Carl and Ashleigh
Carl and Ashleigh


Alan McCullough, formerly of Stargate, presently of Sanctuary.
Alan McCullough, formerly of Stargate, presently of Sanctuary.

Lawren.  Or is it Alfie?
Lawren. Or is it Alfie?

I walked into work today, fully expecting some sort of payback for my April Fools coup (see last issue, editor). To my surprise, things were quiet. Too quiet. I just knew my co-workers are scheming. Apparently, after I left the office last night, the wheels had begun to turn.

“How can I get Joe back?”Brad asked aloud.

“Fire him!”Carl helpfully suggested.

Thankfully, Brad decided to file that one away as Plan B. As for Plan A…

“Boy,”I said today at lunch, “I can’t imagine how you’re going to exact your revenge on April Fools Day next year.”

Ashleigh threw me a pointed look and assured me: “Oh, you won’t have to wait that long.”

“Are you sure?” I felt the need to point out the bad sportsmanship in pulling an April Fool’s prank, revenge-motivated or otherwise, on a day other than April 1st. Ashleigh made it perfectly clear that she had no problem whatsoever being labeled a poor sport.

Hmmm. It’s possible that she’ll eventually forget.

Nope. I don’t think so either.

Today, we screened Ivon Bartok’s directorial debut. The first batch of kino scenes were a lot fun, featuring Eli and Chloe, Spencer and Brody, Scott, Young, and a peeved James (played by the lovely Julia Anderson. What a sweetheart!).

As for the actual episodes: Ernest Dickerson continues to do a bang-up job directing Earth, Peter DeLuise is in the editing room working on Fire, and Andy Mikita is putting the finishing touches on Air I, II, and III, promising us a cut by late tomorrow.

Oh, speaking of Peter DeLuise – if you have questions for the walking Stargate omnipedia, start posting. He’s agreed to come by and do a Q&A. Once he’s completed his director’s cut of course.

Today’s pics: Last night’s dinner at Modern Burger. They had to kick us out.

60 thoughts on “April 2, 2009: Waiting for the Other Vengeful Shoe to Drop, Peter DeLuise Wants to Hear From You

  1. Mr. McCullough looks as handsome as always, and I’m glad I can look forward to seeing his work with next season’s Sanctuary. The name of that show seems more and more apropros as it continues to harbor and nurture SG alumni.
    I’m very excited at seeing Mr. Bartok’s directorial work. And the reutrn of Mr. DeLuise. And eager to see how long Ashleigh leaves you in suspense before finally extracting her full measure of revenge… in fact the only downside to your post for the day is that we have to wait so long to see the fruits of all the labors you are teasing us with.

  2. What is the actual email address to write to Joe? I can’t find it listed anywhere. (It’s possible I’m an idiot and just overlooking something really obvious)

  3. Dear Joe,

    A quick question buddy: Can you please tell us when are we going to be able to see the Destiny Space ship pictures or concept arts and if you are going to post them on your blog?


  4. Questions for Peter DeLuise

    How much fun was it to Direct Window of Opportunity and where did you get your inspiration to write Fragile Balance. What was your favorite memory of working on Stargate and finally how awesome was it to work on Supernatural and with Erik Kripke.

    Joe–Just be prepared man. Be prepared. bwahahahaha

  5. so this is my question for Peter Deluise

    I enjoy all the work you have done with stargate over the years and am excited to see you back working on wondering if this is on a permanent basis or a one time thing?

  6. Just read on GW that RDA is guesting on Universe. Any chance for a couple of pics?
    Any more info you can share?

  7. Question for Mr. DeLuise:

    In the episodes you direct, will you make a cameo appearance and/or name any minor characters after 21 Jump Street characters like you did in the previous Stargate series?

    Thanks, love your work.

    Question for Mr. Mallozzi:

    Is Ivon Bartok directing “Water”?


  8. Oooh goodie…questions for Peter!!! I had a major crush on that man back in the 21 Jump Street days…I was all of about 17/18 years of age…ahh the memories!
    Ok…Peter…thank you so much for joining us here for a Q&A session. I just have a few questions if that’s ok.
    1. In terms of directing, what was the most difficult episode of Stargate you directed and why?
    2. What was your favourite episode of Stargate that you directed?
    3. What is the most difficult aspect of directing?
    4. In terms of acting, do you get a chance to stretch your acting skills much anymore?
    5. What is the one thing you would have loved to have seen happen on Stargate SG1 that didn’t happen?
    6. How’s your dad? I loved him in the episode Urgo and the movie Smokey and the Bandit. He makes me laugh. As do you when you do your Bill Cosby impersonation!
    Finally, any chance of you popping down under for a meet and greet with the fans?? I’d love to say hi.
    Thank you. Cheers!! xxxx ~Chelle

  9. Joe, just give Paul or whoever a 20 spot to scheme something with Ashleigh that you can be prepared for. Just make sure to call take-backs in case whoever you recruit tries to hamstring you.

