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Suspect #5

So not cool, guys. Not cool at all. Bad! Bad dogs!

I suppose I should have learned my lesson the first time. The first time, of course, being last year when I taught the dogs how to dial 911 in case of emergency. They proved quick learners, managing to negotiate the dial pad with surprising nimbleness despite their pudgy paws. All well and good – until a couple of months later when our phone bills came in. Turns out that, instead of only using the phone for emergencies purposes as instructed, they’d been making long distance calls to various sports tip lines, a Joke-of-the-day service in Osaka, and a coquettish French poodle in Georgia whose owner had recently been transferred out of Vancouver. Anyway, suffice it to say that they were given a stern talking to and their phoning privileges revoked.

I thought they had learned their lesson. How wrong I was. Assuming it might be a good idea to educate them on proper computer use (A guy I know at work bought his wife a laptop and, a year later, she was raking in the cash as a computer wizard. Who wouldn’t want that for their pets?), I signed them up for a twitter account, gave them the briefest of tutorials, then left them to their own devices. Well, in no time, they were twittering away and uploading their own photos. I assumed they’d be posting pics like this –



Or this –


Not this!


I wasn’t even aware of it until someone on my blog commented on the working title of the upcoming Stargate Atlantis movie! The news was broken on my dogs’ twitter page!

Apparently one of them, I’m not sure which, uploaded a pic of the title page earlier today. When I learned about it, I quickly went over to twitter and deleted the offending pic. I headed downstairs, completed my work-out, then came back upstairs to discover fans were still discussing the picture. I went back to the twitter account and saw the pic was still up. Apparently, the guilty party had uploaded more than one copy as a way of throwing me off. Well, I deleted that pic, then had breakfast, took a shower, and came downstairs to discover – yep, there was a third pic. By this point, there was no sense in deleting the picture as it had already been copied and uploaded to various sites including Gateworld.

Clearly, in a bid to entice fans to sign up and follow them on twitter, the dog (or dogs) in question decided they could do so by scooping me on the reveal of my own script title. I cannot condone such action so I’m asking you all NOT to sign up (here: and follow my dogs on twitter as doing so will only encourage such future behavior. I repeat: Signing up to follow my dogs on twitter (here: will only lead to more unsanctioned spoilers. Seriously. More followers will only embolden them and then rather than patiently wait until next year for the official release, fans will find out details about the movie beforehand. And that’s the last thing any of us want, right? So, remember, do not go here – – and sign up to follow the dogs.

Anyway – yeah. Stargate Extinction. It’s the working title but I kind of like it because a) it’s story appropriate, b) a dynamic title, and most importantly c) not “Dark Gambit”.

Let the wild speculation begin!

99 thoughts on “May 16, 2009: Scooped By My Own Dogs (Instead of the Other Way Around For a Change)!

  1. Extinction. It’s going to take weeks to get das out of her upcoming funk. But I’ll start now. I’m going to suggest that it is not the extinction of the Wraith – that would be too obvious – but rather the extinction of the Earth. Or maybe the extinction of the whole Pegasus galaxy – which the Expedition could never allow. Or maybe the extinction of the whole Milky Way galaxy. Or maybe the extinction of Milky Way candy bars. There, that about covers it.

  2. *Sigh*

    You know I love unsanctioned spoilers, but as a blog regular, I guess I’ll have to follow orders. I’ll de-follow the doggies right away; hopefully that’ll stop them releasing these terrible, terrible secrets.

    Anyways…haha, poor Carl. Yesterday your blog entry led 24 people to dig up his backyard, and today you insult his uninformed SGA movie title offer? That’s cruel and unusual. I wonder what you’ll do to him tomorrow? 😉

  3. I think this confirms it, you’re a few fries short of a happy meal.

    Of course, being the lemming I am, I went to the twitter site.

    Yeah, a few fries missing.

    The dogs, though? Very cute!

    As for the SGA movie title? You’re a tease. I like it, so long as it doesn’t mean the extinction of our heroes. A few Wraith fans might be concerned.

