Some of you know him as Ernest Littlefield.  Most of you know him as Dr. Carson Beckett.  Me?  I know him as good ole Paul – talented actor, all-around good guy, and the most entertaining person to hang with at a con (as I discovered at the 2007 San Diego Comic Con).  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the charming Scotsman, Paul McGillion…

Lexi Proudfoot writes: “1] You said in June of last year that Hakkasan is one of your favourite places to eat. What is your absolute favourite restaurant? If you had to pick one dish to eat every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?”

PM: Hakkasan in London is still my favourite restaurant. If only one dish, it would have to be the duck salad – delicious!

“2] If you were invited to a costume party and the theme was ‘childhood heroes,’ who would you go as?”

PM: Flash. That way I could be everywhere at once.

“3] Will you ever start a blog? Please, please start a blog! For the love of ceol mor, man!”

PM: Don’t see myself ever doing my own blog. Joe’s a tough act to follow.

“4] Have you ever visited your Gateworld thread, a.k.a. The Gutter? I hope you brought some hipwaders if you ventured there…”

PM: I’ve popped into the Gateworld thread a few times. No hipsters were needed – everyone seemed pretty cool!

“5] Will you marry me?”

PM: As flattered as I am, I’m spoken for.

Rhonda writes: “Do you have any con appearances coming up? You and Aaron Douglas really need to do one together. You guys are hilarious. Anyway, hope to see you back on TV in a regular position soon.”

PM: Thanks Rhonda. As it happens, Aaron and I are appearing at Dragon Con. Should be a blast! Hope to see you there!!

GateGeek in Canada writes: “Whoo! Thanks for doing a Q&A! My question is completely unrelated to Stargate but…
Can you share any amusing anecdotes/stories from the Star Trek set? Your scene (though far too short) was brilliant and I IMMEDIATELY burst into a huge grin when you came onto the screen! I also began frantically pointing you out to everyone I was with; I didn’t know when you’d appear and so it rather surprised me. Bravo! And thanks again.”

PM: Hey GateGeek! Thanks for the Star Trek kudos. Yes, it was a  lot of fun to be part of such a cool movie. Maybe not so funny, but unusual was riding in a Pope-mobile type thing to and from set – top secret and all.

Michael A. Burstein writes: “Were you as surprised as the rest of us when you died so quickly on 24?”

PM: Not really – everyone gets killed by Jack.


Elyse writes: “Thanks, Paul, for taking the time to answer some questions. Had Stargate Atlantis had a sixth season, where would you have liked to have seen Beckett go, story/character-wise?”

PM: Hi Elyse. Beckett, 6th season? Finally ending up on that island inhabited only by Swedish swimsuit models.

“Any word on whether Beckett will be in the SGA movie?”

PM: Yes… looks like Dr. Beckett will indeed be in the SGA movie. At least that’s what Joe says!!

“What’s the next project we can look forward in seeing you in?“

PM: I currently have a couple of things on the go. Most exciting, is an independent feature I’m working on with a friend of mine. Working title: ‘The Bad’.


flygirl writes: “Hi Paul – You were absolutely super in “A Dog’s Breakfast”. Do you have any future plans to take a turn behind the camera as a producer/director? If so, would it be a comedy, adventure, mystery, or scifi???
Enjoyed meeting you in Vancouver, BC in the Hilton’s restaurant, after you met with the lovely lady who led your “Save Beckett” campaign!!
Take care – Evelyn
(co-producer of your “Lean on Me” vid)”

PM: Hi Evelyn.  Nice to hear from you! No directing is in my immediate future, but I’m co-producing an indie. Hoping to get it behind the camera by the fall; working title, ‘The Bad’.

Ricky writes: “I watched “A Dog’s Breakfast” few times as you were wonderful in it! Any word for ADB 2?”

PM: Hey Ricky! Thanks for your kind words about my performance in ADB. You’ll have to ask Dave Hewlett about a sequel. I certainly hope so – it was fun to do.

Bailey writes: “For Paul:
1.Do you keep in touch with any of your colleages from SGA?”

PM: Hey Bailey.  Yes, I keep in touch with all of them. Infact, I saw the lovely Rachel just last week.

“2. I loved you as Dr. Beckett, what do you think were his best qualities? His worst?”

PM: Thanks. Some of his best qualities were his sense of humanity and his sense of humour. Worst? Would have to be his lack of love interests.
P.S. There’s always the movie.

“3. Did you try to play the second incarnation of Beckett differently than before he was cloned?”

PM: I think Beckett, as well as the rest of the crew, had some trepidation about his return to Atlantis. He was certainly aware of the changes that had occurred in his absence and his own circumstances, ie being a clone. That being said eventually, by the end of season five, I think we had good old Carson back.

“4. Whatever happened to the “wee turtles?”

