Several months ago, I was perusing the website of author John Twelve Hawks

and found myself both intrigued and impressed by the ideas presented. So intrigued and impressed, in fact, that I decided to make The Traveler an SF Book of the Month Club selection. However, given the mystery surrounding the author’s identity, I seriously doubted that he would respond favorably to a guest blog invitation (if he were to respond at all). Still, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask. Well, I asked and J12H answered – not only that initial query, but all of the reader submitted questions from this blog.

Before we move on to the Q&A, I’d like to thank the author for taking the time to stop by. I also told John that he has an open invitation to drop by and update us on works in progress, upcoming releases, or, frankly, any topic of interest he’d care to discuss. And he can rest assured that, while he’s with us, he’ll always be among friends.

So check out J12H’s Q&A and, if you’re still in a reading mood, follow it up with a long overdue mailbag…

JTH writes:

For a variety of personal and philosophical reasons, I have never met my publisher, my editor or any of my readers. This doesn’t mean that I don’t care about readers’ opinions. During the last few years, their suggestions have helped me write the trilogy and their positive messages have kept me going.

People have contacted me through, but I want to thank Joseph Mallozzi for giving me a new way to interact with readers. Joe is a kind, highly creative man who is trying to spread positive energy in our turbulent world.

Arctic Goddess writes:

Question for John Twelve Hawks: Many first time authors take elements of their own lives to incorporate into their stories. Would you say this is true of your work?

JTH: The book and its themes are very autobiographical. I have worked or lived in every location described in the trilogy.

Sylvia writes:

Questions: Did you travel or live in any or all of the places described in the book? The detail was very striking.

JTH: See previous answer about the locations. I currently move between three cities: Los Angeles, New York and London.

In New Harmony, they spoke of using computers, etc., were they not concerned about the risk? Being found by the Tabula?

JTH: The people of New Harmony are innocent about how the Tabula will view their Utopian community. The Tabula will punish them at the beginning of The Dark River.

The pages of the web site – who created them? Was this for the book – to accompany the book or other?

JTH: I designed and wrote all the content for the website, The Traveler on-line game and the other Fourth Realm websites on the Internet. (For example, there’s a website for Hollis’ martial arts school, a website for the Evergreen Foundation, etc). I see the Internet sites as being extensions of the books.

What are the titles of Book 2 and 3?
I found the title – The Dark River. But there did not seem to be a third one on Amazon.

Thank you for writing a great book. I look forward to the next two. And, THANK you for entertaining our questions.”

JTH: The second book is called The Dark River. It was published in 2007. The third book is called The Golden City. It will come out in the summer of 2009.

Antisocialbutteflie writes:

1) Your mythology regarding the Travelers and the other Realms in incredibly well thought out. You delineated the Tibetan and Native American influences very clearly. Were there any other sources that you pulled from?

JTH: I’m a Buddhist and have traveled extensively in Tibet. I grew up reading myths as a child and they had a profound influence on me.

2) This is a nitpicky science question. I am familiar with certain microkelvin experiments and there outcomes so I have to ask, where did you get the idea of the super-cooled liquid helium?

JTH: Liquid helium technology is just one of many “real life” approaches to building a quantum computer. In the third book of the trilogy, the Evergreen Foundation scientists will try another technique.

3) I am interested in why you decided to incorporate the developing love of Maya and Gabriel as well as Hollis and Vicki into the plot. What was your motivation behind adding this dimension to the plotline?

Thank you very much for writing such a compelling story.

JTH: Throughout the trilogy, Maya is slowly learning how to become a human being. One of the key aspects of this is opening herself up to love and compassion. The other three characters are also influenced by the vulnerability that comes with loving another person.

Narelle from Aus writes:

1. What are your thoughts on only a few people owning/controlling such a large portion of the media?

JTH: It allows the easy manipulation of the population.

2. Do you think the growth of the internet has helped or hindered the flow of real information?

JTH: The Internet gives individuals a way to counteract the Vast Machine. I am not against technology – just the way certain kinds of technology are used.

3. Can you meditate on a plane?

JTH: I have meditated for over 30 years — in every possible place and every possible situation.

4. What are your thoughts on the Dalai Lama’s interests in neuroscience? It’s been interesting watching the studies. The monks make me laugh when they are all wired up (try not smiling when they smile!), but to see the read-outs as they change from one form of meditation to another is brilliant.

JTH: The MRI and EEG experiments on Buddhist monks have shown that meditation can have a profound neurological impact on the human brain.

5. When Gabriel was in the realm where the town is continually burning and being rebuilt was this a reference to Samsara?

JTH: Yes!

6. Do you see Marketing and Advertising of major corporates just another part of the Vast Machine?

JTH: I feel that I am using the power of corporate publishing to present certain political and spiritual views. The trilogy has been translated into 27 languages. It’s a privilege to have millions of readers all over the world.


JTH: Narelle, several readers have hated this ending. Others have different feelings. The most direct answer is that I’m writing one big book in three volumes and the narrative stops at certain moments. Ending The Dark River at this point shows the power of Maya’s choice. For love, she has sentenced herself to Hell.

