Maximus and Lulu
Maximus and Lulu
Maximus and Lulu
Maximus and Lulu
Bubba and Lulu
Bubba and Lulu

I decided to take it easy today because it was Sunday. Of course, since season five wrapped, pretty much every day has been Sunday for me. Not that I don’t have things to do. I have an SGA movie to write, that super, secret project to complete, a horror movie to set up, a pilot to work on, and, in about a week, stories to spin for the new Stargate series. The problem is that with so many balls in the air, it’s often hard to concentrate when you’re constantly shifting focus. It does help, however, to break things down and get a sense of where you stand:

The SGA movie: The ball is in Paul’s court. I bounced a beat sheet his way a couple of weeks ago. He’s been going over it this weekend and, if everything goes according to plan, we should be putting out to our fellow writers this week. Once we’ve incorporated their notes, we’ll be moving straight to script. Deadline: Sometime before we start shooting next year, but Paul would love to get a first draft done before year’s end. Barring any unforeseen complications that may necessitate a more significant rewrite, we should be good to go heading into 2009.

Stargate Universe: We’ll be returning to the office on November 10th and spend the ensuing two weeks spinning and breaking stories for the new series. Before parting ways, we should each have an outline in hand and a script to write. Deadline: When the series starts to gear up in late January(ish) each of us should come back with a script(ish).

The Super, Secret Project: Still super. Still secret. And incredibly daunting. Three scenes in and I’ve stalled outside the nursing home. Deadline: June of 2009 and, right now, that looms uncomfortably close.

The Horror movie: No idea what will come of the L.A. meetings but I figure this movie is a no-brainer (low-budget with an interesting marketing angle) so I’m going to double-down by putting my Canadian agent to work. His mission: set us up with one of the local production houses. Deadline: Sometime this year.

The Pilot: I have three pilot scripts in my back pocket and am halfway through a fourth. Unfortunately, I’ve been stalled at the top of the fourth act for going on two months now. Deadline: None to speak of but I would love to finish this script sooner than later. Having four pilots banked would be HUGE.

In addition to the aforementioned and my daily blog entries, I really should be giving more thought to my Tokyo trip. The gang at The Peninsula emailed to inform me I have reservations at ten of the city’s top restaurants. With my dinners booked, now all I have to do is figure out what I’m going to do with my days. I’d like to head down to Harujuku and snap some blog-worthy photos of the goth girls, but I’m worried they may mistake me for a perv and kick me with their inordinately pointy boots. I’m considering hiring a personal tour guide, someone to be my camera person, warn me if I’m about to eat fugu, and talk me out of police custody should the need ever arise.

Hey, speaking of my Tokyo trip, I received an email from TasteTV.com suggesting I get in touch with them regarding some upcoming project. Alas, I sent two emails their way and have yet to hear back. I’m simply going to go ahead and assume they want to sign me to a six figure deal to host their very own Tokyo Weird Food Purchase of the Day video segment. Watch for it!

The dogs have been acting mighty weird tonight, barking at the (seemingly) empty backyard. WTF? I tried to reassure Fondy by telling her it was probably just a ghost. She did NOT find this reassuring.

The mailbag:

My Name Is Scott writes: “Hey! I was curious as to how the SGA movie will be named… since the SG-1 movies don’t have SG-1 in the title, will the SGA movies work the same?”

Answer: We’ve yet to decide on a title but I’m thinking either Stargate Atlantis: Turn of Events or Stargate Atlantis: The Happening or Stargate: The Third Movie.

LostCityGuardian writes: “ Was it not Acastus Kolya?”

Answer: Sure. In Genii. But back on Earth, it’s Augustus. Sort of the same way they call Octavius Okotavos and Peter Pierre.

P476 writes: “I rewatched Outsiders again and it still bugs me that Teyla did not sense the Wraith coming, what’s up with that? Did something alter her sense after The Queen?”

Answer: My guess? The three bars she had at the tavern.

Mellow Yellow writes: “How would airing the SGA movie on TV first be profitable?”

Answer: Keep in mind that there are two players here: MGM and SciFi. If it goes straight to DVD, MGM makes the money from the sales. If it premieres on a network, that network pays the studio a license fee for the right to air the movie first. This way, the studio makes money from the license fee and dvd sales. The network, meanwhile, makes money from advertisers who purchase ad time for the premiere.

Gilder writes: “Seen HBO’s “True Blood” or read the “Sookie Stackhouse” novels, Joe and all?”

Answer: Fondy and I watched the first couple of episodes. Fondy is a huge fan of Six Feet Under, Ball’s previous HBO show.

Alicia writes: “why not have a poll?? I want the original atlantis conference table in the sga movie yes or no”

Answer: To be brutally frank, the old conference room was a pain in the ass to shoot in. It’s gone for good.

Jean writes: “As you’re writing the SGA movie, do you need to put in act breaks as you would normally do for a TV episode (since it will also be airing on SciFi)?”

Answer: The movie will follow the traditional three-act film structure.

Blaine Nielsen writes: “i was wondering, will all the writers be able to do episode commentaries for season 5 dvd’s??? “

Answer: We should. I did one for Broken Ties with Jason Momoa.

Sessy writes: “How do stargate writers come up with names for characters?”