  4. I think it means everyone in the Pegasus Galaxy is coming to an end, because the IOA are virtually no different from the rogue NID…

    Hell, the Trust has probably already used the Ark of Truth on them just so they can keep Atlantis on Earth!

  5. I’m kinda hoping it’ll mean the Wraith… but then again if the Wraith were gone I don’t think there’d be much to really do a second movie on…

  6. Oh Joe, I didn’t think the pups would do that to you, good training job you did on them! and ok as far as signing up for their twit,,*wink* *wink* I get it,, ok I won’t do it. whew, dodged a bullet there, thanks again so much for the valuable intel.
    -Going to the bookstore tomorrow to see if I can find the new(old) books on the list. I am not much into the horror, scary ones,This Elric sounds interesting,, so excuse me if I don’t try those hairy scary ones,,, have to check under the bed after reading some of them,,sooo, thanks for the book ideas. Have a safe evening!

  7. Oh no!!! I think some of us may have problems with that particular title, considering that I can only think of one race that could possibly be important enough to warrant a movie about how they became extinct…

  8. Dear Joe and all blog readers,

    I’m taking in bets and tallys of the speculation on who or whom will be extinct in the upcoming stargate atlantis movie.

    Prizes will be disclosed later….

  9. Okay… Sorta pithy… And leaves oh so many possibilities – such as doing away with the pesky Ancients in Pegasus, turning off the Cosmic Copier of the Asgard and the rest of those bad-as-roaches Replicators, or perhaps the final chapter of our lovable “Once We Were Wraith”…?

    Whatever, just pul-eeze *DON’T* mangle, maim, or bumped off any of our regular characters – and that includes the City too!! Or Ashleigh’s Antics will be like a Karmic breath of fresh air once the hardcore fans are “done”…

  10. Swinging by to say pretty cute shots of the suspects. I dog sat for a friend’s puggle recently (a cross between a pug and a beagle), and it made me think of your pack. Hope you are well. Take care.

  11. Joe your children have run amuck and they are all in it together! That’s what happens when you give rich kids too many “toys”. You just happened to find out about this one. You don’t know how many other pictures they uploaded then deleted themselves before you got wind of it. They leave the cute and innocent ones out there to throw you off. They’re playing you like a fiddle man! Well I am going to keep watching them. Someone has to monitor them and report back. Please don’t tell Brie’s parents. It’s not her fault! She just got in with the wrong crowd thats all.

  12. I am loving the title. But should not it be stargate Atlantis : Extinction.

    Anyhow as long as the extinction part evolve large part of Todd and Wraith back story I will a happy man.

    And yeah this may just force me to sign up to twitter.

  13. I’m guessing the extinction of the wraith and the return of the asgard

  14. Heya Joe,
    Ditto what Mr. Burstein said. The word “Extinction” is rather ominous.

    Now back to check on the forbidden twitter…who knows what evil lurks there…coooool.

  15. Beware the puppa-razzis! Shameful un-canine-like behavior for man’s best friend.

    Great title – suspenseful and really makes me want to know what it’s all about.

    Maybe you guys can sell “Dark Gambit” to another less cool sci fi show. It’s so bad – somebody should use it. Do you think Martin Lloyd might want to use it for his next tv venture?

  16. I am loving the title. But should not it be called Stargate Atlantis : Extinction.

    Anyhow as long as the extinction part involve large part with Todd in them and plenty of Wraith back story I will a happy man.

    And yeah this may just force me to sign up to twitter.

  17. It is surprising they could dial but keyboard manipulation eludes them.

  18. I would like to believe your account of how the working title got leaked, I really would. But, the “dubious tale” button right under my wristwatch gives me a very small shock every time I think, “Geez, Joe’s dogs seriously misbehaved this time. I bet they lose their phone privileges for, like, forever.” Usually that button just vibrates, so even a small shock means I’m being about as gullible as you can get. This hasn’t happened since last year, when I very briefly accepted hubber’s claim that he needs a new motorcycle. Now I’ve learned that males are just as capable as females of coming up with impressively diabolical subterfuge. I hate to say this, but I think that could be the case here.