Silver Comet writes:

1. Do you really think it’s possible for an individual to stay largely off ‘the Grid’ in today’s world?

JTH: I’ve been off the grid when I was part of a commune and living in third world countries. It’s difficult to live off the grid if you have children or if you feel nervous about breaking the law.

These days, I’m on the grid – primarily because of medical issues. But I think that it would be hypocritical for a writer to condemn our surveillance culture and then appear on the Charlie Rose show to blather about personal details. Focusing on a writer’s life undermines the power of that writer’s ideas.

2. Was there a special (personal) event which leads in the end to your idea for this book?

JTH: I had a vision of alternative worlds. This was followed by a time of great personal crisis.

3. Do you already know the main story and developments for all the following books or is this a flowing process during the writing? Thank you for answering our questions and for writing such an interesting book.

JTH: I wrote a general outline for the entire book on three pages of wide-ruled paper. I also had pages and pages of encyclopedia-like entries about the different elements of this fictional world. The outline was so general that it gave me great flexibility when I sat down to write.

Bridjess writes:

Did you draw from your own experience of living off the Grid, e.g. Satellite phones to connect to the internet?

JTH: Yes. I know a great deal about the techniques described in the book.

Thanks for the great book, when I finished reading it I had a dream connected to it, which rarely happens with a book.

JTH: Thank you, Bridjess. That’s a profound compliment.

Susikew writes:

Do any of the identity camouflage techniques used by Maya (injections of drugs to her face, false fingerprints) have any basis at all in actual science (real or theoretical)?

JTH: The fingerprint techniques described in The Traveler were inspired by experiments that have shown you can transfer fingerprint images to a plastic mold. The rest of the techniques are fictional.

And the same question as to the quantum computer – was it a construct from your imagination, or is there some basis for it in today’s science?

JTH: I have done a great deal of research on this issue. For the non-scientific reader interested learning about the quantum computer, I recommend George Johnson’s book: “A Shortcut Through Time.”

Randomness writes:

What inspired you to become a Writer?

JTH: I had no choice. I would have gone crazy if I wasn’t able to release these thoughts in some way.

What would you say were your high and low moments in your career?

JTH: When I finished the first draft of The Traveler, I assumed that no one would want to read it. The first time I received foreign translations of the book – in Korean, Polish and Spanish — was very exciting.

As to the low moments: For various personal reasons, I gave away most of the money I earned from The Traveler. That act hasn’t changed anything or made anyone happy.

Have you ever had one of those moments where an idea comes to mind for a story and you simply have to write it down?

JTH: Yes! That’s why I had to write the three books.

If the world was about to end and you could only take one book into the afterlife, what would you take?

JTH: The Norton Anthology of English Literature.

You are a talented person, you produce quality books, have you ever felt nervous when you release a new book and you have that feeling the fans may or may not like?

Are you a fan of Stargate SG1/Atlantis? and what is your opinion on the show?

Thank you Mr. Hawks for your time.

JTH: When a book is published, I can no longer rewrite and change it. I have tried throughout my life not to worry about those things I can’t control.

I have never owned a television. Now that I have “met” Joe and his viewers I intend to watch DVDs of the shows on my computer.

MyNameIsNada writes:

Quick question for John Twelve Hawks-How does one live in today’s society and balance using technology without feeling that they are giving completely into the grid?

JTH: The first step is awareness. The second step is to fight against fear. Realize that fifty percent of surveillance can be avoided by simple techniques that control how much of your personal information is available to the Vast Machine.

Therese Slusher writes:

The Traveller is practically crying out to be made into a film…Question for the author…Has it been optioned? Has anyone approached him about making it into a film and what are his thoughts on that?

JTH: When The Traveler came out it was optioned by Universal studios. An awful script was written. I rejected it and the film rights back reverted to me.

Recently, the trilogy has been optioned by a new studio. The producers and screenwriter involved seem to understand the vision of the books. Specific information will be released on my website in the next few weeks.

Fsmn36 writes:

1) Is there a reason for the pen name? One you’d be willing to share, I suppose. As in, is it because you’re actually a secret CIA agent and/or Russian spy, or merely because you don’t ever want your mother knowing what you’ve written?

JTH: My mother and the rest of my family don’t know that I have written the novels. Those people I know who aren’t close friends see me as a failure by the American standards of success. Being a “failure” in such a way has been a continual lesson. It’s helped me realize that we make quick judgments of others based on little real information. We assume so much – but don’t know the secrets held within the heart.

I live alone and have a Spartan, highly disciplined lifestyle. For awhile, I followed the “one” rule – to only own one chair, one bed, one table, one suitcase, etc. I broke down recently and now own three chairs.

2) Have you ever “overhead” a conversation on your book, or a pen name (either online, in print, or in the bookstore) and kind of laugh or smile because they have no idea? What is your general reaction to that kind of situation?

JTH: I was on the subway in New York City a few months ago and for the first time in my life I saw someone with one of my books! A young woman was reading the paperback version of The Dark River.

At that time, I had just gone to a postbox and picked up the Danish translation of the novel. I could have “proved” that I was John Hawks.

