Jamil Walker Smith (Sgt. Greer)
Jamil Walker Smith (Sgt. Greer)

Well, after several weeks of talking about it, we finally sat down and did it – the writers set aside their other work (editing, outlines, autobiographies) and their differences (the Binder-Gero feud is legendary) to gather and break Episode #19. And, in under two and a half hours, we were done. Not only did we have a terrific story with not three, not four, but five FULL acts, but Robert Cooper had come up with an episode title none of us hated (which, trust me, is a major achievement). Can’t reveal the name yet but, as Carl noted, if you switched out a single letter, it would have the same title as an episode of Atlantis.

Now if all goes according to plan, we’ll break Episode #20 on Wednesday, discuss Brad’s story, and ensure everyone is poised to go to script before our lengthy hiatus.

So Jamil Walker Smith dropped by the office the other day to kick back, chat, and regale us with tales of his latest cycling escapades. I recall, in those first few weeks of production, being struck by the contrast between the actor and the character he played. Onscreen, Sgt. Ronald Greer is a smoldering powder keg, tough, threatening, incessantly ominous. Off screen, however, Jamil is one of the happiest, most gregarious individuals one could ever hope to meet. On the surface, the two seem to be polar opposites but, getting to know Jamil over these past few months, I can’t help but note he shares one major attribute with his character: a quiet intensity that drives everything from personal philosophy to performance. He’s hilarious, a hell of a lot of fun, but when it’s time to get down to business, I’ve rarely seen anyone so inwardly focused. I told him he was doing a terrific job and that his character was really popping. Ever gracious, he likened our working relationship to a tennis match, his performance an inspired response to the material we were serving. “Keep smashing it our way,”he said, “and we’ll keep hitting it back.” And, so far, eleven episodes in, they all have.

Anyway, while Jamil was in the office, I had him sign off on some pics for the blog. As he was looking through my vast collection, he zeroed in on one in particular and announced: “That’s it! That’s the one for the blog!” I studied the photo and considered, not entirely convinced. Oh, it was certainly a handsome pic. Perhaps too handsome. I told him I feared that putting it up on the blog would win him the attention of female fans, potentially distracting him from the work ahead. No, no. Better to post an alternate pic. Maybe the one with his eyes half-closed and rolled up like some fearsome zombie? While he appreciated the logic of my argument, he nevertheless preferred the less-crazed photo. Fine.

Oh, thanks to everyone who weighed in with their disquieting, occasionally revolting accounts of the countless unpleasant surprises found in your meals. Keep ’em coming!

Today’s entry is dedicated to Deni. Condolences on your loss.

59 thoughts on “June 22, 2009: 19 Down And 1 To Go! Jamil Walker Smith!

  1. Woah! Hot! Is that the quiet intensity you were talking about, or does he just have sun in his eyes?

  2. Wahoo! Early post today! Yeah, I could not agree more, Jamil is very handsome indeed! Can’t wait for the show to start!

    BTW is the episode named Tabula Rasa or Coup D’Etat


  3. I suspect Jamil would win over the female fans even with the fearsome zombie-esque pic!


  4. He’s a very handsome man – beautiful, sensuous lips and smolderingly intense eyes!
    I’m smitten.

  5. I am so, so, SO very glad that I don’t eat out very often. Yikes.

    Thank you for the production update!! Not quite sure what “switched out” means; it’s those weird grammer phrases that doesn’t seem very intuitive. So does it mean that one letter in the title is replaced by another one, and the rest of the word stays the same? I hope so. It seems to make the most sense.

    Ok then, the title would still have to be one-word long. Assuming you guys count “The” as a word, the 1-word titles of Atlantis are:


    Dammit, that’s a lot. Also, I suck at word puzzles. I wonder if I can make up a computer program to analyze this. That’s it then; this is why I took that computer course last year; it was made for this! Yes! Java programming for beginners!

    It’s a simple replacement algorithm. For each letter in each word, it will be replaced by every letter of the alphabet in succession. There are 26 letters, so for something like Doppleganger, which has 12 letters, there will be 26^12, or approximately 9.54 x 10^16 results!

    Screw this. I’m guessing…Duel.

