Brad tests the floors
A sneak peek at one of three possible Destiny floors!

A sneak peek at what we're working on for the big season 1 finale.
A sneak peek at what we have planned for the big season finale.
T (as in Tokyo) minus 2 days and counting! And I just realized I’ve still got a crapload of things to do before I leave for my eleven glorious days of hitori travel. I need to pick up dry-cleaning, transfer all relevant data to my travel laptop, look into a portable GPS, recharge everything, send mail, and, oh yeah, pack. I should be done by 10:00 a.m. Saturday morning – just in time to head to the airport and catch my flight.

Today was our final day of spinning on Stargate: Universe and we finished in impressive fashion, breaking not one but TWO stories. The first, episode #10 is mine (Carl is especially excited about this one) while #11 falls to Paul. Ticking clocks, twists and turns, alliances, betrayals, and a surprise guest! And, just like that, we have our first 10 stories in play. Now, all that remains to be done is to write the outlines, design and build the sets, design and create the costumes, design and produce the props, nail down the crew, cast the roles of Young, Rush, Scott, Eli, Tamara, Chloe, Stasiak, Wray, and Brody (among others), and everything else that needs to be done before we start shooting in early February. I have a feeling our visual effects department is going to have a blast with this show!



PG15 writes: “In your opinion, is Universe looking more arc-based than Atlantis Season 1? Also, do you share the feeling that Atlantis Season 1 is the most arc-based Stargate season?”

Answers: Yes, SGU will be more arc-driven than Atlantis’s first season which I found no more or less arc-driven than any other season of the show.

Karen MT writes: “Has there ever been a time a character has been created with some sort of flaw/backstory/quirk/characteristic that has caused issues later on that you wish wasn’t there? If so, how did you work around it/get out of it?”

Answer: Off the top of my head, I don’t remember one. If I do, I’ll get back to you.

Waiting (Im) Patiently writes: “Brad’s Q&A?? Before you guys break?”

Answer: Brad has four scripts to work on in addition to a series to prep. The Q&A will have to wait until I get back from Tokyo.

Belouchi writes: “1. How many Wraith Hives can we assume were destroyed due to the brief moment the Attero device was on?

2. Will the Destiny Space craft be comparable to Atlantis city ship or an Aurora class ship?

3. Was Remnants the “a very special stargate episode” you were alluding to in the beginning of season 5?”

Answers: 1. We can make no assumptions at this poin. 2. The ship is still in the design stage. 3. Nope, I was referring to Brain Storm which is our “green” episode. Having done my part for the environment, I can now enjoy my bottled water guilt-free.

Ytimyona writes: “SGU is designed such that it can be enjoyed by those who have never before in their lives seen anything Stargate related, right?”

Answer: Most definitely. And while SGU will be more serialized than its predecessors, it will, like SG-1 and SGA, the show will be accessible to first-time viewers looking to jump on at any point.

Tokiya writes: “I realise you already have your trip to Tokyo pretty much organised, however I thought you might be interested in this link….”

Answer: I have reservations at 5 of the 8 Tokyo restaurants Michelin award 3 stars.

Jerem writes: “Hi Joe, what’s happening to the “lost episode” of season 1 of SGA, “Human Error” ? It’s become an episode of a season 2, 3, 4 or 5, and his title has changed?”

Answer: It’s safe to say that particular story is dead.

Shirt ‘n Tie writes: “How did the commentary go on Whispers Mr M??”

Answer: Will and I had a great time offering insight into prosthetics, visual effects, and Sheppard’s turtleneck.

Sessy writes: “Why can’t you use a PDA with (or without, if you’re really confident) GPS and just upload it with a local version of TomTom?”

Answer: Yes, I’m going to check out my GPS options tomorrow.

Chevron7 writes: “What book are you going to read on the plane?”

Answer: I’m bringing a few with me, but will probably start with David Weber’s On Basilisk Station.

Scary writes: “It would be great to see some set photos from the first day of production. Any chance of that happening?”

Answer: If I’m on set, I may take a few snaps and run them by Brad and Rob. If they approve, I’ll post.

ShardsofGlass writes: “On November 17 you said the SG-1 DVD movie had been greenlighted. Then on the 18th, you said that there was only a plan to produce one SGA movie next year. Does that mean, even though SG-1 was greenlighted, it won’t be made next year?”

Answer: The SG-1 movie and the SGA movie are two different movies. Both will be produced next year.

