I feel sort of like someone who was invited to a Halloween Party and shows up in costume (“Hey, look! I’m Goku from Dragonball Z!”) only to discover that he is the only guest who bothered to dress up. Last year, we agreed to participate in NBC/Uni’s Green Week by producing a “green-themed” episode for the event. “All of the cool kids are doing it!“we were assured. So, we ultimately came up with the Martin Gero tour-de-force Brain Storm, an episode he wrioe, directed, and produced. It airs tonight, by the way, and if any of you have questions for Marty G., feel free to post them as he has kindly consented to swing by the blog (once I’m back from Tokyo) and answer them.

Anyway, I’m freaking Goku and everyone else is milling about in their civvies, sipping champagne, snacking on finger sandwiches and wondering who the hell is that guy with the crazy hair and orange pyjamas. I haven’t felt this betrayed since that time I played Risk with Paul and, surrounded late in the game, I agreed to surrender my army on the condition that I be granted a full pardon and comfy exile only to have Paul renege on his promise and cast me off the cliffs of Madagascar.

To the many fans out there concerned about Jason Momoa, I spoke to the big guy this afternoon and he’s doing fine. He’s on the mend, in usual high spirits, and looking forward to eventually coming down to Vancouver and kicking some alien ass. I let him know you were all worried about him and he greatly appreciates the thoughts and well-wishes.

Well, I’m almost off to Tokyo. This time tomorrow, I’ll be staggering around the streets of Ginza in a jet-lag-induced stupor. Allow me to leave you with some behind-the-scene pics I’ve been meaning to get around to posting…

Today’s entry is dedicated to flygirl and everyone else struggling through these tough economic times. It’s also dedicated to our buddy Jason Momoa.



130 thoughts on “November 21, 2008: Green Week for Some, More of a Mauve or Argentine for Others

  1. Hey Joe,

    Happy 2nd Birthday to your blog!
    Rather fitting that you started off in Tokyo and 2 years later you’re heading off there again.

    I have a question.
    Do you believe your dogs communicate by:
    A. Mental Telepathy
    B. Growls and Grunts
    C. Bodily Odours
    D. None of the above?

    Have a great flight. The Thursday Next series has interrupted my On Basilisk Station reading. Glad we have the extra time!

    I’m very excited for you! Can’t beat getting away and the new experiences.

    All the best.

  2. I’m not watching the ep, but from what I hear from people who are, I am positive I would rather watch Ronon and Shep surfing. Drool………………………………………….

  3. Thanks for the update on Mr. Mamoa, and glad to hear he’s doing well. Even happier to know he’ll be coming back for the movie. Watching Brain Storm right now and it’s thumbs up from all the folks here. Mr. Gero did another great job, and I LOVE Mr. Nye and DeGrasse-Tyson’s appearances. Have a safe and fun flight, and looking forward to updates through the week.

  4. Jason is looking forward to coming down to Vancouver? Where’s he recuperating — the North Pole?

    Thanks for the update on his recuperation. I’m glad to hear he is doing okay and pray that he has no lasting scars from this. Please let him know that we send him our best for a speedy recovery. Like everyone else, I’m horrified at what happened, especially since I live in LA and may have to someday face a similar perpetrator who doesn’t appear to have the good sense to curb his temper while already out on bail…

    And while I’m at it, I want to wish strength to fight off those infections to Anne Teldy. It’s hard to get out of that cycle when you are exposed to so many people, but keep up the fight and the positive attitude.

  5. Yeah, heard about Jason. Damn. I always had this weird feeling that our Stargate cast and crew are somehow immune to crap like this. I guess it didn’t make any sense after all.

    Glad to know that he’s feeling well and on the mend. I hope he recovers quickly!

    And let’s hope his attacker gets what’s coming to him in prison (i.e. a shiv).

    Yikes. Holey face Wraith.

    Those are the kinds of faces only das could love. 😉

    Well, I’ve been holding this back until the day before you leave, so here you go: happy journeys on your trip to Tokyo! Good luck with your adventures, and whatever adversity that you may come upon! We will all be on the edge of our seats reading your blog next 10 days(?), waiting for your daily updates of Tokyo shenanigans, cultural clashes, and hilarious misunderstandings!

    And food!

    Have fun!

    Anne, what you’re going through sounds terrible, and it’s amazing that you’re as high-spirited as you seem from your comment.

    Rest assured, we’re all here for you, sending you good vibes. 🙂

  6. Hey Joe,

    I just got the news about Jason. I’m so glad to know you’ve spoken to him and that he’s feeling OK. That’s such a terrible thing to have happened to him! I hope he’s not in too much pain. I can’t imagine 4 stitches on my face let alone 140. 🙁

    On a positive note: Safe travels!


  7. What the?! I had no idea about Jason Momoa. There are some seriously crazy people out there. So glad Jason’s doing well and on the mend. Please keep us updated & pass along our well wishes.

    And have a good trip to Japan!

  8. Brain Storm… AMAZING! Loved David, loved Jewel, loved Dave, loved Bill. I loved how Keller said almost the exact same thing McKay said at the end of The Shrine. Very sweet!

  9. Just finished “Brainstorm.” I LOVE MARTIN GERO. ……. McKeller is canon….Woo hoo!!

    I’ll probably do a full write up tomorrow, time for bed now.

    Have a fun and safe trip. Look forward to your reports.

    Glad to hear Jason is doing better.

  10. Thanks for the promising update on Jason! 🙂 Glad to hear he’s on the mend.

  11. Is there anywhere we could send our good wishes to Jason? Please, if there is, let us know before you go? Have a wonderful trip!

  12. Questions for Marty:

    1.) Did you have Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson lined up before you wrote the episode, or were their other characters in their place that were removed when it was discovered you could get them?
    2.) Did either take exception to your portrayal of them.
    3.) Freeze Lightning? Really? I mean, I suppose you could have come up with “pinpoint hypothermic blasts” or “focused cryogenic bolts”… but Freeze Lightning? It sounds like it should be from a musical.
    4.) What commentaries are you doing this year?

  13. Well you answered my question. I was wondering how long you had to come up with a green themed episode. Didn’t know if you got that out of the gates when they re-upped for the 5th season or did they come to you all in mid-brainstorming for season 5 eps…

    Overall – I liked Brainstorm. Bill Nye was great in his role! Great lines for him and loved him smacking David Foley.

    Keller insinuating to join the mile high club…made me cringe just a bit. But hey…go Rodney.

    also liked Sheppard at the beginning wondering if Rodney was ever going to make his move…he cares about his friend…which I love even more.

    I love Rodney episodes…

  14. I’m glad Jason Momoa is doing ok and in high spirits. I think anyone would look forward to kicking some alien ass after that 🙂 Get well soon, mate. My thoughts to his family too.

    One reason why i never go to dress-up parties or whatever is because I don’t want to be that pour soul who got the wrong message. Crazy hair and orange pjs. Would’ve made a good photo tho :b My b’day on 24th wohoo!

    Hey, I don’t think i would’ve wanted to enter that room with those guys in it. Argh! Freaky!

  15. Tell Jason we’re all thinking about him. Get well soon!

    Dear Marty G:

    Remember those episodes of Bonanza where one of the main characters fell in love and she died soon after? This thing with Keller/Rodney worries me. A lot.

    P.S. Bill Nye was kewl.

    Joe: have fun in Japan!

  16. Chev and Riley
    Who turned the heat off in this town?!!
    And what’s that strange liquid falling from the sky?

    If you’re still around, I hope you are ok after all the storms up your way.

  17. Well, I could not bring myself to watch the episode due to the McKeller, which makes me very uncomfortable.
    But I wanted to ask Martin Gero what possessed him to write an episode of Stargate Atlantis that had nothing to do with a Stargate or Atlantis? With so few eps left, why????
    And what were you all thinking in making the McKay and Keller relationship so blatant and in our faces? It is certainly diminishing my enjoyment of the McKay character, who I used to like, and has destroyed what was my already shaky acceptance of Keller into the show.
    I am very disappointed in this episode, I had so hoped you guys wouldn’t go there on Atlantis, it really is a shame.
    Shame on all of you.
    Bad writers, Bad writers.

  18. Good to hear that Jason is on the mend. A good many of us where shocked by the incident.

    BTW, if anyone in the L.A. with nothing to do on the day of Wraith-bait’s court date [if he doesn’t skip bail], it might be nice to have some support for the Momoa family… Is TODD free that day?

    Thanks Joe, for checking up on our Big Kahuna! Try to get some sleep on the plane! Party hard Dude!!

