM wouldn’t have commissioned a script.  Furthermore, Paul and I would not have spent months spinning, structuring, and scripting a movie that had no hope of ever being made – time we could have spent writing scripts for Universe (which, from a purely mercenary standpoint, would have garnered us production bonuses once the episodes went to camera).  I’ve tried to keep fans informed of the progress (or lack thereof) on the movie front, updating you all on the distant rumblings, good and bad.  That said and despite what anybody tells you who heard it from someone who heard it from someone else, the plug has NOT been pulled.  No one has said we are not making this movie and I continue to believe that we eventually will.  Paul and I have a script we’re looking forward to producing, a script involving Earth-based intrigue, intergalactic travel, a looming threat to the city of Atlantis, and a sometime friend and foe who may hold the key to averting disaster.

More shocking for me than the fact that fans had actually bought into this hearsay was the infantile behavior of some – supposedly mature adults taking advantage of internet anonymity to curse and name call like a bunch of children.  Really, folks, it’s embarrassing.  I am embarrassed for you.  This is the sort of behavior that gives fandom a bad name, giving those outside the community the fodder to marginalize, belittle, and lampoon.  Sure, go ahead and criticize the creative all you like, but when you start leveling personal attacks against the show creator – a guy who has worked tirelessly to produce 15 years of a franchise you all feel so passionate about – on the basis of an unsubstantiated rumor, you cross the line from spirited fan to raving loon.  Were members of your immediately family severely injured?  No?  Was your livelihood threatened?  No?  Oh, a movie isn’t being made as quickly as you’d like.  Gotcha.

Seriously.  Take a deep breath and consider this.  As my writing partner Paul pointed out this morning, the television production isn’t driven by non-profit organizations seeking to produce shows out of the goodness of their hearts.  It’s a business.  Still, for what it’s worth, I’m confident that this movie WILL move forward, but only when certain economic factors have stabilized.

Yes, it’s unfortunate.  The economy is in the toilet.  DVD sales have plummeted.  But this isn’t the fault of the studio.  And it certainly isn’t the fault of Brad Wright.

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  1. I own every season of every series and every Stargate movie produced. SG-1 was great. Atlantis was great. Universe will be great.

    However, some people just don’t know where to draw the line between being a fan and being a fanatic.

    This sums it up perfectly – “Oh, a movie isn’t being made as quickly as you’d like. Gotcha.”

  2. Unfortunately there will always be folks like that.

    That yelling louder than everyone else make them right by default.

  3. Joe, when do you think television went from being entertainment to a primary source of education?
    It seems that television is now being seen as the teacher on all things right and wrong, although I’m not sure if the industry (or the people working in it) asked for it.

  4. Very nicely said Joe. Believe me, you’re not alone in frustration over this particularly ugly side of fandom. It’s often joked about, but if there was a list of “Rules of Fandom”, #1 on the list would be:

    “Fans always over react.”

    Anyways, thanks for the post and for a further reassurance (as if it was necessary, though) that the movie will eventually be made.

  5. I believe ever since the cancellation of SGA, Brad Wright has been the focus of many a fan’s anger and disappointment.
    The interviews he did immediately after and the announcement of SGU did him no favors in that regard and were seen, by some, as arrogant and condescending.
    I’m sure he didn’t mean to come across this way, but he now has a big target on his back as the bad guy who axed SGA. (that coin toss on the Jace Hall episode didn’t help)
    It is simply a given to many SGA folk and some SG1 peeps that he was tired of the old shows, abandoned SGA and couldn’t wait to move on to his new shiny, SGU.
    I am not saying this is so, it is just what the public perception is out here in fanland.
    You can just say or write the name “Brad Wright” to some folk and the blood pressure immediately shoots up.
    I think it is good of you to defend him, and hopefully he deserves such defense, but to many people he is the personification and symbol of all the angst and feelings of betrayal that occurred when SGA was canceled.
    It is such a shame that this is what Stargate fandom has come to, I agree with you there. It makes me sad, because the fandom was once a source of great joy to me.
    Lately, this has not been the case. 🙁

  6. Well said, Joe. For that, I might consider buying two copies. LOL 😀

    Sadly I doubt the guilty will pay much attention to this post.

  7. Hey thanks for addressing this. While I have been staying out of this SGA movie discussion, I have seen several threads pop up regarding this on gateworld. At first I thought this had to do with the SGU thing but then I realized it was about the Atlantis movie. I can see where the people are coming from but I agree with you when it comes the name calling and irateness. He one thing I don’t understand is why can’t you produce the movies and then just wait for the right time to release it(considering you are planning to make it). I mean according to the reports, you have the budget and The approval, why not do it. I mean the thing is how can you wait for the market to get better before filming it, I mean the market will get better, then you guys film it, but by the time it’s ready for release, it’s to late. Why not produce it now and just wait for the right window.

    Still even with my frustrations and fears, I trust you guys have thought through the issue I just mentioned and have taken all the possibilities into consideraion. I mean I feel bad for you guys when people leave comments that basically state the obvious and treat you like little kids who totally miss obvious points and opportunities right infront of you.

    Thanks so much for handling this in such a great way,!!!
    Major D. Davis

  8. Sorry for my horrid grammer in the last post, it’s late here and I’m really tired.

    Goodnight all,
    Major D. Davis

  9. I could not agree with you more. You hit the nail on the head! I can wait for the SGA Movie because I know it will be sweeter when the day comes, because we waiting for it patiently.

    Thanks Mr. M. and do tell Mr. Wright this fan is patient and happy to know SGU is coming out in October!


  10. Whew. You got it in just in time! 6 minutes to pillow touchdown!

    Joe, you make excellent points. Just one thing, however… keep in mind that you’re on one side of the fence, and we’re on the other. I really don’t know Mr. Wright except for his brief interaction here on your blog (and snippets of interviews here and there), so all I have to go on is my perception of the man, and from the get-go (and I’ve only been around for 18 months), I personally have found Mr. Wright’s enthusiasm for Atlantis to be lacking. You see another side to him…you have an insider’s view of everyone, everything…but we don’t. Step back, see it from our perspective, and try to understand that fans are not reacting to the man you personally know, but instead to the man that is ‘presented’ to us through the media.

    It is about image. Fans may be wrong, they may have a totally skewed view of the man…but they may not be wrong in their reaction to the image or attitude that is being projected.

    And, hell…I may be totally wrong, too. But I’m tired and just posting off the top of my head. Sorry if I offended, but hey – it’s my opinion – and we’ve been known to disagree before.


  11. @Bailey

    I remember the Jace Hall thing. I thought I was funny but just knew someone would be mad. A few days later someone raised a thread saying they heard SGA ended as a result of a coin toss and they wanted to know if it was true. 🙂

  12. Well said. read it on Monday first thought that sucks then really after thinking about it, it made no sense Atlantis fan base is real and huge and add to that the positive effect that would be created with the marketing of the movie i have no doubt tptb would get a very good return on their investment. I was very disappointed when the decision was made to cancel the series (and yes i still hold-out hope for a return of the show) but i believe the Mr wright very much wants to make/produce quality show(s) for his viewers and that money and i would prefer a well produce sgu over two shows produced with money for what might amount to only 1 and a half shows.

  13. Do I believe an anonymous exec has said “no Atlantis movie due to lack of fan interest”? You said it isn’t true and I trust you.

    Do I believe studio/network execs w/could say something that makes it sound like it’s the fans fault there won’t be a movie? Damn right I do. Time and time again, entertainment executives have shown they are completely out of touch with audiences in general and fans specifically. I really wouldn’t be surprised by any of their decisions/expressed reasons.

    I also don’t see how it could hurt to remind the execs we’re still here waiting. As long as it’s done politely. That’s why I posted the Twitter campaign and would support an “I will buy the Stargate Atlantis movie” petition or a “My 2 cents” mail-in campaign.

    Anne Teldy

  14. What I want to know: Is Shatner going to be in the next movie?

    Sorry, couldn’t resist. 🙂

    I have to admit that it is a bit annoying to announce something like the movies but then not give the go-ahead for whatever reason. But I bet it is even more annying for the person who wrote the damn thing than us feet-stomping “but I wanna have Stargate NOW!”-shouting unwashed masses.

  15. Exactly what you said, Joe. And I’m glad you said it. Sadly those who need to hear it will choose not to.


    This sort of reaction towards a man (and the people in general) in charge of bringing a movie (or tv show) to television screens is ridiculous. It is beyond ridiculous. It borders on lunacy.

    I don’t care if he did come off arrogant. I’ve read what people are saying about him and the other producers and writers involved in the Stargate franchise, and no one (barring maybe someone who’s hurt you personally in a deep and lasting way) is deserving of that. Let alone a TV producer/writer for a show that no one besides he has any claim to.


    If what you say is true about Brad Wright being “the personification and symbol of all the angst and feelings of betrayal that occurred when SGA was canceled” for some people, then some people really need to sort out their priorities.

  16. Hi Joe,

    I stopped reading the Gateworld forums over a year ago for exactly this reason. It started to get to me.

    Pity. I loved to discuss and debate different aspects of the show. Now I just read the news and articles. And your blog of course 🙂


  17. I agree with what a couple of posters have already said, we don’t know Mr Wright as you do. We see a one dimensional image only and, like another commenter stated, It has seemed from some of his statements that he was (to quote that comment-) “tired of the old shows, abandoned SGA and couldn’t wait to move on to his new shiny, SGU.” Some SGA fans have felt hurt, abandoned and caste aside by some comments he has made. I am sure he does not mean for that to be the case, but some folks do take things to heart very easily. (and in some cases I think it would not matter how carefully he edited his statements there will always be someone feeling dissed.)

    Until the actors are signed and production starts these kinds of rumors will no doubt continue. The when production is underway there will be a whole bunch of other rumors to keep the internet buzzing. Negativity seems to breed negativity and with so many online forums, communities and chat sites that sort of buzz will breed.

  18. I’m sorry if I’ve been a thorn in your side at all lately (or ever, really), Joe. I know I can be a bit rabid at times. (See my name? They don’t call me that for nothin! XD)

    So for my birthday wish today (it’s the 21st where I am), I wish for everyone to have a good day in the fandom. That everyone can relax with friends, that the tension can ease, and we can find the joy in this fandom again that has been getting harder and harder to find (and I am not denying my own blame in that — if I have hurt anyone here, at any point, my deepest apologies).

    So I made a painting of Sheppard from my fave scene ever, in “The Shrine”, as a birthday pressie to myself (maybe I should call myself Kuzco? LOL) — I’m having Flanigan sign it at Dragon*Con. Maybe it can bring a smile and a reminder of why they love SGA to someone else here:


    And with that, I should get to bed — going to see Ponyo today! 😀

  19. Bravo Joe, very well said. I don’t know how people can be so callous. I know you bear the brunt of a lot of complaints because you put yourself out here. Well, let me please be one to say thank you for continuing to post your blog, and to keep us fans as informed as you can without violating any non disclosure agreements in your contract with Startgate and MGM. Thank you for letting us not only into the behind the scenes activities at The Bridge, but also for sharing some of your personal life with us too. I, for one, am totally supportive of your blog and your openness.

    Thank you for caring about the fans. Most of us really appreciate it and the time it takes to write an entry every day. For those few who can’t, and choose to cast stones because they feel safe behind the keyboard, I hope you won’t think that they represent the majority of your readers.


  20. Joe,
    I can not argue with a word you said. I’m amazed at times when I read some of the things people say to you or to Brad or the other producers, it embarrasses me as a fan! I personally want to thank you not only for taking the time to give us the insight that you do in this blog but for entertaining me for years (and you can pass that thank you along to all the people that have been involved in SG1 and SGA and I’ll go out on a limb and say SGU… while I haven’t seen it, I’m going with the thought that my fears will be dispelled when I watch).

    If I can ask a question about the movie script (and if this was address during that crazy time in my life while I was finishing my MAEd forgive me)… but from your comment I’m assuming that the movie picks up where Enemy at the Gate ended with Atlantis still here on earth? So can I take it to mean that when the movie finally gets a green light the plans will be to have the team as we last saw them in the movie, Shepard, Teyla, Ronon, McKay, Becket, Keller, and Woolsey… what would happen if when times comes one or more of these actors is unavailable? Would you do a rewrite to remove them (I’d hope it wouldn’t be a recast, cause that would be weird)…

  21. Internet + Anonymity = Assholes

    People need to get their head out of the ass and not believe everything they see or read on the internet.

    Thanks Joe for being putting people in their place.

  22. Hi Joe,

    I wish it hadn’t been necessary for you to have to write what you wrote today. Applauding somehow seems inappropriate, but I’m uncertain how else to express my support and commiseration. How people dare to vilify BW, RCC, you, Paul or any of the other creators of SG is beyond my ability to comprehend.

    Please know that regardless of how vocal the truly lunatic fringe is, there are those of us who respect and appreciate all of you who have worked so hard to give us so many years of quality entertainment in the past and–we anticipate–into the future. Thank you.


