Even though last night’s episode marked the official end of Stargate: Atlantis, the series, it really ended for many of us several months ago when the sets went dark for the last time. Yes, it was a wonderful ride and, yes, there is a movie (and possibly more) to look forward to, but that made it no less difficult to say goodbye to the people I worked with and the characters I wrote for.these many years. I’d be lying if I said it was always fun because, at times, it was tough and stressful and frustrating and, truth be told, there are some elements I definitely won’t miss but, for the most part, I regret the show had to conclude with its fifth season.

When we were breaking Enemy at the Gate, we saw it as a very special episode, not because it would be our series finale (at the time, we were somewhat optimistic that we would get that sixth season pick-up), but because it was going to be our 100th episode. For that reason, it turned out to be a little different from past finales, less a cliffhanger and more of a coming full-circle that featured the star of the series: the city of Atlantis. It was also intended to be the launching point for a very interesting early season 6 scenario: With Atlantis back on Earth, why the hell would the I.O.A. ever let it go? And if it remained, which, by all indications seemed likely, what would become of its occupants, especially Ronon and Teyla? Also, with a permanent station in the Milky Way, wouldn‘t Atlantis, logically, cease to be a launch point for gate travel and, instead, become a research center for Ancient technology? Well, I guess you’ll never know the answer to these questions…

IF you don’t check out the Stargate: Atlantis movie that goes into production later this year, that is. But since, I suspect, most of you will, then you’ll have your answers in good time.

So, looking back over the show’s five year run, certain moments and scenes do stand out for me: McKay delivering Teyla’s baby in Search and Rescue, Ronon coming down from the wraith enzyme in Broken Ties, McKay locking lips with Beckett in Duet, the big space battle over the replicator homeworld in Be All My Sins Remember’d, the wraith making himself up to Marilyn Manson in Vegas, Michael discovering his true identity in Michael, Teyla dispatching of Michael in The Prodigal, Ronon and Todd going down fighting side by side in The Last Man, Beckett’s goodbye fade at the end of Sunday, the wraith assault on Atlantis in Siege II, Todd changing the script by killing the other queen in The Queen – to name a few.

What about all of you? If you had to narrow it down to three scenes or moments, which would be your favorites?

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  1. Hey Joe,

    I wanted to thank the cast and crew for 5 amazing seasons. It has been a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Every season has been great and well delivered. It’s hard sometimes to accept the negativity from people like on GateWorld, but if you love a show so much you don’t care what people say, especially when they have nothing nice to say. 5 years was great, would of liked at least one more but times are tough.

    Anyway some epic moments that stood out to me other than the ones you mentioned was in “The Storm/The Eye” when Sheppard is screaming “Koyla” in the radio, then later takes a single shot to to make him spin into the Gate horizon saving Weir. I also loved the return of Carson Beckett, and what a powerful moment when they had to put him in stasis. One other scene was the revelation of the “Lost Tribe” Alien. That totally blew me away. So many amazing moments, I’d be writing a novel if I told you them all.

    Anyway, I feel this is not not goodbye for Atlantis, just see you later. I am convinced there will be more than one movie. The fans love this show, the ratings were upticking well over 2 Million viewers, the show was going out on a high note. We want more, and will hopefully keep getting more and more.

    Thanks again for everything.



  2. j
    Just saw your wrap party video on scifi. One question why where no women on the video. The guys looked great. No women in the production department either?

  3. Those are all great scenes, Joe, but you left out the obvious one: Atlantis rising from the depths in Rising. Personally, I’d also add Sheppard and Todd’s first meeting in Common Ground, Carter’s last stand in The Last Man, when the team’s plan is revealed through flashback at the end of The Return, pretty much any scene in First Strike… Bah, to hell with “three moments”.

  4. I only get three scenes? Ugh!

    1) The first walk into Atlantis. Just breath taking. I literally held my breath and watched as they walked up those stairs and the city came alive… priceless and unforgettable.

    2) Teyla kicking Michael off the city. That was so shocking to watch Teyla, of all people do. But as a mother, I never could judge her for it. I would have done the same.

    3) The kiss between Rodney and Sam in Grace under Pressure. My WORD that was some chemistry! Something I will never forget watching on my favorite show… SGA.

    I could add like 10 more. But you said three. So I won’t.


    *kisses* to you all! The entire cast and crew! Damn it but it’s been a good run!

    (who should probably never post after drinking a really strong margarita 😉 )

  5. My favorite moments on Atlantis:

    1) Grodin giving up his life for the team in The Seige.

    2) Sheppard’s predicament when he was attached to the Wraith ship and wasn’t sure if he could disengage in Hyperspace in No Man’s Land.

    3) The amazing performance of David Hewlett as Rodney regressed in intelligence in The Shrine.

    Patricia (AG)

  6. Many thanks to all parties involved in having brought us Stargate Atlantis, from the cast, to the writers, producers, Fx folks, accountants, secrataries, food delivery folks, and even TPTB at Sci Fi and MGM. And best wishes for success to most of those parties in the future (ok, so I’m not quite over the cancellation).
    Favorite moments. Wow. Tough choices. I’ll limit myself to five, not including all of the ones you’ve already mentioned, and which I also enjoyed immensely.
    1) Teyla singing in Critical Mass.
    2) McKay’s apology to Sheppard at the end of Trinity.
    3) Teyla, Ronon, and Carson stepping in front of McKay in Irresponsible, and McKay Peeking out behind them and holding up his hand.
    4) McKay standing up to Sheppard in Adrift, and his later apology.
    5) Ok, got to have at least one non McKay moment. No Man’s Land. Weir gives her orders to Caldwell to intercept the Wraith ships, his reaction, and the expressions of Weir, Teyla, and Caldwell as it becomes clear what Weir is asking/demanding of Caldwell.

  7. @Das: LOL! I thought I was the one drinking too much tequila tonight.

    Ha ha ha! “Think outside the chulupa!” Indeed. 😆

    Oh! Jeremy just handed me another Margarita. Might as well!

  8. Hey Joe.

    I would have to say that my 3 most memorable scenes are 1) Sam going “down with the ship” in Last Man (not because she died, of course, but because of how it was shot.), 2) the look on McKay’s face in Reunion when he finds out that Carter, in fact, will become the new leader of Atlantis and 3) pretty much every other scene from the opening of Rising to the closing of Vegas…….I have yet to see Enemy at the Gate due to iTunes Canada taking a couple of days to make it available.

    Question: So do you mean to say that in the SGA movie, Atlantis could possibly return to Earth? Would it remain cloaked so that commercial jets flying over the ocean wouldn’t be able to see it? Or would it submerge and use puddle jumpers to ferry researchers down?

    Also, IMO I think that Atlantis would make a more reasonable permanent SGC rather than Cheyenne mountain due to a couple of reasons: 1) The sheild around the city, 2) the fact that if Atlantis was stormed and/or overrun the invaders would still be stuck in the middle of the ocean and 3) many times over the “baddies” have activated the self-destruct. Having it blow up in the ocean would be of less harm to civilians rather that a mountain blow apart…..plus they would never know.

    Thanks for 5 great years of entertainment…….and thanks in advance for many more!

  9. Oh my! My first post ever on your blog and and isn’t it ironic that it relates to the end of Atlantis.
    Three favorite scenes:
    1. Sheppard screaming “Kolya!” during The Storm/The Eye
    2. John and Rodney on the pier in The Shrine
    3. The whole MALP on a stick thing from Epiphany along with Rodney’s irritation about explaining time dilation to “Zena and Conan.”
    4. Sheppard throwing Rodney off the balcony in ?Hide and Seek?
    5. Colonel Everett’s “apology” to Sheppard in The Siege.

    Okay so that’s five, not three. I never said I could count, and there are too many to just list 3

  10. 1) The first encounter with the wraith. I can´t remember exactly if it was the first or the second episode, but it was really exciting. It was something new, you didn´t know who they were, what they looked like, what they wanted or what technology they possesed. A totally new foe, the beginning of 5 truly fantastic seasons!

    2) I also liked the episode “Vegas”, showing us how one fatal mistake totally changed the outcome of Sheppards life, the ending was kind of sad, though. 😉

    3) And third… well I kind of liked the episode where we meet a whole crew of Ancients, using a ZPM to travel at the speed of light to earth with sublight engines. I mean, wow, they really were arrogant while they were still around…

    Thanks alot for 5 fantastic seasons of Stargate Atlantis!

  11. Favorite moment of my husband and I: The Eye, when Sheppard starts making all the dots disappear. We just love watching all the dots blink out.

    Also, we love Runner and Sateda in their entirety.

    Cheers to a wonderful series! We’ll miss it, but we’ll be buying the DVD’s too.

  12. Dear joe,

    Well buddy great 5 seasons of SGA and I’m impatiently looking forward for the SGA movie. I hope you guys deliver the same quality in story telling as you did in the series. A question please:

    1. How many ZPMS are within our possesion? ( 3 in Atlantis, one in the Odyssey, those that seem right)

    2. Was the Zpm that was given to power the ancient chair of Antartica or might I say Area 51 destroyed along with the chair?

    3. Our the ZPMs powering Atlantis nearly depleted?

    Thanks buddy…. I would really love it if you get a chance to answer these questions.

  13. First of all let me follow up on the people who posted above this comment by saying,

    Thank you and all the cast and crew for five years of what will always be to me one of the coolest shows ever, It’s so sad so see it go so early, I always imagined it would go on for at least 7 full seasons.

    However although I will miss my weekly Atlantis fix, I have been following the Stargate franchise from day one. And there will be no doubt I’ll be one of the 1st in line to check out the new Stargate spin-off this summer. With such a talented staff behind the wheel I’m sure “Stargate” will live on for many more years to come.

    As for my 3 favorite moments:

    The Rising – Atlantis heading to the surface, This was such an epic moment. I still have the soundtrack on a usb-stick in my car 😀

    The Lost Tribe – I Love the Asgard, I was so saddened to see them go in SG1 Unending. I was extremely glad to see there were still some of them alive and well “out there”.

    And ofcourse,

    Enemy At The Gate – Because this was always how I imagined the show would end, Atlantis coming home… Ofcoure I was expecting a little more of a public reveal of the stargate program by Atlantis actually being visible from San-Fran… But I guess we’ll leave that open for future Stargate stories 🙂

    Those are just 3 moments I can think of right now, I’m sure I can think of many more but this message is getting waaaaay to long.

    So, Thank you again… And see you this summer for Stargate Universe 😀

    With kind regards,
    Tony “Angel” Aarts

  14. Hi Joe,
    First off, a great big thanks to you, and all of the cast and crew, for a wonderful 5 years! While it might not have seemed quite finale-like to me, EaTG was still one of the series’ top episodes, from Atlantis in space again, to seeing the SGC, and the wonderful little tribute to Don Davis. What a ride it’s been.
    As for my top 3 moments of the series:
    1) Definately the city rising in Rising – a scene that got my heartbeat up, and showcased the high production values that the show would offer.
    2)The scene when Sheppard shows Jeannie the video of McKay from “Letters from Pegasus.” It was a touching character moment, and showed alot of growth in Mckay’s character.
    3) Walter!! – (Haha, that’s a joke, but it’s wonderful to know that he’s the only character besides Carter to be in every season of Stargate). Weir’s reawakening through Fran. Very uncanny (but close to heart) in her similarities and mannerisms, and emotionally heartbreaking when we left her in space, but a fitting conclusion to her story and arc.
    I have many more moments and scenes too, Joe, but you limited me to 3, you horrendous person!!!

  15. Favorite Atlantis scenes :

    – The end of “Rising”, particularly the Beckett/McKay moment.

    – Rodney and Sheppard having fun with the personal force field in “Hide and Seek”

    – the death of Peter Grodin in “The Siege” (can’t remember if it was part I or Part II but it was extremely well done).

    -Sheppard and the rest having to leave Atlantis and then making a bold move by blowing up the Atlantis gate room upon their return (The Return Pts. I and II)

    – Jeannie’s reactions to everything her brother had done and was involved in (“McKay and Mrs. Miller”)

    -Teyla killing Michael

    -Sheppard killing Koyla

    -“The Shrine”. All of it.

    – “Midway”. Again, all of it.

    -“First Strike”, though mainly for the cliffhanger.

    I have to say, out of all 5 seasons, season 2 was my least favorite (mainly due to the fact that the Wraith weren’t as big a threat as previous), season 1 was my favorite, and seasons 3 and 5 tie for my second favorite seasons. Season 4, while not bad, felt very uneven to me, particularly because of Amanda Tapping’s presence (and sometimes lack of presence) on the show. Nothing against her, and I realize that she was filming the SG-1 movies at the time, but she only appeared in the half the episodes and the ones she was in she didn’t really feel like a strong commanding figure (probably due to the lack of conflict between her and Sheppard, though I understand this was due to his respect for her rank and experience). In the episodes she wasn’t in, it seemed very odd that she wasn’t being consulted or brought in to some of the situations the team faced and Sheppard seemed to be doing things without her authorization or blessing.

  16. I’d have to say the massive space battle in Be All My Sins Remember’d. And Atlantis coming home in Enemy at the Gate.

  17. For me, the rising of Atlantis is the first season;
    The pier scene from The Shrine
    Rodney reconnecting with his sister in McKay and Mrs. Miller.

    There are many more wonderful scenes, too bad there aren’t more to come.
    Thanks for 5 wonderful seasons.

  18. Oo! oo! Ooo! I have to add:

    That *thud* sound as the Genii hit the shield in whatever episode that was. Such a great sound!

    Sorry… that officially makes four scenes. Argghhh! It’s too hard to limit myself to three!

  19. Hello Joe, I loved Enemy at the Gate but it did seemed to be rushed. The finale should have been 2 hours to provide a respectful ending to such a unique world and characters.

    My favorite and most memorable moments from SGA;

    1)Teyla and John first meeting in Rising.
    2) The wraith attack on the shield in The Siege Part 3.
    3) Teyla singing in Critical Mass.
    4) The kiss in Conversion.
    5)Carson’s death in Sunday.

  20. 1. When Shep first sat in the chair in Rising
    2. Beer on the Pier scene in The Shrine
    3. AU Shep’s death scend in Vegas

  21. Joe —

    Adding my thanks to the creative and technical team behind Atlantis. There were quibbles along the way, but it was because you all made me care about the show.

    Oh, only 3 scenes is really hard. In addition to the ones already mentioned:
    1. The reveal of Sheppard turning into a big Iratus bug in Conversion. JF can really bring the acting chops. Sheppard is a character who still has so much to reveal.

    2. Rodney healing Ronan’s scars in The Tao of Rodney. A great, tender moment between those two oh-so-different men.

    3. Revealing that the new battlecruiser will be the General Hammond. An excellent tribute to a wonderful character and terrific actor.

  22. Wow! what a great 5 seasons it has been!! Hoping the movie (or hopefully movies) will be just as cool.

    My 3 favorite moments? That’s really tough!

    Hm… When Rodney delivers Teyla’s baby, I absolutely love the expression of sheer terror on his face! 🙂

    the “Batman and Robin” aka Rodney and Ronon scene from Tao of Rodney.

    The funeral in Sunday; *sob* The music really added to that one.

    The entire Midway episode….

    The entire Brain Storm episode…

    The time that John got to climb straight up the Tower… (there’s a cliff hanger!)

    The bickering siblings scene from McKay and Mrs. Miller: it’s so cute when Carter tries to get them to shut up and they both say “Sorry”

    Well that was way more then 3 moments but I just couldn’t stop recalling them… 😉

    and the list goes on and on and on……..

    Looking forward to SGU, no matter what other fans may say about it!

  23. My favorite moments

    Carson’s death, (Sob) and his return (Yea)

    Sheppard and McKay’s scence on the peir in The Shrine!

    The entire mid season two parter with Daniel Jackson!

    An awesome 5 years and now we get movies too! Hooray!

  24. Joe —

    Why is Major Davis still only a major after all these years? He should have made bird colonel by now.

    Was there a scandal surrounding the breakup of his relationship with Walter?

    [Walter Norman Harriman Davis became Walter Harriman again. I imagine he and Paul Davis broke up and Walter took back his “maiden” name. But they were both to valuable to the service for a don’t-ask-don’t-tell discharge.]

  25. Thanks to the writers, cast and crew for a wonderful 5 years! I enjoyed the adventure while it lasted and look forward to the movie when it comes out. Enemy at the Gate was a good finish up for the series. The tribute to Mr. Davis was wonderful.

    My top three episodes would be:

    – Common Ground (Sheppard willing to team up with a wraith in order to escape. It took a lot of courage on both of their parts to do this. I enjoyed the interaction with Todd.)

    – Sateda (The guilt that Ronan faced with his
    actions as a runner and the memories showed a different side to him. It made him more complex as an individual and not just a fighter.)

    – The Queen (The interaction with the team as they present a contraversal idea to Todd. The interaction and inside look at the wraith showed how much courage Teyla has.)

    My hat off to the writers. Keep doing the good work regardless of the negative comments you may get. Just remember that the way you write the secondary characters like Amelia Banks, Zelenka, and even the marines who popped up and eventually got killed made the show as well. It takes talent to tie everything together where the audience notices that these characters were there behind the scenes all along.

    I look forward to more of your storylines in SGU.

  26. Three scenes or moments:

    DSD as an alien version of Hammond in “Home”

    Keller taking the romantic initiative in “Brain Storm”

    Sheppard’s heroic death in “Vegas”

  27. 1. Letters from Pegasus — the whole episode seemed like a moment to me. Everyone got the chance to say “I’m okay, but I can’t tell you more than that”.

    2. The willingness of everyone to go the extra mile (and face their own moral demons) in Critical Mass. I have to admit, I did not see Caldwell being the one.

    3. FRAN’s enthusiasm for the mission… she’s a goner, but wants to do it badly.

  28. My favourite scenes:

    1. All city-related scenes, as in the rising of the city in Rising, the flying city at the end of S3 and beginning of S4, and the ‘homecoming’ in EatG

    2. The McKay-Sheppard ‘bedroom’ and pier-scene in The Shrine

    3. Nr. 1 and 2 are definitely the best… it’s harder for me to choose a nr. 3, because there are so many that fit the bill… one that hasn’t been mentioned yet: when Sheppard sits in the Chair for the first time in Rising

  29. Hmmmm only 3 eh…. well…

    Kolya cutting off Sheppards hand in Remnants. Only the 3rd time I’ve been shocked in Stargate, the other 2 times were Vala being burned at the Altar, and Sheppard encouraging someone to ‘volunteer’ to be fed upon by a Wraith.

    The Clown in the boat with Rodney and Sheppard in Doppelganger.

    Teyla singing at Charin’s funeral in Critical Mass.

    Atlantis rising from the ocean in the premiere, and hearing the Atlantis theme for the first time.

    The wraith getting ‘humanized’ ‘in Vegas with Beautiful People playing in the background.

    ok, so that’s 5. Couldn’t narrow it down much more.

    Cheers to you and all the folk working on SGA. Thanks for 5 wonderful years and looking forward to many more years with SGU.

  30. My recall ability is not what it used to be. I can not remember fine details and titles but I do remember moments that affected me in wonder filled ways.

    Elizabeth Weir staying behind so her team could get away, thereby sacrificing herself reminded me that commitment can mean great sacrifice.

    Rodney taking his supposed last moments to do good for others before he either died or ascended. Again, a wonderful show of friendship and compassion.

    The members of the Atlantis expedition looking over the waters of earth in the last scene of the series. Yet another reminder of who they were and what they stood for.

    There are literally dozens of scenes of Stargate:Atlantis that touched my heart and caused me to take stock of who I am and what I mean to others.

    I thank you and yours for every moment you spent these many years. I believe you gave us reason to tune in each week to see humanity as it could be and possible see the best in ourselves.

    Thank you,

  31. Jiminy Cricket, I can’t narrow it down to 3 favorite entire episodes, let alone 3 favorite scenes, but off the top of my head, here are 3 that I’ve rewound to and watched repeatedly:

    McKay’s final words when he thinks he’s dying in Hot Zone; a brilliant mixture of both the petty and the magnanimous, worried equally about his legacy and how the city and his friends will fare in his absence. Really captures his character in a nutshell.

    McKay marshalling forces to save Sheppard trapped in the time dilation field in Epiphany. I know everyone hates that ep, but I do loves me some large-and-in-charge McKay…and his reference to Conan and Xena is a riot.

    McKay and Zelenka telling Weir of their idea to save the city in The Storm — the first time we see the magic that is Hewlett and Nykl together.

    I’ll stop now so I don’t start second-guessing myself and adding more… like Rodney’s wraith-enzyme induced “I was AMAZING!” or John’s smile when recalling “You’re a good friend, Arthur” from the Beer on the Pier, or the Sheppard/McKay moment when John reveals he knows there are 721 gate permutations in The Rising… Must. Stop. Now.

    Goodbye and thanks for all the fish!

  32. Joe,
    I’m so excited for the SGA movie! This is my offial THANK YOU to you and everyone else who is making it possible!

    Do you know if the person that made the decision to have Ronon keep the dreads-wig regret their decision?

    Will Ronon go back to carrying more weapons? Sword, knife..etc? I very much prefer the ready for battle Ronon..complete with wearing leather..(seasons 2 & 3)

    This is hard to only list 3 Favorite scenes! I went for the “emotional” rather than the funny stuff.

    1. Sateda – “I’d do anything … for any one of you. If I had to give up my life the way Ronon was going to, I would.”

    This is one of my favorite episode. The scene with Sheppard and Teyla on the Daedalus stole the show..it made me smile and want to cry at the same time. I’m not good at writing so maybe someone else knows what I’m trying to say and can do a better job putting it into words….

    2. Adrift – I just, I just wanted to thank you . Thanks for letting me stay here a couple of years ago because I don’t know if I would still be… Thank you, Doctor Weir.

    That was a touching and very unexpected from Ronon which I guess just made it all the more meaningful.

    3. The Shrine – “You’re a good friend, Arthur.”

    I love that scene with Sheppard and McKay. This was one of those that stirred up a smile and a tear.

    I guess I’m easy..I love scifi with all the action and adventures..well I don’t have to explain why I love scifi for the same reasons you all do 🙂 but the scenes that are most memorable to me are the ones that remind me that Sheppard, McKay, Teyla, and Ronon are a team and mean so much to each other.

  33. “With Atlantis back on Earth, why the hell would the I.O.A. ever let it go? And if it remained, which, by all indications seemed likely, what would become of its occupants, especially Ronon and Teyla? Also, with a permanent station in the Milky Way, wouldn‘t Atlantis, logically, cease to be a launch point for gate travel and, instead, become a research center for Ancient technology? Well, I guess you’ll never know the answer to these questions…”

    You didn’t mention Todd… 🙁

    (Come on, Joe…you gotta throw us Wraithy sorts a bone or two! Or, do you enjoy torturing us as much as Shep enjoys torturing Todd? Yeah… I thought so…)

    As far as three favorite moments…really, I can’t name just three. I mean, my top three would all include Wraith, but there are so many others I love, too.

