Even though last night’s episode marked the official end of Stargate: Atlantis, the series, it really ended for many of us several months ago when the sets went dark for the last time. Yes, it was a wonderful ride and, yes, there is a movie (and possibly more) to look forward to, but that made it no less difficult to say goodbye to the people I worked with and the characters I wrote for.these many years. I’d be lying if I said it was always fun because, at times, it was tough and stressful and frustrating and, truth be told, there are some elements I definitely won’t miss but, for the most part, I regret the show had to conclude with its fifth season.

When we were breaking Enemy at the Gate, we saw it as a very special episode, not because it would be our series finale (at the time, we were somewhat optimistic that we would get that sixth season pick-up), but because it was going to be our 100th episode. For that reason, it turned out to be a little different from past finales, less a cliffhanger and more of a coming full-circle that featured the star of the series: the city of Atlantis. It was also intended to be the launching point for a very interesting early season 6 scenario: With Atlantis back on Earth, why the hell would the I.O.A. ever let it go? And if it remained, which, by all indications seemed likely, what would become of its occupants, especially Ronon and Teyla? Also, with a permanent station in the Milky Way, wouldn‘t Atlantis, logically, cease to be a launch point for gate travel and, instead, become a research center for Ancient technology? Well, I guess you’ll never know the answer to these questions…

IF you don’t check out the Stargate: Atlantis movie that goes into production later this year, that is. But since, I suspect, most of you will, then you’ll have your answers in good time.

So, looking back over the show’s five year run, certain moments and scenes do stand out for me: McKay delivering Teyla’s baby in Search and Rescue, Ronon coming down from the wraith enzyme in Broken Ties, McKay locking lips with Beckett in Duet, the big space battle over the replicator homeworld in Be All My Sins Remember’d, the wraith making himself up to Marilyn Manson in Vegas, Michael discovering his true identity in Michael, Teyla dispatching of Michael in The Prodigal, Ronon and Todd going down fighting side by side in The Last Man, Beckett’s goodbye fade at the end of Sunday, the wraith assault on Atlantis in Siege II, Todd changing the script by killing the other queen in The Queen – to name a few.

What about all of you? If you had to narrow it down to three scenes or moments, which would be your favorites?

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Hey Joe,

I wanted to thank the cast and crew for 5 amazing seasons. It has been a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Every season has been great and well delivered. It’s hard sometimes to accept the negativity from people like on GateWorld, but if you love a show so much you don’t care what people say, especially when they have nothing nice to say. 5 years was great, would of liked at least one more but times are tough.

Anyway some epic moments that stood out to me other than the ones you mentioned was in “The Storm/The Eye” when Sheppard is screaming “Koyla” in the radio, then later takes a single shot to to make him spin into the Gate horizon saving Weir. I also loved the return of Carson Beckett, and what a powerful moment when they had to put him in stasis. One other scene was the revelation of the “Lost Tribe” Alien. That totally blew me away. So many amazing moments, I’d be writing a novel if I told you them all.

Anyway, I feel this is not not goodbye for Atlantis, just see you later. I am convinced there will be more than one movie. The fans love this show, the ratings were upticking well over 2 Million viewers, the show was going out on a high note. We want more, and will hopefully keep getting more and more.

Thanks again for everything.




Just saw your wrap party video on scifi. One question why where no women on the video. The guys looked great. No women in the production department either?

Ugly Pig
Ugly Pig

Those are all great scenes, Joe, but you left out the obvious one: Atlantis rising from the depths in Rising. Personally, I’d also add Sheppard and Todd’s first meeting in Common Ground, Carter’s last stand in The Last Man, when the team’s plan is revealed through flashback at the end of The Return, pretty much any scene in First Strike… Bah, to hell with “three moments”.

Trish (aka whovian)

I only get three scenes? Ugh!

1) The first walk into Atlantis. Just breath taking. I literally held my breath and watched as they walked up those stairs and the city came alive… priceless and unforgettable.

2) Teyla kicking Michael off the city. That was so shocking to watch Teyla, of all people do. But as a mother, I never could judge her for it. I would have done the same.