Heineken writes: “For the love of God, does the Odysey really need the Zpm after the Ori threat? “

Answer: Hey, you’re right! The Odyssey doesn’t really need the ZPM now that the Ori threat has been dealt with. Or does it? Hmmm…

Melissa writes: “Your maps should work….what you might want to try is saving them in your GPS storage to automatically guide you where you want to go.

And Brickbreaker is awesome…though I can’t get passed level 17. Have you!?”

Answer: There is a maps function, but I’m unable to transfer my Google MyMaps to the blackberry. And, yep, brick breaker is addictive. Not sure which level I’ve hit – certainly not 17 – but my best score was 9650.

AnneTeldy writes: “I appreciate the concern. I didn’t get online for a bit because I wasn’t feeling too well, but I’m better now. Just really tired.”

Answer: Welcome back, Anne, and here’s hoping that you’re feeling better.

63 thoughts on “November 20, 2008: Tokyo Travel, Spinning Stargate: Universe Day #8, and the Mailbag

  1. Ok. Your daily reports are getting me a little more interested in Universe. But we’re(ok, you-all) are still over two months out from shooting the show, much less airing the episodes. I’m scared to get too excited, for fear of a let down once seeing the final product. But I will watch it, at least for the first few episodes. But thank you anyways for the reports on its progress.
    Well, Fed Ex and UPS do ship world-wide, so if you do forget to pack something, you should be able to get someone to ship it to you, albiet at some cost. But then,the last minute planning/packing/rechecking is one of the minor joys of travelling, especially abroad. At least you’re taking threads that you will presumably have dry cleaned while over there. If you want an added adventure, plan on spending a few hours finding and using a local laundrymat/laundrette. Always a fascinating experience, and it gives you a new perspective on the local culture. But from the sounds of it you’ll be too busy dashing about from meal to meal. Which is good. All the dashing should help you avoid needing the services of a tayler to let out your waistline after all that dining.
    Have a good, safe trip and know your postings about the journey will be eagerly anticipated and read over.

  2. I hope you have a fabulous trip! I look forward to hearing about the interesting and delicious food that you’ll be sampling. =)

  3. @ Joe – When dealing with an ongoing series – one that may last years – how hard is it to write characters, or even develop plots, when you’re not sure who’s portraying those characters? Is it easier to write after you have the full cast set, and have seen and heard them in action – knowing best how to use their strengths, and avoid their weaknesses – or do you just write, and assume the actor can handle whatever is given him or her?



  4. Hey Joe,
    WoHoo! Glad you are okay… Was wondering why so late a post, but you probably were out to dinner with Fondy!

    How are the puppies doing…are they all feeling better?


    Patricia Lee

    Ps. Hey Anne,
    Glad you are back. We missed you! What did you think of The Prodigal and Remnants?

  5. So have a great and SAFE trip Joe! And don’t forget to set the DVD recorder or TIVO [whatever you have] – I’m thinking, after tonight’s ep, LIFE ON MARS should be interesting next week!

    Speaking of things E.T…. did ya catch the vid on that meteorite in Edmonton? Very cool! — Even money, says it was a distraction by the Asgard…

    Whatever… Hugs!

  6. 1.)Will there be significant amounts of stargate travel in SGU?
    2.)What about space battles?
    3.)How much humor will there be?

  7. Do you think you’ll be posting much in the way of pictures when shooting starts, or will that be too spoilerish?

  8. Hey Joe,

    What a massive mailbag!

    It sounds like you have your hands full with SGU. All that needs to be done is everything. 😉

    While in Tokyo say *hi* to the Harajuku girls. I’m sure you could get some very interesting pictures in their section of town. Sort of up there with your photos from the greek festival this summer.

    I hope all the doggies are healthy now.

    @Anne: Glad you are back. I hope YOU feel better soon.

    @Das: Oh! I’m so sorry. I need to keep up, for sure. And I just saw that Hellboy II was out on DVD. What was I thinking?


  9. in SGU, will the stargate be used around as much as it was used on SG-1, and as much as it is currently being used in SGA?

  10. Quote:
    Ytimyona writes: “SGU is designed such that it can be enjoyed by those who have never before in their lives seen anything Stargate related, right?”

    Answer: Most definitely. And while SGU will be more serialized than its predecessors, it will, like SG-1 and SGA, the show will be accessible to first-time viewers looking to jump on at any point.

    Hi Joe

    I must disagree with the assessment that viewers to SG-1 and SGA can jump in at any point.

