Scallop, pork belly, and boudin
Scallop, pork belly, and boudin
Mini raisin bread grilled cheese
Mini raisin bread grilled cheese

Root beer, ice cream, and doughnuts
Root beer, ice cream, and doughnuts

Well, a disappointingly unproductive day on all fronts. I got distracted dealing with an issue that should have been put to bed long ago and, frankly, never recovered. I tried to work on the short story and, really, what a difference a day makes. Whereas, yesterday, I was feeling quite good about it and making some great progress, today I’m stymied and not all that happy with what I’ve got. It’ll be interesting to see what tomorrow brings.

One of the few things I did accomplish today was to put together an instruction list for Lawren who will be living here while we’re away. Part of the rundown covered issues like the quirks of our various t.v. and projectors, the security system, and our finicky water heater, but the majority of it concerned the dogs: their routine, feeding time, meds, and bedtime. It included helpful information like:

“…let them out in the back to do their business. If it’s too cold, they’ll just do their business right on the porch and immediately head back inside.”

“JELLY: Has a bad hip so you’ll have to carry her up and down the stairs or onto and off of the bed. She also likes to sit up on the couch but can’t get up on her own. Watch out for her and Lulu. They’ve gone after each other on many occasions.

MAXIMUS: The quietest of the bunch, he won’t give you any trouble – except for eating mud when he’s out back or refusing to come back inside when you call him.

BUBBA: He will bug you for attention. He’s also very playful. Just make sure Lulu doesn’t harass him too much.

LULU: She will be all over you. Constantly. Enjoy.”


“ They usually sleep on the bed. Whether they do or not is, of course, up to you. Except so far as Lulu is concerned as she is the only one who can jump up on the bed on her own and will probably be in the best position to dictate your sleeping habits.”

Last night, I had my final Vancouver dinner with Marty G. before he heads back to T.O. for the holidays. We went to – where else? – Fuel and enjoyed a very good meal. I have to be honest. I downright hated the lemon risotto with Dungeness crab but loved the seared foie gras, duck confit and foie gras mousse terrine, a spectacular main comprised of a plump sweet scallop, equally sweet pork belly, and boudin, a mini raisin bread grilled cheese sandwich, and a dessert trifecta of home made root beer, cinnamon and cardamom ice cream, and mini doughnuts.

What I learned today:

Skull-penetrating injuries can be very dangerous…and visually interesting:


Cary Grant was almost James Bond:


The Florida Flamingoes were almost world series champs:


I don’t ever want to get old. And/or join a choir:



28 thoughts on “December 19, 2008:

  1. Sorry to hear about your unproductive day! 🙁 If it makes you feel any better, mine was equally unproductive, as it was unsafe to drive anywhere so I just sat home all day lounging around with my puppy!

    Lawren is gonna have a good time taking care of your puppies 😉 Hehe sounds like Lulu is in charge!

  2. Where ARE you getting these sites from? I’m becoming concerned for your mental health…. and is there any particular trick to eating the root beer, ice cream and donut combination? or is this a Demolition Man “three seashells” type of thing?

  3. My day was spent recovering from yesterday, visiting my mum and spending time with the older kids that came to visit. Its almost 2.30 am and its been a while since I was up at this time and still semi-functional. Oh yeah, my laminate floor is now finished in the front room so now its fun watching the dogs slip and slide until I get a rug.
    Is Lawren going to be updating your blog as well? or will we not be deprived of your mutterings and chunterings over Christmas after all?

  4. Hi Joe, I see your updating. Have a great holiday. I’m sure I speak for most of us if not all when I say we’re looking forward to reading about it.


  5. *hugs*

    Joe – have yourself a shot of Nyquil, and go beddie-bye with the pups (and Fondy, I suppose). I know that’s what I’m gonna do…after Sanctuary…and it’s gonna be wine, not Nyquil…and cats, not dogs…and Mr. Das, not Fondy…but all in all…it’s kinda the same thing.

    Thanks for the links! My favorite was the first – I am always fascinated by things like that and amazed that people survive it, when someone else gets a little tap on the head, and drops dead. Great pictures – some I’m familiar with, but some were new to me. Cool stuff.

    I hope tomorrow is a more fulfilling day for you! Have a good night!


  6. Here’s hoping that tomorrow is better! =)

    P.S. Lulu sounds a lot like our manx cat, Aurora. lol.