  23. You and Paul, Rob, and especially Brad (among many other writer/producers on or from the Stargate franchise) are some most straight up and supportive people there are in this biz, not to mention some of the best TV writers this country, as in Canada, has ever produced.

    Moving on.

  24. I’ve always felt the the Stargate fanbase can be surprisingly negative at times. Every time some little scrap of news is released or leaked, it seems people pounce on it, try to interpret it in the worst way possible, and then declare it has ruined the show. I’ve never understood that. To me, waiting to film the Atlantis movie until the DVD market is doing better means that when the movie is finally released it will be set up by the studio to be given the best chance to suceed, therefore proving the DVD movies are viable and resulting in more Stargate movies. I appreciate the time you take to try and dispell some of the more widespread and stupid rumours, since apparantly the internet seems to remove all common sense and rational thought from many people.

  25. StellaByStargate, I wish I had your poise and eloquence! I’m having a hard time doing more than sputtering indignantly that these guys work their bums off all these years and are continually being kicked in the teeth for their efforts. *sputters* There I go again… 🙂

  26. Thank you Joe!
    Bottom line, while we wait for the movie, there are other things SG to entertain us. And, we have your blog for as long as you have patience to continue doing it. And, the other bottom line, well, mine anyway, when, the movie is made and ready for pre-order or distribution; I will buy it.

  27. Hi Joe:

    As usual, I have no idea what is going on. I guess that I’m just not nosey enough.

    How do you find out about fan reaction anyway, Joe? Would that be your extra sensory perception kicking in? If I’m not mistaken, that’s one of the perks they hand out when you become a Sci-Fi writer.


  28. Well said.

    My sympathies to Brad Wright and everyone else that ends up taking the brunt of such garbage. I, personally, have only heard a little bit about this latest, but I was appalled at some of the comments that were directed at Brad when he did the guest blog some time back after the cancellation of Atlantis, and I’m sorry to hear it’s going on again.

    If it’s any consolation, I for one appreciate the hard work all of you at “Stargate Command” put into creating shows that engender such loyal followings and make us all look forward to the next episode with eager anticipation.

    To the nutbars out there, at the risk of getting lambasted myself, as William Shatner once said: “Get a life”. It’s a TV show/movie and the world will not come to a screeching halt and tip on its side if the movie is not made – although I really hope it does get made.

    Looking forward to Universe. 7 for intragalactic, 8 for intergalactic, 9 for interdimensional! Yeah, yeah, I know, not the case, but that’s what I thought it should be and shame on ALL OF YOU for not doing it my way!!! 🙂

  29. Hey Joe,

    I can feel the emotion in your words. I am trying so hard to stay out of this and other controversies. My choice is to support Stargate. I believe in you, them and I am very thankful for all the long hours and dedication it has taken to bring a wonderful franchise to television.

    SGU is just around the corner and I would much rather read, tweet and get to know the new cast than make trouble over something that has been delayed.

    You are such a good man. You are fervent in your beliefs. It is nice to know you are there.


  30. Well said Joe, Brad Wright is phenomenal at what he does and is the reason Stargate fandom exists.

  31. Some folks are idiots. And I co-sign with others here, specifically Gina.

    I am grateful for what we are able to enjoy thus far and will wait patiently for whatever comes… whenever it gets here.

  32. Hi Joe

    Unfortunately every fandom has its really stupid people and to tell you the truth it is embarrassing to us ‘normal’ fans as well….having been a Trekker since ’81 (watched it since ’69) I have seen some really weird people…I must admit that I love going to conventions so I can sit and chat with fans but when you have fans who go right over the top and ruin it for everyone else…all you really want to do is to go and hide and just say ‘they are not with us’…

    Btw Joe every thought of coming to a con in the UK?…we would love to see you…

    Kriss 🙂

  33. Though angst was mentioned earlier specifically in connection with SGA’s cancelation, I think it likely that angst in general has a lot to do with the current nastiness. Five-six years back, when I had the time to check in on other, unrelated forums, the amount of anger being dumped on anyone and everyone — for about any reason under the sun — was incredibly oppressive. And the mayhem-wreakers were always hanging around to psych people for their own amusement. Clearly things haven’t gotten any better.

    Everyone makes mistakes, but naturally it sucks when you, or Brad Wright, or whoever gets nailed for a mistake that could have been invented by someone having a Butthead moment (though keeping in mind das’s point about appearances, and Anne Teldy’s point about those at the top of the entertainment industry, which I fully agree with).

    That said, and not to go all gooey or anything, I’d just like to express support for you and your colleagues while you deal with all the crap, and also with rectification where legitimate grievances arise. Hoping for a very good outcome for fans and show-creators alike. – Amelia

  34. OK, gotta come out of the shadows for a minute here… the vituperation and hysteria of some internet fandom, as currently on display, is why I have to soft-pedal my sci-fi addiction to family and friends. I don’t want them to lump me in as one of “those guys”.

    Did it hurt when SGA was cancelled? Lordy, YES – it had become my refuge of choice from a crazy time in my life. Do I really, really want resolution to characters/storylines I became attached to? Oh, YES – and I spent money I shouldn’t have to get the s5 DVD on release day, rather than wait for the price to go down, that being the only substantive support I can give to getting the movie made.

    Joe, thank you very much for the blog. Regulars, thank you for giving me vicarious access to bits of your lives, I feel like I am among friends here, I’m not the only crazy one after all! 🙂 As for the lunatic few: Some folks just need to invoke their inner Spock before they hit the keyboard.

  35. PS: Thanks to Brad and the whole SG team for a huge number of great memories, and for those still to come.

  36. Joe, it’s a shame that amidst something that actually sparked a real discussion about something that was at least real – and important – some fools have to lie outright and spread their lies all over the net. I saw that nonsense about the SGA movie supposedly being killed because of lack of fan interest, and I marveled at the capacity of people to turn “economic downturn,” and lower dvd sales as a result of that, causing a delay, into being killed by lack of fan interest. Honestly. I’m sorry that’s happening.

    @ Dovil and @ Wolfenm – I’m not really qualified to talk expertly about stereotypes and tropes about minorities (’cause I’m a middle aged white woman), but I’ve always been rather fond of warrior characters, and not just ones played by minorities – in years past I was a big time Xena fan, and I was crazy over Ares (played by the tragically deceased Kevin Smith).

    I love the muscles and I love the warriors. (And oh, Patrick Stewart in Star Trek: First Contact, well, there is a certain amount of drooling going on when I pull out that dvd. He’d certainly been working out before that movie was filmed).

    Aside from the physical attractiveness of said characters, what I like the most is the sense of controlled power and strength, combined with intelligence. That for me transcends issues of race when I’m watching tv or a movie with warrior characters.

    As Wolfenm has pointed out, the possibly non-white warrior characters in SGA all are more than just “scary black men,” (or women, in Teyla’s case). They’re more complex and more interesting than that. Teal’c in SG1 for sure is more than that, although altogether too often in the early years he didn’t get enough dialogue and was little more than the muscle. But in episodes that focused on him, he was much more, in fact, he was better developed than Sam or even Daniel. Teal’c became more important and more complex as the years went on and the Jaffa rebellion developed.

    All of these characters certainly CAN be scary, but in Teyla’s and Teal’c’s case, they are solid, intelligent, charismatic leaders of their people.

    For both Teyla and Teal’c, their people aren’t all POC or stereotypes, either. In SG1, the Jaffa we got to know best after Teal’c was Bra’tac, his mentor, and he wasn’t black. In fact, one of the things I liked the most about the Jaffa was that their apparent white or non-white original ethnicity had nothing to do with them being Jaffa or their status AS Jaffa.

    Also, it is certainly true that Teal’c could be very scary, but that was a function of him being a hard ass warrior, not his color. Maybe I’m naive about this, but even if there were some underlying unconscious thing going on that resulted in POC being chosen for these roles, the roles certainly became so much more. And that is a function of both writing and acting.

    I’m also insanely nuts about Teal’c – certainly as nuts as das is over Todd. But I didn’t get so nuts about him because of his appearance (although Chris Judge is quite attractive, of course), but because of the character that developed over time, from the writing and Chris Judge’s amazing portrayal.

    I certainly don’t mean to minimize conscious or unconscious racism in tv: both certainly exist. Possibly some of these underlying tropes were part of what was going on initially when these characters were created and cast, but that’s a charge I’m not willing to make against TPTB. I have to admit that I was a little concerned when I first learned that the character originally called “Psycho” in SGU was to be played by a young man who was a POC, but I also appreciated the name change when the decision about whom to cast was made.

    Further, I think we need to consider what the writers and actors did with these parts played by POC in SG1 and SGA, the way the characters developed in the overall storylines, the fact that minority actors got jobs as characters worthy of respect in an industry that often doesn’t hire them, and the fact that even the tropes in question are a far cry from the vicious racial stereotypes that used to exist. There’s a long way to go, but things have also come a long way.


  37. Joe,

    Well said. In this society people expect everything now. Fast food, fast downloads from the internet, etc. People are used to instant gratification and don’t know how to wait. Well, as the old saying goes – Good things come to those who wait. Thanks for keeping us updated with the movie’s progress (or lack thereof – as you’ve pointed out). I for one think the fans should show more loyalty to the ones who have provided their favorite show, rather than kicking them to the curb every time something happens to said show that they dislike. Of course those who are negative usually have the biggest mouths. Anyway, thanks for providing a place where rational thinkers can be heard. Here’s hoping you can keep your sanity for a little longer. 🙂

  38. Joe —

    All of you who comprise the “PTBs” at Stargate are better and more generous people than I could ever be to put up with the shit that the crazies in the fandom throw at you. I don’t believe that any person with common sense would blame you if you all just picked up your marbles in disgust at the behavior exhibited recently, damned us all to hell and went play golf for the rest of eternity.

    Yet you do not. For that I am grateful.

  39. It is my fault, to be honest. I swept through the land like a plague and smote all those who sought to purchase Stargate on DVD, all those who carried the interest of the fans far and wide, all those who even considered Stargate to be okay-ish. If it were not for me, we would be watching Stargate Atlantis VI: The Undiscovered Country on DVD right now, a release which coincided with the season premieres of Atlantis, SG-1, Universe, and the fourth spin-off series entitled Stargate: Voyager. If it were not for me, Brad Pitt would be the lead in Stargate: Voyager, playing the courageous and handsome Colonel Henry Handsome, with his beautiful assistant, Patty Perky (played by Tyra Banks, naturally). We would be able to witness them VOYAGE (as it the title, get it?) through the stargate to various worlds to right wrongs, solve super-cool mysteries, and end the grave injustices suffered by the afflicted. It would be a spin-off that was not well thought out, suffered from being rushed to production, because it would be ordered by the studio–and demanded by the fans–to air less than twelve days after Universe premiered. And people would love it! Why? It’s freaking Stargate, of course. Were it not for me, and the destruction I brought to those who had even viewed a single Stargate episode, this, my friends, would be reality. So blame me, blame me for your Stargate-related woes, blame me. Oh, and the magnets helped.

  40. Well said! Allthough the internet is a great means to communicate to people from all over the world, it’s also a mean for total d**kheads to (anonymously) rant about things they haven’t a single clue about! People really should think before they open their big, fat mouths…

    Anyhoot, here’s a little comic I made that I’m certain you can relate to (being a dog owner yourself). Hopefully it can help to chear you up a bit!


  41. If I buy more Atlantis dvds we get the movie? Done. I need door prizes for my Atlantis movie party anyways.,,,

    More seriously, I admit to being angered and depressed by the show’s cancellation, though I recognise some of the reasons for it. I also admit to watching the progress of the movie project as a criteria for being willing to “invest” in SGU. The commission and completion of the script was a big boost. The lack of progress since, obviously a downer. But given the current economy, and the likelyhood of it continuing to remain in the doldrums for some time, I’m becoming resigned to the fact that the movie will be released in a time “to be determined”. And yes, there are a number of fans who are petulent, provcative, and purile. But even many of those fans are driven by a love of the product you’ve provided us for five years(or 13 if you want to go back that far). You have served as an “ambassador” for the show and intermediary to the “PTB” with unparalled skill and aplomb. Unfortunately, that has helped provide a focus to the small number of sourpusses who never see the good in anything, and who can inflame those fans who react to feelings before applying logic and thought. But don’t give up on us just yet. We may not always agree with you, but I promise we’ll try to handle those disagreements as in adult a manner as any person who has the imagination and intellect to escape reality via your shows can. To be a fan is to have a certain childlike outlook on things. And if that childishness sometimes manifests into a temper tantrum, well, I believe your post today is just the right way to respond. Firm and tempered. Whatever else happens, please do not let it affect your sense of humor. Once you do that, you grow old, get grey hairs, lots of wrinkles, and start to smell funny. And we couldn’t bear for Maximus and the gang to suffer that.

  42. Hey, Joe.

    I’m probably gonna echo what most have said – word! Hopefully you understand that not all fans are like that. I was sad to hear SGA got canceled and am eagerly waiting for movies and SGU, but that doesn’t make me disrespect TPTB of Stargate. You are the guys who gave us 15(!) seasons of the-best-franschise-out-there. And counting, of course.