  19. Addendum. I just read what happened to Jason. My best wishes to him, and I hope for a speedy conviction of the guy who hurt him.

  20. Very glad to hear Jason is okay. What a horrible thing to happen. He seems like such a nice, gentle soul.

    Just watched Brainstorm. Sorry, but I hated it. Worst Atlantis episode ever. Not a big shipper, don’t want soap opera on my sci fi. I especially hate the McKeller ship. There is absolutely no chemistry between Staite and Hewlett. Forcing it down our throats to the detriment of Sheppard, Ronon and Teyla compounds the misery of having to watch it. I forced myself to watch tonight, to give it a fair shot. Now I am so sorry I did. First date with declarations of love, passionless, chaste kissing did remind me of sixth graders. Keller nagging at Rodney for being who he is – I hope is a recipe for disaster. She is trying to change him from the ascerbic, self-involved egotistical genius we know and love into her ideal Mr. Nice Guy. Leave him with Sheppard and the team, who accept him for who he is. Please, please, please keep McKeller out of the movie. I don’t know if I could watch and enjoy it otherwise. I would much rather find out about why Sheppard tortures himself. Please bring back the team. Prodigal was excellent because it was the team!

    Sorry for the rant, but it has been building all season. Search and Rescue was excellent, wish we could have had more like that and Prodigal and less like Brainstorm and Tracker. Anyway enjoy your trip.

  21. Hey just a note that you’re reading list has been really cool. I finally found some time to read, and so picked up Old Man’s War by John Scalzi because of your recommendation and ended up reading it in one sitting (yeah, no kidding, you were right it was a good book). Thanks so much!

  22. hey Joe!!

    tell Jason that we’re grateful that he’s doing better!!!! And Brainstorm was AMAZING!!! I loved it!!! Rodney and Jennifer are amazing together!!!!! They have so much chemistry, and they really make the scenes come alive!!! amazing, amazing episode!!!!

    Hope you’re having a good time in Japan!!!


  23. Joe,
    Thanks so much for checking in with Jason Momoa and sharing with us. Very much appreciated.

    Anne Teldy,
    Good to see you on line again.

    Enjoyed Brain Storm. Rodney was so very much “Rodney.” Very much enjoyed Rodney and Jennifer “coming of age.”
    And, Keller being the voice of reason amongst the 6th graders…that was hilarious.

  24. Thank you for telling us that Jason is doing fine and in high spirits. I was really worried.

  25. Have a safe and fun trip!

    And tell Jason we are happy to hear he is on the mend. A lot of fans have been praying for him.

    Does this mean our Ronon Dex will have battle story to tell in the SGA Movie?

    Bon Voyage!

    Patricia Lee

  26. Terrible thing to happen to Jason. Cannot believe it. Shocking! I’m very happy knowing that he is doing well and in “usual high spirits”.

    On a lighter note, I just saw Brainstorm and wanted to thank you and everyone involved for …THE BEST EPISODE EVER! Y’all hit it out of the ball bark with this one.:D

    Also, glad to hear Jelly and her posse are doing better!

  27. Oooh I’ll post questions for Martin Gero once I rewatch Brain Storm. My mom called halfway through, and rather than try to watch while listening to her talking, I turned it off. So I’m waiting anxiously for 23:00 😀
    Glad to hear Jason’s okay!!! And it takes a truly awesome person to be in good spirits after that sort of thing, so kudos to him for that!!!
    Have fun in Tokyo!!! And don’t forget your camera!!!

  28. Hey. I wanted to give my thoughts on “Brain Storm”.

    —spoiler warning—

    Brain Storm was a good episode. I loved the humor throughout, the idea and look of the freeze blasts (or “freeze lightning”), and the final scene. What really made me enjoy the episode was the hilarious moments that kept popping up. They were really great.
    I definitely think that a lot of the screen time used on the minor, guest characters should have been used on Sheppard and Ronin and their trip.

    It’s my birthday today, and I’m 20. It was really special to be able to watch Stargate Atlantis on my birthday. And I really enjoyed it. Thank you!
    I loved when Rodney axed the door down – awesome shot. And I loved the end. Everything was very sweet. The relationship is a very positive one for TV today. It’s rare to see such a, sort of ‘pure’, relationship. A healthy one.


    But, I would really like to know: before SGA was cancelled, what were the plans for Ronin and Keller? Was it going to turn out the way it did or not so quickly? What were the original intentions for this relationship?

    For those who purposely skipped the episode because of Keller – and who like to brag about it for some reason – You should REALLY watch it simply to show your support for this wonderful television show that has obviously interested you. It’s kind of wrong to skip one episode for one reason and claim you want SGA to continue, or claim you are a “true fan”. IMO, anyone watching SGA is a true fan. The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy what you are watching. Showing no support for this phenominal show… just sucks. Think about it. Watch it for the brilliant lines Rodney will deliver. Watch it for the humor. Watch it for the effects. Just watch this show you are saying you love.

    I’m looking forward to the next episode. Two weeks, again?! So long. 🙁

    Again – great episode. I had a fun time watching it. Thanks.

  29. All my best to Jason for a quick and full recovery. As for “Brain Storm”, I’ve had enough Keller for a lifetime and don’t care to see any more of her. Thank you very much.

  30. I just found out about Jason. That is just horrible. I am glad he is going to be ok.

    Knowing about the “Green” theme ahead of time was kind of neat since at 10 I checked out Lipstick Jungle (funny show) and they were talking “Green”. Just thought it was funny to know before shows aired. I only knew it from you, so, thanks.

    Have a safe trip and try not to make too many embarrassing faux paus (you have to have some cause they are funny).

  31. My thoughts are with poor Jason!! 🙁 And with your poor pups — I hope they’re doing better. *HUGS* To Anne, too.

  32. lol! I just realized I wrote “Ronin” instead of Ronon. Darn that Saints Row.

    Wow. Glad to hear Jason is okay.

  33. BTW, I did watch some of Brain Storm. I am not a big Keller Fan and not a huge science geek (although some think I am because I watch Stargate Atlantis), but I tried to watch it. I am with Hachi would of loved to see the sheppard/ronan camping/surfing trip. With the way you writers/producers fool at the office, that could of been written with a lot of humor.

  34. I read about Jason Momoa today – my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery are with him.

    Enjoy the Tokyo trip – and perchance a little weird foods may come our way 😉

    On a closing note, tonight’s episode was one of the best! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for Bill Nye the Science Guy and my main geek Rodney getting the girl!

  35. Hey Joe,

    Glad to hear that Jason is recuperating.

    Have a great trip to Japan. I was in Tokyo for a brief visit last summer (gave a scientific talk there and also in Fukuoka) but unfortunately there was a tsunami coming so I didn’t really get to see the sights (the outdoor ones anyway). Enjoy the food! If you get the opportunity, be sure to try fugu (prepared by a licensed chef of course!) – it’s a yummy delicacy!


  36. Brain Storm was a pretty good episode (I prefer the ones with all the team), but really, I am so sick of “green theme” preaching. We get it already.

  37. Sending best wishes to Anneteldy. You have lots of people pulling for you!

    Get well also to my main man Jason Momoa. What kind of freaky little wiener loser would smash a glass into someone’s face? I’m sure Jason will get the best of care and it would take more than a few little scars to mess up that drop dead gorgeous hunk of a sexy man!

    With Brain Storm I could not tell I was watching a Stargate Atlantis show. I’m not sure what it was like. My only thought was, where is the “B” story. Why couldn’t we have a “B” story with Sheppard, Ronon, and Teyla?? I guess you just wanted to devote the entire episode to your favorite actress and your favored actor. BUT, I must say, actually the story was good, just really missed the other MAIN characters.

  38. Joe, thanks for the update on Jason – glad he sounds okay. Still, it’s a terrible thing to have happen.

    @ pg15 – Nope. Can’t love those faces. I have to draw the line SOMEwhere. I only drool over the purty Wraith – Steve (well, any of James’ Wraith, ’cause they were all beautiful), and Penny Wraith, and Tyler Wraith, and Aaron Wraith…and…oh, you get the idea. Then there’s Todd – who’s simply the sexiest of them all…but handsome, not pretty. You don’t really get to see many handsome Wraith – only Todd, and the Primary’s commander – he was handsome, too. Most are just pretty, almost to the point of being androgynous.

    HOWEVER, Wraith are Wraith, so even those ugly bastards deserve a chance at life, even if that means sucking on a human, or 5000 (only the bad ones, of course…like the Genii, and telemarketers).