Answer: It depends. Sometimes, we’ll use foreign names (ie. Kiryk, Malikai). Other times, we’ll make up names (ie. Vraglazdoxxyll’tip). Still, other times, we’ll do a variation on a more common name (ie. Jallozzi 346).

Teyilia writes: “Uhm, do you know of a place that has martial arts (Wuxia) novels in english?”

Answer: Sorry. No idea.

Ikiniowa writes: “Wait a minute…Teyla’s not going to be in the 100th episode?!”

Answer: Wait a minute. She’s not? That’s news to me.

Arctic Goddess writes: “Can you tell us what Joe Flanigan, David Hewlett, Jason Momoa, etc. are up to these days?”

Answer: No idea.

Arctic Goddess writes: “If you were invited to the next Gatecon in 2009, would you go?”

Answer: No plans to attend any Stargate-related functions in the future. However, I’d love to head back to Comic Con to help support the super, secret project (if I do end up finishing my contribution in time).

Memnarch writes: “I was just wondering what would happen if two people in two different transporters on Atlantis hit the button for the same destination simultaneously. Would they both end up in same receiving point, or would both be negated until one was pressed again?”

Answer: The latter.

Alexandria writes: “I’m left wondering, why on earth would they cancel a show with such a following?? Only an idiot would do that. I assume, since you left Brad’s name off the list of producers that did not know, that he had a part in it in some way, shape, or form.”

Answer: Actually, the reason I didn’t include Brad or Robert is because I was referring to the full-time writing department for season 5 (Alan, Carl, Martin, Paul, and myself). Brad and Robert were still involved but to a lesser extent than in previous years. Also, with regard to the final decision on the show’s fate – we got the news from Brad as soon as he received it.

Alexandria also writes: “Sci Fi has adamantly claimed that they would love to see another season of Atlantis.”

Answer: Really? Well, then, let’s do it!

Pauline writes: “Hi Joe just checking up on Her Britannic Majesty’s Royal Mail service.
Did you receive the small cylinder of chocolate I sent you?”

Answer: In fact, I did. Someone in the office called to inform me it is sitting on my desk, awaiting my return. Thanks!

Rhonda writes: “Can you answer this once and for all please? Did Hermiod commit mass suicide with the other Asgard in “Unending?””

Answer: We’ve never said either way but if you’re looking to pin me down, then my response would be yes.

69 thoughts on “November 2, 2008: Projects, Plans, Pooches, and Poltergeists

  1. Hi, Joe. I have a couple questions, and apologies if they have been asked before:

    1.) Have all the main cast of Atlantis committed to the SGA film at this point, or are they still in negotiations?
    2.) If they have all committed to the film at this point, did their negotiations include an option on additional films should they get greenlit?
    3.) If additional films materialize, would filming them be worked around the schedules of the principle actors?

    Basically, I’m just concerned that the cast may not be available now that they are released from an ongoing series and are certainly to find other work.

  2. Since you’ll be coming up with episodes for SGU episodes in November, will you be doing a spoiler poem Jan 1st, or will you not be able to due to the super secret nature of the whole thing?

  3. Is it a rat that Lulu has sticking out of her mouth?

    Are pugs and French bulldogs flatulent canines? There is nothing worse than doggy wind …. apart from doggie puke and …………………….

  4. Joe,
    I love the pics of your little pooches. Lulu looks like a trouble maker with those cute ears of hers. 🙂 I’m thinking of getting an Olde English Bulldogge, a friend of mine breed her dog with another breeders and I got to see the puppies when they were about 2 weeks old and my heart just melted. They were soooo cute I wanted to take all 7 home with me. I took pics of them and now display them as my computer wall paper like they were my babies. The pups are about 6 weeks old now and I haven’t decided if I’m going to get one yet because I don’t know if I’m truly ready for the responsibility or is it that I just want one because they are so tiny and cute. (don’t know why I just told you all of that 🙂

    Now down to business…
    Thank you for answering my question regarding the SGA movie on TV vs straight to DVD. That makes perfect sense, I don’t know why I couldn’t figure that out on my own. Whichever one is decided I hope it works in favor of getting many more SGA movies. That is all that matters to me in the end.

    I’m happy to know you are keeping busy and I can’t wait to find out what this Super Secret Project is. This deadline of June 2009, is that a deadline you gave yourself..or do you already have a deal and that is your deadline to turn it in? Well, since it is still super secret I can wait until June for you to reveal it to us. 🙂

    How are you and the other writers approaching writing for SGU, since it seems it will have more character moments/driven story. Will you guys write out what each character is like..kind of like a guide and then get your stories from there or are the characters being developed as the story ideas come out. I’m not sure if you will understand my question..let me know if I need to be clearer.

  5. My bet is that your dogs were barking at raccoons. Very cute pictures of them 🙂

    Is that a rat Lulu is chewing on?

  6. Hi Joe:

    I’m in a questioning mood lately, so, I hope you don’t mind. Here goes:

    Who do you think will be the next President of the U.S? Will you call it?

    If you go to Comic con to promote your Super Secret project, can I assist? I’m really awesome at that kind of stuff.

    What are the chances, despite the premise of the new Star Gate series, of past SG characters turning up as guest stars?

