Whenever I’m asked what I enjoy most about working on the Stargate franchise, my answer is always the same: the people I work with. To the average viewer, their favorite show begins and ends with the actors they invite into their homes every week. The rest of the production personnel are faceless entities, names that scroll by at the beginning and end of a given episode. It’s unfortunate that, for the most part, fans never really have the opportunity to know the many talented people who work behind the scenes. The camera operators, production designers, art directors, visual effects coordinators, and make-up artists to name a few, all incredibly hardworking individuals who give up their early morning, late nights, and the occasional weekends to ensure production runs smoothly and those episodes get delivered in a timely manner.

Christine Mooney was SG-1’s Costume Designer in seasons 7, 8, 9, and part of season 10. Back in 2005, she was nominated for a local Leo Award for Best Costume Design in a Dramatic Series for the episode “It’s Good to be King”, but actually won the award for the episode “Moebius, Part II”. Yes, she was great at what she did, and she was great because she possessed not only an eye for design, but a passion for her work and an obvious deep-seeded trust and affection for her co-workers. There was always a serenity about her, a disarming calmness that instantly put you at ease. And yet, it was always evident that that her patience and soft-spoken composure belied a certain excitement bubbling subtly beneath the surface whenever she presented a design or costume-in-progress. She was proud of her work; proud of her design team. And deservedly so.

She was also a lovely woman, always making it a point to stop me in the hall to either compliment a script, a bit of casting, or the tie I happened to be wearing that day. We were all greatly saddened when she had to leave us partway through SG-1 tenth season, but were all heartened when she made a return visit in early January of this year. Words fail to describe how pleased I was to see her again that day, or how sad I was to learn of her passing late last week.

Christine Mooney was incredibly gifted, an exceptionally courageous woman, and a much-loved member of our extended Stargate family. She‘ll be missed.


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  1. christine sounds like a wonderful person. i can imagine how hard it must be for family and friends alike to lose the presence of this special person. i wish i could have known her.


  2. My deepest sympathy to the family, friends, and co-workers of Christine Mooney.

  3. So very sorry to hear about Christine. She sounds like a lovely lady who will truly be missed in this world. My heart goes out to all those who worked with her and who loved her.

    My deepest sympathies…


  4. So very sorry to hear of Christine’s passing. To her family, co-workers and friends, may sweet memories remain. Deni and family

  5. Christine sounds like a wonderful person. My deepest sympathies to all who knew her and to all who were touched by her.

  6. My condolences to Ms. Mooney’s family, and the Stargate family. They, and us, lost a very talented and lovely person.

    Her costume designs in Seasons 7, 8, 9, and part of 10 were just fantastic. I especially loved her Ori garbs. She will be missed.

  7. If there’s one thing about the greater majority of “SciFi” fans as opposed to “fans” of other genres, is that we DO try to get to know about the behind the scenes People and not *just* the Actors! We DO appreciate the skills and dedication they put into their particular “Craft”!

    And as someone who is into the “Textile” arts, it is a tragedy to lose someone of Christine’s expertise. Hopefully, she’s left a legacy of inspiration to others in her Art!

    I couldn’t find a pic of her on IMdb, would you have one, Joe?


    One thing IS certain… The Real Life “Ascended” will be *better* dressed now!

  8. My sympathies also for Christine’s family. You’re a good judge of character Joe, so we know she was a great woman xx

  9. Hi, Joe.

    I’m so sorry to hear of Ms. Mooney’s passing. Please accept my condolences and extend them to her family, friends, co-workers and to everyone at Stargate. May treasured memories provide you all some solace.

  10. Mr. Joseph Mallozzi wrote:

    “To the average viewer, their favorite show begins and ends with the actors they invite into their homes every week. The rest of the production personnel are faceless entities, names that scroll by at the beginning and end of a given episode. It’s unfortunate that, for the most part, fans never really have the opportunity to know the many talented people who work behind the scenes.”