    What the hell, lemme try:

    1. Todd’s hunger speech in Common Ground (Hard to pick one scene – this entire ep ranks #1 for me – start to finish.)
    2. Steve’s scenes.
    3. Vegas Wraith makeup scene…*thunk*

    BUT…to round out my top ten:

    4. Todd and Woolsey in TLT
    5. Ronon and Todd in The Last Man
    6. Vegas Wraith chase scene
    7. Keeper Wraith in The Rising, walking down the hall – great intro to the characters.
    8. Wraith scene in Condemned
    9. EATG Wraith grinding his heel into Ronon’s wound – I’ve been wanting to do that this entire season!
    10. Queen Keeper’s ‘all living things must eat’ scene

    There really are so many more. Every scene with Todd, really…it’s so hard to pick just a few because everything that comes out of that mouth of his is brilliant. And there are actually many ‘human’ scenes that I like, but they all rank lower than the Wraith scenes. Really, it’s easier for me to name my top ten episodes (not that you asked for them, but I’m just sitting here, watching tv…). Mind you, however, there are about 5 episodes from the beginning of S4 that I haven’t seen yet:

    1. Common Ground
    2. The Queen
    3. Vegas
    4. Infection
    5. Phantoms
    6. Condemned
    7. The Return 1&2
    8. BAMSR
    9. The Rising 1&2
    10. Broken Ties

    Yeah, that really wasn’t any easier. I have at least 10 more that could be interchanged with the last 7 on this list, including Runner, The Game, Conversion, Sateda, and any and everything with Todd in it…it just all depends on my mood at the time. 😛


  34. Impossible, out of 100 episodes, to pick just three favorite scenes, so I’ll pick the latest one:

    In Vegas, after McKay tells Sheppard: “They can get into your head”, and the two of them walk out, leaving Todd to scratch at the glass and turn away. For some reason, that scene resonates, and I can’t even exactly say why.

    I was sad to see Atlantis go, but as you said, five seasons was pretty darn good (especially when most of the shows I like best only last a season or two).

  35. Three scenes that I remember fondly,

    First would be from Irresistable. I know the episode is generally not held in high regards by fans but the scene with Sheppard and Beckett in the jumper is one of the funniest scenes of the entire series. Sheppard hitting Carson and telling him to ‘Buck Up’ always makes me laugh.

    Next would be the second scene of Rodney having his butt checked in Sateda aboard the ship. Seeing him lying there with the smiley face boxers is great. But the ensuing banter between Carson and Rodney was great. Carson calling out Rodney for calling Ronan a caveman and then Rodney trying to turn it around on Carson to make it look as though he doesn’t care for anyone. (This scene narrowly edged out the one in the hive where both Rodney and Carson are trying to fit into the dart to make their escape. Another great scene though.)

    Third would be the Sheppard line “I’m sorry for shooting everyone!” line from Phantom’s I believe. And of course the Rodney griefing Sheppard about it was funny too.

    I loved the humor in the show. Better than most sitcoms out there. I think thats what I’m going to miss the most.

    Just a quick question, Why weren’t Zelenka and Lorne on the balcony at the end? They both played a major part in this series and it would have been nice to see them there.

  36. 1) Rising

    2) Enemy at the Gate

    3) Everything in between

    Joe (and everyone else on the team), thanks for 5 great years of television. SGA is the only show I’ve ever watched from series premiere to finale without missing a new episode, and boy I don’t regret it one bit.

  37. You can bet I’ll have the Stargate Atlantis movie pre-ordered on Amazon the very day I find out that it’s available and of course I’ll be glued to a TV set to watch it when SciFi premieres it. Even if I have to drive somewhere else during a power outage, like I was prepared to do for season four’s mid season cliffie had the power not been restored here in town by that Friday evening.

    Wow, there are so many amazing moments in SGA, it’s really difficult to narrow it down to only three, and most of them have already been covered. ‘S okay, though, I don’t mind running with the crowd in this instance!

    #1 Atlantis rising from the deep in Rising is definitely my very favorite scene of the series; that one just can’t be topped for me! The scene when she first broke the surface literally held me breathless.

    #2 only to that scene is watching Atlantis take flight for the first time in so many millenia in First Strike. Another one for stealing my breath away.

    #3 is a tie between the pier scene with Rodney and John in The Shrine and my Sam kicking @$$ and not bothering to take names in Last Man. David Hewlett and Joe Flanigan did such an amazing job in that scene, it was the best in the series as far as character moments go. And if Samantha Carter had to die in any of the series onscreen, all of the Gods forbid, I think that would be the way she would go out, saving her people and spitting in the enemy’s eye as she took them out with her.

    As desperately as I’m going to miss all of the characters I’ve come to love over the last five years (especially Rodney), I think I’m going to miss Atlantis herself even more. Your visual effects team and the artists, set makers and dressers and the prop folks did such a spectacular job that I keep having to remind myself that Atlantis isn’t sitting out somewhere in the middle of the ocean for you to fly by and take pictures of her. It’s a good thing that CGI effects are so good these days that they no longer use models, or I would probably have wound up taking a lien on my soul to buy the model of Atlantis when it eventually came up for auction at Christie’s when all was said and done otherwise.

    Joe, my thanks to you and all of the cast and crew who gave us five years of magic. I wish all of you only the very best (yes, even the yahoos who canceled the series). Brightest Blessings to all of you!

    *goes off to continue sniffling and crying into my diet Coke*

  38. Hi Joe,

    Thanks to you, the cast and crew, writers, and all that I have failed to mention, for a wonderful five seasons! Enemy at the Gate was a fitting and fantastic series finale and I am looking forward to the first of many *crosses fingers* movies!

    There are so many moments I enjoyed, cried over, laughed until I cried, cheered…so I happily concur with the ones already listed, and add three more (though many more are dancing around in my head)….
    Rodney and John pier scene in The Shrine.
    Radek in Letters from Pegasus where he describes the rising of the city.
    Rodney and Carson running to and getting into the dart in The Outsiders – I can’t stop laughing at that!

    So THANK YOU again to all involved in SGA for five seasons and things yet to come – a thank you hardly seems enough but know it is sincere!

    Trish B.

  39. I only get to choose Three favorite moments? Well I would probably have to say:

    1. McKay’s heartbreaking regression in The Shrine

    2. The first time that John sat in the chair and the world lit up for him

    3. In Enemy at the Gate when the city lands in San Fransisco, both me and my dad smiled at that 🙂

    Those are just some of the amazing scenes that stand out to me, I also have the whole “Vegas” episode has to be my favorite episode of Atlantis, it was just amazing. As some would say, it out CSI’d CSI. 😉

  40. Gha, sorry this is so late, I’m a bit knackered. (I swear my cold symptoms are mutating every other day or so. I might very well spend the year being sick at this rate. XD)

    Had a good time at the party last night, though — big thanks to all who came! 😀

    And ginourmous thanks & *HUGS* to the cast & crew for 5 brilliant seasons and two (for me) wonderful years!

    Okay, I hate to say it, but EatG was … a bit of a let-down. I didn’t hate it, no — I even loved aspects of it — but I was dissappointed in a lot of little ways. I think “Adrift” was more successful in balancing action and characterisation. Actually, I think “First Strike” was too. So like with “Vegas”, I have a love/hate–er, *dislike* relationship with EatG.

    I’m very glad that Carson was in it — now if only he’d had more of a chance to interact with people instead of being there mostly just so Shepard could be used elsewhere! (Thanks for the scene with Rdney, at least). That didn’t make much sense to me, having a man who is *not* a pilot, and who has shown great fear of using the chair just for the drones even, fly the city that evenexpert pilot John had throuble with. Doesn’t O’Neill have a gene as strong as John’s? Couldn’t he handle the drones on Earth? (You didn’t even need to show him!) So the very premise, that John needed to go on ahead and that Carson was capable of flying the city in his stead, just didn’t work for me. Now if there had been some explanation given as to why O’Neil couldnt do it (like maybe he was on the Odyssey?) and Rodney saying he’d created a workaround taht would allow even a child to fly the city with eas? Okay, that might have worked. But there wasn’t anything there like that.

    Sheppard’s attitude towards Todd frustrated the hell out of me. I remember what you said about the guys not being perfect, Joe, but can’t the man ever evolve some compassion? And here I thought he finally had at the end of “Infection”. He complains that things always go wrong when Todd’s around — has he forgotten about the events in BAMSR? Or what happened with Jeannie? And isn’t that the same arguement that the Coalition put toards him, that Atlantis causes nothing but trouble? The only point Todd ever betrayed them was on the Daedalus and Todd hade only done so because he’d though the Earthers had betrayed him first. This just makes John look realy irrational and hypocritical, at least where I’m sitting. I don’t like ending the series so very disappointed in him. Please, for the love of Gaia, I am *BEGGING* you, on paws and knees, to give Sheppard a reason to turn around on this point in the movie. And to not kill Todd or make him go evil. I would give you my firstborn if I could have kids. Will a clone do?

    While Sheppard’s scenes were thrilling, and I love the character (aside from his being such a speciesist, anyway), and his willingness to sacrifice himself brought me to tears, I would have rather have seen him with his team a *lot* more in the final ep. And having Teyla come all that way, I wish she’d gotten more to do in saving the planet than just run around a Wraith ship for a while. At least Ronon died. XD Rodney, too, was a bit under-utilised in dialogue (although I appreciate that the wormhole-jump that Zelenka used was Rdney’s idea).

    And of course I would have liked a *lot* more interaction betwixt Rodney and Sheppard. I did love their one scene in the hall, showing them being on the same wavelength, and then on the radio, but at the same time not much friendshippyness. The end, I feel (and yes, folks, I realise this is just my opinion and that many of you loved the end) should have featured a comeraderly moment between *them* as they stood amongst their friends, isntead of Keller getting a horribly corny moment with McKay. I didn’t like Rdney being sort of set off from his team. McKeller aside, a moment of frendship between Rodney & John would have, to my min, been more appropriate, a more fitting parting moment.

    Speaking of that ending, it felt kinda tacked on, too. And Zelenka and Lorne should have been there before Amelia. Hell, even Chuck deserved to be there more — and I *like* Amelia.

    I don’t have a problem with Ronon/Amerlia, but it seemed to me rather dumped on us at the last minute there — the only set-up was their scene together in “The Prodigal”. Once again, we’re basically being told more than shown. Joe, you said once that you didn’t have a certain character give a throwaway line about going home to his boyfriend because it would have been a WTF moment for the fans — it works that way with heterosexual relationships too. Seeing them chat together here and there would have helped this immensley — instead we get her looking gorgeous and extremely happy to see Ronon and it was hard to connect to it.

    And if Amelia was going to be there with Ronon, then Torren and Kanaan should have been ther with teyla — poor Teyla who, as it stands at that moment, may have to choose between her people and her surrogate family on Earth. Instead of feeling uplifted by the end. I felt horrible for the people of Pegasus who just lost their best means of defense.

    I *did* love Ronon’s death scene — OMGs, you guys scared the crap out of me with that. I had completely forgotten the spoilery pics I’d scene at Gateworld. But when Teyla told Sheppard, I felt like she was acting the same as when she informed him that Lt Williams was dead — like oh, it’s sad. but it didn’t touch her personally. I felt like she was more sad for Sheppard than anything. And I expected more lingering sadness from Rodney, too. They were so great when it actually happened, and then …. almost nothing.

    I’m glad Paul worked Caldwell in for at least a little bit. I was very happy to see Sam (and Walter & Major Davis), again. I so wish Daniel & Vala could have been in the background at least, but I just tell myself they were offworld, or maybe on hat secret mission on the Odyssey, and I’m mollified. I did miss Landry, but I was glad Sam had such a big role. And I was thrilled with the homage to Don s David — that moved me to tears. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for that. I also appreciated the speech of loyalty from Rononand teyla they gave Woolsey — I just feel like it should have been said to Sheppard instead. It would have been a beautiful parallel to that moment in “The Return”, part one, when they said goodbye to Sheppard.

    Anyway, to be fair, with the bitterness of it being the end, I’m not sure that anything really would have satisfied me — I would likely have *some* complaints no matter what. Endings that truly please me are few and far between. And I know you can’t please everyone, so I’m glad so many of the fans seem so happy with it. 🙂 And I did *like* it, at least.

    Oh! Big Congrats to Jason Momoa!!! Shoulda said that yesterday …

    Okay, if you’re still reading, my three fave moments …. Oh Gaia, that’s very, very hard. Um …

    #3 – Okay, it’s a toss-up between — er, amongst: Rodney’s death scene in Tao, Rodney’s meditation scenes with John in Tao, any time Rodney calls John by his first name, the RC-racing scenes in The Prodigal, the infiormary scenein The Shrine where they try to talk Rodney into going off-world and John does this teary little swallow as he looks at Rodney; John and Rodney playing with the shield device; John rushing after Rodney when he goes into the black energy cloud in Hide & Seek; Ronon demanding the Wraith Queen take him when she was about to eat Rodney in BAMSR; Rodney sitting up with Ronon in Broken Ties; the bathtub conversation in Broken Ties; the deaf-in-the-infirmary scenes in Echoes, as well as the scene where they became deaf and any scene on the balcony with Sheppard & McKay; John & Zelenka rescuing Rodney in Grace Under Pressure; “Why do *you* get to be Mr Fantastic?”; the goodbye between John, Ronon, and teyla in The return; McKay & Sheppard’s phone sex–er, conversation in The Return; the kiss in Duet and any moment where McKay and Cadman interact in McKay’s head; Mckay hugging Ronon and healing his back; Ronon hugging McKay; any time John calls Rodney or Ronon “Buddy”; Rodney revealing to John that he’s going to propose to Katie; the team trying to make Rodney feel better about Rod in McKay & Mrs Miller; Ronon training Rodney to fight; Ronon yelling at Tyre and sobbing in Broken Ties; Neeva coming on to Rodney in the jumper; any Rodney-and-Daniel scene; Rodney & John’s conversation at the end of Miller’s Crossing; John & Ridney talking about Batman; John getting teary-eyes when he’s told Elizabeth will die; John praising Rodney after they play asteroids; Ronon hitting the controls in frustration in Daedalus Variations; Rodney’s line about he & Jon having this thing where they save each other & it’s his turn; John forgiving Rodney — sort of — in Trinity; Rodney’s goodbye to Carson in Sunday; Ronon fighting his fellow Satedans; Ronon comforting Rodney — sort of — in Sunday; Rodney and John fighting about Chaya; Ronon wanting to learn science stuff; Ronon constantly saying “What?”in the first half of season 4; any Todd scene, especially when Todd and Ronon share a smile in the alt timeline; any Kyrik scene; Rodney’s Wraith Enzyme encounter; all of Harmony; Rodney’s thinking John’s deaths in The Hive & The Siege; the conversation about dreams in the mess, in Doppelganger; Rodney & John saving each other in their dreams in Doppelganger; Ronon shooting John in Tabula Rasa; Ronon’s finding any little excuse to go to the infirnary to see Keller (kind of ongoing); Ronon’s death scene in EatG; Niel’s Wraith putting on make-up to look human in “Vegas”; most of Rodney’s bits in Trio; any conversation between John & Rodney in “Vegas”; and any conversation between John & Rodney in “The Last Man”.

    Yes, I’m a cheater. 😛 And I’m sure I’m forgetting some stuff, too.

    #2 – John telling Rodney that he won’t let him sacrifice himself in “Miller’s Crossing”.

    My #1 is easy-peasy: Rodney & John, in John’s quarters and on the pier (I consider it one scene :P) in “The Shrine”. I have the clip on my MP3 player — it’s the only vid on it.

    Anyway, again, there aren’t enough words to express the gratitude I have for these past two years (four, if you count SG-1) — especially given how ungrateful I must seem at times. 🙂 Even when I’m frustrated, I’m grateful — for being given things to think and be passionate about. Than you for all I have learned about writing — and life — and the wonderful people I have met because of this franchise, Joe, yourself included.

    Doumo arigato gozaimasu.

  41. Wow… Three favorite moments? Eesh..

    1) Definitely Atlantis rising in Rising. It gives me chills each time I watch it.
    2) The little moments all throughout that referenced SG1, no matter how small or insignificant the moment may have seemed.
    3) Ford’s “transformation”, Carson’s death, Michael’s death, Kolya’s death, and the deaths of any other characters (bad or good) I may have left out.

    I also loved anything with Michael or Todd, and I’m clinging to the hope that Michael somehow, miraculously, survived his kick off Atlantis, even though, deep down, I know that’s not likely. *sniffle*

    Thank you (and everyone who had a hand in making Atlantis) for this wonderful show! I will miss my Friday night Stargate fix, but I look forward to the movie(s) and to Universe with as much optimism and excitement as I can possibly contain at one time.

  42. First let me say, thank you Joe and the rest of the cast and crew for blessing us with five amazing seasons of Atlantis. I’m counting the days until the film!

    I’d say the top three scenes for me would be:

    1. Atlantis rising out of the oceans in ‘Rising’
    2. Ronon detoxing in ‘Broken Ties’
    3. Rodney’s video blog in ‘The Shrine’ where he says he isn’t a doctor anymore

  43. Too many moments to mention – but here’s my best limited to 3:

    1) THE SHRINE – so many fabulous moments – a David Hewlett tour de force…loved it all (b/w Sheppard & Rodney moments on the pier and the first meeting of Jeanie seeing her brother face to face) So many touching moments. Oh and Rodney holding the drill and saying that his brain is not some new deck off the back of his house. (THIS EPISODE IS PRICELESS)

    2) THE HIVE – Rodney and his whole enzyme highs and lows.

    3) SUNDAY – the goodbye pier / fadeout scene b/w Rodney and Beckett

    4) ***bonus – this is way too hard by the way…I think the opening scene of Search & Rescue was awesome as well – probably the best opening episode in SGA history.

    Seriously – there are way too many moments…
    — I loved the banter b/w Rodney & Sheppard throughout every episode and their friendship.
    — The whole motif of Sheppard being the selfless martyr and solitary man w/ close-nit friends is carried throughout the seasons I think…(which brings me to the whole symbolic and interesting parallel with his poster of Johnny Cash…the man in black — and great song tie-in in VEGAS w/ Cash’s remake of “solitary man”).
    — the banter b/w Woolsey and O’Neill in The Return
    — the “OMG that did not just happen & all the pretty horses…” from McKay in Sateda
    — the “clown” part in Doppelganger
    — even the little “Hmm” from Todd in Enemy at the Gate made me think that was great…and hell it was just one little word…but great nonetheless.

    OK – I really have to stop – I’m sorry – I tried for just 3 — and like everyone else I could continue forever…

    So…thanks to all involved – I truly will miss SGA. Can’t wait for the movie…hey make it a long movie will ya…if ya wanna go for 2.5 – 3 hrs. I’ll back ya!! 🙂

    Once again THANKS for 5 seasons!!!

  44. Arg! you are killing me…..

    1. The Shrine – McKay and Sheppard on the pier.

    2. Grace under Pressure – McKay and “Sam” discussing his situation.

    3. everything else……I can’t pick. There are too many.

  45. Hi Joe,
    Wow only 3…

    1.) Every scene almost every scene in Sunday.. even with my HATING that they killed Beckett the memorial and the ending on the pier with Rodney are among some of the best in my opinion.

    2.) Sheppard sitting in the chair in Rising and O’Neill and everyone else’s reaction.

    3.) McKay telling Beckett that he as far as he was concerned he’d gotten one of his best friends back in

    OK can’t stop at 3…
    4.) in The Return when Sheppard is telling O’Neill who he has with him to help with the rescue and O’Neill’s reaction. (on the same lines, the “My Turtles” comment by Beckett.)

    5.) Sheppard jumping back up his normal self at the end of Common Ground – Actually this whole episode too.

    6.) Everything about Duet!

    OK I’ll stop.. but I could go on.

  46. Hmm, looking at your choices, the suspicion that I and many other fans have that you despise the character of Sheppard rings somewhat loud and clear.

    My top 3 favs, if I had to narrow it down to *just* 3:

    1) Joe’s entire performance in “Vegas”. That man can convey more with expressions alone than any dialogue ever can.

    2) David’s entire performace in “The Shrine” (had a friend die from encephalitis, and watching that was like watching her go downhill all over again, so that episode really stuck in my heart).

    3) Teyla kicking Michael off the tower in “The Prodigal”. After two seasons of *meh*, it was good to have Teyla back.

    To all the cast and crew of SGA – thank you for the 5 seemingly all too brief seasons of the only reason to turn on the television on Friday nights.

  47. Narrow it down to 3 scenes or moments? IMPOSSIBLE!

    Ronon and Ford fighting in Runner. (great fight!)

    Ronon stuffing his face in the cafeteria scene with Sheppard in Duet. (hilarious!)

    Ronon and Ford throwing knives in The Hive trying to open a Wraith cell door. (very funny – “take your time…”)

    McKay getting wacked upside the head in Grace Under Pressure. (wish you would have wacked him upside the head in more episodes!)

    Ronon fighting the Big Bad Wraith in Sateda, and the hug for Beckett during the trip home. (awe, the team!)

    Ronon’s irritation with Teal’c in Midway. (I knew they would become great friends!)

    The sword fight in Broken Ties. (awesomeness)

    The final camera pull away shot of a dying Sheppard in Vegas. (very artistic!)

    That took about 5 seconds. If I listed all the shows, I could find a favorite moment in each one of them. What a great series!!! Too bad . . .

  48. Hi Joe, for me, in Rising, Part 1, the helicopter scene with O’Neill and John and the beautiful scenery accompanied by the incredible music. That hooked me. I’ll always remember Rodney asking his sister if she’s happy – a beautifully delivered scene, and Michael finding out he was a Wraith. 🙂 Have a nice Sunday! Deni

  49. There’s no way it will be three but:

    – the pier moments in both Sunday and The shrine

    – Atlantis rising

    – Teyla (the peacemaker) wupping Ronan’s ass – she was the only one of the team who managed it, so much fun to watch

    – Leaving Peter Grodin to die

    – Teyla killing Michael – shocking in both its simplicity after all he had done and in its brutality. It was the action of a mother pushed to the brink

    – McKay kissing Beckett

    – Kavanagh banished to the midway station for being a putz

    – Zalenka’s rants in Czech about Rodney

    – Ronan telling Teal’c he says “Indeed” a lot. Teal’c replying “I had not noticed.”

    – The painting in Harmony of McKay the hero and Shepperd the coward

    – McKay and Jeannie sparring – somehow you know they do it real life too

    _Teyala’s first wraith fight

    – the shrine

    – McKay
    – Beckett
    – Ronan
    – Todd

    – Lucius lavin – enjoyably irritating (and so well played by Richard Kind)

    – Woolsey’s face when Teyla hands him the baby

    – The wraith as an enemy – delightfully cool and creepy

    well i loved it all really.

  50. Hi again, I forgot to ask you, are we still going to have the Q & A with Joel? Will we hear his music in the movies and SGU?

  51. Too many wonderful moments to list, as I could find some in every episode of the series. What a wonderful television show — the actors, the writing, all of it. I know I’ll enjoy Stargate Universe, and I look forward to its start — but I also will dearly miss not seeing the continuing weekly adventures of the Atlantis team (movies, yes, that will be wonderful, but not nearly the same — as I’m greedy).

    So thank you! Thank you to the entire cast and crew for working so hard to give us such fantastic stories!

    PS: I hope we’re able to see more of Todd and Jean Miller in the future! They are such wonderful characters.

  52. Thanks for 5 wonderful years with Atlantis! It’s been fun.

    Wow, top three…..there are so many……

    Okay, here goes..

    1- Elizabeth and Radek talking in the Brotherhood when Radek tells her that “You are the loop” and then got all embarassed.
    2- When Rodney told Radek that he was brilliant in the Tao of Rodney.
    3- Sheppard and Zelenka’s spacewalk in Adrift

    Can’t help it, I’m a huge Zelenka fan.

    Here some other favorites

    4- Carson and Rodney’s conversation on the pier in Sunday.
    5- John and Rodney’s conversation on the pier in The Shrine.
    6- Radek’s wacky hairdo in Critical Mass
    7- Teyla finishing Michael off
    8- Teyla singing
    9- When Carson realized the solider he had been talking to in Phantoms was dead.