3) The kiss between Rodney and Sam in Grace under Pressure. My WORD that was some chemistry! Something I will never forget watching on my favorite show… SGA.

I could add like 10 more. But you said three. So I won’t.


*kisses* to you all! The entire cast and crew! Damn it but it’s been a good run!

(who should probably never post after drinking a really strong margarita wink )

Arctic Goddess

My favorite moments on Atlantis:

1) Grodin giving up his life for the team in The Seige.

2) Sheppard’s predicament when he was attached to the Wraith ship and wasn’t sure if he could disengage in Hyperspace in No Man’s Land.

3) The amazing performance of David Hewlett as Rodney regressed in intelligence in The Shrine.

Patricia (AG)


Many thanks to all parties involved in having brought us Stargate Atlantis, from the cast, to the writers, producers, Fx folks, accountants, secrataries, food delivery folks, and even TPTB at Sci Fi and MGM. And best wishes for success to most of those parties in the future (ok, so I’m not quite over the cancellation).
Favorite moments. Wow. Tough choices. I’ll limit myself to five, not including all of the ones you’ve already mentioned, and which I also enjoyed immensely.
1) Teyla singing in Critical Mass.
2) McKay’s apology to Sheppard at the end of Trinity.
3) Teyla, Ronon, and Carson stepping in front of McKay in Irresponsible, and McKay Peeking out behind them and holding up his hand.
4) McKay standing up to Sheppard in Adrift, and his later apology.
5) Ok, got to have at least one non McKay moment. No Man’s Land. Weir gives her orders to Caldwell to intercept the Wraith ships, his reaction, and the expressions of Weir, Teyla, and Caldwell as it becomes clear what Weir is asking/demanding of Caldwell.

Trish (aka whovian)

@Das: LOL! I thought I was the one drinking too much tequila tonight.

Ha ha ha! “Think outside the chulupa!” Indeed. lol

Oh! Jeremy just handed me another Margarita. Might as well!


Hey Joe.

I would have to say that my 3 most memorable scenes are 1) Sam going “down with the ship” in Last Man (not because she died, of course, but because of how it was shot.), 2) the look on McKay’s face in Reunion when he finds out that Carter, in fact, will become the new leader of Atlantis and 3) pretty much every other scene from the opening of Rising to the closing of Vegas…….I have yet to see Enemy at the Gate due to iTunes Canada taking a couple of days to make it available.

Question: So do you mean to say that in the SGA movie, Atlantis could possibly return to Earth? Would it remain cloaked so that commercial jets flying over the ocean wouldn’t be able to see it? Or would it submerge and use puddle jumpers to ferry researchers down?

Also, IMO I think that Atlantis would make a more reasonable permanent SGC rather than Cheyenne mountain due to a couple of reasons: 1) The sheild around the city, 2) the fact that if Atlantis was stormed and/or overrun the invaders would still be stuck in the middle of the ocean and 3) many times over the “baddies” have activated the self-destruct. Having it blow up in the ocean would be of less harm to civilians rather that a mountain blow apart…..plus they would never know.

Thanks for 5 great years of entertainment…….and thanks in advance for many more!

Wendy Weir
Wendy Weir

Oh my! My first post ever on your blog and and isn’t it ironic that it relates to the end of Atlantis.
Three favorite scenes:
1. Sheppard screaming “Kolya!” during The Storm/The Eye
2. John and Rodney on the pier in The Shrine
3. The whole MALP on a stick thing from Epiphany along with Rodney’s irritation about explaining time dilation to “Zena and Conan.”
4. Sheppard throwing Rodney off the balcony in ?Hide and Seek?
5. Colonel Everett’s “apology” to Sheppard in The Siege.

Okay so that’s five, not three. I never said I could count, and there are too many to just list 3


1) The first encounter with the wraith. I can´t remember exactly if it was the first or the second episode, but it was really exciting. It was something new, you didn´t know who they were, what they looked like, what they wanted or what technology they possesed. A totally new foe, the beginning of 5 truly fantastic seasons!

