When I started this little book club, I did so with the intention of creating a forum in which avid readers could gather to discuss works in the fields of science fiction and fantasy (and, later, horror). Well, to my delight, a goodly number of you took the time to participate, reading one, two, sometimes all three selected books and then joining in on the ensuing discussions. In time, these tri-monthly discussions grew as we welcomed more members and, eventually, several authors and editors who kindly took the time to come by and field reader questions and comments. Our good buddy and Pyr editorial director Lou Anders kicked things off, joining us back in February of this year to discuss the SF anthology Fast Forward 1: Future Fiction from the Cutting Edge. Since then, we’ve welcomed the likes of Kage Baker, F. Paul Wilson, Jeffrey Ford, Jennifer Pelland, Joe Abercrombie, John Scalzi, Justina Robson, K.J. Bishop, Stephen Dobyns, Lois McMaster Bujold, Sarah Langan, and, most recently, John Twelve Hawks. Authors David Anthony Durham and Brian Lumley round out this month’s guest list. In short, this modest online book club has far surpassed my expectations and I’d like to take thank each and every one who has taken part. Whether you dropped by to field reader questions AND invite criticism on a work in progress, or simply posted a quick comment to let us know how much you liked/disliked a book – Thank You!

With the holidays not that far off, I’ve decided to give you all a breather and, more importantly, time to read the next round of BOTMC picks that I’ve scheduled for January of 2009. Hopefully, this will give encourage some of the slower readers out there to pick up a book and finally take part. I’m also hoping that it will give some of the faster readers out there the opportunity to get through all three selections. And speaking of three selections…

In the SF category, we’ll be reading David Weber’s On Basilisk Station. This one has been sitting on my to-read pile for far too long and I‘m pleased to make it a BOTMC pick. It sounds like a lot of fun and the fact that the author watches Stargate: Atlantis is a bonus.

From Amazon.com: “On Basilisk Station (or “HH1” as it’s known to the faithful) is the first installment in David Weber’s cult hit Honor Harrington series, which has charmed the socks off schoolgirls and sailors alike. Honor–the heroine of this fast-paced, addictive space opera–is a polished, plucky bulldog of a naval officer, part Horatio Hornblower, part Miles Vorkosigan, part Captain Janeway, and with a razor-clawed telepathic cat thrown over her shoulder for good measure.

The series’ kickoff puts a giddy Commander Harrington at the helm of her first serious starship, the HMS Fearless. But her excitement quickly fades–political maneuvering by top brass in the Manticoran navy has left her light cruiser outfitted with a half-baked experimental weapons system. Against all odds (just the way Honor likes it), she still manages a clever coup in tactical war games, a feat that earns her accolades–and enemies. The politicians she’s offended banish her to a galactic backwater, Basilisk Station. But that outpost soon proves to be a powder keg, and it’s up to Harrington and the Fearless crew to thwart the aggressive plans of the Haven Republic. A perfect mix of military SF and high adventure.”

Discussion begins the week of January 14, 2009. We’ll be joined by author David Weber.

In the horror category, we’ll be reading The Living Dead, a zombie anthology edited by John Joseph Adams. I’ve exchanged emails with John in his capacity as point man for Nightshade Books (http://www.nightshadebooks.com/), and it gives me great pleasure to make his labor of love – and horror – a Book of the Month Club pick.

From Publisher’s Weekly : “Recently prolific anthologist Adams (Seeds of Change) delivers a superb reprint anthology that runs the gamut of zombie stories. There’s plenty of gore, highlighted by Stephen King’s Home Delivery and David Schow’s classic Blossom. Less traditional but equally satisfying are Lisa Morton’s Sparks Fly Upward, which analyzes abortion politics in a zombified world, and Douglas Winter’s literary pastiche Less than Zombie. Also outstanding, Kelly Link’s Some Zombie Contingency Plans and Hannah Wolf Bowen’s Everything Is Better with Zombies take similar themes in wildly different directions. Neil Gaiman’s impeccably crafted Bitter Grounds offers a change of pace with traditional Caribbean zombies. The sole original contribution, John Langan’s How the Day Runs Down, is a darkly amusing twist on Thornton Wilder’s Our Town. There’s some great storytelling for zombie fans as well as newcomers. “

Discussion begins the week of January 21, 2009. We’ll be joined by editor John Joseph Adams.