    And the list can go on…..

    Thanks Joe for helping to bring some wonderful characters to life. It’s been great!

  53. Just wanted to let you know that I think that you have done a great job with the series and that I will trully miss watching it each week. Also, I think that Woolsey was a perfect choice for the leader of Atlantis and quite possibly my favorite.

  54. @ Trish – I think he’s sobered up…he just told me to go clean the litter pans. 😛 Before, he just kept saying ‘I’d plant a really big one on ya, baby, if I didn’t have this freakin’ infection!’ 😕 Ya know, I HOPE he was referring to his cold…

    @ Joe – In my ramble above, I failed to thank you for being a part of the team that made Atlantis possible. For as mad as certain characters and eps made me at times, if it wasn’t for the show I never would have ‘known’ Todd, or Steve, or any Wraith at all…which may have been better for me in one way, but certainly a loss in another way. So, thank you. I want to be around for the movie…but, no promises. You know who I love, you know what I’d like to see, but I know your vision is probably much different from mine. So…we will see. The way things ended, I could walk away now and be happy…or, I could stick around for the movie and – perhaps – be gutted.

    Well, it’s a long way off. I might be dead by then. End of the world might come or – at the very least – with this sucky economy, I might have long given up my satellite, even my tv…and maybe my house. Heck, I might even be eating my cats by then. So…yeah. Lots can change in the meantime, so just gotta wait, and see.


  55. Oh, and my favorite moments are all the scenes with Sheppard and Kolya (minus Irresponsible).

  56. Hmm? Three scenes?

    1 – John and Rodney on the pier in “The Shrine”
    2 – Carson and Rodney on the pier in “Sunday”
    3 – Amelia interrupting Ronon and John in the infirmary at the end of “Enemy at the Gate”

    I know the third one is probably a strange one, but Amelia’s interaction with Ronon in that one scene made me think there was a lot that went on with them in between episodes. 🙂

    I have to ask a question though.

    Did Teyla have Torren with her in Atlantis when they flew the city to Earth? Was Kanaan?

    And to all the SGA writers (especially you): Thanks for five wonderful seasons of a great show. I was a newcomer to the show, catching a marathon of Season 1 and 2 during Christmas of 2007, and since then I was hooked. I bought all the Atlantis DVDs and SG-1 DVDs, and I’m now a fan for life. Thank you guys for doing what you do!

    I hope you continue with Universe because it wouldn’t be the same without you. Thank you! 🙂

  57. Mr. M,

    There were so many memorable moments for me in Stargate: Atlantis, probably my all time favorite is when Teyla sang in Critical Mass and when Dr. Weir was realizing the Ancients weren’t exactly what she pictured in the season 3 two-parter. I also liked the scene where Ronan tossed the grenade behind him as he walked away in Sateda.

    A couple questions for the next mailbag (forgive me if some you aren’t allowed to answer):

    1. Did earth contact its allies when they heard that the wraith were coming?

    2. Do you mean to tell me that everyone in the San Francisco bay area didn’t see the displacement of water when Atlantis landed?

    3. Will the stargate program’s secrecy be addressed in the upcoming SGA movie?

    4. Did the control chair’s ZPM survive? What about all the artifacts the SGC has brought back over the years?

  58. Congratulation for this very well done Atlantis finale. This one is classed as one of my top 5 episodes. An Atlantis epic episode 😉

    I have to say that the scenes between Todd and Sheppard was awsome. Make me thought of a good revality between two sport teams that promise an other hardly fight for the next “game” as we seen on the last scene between them. Respecting the “never ending” idea of the stargate franchise.

    Nice ending with all the team !

    Well done !

  59. Joe,

    Okay, this is kind of a low blow. I grieved for the show weeks ago when we found out it was canceled, so I wasn’t sad last night. But your question has made me a little misty again.

    Here are just three of my favorite moments –

    1. From Hide and Seek – Sheppard and McKay’s back and forth when they explain the personal shield to Elizabeth. “I shot him!” and “I’m in-vul-ner-able!”

    2. From Conversion – when Elizabeth tells Teyla, Ronon and Rodney if they want a private goodbye with Sheppard, they should do it soon. The looks on their faces, especially Teyla and Rodney, said so much about their feelings for Sheppard.

    3. From Miller’s Crossing – the conversation between McKay and Sheppard when Rodney volunteers to be fed upon so Jeannie will have a chance to live. It was a wonderful way to show how much Rodney had grown as a person, plus it made clear just how close Rodney and John had become.

    There are so many more but I’ll stop there or I might cry. I will miss this show and the characters so much. I can’t tell you how much.


  60. Only 3? Okay. Let me try…

    1. Atlantis rising to the surface in Rising.

    2. Rodney and Jeannie hugging at the end of McKay and Mrs. Miller.

    3. The pier scene in Shining… and the video scene where Rodney’s trying to remember his mother’s words…and the scene at the beginning with Rodney and Jeannie…okay, I’ll stop.

    4. The dream scene with Sheppard and Teyla in the beginning of Search and Rescue, and the scene with Sheppard and Ronon in the rubble – also Search and Rescue (It’s a tie, so I get to mention two.)

    5. Beckett’s end in Sunday, and McKay’s reaction while packing Beckett’s things. (Again, a tie.)

    6. And every scene everyone else has already picked.

    Okay, let me stop because I’m obviously not doing a good job of this…

  61. My 3 scenes off the top of my head in no particular order:
    1. Mckay in the hospital bed at the end of Tao of Rodney
    2. Beckett fading away *sob*
    3. When I thought Ronon died
    Omg but theres so many more! Beckett crying in the puddle jumper over lucious (sp?), the last time you see Ford, Teyla having the baby, Tod’s little wraith joke about shaking his hand, pretty much every scene in the Last Man… etc etc theres just too many awesome memories there.

  62. wolfenm wrote: “Sheppard’s attitude towards Todd frustrated the hell out of me. I remember what you said about the guys not being perfect, Joe, but can’t the man ever evolve some compassion? And here I thought he finally had at the end of “Infection”. He complains that things always go wrong when Todd’s around — has he forgotten about the events in BAMSR? Or what happened with Jeannie? And isn’t that the same arguement that the Coalition put toards him, that Atlantis causes nothing but trouble? The only point Todd ever betrayed them was on the Daedalus and Todd hade only done so because he’d though the Earthers had betrayed him first. This just makes John look realy irrational and hypocritical, at least where I’m sitting. I don’t like ending the series so very disappointed in him. Please, for the love of Gaia, I am *BEGGING* you, on paws and knees, to give Sheppard a reason to turn around on this point in the movie. And to not kill Todd or make him go evil. I would give you my firstborn if I could have kids. Will a clone do?”

    Yup, what she said. EVERY. SINGLE. WORD.

    I’m just glad that I am not the only one who sees it, and feels this way. There is nothing more I can add.


    PS. Don’t send Joe kids – or he WILL kill Todd, just out of spite. Send him chocolate, or better yet, a big box of Pierre Hermes macarons. 😉

  63. Thanks for five years of Atlantis. Vegas and Enemy are brilliant, and such a great way to end an amazing run. Reading everyone else’s comments makes it even harder to come up with three favorite moments because I was constantly reminded of so many parts I loved. But if I had to narrow it down, I would say that the best three moments were the first time we saw John, the first time we met Teyla, and the first time we were introduced to Ronan. Not that the specific scenes themselves stand out among the others listed here, rather that their introduction into the series was what made it so remarkable to me.

  64. Joe, The Shine was one of my all time best. I liked the scene with McKay and Sheppard on the Pier drinking beer. My favorite line from this episode was “You’re a good friend, Arthur” I cracked up in between tears. There were so many moments and storylines I liked and so hard to choose from. Enemy at the Gate was just the best to end the series. Thanks so much!! Oh, thanks for not killing off Ronon for good.

  65. Favorite moments? But there’s so many! And I actually have favorite episodes… it’s rather difficult to choose favorite moments! But if I had to:
    *Trio: McKay’s ramblings and his “macho” role in their escape.
    *The Return: the Woolsey/O’Neill scenes (and pretty much everything else, too!)
    *Grace Under Pressure: “You’re a hallucination, you can’t actually transfer any heat” “Doesn’t mean I can’t get you hot” (and especially liked the follow-up in Pegasus Project: “I wanted to thank you for being there for me recently in a time of great personal need.” “Was I naked?” “Partially”)

    Gah!!! Imagining what could have been for the 6th season is driving me nuts!
    Is your made-for-TV Atlantis movie going to air with commercials? If so, will it air over three hours instead of two?

  66. Top 3 moments?

    1)The Shrine:
    The pier scene. From Rodney running to Johns quarters to Sheppards’heartbreaking smile at remembering when his friend was still lucid. The script was perfect and David & Joe rocked!

    2)Tao of Rodney:
    All of it. I mean how can I possible choose between the scene where John is flipping through a magazine while Rodney lays on his bedroom floor hooked up to the brainwave device trying to clear his mind or the one where Rodney & Ronan arrive in Wiers office and Rodney has an entire conversation without them cause he can read their minds? Or the early scene where Carson is first examining McKay and Rodney starts talking about superpowers and invisibility and then looks at Sheppard & asks “Can you still see me?” Just a brilliant show, both poignant and funny.

    Rodney saying goodbye to Carson. Again, beautiful dialogue and pitch perfect performances.

  67. You had a great cast and they delivered some great moments from some interesting scripts. Top three moments? I’ll have to rely on the things that immediately come to mind when i tried to narrow it down.

    1) Atlantis rises to the surface in Rising. (The city always was like another character at the start)

    2) Sheppard convinces Wallace to become Todd’s food

    3) Rodney and Sheppard discuss plans to save the city in “The Storm”; it’s the first best display of the great chemistry and timing between Joe Flanigan and David Hewlett. “by walk I mean run…” This scene is as dear to me as the scene on the pier in “The Shrine.”

    (I could keep going: Ronon takes Teyla’s hand after it is revealed that she is pregnant. Rodney heals Ronon in “Tao of Rodney.” Sheppard’s unflagging support of Rodney in “The Shrine.” Sheppard shows Jeannie her brother’s recording from “Letters from Pegasus.” Rodney tells Ellis that it’s not his call on whether or not to sink the city.)

    If we’re talking about surprising moments, i loved the reveal of Weir in “Be All My Sins Remember’d”. The shock of Gaul killing himself. Sheppard killing Sumner. Sheppard killing the Wraith in cold blood in “Siege Part I.” what can I say? I liked the dark tone of SGA.

    Best moment in a single shot? Teyla looking down at where she has pushed Michael to his death.

    Top three episodes? “Letters From Pegasus”, “Grace Under Pressure” and possibly “Vegas” or “Tao of Rodney.” (as an aside, my least favorite? “Irresistible.”)

  68. Enemy at the Gates…an amazing end to an epic series. The action was so fast paced that it seemed like the 43 minutes went by in 15. Where to start…
    **spoilers for those who haven’t watched yet**
    I loved the visually cool but all too brief space battle between the Jumper and Daedalus vs. the Super Wraith ship. The jumper spinning out of control was one of the nicest shots of the season. I laughed when Kavanagh appeared…they really tried to get all the guest stars in this episode didn’t they. Loved how this episode tied in to the previous one…wish they did this more often. I was really surprised that John had to go back to Earth, but story wise it makes sense. The only other option would be to have O’Neill in the chair and to have him die off screen would have been very bad. I’ll talk about Beckett in the command chair later. Someone in a previous post once talked about how they wished Sheppard’s past had been explored more thoroughly with regards to his death wish. How many times has he WILLINGLY volunteered for a suicide mission. We need to understand what drives him to this. I really liked the irony of Atlantis not being able to contact Earth, but they could send a strike team to the Super Wraith ship. This led to the obligatory Lorne sighting. So now the Wraith can resurrect a completely dead person. I thought it was great how you renamed the Phoenix the General Hammond. Very appropriate. The space battle between Atlantis and the Super Wraith ship was epic, almost as good as the battle in BAMSR. And of course the last shot of our good crew looking at the Golden Gate bridge was absolutely perfect. This was the best of the 100 episodes by far. However, there were a few nitpicks as far as I am concerned:
    1. All the Keller haters have complained about how she went from her state in Missing to her state in Tracker. How she gained confidence over time as she gained experience was glossed over by these people. What about Beckett’s transformation? He was scared to death of the Chair. He had to be literally dragged into it and told to not think about anything but what he currently needed to do. In “The Return” he got better, although he was still complaining. Now he is the Number 2 person to fly Atlantis to Earth??? And where is the fear and uncertainty he had. No one will complain about this in Beckett like they did with Keller.
    2. Ronan’s “death”…my first thought when I saw this was the following….”I can’t believe they kept this quiet. How could this not have been spoiled. These writers have some *&@# stones to kill a main character in the series finale.” The a minute later you use the ultimate cheat, something that we have never seen before. What other corpses can the Wraith re-animate. I think you should either have killed him off or not bothered…it doesn’t work the way you did it here.
    3. The fancy new “Wormhole drive.” A new piece of technology we have never heard of before that requires a staggering amount of perfect calculations….and it works flawlessly the first time. And we don’t get to even see the visual effects for it.
    4. What is the “classified mission” that the Odyssey is on. Will this be what the next SG-1 movie is about? Will we ever find out?
    5. So Carter is now going to be a starship commander? I thought she would eventually replace Landry as Stargate Command commander. It seems like a step down from being Atlantis commander.
    6. All the Keller haters have complained about how the Keller/Rodney relationship came out of nowhere. So will people now complain about how the apparent relationship between Amelia and Ronan went from his admiring her fighting style to her visiting him in the infirmary and being the one to lead him to the rest of the main crew and hanging out with them. It was a sin when Keller ate meals and hung out with the command crew.
    7. Will Atlantis be allowed to return to Pegasus…I guest we will find out in the movie.
    Don’t get me wrong. This was an absolutely amazing episode and the number one with a bullet in the series. I just seemed to notice more inconsistencies than the standard episode. To all the cast and crew…thank you for 5 awesome years…and may we have a whole bunch of movies!!!

  69. Seriously, can’t pick just 3!!!
    It’s hard to pick which scenes are my favorites as I have appreciated so much about this show.
    But here are a few, and not surprisingly, most are Shep related, as it were Joe Flanigan and his character, John Sheppard, that were the primary reason for me loving Atlantis.
    Favorite Scene: The Beer on the Pier scene, number one, bar none. This was the most important dynamic of the entire series, and the McKay-Sheppard friendship was truly the heart of the show.
    Favorite Episode: Vegas, without hesitation. Every moment of this ep was beautiful and brilliant.
    And others, in no particular order:
    Shep’s awed expression as he sat in the chair the first time in Rising
    Doppelganger – the Shep on Shep fight
    Tabula Rasa – When Ronon shoots Shep and says “it never gets old”
    Zelenka’s description, in Czech, of Atlantis rising out of the ocean
    Outcast where they introduce Ronon as a Civilian Contractor
    Shep’s “Kolyaaaaa” in The Storm/The Eye and his taking out all the Genii
    Todd’s “A little Wraith Humor”
    Shep and Rodney’s apology/acceptance after they disagreed over reviving Weir
    Beckett crying in Irresistible
    The look on Shep’s face at the end of Ghost in the Machine
    FRAN saying “hello” to the Asurans
    Teyla kicking Michael over the ledge to his death
    Shep handing Ronon his sword at the end of Broken Ties
    Almost every scene in Common Ground, especially Shep’s bond with Todd, Todd feeding on Shep, and Kolya and Shep’s adversarial relationship. Also loved Rodney’s little pep talk when they went to rescue him.
    McKay/Sheppard banter in Harmony, and that painting at the end – hilarious
    Shep and McKay Scene after feeding the scientist to Todd in Miller’s Crossing
    And many, many more that others have mentioned above!
    Thank you so much for a truly spectacular 5 years!

  70. Very difficult to choose 10 much less only 3!

    1. The most memorable and mesmerizing is the Rising of Atlantis. The holy grail of the franchise.

    2. Atlantis in flight and landing as she brings help to rescue earth and returns the crew to earth.

    3. related to 2 – the Team at the railing looking out over the water.

    And, as someone else said – everything in between.

    Wonderful, beautiful, fantastic, and brilliant 5 seasons!

  71. John slowing being killed by the Iratus bug in 38Minutes

    John turning into a sorta bug in Conversion

    Dueling Sheppard’s in Doppelganger

    John and Todd in Common Ground

    Ronon in Runner and Sateda

    The Shrine

    AU John’s death in Vegas

    Enemy at the Gate

  72. Top 3 three favorite moments in no particular order:
    – Sheppard risking his life when he needed major surgery to save Teyla in Search and Rescue
    – Beckett flying the city in Enemy at the Gate because that was the fourth time he had to sit in the chair whether or not he had to do something the other times.
    – Teyla kicking Michael’s butt at the end of The Prodigal

    I know they are all from Season 5 but if this had been a top 10 then I would have had moments on there from the other seasons.

    Will the design of the Stargate in Stargate Universe be different then SG-1’s design and Atlantis’ design so that each has there own version of the Stargate?
    Questions for Paul Mullie:

    I thought that for the most part each Atlantis character was in Enemy at The Gate equally and didn’t overshadow each other but other then the tiny bit of McKay and Keller, which I didn’t like, I though Enemy at the Gate was a really good episode. My favorite moments were the Ronan, Teyla and Woolsey scene where Woolsey asks them if they want to stay on Atlantis or in the Pegasus Galaxy. Also the part before Ronan is brought back to life and McKay and Teyla found out that he dead after being shot by a Wraith because Teyla jumped into action a little bit shooting at the Wraith for what they did to Ronan.

    What would say your top 4 favorite characters were to write for in Stargate franchise overall (both SG-1 and Atlantis)?

    In Enemy at the Gate would you say that Teyla’s son was with her on Atlantis or in the Pegasus Galaxy with his father?

  73. Keeping in mind that I’ve yet to see any of season5 – I’m in Canada, only have basic cable, and tin can/string dialup! A fist full of Canadian Tire Money is standing by just waiting for the S5 DVDs to come out, hopefully in my lifetime!!

    Meanwhile, *ALL* I ever watch are the rest of my SGA collection…. What can I say, most prime time programming pretty much out suck blackholes!

    Which leads me to this thought… **IF** this whole SGC/SGA thing WERE true and really was happening in our current existance[and who’s to say that it’s *not* in some perfect parallel universe!] – considering the state of present TV Guide listings – can you all just imagine the variety of “Reality” shows that could be generated from Atlantis…?

    Forget the most memorable scenes of SGA – although I have to agree, the City Rising does say it all, not to mention ALL the other wonderfully intricate CGI scenes produced by your beyond gifted SFX department! AND all the heart-wrenching performances by the Cast [AND Crew!].

    No, I’m thinking about those new shows – such as…

    – BANTOS BUFFET [an Athosian cooking/exercise show starring Teyla demonstrating her skills at tenderising “any” meat and how to stay trim!]
    – DR. McKAY’s QUANTUM CORNER [*real* Science and other insights on Leadership…]
    – SURF CITY [Sheppard giving instructions on how to use Ancient CityShips as tsunami surfboards. “The Ancients, they did *everything* BIG!!!”.]
    – GATE GOLF [Sheppard’s other show! With tips on how to increase your PARsec using Gate Bridging. With special guest appearances by O’Neill and Teal’c.]
    – DEX in the CITY [Hey, there *has* to be at least one ‘ripoff’ Soap here! Maybe he’ll finally get lucky!!]
    – DREADING the RONON [a hair infomercial… someone has to pay for those ZPMs! Starring clients: Caldwell, Woolsey, AND Ellis]
    – MacGYVVER [Carter and O’Neill, holograph appearances by THOR… Seriously, why not, if they can totally redo BATTLESTAR…?]
    – The ICE BECKETT [has to be at least one doctor show too]
    – COMM-CHUCK [All music/video across the intergalactic void *all* the time!]
    – HANDS ON [Todd drops by various surprise locales to lend a “helpful” hand in finishing and/or repairing that problem experiment or reno.]
    – LAND of LORNE [an Art/Travel show with Lorne teaching the audience how to capture on canvas those ginormous wonders of nature… Lots of BIG rocks!]
    – FORD-WORD [a game show on naming things… Aiden had to show up some time!]
    – IOA [like ET and TMZ, they just want to expose and nitpick *everyone*!]
    – RACING WITH RADEK [Lots of pigeon and seagull competitions… What did you expect after plopping Atlantis in the middle of The Bay!!? Cloak or no cloak, there’s gonna be guano going on.]

    BTW, Joe, feel free to writer/produce any of these!

  74. The three best scenes…a tough question.
    1) Sam’s noble sacrifice in “The Last Man”
    2) A tie between John climbing the control tower in “Quarantine” and the John and Teyla vs Michael fight outside the tower in “The Prodigal”
    3) The scene cuts in “Critical Mass” where we go from Teyla singing at the funeral to John and Ronan beating up Caldwell to the password being ran up to the control room where Rodney is waiting to save the day, all set to the beautiful voice of Rachel.
    There are so many more but you had to limit us to only three!

  75. Hey Joe.

    I have a question about the city of Atlantis itself: when the cloak is activated and the people in the city look out the windows, can they see the other towers? Would they be invisible or can they see everything within the range of the cloak?

    Thanks Joe.

  76. I have about 6 episodes permanently taking up room on my DVR. The obvious ones Sunday, Grace Under Pressure, and The Shrine are there but these three have special reasons for me.

    Epiphany: I love supernatural elements and was disappointed when SG started moving away from it. But to be honest it was more of a personal thing than any. Since my mother died I had really lost all of my creative ambitions. This episode single handedly broke that desiccated part of my life. I need to live more and not go thru the motions. I ended up taking vacation that week because I stayed up 72 hours straight creating everything that my limited skills would allow.

    Ghosts in the Machine: Leaving Weir’s consciousness trapped, forever floating, in nothingness. It’s heart breaking testament to all that Weir was/is. To me Weir was the “mom” of Atlantis always having to worry about the kids and having to trust them to grow on their own. Then to turn it around and them not being able to trust her it just shook me and then that last statement “I guess that answers the question as to whether it was really Elizabeth.” First I forgot to breath and then when I did I cried.

    Whispers: A gorgeous all women SG team fighting scary monsters in the mist. Yeah I know, but that episode was hot. It could more than easily been done badly but it was well constructed and played out. It is my favorite action piece so far from SGA.

  77. I always hate these kinds of questions because there are so many moments that one remembers, it’s difficult to pick one or even two.

    The scene where Elizabeth held off the Replicators so John and his team could escape really stands out for me. John wanted to rescue her, but she told him to follow orders. First time for everything.

    Rodney and John outside the city, drinking beer together. Actually bonding instead of yelling at each other.

    The episode Sunday. All of it. Powerful episode.

    My new favorite, Vegas. Rob Cooper really outdid himself on it. The directing, the writing, the acting were terrific. Even the lighting was great.

    Ronon in Sadeta, when he hides all those weapons and retrieves them to kill all those Wraith singlehandedly.

    I could keep going. I think it’s time for a SGA marathon in my house.

    Good luck with the new series Joe and with all the other stuff you have on your plate.

  78. I Loved Enemy at the Gate it was a wonderful end to a wonderful five years. Just wanted to say thanks for creating a great show and taking the time to the fans.

    One qustion that has been nagging me though was what happened with Teyla’s family? Where they left behind in the PG or were they aboard atlantis?