    Alright, more info on JWS! Out of all the cast members, he seemed to have recieved the least fanfare early on in the production, so it’s good to get to know him better. He seems like a swell guy. Gotta be honest here: his character description did sound a tad one-dimensional, the big bruting warrior and all that; of course, we all know those description are full of crap, but still, they were eyebrow-raising, let’s just say.

    I’m looking forward to Jamil and you writers adding layers to this fascinating character!

    @ Nadine: Thanks for the words about my Dad; yeah, it’s really sad seeing him do all these odd jobs when he was such a great doctor. However, he and my Mom made the sacrifice so I can get a better future here in the west, and I’m gonna make sure they didn’t do it in vain.

    *Heroic music plays*

    Yeah, I still don’t know where Swing is. Sorry. 😛 Nice going with the scheduling though; I love those long breaks between classes; perfect time to goof off or work without stuff at home distracting you.

  6. Oops, I put Suspicion twice. That 2nd one is supposed to be Sanctuary.

    2 more guesses: Hope and Outlast (derivatives of Home and Outcast, respectively).

    “Hope” sounds pretty good, actually; especially as the penultimate episode.

    Hey, maybe it’s “Kissing” or “Whiskers” or “Cracker” or “Sundae” or “Trip” or “Midday” or…uh, that’s all I got so far.

    It is a real word, right? Not a random made-up name like “Cor’Ai” or something?

  7. @deni, sorry about the kitty..
    Yes, thats a nice picture of Jamil. Looking forward to SGU. Glad to hear you are making progress on episodes.

  8. @ Deni, sorry to hear about kitty!! I huged my 2 cats for you. I’ll call tomorrow-Tues. Sheryl

  9. @ Deni: I am so sorry for your loss. May he rest in peace. Take comfort in the fact that, though Martok was a stray, his last days were spent with a loving family who cared for him deeply.

  10. Or maybe “Tria” you know, in reference to the long forgotten ancient battleship stranded between galaxies.

  11. Hmmmm…Jamil is a handsome fella, isn’t he…

    Wonder what he’d look like in a flowing, white wig. 😀

    VERY tired – just a neat little story to tell. Today in a local store one of the managers noticed my Steve the Wraith keychain, and commented on it. Turns out he’s a fellow Stargate fan who lurks here and at Gateworld. *waves* I think we were both excited to meet a fellow fan in real life…we talked about the show, and the horrors of fan fic and ‘ships. 😀 It was great!


  12. Yeah, glad Jamal got to pick the photo he wanted….

    Episode #19 – Be All My Gins Remembered?

  13. Yes! Jamil is a very good looking guy! Cute, cute.

    @ Deni – sorry to hear about the loss of your cat. I thought everything would be okay once you caught him. The news has been sad for our feline friends lately.

    I am a day behind reading. My puppy beagle Maggie won’t let me on the computer when she is awake, and she has been chasing me and my laptop around the house. I am now using it at the dinning room table – away from her. She is 12 weeks old now and is still a biting, chewing, tinkling, poop machine! Just a bigger one.

    Here are my things found in dinner:

    Once I heated up a Swanson frozen chicken TV dinner. It had 3 small pieces of chicken in it. A leg, a thigh (or something like that), and a NECK! Who the hell serves chicken necks?! I thought that was ridiculous, so I froze the neck and was going to write them a letter saying I’m sure that was a mistake. I imaged I would get an apology and a bunch of coupons for more dinners. I got over my outrage pretty quickly and never wrote or called them. I later threw that frozen neck away. I don’t eat too many Swanson chicken dinners anymore.

    At my last job, there was this nearby mom & pop small, hole in the wall mexican restaurant. They served outstanding! nachos with guacamole. Once (maybe twice) I saw a roach crawling on the wall beside our table. But I swear, those nachos were so good, I would have fought that roach for them, or anything else that tried to distract me from my nachos. They were that good!

