Lawren takes a breather before the mains arrive.
Lawren takes a breather before the mains arrive.
The room
The room.
Lamb Terrine with pickled turnips, bread chips, herb salad, and horseradish foam.
Lamb Terrine with pickled turnips, bread chips, herb salad, and horseradish foam.
Belgian endive with red wine poached pear, bleu Benedictin, pecan vinegar, and vin cotto.
Belgian endive with red wine poached pear, bleu Benedictin, pecan vinegar, and vin cotto.
Ivon shows off his Smoked Bison Carpaccio with sherry vinaigrette, walnuts, roasted tomatoes, and quail egg.
Ivon shows off his Smoked Bison Carpaccio with sherry vinaigrette, walnuts, roasted tomatoes, and quail egg.
Grilled AAA Beef Short Rib with with parsley root puree, braised carrots, and zudas potato.
Grilled AAA Beef Short Rib with with parsley root puree, braised carrots, and zudas potato.
Meyer Lemon Gnocchi
Meyer Lemon Gnocchi
Ivon toasts my New Year's resolution to drink more.
Ivon toasts my New Year's resolution to drink more.
Fondant, Parfait, Macaron, Custard, Feuilletine Cake.
Chocolate and Tonka Bean: Fondant, Parfait, Macaron, Custard, Feuilletine Cake.
Passion fruit mousse, matcha chantilly, passion fruit and matcha milkshake.
Passion fruit mousse, matcha chantilly, passion fruit and matcha milkshake.
Lawren in action #1
Lawren in action #1
Lawren in action #2
Lawren in action #2
Ivon goes in for a bite.
Ivon goes in for a bite.
I reflect back on happier times (ie. my five minutes, eating my dessert).
I reflect back on happier times (ie. my five minutes, eating my dessert).
Master Sergeant Angelique
Master Sergeant Angelique
Despite the fact that I eat out A LOT, there are still those Vancouver restaurants that fly under my radar. And I’m not referring to those bohemian eateries or take-out noodle places that seem to spring up every second week. I’m talking about some of the city’s heavy hitters like the new look Lumiere, the highly-recommended La Quercia, and, last night’s dining destination, Boneta. I’d, of course, heard a lot the place but, for one reason or other (ie. it‘s location in a less, uh, savory part of town), never got around to checking it out until Ivon suggested we go.
Well, thank God for valet parking. I pulled up right out front and walked right in. It’s a nice place, comfortably casual, with high ceilings and plenty of exposed brick. I was, as usual, the first to arrive and so, making good on my New Year’s resolution to drink more, I ordered a Mr. Samuels – bourbon, maple & blueberry, house made ginger beer, and fresh citrus served on the rocks. It was terrific and, had I not been driving, would have undoubtedly ordered a few more. My two dining companions, Ivon Bartok and Lawren Bancroft-Wilson arrived soon after and also ended up ordering (and enjoying) the same drink.
For starters, I had an addition to the evening’s menu: lamb terrine with pickled turnips, bread chips, herb salad, and horseradish foam. The terrine, more a lamb headcheese, was wonderful little consummation of taste and textures. The turnips were a nice accompaniment, thankfully not overburdened with vinegar flavor. The salad was also good but ultimately, given its size, negligible. After some discussion on the correct pronunciation of “endive” (Lawren pronounces it “en-div” and Ivon and I were quick to correct him – at which point our waitress came by and referred to the “en-div salad”), Lawren went with the Belgian en-DIVES with red wine poached pear, Bleu Benedictin, pecan vinegar, and vin cotto – which he enjoyed. Ivon, meanwhile, had nothing but great things to say about the Smoked bison carpaccio which was served with a sherry vinaigrette, walnuts, roasted tomato, and quail egg.

For dinner, all three of us had the Braised AAA beef short rib with parsley root puree, braised carrots, and zuddas potato. It was quite good, but the star of this particular course was the double order of Meyer Lemon gnocchi we’d ordered “for the table”. Very nicely done!