    Infection is starting to scare me…I wish someone would put me out of my misery and tell me what happens – NOW. I think it’s one I’m gonna have to watch post-airing…I’m that much of a coward. 😛

    Sanctuary tonight was quite good – I especially enjoyed hearing Todd Bigfoot talk about the ‘gifts’ abnormals possess…sounded familiar. And Henry was just great again in this episode…I’m really appreciating Ryan as an actor for the very first time. Henry is so NOT Ladon.

    Brain Storm was very good…the sort of sci fi I like…problem solving (as opposed to species destroying). Just two things…

    1. My husband has the exact – or nearly exact (hard to tell) – tie as the one Neil deGrasse Tyson wore. As soon as he came into the scene, Mr. Das pointed and exclaimed, “Hey, he’s wearing my tie!”

    2. Soooo…geeky Rodney is now a member of the mile-high club? That is beyond disturbing… 😛 (BTW, Joe – who are you sitting next to on your flight to Japan?? 😉 )

    (For the record, I don’t hate the McKeller thing. It was kinda…sweet.)


  39. Watched Brainstorm, sorry, hated it with a fiery passion!
    Just YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am very disgusted by the idea of McKay and Keller together.
    He needs someone who will love him as he is, not who she wants him to be, and I suppose she deserves someone who is not trying to be someone he’s not. Katie Redux.
    There are very few episodes left, and there was such a tiny amount of Shep and Ronon, and no Teyla at all? What’s up with that? Where is the Team? Where is Atlantis? I loved Prodigal and Remnants, what the heck happened here? Did you all go on vacation and forget you were writing for a science fiction show and not a soap? And by the way, the science here was HORRIBLE! Cheesy pop culture global warming propaganda. Overall, I give this ep a negative 10.
    So sorry, I look forward to the next one though and have high hopes for the last few. If I can delete the McKay and Keller scenes from my mind I will be OK.
    My only hope, is that, in the alternate reality, when McKay and Keller got together, it lead to Keller’s death. Hopefully Shep didn’t tell them about that and she is already suffering from an incurable disease as we speak!

  40. Joe, I loved the episode! Always loved Jewel Staite, as Keller and Kaylee, and if Rodney and Jennifer are “happy”, well, then I’m happy! When that last scene came on , I started yelling-” they are gonna go crazy on the blog”! My husbAnd thought I was crazy-yea he’s right! ANN TELDY- do i remember that you live in FLA? Can I contact you- I live in south fla.If so, iI will leave my e-mail on this blog– if it’s o.k. with Mr. Joe!I would love to communicate with you more-and like to make a new friend- nothing creapy- I promise. I am a mom wiyh 2 college kids. O.K. sheryl

  41. Questions for Martin Gero:
    1) Was it a deliberate choice to have McKay introduce Dr. Keller as “Doctor Keller” to the receptionist, but as “Jennifer Keller” to Bill Nye and Neil DeGrasse Tyson? Wouldn’t he want to brag to his competitors about the high level of education of his date?
    2) Obviously, McKay couldn’t just come right out and say “I did this project in another galaxy” but, knowing the severity of the risks, why didn’t he just say “For reasons that are and shall remain classified, you CAN’T do this!” or something similar?
    3) Was McKay supposed to be doing CPR?

    I love the knowing looks McKay and Keller exchange during the initial presentation when Tunney says “This earth is all we have”… classic 🙂
    I like how you managed to incorporate global warming into your “Green Week” episode… you have mad skills!
    I literally laughed out loud at McKay’s “My PhD is not honorary.” I love Bill Nye so much!
    Yessss!!!! Walterrrrrrr!!!!! That’s awesome!!!
    More laughing out loud: “You’re smarter than me.” “I know” *Bill Nye slaps him* “Man up”
    McKeller kiss and Keller’s love confession=awwww 🙂
    Overall, an AWESOME episode!!! Thanks so much 😀

    By the way, I, too, will be traveling tomorrow. Actually, tonight. At 3:00 I will board a bus to go to Hanover, Indiana to cheer for my XC team as they compete at Nationals!!! So I’m spending 12 hours of my Saturday on a bus… and the hours in between the ride there and the ride back will be full of cheering dressed in scanty clothing (tights, capes, dorky socks, body paint… lol you get the picture!) in sub-zero weather! I’m so excited 😉

  42. Brain Storm…I really liked this episode. I know there will be many who won’t like it, but I thought it was a great character episode with two very interesting and different people. At first glance, the two of them seem like they have nothing in common. But this episode showed much more chemistry between them then had been apparent in the previous episodes.
    The most interesting thing about Brain Storm is it shows what sacrifices Rodney has made for Atlantis. He is one of the smartest people on the planet, but since his work is classified all his peers know is that he hasn’t published a paper in who knows when and is a joke to the scientific community. It is the same with Daniel. Two men at the top of their fields who don’t receive the credit and respect they deserve.
    I thought Keller was very good in this episode. Of course, she looked gorgeous, but she know how to push Rodney’s buttons to get him to focus on the task at hand. And she was completely right about the scientists acting like six-year olds. They all looked like they were scared she was going to ground them or something.
    Dave Foley did a good job as the “bad guy” to Rodney, although his character was a little too one dimentional at times.
    Tomorrow I am off to Burbank, can’t wait to see the cast in person. In two weeks…bring on Infection!

  43. I hope you have a great time in Japan. Thanks for the update on Jason.

    Jet Lag hints –

    – Change your watch to the proper timezone when you board the plane to begin getting yourself accustomed to the new timezone.

    – Drink plenty of water

    – If you’re on the plane and it’s sleep time in Japan, then try to sleep as well.

    – If you arrive during the day time in Japan, don’t go to sleep.

    – Get out in the sun as much as possible the first day to let your body absorb the sunlight. This helps to reset your body’s internal clock to the local time much more quickly. This will ensure a great trip from start to finish.

    These are some things that has helped me traveling from the US East Coast to Australia a lot. You can also find some tips out on Josh Gates’ Destination Truth site on sci fi. =)

    Contrary to popular belief, and posts yesterday, Fed Ex and UPS are not the companies to use in order to ship things overseas. They charge an arm, a leg, and some toes off the other foot to ship internationally. It’s robbery as they charge about 10x the normal cost. I know because I’ve had tons of things shipped from the US to Australia over the last 3 years. It’s far better to buy overseas if you can, if not, then use Canadian Post. My brother-in-law was going to have something posted via UPS or Fed Ex until he found out it was going to cost $100 dollars. It cost less than $10 to ship via the US post airmail.

    Also, despite Fed Ex claiming to ship internationally, some locations have difficulty entering in an international address into their electronic system. Fed Ex could not list Victoria in Australia as a state for some weirdly unknown reason. The computer system did not recognize Victoria, and it tried to force a 5 digit zip code when Australia uses 4 digits. I had the girl override the computer in the comments section and prayed the package would go to the intended destination. lol.

    Oh, and one last tip, pick up some food after you pass through security at the airport. You can actually buy water and food to take on to the plane after you get through the security point. =D

    Have fun!

  44. “Well, I could not bring myself to watch the episode due to the McKeller, which makes me very uncomfortable.
    But I wanted to ask Martin Gero what possessed him to write an episode of Stargate Atlantis that had nothing to do with a Stargate or Atlantis?”

    ACTUALLY, if you had watched the episode – Brainstorm did have something to do with Stargate Atlantis. The main concept was a bridge between dimensions. Something common in SGA, whether it is a bridge, portal, clone-producing portal, whatever. Not to mention Rodney McKay trying to solve another crisis. Usual SGA stuff.
    So, sorry, but you’re wrong.


    I’m suprised that so many people really loved the episode. That’s cool. It certainly was unique. Some scenes were just so great.
    Oh, wow, the start of the presentation – LOL. I could feel Jennifer’s pain. That was done SO well. That voiceover was completely unbearable. It was so… bad and boring. Perfect to set the mood! And what Keller was expecting.
    Rodney and everyone stealing his idea. And finally, he gets them! (Freeze lightning – don’t look at me. It was his idea). haha
    Rodney saving Keller. Excellent scene. And that shot through the broken door – awesome job by the cameraman and director!
    All the physicists remarks. And how they just argued. Seeing Rodney happy. Jennifer telling Rodney to just ask her out. The beautifully done lighting in all the different rooms.
    And other scenes I just can’t remember right now.
    All of them were so much fun.

  45. I am not a Keller hater. I also love Rodney.

    But tonight proved that Rodney McKay is Martin G’s Mary Sue. It was horrid and really boring.