In the fantasy category, we’ll be reading Jeff Vandermeer’s City of Saints and Madmen. Actually, I hesitate to use the term “fantasy” to describe Jeff’s work as he and fellow authors China Mieville, Steph Swainston, and M. John Harrison have oft been hailed as pioneers of “New Weird” fiction, a genre that draws from fantasy, SF, and horror to build its own unique voice.


From Publisher’s Weekly: “Set in the haunted city of Ambergris, with its Borges Bookstore, these stories feature bizarre recurring characters and intensely self-referential plots. Among the highlights are the World Fantasy Award¤winning Transformation of Martin Lake, the tale of a talented painter who’s obsessed with a great composer; The Strange Case of X, which concerns an incarcerated lunatic found wandering the streets of Ambergris carrying the very book being discussed in this review; the wonderful new story The Cage, in which an antiques dealer becomes infected with a fungus that’s slowly taking over much of the city; and, oddest of all perhaps, an untitled short story, which fills the entire dust jacket and concerns an unnamed traveler who has a close encounter with a giant squid in the river that runs through Ambergris. Other pieces take many forms, including a history of the city complete with footnotes, psychiatric records from a local hospital, an amazingly funny work of pseudo-biology entitled King Squid and entirely bogus bibliographies and glossaries. This beautifully written, virtually hallucinatory work isn’t for every taste, but connoisseurs of the finest in postmodern fantasy will find it enormously rewarding.”

Discussion begins the week of January 28th, 2009. We’ll be joined by author Jeff Vandermeer.

Well, all quiet on the Halloween front. I wonder if we’ll break last year’s record of a half dozen visits? Damn. And I spent the past hour washing broccoli and cauliflower. Now who am I going to give these veggies away to?

Hey, went in and watched the Day 1 Mix of Identity yesterday. A fun episode. The highlight: Carl Binder’s cameo about seven and a half minutes in. Watch for it!


DasNDanger writes: “This Todd pic, Joe.”

Answer: Oh, THAT look. We were watching the first day of dailies from The Queen when Todd appeared onscreen sporting THAT hairdo. What the hell?! It was a rare continuity hiccup in the hair department. The issue was resolved for the next day’s shooting and the editor took pains to cut around the new-look-do in post.

Tamijb writes: “Is it possible to see Michael or Todd in SGU?”

Answer: It is highly unlikely either Michael or Todd will make an appearance in SGU.

Tamijb also writes: “I know this is an old episode, but I have a couple of questions with Quest 1 SG1 Season 10. Was Adria the old librarian from the first time SG1 met him or was she him later when the Ori soldiers showed up?”

Answer: To be perfectly honest, I don’t recall.

Thornyrose writes: “Just one last question concerning the S.P. Is this a solo effort, or is this something Mr. Mullie will be contributing to?”

Answer: It’s a solo effort.

MysteryMadchen writes: “ Do you think if we can’t get Atlantis un-canceled by fan power alone, could large ratings on the movie possible bring it back?”

Answer: As much as I loved working on the show, I don’t see much hope of it being “un- canceled“. However, fans can look forward to more movies should the first one prove successful.

Rachael writes: “ Joe, can you confirm whether or not Teyla and/or Ronon will be in Vegas?”

Answer: I can confirm that they will not be in Vegas.

Danny writes: “Dont know if you read these but i have a question about Stargate Universe if you could email me that would be great.”

Answer: It’s easier for me to answer questions here on the blog. If you want to take your chances, you can email me at moorsyum@yahoo.com. But I may be a while in replying.

