To borrow a Gordon Ramsayism: “Stargate Atlantis Movie with satisfying conclusion…Done!”. Satisfying conclusion for who? Well, me for one. And, I suspect, for many fans as well although, of course, it goes without saying that you can’t please all of the people all of the time. Still, I’m very happy with the story we have and with our ending in particular. Some doors are opened, some slammed shut (rather violently), while others are left ajar for future exploration…in the next big adventure provided the fans support this one. Not quite as long as I expected but, given the action sequences, it still may clock in with a robust running time. Yes, all of the regulars and semi-regulars you’ve grown to know and love are in play – Sheppard, McKay, Teyla, Ronon, Woolsey, Keller, Zelenka, Lorne, Beckett, Chuck, Banks, and Todd – in addition to a couple of surprise guest stars. But more on them as we draw closer to the that first day of principal photography. As for when that will be…no firm date yet but I’m still banking on a fall production alongside the SG-1 movie.

But this fall is a long way away. An even longer way away is Christmas 2009, yet Fondy has already booked our flight back to Montreal. All well and good provided we can find someone to watch the dogs. Failing that, I’ll be ringing in the New Year west coast style – sushi, chardonnay, and in bed by 11:00.

Tomorrow, I weigh in with my thoughts on this month’s final book of the month club selection: Poe: 19 New Tales Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe, edited by Ellen Datlow. If you haven’t finished yet, get movin’. If you haven’t started yet – tsk, tsk. What’s your excuse?


Majorsal writes: “if you’re giving Deni B pictures of her daniel, how about pictures of my sam for me?”

Answer: Sorry, wasn’t on set to take pics of Amanda.

Dodecahedron writes: “1. Was that the real Ba’al who was extracted at the ceremony at the end of Continuum? If not, is the real Ba’al still alive?

2. If the 1st Atlantis movie doesn’t tie up the wraith storyline, will you guys eventually make a conclusion for the storyline? You know, the final defeat of the wraith like the ori and their followers had in AoT?

3. What’s with the lack of Ladon Radim in the second half of Atlantis’ series run (he hasn’t been around since episode 50). Do you think the Genii will ever have an important role in future movies?”

Answers: 1. In my mind, the real Ba’al is still out there. Brad may hold a different opinion though.

2. We’re not thinking past this first movie so am unable to answer that question.

3. Again, I can’t comment past this first movie.

PG15 writes: “Goodbye scene? Uh oh. Nothing good ever comes out of Goodbye scenes. Is it like “Goodbye, for I have to shuffle off my mortal coil” kinda thing?”

Answer: Could be a little of both.

Malikb writes: “1.Given the seemingly good news on the SGA movie, is it still possible that both movies (sg1 and atlantis) will start shooting at the same time?

2.Can you tell us how many people are there on the Destiny?30? 70? 100?”

Answers: 1.Yes, it’s certainly possible. 2. Nope.

Eduardo writes: “Do you writers have any plans for young O’Neill clone (season 7 episode 3) in a future stargate movie?”

Answer: Nope.

Major D. Davis writes: “1. How is Time going(i’m assuming thats the one thats filming, unless the episode order was changed and time is now 108)?

2. Did you design the Icarus Base Uniforms from scratch of did you use the U.S. army uniform pattern.

3. Is Andy Mikita directing Justice?

4. Will there ever be a Atlantis crossover in Universe?

5. Will Universe be more explicit(violence, language, sex etc…) than Atlantis and SG-1?”

Answers: 1.Although the air order remains the same, the production order has Life shooting next followed by Time. Rob is writing the script for the latter as we speak. Right, Rob?

2. That’s a question for Val Halverson, our Costume Designer.

3. Off the top of my head, I don’t know.

4. We have discussed the possibility.

5. Since all three air on the same network, they all follow the same network guidelines.

Suziesbluefeather writes: “My question is other than the obvious Foie Gras (I can’t do because we are going to be using them for breeding too so the raising method wont mess.) what ways do you like your duck and goose cooked?”

Answer: I like them roasted. The duck breast is especially good if you take the breast, score the fatty side, put some slivered garlic between the scored sections, season with sea salt, pepper, and thyme, then sear in a cast iron pan for a minute until golden brown and pop it in the oven to broil for about eight minutes. Once it’s done, set aside to rest and get rid of all but two tablespoons of the pan drippings. Toss in a chopped shallots, a couple of cloves chopped garlic, a cup of fresh pitted cherries and a cup of port. Cook over high heat until most of the liquid is cooked off – about ten minutes – then add a couple of cups of chicken stock. Reduce the heat to medium and let it cook for another 15 minutes until the sauce is thick. Add some butter, some salt and pepper, carve the duck, pour the sauce over top and voila = dinner!