For dessert, Ivon and I wet with the Chocolate and Tonka Bean – a bite-size line-up of four different chocolate creations which included fondant, parfait, macaron, custard, and feuilletine cake. A near perfect assembly marred on slightly by the macaron which I found a tad chewy (although, in all fairness, I fear I’ve become a bit of a macaron snob since my Tokyo trip when I spent every day visiting the likes of Dalloyau, JP Hevin, and Pierre Hermes). Lawren, for reasons known only to him, went with the passion fruit mousse with matcha Chantilly and a matcha and passion fruit milkshake. He claimed to have enjoyed it – until the last bite which, unfortunately, contained a very tart piece of decorative fruit.

Our waitress provided excellent service – despite the fact that she mispronounced “endive“.

Ivon snapped up the bill before Lawren and I knew what was happening, so a big thanks to him for treating us. And, while I’m at it, I’d also like to take a moment to thank him as well for the spectacular job he’s done over the years as the show’s Special Features Producer. Every season, he’s worked hard at developing a solid professional relationship with the actors, earning their trust and respect; creating a comfortable dialogue with them that has resulted in some terrific pieces the likes of which any freelance interviewer would be hard-pressed to achieve. He’s always made it a point to gauge the fan community and come up with unique special features that have proven as informative as they are entertaining. The DVD extras Ivon has produced these past few years have been of so good that I have a hard time imagining anyone else doing the job, much less doing anywhere near as good a job. And, hey, if you missed our Q&A with Ivon, check it out here:

I walked into the office today to discover a surprise guest awaiting me in Carl’s office: none other than Christopher Judge. We, of course, talked college football, t.v., and acting, and I asked when he was going to drop by and do his own Q&A on this blog. I explained how it worked: I’d gather fan questions, email them his way, then he could answer as many (or as few) as he wished, send them back my way… “This sounds way too complicated,”he interrupted. “How about you take me to lunch, ask me the questions, and I’ll answer them.” Done and done. I’ll reconnect with Chris and find out an appropriate week, and then I’ll start the ball rolling.

Oh, and before I wrap up today’s entry, I’d like to introduce everyone to our Air Force point person, the individual vetting our scripts. Master Sergeant Angelique (pictured above)was in town to check out the sets, meet with production personnel, and kick ass. She’s nothing short of delightful and here’s hoping she makes it back to Vancouver sooner than later.


55 thoughts on “February 13, 2009: Dinner with the Boys at Boneta, and Introducing Master Sergeant Angelique

  1. “For dessert, Ivon and I wet with the Chocolate and Tonka Bean…”

    After, that line, I was really expecting something a little more titillating than a mere description of a cake. 😉

    That said, your dinner looks, and sounds, delicious! And your dinner dates are just as charming as can be. Just wish we had such unique restaurants down here – most stick to more traditional fare, unfortunately.

    Thanks for introducing us to Angelique! *waves*

    Have a nice evening, Joe!


  2. Wow what an eye popping blog today, thanks for sharing the pictures of Ivon and Lawren, what cuties!! and of course that last wonderful picture of a fellow deep in thought..(dessert), and the food of course,, loved the desserts, after the appetizers I don’t believe I would have room for the main course, 😆 How long does it take to enjoy a dinner such as this one??, yummy pictures! (but I would have to try,,lol!) Happy Valentines day to you and yours! 😉 also nice to meet Master Sergeant Angelique, another face behind the scenes, thanks.

  3. hi, joe,

    speaking of Lawren; does he have access to behind the scenes footage and/or numerous takes of scenes? i ask, because i’d LOVE to see the 12 takes it took to make the sam/jack kiss from ‘grace’.

    see and pay for. 😆

  4. When will we learn the names and get to see pictures and some background on the new female cast members?
    When will Season 5 of SGA be released on DVD/Blu-Ray?
    When will a combined 5 Season SGA be (like SG1 all 10 Seasons) released?
    When will SG1 be released on Blu-Ray, and will Atlantis be released in Blu-Ray.