    What is your all time favorite song?

    Thanks, Joe.

    Patricia (AG)

  7. Ooh! TasteTV, huh? Does this mean you’ll be doing something with their “Chocolate Television” division? I attended the Chicago Chocolate Salon a couple of months ago (though I was highly disappointed in the turnout), and found some rather interesting new chocolate combinations to try. I can’t remember exactly the combo that was my favorite – it involved passionfruit – but the one I disliked most was filled with a basil ganache. ICK! Can you tell us what has been your most interesting chocolate combo experience??

  8. Doesn’t Japan have a fingerprinting/photograph policy for all foreigners entering the country now?

  9. Hey Joe,

    Thanks for answering my question. I for one am glad that the SGA movie will follow traditional movie structure, it will play better on the DVD. Can’t wait!

    So are you waiting until the end of Season 5 airs before revealing the answers to your last spoiler poem?


  10. Joe,

    Can you clarify just who will be heading back in on Nov. 10th to pitch stories for Universe? Will the entire writing staff of Atlantis be back? Will there be any new writers hired?

  11. Joe,

    You did commentary on Broken Ties with Jason Momoa?!!! Oh my gosh!! Wow! Thank you!!! Mark one wish off my Stargate list. I can’t wait to hear it, and his voice. So when will the 5th season DVD be available? That would be a great Christmas gift for myself! Wow! Finally I have something to look forward to!

    Also, your babies are the cutiest little things! Wish I had enough courage to get another dog since my 16 year old golden retriever died last Thanksgiving. It has been almost a year now. Maybe one day. . .

  12. Broken Ties commentary with Jason? You just cinched me buying the DVD.

  13. So you and Jason are doing a DVD Commentary (I think this is Jason’s first if I’m not mistaken)? Do you know what other actors are doing Commentaries? Commentaries with Actors are always my favourites.

  14. From previous conversation:

    Delynn writes: “Joe, I know we’ve heard “if the first SGA movie is successful, there will be more.” But how will you measure the success of a made-for-TV movie? Ratings? Or DVD sales after the fact?”

    Answer: That will be up to MGM to decide. If the DVD sales prove as robust as those of the SG-1 movies, then I’m certain we’ll be following up with another Atlantis adventure soon after. Similarly, if the movie premieres strongly on SciFi, I’m sure the network will push for another installment.

    I just can’t see how ratings or sales will make any difference to MGM or Sci Fi I mean that didn’t change their decision to cancel the show when it was on a high note with hundreds of countries watching and millions of fans. See what really kills me is that Atlantis is an American show. With that I mean all of America not just the US but Canada as well. Most of the time the US get ideas from Europe and remakes them in our view, but this time, with this show it came from this continent and blossomed from there. Ratings, fans, all of that means nothing to MGM or Sci Fi. They like to say otherwise, pretend they are looking out for the fans and our interest’s, appeasing us with pleasant words and little teasers of rewards but really they don’t give a dam and never will. They were tired of working and actually having to make an effort to give the show what it deserved. They don’t care that fans are devastated by Atlantis’ demotion to movies only. They don’t care about the ratings or the support the show has. No matter what we do they don’t care. They don’t care about the actors and the production people that are out of jobs, they simply don’t give a shit!! Sci fi will just replace Atlantis with some more terribly crappy made for TV movies and throw the Atlantis fans a bone now and again with a movie once every ten years. Some days I really really hate people. Especially the big wigs who hold this sort of decision in their slimy little palms. sorry for my ran yet again, i just had to say that. Thank you as always, Nicole.

  15. bubba really has perfected the head-tilt hasn’t he? While Lulu seems happy as long has she has a toy.

  16. When I went back home after spring semester last year, I snuck my puppy out of his kennel so he could sleep with me. Halfway through the night, he started barking at absolutely nothing, scaring me half to death in the process. This happened several times before I came to a similar conclusion: dogs can see things we can’t. Like ghosts.

    Thanks so much for the puppy pictures… I don’t think words can adequately describe how badly I needed them right now! I miss my little puppy so badly! 🙁 I don’t get to see him until Thanksgiving, which isn’t for another three weeks!!!

  17. Arctic Goddess writes: “If you were invited to the next Gatecon in 2009, would you go?”
    Answer: No plans to attend any Stargate-related functions in the future. However, I’d love to head back to Comic Con to help support the super, secret project (if I do end up finishing my contribution in time).

    Wow Joe,
    Thank you so very much for the update and details. You rock! If I may, I would like to hazard a guess at your super secret project. Okay, deep breath, here goes…

    It is a comic book type super villain character that you are writing a story for so it can be made into a cartoon TV show or movie short? And if it is a super villain, is that villain named Baron Destructo?

    If I am totally wrong, can I try to guess again?

    Also, Thanks for the pug pictures…they are so very cute, and cuddly. How is Jelly doing with her hip joints?

    Patricia Lee

  18. what do you care? so have someone make a new one. does hollywood say that, oh, thats hard to shoot so lets not make a harry potter movie?

