Let’s kick off today’s entry with some BIG book of the month club news. There will be one, and only one, selection for June’s BOTMC discussion:

Elric: The Stealer of Souls, by Michael Moorcock

From the publisher: “When Michael Moorcock began chronicling the adventures of the albino sorcerer Elric, last king of decadent Melniboné, and his sentient vampiric sword, Stormbringer, he set out to create a new kind of fantasy adventure, one that broke with tradition and reflected a more up-to-date sophistication of theme and style. The result was a bold and unique hero–weak in body, subtle in mind, dependent on drugs for the vitality to sustain himself–with great crimes behind him and a greater destiny ahead: a rock-and-roll antihero who would channel all the violent excesses of the sixties into one enduring archetype.

Now, with a major film in development, here is the first volume of a dazzling collection of stories containing the seminal appearances of Elric and lavishly illustrated by award-winning artist John Picacio–plus essays, letters, maps, and other material. Adventures include “The Dreaming City,” “While the Gods Laugh,” “Kings in Darkness,” “Dead God’s Homecoming,” “Black Sword’s Brothers,” and “Sad Giant’s Shield.”

An indispensable addition to any fantasy collection, Elric: The Stealer of Souls is an unmatched introduction to a brilliant writer and his most famous–or infamous–creation.”


This first volume compendium, with cover art by friend-to-this-blog John Picacio(http://josephmallozzi.com/2008/07/25/july-25-2008-with-special-guest-award-winning-artistillustratordesigner-john-picacio/ –

– is available from publisher Del Rey (http://www.randomhouse.com/delrey/catalog/display.pperl?isbn=9780345498625

Or as an ebook (http://ebookstore.sony.com/ebook/michael-moorcock/elric-the-stealer-of-souls/_/R-400000000000000080446).

There’s no excuse not to read it!

Discussion the week of June 8th when we’ll be joined by author Michael Moorcock.

And, looking ahead, July’s book of the month club selection will be:

Blood of Ambrose, by James Enge

From the publisher: “Behind the king’s life stands the menacing Protector, and beyond him lies the Protector’s Shadow…

Centuries after the death of Uthar the Great, the throne of the Ontilian Empire lies vacant. The late emperor’s brother-in-law and murderer, Lord Urdhven, appoints himself Protector to his nephew, young King Lathmar VII and sets out to kill anyone who stands between himself and mastery of the empire, including (if he can manage it) the king himself and his ancient but still formidable ancestress, Ambrosia Viviana.

When Ambrosia is accused of witchcraft and put to trial by combat, she is forced to play her trump card and call on her brother, Morlock Ambrosius—stateless person, master of all magical makers, deadly swordsman, and hopeless drunk.

As ministers of the king, they carry on the battle, magical and mundane, against the Protector and his shadowy patron. But all their struggles will be wasted unless the young king finds the strength to rule in his own right and his own name. “


Discussion the week of July 6th with author James Enge.

The stills gallery shoot is tomorrow and then – the long weekend. With the short story delivered, the Space rewrite done, and the SGA script complete, this is the first in a long time that I have nothing on my plate. Well, with one episode slot still up for grabs, I guess I’ll try to come up with a story idea – something topical that incorporates the hottest of today’s trends like vampires and dance competitions (Maybe a vampire dance competition? Is this too similar to a Star Trek episode?).

Went by Stage 4 today to pay Director Peter DeLuise a visit and ended up chatting with actor Lou Diamond Philips who called me out on my three-piece suit and tie attire. Despite his long and accomplished career, Lou remains an incredibly down-to-earth and genuinely appreciative individual. A class act, a great guy and, an equally great actor. His performance in Earth had the producers’ offices abuzz.

Oh, we finally have a working title for the Atlantis movie. Top secret for now.  Maybe not so much later this weekend…

78 thoughts on “May 14, 2009: BIG Book of the Month Club News

  1. Awesome! Hope we get to find out the atlantis movie title! All I can say is Joe, have a relaxing weekend.

  2. I was gonna suggest “Stargate: Atlantis, The Voyage Home”, then I read yesterday’s blog entry. Darn that Star Trek for taking all the good titles!
    Why does Carl need to know what the movie’s about to come up with a title? Ok, ok… I’ll just go back to splicing my copper and fiber cables now.