    The second half of this season lacks so much team it is revolting. Thank god for Carl Binder!

    Did you guys forget that’s the reason why the show made it to five seasons?

    You guys need a reminder of the word sublte.

  46. Brain Storm! Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson did a great job, Bill especially since he had to really act. Well done! David did a fantastic job, too, and may I say looked extremely handsome. Excellent lighting on him, I noticed.

    I love Rodney the way he is, the sincerity with which he asked them not to turn on the device, and that it was his work Tulley used after all. If Keller and the scientists don’t get him, well I know someone with spiky black hair who so does.

    I’m going to be polite and not comment on McKeller, Keller’s boots/dress combo, or the realism of that level of atmospheric chaos being caused by a building full of cold air. 🙂

  47. Glad to know Jason is okay and is in good spirits.

    Watched “Brain Storm” tonight and I really enjoyed it (except for schmoopy stuff, but that has less to do with the pairing and everything to do with me still believing in cooties). I didn’t think Bill Nye could get any better and you guys found a way. I thank you.

    Re the pictures: Is it wrong that I got more excited over the fact that the make-up guy is wearing a Cactus Jack t-shirt than I did about the actual subjects of the pictures? Yeah, it’s wrong. There is no cure for me.

    Have fun in Japan, Joe. I hope you have a good flight and a good trip. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. The only thing I wouldn’t do is eat Jello, so you’re good to go. 🙂

    @Anne Teldy…It’s good to hear from you. I’m keeping you in my thoughts.

  48. Oh..and my terrible manners.

    Have a wonderful vacation full of food, fun, frolic, and fantastic new experiences. Looking forward to the tavelblog and all that you will share with us.

  49. Universe is going to suck big fucking monkey balls. Want to know why? Brainstorm. That’s why. Because Stargate used to make Learning Curve, and now it makes Brainstorm. Epic fail.

  50. My goodness. I just found out what happened to Jason. That’s terrible! I’m glad to hear he’s doing okay, though. Yeesh.

  51. To Marty Gero,

    I loved Brain Storm. I loved character interaction and the kissing at the end! All the gags were great! Funny and serious danger too! It had me at “Hello”!

    This was great SGA… the naysayer’s be damned. They don’t know good TV when they see it!

    You Rock Marty! Well done.


    Patricia Lee

  52. Hey Joe,

    So today is your blog’s Two Year birthday! Happy day!

    So as of midnight today, Nov 21st, what does your blog ticker say? How many hits in the last two years? Have you gone over two million yet?

    Please let us know…


    Patricia Lee

  53. Joe

    Just checked in and saw that you not only had news of Jason but have spoken to him (no need to respond to the email btw). Thanks so much for posting that he is in high spirits and on the mend. Was always a fan but feel strangely more connected after meeting him and was very concerned. All of my co-workers who met him asked as well – in fact the link I emailed to you was from someone who handles our video projects that has never watched SGA – just knew who he was from our event.

    Also must say – really loved Brainstorm tonight as did my husband. I do like Martin G.’s scripts quite a bit (as you and Paul surmised) and this was as smart and geeky and enjoyable as I could have hoped.

    The fact that anyone can read about and communicate with you via your blog makes it pretty freakin’ cool. Thanks for giving a bunch of outspoken people a forum to voice/vent under a common roof. Most importantly, thanks for the wit, the sarcasm and the regular access.

    Here’s hoping you’ll read this and many other comments from Tokyo, smile, enjoy some amazing food and adventure… and share it with us.


  54. Cookie Monster said:

    Why has Keller been featured more than Teyla this season?

    Just the way the cookie crumbles, I guess.


  55. It seems to me that a lot of the general dislike of Brainstorm is centered around a general dislike of the Keller character. Honestly, I just don’t get the kind of intense hate, not just dislike, but genuine loathing that’s built up around this character. I know how I feel and why I feel that way, I’m just curious about what everyone else is thinking/feeling. Why the Hate? Anyone?

    Joe – Have a safe and lovely trip. Enjoy Basilisk, it’s the best HH.
    Best wishes to Jason and Anne.

  56. Thanks to Morjana for the LA TIMES link.

    Bon voyage, Joe, and kudos on “Brain Storm”. I got caught up in it…probably because of the change of scenery and stand-alone story line.

  57. Hi Joe and hi to everyone who regularly posts here.

    The latest news is that our wonderful trooper, Jason Momoa, plans to attend the Burbank convention this weekend. He will not be letting his fans down. Good on ya, Jason!!

    Best of culinary luck on your dining trek to Tokyo. I’ll wager that your blogs happen much earlier in the day with that immense time difference. Will it be yesterday there? If so, will you be blogging twice for us?

    Patricia (AG)

  58. Brainstorm: The biggest waste of one hour of my life…well, aside from Sarah Palin’s speeches.

    Let me say, Joe, I was a huge defender of hers in the past. I thought she was an interesting character with loads of potential. She was slowly turning into a tough chick who could deal with whatever was thrown at her. I thought her youth, inexperience, smarts and Atlantis made for a good combo.

    Well, she was interesting until you guys decided to pair her up.

    Now, she’s trying to fix Rodney and she’s a nag. I wanted to put an ice pick through my temple listening to her.

    At least with Shep he had a way of handling Rodney without throwing a guilt complex at him.

    Joe, I love Rodney because of how he is. I like him unfiltered and saying what he thinks. I like that he has little social restraint. This is what makes him a fascinating character.

    And you put him with a girl that wants to change that? WTF!

    At least the botanist chick didn’t try to change him. I liked her.

    Tonight’s episode was painful to watch. It’s one of the worsts you guys have done to date.

    I’m of the opinion that the Stargate franchise needs to be stabbed in the heart a couple of time to make sure it’s good and dead. Then in a few years new people can come in, revive it and give it new life. It’s happened to other franchises like Star Trek.

    Stargate-Less Voyager 90120 will probably kill it for a good five years.

  59. anneteldy wrote:

    A month or so ago, I developed an infection on my right forearm. They put me on a very, very strong oral antibiotic for a week. Despite the medication, I contracted a second, more virulent infection that required me to take antibiotic shots for an additional week.

    My pattern has been to develop an infection every 6 weeks to 2 months, go on antibiotics for a week, but then get a more serious infection. So we’re working to break the pattern — I’m being more diligent using hand sanitizer, family isn’t visiting if they’re even the slightest bit ill, etc. — but, realistically, it isn’t plausible to think I’ll make it through winter without getting some kind of illness and, with my horrible immune system, I have to be prepared that I might contract a treatment-resistant infection.

    Oh, our Anne…. I dinna wanna be too pushy when ya’d gone missing, but I wished I’d asked a heckuva lot sooner. *Thank you* for trusting us enough ta tell us what’s been happenin.’ Wish there were a way I could e-mail ya. Joe’s got my address, but right now is a bad time for Joe. He’s so busy getting his gear together for the flight tomorrow that he probably resembles one a those zombies y’all have been readin’ about in the book of the month club. 🙂 (Godspeed, Joe. We’re saying prayers for you, too.)

    I’ve got a dental/jawbone infection that loves to jump up and down on ma last nerve, if I let it. There are a few things I can do that keep the infection toned down, like eating no dairy and nothing sweet. It takes a huge effort to get rid of it and it has gone on for months, so we’ve been talking surgery lately. This is nothing compared to your fight, though! Please keep us posted. We’d like to stay in touch. Keep yourself distracted with us and Atlantis. There’s more than enough to offer commentary on! Our intrepid Cap’n Mallozzi is off to the land of the rising sun, to sample delectable foreign fuel, give us a travelogue, and sight-see (walk off his dinners). You’ll have that, too.

    Stick out yer chin, Major Teldy. Mallozzi’s army’s behind ya. Sending prayers for bright light and healing your way,

    for the love of Beckett

  60. Our Cap’n Joe,

    Have a safe, safe flight and a wonderful tame. Ya aren’t really travelin’ alone. You’ve packed the entire lot of us inside your laptop. We can hardly wait!

  61. I love, love, love “Brain Storm”. Bill Nye and Dave Foley were awesome! The ending was GREAT! Especially when Keller said those same lines Rodney said to her in “The Shrine”. Nice. The ending on the plane was adorable. And big social misfit Rodney McKay got himself some mile high lovin’! What I really loved was McKay leaving to go save Jennifer and the whole scene when he saved her and she kissed him…it was just good stuff. Too bad we only have 3 more episodes to enjoy their relationship. But hey, at least someone on this mission is getting some!