    — Aww, Joe, anyone who’s watched The Princess Bride can see right through your reverse-times-three psychology ploy. So I’m ending right here to go check out your dogs’ Twitter account. — No, wait; didn’t you say that your father was of Sicilian descent? Or not? If that’s the case, it could change everything . . . hmm. *watches window as white truck drives by, and guy in passenger seat holds up mostly illegible message about Stargate staff*

  19. Suspect number five is definitely the guilty party. I am definitely encouraing anyone I know with a Twitter account to add the dogs to their follow list.
    As for the title. Got to admit, it makes me all tingly inside. So many possibilities. And while I’m no great admirer of the Wraith, unlike some here, I’ve always been intrigued by the problems face by the Atlantis expedition. Commit genocide or come to some sort of agreement? Or will it be the humans of Pegasus threatened with doom? What would it take to bribe the pooches to post (or email) photoes of the next several dozen pages of the script?
    thanks for the tidbit of news, and making the day a bit brighter

  20. Naughty pugkids!!! Stuffed toy and woobie privileges revoked for at least………… four minutes!!!!!

  21. I much prefer “Atlantis: Unending”

    And the dogs are pugnaciously evil. I might have to follow them.

  22. I agree with Michael, as long as our beloved city isnt complete anihilated it sounds great (I’m almost brought to tears every time some part of the city is destroyed). Its such a beautiful city with incredible architecture and tech.

    Tell the dogs good job with their twitter account and to keep up the good work


  23. I gots me a question:

    If Stargate Extinction (SGE from now on) has not been greenlit, would it make sense to contract the SGA actors?

    I’m fresh off the bus from a Gateworld discussion where a poster was wondering why the actors aren’t being approached yet, and that there is a risk that they may not be free for shooting when the movie is supposed to shoot.

    I argued that, if the movie has not been greenlit, then it wouldn’t make sense to contract actors. This is of course assuming that SGE has not been greenlit.


    Has SGE been greenlit?

  24. Heck yeah! Nice title.

    Not sure how much Das will like it, though. 😉

    *high fives* to the dogs! Good job.

  25. You go doggies!!!
    (I believe it must be a cunning canine conspiracy)
    (canine cabal?)

  26. I’m sure it took some amazing teamwork to pull this off. Good job to all five! Next time plant some evidence that will throw suspicion onto the dog from down the street. 😉

    You should start a televised campaign for “No on JellMaxBubLu.” It’ll definitely help the cause.

  27. Woo! I’m thrilled beyond belief that it’s “Stargate: Extinction” rather than “Stargate Atlantis: Extinction”. For now, at least, before the studio steps in and changes it. I’d like to think my suggestion (which I’ve deposited here at least two or three times over the past year) had some influence, however I’m wiser than that :-). Woo!

  28. So they find a planet with a colony of dodos, re-introduce them and go onto a battle to save the world from mass extinctions due to climate change? Could be a slow movie 😉

  29. Hmm. Well, the extinction of the wraith *is* the obvious option. And it would make sense to finally wrap up that particular element, after all these years of fighting them. Though I can’t say I’d exactly be glad to see the wraith go for good. Hopefully if they are wiped out, maybe one or two of them (or just Todd) survive. Since you already killed my favorite wraith, it’s not a big deal either way, but I would like to see Todd survive.

  30. Coucou Joseph!!

    Ahhh vos chiens sont super! D’ayieur le fait de venir piquer des information concernant sga c’est la premiére chose que je leur ai demander. Et il l’on fait..rohh c’est des bon chien ça!

    Je vais continuer à leur parler, je suis une Spoileuse née! lol

    Bonne journée, bisou!

  31. Ahh, maaaan. I just joined Twitter last night to help the dogs achieve 1000 followers by the end of the month and now you’re telling me not go there?

