“When’s Ashleigh’s Q&A?”aske Carl.

“Today,”I informed him.  And then, after some consideration: “Tonight.  I need time to reformat her answers and insert my own running commentary.”

“Can you do that?”asked Ashleigh.

“I’m not sure,”I said.  “I don’t think that there’s anything in the wordpress blogger regulation book that prevents me.”

But I checked, just in case.  As it turns out – No, I’m good.

Over to Ashleigh…

Trish writes: “Questions for Ashleigh: “What *exactly* do you do at the Bridge Studios?”

Ashleigh: I attempt to help in making the guys’ days run smoothly – and of course I provide a relief for Lawren; when they get tired of making fun of him, they switch the jokes to me.

{Editor’s note: In all fairness, it goes Carl first, then Lawren, THEN Ashleigh.}

Shawna writes: “For Ashleigh: How do you ultimately plan to murder Joe and usurp his position without anyone being the wiser?”

Ashleigh: Why have all the fun in one day when you can drag it out over many months, years, decades….

David writes: “Question for Ashleigh: Have you got anything mean and life threatening plan for Joe for April fools day next year.

Ashleigh: Both Joe and I know it won’t be on April Fools Day – I prefer the unexpected.

Ashleigh in action - fending off work.
Ashleigh in action – fending off work.

“What is the most boring thing about working with Joe.”

Ashleigh: Joe has great style, but I’d like to see him wear a bit of colour..especially since it is summer.

“The most fun thing about working for Joe.”

Ashleigh: I have to be on my toes all the time as you never know what he is going to do next…I can be a bit gullible at times so I need to watch out for that.

“Do you ever read the scripts and give comments on them.”

Ashleigh: I definitely read them – its good to keep up on what the upcoming episodes are about.

“Do you ever take a look around the sets or watch them filming scenes for episodes. What is the most impressive thing you have seen so far.”

Ashleigh: I love heading down to the sets to see the hustle and bustle. Watching it rain in a tropical jungle was pretty cool.

“Have you work as a PA for anyone else who is a tiny bit famous as joe is or more famous than Joe.”

Ashleigh: This is my first gig in film…if you are a gamer, maybe.

Do you have your tickets for the gun show?
Do you have your tickets for the gun show?

Pete writes: “Questions for Ashleigh: How long have you been a vegetarian and why? Are you just a regular old fashioned veggie or a vegan?”

Ashleigh: I have been a vegetarian for 5 looooooong years. I love most meat but choose not to eat it for the sake of the animals. I do eat a bit of seafood if it is sustainably caught. Dairy and eggs are too good to give up – so am not a vegan.

 PG15 writes: “So, my questions for dear Ashleigh: 1 .What do you truly, really, and truly think of Joe Mallozzi? Please, do not spare any gruesome and/or slanderous detail.”

Ashleigh: Joe is….wait, he is going to read this right???

{Editor’s note: No, no, I won’t.  Feel free to speak your mind.}

“2. What drove you to Vegetarianism?”

Ashleigh: Watching videos of how farm animals are killed and processed into meat. I still do this when I crave meat to remind myself.

“3. What qualifications do you need to be an Executive Producer’s Assistant?”

Ashleigh: Patience, quick thinking, a thick skin and above all, humour.

{Editor’s note: I would add “fast lunch pick-up” abilities.}

Montrealer writes: “ Questions for Ashleigh: Did you have any idea you would be drag off to places like the Fuel restaurant and the events like the Chocolate orgy (AKA tasting) when you got hired?”

Ashleigh: Speaking of the Chocolate event, how long it took you to recovered from it? Unfortunately when Joe found out I was able to make the original date, he decided to change it for the weekend I was away in Mexico, so I was unable to attend….he didn’t even save me a blue cheese chocolate.

{Editor’s note: In truth, I invited her and she came up with some excuse about it being a friend’s birthday the following day.  As a result, she would be booked all weekend.  So I phoned Fuel, changed the date, informed the other guests, and when I told her she came up with that lame Mexican vacation excuse.}

“Wonder what veggie dishes have you recommended to Mr M?”

Ashleigh: He has gone vegetarian a few times at lunch and even tried the veggie burger from Cactus Club twice now. My Fav!

“Did the Mexican vacation (AKA inconvenient Flu Outbreak) meet your expectations?”