So I leaned forward and said: “So, ahhh, what do you think of that novel?”

The young woman looked up at me and I saw what she was thinking: “This badly dressed man is trying to pick me up on the subway. What a creep!”

She said: “I really like it.” And immediately started reading again.

When I got off the train, I sat down on a bench. I smiled and then started laughing at my own vanity and foolishness.

3) Does the name have a specific meaning? Was there a specific reason you chose it? You needn’t answer why if you don’t want, I’m just wondering about the history behind it.”

JTH: I had an experience involving twelve hawks. They were real hawks — nothing symbolic about them.


Belouchi writes: “Will the Daganian Zpm, The Tria or The Phoenix ever surface up before the end of season 5?“

Answer: One will.

Thornyrose writes: “So how long are you going to torture us about the Secret Project? Can you at least let us know how many pages you think it will run, so that we can speculate on its subject?”

Answer: At present, I don’t know how long it will run. I know the story I want to tell. Now it’s just a matter of getting it all down.

Mellow Yellow writes: “So you guys are all going to be working on SGU?”

Answer: To varying degrees. Carl will remain on board fulltime and continue to produce episodes. The rest of us will write a few scripts and act as story consultants.

Mellow Yellow also writes: “ So, what can you tell us about SGU..will it be more character driven or action driven or are you guys trying to balance it out somehow.”

Answer: The way it’s shaping up, I’d say that SGU will definitely be a more character-driven series.

Alicia writes: “ will the atlantis conference table return for the sga movie? Its a sga movie right? when can I post questions for marty g.?”

Answer: Yes, it’s an SGA movie. The old conference room table is gone. The new and improved conference room table will probably make an appearance. Martin will be fielding questions for his episode, Brain Storm, after it airs.

Michelle writes: “Thanks for all the LA stories, Joe. You didn’t tell us your sartorial choices for the pitches. Did you go with your usual 3-piece or a more LA-style tee-shirt and $500 torn jeans?”

Answer: Torn, yes. $500? Nowhere near. I went business casual – suit and dress shirt, no tie. And, for the last few pitches, no sunglasses either L .

Jean writes: “could we get an update of the spoiler poem? Also, is Vegas a “stand-alone” episode or will it tie into the season (and series) finale?”

Answer: Vegas is more or less a stand-alone episode, although the events of this episode will have repercussions.

Tamijb writes: “Which do you prefer to write for movies or television? Or does it not matter as long as you are writing.”

Answer: It doesn’t really make a difference to us. Although, at this point in our career, it would be nice to write something we have created.

Knightie writes: “Any hope of a promotion for Sheppard in the movie ?”

Answer: No plans to promote Sheppard anytime soon.

Jessica writes: “Anyway I was wondering, have you ever participated in any kind of competition such as nanowrimo or anything else like it?”

Answer: I haven’t. In fact, I’ve never heard of nanowrimo.

GoSpikey writes: “Don’t you mean ‘Kanayo’?”

Answer: Kanoyo on his driver’s license; Kano to his friends.

Shirt ‘n Tie writes: “I recently (on your recommendation) read Plague Year which is a fab read…Any chance you could develop this into a Screen Play? I think it has great movie material!”

Answer: I believe author Jeff Carlson has already optioned the rights and a movie is in development.

Trish writes: “Do you think you might write for Amanda’s *Sanctuary*?”

Answer: Nope. Paul and I will be writing for SGU, the SGA movie, and, hopefully, various other personal projects.

Mrs.B108 writes: “Will Michael show any emotions in The Prodigal?”

Answer: Plenty.

TBA writes: “1) So, what’s up with the Genii? Thought they were allies when Ladon took over, but seeing what they did in last week’s ep en how the team spoke about them, kinda not anymore?

2) Will there be any open arcs wrapped up before the series’ end, or is that something for the movie(s)?

3) Ever had a ‘damn, with I’d put that in the episode’ moment, right after the episode was shot?”

Answers: 1) What indeed. We were hoping to explore the fall-out from Inquisition in future episode but, alas, it seems unlikely now. 2) Some arcs will be wrapped up by series end. 3) All the time. But we only have so much money to spend.

Danny writes: “ Stargate Universe is sounding good, so what do i have to do to cast in it?”

Answer: Get your agent to contact MGM.

Halo Luver writes: “1.How come we haven’t seen a F-302 jump into hyperspace. In season 6, the other fighter was able to make short jumps just fine.

2. How come the Daedalus never exits hyperspace next to Atlantis? Is it just protocol to exit in orbit?

3. How come enemies can’t exit hyperspace inside Atlantis shield?

4. How come we haven’t seen any Wraith telepathy in recent episodes/seasons?”

Answers: 1. SG-1 made extensive use of F-302’s. The Atlantis expedition, on the other hand, makes use of the ancient technology at their disposal – namely, puddle jumpers. 2. Given that the ship possesses beaming technology, there’s no reason for it to risk a hyperspace exit that close to the city. 3. If an enemy knew where Atlantis was located and was up for a suicide run, then it would certainly be theoretically possible for them to do so. It’s all in the timing. 4. No specific reason.