  79. Joe! Absolutely LOVED ‘Enemy at the Gate’ My only questions is, with the news of the cancellation, why o WHY wouldn’t they (Scifi/MGM) allow for a two hour finale!!?? That’s the least they could have done! (you could submit that one to Mr.Mullie for his guest blogging)

    Favorite scenes:

    1.John and McKay pier scene in ‘The Shrine’
    2.Nuclear detanation at the end of ‘Siege 3’
    3.Weir’s bettering of Oberoth in ‘Lifeline’
    4.The reveal of the Asgard in ‘Lost Tribe’
    5. ‘Ghost.. Machine’ – computer saying “Elizabeth Weir”
    6.”Easy cheewy, the buttons are your friends in ‘D.V.’
    7.The city taking off in ‘First Strike’
    8.Atlants rising to the surface in ‘Rising’
    9.The testing of ‘Trinity’
    10.Showing Ronon’s past life in ‘Sateda’

  80. _- INGLISH -_
    3 times or esenas my favorites are the first and by far

    “S01E03 – when Elizabeth asks McKay to stay dispocitivo given to activate the laptop has the shield on and off and makes the comment after that”

    “S04E04 – where all the essence complete Sheperd connects to sleep and end Mckay McKay asked Sheperd on its soil because there are no hot girls”

    “S05E06 – When you are operating at Mckay and see the video Mckay farewell to all on day 18 of infection with the parasite”

    _- Spanish -_

    mis 3 momento o esenas favoritos son la primera y por lejos
    “S01E03 – cuando elizabet le pide a McKay que se quede a activar el dispocitivo dado que el tiene el escudo portatil y se desactiva y el comentario que hace despues de eso”

    “S04E04 – toda la esena completa donde Sheperd se conecta a el sueño de Mckay y al final McKay pregunta a sheperd porque en su suelo no hay chicas hot”

    “S05E06 – cundo lo estan operando a Mckay y se ve el video del Mckay despidiendose de todos en el dia 18 de su infeccion con el parasito”

    por ultimo tengo que acotar que dejo demaciado que desear el S05E20 teniendo en cuenta los echo y como acontesen por mi parte esparaba que no sea tan fasil y que quede en supesno para la continuacion de alguan pelicula o la S06, una pena (solo es un coemntariod e un fan)

  81. 1: The end of Aurora when the captain talks to his crew about how it was an honor serving with them even though they will never make it back to Atlantis.

    2: All of Travelers, but this exchange in particular.
    DEX: Or they figured out you’d be more trouble than you’re worth.
    SHEPPARD: That is a possibility.
    McKAY: No, there’s something you’re not telling us.
    (John looks down guiltily.)
    McKAY: She was hot, wasn’t she?
    SHEPPARD (deliberately concentrating on cutting up the food on his plate): I don’t know what you’re talking about.
    McKAY: Oh! I knew it! That is so typical!
    SHEPPARD: She had me beat, Rodney.
    (Rodney sighs in exasperation.)
    SHEPPARD: She threatened to kill me several times. It wasn’t like we were hanging out in the spa together.
    McKAY: Whatever! All I know is that every time I get taken captive, it’s the Wraith. Just once, I would like to be taken prisoner by the sexy alien.
    SHEPPARD: Well, you may still get a chance.
    DEX: Yeah? What do you mean?
    SHEPPARD: She’s still out there.

    3: The Lost Tribe: When the Asguard are revealed. For 2 reasons, 1 because it was such a cool moment, and 2 because it reminded me of 200 when O’niell appeared and Sam broke the 4th wall and said something about it being in the previews. Which is exactly what happened with this great moment.

    Also a question, With the movie, do you plan to finish a storyline, similar to what was done in Ark of Truth, or do you plan to leave the ending more open ended so more movies can pick up where this one leaves off?

  82. Well, Joe, if Atlantis has to go as a series, I think “Enemy at the Gate” was a great high note to go out on. Thank you and the rest of the writers, the cast, and the crew for five years of a terrific show. It’s a shame that it couldn’t go on longer, but I’m happy with what we got and I look forward to the movies (I’ve got my fingers crossed for more than one).

    Three favorite moments. I think I can do that.

    1. Zelenka and Sheppard doing the space walk in “Adrift”.

    2. Zelenka telling Rodney that since Rodney saved his life, he was going to try to save him and Rodney apologizing to Zelenka and telling him he was brilliant in “Tao of Rodney”.

    3. Lorne talking to Teyla about her baby in “Spoils of War”.

    Zelenka ranting in Czech, Rodney getting his snark on, and Chuck and Walter popping up were always good for a grin, too.

    There really are too many to mention and I think that’s a good thing. 🙂

  83. @ das ~ Oooh, if only we could find come of Lucuis Lavin’s potion to slip into that chocolate ….

    @ Tim Gaffney:

    Re: #1: Actually, *I* did complain about it. 😉 Although I didn’t actually have a problem with Keller’s personal character growth from Missing to Tracker — I enjoyed her kicking butt in Tracker! It was mostly her relationship with Rodney that I’ve been having the most problems with, as well as her being used in a way that I felt made Ronon look bad (in Lost Tribe). And while I appreciated her character growth in one way, I didn’t feel she should have saved herself and thus shown up the heroes of the show, rendering them essentially impotent, their efforts wasted. If she had her *own* show, or if she were Teyla, it woudn’t have been an issue for me. At least Carson didn’t really show anyone up otherwise (anything he did that saved the day was in his capacity as a doctor, and generally was augmented by the others rather than in lieu of them efforts), but I do feel him using the chair was inappropriate.

    Re: #2 It was a reverse feeding. A normal feeding takes life, a reverse gives it. Larrin was basically killed and brought back; why is it hard to believe here?

    Re: #6 Indeed, I complained about that, too. 😉 Although I at least find the idea of Ronon/Amelia more palatable, I just felt it was misplaced here.

    The “sin” you speak of basically comes down to: primary character development and interaction should, in my eyes, always trump secondary (Keller — if she’s meant to be core, above where Carson ever was instead of just his replacement, she should have been added to the team) or tertiary (Amelia). Secondary and tertiary are there to serve primary’s (Ronon) story, and in this case, primary, I felt, would have been better served by interacting with other primaries (John, Teyla, Rodney) instead. And even the secondaries (Lorne & Zelenka) should come before tertiaries (read: should have been on that balcony — Amelia could be there if there was still room after. But then, Chuck has seniority). Just in my view, anyway. 🙂

  84. I’m really going to miss my weekly dose of Mckay. I’ll miss the great little team moments, the funny little jokes, and some of the secondary characters that are so fun to learn about. I always liked seeing Lorne with the team, he has such a dry sense of humor. He and Mckay always had good moments together.

    My fav SGA moments:

    1. Shep and Mckay on the pier. this I’s why I love the show, its about the people land you can see the bond these two have.

    2. Sunday. Every part of that episode was fantastic and heartbreaking and just so much Atlantis.

    3. I remember an ep. where they landed on a prison Colony, and after being attacked Teyla grabs a Stick, breaks it, and uses it as a weapon. Shep sees this, grabs a mini log, and attempts to do the same, but only succedes in hurting himself. This still makes me laugh.

    4. Rodney getting shot in the ass by an arrow. WIN

    5. “It’s a ship that goes through the gate… gateship.”

    so many more, I’ll miss u sga!

  85. I want to post this here as well, and I do hope that you can take a little criticism Joe. I don’t expect you to answer any of my points or ‘defend’ anything, so that’s cool. I just feel that I need to say what I want to say about Atlantis’ final episode.

    I will start with the disclaimer though that I thought Enemy At The Gate was loads of fun, and a good Atlantis ep, but… well… enough of the preamble and let me just do a bit of copypaste:

    I really enjoyed this episode. That said, there were some major problems with the episode as a whole:

    1. Pacing.
    God this episode was rushed. So many things happened that weren’t given enough time to happen. This needed to be a two-parter, pure and simple.

    2. The Hive Ship.
    This is directly related to the pacing. We’ve had 19 episodes in the Season so far, spent quite a lot of time devoting them to one-off-filler eps, and then for the last episode we’re just supposed to accept that this Uber-Hive Ship has just sprung up out of no where over night?

    Come on.

    This plot line would have been much better served if this ship had been introduced four weeks as ago as an approaching threat. We know it’s coming to Atlantis, Vegas happens, and suddenly it’s heading towards Earth rather than Atlantis. Que massive series-ending two parter where we chase down the Hive Ship and destroy it in a climactic battle between the city and the ship over Earth.

    3. Wormhole Drive
    Easily ranking up there with ‘explosive tumors’ (I loved Sunday, but they were silly), the Wormhole drive enters Stargate Lore as a Deus Ex Machina within a Deus Ex Machina. Let me explain what I mean by that.

    I can accept that the city was always going to show up at the end to save the day. It’s a big heroic moment with a swelling Atlantis theme, it looks cool, gets the emotions whirring. Ok, fine. It’s a Deus Ex Machina that things like that always happen in the nick of time, but that’s the drama of the episode, and I can live with that.

    But then they go and add the Wormhole Drive, a previously unmentioned completely out of no where piece of technology that acts as a Deus Ex Machina that allows the ultimate Deus Ex Machina of the city arriving at Earth to occur. In other words, the Deus Ex Machina of the Wormhole Drive has to happen before the other Deus Ex Machina can happen.

    Come on.

    And again this comes down to pacing and also to bad plotting. It’s another way of hurrying the story along at absolute breakneck page to squeeze everything into the 40 mins. And as far as bad plotting goes, they created the situation that the Hive Ship could just arrive in a day, so then had to create a new piece of tech to overcome that part of the plot. So something they did to try to raise tension just created an impossible situation that required a Deus Ex Machina to resolve – I’m sorry to Joe and Paul, but that’s bad writing. They should be smacked on the knuckles for that one.

    3. Air Defence
    So Earth’s entire defence rests in the hands of a single squadron of 302’s? That’s it? There’s no other air cover whatsoever? I understand that FX budgets are not unlimited, but it just felt like Earth had nothing beyond some dinky fighters to protect against an alien assault.

    Overall, Enemy at the Gate is a microcosm of all of Season 5. Season 5 of Atlantis plays out just like Season 7 of SG-1. SG-1’s Season 7 is the season I like the least (despite the presence of Fallen/Homecoming, Evolution Part 1&2, Heroes 1&2, Grace and Lost City) because while it’s highs are so high, it’s lows are so low (Enemy Mine, Revisions and that Ra-forsaken train wreck of an episode, *spits* Space Race *spits*).

    Season 5 is the last Atlantis Season, yet we have so many filler eps it’s just maddening. Did we need another bodyswapping episode? That’s debatable; I certainly enjoyed Identity, but did we need it? And did we need another bodyswapping episode as the third-to-last-episode? Of course we didn’t. We wanted plot episodes, to build more on the Season’s only arc (the cure to Wraith feeding) and maybe just some setup/foreshadowing for this episode so it didn’t feel so completely out of the blue.

    Enemy At The Gate had many very high highs. Todd was magnificent (as usual). I cheered when Beckett walked into the chair room. I squealed like a little fanboi when Davis, Ellis, Kavanaugh and especially Caldwell showed up. My heart pounded when Atlantis pulled into view between the Hive Ship and earth. I felt the tension as John flew into the Dart bay, and felt the same sense of utter desperation as Carter realised what John was about to do. Fantastic stuff.

    But then these flaws come in, and they are very low lows indeed, some lower than others. Wormhole drive, Keller’s cameo appearence (though that might make the Keller H8terz happy), the odd feeling from having Banks on the balcony in the final shot, the overly quick resolution of Ronan dying (again, more rushed storytelling) followed by the overly quick death of the traitor Wraith commander (was that Kenny?).

    I could nitpick other things, like why the Daedelus only fired a single shot before being blown away, or how they’re going to explain away Wormhole Drive in the movie (it could be the next Asgard Beam/internal transmitter plot device if they don’t get rid of it quick) but I’ll stop and reflect on something else.

    This is the last episode of Atlantis, a show that has given us 5 years of (I’d hope) enjoyment, even if the series never managed raise itself above the crafted excellence of the show’s first Season (nothing has ever topped The Storm/The Eye, The Brotherhood, Underground, 38 Minutes, Siege I, II and III and the glorious Letters from Pegasus – nothing). It’s a show I will miss greatly, as I miss SG-1, and a show I hope continues for a long time in its new movie format.

    So let’s enjoy Enemy At the Gate for what it is, an unrealistic rushed end to a series that was killed one Season too early, and await more adventures in the coming years.

    5/10 (I liked it, I really did, but its flaws are just to big to ignore)


    P.S. Nice tough with General Hammond. The ship would probably called the George Hammond, rather than the General Hammond, but I really thought that was well placed and fitting.

  86. 1. The Character John Sheppard
    2. McKay and Sheppard Snark/Friendship
    3. The Team – Shep, McKay, Ronon, Teyla

  87. My favourite 3 moments

    1) the shep/mckay friendship one of the best parts of the show- to their banter, playing around in there free time, to saving the day together and just having touching momens like in the shrine “your a good friend arthur”had to be one of my fav moments in the entire series.

    2) The rising of atlantis and seeing it for the first time- simply breath taking and seeing return home was pretty great too.

    3)meeting todd and all further encounters with him he has to be one of my fav characters in the franchise, he has such a great personality and humainise the wraith so much making them not just and enemy but really 3D characters

    there are many, many more but my fav moments run from the start of the rising to the end of enemy at the gate

  88. Aw…Joe… (giving Joe a big smooch and hug).

    You did it.

    You did give us a wrap party on the blog. You let us in on your personal words of farewell to the series, and powerful pictures that tell their own tale.

    I heard an author say once that the best and the scariest writing is about what’s raw and emotional. “To hide honest emotion is to rob it of its power.” –J. Brent Bill

    My favorite moments are the powerful ones, and there’s no more powerful emotion than love.

    Earlier this week, I spilled over when watching Carson “disapparate” from the pier in “Sunday.” It might have been the 12th time I’d seen it. Rodney was out on the pier, his heart broken in a million pieces over the loss of his best friend. He was wracked with guilt over leaving him in harm’s way instead of going on a fishing trip. Carson meets Rodney on the pier and reassures him that it wasn’t his fault, because that’s what best friends do and it was the truth, and maybe they might bump into each other again some time. That’s love.

    Or poor Rodney losing his mind in “The Shrine,” battering down John’s door in the middle of the night. Rodney was afraid he was slipping away. John reassures him that he’s still “here,” and takes him out to the pier to drink a couple beers. And *refuses* to let him say good-bye. That’s love.

    John’s face in “Enemy at the Gate” when Teyla has to tell him that Ronan is gone: the agony of realization, and then his expression almost dissolved. When they went back to get Ronan, he greeted him with his nickname, relieved. “Hey, Chewie…” Sticks out an arm to help haul him up on his feet. That’s love.

    In the “Tao of Rodney,” when Rodney stumbles upon an Ancient device that puts him on the fast track to ascension, he asks Ronan if the scars on his back from the tracking device bother him. Ronan says he doesn’t worry about what he can’t change. Rodney gives him a big bear hug and pats him on the back. “I just healed you,” Rodney says, walking away. That’s love.

    In “Outsiders,” when Carson Beckett was working at the clinic, he was visited by the team members who missed him. It was like a family reunion. “Mail call,” Col. Sheppard announces with a big grin, enjoying Carson’s surprise as they all enter, carrying medical supplies. Ronan feints a one-two punch and gives him a quick hug. Rodney breezes right by, studiously ignoring his friend. “Nice to see you, too, Rodney,” Carson humorously chides. Teyla beams a sweet smile at him and asks, “How are you, doctor?” “I’m well, thanks,” he replies, mirroring her welcome. That’s love.

    In “The Prodigal,” when Teyla goes sprinting after Michael, alone, after he repeatedly threatened her child and all of Atlantis, she finds battling on a ledge with John. The tide turns and Michael dangles from the ledge. Quickly she scuffs one hand from the ledge, and pauses, deliberates an instant, and sends Michael into oblivion. That’s mother love.

    In countless cases, from season 1 to season 5, Teyla and John have been silly about and riveted to each other. He was determined to rescue her and (and the soon-to-be-born baby) from Michael. When she named the baby after him, or when she was afraid he had been vaporized in the gateroom explosion, she screamed his first name into the com, “John!”… When it’s so obvious even to Ronan, that he asks John when he’s going to get together with Teyla in “Sunday”… That’s love times infinity.

    See the pictures at the top of the blog? They tell their own tale. The truth is what happens when the camera stops rolling. These people have worked with and lived with each other for 12-hours+ a day, for weeks on end, for years. They are all comfortable and “together” with each other. That’s love.

    Look closer, in the wide shots. Rachel’s arm is around Joe. His arms are around her. In the bottom photo where they’re just standing, they’re still touching. They are comfortable and close. That’s love, too.

    Read the words at the top of the blog. They talk about wonderful times, the people and characters, the stressful times, and regret… That’s love as well.

    Though but for the photos, these are all fiction, yet they all still tell the truth. They tell the same story about love, the most compelling and powerful force in the world…

    Any world.

  89. There are so many, but these are the ones that first come to mind:

    1) Tao of Rodney – in the chair room with Rodney reading John, Weir and Ronon’s minds about what’s wrong with him. One of the many great scene stealing performances of David Hewlett.

    2) Adrift – John’s confrontation with Rodney in reactivating Weir’s nanites in order to save her. Joe Flanigan nailed it. I love his stuff too. And I’m going to miss the brotherly banter and great scenes between these two characters.

    3) Midway – the scene when Ronon slammed Kavanagh against the jumper. It was hilarious, and represents one of the many wonderful little character moments throughout the series that you guys are so good at writing.

    I’m looking forward to more memorable moments from the movie. And hoping it’s one of many to come. Really, really hoping.

  90. My three favorite scenes (really I have four) are…

    1. “Before I Sleep” – this is also my favorite episode, primarily because the music was fantastic. My favorite scene was when the Ancients were leaving Atlantis for their final departure and Janis was stepping through the gate. He turns around and takes one last look at Elizabeth at the top of the stairs, walks though the gate and she is standing alone. The music just made that scene so poignant.

    2. “Letters from Pegasus” – Rodney trying to videotape the letter to his sister and he finally admits he really loves her and has not really been a good brother.

    3. “The Shrine” – John and Rodney having a beer out on the dock.

    4. “Duet” – Rodney’s first date with Katie Brown, Dr. Beckett in attendance and Lt. Laura Cadman running the show from inside Rodney’s head.

    I am sure going to miss Stargate Atlantis on Friday’s. It was a lot of fun and I am looking forward to the movies. Joe, keep up the good work!

  91. Awww, it’s over! But now I’m really excited for the movie. You guys all have done such an amazing job, and it’s really appreciated! Off the top of my head, my favorite scenes were…

    1. The whole episode of “Irresistible”

    2. Ford chucking what looked like a ball of paper at a guard, making the guard leap in the air and land spread-eagled on the ground, in the episode where his eye turns black and he wears Willy Wonka glasses. I think it was The Siege III?

    3. The salad scene! Where Ronon and Teyla are eating out of their bowls like dogs, then Ronon steals a piece of Teyla’s lettuce, and they nearly kill each other over it.

    And the finale was great. The end was so neat… though I kept laughing. Maybe Martin Gero would know this (ha), but “going to San Francisco” is an Iranian euphemism for sex.

  92. Coucou Joseph! Merci pour ces 5 merveilleuse années ♥_♥

    C’etait vraiment génail sauf:

    -J’aurai bien voulu que la serie s’achéve avec du sheyla
    -Que Sam participe a plus de mission dans la saison 4
    – Que le personnage de Teyla évolu plus, mais sans bébé.
    -Je trouve qu’au fil des saisons les wraith se sont humaniser et nous faisaient moin peur.
    -J’aurai voulu qu’il est plus d’extraterrestre physiquement différente des humains.

    Voila je pense que c’est tout^^!

    Bisou, je vous adore, vive SGA♥

  93. Picking my favorite moments in a 5 year run is tough. Do I choose the big, dramatic ascent from the deep in Rising, or a gut wrenching character driven moment? My answers would probably be different for SG-1, but for Atlantis, I’ll have to choose the dramatic rise of the city from the depths of the ocean that very first time. It created such a sense of wonder and excitement at what new adventures the future would hold. I don’t have three favorite moments. Really, that would be too tough. So I’ve chosen the most important and memorable one for me:)

  94. As ever, Joe, you don’t recognise JFs contribution and he’s had some great scenes and is a great actor.

    1. Common Ground. The pain and the stoicsm as he feels his life sucked away.
    2. The Shrine. Best Shep/McKay scene ever on the pier.
    3. Vegas. An acting tour-de-force.

    So many more and so much should have been yet to come.

  95. 1) The pier scene plus the scene in John’s quarters in The Shrine
    2) The last 10 minutes or so in Miller’s Crossing (Rodney telling John he wants the wraith to feed off him and so on)
    3) When John thinks Rodney’s dead in Doppelganger and later on Rodney showing up in John’s dream to rescue him

  96. Top Three Laugh-Out-Loud Bits:

    1. McKay and Lorne in ‘Runner’, where McKay describes his ‘friendship’ with Ford. “Oh sure…I’d share my dreams of a self-sustaining fusion and he would talk of how you could sever a man’s torso with a P90.” Best. Line. Ever.

    2. The scene in ‘Irresistable” where Sheppard socks a distraught Beckett in the arm and says, “Buck up, Carson!” When Carson started to cry, I snorted milk* out of my nose.

    3. Carter trying to backpedal and explain her comment about Zelenka in ‘Trio’. David Hewlett’s line reading (and expression) of, “EVERYTHING’S a competition!” summed up Rodney McKay in one very funny sentence.

    * Yeah, it was wine.

    Top Three Cry-Out-Loud Moments:

    1. Grodin’s sacrifice (and McKay’s reaction) in ‘The Siege, Part I’.

    2. The Death of Carson. The Bagpiper, the scene in his quarters between McKay and Ronon (nice choice) and the final scene on the pier with Ghost Carson were all lovely.

    3. Jeannie seeing Rodney for the first time in ‘The Shrine’ and she starts to laugh (and cry) that he remembers his name is Meredith.

    Thank you, Atlantis. It’s been a pleasure.

  97. Hi, Joe.

    Wow! What a ride! Stargate Atlantis was a pleasure to watch these past five years, I look forward to the movies. And “Enemy at the Gate” is now my top series finale, it has replaced my previous series finale, ST: TNG’s ‘All Good Things.’

    My three favorite scenes or moments? ACK! Okay, I’d have to say:

    1) The scene that sold me on John Sheppard and Joe Flanigan (and Stargate Atlantis) — from “Rising, Part 1,” where Shep is telling Teyla what he likes (ferris wheels, college football, anything that goes more than 200 mph), and Teyla responds by mentioning stout tea, and Shep steps forward and says that he loves a good cup of tea. The…sincerity of that scene — in the written words, the way it was acted, directed — sold me.

    2) “Millers Crossing” when McKay volunteers himself for Todd to feed on in order to save his sister. And Shep says no. Darn, where’s my kleenex?

    3) “Midway” — Ronon and Teal’c team up to battle the Wraith. Awesome!

    Thank you to everyone on Stargate Atlantis — cast, staff and crew — for all your hard work and for sharing your talents (and your lives) with us these past five years. Best wishes to everyone on your future endeavors.

    And also a big thank you to MGM TV (especially Charlie Cohen) and to the SciFi Channel for their support.

  98. Runner – Our intro to wonderful Ronon

    Sunday – the end scene (waaaa!! ) sadness short lived when our beloved Heart of Atlantis returns.

