The dogs prefer to hang out in my office, a spoiler-free zone.
The dogs prefer to hang out in my office, a spoiler-free zone.
How thoughtful of Carl!  No, scratch that.  How thoughtful of Carl's wife Karen!
How thoughtful of Carl! No, scratch that. How thoughtful of Carl's wife Karen!
Stargate without chocolate is like a crazy uncle without a glass eye.  All well and good but you can't help but feel that something is missing.
Stargate without chocolate is like a crazy uncle without a glass eye. All well and good but you can't help but feel that something is missing...
Writer, Co-Creator, Executive Producer, Amateur Mind Reader.
Robert C. Cooper: Writer, Co-Creator, Executive Producer, Amateur Mind Reader.
Alan back in the office.  Back?  He never left!
Alan back in the office. Back? He never left!
Beneath Lawren's suave, devil-may-care facade lies a wicked case of food poisoning.
Beneath Lawren's suave, devil-may-care facade lies a wicked case of food poisoning.
Brad multitasks, writing his next script in his head while pretending to listen to us.
Brad multitasks, writing his next script in his head while pretending to listen to us.
Marty G. pitches his big mutant squirrel two-parter...
Marty G. pitches his big mutant squirrel two-parter...
...while Paul looks politely non-committal.
...while Paul looks politely non-committal.
Hey, Carl, I have a note on your script, page twenty...oh...uh, never mind.
Hey, Carl, I have a note on your script, page twenty...oh...uh, never mind.

We were all back in the office today, spinning stories for season one of Stargate: Universe. In attendance: creators Brad Wright and Robert Cooper, Carl Binder, Martin Gero, Alan McCullough, Paul Mullie, and myself. The first order of business was, of course, catching each other up on what we’ve been up to since last we met. I can’t help but think that if everyone on staff blogged as well, we’d be able to access all of this information before going into the office and could thereby dispense with the niceties of social interaction and get right to work. Easier said than done however. Paul’s Commodore 64 is not internet-capable and don’t get me started on Carl’s IBM Selectric, the Queen of electric typewriters.

Our second order of business was providing notes for episode #1. Brad and Rob did a terrific job of kicking things off in thrilling fashion. The script is fast-paced and fun; its characters unique and engaging. My favorite: Dr. David Rush. Oh, he’s going to be a handful. Originally planned as a two-parter, Brad and Robert quickly discovered that there was simply too much story for such a tight frame, so the series opener is now looking like a three-parter.

In addition to that first script, Brad and Rob provided us with a beat sheet and springboards for several more stories. Brad has laid claim to #4, a story that is right up his alley. Speaking of perfect pairings, I couldn’t think of anyone better than Carl Binder to write #5. Rob is eyeing #6 which offers a most intriguingly SF door in, while #7 and #8 have yet to be claimed.

As I mentioned in a previous entry, Stargate: Universe is a series that draws on established mythology yet blazes a bold, new path for the franchise. It’s definitely more character-centered and intimate in its exploration of the interpersonal dynamics that will drive a lot of the shipboard developments (and, no, I’m not talking about romance). The premise of this ship hurtling through uncharted territories offers up unbounded story possibilities, yet also forces us to adopt a very different approach toward alien encounters and planetary investigation. Twin themes mentioned over the course of today’s conversations: survival and sacrifice.

Prep-production is progressing nicely. Rob showed me about eight different designs for the Destiny. According to him, they’re getting close. No casting news to convey but some interesting names are being bandied about. The search continues. Finally, another element I’m loving is the SGU version of the SG-1/Atlantis MALP (Mobile Analytic Laboratory Probe). Very cool.

Tomorrow, we discuss Brad’s first story following the big three-part opener, establish some of the big picture storylines and arcs we’d like to pursue over the course of the show’s first 20 episodes, and then start breaking Carl’s story.

The doggy daycare was closed so Jelly, Maximus, Bubba, and Lulu were running roughshod through the corridors today. I ended up herding them into my office and shutting them in so that we could work without being distracted. Fat chance. If they weren’t howling in protest, they were charging the door or trying the doorknob. Later, Lulu emphasized her displeasure by vomiting on the carpet.

Some Necroscope discussion:

Thornyrose writes: “The pacing of the book was handled nicely, and I was intruiged by the relationsihp between Dragonasi and Ferenzky.”


Answer: I really enjoyed the interaction between Dragonasi and Max Batu. I found Batu to be surprisingly endearing despite his (literally) terrifying ability. He seemed a lost soul, the sort who was always picked last in gym class and did a lot of sulking – before murdering the team member.

Drledeboer writes: “. So my main interest in this book remains the Wamphyri that use human bodies. BUT too much like Goa’uld, IMO, if I understand correctly that they are parasitic.”

Answer: They are parasitic but very different from the goa’uld. By the way, I believe this book pre-dates the introduction of the goa’uld.

Finally – thanks to everyone who sent presents. Now that I’m back in the office, I’m working my way through a backlog of boxes. And, before I forget, thank to Penny for suggesting the book club idea. Your first royalty check is in the mail!


104 thoughts on “November 11, 2008: Spinning Stargate: Universe – Day One

  1. I can’t wait to see what SGU is going to turn out to be. By the way, there’s nothing wrong with a little romance! Also, if you like Gabo, “Memories of My Melancholy Whores” was excellent.

  2. Three-parter, huh? Very cool. I’m also excited to hear that it’s more character-driven, as that’s the part of Stargate that I love best. (Action is all well and good, but the character interaction and development is why I watch.) And I’m glad you’re not talking about romance. I certainly would hate to see this become some big soap opera where half the plot is who’s-shagging-who.

    Can’t help but notice an overabundance of testosterone in that room. Is this just because there aren’t many good female writers in sci-fi TV or what?

  3. Joe.

    I love you.

    That is all. For now. I shall let that slightly-disturbing comment hang for a while.

    But then I’ll be back.

  4. Hey Joe,

    Glad that there will be more Stargate to look forward to after Atlantis ends its series run. I see you still have the AU Season 6 up on the board – who’s going to be the one to finally rub it out? Or is it in permanent ink? 100% ethanol will do the trick, unless of course you have other uses for it (the episode list, not the ethanol 😉 ).


  5. Hi Joe:

    My congratulations to Brad Wright for remembering to wear his poppy on such an auspicious occasion. What was the excuse for the rest of the writers? There is no picture of you, so, I’m sure that you were wearing yours, even if we couldn’t see it. Right?

    Patricia (AG)

  6. Joe,
    You sound excited about SGU! From the little things you mentioned I’m very excited..but at the same time sad because I won’t be seeing the Sheppard, Ronon, Teyla, and McKay on this new adventure.

    Carl takes the best pictures! Love the pups, I know they aren’t pups anymore but they are so cute.. 🙂 I knew Lulu was a trouble maker.

