As much as I hated saying goodbye to my mother and sister, I have to admit that I was relieved to finally be heading home. Montreal is a nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there.

I caught an early flight out and, with the exception of some bizarre bread pudding-like catastrophe they deigned to call a spinach frittata (curiously devoid of any actual spinach), the trip back was uneventful and we ended up getting in on time. Unfortunately, we had to wait twenty-five minutes for the ground crew to figure out how to operate the new bridge that would connect us to the terminal. I sat there at my window seat and watched the guy work the controls, bringing the bridge forward, then back, then forward again, then a little too far to the right, then back, then a little further to the right, then way over to the left, then forward, then back, and so on. It was like sitting by and watching someone play a video game. You want to shout: “Left! Left! Okay, stop! Now forward! Ah, forget it! Let me try!“. The pilot came on to apologize and explain it was a new bridge and the ground crew wasn’t familiar with the equipment but they’d get it no time and, by the way, does anyone on board have to make a connecting flight? I mean, okay. They didn’t have the hang of the new equipment but, really, would it have killed them to perfect the process on their own time?

Wait.  Wait.  I can do it...
Wait. Wait. I can do it…
No, wait!  I can do this!
No, wait! I can do this!

Despite the delay, I arrived home in a great mood, delighted to be reunited with my dogs. Oh, and wife.

Now that I can finally sit back, relax, and access a reliable internet connection, I’d like to devote the rest of today’s entry to playing catch-up with the mailbag…

Ganymede writes: “ Don’t know if you’re at SHORELEAVE – if not, I was talking with TheTODD… mentioned *your* name… He says Hi! — Had “that” smile on his face…”

Answer: Did he happen to mention when he’ll be coming by to do a fan Q&A?

Montrealer writes: “You didn’t pick up additional reading material locally when your stash dwindled to nothing?”

Answer: I was able to ration my reading so that I finished the last book, Look To Windward, as we were touching down in Vancouver. I saved two books, Valis and The Midwich Cuckoo’s for my return.

DasNdanger writes: “I consider myself a social loner. I like chatting with people – especially strangers (explains why I’m on the net) – but when I’m done, I just want to be left alone!”

Answer: You and I are similar in that respect. While I do enjoy socializing, I’ll always prefer sitting at home watching a dvd or reading a good book.

Quade1 writes: “Your gonna love it even more when you get back here, it’s been mid to high 20s since you left and not a cloud in the forseable future!!”

Answer: Well, it’s been overcast and cool since I got back. I seem to be a bad weather magnet.

Lcshepp writes: “Word out of Shoreleave [Luttrell told] the SGA movie is a no-go. Jason was supposedly told by you it’s on. Can the SGA fans please have official word from the supposed hallowed tptb that might resemble some form of truth?”

Answer: There has been no official word on whether the movie is officially a go OR a no-go. I was told we would be making a movie and did go through the trouble of writing a script after all. When I spoke to Jason a couple of months ago, things were looking very positive and I felt an announcement was imminent. Yet despite the delay and the various economic factors that have complicated matters (not the least of which being the significant drop-off in dvd sales across the board in the past six months) I’m still confident that the movie will get made.

Sparrow_hawk writes: “ Anyway, as I said before, I hope you made sure your sister understands the new TV before you left so she can help your mom with the inevitable problems that will come up because she pressed the wrong button when she was trying to change channels!”

Answer: Already happened. She was holding the new remote upside-down and couldn’t understand why the channels wouldn’t change but the volume would get louder.

Sam Cavanaugh writes: “But The Wind Beneath My Wings and You Raise Me UP the same song? My suggestion is that you listen again!”

Answer: Never ever again if I can help it.

Quade1 writes: “i know your jet lagged and tired. but do you have any info on the wraith language?”

Answer: This was a perfect question for the gang at playback to answer. Where were you when Krista McLean dropped by to do her Q&A?

Josh Taylor writes: “How are the final two episodes going for Season One?”

Answer: Paul has already gone to script on episode 19. I received notes on the outline for 20 and plan to start work on the script later in the week.