  3. Thanks Joe. This has given me the push I needed to read the Elric saga. I’ve got 11 hours of flying time coming up in a week so I might get the rest of the series while I’m downloading. Thanks for the ebook link too 🙂

  4. Sorry about another comment…

    Joe, Das, sparrow_hawk – Just looking online for the general gist of the order of the books. There’s a lot of different information. Volumes vs Parts vs Stories.

    Can you guys give this Elric noob the low-down?

  5. *sigh* I still have 2 novels in i-read & a stack of 6 waiting….no time to read until July. I keep doing this pesky little thing called “sleep” when I sit down at night.

    Be sure to incorporate a rose ceremony into the vampire dance competition.

  6. Mr M delete previous post, clean up post follows

    Mr M wrote

    …..Oh, we finally have a working title for the Atlantis movie. Top secret for now. Maybe not so much later this weekend…..

    Let me take a guess at the SGA movie title. Could it be Star Gate Atlantis: Return to Pegasus”. If I guess right, send me a no-prize.

    That’s a so so cover for The Stealer of Souls book. Prefer the Michael Whelan cover version for Daw books.

    Any more forthcoming tidbits on the office machinations with Ashleigh and the other lowly office help?

  7. Lou Diamond Phillips has long been a favorite in my household. We’re delighted that he has new work on the small screen again.

  8. Unusual title.

    Stargate Atlantis: Top secret for now.

    But hey, whatever. You’re the creative genius after all. 🙂

  9. Okay…I’m not sure if I want to hug you, or kick you in the shins! So…we’re going with the end of Elric’s tale…(Ya know…my OCD REALLY wanted to read these all chronologically! I know…I know…I told you to choose… 😛 )

    And June 8th!!! ARRRGGGHH!! *kicks Joe in the shins*

    Dangit…no way I can read the entire thing in three weeks.

    Well, to your great benefit, Joe…I won’t be buggin’ you on this here blog of yours for a few weeks… 😛

    Better run! Gotta READ!

    @#$%@#$ Joe Mallozzi…



  10. Your list of guest authors is getting ever more impressive. I’m delighted to see Mr. Moorcock is going to participate here, and I’m looking forward to re-reading the Elric series in preparation. I take it that you are reverting to a single BotM club selection, unless special circumstances induce you to offer up extra titles? The heads-up on both titles are appreciated, as my book run is due next week.
    I’d scream at your coyness with the movie title, but fortunately I’m too busy to get frustrated. Any prizes for the person who can guess the right title before you announce it? What flowers, candies, and store gift cards does Ashleigh like? Not that I’d think of bribing anyone…
    I hope you’ve conveyed all our condolences to Mr. DeLuise, and I’m happy to see he’s resuming work. Thanks also for the mention of Mr. Phillips. It’s always a pleasure to see his work, and it’s wonderful he’s become a part of the Stargate mythos.
    As long as you’re looking for something to do, why not start a novel? You’ve enough other irons in the fire, that it seems logical you add that to your list of accomplishments. And you’re young enough you should be able to finish before you get too decrepit to type…

  11. @ Narelle – The Del Rey books available so far are:

    Vol. 1 is The Stealer of Souls
    Vol. 2 is To Rescue Tanelorn
    Vol. 3 is The Sleeping Sorceress
    Vol. 4 is Duke Elric

    Here’s the basic chronology for the Elric saga, and the Del Rey volumes they appear in (the ones with the ? have not been reprinted by Del Rey yet, as far as I can tell):

    The Dream of Earl Aubec aka Master of Chaos (novella) – Vol. 2

    Elric: The Making of a Sorcerer (graphic novel) – ?

    Elric of Melniboné (novel) – Vol. 3

    The Fortress of the Pearl (novel) – ?

    Elric: The Return to Melniboné (graphic story) – ?

    The Black Blade’s Summoning aka The White Wolf’s Song (short story) – Vol. 2

    The Sailor on the Seas of Fate (novel) – Vol. 4

    Elric at the End of Time (novella) – ?

    The Dreaming City (short story) – Vol. 1

    A Portrait in Ivory (short story) – ?