    When you say fanatics ruin the name of the fandom and are embarrased of them, well, so are we. It was really tireing to read posts at GateWorld, where angry SGA fans called everyone else to not watch SGU and they thought to know *exact* reasons why one show got canceled and the new one green-lit. That’s just plain… don’t know the word… arrogance?

    And while I’m here, next time you see Carl and/or Brad, would you please ask if the SG-1 movie has a title yet or not.

  43. The thing is that people are simply getting tired of hearing “eventually” – various experiences with the TV in general just makes people wary of these statements because in many cases they are being used just to shut people up.

    Also, they hear about plummeting DVD sales – and then they go online and read the data and find out that SGA’s S5 sold more units in its first weeks than its S4 and S3 and more than SG-1’s S10. And so they think, with these data at hand, that they are being held for fools.

    And then they read interviews with the actors where they openly state that none of them has been even approached yet about their availability in the foreseeable future.

    Look at it from the point of a SGA fan, a fan of the show Stargate Atlantis who isn’t interested in SGU or in another SG-1 movie but in SGA only because they loved SGA’s characters. And said fan keeps hearing only about SGU and SG-1’s characters guest starring and SGA? Zip. Nada.

    So yes, fans are getting more and more frustrated because they feel like TPTB aren’t delivering what they promised considering that one of the main reasons for SGA’s cancellation were, purportedly, the movies. I’m sorry that you consider it whining.

  44. Hi Joe. Sorry if this has been asked before and if you can point me to the entry, I will look it up myself.

    I was just wondering the ages of Jelly, Max, Bubba, Lulu and Brie. I loved Jelly in her princess outfit. 😀


  45. Joe

    I known everyone has already said this but kudos – well said.

    The true fans trust that Brad and Rob will do the best for the franchise. Way back when SGA was first announced I was unsure, even a bit scared, that they were going to mess with our beloved SG1 but was hooked from the start (it didn’t hurt that I like the Wraith – ah, Steve, still miss you – don’t get me started on how I feel about Michael’s death). They created some great characters, thought provoking stories and kept the humour.

    I’ve deliberately avoided any ‘reviews’ of SGU so that when I do watch it it’ll be unbiased and my judgement will be based on my experience of watching the show.

    As for the movie, ‘the lack of fan interest’ probably means they spoke to one person who, as you say, is sulking because a movie is not being made as fast as they want. Well to that person I say – which would you prefer 1) a botched job, rushed out just to get money off of the fans or; 2) a finely crafted movie that is going to make the true fans squeal with delight.

    As a certain advert goes ‘the best thing comes to those who wait’.

    Give Brad, Rob, Paul and yourself a big hug from all your true fans and keep up the fantastic work.


    PS If you ever meet the idiots who started the internet rumour then set Lulu and the Pug Pack on them.

  46. >>Still, for what it’s worth, I’m confident that this movie WILL move forward, but only when certain economic factors have stabilized.<<

    Then hope that this will happen soon because if they wait too long you'll either have to write a new script or they'll have to cast new actors and actresses.

  47. Coucou!!

    Oh, je ne savais pas que ces rumeurs exstés! Moi j’ai encore pleins d’espoire de sga!! Je pense que la situation économique va s’améliorer et la popularité de sgu va augmenter les ventes de DVD.
    Moi chaque année, pour Noel ou mon anniversaire je garde de l’argent pour les DVD de stargate et je les ai tous!! même si j”ai déja vu les épisodes sur le net!! Croyez moi les gens qui disent ces rumeurs son minoritaires, c’est justement parcequ’ils disent des bétises qu’ont les remarques plus.

    Bonne journée!

  48. Very well said, I am constantly shocked with some of the comments that the small minority in fandom make, usually regarding minor rumors. I really dislike fans that take it to extremes and insulting people on a personal and professional level is in my opinion unacceptable and as rightly stated gives a bad name to a fan base. Personally it is made even more laughable the way they personally insult people that have had key roles in producing 15 seasons of brilliant television because they aren’t producing more as fast as they would like, to all the “fans” out there that love to complain all the time and react in such a quite frankly stupid manner there is an alternative to them moving at the pace that things are currently moving at and this is for the production to stop. Fans should be happy that the movie has not being cancelled and wait patiently for it to be completed and start treating the people behind the scenes with the respect that they deserve for the brilliant job that they do.

  49. Hear hear! Whilst stupidity to the Nth degree at least it is a good example of how all the fans of SG, of all intellectual brackets, wear their hearts on their sleeves.

    I personally feel like the show is something that all fans have a stake in. Like shareholders investing our passion in a product of pure joy 🙂

    I’m not that surprised that some would over-react. Does that make me devil’s advocate?

  50. and I feel sad that you even have to reply to this stupidity. Let’s grow up people.

    Thanks Joe for your ongoing work and for being gracious enough to tell us anything at all about the inner workings of a show. Some of us actually appreciate it.


  51. @ Pandora – See, I have no idea what’s being said about Wright beyond this blog – I only visit the WDC at Gateworld, and I don’t read other sites. I only know what has been said here, and in the past. My comments mirror those of Bailey‘s, who I believe hit the nail on the head.

    Wright did come off as “arrogant and condescending”, both here in his Q&A (which he did apologize for at GW), and in interviews regarding the cancellation of the show. If you know you are coming across the wrong way to people, sometimes it’s best to re-think your approach and try a different way. Since I haven’t read anything about Altantis since the show’s cancellation (except what’s posted here), I can’t tell if Mr. Wright has, or has not, tried to do this sort of ‘damage control’.

    Of course, there will always be fans who will hate for the sake of hating, no matter how hard someone tries to make things better…it’s one of the unfortunate sides of human nature. However, when you have a good portion of fans (which it sounds like to me to be the case) angry at one particular person, I think it also behooves one to take a step back and ask ‘why?’. If it’s a matter of people just being idiots for idiots’ sake, then that’s that. But if it’s a matter of someone being perceived in a negative way over and over again by many different people, then maybe it’s time to analyze why there is this perception, and whether or not taking a different approach to things – especially to fan concerns – can improve the situation.


  52. Fandom is a crazy place, things often thrown out of proportion, and much sensationalism.

    True fans will stick by a franchise through the good and bad. Those are the people that matter.

  53. Again, some people are getting far too worked up too much over a television show. Yes, it’s a television show made with love, sweat and tears, but it’s also made with money.

    In the countless number of years I’ve been watching Stargate , the only real negativity I’ve seen aimed at the show was from one of the original creators of Stargate movie – Dean Devlin – who told me to boycott the show as they weren’t involved with it (the show, of course, then went on to pick up multiple awards, 10 seasons and spawn several other series). Everyone else I’ve spoken to about the Stargate has ever had praise for it (one exception: my wife, who doesn’t like sci-fi full stop).

    Yes, I was disappointed that Stargate SG-1 finished at series 10, and that Atlantis stopped after 5 series. But one must realise that there must be sound economical or practical reasons for ending things the way they do. It’s not called show business for nothing.

    It’s a credit to the writing staff, the actors, the directors and the rest of the production team that fans get so excited about the show. However, there will always be people who think the show/writers/actors/MGM/whoever owes them something and it’s a real shame that the show/writers/actors/MGM/whoever gets hit with this negativity.

  54. Joe, I’ve been a long-time lurker at this wonderful blog and didn’t think I would be posting comments, but I felt I had to respond to this.

    Bravo. I’m glad you took the time to address this issue which has so often irked me. Like others here, it seems, it’s the very reason I stopped reading and posting at forums like GateWorld.

    The negativity among fans sometimes (not just among Gaters, but others aswell) can be incredibly tiring. And for the ones that put in so much time, effort and money into producing the shows and movies we love so much, I can imagine it must be worse. But the whole Stargate Atlantis issue seems to be one of the uglier debates.

    I confess, I was actually rather upset when I heard of the cancellation of Atlantis and it even predisposed me to a somewhat negative stance towards Universe. So I understand how some of the fans of Atlantis are feeling. But their responses and accusations are just too much.

    I’m confident that Stargate: Extinction will still end up happening. In the meantime, I still have my SG-1 and Atlantis DVD’s and Stargate Universe to look forward to.

  55. Hey Joe…. on the off chance that the plug DOES finally get pulled… why don’t you guys start turning that script into a book? I’ll take my continuing adventures in that format without issue..

  56. Very well said, Joe. Thank you.

    This kind of people really pisses me off. I can assure you that we are still thousands out there supporting Mr Wright and the entire Stargate team.

    We all know that the SGA movie will come out one day and we will all be here to buy it.

    I am looking forward to it as much as I am looking forward to Oct 2nd!

    All my support to you guys, please keep doing such an incredible work for TV.


  57. I’m totally with you there Luvnjack 🙂

    Joe, please know that for every loud negative ‘fan’ out there, there are masses of positive ones quietly appreciating the efforts of everyone involved in the SG franchise, and patiently waiting for the next movies.

    As for Brad – please people, a little respect for one of the creators of the best SciFi shows ever. SG’s longevity speaks for itself.

    Our PTB may not be saints, but without them there wood be no Stargate 🙂


  58. Hi Mr M!

    You know, first off THANK YOU! What a kind thing to say at the start today. It’s very flattering to us regulars (lurkers and all) to have you say that you have picked up a few friends along the way. Thank you.

    My wife often asks: What could you possibly find interesting about Joe’s Blog that you read it every day? I say, it’s not just the behind-the-scenes, the witty caption contests, the WFPOTD, the dastardly deeds of Baron et al, the foodie updates on all things Vancouver….it’s the honesty.

    I admire anyone who takes the time to construct and execute an argument (sometimes in the midst of howling protest) and present the facts as they see them. I have deep respect for those that can debate in a civil and respectful manner. I may not always agree, but I do profoundly respect their position.

    I too, saw this “steaming bowl of bullsh:@t” rumour and laughed (out loud too!). Sure, I wish SGA film was being shot…(I still harbour hopes of that dashing Irish dentist saving the day)…And yes, I am disappointed we have no date (YET) to hang our hats on….but that’s television + Economy. I am not an expert in either, I don’t work in either and I would not for one second lecture those that do. (I get enough of that in my job..that’s another story).

    Sure I have my opinion, and if I feel that it’s a worthy one, that needs to be shared, then I will do so and make no apology for it (Yes, I’m still bummed Magnum PI/MacGyver/Moonlighting and The West Wing is off the air …but that’s life).

    The collective creative force behind the SG franchise is nothing short of staggering! Take a look at all that has been achieved in the past 12 years!

    I wait (however impatiently) for the SGA movie, I anticipate great things from SGU, I enjoyed the COTG Cut, and I’m working my way through box-set commmentaries S5 SGA….So, I’m kinda Stargated out as is…..

    Thanks again Mr M! and as I always sign off…

    The Best to all at The Bridge!


  59. Thank you. For all their graciousness in person, Stargate fans (as a blob) are the most inclined to go crazy online. And I’ve been in some crazy fandoms before. This takes the cake.

    I hope that this will help to settle things down so we can enjoy the fun things we do.

    We are zen. We are calm. Deep breaths, folks!

  60. Unfortunately, there are always many people who, for whatever reason, believe everything they are told by the media channels of their choice. I think that, for whatever reason, such people have never developed the critical thinking skills that allow them to make reasoned choices. For them, it’s much easier to simply parrot what they’ve heard or read or seen without question and without much thought and without considering the source. Whether we’re talking about the health care debate in the U.S. or an SGA movie or any other issue of concern, there are channels of media and individuals on the Internet who have political and ideological axes to grind and who feed (and feed on) this lack of perspective in the audience. I’m not sure what can or should be done about it other than to provide more reasoned channels of communication and various perspectives to provide people the information they need to be critical rather than reactionary. I think you do that with your blog, Joe, and I thank you for that.

  61. @Sandra Good – You said it just like I wanted to say it… thanks!

    Joe – *HUGS*

  62. Joe,

    I never thought I’d say this, but… I’m truly and honestly sorry that you’ve been confronted with this.

    Questioning is one thing, and I’ve been doing my fair share of that, but this hate-mongering based on unsubstantiated rumours that has been going on lately is crossing the line.

    Starting today, I’m taking a step back and reconsidering my participation in Stargate fandom. I don’t feel, right now, that I can stand up and proudly say “I’m a Stargate: Atlantis fan”.

  63. Well said, sir. I honestly didn’t believe it was an issue of fanbase so much as it was the economy. I know the industry in the US is in a tight spot and it has put a lot of crew members like me out of work. 🙁 Luckily, I’ve heard my friends in Canada are more stable at the moment.

  64. Thank you Mr. M for today’s blog.

    I would never admit this to close friends but I’m actualy enjoying the dogs tweet’s pictures.


  65. Wow… I’ve been waiting for a reaction… way to go Mr. M

    I’m a movie fan, not just Stargate but all SF movies, and I do recall a lot of sequels to good movies (Alien, Star Trek and many others) that were many years appart… Whatever the reason it was, fans were happy once the movies were out… I believe its the first time I see so many fierce comments from fan for a sequel…

    Please people, have respect for this Blog and the man behind it (Mr. Mallozzzi) and for people you know nothing about.

