Hey, you know what’s really tough? Okay, besides dinner party steak and learning to speak Japanese? Yep, getting back into the rhythm of writing a show you haven’t written for in over half a year. Especially when you’re not actually starting from the beginning of a script and picking up a good head of steam but simply jumping in at the half-way point. It’s like running an Olympic relay except that instead of a baton it’s a script you’re passing off, and instead of fellow runners your only opponent is a deadline, and instead of receiving a medal upon completion you receive notes and a request to please lose the space lobster sequence as the visual effects budget is already sky high. Anyway, after two days of brainstorming (a.k.a. procrastination) I finally sat down and forced myself back into the swing of things. And finished a scene and a half! At this blistering pace, we should be finished the script a good two or three weeks after we start shooting it (hopefully this fall). And it looks like it’s going to be long (if that’s okay with everybody). Lots of spectacularness to squeeze in this one including a…No, still to early for that.
So, what’s news? Well…
Over in Berlin, some idiot visiting the zoo with her husband and kid decided to take off her shoes and climb into the polar bear den, perhaps assuming the bears would prove as delightfully friendly and inviting as the ones in the Coca-Cola commercials. Well, they certainly were thrilled to see her – in much the same way that, say, I’m thrilled to see a a whole crispy duck when I go to Fuel. Anyway, head on over to this website for all the hilarious details: http://www.dlisted.com/node/31564

The gang over at New Scientist posted an article titled “Eight scientists who became their own guinea pigs”. An equally appropriate title would be “How acid trips, squashed testicles, and the vomit sauna changed the course of science” :  http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn16735-eight-scientists-who-became-their-own-guinea-pigs.html

Head on over and check out a slideshow of some of Hollywood’s biggest film flops and fiascoes. Okay, between The Adventures of Pluto Nash and Meet Dave, we can theorize that Eddie Murphy + SF = Boxoffice bust. Either that or he’s due: http://www.getback.com/flipbook/movie-flops-and-fiascos/2986837/0

To everyone looking for an entry-level job in film or television – Over at Cracked.com, Anthony Layser offers “7 Steps to Getting (and Losing) the Worst Job in Showbiz”: http://www.cracked.com/article_17260_7-steps-getting-losing-worst-job-in-showbiz.html

On his recent Canadian tour, musician (no, that’s not a typo) Billy Bob Thornton got testy during a radio interview when the host made mention of his award-winning acting career. He likened Canadian audiences to “mashed potatoes with no gravy” and then proceeded to play a show in Toronto where his band was roundly booed. They cancelled the rest of their tour, citing, uh, health issues, and headed home.(http://www.thestar.com/entertainment/article/616937). Billy Bob – whose credits include such memorable turns as Morris Buttermaker in The Bad News Bears remake, Jasper Woodcock in Mr. Woodcock, and, of course, the farmer in that movie about the farmer who builds a rocket and shoots himself into space – claims he was annoyed with the radio host because the guy was instructed NOT to reference Billy and/or Bob’s acting career. Interestingly enough, The Smoking Gun website has posted a rider from his band’s 2008 tour that stipulates the act must be referred to as: “”Billy Bob Thornton And Special Guests The Boxmasters”. Adds The Smoking Gun “’cause, you know, BBT does not want his famous Hollywood name to get in the way of the music.” http://www.thesmokinggun.com/archive/years/2009/0410092billybob1.html

Today’s video: As promised. Brie goes berserk!




38 thoughts on “April 11, 2009: Handing Off, News You Need to Know, and Brie Goes Berserk!

  1. I <3 Brie! She’s too cute!!

    Thanks for that – it’s a nice way to end the day. 🙂

    Sweet dreams, Joe.


  2. You can’t say this: “Lots of spectacularness to squeeze in this one including a…No, still to early for that.” That’s cruel!!

    Those videos are hilarious! How many dogs do you have?? I know Brie isn’t yours (?). I haven’t read all the blog posts, so I guess I have missed it.