    The first SG-1 episode I was was 2010. I thought it was brilliant and made a point of watchng Stargate again the next week.

    The next two stories were hard work. “The Light” included references to the Goa’uld – who on earth were they? – in the context of the Goa’uld palace, and “Absolute Power” depended extensively on knowledge of previous events. “Prodigy” and “Entity”, which were more stand-alone episodes, kept me interested, but there was the same problem with “Double Jeopardy” and “Exodus”: appreciating the story depended on knowledge of the series so far.

    As a result, I wasn’t that bothered when I could not see the first episodes of Season Five, “Enemies” and “Threshold”, due to other commitments. I was able to watch the third episode, “Ascension” (guest starring John de Lancie) and it was this episode that hooked me on the Stargate universe (pun not intended).

    So the ability of a first time viewer to “jump in” depends on whether the story follows on closely from previous stories, or if it is “stand alone” (giving you a chance to get caught up in the characters and story-telling and eventually be able to catch up on the back story). If the first story I had seen had been “The Light”, “Absolute Power”, “Double Jeopardy” or “Exodus”, I would not have come back. As it is, I am glad I stuck with the series, and look forward to what you will come up with for Universe.

    All the best


  11. Flooring looks good. The flooring can make or break a show. The first few episodes of Star Trek The Next Generation had a pink floor and their ratings went down. But than in season 1 episode 7 Picard ordered new carpeting and it all worked out. It was a good episode.

    That Carl Binder is one strange guy. I’m going to guess the crew of the Destiny makes Christmas presents out of nanites which somehow become self-conscience and evil and must be destroyed. Carl’s a replicator isn’t he.
    Just kidding- I’m just a fan of Carl’s episodes.

  12. “And while SGU will be more serialized than its predecessors, it will, like SG-1 and SGA, the show will be accessible to first-time viewers looking to jump on at any point.”
    Glad to hear it!
    Thanks for answering my random middle-of-the-night question 😀

    “Brad has four scripts to work on in addition to a series to prep. The Q&A will have to wait until I get back from Tokyo.”
    Would it help to have someone sort the questions by category (like Mika did with hers) and/or eliminate the repeats (and maybe complaints)? I would totally volunteer!!! Or… **shooting hopeful looks at SG-1 movie** I could help him write one of those scripts!!!

  13. Hey Joe,

    since Bulgaria is 11 hours ahead of Vancouver in time, I want to wish you safe flight and great start of your Tokyo trip. I was wondering, since you all are spinning stories for SGU, can we assume it’s official that you and the rest of the gang are part of the SGU and you will be involved in the show on daily basis?

  14. @ Anne – Sending happy thoughts your way. Hope you continue to get better. I’m missing your staff thumping updates.

  15. “Today was our final day of spinning on Stargate: Universe and we finished in impressive fashion, breaking not one but TWO stories. The first, episode #10 is mine (Carl is especially excited about this one) while #11 falls to Paul. Ticking clocks, twists and turns, alliances, betrayals, and a surprise guest”

    Will the suprise guest be a cast member from atlantis or SG1??

  16. Welcome back Anne! It’s good to know that you’re feeling better. Do drop by more often now, y’hear? 😉

    @ ishshahpat: Hey, thanks! That was just plain fun to write. Glad to know that someone enjoyed it.

    “Answers: Yes, SGU will be more arc-driven than Atlantis’s first season which I found no more or less arc-driven than any other season of the show.”

    First…YES!!! Serialness is seriously cool. Looking forward to how Stargate pulls it off.

    It seems we disagree on Atlantis’s first season’s arc-ness. I think I understand why. If I look at the stories themselves, they do seem to be as arc-y as the other episodes (you basically have setup episodes separated from pay-off episodes by a few standalone; fairly normal Stargate stuff); the last 5 episodes notwithstanding. However, I think the reason I see it as more arc-driven is that, the same feeling was kept throughout the episodes, namely that of loneliness and desperation that I talked about yesterday. The plots may change on a weekly basis, but that general mood, that atmosphere was kept over pretty much every episode, and that made it feel like everything was connected, even if it’s not.

    I think that makes sense. Maybe.

    Thanks for answering my question, Joe!

    Oh, and the surprise guest? I’m betting on Rodney McKay. Yep, I’m putting my money down on that.

  17. Dry cleaners? you have clothes that need dry cleaning? well of course you do, you’re a guy, you have to wear suits. I don’t think I’ve bought anything dry cleanable in a millenia or so, if it can’t be machine washed and tumble dried it aint going in the basket! (Psssst! I only do ironing when we all run out of serviceable clobber)
    Have a fantastic trip, looking forward to reading all about it and seeing the photos.
    Tell me, are you going to miss the puppies? will you bring them all pressies back?