    There I stand.

  66. Some years ago, I read a fascinating article comparing the psychology of road rage to some types of internet behavior. In both situations there is a sense of anonymity and empowerment that contribute to the behavior. Stresses and frustrations of “real life” are inappropriately directed and then blown out of proportion. And as a result some people behave in an uncharacteristic and unfortunate manner.

    More than once I wish I’d saved the article. I’ve seen other research like it online, but never found the article itself again.

    I had some fun yesterday, throwing in my contributions to the #GIVEMEMYSGAMOVIE campaign on Twitter yesterday, so thank you to whoever cooked that up. I also got to check out that cool tribute video that someone made. I am very sorry to hear, though, that somewhere out on the web some folks took things too far.

  67. Joe, I hear the frustration underlying this post and I completely understand. Yes, when it was announced that Atlantis was ending I was very upset. Yes, I did some ranting and raving (to my wonderfully long-suffering and patient husband *lol*) and then I cried my eyes out over The Shrine. Then, eventually, I got over myself.

    Yes, I would like an Atlantis movie sooner rather than later and yes, I was initially very skeptical about SG:U – I’d already watched Voyager and was never interested in 90210 but I am willing to give it a try. From what I’ve seen and heard on your blog and from elsewhere on the internet it has some very interesting potential, even if there have been one or two rather upsetting and jarring issues – but I’m not going to re-open that can of worms, I’ve said what I needed to say elsewhere.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that I really believe the majority of fandom (and I’ve been around the edges of more than a couple) are more like me (who might make a fuss about the important things) rather than the overly loud, negative and confrontational people who raise such a fuss over an unsubstantiated rumor.

    Thank you for realizing we’re not all of a type and continuing to choose to share the joy you so obviously take from Stargate when you could choose to avoid all the unpleasantness and walk away from us all.

  68. I agree with what you have said in your article..however remember this..where would you be now with the bunch of loyal fans..the popularity of Atlantis enabled you to continue with your pet project of Universe..remember that!

  69. Well said Joe. Thank you.

    I know the calm and collected isn’t normally the voice that is heard. Just know we are here…we enjoy your (everyone at SG Productions) work and will wait however long it takes for a SGA movie, episodes of SGU or even a slight glance into a world that entertains us and makes us smile. The silent majority appreciates all you do!

    Thank you.

  70. Joe I would stand up and applaud but since you can neither see or hear me all that would accomplish is having my children think I’ve lost my mind. I actually lost it years ago, silly rabbits.

    Seriously I love every word you said. Fandom can be amazing and some of the friendships I’ve made have enriched my life. The flip side of it is you meet (on line or in real life) some folks that have a hard time prioritizing reality and fantasy. Its not just sci-fi fandom that you get these folks. Look at fights breaking out over sports or Twilight books. The internet sadly just allows this small minority (please let them be a small minority) to have a very vocal voice.

    I would like to take this time to thank you for all that you do for this fandom. I really appreciate that you take the time to interact with us on a daily basis.

  71. @ wolfenm : Awesome picture. What medium did you use again?

    @ Joe – Amen. I don’t know how you put up with the politics and everything in the indusrty and still keep a positive attitude. I guess it’s like any other business, but … I don’t think I could deal with it. The politics seem to be on a more magnified level. Hang in there, Joe.

    @ deeinsouthafrica – thanks for your response. however – we already changed her diet due to the seizures, which isn’t to say, it couldn’t still be the diet, that’s still a possability. Teemu, (the quaker) had a calcium deficiency sparking the seizures which thank God have stopped.

  72. Well Joe. I was wondering when you would finally have enough and say something. Well said too. Where did you get this…”supposedly mature adults”? Who gave you that idea? That reminds me of one time, when I was about 20, I told an older supervisor I am disappointed that adults don’t always act like adults. She said if I think that way, I will be very disappointed in life. I’ve always just kept that thought in mind as I journey thru this life.

  73. On another note that twitter picture of Bubba on the expensive couch is by far my favorite so far! I’m not a huge dog person but I would seriously consider a dog for a companion if they were as adorable as yours!

  74. @Major D. Davis: You said…

    He one thing I don’t understand is why can’t you produce the movies and then just wait for the right time to release it(considering you are planning to make it).

    Backers/Lenders presumably like to see a healthy return on their investment, which they won’t if the movie is made, but not released.

  75. Oh, and my copy of Heroes Die arrived yesterday. Though I’m only a few pages in, it’s already shaping up to be a good read. 🙂

  76. Joe… you said it perfectly. As a fan who often hides in the anonymity of the internet (but does not attack Brad Wright!) I may not have the best point-of-view or credibility. However, I think people need to start thinking before they act. (Take the people suing Facebook for SHARING INFORMATION WITH THEIR (the suers) FRIENDS (their friends ON FACEBOOK!). Or take some SG “fans”). So many seem to think that just ’cause it’s anonymous, that their actions aren’t going to be “stupid” or “mean” or “rude”. And that’s ridiculous.

    Joe, on behalf of REAL Stargate fans everywhere, I’d like to apologize to Brad Wright for the ridiculous treatment he’s been receiving from these faux-fans. He’s given us an amazing 300-something episodes of a fantastic series, and will hopefully continue over the next few years to deliver some more with SGU! I know I look forward to it, and I’m not judging till I’ve actually seen it.

    Excuse the grammar/spelling/incoherent formation of words, if there are any. I haven’t had my coffee this morning (it’s still early on the East Coast). And I sure hope by apologizing on behalf of the “real fans everywhere” I’m not turning into one of the faux-fans who doesn’t think before he acts, that I loathe oh-so-much.

    Best to all at SGU and Stargate fans everywhere!

    –Billy Bob Johanssen (yes… an alias; I do in fact appreciate the irony and hypocrisy!)

    P.S. — Feel free to forward the apology to Mr. Wright!!!

  77. Very nicely said, I sometimes wonder at the fans who will jump onto any negative or unsubstantiated rumor. I find it much easier to take a ‘wait and see’ attitude about any rumors, but the fanatic fringe , being the most vocal and practically running the forums out there is why I stopped checking out any of the chat rooms or forums. So I get most of my updates from the Gateworld news, & feature page and your blog. It’s much less stressful and more reliable.

    I also wonder about people who seem to think Brad Wright is all powerful and does whatever he wants with the Stargate franchise. Like the studio and networks all bend to his will. I’m sure there is a lot of discussions or deal making involved in cancelling a series, starting up new ones, getting a green light on a movie, etc. And although he certainly gets his say, there are money people and others who have the biggest vote and final decision.

    I think alot of fans need to ‘chill’ and go on with their lives and if there is eventaully a movie or two, then we can rejoice at that time, but not waste so much energy with all the negativity and spite that seems to be part of this fandom, more than most, from what I’ve seen. It’s a sign of the times, I guess, with the internet and all, that people can have their say anonymously and vent in a way they never would in person. I’m from a pre-internet age where we watched a TV show, enjoyed it, even became obsessed with it, but there was no avenue to take it any farther and hurl accusations about to the creative minds behind our favorite shows.Nowadays, it seems so many people don’t sit down to enjoy a TV show, they’re primed to find fault and respond to it in a negative way, which is a sad commentary on the viewing public and must be frustrating to TPTB since nothing will ever satisfy these fans. But I continue to think that most of the viewers of any show just sit and watch it because they like it, and it goes no further. It’s only the most fervent of fans who go to forums and follow every rumor, and despite what they think to the contrary, in the long run, they’re not the biggest majority of viewers of any show.

  78. Well said Joe!!!

    I love your no bones about it comments!!!! Keep them coming!!!!

  79. Thanks Joe – rumours like this just serve to launch my already McKay-esqe blood pressure into orbit.

    I’m guessing that the Atlantis set’s haven’t been scrapped yet then? Wonderful news. Progress at any speed is still progress – the Behemoth that moves the space shuttle does so at 2MPH.

    Also, first post… thing…. I’m a long time reader, but never got around to thanking you;

    Thanks Joe!

    – Ashley RV

  80. Joe –

    Thank you for this post – and all you do for the fans. That’s what sets the Stargate franchise apart from so many other TV shows, the willingness to have someone – like you – engage the public. It is singular to my knowledge.

    The internet is a wonderful thing that connects so many people instantaneously. But as you say, this can be good and bad. So, unless I hear something that comes directly from you or the Executive Producers – I don’t pay much attention to it. And again – no suck-ups intended – I think Brad Wright is brilliant. He has been the key architect behind this franchise and has stayed with it for the long haul. This is no small feat. Thank you, Brad.

    You rightly point out that you are creating a commercial product – in a very competitive marketplace. The economy sucks right now. There is no money any longer for lots of things – entertainment included. It’s just something we all have to deal with.

    I ran a non-profit for many years and am glad that I was able to help provide services to my community. But it was hard work and I dealt with a good number of people who took themselves way too seriously at times. When I needed a break from this, I popped in a Stargate dvd and was able to laugh and escape from this for an hour or so. This helped me get through some of my more challenging days. Thanks to all of you for the great entertainment over the years.

    So, I will be pleased to see SGU and any additional films that come from the franchise – no matter when this may or may not happen.


  81. Hi Joe!

    I saw that “lack of fan interest” rumor float by on Twitter and didn’t even bother trying to track it down. What a load of crap! Obviously, there are buttloads of Atlantis fans and SG fans in general who are interested in an SGA movie.

    To me, a “fan” was having a bad day cuz someone pissed in his cereal that morning and he decided to take it out on Brad Wright, his scapegoat du jour.

    I was disappointed and upset when SGA was canceled. Heck, I might’ve even shed a tear. I was concerned and a bit annoyed by my interpretation of Brad’s press release. Then that very week, The Shrine aired, written, as we all know, by Brad Wright. I know the shows are written months before they are aired, but for me, The Shrine demonstrated that Brad cared very much about SGA.

    As for the production crew showing excitement about their new show, it is NOT an insult to SGA or SG-1. Do fans accuse bands of “not caring” about their earlier albums because they are promoting and enjoying their latest effort? (Unfortunately, yes they do. Stupid fans.)

    FCOL, fans don’t have to act like screaming demons every time something doesn’t go their way!

    I’ve done my share of fandom pouting and stamping my tiny feet and shaking my tiny fists over the years, but not with curses, rage, or insanity. I don’t accuse producers of being all but genocidal murderers because my fave show is delayed or canceled. I don’t accuse actors or producers of “not caring” because they didn’t produce a show exactlly as I want.

    Two quotes:

    “Get a life!” William Shatner

    “Bam, said the lady.” Nathan Fillion (means “the end” or “we’re done”)

    Rock on, Joe.


  82. ~heavy sigh~

    The loonies are making us look bad again.

    I just do not get these people who feel it is their right and entitlement to have exactly what they want, when they want it, the way they want it. And then have the right to complain about what they get.

    I guess being loud and obnoxious is the way to force the creative artists to produce exactly the art they want.

    Sorry that you, your friends and coworkers are taking the brunt of the latest shitstorm. I wonder how the crazy fans would feel if someone randomly started posting critiques on the web of their job performance at Acme Inc?

    I appreciate that you take an enormous amount of time to share the workings with us, the fans. This is not something you have to do. I don’t think there are any other producers of any other shows out there who do what you do, Joe. Thank you.

  83. As has been so eloquently said: Word.

    I should have that Eagles jersey burning video this weekend. Ran into some…difficulties last weekend.

    Don’t let the a-holes get ya down! Have a great weekend everyone.

  84. I wonder though… how much of the DVD downturn is the economy… and how much of it is the rise of BluRay?

    While I think the economic situation certainly impacts the DVD market… I’m skeptical it will ever truly rebound. I for one am holding out on aquiring Atlantis, the complete series, because I don’t want to invest in DVD format anymore. Which means I have to wait until the pressure builds enough to greenlight a bluray release.

    I still think, however, that given the situation with the DVD market… and the desire to move forward with the film… if there aren’t other distribution methods that might be looked at.

    Has any consideration been given to revamping the story for a televised mini-series or something along those lines?

  85. I think a lot of aspects of fandom need a big dollop of perspective. I’m just happy to be along for the ride! Will I get my degree? Something that worries me. Will I kill a patient at work? Something that stresses me sometimes. Poverty and famine? Makes my chest hurt with sadness. Stargate? Love it. Online fandom? Warm fuzzies and whoo hoo! Somethings are worth stressing about more than others.

    That’s why I’m happy to wait for the movies, looking back in 10 years will a couple of months or years really change anything?

  86. First time I post here. Thanks for the words. I think those
    thoughts are shared with most fans, fortunally. Keep it going!

  87. Years ago there was a furor over comments William Shatner made while doing a Saturday Night Live sketch. Fans were OUTRAGED that he could belittle them. They couldn’t see the humor and Bill ended up having to apologize to the fans (which I found to be absurd). I think the sketch is very worth revisiting.