PM: Rodney still has them. The bastard! “Give me back my wee baby turtles!!”


Arctic Goddess writes: “Questions for Paulie: Where did you get the name, “Paulie”?”

PM: Hello to the Arctic! It was a nickname, “Pauly”. It was given to me when I was a wee boy from my sweet mum, and it just stuck!

“Are you going to be at Comic Con in San Diego this year?”

PM: No Comic Con for Pauly this year, unfortunately. Dragon Con in Atlanta though.

“When you were on Atlantis, who was your absolute favorite guest star to work with and why?”

PM: We had a lot of great guest stars on Atlantis over the years. But for me, I’d have to say Richard Kind, in the epidosde Irresistable. Great comic timing, and just a funny, funny guy.


“Thanks for answering the questions, Paul. As a mom, I suggest you give your parents a call and tell them how much you appreciate them. You can never say that enough to the people you love. “

PM: I talk to my parents everyday – you’re absolutely right!

Adna writes: “Since David Hewlett said that there are high hopes ADB’s ‘Starcrossed’ will see the light of day, are you going to participate in the project?”

PM: Hi Adna.  That’s totally up to David, but I’d love to.

PoorOldEdgarDerby writes: “Questions for Paul: Can you comment on whether you’ll be in either the Atlantis movie or SGU?”

PM: PoorOldEdgarDerby, Nice to hear from you. Altantis movie – yes. SGU – haven’t heard, but if they asked me, I’m sure it would be a blast.


“3. Who is your second favorite Beatle?”

PM: Assuming my first is Sir Paul (little known fact – I was named after him) I would have to say John Lennon.

Silversi writes: “Hey Paul, Do you get to Scotland often? If you were to recommend the best place to visit on vacation–what would you choose? I’m hoping to get there one day, and I’m looking for suggestions!”

PM: Hey Silver, I do indeed get back to Scotland – love it there! Glasgow’s a party, Highlands are a must, and get tattooed in Edinborough.

“Also–with your parents having fairly heavy Scottish accents, and while you played Carson on Stargate–did you ever randomly find yourself slipping into a bit of a Scottish brogue at all? It seems like you can slip in and out fairly easily–did that take much practice at all?”

PM: No, I can go back and forth quite naturally. Lucky for me, because the brogue can be quite a tongue twister at times!


Ponytail writes: “Questions for Paul McGillion. You have always been one of my favorite characters. Nice, sweet, non-threatening, always there to help.
What was your favorite episode of Stargate Atlantis?”

PM: Thanks Ponytail! You’re sweet.  My favourite episode would have to be “Poisoning the Well”.

“Who did you most like to work with and why?”

PM: Had the opportunity to work with Sally Field in a movie called ‘Cooler Climate’. She was just such a professional, down to earth – a genuine sweetheart.

“What would be a dream project for you?”

PM: Working on a film where we could cast all the talented actors I know, have an endless budget, and tons of laughs.


“Were you surprised when Martin Gero wanted to be your brother “Danger Beckett” in the hilariously funny Road To Dream featurette?”

PM: Not at all. Martin has always looked up to me.

Hachi writes: “Hi there, I love Paul McG!
I was wondering what he thought about some of the moral dilemmas and medical decisions that Dr. Beckett went through during his tenure on Atlantis?
Some of the medical experimantation on both humans (the ATA gene therapy which turned out well), and the Hoffan virus and Michael transformation (which didn’t).”

PM: Hi Hachi. Great question. The moral and ethical issues that Carson had to deal with over the five seasons of Atlantis weighed heavily on the character. As an actor, it made for great story lines with complex scenes, that were thought provoking and challenging at the same time. One of the great things about Carson’s journey is that the character had the opportunity to deal with many different issues on a human level.

“And was his work with the Pegasus Galaxy natives upon his return part of a way to assuage his percieved guilt?”

PM: I think you’re right Hachi. Carson wanted to give back to the Pegasus Galaxy, aka his Doctors Without Borders within the Pegasus Galaxy.


Vecturist writes: “Questions for Paul – I know you have a teaching certificate – what classes have you taught or what you like to teach given the opportunity? (If you want to come teach my college intro bio courses, give me a call).”

PM: Hello Vecturist. I have teachable subjects in science, history, physical education and theatre. For the past fifteen years, I have been focusing of my acting. As far as teaching your college courses, I think I’ll leave that to you – I wouldn’t want to get you fired! I’m sure you’re doing a great job. Keep it up.

“Do your siblings give you a hard time for being an actor, especially since it seems you have a lot of female fans?”

PM: My siblings love the fact that I’m an actor. As far as the female fans go, they’re just curious to see if they actually exist – that I’m not putting them on.