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“Some doors are opened, some slammed shut (rather violently)…”

See…when I read stuff like that, I have to keep telling myself, “but Joe said, ‘I have a feeling you’ll especially enjoy the movie.'”

You better not be toying with me!!!

(Oh, and I discovered if I call the house phone with the cell phone, I can get on line! I am Wile E. Coyote – GENIUS!!! grin )

Have a good evening, Joe.



Has there ever been an Atlantis tie-in to Plato, discussed or actual?

Daniel Willis
Daniel Willis

Woo hoo!!! Its finished!!! Will be interesting to see where the story is taken, with the fact that Atlantis has come to earth… I guess the wraith get to earth… will be interesting to see how earth defends itself against them! I guess now Atlantis is on earth, there’s no reason we wont get to see some of the SG1 regulars!!!???



Bonjour joseph!
Vous allez bien? moi super!
Encore une journée bien remplit en ville pour moi, donc je me suis réveiller un peu plus tôt que d’habitude.

Alalaal sga me manque, j’espere que nous aurons vite une date pour le film.


Certains personnages de SG1 vont apparaitre dans SGU, est t’il prévu que des personnages de SGA jouent aussi dans SGU?

Bonne journée! Bisou


The Atlantis movie is written and there may be more “provided the fans support this one”. No problem. Just tell me how much for the DVD and I’m first in line. I’m all in. I’m sure it will be great.

Daniel Willis
Daniel Willis

Hey Das – Are you using a router by any chance??? We have the opposite problem… When the phone is in use, I cant use my computer… Has something to do with the cordless phone using the same frequency as the router, and so the router drops out when the phone is on use…

Stupid hey!!!



Congratulations on the script!

Once it’s given the final okay, when would you need to know that the show’s a go, in order for the actors, director and crew to be signed on, and pre-production to start? In other words, how much longer do Atlantis fans have to be tortured waiting?


joe/Answer: Sorry, wasn’t on set to take pics of Amanda.

oh, that’s alright, joe. you’ve gifted the fans with *many* amanda photos in the past, and i’ll always appreciate that. smile


Ohh my gosh Joe that sounds divine… not to crazy about the cherrys but we will see non of the less.

@ Das and Dan one word friends… Satellite


@ Daniel Willis – I have a dsl modem and a wireless router. The problem is with the modem – it just won’t stay connected to the dsl unless I have the phone on – and NOT the old-fashioned hard-wired line, but the wireless ‘walk-around-the-house’ line. It makes NO sense!

In the past I have been disconnected at times from the internet when a phone call comes in, but that’s because I don’t have the dsl filter-thingy on the phone line. Now I’m glad I don’t, or I’d never be able to connect! I…I think…

Of course, the modem did get knocked off the desk by a furryarsed putty tat this morning roll , which might explain things. Still…why would it connect when the phone IS in use, and not when the phone line is free and clear?! It’s crazy, I tell ya! (I think Joe sent some of his spazzytech voodoo my way for bustin’ on him about his blackberry. razz )


Margaret Clayton

Oooh, I love the sound of slamming doors. Anticipating.

I just might try the enticing duck recipe, we have one decent meat market in town that will have duck. My herb garden is already loaded with thyme. Fresh cherries this time of year? Hmmm, you big city types sure are spoiled. Maybe I’ll wait a few months until we’ll have cherries out the wazoo at every roadside stand. No, cherries out the wazoo only cost extra in San Francisco.

Did read the book, how can I not read inspired by Poe? Just need to collect my thoughts. Rarer than fresh cherries these days, are my thoughts.

Couchsurfers from Oregon arrived this evening, bearing smoked fish and Tilamook cheese. Offering the guest room to random strangers off the internet is entertaining, intriguing and a little weird. I like it.

Do you have any good recipes involving fresh chives? Even this early, they’re up and naturalizing the northeast corner of my garden. Even the rhubarb is scared of them.


Silly questions, here goes:

How long does it usually take you to finish a draft of a script? The one you just talked about seemed to go very fast. Also, if the script is mostly dialogue (at least to start with), how many words/pages are in a script of yours? One more: Do you conceptualize episodes/films as scripts or books/stories?