  5. If ever I win one of these nice multimillion dollar lotteries, I hereby vow to not only take a 2 year vacation around the world, but to hit as many restaurants as possible, sampling as wide a variety as possible. You deserve a stipend from the city of Vancouver, or at least the Chamber of Commerce, for your promotion of the city’s eateries. Those dishes both looked delicious, and sound utterly intriguing. And three cheers for Mr. Bartok for treating you and Lawren. And welcome to Master Sargeant Angelique. Here’s hoping she has a fun and productive association with the franchise. Thanks for a mouthwatering post.

  6. RE: Yesterday’s blog…

    @ chevron7 – Thanks for the sunset links…the first one is beautiful! Is that all smoke? I remember once we had forest fires up above Atlantic City, and the smoke drifted down our way (and once up from the Carolinas). It made the sun look so strange…colors I’ve never seen before.

    @ Sessy – 😆 LOVE it!!! 😀

    @ JK Carter – 😆 It’s been a while since I’ve seen that, and it’s still good for a laugh! Thanks!

    Although…I always tell people that the reason I have cats instead of kids is because if I get tired of ’em, I can always eat ’em! 😀

    Uh…I mean… 😳

    @ Joe – Got a question for ya – not sure you know the ‘real’ answer, but that’s never stopped me before. 😀

    Anyway…I’ve been watching a few CSI reruns, and I’m noticing that they do all their crime scene investigations in the dark, with little dinky flashlights. Now…how in the hell are they supposed to find anything like that? Is this something commonly done (low lighting) in filming just for dramatic effect? Personally, I find it a tad unrealistic, seeing as how they’re more likely to trample evidence in the dark than find it. Why doesn’t someone just turn on the lights?


  7. That Meyer Lemon Gnocchi sounds wonderful. As does most of what you all had.

    Do you ever eat at places that cost less than $15/plate? Because I have issues with paying more for dinner than I do a night in a hotel.

  8. The meyer lemon gnocchi looks delicious (ok, anything meyer lemon is wonderful), and I’m not a big gnocchi fan. If we all come to Vancouver, will you take us out to dinner? No, really.

    How is this thing going to work with Chris? Can we send you questions for you to ask him? How covert 😉 And where is Joel’s Q & A? I’ve been waiting forever!

    Have a great weekend, be safe, be well, everybody!

  9. Hi Joe!!
    It’s been a long time since I’ve commented! I haven’t had internet service for a better part of a week and there doesn’t seem to be any hope in sight. I will need to catch up on your blog when I get steady and consistent service; hopefully by tomorrow. I have had three “dates” with the SHAW repairman and tomorrow will be the fourth.

    The food looks amazing! Thank you for posting the pictures. I would skip over dinner and head straight for dessert.

    And finally, did you know? I almost was hit by some falling space junk today? Yep! It was heading straight for us! Here’s the news article.


  10. Can Angelique act…? If so, HIRE HER!! Given her rank, she obviously knows how to kick some serious ass, AND she’s CUTE!!

    You guys had better listen to what she says…

  11. You do eat the most pretty things up North.

    I have a stupid question btw, why didn’t McKay ever figure out how to make a zed-pm? You’d think the Ancients would have left instructions for constructing the key energy source of all thier best toys. Was it a plot driver? keep them player characters hungry for power and searching for tech?

  12. And here I thought you were introducing us to one of the smaller, secondary characters! (like George Harriman, perhaps?)
    Nice to meet Master Sergeant Angelique! Hers is possibly the best job in the world!!! So if I join the Air Force today, how long would it take me to rise to the rank of Master Sergeant and be allowed to vet SGU scripts? 😉

    Ivon is in charge of behind-the-scenes stuff for the SGU DVDs, correct? He did an awesome job with what I’ve seen so far (SG-1 seasons 9 and 10), so I can’t wait to see what he produces for SGU!!!