    While the Gods Laugh (short story) – Vol. 1

    Black Petals (novella) – ?

    The Singing Citadel (novella) – Vol. 2

    The Sleeping Sorceress aka The Vanishing Tower (novel) – Vol. 3

    The Revenge of the Rose (novel) – ?

    The Stealer of Souls (novella) – Vol. 1

    The Last Enchantment (novella) – Vol. 2

    Kings in Darkness (novella) – Vol. 1

    The Caravan of Forgotten Dreams aka The Flame Bringers (novella) – Vol. 1

    Dead God’s Homecoming (novella) – Vol. 1

    To Rescue Tanelorn (novella) – Vol. 2

    Black Blade’s Brothers (novella) – Vol. 1

    Sad Giant’s Shield (novella) – Vol. 1

    Doomed Lord’s Passing (novella) – Vol. 1


    I’m pretty sure I got that right…hope it helps!


  12. I’m glad you went with being distinctive with the title. Leaving out the ! at the end of Top Secret will ensure no one thinks that Val Kilmer might be in it.

    Come to think of it … you could probably branch out with some Origin style stories. Like with Sheppard’s past work as a baker, you could make it a whomp-ass comedy called Sheppard’s Pie.

  13. Ahhh…I just figured it out! This is your way of getting me to stop asking stupid Wraith questions! Stinker.

    Of course…Mr. Moorcock…what on earth am I going to ask him that doesn’t sound ridiculous?! The man is brilliant. Ugh.

    How does the saying go? Be careful what you ask for?? 😛

    Yeah, yeah, yeah…I’m supposed to be reading… 🙄


  14. Joe said:

    There’s no excuse not to read it!

    Hot damn! We’re reading an Elric book! Joe actually picked a Sword and Sorcery fantasy! And I like the cover art!

    Then Joe said:

    Discussion the week of June 8th when we’ll be joined by author Michael Moorcock.

    But, but, but … I’ll be gone that week! (sniffle, *sob*) and won’t be here for discussion! I’ll be in Germany and/or France and/or Switzerland cruisin’ down the Rhine River with a gaggle of folks from the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Chicago Art Institute visiting cathedrals, eating fabulous food and drinking fine wines and fabulous German beer.

    Hey, Joe. Could I email my comments/questions to you before I leave (June 5th or somewhere thereabout) and you can save them and give them to Michael Moorcock when he comes by. If you don’t mind too much?

    @Narelle: I read the Elric books long ago and loved them. I have not read this new compilation, so I can’t comment on it yet. I’m not sure why they compiled the stories in this order, but my suggestion would be to dive right in and start reading the book as it is presented, front to back. That is what I’m going to do – just as soon as I finish Land of Laughs.

    @das: Let this be a lesson to you: Be careful what you wish for! But I’m really excited – I’m glad you did ask for this one.

  15. Okay, I’ve got it. Since you only have a “working title”, that means it is not set in stone yet. Here is my contribution. Both are full of double or even triple meaning:

    Stargate Atlantis: Down Time
    (taking it easy back on earth, and Atlantis physically being down from space and what it does while it is down)


    Stargate Atlantis: Re-Entry
    (the crew getting reacquainted with life on earth, and Atlantis trying to get back into space)

    Oh well. The good ones had already been used, The Return, Reunion, Travelors, Outsiders, Lost Boys…

    My favorite Lou Diamond Philips movie is Renegades with Kiefer Sutherland. I’ve always loved Lou.

  16. Oh, PS to Narelle – Some of the stories, such as Elric of Melniboné, are made up of ‘books’. Some have separate titles and were published at different times, but all three ‘books’ of Elric of Melniboné are included under that title. The Sailor on the Seas of Fate, also made up of three ‘books’, is handled the same way – so both stories are complete in the volume[s] in which they appear. It IS very confusing.

    Yeah, yeah…I’m reading…promise…


  17. @Montrealer: I like the Daw paperback covers – those are the ones I have, with the pages coming loose from the binding. But I like the Elric-leaping-out-of-the-book-vampiric-sword-in-hand action-style cover of the new book, too.

    @Joe: The second book, Blood of Ambrose, also looks very interesting. Thanks for trimming the reading list for June and July!