  7. Well, I’m honestly a bit gutted to see the same faces that have been bringing us Atlantis. I was hoping that Universe would be able to shake things up after what has been a mostly stale outing for Stargate over the last few years. And I’m not trying to purposely disparage anyone. I just think it’s very, very obvious that Universe is going to need some new, fresh writers and ideas along with the best of the old team to really make it. There’s too much complacency among the Atlantis writers. There seems to be no competition to be the guy who writes the different, unique script; there’s no desire to do anything different. And instead of taking risks with the story the focus is on doing something “because it’s cool”, not because it makes sense or is good. Please, Joe, tell this steadfast Stargate fan that Universe isn’t just going to be Atlantis all over again with the writing.

  8. Oi! Don’t knock the Commodore 64! It was my first ever computer. I remember it with fondness and the total of 3 games it ever played. If you had a tape drive your parents were soooooooo rich.

    As an owner of an arcade table with 1064 of the bestest old-style games, I get all sentimental over the earlier forms of technology.

    I will be waiting until I see SGU on my screen until I form an opinion on it. Even then it will take me a few eps.

    While my two dogs may equal more in weight than your four dogs, it sounds like a hair-pulling day when you have all of them out together. Lucky you have the Italian blood which contains good hair genes.

    In relation to your Father’s sayings from the other day, the most insightful and profound saying from my Dad, “Always remember, opinions are like a-holes. Everyone has one.”

    Have a good night.

  9. You know how Das feels about y’all’s treatment of the Wraith?
    I think I understand a bit how she feels, cause when I saw all the pictures of the writers and producers for SGU my first thought was “Show Murderers!” and felt like you were dancing on the grave of SGA….
    It was just a gut reaction.
    I won’t say I won’t take a look at Universe, cause I might, but for some unfortunate reason I will feel like I’m betraying a loved one.

  10. Hi Joe,

    Nice to see pictures of the gang back at work. And more Stargate on the way. I’m already missing Atlantis, but I have to say…I’m intrigued with SGU. Can’t wait to hear more.

    Realizing, of course, that Brad and Carl are very busy with the new show, I was just wondering how things were coming on that 3rd SG1 script? Any word on a deadline for that or on the SGA movie I know you’re so diligently working on as well? More than few of us are awaiting news on that front with baited breath!

  11. I’m scared. Not only can I recognise all the writers/producers/creative geniuses by picture, I identified the dogs also. This blog is getting dangerously addictive.
    I’ll admit to a modest interest in the goings on for SGU. The cancellation of SGA is still affecting my enthusiasm for the new show. Seeing who is “coming over” is helping, but it’s going to be tough getting me to invest in the new show. I will give it a go, but I just am not ready to commit to a show that will be pulled just as it is really taking off. Not that I blame you Mr. M. Or even other parties. Decisions had to be made, and as a fan I know I don’t have all the info behind it. Still….
    So, did the dogs tear apart the office? Did productivity fall through the floor because of the “aww they’re cute” effect?
    Reference the Dragonasi/Batu relationship. Yes, that was another one of those relationships that was horrifyingly fascinating. But I still think the “father/son” relationship was even more hypnotising. Something about a disembodied voice speaking in the character’s head. And the fact that after Dragonasi’s opening scenes, such a character could creep me out even more just made the twisted familial relationship more intriguing to me.
    Thanks for the great pics, and progress report. Loved the Commodore 64 and Selectric comments, btw. A sad commentary that I can recall working on both devices at one time. Well, working on a selectric. Playing on a Commodore. To think we were there at the birth of a entirely new Age of Mankind. Or is that the birth of the Age of Machines that will rule Mankind?

  12. Thanks so much for the Universe update!!!
    I can’t help it: I get more and more excited about it every day!!!

    Who is Dr. David Rush? Did he replace Eli Hitchcock???

  13. I don’t understand why Brad Wright found SGA so boring he dismissed all the actors and decided to start over. I just don’t understand.

  14. Hi Joe!

    Great pics of the Gang! 🙂 But Carl sure looks scary – in a polite way – in that last pic! Actually, he kinda looks like this sorta hippie technician guy my hub used to work with, but with shorter hair.

    Ahhh, the IBM Selectric. My dad had one in his office. In fact, I think it’s probably still there, even if he isn’t. (He’s not dead – just retired.) Orator was my favorite font ball.

    So…what ep number are you? Maybe you’ve mentioned it before, but I have a headache, so my brain isn’t working too well right now.

    Destiny, eh? Better than Hippoforalkus, but not as good as the Mallozzi. Hmmm…I might be sucking up a bit too much there. Please ignore. Nothing to see here!

    I can totally go for the name Dr. David Rush. Goes well with my RUSHisaBandDammit fandom. You guys have done very well in the past with picking handsome, talented men, so I’ll leave you to it. (For the show! I meant for the show!)

    As a caretaker of a 70 lb black lab with abandonment issues (I promise! I was only gone five minutes!) and a beagle/terrier with a penchant for garbage contents, I understand your pups howling, charging, and vomiting (ugh), but I have a hard time believing your sweeties could get anywhere close to the doorknob. Even on their hindlegs, cuz theys gots stubby legs. Very cute stubby legs, but kinda stubby, eh?

    The discussion of Necroscope has me interested, but I’m leery because of the alleged gory scene involving Dragonasi? I don’t do well with gory.

    Headache’s getting the better of me and SGA: Rising the book is calling. G’night!


  15. Glad to hear you’re enjoying working on SGU. I can’t wait to see it, but I have to ask – is that a list of episode titles for SGU over Lawren’s shoulder?

  16. Joe,

    I’m puzzled every time it’s said (and it’s said a lot) that SGU will be more character-centered than SG-1 and Atlantis. The reason I eagerly tuned in to Atlantis every week for over four years is because of the characters. I looked forward to watching Sheppard, McKay, Ronon and Teyla, not the green screen stuff. Can you explain the difference?



  17. Yeah, tell those other dudes to start blogging ASAP!
    Interesting to hear about how a series starts off like this, how do you write for characters that you can’t exactly visualize, since the actors have not yet been cast?
    What if you write a comedic scene and then find out that that particular actor sucks at comedy?
    I hope that SGU will be good for you guys, are most of the behind the scenes crew going to be able to come back to make the new series?

  18. Joe since it looks like the team will be much more isolated will there be more of a “galactic community” feel that you see in shows like babylon 5? It’s always kinda bothered me that we so little of the other race really interacting and running around doing there own thing.

  19. While I won’t be watching Universe (I keep my promises), I wish you luck on the new series.
    Hope you have a good time writing for it.
    You should have a ship’s cat or dog or something for the series, Lulu would do great and you wouldn’t have to negotiate much in regards to her salary. A few chew toys should suffice.

  20. Hey Angel B and Ponytail — The writers/creators didn’t kill the show. Sci-Fi did. And as SGU is pretty much made by the same people as SGA, why would it be a betrayal to watch? You don’t think reading one novel by an author is a betrayal of a previous novel by the same author, do you?

  21. Later, Lulu emphasized her displeasure by vomiting on the carpet.

    And that, is why I do not have a pet. LOL

    SGU sounds exciting! Can’t wait.

  22. I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this, but Carl and my high school band director look a lot alike. To the point where it’s almost scary. Anyway, he used to get that look on his face, among many others, to voice displeasure without talking. The man still intimidates me when I see him and I graduated two years ago.