    Questions for Mr. DeLuise (bear with me):

    1. I know that much of the production staff will follow to SGU, but how are you feeling about directing a new bunch after years with the same actors?

    2. I’ve never really watched 21 Jump Street. Is it any good?

    3. How come I pronounce your dad’s name differently? Am I the only one who tends to separate the De more prominently?

    4. Your commentaries have always been a highlight for my DVD viewings. Will you be returning to do more?

    5. On that note, how is Gary Jones doing these days?

    6. Will you continue to cast yourself as an extra on SGU?

    7. Who is your second favorite Beatle?

  10. For PDL–What do you consider your “masterpiece” on-set prank?

    Best wishes to your parents, whose work I’ve enjoyed for decades. Remember Lambertville (NJ) Music Circus? Attended several events there in the 60’s.

  11. Joe… *Do* hope you have a good chiropractor on retainer [not to mention, adequate medical insurance to cover said costs] for that chronic crick in your neck that you’re about to get from constantly looking over your shoulder…

  12. OOH! I have a question for Peter DeLuise. Season 3 URGO is a favourite of mine and looks SO much fun. I love to watch the background guys trying hard to pretend like they can’t see Urgo. Did the senior Mr DeLuise ad lib any/much and was it as much fun for you guys behind the scenes as it was for us on the other side of the TV screen?

  13. Oooh, my tummy hurts right now. Might comment on this later.

    Probably not.


  14. So glad to see that the premiere is nearing finished production. This calls for a celebration! Perhaps another promo? *wink wink nudge nudge*
    Whatever Ashleigh does I hope she enjoys it fully. I will keep you in my prayers Joe, may you rest in peace.

  15. oo A Question for the DeLuise himself? Hmm what to ask……

    How about:
    I have always wanted to know how fun it was to work with your family on Stargate? And is it even an accident that they all seem to follow you to a show??


  16. To Peter and/or Joe,

    I am an Australian studying Film and Television, and would like to know if it is possible to get some kind of experience on the show? Whether volunteer work, or work experience?

    I am rather early, as I would be looking at doing it next year… I would like to find out now, so that I know, rather than thinking I can and finding out I cant… if that makes any sense 😀

    Keep up the great work! Very eager to see what Universe is like!!!


  17. Oh goodie!!! It’s too late for me to come up with any coherent questions for Mr. Deluise, but I’ll be back in the morning! He’s directed some of my favorite episodes, so I can’t wait to hear what he has to say!!!

  18. Alan is writing for Sanctuary? *runs away to squee*

    As always, my brain fails me when it comes to questions, but Peter DeLuise were you born this awesome?

  19. Hey Joe,

    I hope the payback isn’t too severe. Just don’t eat any brownies. 😆 Or maybe make sure no one touches your food or drinks for a while. Better yet, higher someone to be a taster.

    Questions for Peter Deluise! Sweet! 😀

    How is Dom doing? Please give him a huge hug from me. If you wouldn’t mind.

    Which brings me to my next question. Your dad is a great cook. How about you? Do you love to cook? And if so, are you good at it? I only say this because I happen to suck at cooking no matter how hard I try.

    Window Of Opportunity is my all-time favorite episode probably of any television show. Ever. What’s your favorite Stargate episode? It doesn’t have to be one on which you worked.

    Thanks so much for stopping by to talk with us. I’m very excited you are back! 😀 😀 😀 I’d hug you, too, if I could.

    And those are my questions for Peter DeLuise.


  20. Hi there Mr M!

    You guys really like your burgers!! Great to see Mr McC!! Delighted to hear he is on Sanctuary Duty. I look forward to seeing his inimitable creations.

    Ashleigh and Carl snap : very funny!
    Caption :
    CARL: So you’re taking this revenge thing seriously….You’re eating Joe’s car keys?
    Ashleigh: Uh-huh..mmmm..revenge is sweet!

    @ Jim from Jersey: Wow, that cake and video is amazing. I wish I had such skill. Hats off!!

    For Peter DeLuise: First off, how is your Dad? Huge fan for years! Second: I know it’s a bit premature, but will you be doing the Audio Commentary for your ep? Third: Is it true you hung onto the Anubuis’ Super Soldier Outfit? Thank you for all of your talents in the Stargate Franchise over the years, and continued success.. and B-I-G-G-E-R!!