  18. I’m confused – have you written the SGA script or is that to be actioned in the new year?

    SGU – can you mention to your buddies that any small craft will need to have ‘facilities’ for longer journeys.

    SGU – maybe the crew can have a pet? A cat or a dog would be nice.

    Enjoy Tokyo – avoid indigestion.

  19. Hope you have a very safe and enjoyable trip Joe. Can’t wait to hear about your adventures.

  20. Hi there Mr M!

    With regard to packing….Less is more!

    Go! Go! Sheppard Turtleneck!!

    And, good to “see” you Anne Teldy! Hope you are still making a progressive recovery.

    Glad to see you will be reading “On Basilisk Station” en route to Tokyo… Have just started reading it today!

    Best to all! And safe trip to Tokyo!! Will be off line for a couple of days, so will catch up with the fabulous Joseph Mallozzi Live from Japan…Reminds me of that song by Alphaville sometime in the 1980’s…


  21. Brad Wright will write the SG1 3rd movie and now he is busy writing SGU.
    Does that mean he will finish writing SGU and then write SG1 3rd movie? Or he is writing both?

  22. Shooting begins in Feb, big month for you guys good luck. Big month for me too its my first surgery as in assisting in not having lol

  23. I certainly hope SGU will have some fan service moments for all of us who’ve been there since the beginning of Stargate and are planning on following with too…

  24. If I had to pick, I’d choose the floor tile in the middle.

    But that’s just me.

    Have a wonderful trip, take lots of pictures, eat lots of weird stuff, & don’t get lost!!

    The enthusiasm is catching…I’m looking forward to the show! What is the tentative date of the first airing?

  25. Brain Storm is an anticipated ep because of the science guys, esp. Bill Nye whose house I wish I was at tonite, watching with the Hewletts! Bet that’ll be a great party!

    I’ll be nice and say that it looks like my interest in SGU is going depend entirely on the casting. Stargate has never let me down in that dept, so I await the final list. Likable actors can make one forgive alot in scifi. My current example of that is Fringe. Lousy show but I like the cast.

    Best line this year on a non-SG show: Big Bang Theory (which continues to be hilarious with the “inside” scifi & comic fandom jokes)
    “He’s one lab accident away from being a supervillain”

    *waves @AnnT* I think of you alot

    Have a safe and uneventful trip to Tokyo. I know you’re used to them but I’ll try to minimize the earthquakes while you’re there. Bad for the stomach.

  26. Joe,

    I’m away for the weekend and thus will miss your departure. So I wanted to say:


    Translation: Have a wonderful trip and please do not step on my fish.

    Have fun!

  27. Hi again Mr M!

    Meant to say, that profile shot of Mr Wright, well…he looks like Ricky Gervais!!!

    Happy packing and safe trip!


  28. Coucou joseph =) Sa va ?

    Moi trés bien, c’est le week end!
    J-1 en France^^ donc demain c’est parti pour des vacances de rêve a Tokyo!!!

    A oui aussi….

    Deja 2 ans!!!!

    Merci pour ces questions/ réponses =)
    Moi aussi j’en ai!

    1)Dans SGU avez vous l’intention d’ajouter dans l’équipe des extraterrestres ?
    2)Parlez vous couramment Japonais?

    Passer une trés bonne journée! Big Bisou!

  29. A few questions concerning Universe then if that’s ok.

    1. A few weeks ago you said Carl was a producer, while the rest of the writers may write a script or two but not really be as involved with the show. Is this still the case or have some of you been made producers now as well?

    2. Will some of the convieniences which have bugged the show for a while now (i.e. subcutaneous transmitters, beaming technology ect) be kept around or will they be making an exit here as it were?

    3. Will the show see more alien races in the show as opposed to human races? Is there going to be another plot device which allows lots of planets to be populated by humans, as opposed to aliens?

    Thanks, Inpa.

  30. Hi Joe,
    Just wanted to drop by for a quick note to say have a great vacation! Much deserved, I think.

    From all I’ve read about SGU, I am looking forward to it. Some of the familiar, but lots of new. Just my thing. Best of luck spinning stories with the rest of the crew.

    Looking forward to tonight’s episode!

    Safe travels!