  23. I second the poppy question from ArcticGoddess.

    I went to the cenotaph and stood in the rain for an hour this morning. Got surprisingly not wet, no thanks to all the Vancouverites who don’t know how to wield an umbrella properly.

  24. I’m back.

    I was dangerously close to posting this on Gateworld today (as in, all I had to do was press “Submit”), because this really is big news for Stargate Universe. After all, all we’ve had to go on so far are some statements from Brad and Rob on the premise, the leaked cast sheet, and the early concept art. Since the blog entry has “Day One” in it, can we expect more updates tomorrow? And the day after?

    Because that would be grand. If not, then this is still big, so thank you!!

    So, a few things about that:

    Doc Rush? Is he (like ytimynona said) Eli Hitchcock reimagined, or is he a new character? Could he be the Zelenka to Eli? Does that mean that Destiny will be crewed by more than just our intrepid, unexperienced gaggle of young’uns?

    3-parter eh? Sweet. It’s getting Avaloned. Speaking of which, I’d say that every “start of show” had a 3-parter of a kind. Children of the Gods and The Enemy Within were most definitely linked, thanks to Kawalsky’s glowy eyes at the end of the pilot; Rising and Hide and Seek were kind of linked with that “we just got here” feeling in the latter episode, while Avalon and Origin were most definitely linked. Would you say that the Universe pilot is like Avalon and Origin in terms of how linked the episodes are?

    What’s a “door in”? Otherwise…I notice that only Carl, Brad, and Rob is writing (I think you said as much a few days ago). Who’s gonna handle the rest? New writers?

    Kristen Bell for Chloe Carpenter. BELIEVE IT.

    Anyways, I’m very glad to hear that this new premise “forces us to adopt a very different approach toward alien encounters and planetary investigation”; very, very glad. I was worried for a while that we might get humans again with no explanation how they got there. It’s great that you guys are really taking advantage of how BIG of a premise this really is in terms of just what is possible. The only laws the show has to follow is the laws of Physics, and even then…hey, it’s Science Fiction. I can’t wait to see the weird creatures and life forms and land forms and space anomalies or whatever else that the Destiny crew will encounter.

    Hey, maybe you should take some Acid or some other hallucinatory drugs to really get those creative juices flowing. Imagine an alien that’s a big hand, with, with fingers and everything. That’d be groovy.

    I’m also glad that there seems to be an actual plotline dealing with interpersonal relationships instead of just touching upon it here and there. Far too often in Stargate it’s the plot that gets developed rather than the character relationships; but then, I suppose that’s the adventage of having a group of characters that don’t really fit together that well being the “main team”. Hopefully this time we’ll be seeing more things onscreen instead of off, if you know what I mean.

    The no romance thing for now is good. We already have fans whining about 90210 crap (have they even watched that show?!), we don’t need fodder for it right off of the bat. Still, I wouldn’t mind seeing romance down the line, if it’s developed well; romance is part of humanity; you can’t really do a show without it, just as you can’t do a show without tragedy or humor.

    Well, I can’t wait for more news. BRING IT ON.

  25. I notice that men seem to dominate the writing field on television shows. How difficult is it for a woman to become a television writer, do you reckon? Is it just on Stargate that women are scarce? Are there women writers on the team or were there women writers on the team on Stargate Atlantis?

    The reason I ask is because writing for television is something I’d really enjoy doing. Should I be prepared for a men dominated career?

  26. Shawna

    The Producers and MGM killed SGA not Scifi. They were a bystander in all this. IT was a ” Mutual Decision” as per Brad Wright. So many of us feel that one sister was killed so another can live.

    The writers and crew move on but the actors of SGA are the ones paying the price along with the loyal fans. So, unless the new show knocks my socks off I will not be watching. I have five years invested in SGA. Its not like a novel that ends. There was so much potential to go on and many more stories to be told. I want my sheppard and Mckay and not teeny boopers running around.

    I feel betrayed by these events. Heck if SGA went off and no new show started I could understand. But Killing one to start another I do not understand. Waiting one more year wouldn’t have killed anyone. Announce that season 6 would be the last and then SGU would take over or run them together I could understand. This I cannot.

  27. I am very excited about SGU now that I am hearing more about it. Season 1 of SGA was amazing–and so is season 5 so far. I hope to see some of that same synergy in the new series.

    Casting sounds fun (by which I mean not at all)! After reading some of the casting call notice, I am really interested in seeing who actually gets casted and I’m sure it will be exciting and fun (for real) when you guys put together a group with great chemistry. (One of my best friends is in acting so I hear all about her crazy casting experiences.)

  28. What a good Doggie Daddy! You brought them into work, for their benefit and ours (the “aw…” factor). Don’t worry about the vomit. You can’t do a belly dive and catch it with cupped hands *every* time. (Resolve and Febreeze work great.)

    Loved the canine lineup of the ususal suspects on the couch. Years from now you’ll be glad you took that picture. Hmm…you should have invited Bubba to that script meeting. Then when you asked his opinion, he would have tilted his head sagaciously, as if to ponder the finer points of the three-parter. (Sheesh, Bubba’s got me doing that silly grin all over again. Sute a cute little pugsie guy he is.)

    It was good to see pix of everyone at the meeting, except for Doggie Daddy. Considering that look in the last picture, Carl</strong) could have grabbed your camera, and barked out an order with a cigar-chomping accent, “OK, Mallozzi! UP against the wall! If we gotta be documented, your mug’s gonna be right in there wit’ ours!” It would have been a different kind of back-to-school class picture, wouldn’t it? 😉

    We’ll settle for lots of pictures of you in Japan, at the scene of various culinary triumphs and kitschy disasters.

    But back to the meeting… Character-driven, interpersonal relationships, but NO romance in the Universe? Not a smidge? Well, then! That means we can finally have romance in Atlantis, can’t we? I’ve never been a Sheyla shipper, but after watching The Rising again I have to say, the writers started it from the beginning. Sheppard was falling all over himself when he first saw Teyla. By the end of the movie Teyla was laying her hands on his chest and doing that tilt-our-heads-together-now-we’re-bonding thing. Maybe Teyla would be forced to confront how she really feels about John if Larrin shows up and Teyla has a rival for his affections. I can see the ladies sparring over him now. Joe Flanigan filmed a fan clip recently where he said there was a dearth of romance on Atlantis, hinting at getting something started. (Does somebody know where that clip is?) It’s true. The writers have been dropping bread crumbs every season; you gotta give up the stalling and come through with it sometime. I’m just sayin’… which is saying a lot for me. I still want our poor Carson, that lonely lad, to get all befuddled with mutual affection and a lady love/Alison Porter. “Hello, sweetheart,” indeed. It’s what makes the world go around. 😀

    And one more thing about romance, that involves our Joe… yes, you. If Fondy was that tickled to be making you a new wedding ring her very own self, you gotta do something special. When it’s all made, and it’s time for her to be putting it back on your finger – her, not you – you need to have witnesses. And say the words to each other that ya said over the first ring. You’re are still in your 10th anniversary year, oui? It would be lovely, especially for your personal scrapbook, to have someone take a picture of the pair of you, Fondy slipping the ring on your finger. No close-ups, we want to see faces. (That’s what the witnesses are for, to taking pictures.) Sappy? Peut-etre (maybe, shrug). To borrow a line from a French cooking movie, if “anyone can cook,” anyone has the right to still be in love après dix ans (after 10 years).

