30 thoughts on “July 3, 2009: Travel Day. Enjoy the Vids!

  1. Ha! Just went to check out your doggies’ Twitter, and it had 666 followers. I always knew you were the ultimate evil! 😀

    (poo – it’s at 667 now…)


  2. First of all I would like to say thanks for the videos of the pups. Love to watch them and also love to check out their twitter page. Secondly, welcome back to Montreal. I hope you had a good flight. I hope the weather improves during your visit. Quite a bit of strange weather we have been having lately. One minute thundering and pouring rain and the next nice and sunny. The last few days the highs have been in the mid to low 20’s but extremely humid. I hope you enjoy your visit and if you are driving along Sources and pass the apartment building that was once known as Belcourt House (beside the little mall with the resto Cote-St-Luc BBQ) please wave. While their is a good chance that I would not be home (and wouldn’t see you anyways as I live in the back of the building) my kitty, the real life Thunder, will be here and it would be nice if you could wave to him.

  3. Good thing the dogs did the blog for you so you could make your escape to Montreal! Have a great week off. And in the spirit of the day – I will now go out and give my large and allergic dog her oatmeal bath (in the back yard of course).

  4. Those Pugs play rough – and Brie needs to do something about her smoker’s husky voice/bark.

    Enjoy your break.

    From SUNNY Scotland – it has been raining but it was warm rain!

  5. So glad to see the dogs playing well together! That Brie has them all stirred up,Go Brie! Hope you had a safe flight. Enjoy your time off. and congrats on the word on the short story, looking forward to reading it.

  6. It looks like Lulu and Bubba are the umpires. Did they declare a winner or a draw?

  7. I meant to say Bubba and Jelly are the umpires. Did they declare a winner?

  8. Ahhh!! My fandom worlds are colliding!! Mythbusters and Stargate!! Oh, they should try to bust some Stargate myths, or you guys should have the characters watch Mythbusters. It’s the holiest of unions.

    Why are they all picking on Lulu? What did she do? Did she delete all the songs off of Brie’s iPod and replaced them with hundreds of copies of Pussycat Dolls songs?

    Have a safe trip!!

  9. Oh my, my… cute doggie overload! They really are sweeties, aren’t they? Lulu certainly stands up for herself.

    Now if I had a camcorder, I could share fabulously exciting vids of my cats as they lounge stretched out across the dining table, sun for hours on the window perch, groom themselves into ecstasy, come running to the food dishes and yes, the ever popular and award winning, wait for it…

    …yowling at the squirrels and birds!

    Be thankful I don’t have a camcorder. Safe journeys Joe!

    Happy Independence Day America!

    Carol in NJ

  10. Joe, i am planning to get an ice cream machine. Can you recommend some good recipes from your exploits in frozen treats?

  11. What got into those dawgs?? That was so funny. Someone sounded like a barking pigglet and did I detect a little asthma?? Your camera has great audio Joe, I could hear the birds chirping – I miss the sound of northern birds, even tho you are very north and very west.

    I especially miss my hometown this time of year – http://www.july4thbristolri.com/index.html – just couldn’t afford to make the trip this year.

    Thanks for the cool clips of the dawgs, Joe – safe travels.

  12. That wasnt a fair fight, Brie had the pugs helping. I think Lulu deserves a rematch…lol

    I was wondering Joe, I bought the Season 5 DVD of Atlantis and under Vegas and Enemey at the Gates it marks : extended version. Honestly, they appear to be the same ones that were aired on TV?

  13. pg15 wrote:

    Ahhh!! My fandom worlds are colliding!! Mythbusters and Stargate!!

    You took the words right out of my mouth!
    Logged onto Twitter this morning. Saw Grant’s entry, saw Joe’s. Then WTF’d. How did that happen?

    Safe travels once more Joe.

  14. The videos are more than a fair substitute for one of your erudite and insightful posts. Enjoy the holiday, the books, the food, and don’t forget about your (sorta) faithful followers.

  15. Loved the videos. Brie would make an excellent cornerback or SS. I don’t remember seeing such great coverage since that one game where Randy Moss was shut down for almost all four quarters. – Opposing team? Who knows? It’s a minor detail. But I remember thinking that their coach needed a different cut of slacks. – Anyway, it’s a lot of fun to watch your dogs in action. I think Lulu gets double and triple coverage because she picked on all the other kids too much. So now, she just wants to play with the toys; but a new kid’s in town, and, well, karma’s a bitch.

    How To Become Less Paranoid By Sleeping More: After sleeping soundly last night, I re-read the article about the screaming mom and her initially fortunate lover who became a minor battery victim, even before he had a chance to lean back and have a snooze or whatever. This time, I didn’t see any of the dark undertones that concerned me last night, and the whole thing just sounds funny even if embarrassing to those involved, and maybe not even terribly embarrassing if they all land a lucrative talk-show appearance. “Bread and circuses, baby,” says Jerry Springer (if he’s still on). I’ll bet that even the judge sighed, rolled his eyes, mumbled “Why me?” and signed off on the arraignment primarily to teach the kids to use a little common sense the next time Screaming Suzie gets it on with her partner.