    And here is a don’t mess with my dog story. A few years ago, with my golden retriever/border collie I kept her bag of dry dog food out in the garage. One night I went out to get her dinner and noticed what looked like a rat dropping in it. I called the 1-800 customer service number on the bag and told the girl that answered, their dog food has rat droppings in it. She very nicely said, “that’s impossible”. I said well it isn’t because I found some. She asked me where I keep the food. I said garage and she said a mouse or rat must be in my garage. I very nicely said, “that’s impossible”. She was not convinced it was coming from them and told me to put it into a air-tight container. Well, just about 2 nights later, I made a late night, rare visit to the garage (it was after midnight) to get something. While I was standing there, I heard this little rustling. I look over in time to see a tiny mouse making it’s way out of the dog food bag! She was right, I was wrong! I fixed the problem.

  14. Hmm I’m betting PG15 and Major Davis will be all over guessing the episode title and that it will have been guessed by tomorrow knowing those 2.

  15. I think Jamil made the right choice – nice picture!

    @Deni: *hug* I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your cat. I hope you and your hubby and kids are o.k.
    And belated condolences to das and maggiemayday.

    Good heavens, but there have been a lot of pet tragedies recently. I’m going to give my dog an extra snuggle tonight.

    I’m way behind in reading the blog (I was on vacation cruising down the Rhine in Germany – drinking lots of those lovely Rieslings! – with a brief visit to Basel and Lucerne, Switzerland), but I did read a bit of Ashleigh’s Q&A. Looks like you may have met your match, Joe *evil grin*

    I’m sorry that I missed the Q&A with Michael Moorcock, but I’m pleased to see that das did her share and mine of the discussion!

    I should be ready for next month’s discussion of “Blood of Ambrose”, even though I had to take a brief detour to read John Scalzi’s “Zoe’s Tale” while I was traveling. I loved it, as I have all of the previous books, and it made me even more eager to see the new Stargate:Universe series.

  16. Thank you so much for writing your blog everyday and entertaining us Stargate/Foodie/Pug fans.

    Oh, is the episode named Hope? that is my guess.

    Have a great week!


  17. Change one letter to get an Atlantis title…I got it! The team encounters a planet of evil PETAns, and the episode title is Vegan (Vegas). How good am I?

  18. Jamil is looking fiiiiine. Yowee!!

    Your description of the difference between his on- and off-screen personae makes me think of Nathan Fillion, naturally in the role of Mal Reynolds. Another fine-looking man, with a lot of smolder goin’ on when onscreen. I love that. So I’m *definitely* looking forward to seeing Jamil in action.

    Man, am I glad there’s a fan nearby.

  19. Okay, there’s 100 Atlantis Episodes. Assumably, we only need to consider those with a single word. they are:
    Rising, Suspicion, Underground, Home, Sanctuary, Runner, Duet, Condemned, Trinity, Instinct, Conversion, Aurora, Epiphany, Michael, Inferno, Sateda, Progeny, Phantoms, Echoes, Irresponsible, Sunday, Submersion, Vengeance, Adrift, Lifeline, Reunion, Doppelganger, Travelers, Missing, Quarantine, Harmony, Outcast, Trio, Midway, Whispers, Tracker, Outsiders, Inquisition, Remnants, Infection, Identity, and Vegas.

    Some possibilities:
    Riding, Riving, Hope, Dome, Some, Rome, Tome, Hole, Hone, Hose, Hove, Howe, Duel, Dissing, Hissing, Kissing, (Plus another *issing I needn’t list), Messing, Trip, Trig, Tris, Trit (trinary digit), Brio, Orio (not a word, but vaguely relevant), NIDway (ha!), Whiskers, Trucker, Tricker, Fracker (ahem), Tracked, Wracker, Cracker, Putsiders (Okay, I’m reaching), Rev’nants (really reaching!) Inflection (really bending the rules because I neglected to switch a letter in), Identify, Vegan, Veges, Degas.
    What have I missed?

    Hope was the first I thought of and my personal pick. Duel could work alright, and Tome could even be possible. None of the others really catch my serious attention.

  20. @ Deni & Mr. Deni

    Am so sorry for your loss of Martok. And now there is another hubby mourning a kitty. I’m sure you already have, but please tell him this is NOT his fault. Animals will be animals, and they are unpredictable by nature. They dart at will. They camp out in the strangest places. It can’t be helped. And it’s *still* not his fault. It’s okay for him to be “a mess” for a while. (Everyone else, too.)