  32. Boy Oh Boy you people and pups have been busy while i was sleeping. Story title released by one or more dogs.. (Max did it) Posting the photo around the world in 80 minutes… Boy Oh Boy its like one cant sleep for missing something around here..

  33. Bad dogs! Ha ha… Its a good title, I’m just skeptical of not including ‘atlantis’ if ‘stargate’ is in the title. It doesn’t really suggest which stargate it refers too.. I’m guessing Earth is threatened with extinction. Like we all know anyway..

  34. That title seems familiar….wasn’t there some obscure video game turned movie franchise that had Extinction as one of its movie titles?

    Love the pics, shame on the doggies for spoilerage. Once you give them that kind of autonomy you really can’t take it back without inciting violence and occasional maiming. Anyway, as per your instructions I’m getting myself another couple of hundred twitter accounts (one for each personality) and will definitely NOT be following the dogs on ( )

    We seem to have skipped a couple of seasons here and gone back to winter 🙁

  35. It musta been Lulu that masterminded the operation. she bears a remarkable resemblance to Don Vito Corleone!

  36. @Das: Here’s what I’ve been thinking… dangerous, I know. First, maybe *extinction* refers to the end of the battle between us and the wraith. THAT is what is extinct. Maybe they find a way to live happily with the wraith. And if not that, Second thought is maybe Todd is given a good home here on earth and is fed a steady diet of child molestors, terrorists (less torture than water boarding?), and the occasional American Idol reject. 😀 Third thought… um you’re screwed. Maybe they’ll kill them all off. Sorry but the title does say *Extinction* and SGA is all about the battle with the wraith. I love Todd, too. So I’m hoping the last thought isn’t the case. After all… aren’t there still goa’uld out there? Just that they have their tail between their legs now? There is hope for at least Todd.

    Oh yeah… and Joe, Brie sent me a direct message on Twitter. It. Was. SHE!!!


  37. I think you should make the working title Stargate: Dark Gambit and the final title Stargate: Extinction.

    On another note, I may have been the accomplise that tipped off GateWorld. I should have realized the photograph signed with the paw print, was not your hand Joe. For this I apologize, but am willing to make up for it. I will send you the photo so you may paw print the culprit. It’s the least I could do 🙂

  38. forgot to point out, when the mystery puppy uploaded that pic, they also left a message “no food”? maybe they wouldn’t have posted it, if they were busy eating?

  39. Good morning, Joe! You are very evil, darling. Suspect #4 has guilt written all over her face 🙂

    @Das: Don’t let him mess with you, if he was killing off the Wraith, it wouldn’t be “Extinction”. It would be something like “Annihilation”.

  40. I just wanted to send a shout out to the wonderful pooches!! They rock and you should treat them like royalty (mainly so they don’t keep scooping you, but mostly so they don’t get the urge to start scooping a lot more than just you!)

  41. Like many people I love the title, so long as my show, planet, galaxy and fave characters aren’t extinct, and that even includes the wraith. I wonder what the extinction refers to. Perhaps it’s the gene carriers. Yikes!

    Cheers, Chev

  42. I’m wondering how the dogs press the buttons. Perhaps there was some human intervention. My first suspect would be Ashleigh. I would look for times she had access to the dogs for the handover of the photo.

    Cheers, Chev

  43. I love the title!

    Question:- is there going to be any time travel involved in the film?

    2. If it is a fight for survival with the wraith – will Todd and Shep have a fight to the death?!

    3. Will the grey skinned being in the Daedalus variations make an appearance in the film?

    All this speculation – can hardly wait for the film!

  44. w00t! I finished Land of Laughs ! (staying up waaay too late in the process, but I couldn’t stop reading) Now I’m going to take a little break and read Elric of Melnibone from Book 3 of the series of which we are going to be reading book one for the June BotM selection.