    Well, I guess Teyla did get some, since she had a baby and all…but we never see Kanan. McKeller! Woo Hoo!

  62. I’m sorry I didn’t say this in my first post…my thoughts are with Jason as he recovers. I’m glad he’s going to be okay. Did the training he had playing Ronon help him fight that guy off? That’s absolutely crazy that someone would attack him!

    Enjoy Tokyo, Joe.

  63. Coucou Joseph!!!

    Bonne vacance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Profiter bien!

    -Ne manger pas des choses que ue vous ne connaissez pas
    -N’allez pas dans des lieus étrange
    – Ne parlez au gens louche
    -Mangez raisonnablement

    Pour passer les vacances les plus sereine je vous conseil n’oublier ce que je vous est écrit en haut^^!! Juste faite attention à vous =)

    Merci pour ces photos! Impatiente de voir Brain Strom!!

    Gros gros bisou! je vous adore♥

  64. Oh my, I agree with Michelle about the Keller dress/boots combo…maybe that’s one for “What Not to Wear”.

    Why are there so many Keller haters out there? No, really, someone explain it to me.

  65. Dear Joe,

    First of all happy 2nd anniversary for your blog… its been a great and suspensful ride so far. I got a little question concerning Stargate Atlantis.

    Ever since the episode Aurora, we were always scared that the wraith would get their hands on Aurora class ship hyperdrive specifications to reach Earth. Yet, there are two Aurora class surviving ships out there to our knowledge: The Tria, out of there reach and knowledge but that Asuran Aurora class left by those rogue asurans on that planet from Ghosts in the machine might be problematic. How do plan to deal with this plot hole and will it cause havoc in the unrevealed future of the show (hint hint : Enemy at the gates)?

    thanks for relaying our warm wishes to Jason

  66. For what its worth I really enjoyed your green eppy Brainstorm, I also thought it neat that the scifi logo was green instead of the usual color

  67. Thanks for telling us about Jason. I was really shocked to hear the news. Please pass on best wishes and love from the UK.

  68. Hi! I’m a long time lurker, but just wanted to post in regards to ‘Brainstorm.’
    McKay is my favorite character, ever since SG-1, and I am
    honestly baffled at the Keller/McKay relationship bashing.
    I for one applaud the relationship since it seems the most normal/healthy one I’ve seen in TV/film for a while. Someone mentioned a lack of chemistry between the actors, but I’ve found that the best relationships are often bereft of PDA and based on compassion, familiarity, and acceptance, which both actors seem to portray well and was demonstrated aptly in this episode (i.e. their posture during the cafeteria scene, the little snide jokes at the presentation, Keller’s arm around McKay when he is rebuffed in front of his peers).

    Secondly, Keller isn’t trying to actively “change” McKay. Although she tolerates and accepts his many quirks, she reins him in when he’s out of line and keeps him on track.
    Indeed, both characters seem to have matured in their own ways since the McKay/Keller relationship started: McKay has become more considerate and compassionate (or at least expresses those tendencies more often) while Keller has become more assertive. Isn’t the whole point of a relationship to become a better person and to help your partner become better? In short, this relationship may not be ‘angsty’ and overwrought, but it is certainly realistic.
    Just my lil’ opinion.

    P.S. I liked Keller’s outfit, especially the beautiful boots. I think someone kind of hinted that the dress/boots combo was ugly, but as someone with short legs and a longer torso, I want to mention that long, heeled boots paired with a shorter skirt is a common trick (at least in my part of the world) to make the legs look longer. While I do not generally pay attention to other women’s legs, wearing stilettos or ankle boots with that dress makes women look ‘stumpy,’ a fact that the costuming dept. undoubtedly knows. Not all of us are leggy 6′ tall model-types with sky-high legs! 🙂

  69. Love loved loved loved LOVED! Brainstorm. It was so frickin awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was like face up against the screen man looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooved.
    Question for Mr gero:
    1. Why are you so frickin awesome? You always write my fav eps.
    2. My favourite scene besides the ending was all the scientists yelling/working together, what was your favourite scene?

  70. Hi Joe.

    I have never posted comment here but I have too reasons to do it now.

    1) Poor Jason! Thanks for updating the news. I hope he will recover soon

    2) Brainstorm. McKellers are jumping and squeeing… I am just asking myself why you chose THIS ship to make it canon. There were some great moments in the episode, with Bil Nye e.g. But I just couldn’t like it as whole. You just made angry all the Ronon Keller shippers including me. I am curious what you meant when you said Ronon is gonna be happy. He deserves that at most.

  71. Honestly, Green Week was fun. I loved having Bill Nye and the dude that took Pluto from us on the tube. For me, the episode had the effect of A. Adding more Geek Cred than usual, and B. Extending the reality of Stargate into our own. It was funny.

    I hope you enjoy Japan. I’ll live vicariously through your blog. Will you go to any onsen? Have fun

  72. I want to send some get well soon vibes to Jason. Take care big guy. We want to see you in Australia, Armageddon – that would be cool.

    I can’t believe the guy got bail. Horrific.

    Joe – I hope you have a safe trip. Have lots of fun, eat until you’re just short of ready to pop and don’t forget the vids. So, who’s the dude with the ink and bandanna?

    Hugs, Chev

  73. Michelle said:

    David did a fantastic job, too, and may I say looked extremely handsome. Excellent lighting on him, I noticed.

    Can I say after meeting him that he looks handsome in any light. It could be the sparkly eyes or the geek thing, but I have a huge crush on David. I didn’t expect that.

    Cheers, Chev

  74. Brainstorm…

    You know, I’m not a huge Keller fan or anything, but I think that McKay/Keller actually works rather nicely. There’s not the competition and antagonism like there was with Sam (not to mention the obvious lack of interest on her part), and Keller’s got more backbone than Katie, which I think is necessary when dealing with someone like McKay. It’s still not a ship I’d get all excited and write fanfic about, but I think it works pretty well.

    I love that the tease ends on a guy saying, “Everything’s gonna be fine. Trust me,” because we as TV viewers have been around the block to know that means, “Something terrible’s gonna happen. Just wait.”

    Rodney’s strawberry story is quite familiar to me. My aunt did the exact same things with jelly beans, to the exact same outcome.

    Can’t say as I ever watched science TV, so I’m not really familiar with those famous science guys, but they were very amusing. I loved the Pluto thing.

    Poor McKay. It must really suck to not be able to share all the discoveries he’s made, especially for someone with his ego. On the other hand, if he really did get credit for everything he’s done, his head would probably swell up to planetoid size.

    Yeah, Dave Foley and Bill Nye kind of made this episode. Great guest stars.

    Very amusing episode. Kinda missed the rest of the team, but still, very entertaining. Earth-based eps are always an interesting diversion from what we usually get, and I loved that it was all because of an Atlantis-based discovery.

  75. Shirt’n’Tie said:

    Go! Go! Sheppard Turtleneck!!

    We agree again! I don’t want my Shep getting cold and sick. Then who would save the universe? Well he would probably get out of his sick bed to save the universe, but you know what I mean.

    Narelle from Aus said:

    Chev and Riley
    Who turned the heat off in this town?!!
    And what’s that strange liquid falling from the sky?

    Winter is my favourite season – hot drinks, warm jumpers, thunderstorms etc etc. However I promise I didn’t put in an order with the big guy for Winter in Spring.

    I’ve been holed up inside today doing a few chores, visiting some of my online haunts and I sat down to watch Irresponsible. Richard Kind is a classic but I really don’t like the Lucius character. I don’t think he’s every gotten his just deserts. Although I do like it when Sheppard doesn’t tell him that the personal shield is depleted and he gets a kid to kick him in the nuts. Freaking hilarious.

    @Anne Teldy – Wishing you well, ask the doctors if they’re using nanites yet. They’d do the trick.

    Cheers, Chev

  76. *waves*

    Please also send my huge hugs and get well wishes to Jason. Hope he feels better soon.

    Have a great trip to Tokyo and don’t forget to post lots of pics and not just of food, so that we can live vicariously through you for a short while. 😀

    Have fun.


  77. Ah, couple more things about Brain Storm…

    The only thing that I really didn’t care for was that last scene. That “we all have to do our parts” line was just… so much like being slapped across the face with the environmental message. The rest of it all worked within the context of the story, but that one line was just utterly cringe-worthy.

    I also didn’t care for the implications that Keller was getting at, nor for McKay’s reaction to them. For one, they basically just became a couple, so it’s kind of way too soon. Besides that, it just seemed tacky and cheap. I mean, I expect that sort of thing from KirkSheppard but I suppose I’d hoped that McKay and Keller wouldn’t be quite so hormonal. But of course, I have rather conservative views on the whole issue of sex and its place in society, so I’m sure a lot of people would find nothing wrong or inappropriate about what was heavily implied.