Dyginc writes: “ Did I miss the next BTOM picks?”

Answer: This week, we’re discussing John Twelve Hawks’ The Traveler. Next week, David Anthony Durham drops in to field your questions and comments about his novel, Acacia. The week after that, horror great Brian Lumley stops by when we discuss the classic Necroscope. Since we’re heading into holiday season, I thought I’d give everyone a little extra reading time. I’ll be announcing January’s Book of the Month Club selections in the coming days. Again, we’ll be fortunate enough to have three guest bloggers join us for the festivities, including one who, I was surprised to hear, is a big fan of the show.

Planet_tv writes: “1. Will there be anything in the remaining episodes that will make fans go “I didn’t expect to see that happening” (I’m hoping you can answer with one of the following: yes, no, maybe or no comment)?

2. What is the total number of episodes that Keller will be in this season?

3. What is the total number of episodes that Teyla will be in this season?

4. Will you be dressing up the pugs for Halloween?”

Answers: 1. I hope so. 2. No idea. 3. No idea. 4. Of course. The pugs and the frenchie.

Bluejay writes: “*come on tell us what the deal was with those smooth haired pics of Todd. Was it a look they tried and didn’t like or was it from a cut scene that will be on the dvd?”

Answer: Have no idea what you’re referring to.

Bluejay also writes: “*when will we know for absolute sure that Todd will be in the movie? Don’t suppose you’ll tell us how big a role he’ll play will you?”

Answer: We won’t be absolutely sure who will be in the movie until after the actor deals have been closed.

Bluejay also writes: “*do you know if there will be an interview or something on the dvd with Chris H.”

Answer: No idea.

Bluejay writes: “*general wraith question- do they sleep (not hibernation) and is it lying down or standing up?”

Answer: That’s something we’ve never explored. I imagine they do sleep, lying down.

Bluejay also writes: “don’t suppose you want to tell us about their grooming habits, if it’s more bug like or such.”

Answer: I would imagine their grooming habits are more human like.

Bluejay also writes: “in ‘common ground’ Todd said that the gift was given to their brothers but, ‘broken ties’ wraith tells us no sympathy for the fallen. So, what’s the deal with that then? Speaking of brotherhood we haven’t really seen much of it, they seem so ready to turn on each other how can there be a sense of brotherhood when there is no trust?”

Answer: There certainly is a sense of brotherhood within their respective hives and alliances. Also, if there is a common foe (ie. The Ancients) they’ll certainly come together. Finally, I’m not sure what you’re paralleling in your comparison of Common Ground and Broken Ties. In Broken Ties, the wraith is referring to not showing mercy to their fallen enemies.

51 thoughts on “October 30, 2008: Author John Twelve Hawks Answers Your Questions

  1. thanks for the answers joe, i know i didn’t really make myself too clear, some of the other wraith lovers out there are better at wording questions

    i think the shots of Todd were promo pics, not sure and i can’t link one, perhaps some one else out there could

  2. Hi Joe,

    Thank you very much for answering our questions. 🙂 I’m happy to know the SGA movie is coming along.

    I’m very pleased to know SGU will be more character driven and absolutely thrilled that Carl will be doing most of the writing..not that I mine you or the other writers but I love Carl because I believe he is a Ronon/Jenn shipper. I know you mentioned it on a previous blog who first threw the idea out there and I don’t know if it was Carl or not but he gave us “Quarantine” and “Tracker” and I will FOREVER be in his debt.. please let him know I owe him one..especially since a certain other someone has decided to sink my ship..and I know it may not be the writer who is credited for the story who put a certain scene in TLT but that is the only name I have..unless you know other wise!

    WOW! I thought I was over the Ronon/Jenn ship sinking but you mentioned Carl and I was right there again 🙂

  3. Hi Joe! I’m glad you made it back safely.

    Thanks to John Twelve Hawks for stopping by and answering our questions; your replies have added a new dimension to my appreciation of the book.

  4. Thanks, John Twelve Hawks. I’m behind the rest of the reading club here, but I hope to read The Traveler soon. In the mean time, I tremendously enjoyed reading the Q&A here.

  5. So, are we ever going to see that whole “giving life back” power of the wraith again? I thought that was probably the most interesting thing about Common Ground that I expected would have interesting repercussions, but so far it doesn’t seem to have mattered much.

  6. This Todd pic, Joe:

    Thanks for answering BlueJay’s questions. By saying that some arcs will be wrapped up, and that there’s no guarantees of who will be in the movie, it makes me fear (again) for Todd. Just love the guy too much to see anything bad happen to him. And those Vegas/EatG pics have my tummy in a knot, too.

    I am really trying not to think too much about it, but still…the second half of this season has a very dark feeling to it already, which doesn’t bode well for what lies ahead.