Ashleigh: 10 days with my 2 best girlfriends, tequila, fresh cut salsa, guacamole and 30 degree weather – Can’t beat it.

“Also any amusing incidents while traveling to and back from Mexico?”

Ashleigh: There was a mouse in our villa which my friend Liz termed “SpideyMouse” as it was able to go straight up a wall…we never did manage to catch it…

"No!  No pictures!"
“No! No pictures!”

“Would you be interested in a walk on role in SGU? Mr M may be you should make wager outcomes with the hired help to either do blog Q&A or be immortalized in SGU walk on roles. LOL”

Ashleigh: Despite all of Joe’s pics….I am actually quite camera shy, so I don’t think a walk on role is in my future.

PoorOldEdgarDerby writes: “Questions for Ashleigh (and thanks for taking the time!): How soon after meeting Joe did you set out to destroy him?”

Ashleigh: It wasn’t till after I figured out that I was being made a fool on April 1 – so that would be two weeks after I met him…I wonder how long he has this affect on others..

“Are you now or have you ever been a sci-fi fan?”

Ashleigh: I used to watch “Next Generation” with my brother….but I like mostly anything with action in it, so if a sci fi film has action, sure..but I wouldn’t say specifically that I am a fan.

“What about a syfy fan?”

Ashleigh: Uhhhh……Carl, do you want to answer this one?

Michael A. Burstein writes: “Questions for Ashleigh (and if I missed any of this info on the blog previously, my apologies): What are your hobbies or other interests? Do they dovetail at all with your job?” 

Ashleigh: I have always loved the world of TV and am grateful I get to experience it from behind the scenes. Few of my favourite shows: Friends and Arrested Development.  I also love going to the movies.  I love being outside and playing sports. I play on a soccer team with my sister, ski, swim, volleyball and reading on a patch of grass in Vancouver is always nice. 

{Editor’s note: For the past three weekends, said “patch of grass” was my front lawn.  I finally got fed up and had to call the cops to escort her off the property.}

Tammy Dixon writes: “Questions for Asheligh: pg15 and Pete asked the one I wanted to ask: What drove you to Vegetarianism? So I’ll just ask a part two/three or so. Are your family Vegetarians, also? If not, how hard is it to maintain that lifestyle with meatatarians all around you?”

Ashleigh: We grew up eating meat –  I hid my vegetarianism from my family for about 3 months. It was actually a good transition as I ate meat only when I was around them so I slowly weaned myself off. My oldest sister is a bit of a natural vegetarian so she is always willing to make something different for me. People eating meat in front of me doesn’t bug me – but the animal sounds can get annoying. 🙂 “

Otros Ojos writes: “My question for you: Do you have any pet theories related to Stargate: Atlantis? Me, I’m suspicious of how the writers and directors always had McKay talking really fast when explaining scientific stuff, but when it came time to deliver a snarky line, he was perfectly understandable. This makes me wonder if 1) McKay got his doctorate while living in a padded cell (hmm. . .) or 2) as usual, Bridge Studios is conspiring with the FBI, CIA, NORAD, and *NSYNC to keep the population at large ignorant about what’s really going on out in the cosmos.”

Ashleigh: I read this question too fast to understand it.

 Shirt ‘n Tie writes: “Questions for the BRAVE soul that is : Ashleigh. Welcome to the mayhem. Thank you for agreeing to talk to us here at the JM Blog.
Firstly is this you?” 

Ashleigh: No that isn’t me; I don’t twitter.

“Do you have Irish ancestors/cousins??”

Ashleigh: I am not Irish. I’m Mennonite German/Russian for the most part.

“If you won the lottery, what would you do?”

Ashleigh: Travel travel travel.

“Favourite current TV series?”

Ashleigh: Since it is summer – So You Think You Can Dance!

“Favourite Holiday destination (after mexico)?”

Ashleigh: Pender Harbour on the Sunshine Coast.

"Okay.  Pictures."
“Okay. Pictures.”

Mazkenzie’s Momma writes: “Okay questions for Ashleigh….hmmm. What is your favorite genre of book? And who would be your favorite author within that genre?

Ashleigh: I like to read Fiction, Oprah’s book club type books. I don’t actually have a favourite author.

“Would you ever twitter? (or are you anti-twitter?)”

Ashleigh: Never say never, but as of now, I am not going to join twitter.