  88. Good morning Joe

    Look at me… I’m gone for months and then 2 posts in as many days.

    Bravo on your last update and I’m sorry you have to deal with the insanity. I must admit that when you get angry your wit and pen get sharper but I don’t wish this level of intensity on anyone. I enjoy every aspect of your blog. Just thought I’d say it.

    I don’t know about you but I’m looking to move forward – have you seen the trailers for Legion and Zombieland? Saw them at Comic Con and really loved them both. Here are the links…



    Happy Friday

  89. Thank you Joe. One thing I love about reading this blog is your blunt honesty. I do think some got really carried away with their gutteral attacks. I am not always thrilled at some creative choices however you have an avid fan here til the day I die so my purchase of anything Stargate is a given. I look foward to the movie and to see what twists you have in store for us. You have never let us down with you honesty, humor, and updates. You are one of the people who I hold as a role model and I only hope that I have the class and talent to express things like you do…you are a class act!

  90. PS. Before I get blasted, yes, I realize that Bill’s performance on SNL was scripted, and Brad’s wasn’t. Yes, Brad came off sounding uncaring of the fanbase and egotistical (in my opinion), but I also don’t know the full context of the comment. He could have been having a bad day, and “snapped” at the wrong time. I have no idea, I just know that I have said things at the wrong time, in the wrong way, and had what I thought was “nothing” turn into a great big “something”. Frak. Nothing fixes hoof in mouth. You just move on.

    I miss Atlantis. I continue to hope for SG1 and SGA movies, as I hope for SGU. I’m not sure I will like Universe, but I’m willing to give it a chance. There’s so little television that appeals to me anymore, that I’ll give any show more than a fair chance.

    What amuses me is remembering my mother’s comments on television shows during the 60’s and 70’s. “The shows are moronic, and there’s nothing much worth watching!”

  91. I’ve been staying out of the whole kerfluffle. (Both of them, actually.) I believe in a wait and see attitude. If it happens, fantastic. If it doesn’t I’ll be very unhappy, because I love Sheppard, McKay, Teyla and Ronon and all the rest and want to see them at least one more time having new adventures. It’s far too easy to believe one person’s word that they talked to “someone” who said the movie has been shelved for good.

    That said, Brad Wright’s comments have been less than warm towards the fans and he has done little to nothing to connect with us — apart from interviews done at a distance. You interact with the fans all the time, Joe, and it’s appreciated. Joss Whedon is practically a fanboy himself, in that he used to post on dozens of message boards and probably still does. Aaron Sorkin of West Wing used to go to TWOP and talk to the fans (but got himself in a lot of trouble for it — oops). In this age of the Internet where the mysterious barrier between TBTB and the fans has been breached, is too much to ask that the Man himself re: Stargate be a little more approachable and maybe make an effort to, well, connect with us on a more level field? Even once? It would do a lot to make him less of a target and reassure some very nervous fans that our love SGA is still alive.

    Brad Wright is waaaay over there, a figure none of the fans know personally, and can get no feel for his personality. All we know is he seems to be talking down to us. If he or Rob Cooper could give more of themselves to us, it would go a long way to calming the fervour. Mr. Wright could explain his remarks better so that we understand the status of the movie better. Maybe instead of posting a written statement on Gateworld he could find another forum where he can interact with us. Hopefully everyone would show the other side due respect…

    I’d rather have the series back for another five years, but that’s me.

    Sorry to have gone on so long. Thanks for reading this.

  92. Just wondering what the hell I walked in on…..woah. I hadn’t caught the original article, however I had heard mutterings on the ‘net that there was a rumour going ’round the movie was not going ahead. Didn’t pay too much attention, although I did retweet David Hewlett.

    So I did a search to see what you were talking about. You weren’t kidding were you? I can’t believe someone talked about a campaign to tank SGU as some sort of revenge.

    I get the frustration, it is frustrating, even more for you. I’m sure you’d love to be able to make the movie right now after all of the hard work you and Paul put in the script.

    Just wanted to say that I support you guys. I like what Brad & Rob create so I’m looking forward to watching SGU when it airs in October in Australia. Also looking forward to seeing your episodes too.

    Anyhoo ((((Joe)))), sounds like you need it.

    Cheers, Chev

  93. Amen Joe!! I’m sorry you had to write this and I’m sorry that a small section of the Stargate fandom makes the rest of us look so bad. I’ve never quite understood the intense negativity of some or the williness to jump to such crazy conclusions. I have nothing but the utmost appreciation to you, Paul, Brad Wright. Rob Cooper — EVERYONE who have given us such amazing shows and characters that can be so passionate about. Sure we can be a bit disappointed that it may take a little longer to see the films but really the amount of craziness around this issue, it’s disheartening. I am eagerly awaiting Universe’s premier and when the movies happen, I’ll be eagerly awaiting them as well. Thank you for all of your hard work! 🙂

  94. I find it baffling that there are “fans” out there that seem to take the delay of the SGA movies as personal affront. That by its delay, it somehow gives them the right to personally attach the creators and producers of the show. Does this mean that fans cannot express their dislike at the cancellation of a show they love, at the delay of the up coming movie, no. But seriously it’s a show, a piece of entertainment. When did a TV show become an unalienable right? I never understood the personal attach. How does it make an argument better? I am an off and on reader of the blog and Mr. Mallozzi has presented himself as being up front and willing to give the fans who visit the site updated info as to what is going on in the Stargate Franchise. I mean why believe the truth when the rumor fits yours needs. I 2nd the posts of “Well done and Well said”

  95. Top 5 reasons I am a Stargate fan (forevermore):

    5) Since discovering the show after it left premium channel Showtime, I’ve been blown away time after time
    4) Fabulous production values: excellent, well-crafted scripts, talented people on camera and off, amazing SFX, incredible acting, editing, producing, directing!
    3) Access to behind the scenes production, script evolution and personnel, access to industry inner workings, (mostly via Joe’s blog)
    2) Obvious dedication of franchise production crew, show creators and supporters (while it is a business, it’s a hell of a lot of fun too)
    1) Quality of everyone involved from those who create the magic to those of us who cherish the results and realize how blessed we are to have any shows prefaced by Stargate:

    Thank you so much Joe, Brad, Rob, Paul, Carl, Martin, John, Jennifer, et al. for producing and writing the magic that is Stargate. Believe me, its appreciated.

    (fixed ‘n’ key w/ compressed air blast) 😛

  96. I haven’t been following any of the rumour/speculation stuff because its just that! The only thing I care about its news and facts. Either the movie gets made or not and its not my decision. I do the best thing I can by watching the show and purchasing all the DVDs, including the Rising Pilot DVD (who do I see to get my money back for that?), and no matter how much whining or complaining I do online will change the outcome.

    I don’t understand what people have with beating the Atlantis horse, so to speak. It was a great show, which I enjoyed, but why can’t they just understand they don’t own the show and it doesn’t owe them anything. I would loved to see a sixth season, as Woolsey was just settling in, and I can’t wait for the movie, which WILL happen. It’s just a matter of time, I heard there was a recession, but I have decided not to take part, so stay positive!

  97. I am a huge SGA fan who was very disappointed with it’s cancellation. I was angry as well, afterward, with some of the comments from Brad Wright. (also the coin toss comment on Jace Hall) However, having said that, I would never dream of being nasty about it or attacking him personally. Also, I have really admired you for your willingness to talk to us and let us know what is going on and appreciate your blog and updates (I even follow your dogs on Twitter :)) I think it is awesome that you take the time to write about the latest SGA news and give us hints about the upcoming movie. (I noticed you just gave us more hints too yay :D) Thank you for that. I am very sorry to hear that people are crossing the line and attacking you and others. Please don’t think that they speak for all of us.

  98. One of the constants of the internet is that there are people out there who will say things with a keyboard that they would never dream of saying to your face. Generally, these are people who have a few screws rattling loose anyway, but generally manage to keep it under control in their physical lives. The internet offers them an anonymous forum to vent their craziness. The truly scary thing is, there are a lot more of them out there than I ever thought possible.

  99. Thank you Joe for setting all the records straight. Everybody know that rumours and innuendos are a dangerous thing but it still doesn’t stop people using them for their own justification. I do still however find it unbelievable that the execs in their wisdom decided to cancel SGA just after winning the People’s Choice Award. I personally believe you and wait patiently (or maybe impatiently) for news of it’s impeding production and release. Just keep us all in the loop that’s all I ask.

  100. I agree with Bailey and DasNDanger.

    Also I would say that fans want to vent at someone – MGM is too vast and faceless for fans to vent their anger toward and feel any satisfaction. They need a scapegoat and unfortunately Brad Wright seems to have landed the job.

  101. I totally agree with dasNdanger. Brad didn’t really come across that well after Atlantis was cancelled and at times he did seem quite flippant (no pun intended) about the feelings of some fans. I don’t know anything about Brad personally so the only thing I can judge from is how he came across to me in the interviews he has done and the Q&A on this blog. Maybe he’s like the Gordon Brown of Stargate. People close to him say he’s a really genuine, smart and funny guy but in the media he comes across as arrogant and untrustworthy.

    Personally, I don’t think people would go to the bother of saying there was going to be a movie if there was never any plan to make one, let alone have Joe and Paul go to the bother of writing it. But that doesn’t mean that over the past few weeks I haven’t doubted the fact that it will actually happen. I loved the show and I loved the characters on the show. I really hope there is a Stargate Atlanits movie. I support ♯GIVEMEMYSGAMOVIE on twitter but there is no way I would ever be involved in any hate campaign against anyone. That’s a line that should never be crossed.

    I think there is a certain amount of respect that should be afforded to everybody whether you agree with them or not. Fans should not be making personal attacks against anyone involved in the show – that’s just wrong – but so is making light of the strong feelings some fans have for the show.

    The ‘Get over it, it’s only a tv show’ attitude of some people really annoys me. Yes, it is just a tv show for some but for other people it’s more than that. It doesn’t mean they are crazy or they think the characters are actually real etc. It is a place to escape the reality of everyday life (and some peoples lives are pretty shitty). It’s something we all need or just enjoy from time to time otherwise no-one would bother watching tv/films or reading books.

    But some people do more than just watch the show. They go online, they make their own fan sites, they go to conventions, they build up friendships with other fans through forums and blogs just like this and for them it becomes more than just a tv show. It’s like the difference between listening to a cd and going to the concert with a big group of friends. It’s the whole package and it’s a bigger part of their lives so they may feel more of a loss when it ends. That doesn’t make you less of a fan – I love the show but I didn’t cry when it finished – but it doesn’t mean you can judge them as ‘weird/stupid/crazy’…whatever….by how upset they get that the show has ended or that the movie might be cancelled.

    If one person gets more involved than another, does that make them weird? Who decides where that line is? Are you weird just for watching a SciFi show? Is it ok to watch it occasionally but your weird if you watch it every week? You can watch it, but go on a fan site, post on a forum……read this blog……go to a convention………. *ding ding*……..CRAZY coming!

    Don’t think you’re better than other people just because you don’t feel the way they do!

    You probably think I am crazy now -the length of this! I might agree with you! 😀


    Just want to make clear again that I DO NOT agree with hate campaigns against Brad or anyone else but I DO support fans rights to feel however they feel about SGA ending. Also, this rant is not aimed at Joe M, who I think shows respect for other peoples opinions/feelings as long as they are well-mannered.

  102. I’ve been a long time lurker and have enjoyed it o so very much. But the recent up-in-armness of some fans over some happenings has made me come out from the shadows. Fandom perhaps relies far too much on rumor and the more ridiculous the more willing some are to believe it and the less likely they are to be soothed (unfortunately this is a common human trait, I offer recent US political happenings as proof). I am a long time fan of Stargate and while I was sad that Atlantis was cancelled my life has not come to a grinding halt because the word on the movie is still lingering in limbo. Honestly I’ll be happy either way, my life does not rely on Stargate as, say, yours does.
    I guess what I am trying to say is that as long as you are happy with what you do and in the end the final product is entertaining, intriguing and stargatey the fans will come around and forget that they ever questioned any of you, called you liars and accused you of not caring about the fans. Because I think this blog has more than proven that you do in fact cared a great deal more than you get credit for.

  103. Wow. Just, wow.

    I’m constantly reminded of Harlan Ellison’s essay Xenogenesis, on the phenomenon of fans acting like, well, jerks. People need to learn what’s appropriate criticism and what isn’t.

  104. Ghostly – I think there are a lot of elements at play.

    1. Knee-jerk reaction of fans. The assumption that the movie isn’t going to be made, based on what *seems* to be a lack of interest in the part of TPTB and the rumors started by the actors. This just gets everyone’s knickers in a bunch and then all sorts of rumors start flying around.

    2. The miscommunication between TPTB and the fans (basically what I’ve mentioned earlier), miscommunication that often comes off as ‘arrogant and condescending.’