    I think BlueJay was referring to the line, “no sympathy for the fallen”, which is different than “no mercy for our enemies”, and seems to suggest that the ‘fallen’ refer to brothers in arms, and not the enemy. If they have no sympathy for their fallen brothers, then why extend to them the gift of life…unless…unless they do it just for funsies. “Hey, Bob. Hive’s kinda dead tonight. You up for a little…ya know… suck and puke?” *wriggles eyebrowless brow*

    Moving on, if their grooming is more like humans, can we PLEASE have a Wraith hair-brushing scene in the movie??! 😀 I can just see it now…group grooming…everyone swarming around, tending to one another…like…fashion models getting ready to strut down the catwalk. 😉

    I like to think that Wraith sleep standing up, at least sometimes – it would just add a new layer to them. But that’s just me. I’d also like to see more of their unused telepathy, their night vision, and their superhuman strength…but, alas, it’s not to be. I guess I should be content with whatever I get.

    Joe – are you excited about the SGA movie? Lately your heart just doesn’t seem to be in Stargate in general. I understand that it’s time to move on and do other things, so I don’t fault you if the thrill is over…but I hope that your enthusiasm (as it translates on this blog) returns as the movie starts coming together. We fans need to feel like there is still some life left in Atlantis…especially as the season, and series, winds down.



  7. Hey Joe.

    Wow….it’s been a while since I last commented. Hey, I thought ou’d be the perfect person to ask question so….is LA kind of like Vancouver (film/tv production wise), only on a much, much bigger scale? Or is the atmosphere totally different?

    Thanks Joe…..and enjoy Tokyo.

  8. Joe,

    Thanks for answering our questions. It was nice seeing the mailbag back again. I missed it.

    I’m also glad to see that you and Paul will be writing some SGU episodes. Looking forward to them. Is it possible to see Michael or Todd in SGU? Since the new aliens from Deadleus Variations didn’t have a chance in Season Six SGA will they show up in SGU? I can’t remember if this was asked already.

    I know this is an old episode, but I have a couple of questions with Quest 1 SG1 Season 10. Was Adria the old librarian from the first time SG1 met him or was she him later when the Ori soldiers showed up? Also was the Baal in Quest I and II the origianl Baal? Or is the original Baal in Continuum? I haven’t seen it yet.

    One more thing is it possible now that the series is over that any of the cast members be a quest blog? Like say Paul McGillian, Joe Flanigan, or even Amanda Tapping? Please, please, please, please.

  9. Hi Joe!

    I hope to participate in the January BOTM club discussions! 🙂

    Question for you (or other appropriate person) from my hubby via me: In Inquisition, the Inquisitors are sitting on chairs that look like they have the initials FOB (BOF? OFB? OBF?) carved into the backs. Are they from previous eps or do the initials stand for anything? Friend of Brad?

    Take care!


  10. “Answer: I haven’t. In fact, I’ve never heard of nanowrimo.”

    I’ll probably be the last one to answer this.

    NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month. The challenge is to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days, the month of November (just a short day away now). It’s a great exercise in creativity, dedication, and coffee consumption.

    This will be my fifth year doing it. I’ve only “won” (made the word limit) once. Doesn’t speak to highly for my writing talents, I know.

    But it’s always a good time if you enjoy all-nighters, stress, frustration, and thousands of other people suffering with you. 🙂

  11. “I’ve never owned a TV.” Wow. Nice that JH answered all those questions.

    And you too…mailbag is always interesting. In more ways than one.

    How does one dress up a pug?

  12. JTH: The Norton Anthology of English Literature.
    I’m all set then 😀
    JTH: I live alone and have a Spartan, highly disciplined lifestyle…
    I am truly inspired by this. Wow.
    JTH: I was on the subway in New York City a few months ago and for the first time in my life I saw someone with one of my books! … When I got off the train, I sat down on a bench. I smiled and then started laughing at my own vanity and foolishness.
    This story made me smile. 🙂
    Thanks so much to John Twelve Hawks for stopping by and sharing so much with us!!!

    My mailbag responses:
    Answer: The way it’s shaping up, I’d say that SGU will definitely be a more character-driven series.
    Glad to hear it. As long as it’s not all-out soap opera or sitcom, I’ll take it!
    Danny writes: “ Stargate Universe is sounding good, so what do i have to do to cast in it?”
    Answer: Get your agent to contact MGM.

    I thought casting would be mostly done by now, considering the casting call went out over a month ago… maybe Brad will update us when he gets around to answering all our questions 😉
    Answer: I haven’t. In fact, I’ve never heard of nanowrimo.
    NaNoWriMo=National Novel Writing Month.
    The website is down now, but should be up soon (I hope!):
    I’m going to try my hand at it this year for the first time. It’s gonna be crazy, but lots of good fun as well!

    I’m still smiling about JXIIH’s subway story 😀
    And happy the mailbag is back!

  13. Riffing off Davidd above:
    In Paul Graham’s “Cities and Ambitions,” he theorized that cities made a statement about the ideal most valued in that community. He offered up “being famous” as the highest ambition in LA; a friend of mind suggested “having fun” for Vancouver. Both have a successful entertainment industry, which fits with either ambition.

    Have you noticed a different vibe or inspiration for involvement in entertainment for the two cities? (exe: recognition vs enjoyment, focus vs work/life balance…)

    While taking a break from my thesis I did a minor writeup of the physics of Brain Storm if you’d like it for anything.