Carolyn writes: “Question for Paul: As with all actors, there is probably a part out there that you’ve dreamed of playing – whether it be a character from a favorite book or screenplay or maybe a part that you’ve seen played by another. What would be your dream role?
Paul, thank you for the years of happiness you’ve given your fans playing Dr. Beckett. I watch TV shows for the characters – and the depth and soul you gave Carson will forever make him one of my favorites.”

PM: Carolyn, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for your kind words. That’s very thoughtful of you to write. As for my dream role, it would have to be Bond. Pauly Bond. 008. What do you think of that?!

ChelleDeBoer writes: “Question for Paul – Mr Mc – first off I’m looking forward to meeting you for the first time when you pop down under in October. I know you’ve been to Australia a few times already but I’ve never had the chance to get to one of your cons til now. So, I hope you brush up on your Australian accent coz I’m likely to ask you to give it a try!! Most folks who try to imitate an Aussie end up sounding rather Cockney!
Anyhoo, my question as boring as it may seem, is: do you ever find yourself slipping into a Scottish accent when chatting to either the fans or just anyone in general?
Also, if you could have chosen…if it were possible, who would you have liked to have seen Beckett “hook” up with??
Thank you so much for taking the time out to answer the fans questions. Again, I’m looking forward to meeting you in Melbourne in October. Oh wait…do you prefer red wine or white?? Or would you prefer a good Aussie beer? I’ll shout you a drink at the cocktail party! Cheers!! “

PM: Gidday Chelle! Looking forward to the accent challenge. Scottish accent slip? Sometimes – depending on the number of drinks. As for hookups, Beckett and Teyla would’ve been a solid pair in my humble opinion.

Kabra writes: “Duet has to be one of favorite episodes. The scene with you and David kissing… I have to say I did not see that coming.
I think it was on the DVD to that episode you talked about that scene. What was you initial reaction when you were approached? Did you receive extra pay for that kissing scene?
Both you and David did a great job with that scene.
I was very shocked when Beckett died – and I was thrilled when he came back, even though he was clone.”

PM: Hey Kabra.  First off, kissing scene – creepy. As far as extra pay goes, sadly no. But should’ve.


Johnny E! writes: “This question is for Mr. McGillion: Having seen you on roles in Smallville, 24 (nice death by the way), and other roles that do not feature your accent, my question is 1. Is the accent on Atlantis yours, or is it exaggerated? 2. How long did it take for you to “loose” your accent for the other roles? Thank you for your time.”

PM: Johnny – Born in Scotland, but raised in Canada, so I don’t normally have a Scottish accent. What you do hear in Atlantis, is from years of being around my parents, who are Scottish through and through. All best, Paul.

Sinan writes: “Hello Paul how are you? Thank you so much for answering fans questions. I have a few questions to ask you.You don’t have to anwser if you don’t have the time. I’ll try not to ask to many questions.
If it’s ok i’d like to ask some questions about acting. I finished a course in April at the VFS (Vancouver Film School)and i was wondering how you got started,what steps did you take ?
Thank you so much Paul for your time and from me i’d like to thank you for helping me find an awsome school (Thanks to your biography)and making making my first Stargate convention Gate Con (April 4th) really specail.Also thank you very much for your work on Stargate.
Take care and all the best and good luck for your future projects.”

PM: Hi Sinan, I’m so glad my bio pointed you in to the right direction (Hey VFS, can you say free advertising?!) Welcome to the biz! As far as advice I could give, do as much theatre as you can, do as many independents as you can, and act because you love it, not because you want to be famous.

Chevron7 writes: “Questions for Paul: Have you ever used the Scottish accent to get an advantage in real life, such as dealing over the phone with a customer service person or does it come with great responsibility? p.s. Listening to you as Beckett makes me remember my Physics teacher. He rocked!

PM: Hey Chevron7, funny that you’d mention that. I’m famous amongst my friends for ordering pizza, and working a deal – Scottish style. Works like a charm! I know it’s bad, but it’s so much fun!


“What was the best thing, personally or professionally, you did while your character was off Atlantis?”

PM: I moved down to L.A. and set up camp down there. I met and worked with J.J. Abrams and Star Trek, but perhaps most important, perfected my highland dancing.

“Has your hair recovered from the unfortunate “Elvis” dyejob of 2008?”

PM: Thanks for the reminder. Yeah, no kidding – what was that?! Yes, my hair has recovered. But our hairstylist, Richard, hasn’t.

“Read any interesting books lately?”

PM: I’ve recently finished Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink.

“Who would win in an arm wrestling contest, you or David Hewlett?”

PM: Oh definitely David – if he used TWO arms!!

Paloosa writes: “Actors seem to have to go with the flow in their quest to find interesting work. Do you enjoy moving, or would you rather stay rooted somewhere?”