    To Joe and Fondy!

  29. Since we’re sharing baby pics – 3 out of 4 kitties approve of the new quilt!!

    At least, no one’s ’emphasized their displeasure by vomiting’ on it… yet. 😛

    I’m still not sold on SGU, but hearing that the character-driven aspect isn’t going to focus on romance is encouraging. Still…I just got hooked on The Mentalist, and with NCIS and Sanctuary – and maybe Life (if it survives) – as shows I’m watching, my dance card is full. Usually I don’t like to watch more than 2 shows on a regular basis, so right now I’m kinda over my limit. I could give up one of the ‘cop’ shows, though…if I had to. Heck, I gave up Monk for SGA…so, who knows.

    @ Angel B – I’m so glad someone understands! It’s too hard to explain, and when I try to I just sound like a freakin’ idiot. You have to actually feel it to know what it’s like…and even though the subject matter is different, the feeling’s the same. My heart also sunk a little when I saw those pictures with everyone excited over their new toy. So I just ignored ’em and got mushy over the four couch potatoes, instead. 😀

    AND…I snatched up the Hellboy II DVD today!! Woo! That’s why I’m in a good mood…I’ve been playing scenes of a certain long-locked pallid one over and over again…*sigh* Hey, if I can’t have Todd, at least I have…um…ya know… the incestuous elf… 😳


  30. @ pg15 – Do you think that the statement, ” forces us to adopt a very different approach toward alien encounters and planetary investigation” means that they won’t set out to kill every living thing they come in contact with? A more…’green’ team, perhaps? Now THAT would make me happy…


  31. Joe;
    How come, in your opinion, did Atlantis not get the effort of character development and new bold direction instead of introducing a new show. I am a member of a few different save Atlantis sites and I have to say I agree with what they are saying. This show, the good show with thousands of countries worth of viewers who are willing to spend their money, needs the time and energy that TPTB have decided to throw into a new, same premise, different day, show. why Joe, why!!!! Thanks as always, Nicole.

  32. knightie —

    From what I’ve heard it sounded as if it was entirely the decision of the people with the money, and my understanding is that Sci-Fi are those people. I wouldn’t be surprised if saying it was a “mutual decision” was a political move, as, after all, they still have to work with these people if they want their other show. Granted, I haven’t read everything everyone’s said about it (personally, the hows and whys of the decision aren’t really important to me at this point), but it seems like different people are saying different things, and unless we’re right there in the middle of it, it’s impossible to say for sure when there are so many conflicting reports. It’s not like when Buffy ended because Joss Whedon said they’d run out of ideas. There’s a lot of people involved and, from what Joe’s told us, and from the way this season of SGA has been going, it’s a lot easier for me to believe that the execs at Sci-Fi decided that SGA was getting too expensive rather than believe that the SGA people would want to cancel their own show.

    Of course I’m very sad to see SGA go, and will be excited to see any of the movies, but I can’t help but see SGU as something of a consolation, rather than a scapegoat. Maybe it’s because I grew up with Star Trek, one series moving into the next, then onto the next, each different but there was always something to enjoy about each one.

    And it’s hardly fair to expect them to keep a show going for the sake of the actors. If they did that, no character would ever die or get written out unless the actor wanted it, and what would that do for the story? Acting’s a job. Actors know what they’re getting into when they decide to be actors. Most actors would be thrilled to get five years of steady work, especially on such a great show. Yes, it sucks, but that’s life. They didn’t cancel the show to give its stars the collective finger. And besides, you’ve seen how Amanda’s already got a new show. It’s the way the entertainment industry is. My main complaint about the cancellation is more about the stories that will now likely never be told, the threads that may never get wrapped up, and the characters who’ll never get a chance to return *cough*Ford*cough*.

  33. @ dasNdanger: Interesting thought. Actually, I think it’s more to do with the fact that they probably won’t be encountering anything even close to humanoid, so the interactions will obviously be very different (and difficult); there will probably not even be any structured communication most of the time. As for the killing thing…well, this team is younger, so I’d imagine that killing for them is a newer concept vs. people like Shep and Ronon, who have been killing other people under orders or to survive for many years. The amount of killing may not change, but I hope that there is more visible reflection on what they are actually doing; at least, for the civillian members of the team.

    And I don’t think the Atlantis team is “killing every living thing they come in contact with”, which I assume is what you were refering to; there’s always a reason for it; you may not agree with it, but there’s a reason. The fine line between what’s a good reason, and what’s not a good reason is where the drama lies, and there is often no absolute truth there.

  34. Someone said :

    “The Producers and MGM killed SGA not Scifi. They were a bystander in all this. IT was a ” Mutual Decision” as per Brad Wright. So many of us feel that one sister was killed so another can live.”

    Sentiments that seem to be echoed around here by some not very bright sparks. Guys…it aint REAL! get a life and move on! There are so many more important things to get het up over so for crying out loud get over it and yourselves. its ONLY ENTERTAINMENT!

    Some of us survived the cancellation of various Star Trek incarnations as well as oh lets see….Babylon 5 (a stellar production BTW) We were never on any critical list, we grieved, we got over it, the more it happens the more you adapt so just shut up whining and find something else to focus on.

  35. Das, I never understood until now why my old english teacher used to say “Pale and interesting” Now I do !

  36. Does anyone here recall their first thoughts on discovering that a series was being made nased on the Stargate movie? I do! I also remember thinking WTF? and being totally scathing and sceptical about the whole thing and yet here we are with all ten seasons of said “junk” sat in my DVD collection along with my Atlantis collection. Just shows what WE know!!
    BTW I ate my words and washed the whole lot down with humility cuz I ended up lovin it. (in case you hadn’t guessed)

  37. I really am getting tired of SG:90210 being hyped as the “bestest thing evah!”

    How about giving us some actual concrete reasons for wanting to watch this show?

    Or is the assumption just that Stargate fans will watch anything that’s put in front of them?

  38. You know, I find it highly amusing that you constantly feel the need to tell us how great SGU is going to be. You feeling a little nervous about us hating it? I don’t remember this amount of encouragement being needed before Atlantis….oh wait – maybe that’s because you didn’t KILL SG1 first.

    Still sounds complete crap! I’m not interested, and neither are any of my personal friends who have enjoyed SGA and/or SG1. It’s my opinion and hope that SGU will bomb and that you’ll all realise how stupid this venture was. I don’t know who you expect to get as fans, but say goodbye to a loyal fanbase. We were loyal before you all f’d us over.

  39. I hope Richard Kahan is one of the names being bandied about. I’d love to see him in a show like this and based on the leaked casting sheet, there’s one role in particular I immediately visualised as perfect for him!