    Do you go to the movies much Joe? I assume you rarely get time to watch movies. I work at a cinema, and after a long day at work, the last thing you want is to stay here (I’m actually here right now!) I do projection… When you do watch a movie, it would be good to hear your thoughts on it… Just an idea…

    How do you have time to blog everyday!!! BTW – I’m still waiting on the next mailbag (re – work experience/placement for a week) – no pressure 😀


  3. Wow, interesting Berlin story.
    Good luck with the atlantis script. I am really excited about it. Couldn’t you at least give us something. Us fans literally know nothing about the movie. At least tell us what color jello our Heros will consume. Oh and sorry I leave such short comments(Unlike das who leaves huge amounts of deep writing that my mind spends the rest of the day trying to process)

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davisi

  4. LOL. Das you should seriously be a writer. You have the talent. Oh and joe, have you read farhenhight 451 yet? If you have what did you think of it. I loved it. I finished reading it a few weeks ago and it is one of my favorite books now.

  5. I hope that in time, and with therapy, the Polar Bears get over their visit by crazy woman. It’s a wonder that she didn’t take the family in with her – maybe with a picnic hamper to share with the little cuddly bears.

  6. Awww… Brie is much smaller than she looked in those other pictures. And she’s certainly beautiful… and adorable!!! But, as I’m sure Lulu now knows, don’t mess with her toys. 😉

    Have *fun* with the Atlantis script, Joe!!!
    Just inject a lotta wraith, a lotta Shep (with a sprinkle of whumpage), a lotta Teyla, just a sprinkle of Keller, and a whole lotta humor and it’ll make everyone happy!!! 😉

    And oh look: tomorrow’s holidayish! 🙂
    Happy Easter everyone!!!

  7. OHH, thanks for the Atlantis updates, keep them coming. I can’t wait for the movie!

  8. Eddie Murphy is due, and his June 09 release, IMAGINE THAT, co-stars our mutual acquaintance Ronny “Sen. Kinsey” Cox.

    Saw Ronny last week at the last concert of a two-week folksinging tour. He looks great and is in fine voice!

  9. PS–Speaking of small, energetic dogs, I met a rat terrier named Mario at the ADL shelter today. One year and very talented–can jump about twice his height, fetch and sit. Also gives nice kisses.

  10. I think BB Thorton is taking too great a shine to the credo that true wisdom lies in knowing you know nothing.
    And he should lay off the drugs.

  11. Hi, Joe.

    At Charity Buzz, there are TWO charity auctions (to benefit Waterkeeper Alliance Earth Day) that are Stargate related:

    Lunch on the Set of Stargate Universe in October with Selected Cast Members


    Lunch with Richard Dean Anderson on the Set of His New Stargate SG-1 Movie



  12. Wow Brie is so cute! Did you answer this already? If so, I missed it… is Brie your new puppy or just visiting?

    Patricia Lee

  13. Not the first mentally ill person to jump into the polar bear den at the Berlin Zoo and probably (sadly) not the last. 🙁 I blame the Knut spectacle.

  14. *melts into puddle of puppy cuteness*

    PMSL Lulu is showing Brie how to get over the shrubs and I love the Maximus just ploughs thro with little finesse. She fits right in with your guys so when id coming to live with you? i really think you need another one for Lulu.
    I’m going to go and READ the rest of todays post


  15. Brie is adorable. And Lulu’s attempt to show her how to jump the hedge was certainly precious! (And not deserving of neck munching!)

    Too cute.

    Yeah, the Berlin polar swim made our local WI news last night. Apparently no one in our state did anything as stupid yesterday.

  16. Mornin’, Joe…

    Ya know, this morning I had a chance to click on that link about the woman jumping in with the polar bears, and the first thing I thought was, ‘Yup. That’d be me, jumping in with Todd.’ 😛 (Only I’d prolly like it if he bit me on the…um….yeah…maybe I shouldn’t go there… )

    @ Major D. Davis – Thanks…and I do write. Here. 😀 I don’t have the attention span or imagination to write for serious. I prefer just ‘play’ writing with others. 🙂


  17. Good morning everybody, how’s your Easter Sunday coming along?

    Joe, I’m not even beginning to believe that Brie is “visiting”, so just fess up already. She’s one of the cutest pups I’ve seen in a long time and could easily change my mind about having another dog right now 🙂 It’s always nice to see how some young blood can make the whole pack take notice!