PM: Hey LolaPaloosa, I’ve been very fortunate to be able to travel quite a bit, working all the while. That being said, there is definitely something about coming “home”, having a routine, and being able to spend time with close friends. So to answer your question, I guess I like a bit of both.


Joflyaway writes: “For Paul: Love your work. I felt you played Beckett as a relunctant hero; one who just wanted to do his work and let the soldiers do theirs. Was this your choice to play him this way or was he written in this manner? What did you think when you learned of Beckett’s death in “Sunday”? Did the fan’s outrage over Beckett’s death surprise you? What did your parents think of your accent? I heard you tell the story of when you called your dad to tell him of your role on Stargate–he thought you said Star Trek. What did he think when you did get a part on the Star Trek movie? You and David Hewlett have great onscreen chemistry. Does the friendship continue offscreen as well? Last question: How did you get to be so bloody awesome? Did you grow up that way or do you just acquire additional awesomeness as the years go by?”

PM: Hey Joflyaway.  First off, thanks a lot for the kudos, brother. Carson turned out to be a reluctant hero. If I had something to with it, great, but really it was the writers who made him the hero.
Beckett’s death on ‘Sunday’, surprised everyone, including myself. The fan response was truly overwhelming. To think that you’ve affected that many people simply by playing a character in a television series, and then for those people to then mobilize and campaign for your character’s return, was pretty cool.

My parents give my accent a thumbs up – and trust me, they’d tell me otherwise. As for telling my dad about my role on Star Trek, let’s just say, I had to say it a few times.

I’d have to agree, David and I do share great on-screen chemistry. And of course, our friendship transcends the set – unfortunately though, I don’t get to see him enough.

With regards to being awesome, it takes one to know one! Thanks for the great questions. To quote from Anchorman, ‘Stay classy.”

Newkax writes: “Dear Mr. McGillion.
I live in the Czech Republic.
I ¥m sorry, because I don¥t speak english very well.
Do you like reading or watching the sci-fi?
What is your favourite genre in the movies or books?

PM: Hi Newkax.  I actually grew up watching sci-fi as a kid – Star Trek, Dr. Who, Phoenix and the Carpet, etc. I’d my tastes are pretty eclectic in terms of genres.


Maggiemayday writes: “Question for Mr. McG: do Americans with Scottish ancestry annoy you when they trot out their knowledge of the clans in their past?
and I’ve never made it to Scotland, but perhaps in the next few years I can swing a week. So, Edinburgh or Glasgow?”

PM: Hi Maggiemayday.  No, it doesn’t bother me. It’s nice that they have the interest in their culture and heritage. Though a lame Scottish accent – that can really get on my nerves!
Sorry dear, but do yourself a favour and make time for both Glasgow and Edinburgh – too hard to choose one over the other!

Sirle writes: “I’ve got a question for Paul:  how has the Stargate experience been for you and given the chance would you change anything at all? If so, then why? Also, all the best for future endeavors.
I’d like to thank in advance for even considering my question. This is so exciting!”

PM: Thank you for the question for the Sirle! The Stargate experience has been one of the best I’ve ever had. Would I change anything? Well let’s put it this way: beware of exploding tumours.

Perragrin writes: “Paul, firstly.. a heartfelt thanks for five absolutely wonderful years of Carson Beckett. Your portrayal of him is second to none and it’s been both a pleasure and honour to watch. It really wouldn’t have been the same without our adorable Doc. How surprised have you been with the overwhelming show of support from your Fans, especially towards the end of the third season/begining of the fourth season?”

PM: Hi Perragrin.  To be honest, I have been flattered. The fans never cease to amaze me. The support after the demise of Beckett completely blew me away.

“Looking forwards, is there any particular direction you’d now like to take with your career? Perhaps something you’ve not been able to indulge in before now?”

PM: Every actor hopes for the opportunity to play a character that allows them to stretch themselves as an actor. Be it film, television, or theatre, I’m looking for the next opportunity to be involved in something like that.

“A friend once mentioned that you’d make a perfect ‘Q’ for James Bond Would a role like that attract you?”

PM: If Bond is taken, then sure!

“4. Talking of roles.. what type of character portrayals give you the most satisfaction when acting? And which do you find most challenging?””

PM: As I said earlier, any role that has forced me out of my comfort zone, and helped me learn to test the boundaries of my skill and confidence, give me the most satisfaction. Ironically, they are usually also the most challenging. I hope that answers your question.
Thanks for your support!


Scary writes: “Question for Paul. Thank for doing this because I will probably be too nervous to ask it to you at Dragon*con.  I saw your cameo in the new STAR TREK movie. It went by pretty fast but I knew to keep an eye out for you. What was it like to film your scenes? Personally I thought Simon Pegg played Scotty a little too slapstick/over the top for me. Other then that I love it. : ) Have you had the chance to see the whole movie?
Only 85 more days to Dragon*con!!!!!!”