    Hey das! Did you read that one already? Could I interest you in side-tracking to that one? And Narelle and anyone else diving into the saga for the first time, you may want to read that one first, as well. In the versions that I read long ago, it was my first…. and das, you remember what I said about firsts (nudge,nudge, wink, wink, say-no-more)

  45. Hi Joe and everyone,

    I have a question, I am watching the Shrine from this past season, what would happen if the team had flown to that planet instead of walking could they have dialed a space-gate to escape? Would the water flown out into space? Would love to know the answer

  46. oooh that would be great if it was the aliens from Daedalus Variations. Maybe they are the last of their kind, travelling around to find a suitable planet to procreate and stave off……extinction!!!

    Or maybe McKay finds a way to bring back dinosaurs?….or the less popular dodo bird.

  47. Way to go all JJ Abrams on this. 😉

    So if we want to finally see some set photos should we start mailing do buscuits to the SyFy headquarters in protest over your constant delays?

    PS: what software is this? I either use Final Draft or Celtx for scripts, but this is new to me.

  48. Ok, ok, you made me follow your dogs… I need my SGA fix! Thanks for the update. Now what are the odds you will actually use the title and can you make Kanaan extinct?

  49. Thanks, dogs!

    So, Stargate: Extinction, eh? Just to throw a spanner in everyone’s fretting about the title; “Extinction” doesn’t necessarily mean that ‘something’ is becoming extinct.

    As a Physics student, I know that Extinction is an Astronomy term, to do with light getting dimmer and more red when stellar and interstellar dust is in the way. Wikipedia tells me that it can also refer to how well “a material attenuates to radiation”, and can refer to some psychology stuff about learned behaviour ceasing to be reinforced.

    And hey – given the amount of cult references in the franchise, it could be something to do with Resident Evil. Maybe Mitchell finally got his zombie story written? 😀

    Knowing how mind-numbingly awesome Joe and Paul are, it may not be quite as obvious as it seems. 😉

    – – –

    On a Movie-related note… you’ve already hinted that an Earth Battlecruiser might crop up in Universe somewhere, but what about the Atlantis and SG-1 movies? Are we going to find out what happened to the Sun Tzu, or see the Apollo and/or Daedalus again? (My girlfriend is particularly eager for more Caldwell!) And what about the Odyssey – will we ever find out what that secret mission was, or was that just an excuse to write her out so that she didn’t kick Hive Ship ass before Atlantis got there?

  50. @Deni Ok… I need to call you tomorrow. *thumps head* I will remember! I will remember!

    Also, I thought we had a lot of dog toys. I think we’re down to about 10 or so. 😆 And dragging toys around is the sign of a happy dog. Go Flannery! Right before the girls’ b-day party my house was spotless. Jeremy was in the computer room and I was in the bathroom in my bedroom (opposite ends of the house). We both came out of our respective places at the same time to see dog toys scattered everywhere. It wasn’t hard to figure out the culprit. Annabelle was sound alseep on her dog bed in the familyroom. While Ziggy was in the livingroom (the trail of toys behind him) shaking the living daylights out of a stuffed bone. It was hilarious.

    @Das I really should do some gardening. But… it’s HOT out there! We have skeeters AND fire ants! And mostly gigantic spiders. The wolf spiders that love to bite and leave a mark as well as those big black furry things with white and purple spots on ’em that are amazing jumpers. 😯 *shudder* Oh and my yard is a mess. I would LOVE a Japanese garden! But it’s next to impossible to grow things in Florida. Unless you want a weed jungle. I totally have that going for me out back. So… no West Nile for you yet, right? I hear deoderant (the type with antipersperant) works well at sucking out mosquito poison. It sometimes works on me. My kids say it works every time. And yes, I DID buy a type of deoderant for just that purpose. Cuz… ew… arm pits are… well, arm pits. 😛

  51. Hmm. You make a good point, chevron7 – while they may be able to operate a keyboard, how did the dogs manage to get high enough to take a photograph from that angle, and hold the camera?