  78. Have a great trip!

    Glad to hear Jason is on the mend..

    I enjoyed Brain Storm just for the geek factor alone.

  79. Considering that I almost threw up just reading people’s comments on Brain Storm and that 90% of my friends have said that they want that hour of their life back… I think I made the right decision in not watching Brain Storm.

    My only hope is that the rest of the series is not ruined by McKeller 🙁

    Oh where for art thou Teyla? And Ronon? …And Sheppard?

  80. Hi Joe,

    Thanks so much for the update on Jason! I’m glad he’s on the mend and that he’s looking forward to coming back for the SGA movie.

    Now, Brain Storm…

    I went in with an open mind and I enjoyed it more than I thought I would, given that there’d be no team to speak of. But, I still thought it was ‘meh’. Not even Rodney, who I love dearly, could save this ep for me.

    I understand that you guys needed to come up with a ‘green’ episode, but this just came off as being way too preachy and unoriginal. We already know what’s going on with the environment and we’ve already read and seen and heard about all the things that were brought up in the ep a thousand times over. IMO you would’ve been better off having our team getting stuck on a heavily poluted planet, have them all in mortal danger, and draw rather more subtle parrallels to what’s going on on our own planet.

    The Rodney/Jennifer thing…I thought it was cute at first. The first scene with the two of them in the cafetaria with Rodney trying to ask Keller to come with him actually gave me some warm fuzzies, even though I’m not much for romance in my shows. But after that, it just kinda went downhill for me. It was their first date and they’re already professing their love for one another? Blech…that’s something you do when you’re in high school. And then Rodney tremulously saying he didn’t know what he would’ve done if he’d lost Jennifer? Come on. He’s spent years with team Shep battling Wraith and Replicators and what not, they’ve been to hell and back together, they were there for him when his sister was kidnapped, and he doesn’t know what he’d do if he’d lost KELLER? That left a very bad taste in my mouth.

    Now if it’d been Shep almost dying and Rodney having to do CPR on HIM, THAT would’ve made things interesting and far more squee-inducing. 😉

    As for the ending- that’s really what blew the entire ep for me. Like I said, I’m not much for romance and there was just way too much of it in this ep. I was fine with Rodney and Katie, because it was done so subtly and because Katie wasn’t being shoved in our faces all the time. It still enabled fans from whatever faction to interpret the characters’ and team’s relationships in their own way and still be happy with the show. But this romance with Keller just leaves no room for anything-else.

    I like Keller and I’m not criticizing the character, but IMO this romance just doesn’t belong on SGA. Not the way it’s handled in Brain Storm, anyway. The team (and especially the McKay-Sheppard banter/friendship) is what made this show big, but for some reason you seem to have steered away from it this season, to be replaced with the Rodney/Jennifer/Ronon romance. And I think that’s incredibly sad. We have so few eps left and they’re wasted on romance and secondary characters. I just want team, friendship, action/adventure, like we got in The Prodigal and the first four seasons.

    Lastly, you guys really need to hire a medical advisor for the movie and for Universe, because honestly, the way the medical stuff’s handled on the show makes the characters look incompetent and the show amateuristic.

    Anyway, sorry for the long-winded rant/review. I just miss the show I fell in love with, and it makes me feel sad and angry.

    Have a great trip to Tokyo. Looking forward to your updates!


  81. What annoys me is that when Shep gets an episode we have to have it split with 3 other plotlines (although I did enjoy the 2 other parts of Remnants last week, I wish they’d have had their own episode), but when RODNEY (oooohhhh favorite) gets an ep, the entire thing is him and how The Geek Got Some. It’s not like he was the 40 year old virgin – he’s been getting some for years. Not a B or C or even subA plot in site.
    I would have LOVED seeing Ronon and Shep on the beach and camping, would have made the ep at least interesting to those of us who dislike the McKeller ship. And where was Teyla? MIA?

  82. Hi Mr Mallozzi! Is SGU going to be filmed in Vancouver like the other shows and will anyone in your new show have sonic screwdriver?

  83. Glad to hear that Jason is doing well and in high spirits.

    I have a question in regards to “Brain Storm”.
    Why is it that Oceania or the vast majority of Oceania is missing from the map when “Tunney” is doing his presentation?

    It is a good episode and I love the inclusion of the “LHC” reference at the beginning but what happened?


  84. 140 stitches. Ouch. I thought 6 hurt already. Poor Jason!
    And that guy who’s attacked him? Illegal weapons, assault, and all that at just 21 years of age within a half a year! Somebody’s heading for a life of crime, thats for sure.

  85. A few issues from a very disappointed Teyla-fan (and other Teyla-fans from the Rachel Luttrell/Teyla Emmagan WOW-thread on Gateworld):

    Do you have a problem writing for Teyla? She’s barely made it on screen this season in some form of important part of the episodes (besides Search & Rescue maybe, and The Queen – which just happened to be more about the Wraith and less about Teyla, who IMO was used as a plot device because of her convenient DNA-profile).

    Maybe you don’t like her, or like writing for her which I wouldn’t consider abnormal, but ignoring one of your characters altogether seems a little … off.

    Seeing as the show is over and you’ve done all your writing… How do you see Teyla’s role in the film then? Supporting role maybe? Guest for a few minutes? Plotdevice? Of course all of that depends on what the film will be about… so I understand if there isn’t a solid answer yet.

    Though seeing as you have ignored many questions about Teyla in the past, I don’t suspect an answer from you.
    But it doesn’t do well on the feeling that you and other writers on your time don’t like writing for her as much as you like us to think.

    Thank you for reading and hopefully I’ll be reading an answer soonish.

    Heightmeyer’s Lemming
    messenger of the Teyla-community on Gateworld (so please, don’t shoot it)

  86. 1) Best to Jason, heal quickly & congrats for keeping your cool

    2) F*** off SciFi channel!!! “Only 3 episodes left” the announcer says… they wanna get rid of it that much huh!!! They have FOUR EPS LEFT to show, I better get to see that Vegas episode!!!

    3) Ditto: Hachi: McKay and Keller? In the immortal words of Ronon Dex: “Who cares”

  87. Oh and should it – I HOPE NOT! – leave scars, you can always blame sheppard/ronon sparring matches…

  88. I’m halfway through watching ‘Brainstorm’ and I wasn’t going to swear but I saw you passed this through:

    *WTF Was That?: Universe is going to suck big fucking monkey balls.*

    so I feel comfortable in asking, “WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT?”

    Freeze lightening? Unlivable?Did I read that they talk about the Mile High Club?

    I would rather watch three episodes starring Lucius the Rapist than have to sit through another episode of the ‘Rodney & Jennifer Show.’

  89. I hope that Jason Momoa will be okay. He didn’t deserve to be attacked like that and I hope that the guy who did it will be punished severely!

    And re: Brainstorm. I’m so disappointed. Did the writers forget that SGA should be a team show and not one-at-a-time deal? Because that’s all that we seem to be getting lately. Prodigal was a perfect example of what SGA should be like and I’m sorry that the writers are obviously not able to give us a real team episode anymore. This isn’t the SGA that I fell in love. Not anymore. Maybe it’s better that it ends before it can deviate into something totally unrecognizable.

  90. Brainstorm – nice! I love a good disaster movie. The effects were fantastic, especially the tornado and the flying car (although not as cool as the cow in Twister).

    My questions for Martin:

    1. How did you come up with the idea for this episode?

    2. In Tunney’s presentation with the flat map of the world, where the f**k was Australia? 🙂

    3. How are you different from McKay? Is he the character to which you relate the most?

    4. What was your greatest challenge directing Brainstorm?

    5. What’s your favourite word?

    6. Now for something really serious……..Superman or Batman?

    Cheers, Chev

  91. Hi loved Brainstorm, finaly a ship I can get behind and canon too. Now lets hope this doesnt get forgot in the rest of the final eps.

    Im glad there was not cut away scenes to Ronon and John surfing. that would have broken up the flow and drama of the episode.

  92. Best wishes and good thoughts to Jason Momoa! I’m glad he’s doing better.

    And safe travels to you, Joe. I hope you have a wonderful trip.

    Brain Storm: this was a fun episode. The guest stars in particular were a riot (and such good sports). One thing this episode highlights for me is the variety of stories, themes and moods we get with this series. Prodigal, Remnants, Brain Storm, all very different, but all of them undoubtedly “Atlantis.” If that makes any sense.