  19. Loved the pictures of the pooches, though I had sort of hoped to see them in Halloween outfits. I envy Lulu and Jelly their poses of absolute relaxation. Good to see you are being kept busy, though the S.S. Project(when did it rate the extra adjective?) is driving me nuts. It’s not a pilot, not a joint project with your writing partner, it has a deadline, and now if it’s done in time you’d “support” it at Comic Con? That indicates it’s some sort of done deal…I HATE mysteries. Worse, I’m lousy at solving them. Still, I’ll keep pondering it, at least until, oh, July of next year.
    The mailbags are greatly appreciated, especially given how valuable your time has gotten. I have one question, on behalf of a friend in Winnipeg. She sent a package to Mr. Mullie, and was wondering if it had arrived. If you happen to remember to ask him about it, I’d be in your debt…(bearing in mind my bank account is about $1.83 in the black). Thanks again.

  20. Cute kid pics will hold my attention for about 15 seconds, but I could look at cute dog pics all day! My dogs are only a little spoiled. I spent some time yesterday building a step because my 14-year-old dog has been having trouble jumping up on the bed. While it would be nice not to have him crowding me over so he can share the electric blanket, the repeated thuds as he tried to jump on the bed and fell back down were interfering with my sleep. Okay, and my conscience too. I’m the one who led him to believe that’s HIS bed in the first place, so I try not to complain, and I built him a step. And sometimes I leave the electric blanket on low when I’m not there…only a little spoiled.

  21. I’m curious, have you noticed if the current economic problems (freezing of the credit markets) has affected the entertainment business at all?
    I was just wondering because I was worried if there is a recession coming MGM or Sci-Fi might want to cut back on projects like SGU or the Atlantis movie.

  22. My dog doesn’t bark at nothing: he barks hoping something will show up! I’m serious–you can tell by the way he barks and then stands there looking around, waiting for a response, all excited like something might show up and play with him.

  23. Pugs-a-palooza!

    Look at all the pugsies — wee! What fun! (My apologies to Lulu the Frenchy and the connoisseuse of plush toys.) Joe, you did a great job catching their moods. Dogs are difficult to photograph well. Bubba made me laugh out loud. He’s got that whole existential head tilt thing going on. Meanwhile, Lulu lounges nearby Bubba in another pic, insouciantly sampling another stuffy. Too much! Max is just elegant and cool. Jelly is so sweet and girly. Give them all a hug from us dog lovers. (You did bundle them all into the bed with you when you were sick the other week, didn’t you?) I am just plain goofy about dogs, especially the herding/working kind. Now your furkidz have got me smiling silly about the mini ones. I can’t get this grin off my face. I think I’m going to have to look at Bubba every day this week.

    Modern Toilet Restaurant – spit-take alert!
    I wish they had a restaurant like this in Tokyo for you to visit on your trip! This one is in Taipei, Taiwan. My brother and his then-fiancee ate there, sitting on toilet seats and eating their food out of little toilet-bowl shaped dishes. What a hoot! And all kinds of opportunities for bathroom humor, too. Here’s a short article about this dining trend. The pictures have to be seen to be believed. They’re a riot! These are some photos my brother took at the Modern Toilet restaurant. He loves the absurd, so this was right up his alley.

    Finer dining…Stellato
    OK, to make up for that, online I did see this very upscale restaurant in Tokyo called Stellato. It so looks like a place where Cap’n Mallozzi would eat.Or did you mention this place already? If you did and you’re already going, take lots of pictures, inside and out (in addition to the yummy foodie pictures, of course). It looks so romantic. Too bad Fondy isn’t going to be with you!

    Thanks for all the pugsie pictures!

  24. Ooops! When my bro’ ate at the Modern Toilet restaurant with his “then-fiancee,” I forgot to mention that she’s still around – and recently became my Sis-in-law! Sorry, Jane!

  25. The missing links…

    Gah! Guilty of posting under the influence of sleep deprivation. Sorry for the broken links! I tested them in an e-mail and they worked fine. I used someone else’s how-to, instead of AnneTeldy’s. (It used “curly quotes” instead of the vertical ones.) Shows me, doesn’t it? 😯

    Here are the links. Hopefully they’ll work this time (tested them in a Word document):

    Short article on the Modern Toilet restaurant:

    My brother’s photos taken while visiting the Modern Toilet restaurant:

    And finer dining at Stellato in Tokyo:

    Sorry, everyone. No more late-night posting for me, at least no fancy stuff (hiding face). 😳

  26. Quickie…

    Still trying to fix my bloody computer. Grrr. Got some bugs out, but not all. Grrr.

    Just wanted to thank you for the puppy pics – they ALWAYS make my day! I love ’em all, but that Lulu…what a cutie!!

    And thank you for the updates. I have such mixed emotions about everything – I’m curious about your secret project, I’m worried about you-know-who, and yet excited about the movie, unless you-know-who doesn’t make it into the movie. Then, the more I read about SGU, the more I think it’s just not my cuppa. For example, tonight we had a friend over who wanted to watch The Unit, and about 15 minutes into the thing, I was totally done with the ‘personal relationship drama’ crap – I hate that stuff (one reason I don’t watch soaps, Oprah, The View, nighttime dramas (take your pick), or Jerry Springer). I dunno – I just don’t find it entertaining to watch people piss and moan about their personal lives, and the choices they’ve made, or are about to make. Maybe I’m an oddity, but give me action and adventure and quippy lines over the ‘Waaah! My boyfriend cheated on me and I just found out I’m pregnant! Waaaah!’ crap.