Polito writes: “The same poster at Gateworld did a screentime count…”

Answer: The same poster should do a consonant versus vowel count for every character. Now THAT would be very telling!

Sparrow_hawk writes: “Joe, is there any news about the Hazzencockle adoption? Inquiring minds need to know.”

Answer: Alas, still no word from those adorable little ragamufins.

44 thoughts on “October 31, 2008: The Next Round of Book of the Month Club Picks, Upcoming Guests, and the Mailbag

  1. So – Ronon and Teyla will not be going to Las Vegas to film, but will they be in the episode entitled Vegas?

    Did you dress up the furries? Did they go to visit the neighbours for Trick or Treat (We call it Guising).

    You should stock up on sweeties for the visiting children to consume – full of loads of E numbers. Let the parents deal with the hyperactive monsters later in the evening.

  2. The next BotM club selections look like fun. I’ve read On Basilisk Station, but won’t mind having a second go at it. Now I can run up to my favorite book store and see about the other two,and still have time to kniock down some of my backlog of books. Thanks for giving us the selections and the lead time.
    Darn, I did say one last question, didn’t I? Thanks for letting us know it’s a solo effort. I’ll mull over the sparse clues you’ve provided and come up with some hypothesis that should be so far off the mark it will hit the target from the rear. And I’ll wait till you tease us more about the Secret Project to post those speculations.
    Polito: thanks for posting the wordcount. Found those stats to be fairly interesting, especially when paired with the word count results. But Mr. M. has the wrong idea. Heck with consonants and vowels; we’re talking visual medium. We need a pixel count. How MUCH of each character do we see? A full body shot for 1 second counts much more than a close up facial shot, for instance. So much more trivia to mine from SGA…

  3. Hi Joe,

    I read in a recent Multichannel news article that the decision to cancel SGA was a “Creative” decision. This came from the mouth of SCI FI network’s president Dave Howe. The article confused me, because it said it was the prodcuers who felt it was time to move on and the stories being told have reached their limits and it was time to start the next chapter. I just find that hard to agree with, when you had Season 6 nearly planned out with lots of ideas. Some great ones, I might add. Here is the article…




  4. Joe,
    I’ve been a fan of your blog for a long time now (love stargate in all it’s incarnations, the pugs, food reviews and reading) but I finally have the nerve to comment. I am so glad that you picked On Basilisk Station for the BOTMC. It’s one of my favorites, so much so that my husband (also a big fan) and I named our 1st daughter Honor. Thanks for listening to me blather…


  5. Thanks for the extra time…I’m behind with Acacia which has nothing to do with the new selections other than more time is much appreciated. The Dark River – book 2 of John Twelve Hawks should arrive soon and I am looking forward to that. And, the new BOTM selections sound interesting.

    Meanwhile – many moons ago Janine Gavankar mentioned she would be on Grey’s Anatomy. She appeared in Thursday’s episode as an intern named Lisa.

  6. Hi Joe,
    I hope your trip to California turns out to be fruitful. Were your babies happy to see you back home?
    I’m curious, have you ever been to the Italian restaurant Vivaldi in the Pierrefonds shopping centre, corner Gouin and Fredmir ? Although it is only a few minutes walk from my parents’ place and a few minutes drive from my place I have not been there until tonight. As I have not frequented Pierrefonds shopping centre regularly for well over a dozen years since I’ve moved out of my folks place I have no idea how long it has been there. As I am not a connaisseuse of Italian cuisine I was wondering if you have been there and if so what you thought of the place. I quite enjoyed the food although the restaurant itself became a bit too warm, perhaps due to place being packed and to the fact that the cuisine was wide open to the restaurant. It was nice to see the chefs cook the food but it did get quite toasty in there.