    My Dad still hasn’t gotten over the death of Manna, my 15-year-old Samoyed. We just lost her on May the eighth. Even though she was my baby grrrl, my immediate family (and friends also) felt her to be “theirs,” too. Dad couldn’t sleep after we lost her. When he had leftover bits of Sunday brunch on his dinnerplate, normally her “treat,” he had to step outside very quickly. Even yesterday when we were missing her, suddenly yardwork called him away.

    I couldn’t tell the blog family about her because I’m still a mess, too. Didn’t mention it last week because Deirdre/Das, David, and Maggiemayday were going through their own sorrow. Am only mentioning it now because I feel for your whole family, and especially your hubby. It won’t ever feel “all right.” When your heart breaks in a million pieces it just doesn’t. We never “get over” losing one of our babies, but we can carry their love with us forever. What’s written on our hearts can never be unwritten.

    Hugs to you and the family,


  21. Frostwolf is correct. 😉

    Oh hey, I gots me a question:

    Is Brad Wright writing episode 17? Is this the episode you refered to today with “Brad’s story”?

  22. @pg15 and Nadine: (this is sort of a belated ‘chiming-in’ to your discussion) i don’t go to UBC but i’m also a post-secondary student in vancouver. i’m working on a classical studies degree, which involves learning latin. i’ve taken 2 semesters of it, and i love the challenge. i’m heading into 2 more semesters of it in this next fall and spring.

  23. I just have to say, reading through some of these name-guessing-things has me, quite literally, laughing out loud. As it, I’m very glad I’m at home or I’d be getting weird looks 😀

    The only one I really thought of was “Trucker” (after pg15 posted that list), and now I see someone else posted it…
    May I just say, I do hope that that is *not* the name of the episoe?

    @Eternal Density: Love the list.. Found “Fracker” quite humourous… Can I take that to mean you watch BSG? I’ve only seen most of the first season (so far), but I do recognize that word….

    @pg15: yeah, I don’t blame you (about swing)… Lots of people who’ve *been* there don’t really know where it is :D. So can I take from your post you’ve taken CompSci? I did the first two 100 level courses last summer, and I’d…rather not take more 😛

  24. My guess would be Hope, since it would be coinciding with a major event to close out the season.

    Joe I was wondering about the ships. In the last season of Atlantis we started seeing the BC-304 crews wearing patches, 1st Tactical Wing, 2nd Tactical Wing, Snake Skinners, etc. Could you expand on the classifications and assignments? or will it be explained in upcoming movies, episodes?

  25. Oh, thanks to everyone who weighed in with their disquieting, occasionally revolting accounts of the countless unpleasant surprises found in your meals. Keep ’em coming!

    You want to read more such stories?! Hm, Joe, are you looking for a reason to start a new diet? Well, after reading yesterday’s comments I guess I’m ready for one. The ‚thanks-but-I-just-want-a-glass-of-water’ diet. 😉

    Is there any kind of food you’ve never eaten again after a disgusting incident or do you just turn your back on the place where it happened?

  26. @Deni Really sorry about your cat. I hope your hubby knows accidents just happen. When I was a kid my Mom ran over our cat, she was killed instantly. It’s tough to get over, but you all gave him a loving home. And that’s what counts.

    Worms. The worst experience was years ago in a movie theater. I was engrossed in my usual compulsive Junior Mints feeding frenzy, thinking they were a little more squishy than usual, when suddenly my friend’s arm slammed across my chest. Stop! Whispering, she said there are worms IN the mints! Never did see them, so all I know is that worms taste minty.

  27. Ok…Jamil Walker Smith is very definitely a keeper!
    Looking forward to more cast photos…please.

  28. Hi Mr M!!!

    Dang! That’s the one thing about being 8 hours ahead… I knew PG15 and Major D Davis would guess before I had a chance..

    My money is totally on :

    Kissing….: As the crew of the Destiny hurtle ever futher from home, desperation grasps them. Col Telford explains the intricacies of “I’m a Stargate Officer..Get me out of here!” to the crew and a bout of Spin the Bottle ensues?? You lika eh?

    Best to all


    PS: @ Deni: Sorry to hear about Martok (had a similar incident a few months back….v.sad…chin up!)

  29. OK….couldn’t resist…

    Rush finally tells them all about his secret ancient device that he gave to his dearly beloved. He has direct access to her on Earth….Yes ladies and gentlemen, Episode #19 is:


    Boom boom!!