    Joe, when you said the other day that you think SGU is going to be more ‘character-driven’ than action, my heart kinda sank. I thought, maaaaybe, I could get into it if it was a good ol’ space adventure, with a balance of action, humor, character devel, and suspense. But if the focus is going to be on relationships and issues, well…I dunno.

    Thing is, I DO like character development, but…I’m VERY picky. Probably why I hardly watch any tv. I guess the best way for me to describe what I like, and don’t like, would be to use examples from SGA. Of course, you know I loved Common Ground, but why, since that was more character-driven. It was definitely the whole ‘enemies working together’ thing – a formula that never gets old to me – plus we learned something about them, we learn what makes them tick, what makes them who they are. I liked that.

    However, I didn’t care for Quarantine, or – more specifically – Rodney’s scenes in it. It actually made me feel uncomfortable, as if I was peering into a part of the character I’d rather not see.

    On the flip side, however, another one of my favorite episodes is Phantoms (in fact, it runs very close to CG & The Queen). What I loved about Phantoms is seeing Sheppard totally off his nut, and being able to see into his head a bit – to see his demons. I loved it (loved how all the other characters were affected, too).

    (Did I say this would be quick? I lied. Lied, I tell you, LIED! 😛 )

    Now, why do I like one sort of of angst and not another? I dunno – I just know I’ve never been a fan of shows that deal with the day-to-day issues (relationships, job, family), but I do enjoy other tense situations, especially in a group (friction based on military choices, for instance). So, Rodney and Sheppard sharing a reflective moment on the pier – good. Teyla trying to decide between work and motherhood – bad. Sheppard struggling over the Rodney/Todd/Wallace issue – good. Sanctuary, with its ethereal Ancient – bad. Ronon being an understanding friend to the expecting Teyla – good. Sheppard being a total jerk to the expecting Teyla – also good. Sheppard’s tense relationship with his brother – again, also good. Weir & Simon in Home – bad.

    I have to admit that SGA has very few ‘bad’ moments when it comes to the more character driven stories…and maybe that’s because it’s not the focus of the show, but nicely woven throughout, with the main thrust on story and action and/or suspense, with a little levity thrown in to take off some of the edge. Now, that’s not to say that there are never sloppy character moments, there are – like Sheppard needlessly murdering villagers just to kill a handful of Wraith. What made that so bad was the LACK of character development. Unlike in Miller’s Crossing where we are fully aware of Sheppard’s moral dilemma, in Outsiders there was very little hint of any personal struggle. More was really needed here.

    I guess it’s hard as a writer to find a good balance that will please the majority of the audience, while not losing the essence of what you are trying to tell. And, admittedly, I am very picky. I do love characters that hit me in the face with angst, but it’s really a very specific type. Mad Max is probably a perfect example of a character that totally worked for me, even though I’m not a Gibson fan. And, of course, there’s Wolverine. Show me a character’s pain, show me his limits and push him right to the edge, then – somehow, some way – bring him back. In fact, had Broken Ties been a reversed situation (tortured Wraith fighting against human abuse, then winning in the end), I would have loved that episode to pieces…but as it is, I wasn’t exactly rooting for Ronon. 😉

    Shutting up now – it’s way past my bedtime…and I was SOOO rambling just then…


    PS: ‘good’ and ‘bad’ moments are based on my own feelings, not saying that they were bad in general, just that they were not moments I personally enjoyed.

  27. Be honest Joe, the super secret project is really writing a third movie for SG-1… just say yes, you know you want to.

  28. Which actor on Stargate Atlantis has the most growth as a character in your opinion, yet to go through. I always thought it would be Sheppard, but you’ve kept his leadership in check which means he’s always gone, above and beyond but yet, always “within the rules”(to an extent).

  29. Mr M about your pugs barking at nothing. Maybe they are hearing some rumbling deep in the ground. After all Vancouver is on the Pacific Ring of Fire. Animals sense tremors and immanent earthquakes, even very slight ones.


    Cute pictures of the pugs. Any pictures of the pugs dress up for Halloween forthcoming?


    Slightly Off Topic

    Please inform Martin Gero that his YPF movie is available through vending machines in the Montreal Metro (AKA subway) system for rental or purchase. When did the movie DVD became available?

  30. Coucou Joseph =)

    Waaou!Merci pour ces photos vos chiens sont adorable!!!

    C’est cool d’avoir répondu à toute ces questions!!
    Snif j’espere qu”il y aura du “Sheyla” dans le film!!

    Je suis contente que vous commentiez des épisodes de la saison 5, je vais pouvoir écouter votre voix si majestueuse^^!

    Rohh moi j’ai trop peur des fantômes, un moment je ne rêver que de ça, c’etait horrible. Bien heureusement c’est finit!! Cette nuit j’ai rêver que j’acheter un KIT KAT au chocolat noir avec Daniel Jackson O_O

    Bon aller gros bisou!! je vous adore♥

  31. Im not going to be pushy but I would love to know what your “SUPER SECRET PROJECT” is…..

  32. Why does LULU always has something in her mouth???do you and Fondy hide your shoes from the pups??

  33. So did you raise money for charity by selling chances to destroy the old conference table with a sledge hammer? I know there weren’t too many fans of that table among the cast or crew.