PM: Hi Scary!Glad you caught me in the movie! Yes, I saw it too – I thought J.J. and the cast and crew did a great job. Stop by and say hi and Dragon Con.

Quade1 writes: “Question for Paul McGillion:
How did you feel when they decided to bring back Beckett?? Did you think the character was brought back for the fans or for the show??”

PM: No doubt, the fans had a huge role in bringing Beckett back. I was happy to come back and reprise the role, as I personally thought he had some unfinished work to do.


Trish writes: “Hey Paul! Thanks for doing this Q&A with us! My husband met you on the elevator in Vancouver back and April. He warned you about me. Remember that? Then I met you at the photo op. I gave you a mousepad with Ryan on it from “A Dog’s Breakfast.” I just wanted to say that meeting you was one of the highlights of the entire convention! Not really a question, I know. But thank you, all the same! By the way, our picture is fabulous, naturally.
David Hewlett is *supposed to be* working on his next indy movie, Design of the Dead. Will you be in that, hopefully? I think you two work so well together.
I do love Simon Pegg. However I need to tell you that you would have made a better Scotty. That’s the truth. Even my mom and dad agree. So does my big sister. We did enjoy seeing you in the latest Star Trek movie, all the same.
Any exciting plans to tell us about? Work or otherwise?
I wish you the best! Again, thanks for stopping by Joe’s blog!”

PM: I remember your husband and of course, I remember you! Thanks for the mouse pad. Of course it’d be grea to work with Daivd again. Thanks for the comments about Star Trek. See you at the next convention! Stay out of trouble..

Miz writes: “During your time on SGA, who used more hair product? You or Flanigan. Cause really, when you get right down to it, it’s all about the hair.”

PM: Hi Miz! I would have to say Flanigan. I mean c’mon, you’ve got to give it to him. The man has good hair.

LibKat writes: “For Paul McGillion:
After doing the cross-dressing role in A Dog’s Breakfast, were you surprised by any of your reactions to acting as a woman? How’d you like wearing nylons? (Of all the tortures inflicted upon women, they are the worst, IMO.) Do you think David Hewlett wrote that bit simply so he could make fun of you at all future con appearances?”

PM: Hey Kat.  I can sincerely sympathize with women out there. The nylons were tough, but the heels were the worst. As far as David goes, and him torturing me at conventions? I didn’t make the best looking woman, but I’d put money down that I’d beat David in a pageant.


KaziWren writes: “PAUL “WOULDA BEEN A HOTTIE SCOTTY” MCGILLION QUESTIONS: Do you go after all the roles you can, or do you have projects you prefer to go after?”

PM: Hi Kazi. Generally speaking, my agent send sme projects that we feel confident we’d like to pursue.

“Everyone is so careful not to pry, but I’m going to pry a little (forgive me): Do you want to settle down and do the family thing at some point, or are you a destined bachelor?”

PM: I’m thinking a Mrs. McGillion, and an army of kids one day. Someone’s got to take care of me, right?

“3. Are you considering any projects in the UK, such as Torchwood, Dr. Who, etc?  My husband and I adore your work. We’ll be supporting you in all you do!”

PM: Sure I would. Please tell them I’m interested.
Appreciate your support,


Lcshepp writes: “For Paul- At the VanCon Joe F. stated he won the ‘wrestling’ match between the two of you. When you poked your head into the room, you stated you won. What’s your version of that match?
Do you really occasionally call him ‘Josey’? Beautiful job in ‘Star Trek’!”

PM: Hey Leshepp.  Let’s put it this way: I don’t think Joe’s going to want to wrestle me any time soon. He’s a good athlete, but he should stick to the surfing. No, I don’t ever call him Josey. Wouldn’t that make the rest of the cast the pussy cats?! Thanks for your words about Star Trek – it was great to be a part of it!

Laura writes: “Question for Paul: I’m a premedical student, and from what I can tell most of the medical stuff in Stargate is relatively accurate for a scifi show. Did you get to learn about any of the medical procedures that you were supposed to be doing or did you just memorize your lines? Thanks for taking time to answer questions!”

PM: Hi Laura.  Thanks for the question. Truth be known, we have a med tech on set most of the time. Although I did get a chance to learn some of the minor procedures, I wouldn’t look to me to perfom surgery in the near future. I’ll leave that to up and coming professionals like yourself.

C.C. writes: “Question for Paul McGillion: You’ve worn a kilt at more than one convention in europe, so I was wondering, is there any way you might be convinced to wear a kilt at some of your USA cons too? It just doesn’t seem fair that only the europeans have had a chance to get a photo op with you in your kilt!
Loved seeing you in Star Trek and 24!”