Deeinsouthafrica writes: “I personally hate being forced into piracy.”

Answer: Same. I can’t wield a cutlass to save my life.

Chevron7 writes: “Is the dog twitter feed in the sidebar new or have I not been paying attention?”

Answer: It’s new. And you haven’t been paying attention.

Nadine writes: “Just a quick question: is it just me, or was that Atlantis on your t-shirt in the picture?”

Answer: Yes, it is. It was a crew gift for the show’s fifth season.

AnnieFromFreemantle writes: “ That restaurant has Oh My God food! Wow.. I’d have to visit the gym 7 days in a row (might as well camp there) to work off all that food.. looks heavenly and so decadent. No protestors there this time?”

Answer: No, this was Montreal. If the protesters showed, they’d get their asses handed to them.

Coronach writes: “Do you know what the circumstances of getting Janelle Monae to perform on the show were? By this I mean, was someone a fan of hers and wanted her on, or was there another reason behind it?”

Answer: The episode called for a club scene with background music by a performer. We looked into several possibilities and ultimately decided on Janelle. She has quite a few fans in the production office.

Maddog316 writes: “” How old is the Character Vala?” if you could provide you insight on this and use it to put the isseu to rest.”

Answer: Sorry to say that, at this point, I don’t even remember.

Sparrow_hawk writes: “I love Russian Tea Cakes! Does your mom put finely chopped or ground nuts in hers?”

Answer: Yep. Walnuts I believe.

Mishmee writes: “Um, does your mother ever ask you if you are ever going to get a real job?”

Answer: When I first left my 9 to 5 job as a Manager of Animation Development for life as a freelancer, my parents were horrified, figuring I was giving up job security for professional uncertainty. Some fifteen years later, I think mom has finally come around and accepted my career choice.

Quade1 writes: “did anyone correctly guess the names of episodes 18-19 or was it 19-20? what were the clues again?”

Answer: It was 19 and 20. And, yes, a couple of people guessed correctly. I just never confirmed their correct guesses.

Eric Stewart writes: “Taste of the Islands: Fine Caribbean Creole cuisine.”

Answer: That’s one thing Montreal does do well – Caribbean and Creole. What I’d give for a good Cajun restaurant in Vancouver.

Laurence Moroney writes: “Thanks for promoing the site on your blog. I’ve been a reader of yours for some time, though I sometimes hate reading your blog as I end up super hungry afterwards.”

Answer: Great job on the site. And if I ever do get down to Seattle, I’ll definitely look you up.

35 thoughts on “July 12, 2009: Touching Down And Catching Up.

  1. Welcome home. At least you had a comedy show to watch, though I understand the frustration involved in being so close to being home. Your flight lasted about the same length of time it took me to get through the Baltimore/D.C. corridor along I-95. But got to see the actors; great people all. Next year we have got to throw some sort of “Mallozzi’s Mob” party. Be fun to put faces to screen names. And with even better luck maybe we can get you invited as a guest. That way you can spend a few days in Montreal, then fly down to sample the delights of the eastern seaboard while entertaining us with your tales. And I’m mulling some ideas for a SGA skit for the Masquarade next year. Any interest?
    Das, I do have an autographed photo for you. You can drop me an email at if you are interested, and we can work out where I can mail it to.
    Thanks Mr. M. for the great Q&A, as well as the usual chuckles and snickers.

  2. Thanks for resonding to my question re: the SGA movie. Would it be more economic to have the SGA movie be a two hour TV movie or even a mini series, from the network side of things? I know the money is probably in the DVDs but a presence is a presence.

  3. 1. Ack! Chris coming here for a Q&A?? I don’t know whether to be thrilled, or to faint. Not sure I’ll be able to come up with any intelligent questions, at least…not ones that don’t include words like ‘hawt’, ‘twinkly eyes’, or ‘hand porn’. 😛

    2. Why does Fondy put up with you?

    3. I love your mom. 😀

    4. I wanna know about Wraith language, too. 🙁 I just never know what to ask people in some of the Q & A’s…I kinda get stage fright. 😛

    5. Nice to have you back where you belong, safe and sound!


  4. Joe,

    I’ll be taking my first trip on Air Canada in September. Should I bring my own bridge, then?