  34. Hi again Mr M!

    Hope all well… Even in your down time you are still busy!
    Any luck with getting Marty G to go to Japan?
    With regard to the Super Secret Project….I’m also going to bite… I agree with Patricia (Lee) that it is probably comic book related, and some hero/super character that has been a child hood favourite of yours… Say some older super hero, who is coaxed out of retirement (hence the retirement home scene) to once again fight evil and serve justice….*taps finger on chin* who could it be?

    Ok..*silly question alert*…before they all ask…Will there be bloopers reel on Season 5 DVD? Have to agree with Marty G’s comments on the Blooper Reel for Season 4….It was….well not exactly riotous, but good fun to see none the less.

    Also, have you given some thought to my suggestion some time ago, of mentioning one of the blogees on the DVD Commentaries? You know as a prize for BOTM or the 2Millionth hit?

    Best to all


  35. Hello Joe,

    Remember the game ‘six degrees of Kevin Bacon’? I’ve just discovered there are only 4 degrees of separation between you and me! My flatmate Alana (who I have worked on productions with) is currently the Camera Assistant on City Homicide, an Australian cop drama. Her boss, the DOP (by the name of Craig Barden), was DOP for some episodes of Farscape, which starred a certain Ben Browder, who appeared in a certain sci fi show called Stargate SG1 … produced/written in part by your gracious self! Such a small world.

    Be grateful it’s not smaller, because if Vancouver were any closer I would steal Maximus. He is the second cutest thing on 4 legs (the first being my cat, of course.) Those photos of Lulu, however, are quite disturbing!

  36. Joseph you should make one of your pilots include the main characters of SGA and it would be a shoe in for viewers (lol).
    Perhaps that is what your super secret project is, oh well one can hope.

    I do find it funny that people here are still wondering who canceled SGA. That said, I do believe SCIFI would of kept a sixth season and it is my guess that is why they were thrown the bone of having the SGA movie air on SCIFI before it goes to DVD (they say it will show there first). There are two players left to blame here and those who are perceptive can figure it out. For what it is worth Joseph, I don’t believe you made that decision. Those are just my thoughts, sorry.

    On a happier note, the dogs pictures put a smile on my face. Jelly is posing now (lol).

  37. Sorry, Joe! I thought “Vegas” was the 100th episode, and when I saw Teyla and Ronon weren’t in it, I was confused as to why two main characters were being excluded. Sorry ’bout that! *sheepish look*

  38. Sweet!!!!!!
    i am glad that you were able to do a commentary with Jason! I know that you have nothing to do with who does commentaries and stuff, but i like it when its an actor with a writer and director.
    thanks for answering my question


  39. Aaaah, cute fur babies!

    The Harajuku kids were a different flavor when I was there, but some things never change. Goth, Lolita or whatever the newest incarnation may be, they’re there to be noticed. And photographed, a wave or a nod may be sufficient for permission.

  40. Ah, so good to see the dogs. Lulu looks so funny with her toy[s] in her mouth. Like she ate some dead rat. Silly girl. Your dogs are beautiful.

    Good luck with all your tasks, we all know how you feel, I swear, Halloween was here before I could say boo! I am too busy. aaahhh

  41. me revoila!
    Petite question=)

    Je vient de faire de un photoshop de Jack en président des USA. Mais j’hésite entre la cravate rouge ou bleu?
    A votre avis Jack serait plutôt démocrate ou républicain?

  42. I have heard that the bullet trains in Japan are super cheap and very quick. Apparently more than 80% of the trains are on time and they measure lateness by 60 seconds or more.

    my dog has been freaking out about “ghosts” but its most likely just the fireworks that have been going off the last couple days. some of them i can barely hear and she bolts to the backyard barks and then another goes off and she flies down to the basement to hide.

    And what is your favorite to write? tv, film, blog or book?

  43. Teyla only had 3 bars?
    I didn’t know she used her cell phone to sense Wraith…

  44. Dear Mr. Mallozzi, I want to thank you for all you made in the amazing show Stargate Atlantis, but I think cancelling it and making Stargate Universe instead is a mistake. Stargate Atlantis had still so many stories to tell – and it was superb – the only show that could rival in my heart with Battlestar Galactica. But the main key of how great Atlantis is, you can find it in its characters and actors – specially when David Hewlett and Joe Flanigan are together onscreen.

    However, my main point in this comment is: you can’t end Stargate Atlantis without making a musical episode! Just imagine how good it’d be. I can’t stop laughing just imagining John, Rodney, Teyla, Jennifer and Ronon in it, of course Carson should be in, and possibly Elizabeth and Sam. If a musical episode is definately impossible, just make a second Atlantis movie: a musical movie!

    I hope my plea to the Ancestors is heard. 🙂

  45. I am an animal lover and love the pics of the dogs. Lulu looks very much like one I had called Buggsy. She was a great part of the family.