Karen a.k.a. kabra writes: “ My questions for Ashleigh: Where did you learn to be so devious and crafty? Do you have older sibling that you have learned from for survial? Can you teach me? My office could use a little spark.”

Ashleigh: I have 3 older siblings but besides the usual manipulation they weren’t too bad. I always wanted to be devious like Sammy Brady from Days of Our Lives. Maybe I ended up picking up a few tricks.

{Editor’s note: Sammy Brady of Days of Our Lives?!  Okay, now I’m scared!}

Mishmee writes: “Oh, don’t want to forget questions for Ashleigh. What are your pet peeves and who is the worst offender?”

Ashleigh: My friends say I have a lot, but here are a few:  Dogs with human names, people brushing their teeth near me…

{Editor’s note: Photocopies, mailing stuff for me…}

“3. Where are you going on your next vacation?”

Ashleigh: Europe for 3 weeks in July.

“4. What is your dream vacation, where and what would you love to do on a 2 week vacation?” 

Ashleigh: 2 weeks? My dream vacation would be another 6 month travel around the world trip.

“5. What did you do before landing this dream job?”

Ashleigh: I worked for Relic Entertainment as the Operations Assistant. The gaming world is also a very cool place to work.

Miz writes: “Ashleigh – Speaking of men in spandex *inspired by Joe’s revelation of his fave Altar Boy*…are you excited for the Winter Olympics in your beautiful city? Men (and women) in crazy, tight costumes dancing and leaping on ice? Or dangerously speeding down narrow shutes (I speak of luge, of course). Or navigating treacherous mountain slopes on skis. All in spandex. Tight fitting spandex. (Yes, my mind is in the gutter today)”

Ashleigh: I am super duper excited. I don’t have tix yet to any of the events, but the buzz in the city will be amazing.

{Editor’s note: Actually, the “buzz” you’re referring to will be the sound of level-headed Vancouverites driving out of town before that sidehow hits town.}

Major D. Davis writes: “Questions for Ashleigh: What episode of SGU( Filmed or yet to be filmed) are you most excited about?”

Ashleigh: Once I read the script for “Time” and saw the jungle come to life, it was pretty amazing seeing the process happen.

LibKat writes: “Questions for Ashleigh:Of the folks you assist, who is the highest maintenance? And who is the lowest?”

Ashleigh: All of the guys are pretty low key- Joe won’t even let me clean off his disaster of a desk.

{Editor’s note: In all fairness, she was going to do it with one of those high-powered leaf-blowers.}

“Are you responsible for ordering in lunch? If so, how elaborate are Joe’s orders compared to the others? Has he ever beaten you about the head and ears for getting an order wrong?”

Ashleigh: As you are all aware, Joe has quite an obsession with food…if he is against the place we order for the day, he won’t eat anything at all…sometimes I pick those places for fun.

 DeeinSouthAfrica writes: “Questions for Ashleigh: Can you cook?”

Ashleigh: I can cook, but am a better baker.

{Editor’s note: Yeah, yeah.  She claims she makes incredible chocolate chip cookies and even promised to bring some in one day.  Still waiting.}

“Are you a 9 – 5 Monday – Friday person? Or do you just dream about it?”

Ashleigh: I like my social time – so weekends it is. 

“If you had one super power, what would it be?”

Ashleigh: To fly.

{Editor’s note: Again I’d like to add “fast lunch pick-up” ability.}

Val writes: “Questions for Ashleigh:  How did you get into your line of work? Did you waste 5-7 years at University for a degree you never used and somehow got lucky at Stargate or is there a long and arduous tale behind your position at Bridge Studios?”

Ashleigh: Education is never a waste. I have a BA..but started in the video gaming industry at Relic Entertainment.

“Who was the best James Bond, in your opinion?”

Ashleigh: Connery

Craig MD writes: “Question for Ashleigh: Don’t you get annoyed at Mallozzi for taking all those pictures of you? Wouldn’t you like a better job where your not always getting “caught on film”?” 

Ashleigh: I am a shy person, so getting my pic taken was a little off putting at first…but you soon learn that he is going to take a pic of you whether you are just sitting there doing nothing or not…so you better just smile.

Jinx writes: “Q for Ashleigh: If you were to maroon Joe on a desert isle, what 5 things would you leave him with?”