PS. Have you heard anything on who’ll be writing/directing the MacGyver movie? My fingers are crossed for someone (maybe you!) from the SG writing team.


Das- That little bit has me worried too. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner, but the Wraith remind me of the Borg only with much more personality. OoO I gotta talk to you about an Atlantis episode I saw the other day. It has me totally confused about how the Wraith reproduce.

“Not quite as long as I expected but, given the action sequences, it still may clock in with a robust running time.”

Joe, when you say robust, how long are you talking? I think 3 hours would be cool so long as I’m kept on the edge of my seat.


I, “fearless fans/potential volunteer”, volunteer to watch the dogs not just so you can get to Montreal , but if it allows you to get more SG stuff done, take over the world, and all the things along those lines, YAY!! This candidate is “honest, intelligent” (at least that’s what people say) but not “good with laser rifles” (is this going to disqualify me?) smile


Ditto what Ponytail said: No problem. Just tell me how much for the DVD and I’m first in line. I’m all in. I’m sure it will be great. Or at lleast second in line behind Ponytail.

Thanks for the update.
The recipe sounds scrumptuous..yum!
Still trying to erase the images you posted the other day of your disaster lunch. You shudda took pics of the chocolate INSTEAD.


Can we expect any RDA pics when you’re allowed to show some set pics? Pretty please with cream on top?

Also you may wanna get ready for that musical, not to jinx it or anything, but the Canucks are doing so much better than the Habs. wink


Joe, you made my day!!!


Woohoo! SGA movie great!

I can’t wait till Universe, I really hope it is more intense but I am glad it will still follow guidelines. Otherwise my family will not watch it (I probably would not either, and that would make me sad. :*-(
I personally am a fan of the Baal character. I really hope the human him will show up. Not so excited by the Goa’uld but I would like to see the actor again.


Your news about the SGA movie sounds wonderful.
Something to look forward to, at last.

Thanks for the duck breast recipe, will try that one. I feel tempted to put some ginger in it, along with the garlic and cloves – what do you think?

Martyn Drake

Can’t remember if it were mentioned who gets to direct the Atlantis movie? Anybody we know? wink


Not only count me in for the dvd, but I’ll be buying up copies for Christmas presents, birthday gifts, and any other reason I can think of. You’re sounding so optimistic I am beginning planning on throwing another Atlantis party. Here’s hoping to a smooth process of finalizing the script.
The duck recipe sounds intriguing. I may borrow it to try at work, where we’ve been on an exploration into finer foods.
Thanks for the wee hours cheerup your post has provided.


Joe, can you tell me whether or not the script ending is strong on a scale of 1 to 10 any good?
I’m just trying to decide whether the hype surrounding the SGA, is justified. Because well, i remember the first time i saw an add for Continuum and the massive goa’uld battleship fleet exiting hyperspace. I though OMG! YES YES YES! Because I had an expectation similar to the Anubis battle over earth. And in the end I was very, very let down.
Please do not give me false hope of a blockbuster caliber movie and deliver something that makes Pearl Harbor look like the best movie ever made.


Hi again Mr M!

Greetings from an un-seasonally temperate Tipperary. It’s about 19 C here…Wowsers! that’s baking (for Irish Climate!)

Thanks for the updates.

You haven’t been mentioning any restaurants recently. Have you been by Don Francesco’s in a while? How is he? Also, how goes the other Fuel restaurant (the name escapes me..I’ve nick-named it mini-Fuel)?

Belated congrats to you and the team on the Leo nods!! Will you be going to the ceremony?

Thanks again Mr M!

Best to all at The Bridge.



Violence in space? excellent!! lol… Please, please, please tell us that Mrs Miller is in it too – better still if she has to deal with dispatching her first bad alien along the way.

Of course, we don’t expect too many (if any) further hints to the story/plot – but I often seem to wonder at what point Atlantis leaves Earth and more over – to where…

I’m sure it’ll have us all on the edge of our seats by the time it’s ready.


Look, I feel bad for you so I’ll do you a mega favour. Email me the script, I’ll read it and send you back a few title suggestions. Just off the top of my head I’m thinking, “Stargate Atlantis: What now?”, “Stargate Atlantis: Please buy this so we can make another” or how about “Stargate Atlantis: the wrath of the wraith”. Don’t dismiss so quickly, I’ve only gotten started.

Think about it and get back to me.

Cheers, Chev