  5. About the SGA movie – while I REALLY want the movie to be made, and I’m glad you’re still optimistic that it will be, I think I’m going to just stop anticipating it. That way it will be a very pleasant surprise if it does happen and not much of a surprise if it doesn’t. To paraphrase Ronon in Tao of Rodney – I try not to worry about the things I can’t change – or in this case, control.

    Glad you had a safe trip back. I assume the dogs were glad to see you? Oh, and your wife… 🙂

  6. Joe:

    With those imagesyou took from the plane of the ground beneath, the first thought in my head was, “Carter, I can see my house!”
    Too much StarGate (sigh).


  7. @Rose Regarding your AirCanada flight: depending on the length and your personal preferences, dress warm and bring something against which to lean. My mom and dad just had a meeting in Calgary this weekend (the flight’s only an hour and 10 minutes), but when my mom asked if they had blankets, the stewardess told my mom that she could *pay* for one for the trip….


    Glad to hear you had a relatively uneventful flight home… I was rather annoyed with the weather today as it had been so beautiful until about noon when I actually decided to *go* outside, and then it was overcast and windy… It’s supposedly supposed to clear up by tues/wed though. Fingers crossed.

    What did you think of “Look to Windward”? How did you find it in relation to Banks’ other works? Have you read Matter yet?

    Oh, one more thing: How happy were the dogs when you got home? Do they wiggle when they get excited?
    It’s something I’ve noticed with Bella and other curly-tailed dogs. Like since they don’t have a tail to wag, they just throw their whole body into it….


  8. Just finished re-watching Season 5 on DVD. Very nice to not have the commercials to worry about this time. I loved the special features, especially the Deleted Scenes. The best one was of Radek & Rodney from the Shrine. I also loved the features on Submerging the Gate and the one from Whispers. So after viewing the season again, here are my top/bottom 5:
    1. The Daedalus Variations
    2. Enemy At The Gate
    3. Whispers
    4. Search And Rescue
    5. Vegas

    16. Infection
    17. Remnants
    18. Ghost In the Machine
    19. Outsiders
    20. Inquisition

  9. Sorry if you’ve already made it abundantly clear, but is there a script for the next SG1 movie or if there is one planned at all?

  10. It was like sitting by and watching someone play a video game. You want to shout: “Left! Left! Okay, stop! Now forward! Ah, forget it! Let me try!”

    Now I know why I suck at the more spatially oriented video games: with an older brother around, I rarely had a chance to figure things out by myself. 😛 I see a potential job opening (for myself, naturally) re. working with airplanes.

    “But The Wind Beneath My Wings and You Raise Me Up the same song? My suggestion is that you listen again!”

    Answer: Never ever again if I can help it.

    There’s just no way I can tell you how reassuring that response is. I was starting to have some disquieting thoughts about TPTB’s plans for SGU’s second season.

    So, you’d give a lot to have a good Cajun restaurant in Vancouver, eh? I’d give a lot more to have one here. Still, since the local tendency is to let artisan and bistrot-type restaurants die a slow death, while crappy, overpriced, prettified hog troughs with French names are heavily patronized by the (supposedly) well-heeled who really just want glorified overcooked meat — geez, that sounds so familiar; where was I reading about that recently? — and I’m not sure I remember where this rant was going, except that I’ve noticed it gets a little harder every year to keep extra calories from transforming into extra flesh. So really, I should just quit moaning.

    Good to be home, eh?

  11. @das: I recently put some Neil Young songs on my “Classic Rock” playlist, and was wondering if you know why he and CS&N were such an off-again, on-again act — they rocked soooo great as an ensemble. (Graham Nash I could listen without, but anyway.)