  18. Hi Joe.
    Bored with nothing to do. I have a 5 page script for a short I want to do(actually part 2 of a video). Would you like to edit it?(it will only take you like 10 minutes plus I would be HONORED if you accepted). Glad space and the short story are out of the way. Oh and some kid told me today he thought stargate is stupid and he loved doctor who, bsg, and lost.(some of my least favorite show, no offense to any who watch and like these shows). Loser, I know, stargate is for smart cool people. The rest are too mainstream, and just seem to steal stargate’s glory. Anyways, have a great day.

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  19. Wrath of the Wraith it is! I love it!

    I know you didn’t say what the title was, but I think I’m right. How can I not be? “The Wrath of the Wraith” is just so Awesome! There’s no way any other title can match it.

    Except “Pegasus Rising”. But I digress.


    1. What’s the episode number of “Darkness”?
    2. What’s the episode number of “Light”?
    3. Who is directing “Justice”?
    4. Who is directing “Space”?


  20. Oh and by the way Joe. It would be a privilege to read your short story when it is finally published. You can take one look at me and know I never vomit. So that would not be a problem.

  21. *not reading….not reading…gotta pee…not reading…oh, Jay Leno!…hungry…not reading…why am I wide awake??…still not reading…ugh, didn’t watch all my recorded rugby matches this week…UGH, doctor tomorrow…not reading…why is the cat sharpening her claws on my knee?…not reading…DANGIT! Hubby beat me to the bathroom…not reading…*

    @ Sparrow – Mr. Moorcock said something to the effect that they decided to republish the stories in the order in which they were originally published. It allowed for each book to be ‘balanced’ with at least one full novel, rounded out with the extra short stories and commentaries.

    Woo! Hubby’s outta da bafrum!



  22. Somebody is not a loser for having a preference other than your own. Dr. Who, Lost, and Battlestar Galactica are all very good shows. When I was young and foolish I seemed to automatically dislike anything “mainstream” and popular. I’ve now come to realize how silly that is. There is no sense in restricting your enjoyment. Somebody is not better for watching Stargate over Lost, or Jeopardy over Wheel of Fortune or vice versa. I suggest trying to enlighten the other person to new potential opportunities of enjoyment. After that, the choice is theirs.

    Joe– That book looks like its right up my alley so I might give it a go! I’m nearing the end of The Sword of Truth series so I’ll be looking for something anyway.

  23. @Michael A. Burstein now are you reffering to real zombies or the often miss understood virus reanimating dead tissue counter parts.

    I haven’t seen anything good about real zombies in a long time.

  24. A couple of tech-geek questions from a physics student, I’m afraid!

    1. In “Misbegotten”, Weir and Woolsey travelled to Atlantis on an Asgard ship, and got there nearly two weeks faster. That’s in roughly the same ballpark as the Daedalus’ 4-day trip from “The Siege”. Since the Asgard designed the Daedalus’ hyperdrive anyway, are their ships faster only because they’ve got a better power source?

    2. If it is an issue of the power source, do the Daedalus, Apollo, et al now have better generators (to power the Asgard beam weapons and what-not)? Are they capable of making the trip to Atlantis faster?

    3. After “The Return”, the ZPMs that the Asurans put in Atlantis were split up; one of them went to the Drone Chair. When the chair was moved to Area 51, was it still powered by that ZPM, or by some Asgard Core-inspired alternative? If the former, what happened to that ZPM?

    4. The other ZPM from “The Return” went to the Odyssey. Between the Asgard Core and the fact that the Ori aren’t a threat anymore, did the ZPM get removed at some point? Was it depleted during “The Ark of Truth”, or is it still alive and kicking somewhere?

  25. Whatever the “Title”, it had better be something *pithy*! BTW, *are* there any 4 syllable single words left…? Or any notable phrases and/or passages from Baum, that William guy, or some historically inaccurate religious text?

    Oh, and IF it’s from Dr. Phil… “WE” *will* let Ashleigh have her Evil Ways with you!!!