    But thanks to you Mr. Mallozzi, the readers of this blog have had the unique privilege to “meet”, through your daily writings, not only the actors, producers, and writers of the Stargate franchise, but many of those behind the scenes, talented individuals, who you also call your friends. By making them available and allowing us to ask questions about their craft and specialty within Stargate, we do indeed get to know them just as much as we do the actors or producers or writers.

    So thank you, Mr. Mallozzi, for allowing us to connect, what would be just a scrolling name, to a face, a job, and a personality. Please continue to permit us to become more acquainted with all the special and creative individuals behind Stargate. It is truely a great pleasure and delight about your blog.

    My sincere sympathy goes out to the family, friends, and the Stargate community at the lose of Christine Mooney. Her work was noticed and enjoyed by millons of fans.

  11. My deepest condolences and sympathies to all her family, loved ones, and the Stargate family for their loss. I’m grateful to be able to be able put a name and personality behind the costumes I so enjoyed.

  12. Ponytail – that was beautiful…and perfectly said. I couldn’t agree more.


  13. I agree with everything Ponytail above has said. Thank you Joe for letting us in to the closed doors of the Stargate franchise.

    My sympathy to all those who knew Christine Mooney. May she R.I.P.

  14. Hi Joe – Ponytail says what all of us who read your blog, feel deep down.

    Christine was a glowing light, forever extinguished. May her spirit continue to live in all who knew and loved her.

    Deepest sympathy

  15. My sincere condolences to Christine’s family, as well as to you and the rest of the Stargate folks. I very much enjoyed seeing the costumes Christine created for SG-1 and appreciate all of the work she and her crew put into them.

    It’s true that most fans in general don’t pay attention to the things in the background that really make a production, but science fiction and fantasy fans do notice those things and often enjoy them as much as the acting and writing. As someone who enjoys seeing what goes into a production (I watch the behind the scenes documentaries on the DVDs of my favorite tv series/movies as avidly as the episodes/movies themselves), I am grateful that you bring in members of the Stargate crew as guest bloggers on a fairly regular basis. I may not always ask questions (other people usually beat me to the ones I was going to ask), but I always enjoy reading the Q&A’s. Please continue to call attention to those unsung heroes behind the scenes, it is greatly appreciated.

  16. The age of long-running television dramatic series is come to an end!! BSG is no more!! The best 1 hour drama television series EVER!!!!

  17. I would also like to echo what Ponytail said.

    My condolences, sympathies, and prayers go to Christine’s family and friends and all the lives she touched over the years.

  18. Very sorry to hear the news. Ponytail’s comments are spot on. Thank you Joe for giving all of the crew well deserved visibility in all that they do to bring life to the shows we love.

  19. I empathize as well as sympathize. It never gets easier.

    Good thoughts to you.
    Good thoughts to those involved.


  20. Bonjour Joseph!

    Oh je suis trop triste pour elle, je la connaisser pas mais je suis sure que c’était une femme extraodinaire!! Elle devait être asser jeune, sa fait peur.

    Sa me fait penser à mon d’anglais j’esper qu’il s’en sortir =(.

    Dites moi pourquoi c’est toujour les meilleurs qui parte en premier?

    Bonne journée.

  21. Sad to hear that Christine is no longer with us. Always like the costumes even if the episode is a bit flat. My sympathies for her family, friends and co-workers.

  22. Very sad to hear of Christine’s passing.
    My heart goes out to Christine’s family.
    R.I.P. Christine. You will be missed.


  23. Deepest condolences to Christine Mooney’s friends, family and coworkers. All are in my thoughts.


  24. Joe, you have written such a beautiful tribute of your professional friend that I can sense how special she was to you and cast and crew. Condolences to all the Stargate family. Christine’s costumes, throughout the seasons, were magnificent. They, indeed, will be part of her legacy.

  25. So sorry to hear. Our sympathies. If she designed the Ori costumes, they were absolutely awesome.

  26. Ponytail put it beautifully.

    My condolences to Christine’s family and friends.