  31. Y’know what… With all the excitement for Star trek’s new film and all the debate around the supposed history-changes in it (enterprise being built on land/in spacedock) I just realised something.

    Stargate’s been around for almost a generation now, if you count the original film. You’re already at three series, one animated series and three films and make that five next year. That’s rapidly catching up with the symbol of scifi itself! Star trek has 5 series, 1 animated series, 10 movies (11 next year)

    You’re writing history, Joe.

  32. @ Trish (aka whovian) – I don’t know what you were thinking! Geez!! *shakes head in dismay*

    (Don’t worry – Todd eps coming up. If all goes well…*glares at Joe*…I should be back in Wraith-mode in no time. But right now my heart belongs to…well…to the flowing-locked pallid one who can actually WIN a fight. 😉 )


  33. I’ll wait to hear who the surprise guest star will be and watch that ep of Universe if it’s someone I like. So you might actually get me to watch at least one episode after all. Possibly.

  34. Reasons why I watch and love Atlantis:
    Shep and McKay
    Shep and McKay and Teyla and Ronon= The Team
    Zelenka and Lorne and Beckett and Chuck
    Cool aliens like Todd and Michael
    sci-fi not soap opera

    So decided not to watch tonight, as it doesn’t seem to contain any of the above. If I read otherwise, I’ll go back and watch what I taped.

    Will be back with enthusiasm (hopefully) for the next one!

  35. Hi Joe – Wishing you a safe and enjoyable journey to Japan. Take care and come back in one piece.

    If you have a moment, can you dedicate a blog to me and to all folks who are losing their jobs because of the lousy U.S. economy? After 10.5 years in banking, I was just informed that my services are no longer needed and to be out in 60 days. About 4,000 of my Seattle peers also received the same message today! So much for dedication and loyalty. I’m sure you felt the same way when SGA was cancelled.

  36. my prayers go to Jason Mamoa tonight after his assault. May he get a speedy and healthy recovery

  37. Enjoy & have a safe trip!
    Re: “David Weber’s On Basilisk Station”
    I stopped reading at the 3rd or 4th in the series, but I loved the first one!

    Yes, I will watch SGU ~ even if I’m not the target demographic. 😉

  38. Just read the news about Jason Momoa and his encounter with a loser and his beer glass in L.A.

    Next time you get in contact with him, Wish him all the best from all of us.

    With kind regards,

  39. Hi Joe — have a wonderful and safe trip. Hope you enjoy On Basilisk Station — the Honor Harrington series is one of my favorites.

  40. 8:00 am in Tokyo! 😀

    RE: Floors – I like the one with the deeper grooves, as long as it’s not a trip hazard. Of course, that could make for some fun bloopers. 🙂

    So very sorry to hear about Jason. 🙁 Please pass our well wishes along to him and his family.

    8:08 am in Tokyo!


  41. Joe, just a quick one to say good luck, safe journey and have fun on your walkabout. Looking forward to hearing all about it and seeing whatever snapshots you take. Don’t get into trouble with the local wildlife and i’d usually advise not to eat something you don’t recognise, or is still roaming freely around your plate.. But this is you and, uh.. yeah.

    Anyhows.. have fun 😉

    @Anne: Nice to see you back. Take care of yourself, okay? 🙂

    As for tonight’s episode.. I think for the time being i’m gonna file it away in my Rainy Day folder. There’s usually at least one episode per season (with the exception of seaon 1, which was absolutely fantastic team stuff all the way through) that I never really fancy watching and will leave it on one side until curiosity gets the better of me. Once we get into spring and that craving for new tales from the Emerald City starts to filter through, then i’ll probably settle back to watch it.

    “Don’t worry – Todd eps coming up. If all goes well…*glares at Joe*…I should be back in Wraith-mode in no time. But right now my heart belongs to…well…to the flowing-locked pallid one who can actually WIN a fight.”

    Das: Is that with or without the hotpants?

  42. PS – I just read the entire article on Jason – really sounds horrible. 140 stitches? I realize some may be internal, or they just did a really careful job, but still…that sounds pretty bad. Please, Joe – if you hear anything before you leave – and if it’s okay with Jason to share with us – let us know how he’s doing.

    Thank you.


  43. Joe – have a safe trip, and when you’re back please send all our best wishes to Jason – that story is horrific and I hope he’s going to be okay from all of this!

    And don’t YOU go getting into any brawls while you’re gone!


  44. Hi Joe!

    I just read about what happened to Jason Momoa. Can you post and give us an update? Is he OK?