    Billy Bob and some many others apparently forget what side their bread is buttered on, never mind gravy on mashed potatoes. When I read this, I couldn’t help but think of certain guests at conventions that really think their shit “don’t” stink and will have nothing to do with the fans. Yeah buddy, I’m gonna watch your next movie/show and buy your next CD. When pigs fly. The ones that do take the time to be nice, even for a moment (Armin Shimerman, Connor Trinneer, Louise Fletcher and Jeffrey Combs come to mind), will always have our affection and loyalty as fans. Billy Bob’s an idiot, but I guess his Momma and his Daddy didn’t teach him any manners. LOL, like my mother used to say, “Darling, first class is not a ticket, it’s a way of life.” To me, he’s nothing but a colossal embarrassment to the USA.

  18. Hey Joe,

    Darn I’m not in Vancouver anymore. I’d come over to your house and take Brie home with me. She’s just the perfect little puppy, isn’t she? I love how Lulu was trying to show her how to jump the barrier! Cuuuuuute! 😀

    So are SGU epis gonna be LONGER than 42 minutes? More show less commercials? I’m all for that! 😉

    BBT: Sounds like something I should vaccinate my kids against. 😆 I never liked that guy anyway because I always thought he was lame. Glad to see he’s proving me right.

    @Daniel Willis: I won’t tell Jeremy you love Apples. 😉 You say stuff louder than you’d want, too? I HATE it when that happens. Or should I type it: I HATE IT WHEN THAT HAPPENS!!!! 😆 Yeah… I’m famous for that, too.

    @Das: Well, with your wraith-lovin’ mind I don’t need to guess where you were thinking *extra teeth* would be. 😈 You funny and naughty girl. LOL! Life would be so dull without you around. Plus, I’d be really clueless. Now the urban dictionary is here to help guide me. I’ll still say the off-comment now again, though. I get that lovely talent from my mom. Did I tell you one time Allie ordered a Virgin Margarita at Epcot’s Mexico restaurant (in Disney World) while the rest of us got Margaritas. When they brought ours (the grown-up versions) they had cherries on top. For some reason my mom was sure Allie’s wouldn’t have one since it was a virgin drink. The waiter came back with Allie’s drink and my mom YELLS out, “HEY LOOK! Allie!!! Your VIRGIN has a CHERRY in IT!!!” 🙄 Even Allie knew how that sounded. See… I come by it honestly. 😀

    HAPPY EASTER to those that celebrate it! 😀 Happy Passover (belated) to those who celebrate that one!

    @Maddy (Laura’s sister): Happy Birthday! 🙂


  19. I was at the Zoo the same day the crazy woman climbed into the polar bear enclosure but missed the fun by a few hours. If she wanted a cuddle from Knut, she was in the wrong place though. Knut is in a different enclosure away from the other polar bears. Maybe she overlooked him there because Knut is well camouflaged and pretends to be a brown bear most of the time.

  20. Brie is adorable, and I see now that she is not a boxer puppy, but rather a Frenchie or a pug. Thanks for the videos. Too cute!

    Btw: Crackedxcom? Do you, perchance, have a French keyboard?

  21. Alright. Wait a sec. So how DID Brie ever get out of there?? Did she finally try and squeeze herself through. (I love how realizing she wasn’t jumping, she was being shown to go “through” the bushes) Or did 1 of the giants finally help her get out?
    And though I am not a dog person at all, I agree she is too cute. They all are especially when together!

  22. Mmmmm, space lobster. Please pass the drawn space butter.

    Dragged in from the Superhero fundraiser at 4 a.m. I am not certain if I am coherent just yet or not.

  23. @ Trish – 😆 Oh, your story reminds me of this time years ago when we took a group of elderly ladies out to dinner. This was back in the early/mid-80s, not quite as politically correct as things are today, but still long after All in the Family had enlightened us about bigotry. 😉

    So, we’re eating, and something came up about a person we know of Latino background. Well, there was this little squat lady in her mid-90s – and hard-of-hearing – with us, and she asked who we were talking about. We told her, mentioning that the person was from Puerto Rico. Well, this old dear – *insert mandatory ‘bless her heart’ here* – blurts out, “Puerto Rican? Back in my day we called ’em SP***!” Well, our collective eyes bugged out, and we all start trying to hush her, and the more we tried, the louder she got! “What’s wrong with saying SP***?! THAT’S what we used to called ’em!” She must have said it a half a dozen times. 😛 EVERYone in the restaurant was staring at us, and as the youngest in the group, I was totally mortified. But at her age, she just couldn’t seem to grasp how inappropriate and offensive the term was, and no amount of explaining (especially at that moment) was going to change anything.