  26. Hey Joe. A question about the SGA movie title (if it doesn’t take anything away from the big weekend announcement). Are we likely to see the “Atlantis” dropped in the same way that the SG1 films lost the “SG1”? Because I can see confusion from non-fans if we have a film called Stargate -insert title- (the SG1 film) and another called Stargate -insert title- (the SGA film), with different characters. But it sort of marginalises SGA if SG1 is the only series with a claim to dropping the subtitle for films. Apologies, that became a little rambling.

  27. something topical that incorporates the hottest of today’s trends like vampires and dance competitions

    How about something where vampires swoop down on a dance competition and eat everyone? And then have a dance competition.

    Question about the BOTMC selection: Will reading that Elric book be spoilery if I were to go back and read the series from the beginning. Spoilery as in: “OMG, I wish I’d found that out the right way and not just as some throwaway comment intended for people who already knew”?

  28. When we meet Nancy in Outcast, Sheppard asks about Grant. Are he and Nancy married or dating?

    Will Nancy be in the movie?

    Will Jeannie Miller be in the movie?

  29. Joe…I came home at 10:30 tonight, so tired I could barely keep my eyes open. But I just HAD to check your blog (I’m THAT loyal!). Now it’s 1:25 am here…and I’m all wound up and hyper. Thanks. 😛 I hope you’re sleeping well…


  30. Can’t wait for the Atlantis movie title!!!!
    So excited about this movie, I have been missing my SGA terribly lately.

  31. HOLY COW! Michael Moorcock himself !! How stupendously AWESOME ! Elric was one of my first….never mind;)
    Gotta run, its all happening now….and I mean NOW. Back later to catch up.

  32. i have been thinking about some titles for the new sga moive her are some of my thoughts

    1) Home and Gone again

    2) Up and away

    3) Reintry (coming home)

    4) Back and Gone again

    5) Picking up the peices

    6) Getting (back) Home

    Any way food for thought…. ps cant rember if any of these have been use befor or not. soory if they have.

  33. Hey Joe, tell Ashleigh that the hairdo she had on your May 11th entry looked much cooler. And, speaking of her… you guys already declared a truce on the biological war? 😛

  34. “(Maybe a vampire dance competition? Is this too similar to a Star Trek episode?).”

    May be you should keep that idea for a Atlantis story. or may a little extra for the DVD.

  35. Hey Joe,

    The BOTMC selection for June looks pretty good.

    *shakes tiny fist*

    As Das pointed out, I’d love to start at the beginning. It’s that OCD thing with which many Sci Fi fans are plagued.

    And there are LOTS of stories BEFORE the BOTMC selection, too.

    (Thanks for the list Das…. oy! But that’s a lot to read.)

    As for the SGA movie title, you had to go with SGA: A Very Special Episode

    Right? That was just too good to pass up. I knew it was pure brilliance when I thought it up. 😀

    Hot Diggity Dog! It’s FRIDAY! And Jeremy’s coming home! He’s been gone all week. Again. So this is a happy day for me.


    @PG15 Well, Wrath of the Wraith IS a good title. But I’m just thinking with kids these days they really wanted to do a movie exploring the problems they face. Therefore, I’m 99% sure they went with my suggestion of *A Very Special Episode*. 😆

  36. @suziesbluefeather I wasn’t referring to any particular type of zombie. I was just noting that they’ve become more popular again in a lot of recent fiction. For example, who would have expected a book called “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” to have become so popular, much less published? And yet there it is.

  37. ( sarcasm on )The Atlantis movie??? I thought that had been tabled since you haven’t given us daily detailed reports or a firm shooting date!?! ( /sarcasm off )

  38. So Joe…..

    Seeings how you have less on your plate — and it’s a holiday wkend for us…..Wanna come over? 🙂

    You grab Fondy and the ‘kids’ and come on over; I’ll set up beer and popcorn. My (two-legged) kids will ‘sit’ your kids while we kick back to a Stargate marathon! How about it? We can spend the whole long wkend running through the the entire 2 series’ as fast as we can. You provide the commentary – I’ll provide the most excellent Alberta Beef steaks – and Fondy will be provided with Sainthood nomination!

    Oh, wait. This won’t work. My kids will be fighting me for couch space to watch with you. Hmmm….Guess I’ll have to hire a sitter for the pups.

    No? What do you mean, “No”? Come on – it’ll be fun!