    Maybe it wasn’t human intervention, though – some kind of canine totem pole?

  52. I have a wee question of canon… could you confirm the spelling of Ronon’s dead girlfriend? GW has is spelled “Melena” and I suspect that’s accurate, but people use all sorts of variations…

    Thanks 🙂

  53. @ 06untouchable:
    And hey – given the amount of cult references in the franchise, it could be something to do with Resident Evil. Maybe Mitchell finally got his zombie story written?

    Here’s a thought … The Team vs. Wraith Zombies!

  54. Well, I was all excited about info on the new Stargate Atlantis movie until you all started speculating that it may be the wraith that will be extinct! Now I am scared! Don’t kill off the wraith!!! Especially not Todd!!!

  55. @06untouchable: ROFL! Now have the mental image of Joe’s dog’s as a canine totem pole! 😆 😆 😆

    Also, I’d love an SGA-zombie movie cross over. But not like Resident Evil. More like Shaun of the Dead. 😀

  56. LOL. It truly must have been mrs. A.

    A couple questions if you don’t mind.

    Has fire been made a…. Just kidding

    1. Would you like to edit my 5 page script (a script for the FBI files part 2?

    2. Can I please send you a link to my best video I made(the script I was telling you about is part two of the FBI files. The link I want to send you is part for part 1)?

    3. So there are a few stargate suprises for MGM’s 85th b-day. So what day is MGM’s 85th?

    4. How is time going? Almost done?

    5. Do you guys have a email address I can email(Instead of physically mailing something)?

    6. How is the music and visual effects coming for Air?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  57. Bad doggies. I think they are in it together. Time for collective punishment. Make the dog do hard labour (exercises) until someone confess to the SGA movie leak.

    You could have extinction of the wraiths. [now take a deep breath and hear me out] The SGC could have perfected the drug to turn wrauths into humans. So Todd & company could still be circulating as a bunch of disgruntle albino humans with a huge grudge. Provide that Sheppard didn’t give Todd the pink slip in the movie.

  58. Hey joe,

    Since the “Wormhole Drive” would have severely drained atlantis, will getting back to pegasus mean the creation of a prototype ZPM, better Naquadah Reactor or some kind of gerry-rigged Asgard power supply?

    or is an SG-Team going to get lucky and find more ZPM’s?

  59. @Rachael, since I work in a hospital, I’m hoping Melena is not the official spelling. (google it! 🙁 )

  60. I’m bitterly disappointed that Stargate Altantis: Glitter Ponies of Hope didn’t jump the last hurdle to be selected, though a two hour movie on SGA-1’s attempts to save the Spotted Owl from the brink of extinction does somewhat make up for it.

  61. Stargate Extinction sounds like a good title to me, i was thinking last week of Stargate Evolved lol and i laughed at how silly that wouldve sounded. now not so much.

    JellMaxBubLu twitter place thing makes no sense to me, they cant type so why would i sign up. Joe, if you want to twit or whatever and you cant help it, just do it.

  62. Hmm, I think I may need to get myself a twitter account to follow those dogs. You need to start an investigation into it, Joe! I think your dogs may have gotten into your subconscious mind in an effort to get more followers…
    Also wondering, are chances going to be that the title is “Stargate: Extinction” or “Stargate Atlantis: Extinction?”

  63. Personally, Joe, I would be looking into whether or not your dogs have a friend named Duke whose owner heads up the Bush’s Baked Beans company. You’ve seen those commercials, haven’t you? Duke is *always* trying to give out the secret family recipe only to get caught in the act. I suspect one of their followers is actually Duke in disguise.

  64. Wow–I must be the only person who doesn’t have Twitter, not that I don’t appreciate spoilers now and then, just I can’t be bothered to keep up. It’ll come to me by word of mouth, I’m sure, or my fingers may take control over me and speak for themselves.

    The Granny post did sound a little but suspicious, maybe you ought to start looking over your shoulders once in a while in case she comes back to haunt you. Nice to blame the Stargate Atlantis on your dogs! That’s what animals are for *wink*

    1) Who thought up the new Atlantis movie title?