    Also – and this is meant purely in fun, because you have a *lot* of company – I remembered listening last week to Four-Way Street, and hearing Young introduce a song with, “[something-something] . . . It starts out kinda slow, and then sort of fizzles out altogether. [crowd laughs] It’s called “Don’t Let It Bring You Down.” I like when big-name performers are able to poke fun at themselves. 🙂

  12. DasNdanger writes: “I consider myself a social loner. I like chatting with people – especially strangers (explains why I’m on the net) – but when I’m done, I just want to be left alone!”

    Answer: You and I are similar in that respect. While I do enjoy socializing, I’ll always prefer sitting at home watching a dvd or reading a good book.

    Thank God for that, I thought I was a minority of one! *sighs with relief*

    When I saw the second air photo my first thought was “Joes got Farmtown?” too much online farming I guess:)

    I’m off on a couple of road trips this year after about 10 of going nowhere due to a weird form of agoraphobia, stomach’s knotting in anticipation but its got to be done. Taking my mum to Worcester to see her cousin for a couple of days this week, then taking Katherine up to Chepstow to see her dad and her grandparents next week then in August its the biggie, we’re travelling 600+ miles, by car, from Cornwall to Scotland for a visit with friends I haven’t seen in 15 years.

  13. Rose wrote:

    …I’ll be taking my first trip on Air Canada in September. Should I bring my own bridge, then?…

    Nah. Air Canada is not the one to blame for the delay. It’s the airport ground crew union and administration. They were probably arguing about the procedures & expenses of training the ground crew in the operation of the bridge. You might consider bringing a whip to drove the miscreants to complete their task in a timely manner.

    Mr M. What is the percentage drop off in DVD sales recently? Is the drop off the same in the US and Canada?

  14. Glad you made it home safely. I’m sure your wife, the dogs, the Greater Vancouver Area 5 star restaurant association are delighted to have you back where you belong.

    @Das, you complain about not feeling grown up living close to your parents, I feel you immaturity 😉 I live in the same house, always have, that my parents bought before I was born. My folks have passed away now, but I still live here with my brother (I haven’t killed him yet, I tell you I’m a saint) and I have my disabled sister home on weekends from her group home. I feel like a little kid watching the house while my folks are away. Problem is, I can’t imagine it any other way!

    Went to Polaris yesterday and saw David Hewlett, David Nykl and Kate Hewlett. It was fun. Now I really want to go to Shoreleave or Comic Con. Where’s the lottery win I’ve been waiting for??????

    Oh, and Joe, the Ladies detective agency books are very funny. Give it a try some day. It really won’t hurt you. The worse thing that could happen is you might laugh and want to read a second book. LOL

  15. Wecome back. At least some of your culinary dining was great. I was just perusing Gateworld and other forums and it amazes me that people are all ready asking “Who’ your fav. SGU character?”

  16. Welcome Home.

    The last time I flew, we were delayed on the ground so the EMTs could assist a woman who had been violently ill in the restroom directly behind my seat and then passed out in the back galley. (WORST seat ever, on the aisle, in the back. Everyone who walked by leaned on the seatback, inches from my trying to sleep head.) Anyway, this was right before swine flu was killing people in the US, so we were not detained in quarantine. Whew. As it was, the flight was very nearly diverted to Denver. I always wondered if she and her two young sons were okay, and if they ever got to Alaska.

  17. Well, just read 2 days worth of blogs, boy did i miss alot. As for the shuttle- it’s a no go X 2, both sat. and sun. both weather issues, oh well , we gave it a good try!! Joe, i’m glad you home and happy. Sheryl

  18. Mr. M, glad you are back home. I’m sure your wife and “kids” missed you a lot! There is no place like home.

    Das: glad you are feeling better. Feel free to vent anytime.


  19. i was here for Krista’s Q&A but I get shy around beautiful women. oh and I didn’t know it was a playback thing, thought it would be more of a writer/producer thing to create an alien language.

    If DVD sales are dwindling, would you guys consider theatrical releases? or is that more of an MGM decision. How much pull do Brad and Rob have when it comes to decisions like that?