    *Ah, ah ah…now that’s not a very nice thing to say, Joe.*

    Ok, so spending the long wkend+ being stuck here talking about work non-stop doesn’t tickle your fancy, eh’? I guess I can see your point.

    How about this then (requires much less time and travel)…you call Brad and ask him my “burning question”. In the episode “The Nox”….what is up with Apophis??? Was the lack of speech some strange idea for aliens? Or did they have to pay Peter Williams less because no one could hear him talk (and does that make him an Extra? lol). If Brad blames it on Glassner, he must still provide a rational 😉

    Hope you have a fabulous Victoria Day weekend. (Say ‘hi’ to Brad for me)

    And thanks for your blog – it is my Happy Place 🙂

  39. @ Shawna That was a scene in Blade. Now, a chained monster dancing on American Bandstand … never mind, that was an episode of Back at the Barnyard.

  40. @ Trish – Mr. Moorcock (I believe) said that he felt it best to read Elric of Melniboné first, then read everything else in whatever order one chose to. Elric of Melniboné is a relatively quick read, and a fast reader could squeeze it in before tackling the BotM selection. As it is, I’m not a fast reader (I’m one of those ‘read every word’ sorts 😛 ), so I know I can’t read it all before June 8th, and will therefore have to skip something.


  41. First of all, great to hear Peter is back and hopefully is doing well.

    Secondly, I don’t understand why people won’t recycle titles. I mean with the amount of television, movies, books, albums, etc. you are bound to duplicate a title eventually, no matter how hard you try. Unless you are planning on going with something from the Ancients language, chances are its been used somewhere before.

    Tertiary, I just wanted to say tertiary.

    And lastly, I would love to pick up Elric, but I am so into the Temeraire series by Naomi Novik. It’s probably the best series I have read in a while, which reminds me, the third book in Michael Scott’s “Secrets Of The Immortal Nicholas Flamel” series is coming out soon. The first two books “The Alchemyst” and “The Magician” were very good, although it is a bit geared to the younger audience. Hopefully like Harry Potter once it gets it’s fanbase it will get a bit darker.

  42. This Elric book sounds like something I would like, and das I hope you got to sleep. sounds like others on here couldn’t get their shuteye either,,hmm, was it a moon phase or something, like sunspots?!? Glad you have a free weekend, don’t worry I am sure something will come up to occupy your *free* time, right Fondy and.jellmaxbublu.!!. Have a great one!! 😮

  43. Coucou Joseph! ça va ?

    Moi super, c’est la fin des cours pour moi, je vais commencer un stage dans un centre commercial pendant 5 semaines en comptabilité..j’espere que sa va aller! Enfin pour l’instant c’est le week end =)

    Je suis impatiente de savoir le titre du film de sga!! Je n’ai jamais vu Lou jouer mais je ne doute pas que sa doit être un trés bon acteur.

    Bonne week end =) Bisou

  44. @Das Oh! That’s good to know. I’m a slow reader myself. The SATs and GREs were a nightmare for me. It seems I’m slow to read for fun. Make it a test and tell me my college acceptance depends upon it and I analyze everything to death. 🙄 But maybe if I find the books fast enough I could do it? Thanks for the info! 😀

  45. Oh and if you see Lou again, please tell him me and all of your blog commenters say hi. Looking forward to Earth!!

    I really like the title,

    Stargate Atlantis: Return to Pegasus.


    Stargate Atlantis: Project Twilight.

    Imdb says the movie is in post production, are they just messing with us cause I cry every time I see it?

    I wish the movie is in post cause that would mean it would be out soon.

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  46. Have to say, if there’s one thing Stargate in general has over the new Star Trek film, its science.

    A black hole is no longer a deadly thing that destroys and sucks everything in, its now a wormhole.

    Imagine this.

    Villian As Ship Is around his homeworld just before the Sun goes Supernova.

    Hero Bs Ship Is dispatched with a special thing called Red Matter?(Excuse if I dont get the name right), his mission is to fire the matter into the Supernova to create a blackhole to essentially save Villian As planet.

    Hero B was too late but tries anyway.

    Villian As ship is pulled into the resulting wormhole and appears over a 100 years in the past.