  21. Joe, perhaps you need to prepare for the unknown as it appears that Carl may be Ashleigh’s consultant/advisor for the “getting even” activities.

    This could be a “Whispers” in the making.

  22. Just now catching up on your April Fool’s prank. You totally deserve to be taken down.

    And I hope you recount it in glorious detail for all of us!

    (Does anyone have Carl’s e-mail? We might have to make sure this happens.)


  23. Hi again Mr M!

    Just heard the news re: Mr Anderson appearing on SGU! That’s terrific! I am thrilled that he will be making an appearance (or many) on this new show. I had been looking forward to the launch of SGU anyhow, but this sweetens the deal further!!

    Let me ask the impossible:

    Can you tell us anymore about his appearance (s)?

    Is there any chance (snowball or otherwise) of Mr A doing a JM Q and A Blog?

    Many thanks Mr M!

    Best to all


  24. Question for Peter:

    I’ve been a fan for…longer than I’d like to remember: 21 Jumpstreet, Highlander, Seaquest, Stargate(s), Sanctuary….you just seem to be associated in some way with my favorite shows ever. So I need to ask: How are you so awesome???

    But in all seriousness: To what do you owe your longevity in the business, and in so many varying roles (ie: actor, director, writer, producer etc…) besides your aforementioned awesomeness, of course.


  25. Question for Peter DeLuise, or maybe if Joe can handle this one???
    I bet you have trouble answering this, but it’s been on my mind. The episode you directed in SG1, Reckoning parts 1&2, the device on Dakara was used to send a energy wave through all the Stargates in the Milky Way network at the same time, which means that the energy wave that went directly into the gate on Dakara, was then transmitted through every gate. It was the same wave, only replicated many thousands of times over through the incoming wormholes. Now what would happen if lets say you were to put a human into the gate at Dakara when all the gates were dialed in the network? Would that said human be copied like the energy wave, and have many thousands of that human on all the planets in the gate network? Or would that human be transmitted in a million pieces and come out in bloody chunks of nasty out of every stargate? I mean if the wave was copied in the buffer of the Dakara gate, and then transmitted out to all gates, then it would make sense that the same would happen with a human! But then I got to thinking about how Ba’al cloned himself many times. If my theory was correct, then why didn’t he just rig the gate to dial let’s say 50 or so gates in the network, and just step on through?? It would be a perfect copy everytime just like it was for the energy wave! Surely I’m not smarter than Ba’al???

  26. Questions for Peter Deluise…

    What was it like growing up the son of Dom Deluise? How did his sense/style of humor affect you and your brothers? Do you have any children/nieces/nephews to carry on the Deluise legacy of humor?

    BTW, I loved you in Robson Arms.

  27. Question, is SGU being shot in HD like Atlantis was? I’m assuming yes.

    Ark of Truth was FAB in HD (1st time seeing it in hi-def) of course Continuum was even better, and I’m SOOOO enjoying Atlantis s1 on the Universal HD channel in 50 glorious inches of heaven. The ep last night was Home, I can’t WAIT to see Storm, Eye, Defiant One and Siege in HD!!!!!!!!

  28. For Peter,

    Which was your favorite walk on part and how do you direct while you perform you little parts?

  29. Question for Mr.Deluise

    I have enjoyed all the Episodes you have directed.. One particular one stands out for me… Urgo from early on in Stargate Sg1..

    Did you enjoy directing Your Father…?
    Will we see you working with any of your brothers again..

    I think all You Deluise Men are superb actors.. I still remember you from seaquest…

    Will you be writing any Episodes for SGU…
    Or possibly be in line to direct any SG1 or SGA Films..
    Or even coming up with any stories for future stargate Films.

  30. Hi, Joe.

    Terrific news about Richard Dean Anderson guesting on Stargate: Universe. Woo-hoo!

    Questions for Peter DeLuise:

    1) You’ve directed on 22 different projects — from TV series, to made-for-TV movies — and in varying genre, from SciFi to Crime/Drama/Action to Romantic Comedy.

    Do you have a decided favorite, or do you enjoy the balance between them?

    2) Will you also be working on Sanctuary this year as a Director and/or Director/Writer?

    3) Any anecdotes from the Supernatural set?

    Best wishes to Dom and all of your family, Peter, and thank you for taking the time to answer our questions.

    Thank you too, Joe, for this opportunity.