  7. Sorry to here about your unproductive day!

    Mine was right on point. I spent most of the day getting ready for this weekend. I’m going to be spending Sat and Sunday cooking my annual Christmas treats. I give them to my friends every year in either homemade stockings or in tins. Its tins this year because I don’t have time to make the stockings. This years menu includes… Monster Cookies, Pound Cake, Pralines, Peanutbutter Brittle, Sugar Plums, Coconut Date Balls, Italian wedding cookies, Choclate Cherry Bark, Lemon Snowflakes, Buckeyes, and the ever poplar Muddy Buddies.

    I don’t think I would have enjoyed the lemon risotto either. I was excited to see the Terrine in there. It’s a wonderful yet forgotten dish.

  8. Hi Joe!

    Ahhh, puppy instructions can be as complicated as today’s home media systems, eh?

    I got one of those doggie stairs that my Sarah (beagle/terrier) uses to get on the loveseat. She can still jump onto it right now, but she’s already ten yrs old, and eventually will need to use it, so I’m letting her use it early. Have you tried something like that for Jelly? It’s not high enough for her to get on our bed, but it works great for standard height couches, davenports, sofas, loveseats, chaises, chairs, recliners, etc.

    The lemon risotto was bad, eh? Bummer! The rest of the food looks fab!

    I hope Martin G. has a safe trip to/from TO!

    Bummer about your unproductive day. I’ve had those days too. 🙁 Hope this weekend is fun-productive! I’ll be greeting people and drinking beer.

    Hey! It’s what I do!

    Best to you!


  9. The lil ones having a romp – so very cute – specially Lulu. She is just a very delightful hoot. Way too much energy.

    In spite of your lament, you will prevail; you always seem to be able to salvage any situation.

  10. Don’t you have to apply a cream to Jelly’s eyeballs as well? Is that in the Lawren Instructions?

    Wait wait wait…you HATED something from Fuel? Surely the world must end soon. I shall began accomplishing things from my list of “Things to do before the World Ends, or before I die, whatever comes first…though they’ll probably happen at the same time”.

  11. Bonjour Joseph!!

    Vous allez bien? moi super, je suis en mode vacance, donc sa ne peut pas aller mieux.

    Miame tout cela à l’air trés bon.
    Je me demander quelque chose :

    1)Pourquoi avoir choisi cette race de chien? quesque vous aimez bien chez ces races?

    2)Le premier épisode de SGU ce passera entiérement sur la terre et la base de sg1?

    Passez une bonne jourée! Gros bisou!!!

  12. That foie gras mousse terrine looks so like head cheese. Ugh! on my part. The rest great though! Happy Holidays to you and your family (and of course including the dogs too)

  13. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year Joe

    Good news about Robert Carlyle he is an excellent actor, a character driven series will live and die on its casting. Hope he’s not scripted to do a Robert Patrick from SGA 🙂

  14. We’re watching boring old television without new shows…tonight’s features are

    Back to the Future and Event Horizon.

    My only question is where are the hover boards that Michael J Fox claimed we’d have by now? lol 😉

    Also, did you know there’s a Dr. Weir in the sci fi thriller Event Horizon? I’ve been chuckling every time they call out Dr. Weir. =)

  15. Joe, Safe travels to you and your wife, can I say Merry Christmas? Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    Also, that finicky water heater… have it checked out. Our water heater which is on the second floor of our townhouse, leaked 50 gallons of water all over the place, did I mention it was on the second floor? 2 bathrooms had to be repainted a closet, and all the base boards in those areas, as well as, the wood floor downstairs. Well, part of the wood has to be replaced the rest will be sanded and refinished to match, I hope. I think the carpet that is upstairs sucked up most of the water which is a good thing, but it is still a mess. With Christmas a few days away… I’m praying this is all done in time. And thank God for insurance and we are covered!

    So check out that water heater, no matter where it resides.

  16. I never did master the alarm system at my sister’s when housesitting (no dogs involved). God thing the local police were friendly. They eventually knew me by name.

    Unproductive days happen. I get them. Lots. Hope it clears up soon. Maybe stop eating pork belly…..lord knows what that does to the creative juices!

    And I thought Cary Grant was almost god?!


    Have a wonderful holiday!!

  17. Hey Joe,

    So what was the fallout from yesterday’s post? Any reaction from the mob at work?

    I must say I feel for you. It sucks when your ideas get miscredited. So perhaps it’s time for a Top 5.