  45. Hey Joe, let me know how the GPS works in Tokyo. I got lost trying to find a noodle place that was (supposedly) only minutes from my hotel. And with the bizarre addresses in Tokyo, how will you enter things into it? However, if it does work, I’m definitely gonna get one before go there again.

    Have a great trip! Take lots of pics and post them. Eat lots of great food — and post lots of pics of the food, too. Remember, we are traveling vicariously through you. It’s a heavy responsibility, but I’m sure you can handle it. If I could figure out how to put hiragana in here I’d post you some farewell wishes in Nihongo, but I’m lucky I can get the italics and bolds working the right way most of the time!

    @das: I know who you’re talkin’ about. 😉

  46. ishshahpat wrote:

    Ps. Hey Anne,
    Glad you are back. We missed you! What did you think of The Prodigal and Remnants?

    I loved them both and am even more sorry than ever the show has been canceled.

    I was horrified to read what that nut job did to Jason Momoa. Mr. M, please let Mr. Momoa know we’re pulling for him and wish him the best.

    Anne Teldy

  47. Personal stuff below. Feel free to skip. das, you’ve already seen this.

    for the love of Beckett wrote:

    Tell us what’s goin’ on so we can send good thoughts and prayers yer way. Well, we kinda already have, but ya know what we mean. We blog folk care about ya.

    A month or so ago, I developed an infection on my right forearm. They put me on a very, very strong oral antibiotic for a week. Despite the medication, I contracted a second, more virulent infection that required me to take antibiotic shots for an additional week.

    That’s bad on many levels, the worst being that, if I’m already using the strongest oral antibiotics and shots, the only unused weapon left in my arsenal is IV antibiotics. It means the next big infection I get could be my last.

    My pattern has been to develop an infection every 6 weeks to 2 months, go on antibiotics for a week, but then get a more serious infection. So we’re working to break the pattern — I’m being more diligent using hand sanitizer, family isn’t visiting if they’re even the slightest bit ill, etc. — but, realistically, it isn’t plausible to think I’ll make it through winter without getting some kind of illness and, with my horrible immune system, I have to be prepared that I might contract a treatment-resistant infection.

    Please don’t get me wrong! I’m not going to kick the bucket next week and I’m not looking for “we’re going to miss you” sympathy. No one here at the facility thinks I’m being morbid, fatalistic or pessimistic. I’m just being realistic. I’m not going to live in a bubble but I’m being careful. I’ll do what I can and whatever will be, will be.

    I really appreciate your concern.


  48. @ Perragrin – Edward Sleazyhands in hotpants I can handle…quite nicely, as a matter of fact. 🙂 But Todd…scrum half or no… Todd belongs in a spiffy leather coat – nothing else will do! Especially not a boring ol’ cotton jumpsuit… 🙁

    Now…Ladon Radim in hotpants…mmmm. *wriggles eyebrows* And woo! More Henry tonight on Sanctuary – maybe I CAN multigush!!

    Okay – it snowed today…it got really cold, and snowed. It didn’t stick, but still – snow. Here. Before January. Not normal. And now I have a mosquito in my house…flying around my head. How does that happen?


  49. My heart goes out to Jason, what a horrible thing to have happen. I hope he comes out of it OK, though.
    If you do talk with him or his family, please tell him many of his fans are sending their best wishes his way.

  50. @ Sparrow_hawk…I have absolutely no idea who…what…you’re talking about… *whistles innocently…*

    @ Anne Teldy…Sometimes doncha just wish Todd could come along and regurgitate some of that yummy gift of life into ya? I know I wouldn’t mind…especially right after Steve sucks about 20 pounds off’a my ass…

    Ack – time for SGA!! Gotta run!


  51. Since you’re about to be bombarded with 38 million pages of hate mail about “Brain Storm,” I just wanted to write to thank the Atlantis writers for giving us such an awesome episode, and such an endearing relationship between Rodney and Jennifer.

    Thank you!

  52. I’m only a few minutes into Brain Storm and I love it. Tell Mr. Gero that seeing Bill Nye say tell Neil DeGrass Tyson “You’re married so… dibs…” just made my freaking day.

    Also, God help my nerdy soul for noticing this but… That isn’t the same lobby from Bad Guys, is it?

  53. Have a safe fight/holiday Joe. Post many pics, and let us know you’ve arrived safely. XD going a bit mum there

  54. Hi Joe

    Answer: I’m bringing a few with me, but will probably start with David Weber’s On Basilisk Station.

    ooh, good choice.

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