    I know there are different viewpoints about McKay and Keller, but I just found it tremendously satisfying to see McKay happy. After the past five years he’s had, the guy deserves it. Cheers to the writers for making it happen.

    Anyhow, I’m home sick with a lousy cold, and getting to lounge around in pajamas, drinking tea, and watching Brain Storm this morning was a lovely consolation. Thanks to all!

  93. Alright Joe I will play.

    How is it that you can go ahead with McKay and Keller as canon ship but not even give me *yes me!* a small hug between Rodney and John? Oh I saw the handshake…. as we say in Australia, not happy Jan.

    And because I know you love not answering my McKay and Sheppard hug related questions 😛

    …. I saw David Hewlett when he was in Australia recently; nice guy, gives great hugs. I know I received four! *g* and he mentioned he thought fans might think the finale was too rushed.

    Do you agree? Yes? No? Can’t say until you are no longer in Stargate related employment? 😛 (and no I am not asking if you think David gives good hugs…. yeah I have your number lol I know you too well Joe)

    Just give me a small hint? Keller is going to die…. Right? Just a small tiny hint? 😛

    Supplementary question for Mr Gero *whom I still see as the most gifted writer Stargate has ever had despite the events of Brainstorm… sorry Joe*

    I seem to remember you (Martin G) saying somewhere (Gateworld maybe) that you are happy as long as you get to write at least one McKay ep per season.

    I am wondering what it is exactly about writing for McKay that you love the most? Do you feel sometimes your love for McKay as a character impedes how you write the other characters?

  94. Joe.

    Thanks for the update on Jason. I was so saddened by the news. I glad to hear he is in high spirits.

    Have a great trip. The weather there looks considerably warmer then it is here.

    The weather channel is calling for a high of 16C & rain in Tokyo. While here in Nova Scotia it is -1 C & we are just finishing up the first snow storm of the season.

    I am off to watch Brainstorm. I am going have to think up a question for Martin. 🙂

  95. Hey Joe!

    Glad to hear that Jason is doing okay, and I really hope he recovers quickly. 🙂

    Enjoy your flight to Tokyo! I am greatly looking forward to your blog entries about it…especially the culinary adventures! 😀

    Thanks as always!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  96. Glad to hear Jason is all right. But 140 stiches, that’s bad. If SGA is not cancel, than I guess the writers would have to come up with a whopper of a story to explained Ronon’s facial scars. Afraid you really couldn’t hide it with make up or beard.

    Have a smooth flight to NIppon Mr M. Be waiting for the videos and stories from the excursion.

    @ Anne Teldy

    Good to see you posting again. Was worry that we see nothing from you for a long while.

  97. It seems to me that a lot of the general dislike of Brainstorm is centered around a general dislike of the Keller character. Honestly, I just don’t get the kind of intense hate, not just dislike, but genuine loathing that’s built up around this character. I know how I feel and why I feel that way, I’m just curious about what everyone else is thinking/feeling. Why the Hate? Anyone?

    I used to really like her and was a huge defender. She got a rotten deal from a lot of folks and I felt that was mostly due to their animosity about Carson getting killed off.

    Keller was a good character and needed the most growth out of everyone else. She had loads of potential and they wasted it all on shipping her with Rodney.

    The shipping with Rodney is what changed my attitude about her. What made it even worse last night is she’s trying to FIX Rodney. She’s trying to change him which can be a huge relationship killer. Keller began nagging him about how he asked a girl out and didn’t stop throughout the show.

    If Shep was there he’d be standing right by his side every step of the way and helping him. Shep would have chastised Rodney with humor and caring.

    It’s what they’re doing with her now that makes me despise the character. It’s why I was bummed out that she wasn’t killed off in the episode at the end.

  98. Thanks for the update on Jason. I’m glad he’s doing well.

    Have a great vacation!

    Re: SGA
    I was crushed when the news about the cancellation were released. I loved the show to bits up to then. I never thought I’d say this but now I’m very happy we are not getting a 6th season. 20 more episodes with the McKeller love fest, with a side of Woolsey, and the other 3 regular characters being mere wallpapers at best? No thanks. I rather watch the actors in something else than watching them being wasted as neglected background.
    Honestly, if I wasn’t in fandom and just watched the episodes without knowing anything else, I’d assume that Joe Flanigan, Rachel Luttrell and Jason Momoa were cut back to recurring status, especially Joe and Rachel. It certainly feels that way to me.
    I love Woolsey and I used to LOVE Rodney and like Keller. Right now, I rather not see more of neither Rodney or Keller at all. They’ve already been used way to much this season, in detriment to the rest of the characters.

    What happened to my fave show of 4 seasons and a half? 🙁

  99. Hi Joe

    I hope you have a safe trip. Get some good rest on arrival!

    Only three episodes of SGA left. Very sad.

    Having said that…

    Brain Storm

    Enjoyed Dave Foley and Bill Nye. David Hewlett is always fun to watch. I appreciate that we see a Rodney thinking less about himself and more about saving another. The rest is unhappiness or at least restlessness for me. For the first time, I see little chemistry between Hewlett and another actor, in this case, Keller. I realize many won’t agree.

    I remain baffled by the handling of relationships on the show. I’m a big of fan of ‘show’ not ‘tell.’ SGA has failed at this with this McKay-Keller thing. It would have been nice to SEE the developing relationship between the characters rather than having the out-of-the-blue declaration of love by Rodney in Shrine and again by Keller here with practically no evidence of the development of those feelings. If this is love at first sight, it’s the lamest and tamest and least passionate version of it that I have seen. Have they actually spent time together? I know that we see only a part of the lives these characters lead. A moment here, a moment there is all it would have taken. That’s how we’ve seen developing relationships between Sheppard and Ronon and Teyla and Rodney for years. If any of them professed love to one another, I’d believe it.Would it not have been possible to show McKay and Keller together at various points throughout the last two seasons she’s been on the show.

    To be honest, from this viewer’s perspective, this episode felt like a desperate last ditch attempt to pull the two characters together quickly because there was not going to be a sixth season. If there’s supposed to be something implied about destiny, as in they were together in an alternate future so they are meant to be together here, it didn’t work. Is that what the opening scene is with Sheppard? A nod to what he knows? (besides the obvious exposition about why Shep isn’t on Earth).

    And hey, why do you guys keep hooking up McKay with women who want to change him? As a woman, that bugs me. I know the guy would be impossible to be with, but, well, it’s wrong. Instead, I like that moment when Keller gets Rodney to stop dwelling on how he didn’t get due recognition by helping him see that there was more to think about, like making out in the plane. There it’s not about changing him and more about showing him he has more to think about.

    And what’s with the lack of support when Rodney insists they not fire up the bridge? Surely Keller would have known about what happened in the past? Surely she knows that he would KNOW the risks. I think I might have been more on board with the idea of her loving McKay if, when Nye and Tyson were needing Rodney, she walked forward and took his arm and suggested they find their seats. It would have been a subtle display of affection and support (and more meaningful than when she takes his hand in the auditorium, though I liked that).

    Security guys couldn’t figure out how to use an axe? Really?

    So, no real questions for Mr. Gero. Not one of my favorite episodes. I hope we see more of Teyla and Sheppard and Ronon as we wind down.

  100. Bill Nye!!!!

    Dave Foley!!!

    Freeze Lightening!!!

    This episode ROCKED!!!!!!!

  101. I am sure I am not alone in wondering if we could see a picture of you in your Goku costume. What do you say Joe?
    I enjoyed Brain Storm very much. My kids even dropped by to watch for a bit. As soon as I said “Bill Nye the Science Guy” they had to watch!

  102. I am back to tell you I thought BRAINSTORM was great. I am overboard with “SGUEEE!!!!” on Rodney/Jennifer. : )I feel bad that Ronan got his heart broke.

    Rodney has grown so much since first arriving on Atlantis. I love how he has been able to overcome some of his fears and open up to those around him.

    It was sad to see that Rodney gets no respect but I am not surprised that his fellow scientists have issues with him. He wasn’t the easiest guy to get along with back then. They just don’t know the man he has become.

    Sure I would love to see Rodney get the credit but I see him as trying to come to terms with this lack of credit by realizing that there are more important things in life. Like being in Love and having great friends.

  103. To Joe, I think you’re in the airport right now. Have a great flight! I’m sure you’re not sitting in coach, so I’m not worried about your comfort. Drink a bottle of sake for us. 🙂

    And to Jenn and Terry, word to everything you wrote! It’s not about “hating Keller,” it’s about not liking a middle-school-style relationship for a character we love. And yeah, it’s about missing the rest of the team.