  46. Hey Joe,
    I was looking for Flanigans official site a while ago (does he even have one?) and came across this: http://www.newsmeat.com/fec/bystate_detail.php?last=flanigan&first=joe
    indicating Joe Flanigan’s donated to the McCain campaign. Which isn’t a surprise considering he’s said in some interview that’s on youtube also that he’s worked for bush sr, but now I’m digressing. This find inspired me to do a really corny video of what stargate atlantis characters would vote in the elections if they could:

    Question: what WOULD the stargate atlantis characters vote, do you think, as the authority on what goes on in their minds?

  47. SQUEEEE! Puppy pictures! SWEET! *mush* Lulu looks to be a PLM (proper little madam)

    So ya stalled outside a nursing home with one of your script ideas, hey it happens to me all the time.

    So who didya get to rearrange time so you could fit all this in or have you pinched some of mine cuz I seem to be perpetually out of time at the moment.

    On a more somber note my nephew had a grand mal tonic-clonic seizure this morning and battered his poor face off of his weight bench so now he has a black eye and bruises and absolutely no recollection of what happened, his younger brother who has Aspbergers and other Autistic spectrum related disorders was an absolute star, His over-riding concern was for his brother and he handled witnessing the event extremely well. Its been a shit of a year for the boys so far, six weeks ago the elder boy had his gallbladder removed in an emergency op and now this.

    Looking forward to accompanying you virtually on your trip to Tokyo, some of us don’t get out much.


  48. Lulu, cute as she is, seems to have an oral fixation. In the third picture of her with that rat thing, Maximus looks like he’s looking at her and thinking, “could you lose the rat, already? Your reducing the cuteness factor.”

    At least we know the super secret project involves writing on your part. Of some kind. But what could be completed in time for a release that could be touted at Comic Con next year?

  49. Dear Joe,

    It seems like you have a lot of sticks in the fire even without a weekly series to deal with, but I still must ask this. Would you have any interest in being a celeb judge on IRON CHEF AMERICA? My wife and I love the show and think it would be fun to see you give your insights to the cuisine the chefs cook up. I hope Mark Dacascos told the producers what an untapped resource on food you would be.

    The recent secret ingredient of Offal seemed like it would be something right up your alley.

    Have fun in Japan.

  50. Wow, Das.. It’s 22:10. I’m tired. And i’ve just had to read your short post three times before I finally understood the half of it.

    I tremble in fear at the thought of a long one :S

    Cute doggie pics, Joe. Gotta love the way Lulu is holding that furry critter with such tenderness between her fangs. And the top pic of Bubba is just adoreable.

    I had a pertinent question, but it’s kinda slinked off now into the twighlights of end-of-the-day tiredness. I’m sure it’ll come back to me eventually. Did I mention that SkyTwo are re-running through the whole SGA saga from start to finish for the umpteenth time? Doesn’t matter how many times they do it, I never tire of watching. Oddly though, the guy who narrates the lead-in for each eppi equated the Team to ‘Dogtanian and the Mousketiers’ tonight. Not quite sure where that one came from, but as he was wallowing on about ‘All for one and one for all’, I couldn’t help but think of Todd rubbing his hands villainously in the background and purring through his Wraithy grin, ‘.. and more for me!’

    Ah well.. it tickled a spot at the time.

    I’ve just browsed through to GW and seen that the ratings took a knock for ‘Outsiders’. Coming at this point in the season, that really sucks and not only feeds my depression at the cancellation of Atlantis, but doesn’t do much to my hopes for the future. Mind you, visiting GW isn’t exactly a remedy for keeping one’s joviality or sanity intact, is it?

    I need chocolate. And a Shep/Koyla fix. And not necessarily in that order either >.>

  51. Your comment on the progress of the SGA-movie got me thinking about this:

    Quote from an article here:


    “Mallozzi and co-executive producer Paul Mullie will pen the first Atlantis TV movie, which will pick up the story where the show ends. The final episode of the series airs in January 2009.

    Mallozzi says the storyline of the TV series hasn’t been adjusted in the light of the show’s cancellation – he promised “love, loss, betrayal, revenge, secrets revealed, exhilarating victories and crushing defeats.”

    He spoke of a “significant character death” that would surprise many viewers.”

    On the other hand, in this journal-entry here:


    you said:

    “Went into the office today and watched the producer’s cut of Enemy at the Gate. A fitting end to a terrific series, and one that’ll segue nicely into the movie – which Paul and I continue to spin. To those of you asking, it will ideally include all the familiar faces – and then some.”

    So, does this mean things went already less than “ideal” and we have to do without one of the well-liked “familiar faces” in the movie? Or is the group in which the “significant character death” occurs not congruent with the group of “familiar faces” you mentioned?

    I know, if a character is killed, sometimes there are “behind the scenes” reasons for that which make it necessary but I’ve also read about the “create tension” reason. Meaning, important characters get killed to make the audience aware of the fact that there’s “real” danger for the “heroes” also.

    But I can’t help but think that killing popular, well-liked or in some cases “beloved” characters creates somehow the *wrong* kind of tension. People lose family, friends and important people in their real lives all the time. Also, people watch tv for entertainment, to relax, to distract themselves and put their mind temporarily off of the reality they live in. They watch a tv show like SGA to get *away* from “real” life for a certain amount of time.