    Villian As ship has suffered no damage from said black hole.

    Well I can kinda name other blunders but this happens earlier in the movie.

    Black Holes are now Wormholes. It’s official.

  47. Excuse my error, when I talked about Villian As ship being pulled into something, I meant the Blackhole.

  48. I have an idea for the movie title …

    Stargate Atlantis – There and Back Again: A Wraith’s Tale.

    What’s that you say? Copywrite infringement??
    C’mon, I’m sure Tolkien’s heirs won’t mind …

  49. das said:

    @ Trish – Mr. Moorcock (I believe) said that he felt it best to read Elric of Melniboné first, then read everything else in whatever order one chose to. Elric of Melniboné is a relatively quick read, and a fast reader could squeeze it in before tackling the BotM selection. As it is, I’m not a fast reader (I’m one of those ‘read every word’ sorts 😛 ), so I know I can’t read it all before June 8th, and will therefore have to skip something.

    O.K. Let’s see here…. The story Elric of Melnibone is in Book 3, The Sleeping Sorceress. Oh, that story! When I first read the Elric books, I think that was where they started. I think I’ll revise my plan and read that one first, then go back to Book 1 The Stealer of Souls.

  50. So there’s finally a title to the movie, awesome. I so can’t wait to see it, though i’m only on season 4 right now, which is a real pain in the a$$. I’ll have season 5 bought before i see it on TV, LMAO

    some questions:

    Will they end up back on Earth?
    or do they stay in the Pegasus Galaxy?
    or some returns and some stays?
    Will Sheppard get with Teyla? (something happens to the father of the baby), I know, wishful thinking.

    when filming SGU;
    does all the filming HAVE to happen over there?
    Can’t you come here for one or 2 episodes?? LOL

    i think that’s it for now, LOL

    hope you have a nice day/afternoon/evening/night. whenever you read this.


  51. Ack Joe! The Unblemished on June 2nd AND Elric on June 8th?!? You are making it difficult for a girl to keep up. Or a guy for that matter.

  52. pg15 said:

    Wrath of the Wraith it is! I love it!

    I know you didn’t say what the title was, but I think I’m right. How can I not be? “The Wrath of the Wraith” is just so Awesome! There’s no way any other title can match it.

    Why thank-you very much pg15. I suggested that one way back on 20th April.

    chevron7 said on April 20, 2009 at 2:53 am
    Just off the top of my head I’m thinking, “Stargate Atlantis: What now?”, “Stargate Atlantis: Please buy this so we can make another” or how about “Stargate Atlantis: the wrath of the wraith”. Don’t dismiss so quickly, I’ve only gotten started.

    Cheers, Chev

  53. I loved Trish’s A Very Special Episode. I vote for her to develop the mockumentary on the making of the movie. Penny-pinching network execs, tantrumish actors, dictatorial producers, and scheming assistants would be seen in all their glory. The characters would fit well with Trish’s ideas re. helping today’s kids deal with their own problems, and all your favorite blog trolls would have their many, many suspicions confirmed. Fantastic, eh?

    PG-15 would undoubtedly be great at setting up the post-movie convention, “The Wrath of the Wraith: The Week of Con.” The legal staff would have to be brought onboard first (with Das as a special consultant) to address questions of crime, punishment, and tax shelters involving aliens, and what they (the Wraith and/or the lawyers) may or may not do when suddenly confronted with large numbers of strange-looking humans wanting free autographs. — Do Wraith mothers scold their children for forgetting to play with their food before they eat it? — Okay, time to move on. (Just kidding, Das!)

    Baron Destructo’s book montage is a very cool addition to your blog. (If it’s been there a long time now, sorry for bringing up old news.) I love that the icons are links — handy feature, that.

  54. Hey Joe,

    Long time no post. I wanted to thank you for keeping us posted with the updates for the SGA movie. I know I’ll even more excited when the cast memebers are confirmed and you start filming. 😀
    Question: When it comes to guest actors, do you know who you want for the roles while your doing the script or do they have to ask? I remember someone told me that Goran Visnjic aka Dr. Luca Kovac from E.R. is a big fan of SGA. Do you look for those types of actors? Fans I mean.