    3. Fans who only want to hear what they want to hear.

    4. A genuine cooling off of interest. It’s happened to me, and I’m sure I’m not alone. I have moved on, found other interests, and the main reason I’m still coming to this blog is because I like Joe and the others who comment here, and I thoroughly enjoy the ever-changing blog subjects. But I am no longer here just for ‘Stargate’.

    5. Understanding that there is a difference between fan opinions (‘I think TPTB could care less about the Atlantis movie’), and fan reactions (‘I think the @#$#ing PTB don’t give a @$#@ about Atlantis! They can all go @#$% themselves, and I hope the die a horrible death!’).

    Opinions – no matter how unfounded – should be respected if those opinions are also presented in a respectful manner. No one has to agree, but both sides should at least listen to one another, and try to understand where the other is coming from. But over-the-top reactions, with insults and threats and the like are totally uncalled for.

    Okay…my husband is talking to me and I can’t concentrate…gotta run. 😛


  105. Geez, the world has enough zealots, no wonder its in a state.
    You tell ’em Joe! makes you wonder about the gene pool dontcha think?
    Actually thought you were polite and restrained in your blog today, kudos! I’d have had to rewrite a dozen or so times get my scathing sarcasm out of the way so as not to encourage the little blighters any further.

  106. I have to agree with what Bailey had to say: Brad didn’t do himself any favors with the interviews he gave after SGA was cancelled and SGU was greenlighted. I have to admit that I often wonder just how much interest *he* has in seeing an Atlantis movie… but that’s just my opinion based on the tone he uses in his interviews. Perhaps he doesn’t mean to come off this way. I don’t know.

  107. Thanks, Joe. Brad Wright does not deserve the lambasting he’s been getting, which was partly why I asked what I asked when I did.

  108. Joe, thanks for the comments.

    Stargate is a beloved franchise with fans who are impatiently awaiting the movies, and it’s easy to see that some would latch on to any snippet of news, no matter how improbable and unsubstantiated.

    With all the viral media and social networking, the line has blurred between news and rumor to such an extent that it must be hard for some to discern the difference. It’s like that old game “Gossip”, where you whisper into someone’s ear and then they tell the next person, and so on, until you get to the end of the line and the original comment is unrecognizable. Multiply that by the anonymity of the internet and networking, and you get a rumor mill that is not only instantaneous but vicious as well.

    Thank you for allowing the free flow of discussion on your blog, and for setting us straight when the rumor mill goes awry.

  109. One other thought on fandom. Those who say “it’s just a TV show” and “get a life” should understand how a personal relationship with a TV show can develop. I began watching SG-1 on SciFi in 2002, and it helped me through a very rough time while recuperating from cancer surgery and facing chemotherapy. I’ve been a fan of SG-1 and Atlantis ever since, and maybe that explains why I’m a little protective of “my” Stargate, and take it a tad too personally when I hear negative news.

  110. 122 comments?!

    Well, I don’t suppose I should be surprised, lol. Werd, Joe!

    Wait…I don’t think I did that right.

    So, um, after reading this I came to realize something: I’m a jerk. Heh. I think it would be best if I make the necessary apologies.

    @ Jen, Emily: I am very sorry for acting like a jerk those few days ago during the Sabotage brouhaha. My comments were indeed out of line, and I regret them; I regret them for being so meanspirited. I hope that you would accept my apology.

    I have a feeling that, if it weren’t for this blog to make me better understand TPTB’s position, I’d probably be right alongside those fans on the LJ. It’s an interesting, if not disturbing, introspection.

    Anyways, well said, Joe. I agree completely. It’s infuriating sometimes that supposed fans would seemingly forget all the entertainment you guys gave them and, at the first sign of something not going their way, lash out and are just…ugh, revolting. The way they interpret things; sometimes it feels like they live in different realities from the one I’m used to.

    Now, that said, I did look at that LJ again today, just to see how they reacted to this blog post (I guess I’m a masochist like that); first of all, they haven’t. Secondly, and this is much more interesting: the original poster was seemingly apologetic about her behavior, and very calm and collected. I still don’t know where she’s getting her info from, but the fact that she’s willing to calm down and be more reasonable about it…well, I gotta say that that earned her some respect from me (not that my respect is really worth much in the grand scheme of things, of course).

    Interesting things, these humans.

    @ wolfenm: Holy crap! That’s awesome!! You captured Sheppard’s emotions and expression perfectly! How do I put this…that art piece had soul, you know? Well done!

    @ Shirt’n’Tie: I gotta agree with you on that honesty thing. That’s why I love it here so much; whatever Joe’s got on his mind, he says it without sugercoating it. I’d rather have that than someone trying to protect our feelings and in turn not giving us the whole truth! That’s just patronizing. Joe, on the other hand, by being honest, successfuly presents himself as just another, normal person; someone we can all relate to.

    Thank you, Joe, for writing this blog and giving us a place to voice our opinions!

  111. On a more serious note, the only one most qualified to speak for Brad Wright is…Brad Wright.

    It will probably annoy the crap out of him, he being a busy man and all, but perhaps you should turn the blog over to him for a day.

  112. @ Das -” and the rumors started by the actors.”

    I wouldn’t say that the actors started any ‘rumors’ really. I think initially fans clung to certain comments like “I haven’t heard anything”or “I haven’t been approached about it yet” and assumed that it wasn’t happening and started the rumor mill grinding.

    It’s only been recently that I read a comment from David saying he ‘doubted’ it would be made. I heard Kavan’s comments about Joe F telling him about the cancellation but I took that to be the ending of the series he was talking about, not the movie as a lot of people assumed.

    Fans will interpret comments as they want to and there’s very little that the cast or crew can say that will not be taken and analyzed and repeated ( often with a slant) and spread throughout a thousand internet forums/communities/discussion groups and chat sites and misinterpreted fifty different ways.

    Short of the actors, writers, directors etc refusing to speak at conventions there is really nothing else that will prevent that. (and if they did refuse to speak then that would start a whole heap of new rumors lol)

  113. Hey, jumble’s back.


    Hi, I don’t know if you remember me as GateFanSamJack or not.

  114. @ maggiemayday – Well, if you’re holding out for the musical, then I’m holding out for ‘Todd does Atlantis’… 😈



  115. hello joe.


    1)where is the DHD of the planet gate in sgu?

    2)what is the utility of ground chevron??

    merci et a la prochaine

  116. Joe,

    I’ve made a few comments here over the past 3 or 4 years, but I don’t post anywhere else and I certainly don’t buy into anything I hear on the Internet. I publish on the net, photography not scifi or stargate, so I know how bad things can get.

    That said… I’m not saying you are not being anything but 100% honest, and I’m sure the Atlantis movie will get made in 2011 or 2012, but Joe, the Atlantis movie, from what I heard from official sources, was to air on ScfiFi (or is that SyFy?) and in the UK, so the cost was to be recouped by showing on TV here, in Canada, and in the UK and probably several other markets. That being the case, I don’t think it matters what the DVD sales would or would not be, the Atlantis movie would have turned a profit for MGM period.

    If MGM, or anyone there at the SGU HQ, really felt like doing an Atlantis movie I have no doubt it would get done. I don’t want to get anyone angry because this is something I just don’t have a lot invested in, but I personally don’t buy the reason for a red light on Atlantis is the economy, or DVD sales. Your core Atlantis audience would find that $20 for the DVD when it came out Joe, we all know that.

    Finally, consider “Children of the Gods” recently released on DVD. My wife and I bought it, as did many others. Sure, the production cost was next to nothing but there was time, money, and effort that went into redoing the movie (even paying Chris Judge to overdub had to cost some money, not to mention the new F/X), and considering there was no SyFy money coming, no UK money either since this re-imgaining of “Children of Gods” wasn’t sold to broadcasters, the entire profit was to come from DVD sales. Yet, out of the clear blue skies the DVD is released. And Joe, I only get my stargate news from you and if I remember correctly you never said anything about the upcoming release of that DVD, other than the news more than a year ago that it was being re-done. What’s that about anyway? I, and a lot of other stargate fans I know locally, had NO idea this DVD was being released right up to the day before it was. No marketing at all.

    Consider the cost of an Atlantis movie and the cost being defrayed by the broadcasters wanting to broadcast before the release of the DVD and you have an actual DVD cost/profit/loss probably not that far off from Children…Gods. So, like I said, if there was an interest in doing the movie from the people that “could” make the movie, it would get made. Obviously there is no real interest by TPTB to make an Atlantis movie. I just hope against hope I don’t hear the same thing next month about the O’Neill-centric SG-1 movie. Now, for that I would BE upset, LOL.

  117. can i just state that this is a very dangergous line these fans are walking. i rerember a similar line enterprise fans started walking , the network picked up on it and it was canned. also if the writers / producers / show runners think they dont have the fans support then it will be less of a show. these people gave us stargate . show a bit of respect guys !!!

    my question for Joe is : what are the HD cameras like this year. i know you guys were having problems filimling things like candels in the early days and im just wondering how the technology is now ??

    Craig x

  118. Yeah, no fan interest in a movie. *laughs uncontrollably* I laughed too when I saw it on LJ. And people actually believed it. I can understand if it was MGM or SyFy saying that the movie would be too expensive to produce, because it is all about the money. MGM hasn’t been doing the best lately, especially with the economy in the toilet. SyFy is known to be cheap. But the not enough interest excuse is just silly. Come on, people. Get a life.

    Brad on The Jace Hall Show was hilarious. My first thought was “oh crap, he’s gonna get shit for the coin toss thing” while I was laughing hysterically. Brad is really a funny man.

    Why would Brad not want to employ more people, have more people working, make both movies if he could? Because if he had the green light, he’d do it. Do people understand how hard it is to be an executive producer, employ hundreds of people, then have to let them go when a show ends? I remember Joss Whedon saying that it sucked employing over 600 people one time for his company Mutant Enemy and having to let all those people go, save one: himself. Brad has the best and one of the worst jobs around.

  119. Say it ain’t so Joe?? So I have to dig in a little… What’s the deal with the SGA movie man? All I read on your blog is blah blah blah, bad immature people spreading rumors blah blah blah! I didn’t read anything about why SGU is being given a silver platter over SGA!!!??? Oh and hey Joe! I’m kust kidding you man:) I know the SGA movie will be made when it’s made, and I know that SGU is going to be freaking awesome!!! I just wanted to see if I could make your blood pressure high for a few seconds;) I am also sick of everyone assuming crap that they really don’t know about. This is why you get paid the big bucks, and we get to enjoy your work!

  120. And Joe, the Florida Keys would love to be the setting of a beautiful tropical planet in a far off galaxy for SGU! So get your asses down here and do some filming, drinking, beach bumming, and sunbathing! The Keys would be perfect for the season 2 episode of SGU called “Heaven”… Ya see what I did there?? I assumed something that I have no idea about!!! But seriously man, come and vacation down here in the tropics sometime this winter!

  121. Regarding “it is just a TV show” – Just to clarify I was in no way making light of peoples feelings for the show. I use to block off my Friday night to make sure I was home to watch Stargate. I’d ditch my own mother if it meant I might even miss part of the show. I was bummed out for a week when I heard SGA had officially been cancelled. The only reason I was paying for cable was so I could watch Stargate. The day after the last episode aired I took my cable box to my local office and cancelled my account. I loved Stargate Atlantis; it was my escape during some very difficult times. There are people reading this thinking I am a crazy fan. I say go for it. I know, I was. But it is still just a TV show. When I say that it dose’t make the memories or the time it filled in your life any less real or important. It is just a matter of fact. The friends I hung out with to watch SGA, we still hang out we and now do other things.

    When personal opinions drive people to personally attach another person, no respect should be shown. For me you lose the right. People DO have the right to feel what ever they want to feel; but they do NOT have the right to say what ever they want to say and not get called on it. If you are going to say something, be prepared to face the consequences weather they be good or bad. For me the line is drawn when people start making things personal. When you attach a person’s character for something that they do professionally because you don’t like what they are doing; you need to take a long hard look at yourself, and take a step back. I don’t think the people who are making the personal attaches are crazy fans I just think they are petty.

  122. Perhaps SGA fans are wary of being handed the old bait and switch.

    “SGA is being canceled, but it’ll be okay. Here, have this consolation movie.”

    “Yeah, about that movie? It’s been delayed. Here, have SGU instead.”

    Sadly, the rumor about the movie being shelved spread not because fans are gullible, but because it contains a touch of plausibility. The promise of finished product, followed by delays and tantalizing “hints” that production will move forward “eventually”, is classic vaporware strategy.

  123. Sorry, but I don’t believe it, and will not believe it until/if the movie is airing on TV or is selling on DVD. The ‘rumors’ are far more than that, and have been stated by certain people who are quite close to you, Mr. Mallozzi. I reckon the chances of us seeing an SGA movie are as close to nil as you can get without making it to zero. Nobody really believes it now and it seems a little precious to continue the assertion.

    Yep, it’s just a TV show. As is the new project, one that I have personally found distasteful in its casting calls, its episode outlines and overarching theme. I doubt I’ll be watching it. But, again, it’s just a TV show. We shouldn’t become attached to something so ephemeral, I suppose.