    Now, finding the same lame, troublesome, hurtful things in the tv show they watch for distraction, for *pleasure*, that happen in their life anyway (albeit mostly in a significantly less spectacular way) seems to be somewhat counterproductive.

    Losing familiar, well-liked characters doesn’t enhance the joy of watching, quite the contrary, I would think. Instead it hurts – of course not as much as a the loss of a real person – but instead of getting cheered up by watching your “heroes” beat the odds again you get a little bit more beat down because it adds to real-life “misery”.

    Regular watchers of a tv show – and I don’t even talk about true “fans” – usually want to see their “heroes” succeed, fight and *win*. Day to day life gives them enough losses and misfortunes, they surely don’t watch a certain tv-series to get *more* of this.

    Creating tension by killing characters? Yes, of course, tv shows do this since they got invented, but that’s what “redshirts” are for.

    Aside from that I think a character doesn’t have to be killed to create tension for it, there are a lot of ways to put a character through the wringer and the joy in watching that lies in seeing the character struggle and *win*. Not necessarily unscathed, but in the end, yes, win.

    I’ve read that the sure knowledge that the characters will survive in any case bores the audience sooner or later. Personally I don’t think that’s exactly true. Trying to creating thrill and tension by making the result of a dangerous situation depressing and downbeat by killing a well-liked character leaves the audience mostly disturbed und unhappy, not thrilled, and not with itching fingers to turn on the tv again next week. You lose a character, you lose his or her fans or the audience whose favorite the character in question was. You possibly also lose the audience that liked this character just because he or she was “part of the family” so to speak and the death destroys something this part of the audience enojoyed. Since you’re in the business for years, I’m pretty sure I’m not telling you anything new here, but I’ll say it anyway.

    Creating thrill and tension by writing interesting stories around the characters, stories that challenge them, challenges their skills, their personality, puts them in unusual situations where they have to improvise, gives them room to develop, expose sides of them nobody has seen yet, confront them with things they haven’t experienced yet or with unexpected things, that’s what I think are the stories that keeps the audience at it because it’s interesting. Seeing a character die you’ve liked is not interesting, it’s cheerless, no matter how “interesting” the circumstances that lead up to this death.

    Just the knowledge that one of the popular characters might actually die makes a series not exciting, IMO it just makes it depressing. And don’t we have enough of that as soon as we turn off the tv and watch around?

  52. Yes, adding to the ‘dittos’ … have Joe Flanigan, David Hewlett, Rachel Luttrell and Jason Momoa signed for the movie? if not, when can we expec to know?

  53. I have to congratulate everyone who was involved in Inquisition. It was a very interesting episode. My favorite part had to be when the woman who represented the tribes of Reeva was talking about how her world was destroyed. It was probably one of the better acting and script writing for a show like Atlantis. There weren’t any slang words that would make someone wonder, “How do they know that word?”

    Question for mailbag:

    1. Is there a reason for everyone speaking English and having the same accent in the Pegasus galaxy? Don’t say “translator nanites!”

    2. If there isn’t a reason, how come nobody thought to have the peoples of Pegasus have different languages? Surely it’d be realistic seeing as to the over 200 languages spoken on earth. Is it simply because it’s either too much of a hassle to come up with a new language/having that “First Contact” situation with each new language a particular planet speaks?

  54. @dasNdanger: I totally agree with you. I love action and adventure stories. My heart sank as well when he said there was going to be more ‘Character driven stories’. That’s why I love Scifi. That’s also why I fell in love with the Stargate franchise starting with SG1. Another reason why I love SGA, because they also know how to balance adveture, action, and charactere development. I believe people can see deeper into the character when you see them dealing with conflict or things that are not every day life. Like for instance Common Grounds or the Queen. By the way Das I absolutely love Sanctuary? How about you?

    Hey Joe,

    Thanks for answering my questions about Quest I and II the other day. I already had it figured out before you answered. It was her the whole time.

    Will the new alien race that was seen in Deadleaus Variations be seen in SGU? Or is it too hard to tell? Is it true that Major Davis will quest star in Enemy at the Gate? I hope so.

    Last thing you watch any M.Night Shamaylan (sp) movies?

  55. Hi Joe, if you don’t mind getting up early apparently Tsukiji fish market is well worth a visit, not only for the amazing sea creatures but also because it houses Daiwa (tsukiji market, building 6) that serves reputedly the best sashimi and sushi in Tokyo.

    Do you have 4 versions of the same pilot or 4 different pilots? And if so are they all the same genre and are you co writing them with Paul?
    Thanks for the photosof your dogs, their individual personalities shine through.

  56. I agree with Pat. Tucker’s death in Enterprise and Fraiser’s death in SG1 nearly made me stop watching the series. What’s more, they were completely unnecessary – enterprise was doing its last episode and fraiser could’ve just been promoted away if they wanted to make room for shanks’ wife. Killing a character not only leaves a feeling of outrage after watching the show, it also forces fanfiction writers to write “alternate universe” if they want to use the character, which just sucks!!! Please think of the fanfic when you write the movie.

  57. hey Joe!

    will the entire main cast of atlantis be returning for the movie? it would be a real shame if some people weren’t in it.

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