PM: Hi C.C. I think there’s most definitely a chance the kilt will make a U.S. appearance. Thanks for watching Star Trek and 24 – really appreciate it!

Clementine from France writes: “Questions for Paul :
1) What is your feeling at the end of a convention ? Easiness or not ?
2) Do you think the conventions are more tiring than days of shooting ?
3) How do you feel the behaviour of the fans toward you ?
Excuse me for my bad english . I hope the best for you in the future. Thank you for my wonderful birthday in Facts Belgium and your kindness.”

PM: Hey Clementine.  After a convention, I feel energized and touched after meeting all the fans. That being said, conventions are indeed tiring – not often do I shoot 12plus hours and talk to new people. You’re most welcome, and many more birthdays to you!
All best,


Nichola Dennigan writes: “1)If you could invivite five famous People living or dead to dinner who would you ask and would you include David Hewlett?”

PM: Mohammed Ali, Elvis, Bill Clinton, Johnny Depp, and of course, Andre the Giant. David Hewlett will be serving us all.

“2)Did you enjoy making the star trek movie?”

PM: Of course!

Tina writes: “Question for Paul : How much fun was it getting to take part in the stunt demo at P4 back in January??(you definitely showed those stunt guys whose boss!!thankfully I had gotten off the stage by then!) how does Carson Beckett:Action Hero sound
Dude you are an absolute one in a million..total legend!!!! P.S thanks for the bottle of water!!!“

PM: Hi Tina. Yeah, it was great to be a part of the stunt demo. From what I recall  though, you’re the action hero! Great work out there! Carson Beckett Action Hero? I like the sound of that!

BlondieChemGirl writes: “Thanks for hosting the Q & A with Paul McGillion.
I went to the Michael Shanks Online Auction and found the recorded book that Paul McGillion read/voiced and signed. I am going to go bid on it.
1) Did you enjoy doing the characters and voices on the SGA recorded book?
Recorded books are a great way to “read” a book and get lots of other things done like housework, gardening, and driving and it can save your sanity on long trips. And my sister is sight-impared and recorded books are the only way she can “read”, so thanks for that.”

PM: Working on the SGA record books was a lot of fun and an interesting challenge.

“2) How are the fans at the conventions? Are they cordial and friendly or over-the-top crazy?
I have yet to go to any fan convention, but would hope that I wouldn’t make a fool of myself or just stand there in awe of a favorite actor.”

PM: Conventions are great – you should check one out sometime. A lot of fun, friendly people.


JYS writes: “Hi Paul, you rock. If you were offered a regularly recurring role on SGU as Carson Beckett the clone, or another character, which role would you choose and why.   I was at the Save Carson rally at the Studio years back. Skipped an important English class for ya! And when I was at the Bridge Studio’s Haunted Studio Tour, the guide forgot to mention you as part of the cast, so I yelled out your name. That’s how much you rule Best of luck!”

PM: Hey JYS! If I came back, I’d definitely come back as the one, and the only, Dr. Beckett. Thanks for going to the rally – that was really cool of you.
All best,

Neverstop writes: “A question (or two) for Paul McGillion:
As much as I’ve enjoyed your work on SGA and laughed at “A Dog’s Breakfast”, I would really love to see more of the amazing acting you did in “See Grace Fly”. (I’ve tried to promote it through the Cinemateque club at the Swedish Film Institute, so far without success…) Do you have any similar projects planned? And will you be working with Gina Chiarelli (absolutely fantastic!) again in a somewhat near future?
Thanks for taking the time and good luck with your career!”

PM: Hi Neverstop. Thanks for your comments about “See Grace Fly”. I’m currently working on another indie film, “The Bad”. Gina, however, is not in this one, but I’m sure we will work together again soon.
Take care,

Caitlyanna writes: “One question for Paul McGillion – Out of all the roles you have played in your life, which was your favorite and why?”

PM: Hi Caitlyanna. It’s got to be a toss-up between Carson and Dominic McKinley, the character I played in “See Grace Fly”.

BloodyB writes: “Hi Paul.
You never gave me a right answerd for my question at FedCon in Bonn about the number of takes it took to finish the kiss-scene in “Duet”
Here is another try to get an answer
Wish you all the best.”

PM: Hi BloodyB. I was done after the first take.


Halessa writes: “Hi Paul, just wanted to say hi! and send you all the best wishes from the members of your fansite. We just want to know your plans about future conventions in the UK or in Germany for the next year. Hope to see you in the future. Cheers, -Tanja”

PM: Hi Halessa. No plans as of yet, but would love to come back to Germany and see all the fans there. Have your ptb make that happen and I’m there!
Take care,

Dini writes: “I hope you feel fine. It’s great that you’re taking time for this Q & A These are my questions I forgot to ask you during the interview at F.A.C.T.S. in Gent / Belgium: Could you tell us something about the signifaction of your tattoos?”