    Thank you for your time.

  124. I’m having fun perusing the posts today. Especially, Stargate the musical, and Todd does Atlantis. Funny.

    I’m with PG15 about Wolfenm’s painting, Awesome!

    Summerland Key: You’re too funny. I would love to live in the Key’s! One day……… who knows?


  125. Hello! Gosh, it’s been forever. But I’m finally moved and back online. I’ve been reading (just unable to comment) this whole time, though, and thanks for sharing all the SGU tidbits and pictures! Gateworld is the one forum I don’t look at, so until I read it here, I had no idea about any issues. Quite frankly, I’m still confused as to the huge controversy. I think I’m missing the bit about why there is “rape”. To be honest, I’m not worried (enough to even look it up). I’m sure it won’t be an issue when the ep airs. As for the “news” about the SGA movie…I figure it’ll get made if its feasible. I had to wait 6 years from the last season of The X-Files for the second movie. I have learned patience. I always appreciate your updates on the status of scripts and production and all that follows.

    Moving onto the top 20 movies! I don’t even think I have a top 20 just from 1992 on. Most of my all time favs are older. Movies like The Great Gatsby and The Way We Were. Others like Singin’ in the Rain, and Busby Berkeley films. But we’ll try. I also doubt you’ve even seen half or them or that you would.lol

    1. Life is Beautiful

    One of the most moving stories of all time. It transcends the language and honestly, is made more beautiful for being a foreign film.

    2. The History Boys

    Based on the play and filmed with the whole original cast, it carries some amazing actors and a wonderful storyline about growing up, university, and inserts some of the best classic literature and poetry. It’s not the truth that matters, it’s the marks.

    3. To End All Wars

    Again, incredibly moving. The religious symbolism is stunning. The fact that its based on a true story? All the more amazing for the soldiers bravery, the ability to transcend differences and the power of faith. Great acting, too.

    4. Hotel Rwanda

    Don Cheadle at his best. This movie both made me sick to my stomach and had me bawling practically after the first five minutes. Amazing acting again.

    5. A Few Good Men

    Ignoring the romance that develops and Tom Cruise (but, really, it’s my 2nd favorite Cruise movie. He actually acts!), this is a stunning script brought by the best. It just made the year cut, too!

    6. Hamlet

    The one all done by Kenneth Branagh. Have you seen it? That should explain enough.

    7. Lord of the Rings

    The cinematography alone…

    8. Rent

    Don’t dismiss it just because its a musical! It’s gritty and real and full of love and pain.

    9. A Beautiful Mind

    I see the Nash equilibrium a lot in my line of academia. It’s a sad story and truly beautiful in its own way as well. Also, the only thing I’ve ever liked Crowe in.

    10. Miracle

    This movie is near and dear to my heart. Filmed in part in Minnesota (U of M!), I know people who have worked with the actual team members from that year as well as Herb Brooks. It was a truly inspiring moment for the nation as well as a monument to sports. The story behind the movie is astounding as well. Great cinematography, great acting.

    11. The X-Files: Fight the Future

    Yes, I am completely biased. I freely admit it.

    12. Star Trek

    Made for anyone, not just Trekkie’s, this movie is amazing! I typically am not a huge fan of JJ. But after this, I can almost forgive him for Cloverfield.

    13. Casino Royale

    This is the Bond I always wanted. While I love debonair Bond with all his gadgets and the inevitable Russian bad guy, I admit to liking my heroes a little more beat up, physically and mentally. Daniel Craig is truly brilliant.

    14. Eastern Promises

    David Cronenberg was criticized for this movie for some reason. It was touted as huge and then people disliked it. I, on the other hand, haven’t liked anything else he’s done, but LOVED this. Could be the Russian accents, the tragic storyline, Viggo Mortensen, or the fact that one of my all time favorite actors, Armin Mueller-Stahl is in it. But all together, I thought it was a wonderful, dreary, realistic piece of cinema.

    15. The Village

    I’m the only one who likes this movie, I think. (Wasn’t it on those lists of worst movies ever?) But I thought the “twist” made it a whole other kind of movie and something I could enjoy and that we could all take a lesson from.

    16. Watchmen

    I was intrigued by the plot glimpses I got, the trailer, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. I was blown away by the execution and the story. I immediately went out and bought the graphic novel. A first for me.

    17. The American President

    It’s fun! It’s got soul! It’s Aaron Sorkin again. Hence: great.

    18. Dave

    Kevin Kline is hilarious!!

    Others I like were Million Dollar Baby, My Best Friend’s Wedding, Enchanted, Titanic, Moulin Rouge, Return to Me, Under the Tuscan Sun, Lilo and Stitch…but I realize as “cinema” they don’t all count. Or else, they just weren’t something I would ever consider a favorite. there’s also other I’m probably forgetting at the moment.

  126. Hi Joe. I’ve been a lurker like several others here for as long as you’ve been posting. I have to admit that with my occupation (correctional officer) I don’t get too many chances to interact with well spoken or well meaning individuals which is the main reason why I enjoy your blog so much. I seldom feel the need to post comments as so many people here say the same as i would have said and I didn’t want to rehash what so many others have written. However, like so many of your bloggers I was taken aback at the negative response such a rumour has garnered and I wanted to say that I really appreciate the hard work and dedication you put into your writing and into putting up with us despite all the crap you have thrown at you (for good or ill). A lot of people have obviously forgotten that there are real people who write, produce, direct, etc… and that those people have feelings, and despite the fact you try to remain professional and not let some too personal comments get to you, there is no excuse to drag you into the middle of something you have absolutley nothing to do with. I hate seeing your blog being used as a sounding board for these issues and that you should have to constantly defend your opinion and your occupation (or the damn studio for that matter) to people who are a little too preoccupied with their t.v. show/movie preferences. As I deal with negativity on a daily basis, it is a nice change of pace to come home and read something funny or witty or something that is heartfelt and thought provoking. I’m sorry you got pulled into the middle of this. I just wanted you to know that most of us regulars really do like what you’re doing and it is appreciated.

  127. Dear Joe:

    You rock, and mean people suck.

    Thank you for putting so much of yourself into something that makes lots of people happy. Stargate was a Friday night ritual for me, my husband, and our friends for a long time. In fact (this sounds incredibly nerdy…lol), my husband and I started hanging out because he and his best friend convinced me to watch SG1 seasons 1-8 over the course the spring/summer before season 9 premiered. So, I guess in an indirect way, I have you people to thank for my marriage…haha. 😉

    The abovementioned mean people tend to be a very vocal minority in most situations, and I wish more people would express their appreciation more often, rather than jumping to conclusions and getting pissy: not only toward you, but in reaction to life in general. Or, if they feel the need to express their disapproval, it should be done in a constructive manner. I often wonder why some people can’t just be happy and enjoy what they have, rather than constantly complaining about what they don’t have.

    You certainly have a gift for thoughtful, and tactful, responses, and it is appreciated!!!


  128. Also, one of the most intriguing movies I’ve seen in a while = Pan’s Labyrinth. Very well made!

  129. Joe,

    Thank you for clearing the air. As a long time Star Trek fan, I have always stared in wonder at those who become incensed at joke (ie Shatner’s SNL “Get A Life” skit). I am very pleased that the movie has not been officially scrapped and I trust that you will let us know when you know…as you let us know of the cancellations of both SG1 and SGA.

    Finally, I really hope there IS a movie for SGA. I loved the series and felt its cancellation was premature. But if it doesn’t happen (gasp!), life will go on…after all there ARE reruns on Sci-fi (I’m watching the DVR’d episode of “Instinct” from this week right now with Daughter Jennifer).

    Beautifully said. Thank you again.

    Mary A. Milan

  130. I think it’s farly simple to see what might have happened to get the new rumor started:

    The studio says the movie is postponed due to the general lack of DVD sales.

    Fan #1 then writes “The studio says no movie because people don’t buy enough DVDs.”

    Fan #2 then writes “The studio says no movie because people won’t buy enough DVDs.”

    Fan #3 then writes “There’s not going to be a movie because the studio says people aren’t going to buy it.”

    Fan #4 then writes “The studio thinks we’re not interested in buying the DVD so no movie.”

    Fan #5 then writes “The studio says no movie due to lack of fan interest.”

    It doesn’t excuse the bad behavior, but I think it explains how things could have happened.

    Anne Teldy

  131. Je lu dans un autre site,

    C’est vraiment stupide,
    Parce que personnelement,
    Je prefere qu’ils prennent leurs temps,
    Tout leur temps,
    Parce que c’est la seul serie que j’adore a la folie ^^
    Et que sans ça je n’aurais rien a regarder …
    Encore y a-t-il Naruto …
    Cependant, je reviens sur ce que je disais,
    Je préfère laisser, attendre
    De cette manière nous pouvons continuer de rêver !
    A ceux qui en déplaise, ne sont pas fan de la serie …

    De plus,
    Nous pouvons regarder encore et encore notre plus grand serie de tout les temps STARGATE SG-1 et ATLANTIS
    Pour ensuite faire la transition au mois d’octobre avec

    Soyez indulgent,
    15ans d’existence ce n’est pas rien !

    Uhh in english ?
    Ohh uhh, I don’t no xD

    I say that it’s stupid !
    I think we can wait !
    Because this serie is the best in the World !
    And 15 years of series it’s not nothing !
    We can Watch again episod of SG-1 and Atlantis
    For transition with STARGATE UNIVERSE !!

    Uhhh My english is very bad you know !
    But you understand ?
    If you don’t understand .. uhh and if tou like, take my french and go to google translation :$

    Byee !!

  132. Joe,

    Re-watching “Conversion” again with DD Jennifer and she asks a question that I have often wondered myself.

    “Where is this place they go running?” Where you see him during “The Storm” and then he’s beating Ronon in a foot race. On that note, is there any official “map” of Atlantis, much like the official “plans” of the various “Enterprise”s there have been in Star Trek publications.



  133. Anyone who believes something has been cancelled without hearing from insert Mallozzis name here, is an idiot, pure and simple 😀

  134. @fsmn36: I really liked “Dave” and “The American President” – preferably viewed as a double feature!
    Actually, I just saw them for the first time about 2 months ago when a friend loaned them to me.

    “Life is Beautiful” was a great movie but so incredibly sad that I could only watch it once.

    @das: Iwannachocolatesushi!!!

  135. Hi Joe

    Occasional lurker- first time poster. I read your post and the responses about an hour ago, and had to go out and take a drive to collect my thoughts. I’m gonna try to be reasonable and respectful. If I am not, them hit me with a wet noodle.

    I’ve met some wonderful people through SG and SGA especially since it’s the show that I adored more than SG1. If SG1 was on when I was home, I’d watch it. But it was different with SGA. I made it a priority to watch it. I turned a few friends on to it. I participated in the MGM spam-a-thon supporting SGA even though I think spammer are evil. I have attended 4 conventions (even though I used to make sure of others who attending Scifi conventions). I bought all the DVDs and books and dolls and SG1 movies.

    I cannot speak for anyone but myself. I feel angry. After getting good rating and a People’s Choice award, the show is suddenly axed. Then the very next day, we learn that SGU has been greenlit. Then we read that there is a push for a younger viewing demographic, which seems odd since I know that a good chuck of the viewers are women in the 30-40s. Then we read flippant remarks about how we just need to support the new show, but that it won’t be like the other shows. Darker-edger. Right there, that turns me off, since I don’t want a darker Stargate. The humor and tongue in cheekishness (is that a word?) made me fall for the show in the 1st place. It’s kinda like New Coke in the 80s. No one wanted a change, but the company just went ahead and changed the taste and pushed it out to the public. And a good amount of people were not happy with it. If no one had spoken up, they would have kept putting out a product that no one wanted and watch sales drop. I know it’s not an apples to apples analogy, but you get my gist.

    As for the anger on the internet- this is where fans can vent their feelings. Places like this blog, GW and LJ are our Angie’s list. We can communicate with others to let our feeling be known. Have some of us made rude and disrespectful comments? Sure. I know I have. But where else can we express them? The fact that these sites have a place for others to respond to whatever allows us. Do we have to be rude? No, of course not. But there is real anger out there.

    Another thing I see is there was real success in both the Bring back Daniel Jackson and Save Carson campaigns and I think that some may feel if they shout loud enough, SGA will be back, in some form or another.

    As for being told that I am not a real Stargate fan because I am not supporting the show is hogwash. I fear that elements that I loved are being tossed out in favor of explosions and sex. I could be wrong- SGU might be the greatest thing since we saw McKay on that couch in his boxers, but so far, I’m not sold. Not only from what spoilers I have read, but from how the demise of SGA was treated.

    Hopefully, this has been respectful. I don’t mean ill towards anyone. If SGU is a success- more power to you. But there is real anger out there and I’m a little surprised that people are surprised.
    Thank you

  136. Well said Joe. Bravo.

    Just got back from holidays. 3000 klm road trip with hubby and 3 kids. A terrific time was had by all.