  14. Many thanks to Mr. Twelve Hawks for coming on the grid in order to allow us to interact with him in this medium. An intriguing personage, and a very kind gentleman to participate here. I enjoyed both the questions and answers, and promise to have some questions ready for him on his next appearance here.
    Mr. M. I look forward to the pictures of the dogs. It’s too late for this year, but have you considered doing Atlantis themed costumes for your critters? Maximus with a Wraith wig on would be incredible. Lulu as Teyla…all sorts of possibilities. Whatever the costumes are, I’m sure they will be a hoot.
    Thanks also for the mailbag. Your answer concering the Secret Project has my sleep deprived mind running in overdrive. A novel? A trilogy of novels? No, you mentioned scenes…you’ve stated it’s not Stargate related so there goes our 10 hour Atlantis miniseries…whatever it turns out to be, I’m looking forward to the final product. Just one last question concerning the S.P. Is this a solo effort, or is this something Mr. Mullie will be contributing to? Not that it matters, but I’ve always been a slightly impatient sort, and I’d love to figure it out before any official announcement. thanks again for both the mailbag and for bringing Mr. Twelve Hawks in as a guest blogger.

  15. Cap’ns Mallozzi and Mullie ride again!

    I’m thinkin’ it might be good to invest in some plastic covers for computer monitors and keyboards that mechanics use. Spit-takes can be rough on the electronics!

    Am still laughing over your misadventures. Only in L.A…. You had to have lived through them for some reason, if only to entertain us. As it t’was, had to read it again fer funsies. Very, very good stuff in the life of a writer and producer in the entertainment industry. Felt sa sorry fer ya in the tough bits. Fascinating as a train wreck, at some points, so awful that ya had ta read on to find out what happened next:

    ➡ The deranged GPS with the giddy, sadistic qualities of Paris Hilton rather than the sensible car Kit (Knight Rider).
    😎 A conspiracy theory behind the purloined – or not – sunglasses.
    😳 “Don’t tell me (insert cheesy movie title here) isn’t yours.” Dead silence. “That was one we produced.”
    😯 The bloke who peed a porcelain interlude whilst ya pitched yer movie.
    😕 The $17.50 parking fine, er, fee.

    On the plus side, you had:

    fine dining
    a surreal dinner with a feisty family
    a fun meet-up with blog regular Paulette (should we all call you “swagman” now?)
    a profitable meeting chez Paulette with a class exec who made time for you when said sadistic GPS led you a merry chase down Santa Monica Blvd.

    Here’s to “good news!” coming from the “perfect fit” studio.

    P.S. Didja take any pictures while ya were (squint!) in the land of sunshine?

  16. Many thanks to John Twelve Hawks responding so quickly to our questions. Now to buy the Dark River and wait patiently for The Golden City. Fascinating.

    Very glad to hear you will be involved with SGU and the SGA movie. Now for the patience to discover, if you share, the personal projects and your super secret project.

  17. Paging Major Teldy… Paging Major Teldy…
    Is Major AnneTeldy there?

    How be ya, ma’am? We miss yer comments, hereabouts.

  18. Joe;
    As I’ve said before I don’t think I will be able to watch or even enjoy sgu because every time I look at it or hear about it, it makes me angry or sad that Atlantis was canceled for no reason at all. When Atlantis came into the picture Sg-1 was still running so I had no ill will for it and obviously really really love it. The running of sgu just feels like a slap in the face that’s it’s green lit and SGA isn’t. But since you will be able to wright a few episodes I may watch those just for that. I’m so glad that they didn’t leave you guys out in the cold as it seemed they were going to. That makes me a little less pissed but not by much. Do you think if we can’t get Atlantis un-canceled by fan power alone, could large ratings on the movie possible bring it back? Heck at this point I’d even take 10 episodes a year. Thanks and have a very happy Halloween. Nicole.

  19. Great Q&A with J12H Joe. Can you use his opening comment about your character on your CV?

    It was sad to read that even though he gave away most of the money from The Traveler it did not help.

    I’ve just got home from the funeral of our last Grandparent in the family.

    My husband says “I hate funerals” and that is his reason for never wanting to go to funerals.

    And no I couldn’t stay quiet so I asked, “You show me someone that loves funerals and you can be excused. Show me the person that when you say there’s a funeral to go to their face lights up and say “Yeeees, funeral man. They rock! The little meatballs, triangle sandwiches, the tears, yeah, the tears. That’s what I love the most. We should have them more often.”

    I will be punished by the Sarcasm Gods.

  20. Wow, a Q&A so quickly and the Mailbag – great.

    Thank you John Twelve Hawks for answering the questions. Really interesting answers. And the websites are great.

    Joe wrote: Answer: The way it’s shaping up, I’d say that SGU will definitely be a more character-driven series.

    Questions: What are you planning for the SGA movie concerning this matter? Will it be more character-driven than the series? (I would like that)

    Is there a deadline for finishing the script?