  13. So when do we find out who the female cast members of SGU will be?

    You seem to be keeping us in the dark on them Joe.


  14. Hi Joe,
    Glad u enjoyed dinner.
    So how is life in Canada?
    Going well I hope
    Also what is the exact day Universe begins filming?
    Oh and glad you finished your uber hard script.
    Also cool to see the military play a part in universe. Thanks again.
    Major D. Davis

  15. Hey Joe,

    Looks like you had a nice dinner…and it was free…you can’t beat that with a stick!

    Happy Valentine’s Day!!! I hope you and Fondy have a wonderful romantic day!

    I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it here, but I’ll be going to the Vancouver Creation convention this year. I’ll finally get to see the Stargate and other sets. (really the only reason to pay the outrageous fees is to see the sets) I’m hoping the weather won’t be too cold, or this Florida gal is going to freeze her buns off! Plus I’d like to see Stanley Park and a few other places outdoors.

    Is it true that the Tollana location was filmed at SFU’s Burnaby campus? I’m trying to find some locations where episodes of SGA and SG-1 were filmed. I think it would be fun to visit them!

    Trish (whovian) and I (and a few others that hang out on David Hewlett’s forum) are planning to come to Vancouver and have a blast!

    I was wondering why there isn’t a place to sign in to WordPress on your page? I have to open a new window and go to my blog to sign in, and then refresh yours and then I’m signed in. It would be nice if we could just sign in on your page if that’s possible. I haven’t blogged since SGA was cancelled and my blog is pretty depressing to have to go there and sign in…lol. Maybe it’s time for me to post a new blog?

    Gee, I haven’t commented in a looooong time and when I do, I am complaining…lol….sorry! I’ve been lurking here and there when I get an extra second, but no time to comment much lately.


  16. Welcome to the team Master Sergeant Angelique. Keep everyone in line on the set.

    Very interesting Chris answering our questions. Will have to sit and think of a good one!!!

  17. Hello to everyone and our Cap’n Joe. I didn’t forget to come home. I’m still here. 🙂

    Have been MIA due to pain issues and caring for my geriatric doggie grrrl. She has become a finicky eater, has bad eyesight, hearing, arthritis and mobility, and at times restlessly roams the house, staring into corners. Am often up with her in the middle of the night. Have been seeking advice from other dog and/or Samoyed owners, and am doing the best I can to keep her comfortable with appropriate meds, etc. My baby puppy girl will be 15 in April. When did she get to be so old?

    That dinner looks lovely. Endive is pronounced “on-DEEV,” n’est-ce pas? (is it not?) Lots of scrumptious subtle flavors there that night: l’endive, poached pears, meyer lemon gnocchi, and the passionfruit mousse. Too bad my computer monitor isn’t a commissary replicator. Please give a big thank you to Ivon and Lawren for the great special features and pug videos they’ve (respectively) given us.

    Have been keeping in touch with Narelle (and urging her to run at a twitch of her “gut” or eyelid, whichever occurs first) and Anne Teldy. More on Major Teldy to follow.

  18. Cap’n Mallozzi, Sir…. It’s FtLo. Beckett with an off-world (off-blog) report from Anne Teldy.

    She wants everyone ta know that she misses ya all verra much, and we should do as tha man says and read Info Quake. Herself read it in two sittings, thanks to the kindness of skgraff. (She sends her gratitude, ma’am.) She says folks who aren’t fans of hard SF shouldn’t worry, as it t’is a good, fast read. It’s na interrupted with technical descriptions of how things work, but does contain a glossary in the back, should someone need ta look up a waird or two. It cooms in handy when keeping track of post apocalyptic heros, she says.