    *skulks off to a chorus of boos from blog regulars*

  30. Oh Deni, I’m so sorry to hear about Martok. I hadn’t read the previous comments yet so I got a bit of a shock when I read Joe’s post.

    I’m thinking of you and your family.


  31. Duel, Identify, Come, Midday spring to mind… my personal favourite though is Subversion.

  32. @dasNdanger or maybe “Be all my bins Remember’d” – the crew of the Destiny has a last-minute panic, suddenly realising that tomorrow is the day that the men come to collect the trash, and they have a crazed adventure as they try to reach the far-flung corners of the ship to retrieve every last bin?

  33. I’d say Duel is the most likely choice, but heck, I’ll venture with Trucker as my alternate choice. Nothing like betting on the longshots. So have you hit JWS up for Q&A yet? I suppose you wouldn’t be able to post them until after the show premieres, but we can at least start pestering you now, on the presumption that word will get back to the cast that folks really are interested in them. Belated condolensces to Deni, and thanks Mr. M. as always for the daily dose of entertainment, enltightnement and insanity(so much for alliteration)

  34. Thanks so much, everyone, for your kind words. It was very weird walking outside this morning to feed the cats (only 2 left now) and not seeing Martok there, waiting for a chin rub. Because he was the only one that actually stayed here all day, I’d made him a little house that I could put a heating pad in in the winter with tons of blankets and could be opened up in the summer with an add-on long roof that would shelter him from the Florida heat and rain. He loved that house. Poor hubby’s really feeling it today – the guilt will be with him for a long time to come, even though it was just one of those awful accidents.

    So, for now, it’s off to play “soccer” with Elway (he always wins) and to try to get in a better frameof mind 🙂 Be well, all!

  35. Ughh, you should have asked Joe about one day earlier, then I could have asked him when I ran into him. Well joe, if he emails me I will be sure to ask him to email you about the possibility. Really looking forward to jamik in sgu. Thanks for the pic and the kind words. He seems really talented.

    Oh dropped by the bridge on Friday… Missed you by like an hour… I was too late.. Got there at like 8, I was hoping to catch you leaving.. when I didn’t I nearly cried.. but oh well. Got to meat and hang out with Mr. Bill for a little bit. Of was cool to talk with someone that new all the stuff that you post in your blog. Like we discussed the jungle sets the Atlantis sets, shooting schedules etc. A Really fun and nice guy. Met some of the crew too. Had a great time. Stayed at the hotel across from the enterance of the studio. Then visited Lynn cayon park.. Felt like I was in Pegasus.. Woods were exactly the same.. Had to keep an eye out for the wraith.. Ya I dragged my dad 2 vancover from Seattle after a board meeting just to mostly see stargate stuff LOL. Then the very next day I ran into Kavan. My dad thought I was dreaming cause the day before I thought I saw julia inside the bridge but it wasn’t her.. My dad thought I had stargate fever.. He was praying that I would deal with the disappointment(I recognized him in a restaurant and approached him) when I found out it wasn’t Kavam. Then he sea me talking and laughing and is like “ughh he’s right again.”(last time I was in seattle/vancover I recognized someone from a band) LOL Totally a God thing. And I found out what a kino is.. And got to see something really cool. So all in all, yes I did enjoy my stay in Canada.

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  36. @deni,
    Sorry about your cat. 🙁 That must really stink. I will be praying for you and your husband.

  37. Oh and one question.

    Is Felix Alcala directing Divided?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  38. @deni, sorry to hear about your cat.

    These questions are for everyone (Joe included)
    1. How many cook books do you own? Do you use them?
    –I have a few inherited from the grammas. German, Jewish, Irish, Amish and Asian, oddly enough. No Italian recipes were written down by them so that was up to me…
    2. Do you follow recipes exactly or do you tweak them a bit?
    –I always “adjust” recipes. Italian & Mexican, never the same way twice. Still looking for perfect gravy & chili.
    4. What’s your fave most foolproof recipe?
    –Traditional Lasagna. Except for spices, pretty much intact for 25 yrs. OK, maybe a little less cholesterol these days.