2) I also liked the episode “Vegas”, showing us how one fatal mistake totally changed the outcome of Sheppards life, the ending was kind of sad, though. wink

3) And third… well I kind of liked the episode where we meet a whole crew of Ancients, using a ZPM to travel at the speed of light to earth with sublight engines. I mean, wow, they really were arrogant while they were still around…

Thanks alot for 5 fantastic seasons of Stargate Atlantis!


Favorite moment of my husband and I: The Eye, when Sheppard starts making all the dots disappear. We just love watching all the dots blink out.

Also, we love Runner and Sateda in their entirety.

Cheers to a wonderful series! We’ll miss it, but we’ll be buying the DVD’s too.


Dear joe,

Well buddy great 5 seasons of SGA and I’m impatiently looking forward for the SGA movie. I hope you guys deliver the same quality in story telling as you did in the series. A question please:

1. How many ZPMS are within our possesion? ( 3 in Atlantis, one in the Odyssey, those that seem right)

2. Was the Zpm that was given to power the ancient chair of Antartica or might I say Area 51 destroyed along with the chair?

3. Our the ZPMs powering Atlantis nearly depleted?

Thanks buddy…. I would really love it if you get a chance to answer these questions.


First of all let me follow up on the people who posted above this comment by saying,

Thank you and all the cast and crew for five years of what will always be to me one of the coolest shows ever, It’s so sad so see it go so early, I always imagined it would go on for at least 7 full seasons.

However although I will miss my weekly Atlantis fix, I have been following the Stargate franchise from day one. And there will be no doubt I’ll be one of the 1st in line to check out the new Stargate spin-off this summer. With such a talented staff behind the wheel I’m sure “Stargate” will live on for many more years to come.

As for my 3 favorite moments:

The Rising – Atlantis heading to the surface, This was such an epic moment. I still have the soundtrack on a usb-stick in my car grin

The Lost Tribe – I Love the Asgard, I was so saddened to see them go in SG1 Unending. I was extremely glad to see there were still some of them alive and well “out there”.

And ofcourse,

Enemy At The Gate – Because this was always how I imagined the show would end, Atlantis coming home… Ofcoure I was expecting a little more of a public reveal of the stargate program by Atlantis actually being visible from San-Fran… But I guess we’ll leave that open for future Stargate stories smile

Those are just 3 moments I can think of right now, I’m sure I can think of many more but this message is getting waaaaay to long.

So, Thank you again… And see you this summer for Stargate Universe grin

With kind regards,
Tony “Angel” Aarts


Hi Joe,
First off, a great big thanks to you, and all of the cast and crew, for a wonderful 5 years! While it might not have seemed quite finale-like to me, EaTG was still one of the series’ top episodes, from Atlantis in space again, to seeing the SGC, and the wonderful little tribute to Don Davis. What a ride it’s been.
As for my top 3 moments of the series:
1) Definately the city rising in Rising – a scene that got my heartbeat up, and showcased the high production values that the show would offer.
2)The scene when Sheppard shows Jeannie the video of McKay from “Letters from Pegasus.” It was a touching character moment, and showed alot of growth in Mckay’s character.
3) Walter!! – (Haha, that’s a joke, but it’s wonderful to know that he’s the only character besides Carter to be in every season of Stargate). Weir’s reawakening through Fran. Very uncanny (but close to heart) in her similarities and mannerisms, and emotionally heartbreaking when we left her in space, but a fitting conclusion to her story and arc.
I have many more moments and scenes too, Joe, but you limited me to 3, you horrendous person!!!

Craig MD
Craig MD

Favorite Atlantis scenes :

– The end of “Rising”, particularly the Beckett/McKay moment.

– Rodney and Sheppard having fun with the personal force field in “Hide and Seek”

– the death of Peter Grodin in “The Siege” (can’t remember if it was part I or Part II but it was extremely well done).

-Sheppard and the rest having to leave Atlantis and then making a bold move by blowing up the Atlantis gate room upon their return (The Return Pts. I and II)

– Jeannie’s reactions to everything her brother had done and was involved in (“McKay and Mrs. Miller”)

-Teyla killing Michael

-Sheppard killing Koyla

-“The Shrine”. All of it.

– “Midway”. Again, all of it.

-“First Strike”, though mainly for the cliffhanger.