    Many things have kept the dear Major Teldy detained. A coupla weeks ago there were a major ice storm in her home town of Evansville. It knocked out power to the hoom where she lives for a good 24 hours, though they are on the high priority list. Her parents still don’t have power. It took time to get the Internet back, then the access (bandwidth available) was very dodgy.

    [This bit is where the Major would say, feel free to skip the medical stuff: She’s having more trouble with her carpal tunnel, so they banned her from writing at the computer for 24 hours, in which tame she read “Info Quake.”
    She has just got over two infections when another one may have popped up. The good doctors aren’t quick to over-prescribe antibiotics, but she fears this one is na clearing up as easily as t’others. They did some tests today. Results won’t be known for a day or two.]

    The main reason why the poor soul has stayed awee from the blog is her heart couldna take it. T’was the report that filming for the Atlantis movie has been put off till next year for “economic reasons.” When Cap’n Mallozzi wasna able to coom out and call the reports a load of .… Well, that *did* upset Anne so verra badly that the poor love had to be lightly sedated. T’were nearly as bad for her as when they announced that Atlantis had been cancelled, she says. People ‘round her dinna understand. “It’s only a TV show,” they said. “No, it’s not to me,” she says. “It’s my way of communicating with the world outside. To me it means all of you online. It means everything.” With the sad news last summer, and the report of more sad news this winter, she says she is sore afraid that she will lose all of us regulars here at Cap’n Joe’s, and we are her wairld. Our dear Anne means it, too. Her feelings were spilling right over.

    I reassured her that us lot of crazy regulars were still here, we hadn’t yet fled, and we missed her very much. And that Cap’n Mallozzi planned to have the Atlantis movie script finished by April, so that did give her some hope. “I appreciate you all,” she says. “All the cards and letters mean so much.”

    I’m thinking that they would mean more now than ever they did before. Ms. Anne is battling depression, and this latest blow has not done her a good turn. What say? Shall we bombard her mailbox with well wishes? 🙂 Anne (née Kelly Hurt) has posted before that we could reach her here:

    Kelly Hurt
    c/o Westpark Rehabilitation Hospital
    25 S. Boehne Camp Road
    Evansville, IN 47712

    We miss you Ms. Anne! Oi! We also miss the cheeky, rabble-rousing commentary, too, thank yoo. 😀

    That’s ma report, Cap’n Mallozzi, and t’was approved by Ms. Anne.

    Respectfully submitted,

    ~for the love of Beckett

  19. Coucou Joseph!


    Alors qu’avez vous prévu d’offrir à votre belle?

    En ce jour si particulier je ne suis pas avec mon cheri snif, mais je le vois Mardi =D et je ne sais pas du tout ce qu’il va m’offrir^^!

    Passez une bonne journée!

  20. I’ll probably be the first person ever to ask you this, as I’m certain everyone would be afraid what your reaction to it might be (let alone the answer!). I’m not trying to be a pioneer or anything, I’m just certain that it’s something that everyone wants to know, but no one has been brave enough to ask you yet.

    So here we go, the question:

    Got the rest of the cast for SGU yet?

    I know, the question is a little ‘out there’, and for that you have my apologies, but someone had to ask.


  21. I’m still not 100 percent on the pronunciation for “endive”. I keep reading it like “en-deev” with the emphasis on the last half. Or is the last part pronounced dive like, say, “I dive into the water.”

  22. Chris is such a lazy bugger!…LOL…but a lovely big cuddly teddy bear can’t wait to see what answers he comes up with…LOL

    Kriss 🙂

  23. @das: I’ve always wondered the same thing about the lighting and thought to myself “Try the light switch behind you, moron.” Running up the stairs when the bad/scary evil guy/thing is chasing you is another one. Wouldn’t you run outside and scream bloody murder?

    Otherwise, one of the dogs got the runs, woke up to a mess in the living room. Maybe I’ll get my flashlight and run upstairs.

  24. Wow that food looks awesome!

    Funny but why did I think SGuniverse was animated?