    Intro of Todd.. he was a great addition.

    Sad to see it end but soo looking forward to the movies. Long may they reign!

    And a big kudos for all the humour. Great stuff.

  99. Hi Joe,
    When is the Destiny’s design coming out?
    I assume that the design has been done, right?

  100. Oh yeah!

    ALL of ‘Midway’!!

    Indeed…….. (gotta bring Teal’c back for one of the movies – he has such a great rapport with Ronon)

  101. 5 years and only 3 favorites? Hm…

    * Enemy at the Gate – when Atlantis first appeared and starts fighting with the hive. The music and epic feel was just awesome. I had to watch the scene 5 more times. Just so cool.

    * Critical Mass – Teyla singing “Beyond the Night” and the action happening meanwhile. Loved it.

    * The Siege – just the idea of Wraith attacking the city and we fighting back plus the visual effects. Perfect way for season 1 to end.

    Of course there are “Rising”, “38 minutes”, “The Return”, “Sunday”, “First Strike”, “BAMSR”, “Midway”, “Search and Rescue” plus many more episodes what were SGA at its best.

    Thank you for the great 5 seasons and 100 episodes.

  102. Just three? Thats like asking someone to pick their favorite pet. But since you asked:

    1) the scene in “38 Minutes” when Sheppard is in the back of the jumper being brought back to life.

    2) in “Conversion” when Sheppard and crew are going back to the planet to get the iratus bug eggs.

    3) the scene in “Lost Boys” when McKay injects himself with enzyme and says “That’s what you get when you back a brillant scientest into a cornor”

  103. Before I read everyone else’s “3 favourite scenes” I’ll tell you mine THEN check out the rest.

    1. The scene from Rising when Beckett is in the Ancient’s chair and protesting vehemently that he is NOT the man for the job and that what he’s feeling may be “lunch related”
    That scene for me set the whole series and was what compelled me to watch more.
    2. Teyla singing. That beautiful tune was so haunting and Rachel has such a strong vocal talent its a pity more wasn’t made of it but while on the one hand a musical episode would have been fun it certainly wouldn’t have fit the series unless it was done as a skit purely for fans.
    3. You have to realise that there are at least 20 scenes that are my favourite 3 so its really difficult but I guess I have to go with those that make me laugh ( I’m obviously having a good day otherwise the list would be the scenes that made me cry!) and that would be the Malp on a stick and Rodney reluctant to try explaining the complexities of time dilation fields to Xena and Conan.
    Ask me on a different day and you’ll get three different answers cuz really I’m not that hard to please.

    A HUGE thank you to all who made the last five years so entertaining and enjoyable. I’m looking forward to both SGU and any movies that you’d care to throw our way. You guys have helped to make the world a more pleasant place to be in in amongst all the shite.

  104. Eep! I meant “The Hive”. Darn button! And I really wanted to say more too!

  105. Many, many, many thanks to you Joe and all the lucky people involved in the five years of the show. It’s been a fantastic ride and we’ll always have all the wonderful memories (can’t wait for Season 5 on DVD).

    Thanks also for this great blog, you’ve managed to usher in a new era for behind-the-scenes material delivery… keep it up!

    Three memorable scenes that come to mind… Teyla’s song in Critical Mass, Weir lucky enough to see three ZPMs back in the ancient’s days in Before I Sleep and all the intricate scenes in Remnants tying the episode’s story together.

  106. G’day Joe
    Want to thank all the cast and crew for five wonderful years.

    1. Sheppard sitting in the chair for the first time and all the lights came on, it was cool.

    2. Caldwell striding over to his command chair on the Daedalus (thunk) sorry.

    3. Keller and Ronon’s almost kiss. They should have gotten together.

    and one more for the heck of it all. 4. Sam’s last stand in ‘The Last Man’


  107. My three top moments (no specific order)

    – Planet going KABOOM in BAMSR
    – Todd and Sheppard busting out the Genii place in Common Ground
    – In Runner, when McKay is being chased by Ford and is randomly firing in the air. His expression when he realises he’s ran out of bullets is priceless.

    Now that I have taken the time to answer your question, I was wondering if you could take the time to answer a couple of mine;

    1) What was the Odyssey’s super secret mission and why was it more important than defending the Earth?

    2) WHY HASN’T MAJOR DAVIS BEEN PROMOTED YET? Have you seen this thread on GW? http://forum.gateworld.net/showthread.php?t=62702

  108. Enemy at the Gates was an awesome ending, but it deserved more screentime too …. Mentioning General Hammond/Don Davis was almost heart breaking 🙁

    It is hard to choose only few favs… okay.

    1) Rodney hallucinating about Carter in “Grace under Pressure”

    2) Weir ordering Sheppard to leave her behind in “Lifeline”

    3) Teyla singing in “Critical Mass”

    4) Scenes of David Hewlett with his sister, Kate

    5) Keller fighting Wraith in the “Tracker”

    6) Ending scene in the “Vegas”

    And many more. I will miss this show 🙁
    But i have no doubt, that SGU will bring something to look forward to .

  109. Wow, only three???? Okay

    1. Rodney’s frantic arrival at John’s door and their subsequent beer on the pier scene in “The Shrine.” To me, the best scene in the best show of the series.

    2. The very, very end of “This Mortal Coil” when the screen goes black and you here the beep, beep, beeping of more ships appearing. I said “OH S**T” just before Rodney’s “Oh Crap.”

    3. The look on Rodney’s face when Jennifer told him she loved him in “Brainstorm.” I squeed so loud at that.

    Honorable mentions: Elizabeth’s appearance at the end of “Be All My Sins Remembered,” Montage with Teyla singing in the background in “Critical Mass”, the ending scene between John and Todd in “Common Ground.”

    Really too many to mention. Top three episodes for me: The Shrine, Be All My Sins Remembered, The Last Man.


  110. 1. Wraith on earth, llistening to Manson!!
    2. Mckay putting carson’s stuff into boxes after he died
    3. Atlantis rising (still have tears in my eyes when remembering that moment I finally saw it on tv…it kinda was the rebirth of all hopes)

  111. Joe,

    I’ve watched SGI since the start and SGA since the start, I just wanted to thank you for your dedication and talent you’ve been an awesome part of the SG world. Today I feel like I’ve lost a best friend, that something constant for many years has ceased….I know there is a movie or two coming but it’s not the same…..

    Poignant and a little sad.

    Thanks for everything

  112. Surely everybodies favorite scene is when McKay and Keller finally kiss for the first time? 😉

  113. You’ve mentioned some of the really good ones, really. I’ll name others.

    There’s this one scene where John is sitting on Elizabeth’s table in Critical Mass. I think it’s just such a nice picture of the Elizabeth/John relationship. This one: http://img401.imageshack.us/my.php?image=stargateatlantiss02e13cfd7.jpg
    It’s either this scene, or the scene where John escorts nanite-infested-Elizabeth down the hallway of Atlantis to the shuttle. That one’s just so cold and… Well I put it in my Flannigan youtube music video at 1:27 actually, with the song lyrics “now I’m far beyond… gone” – for a reason: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8oZyJEWYoA

    Another favourite scene of mine would be John standing at his father’s coffin. I think part of this is that by the time I watched it, I already knew Joe’s father had died later that year as well, and I also knew Joe had lend a hand writing that episode. Coincidence or premonition? Who knows.

    A third favourite is actually not an Atlantis episode at all. It’s the bed scene from the X-files where Mitch Pileggi’s character Skinner has a one-night-stand with Amanda Tapping’s character. I know I know, Sam is supposed to be involved with Jack and Caldwell may be married or something but hey… What happens in the Pegasus, stays in the Pegasus? I watched the first season of Atlantis before I ever watched the X-files, and by then I already had taken a strong liking to Caldwell’s character, despite that you were setting him up as the antagonist at first.

    Well I named 3 atlantis episodes now and I x-file. It really doesn’t do justice to the series to name just 3 though.

  114. (if the imageshack image doesn’t load right away, click reload, it really is there it just doesn’t wanna load at first)

  115. I’ve got to say, my favourite ‘jaunt’ for the SGA team has got to be ‘The Siege’ – I loved the way we saw a mix of a conventional military battle along side futuristic Ancient (contradiction eh?) dronesagainst the Wraith darts. – In particular the preperations for battle made by the Marines that came through the gate were fantastic.

    Incidentally on a side note completely unrelated to your blogging of today, I’ve noticed your interest in Terry Pratchett (now a Knight btw – about time) and Discworld – I’d like to reccomend ‘Small Gods’ as a fantastic stand alone Discworld novel that deals with organised religion and faith in a very sophisticated manner.

    (Oh and – Major Davis for Lt Colonel. ;))

    Congratulations on a damn good show.

  116. Hey there Mr M!

    Away from base again today. Am laid up with the ‘flu and a very nasty respiratory tract infection. Have briefly popped into the local internet cafe to check the blog!

    Thanks for clarifying the mystery man…I wasn’t 100% sure it was Mr Momoa… I’m so use to seeing him tower over everybody else! Thanks for the confirmation! Also, Andy Mikita is such a joker!!

    The final episode airs here on Tuesday night, so I’ll keep my thoughts on “best of” 3 scenes til then.. Have avoided reading other comments to avoid spoilers….but one scene I have always liked was in the pilot, with the champagne bottle rolling gently out from the stargate compliments of O’ Neill…. It just seemed to right in a baton passing kind of way!

    Best to all

    Hope to be back at base tomorrow, am using the down time to finish “On Basilisk Station”


  117. Congrats again on the five seasons, with the way the ratings are conducted these days, it is hard for shows to go 2-3 years. I really wish it could have continued but I like to think it’s like going to the casino, I would rather walk out on top than get thrown out on my ass.

    It is incredibly difficult to pick a single favorite moment from SGA, but if I had to, I would say Kellers’ Gemini nomination.

  118. The last man standing Sam going down with the ship,Ronon and his Wraith buddy going down together to destroy a wraith lab Im getting emotional ill stop here

  119. 1: The scene between Jack O’Niell and John Sheppard in rising when Jack is explaining the stargate. And Sheppard turns around and says. “The what?”

    Because it signified the reality of what the Stargate program is to the unfimiliar. It also signified the humor that is a part typical of Stargate. Which has been a foothold of the franchise.
    That is not THE moment, but it is one that I feel got me in to the show. Because here in Australia i had no idea that Stargate Atlantis even existed. (*Blasphemy?*) I thought it was a messed up version of SG-1. No offence.
    To only watch the episode through, realize it’s purpose and by the time the credits started to roll i fell in love with it. And the character of John Sheppard. It was the best television experience of my life. Me and Atlantis just clicked!

  120. Three, hm? I’m going to have to think about it a little today. Particularly since as I was reading through all the comments I found myself agreeing with so many of them!

    So, more later!

    P.S.: I watched Enemy at the Gate at the second airing on Friday night too. In spite of the fact I’d just finished watching it an hour before. 😀

  121. Although a good moment in Stargate is when Rambo, oops I mean Ronon, dies. Or gets beaten up a lot. It re-enforces the humanity in Stargate; through the deus ex machinas(wormhole drive? come on.) and all.

  122. I have to admit I didn’t come on as a fan to the show before the months prior to season 4, when I was persuaded by friends and purchase and watch in almost a single sitting the previous three seasons on DVD. I wish I would have caught on before, so that I could have spent more than two years with it. Congrats on a really wonderful show, and I can’t wait to see what happens in the movie(s).

    Favorite moments? Hmm…I know I can pull out my favorite episodes, how’s that? Be All My SIns Remember’d; Phantoms; Vegas (was SPECTACULAR); Inferno (don’t know the particulars of why I love this ep, but I do); Midway.

    And now I’ll do what I did when Buffy ended. Have a DVD marathon. 🙂

  123. I will miss all of the explosions…*sigh*

    But I have a question regarding EATG: was there any push from your end (and by that I mean the production side) to expand the episode to a length longer than a one-hour broadcast? I seem to remember that being done with “Threads”, and I admit to enjoying the expanded character stories in that said episode. I feel the character moments were there in EATG, but awfully brief.

  124. Forget it.

    I can’t narrow it down to three moments…even slept on it. (Had strange, wraith-ridden dreams.). I can’t even narrow it down to 3 episodes!

    Superb final scene!

    Thanks, for all of it!

    Now, onward…..

  125. What an episode, Joe! A great ending. And all the questions you posed regarding Atlantis on Earth and the IOA…definitely what was running through my head. Shame to see it go. I will be (metaphorically) holding my breath till the movie.

    And you want only 3 for the whole 5 season run?! I can think of three in just the past few eps! I really can’t pick just three but we’ll give it a try.

    1. Rodney’s “death” scene in Tao of Rodney with everyone around him. I teared up the first time I saw that.
    2. David Hewlett’s acting in The Shrine. Enough said.
    3. Sheppard’s “death” scene in Vegas. Brilliantly acted by Joe.

    Wow, those are all rather depressing, aren’t they? But then there’s happier ones like Atlantis rising from the ocean, or Sheppard shoving McKay off the balcony or the hilarious Colbert vs Carell vs Stewart conversation in Trio, the toast in Aurora, Weir with a gun in The Long Goodbye…

    I came in only at season 3, but it was an amazing 5 seasons. Thanks to you and the cast and crew.

  126. The Pier scene with John and Rodney.
    Battle scene in BAMSR.
    Rodney saving Jennifer in Brain Storm.

    Hey Joe!!

    Still wondering when you are going to give all the answers to the poem. I have the poem saved and have been adding the answers. Could you give us those, please.

    Have a good week! 🙂

    from Indiana

    PS Back to college this week, along with the rest of the college students. 🙂

  127. My top three:

    1. The SGC recieving the message form Atlantis in “Letters From Pegasus”

    2. Altantis Rising in “Rising”

    3. Atlantis coming out in front of the SuperHive in “Enemy at the Gate”

    and finally (I realise this makes four):

    4. From “The Siege”: The Wraith Darts flying through the city, When they realise that the SGC is dialing in, and the Deadelus finally arriving

  128. I really enjoyed Enemy at the Gate, but it was bittersweet for me, knowing that it is the end of the show that I love so much. (I know, I know, that there will be at least one movie – but still, it won’t be the same as every week).

    My three best SGA moments are:

    1. The entire episode of The Shrine, and in particular, the beer on the pier scene.

    2. The kiss between McKay and Beckett in Duet.

    3. The entire episode of Tao of Rodney.

    A few other great moments come to mind – the whole McKay/Sheppard interaction in Echoes; the boys playing with their toys in Prodigal; and “Rod” from the AU in McKay & Mrs. Miller. There are many more, but these are the top ones that come to mind.

  129. Hey Joe

    Thanks for a great series but unfortunately i did not see the last eposide of Atlantis as the SCiFi channel in the Chicago area was off air and this was since friday, is this the revenge of the wraith? on the poor Scifi fans.

    Good luck with the future and looking forward to the new series. At least my DVD player is working, all three of the beasts, nothing like a backup plan


  130. I’m still coming to grips with the fact that I won’t be able to see new adventures every week – thanks for 5 great years, and I hope that many movies come to fruition.

    As for 3 favorite scenes, I think I’d have to say:

    – the whole first sequence with Sheppard in the chair – “Picture where you are in the universe” and his and McKay’s faces when the hologram appears – just great and really set the tone for their friendship throughout the series.

    – Any team eating together scenes – their easy interaction and obvious affection for each other as well as eye-rolling impatience with each others’ quirks just made me happy.

    – the scenes with Sheppard and McKay playing the game – I loved the way they kept peeking over the console at each other and fighting about who had cheated, it was a great character moment.

    Of course there were dozens more, and I’ll enjoy reliving them as I watch re-runs.

  131. Joe,

    Thank you for those caps. And although not happy with that ending between John and Teyla after all these years, it was still an interesting five year ride.

    Hmmm….my favorite moments…gosh, that’s a tough one and I would take up too much room.

    Off the top of my head right now….

    Anything in the episode Sateda. That had some of the best lines, the best effects, the best action, and some of the best character moments for me.

    Search and Rescue…priceless!

    Teyla and John meeting in Rising.

    Any Sheppard and Todd moment…those two are phenomenal.

    Teyla and John’s argument in Irresistible.

    John clearly setting it straight for Ronon where the boundaries lay with him and Teya in Duet.

    Teyla’s dark side in Trinity when she put a knife in Ronon’s throat..YOU GO GIRL!

    Sheppard and Rodney’s balcony scene in the Shrine.

    Teyla kicking Michael off the pier in Prodigal. That’s my girl!!!

    John and Teyla’s goodbye scene in The Return Part 1 in front of the gate.

    Anything from the Queen!

    Weir’s speech in Sunday after Carson’s death.

    McKay saying goodbye to the crew in The Tao of Rodney, I finally loved him there!

    Sheppard climbing the tower in Quarantine! LOVE HIM!

    Sheppard fighting himself in Doopleganger.

    John feeling Teyla’s baby kick in Quarantine.

    McKay in Trio!!! Loved him!

    Gosh, there are too many!!!

    Oh and Joe why wasn’t Rachel or Jewel onscreen in the Wrap Party?

    Thank you for showing us some great characters and some great and unforgettable moments.


  132. I’d like to just say thank you to everyone for the five years of the show, and to you personally for keeping us so close to everything during the show’s production. 🙂

  133. Favorite scenes af all SGA:

    6) can’t pick just 3, many many more

    5) Lost Boys – end, Sheppard’s look of defiance at the queen

    4) Doppelganger – Sheppard kicks his own ass

    3) The Shrine – John & Rodney in John’s room then on the pier

    2) The Storm – end shot of Sheppard yelling into radio then camera pans back

    1) Rising – Sheppard sitting in the chair for the 1st time, city starts turning on when they arrive, and Atlantis rising from the sea.

    Any shot of Atlantis at night.

  134. Just wanted to say that Enemy at the Gate was EPIC! It was just as phenomenal as Stargate SG-1’s ending!

    What are my three fave scenes!? How can I narrow them down? Let’s see:

    1- Rising: The moment Atlantis rises up from the water and breaks through the surface…I still get goosebumps till this day when I re-watch the episodes.

    2- This Mortal Coil: When the Replicator Team meets the real team…And 2 McKays! I also loved Tori Higginson’s performance! Elizabeth rocks!

    3- The Lost Tribe: The Asgard!!! OH MAN! How epic was that revelation! One of my fave episodes! And then there was the interaction between McKay and Daniel! Made of gold!

    Seriously though, I applaud every episode and all of the effort that went into them on the part of the actors, the writers, the producers, and everyone else in production!

  135. My favorite scene? I would say the “MENSA test” one in Brotherhood. That was a classic. And any other scene that featured John and Rodney bickering. That was the most amusing part of SGA and it pained me that it dwindled to nothing in S5 and especially in the 2nd half of this season. With it a huge part of humor and lightness disappeared from the show and my interest waned with it. I still love the show but I miss the good old days when it was about friendship and the team and not about pairing everybody up.

  136. Hi Joe,

    Just wanted to say I’ve been a fan for 2 years. I’ve seen every single SG1 and SGA episodes plus the 2 SG1 movies within the time frame of 2 years. I have also re-watched most episodes and at least 4 times of the movies. I am going to miss the TV series on TV, but also look forward to the new series and the new movies. I cannot think of a day without Stargate..! When I encountered problems at work, sadly (may be), I said to myself “WWMD”… yes, what would McKay do?!

    Keep up the great work! I look forward to more great things from your team.


  137. Sheppard and McKay’s moment on the pier in The Shrine; Atlantis taking flight for the first time with the Pegasus crew aboard at the end of season 3; Carson’s exit in Sunday; Teyla getting rid of Michael in The Prodigal; McKay asking Sheppard to let him sacrifice himself to the wraith in Miller’s Crossing and Sheppard’s response to that request; meeting Kiryk in Tracker; McKay running up against his limits in Trinity; McKay, Carter, and Keller working together to get themselves out of trouble in Trio; Elizabeth’s exit at the start of season 4.

    There are many other moments I adored, but those are the ones that sprang to mind first tonight.

    Thanks again for five great years. I wish it was more, but it could have been less. Here’s to the hopefully many movies still to come.

  138. Even though I pondered over this for quite a while I still can’t come up with only three, but there are still a few that stick out in my mind:
    – The city rising out of the ocean
    – The beer on the pier scene with John and Rodney (actually the entire ‘The Shrine’ episode for that matter)
    – Ronon coming down off of the enzyme in ‘Broken Ties’
    – Rodney delivering Teyla’s baby
    – Beckett’s death and funeral
    – John asking Keller to give him a chance to save Teyla in ‘Search and Rescue’
    – The team laughing together at the end of ‘Mckay and Mrs. Miller’ although that probably occured more than once I always remember this one
    – The team saying good-bye to each other in ‘The Return’
    – And of course any of the totally awesome space battles
    Oh, and the entire ‘Enemy at the Gate’ episode. So pretty much the entire series was my favorite. Thanks again to everyone who made it possible!

  139. Favourite moments over the years

    1. When John encounters the Wraith for the first time in Rising and his first meeting with Teyla in the tent and then in the cave

    2. The scenes in 38 minutes with the bug wrapped around Johns’ neck.

    3. John’s transformation into a bug in Conversion and the sizzling hot kiss with Teyla.

    4. First encounter with Ronon in Runner.

    5. John halluncinating in Phantoms.

    6. The mess hall scene in Sateda between John and Teyla. Beautiful interaction between the characters.

    7. John being fed on in Common Ground.

    8. Teyla’s performance in the Queen and Ronon’s performance in Broken Ties.

    9. All of the Sheppard scenes in Vegas.

    10. The Ronon/Shep scene at the beginning of Search and Rescue and the John and Teyla dinner scene.

    There are loads more but I’d better stop here.

    I’m sure you’ve sused by now that John/Teyla and Ronon are my fav characters.
    Thanks for a great 5 years and hope to see more John/Teyla and John/Ronon moments in the movies.

  140. Well the three fave scenes for me were

    1. Teyla/Michael end scene on the balcony in The Prodigal, it was such a powerful emotional scene and both Rachel and Connor were simply brilliant..

    2. The romantic dinner dream scene in S&R with John/Teyla..We got to see John’s feelings for Teyla which makes it all that much harder to accept how it has been pretty much ripped to shreds this season, they barely even looks like their friends any more 🙁

    3. Teyla performing the ring ceremony in Critical mass..It was such a sad time for her plus we got to hear Rachel’s very talented voice!

    But now SGA has ended for me!

  141. Forgot to say I’m fascinated to see whats going to happen now that Atlantis is back on Earth. I assume the movie will pick up where the series left off?

  142. I’ve always seen this as a show of relationships – the strength of Atlantis, which you could argue is the strength of Humanity, is the ability of diverse peoples to form tight bonds and in so doing, accomplish great tasks. Although the show features many great character relationships, the central theme for me has always been the relationship between John and Rodney – two patently different individuals, two loners, who grow and change for the better because of their relationship and experiences. The growth of their relationship is why i tuned in each week. If I had to pick three moments to encapsulate their bond, I would choose the following:

    The Intruder: I don’t count much pre-Siege towards their relationship. The whole first season is more of an introduction to personalities, characters getting to know each other, etc. The Intruder, however, marks for me the first moment that John and Rodney trust each other to do their job. The scenes of them in the hangar bay working together yet independently sum up the fact that their experiences up to that point have made them both believe in the other’s ability to accomplish the seemingly impossible. The scenes show that they have come to realize that they make a very good team. (And John’s final joking around with Rodney that he can’t “take the stick” shows that this partnership will be a friendship as well.)