Ashleigh: 1. Protesters 2. Complete Series of Gossip Girl 3. Healthy Sustainable Local Foods 4. 1 Sci Fi book 5. 3 oz of dark chocolate”

{Editor’s note: 3 oz?!!  What?!  So I can know what I’m missing?  Did I not say she’s cruel?  No?  Well I’m saying it now.} 

Chevron7 writes: “Anyhoo questions for Ashleigh: Are you a cat person or dog person, both, neither?”

Ashleigh: I am an animal person in general – have grown up with dogs, cats, hamsters, animals I saved etc. But my Pugs are my loves. I have grown up with pugs my whole life. This is a pic of my pug, Oakley, who passed away in December:


{Editor’s note: Adorable!}

And that’s it. Thanks everyone for all the great questions, sorry I couldn’t get to all of them.

43 thoughts on “June 19, 2009: My Arch-Nemesis, Ashleigh, Answers Your Questions!

  1. Asheligh is truly a goddess. The five things to leave Joe with on a desert island; perfect. And you’re doubly good for Mr. M’s health. Veggie lunches or no lunches at all. Thanks for stepping up and letting a bunch of polite maniacs quiz and question you, and having the patience and presence to do it well. Mr. M. I hope you appreciate what a gem of an asistant you have.

  2. How super and brave of Ashleigh to answers questions. Very good of you to ask her Joe. Sounds like she could have your number,beware,hahah. Great job Ashleigh, I enjoyed reading your answers.

  3. Joe and Ashleigh – Thanks to both of you for a much needed good laugh tonight 🙂

    Nothing to laugh at around here tonight. Hubby RAN OVER one of our stray cats (ok, I suppose they’re not really stray any longer, they’ve been around for years, I feed them, they hang out outside all day) and we haven’t been able to catch him to get him to the ER. If anybody has any ideas, please let me know! Tempting him with food isn’t doing the trick (not even the stinky canned mackerel they all seem to love). He’s badly hurt, but even with my vet tech over here, there’s no way to get close. I fear he’s not going to make it through the night, and if he does, I can only imagine the pain he’s in. I don’t even want to get into how I’m feeling about hubby tonight – idiot. Animal Control is closed, their recording says to call 911. WTF? So, I call the local fire department to see if they will help and some hayseed answers the phone and laughs at me, simply says “No” and hangs up. Yep, all those heartwarming stories of the fire department helping injured animals must have been somewhere else. Ok, sorry for the rant, I’m just really worried. Poor Martok.

    Have a good night, everybody!

  4. Yayayay!!! An über thank you to Ashleigh for taking the time to tell us more about herself!!! (I didn’t know she is also a fan of pugs!)

    I’m still jealous of her awesomeness! 😀

  5. When you say 30 degrees you mean Celsius right?? 30 degrees Fahrenheit sounds awfully cold for mexico.


  6. Hey Joe,

    Just wanted to pass on my thanks to Ashleigh for the great Q&A.

    Oh, a question for today: Joe, do you watch many animated movies? If so, have you seen Lilo and Stitch?

    Also to weigh in as another Vancouverite: I am very much dreading the descent of the hoards during the 2010 Olympics. It often strikes me that our beautiful city is not quite set up for the mass amounts of people which shall accompany the Games. Even though it’s an honour (I suppose..) that Vancouver was chosen as host, it’s already brought its fair share of problems: witness the fiasco that was (is?) the Olympic Village. I’ve also heard that a couple of the most popular beaches will be rented out as RV parks… not sure how valid that information is.

    Most of the time, all I can think about is this: if the traffic is hellish now, what will it be like during the Games?!

    For various reasons it’s not feasible for us to go on vacation (so very very tempting), but we’re still considering the idea of stocking up on canned food and holing up in the house like survivalists for 2 weeks…


  7. Thanks to Ashleigh for the Q & A, Joe you are a handful! She’s a very brave woman.

  8. Cool thanks for the Q&A. One question.

    Is Felix Alcala directing divided?


    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  9. Thanks for the great Q&A, Ashleigh.

    Question for you, Joe: I know you’ve said that you don’t read fanfiction. But what about the official Stargate novels? Do you ever read those?