  7. Joe I m not buying the sga movie if the conference room isnt changed. considering the budget I cant see why it cant be changed

  8. Hi,

    How’s everything going? Love how the mailbag’s back! Just another questions (sorry, that seems to be about all i do here, isn’t it, ask questions :/)

    I watched Doppelganger again a couple of nights ago, and I’ve been wondering. Did they get another Psychologist/ Psychiatrist after what happen to Dr. Heightmeyer(sp?)


  9. I’m sorry to say I’ve yet to read David Weber, but I can certainly vouch (for what that’s worth) for the VanderMeer and the Zombie anthology. I think the club is in for a great month of reading.

  10. Answer: Oh, THAT look. We were watching the first day of dailies from The Queen when Todd appeared onscreen sporting THAT hairdo. What the hell?! It was a rare continuity hiccup in the hair department. The issue was resolved for the next day’s shooting and the editor took pains to cut around the new-look-do in post.


    Don’t the actors, etc. catch these things? Like the vanishing tattoo on the Allies/NML queen? I mean, if it was me, I’d look at the wig, and say – ‘Yo! That’s not my regular do! Get me my kabuki wig!’


    Ah, yes…Todd, the White Lion… *Mrawr!*

    I wonder if Siegfried & Roy would add him to their collection… 😉


  11. Joe, I know we’ve heard “if the first SGA movie is successful, there will be more.” But how will you measure the success of a made-for-TV movie? Ratings? Or DVD sales after the fact?
    Grr…. I can’t sleep because there are a bunch of people (drunk, probably) chanting weird songs on the sidewalk… ahh the joys of living in a large city…

  12. Spend the night watching scary movies??? Here was my halloween….

    Watched Exorcist in the morning, and finally got through the whole thing for the first time without being bored. It was okay. Then watched the 100 scariest movie moments of all time on Bravo channel. That was fun. Put alot more films on the list that I’ve never seen. Alot from Cronenburg and #1 on the list, Hostel.

    After that, got ready for a party, dressing up as Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas, while I watched the first couple hours of the live Ghosthunters investigation of the famously haunted Fort Delaware. Went to the party, won a prize, came home, and now, I’m finishing Ghosthunters…watching Amanda Tapping have a ball with Steve and Tango. Tell her I’m jealous when you see her next.

    NO tricker treaters…actually, I don’t think I’ve had any for like…8 years…maybe more. That’s so pathetic. And this is my favorite holiday. Anyway…I’ll always have Ghosthunters and Cabin Fever to creep the hell out of me. Happy Halloween.

  13. Awesome. We had 3 bunches of trick or treaters. It’s starting to get popular in NZ now, but I live down an intimidating set of stairs. Instead of rewarding the intrepid few who made the trek, I turned off all the lights in the front half of the house, ignored the knocking and snuggled into bed with a couple of episodes of Sanctuary and a good book.

    What’s the Halloween version of a Grinch? That was me. I forgot to get anything for them and didn’t think they would appreciate moldy cheese or even oatmeal.

    “Joe I m not buying the sga movie if the conference room isnt changed. considering the budget I cant see why it cant be changed”

    Yeah Joe, I’m not buying it unless John combs his hair, Ronon shines his shoes and Woolsey gets a girlfriend. I will let you know as I think of some more demands.

  14. Coucou Joseph!!


    Alalala si il y aurai des livre de stargate en france, je ne ferai que sa de lire^^! Mais se n’est pas sortie snif….!!
    Rohh je voudrai trop habiter en amérique pour fêter Halloween car en France sa ce fête de moin en moin.
    Ahhhhhh Quel coincidence!!! Toute la nuit je me suis poser la question sur qu’elle différence il y’a entre le brocoli et le chou-fleur, mais c’est bon ma mére ma répondu^^!

    Tient je vais vous posez quelques questions!

    1) Dans le film de sga, avez vous l’intention de faire des scénes de “relationship”?
    2)On vous à deja communiquer quelques noms d’ acteurs potentiel pour sgu?
    3) Où allez vous mêttre vos chiens quand vous irez en vacance?