  40. Hey Joe,

    reading the news, I just came to remember your trip to Tokyo (not that I forgot about it, seeing how enthusiastic you’re about it hehe).
    It seems that Spain has built a Cervantes Institute in Tokyo (or Japan in general, I guess, I’m not sure) that was inaugurated by the King and Queen of Spain some days ago. Thing is, that they’ve come to talk about our links with Japan, bla bla bla, and several things have come to mind. One of them, is the usual talk of flamenco and ham (the good one, iberic), that apparently is driving japanese people crazy, having up to 400000 students of the Spanish language (or was it students of flamenco?). The other one is that they were invited to dinner to a place called L’Estudi, run by a spanish chef called Joseph Barahona. According to the paper, the place has only one table, so I thought that means it’s sort of an exclusive or classy place, and so you might be interested to check out. If you happen to drop by the place, tell the chef (or who ever speaks spanish there) if they can tell you a joke about “Leperos”, and see what they answer.
    If they happen to be puzzled by your request, you can tell them that a guy from Sevilla (me) told you so. 😀

    Oh, and, The Prodigal was another awesome episode. Too bad it’s coming to an end (SGA S5), since it’s been looking like getting “awesomer” with time hehe.

    And one more thing, I’m quite into the PC videogames geek thing (well, probably not so geek on the outside), and I and another mate have been trying to recreate Atlantis on a 3D model for a videogame based on the plans you put up some time ago.
    So far it’s been good, but some have text, or seem to omit some parts of the set, and it’s only the Atlantis sets (stage 6?) that we have plans of. Could you upload plans for all the sets? (all stages – SGC, SGA, SGA’s Corridors, Aurora Bridge, etc.). That is, if it’s possible, and you don’t mind about it.


  41. I just want to repeat – because it can’t be said enough – why don’t you have any women writers? I know there are male writers who write women well – but sorry guys, you ain’t them. You know, unless it’s women acting and talking like men.

    If you want to be character-centric, and explore relationships from a GROWN UP perspective, at the very least get a female assistant who isn’t a sycophant and tells you when you’re full of crap.

    Too many of the shows you’ve written in the past have character interaction that looks like a 14-year old geek’s idea of what grown ups talk and act like. Seriously, you have your strengths, but this area is not among them.

  42. Interesting, always interesting. Oh, to be a fly on the wall!!!

    There can be no SG without chocolate…now we know the secret.

    As for the pochies at the office, lord, I wouldn’t be able to get anything done! And I know that for a fact, because we had the boss’ puppies in for about 3 months straight & I spent far more time sitting on the floor with them than at my desk!

  43. I too am puzzled because I watch TV shows for the characters- How can SGU be “more character driven” than SG1 or SGA? I never felt the sets, FX or tech was developed more than or over-shadowed the people for those. *scratches head*

    I’ll decide about watching SGU after I hear about the casting, since people will be the most important component. Still not thrilled with the premise so far.

    Answer: They are parasitic but very different from the goa’uld. By the way, I believe this book pre-dates the introduction of the goa’uld.
    Yes. Actually, I only brought it up because of the connections here. If we were discussing Ann Rice vampires I would’ve mentioned the Egyptian connection.

  44. Coucou Joseph =) Sa va ?
    moi super! j’ai enfin eu une réponse positive pour mon stage!! Elle vient de la clinique prés de chez moi!! Oui, moi, la fille hypocondriaque et qui ne supporte pas la vu du sang va travailler dans un hopital o_O!

    Yééé!!! Je suis sur que SGU v aêtre génial….ohh aller avec un peu de romance qu’en même…

    Merci pour ces photos, contente de tous les revoirs!

    Bisou bisou!!a bientot

  45. Then again, I suppose I would say the same about cancellation (or whatever we’re calling it) of SGA 🙂

  46. It’s nice the dogs get to “hang” out with you at work. They seems to “overtake” your couch. LOL 🙂 Have fun working on those new story lines for SGU! I can’t wait. 😉

  47. Hello there,

    happy to see that almost all of the gang is back to make a success of this new show, espacially yourself. BTW if you have time for a little check of your moorsyum email it would be kind

    Thank you.

  48. talula said:

    “I know who killed SGA!

    It was Miss Scarlet in the study with the knife!”

    *checks cards*

    Sorry, talula!

    *shows Miss Scarlet card*

    My turn! J’accuse! It was Col. Mustard in the kitchen with the knife!

  49. No romance in SGU makes me a happy gater. Romance has no place in Sci-fi, IMHO.

  50. Well, I must say, you make SGU sound kind of interesting. Although I wonder if it’s going to be more like Stargate: Battlestar Galactica.

    At any rate, it’s very likely I’ll watch the first episode (and maybe the next two if the first one pulls me in) – just to see if the network’s strategy of cancelling SGA to launch SGU was worth it. Sort of like checking out your ex-husband’s new wife to see how she compares. By the time SGU airs I will have been SGA-less for a few months and maybe the feeling of loss will have dissipated enough that I can be objective about the new show. Or maybe not.

    Whatever happens, SGU will have to be a blockbuster show to make it to my “must watch” list. The shows on that list have shrunken to just two – SGA and Ugly Betty, and I sometimes miss Ugly Betty. Everything else falls into the category of “okay, I’ve got a couple of hours free, what did I Tivo this week?”

    But enjoy working on the SGU eps. From a creative standpoint, it must be nice working on something that’s taking such a different approach.

  51. Hi Joe
    Will there be any ‘international’ flavour to SGU’s premise? Or are we back to a US-only character roster?
    Count Wraithula

  52. hey Joe,

    thanks for the SGU updates. A three-parter and the new version of the MALP sounds cool. As for Atlantis you recently said there’d be a significant death of a familiar character in the remaining episodes of season 5. Were you referring to Michael in The Prodigal? also are Brad and Carl still working on the script for the third SG-1 movie? thanks

  53. Hey, Joe.

    So you are already spinning ideas for SGU and you don’t have the cast yet.

    I was wondering when it coming to writing these first few Scripts, do you find it harder, easier or it doesn’t matter, that you don’t have a sense of who the actors are and how they will interpret these characters?

    I don’t mind romance as long as it flows naturally from the characters. I think you have done a great job with McKay and Jennifer. : )

  54. Can I inquire as to where we are in the Christmas poem? I seem to have lost some of the lines that match up with the episodes.

  55. Come on, with the total cast in their early 20’s (except for the 40 year old grandpa), you just know its gonna end up with more love triangles, sexy poses, oogling eyes, cleavage exposing tight tank tops for the gals (even in freezing weather), form fitting tees or muscle shirts for the guys, and everyone stuck inside a tin can. Of course there will be lots of “ship” on the ship. *rolls eyes*

    Sorry, I want a bit more age diversity. I just can’t believe in college age kids running around the universe. Sounds more like a Power Rangers ripoff on Saturday mornings than a true scientific Stargate spinoff.

  56. Hello Mr. Lumley,

    Thank you for coming here to answer our questions and, more importantly, thank you for writing so many wonderful books. I have some questions if I may –

    1. I read somewhere that, growing up, you were a fan of science fiction. What works of SF would you say shaped you as a writer? Have you ever given thought to writing science fiction?

    2. Also at an early age, you were influenced by the works of H.P. Lovecraft among others. How do you think contemporary horror writers measure up to the master? Are there any you would single out?