  39. Hey Joe!

    So… is that supposed to be a *bad* picture of Jamil Walker Smith? 😉 I’m guessing he’s another one of those poor, unfortunate souls that are cursed with the photogenic gene. *G* Such a hard cross to bear. He bares it well. 😀

    As for your question about the weirdest thing I’ve found in my food from the last blog: I once opened a brand new gallon of ice cream and found tons of wood chips mixed in with the ice cream. I think I was a senior in high school at the time. And my reaction was to contemplate putting the lid back on and seeing if someone else (hopefully my mom or dad) would find it. I really didn’t want to break the news to either of them. I thought they both might blow a fuse over it. Then I realized that my brother is like a human vacuum cleaner. The thought of walking into the kitchen and seeing him halfway done with the ice cream was a scary thought. So I told my dad. He called whatever number was on the container. Then he found his reciept and returned it to the grocery store getting a full refund.

    Oh wait! One more weird thing! Well, it’s really gross and if you like dates you might not want to hear this. Every Christmas my mom makes stuffed dates. She asked my sister and I to make the dates one year. My mom had bought pitted dates so all we had to do was open them and put in a walnut or cream cheese. I took the first date and discovered it already had been stuffed… with some sort of tiny beetle! 😯 DOZENS of tiny beetles, actually. *shudder* We didn’t have dates that Christmas. And actually, I don’t really care to eat dates now. Such a shame, too because dates are very tasty.


  40. @Deni: I’m so sorry about Martok. How very sad. 🙁 ((((((((((HUGS))))))))))) from my family to yours. I know the worst thing is going on and doing the day-to-day stuff. That’s when you’re reminded about your friend’s absence. Please know you and your family are in our thoughts.

  41. Je passe pour vous passez un petit coucou, j’espere que tout va bien! Moi super, aujourdh’ui j’ai était à la pisicne de ma tante et j’ai planter des framboisiers (miame =). Demain ont va faire un tour à Bordeaux et manger dans notre restaurant préféré (youpi)

    Trés sympas cette photo!!

    Bisou Bisou
    je vous adore!

  42. Quick primer on keeping bugs and grit out of your salad or greens – I just did this two days ago with multiple batches of collards, spinach, arugala, and onion greens so I know what I’m talking about.

    Do onion greens separately and more carefully because they can trap grit inside the tube.

    Start with a very large tub or very clean kitchen sink full of cold water.

    (If you ever run across a country person who thinks it’s gross to wash your hands in the kitchen sink, you’re about to find out why.)

    After rinses, chop the greens up. Immerse them in the water and leave them, not too heavily packed, lightly stirring occasionally.

    Bugs and light debris come to the top. Grit goes to the bottom. Skim off whatever’s on top, then lightly scoop out the greens, taking care not to disturb whatever’s on the bottom.

    Because I picked everything myself, I didn’t end up with any bugs and I even threw out any greens with too much grit, but going through the process is important for the piece of mind and the amount of time it takes to pick that carefully isn’t worth it if you’re picking a lot.

  43. @ Deni: I meant to say earlier: I’m sorry for your loss…

    @sunstonetal: Very cool. Great to hear from another Vancouver student. If I may: which school do you attend? Do you enjoy it? As much as I’ve met some very cool people out at UBC, most of the time it just feels too *big*. I miss the more personal aspects of learning you get in High School. Did you go to High School in Vancouver?
    We should have a Latin discussion sometime!! Lol. And there goes my (slightly) nerdy Latin side 😀

    @pg15: Meant to ask earlier: did you go to high school in Vancouver too?

  44. When I finally admitted to Deni, and all of you, that I just lost my baby grrrl dog, the floodgates opened. Bottling things up doesn’t work, does it? Her name was Manna. She was a strong, smart sled dog with bright brown eyes. She had a lovey nature and an independent spirit. The best thing of all was her typical Samoyed smile. She could light up a room with it. But time, joint pain we couldn’t manage, failing appetite, and likely pancreatic cancer finally took her.

    My heart is broken in a milion pieces. And this Friday will be rough. It’ll be the first birthday that I have to celebrate without her, my best friend. I miss my doggie grrrl, but her love and her pictures are still here.


    Thanks for listening….