PM: Hi Dini! Flag of Scotland – need I say more? The other one, I share with two close friends of mine – guy bonding!

“What has been the most lovely gift, that you ever got from a fan?”

PM: A terrific bottle of 18 yr old Scotch – delicious!


I want to thank all of the fans for the great questions. I’m sorry I couldn’t get to them all. Quite honestly, they were in the hundreds! Wow!

I did my best and I wish you all a great summer.

Keep on checking out Joe’s blog. I would also like to thank Joe for letting me come on here and talk to you all.

All the best,
Your Scottish Doc,

Paul McGillion

36 thoughts on “June 25, 2009: The Doctor Is In! Actor Paul McGillion Answers Your Questions.

  1. Wow, thanks Paul. You must have spent a lot of time answering everyone’s questions!

    If you’re reading this, congrats on your appearance in Star Trek! Hope to see more of you on our screens, and in the new Atlantis movie maybe…? 😀


  2. I sooooo needed a good post to read tonight, and Mr. McGillion provided it, via your blog Mr. M. Many thanks to such a gracious, well spoken, and not at all bad looking gentleman for taking the time out to answer some questions. And I’m prepared to start the collection so that we can arrange the “dress off” between Mr. McGlillion and Mr. Hewlett to determine who in fact looks better in drag. I evision a 3 stage contest. Evening gown with high heels, makeup, and of course the mandatory bathing suit contest. No point in a talent contest since both men have demonstrated their talents to our pleasure so many times over the years. Thanks Mr. Mallozzi for yet another fantastic guest appearance on your blog. Oh, and I realized I have already finished Blood of Ambrose a week or so ago. Now to find it so I can refresh my memory on certain points.

  3. A big “thank you” to Paul McGillion for checking in and taking the time to answer so many questions. Another awesome guest and another awesome Q&A! I especially like the extra pictures and videos sprinkled through out the entry. Very nice finishing touch you have added lately Joe. The Q&A’s just keep getting better and better.

    R.I.P. Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson. Both entertainers reached the top of their class during their respective careers. I think Michael Jackson was possibly the most talented, gifted, intriguing showman ever. My favorite was his “Thriller” days.

  4. Joe, thank you so much for having Paul in for the Q&A. It sure is nice to be able to “talk” with so many of the wide variety of folk you have as guest bloggers. 🙂
    Thank you Paul for answering my and so many other questions – you are a real sweetheart!
    Good luck in all your future projects, hope to see you on screen very soon.

  5. Wow, Paul, that was a wonderful visit with us! Thank you for spending so much time on it. That was a good birthday gift, as Narelle said it would be. However, I must beg your pardon. Not knowing that attempted Scottish accents get on your nerves, I submitted my questions in just that fashion. It’s easier to use another “voice” when I feel shy and sentimental. Please accept my humble apologies!

    I wanted to know: Do you live near your transplanted Atlantis family in California, and the latest prank you’ve played on one of them?

    And also, how did you celebrate your “big” birthday in January, and what kind of goals did it inspire for you, professionally and personally?

    Thanks for bringing us Carson Becket, the genuine, loving kind of person who isn’t afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve.

    ~for the love of Beckett

    P.S. A big thank you to Joe for arranging this visit, and all the pictures and video clips, too.

  6. no answer to my question 🙁 And I’m coming late to university just because I wanted to read his Q&A hoping to see my questions answered
    But I guess it where to many to answer them all…

    Hope I’ll see him on another Convention.

    Thanks anyway Joe for bringing Paul McGillion to us.
    I had a blast reading his answers to the other questions 🙂

    Gotta go now 😉

  7. Ack! Thanks Paul for the new name. I’m liking it. And thanks to both Joe and Paul for a really great Q&A. My best wishes to Paul, and while in L.A. I hope you can find a ton of gigs, jigs, and a tan.

    A very sad day. A coworker’s husband is in Michael Jackson’s band. Evidently Jackson had not been feeling well on Wednesday, but had still planned to be at Thursday’s rehearsal at 4:30 in the afternoon. I hope his family can find some peace amidst the chaos of his passing. And also hope that Farrah Fawcett’s family can find some measure of comfort in her passing as well.

  8. Hi Mr M!

    Many thanks to Mr McG for the great Q and A!!

    HAts off to the Scottish Doctor!


  9. Coucou =)!! ça va joseph?

    OUi!!! Moi trop!! Je m’amuse bien et je fait pleins de choses sympas, mon cherie va cuisiner beaucoup de plats trés bon je suis impatiente de les gôuter et ce week end c’est plage à volonté!