    3. Before the advent of film and television, audiences would get their scares from reading a good horror novel (ie. Dracula, Frankenstein). Today, all it takes is a trip to the cinema or your local dvd store. Since you were a fan of horror growing up, did you enjoy the scares of a good horror movie as much as that of a frightening book? If yes, are there any in particular you would single out?

    Thank so much.


  57. Y’know, people can moan, whine, and bitch all they want; I’m loving all of this build up and anticipation for Universe. Can’t wait!

  58. @ pg15 –Oh, I was being a bit sarcastic when I said ‘killing every living thing’, but not so sarcastic in implying that the Lanteans have been a destructive force in the galaxy…hurting everyone they’ve touched, including the Athosians, and the Genii (I can’t recall the names of other races, but there have been several civilizations that have been damaged or even destroyed – directly or indirectly – because of the Atlantis team).

    I would hope that the team in Universe would seek to understand other life forms/cultures instead of destroying them, just as some people today spend their lives studying and preserving everything from amoebae to whales. The whole ‘guns ablazing’ thing is getting a bit old for me, and just reminds me of how bone-headed man can be when it comes to destroying things before they’ve really taken the time to understand them (*think destruction of the rain forest).

    But it’s not just that – it’s accepting that other people and/or species have a different way. This is what I hated about Janeway in ST:V. I don’t think I could ever hate a fictional character (or show) more. She just could not accept that other civilizations had the right to determine for themselves how to live or believe – instead always enforcing her will on them. God, what a narrow-minded, self-righteous bint she was. God, I detested her, to the point of wishing Seven of Nine would slit her throat, and take control of the ship. My feelings about SGA’s handling of the Wraith pale in comparison (so far 😉 ) to how I felt about Janeway. The only reason I watched as long as I did was because ‘Star Trek Night’ was a ritual for Mr. Das and I since the day we got married, but she totally ruined it, and almost ruined my love for the franchise as a whole. Das to Janeway: “Captain…I knew Jean Luc Picard; Jean Luc Picard was a friend of mine. Captain, you’re no Jean Luc Picard.”

    Was that too harsh? 😈

    @ shiningwit – Did your old english teacher ever say anything about “Pale and FREAKIN’ HOT!!!”, too??

    Was that too loud? 😳


  59. JimFromJersey apparently forgot the eternal tapdance between O’Neill and Carter that had us all watching. Joesmom is 100% right, I can’t imagine some (ok, any) of the college-aged kids that I see on a daily basis traipsing around the universe, like, hey, like, you know man?

  60. Joe –
    While i find very little flaw with Stargate: SG1 and SGA, i know that everyone’s perspective is different. In regards to any possibly flaws, mistakes, regrettable storyline decisions etc — As you approach these early sessions for SGU, 1) Do you find that, despite the show being different in scope and approach, the lessons learned from the two previous series runs allow you to be a better writer? (as opposed to the early years of SG1 without those lessons to serve you) and 2) Do you think it is a struggle to maintain the connection for this series (not a spinoff like SGA) to the spirit of the first two while also making it distinctly unique?

    Thanks as always for writing such an entertaining blog!

  61. *waves*

    Sorry Mr M, but I still won’t watch SG:U because i’m;

    Still sulking
    Still ticked off
    Still throwing my dummy out the pram
    Still none the wiser as to why SGA couldn’t have continued alongside SG:U at least for one more year.
    Still don’t understand the business decision was made (as it makes no business sense. (Sorry BW and RC and those involved in the decision)
    Still don’t understand why if you wanted a character driven show you could not have enhanced SGA and the characters already written.
    Still don’t like the characters that we’ve heard about so far.

    So… um yeah. I’m in a feisty mood. Give Lulu a hug from me poor thing.


  62. Tokyo – have you planned any excursions to fill up the time between meals?

    You should take your web cam so that you can talk to the dogs whilst you are away – you don’t want them missing you too much.

    Remember and send us a postcard – nobody seems to send postcards anymore. Wonder why that is.

    Say hello to the dogs from me – crazy cat lady and her cats.

  63. Ok, I’ve gotta ask: “Destiny”? Seriously, y’all are happy with that? I mean, it evokes three things, none of them good: Stargate One Tree Hill, Marty McFly, or a girl on a pole.

    [sigh] Best of luck on the new series anyway…

  64. Hey Joe!

    Glad to hear that Universe is proceeding along, and with a three-parter series premiere, it should be interesting! Also nice to see the MALP still in use. It’s such a Stargate classic, it has to be included. 🙂

    You guys definitely look like you’re having a ton of fun with your work, and I’m really glad that you do. Although, I hope cleaning Lulu’s mess wasn’t too much of a hastle…which begs the question…did you clean it, or did you get one of your ‘henchmen’ to do it? 😉

    Thanks as always!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  65. I’ve been away for awhile so I’ve been playing catch-up. The Prodigal was absolutely fantastic!! As far as Teyla’s actions at the end I was in the living room shouting “Stomp his fingers! Stomp them!”

    As a mother, I completely agree with her reaction to the threat to her son. By now she knew that Michael would not give up and apparently would kill her son if he couldn’t control him.

    You had to remind us that there’s only SIX episodes left! That’s like picking at a scab. The grief has begun to fade – slightly – and then you have to say something!!!


    My consolation is that David H. has a couple of movies coming out and by then hopefully more in progress.

  66. Hi Joe!

    When I first heard about SGU, I was a little nervous. The press releases did make it sound more CW than Sci-Fi, and even as a fan of Smallville and Supernatural, I like my mature SG shows too! 🙂 (On top of that, I was reeling from the SGA cancellation notice.)

    Now that I’ve had time to *sniff* get used to the concept of SGA ending (that’s get used to, not like), and see that writers that I trust are going to be at the helm, I am leerily feeling a wee bit more interested in at least thinking about watching SGU’s first ep – or three eps, you silly geese! 😉

    I know some fans don’t like SGA or don’t like what’s happened on SGA or don’t like what’s happened to characters on SGA, so of course they want all of you to be in the unemployment line – or another show – but what this long-winded sentence is trying to say is instead of new writers without any sense of what the SG ‘verse even is clunking their way through establishing a new portal (show), we have people who understand how the SG ‘verse works creating new peoples and voices and worlds to explore.

    That makes me happy. Have a nice day!


  67. “Later, Lulu emphasized her displeasure by vomiting on the carpet.” I don’t know why, but that statement is really funny to me. 😀

  68. Have to de-lurk to agree with Serbian Janet
    Please do consider considering the following:
    Richard Kahan
    Another potential would be Kaj Eriksen
    They have credits from the 4400.
    Don’t know what’s happening with Kyle XY nowadays, but Matt Dallas possibly?
    Janina Gavakar – I do not recall age region, but her appearance would be fitting with the new show demographics. Along with the others of your “Whispers show force.”
    And, Ms Taylor from SGA
    My apologies for now getting everyones names. I love the characters, and often do not know their names.

    I want a show and if SGA is not there, for whatever reason, then let’s see the new offering – which happens to be SGU.

    Re-cloaking for lurking.