    Last Man: I point less to a single scene here than I do the central theme. As Rodney is telling John what happened after he disappeared, we see not only the timeline of events, but Rodney’s point of view as well. Rodney implies that everything went wrong because John disappeared. Rodney pins his complete trust in John – if John had been there, he would have saved the day. Then we see Rodney’s version of ‘save the cheerleader, save the world’. Rodney’s believes that only John could save the world… and only Rodney could save John. Its the essence of their relationship from Rodney’s viewpoint. Rodney is not John’s sidekick, he is his partner. Together they save the world, apart everything goes to hell. Fitting, considering Rodney’s ego

    The Shrine: Rodney panics at losing his intelligence and runs to John for help, ending with them drinking beers and talking on the pier. Rodney has always been defined by his intelligence and, as seen in the Last Man, has defined himself in terms of his relationship with John. To lose one is to lose the other. Sitting on the pier, he feels guilty for acting irrationally and burdening John. He confesses how scared he is in the Rodney equivalent of bearing his soul. He allows John to see his inadequacies, which is something he can’t do with anyone else, not even Jeannie or Jennifer. He is scared and you come to see that John really is as well. That scene best encapsulates what up until then had been largely implied – that John is bonded as tightly to Rodney as Rodney is to him. Losing Rodney will be like losing a part of himself and it is not something John is prepared to handle.

    All in all, the show had a number of key moments, but these three for me sum up the elements that set the show apart. The character development was greater than those of many previous scifi shows and, hell, many of the more traditional dramas. Its also why I’ll feel a void in this upcoming viewing season.

  143. Huh, just three moments? That’s tough. However, these come first into my mind:

    1. The whole end from Sunday. Maybe the last 5 minutes? Starting with the scene in the gateroom. It still makes me cry.

    2. The scene in Miller’s Crossing where Sheppard doesn’t allow that McKay sacrifices himself.

    3. The scene on the pier between Sheppard and McKay in The Shrine (and the part before, in Sheppard’s room).

    But there are really many, many more during the five years. Not only the emotional ones.

  144. Thank you to everyone involved in the production of Atlantis! You’ve left me with many favorite memories – That first amazing view of Atlantis lighting up in Rising, John pushing Rodney over the balcony in Hide and Seek, Grodin’s sacrifice in The Siege, Teyla singing in Critical Mass, Ronon’s fight with Michael and the fall off the balcony in the Prodigal, John’s reaction to Kolya’s return in Remnants, and so many more. Thank you!

  145. @ wolfenm – Yeah. Ya know, I totally read that wrong… 😛

    @ Joe – How long will you be collecting questions for Paul? I am totally brain dead right now, but would like the opportunity to bust his ba…erm…to ask him a couple questions. What sort of sense of humor does he have?


  146. So many memories, to narrow it down to a handful is nearly impossible but as McKay said in Brain Storm, “Dr. Rodney McKay, alright? Difficult takes a few seconds; impossible, a few minutes.”

    These moments are not in any order
    -1-The late night chat between Rodney and Sheppard on the pier while they were having beers in The Shrine.

    -2-Sheppard holding off the Genii from taking Atlantis by raising the Gate shield to stop Genii reinforcements in The Eye.

    -3-All the video messages sent back to loved ones on Earth in Letters from Pegasus.

    -4-Rodney getting shot in the “Gluteus Maximus” with an arrow and under anesthesia in Sateda.

    -5-Gen. O’Neill’s part in saving the city in The Return Part 2

    I won’t touch Enemy at the Gate and other signature moments that we can all agree on, you know, the more obvious ones and the ones already mentioned in other comments. I am proud to see Atlantis reach such a landmark and live up to and exceed the high standards and expectations of the fans and everyone involved.

    Looking forward to the Atlantis movies!

  147. I love when Dr. Jackson says: “Atlantis. I think we can go there” in Rising, in retrospective, that’s a very good line.

  148. Hey Joe, watched EATG knowing it was the last! Loved it. Then went to wolfenm’s whirled site and rambled with the others. Great nite. Thanks you all -we found out many are women and many of us live in FLORIDA! Time for a SG1 and SGA FL. reunion. Talk to ya all soon. Sheryl

  149. Thank you for five years of a great show, wishing the crewe and cast the best of luck in the future.

    Favourite scenes:

    1) The Tao of Rodney, especially the scene where Rodney heals Ronanas scars.
    2) The whole mid season 5 two parter First Contact and Lost Tribe, especially the FC banter between McKay and Daniel.
    3) Sateda, More depth for Roanan, and done in such a kick a$$ way!

    Anyway kudos to you all!

    EATG question: Can we assume SG1 was on the top secret mission on the Odassey? Was Daniel with them, would he still be sick fromwhat happen in Lost Tribe?

  150. That’s a hard one. There were so many great moments from the past five years. I guess that’s what happens when the show is so great and the cast meshes so well. If I had to come up with a top five though, I’d go with the following:

    1. John and Rodney on the Pier in The Shrine
    2. John and O’Neill in the Helicopter in Rising
    3. John’s reaction to seeing an Asgard for the first time in Intruder
    4. Rodney and Carson’s kiss in Duet
    5. The whole episode of Common Ground

    I’m sure if I thought about it some more, I’d come up with more and the top five would be changed, but thinking about it now, this is what I came up with.

    Thanks for five amazing seasons and I can’t wait for the movie and the release of the Season 5 DVD.

  151. I just noticed that on the front page of the L.A. Times this morning, there is an article entitled “TV Starts to Notice Others in the Room”, dealing with the fact that TV execs and advertisers are finally starting to realize that there are other demographics out there who watch TV besides the 18-49 year olds (well, duh, it’s about time). Well, that article brought a smile to this 57-year-old’s face this morning. Maybe now TV execs will stop cancelling shows that attract “older” folks, like SGA and Boston Legal, in favor of “younger, edgier” shows.

  152. I was, and still am, a big fan of the original “Stargate” flick
    from years ago.
    The SG1 show took a while for me to get into as MacGyver was a bit too much. That series got to be too much to follow weekly as the different aliens were introduced here and there.
    Th Atlantis series seemed as if the production company was trying to overachieve on a grand scale. The cast was strong in some regards and weak in others. Barney Fife McKay was unsettling compared to Daniel Jackson and it was a wonder Ronon never offed him.
    The replicators always wore on me as did the wraithe. Star Trek never ran into such territory.
    After Weir was “killed” it went goofy as Mr Wormsley never passed muster for me.

    !. sheppard and mckay drinking beer on the pier
    2. ronon’s badass gun and sword play
    3. identities

  153. Yo Joe,

    *sniffles* ;_;

    My top three scenes? That is tough… Erm…

    Teyla killing Mikey. I loved to see her darker side even though it meant saying goodbye to a really great antagonist. Some complained that it was so unlike Teyla and far too vicious but sheesh, if my baby was threatened by some evil freak I’d also draw the line somewhere. 😉
    (And that scenario “evildoer is hanging from a tower and hero helps him up again” would have seemed not right at all.)

    Todd in “Infection” trying to keep the ship under control and snarling at McKay for saying stuff like “We already tried that one…”
    For that matter: All Todd-scenes. Ehem. <_<

    McKay on morphine in “Sateda”. I don’t have to explain that, do I?

    [There are so many more… for example when Ronon hugs Carson for saving his life in “Sateda”. Or McKay and his whale-buddy. Carson being his usual charming and lovely self in “Sunday” (a brilliant episode even though I cannot watch it without crying. I’m a wimp.) John and Todd in “Common Ground”: “I need to feed.” – “Don’t look at me!”
    Teyla as a Wraith Queen. XD
    Yes. And that scene in “Duet”, you know which I mean.
    Oh and let’s not forget: “I shot him! In the leg!!” from “Hide and Seek”.

    This list is getting too long.]

    I’m looking forward to the film. Man, I need to find myself a new tv-show to follow… Meh~

    Well, see ya around and greetings to all,

  154. Hey Joe,

    That was a fitting end to the season and the series, coming full circle like that. It sure does leave alot of questions to be answered in the upcoming movie…

    Over the last 5 years, there have been alot of great scenes – action, character moments, plus classic Stargate humour. Some of my favourite examples of the last:

    1. The “Colonel” exchange when Ellis and Caldwell beam down to the city in Be All My Sins Remember’d.

    2. Sheppard trying to explain the Fantastic Four to Ronon and Teyla in First Strike.

    3. Sheppard’s expression when he, Ronon and Teyla are about to cut McKay to test him for healing in The Mortal Coil.

    I’m sure there’s lots that I’ve missed. It’s been a fun ride.

    Question for Joe or Paul re Enemy At The Gate:

    Joe mentioned in a blog entry back in the summer that Marty G had proposed a scene which the writers were divided about because of the length of the script and the timing. Can you tell us what the scene was? Was it the tribute to General Hammond? That was great, by the way, that you guys took the time to mention him even though the episode was jam packed.

    Thanks to all for 5 great seasons of Atlantis!


  155. Dear Joe,

    I didn’t really start get into SGA until it’s 3rd season, but after watching the rest of the seasons, I fell in love with this series. I have to admit that it’s been the only series I ever attempt to make any fanfics and art. And thanks to GW, alot of wonderful friends.

    It’s going to be hard to only pick three scenes out of 100 eps is really hard. Hmmmm. Let’s see if I can. 😉

    I’m a big JT shipper, so anything with them together. And eventhough we didn’t get anything with them this season, except for John’s dream, there is still a few moments like, John getting whumped by Michael and then Teyla taking out Michael was extreme for me and a few other minor ones that I saw while wearing my shippy glasses. 😀

    One of my favorite ep is Search and Rescue. Not just because of the dream sequence, but because it was an awesome team ep. Something I wish would happened more often. It shows how they are always there together as friends and family. IMHO Plus, it had Shep whump. 😉

    And I also enjoyed the various moments with John and Ronon, Rodney and John, Ronon and Teyla, Carson and Rodney or Ronon and Rodney. The bond that they show for each other or the short “loving” insults reminds me of a typical disfunctional home(family). LOL

    And the saddest moments, where when Carson and Elizabeth died. 🙁

    Looking forward to the movie, hoping that Jason and Rachel get more dialogue and screen time then they did this season and hopefully more JT moments. 😀

    Thanks to the cast and crew and hope to see more than one SGA movie. 🙂

  156. @ JOE – Just got a message from Perragrin, which reads, in part: “Had a small mishap earlier on last week, when I came off my board and managed to wipe out on several ungraciously placed rocks. Broke my shoulder and bruised/battered most other parts in the process, including fourteen stitches to my knee… Do me a favour though, huh? Give Joe a wave and let him know I’ve not forgotten or abandoned him? Like I said, browsing and reading through pages is easy.. typing stuff like this is simply pure hell right now.” 😛

    I don’t ask for much (oh, stop rolling yer eyes 😉 ), but – perhaps – a little blog dedication could be arranged for our dear, and totally whumped, Perragrin…or, at the very least, a nice big ol’ cyber hug. And a scene in the movie where Todd and Shep kiss and make up and watch a movie together…perhaps the original Pirates of the Caribbean…or, maybe, The Godfather…or… huh? Yeah, I know, NOW I am asking too much… 😛

    Thankies, Joe!

    And Perragrin… {{{hugs!}}} Now you know how Chabal feels with a bunch’a Englishmen kicking him in the ruck… 😉 Does that make make you feel sympathy for the big guy??

    Yeah. I didn’t think so… 😆


  157. Joe,
    Again, I want to thank everyone involved for the 5 amazing seasons of Atlantis. Now that it’s over, I dont’ know what i’m going to do with my friday nights!!! I thought that Enemy at the Gate was amazing, and the ending scene on the balcony made me cry!!!

    here are my top three favorite moments of atlantis:

    1. When John and Teyla say goodbye to each other in “The Return Part I.” – that scene still makes me cry!!!!

    2. The entire episode of “The Shrine.” The whole thing was just amazing.

    3. In “Sateda” when John tells Teyla that his team is his family, and that he would do anything for them.

    and since my sister is too shy to post her favorite scenes, she asked me to post them for her:

    1. the ‘chapter 10’ scene between Rodney and Elizabeth in “Tao of Rodney.”

    2. The scene on the pier between Rondey and John in “The Shrine.”

    3. In the end of “The Return Part II” when Elizabeth is on one of the balconies of Atlantis.

  158. I am gonna list more than 3 cause I just have too:

    1. Common Ground when sheppard was first fed on (a holy sh*t moment)

    2. The Shrine scene from sheppards room with Mckay and through to the pier.

    3. Sheppard in the final fade out in “Vegas” (a wtf moment)

    4. In 38 minutes when Sheppard decides to stop his heart to get rid of the bug.

    5. Sheppard once again willing to die in Enemy at the gate and saying goodbye.

    6. Ronan’s death in Enemy at the gate

    7. Every back and forth bantoring moment between sheppard and Mckay (one of the big reasons I stayed to watch the show when I was flicking channels not to mention the gorgeous Joe Flanigan).

    8. And every moment of Harmony. The show that had me cracking up.

    My daughter just wants to add her two cents and that would be just “RONAN”.

    Thanks to all for SGA and many more movies to come. Joseph I know you won’t let us down.

  159. 1. Atlantis rising in the first episode. Wonderful scene, it still takes my breath away.

    2. The messages back home in “Letters from Pegasus”, every single one of them.

    3. Teyla singing in “Critical Mass”.

    4. Teyla, Ronon, and Carson stepping in front of McKay in “Irresponsible.”

    5. The team gathered around Rodney when he was dying in “Tao of Rodney” (Martin Gero should probably watch this episode again if the guy doesn’t know what unconditional love looks like).

    6. The funeral scene in “Sunday” (it made me cry so hard).

    7. John and Rodney in “Miller’s Crossing”.

    “and little did we know the fine friends we would be…”

    …and overall? This friendship is what has kept me watching this show all these years. Thank you for that.

  160. What a great rollercoaster ride it has been. This show has made me laugh and then it broke my heart.

    “Enemy at the Gate” just blew me away. One of my fave moments in the ep was when Rodney and everyone finally meet up with Sheppard and they all go back for Ronan because Dead or Alive no gets left behind.

    The tribute to Don S. Davis/General Hammond was very touching. I am so glad you were able to get a member of SG1 to do it and that it took place in the SGC. No matter who is in charge they will always have big shoes to fill. No one will ever care about the SGC the way that Hammond did.

    Like a lot of others I can’t reduce it to just three scenes.

    1. The Pier Scene from The Shrine.

    2. John trying to Help Rodney meditate in Tao of Rodney.

    3. Rodney’s apology to Radek, fixing Ronan’s scars and sharing the tea ceremony with Teyla in Tao

    4. Rodney’s arrogance in Trinity and getting yelled at by Weir.

    WEIR: … putting your life and other people’s lives at risk. You destroyed three quarters of a solar system!

    McKAY: Well, five sixths. It’s not an exact science.

    WEIR: Rodney, can you give your ego a rest for one second?!

    5. The hug between Jeannie and Rodney at the end of McKay & Mrs. Miller. Loved that Rodney repeated back to Jeannie what she had said to him earlier.

    McKAY (his eyes full of tears): How are you? Are you happy? Are you OK?

    6. Rodney’s good bye to Carson at the end of Sunday.

    7. Rodney taking a wraith enzyme overdose in the Hive.

    8. Rodney getting shot in the butt with an arrow.

    9. Rodney and Carson fighting over the gun in order to go and help Ronan in “SATEDA”.

    10. Rodney’s dream in “Doppleganger” and Sheppard being there to help him.

    11. Ronan and Tealc fighting each other and then the Wraith in “MIDWAY”.

    12. Rodney and Daniel having to work together. I am so glad that you guys were finally able to get Daniel to Atlantis.

    13. Last but not least Rodney and Jennifer in Brainstorm.

    Thanks to you and everyone involved in the show who has taken the time to interact with the fans. I know it hasn’t always been pleasant but I hope that you will continue letting us getting to know you and to see what goes on behind the scenes.

  161. Such a wonderful show – it does a lot to lift my spirits every time I see it. I am starting over again on all the DVDs.

    My three funny scenes:
    Ronon, Teyla, McKay and John are walking to a village where Teyla is looking for a necklace. Teyla explains the market is a place where people buy things for people they respect. Ronon turns to McKay and says something like, “I should pick something up for you. McKay says Really? Ronon pauses and says. No.
    McKay’s joke about DOS in the hive ship – when Ronon doesn’t get it, McKay assures him that the joke was hilarious.
    Todd’s Wraith humor joke when he goes to shake Sam’s hand for an agreement they reached. I love his Wraith laugh – he crack himself up and no one else is laughing.

  162. It would be easier to name 3 favorite things about each episode. While some are better than others I love them all.

  163. Ugh, three moments for 5 years? Tough one — no way! How about 5 for 5? I think the moments that stood out to me were:

    1. John efficiently dispatching the Genii soldiers, one by one, in The Eye, and then causing the deaths of the troops trying to come through the stargate’s event horizon. It was the first time I realized how different SGA was from SG-1. Sheppard was badass!

    2. Rodney’s “Are you happy?” to Jeannie at the end of McKay and Mrs. Miller, and the fact that John showed her the message in the first place.

    3. The fade away goodbye in Sunday. I knew that Beckett would be killed/written off and the funeral was a nice touch, but the final scene was the killer.

    4. John’s “talk” with Henry Wallace in Miller’s Crossing. As goofy and as noble as John Sheppard is, he has a chilling dark side that makes him such a cool character. He moves from straight up “hero” to the classic “antihero” (and vice versa) with incredible ease, which is why I like him so much.

    5. “You’re a good friend, Arthur.” I don’t think anything else needs to be said about this. 🙂

    oh shoot: Teyla kills Michael. Quick, surprising (because pretty little women aren’t supposed to be so lethal [/sarcasm]), and yes, awesome. And every fight scene with Ronon. Dammit, I have to stop before I write an essay!

  164. Three? Only three? Oh man…


    Miller’s Crossing: John to Rodney: “I can’t. I’m sorry”.

    The Shrine: Can I cheat a little and name the scene in Sheppards quarters and the pier-scene as one? No? Darn. Then the pier scene it is.

    Sunday: Carson’s funeral. I’m *still* battling tears when I watch this scene.

  165. Just curious, why is Shepherd wearing a white wristband on his right hand in the 4th picture ( the one where he has his arm around Teyla)? And why doesn’t Carson have color swatches on his jacket like McKay, Keller, & Woolsey? At least he was wearing his Scottish flag this time. Or why someone coming straight from the infirmary is wearing boots?

    And, just who was the lady between Ronon and Woolsey? I finally figured out who she was but it was odd she was there. I kept expecting Zelenka to show up. I won’t raise the issues of the impact of the water displacement (aka tsunami) or making San Francisco bay area a no-sail/no-fly Naval zone.

    All that aside, Thanks for 5 years of SGA!

  166. No way I can limit it to three, but here are some of my favorites:

    1. The infirmary scene in Echoes, with all the shouting, and the Great Escape.

    2. Sheppard trying to say goodbye to Ronon, in Search and Rescue, when he thinks he’s going to die.

    3. The end of Vegas, when Sheppard is leaning against the car, and raises his empty gun to point at the Wraith. (LOVE that entire episode, actually.)

    4. The moments in Enemy at the Gate, when Sheppard says goodbye to Atlantis, and later, when he realizes blowing the wraith ship means sacrificing his whole team, not just himself.

    5. Beer on the pier, The Shrine, and ‘You’re a good friend, Arthur.”

    6. The moment in Tao of Rodney, when Rodney grabs Carson at the end, right before he ‘dies’.

    7. Irresistible: “Buck up, Carson!”

    8. Coup d’Etat: “One tango, middle of the room.”

    9. Sateda: Sheppard and Teyla’s talk about ‘feelings’; also Sheppard constantly upping his wraith kills and Teyla’s subsequent eye roll. Ronon hugging Carson.

    10. The scene in Doppelganger, when McKay comes down the stairs to rescue Sheppard.

    11. Miller’s Crossing: Sheppard’s refusal to let McKay sacrifice himself for Jeannie.

    12. Ronon teaching Sheppard his Satedan ‘game’ in Sunday.

    13. Quarantine: McKay showing Sheppard the ring.

    …and every time Sheppard made a face, McKay gestured wildly with is hands and saved the day, the doors refused to open for Woolsey, Ronon did something other than grunt and shoot someone, and Teyla kicked someone’s ass.

    Thank you for five great years! I hope you’ll be blogging about the movie, because I can’t wait to see what happens next.

  167. Well, it’s over.


    Thanks so much Joe for a wonderful ride, can’t wait to see what’s coming.

    My favourite three moments? Off the top of my head:

    -Sheppard and McKay on the pier in ‘The Shrine’.
    -The Weir reveal at the end of ‘Be All My Sins Remember’d’.
    -Teyla killing Michael.

    Might be a quite different list if I thought about it, but then I might not be able to do it if I thought too much.

    As so many people are listing favourite episodes, I’ve got to single out BAMSR, The Shrine, First Strike, Life Line and Rising.

  168. First, thanks for a great 5 years of Atlantis! Atlantis and SG-1 are the only two TV shows I ever went out of my way to watch, and that’s just how awesome Stargate is.

    Three best moments… this is going to be hard. Just three?
    In no particular order:

    The Shrine. All of it. Absolutely wonderful, all the way through. And the scene with Sheppard and McKay on the pier was especially wonderful.

    Atlantis rising out of the water in Rising. It gave me a sense of hope and wonder, and as a bonus, very nice SFX. It was beautiful.

    BAMSR. All of it, for sheer epicness. The awesome space battle, Fran, badass!Weir, did I mention awesome space battle? That episode made me think movie, minus the popcorn. And the scene at the very end was a nice coda to the episode.

  169. Joe, as I was sitting in church this morning, listening to my Pastor’s sermon, I could not help but think of a couple more moments that brought on emotion. I’m sure my Pastor appreciates you asking that question on a Saturday night!

    In McKay and Mrs. Miller toward the end, when Rodney hugged his sister with such gentleness, compassion, and love (very un-McKayish) and said, “How are you? Are you happy?”. I remember that brought tears to my eyes. Knowing that in real life they are brother and sister (and I have only brothers), I’m sure it was a tender and touching moment when they filmed it. I think that is the McKay I would have liked to see more of, instead of the obnoxious, brash, never stops talking McKay. That would have been a good side of McKay to put with Keller.

    In Runner the final scene with Ronon looking at images of Sateda from the MALPS. The look on his face when he realizes Sateda is gone and he has no home, no family, or friends left. That was pretty powerful. Back then, I did not know any of the inner workings of the show. I just watched because I liked it. I did not know Ronon was a new character to the series. I still remember thinking I just wanted to hug him and asking out loud, can we keep him? He needs a home. He has no place to go, and he is so cute!

    In Sateda when Ronon goes into the bombed out hospital and sits down and begins to remove the piece of metal from his leg. At the same time, he is remembering his wife’s death there. The pain on his face and in his screams was very touching. I didn’t know if it was the pain of his wound or more so the pain of the memories of watching his wife killed right before his eyes.

    A funny moment of life imitating art or art imitaing life (whatever) was in the opening scene of The Long Goodbye. McKay trying to explain television to Ronon and Teyla, referring to shows on T.V. as having “ridiculously attractive people in absurd situations”. While Ronon and Teyla grinned at each other, Sheppard just sat there oblivious. I thought, did McKay just describe this show? Hilarious stuff!!

    During Broken Ties my body tensed up. I didn’t realize that had happened until when the was show was over and I relaxed. Very gripping episode.