  31. I can’t think of any good questions for Peter, but if he could just pretend I’d asked a good one and go ahead and answer it I’d appreciate it a lot.

  32. Hi Joe,

    A cut of air already! WOW! so here come the questions

    1. Does the cut include visual effects such as the Destiny?

    2. Is Will Waring directing Water?

    And then for Peter

    1. Was the end of stronghold hard to direct cause it had some extremely realistic and intense combat scenes?

    2. Having directed on all three Stargate shows, Which is your favorite to direct on?

    3. Which set do you like most, the Atlantis set, the Stargate Command set, or the Destiny set?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  33. Question for Peter,

    During your involvement with the Stargate franchise, what was the one April Fool’s Joke that you spent the most time working on that has backfired on you? If one hasn’t backfired, then my next question is: What has been your best/favorite April Fool’s Joke and could you explain what it was?


  34. For Joe: Beware of saran-wrapped toilet seats….

    For Peter:

    Love your commentaires on the SG 1 DVD set. It is fun to hear your take as an actor versus the other directors with their more technical approaches.

    1. How did you begin directing?
    2. How does your acting background help you visualize your approach to directing?
    3. Given respect for the great writing on these shows – do you feel that you can allow more improvisation on your sets than other directors because of your acting background?
    4. Have you had input into the mythology of SGU?
    5. Any future performances by you in any upcoming gory-yet-amusing scifi tv movies?

    I’ll be looking forward to the new SGU episodes and many thanks for all the great entertainment hours you have provided for us all over the years.

  35. @Shirt’n’Tie – Wasn’t that gate-cake cool? I showed it to my girlfriend last night and reminded her that next week is my birthday. She was not…as…enthusiastic as I expected. =)

  36. Hi, Joe —

    I got to eat at DB Bistro a couple nights ago and WOW! I’m from San Francisco, so I’m used to great food, but DB was outstanding. Thanks for mentioning it here.

    For Peter DeLuise:

    Thanks so much for taking time to answer our questions. It is great that you are back in Stargate land.

    1. Did you alter your directing style when working with your dad? (Like were you on your best behavior?)

    2. Did you take advantage of the situation when directing you brothers to be extra bossy?

    3. I saw David at a Con a couple years ago. Is funny just in the DeLuise genes?

  37. Bonjour Joseph!

    Vous allez bien? Tient cette article est cour aujourd’hui.

    J’ai une bonne nouvelle! Enfin demain je sort de chez moi mon chauffeur de bus m’enméne au cinéma. J’ai un question? Si vous auriez une fille de 18 ans avec un de ces amis chauffeur de bus qui à 37 ans et qui est un célibataire de long date l’invite au cinéma, que diriez vous?

    Car je suis trés contente qu’on aille au ciné car il est trés gentil, mais je sais il y’a un quelque chose qui pe parait étrange^^!

    Bon, a demain, bisou

  38. James played by Julia … Hmm … kino … I think I understand now.

    4PdL: I love your DVD commentaries. I don’t know what the other DVD commenter for the Family Ties episode meant by “they let DeLuise do these, don’t they?”. I don’t find them crude at all. I even let my kids stay in the room when I listen. Will we see what an Ancient toilet looks like on SGU?

  39. For Peter DeLuise:

    I love all the SGs and some of the other shows you’ve directed. They’re some of the funniest. I have 2 questions: 1. Did you ever hear the Roger Daltry tune, After the Fire? He mentions your dad. It’s on the album, Under a Raging Moon. 2. How is your father doing? I use to watch him on tv on his comedy show.

  40. Ooh, ooh
    question for Mr. DeLuise:
    after taking a break for the Stargate production, last one being Family Ties, how does it feel to be back??? And will we see you around more often?? More Commentary on episodes with Gary Jones??
    Thanks for dropping by


  41. I’d like to suggest to Ashleigh (if she’s reading) that she starts her own blog and keeps us wannabe stalkers up to date on the other side of working with Mallozzi. I’d sign up!

  42. Joe,

    I’m, so far, very disappointed in Vancouver weather. It’s sunny! What gives?



  43. A Question for Peter DeLuise:

    Will Gary Jones be joining you for any DVD commentaries?


  44. For Peter DeLuise: First, I’d like to thank you for all you’ve helped to create over the years. I’m one of those fans going back to your 21 Jump Street days, and I can honestly say that your love for – and enjoyment of – what you do is clearly reflected in your work.

    Now, a few questions:

    1. Loved the ‘Nubbins’ episode! It was one of my favorites. How much fun (or not) was it working with the Sanctuary bunch, and will you have any involvement with the show next season?