  69. Oh wait, I did comment on this entry after all!

    Well, here’s another one more prevalent prelavent? No, my spell checker says it’s the former. Here’s a more prevalent question to the entry:

    Careful there, Mr. Mallozzi, you’re starting to instill hope in the SGU series…

    And it’s a relief to see it won’t be a space opera. At least, so far in the production.

    I can’t help but be a bit wary. I’m a bigger fan of Atlantis than I was of SG-1, despite my dedication to both of the series. So I’m still a little confused and a tad hurt (not that it should matter) about the dismissal of Atlantis despite whether it was as a result of SGU or if it just fell at the time where it looked like it was a result of SGU. I refuse to believe either until I know for sure why, precisely, Atlantis was given the boot.

  70. Thanks for the photos of Alan – the one at his desk is fantastic. Here’s a challenge for you. Take a bad photo of Alan. Can it be done?

    Cheers, Chev

  71. Ooh I never knew what the AL was in MALP. Thanks. I still love MALP on a stick. That was the best invention ever!

    The dogs look sooo cute. But where was the photo after their visit. I’m sure your office would have looked interesting.

    Cheers, Chev

    p.s. Who else is coming the Finale party online here at Joe’s blog? I guess I should have asked first. Joe, can we please have an online party on your blog? We’ll break all WordPress records for comments. Did I tell you that you’re the best writer on Atlantis? 😀

  72. Wraithfodder – Fortunately in Australia, Remembrance Day is still mostly true to its meaning. The old, and a few remaining now very old, Diggers can be found in the the markets and shopping centres not hassling anyone, just standing there with their tin and box of poppies. Mine lives permanently on the rear vision mirror.

    ishshahpat – The poppy is used as a symbol for the veterans as the fields they fought on were covered in them. A friend of mine who went to the Gallipoli dawn service got some amazing shots of the old machinery with poppies poking their heads through the crevices. Amazing shots.

    Das – I was wondering last night if anyone else watches Life. Love it!

    Joe – I met a chocolatier last night who studied under a Parisien chocolate master. She makes some very impressive stuff.

    The varied viewpoints expressed here just adds more weight to the fact that you can never please everyone. Some people just enjoy being angry at something/someone. Such a waste of energy.

    And why do certain people just post rhetorical questions that you keep on expecting them to finish with a “Huh? Huh?!” or a “So ner”? Just like that one… so ner.

  73. Bonjour ! (French)

    Comment peut-on contacter personnellement une personne dans le studio pour une raison urgent et personnelle ?

    Merci Thanks !

  74. So Brad Wright loves the name “Destiny,” and you all: don’t want to bring it up/fear his wrath/are hoping he’ll change his mind before you have to start shooting, right? Because I gotta say, whoever said it sounds like a stripper got it right. Even if you don’t think of it that way, it;s still a bit self-important, no? Stick to the naming pattern you’ve already established: Daedalus, Apollo, Prometheus, etc.

    And yes, for God’s sake, will the Stargate franchise finally hire a woman writer?

  75. I’m sorry Joe. I will not see SGU.
    It was, … it is … une erreur de jugement, une erreur diplomatique vis-à-vis des fans et je crois une erreur commerciale.
    Voir l’équipe au complet est pour moi une immense déception et une immense trahison. Dancer sur la tombe de la saison 6 d’Atlantis est lamentable. Voir Cooper et Wright avec leur nouveau jouet …. Ils sont pitoyables (Cooper transpire d’autosatisfaction et d’hypocrisie, cet homme est tout simplement visqueux).

    Il faut que vous compreniez que l’arrêt brutal de SGA et surtout la façon dont on a traité les fans, restent définitivement une énorme erreur. La transition entre SGA et SGU aurait pu se faire en douceur, mais ce n’est pas le cas.
    Il faut que vous compreniez que quand on est une petite ou une grande part d’un système, on a une petite ou une grande part de responsabilité.
    Enfin, il faut que vous expliquiez à vos collègues producteurs qu’on ne traite pas les fans comme « du temps de cerveau disponible ». C’est-à-dire que nous avons, que j’ai, un libre-arbitre très vivace.
    Je suis sincèrement désolé de ce message à charge. Parce que la plupart du temps, vos écrits m’intéressent. Parce que la plupart du temps, votre cerveau et votre éthique me paraissent sains et équilibrés.
    Comprenez bien que « le fan » est rancunier.
    Il y a trop de complaisance et de pardon dans les messages ci-dessus. Peut-être parce qu’ils sont jeunes et que SGU est pour eux. Mais les vieux qui suivent Stargate depuis 15 ans, sont définitivement perdus pour SGU.
    Bien à vous, Christelle

  76. Have to agree with Serbian Janet and Sylvia – Richard Kahan (and indeed Kaj Eriksen) would be fantastic casting choices.

  77. Quote Joe: “Don’t get me wrong. SG-1 and Atlantis owe much of their success to great characters like Jack O’Neill, Daniel Jackson, Amanda Tapping, Teal’c” and here’s me thinking Amanda Tapping was her real name, has that great actor been fooling us all these years, is her real name Samantha Carter *chortle*

  78. Sooo… Nathan Fillion news.

    “Castle” may be getting dropped before it gets started (inside info). I am guessing he may be shopping around just in case?

    Colonel Everett Young time.

    I’m just sayin’

  79. Sounds like SGU is starting out with an interesting premise and will fix some of the problems with blandness that SGA started to have. Most of the locations and offworld expeditions looked and felt routinely the same. The villagers, villages and marketplaces were all recaps of what we have been seeing for many years. The cast of village regulars looks like they came from my local Renaissance Festival. I am hoping that the new show will be more creative in exploring different worlds and the people of those worlds. I am also hoping the new “younger” cast won’t look like they belong on Gossip Girl or 90210. I have always enjoyed the “real-looking” actors on the SG series and that has always helped the audience become so connected to these charactors. We all want to be as incredibly smart as McCay, Daniel or Carter and as heroic as Ronin, Shephard, or O’Neill. Thanks for years and years of great entertainment!!!