  45. Oooo, I like “Subversion” too!

    @ Nadine: LOL about Swing. It’s a myth, like the Furlings. 😀

    I took CPSC 111 last September; I loved most of it, actually; it was just so cool working with stuff and then seeing stuff happen on your computer screen. I even contemplated dropping Physics altogether and getting into CompSci; but then the last Assignment hit (all about Inheritance and Interface) and it was just HORRIBLE. So I threw that out of my mind. LOL.

    And yep, I went to both the last few years of elementary and all of highschool in Vancouver. Well, Burnaby, actually. I went to New Westerminster Secondary for highschool, enrolling in the IB program. Good times were had.

  46. A question. What is the oldest book you own?

    I have a first edition 1928 edition of Leslie Charteris (the Saint series) book called “Meet the Tiger”.

    It was called ‘The Saint Meets the Tiger’ in later editions.

  47. I’ve been a fan of Jamil’s for a long time (I grew up watching Hey Arnold) and he’s turned up in few of my fave shows 🙂

    Can’t wait to see him in SGU 🙂

    I’ve never hand any really bad meal experiences in restaurants, however we once bought a chicken that hadn’t been gutted or cleaned properly (It’s innards were green) and my dad got a little extra in a packet of crisps once – a lovely fried spider…

  48. for the love of Beckett: So sorry about Manna. They become children to us, don’t they?


  49. @pg15: yes, Swing: Home of the Furlings 😀

    I went to high-school in West Van – Sentinel Secondary. I’ve found people tend to either have loved high-school, or hated it: I fall squarely in the former category. Hell, I’d go back to high school… Lol. Well, I’m there a lot anyway ’cause I have siblings there; sometimes it’s like I never left…

    I enjoyed CompSci, and, like you said, being able to see those (sort of) tangible results. But I also found the programming incredibly frustrating at times. Like when you’re so *sure* something should work and it just *doesn’t* and yet you cannot find the error 😛

  50. Joe,

    It know it’s been a while since I commented…sorry.

    I was rewatching Window of Opportunity with my daughter (at age 10, she is becoming obsessed with all things Stargate, Star Trek and MacGuyver) and she asked the following quesion:

    Did you actually reshoot the scene of Jack eating Fruit Loops and Daniel saying “It’s just how I feel” everytime? Or did you reuse the same footage?

    I don’t know if you ever covered it, but let me know for the sake of the apple that does not fall far from the tree.

    Thank you!


  51. Joe: “As someone pointed out (I believe here on this blog), writer Robert Kirkman conceived of the series as a means of offering the widest possible canvas for the horror sub-genre. Most zombie movies and books offer a glimpse of people dealing with the zombie onslaught. In The Walking Dead, however, Kirkman studies the long-term ramifications of a post-zombie apocalypse.”

    Except that volume one is essentially that same fleeting glimpse at post-zombie apocalypse life that we have seen in countless horror films/books/comics…

    Then again, maybe there’s no real way to get beyond that fleeting glimpse into the long term ramifications without first passing through the same-old, same-old zombie apocalypse territory?

    I will try a few more volumes, but I suspect I’m more a fan of the ‘OMG, the world is ending, CATASTROPHE!’ moments than of the long and painful (and often grimly depressing) recovery/survival period afterwards. *grin*

    Any chance you could talk some of the cast of SGU into doing a Q&A session after the shows airs? From twitter, they seem like an insanely good-natured bunch.

    Speaking of revolting eats (which I wasn’t, really, but such is the nature of online segues), have you been watching Lou Diamond Phillips on I’m A Celebrity…? I’m thinking by now he probably has some great suggestions for your next Weird Food Purchase… *big evil grin*

  52. Hugs to all who are experiencing grief over the loss of their dear pets. Thanks for the picture of Jamil, Joe.

  53. Oops, I missed Subversion and Outlast. I think the former is possible, and really shouldn’t have missed it as I used a piece of software of that name on a daily basis.

    And I’m not surprised that pg15 beat me to it.
    Oh, another possibility is Allied but I don’t believe that’s in the running. Midday could work (should have thought of that!)
    And I just thought of the rather unlikely ‘Come’ but then noticed that one has already been suggested.

    I really don’t think it’s Sundae either 😛

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