  27. Joe,

    My sympathies to you, the Stargate crew, and Christine’s family and friends.

    Joe, you have to know that I and others are very interested in the people behind the scenes. That’s why we access this website rather than others which feature “the stars” of the show. The reason that Stargate has been so successful is the feeling of a well oiled machine. All the behind the scenes people putting everything into place for the actors to accomplish a believable story. The relationships that are built behind the scenes show through the acting. People on screen look like they really are friends behind the scenes; and if that’s true I know that others behind the scenes are making this possible.

    It’s a true blessing to really like a job that you have and to like the people that you work with. Cherish the moment(s).

  28. My sympathies to Christine’s family and friends. It’s so painful to lose a loved one. God Bless.

  29. My deepest sympathies to Christine’s family & friends.

    Your blog and dvd commentaries (among other things) give the stargate fans a glimpse of the people behind the scenes.

  30. Our deepest sympathies to her friends and family. She sounds like someone I would have liked to have met.

  31. What a truly talented woman. She will be missed. My condolences to the Stargate family and all of her family and friends.



  32. My condolences to Christine’s friends and family, and to the whole Stargate family. Thanks for giving us an opportunity to meet so many of the people behind the scenes Joe.

  33. Very sad news. I had a great deal of respect for her work, especially the System Lord costumes which hearkened back to specific historical eras. Thanks for letting us know.

  34. Dang, I’m sorry to hear this news. I have recently lossed several people that were close to me. I know how it must feel. Christine’s family and friends will be in my prayers.

  35. Sad news, sorry to hear that Joe. My deepest sympathies to her family, her Stargate family and friends. The costuming for Stargate has always been impeccable. I appreciate Christine’s amazing contribution. Thanks Christine.


  36. Hi Joe, thanks for sharing the news about Christine Mooney, and my condolences to all who knew and loved her.

    The designs she proveded throughout her time in SG-1 were beautifully thought out.

  37. Ponytail’s comments say it much better than I ever could.
    She seems to have been a lovely lady, Christine’s work helped make SG1 fantastic viewing and for that I’ll be forever thankfull.

  38. Hi Joe sorry to double post, but I am catching up on last week. My connection at home still not up and running to me having to buy a loonger whatsit and 2 more thingamyjigs. UGH!!! Can you send someone over to help withthe techie stuff??

    However, You said:
    re: Martin Gero – Well, I had assumed this whole New York City/working for HBO was just a phase he was going through but it looks like this move is a lot more serious than it first appeared. As a result, I’m looking for a new culinary wingman (or woman). You know, someone with an adventurous palate who’ll feel as comfortable chowing down on a hardy pig head terrine as they would a velvety foie gras torchon. Someone who can handle a seven course menu with ease. Someone who will pass on the light fruit-based dessert in favor of the heavy chocolate creation. AND order a double scoop of ice cream for good measure. Kindly submit your resumes to this blog.

    I have to decline on account I am insulin resistant and indulging in any attempt to copy your dining habits have been strictly forbidden – by my dietician and personal trainer and my bank manager!! Double UGH!!

  39. My condolences to Christine’s family and friends. And I’d just like to second (or third or fourth) Ponytail’s sentiments. Thanks for helping us get to know all those wonderful people who work so hard behind the scenes.

  40. I couldn’t have said it any better than Ponytail.

    Deepest sympathies from our family to those grieving her death.

  41. I have to agree with Ponytail, I can’t say it much better than that. Thank you, Mr. Mallozzi, to bringing those abstract names to a real person.
    My condolences to Ms. Mooney’s family, friends, and coworkers.

  42. My condolences to the family and friends of Christine Mooney. Thank you, Joe, for letting us know more about this creative, caring person.

    From her obituary:

    “Instead of flowers, please make donations to the B.C. Cancer Foundation, specifying breast cancer research, 601 W. 10th Ave., Vancouver, V5Z 1L3. (604)877-6040 or go to http://www.bccancerfoundation.com, again specifying breast cancer research.”

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