  20. I should have added, if the movie does fall through, what would you think of bringing the series back? and I ask not for the exec producers opinion but a bigger picture opinion. would it be good for the franchise, is it even possible, would it be considered?

  21. @ otros ojos – The way I see it is that Neil – though starting out with the likes of Buffalo Springfield – is pretty much a solo artist who hooks up with various bands for albums and tours. His band Crazy Horse, CSN, The Stills-Young Band…even Pearl Jam…they all played together at one time, for whatever it is they wanted to produce, then moved on – no ‘break-ups’ or anything that I know of.

    Love Neil’s little bust on himself, too! 😆

    @ Shiningwit – My social anxiety pretty much shows up 1. around friends/family and 2. In large groups where I might have to interact.

    For instance, I can go to a crowded mall or a busy restaurant – by myself (or with my husband, he’s my ‘goat’ *see thoroughbred stable companions) – and feel totally fine. But go to those places with a friend, and suddenly I’m a bundle of nerves. I think it’s because I feel ‘trapped’ and I’m afraid I’ll disappoint them in some way (like wanting to spend more time in Borders than the freakin’ shoe store, for instance). Whereas just going around in the world by myself, chatting with the occasional stranger, is totally stress-free.

    Large events like weddings and big parties, or anything that takes ‘planning’ (going to a convention, for instance) also freak me out because I feel pressured to interact with people and ‘perform’ (meaning, putting on a happy face even if I’m not happy), and I’m always afraid something will go wrong (thus I just avoid the ‘going wrong’ part by not going! 😀 )

    Also, my ADD makes me spazz a bit in large gatherings with lots of familiar faces. I never know who to talk to first, and what conversation to focus on (I’ll be talking to one person, but totally listening to another person’s conversation). All the people and chatter and hubbub is just too much input and it short-circuits my attention span, and I’ll either do one of two things: Go hyper and become over-happy, flitting around and bouncing off of every conversation in a matter of minutes, or find a dark, quiet corner and sulk.

    But because I know all of this, I also have found ways of coping, and I know what I can handle, and what I can’t. My family, unfortunately, still does not understand this, and they’re always pressuring me to do things that I know I am just not comfortable doing. “Oh, come on! It’ll make you feel better! You’ll have fun!” 🙄 No…it’ll probably make me feel like crap and I’ll crawl under a rock for the next 6 months, just to recuperate. They’re party people – they LOVE excitement – and they just don’t ‘get’ me at all.

    They don’t get that I’m the type who’d rather spend a quiet evening down at the local watering hole with my husband, nursing a drink and watching people, maybe shoot some pool or chit-chat with some biker dude and his tattooed mate. Parties, big resort-style vacations, weddings, etc. just aren’t my cuppa.

    So ‘going’ places isn’t so much my problem as is the place I have to go, and the people I have to interact with (I totally avoid people I haven’t seen in 20+ years because I don’t want to have to make excuses for why I’m old and dumpy now 😛 ). Next person to say to me, “Oh! What happened? You USED to be so pretty!” Gets punched right in the face.

    @ Mishmee – I can relate. I work for my folks, so every day I go to the same place I grew up, only…I don’t get to work in the house, but in the snake/spider/coon/possum/ant/wasp infested office trailer. Sometimes the air conditioning doesn’t work. It’s… fun. 😛 (Hey, it sits on the edge of wetlands, where critters abound! I’m very used to wildlife – only the spiders freak me out.)

    My problem is I have this strong sense of duty to my parents, especially since neither are in the best of health, and also because my sister moved to Florida, and my older brother (ladyhgiggles pa) isn’t in the best of health due to diabetes. So I can’t break away, or the guilt of abandoning them will overwhelm me, but at the same time, being ‘controlled’ every day by my parents – well into my 40s – is suffocating at times.