  137. Yes we all know that the economy is down – many of us have either lost jobs, know someone who has lost a job, or had our hours/pay cut. So it may not be the best time to make a movie – I understand that, but it’d be nice to get an official “The SGA and SG-1 movies are on hold until the economy improves,” instead of the bits and pieces we get.

    I understand your feelings and need to defend yourself and the franchise, but somehow it seems we can’t be equally fanatical or express our own opinions without being shot down. Maybe some of us are still in mourning over SGA, but we’re also the ones buying DVDs and going to cons, in part funding the franchise and various people’s salaries.

    I came to the Stargate franchise via Atlantis, it hold a special place in my heart because I never thought I’d be going to cons and making some of the friends I have. However, I am not interested in SGU. I’m not holding it against anyone who plans to watch it, I’m just not interested in it, the same as alot of other new shows that come out every fall and spring.

  138. I shudder to think of the kinds of comments you’ve received (and, obviously, not approved) that have led to this post. Scary fans are scary. And vicious.

  139. 157 comments! Took me 2 and 1/2 hours to read them all. I deserve a piece of chocolate now. I’m going for the Hershey kisses!

  140. I’m not sure you’re being entirely fair here. Like it or not, fans loved SGA when it was on and that hasn’t subsided one bit for a good majority of them.

    There are still a lot of hurt feelings over the way SGA ended and no one should be surprised when some vented their frustrations. Is it right for them to do that in an obnoxious way? No, it isn’t and I’m not trying to justify that.

    A lot of fans feel jerked around, Joe. We’ve already seen two SG1 movies and a third one is being made. Then rumors begin swirling about the SGA movie and people reacted.

    Honestly, can you blame any fan for being frustrated at this point?

  141. You stated and asked:

    “…NOT because of the oft-cited economic downturn or due to the much-reported drop-off in DVD salest (Yes, Atlantis’s fifth season did very well in its first week. Anyone have any idea how it did in the ensuing weeks? I honestly don’t know.)”

    I do! 🙂 DVD sales may be plummeting for movies and some TV shows, but not for Stargate Atlantis, which, based on DVD sales charts from “The Numbers” – has improved on its sales each year – with season 5 its best showing.

    Season 1 (figures unk)

    Season 2: 62,142 units sold = $2,248,919 (average cost per set @ $35+) – The DVD set didn’t make enough the second week to remain on list

    Season 3: 70,763 units sold = $2,299,090 (average cost per set: $32) and again, didn’t maintain enough sales to remain on chart for 2nd week

    Season 4: 85,680 units sold = $2,740,903 (average cost per set: $31) but made it to the second week with a 53% drop in sales, but was dropped from the list for week 3

    Season 5: 106,161 units sold = $3,297,361 (average cost per set: $31)
    For week two, it remained on the list even with a 68% drop in sales – and remained on the list for an unprecedented third week with sales dropping to 38,988 units sold.

    So in spite of costs for the sets remaining basically the same – Season 5 outdid all previous seasons and remained on the sales charts for three! weeks. Not even SG1 managed that.

    Stargate SG-1 – Season 9 (released in 2006) sold 63,450 units = $2,360,975 (average cost: $37!)

    Season 10 (released in 2007) sold 108,675 units = $3,259,163 (average cost: $30)

    In fact, it’s very rare for either franchise to remain on the sales charts for more than their first week in release.

    Eureka, a popular SyFy show had their first season release in 2007 and didn’t even make the chart – nor did season 2.

    We could go to USA – SyFy’s parent network – and look at one of their popular shows – like Burn Notice? It debuted on DVD in June of 2008 to these numbers: 35,517 units sold = $1,242,740 and no, they most definitely didn’t remain on the chart for a second week.

    Or how about one of their highest rated shows, Monk? Season 5 debuted in 2007 and sold 51,471 units = $1,903,912 (average cost per set: $37!) and no, they didn’t make it on the chart for the next week – which again, isn’t unusual. Psych gave an excellent showing with their 3rd season: they sold 69,279 units = $2,250,875 (average cost per set: $32) but they had a 60% drop in week two and never made it to week three.

    Okay, so with numbers like that – and the movie still not firmed up – no contracts signed – why should anyone be surprised that the fans feel like the movie is being scrapped (even if only temporarily)?

    There’s clearly a buying audience just ready and willing to shell out thirty-odd bucks to see it and yet – nothing. And isn’t it true that the longer you go without getting the green light – the less chance there is that it can happen? Interest on the part of the audience wanes – actors move on, availability becomes an obstacle and costs – well, they’re sure not going down. Good business would dictate that if you’re going to do it – you do it now – you strike while the iron is hot, so to speak.

    Instead, all the fans get is a lot of…well, yadda yadda. *G*

    But maybe SGU is costing more than expected? *arched eyebrow* No money left for the movie? And it would also seem that there isn’t much movement on the SG1 movie front either, but then, at least they have two movies under their belt and no hanging bits to be resolved.

  142. Joe,

    “Yes, it’s unfortunate. The economy is in the toilet. DVD sales have plummeted. But this isn’t the fault of the studio. And it certainly isn’t the fault of Brad Wright.”

    So, Brad Wright did not command the financial wizards in New York to engage in nefarious behavior? We all know that Brad Wright was the primary cause of TNT’s cancellation of Crusade and the War in Darfur, and I just assumed that the financial crisis was his fault too.


  143. Oh there’s nowt like a conspiracy theory to get people all riled up is there?!!! Brad Wright says this, so that must mean that and the other… he’s really up to no good… he’s always had it in for SGA… etc etc…

    But perhaps it should be BW who should be defending himself and really try to convince us that all is (reasonably) well in the land of Stargate? and not your good self, admirable as it was.

    For me, though, your assurances that the movie will go ahead, eventually, simply because you and Paul have written the script and have been very busy drawing up production plans just won’t wash… it wouldn’t be the first time, in your line of work, that a project has been dropped, even at this stage. And you’d always expressed surprise at the cancellation of the show… i.e you might have been the last to know?

    I just live in hope of a movie… but it’s the same hope that longed for the return of the show… and I can still shed tears over that… I know… go get a life…

  144. @ alyjude – You need a job with the Stargate franchise…perhaps in the accounting department. 🙂


  145. Firstly, I’d like to say that I appreciate your willingness to tackle all issues head-on Joe – whilst some might find it abrasive, I find it refreshing.

    However, like most, I do believe the SGA movie won’t be made. It’s been quite a while now and, whilst you and Paul are very enthusiastic, I believe the cast won’t be so for much longer – they are all talented guys, and I’m sure there’s work coming their way that will impact on filming the longer it is delayed.

    Not to mention I can think of several shows on various networks that have never been cancelled but are still officially “on hiatus” – no doubt so the networks can retain the rights until they decide they need to boost their profits by bashing out a few episodes or movies here and there to fill a gap.

    I can also see why fans are so angry; the sequence of events – SGA cancellation, SG:U green lit the very next day, the comments saying fans need to support SG:U, the demographics list, casting calls … I could go on, but I won’t.

    And – and this is where I think I differ a bit from some – I’m not so sure it’s entirely the fault of the people being blamed.

    OK, sure, Brad should realise that he isn’t great at PR and interviews and maybe step back – and I mean this with no disrespect, but some people just aren’t comfortable in front of a camera and he seems to be one of them.

    But the PR in general for Atlantis has always been ridiculously bad as people have commented on before; whether it’s handled by the badly-named SyFy or MGM I do not know … but, at some point, somebody needed to sit them down and teach them how to do things the proper way as opposed to the old-fashioned way in which most business is still done. Times are, indeed, a-changin’ but, sadly, the execs aren’t.

    I’m not a fan of SG:U – I’m not boycotting it (I never watched SG1 either), but it holds little to no appeal to me from everything I’ve read.
    And, to be as honest as you are yourself, I don’t want to give up some time in my schedule to watch something that hasn’t grabbed my attention.

    But I do not wish it to ‘tank’ and hope you, the cast and crew enjoy making it and the completed product is something you are happy with.

    Because at the end of the day, all anyone wants is to be happy, right?

  146. Great points Joe.

    I know I’ve often been on the more negative side of fandom in the last few years, but really! No one lied. The economy is out of MGM’s control. The massive debt wasn’t, but it is surely a factor now. Show business surely has more than a bit of risk-taking involved and stuff didn’t pan out. Stuff happens.

    If one or both of the movies happen, great. That’s a lot of people employed for a time. If I like the concept I’ll check it/them out. If not, life goes on without them – made or not.


  147. From Jim of WVA:
    “We all know that Brad Wright was the primary cause of TNT’s cancellation of Crusade and the War in Darfur, and I just assumed that the financial crisis was his fault too.”

    Thanks for making me spew my tea. Really.

    Ya know, it took me over 10 years to watch TNT after their decision to force the cancellation of Crusade before it even aired- because of that survey that showed their regular viewers left when a SF show came on and the SF fans left after the SF show was over – and then blocking the Sci Fi Channel from buying it so they wouldn’t be shown up in case it was a success there. Even now, I tried to watch The Closer and have discovered that m taste does not run in that direction. Odd, as I love NCIS and some of the Law & Order shows.

    I’d hope Brad would roll his eyes at this (not you comment, just the sniping) as much as earlier stuff, especially as this has entirely no merit.

  148. I’ve always bought the DVDs to the SG shows since we elect not to have cable or sat., too much junk on TV and we have little ones at home that take up a lot of our time anyway. Basically, the SG series was the only series DVD we bought & enjoyed watching and have enjoyed since the beginning. I’ve felt that SG is one of the very best shows on TV, from stories, scripts to production etc.

    Sad to see people making up things about the show. I can understand MGM waiting for sales to increase before investing in projects. Business is business. I wonder what MGM profits are from SG in the past? I’ll try to check their financials.

    Tell MGM it looks like the economy is getting better – maybe they’ll give it the green light soon. 😉

    Look forward to seeing it coming out whenever it does.


  149. Blah Blah Blah, dude, fan’s buy the dvd’s to save their shows, even if the makers decide to walk away ( I mean you JMS, I did buy two copies of the latest B5 bits and you just turned your back on us dude— even if your reason was valid.).

    I even bought Caprica. And in this economy,with no job and depending on unemployment’s 134 weekly, i’d buy an Atlantis movie—GET IT MADE ALREADY DUDE!!!!!

  150. Sorry, I still do not believe that any (not even one, much less the “several” we were promised) will be made. Too much time has elapsed and even the actors have voiced their doubts. I’ve never commented here before, but I did use my real name as I’m not ashamed of my comment.

  151. Those idiots who are the dark side of fandom are the anti-fans. This is an actual term that you can google. Anti-fans are particularly bad in the music world in Asia where they are known for really turning an artist’s life upside-down. These are the Haters who may have been fans but who turn on you for whatever stupid reason. And you got them for any show, any movie, any celebrity, any creative person whether big or small, whether for sci-fi, regular shows, music, or whatever entertainment venue. The hater anti-fans don’t know any better and only want to scream and scream and scream hatred and ridicule when they don’t get what they want or if they are simply jealous that the artist or producer or director or musician or whoever has the power to make good entertainment and the hater anti-fan doesn’t except the hater anti-fan wants to take their entertainment right now on a frequent basis in the arss. Good Gawd, people. It’s only a gawd damn TV show. Go out and get a life. Who really cares in the end? You ain’t dead because there isn’t an Atlantis movie. Go watch another TV show or another movie. Go watch the reruns. Or better yet, turn OFF the TV, log off the internet, go outside into the real world and get a LIFE.

  152. While I do agree with some of what you said, I also see that some of the ‘ugly side’ of fandom is busy posting here on your comments page. that is, the ‘we’re-better-than-‘THOSE’ fans type. This is why fandom is so contentious. It doesn’t help with a producer of a show slags any part of fandom because that encourages some fans to just go after other parts of fandom. Of course you’re not responsible for what the fans say, but it seems many fans think you condone the behavior.

    You’ve been exposed to fandom for over a decade now, so you’ve seen the best and worst. Of course this particular entry will keep alive the fan consternation for a while longer, instead of having it just die down in a day or two.

    What? No books to review??

  153. Hey, just wanted to chime in and send love your guys’ way! I’ve been trying to stay out of the arguments because it’s so infantile.

    I understand that business is business, that no one wants to make Stargate more than you fellas, and can recognize an internet rumor when I see one.

    Have an awesome week.

  154. I’m always astonished at how quickly people descend into a playground brawl, complete with hair-pulling, and what they’re willing to believe, no matter how ludicrous.

    I may not have agreed with every decision that’s been made over the years, but I never had any doubt about the integrity and commitment of any of the people involved, particularly Brad Wright.

    The rudeness and unfairness of it makes me quite angry, actually.

  155. I’ve just used a search engine to find out what’s happening with SGA: Extinction.

    It is sad that the project has stalled. I know you guys are busy with SGU but with most of the world’s economy in the toilet as you put it, the solution is rather simple.

    Move production to a country where the economy isn’t all the way down the toilet. They would in all likelihood have a cheaper currency which should help.

  156. is their still going to be a stargate atlantis film if so when may it be out by.

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