    Sateda was pure art. Just like Vegas. Loved it! Loved it all!

  170. Is it too late for a question to Mr. Cooper?

    What was the deal with the cut on Shep’s cheek? Was it from a scene cut from the episode or did Flanigan get a boo-boo doing a stunt or something?

    I really loved that whole episode, with the filming and editing and characters all being so different from usual.

  171. J
    Enemy at the Gate reminds me of Independence Day. The ship had to be destroyed from within. Why didn’t they throw something more than 3 grenades into the hive ship. Why not send in an atomic bomb?

  172. Any chance that if Atlantis gets a second movie it would be Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow? I personally thought it was a great idea, possibly the best time travel concept Stargate has come up with.

  173. Alright well lets see if I had to break it down into three favorite scenes then well lets see

    1. It would have to be when the drones are first launched at Anubis’s fleet in Lost City and Anubis’s mother ship is destroyed right before General Hammond is about to ram into it

    2. In the episode Disclosure when Thor beams down at the meeting with all of the nations and puts Kinsey says “I’m sure it was Commander” and Thor raises his hand and cuts him off saying “Supreme Commander”

    3. Finally in Reckoning the big space battle between the Replicators and the Goa’uld/Jaffa fleets with finally the Ancient weapon going off defeating the replicators once and for all (well kind of)

    But once again I will say that Major Davis needs a promotion next time he is on the screen just say “Hello Lieutenant Colonel Davis” and trust many fans will be happy

    So once again thank you for a great show and your time

  174. @ Negolith

    If Joe Malozzi despised Sheppard, why would be doing directing Sheppard-centered episodes like Remnants and Travellers?
    (Joe I know you wrote Remnants, did you write Travellers too? I think you did?)

  175. “Enemy at the Gate” was an excellent episode. Loved it. Watching it was a little bittersweet, though, knowing that it was the last time that we would see the team together – that is until the movie. The tribute to Don was a very special thing to do. ((thank you)) He will be missed. I think the only thing that would have made “EATG” more special for me is if Michael and Rick could have had a cameo in it. Jack and Daniel being in it would have brought the series ‘full circle’.

    Three scenes or moments………..

    “Rising” – The scene with Daniel, McKay and Weir where Daniel says: ‘Atlantis. I think we can go there.’ That scene said it all and basically started the series.

    “First Contact” – All of the scenes between Daniel and McKay. Teriffic chemistry!

    “The Lost Tribe” – The reveal of the new alien. Man I miss Thor!!! And the added bonus of the music that you guys played during that reveal, and with Daniel there too – priceless!!!!

    I hope your diet of no sugar is going well. Don’t torture yourself too much, Joe. Seriously….no fruit either?

    stay warm


    PS: I almost forgot………Jack’s chair!!!! You guys destroyed Jack’s chair?!?!?

  176. To all the crew and actors, well done! I loved the episode. I like that Atlantis is on earth and they helped save earth. Look forward to the future. Take care. Jim

  177. Joe, WHAT A FANTASTIC EPISODE!!!!!! I absolutely loved it. It was by far my favourite episode of SGA ever, which is saying a lot. You and Paul did a wonderful job writting it.

    For me, my 3 favourite scenes are difficult to come up with. The first one that comes to mind is the original reveal of the Daedalus. I absolutely love watching such a beautiful ship come up and just start ripping up some wraith, it always puts a smile on my face.

    As for the other two….. I have no idea! There are so many! I guess I can saw the reveal of the Asgard in Lost Tribe. My friend and I when we watched that were like “OMFG! Did that just happen!” Also pretty much all of Sateda, I loved the way Ronon was in that episode, it was fantastic. Also, when Sheppard tells Kolya he’s going to kill him in The Storm/The Eye right after he thinks he’s killed Weir. And sooooo much more! It was all great.

    I’d like to end this by saying thank-you to all the cast and crew for an absolutely AMAZING 5 seasons (can’t say 5 years, cause I only discovered it 2.5 years ago). I am really looking forward to not only the movie, but also the news series. I know they will both be amazing, much like this episode. Thanks again Joe, and I look forward to many more entertaining hours of Stargate from you and the team.

    P.S.: I also loved the bit about General Hmmond and how they are naming the new ship after him. I was so happy that was included. Don S. Davis was a huge part of Stargate and when I found out he had passed away I was heart broken. Thank-you for including that bit.

  178. You already named most of the moments I would have counted as most memorable. But I can think of a few more: Zelenka stuck with Sam in the transporter, finding the Beckett clone in Micheals labs, McKay realising he won’t be Atlantis new commander…. Oh there are so many! McKay in Duet (can’t single out any scene there ;o))

  179. It’s hard to pick just three scenes, because these five seasons are full of heartbreaking, funny, great and exciting moments and I really enjoyed this show. Maybe not every ep and every developement but overall I love SGA. So, thank you for these characters and for five wonderful seasons. 🙂

    My favourite scenes are:

    – The scene with John and Rodney in John’s room and then on the pier in The Shrine
    – Miller’s Crossing: That Rodney wants to let Todd feed off him to save Jeannie, the way John reacts when Rodney tells him so and John ‘presenting the situation’ to Wallace.
    – Teyla singing in Critical Mass, Atlantis rising from the ocean in Rising, the Jumper-fleet in Adrift and a lot more.


  180. OMG! I can’t believe I forgot this!

    MAJOR DAVIS! I was psyched when he showed up. Great little thing to include, just made it that much better!

  181. Joe-
    Thank-you thank-you!!! Enemy at the Gate was awesome!!! I was so stoked at how awesome it was while I was watching it that all I could think was, “I am so glad this is so awesome.” (that probably didn’t make any sense) It was classic Atlantis to the core and I LOVED IT!!! MANY THANKS TO EVERYONE!! =]

    My three fave moments…geesh…that’s almost impossible.

    1) I loved Duet, but the Carson/Rodney kiss was the absolute best part of that episode!

    2) When the Ancients take over Atlantis and Carson goes to see Weir who says she’s writing her memoirs of Atlantis and Carson asks where she was planning to publish them and then Weir says she is just trying to move on and Carson asks, “By writing your memoirs??”

    I don’t know why I love that so much…it just cracks me up everytime I even think about it!!

    3) Sheppard and team finding Carson at the end of Kindred…I can’t tell you how I squealed. I SQUEALED! (with glee)

    3.1) Smug Sheppard saying he shot Rodney in the leg.

    3.2) Radek and Lorne fighting over the game at the end of the episode The Game.
    “Two dozen hand woven baskets!”
    “What am I going to put in them? Not food!!”

    3.3) “My turtles!!!”

    Okay…I’ll stop! =]

  182. Joe,
    I forgot to say thank you for the look into the season six that should have been. Sounded like a great idea and I can’t wait for the movie(s).


  183. Some of the scenes from Atlantis that are the most memorable to me are the city rising from the ocean floor in the appropriately titled “Rising,” the city launching into space in “First Strike” (Elizabeth’s line “Atlantis is leaving this planet” always gives me goosebumps, kudos to Martin Gero on that), and the Sheppard-Weir exchange in “Hide and Seek” where he reveals he shot McKay in the leg always cracks me up. Not to mention, in “Enemy at the Gate” when Sam says “Atlantis is coming home.” That was just THE BEST! Thank you for that line.

    I’m really looking forward to both the movie and Stargate: Universe and thank you for your tireless dedication to Atlantis and the franchise as a whole.

  184. Well, now, three scenes is hard to choose. Do I go for character moments or special effects? Hmm, how about three for each?

    Special effects:

    1) Atlantis rising from the water in Rising
    2) Atlantis leaving Lantea in First Strike
    3) The whale at the end of Grace Under Pressure – it just made the episode that little bit more awesome than it already was!

    Character moments:

    1) Rodney and Sam in Grace Under Pressure, the scene in which he says he can’t even hallucinate right today!
    2) John and Rodney in The Defiant One, the not flying in a straight line scene.
    3) Rodney in The Shrine – please don’t make me choose just one scene, can’t I have all his scenes, please?! Pretty please? *puppy dog eyes* Oh alright, the very first scene with him before the opening sequence…it brought tears to my eyes.

    Of course, my favs can change depending on my mood and what episodes I’ve seen recently!!

    Thank you to everyone for the ride – and looking forward to the movies. Yes, movies! No way are we gonna settle for just one!! *g*


  185. 5)Every single time John Sheppard tries to say how he feels instead of showing. So. Fantastically. Awkward. Also any time someone tries to hug him and he’s not ready for it. HEEE

    4) Rodney appearing in John’s dream in “Doppelganger” to help kick some Doppel!John ass.

    3) The scene in “Tao of Rodney” when Rodney just up and hugs Ronon to heal his scars. Also, from that one, Ronon’s bear hug.

    2) The “I can’t” scene from “Miller’s Crossing.” Joe really hit that one out of the park in a beautifully understated manner.

    1) The pier scene from “The Shrine.” John’s sweetness and stubbornness and oh, “Arthur.” I know what’s coming and I *still* laugh at that, every single time. “The Shrine,” is one of my favorite episodes.

    I could go on and on because there were some truly beautiful team moments and Teyla moments and Ronon moments – gosh, I love those two – but my favorite two characters have always been John and Rodney. Thank you guys so much for the last five years. I’m really looking forward to the movie(s).

    Also, many thanks for a lovely finale. I kind of fell in love them all over again.

  186. Moments:

    1 – the first time John sits in the chair in Antarctica

    2 – Rodney walks into the “cloud monster” knowing that the the shield will be drained.

    3 – Zelenka’s return from the planet of the kids

  187. I read how season six would have covered the logical conclusion that it wouldn’t be the used as gate travel being in the Milky Way. I thought it was revealed in enemy at the gate, that when two stargates are in the same area, and one of them is a Pegasus gate, the Pegasus gate takes precedence. Was I mistaken? Also, great final episode :-).

  188. Okay, three scenes…

    First off, Joe, can I request another question? How about favorite comedic lines? Because when I think of favorite Atlantis scenes, a whole lot of laugh-out-loud moments come to mind. One right after the other. I really, really hope that Stargate Universe will have that same sense of humor.

    And I have to take a moment to recognize here all those little moments in each season, each episode, that explored the friendship between our team members. Sure, the action, the adventure, and the mind-bending sci fi of Atlantis are all awesome, but what sets the show apart is its HEART, and the bond these characters share.

    Right, on to the scenes:

    1. I’m cheating here, but: Atlantis rising from the ocean at the beginning of the series AND then the landing on Earth at the end of the series. Great way to come full circle, and rather awe-inspiring, too.

    2. John and Teyla fighting Michael, and Teyla eventually finishing him off. Whoa, gave me chills. (Ain’t it GREAT when a TV show can give you chills?)

    3. McKay running to Sheppard’s room in The Shrine, and then the subsequent scene on the pier.

    And that’s…oh heck…I can’t do it…can’t stop with three!

    4. McKay and Beckett’s “goodbye” on the pier. What a beautiful scene. I still get choked up when I see it.

    5. Teyla singing in Critical Mass. She has such a lovely voice, first of all. But it was also rather a beautiful departure from the norm. All this action, set to this haunting song. (We had something similar with the montage at the end of Broken Ties. Both lovely moments, really. Cheers to our favorite composer!)

    I could go on. And on. But instead I’ll just point at the comments up above and say “Yeah, that moment too! And that! And oh, I forgot about that one, that rocked!”

    Thanks everybody, the comments have been a great read. 😀

  189. Oh, in regards to my #2 choice, Michael’s swan song in Prodigal, I also have to say that from now on when I see it, I will imagine Chuck coming out for a smoke at the wrong moment…

    Thanks Joe! Hehe.

  190. There have been tons over the years but my absolute favourite three…

    3rd: When McKay rescues Keller from the corridor in Brain Storm. Was waiting for forever for them to get together.

    2nd: When the evil Asguard steal the Attero device component from Atlantis in First Contact. They were so cool, so un-expected and viscously quick.

    1st: My absolute favourite scene from SGA was the battle over Asuras in Be All My Sins Remember’d. What a epic battle worthy of a Star Wars film, it totally blew my mind. Even better that the battle of P3Y-229 in SG1 series 9.

  191. Hi Joe!

    Love & thanks to everyone for their hard work on SGA!!!!!!

    Loved Enemy at the Gate! I would have further enjoyed EatG as a two-hour because it was so chock full of Gatey goodness, it had enough for two delicious hours!! 🙂

    My fave parts, besides the ass kicking moments, which are always fun, was seeing all of the cool (and not so cool) characters we don’t get to see every day – Maj. Davis, Sam, Lorne, Amelia, Walter, Kavanaugh, Carson, Todd, Caldwell, Ellis, the SGC (it’s like a character), the mention of O’Neill and Landry, etc.

    Changing the name of the Phoenix to the General Hammond was so touching. Thank-you!!! I teared up.

    OMGed, when we saw Ronon die, I was floored! My hub said, “Maybe he didn’t want to be in the movie.” I have been very spoiler free, and could only agree this was a possibility. Then (phew!) Kenny (or whichever Wraith that was) brought Ronon back to life. I was a little confused, as I didn’t think the Wraith could revive a corpse, but decided to go with the Princess Bride theory that Ronon was just “mostly dead.”

    What’s the real scoop, Joe?

    Also, Caldwell mentioning the Odyssey’s super secret mission – a hint at the new SG-1 movie?????

    Liked the callback to the Chinese getting a Daedalus class ship, the Sun Tzu.

    I was a little confused as to why Sheppard never got to the Chair on Earth. He could’ve made short work of the darts and the UberHive, rather than take on a huge fleet of darts with a handful of F302s. Earth’s defenses did seem a little on the light side, but maybe our alien allies are off doing other stuff right now? I’m supposing the plan was to blow up the Earth Chair so it won’t be available for future movies’ plots, but that portion of the show felt rather odd. I did enjoy seeing Shep kick tail in his F302 fashion, and it allowed him to rejoin the Team on the UberHive, which was nice.

    I liked how the UberHive had a Gate onboard and used it to tie up the Earth gate. It connected with SGA’s canon from back in S1. Plus, it allowed for Lorne & Team-1 to kick some Wraith butt! 🙂

    The Wormhole drive is a very cool concept and would love to see more about this!

    Woolsey’s talk with Ronon and Teyla was also great. He really showed respect and understanding with their situation and gave them the option to leave, rather than dismissing their feelings or demanding them go with Atlantis no matter what.

    I always love Todd and Sheppard scenes. Christopher and Joe work so well together on camera. Todd seemed a little strange, though.

    Carson flew the city? I was a bit incredulous, but damn, he looked good in that Chair, and I decided to fly with it. He did seem more confident and did a fine job, especially considering he was launching drones, flying the ship and keeping everyone alive. Good job, Carson!

    The UberHive was pretty cool – very badass and I loved the scene where it was attacking the Daedalus, firing all cannons, so to speak.

    The end scene was nice. Amelia looks even prettier with her hair down. Nice to see her and Ronon together. 🙂 Such a cute moment between Keller and McKay too – made me go “Ahhhhh.” 🙂

    Great to see the gang on the balcony, looking at Golden Gate. I thought they were going to land closer to Hawaii, but the GG Bridge is visually iconic. Sure, as others have stated, it would’ve been cool if Zelenka, Chuck, Carson, or Lorne were there, but I’ll certainly live with who we got! 🙂

    All in all, I came away with the thought, “I sure got a lot! And I sure want more!” Not bad for a series finale, eh?


  192. Hi again, Joe!

    My fave three scenes? Can’t really narrow it down, as every ep has a wonderful scene or line that I love, but here are three from an ever-growing and changing list:

    1. Beer on the Pier – The Shrine

    2. Atlantis rising – Rising

    3. “C’mon, John. FIGHT!” – Doppelganger


  193. My three favorite S5 scene are:

    1. As McKay says he is not doctor anymore.
    2. As Teyla kills Michael at the balcony.
    3. Atlantis is protecting Earth and they stay between the ship and the planet.


  194. Hi Joe,

    just three scenes? Uh, okay…

    1. The scene in John’s quarters, followed by the pier scene in “The shrine” (that counts as one, right?^^)

    2. “Miller’s crossing” when Rodney tells John that Todd should feed on him, and John’s response to that. It always gives me the shivers

    3. Just all the scenes when John and Rodney have a good time together (e.g. playing with the toy cars, the “throwing off the balcony” scene, playing chess or Atlantis Sims, and of course, the banter)

    I’m really gonna miss that!!! :(((

  195. 1. Rod in “McKay and Mrs. Miller.” I especially liked how he grew off you as gradually as Rodney grew on you. Also introduced to the irrepressible Kate Hewlett.

    2. Seeing Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson among those who mistakenly see McKay as a wash-up in “Brain Storm”

    3. Ascension-away-from-home retreat of “Epiphany.”

    Honorable mentions for varying reasons:
    “Instinct,” “The Tower,” “The Lost Tribe,” “The Game,” “Before I Sleep,” “Irresistable” and “Irresponsible”

    Joe, I would be interested to see which shows end up being fan favorites, based on this impromptu poll.

  196. I am soooo sad because not only did the final episode air, but I DIDN’T RECORD IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I know I did, and when I went to watch it it wasn’t there, I caught the last 15 minutes of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARRRRGHHHHHHH I have all of season 5 on my DVR, but the last episode I could cry. What was I thinking????I would swear that I it was set…I can’t believe it.

    Ok my top 3 picks, Duet – David did an awesome job with Cadman’s charactor, he really had the mannerisms down, and the kiss with Becket, I did not see that coming… my mouth dropped when he kissed Becket and I laughed so hard. That was great. They were great sports for consenting to do that scene, scary part was if I recall, they weren’t too hesitant not too. hmm.

    The Shrine – the pier and when Rodney woke up Sheppard.
    It was such a touching moment. You really knew how Sheppard felt about Rodney, even though Rodney could be a pain, Sheppard really cared about him

    Ghost in the Machine – Michelle Morgan did an incredible job portraying Weir it was like seeing Tori Higginson in another body.The voice inflections, mannerisms, just her delivery.

    Ok one more – Tabula Rasa that was a cool episode, made me really think about how the mind works of course I had to browse thru a The Blank Slate – by Steven Pinker. And my favorite scene in that is when Ronan stuns Sheppard and says” That never gets old” ( not sure if I quoted that exactly)

    How long before I can buy season 5?????? Ugh I can’t believe I didn’t record it.

    Thanks to everyone for putting together a great show every week, from the cast to ALL the crew members, Joe thanks for the inside info in the blogs and Q&A with the cast and crew members. I really appreciate everyone’s talent and all the best to everyone in future endeavors.

    God bless.

  197. My favorites are:

    Any scene that Sheppard was in (Joe Flanigan is an awesome actor)

    Any scene that Todd was.


    Thanks to everyone connected with the show for 5 wonderful seasons, I’m going to miss my Friday night date with SGA.

  198. Picking three ain’t easy. Let’s see…

    1. The end of Siege Part II. The cliffhanger. Damn near punched my screen when the ‘To Be Continued’ came up. I can’t remember a Season finale cliffhanger, other than maybe Camelot, where I’ve sat there stunned, desperate to know what happens next.

    2. The whole ending of Critical Mass. I spent most of the episode wondering what the significance of Teyla’s C-plot was. Then when she started singing, and everything came together with the montage of all the events, it was just magnificant. Easily one of Atlantis’ best.

    3. Sheppard standing near one of the grounding stations in the pouring rain in The Storm, screaming down the radio and Kolya as the camera pulls out. Amazing moment.

    It was hard picking those. If I could have other choices, all of Letters from Pegasus would be next, followed by The Shrine. Then BAMSR. And so on! Really hard to nail it down to just those three.


  199. If i had to pick between my three favs…..i’d have to say-

    3. “Goodbye for now carson” The heartfelt added scene at the end of Sunday. It is just too beautiful to go unmentioned.

    2. “Tao of Mckay” The whole damn ep! lol

    1. “The shrine- Beer on the pier” Best McShep moment ever thank you!

  200. Three favourite scenes? Much easier to ask for the 3 least favourite scenes. I can’t possibly choose just three, so I won’t pick any.

    I do have a question about Enemy At The Gates, though – or more specifically, about Todd’s make-up. We felt it was very noticeably different, and we were wondering whether it was a conscious thing. Was it tied in to the events in Infection? My flatmate felt that Todd looked more human than previously…

    I, too, want to say how pleased I was with the ship renaming. And also to see Chuck and Walter and Kavanagh there.

    Thanks, Joe & Co, for 5 great years. I wish it wasn’t over (in a weekly format), but I look forward to the movie.

  201. I already miss Atlantis! There are way too many scenes to choose just three. Among my favorites:

    1) Anything with John and Rodney snark
    2) Beer on the pier, Rodney pounding on John’s door and Rodney continually calling for John in the Shrine
    3) John throwing Rodney over the balcony “Invulnerable”, “I shot him. In the leg.”
    4) The haunting, heartbreaking ending in Vegas
    5) Ronon shooting John in Tabula Rasa, “That never gets old.”
    6) Rodney delivering Torren and John flying him home in Search and Rescue
    7) John sitting in the chair then lighting the city in Rising
    8) Telling Ford to “do it”, hit him with the defibrillator in 38 Minutes
    9) The feeding scenes in Common Ground
    10) Teyla kicking Micheals hands and John/Rodney racing cars in Prodigal
    11) “So long Rodney”

    I could keep going because there are too many awesome scenes to name. I know I missed some, but these are the ones that came to mind right away. Thank you Joe and crew for giving us our wonderful team and many wonderful memories.

  202. Overall I enjoyed “Enemy At The Gate.”

    One thing though…. Why is Maj. Davis still a Major. He’s been one since season 2 or SG1… he should at least be a Lt. Col. on his way to picking up Colonel. All that is required is that the costume department change his rank insignia, writers change his rank in the script, and the actors calling him Colonel instead of Maj.

    Please promote him for any future movies or episodes he may appear in.

    SGT Hong

  203. StellaByStargate writes: “On that note…if you were a betting man, would you put money on the SGA and SG1 movies being released in ‘09 or is 2010 a more likely target?”

    Answer: If I was a betting man? 2010.

    If I was a betting person, I would bet that we will never get an Atlantis movie.

  204. Wow, only 3??? That’s going to be tough, for what I can honestly say my fav show of all time. Over Angel, Farscape, Third Watch and BSG. Even over SG1. I just have a weakness for the history and mythology of Atlantis, and was totally ecstatic when the spin off would take place there. Anyway…I’ll try…

    The award for best fight scene is a tie: Ford and Ronon in Runner, and Tyre and Ronon in Broken Ties.

    I love the sequence of scenes of Rodney and what he does for each of his teammates in The Tao of Rodney. Especially for Ronon. Season 3 was a huge turn for his character. With this epi and McKay and Mrs. Miller.

    I love Carson’s final deed in “Sunday”. I was balling, his return in Kindred as well as his farewell into the sleep thing…of which I cried again.

    Ronon’s turn and return in Broken Ties. Excellent piece of acting. Although I will miss Jason as Ronon, this performance made me look forward to future roles from him.

    I loved everything about Common Ground. Along with Sateda, it’s my favorite episode of all SGA. Both of them were such an exploration of character that we had yet to see with John and Ronon. Especially the self-sacrificing quality that each of them have.

    Space battles: The Siege, and Be All My Sins Remember’d.

    I have of course have to end the rising of the city in Rising…it was just…skin tingling to watch (it still does everytime I watch it), and the city showing up at Earth in Enemy at the Gate. Both moments were fantastic.