  25. Hey, a raucous thanks from us to Ivon too! Love those extras.

    And nice to meet ya, Master Sgt. Angelique!

  26. dasNdanger said:

    RE: Yesterday’s blog…

    @ chevron7 – Thanks for the sunset links…the first one is beautiful! Is that all smoke? I remember once we had forest fires up above Atlantic City, and the smoke drifted down our way (and once up from the Carolinas). It made the sun look so strange…colors I’ve never seen before.

    Thanks. Probably a mix of smoke and clouds. On the bad days when the smoke blew over Melbourne the sky was a strange brown haze and the sunsets have been sooo bright. Friday night at sunset the sun was like a fluoro orange colour.

    Cheers, Chev

  27. dasNdanger said:

    Anyway…I’ve been watching a few CSI reruns, and I’m noticing that they do all their crime scene investigations in the dark, with little dinky flashlights. Now…how in the hell are they supposed to find anything like that? Is this something commonly done (low lighting) in filming just for dramatic effect? Personally, I find it a tad unrealistic, seeing as how they’re more likely to trample evidence in the dark than find it. Why doesn’t someone just turn on the lights?

    I actually like the dark, moody lighting in US tv shows. In fact the lighting is one of the main reasons I don’t like really Australian tv, there’s no atmosphere. It’s all too bright.

    Cheers, Chev

  28. @suse… wow what hotel do you stay in that costs $15 a night? The cheapest one around here is a good $65 a night and I would sleep in my car first. The next time you stay somewhere turn the lights out and pull out a Blue LED. [like the ones you see on CSI. I had one from when I worked in pest control (it’s the only way to see mouse urine) they are about $35. ] shine it on the bed and in the bathroom. I guarantee you will bring your own sheets from now on and avoid all public restrooms.

  29. Question for Chris Judge:
    Did the Chairman of the writing department’s Green Initiative bring a reusable container for leftovers?

  30. @suziesbluefeather: Great idea, although a few years ago my daughter and I decided to stay at the Hilton in Last Vegas (Star Trek: The Experience) and lemme tell ya, no Blue LED needed. When we pulled back the sheets/blanket, the part of the blanket that was tucked under the bed was about 4 shades lighter than the top. Needless to say, they heard about it , had somebody come and change the beds from top to bottom and clean the room to my satisfaction, which at best, was a futile attempt to shut me up. I kept thinking of what was on/in the mattress most of the night. Then again, look at any hospital room – OMG!

  31. Very quick question for Chris Judge:

    What are you doing now? Can you give us details on projects, etc.??



  32. First let me say thanks to For The Love of Beckett for the update on the Major and for also reposting her snail mail addy, I was looking for it the other day and couldn’t find it. A missive will wing its way across the pond forthwith!

    That meal looked absolutely delicious and has got my gastric juices gurgling, I better go eat something myself but nothing in the cupboards looks half as appetising, maybe a cream cheese and banana toasted sesame sandwich will cut it.

  33. The headcheese is not to my taste but the deserts look amazing. What exactly is a macaron, is it sugar and egg whites that are whipped and baked into a light crispy fluff? Or is it like a macaroon with coconut?

    I finally had to reoutline the many tentacles of my spec and lo and behold there are pages of useless scenes that just have to go. The momentum of the script stopped cold when I had my characers go on an elaborate city tour just before a pivotal action sequence. When I looked hard at those touring scenes there was nothing in ’em that moved the action forward. In a drama it would be great to have my characters fall in love as they tour a lovely city but in an actioneer that break in the action just stuck a pin in story. There was no build up to the action and zero suspense. I’m bummed to have struggled so long with those pages only to throw them out but thanks to the new outline I can see they never had to be rewritten at all, they just never worked in the first place.