    2) In the last response you bestowed to me several days ago, regarding playing an evil character, what right part would suit you, do you think? A villain like the Dark Seth or someone like….let me think…Voldemort? A power-hungry ruler etc etc? 🙂

  65. Or mabye the extinction of the asgard.
    Also, just watched irresistable. Great ep. Don’t know why it took so much bull poop. I thought it was hilarious, especially seeing Ronan out of character. Anyone else share the same opinion?

  66. Thanks, everyone, for trying to make me feel better. Still…’extinction’ doesn’t sound hopeful, and since humans will never be extinct in the SG universe, I’m pretty sure this is a reference to the ‘bad guys’ (especially since S4 & 5 were spent weaking the Wraith so that new ‘bad guys’ could be introduced). And even if humans become extinct in the PG, so will the Wraith – so that’s a lose-lose situation. Asgard extinction? Wouldn’t mind that – don’t care for them at all. Ancient extinction? THAT would please me to no end – hate those uptight, self-righteous meddlers. Extinction of earth because of a giant meteor or something? Eh, maybe, but doubt it. An end to the Stargate program because of all their short-sighted interference? THAT I would welcome! 😀 Also, didn’t Joe have a story idea that may have lead to the murder of a batch of young queens, which may have dealt a fatal blow to the species as a whole? All story ideas have pointed to one inevitability for the Wraith – someone at the top wants them to be annihilated, because…I suppose…they think they’re just a bunch of cockroaches.

    I dunno – right now I just don’t feel like having my head messed with, so that’s as far as my speculation will go.

    @ Sparrow_hawk – Have I read what? Elric of Melniboné?? Yes, I have. I’m halfway through the entire series now, and wasn’t planning to jump to the end of his story until later…to give me time to digest what I have read. But now I better start looking into it – just have a short story to finish (will do tonight), and then onto…whatever comes next. LOL…

    @ Trish – You could do a Japanese dry garden – just stones and rocks and stuff, but very tranquil and relaxing. Google images, get ideas!:

    Mine is more like a pathway garden – not dry because I have a water basin, but not exactly a ‘tea garden’ by any means. I have some tweaking to do – like first getting the green slime off the north side of my house, and then putting up some sort of bamboo fencing since vinyl siding doesn’t exactly = Japanese garden. 😛 Eventually I also want to replace the small pebbles with some sort of ground cover (like moss), however – although it’s the north side – it is VERY hot and dry there in the summer. Nothing grows but the bushes – grass just burns up. So I have the pebbles for now to keep the ground stable, and hopefully will find something green to add to it. But, for now, I am happy with my little piece of tranquility:

    A work in progress…but getting there…


  67. @Das: Whoa! So pretty! Thanks for sharing the pics with me. My problem is the weather combined with over 200 pounds of rabid dog. 🙄 Oh and the fact that Jeremy’s allergic to *the outside* as his allergist put it. So I’d be the only gardener. I totally love the flagstone path but I am not sure I could lay that by myself. Maybe I could start with the side yard though? Summer project? You know what I’d really, really, really love? A koi pond! I hear koi are very smart creatures and can even learn who their owners are. One woman told my mom that she’s able to pet her fish! They know she’ll feed them and if she gets into the water they swim into her lap. How cool would that be?

  68. @ Montrealer – I have thought of that – but what I love about the Wraith is their need to feed and all the complications that arise from that. The thing is, the Atlantis team’s solution for those complications has always been death, whereas I’d like to see something a bit more…creative. So…you have a species that eats people. What’s the big deal – we have people who eat people and we don’t even kill them, but put them in prison. The need to feed is what makes human/Wraith relations both fun, and problematic – it is the great dynamic between them. Take that away, and what are they? Boring Michaelesque hybrids. No more hand jokes. No more ‘tasty Teyla’ jokes. No more finding someone for Todd to eat. 😀 (Which is, of course, just about my favorite single problem the show ever dealt with.)