    Merci pour ces Q/A dommage que Paul n’ai pas pu me répondre à mes questions, tampis ça sera pour la prochaine fois, =)

    Gros bisou bisou
    je vous adore!

  10. What a surprise! Great Q & A. It was very kind of Mr. McGillion to take time for this.


  11. Thank you so so much Paul for your time really means alot and thank you for answering so many questions. ^__^

    Can’t thank you enough….seriously!!

    Hope to see you soon at a future convention.

    Take care and all the best good luck for your future work and i can’t wait to see your up coming work.

    *goes back to cloud 9* lol

    Awsome blog and i gotta say thanks for the lovely pictures on this blog Joe.


  12. Thank you Joe for organising the Q&A with Paul McGillion. That was awesome. Can’t wait to see who’s next!! 😀

  13. Hi Joe,
    Thanks for the Q&A with Paul.. Look forward to seeing him in the atlantis movie and “the bad”.

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  14. Yay! Paul answered my questions!! *faint*

    Mrs. Paul McGillion and a soccer team of kids… I hope it happens for you, Paul.

    *runs off to ask husband if she can also marry Paul*

    Trish in Texas

  15. So, some luck lady finally snagged, ‘The McGillion’. Interesting. Great Q&A I hope to see more of Paul in action parts. When I saw ‘Torment of Tantalus’, I thought he was Hank Azaria’s brother. To me, they looked quite a like. Much success to Paul.

  16. @elyse,
    Everybody elses but mine. lol

    So a few questions

    1. You already know my reasoning, so is episode 19’s title is hope?

    2. Is Will Waring directing Faith?

    3. Is there a chance that MGM will release it’s uber cool super secret project during Comic con this summer?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  17. Joe,
    I went on twitter and looked at the pics of the dogs it looks like they all like to gang up on Brie …maybe they know hes the outsider and are letting Brie know who the bosses are…..Poor Brie

  18. Joe, Many thanks for posting my question for Paul. Now I am happy that he answered my question. I want you to cast him as Dr. Carson Beckett in SA movie.

    Take care Ricky

  19. Sob! I came on here for my daily blog fix and was surprised and happy to see Paul McG’s Q & A had been posted. You can imagine how excited I was scrolling through, hoping to have one of my questions answered, and now this is where the ‘sob’ comes in … there isn’t any sign of CountryGal’s questions.

    Oh well … that’s understandable, there was a LOT for the poor man to get through and it was fun reading his replies to everyone’s else’s questions.

    Always a pleasure to hear from Paul and to read anything new he has to say, so once again, thanks so much to him, for doing the Q & A and to Joe, for giving this particular Beckett/Paul fan a little fix. Very much appreciated 🙂

    ( Course, if I could ask for a mental hug from some of the other Beckett fans, that would be nice… )

    Maybe one of these days I’ll get to meet him at a Convention.


  20. Thanks to the delightful Paul 🙂 🙂 and Joe 🙂 for an excellent blog entry. Very enjoyable to read.

    Best wishes to Paul for the future and I hope that he has many opportunities to play Scots and thus advertise our nice little country…. whilst earning him, hopefully, mega-bucks.

  21. Hi Joe, just adding my thanks for one of the most entertaining Q&As to date. What a nice man Paul is 🙂 Can’t wait to meet him at the convention!

  22. It was a treat to read Paul McG.’s Q&A, and thoughtful of him to make it so extensive. In particular, the idea of him competing with David H. for best-looking cross-dresser is incredibly funny, and he packed a lot of other good stuff in his responses as well. The pictures were great, and added a lot of flavor and fun. Thanks!

  23. Hi Joe – Thanks very much for hosting Paul’s Q & A and for all of the great guests, information and all around good things you share with us every day!

    I know it’s not easy to keep a blog going on a daily basis. Thanks for keeping your readers tuned-in and excited.

  24. Thanks for the share of the Q&A. Paul is an excellent actor and love his charm, accent and over-all personality! Sadly, I haven’t been able to go to these conventions to see each one of Stargate characters on stage…

    I’m from Texas…Go Cowboys! I’ve been thinking of living in Canada for the summer next year since it has been extremely hot here this summer.

    Take care and good luck to you, Paul!!


  25. K so im hoping that its really gonna be paul mcgillion who gets this so um i was just wondering if you are planning on being in any thing, statrgate(hopefully!) or not stargate, anytime soon. I just cant get ennough of your great acting and in that way, i envy you because its my dream to be an actress! i love you accent most of all(even though you dont actually talk that way). well, please respond soon, if your not to busy being cool! you’re “lovely!”

    one of your many big fans,
    Stephanie Wisthoff
    Lincoln, Ne

  26. Who was the Piper that played “The Dark Island” at Carson Beckett’s Funeral (Stargate Atlantis, Season 3, Episode 17/Sunday)

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