    Voila =) bisou! passer une bonne journée!!!

  15. If I can get some money together before Christmas, then I will actually go out and buy On Basilisk Station, read it, and try and participate in the discussion in January. It’s sounds intriguing.

  16. I wish I had more time to read, by the time my evening “down time” comes I fall asleep. But I do log your suggested reads for my own future reference. Yes, I do love a good horror book, always have always will.

  17. I have a great idea/concept for a comedy/horror show but I’m not a writer. What would be the best thing to do with my idea?

  18. When I was younger and already living in the Netherlands, Sint Maarten was celebrated. Kids would make a paper lamp and walk in a procession to this big, big, HUGE fire where all old junk was burned, symbolising some pre-christian purification thing, or allowing “the poor” to warm themselves, depending on who you ask. The kids got sweets by the fire. I remember I heard for the first time about Halloween when I was in highschool, and now everybody’s celebrating it, and nobody is celebrating Sint Maarten. Makes me sad.
    *quietly hums*
    Maarten, Maarten Sainted,
    the girls wore skirts and fainted,
    gives us an apple or a pear
    we’ll ask all year no more, we swear!

  19. I’m not a slow reader, I just live in a very small town & our library doesn’t carry the titles you select. I may just have to plan an excursion to the bookstore or pop online. But I usually forget about it until the next time the subject comes up.


  20. Too bad we won’t get a follow-up on the Genii… At least for the series, that is. Perhaps something for a future movie?

  21. You know you been hanging out in Joe’s blog too long when you enter a book store and recognize authors from the BOTM club. Of course I can’t remember at the moment exactly the tiles of the book, but I saw several of them and said to myself…”oh I know that guy, oh yeah that was on the list.”

    I had every intention of expanding my sci fi reading and I started to… I loved the Empire of Ice Cream ( was that the title?) Now because I had this crazy notion to furthder my education and become and Art Therapist… I have no time to read for pleasure. And then I thought I would check out my local library to check out the books on the list. My local library… crap. it’s really sad, the whole system. But I do enjoy reading about the books, hearing from the authors and everyone’s thoughts. I ‘ll will have lots of reading to do after I graduate. But thanks Joe, for introducing me to new sci fi reading.

  22. Hey Joe,
    Thank you for the new selections. I have wanted to participate for awhile now but didn’t bother because I know I can’t get through a book in a month..I was going to ask you to give out the names of a few books early..you beat me to it. I guess its true what they say. Great minds think alike 🙂
    I’m going with Basilisk Station.

    I’m confused..is the SGA movie going to be on TV first? I thought it was a straight to DVD movie? Please clarify. Either way I’ll take it, but I thought it was going to DVD.

    So my man Ronon and my girl Teyla won’t be in the episode Vegas? or were you being cheeky and saying they won’t be in the City of Las Vegas?

  23. Thanks for the extra reading time, with the holidays coming, I’m sure it will take me longer than usual to get anything read. I think I picked up “On Basilisk Station” once before, but couldn’t get into it at the time. I think there was a Terry Pratchett book competing for my attention at the time. But I’ll put serious effort into reading that one and “City of Saints and Madmen” for next time. I’m not much on Horror tales so I’ll take a pass on the Zombies.

    The BOTM group has been a lot of fun for me. I have very few friends who share my taste in literature so it is nice to have someone suggest new titles. I also enjoy reading everyone’s insightful comments and reviews on the blog. AND you have the authors stop by to field questions about their books and themselves. Who could ask for more?

    @ das: I love that Japanese print! I have one of “Kabuki Todd” from “Common Ground” that looks a lot like that, but I can’t get the darn thing to save on photobucket.