  34. @ for the love of Beckett – Thanks for the update about Anne Teldy! I was in touch with Perragrin the other day, and she expressed concern over the loss of ‘community’ here, too. Some folks have moved on, and don’t post as much, and the rest of us have basically stopped chatting about SGA, as if we are afraid to speak at all about the ‘dead’. So, even though we crazy regulars are still here, we’re sticking mostly with the ‘safe’ topics that Joe covers, like books and food and puppy dogs, avoiding any mention of That Which Is No More. I think it just adds to the sense of loss for some, and makes it painful to even stop by for a visit.

    @ Deni B. – I :lol:’ed @ “Otherwise, one of the dogs got the runs, woke up to a mess in the living room. Maybe I’ll get my flashlight and run upstairs.”

    Hey, it’s what I’d do, too! Uh…if I had stairs, that is.

    I watched Psych last night – just starting to watch this show, and finally starting to enjoy it (I thought it was totally ridiculous when it first started, but it’s been toned-down a bit, and is more enjoyable). Anyway, it was a Friday the 13th horror flick ep, and it scared the bejeebees outta me! Hubby was watching BSG in the other room, so I was all alone, hiding behind my fingers, frightened out of my wits. I don’t watch horror as a rule because I scare awful easy, and last night was proof of it. 😛

    @ chevron7 – Funny how something so destructive as fire can bring us beautiful things, like brilliant sunsets. I forget why that is – something to do with the particles in the air – smoke, volcanic ash, and sand/dust all make for lovely sunsets.

    About the ‘mood’ lighting. I don’t mind it sometimes, but the amount of times they use it on CSI borders on the absurd. When that happens, it becomes a bit distracting. I’m sitting there, thinking, “Well, this is hokey.” Now – I understand wanting to see the crime scene as is, but there was one ep where they were looking for evidence at another location that wasn’t a crime scene, and they still didn’t turn on the lights! Instead, they go snooping around all melodramatic and slow-like, pointing their little flashlights like Fred, Daphne and Velma, and I’m just waiting for Shaggy and Scooby to come rushing in with the Wax Phantom hard on their heels.

    I just rolled my eyes at that one. 🙄

    Hope everyone is having a beautiful day! Enjoy your dinner tonight, Joe! Make it romantic!



  35. 1. Given the nature of the “trapped away from home” format and the desire to stretch the series out ad infinitum (or as long as it is profitable for the network), should viewers be worried about the show might, much like Gilligan’s Island, allow the Status Quo to become god?

    2. SG1 and SGA have both featured a surprisingly human alien as a regular member of the central team. Will this tradition be continued in SGU, and if so, will they be as awesome as Teal’C was?

    3. Long running science fiction shows with a diverse writing staff suffer from horrible science on a regular basis. Obviously, scientific integrity must be sacrificed in order to make the series work (and we abandoned realism about the time we were using wormholes to travel to other planets), but is there some kind of document that says “ok, we can do this and this and this, but THIS is off limits”? Can you see about putting a cap on the number of alternate reality and time travel plots?

    4. Given that this show has a budget, I assume that the majority of the populations encountered will be either humans or rubber forehead “aliens”. Is this an accurate assumption?

    5. How does the Stargate Writing staff reconcile the fact that the ancients looked completely identical to modern humans, and that they “evolved into humans”, and that all geological, genetic, embryological and morphological evidence points to a recent common ancestor that humans share with other apes existing only a few short million years ago?

    6. Man, the ZPM powered hive ship really irked me. It’s like, hey guys, near omniscient super-beings designed these ships, and we have weapons that cut through them like they’re air. But a thicker hulled hive ship? Makes a modest scratch!

    In fact that whole episode irked me. It really seemed like that should have been a 3 part episode, and it was squashed into a single 42 minute timeslot. It’s hard to build tension when you know the whole plot has to be resolved in 12 minutes time. Also, the whole “magical ship teleport” that was never before mentioned, and chances are probably never will be again, seemed like a really huge ass pull.

    What did you think about the episode?