  55. How ’bout Stargate Atlantis: The Final Happening, just trying to be more creative. Not doing a good job. Though looks like you’ve already got a title, so, lol, the above was pretty futile.

    How’s the Stargate: Universe production coming along? 🙂

    And I’ll have to read those books when the chance comes. I haven’t read any so can’t think of recommendations right now. My head hurts.

  56. @Otros ojos: You are too funny! And thanks for the vote! *feels very proud* You totally got what I was going for. 😀

    So Chevron 7 came up with Wrath of the Wraith… here’s a thought… Wrath of the Wraith for one SGA movie, A Very Special Episode for another SGA movie.

    And yes, Das totally needs to be brought on as a consultant. She’s the resident wraith fanat— er I mean expert after all. 😆

    Trish 😀

  57. @ chevron7: Great minds think alike. 😀

    With 2 of us in support, Joe and the rest of the TPTB will have no choice but to choose that title as the real title. It’s totally logical.

    @ otros ojos: COOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNN!!

  58. pg15 said:

    @ chevron7: Great minds think alike. 😀

    Hmmm hardly…..I claimed that title and offered it to Joe approx 27 days ago, so you need to bow before me, grovelling and announce to the community that it is my title. 😀

    Do you concede?

    Cheers, Chev

  59. Trish (aka whovian) said:

    So Chevron 7 came up with Wrath of the Wraith… here’s a thought… Wrath of the Wraith for one SGA movie, A Very Special Episode for another SGA movie.

    Oh yes, there needs to be more than one.

    Cheers, Chev

  60. pg15 said:

    @ chevron7: Fine, it’s your title

    Good, that’s settled. Now what was that muttering after that? Oh, it wasn’t important. Better not be. We don’t accept any sulky additions to the concession speech.


    Cheers, Chev

  61. @Trish: Thanks for the return compliment. And I agree with you, chevron 7, and anybody else who may have independently thought there ought to be more than one SGA movie. 😉

    @pg15: Sorry for punctuating your username as if it were a movie rating. I have a, um, really good excuse. . . . *tries hard to think* — Go to cons much, do you? I should be more ambitious. :S

  62. 1. First job as Wraith consultant – make sure at least 15 shirtless, nippleless, flowing-locked Wraith appear in the movie. Todd, of course, must be one of them, only in the shower, desperately trying to figure out what the hell ‘cream rinse conditioner’ is used for …

    2. Doctor’s appointment went well. He was actually concerned about my LUNGS! After all the doctor and hospital visits, I finally found a doctor who is concerned about my respiratory condition …and he’s an obgyn! 😆 I told him he chose the wrong branch of medicine, and said, ‘I betcha when you were a young man in medical school, you thought all your patients would look like models – but instead you get stuck with old ladies like me!’ He lol’ed. 😀 He also didn’t disagree. 😉

    3. YES…I read me some Elric. Of course…I didn’t read anything from the BotM selection…but I’m getting there.

    Oh, and a correction to my list above – Elric at the End of Time is in Vol. 2 – I should know, it’s the one I’m reading. 😛


  63. @ otros ojos: No worries. Joe (and many others) do the same thing with my name and I just don’t speak up because I’m so very nice. 😉

  64. Lou Diamond Phillips was on the NUMB3RS season finale tonight =) I *love* his acting and can’t wait to see how awesome he is in SGU!!! (He’s not the one stuck on Earth/Icarus is he? That would be disappointing.)

  65. Hey! Excited to hear the SGA movie title. Personally, I’m hoping it will be like the SG1 movies “Stargate: ______” or whatever as the case may be. Maybe a variation of that, but definitely not “Stargate Atlantis: _______”. SG1 wasn’t “Stargate SG-1: Continuum”, so if the trend set by that isn’t adhered to it seems sort of disorganized. However, I will survive if this is not the case :-).

    Question: What did the invisible beast from “Sanctuary”, season 2 SGA, look like? It seemed like it was a guy in a suit who was made to look somewhat invisible in post. Was it a suit, or was it wholly digital?

  66. Stargate: Extinction?!?
    Your dogs are my heroes.

    Question: Could you do us a favor and take them to work and into the SGU sets? With their little camera? Please?

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