  205. Only three eh? Well lets see…
    The Sheppard and McKay scene on the Pier in The Shrine. That was just plain magic.

    I’d also say when Sheppard shot Kolya while he was holding Weir in The Eye. That moment was when I became the Sheppard fan I am today.

    Ronon showing up at the gate to go with Sheppard to Earth for the funeral.

    There are so many many more. The character based moments are always my favorites. I will miss this show Bring on the movies.

  206. Joe,

    What an awesome finale. Great way to go out. I’ll have to think of more specific things to say later.

    Favorite/standout scenes/moments? So hard to choose. Hm…

    – The scene in Michael where he realizes he’s a wraith.

    – In No Man’s Land, where Michael gives Ronon his gun back.

    – The final scene in Sunday.

    – That part in Kindred where Michael’s got Teyla in the cage and he says something about how they’re not so different, and she snaps back at him and he gets this wonderful sad look, like she really hurt his feelings.

    – That part at the end of Phantoms (I think it was) when Carson realizes that the guy he’s been trying to save is already dead.

    – In The Return, when Shep, McKay, Weir, and Carson are sneaking around to steal the jumper and go back to Atlantis.

    … Yeah, there’s too many great scenes to pick, and I’d have to go through all the episodes to find them.

    replies from yesterday…

    PoorOldEdgarDerby —

    I thought the Buffy/Angel comics have been really interesting so far. They seem to flow fairly naturally from where the series left off, but in a way that would be virtually impossible to do as a TV show. The whole LA-fell-into-hell thing was kind of surprising, but I love how past characters keep showing up to make an appearance. I also love how they kept Wesley around, because him dying in the finale was the worst part of that for me. With Buffy, I’ve actually enjoyed watching Dawn’s strange storyline and changing forms, though I still don’t really understand why that happened to her that well. The old characters showing up there have been great, too. My favorite so far is Warren. That was just wicked.

    dad —

    Haha! Okay, here’s a quick summary of my thoughts on the wildlife issue. All creatures have the right to survive and to protect themselves and their own species. Which means that if some jerkoff goes up to a chained dog and shoots it with a pellet gun, that dog has every right (in my mind) to break its chain and bite the person, should it so choose. And it goes both ways. Well, it’s like Mal Reynolds said, “Someone ever tries to kill you, you try to kill ’em right back.” If people go out hunting down animals in the wilderness, the animals shouldn’t be expected to just lie there and die. And if an animal comes up to a human and tries to kill it, that human has every right to defend themself. Not that I think humans and animals are equal. Humans are a higher life form, which means two things. One, that human life is more valuable than animal life, and two, that it is humanity’s job to protect animals. A lot of people would agree with me on the first point, but forget the second. As an example, if you’re a parent and you see a black widow spider strolling up to your child, you’re gonna kill it… and if you’re walking in the woods with your kid and the kid starts throwing rocks at squirrels, you should stop him from doing so. And it’s part of parental responsibility to not bring a child in to a dangerous situation like living in the wilderness where there are a lot of big animals. But if you live on a farm in the country and your kid’s playing outside and you see a mountain lion or something stalking your child… well, you better believe I, for one, would do whatever it took to keep the animal away from my kid.

    Now, how I see this as regards the wraith situation… when the show started, it was easy to see the wraith purely as animals. Actually, we saw them more as monsters, just single-minded killing machines, too intelligent to have the innocence of animals. But then we met Todd and Michael. Todd showed us that wraith can work together with humans to achieve a common goal, and that they can keep their word. When Todd gave Sheppard his life back at the end, he was not acting as an animal would. He was acting honorably, as only intelligent, sentient beings, on equal level with humans, can. And Michael… *sigh*… well, Michael showed us that wraith, too, have complex feelings, desires, emotions, and that they understand friendship and betrayal. He showed us, again, that wraith can work with humans, can even go against their own kind to do so–and all he asked in return was to be treated with respect. But in both cases, the Lanteans remained blind to what they were dealing with. They still thought they were dealing with a lesser species and treated them accordingly. That, in my mind, was their grave mistake.

  207. “It was also intended to be the launching point for a very interesting early season 6 scenario: With Atlantis back on Earth, why the hell would the I.O.A. ever let it go? And if it remained, which, by all indications seemed likely, what would become of its occupants, especially Ronon and Teyla? Also, with a permanent station in the Milky Way, wouldn‘t Atlantis, logically, cease to be a launch point for gate travel and, instead, become a research center for Ancient technology?”

    How about, is it ethical to leave the Pegasus galaxy absolutely defenseless after it was Earthers who prematurely woke up the Wraith? Does Atlantis “belong” to Pegasus? I’d love to see ethical dilemmas like these in the movie.

  208. I’m already missing Atlantis. Here are my 3 favorite scenes:

    1. Carson’s goodbye to Rodney at the end of Sunday.

    2. Sheppard and Rodney on the pier in The Shrine

    3. Elizabeth distracting Dr. Lee with the World of Warcraft conversation.

  209. Rodney serving Teyla tea in ‘The Tao of Rodney’.I watch it over and over.
    Carson, ‘manning up’ in ‘Outsiders’ and taking charge when he and McKay were on the wraith ship.
    Shepard and McKay sitting on the Pier talking and saying, ‘goodbye’ as Rodney’s mind slowly slipped away because of parasite (can’t remember episode name).
    One of my favorite lines, ‘Bacon is the food that makes other food worth eating’. So true.
    Thanks for such a great show. It’s one of my all time favs.

  210. @ das ~ Oh sweet Gaia XD I *am* the Typo Queen! I almost spit-taked(took?) at my screen when I re-read what I wrote. Freudian slip much? …. XD

  211. You pose a question difficult to answer. After pondering all day, and in no particular order:

    1 – the pier scene in The Shrine
    2 – the scene in Miller’s Crossing when McKay enters his lab and discovers Sheppard has “fed” Wallace to Todd
    3 – Vegas

    A huge and heartfelt thank you to everyone involved with the production of Stargate Atlantis. I eagerly await the movie.

  212. @ wolfenm – Yeah…and Mallozzi thinks mint centers are disgusting… 😉


  213. First I would like to say the Stargate Atlantis was my fav. show on sci-fi and I will be sad.

    I do have some questions

    1 Why not take it 3 more seasons?
    2 What happen with the Travlers?
    3 What happen with the rest of the wraith?
    4 What happen to Dr. Weir the replicator she was flying a warship/battleship at the end of the show when the, replicator planet was emploded and she said we can now work without looking over our shoulders?

  214. Only three scenes? Mhmm…

    1. The Daniel – Rodney scenes in First Contact and Lost Tribe

    2.The Shrine: Rodney going to John for help in the middle of the night and then later on the scene on the pier.

    2. Miller’s crossing: John “persuades” Wallace to sacrifice himself because he can’t see Rodney die.

    … and every single scene between John and Rodney that speaks of their unique friendship.

    Apart from the horrible Keller/McKay moments I loved every season of Atlantis very much. Thanks for 5 years of great entertainment. And now I’m hoping for the film(s).

  215. Hi Joe

    Questions arising from Enemy at the Gate:

    If Atlantis remains on Earth, will the city’s gate over-ride the gate at the SGC? If so, will the SGC be closing operations as a fully functioning base, to be replaced by Atlantis?

    Since the control crystal allowing Earth to be dialled directly from the Pegasus galaxy, presumably no-one could get from Pegasus to the Milky Way through a wormhole. How will Atlantis’s allies in the Pegasus galaxy get word to them, if necessary?

    As a result of the expedition’s actions in “Rising”, the Wraith woke early, creating a crisis in the Pegasus galaxy. Now, the expedition has returned home, permanently. How will this make those left behind feel?

    If the Antarctic Chair has been destroyed, and the Atlantis Chair is an integral part of the city’s operating system and therefore cannot be removed, will this lead the IOA to take steps to ensure the city never leaves the planet again?

    If the city is cloaked, how will shipping be kept from running into it (or its force shield)? Given that, human nature being what it is, someone is bound to ignore any restrictions!

    I look forward to hearing your thoughts


  216. My most fav scene is Carter telling Sheppard about Gen George Hammond on Enemy at the Gate, thankyou you for that, it was a very nice touch, two others, Michael’s anger when he worked out he wasn’t human and any ep that Radek stood up to Rodney

  217. A tad late but my top 3 episodes (I’m greedy and have chosen episodes not moments)….

    1. First Contact & Lost Tribe….a tour de force from the “Jackson and McKay” show….and Messrs Shanks & Hewlett
    2. Sateda – a tour de force from Ronon and Mr Mamoa
    3. Vegas – a tour de force from Joe F and Neil Jackson AND the most awesome musical track on a Sci Fi programme ever!!!

    I didn’t start watching Atlantis proper until SG-1 had finished…am glad I did it this way….I’ve grown to appreciate it without comparison……SG-1 with Jack O’Neill and Daniel Jackson will always mean “STARGATE” to me but Atlantis is now very dear to my heart and I will miss it…..

    Thank you ….

    Deeds xx

  218. Hi there…

    Best Ep /acting ever in SGA: The Shrine !!! I beleive if we are looking on the acting side, this was the best Ep… Yes, there was better Ep on the FX side but if you are looking for a tear breaking Ep, that’s the one…

    On another note: have you had the chance back in Montreal to taste that “DBC” Death by Chocolate cake I was talking to you about before Christmas time ?


  219. Three scenes? Hum… Despite the fact that I think Atlantis has flaws, there has been so many great moments over the years that it’s hard to choose. I’m particularly fond of Ronon’s character so a powerful scene like him coming down from the Wraith drug in Broken Ties comes to mind (it’s perhaps one of the most powerful scenes of the shows I think). Or that brief scene in Adrift when he basically thanks Weir for everything (these two didn’t have enough interaction in my opinion). There are also lighter scenes like Sheppard teaching him to golf or the “Indeed” thing with Teal’c in Midway and that hilarious scene with Harriman in Miller’s Crossing. On the other hand, I would have liked Ronon’s death in Enemy at the Gate to be more meaningful. I know the episode was quite eventful and there wasn’t enough time, but it felt like the team barely cared. And so, not one second was I bothered by his death. Other great scenes include McKay’s farewell to Beckett, the revelation in the Lost Tribe, O’neill and Woolsey hiding in The Return 2, the space battle in BAMSR and of course, Atlantis rising from the sea in Rising. After five years, I still enjoy that scene and remember thinking “I’m going to love this show” the first time I watched it.
    So three scenes:
    1) Atlantis rising
    2) Ronon begging for death in Broken Ties
    3) McKay’s farewell to Beckett in Sunday.
    I probably forgot tons of great scenes, but those three are the one I remember the most.

  220. I haven’t seen the final ep because it has yet to be uploaded to Amazon. I’m treading carefully here, trying to avoid too much spoilerage. I can’t wait to see it and read the upcoming Q & A’s on JM’s blog about Vegas and the finale.

    Yet another friend just discovered SGA, not through me but through the magnificent cuteness of Jason Momoa. The show will continue to gain new fans every day, I’m sad the run is over but SGA is a show that I can see over and over, reruns or brand new, it’s all good.

    Congrats to all the writers, actors, grips and producers, caterers and costumers and bad ass kick boxing fight coordinators, the secretaries and the interns, you all rocked hard for 5 years. I know that the SGA community will spawn new shows and movies for years to come.

  221. 3 Favorite Moments….hmmmm….

    1) McKay’s face at the end of “Remnants” when he realizes that he too experienced a type of hallucination…

    2) Sheppard seeing exactly what the Wraith do as the Queen fed on Col. Sumner…

    3) The bottle of champagne rolling through the Atlantis gate from O’Neill…

    Just 3 out of so many….

  222. Well it is with a touch of deep sadness that I realise I will be sitting down 2morrow night to watch the final episode of Atlantis, when it airs here in the UK. Whilst there will of course be the movie to look forward too, it won’t be quite the same and I can’t help but feel like I’m losing a best friend.

    As for the 3 favourite scenes/moments – I’m afraid I can’t narrow it down to just 3 as there has been so many fab moments across 5 Seasons:

    So many funny things that still make me laugh (The entire “Duet” episode still reduces me to tears of laughter and David’s Hewlett’s delivery of McKay’s lines in every episode are fabulous!).

    So many emotional moments between the characters that demonstrated clearly their friendships with one another (“The Shrine” for all the John/Rodney scenes, Carson’s swansong in “Sunday”, Rodney delivering Teyla’s baby).

    Plus finally, all the wonderful little John/Teyla moments for all those of us that loved these two as a potential couple (The kiss in “Conversion”, the 2 hugs in Season 4, John’s reaction to Teyla’s pregnancy).

    To all of the cast and everyone involved with Atlantis – thankyou for those memories.

    Atlantis, you will be missed but shall remain forever in my heart.

  223. My three favorite scenes?

    1) Atlantis rising. Breathtaking.
    2) Rodney in the Chair in “Tao of Rodney”. Man, he looked beautiful.
    3) Rodney’s apology to John at the end of “Trinity”. The slight tearing up in Rodney’s eyes when the transporter door shut in his face brought tears to mine.

    I’ll miss Atlantis, and I hope we get the movie. I also hope you knock it off with the romance and give the focus back to the team where it belongs and where it should have been in the last scene of the series.

  224. Joe, thanks for a 5 great years. Loved the show from start to finish…I’ve been in denial since the announcement of it’s cancellation, but “Vegas” pulled me from my slump…what a fantastic showcase for Joe Flanigan. This leads me into my three favorite scenes/moments of SGA:

    1. The conservation between Rodney and Brendan Gaul in The Defiant One, right before Gaul takes his own life freeing Rodney to go save the day. Touching and insightful. Also love Rodney emptying a clip into the wraith and John having to tell him to reload.

    2. The audiences realization that Rodney is now hallucinating in The Hot Zone, the little head nod to Zelenka. And of course, Rodney’s “final” words as he thinks he is next to die.

    3. The Shrine — Rodney and John moment on the pier. John’s unwillingness to let Rodney say goodbye. Also loved the moment Jeannie first talks to Rodney and is breaking down and has to leave the room, and Ronon comforts her.

    Who am I kidding, I can’t stop at 3…

    4. Sateda…Ronon in the final confrontation with the wraith, Ronon beats his chest, does a ritualistic gesture and springs into action. Loved Beckett blowing the wraith up and Ronon’s heartfelt “hugging” thanks.

    5. Rodney and Beckett moment at the end of Sunday before Carson fades out. I cried and cried.

    6. Rodney healing Ronon’s wounds in Tao of Rodney.

    7. Teyla making sure once and for all that Micheal will not be returning in The Prodigal…it was about frackin time.

    8. Sheppard in a camero, driving through the desert with Johnny Cash singing Solitary Man to the ending with John dying alone. In my world, he survives of course. I have replayed this many times since it first aired and downloaded the episode to my ipod.

    9. The Return Part 2…..O’Neill “how about plan F, as in we are totally….” Richard Dean Anderson, it doesn’t get any better than that.

    10. Honorable mentions: Sheppard shouting “Koyla” in The Storm. Rodney’s entire underwater adventure in Grace Under Pressure. Rodney, Jennifer and Sam in a box in Trio. Did he really think Jennifer would take off her shirt? Weir and Sheppard as mortal enemies in The Long Goodbye. McKay being the hero in Harmony. That mural was hilarious. Carson and Rodney, the interaction, the kiss in Duet.

    Alas, I must stop. I can no longer feed my obscession. I will now have to patiently await the next full length motion picture adventures of my favorite show on DVD. Thank goodness for DVR’s and seaon 1-4 box sets.

    It was fun while it lasted…..good luck and goodnight.

  225. I have so many favorites, it is hard to narrow them down. This was such a fantastic show. I will tell you the two that made me cry were Sunday and The Shrine. My husband’s father has Alzheimer’s and even he was crying with The Shrine. Of course, having a child with autism, and him starting to have language and after his immunizations at 16 months, he totally disappeared, as if his body was here and his mind went to some far away place, also mirrored this episode for me. It’s making me cry just thinking about it now. I loved all the kick-ass Ronon episodes. I loved the warrior Teyla. I was a reluctant Woolsey-in-charge-of-Atlantis fan, but you all won me over on that, too. I thought Season 5 was the best of all the seasons. I look forward to the DVD release in the summer so I can listen to each and every commentary and special segments. I’ve been following Joe Flanigan’s career since he was in Cupid. Great choice for the lead role. I have too many Shepard episodes to even start naming all the ones I loved. I loved the witty banter in the show.

    I liked the darker/edgier nature of Stargate Atlantis to SG-1 (not that I didn’t love that show; I did). I will so miss Atlantis. I look forward to seeing what Universe will bring.

  226. now that I’ve finally gotten to see Enemy at the Gate (loved, loved, loved it – it felt like Atlantis was back to what I loved the best, seemingly insurmountable odds, miracles at the last minute, heart-stopping action, great character beats, TEAM! and great supporting characters) I could let myself read this blog entry… three favorite scenes… hhmmm…

    1) BEER ON THE PIER!!!
    2) Pretty much anything in Duet when McKay and Cadman are argueing with each other!
    3) Rising of the city – still takes my breath away….

    I could go on for a very long time but I won’t… thanks for ending the season the right way!

  227. I have to tell you what a great experience it has been watching Stargate Atlantis. It’s something that my husband and I, along with our 14 year old son can sit and watch **together**….. Pizza night, lights off, big screen TV, and excitement as the clock ticks closer to show-time. How many shows can you say that about?? AND, to top it all off, our son brings it up all week, and we talk about the characters, stories, and future episodes **together**. Stargate Friday Nights, will be greatly missed….
    Okay, favorite moments/episodes:
    1. Of course, the “Rising” of the city.
    2. When the virus in the lab escapes, the city locks down, and everyone is stuck together.
    3. Teyla and Sheppard in the jumper, watching as the Waith cull the planet.
    4. All the episodes with “Todd”. Awesome character and stories.
    5. The battle over the replicator homeworld.
    Last but not least, Sateda. Jason was fantastic, and we loved the whole commoraderie of the episode. When Teyla and Sheppard let Ronon fight it out, you can see how hard it is for them to watch — and when Sheppard says what he does to Teyla: great!
    I vote for more SCI FI, and LESS REALITY TV!!!

  228. I’m heartsick that the series wasn’t picked up for a season 6 run. With the high ratings it got for season 5, it’s hard to believe. Limiting favorite scenes to three is impossible, but here are mine:

    In “Outcast” — the expression on John Sheppard’s face when his brother, Dave, tells him their father regretted what happened up to the very end. He looked like he was gut punched, as if he never imagined that could possibly happen.

    In “The Shrine” — the scene with Sheppard and McKay on the pier drinking beer and Sheppard adamently refusing to say goodbye. What a performance by both actors. It was so painful that each time I see it I still tear up. You can tell neither man makes friends easily, but when they do, they are completely dedicated and loyal to the end. All of this portrayed perfectly and touchingly by Joe Flanigan and David Hewlett.

    Then I have to go with “Vegas” — a different Rodney McKay and a different John Sheppard, yet still basically the same “character” in each of them no matter what alternate universe. Incredible performance by Joe Flanigan.

    I was a late comer to this show. I didn’t start watching it until season 4. But I have to confess, when I saw the very first episode…”Rising”…I was blown away. This show pulled me in and made me actually feel what it would have been like to be walking alongside the characters and experiencing what they were going through.

    I’ve read where the producers seem to get defensive and declare “FIVE seasons!” as if we should be lucky to have had that. Quality TV is such a rare thing that when it comes along, you can never get enough of it. Why couldn’t we have had it for ten years like SG1 ran?

  229. 1) Atlantis rising, it was so beautiful just wow

    2) sunday after carsons death i just cried , no tv show or film ever touched my like that episode but the scene at the pier (so sad) was the best

    3) the asuran city ship takes flight episode (progency ) amazing

    and so many more .
    i love atlantis it was the highlight of my week . i still hope it is just a dream and the show get 5 to100 seasons more. if not please make universe good and try to stop the logik errors the are not just anoying no they take alot of the feling , a normal viewer may not care but the fans do

  230. I also wanted to say thank you for five great years of Atlantis to everyone who is or was involved in the show. I watched Stargate since i was 12 and it is one of the best Scifi Franchises of all times, the movie was cool, SG-1 was amazing and Atlantis was for me better than SG-1.

    My favorite sence are all with Mckay in it he is so cool 😉

    1.) When Carson try´s to get the arrow out of Mckay´s butt (Sateda)

    2.) Rodney and Jennifer in the Airplane at the end of Brain Storm 🙂

    3.) Enemy at the Gates the last scene when they stay all together

    It´s a shame that Atlantis had to end so early especially when i heard about how the count the viewer levels

    But i can wait to see the Atlantis movie and i hope it will be first step in line of following movies

    Thanks for Atlantis and my best whishes to cast and crew from Austria

  231. 1. McKay’s first courageous act by taking the shield protection device into the scary fog creature. (I don’t remember episode names very well so bear with me)

    2. Woolsey’s appearance as leader of the Atlantis expedition.

    3. Sheppard’s first cooperation with Todd, the Wraith.

    One would think they’d all be McKay centric, as I am a Squirrel, but to point out just the McKay instances would belittle my opinion of the whole series outside of McKay’s presence.

    Mustn’t belittle my opinion. There are much more important people to do that for me.


  232. Virtually every scene with Chris Heyerdahl as Todd. That’s one charasmatic wraith, though I am upset Shep didn’t get why Todd felt betrayed and thus took over the ship. That wasn’t Todd’s fault. Todd was nothing but helpful, the only naughty unprevoked thing he did was steal some info that one time. Shep needs to get over it.


    Whenever Sheppard screams *Kolya!* …it’s always in the same damn tone.

    The Painting of Mckay and Sheppard in Harmony.

    Todd’s fruitbasket line.

    The Shrine – “You’re a good friend, Arthur.”

    And – *Oh ho ho jjjjuuuuust a little wraith humour* -Todd

    Dave Hewlett in The Shrine.

  233. I love all the season all them they wore all great.
    Please try to make one or more 10 season a film inst enough to tell the story of the lost city of the ancients .
    My favourite parts:

    1-Rising I love Atlantis rising is a great part Doctor wear passing truth the gate and the city suddenly goes to the top of the ocean.
    2-the episode when Carson died he that put me sad and almost crying.
    3-Carson return of course.
    4-I now just 3 but I like 4 is a par number i like all the city related parts the city was so captivation when he fly the first time in our expedition .
    I like so muck midway bring it back.
    I like even more Atlantis make something I cant lose Atlantis was my favourite show was the first time I now about sci-fi channel so bring it back sci-fi sucks without SGA

  234. StarGate Atlantis is awesome. I have all seasons and have watched them over and over again. The scripts, the acting, were a sheer delight. I hear yes a film and more, and idea’s for season 6, but why hasnt it happened? Please bring back Atlantis…… another 5 years like SG1. For me personally the best show that was on tv. Thank you to all the production staff, actors/actresses, and all the people that made Atlantis happen…… a winner!

  235. Love the series. Syfy hasn’t been syfy in a long time. All of the Stargate series left all of us fans hanging and it pisses me off that they got canceled by bean counters. The movie should be made to give us what we want and give us closure even if it is open ended. I would love to see a reboot on a different station than syfy. Syfy channel sucks these days. No Stargate = No syfy channel. They say expensive. Ha, as many commercials as they show now. . the programming is a lot shorter and we get Sick of seeing the same commercials all the time. They make plenty $$$$$$. Hell make the series a subscription service online. I’ll join. No commercials though! I know i’m rambling on. Just miss the Stargate shows.


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