  21. Firstly I’d like to say a big thanks to JXIIH. Although I haven’t yet read his work I have checked out his website and having read his responses to the questions my interest is sufficiently piqued so I’m on a mission. I love the idea that basically only HE knows who he is, that really resonates with me, I’ve often wondered (had I been talented enough) whether I could do the same, I’d like to think so but its that little thing called vanity and the desire for others to validate ourselves that kinda gets in the way. As one apparent failure to another GO JXIIH! Wherever you are!

  22. Narelle, The sarcasm gods are smiling upon you. When I go I want a New Orleans style celebration….hey why wait? lets have one NOW! If I wait til I’m dead I won’t be able to enjoy all the nice things people say about me. BUGGER!

  23. Yes, a big thank you to John Twelve Hawks for doing a great job on guest blogging this time. I wish I could have thought of a question to ask (they come to mind but then never get to paper!). Guess I’ll go back to being the silent blogger I am. But I defiantely keep reading.

    Thank you again Joe for hosting’s JTH Q and A.

  24. Coucou Joseph!!
    Sa va ??? Moi super!! Hier le podcatsx c’est trés bien passer!
    Sympas de répondre a toute ces question, mince je ne vous en avez pas poser.

    Lol hier je regarder une émission de divertissement asser drôle, et je vois qu’il on inviter notre secrétaire d’Etat. (Je me suis dit “Encore un homme politique, s’ayer je vais m’ennuyer -_-‘)

    Donc l’animateur parler de lui, et son désire de devenir ministre de la culture….
    L’animateur dit, oui vous aimez les serie TV aussi, comme les Expert…L’homme politique dit “oui” puis coupe l’animateur pour dire “Oui mais il surout une serie que j’aime particulérement, mais comme cela passe sur une chaine concurrente, je ne sais pas si je doit le dire….
    L’animateur dit “Biensure”
    Et la le choc, il nous réveil qu’il est un super fan de Stargate SG1!!! O_O (trop fort)

    Alors moi je propose une réforme!: Stargate pour tous^^!!

    Aller gros bisou!! a plus tard

  25. Joe, can you confirm whether or not Teyla and/or Ronon will be in Vegas? There’s no sight of them in the stills or mention in the spoilers…

  26. Hello Mr M!

    Greetings from a very cold but sunny Tipperary!

    What a great Q and A with Mr Twelve Hawks! I am still reading through, so have avoided the spoilers but am thoroughly enjoying the story.

    Thank you for answering my question Mr M re: The Plague Year, I hope that filming starts soon, it will be a sure fire hit!

    By the by, your talk of pitching and airports set off an old bell in the back of the cranium and sure enough, I grabbed “Sight Unseen” Season 6 SG1 from the shelf….and whadda ya know…. A small cameo for a writer talking on the ‘phone mentioning “The act 2 twist” just as he sees the inter-dimensional bugs and screams…. Great touch! Between that and Mr Shanks on SGA….I miss SG1!

    THanks again Mr M!


    PS Meant to say could you do a Blog Dedication to my wife (Deirdre)? It was her birthday yesterday! Thanks

  27. Thank you so much for the answers Joe, I was very happy when I read the mailbag today. 🙂

  28. Hey

    Dont know if you read these but i have a question about Stargate Universe if you could email me that would be great.

    Hope to hear from you

  29. JTH- very mysterious. I like how he prefaces his answers though. It makes sense, in a way, to keep everything unknown.

    Joseph, when you say SGA movie, you need to make sure you add an “S” to it, be positive.

    On another note, I just received my first email solicitation saying a distant relative has left an inheritance and there were no close relatives therefore they have contacted me. Never heard of the guy ever. Although he does have the same last name, I find it odd that this attorney is willing to provide the paperwork proving I am related. Unlike you Joseph, I did not bother to respond, although, if I had your wit, I may be tempted.

    To Jinx: Never owned a TV, OH MY! Since I was a kid, we’ve never had less than 6 tvs in our house at a time. Now that I am older, I still have 3 being used with one in the spare bedroom and another in storage (just in case lol). That being said, myself and my daugther are the only two living in the house. I know, sad now that I say it (lol).

  30. I know I asked questions about Quest I and II, never mind. It was a duh question. I figured it out later.


  31. Thanks for having John Twelve Hawks as a guest! His life sounds more amazing than the books! Well, not really – I love the books and can’t wait for the next one.

  32. Hi Joe,

    I’ve been in “lurker” mode the last few weeks, but I’m so glad for your blog! It’s always filled with interesting tidbits, factoids, and goodies.

    Just posting to say WOW to J12H. He has me fascinated! He sounds like an incredibly intellectual, yet “approachable” person. The kind of man you could have countless conversations with. I like that. I like knowing someone out in the world is really living it the way he wants. Not sure, but I just smile because of it.

    Trish in Texas

  33. Hi Joe,

    Thanks for the answers to some of the questions.

    This one in particular needs a link to the photo in question:
    Bluejay writes: “*come on tell us what the deal was with those smooth haired pics of Todd. Was it a look they tried and didn’t like or was it from a cut scene that will be on the dvd?”

    Answer: Have no idea what you’re referring to.