    I ask because I recently read the latest SGA novel, Angelus, and I really enjoyed it. I’ve read all of the SGA novels and pretty much liked them all (some more than others), but this one stood out for me for two reasons. First, there was a substantial subplot with the Colonel Ellis, the commander of the Apollo, and I really like the way the author portrayed the character. The Ellis character isn’t fleshed out that much in the TV series, so it was interesting that the author chose to make him a main character in the book. And the way the character was written seemed perfectly in line with what we’ve seen of him on the TV series.

    The second reason the book stood out for me was that it had a bit of a horror plotline, with a creepy, gooey, gross villain. It seemed like something you’d like – and I could see some of the scenes translating well visually on TV.

    Fun reading…and if I can’t have the real SGA, the books are almost as good…almost.

  10. so Ashleigh is from mennonite heritage! cool, so am I.
    thanks for the Q&A, Ashleigh!

    and Joe, as i was flipping through the ’24’ a couple of days ago i saw an article about the upcoming Altar Boyz performance on granville island…

    and i thought of you and laughed.

  11. Thanks to Ashleigh for doing the Q&A and be Mr M’s camera muse.

    Mr M have any thoughts given to shut down SGU productions for the duration of the Vancouver Winter Games?


    Hate to break it to you that the US is one of the few place left that still uses the Imperial measurements like degrees in Fahrenheit.

  12. As you are all aware, Joe has quite an obsession with food…if he is against the place we order for the day, he won’t eat anything at all…sometimes I pick those places for fun.

    Muahahaha. That’s perfect — devious and daring.

    Ashleigh, thanks for taking on so many questions and answering them so aptly. I’m even glad you told me that you read mine too quickly to understand it. To be frank, I really didn’t understand it myself. I’m sure, though, that in some way it was related to Joe’s growing paranoia.

    Thanks for sharing your picture of Oakley. I’m sorry he passed away, but glad you had his companionship.

    Best of luck with your long-range plans for taking over The Bridge Studios. 😀

  13. Coucou Joseph!! ça va?? Moi oui une belle journée commence =) Merci pour ces Q/A…c’est trés interessant!

    D’habitude votre chien est adorable mais la il me fait peur me fait penser à un Gremlins, mais les gentils…de toute façon qu”ils soient gentil ou méchant j’en est toujour eu peur^^!

    Passez une bonne journée!

  14. I know how you feel about the Olympics, we have the Soccer World Cup next year and a couple of matches are being played in Cape Town.

    I just know that for us locals, those days when the matches are on will not be fun.

    I have two kitties with colds on my bed. All I hear is ‘snork, wachoo’. I feel so sorry for them. 🙁

    Talking kitties – Deni, how is Martok? That is a nightmare scenario for anyone who has cats and small dogs and we feel for you.

  15. AHA!!!

    Now we know the reaaaaaaaaaal reason Joe hired you Ashleigh.. you’re a PUG lover!!

    Your lil one Oakley (god rest his soul) is indeed adorable. Bet you miss him..

  16. (clapping, cheering, ) Woooo Hooo, bravo, great Q&A – yes that was brave of you Ashleigh – we all appreciate it. It actually couldn’t have come at a better time, I woke up feeling a little down and after reading my devotional I clicked on the link to the blog and it what a nice surprise. It made giggle, chuckle and feel a little more light hearted.
    ( the editor’s note were just as humorous).

    Oakley – awww, I’m sure he was a great companion, he has that kinda face, but is happy in doggie heaven. I’m an emotional wreck this morning, now I’m starting to tear up.

    Thanks again Ashleigh, keep up the good work.

  17. To Ashleigh: Wow! Great Q&A! I laughed, I cried. It was WAY better than Cats. I’ve never seen Cats but my sister did and said it was just horrid. 😀

    Hey Joe,
    I loved your little *peanut gallery* interjections.

    In short. Best Q&A to date!


  18. Yay Ashleigh, this was fun. Thanks for taking the time to put up with all our foolishness 🙂

    And Joe…how much did you actually edit out?

  19. Poor Ashleigh, she takes a job for some guy and before she knows it, she is known all over the world by thousands!! LOL
    Then to top it all off, people she doesn’t even know – and certainly hasn’t met, starting asking her personal/semi-personal questions.
    It is however nice to note, that her love of travel, humanity and especially animals has not yet been extended to that bizarre strain of DNA called the ‘Mallozzi Strain’ (devourer of small children – if cooked at the right place).
    Who, while training her various pets, must have become very used to using the term ‘set, maim and disfigure!!!’ in recent times.