  16. Heh. Watched the videos. It was like a little doggy orgy. A dorgy! 😀

    I am most impressed with Maximus…he’s just too cool for such shenanigans. 🙂

    Glad you arrived safely, sir! Have fun!


  17. Awww, thanks for the cute vids.


    Some of the dialouge in certain scenes are extended, like the Woolsey Todd scene was extended, there was a non existent Keller Shepherd scene and an extra scene on the hive…. there was something else, can’t remember though.

    Hey Joe, thanks for posting the dedication, but why don’t you consider me a regular?????

    Makes me feel hurt… I’m crying inside.

    THANKS so much,
    Major D. Davis

  18. Joe,

    Lovely to see you in Vancouver, it was so nice of you to wave joyfully as we got off the ferry. Sure missed having the banner, though.

    Wait…that wasn’t you?


    Well then. Next time.

    Have a wonderful hiatus in Montreal.

  19. Hi Joe,
    The pups are so energetic!
    Poor Lulu is definitely not the alpha dog, you need to give her extra treats or something…
    Hope you have a nice time in Montreal and let us know what wonderful food you eat over there!

  20. Brie is getting bigger! Poor Lulu, to have a smaller pup pin her, wrassle her to the ground and sit on her head must be humiliating. But I’m sure they’ll all sleep good tonight.

  21. LULU got her ASS torn up!!!!!!!! Of course my Wife who is an animal lover to the max see’s this and says’s how can that man stand there and let that dog get beat up like that!! I fell out Laughing!!!! WWWWAAAAHHHHAAAAHHHHAAAA!!!!1

  22. The pack chased her back to the house LULU “screaming JOE HELP ME!!!” Brie just love’s Kicking LULU’S ASS.

  23. Hey there, our Joe, didja make it OK? Good. Didn’t you pack Fondy in your carry-on?

    Haven’t looked at the adorable vids yet because on I’m the slow computer, the one powered by geriatric gerbils (well, not THAT bad). Lulu has met her match / most worthy opponent!

    You should treat yourself to one of the new Kindles. Stores 3,500 titles now or so. Ask Narelle. She swears not to be a toaster repairwoman, but does know her Kindles.

    Yes, please! I second Shirt-n-Tie’s request for more of Mama Mallozzi’s recipes. Send her our hellos from the blog family. Does Mom know that you’re the BlogFather now? Also send a bow of veneration to your sister Andria. After all, she is the founding member of the Trifecta of Terror. Together with Ashleigh and Kerry (your surrogate sisters), she knows well which buttons to push for amusement’s sake.

    Andria, we haven’t had a visit from you in a while. Can we talk you into a Q&A?

    @ Tammy Dixon, drldeboer, and Das
    Please forgive, I am so behind on reading comments, and even communicating w/ friends and family. Thank you for your kind thoughts about the loss of my sweet doggie grrrl. I think I did post something earlier, but was so befuddled that I posted to the wrong day. For pictures of her, just click on my name above, in green.

    @ Anne Teldy
    We miss ya kiddo. Are ya busy watching the Season 5 DVDs? Give it heck, girl. Fight the good fight and yodel at us when you can.

    @ everyone who celebrates the 4th of July
    This is kind of a summer Thanksgiving day, isn’t it? For being thankful for family, friends, and the freedom to say so. God bless…

  24. Coucou =) Joseph!

    ça va ? Moi oui, aujourd’hui le tour de France commence!! Aller Lance!!!!!

    Lol vos chiens sont vraiment adorable!! Merci pour ces video

    A bientôt.

  25. I give MOON a 7.5 out of 10. I enjoyed it, and those in the theatre seemed to enjoy it as well.

  26. @All pushing the Amazon Kindle

    Sorry, follow listees. Kindle service is not currently available outside of the US along all other Amazon digital services. Hope Amazon get it’s act together before the refitted Steve Jobs rolls out eReader apps on the iTouch & iPhone. Thus making the Kindle an orphan electronic curio restricted to the US. Also the Kindle will have to complete with Netbooks that’s about the same price.

    Personally don’t think the stand alone eReader will around for very longer. Anyone remember word processors that disappear after the introduction of the PC?

  27. Hi again Mr M!

    Hope Montreal is fab (as usual)

    Couldn’t resist forwarding this pic. I’m finally getting more tech-savvy…
    Took this snap in my home town (Cahir, Co Tipperary)


    Thought you’d appreciate the humour!

    Best to all the Mallozzis!


    PS Am away from base today, but had to drop in to check on the blog!

  28. Hi, Joe —
    Great vids of the pups. Fun to see Bubba getting in on the Lulu beat down. She was the young instigator of tussles for so long, I bet the mature pugs are loving seeing her get some of her own medicine from Brie.

    Got my season 5 DVDs yesterday and rewatched about half of the episodes. Was impressed again by Mark D. in Broken Ties (as well as Jason and the rest of the cast, of course.) Question: Did Mark D. come in a few pounds under his normal weight to achieve the haggard look for Tyre or was that all done by the makeup department? He looked so strung out.

    Have a great time on Montreal. Looking forward many pictures of delicious food.

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