    But I deal…like going into work whenever the hell I feel like it! 😀

    @ Tammy – Yup – feeling much better. As I said, I have found ways of coping, and ‘healing’ – services, and a nice nap, then dinner with Mr. Das on a deck overlooking the bay – really helped. Also, reading – and finishing – The Metatemporal Detective just sealed it. What a GREAT book for Moorcock fans, especially those who appreciate his vision of the multiverse, and who have a soft spot for Elric. 😉

    @ Joe – I totally misread your comment about Chris – I see he hasn’t sealed a deal to do a Q&A. Whew. A little pressure off, since – as I said – I have no idea what to ask right now without sounding totally immature and fangirlish. 😳

    No time to proofread – I hope everything above makes sense…


  22. Hey Joe.

    At least your flight wasn’t delayed at first by the plane getting in late and then once we all on the plane and ready to go a passenger had a seizure and throw up all over his seat. I heard the commotion but was lucky enough not to have seen the mess. The lady sitting next to him was quick shocked by it all.

    The guy was find afterwards and talking with the paramedics but they and the airline thought it would be best if he got off and saw a doctor before continuing on with his trip.

    I was impressed with the speed & professionalism with which the flight attendants and the paramedics were able to take care of the situation. The longest part was the airline having to take the guy’s luggage of the plane. All in all we were an hour late leaving.

    David Nykl and David Hewlett had some really nice things to say about SGU at their panel at the Polaris con in Toronto. Some fans complained about the Atlantis’ cancelletion & the “young” cast of SGU.

    Even tho they were both sympathic to the feelings of these fans, they were very tactful & quite positive in answering their concerns. They said that Brad and Robert had done some great stuff in past and were excited to see what they do with SGU and that hopefully the fans will take the time to watch it before they judge it. I so loved them for that.

    Some one else asked about the movie and they didn’t know anything so someone from from the audience shouted that on Joe Mallozzi’s blog you stated that the script was written and you were waiting for the green light to start it. Then the two of them joked that they are going to have to started reading your blog in order to hear any news because no one is talking to them. : )

  23. @scary David H also made a comment (jokingly) that I bet, had another actor said the same thing, would have immediately been reported here as some kind of insult.
    It empasizes to me that we, as readers, should always be careful reading such accounts and remember we don’t always get the full picture.

  24. das wrote, “Next person to say to me, “Oh! What happened? You USED to be so pretty!” Gets punched right in the face.”

    Are you serious?? Are you freak’in kidding me!! I would have punched the first person that said that. The next one would not be so lucky!!

  25. @ Ponytail – At one time I was – according to some – attractive. Not so much anymore. I hide old pictures because of the over-reactions people have over seeing what I used to look like. I live for today – not the person I was 25 years ago. And yes – I’ve had more than one person tell me that – usually guys who used to like me. Women just tell me I’d look better with a different hair style. 😛


  26. Coucou Joseph!!!!

    ça va ? Moi nikel!!! je m’amuse trop!! J’espere que votre voyage à Montréal c’est bien passé.

    je reviens jeudi.
    Bisou bisou
    A bientôt

  27. @Nadine and Montrealer

    Air travel sure ain’t what it used to be, is it? : )



  28. Nadine writes: “Just a quick question: is it just
    me, or was that Atlantis on your t-shirt in the

    Answer: Yes, it is. It was a crew gift for the show’s fifth

    Hey Joe,

    Any chance I can buy your SGA T-Shirt from you; or make a donation to your favourite charity?

    It’s such a cool design and I’d (almost) kill for one! 🙂

  29. Glad you made it back. At least you didn’t have to wait for 1.5 hours to finally get a gate and then find out that they couldn’t use the bridge. This was after a 9.5 hour flight from Rome.

    The only benefit. No real wait for luggage.

    Thanks for clearing up the movie news. I was at Shoreleave and I can’t tell you you could hear total silence when Rachel stated she heard no movie. Jason however was still upbeat and loved his discussions with you.

    Das: I got a Kiss and Hug from Chris. All I can say is WOW

  30. @ Tammy – My friends are okay – I speak mostly of those I haven’t seen in a while – like classmates, etc. Although my friends ARE always trying to get me to do something with my hair. 🙄

    @ knightie – NOT helping. 😛


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