    I loved this post, I even laughed my way through it and Joe’s input, while trying to assert a very week defence in most cases – was also brilliantly done.

    Ashleigh, I’m sure you don’t need help with stitching people up, but if you ever need an idea, feel free to ask. But first, I’d try the SFx dept, I’m guessing that they’ll be more than willing to help.


  20. Thank you for answering my questions. Also, sorry about the passing of Oakley. We love animals on this blog and we feel your loss.


  21. Ashleigh: thanks for answering all those questions for us! Also, you’re quite photogenic, but that doesn’t mean you can’t sabotage Joe’s camera. Actually, no, you can’t because he needs it to take lots of set pics for us!

  22. Hello Mr. Mallozzi,

    I don’t know if they were doing anything illegal, but I found this both hilarious and very weird at the same time.

    So some of my friends and I went to Sea World here in Florida yesterday. At one point we decide to check out the aquarium, and right outside they’re playing music separate than that to the rest of the park. What are they playing? … the Stargate theme. Yeah, I **** you not. Needless to say, I slap my fellow Stargate buddy on the shoulder and ask him if I’m going crazy. I totally wasn’t. The really weird part though? It was their own recording, and not directly taken from the show.

    – Falcon

  23. Ashleigh you are awesome for anwering our questions. Especially MINE! Yay! I think it would be really cool to have the Olympics in my city (NYC) and can also understand how it would be a total and utter nightmare.

    Joe – So here we are in mid-June…any news on the business end of the SGA movie saga? Yes? No? Maybe?

    ~ miz

  24. Hi Joe,

    there is rumoured that MGM has no money to make the stargate movies. Is there any truth?


  25. Deni: try the humane society. Sometimes ours loans out cage traps.

    Montrealer: Yes, they tried to switch us over in the 70’s to the more universal system. It faded away, don’t know why.
    Anyway, it’s 97F here (in the shade), with 105F heat index. I don’t care how you list the temp., that is too hot! Thank God for the A/C!


  26. Thanks so much to Ashleigh for answering my questions. You are truly evil for leaving Joe lunchless just for fun. I like that in a person.

    Having been to Vancouver several times in the past few years, I think I would be one of those deserting the city come Olympic time. It really isn’t set up to move massive amounts of people around.

  27. I lived in Atlanta during the 96 games there. Many people choose to go off during that time and rent out their homes. Many companies gave their employees time off to actually work for the Games–the employees volunteered their time to the Games but got paid from their regular employer. The companies got a tax credit for that. Then other companies figured out ways for their employees to work from home or from an alternate site other than downtown. The result: Way less traffic than normal. It was so easy to get around and for me, it was life as normal. I chose to participate in the games: going to events. There also was a lot of free events to attend that was such fun! One thing that helped with traffic was that event tickets included free rides on the MARTA; so people choose to ride the free subway rather than drive. That was a big help with traffic control. From my experience, The Games was a veryorganized event!

  28. I think UBC is giving us a 2-week long Reading Break smack dab in the middle of the Olympics, so thank Oma I don’t have to brave the traffic when good ole’ Five-Rings march into town. Outstanding.

    I feel like Homer Simpson in that episode when he got to work at home because he got really fat.

    Gas break honk.
    Gas break honk.
    Honk honk punch.
    Gas gas gas.

    Hahahahaha. I weep for you suckers. I weep, but secretly I laugh. Oh, how I laaaaaaaaaugh. Hey, maybe you guys can stay at the Studios when the Olympic hits. Maybe you can sleep on the couch in your offices; or, even better, in the beds on the sets. You can even pretend that you’re actually in the Stargate universe; wouldn’t that be fun? Just imagine that, at any moment, you can be woken from your deep slumber by a Wraith standing over you, preparing to suck the life right out of you from your chest. Oh what joy!

    Anyways, THANK YOU Ashleigh for that hilarious, and not-nearly-as-evil-as-I-thought-it’d-be Q&A. Clearly Joe has been feeding us propaganda that he either makes up to make us fear and/or root for you, or believes in, in which case he will need psychiatric help.

    And what’s this? Joe has gone veggie a few times at lunch? Hmmm…I thought he only did it once; could he have *gasp* failed to mention all the other times? Why would he do such a thing?