    2. Back in S1 of 21 Jump Street, you had a ten-second scene with Chris Heyerdahl in the episode ‘Next Generation’ (yes, I know these things – I have all the boxsets!). Do you remember working with him waaaaaaaay back then?

    3. Okay – this is the most important one: Wraith, exactly how many prongs DO they have in their prong region??


    Thanks so much!!


  45. Joe, you are in trouble, you know that. The whole crew will probably help her nail you.

    Questions for Mr. DeLuise:

    1. What series/films are you working on directing or are in the works for you in the future?

    2. Do you plan on ever acting in anything again? I imagine that the directing takes up much of your time.

    3. Have you ever contemplated creating a series starring your family? There are just so many talented people in your family. Hope they are all doing well.

  46. Mr M
    We are waiting for Ashleigh’s payback for your April Fool prank. We want all the dirt.

    Questions for Peter DeLuise

    Read somewhere that they are using the RED HD digital camera in Sanctuary. Is that true? In any case, any comments about working with the RED and other HD camera systems? Will film cameras go the way of the typewriter anytime soon?

    Hope PDL put himself in some walk on cameo role in his SGU episode(s).

  47. Questions for Peter DeLuise:

    I would just like say that my favorite episode that you wrote and directed of SG-1 is Death Knell. Now here are my questions.

    1. Where did you get the idea to stick yourself in the background of the Stargate episodes you direct?

    2. What would say was your favorite episode to write of SG-1?


    1) Did you come up with the name “Orpheus” for the episode you wrote? If not, where did it come from?

    2) Did anyone ever thank you for contributing so very much to DVD sales? (We only buy them for the commentaries, yanno, and yours are some of the best!)

    3) What is the best practical joke you’ve played in all your years on the show?

    4) When I IMDB’d your mane, I accidentally misspelled it “Delouise” and to my surprise a character popped up instead of an actor/director/producer! Did you name this character or was he just named in your honor? 😉

  49. Hi Joe,

    Hope you’re well… I have a question for Mr DeLuise.

    You wrote and directed ‘Affinity’, an angsty episode in terms of the Sam/Jack ship. Whenever we discuss this episode the hot topic is, what did Jack mean by his answer ‘I wouldn’t be here’ when Sam shows him the ring and asks him ‘What about you?’. Shippers have come up with lots of thoughts but I’d like to know your thinking when you wrote and directed the episode. Thanks.

    Glad to hear the news of Mr Anderson’s participation in Stargate Universe, I’m looking forward to watching.

    On another note, will we see a return of ‘The food purchase of the day’ at some point, Joe?

  50. I noticed several fans have asked this question Peter, but how IS your Dad doing? I am such a big fan of his, and was very thrilled to see what a great job he did with his boys! I absolutely love Stargate–there’s not a show that comes close on television these days. Of course, we’re all waiting eagerly for Universe in October (hopefully!) and it would just be perfect if the news came that you will be asked to direct some of the episodes. Great work!

  51. Joe Mallozzi or Peter,
    How do we contact you with idea for the 3rd Stargate movie? It is a plot twist that I am not sure if you have thought about but would most definately be very interesting and hopefully not thought of before!!!

  52. Hey Peter – I just wanted to thank you for “The Defiant One.” It’s one of those episodes I will always sit down to watch, whenever it’s on, and is one of the first I mention when discussing Atlantis. Thanks for a great adventure!

  53. whoo hooo! A chance to question Peter. Naturally the mind goes blank. hmmm…
    LOVE your humor (and I’m also one who had watched 21 JS). The Stargate’s tend to have a good bit of humor that is just plain fun.
    1. When you are directing and/or producing how much of “you” or your humor ever gets injected into those episodes? (or is it just the effect of the actors/writers being around you that it rubs off and seems to show up?)
    2. Can you give any details to your Robin Hood? Like when we’re likely to see it? More of what it’s about besides what shows up on IMDB?
    3. Going back to the LOVE your humor…do you perchance Tweet? It would be amazingly fun to follow you on Twitter I would imagine. If you do, are you willing to let out how to find you. ;o)


  54. Heather…dear, dear Heather…

    Our family does NOT TWEET!! We…toot. 😳


  55. Some questions for Peter DeLuise

    1) What’s the difference between directing SG1+SGA and SGU?
    2) Can you describe how did you get your job (as director and writer) on Stargate?
    3) Which one of your scripts is in your opinion the best?

    Thank you very much for your answers and Joe for doing this…

    PS: You are the greatest Stargate director! I adore every behind the scenes with you 🙂

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