  80. I see concept art Destiny…. Stoped really stoped.. The rust for millions years would destroy the starship if it though as that to it is subject. And the idea with teens on a spaceship too was more than once used. It is silly… But that is good in it that when the Stargate Unverse show to fail again to return to old ideas. SG-1 SGA For exapmle Stargate Infinity. Ha HA Ha
    Idea with the starship establishing a stargate too the silly. A stargate even in two galaxies the different. And what size there should be a ship? Synthesis? Then from where it is so much energy. And address space will not suffice. Need ideas? Look Japanese anime Noejn. Their “gate” moved between the Universes. And it is logical to assume that the ninth shevron for this purpose. But from the Universe A possible to get to the limited quantity of the Universes B and from the Universe B in the limited number of the Univerce C and all Universes have various remoteness from “the base” Universe. Our Universe. Also have resulted from travel to time. Ancient later it have understood and consequently have prohibited experiments with a time. And still – all Universes possess different stability of existence. Therefore it is impossible to get simply from any to any Universe. But only in nearest on degree of a quantum deviation. Thus there is a matter transformation. . It is logical to assume that Ancient initially did not know from where other Universes, but investigated them. That is impossible by the starship. And for this reason they have developed puddle jumpers. And it is logical to assume that when earth dwellers have found a control mean the ninth shevron. (It there should be a small thing accessible only with a gene ancient). They have sent a little command on puddle jumpers and these command is constant in different combinations constantly meet in different places. Getting to various situations but thus they cannot come back home because do not know a symbol of our Universe. By means of the device ancient they can sometimes exchange words at solar flashes with the centre in our Universe. But any information except telepathic direct conversation in real time (for example 3-7 minutes to talk for one flash). The centre tries to co-ordinate them as can, but possibilities are limited. They too cannot transfer technology as only words in a classic language are transferred during communication and consequently in each group there should be a expert knowing ancient to communicate. Thus travel at once a little command and what to show from them in one or several successively show you solve. Thus you receive very mobile actor’s structure and create heroes for fans simply showing what that one of command more often and more in detail. Instead of simply copy Farscape, StarTrack Voyager, Crusaders (Babibilon 5) and more more other include russian movie “Adolescents in the Universe” heh
    Young heroes can adjoin some of commands. In general to replace one of commands in an accident consequence. But Destiny it is silly, very stoped idea. And …. I russian… bad or stoped russian in one of command …. hehhh i understand this is imposible….. You work only for US

  81. Sweet – I, for one, can’t wait to see how it all kicks off. Keep up the good work!

  82. How about the writers and producers jump into this century and finally put a lesbian character in the show? You lost so many chances for SG1, then Atlantis. If other shows can do it and get good ratings what are you AFRAID of? AMC has taken on the challenge of it’s first daytime lesbian couple, and it’s middle aged and up stay at home house wives that watch the show (no I don’t fit that profile nor watch soaps).

    I’m tired of the same old hetero-shows, so come on and grow some and shows some sparks with a couple lesbian characters!

  83. Those of you who asked for women writers in the Stargate franchise, have you forgotten Katharyn Powers, who wrote 11 episodes, Heather E. Ash, who wrote 5 episodes, and who wrote 2 episodes, all these for SG-1? And what about for SGA, Jill E. Blotevogel, who wrote 2 episodes, and Mary Kaiser, who wrote 2 episodes? Granted, the men writers do outnumber the women writers, and the last few seasons of both series, there were no women writers. But let’s not count out the women who did write for the franchise altogether, okay?

    That being said, it would be nice if you guys running SGU would bring in some women writers as well. I know the knee-jerk reaction is to think that women and science fiction don’t always go together well, but let’s remember some really good women scifi writers, both still with us and gone: Andre Norton, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Mercedes Lackey, Anne McCaffrey to name a few. They were/are just as good at writing science fiction, including shootemupbangbang science fiction as any men scifi writers have been.

    And as far as writing good, non-hetero scifi anf fantasy, Marion Zimmer Bradley did a wonderful job of that. She didn’t just create cardboard cutout characters, but she looks at the non-hetero characters all the way, including looking at the period of doubt that many gay and lesbian people in real life go through. If she were still with us, she would do an excellent job at that, TeylaFan. So is there anyone else that you know of that could deal as well with that subject that you could suggest? It couldn’t hurt SGU if they brought in some really good known scifi writers, right?

  84. Can you pass on my condolences to Jason Mamoa, for those who dont know he was glassed in the face by some random drunk guy, hope he gets whats coming to him…

    I hope Jason is ok

  85. Just found your blog today. I wish more people behind the scenes in the entertainment business took the time to have one like yours! While reading over all of the comments on your blog, I find myself justified that I am not the only one with feelings of.. betrayal over the cancellation of Atlantis. Atlantis was my first venture into the Stargate world. It was like a drug! I wanted more!! So I bought all 10 seasons of SG1 on DVD. I am already missing SGA and there are still a few episodes left! I dont see why I should invest my time getting to know the characters of this new series.. as I am sure it will be shoved aside in a few years to make way for yet another Stargate. Dont get me wrong.. I love Stargate, but for those of us diehard Atlantis fans.. bring a character or two over to the new series. Sheppard would make a great commander of the new ship. Mckay would surely be needed. Just my 2 cents worth.

  86. Hi Joseph,

    Josh Garey of Berkeley, CA here- congrats on the new series. When I first wrote and recorded the music track, “SG-1” in 2001 or so, all of my friends and co-workers said it was one of the most exciting and catchy theme songs they had ever heard. I was going for just that- it’s almost exactly one minute long, and was intended to be more edgy and current than the more orchestral based SG-1 theme that the show has always used.

    Now that I have just read about the younger direction that ‘Universe’ is intending to take, I think it’s worth revisiting…please go take a listen!
    While you’re there, you might also get a kick out of the track, “Space Invaders”.

    With great admiration and the hope that you get back to me,

  87. Hi,

    I am just writing to you today because i feel very interested in the new series of stargate but can i just give you a idea,you got the green light on universe but can you just take your time ang make shure this is the best series yet.I have watched SG-1 and Atlantis from the start and your work is great,but i ask you to take yuor time with this one.AS i said your work has been great up to now but i as a fan want this to be the big one.

    p.s please write back



  89. I hope the team finds out more about Furlings on their journey though i like them as a mysterious race so i don’t know do i want to see one but little bit of their history would be nice.

    Rumors about shows Regular characters didn’t impress me, actually it did the opposite. Most worried i’am about Chloe Carpenter and others just seems too “safe” choises and if every one except Young is going to be some good looking teen i think this show isn’t for me. Of course these are just rumors so they might not be correct and they can change and who knows maybe they’ll get that lineup working.

    If this comment from Robert Carlyle is correct…
    “He will lead a team of survivors who jump through a stargate when their base is attacked and find themselves on an alien starship. ”
    …i’m wondering why there isn’t any alien races in the cast.

    Otherwise the story seems intriguing and fresh.
    Can’t wait for the pilot.

  90. SU sounds like it will be interesting. Many fans are worried about how it will compare to SG1 and SGA. The problem with this is that SU will be on a completely new type of story – you can tell this with survival and sacrifice issues that will end up being the focus of the characters. If they manage to bring a little tension into it as well then it will all tie into one another. It all depends on the character development and the new worlds/species that they meet on their journey. I look forward to the new adventures.

  91. Kudos to the producers of the Atlantis Series . it was an awesome ride and I thank you all. I must admit I also feel like I am losing few good friends with the ending . I am looking forward to “Universe” but I am scared. I am scared that the producers might succumb to the fad that for me has made other shows ,like “B-Star”or “Lost” series unwatchable. . I am referring to the incessant / ad nauseam /never ending Camera shake and jerky zooming in/ out for no reason with no let up. After 10minutes I bothers me so much I give up and cannot watch . Its fine to portray action when needed but not for the whole show . is good but I cannot watch it(as much as iI would love to). Producers please be creative ,use the shake judiciously and don’t follow the crowd.

  92. Estupendo, por Argentina estamos esperando!Felicitaciones, excelentes series nos da.Espero que alguna vez reanuden las de stargate sg1 y atlantis

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