    Ashleigh has a great sense of humor, and she writes pretty well too. I gotta say, I’m intrigued by the thought of her helping to write an episode or two down the line. She’s like a female and saner version (those two may be related) of you writers.

    Speaking of the writers, a THANK YOU to Joe as well for hosting the Q&A and providing the hilarious commentary! I loved it.

    And what lovely photos too. 😉

  29. Many Thanks to Ashleigh for her Q&A. Loved her responses! Please offer my condolences for the loss of her adorable Oakley.

  30. @Tammy Dixon: I did, but then realized that there is no way this cat will get into a trap after we got him once to neuter him. You can put any kind of food in there and he won’t touch it. We spent most of the day looking for him, finally found him in a sewer hole thingie, couldn’t get anywhere near him. Tonight, he’s hobbled up under my neighbor’s car and will not touch food or water. If we get anywhere near him, he hisses, tries to bite/scratch, and leaves. It’s absolutely heartbreaking. I’m hoping that given a little time, I’ll be able to catch him somehow and get him to the vet. The worst thing is I called my vet (and they’ve known me for years, have spent literally tens of thousands of dollars there) to ask for a pain killer to add to some food in the hopes that he would take it. They refused, told me “We have to see the cat before we can prescribe anything.” (WTF?), told them I’m finding another vet first thing Monday morning for all my animals (bye bye revenue) and that hopefully I’ll find one that didn’t graduate summa cum fimus bovina. Have a good night, and thanks for the advice anyway!

  31. @ pg15: You’re at UBC too? If I may, what are you studying?
    And yeah, our Reading Week will be extended to 2 weeks during the Games… I drive out from West Van so I’m particularly glad about that one. Though I think it means we’re done a week late, but whatever.

  32. Aww, Oakley….so sad, I’m sorry Ashleigh. Then to go on and read the comment from Deni. I hope you manage to reach Martok and get him to a vet. You’re in my thoughts.

    Thanks for the Q&A, really enjoyed the running commentary. Slightly disappointed I didn’t find out her arch-nemesis name. Joe, do you have a nickname yet for Ashleigh?

    If people haven’t caught up with the Television Without Pity Tubey Awards you can vote on the best performance by an inanimate object (Sheppard’s hair), Worst romantic relationship (McKay/Keller), Best Almost-Romantic-But-Not-Quite Relationship (Sheppard/McKay) etc as well as heaps of other shows and categories. The SGA & SGU ones are on Tabs 17-20, 21-24, 25-26.

    There’s 2 rounds of voting. The first step gets the top 10 choices then there’s another poll to determine the winners.

    Cheers, Chev

  33. Oops, switch “break” with “brake” there in my comment.

    @ Nadine: Cool, another UBC student! I’m majoring in Physics. What about you? And yeah, I’d rather finish a week later than get stuck in traffic for a week. Heh.

  34. I went up to Sydney for the 2000 Games and had the best time. Stayed with my brother’s mother-in-law near the city and caught buses everywhere.

    The atmosphere was fantastic, the Games were awesome but then I’m a sports and Olympics fan. So, I think please embrace it Joe so that I can live vicariously through you for a few weeks. You could have Weird Olympics photos & vids ‘cos there’s sure to be some weird stuff happening. What do you think?

    Cheers, Chev

  35. I just realized the blog mysteriously leapt to the future. Is it really JULY 19th already? Where does the time go? Must be having too much fun.

    ~ miz

  36. Deni, if Martok hasn’t come out and eaten in 24 hours I think someone might have to go in gloved up with a few layers of old clothing and take what he has to dish out. I admit getting under a car is a bit tricky though. Amazing that he hid there considering how he was hurt.

    I wish you and Martok all the best. I hope you rescue him.


  37. Just caught up with the blog as yesterday I was a wee bit busy delivering the first(and last) goat kid of the year via a phone link while speeding dangerously down the road(yet still not making it in time).

    He has ended up with the rather blase momentary title of ‘max'(as in ‘maximum’ :S)

    Thanks for answering our questions(and mine specifically) Ashleigh!

  38. 😆 Great Q&A, Ashleigh! Thanks! My only disappointment? You read Oprah’s book choices. I just won’t let other people pick my books for me! Never, EVER!



    Thanks Joe and Ashleigh…this was a great and much-needed treat!


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