    The lesson I learned? Next time I dine out with a group of old dames, I’m requesting a private room!


  24. Hello joe,
    Just wondering what episode are you currently filming?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  25. Great videos, way to play Brie,she should watch and learn from the grown-ups(only the good stuff). A silly question, do the pups have other names, middle, registered? you know what I mean?? Thanks for the action movies, made me laugh! Happy Easter Monday! 🙂

  26. @Das: 😯 I so don’t envy you that experience. Yes, a private room is probably a good thing. Your story reminds me of another story. Before my grandmother passed away (may God rest her soul… blah, blah, blah 😉 ) she came to Tampa for a visit. Jeremy and I go to pick her up at her hotel. I told Jeremy, “It makes me nervous when it’s just me and my grandmother so don’t leave us alone.” “Why is that?” Jeremy asked. “Because!” I explained, “She always says stuff no grandchild should ever hear their grandparent say!” Sure enough, Jeremy excuses himself to use the bathroom (on purpose, I’m sure). that door wasn’t closed but a second when my grandmother says, “I went to the movies last week! I saw ‘There’s Something about Mary’. I must say, you HAVE to go see it. There is this hair gel scene that’s hilarious!” 😳 Is it horrible that I acted like I’d never seen that movie and therefore had NO CLUE what the woman was talking about? *shudder* Of ALL the grandchildren my grandmother seemed to only do this to me. I think she enjoyed seeing me turn 8 shades of red. Worst part? I later tell my brother and sisters and they called me a liar. They insisted dear, sweet Grandma wouldn’t ever see a movie like that, let alone think THAT scene was funny. Maybe that’s the OTHER reason she did it to me. She figured no one would believe me. Gotta love family, right? 🙄

  27. That woman is a true idiot for jumping into the polar bears’ den. Who knows…maybe she dropped a quarter in there and wanted it back.

  28. I’ve got you all beat on this stuff. When I was about 17, my Dad took me to Coral Gables to meet a friend and her mother. My friend showed up and we were waiting for her mother to park her car. My father spotted a woman walking down the street and said “Would you look at that woman? She looks like a vampire! I didn’t know they had painted whores here!”. I kid you not. Who says “painted whores’? Yep, it was my friend’s mom. Needless to say, the day went down the toilet after that.

  29. hi, joe,

    is sam carter going to be in any of the eps of stargate universe?

    i’ve also got a question about one of your eps. in ‘ripple effect’, when sam and martouf were about to kiss: did sam stop the almost kiss because she wanted to, or because she sensed an asgard standing there?

    sally 🙂

  30. Brie is adorable. She makes much more sense than the woman with the polar bear. Why must people be so stupid about wild animals. Do think all those barriers are just for show? It’s as stupid as the people I saw in Yosemite who wanted to pat the pretty deer. Look! Bambi. Apparently they didn’t hear the same guide I did say that more people are killed in parks by deer than bear. Reason? Deer rear up and strike with hard and hooves.

    I’m glad to hear the script is moving forward. Did you finish your short story?

  31. Hi Joe!

    Cutest moment from the video is when Brie is on one side of the wee hedge on her hind legs looking straight at Lulu who’s standing on all fours on the other side. Tooooo adorable!

    No space lobster?! What?! But you promised! ;P


  32. How cute is Brie? She’s just adorable, I love how she points her ears in all directions like a radar.

  33. hello!
    it’s my first time writing here
    but it is not my first Stargate adventure.
    you and the people who is writing and filming Stargate exspecial SG-1 is doing a great jobb.
    stargate meens a lot to mee, it helpt me mentally to recover after a lifetretening car crash and dthe after math.
    thank you so very mutch
    I really hope thath you are fixing a really speciall thing between O´Neill and Carter for the third movie

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