  24. after reading today’s entry I went to the book store full of enthusiasm… and found none of the books (I’d been at least counting on David Weber’s book)
    since it’s still a lot of time till January it doesn’t matter much but I also wanted to buy Brian Lumley’s Necroscope
    and the only thing I found in two not-so-small book stores were Necroscope 20 and 21 (and German, not even English)
    I am not going to start with numbers 20 and 21 (that way I’d just ruin numbers 1-19 for myself if I found the books interesting enough to read more).
    Of course, I could still order the book but this weekend would be lost anyways so the day when I will be able to take part in any BOTM-discussion is still far in the future…
    instead I’ll be reading ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife” this weekend (and, if it proves not to be that exciting, as long as it might take me to get through)

    still, much thanks for the Q&A with John Twelve Hawks, it was very, very, *very* interesting ^^

  25. oh and I’ve just read through the comments:
    NZNeep’s demand of giving Woolsey a girlfriend is a great one xD

  26. You got me, I am the slow reader here. The only books I can read in a week or so is Stargate Novels (lol, I am bad). I will try, January sounds like it gives me some time.

    Halloween at your house should be hilarious. Can’t wait to read more.

  27. Joe – Just wanted to pass along a big ‘thank you’ for your BOTM Club. It is my one rare escape from Alaska-Army-wife-stay-at-home-mom-of-3-under-5 perpetual Groundhog Day monotony. I especially enjoyed your Bujold selection and, since then, I have found the time to read her whole Vorkosigan series and I’m now moving on to her fantasies. Love it!! Sounds like Weber’s series may become another addiction…

    Needless to say, we didn’t have trick-or-treaters here since it was -10F. But there are some smokin’ indoor places to go here for candy handouts (at least, the 4 year old got a kick out of them!).

    Again, thanks for your blog. Through it I can sometimes pretend to be an adult!

  28. If it makes you feel any better, we had 12 kids at my house-which I wasn’t there because I was closing the bar-

    Kids obviously need to do more trick or treating dang it!

  29. Hey Joe,

    Thanks for posting your email address. I just sent you an email with a request for a favor that I hope you’ll consider. I know it’s easier for you to answer questions here on the blog, but I felt emailing you privately about it was the better way to go about it.

    But if you’d like me to post the email on here, just let me know and I’ll do that.

    Either way, I’m greatly anticipating a reply from you! And thanks so much for being so accessible!


  30. I fully intend to print a list of all the books and keep an eye out for them; the budget says no new books for a bit. We’re blowing all our potential holiday present money and disposable income on a trip to Spain in January.

    We had more than a dozen trick or treaters, but not nearly as many as we should. I gave out candy by the handful to the kids who went to the trunk or treat down at the church and walked by my house. Everyone admired the skeletons in the window; the evening was warm so we sat outside and carved pumpkins and chatted with neighbors. Then the rain began, we packed it all up, got into costume and headed for the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Me and Genius were the only ones doing callbacks. I couldn’t find my Criminologist costume, so I threw on my Hunter S. Thompson outfit. Wrong movie, ma’am. We can’t stop here, this is bat country!

  31. Hey Joe! Sorry I’ve been remise. It’s the same old story; boy meets school, school bashes boy’s head in with homework, boy can’t quit school due to society pressures, yada yada yada.

    Just dropping by to say that I’ve been keeping up with your blog, and the LA trip was hilarious, and sad at the same time with you losing your shades; hopefully you can get another one that’s to your liking.

    Sweet, Carl’s gonna cameo? Oh, will he be a redshirt? That’d be ever so hilarious. What about the rest of you? Wanna reprise the role of the donut-asking guy that has made you the talk of the town, Joe? 😉

  32. “On Basilisk Station” is a fantastic choice for BOTM! I love the entire Honor-verse series. In addition to some great military sci-fi, Weber throws in some nice tidbits straight from the actual history of the Napoleonic Wars. Thanks for the great excuse to reread. Now I just have to find the time….

  33. Hi Joe,

    That’s it, I’ve ordered City of Saints, On Basilik Station and the 2 books by John 12 Hawks!