I have to say, out of all 5 seasons, season 2 was my least favorite (mainly due to the fact that the Wraith weren’t as big a threat as previous), season 1 was my favorite, and seasons 3 and 5 tie for my second favorite seasons. Season 4, while not bad, felt very uneven to me, particularly because of Amanda Tapping’s presence (and sometimes lack of presence) on the show. Nothing against her, and I realize that she was filming the SG-1 movies at the time, but she only appeared in the half the episodes and the ones she was in she didn’t really feel like a strong commanding figure (probably due to the lack of conflict between her and Sheppard, though I understand this was due to his respect for her rank and experience). In the episodes she wasn’t in, it seemed very odd that she wasn’t being consulted or brought in to some of the situations the team faced and Sheppard seemed to be doing things without her authorization or blessing.


I’d have to say the massive space battle in Be All My Sins Remember’d. And Atlantis coming home in Enemy at the Gate.

Craig MD
Craig MD

And now I realize that I couldn’t narrow that down to three scenes. Whoops.


For me, the rising of Atlantis is the first season;
The pier scene from The Shrine
Rodney reconnecting with his sister in McKay and Mrs. Miller.

There are many more wonderful scenes, too bad there aren’t more to come.
Thanks for 5 wonderful seasons.

Trish (aka whovian)

Oo! oo! Ooo! I have to add:

That *thud* sound as the Genii hit the shield in whatever episode that was. Such a great sound!

Sorry… that officially makes four scenes. Argghhh! It’s too hard to limit myself to three!


Hello Joe, I loved Enemy at the Gate but it did seemed to be rushed. The finale should have been 2 hours to provide a respectful ending to such a unique world and characters.

My favorite and most memorable moments from SGA;

1)Teyla and John first meeting in Rising.
2) The wraith attack on the shield in The Siege Part 3.
3) Teyla singing in Critical Mass.
4) The kiss in Conversion.
5)Carson’s death in Sunday.


1. When Shep first sat in the chair in Rising
2. Beer on the Pier scene in The Shrine
3. AU Shep’s death scend in Vegas


Joe —

Adding my thanks to the creative and technical team behind Atlantis. There were quibbles along the way, but it was because you all made me care about the show.

Oh, only 3 scenes is really hard. In addition to the ones already mentioned:
1. The reveal of Sheppard turning into a big Iratus bug in Conversion. JF can really bring the acting chops. Sheppard is a character who still has so much to reveal.

2. Rodney healing Ronan’s scars in The Tao of Rodney. A great, tender moment between those two oh-so-different men.

3. Revealing that the new battlecruiser will be the General Hammond. An excellent tribute to a wonderful character and terrific actor.

Rachel O.
Rachel O.

Wow! what a great 5 seasons it has been!! Hoping the movie (or hopefully movies) will be just as cool.

My 3 favorite moments? That’s really tough!

Hm… When Rodney delivers Teyla’s baby, I absolutely love the expression of sheer terror on his face! smile

the “Batman and Robin” aka Rodney and Ronon scene from Tao of Rodney.

The funeral in Sunday; *sob* The music really added to that one.

The entire Midway episode….

The entire Brain Storm episode…

The time that John got to climb straight up the Tower… (there’s a cliff hanger!)

The bickering siblings scene from McKay and Mrs. Miller: it’s so cute when Carter tries to get them to shut up and they both say “Sorry”

Well that was way more then 3 moments but I just couldn’t stop recalling them… wink

and the list goes on and on and on……..

Looking forward to SGU, no matter what other fans may say about it!

Patricia Lee
Patricia Lee

My favorite moments

Carson’s death, (Sob) and his return (Yea)

Sheppard and McKay’s scence on the peir in The Shrine!

The entire mid season two parter with Daniel Jackson!

An awesome 5 years and now we get movies too! Hooray!


Joe —

Why is Major Davis still only a major after all these years? He should have made bird colonel by now.

Was there a scandal surrounding the breakup of his relationship with Walter?

[Walter Norman Harriman Davis became Walter Harriman again. I imagine he and Paul Davis broke up and Walter took back his “maiden” name. But they were both to valuable to the service for a don’t-ask-don’t-tell discharge.]