  36. I forgot to say mega thanks Joe for the gorgeous dinner pics, the food looked great too 🙂

    Questions for Chris:

    1. I loved the fight scene Teal’c had with Ronon on Atlantis. How long did that take to shoot and how do you physically prepare yourself for a scene such as that?

    2. Is there a tv show out there that you’d absolutely love to guest star in?

    3. Arm wrestling’s probably not fair, so I’ll go with who would win in a thumb wrestling match, you or Joe Mallozzi? Try it. 🙂

    4. Read any great books lately?

    Cheers, Chev

  37. Alexandria said:

    I just found this clip and thought it was rather amusing. This is Seth McFarlane’s (creator of Family Guy) take on the whole Christian Bale rant, of course it’s Family Guy style

    Amusing. I’m loving the Christian Bale remix on Youtube. NSFW, naturally.

    Cheers, Chev

  38. Looks and sounds like Boneta was a good choice. Pity about the pronunciation fiasco over “endive”, but I guess you can’t win them all.

    So, do you think you’ll be heading back to Boneta at some point in the future?


  39. Hi Joe,

    I know that I am way behind the curve, but I have finally gotten around to reading John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War and The Ghost Brigades. I was about to pick up a copy of The Last Colony when I did a quick Internet search and found out that Mr. Scalzi wrote a novelette entitled The Sagan Diary. This book is the perfect segue between The Ghost Brigades and The Last Colony. The book consists of a series of diary entries taken from Jane Sagan’s BrainPal. It is masterfully written (just like all of Scalzi’s work) and if you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend that you pick up a copy (or ask Mr. Scalzi for a copy next time you and him go out for dinner).

    Best Regards,


  40. *eyes crosssing* yup, too tired to be left in charge of a typewriter let alone a computer with internet access.

    G’night folks

  41. Oh, man, ANOTHER restaurant I have to fit into my time at Creation Con. So far: Fuel, Vij, Market, and now Boneta. My credit card is going to be so maxed out.

    I read somewhere that the next Top Chef is going to be filmed in Vancouver.

    KVDB1 – I’m from the San Francisco area, so I’m used to cooler temps than you, but I’ve not been uncomfortable at past Creation Cons. You’ll definitely need a coat, rain gear and be ready to layer. The stages on the tour are pretty chilly, but absolutely awesome.

    I know that there is a list of locations/episodes with directions posted on a forum somewhere, but I don’t know where. I’ve done a few that are easy to identify and find, but you will need a car. SFU and the Murdo-Frazer cabin (Jack’s cabin) are pretty easy to find.

  42. With all the fan luv this is going to sound like a total non sequitur, but I do keep meaning to get to Boneta; it’s only a few blocks from my house, and for the quality very reasonably priced. Rumour has it the whole staff walked out of Lumiere over the course of a week when they’d had too much of Rob Feenie.

    And they say the Stearns is the best cocktail since the invention of the Negroni. I must test this theory sometime.

  43. While I appreciate the creative way all of the places you eat at stack and mold their food, I’d be just as happy with my food being presented to me in a more simpler just as delicious way. The presentation has to cost extra.


    (referencing songs no one else knows from musicals no one else has heard of before really does not credit to my social abilities)


  44. Hey Joe,

    I know I’m several days late with this, but I’m catching up with the blogs after my dad’s passing. I hate to point this out, but “MSGT Angelique” has received a demotion. The stripes on her sleeve are those of a SSGT (Staff Sergeant).

    Just an FYI.

    Can’t wait for the new show to air.

  45. Well sheesh. Never mind Joe. I should have zoomed in on the pic before nit-picking.


    Shame on me.

  46. Mouth watering photos… just what does lemon gnocchi taste like? I thought gnocchi was usually with potatoes, no?

    What’s the status on RAGE OF ANGELS and are you doing any other writing at the moment? CHANGELING is a personal fav episode for me — would love to see you do more things like that.

  47. Question for Chris Judge: What’s the status of Rage of Angels? I’d love to see you and Michael together on screen!

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