    What are the Top 5 ideas you’ve had in the history of SG1 and Atlantis?

    Just so we can laugh atwith you…
    What is the Worst idea you’ve had in the history of SG1 and Atlantis?

    I love your instructions for Lawren. I wonder what mischief he’s planned?

    Cheers, Chev

  18. Eating the liver of a duck who spent two weeks being force-fed while confined in a 1 foot by 2 foot cage does not sound like a high-class experience to me. Might as well be kicking a dog or beating a child.

    If you’re really interested in eating well and love animals, choose more compassionately than that.

  19. Ah, I was hoping to hear about Fuel again this year. It’s my favourite restaurant I’ve never been to (yet).

    Wish Lawren luck from me! That sounds like quite the list, but I’m sure the dogs (and house) will be safe in his care.

    I have a question about how you’ve been writing the short story. I’m really interested to see if there’s any relationship to how you write scripts, so:

    Has your approach to the short story been any different to how you would approach a script?

    And, just because I haven’t seen it asked before, have you ever watched either the original Battlestar Galactica or the re-imagined series?



  20. Joe…I know it’s holiday/vacation time…but I have a question. I was going to hold off until after the holidays and all, but it’s on my mind, so I figured I’d ask, and if you get around to it – fine. If not – fine, I do understand.

    I just watched Infection again – this time from the beginning (instead of just Todd’s parts 😳 ) …and I realized Sheppard said that Todd ‘double-crossed’ them. Now, the audience knows that – technically – Todd did not double-cross them. We know that there was a misunderstanding – one that lead Todd to believe that he was double-crossed by the Lanteans, and visa versa. Neither side was right, neither side was wrong.

    In The Lost Tribe it seemed as if the Lanteans understood why Todd reacted as he did – that it wasn’t out of malicious intent, but desperation – and, clearly, this is how the majority of the audience viewed it, too. The Lanteans even said as much, recognizing that – with weapons down – Todd’s only choice was to set the Daedalus on a collision course if he was to stop the Attero device. In addition to this, after consulting with Woolsey & Co., they should have realized why Todd was so desperate to do so. Not saying that the Lanteans should have been happy with his actions, just that those actions were clearly portrayed as ones erupting out of a misunderstanding and out of desperation, and nothing else. It was clearly not an intentional double-cross.

    So, my question: Since the audience gets it, will we ever see Todd and the Lanteans come to an understanding about the events in FC/TLT so that the matter can be put to rest, and not used against either one of them in the future? Or was it just put to rest in Infection with Todd and Sheppard’s little blow up over it, and their subsequent [positive] actions towards one another thereafter?

    I guess I’m just wondering if these two – and especially Sheppard – will ever openly acknowledge that they understand where the other is coming from. After Miller’s Crossing I really thought that Sheppard understood that the ‘need to feed’ was just that – a need, and not some evil, depraved act practiced just for funsies. But he has really regressed this season, especially through this back half, and I know I’m not the only one who is frustrated by it.

    So, if the events in Infection – especially the last part of it – were meant to move these two forward, than that’s wonderful. I just hope that it does move them forward, and that they don’t fall right back into their same old habits in whatever remains of the season, and the movie – if Todd even makes it that far. Don’t get me wrong, I DO like the tension between Todd and Sheppard and I don’t expect them to become dance partners, or anything (nor do I want them to become deadly enemies), but it would be nice to see them acknowledge what the audience already knows, and move on…finding new things to get their respective knickers in a bunch over…like…ya know, the McKeller romance, or something. 😉


  21. OOO foie gras. My friend dropped off a big chunk of it to me and I had no idea what to do with it. I shoulda fried it.

    I agree, we meat eaters can’t criticise any inhumane methods of meat production. I love my meat and I buy only free range eggs and chooks, but I can’t go preaching about humane methods of killing or farming unless I’m a vego. I eat the meat, and it’s a case of supply and demand.. I demand it thus it is supplied.

    What’s your pugkids favourite food? What do they hate?

  22. I have a stupid question. Do you take extreemly lame ideas from the peanut gallery? I, being a peanut and residing as I do out here in the gallery, have some really lame ideas concerning SGU and I was wondering if there was any point in sharing them. I mean, lame as they are, maybe you could pitch em for a pink star or something. Maybe the producers would be so impressed they’d throw things at you. Well, anyway, on the off chance you really read this drivel, please do let me know.

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