    I’m challenging myself to keep pace with superman! Ha! With the help of the confiture de caramel, I can do anything. I’m supercharged, I am!

    I might not keep pace with the books but I take notes of the titles and I read the reviews (Yours and the commenters) and Q&As avidly. And I get to the books in my own slow but certain way (The turtle and the hare went racing, etc…) As another commenter said, I don’t know anyone else here who would read these kinds of books so thank God (Or thank you Joe!) for the BOTM club!

    Thanks Joe!

  34. @ Sparrow_hawk – Is this this the pic (or similar) that you mean?:


    So many ‘kabuki’ Todd moments in Common Ground to know if that’s the shot you mean.

    Ugh – still on hubby’s laptop (but getting used to the keyboard). My computer is totally fubr’d… not sure if Norton is playing games with me (to get me to buy a deep registry scan
    for $100 to clean out something that their $60 protection package was supposed to prevent…grrrr!), or if I have a legit problem. Tech friend is coming over tomorrow to check it. #$%^ing gremlins.

    On the bright side, hubby and I just had a 2-day yard sale, and brought in $420!!! W00! I can now pay for my Sam’s Wholesale shopping spree…AND find the floor of my garage!

    On the not so bright side, I have a wrenched neck (ever since the spider debacle a few weeks back) which is giving me dull headaches, AND I’ve been limping around terrible for two months with plantar fasciitis. After two days of standing on concrete and lumpy grass, my foot feels like someone’s driving an icepick up through my heal. Ugh. Have it on ice now…but this is agony, worse then the whole rotator cuff ordeal a few years back (also caused by a spider…involving a big web blocking my path, a very wet straw broom, and an over-extended outstretched arm… 🙄 ).

    To make it worse, I’m one of those masochistic types who suffer up until the pain can’t be endured anymore, THEN I go to the doctor, only to have him tell me to take some aspirin, to which I reply, “Do I have to…I mean…isn’t it better to feel the pain so you know NOT to move your [insert body part here] that way?”

    Doctors hate me. 😛

    Sorry, I’m rambling…but I am doing my best not to think of what Todd’s fate may be, and right now I’m worried sick. At first, I had hopes that he’d be in the movie, but now…now I don’t even know if he’ll survive the season. I need reassurance!!! Someone give me a hug!!!

    Or chocolate… 😀


  35. I hope your Halloween went went. It was pretty quiet around at house in regards to trick-or-treaters. The most creative kids I saw were Jonas Brothers groupies.

    Happy November!

  36. Alas, the news comes too late. I owned a copy of “On Basilisk Station” up till 2 weeks ago when it was sold at my annual ‘get rid of everything I can’t find room for’ yard sale. I will just have to borrow or finagle a new copy to read for the BOTMC. And I only got 50 cents for it.

  37. Yeah…and that was supposed to be ‘heel’ – I’m starting to spell like Mallozzi. 😛


  38. Hi Joe
    It’s been a while I know. How goes things??

    I have a little bone to pick with you, which is kind of funny because this post was for Halloween, my bone of contention was your fist line of this entry. You said YOU started the BOTHM club. I know that you facilitate the BOTHM club and without your connections and encouragement it wouldn’t have lasted this long but I would love for you to accknowlege that it was my suggestion in Aug 2007 that got the ball rolling. And you were none to enthuastic at the option to begin with. You didn’t think that people would be able to keep up with your quick pace. Well low and behold many people thought MY suggestion was a great idea and only then did you think it might be a great idea and it has been a great idea ever since.

    You know I think your great, and this is not to say that I think any less of you for taking ALL the credit for MY suggestion. I just hope that you see that you’ve made me feel that you don’t appreciate me! Ok now I can see how this is sounding and I want to make it clear that YOU ARE AN AWESOME person 🙂

    Yours Always

  39. I got the same requests to add some info to Book Blogs. Do you think I should make a group about bookish charities, mention it in the discussion, or leave these kinds of things out of the site altogether? What do you think?

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