  104. Keller arrives on the show sliding down a rainbow and showering everyone in magical pixie dust.

    “Gentle folk, I am here to apply my prodigy bandaid application skills while searching the lands for a husband. Who here is the man for me?”

    Ronon: “I shoot things. Jennifer, your coffee machine is broken, let me yell at it while blasting it with my gun. I can also grunt in five different dialects.”

    Rodney: “My best friend is in the freezer and I go chat at him from time to time, not just because I love the sound of my own voice, but because I’m secretly really sensitive and shit.”

    Keller: “Oh, who on earth should I choose in this really obvious set up? Let me dwell on this a bit more….okay, I pick contestant number two. But though my fairest knight did declare his love for me when he was all sexily brain damaged, I shall not declare my own feelings because, um, I have to wash my hair?

    Rodney: “Oh no, my fairest maiden is in distress! Let me be all manly and rescue her from these train tracks so that she may swoon into my arms. Though like her stick fighting skills that she learned off stage could she not have come back from the ad break with laser eyes to blast through the door, ‘cause my back’s killing me.”

    *Keller is once more rescued from train tracks, Maiden Insurance Inc raises premiums*

    Keller: “Rodney, my love! My one true special love, how you have saved me! Lets stare into each others eyes and contemplate this love that spans the ages that apparently you felt when you were proposing to Katie and that was cleverly foreshadowed in that instance when you were awkward with me when we went to get coffee in the meeting room, so great is our true, true special love that we don’t even need words, or an actual relationship!”

    In the Next Exciting Episode: Soulmates of the Ages, McKay and Keller, go on their first ever date to a wedding chapel and afterwards have five babies and build a cottage on Pier Five. Keller’s love finally works to fix McKay making him as nice, bland, and as uninteresting for television as she is.

    And for any disappointed Keller/Ronon shippers, Uncle Rodney is a lot older than Keller so she outlives him, gets together with Ronon, and they spend the life insurance money on trips to the casino and blow. Everyone wins in shipperville! Yay!

    Many sarcastic bothans died to bring you this comment. *moment of geek silence*

  105. Um, I’m concerned about Jason Momoa, but just as concerned about your geography. Isn’t Vancouver “up” from LA, not down??

  106. Joe,
    Love the episode “Brain Storm”. I love that Keller and McKay are together. It brings him ever so slightly full circle. He needed someone who could put up with his kwirkness (sp). I feel that this season has been the best ever!!!! Question about McKay. Is his mom alive? I get from the talks with Jeanie that his dad must have passed away. I’m just curious about a little more back story on McKay. Have a fun trip to Tokyo! Four more weeks of school for me and then I’m on break. Woo Hoo!!! Kids home 2 weeks, me 3!!!

    from Indiana 🙂

  107. Thanks for the update on Jason’s condition. Is there somewhere that the fans can send him get well cards? Just curious. If there is, can you please get us the lowdown? Loving the final season so far! Wish it didn’t have to end!

    Much love to all!

    Rachel 🙂

  108. First of all- best wishes to Jason on a speedy recovery.
    Second- Safe trip to Japan and have fun!

    Third, Brain Storm. I enjoyed parts of it, and other parts… they just didn’t fit in right. Yup, the McKeller bits ruined the episode for me. I love Rodney and adore Jennifer, but not together. They just don’t spark at all. And though I love romance and Sci-Fi, I’m not a huge fan of them together, unless it’s being done right. You guys were on the verge of it with Ronan and Jennifer. It was a slow progression, which made sense of what you had already provided us on both characters. But the thing with Rodney just jumped up out of no where and just… stunk. Even my husband, who can’t stand Stargate, agreed with me that the scenes between Jennifer and Rodney felt forced and just didn’t work. He pointed out that there was more chemistry between Jewel and Jason than he saw in one scene with David and Jewel (FYI, he is a big Jewel fan and will occassionally make the sacrifice to watch her on Stargate). Sorry, but this ship is like Jack and Sam (I know I’m gonna get it for that one), and is not really believeable. And I just hope that if this is continued, that it does not get shoved in our faces. Especially with the movie. It would lessen the expierence more.

    On a good note, I loved seeing Dave Foley and Bill Nye! Two of my favs! And the two Davids worked real well together and throwing Bill in there was icing on the cake. I enjoyed those bits, and they were the barely saving grace for the entire episode. Which is a shame really, after what else I’ve seen this season. Several strong episodes and now a really weak one. I hope the last few ones are better.

  109. @ drldeboer
    Totally agree!

    @ Terry
    You’ve hit the nail right on the head.

    @ Cyn
    Indeed. If they’re looking for somebody to kill off in the movie, I vote Keller. Hey wouldn’t that be cool, if we could vote characters off the island of Atlantis like on survivor? 🙂

    @ Heightmeyer’s Lemming
    It’s just like with Chakotay in star trek voyager. The writers got themselves a cute chick, Seve, as a favourite toy and on the other hand, they had gotten themselves into a bit of a knot with the vegetarian, indian-roots rebel-leader Chakotay that they sort of didn’t know what to do with, so he basically became a walking, talking prop and she was stuck into just about every scene. Oh and that’s after they wrote Kes off the show, who was a sort of Weir-like character except not in leadership. The whole thing was supposed to boost ratings but – surprise! – it didn’t. Fans tune in for the story, not the cleavage.

  110. I think Ronon moved beyond his thing for Keller when he got a load of Amelia’s ass-kickin moves. He was obviously impressed and I think she’s a better fit for him.

    Rodney and Jennifer work better, I think. They’re just way too cute together. 😉

  111. Thanks for the update on Jason. Its a relief to know he is on the mend.

    As for the episode….I love Rodney…he is too good for Keller. Who does she think she is to tell Rodney that HE is too egotistical? Isn’t she far worse than he? She needs to stop trying to change our guy. Accept him as he is…or better yet, transfer right out of Atlantis. Personally I have hated her character since she joined the show. She has been either whiney or suffering from delusions of her own importantce since she joined the team.

  112. LOVED Brainstorm. 🙂 A little kooky, but definitely enjoyable. I don’t mind “McKeller” at all. And BILL NYE AND NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON. In guest spots that were better than I was expecting (which, honestly, I was kind of nervous about). I’ve been looking forward to Nye & McKay!! 🙂 I was pleased. That guy in the orange pygamas was always kind of fun at parties. 😉

  113. Glad you didn’t show the borefest of surfing/camping, the McKay/Keller thing was Great! It brought the slow burn relationship (former triangle) to a climax.

    Don’t worry about the critics, the rest of us realise it is the people that make Atlantis not Atlantis itself.

    I was wondering though if Keller was going to be in the SGA movie?

  114. Glad to hear Jason is on the mend hope he continues to improve. I would also like to know if there is some way to send get well cards.

  115. Joe I don’t know if you’re still taking questions for Martin here but I thought I’d throw this in.

    Martin I recently saw a comment or interview with you where you talked about how Rodney has always wanted to be loved and that he’s happy because he’s finally found unconditional love.

    Unfortunately, the way the comments read it sounded like you consider only romantic love to be worth anything. That friendship and family love mean nothing when compared to romance. It’s kind of hard to read something like that when for the last 5 years we’ve been watching the friendships between Rodney and his team develop to the point where they seem like family at times. It’s hard when we see him finally reaching out to his sister and rebuilding their relationship. Do you honestly believe that these relationships mean nothing when compared to his love for Keller? Are we honestly supposed to believe that Rodney doesn’t actually care about the other relationships he’s developed and that he only cares for having a romantic relationship with Keller?

    Honestly Martin I would have had no problem with the Rodney/Keller romance if it hadn’t seemed to push the other relationships to the side as if they didn’t matter – because they DO matter. Friendship and family are just as important as romantic love and I’m sorry you don’t seem to believe that.

  116. Joe one more question for Martin since this has been driving me nuts – and no it doesn’t have anything to do with Keller.

    Was Rodney’s line about his contract being up supposed to be a reference to the cancellation to the show? Was it meant to be reference to the fact that they all will have to find something else to work on?

    I have to admit it came across a bit odd and it made it sound like Rodney didn’t care about his time on Atlantis or that he’s been saving lives for the last five years or that he’s got a team that needs his help…

  117. LOVED Brainstorm! The whole episode was sizzlin’. Funny dialogue, great chemnistry between Rodney and Jennifer and yet another new interesting side of McKay. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS!

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