    Ya know – I’m watching this Moonlight show – it’s okay, but I hate the fact it’s basically just a big love story (not into love stories). Still, I endure…and – ya know – this vampire finds enough bad guys to keep him satisfied…in between pints he gets from the blood bank, that is. So, I know there are ways to show Wraith feeding in a justifiable manner, it just takes a little more vision, I suppose.


  69. Re: Irresistible. I always wondered if behind the scenes the reaction in the end was “Whoopsie, that was a bit of an unintended message we didn’t mean”, or “What the hell was everyone going on about, just a bit of fun!”.

    I gather it was the second reaction given Martin Gero’s commentary, but I kind of hold out hope that someone out there looked at the episode again with a different perspective, even if it was the caterer.

    When I loved the show, I loved the show, but that really was a genuine WTF moment of modern day television. In fact I shall make an award to celebrate, but don’t pick it up, I laced it with roofies, haha! 🙂

  70. @major d davis: the reason that Irresistable got a mixed reaction was that fundamentally the episode was about an unattractive guy who couldn’t score hot babes on the Planet of Abundant Cleverage, so drugs them instead so that they can’t say no to his advances.

    Then he goes to Atlantis and drugs everyone, setting up Weir as his next target, but Atlantis prevails and sends him scot free to go back to the planet so angry ladies with rolling pins can chase him around to Benny Hill music in an oh so amusing montage. Rodney takes a sample of the drug himself and everyone laughs and rolls their eyes and goes ‘Oh, Rodney, you scamp!’, because rape is hil-arious and wacky fun times.

  71. @dovil.

    YOU ARE HILARIOUS. Do you have a gateworld account? I really like your last post.

    Planet of abundant cleverage. I AM GOING TO DIE OF LAUGHTER!!!!!!

  72. dovil

    I’m bitterly disappointed that Stargate Altantis: Glitter Ponies of Hope didn’t jump the last hurdle to be selected. . . .

    Ohhhhhh, so funny! Anyone who’s babysat little girls (or who has their own) can get a good chortle from that title. It’s a guaranteed success for the kiddie spin-off. 😀 I’ll have to tell my brother this one, so he can have another laugh at the expense of his younger sis. I would’ve been glued to the set for such a show.

    – If I screwed up the markup and this post looks totally noob . . . how soon we forget.

  73. No quote marks?!? Sorry, dovil. ARRRGH! If someone gets a chance to tell me how to do that right, I’d appreciate it very much.

  74. Extinction: Love it! It promises some dread for our heroes. And that always makes for a good story.

  75. What a noble picture of Lulu! So cool, but the next question is when is the movie coming out? I hope the pups have a scoop on that!

    BTW Random’s Del Ray imprint is looking for sci fi fiction and fantasy bloggers:


    Are you regular blogger and avid reader of science fiction, fantasy, horror, movie, and gaming books? Sign-up for our mailing list and you’ll be eligible to receive advance copies of Del Rey Books. Your blog may be featured in a future issue of the DRIN.

  76. Hi Joe! I’ve been reading your blog for a long time now and I’ve never commented before but this time I couldn’t resist. I’d just like to say that “Suspect #1” 😉 up there is doing a great Clint Eastwood impression. Just sayin’.

  77. Extinction is a neat title, it gives the impression by the name only that someone, or something may become extinct, cause the extinction of another species, or perhaps a long dead species, either way it gives the vibe that only Atlantis can save the day :3

  78. Awesome-I-Love-Your-Dogs-So-Much dogs. Like the title. I’ve gotten my Stargate-related fix tonight, and now feeling a rush of melantonin spill over my brain, am going to bed.

    Personally I think Brie did it. She is not an “official” member of your pack and you decline to say if you are dog sitting or adopting, so she has motive. She is also the newbie on the block and they get blamed for everything. And if she is not guilty, the other dogs will frame her in some kind of hazing event.

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