    Bluejay was referring to this official photo from “The Queen”:

    Could you please, pretty please, answer the question, I’d love to know myself? 😉

    PS: I completely agree with everything das said! I’m worried about Todd in the last 2 episodes too!

  34. Hey Joe,

    I always enjoy reading your blog, and want to tell you how much it is appreciated. I always love the videos, too!

    I was glad to hear that you and Paul had a good time in L.A. I hope you’ll be getting some positive news about those pitches very soon!

    Now, I was going to ask you a little favor: there’s something I would very much like to email you about, and I was just wondering what the best email address would be to reach you at?

    Thanks again for spending so much time on here, and I’m very much looking forward to the remainder of SGA, SGU as well as any other upcoming projects of yours!


  35. The same poster at Gateworld did a screentime count:
    Screentime after 10 episodes = 130m37s
    Average screentime after 10 episodes = 13m04s
    10/10 episodes.
    Screentime after 10 episodes = 129m04s
    Average screentime after 10 episodes = 12m54s
    10/10 episodes.
    Screentime after 10 episodes = 80m27s
    Average screentime after 10 episodes = 8m06s
    8/10 episodes
    Screentime after 10 episodes = 76m53s
    Average screentime after 10 episodes = 7m41s
    9/10 episodes
    Screentime after 10 episodes = 59m07s
    Average screentime after 10 episodes = 5m55s
    7/10 episodes

    Guess Keller just talks alot when she’s there!

  36. Whose idea was it to have Halloween on a Friday night?? At least I won’t have to deal with Atlantis being interrupted every 5 minutes by trick-or-treaters…but then again, I’m already sad that there’s not a new episode for my DVR tonight. Just can’t please me today, I guess. I suppose for entertainment we can turn on the police scanner. That ought to be fun tonight!

    I spent a good part of the day painting our front door and repairing our coffee table, which involved sanding, drilling, and staining. And now it appears we have no hot water for the shower. I can fix a coffee table, but I don’t know anything about water heaters. I guess I’m going to be a stinky handyman/woman for Halloween. I’m hoping that when Mr. Crazymom gets home from work, he’ll know what to do about the water. After he finishes saying many bad words, that is.

    I’m going to have some pumpkin pie for dinner and some candy for dessert. That’ll make me feel better!

  37. Happy Halloween, everyone!

    Where the heck are the trick-or-treaters? I miss all those little kids (or even big kids) in their costumes. I know we have dozens of kids under the age of 12 in this neighborhood. Has it gone out to fashion to go from house to house? Do they all go to private parties now?

    But more importantly, who’s going to eat all this candy!!!

  38. @Sparrow_hawk: You can send it my way 🙂

    Joe, one last thing: Are you dressing up as anything for Halloween?

    I just grabbed a mask from Wal-Mart the other day and I’m gonna hope for the best.

  39. Joe, is there any news about the Hazzencockle adoption? Inquiring minds need to know.

  40. Thanks Das you put it better than i did. I was kind of rushed. Lunch time is when there’s a new entry and it was coming up to that and i wanted to get the questions out for the mailbag. So they weren’t properly formed.

    Thanks Das and Todds Worshipper for posting that pic, i do like that pic. well any pic of Todd is good really, the other one like that where more of his body is in view is one of my favs.

    Hey Joe, post us some pics of the doggies all dressed up, they must look adorable.

  41. Finally saw Inquisition. Yet another example of the correct way to do a clips episode – make the story first and then add the clips second, rather than the other way around (ie. Out of Mind). Quite nice.

    One question though:

    Was the end with Sheppard and Woolsey on the balconey an intentional homage to the way virtually every episode of Boston Legal ends? They usually have Spader and Shatner on their balcony, drinking scotch and smoking cigars. This was the same.

    Not saying it was a copy – just an homage – but wondered if it was intentional.


  42. I have read both of your books and they are wonderfully written and I have enjoyed both of them and can’t wait to read your next book out this year.

    My question is how do you stay off the grid? I am becoming increasingly concerned about the way that our lives are changing without our consent in most cases. Big Brother is becoming more and more prevalent. It would be interesting to hear how you manage to stay off the grid.

  43. I’m pretty sure JTH is a guy who lived in Gainesville, FL, back in the mid-90s. He went by the name “Hawk” and claimed to be a sci-fi writer. I’d always see him at Bagel-land and/or the University of Florida Library West (where I worked), and other places. He was really into living off the grid and keeping a low profile. I was introduced to him via my friend, Liz, who was one of the few people he seemed to be friends with. He looked kinda like Iggy Pop’s younger brother.

    Maybe you could ask him if this is true–if he remembers a Liz or her friend Joe, who always said hi to him.

  44. It was quite by accident that I read The Traveller as I had started a book swap at work and there it was on the shelf. I thoroughly enjoyed it and couldn`t wait to read The Dark River. It made me very aware of the various different ways that you are on the grid and has been subject of many discussions ever since. I am now very excited that The Golden City is out and after reading the Prelude on a website I cant wait to read the rest. Thank you for taking me from romantic novels to thought provoking stories. I too think this would make a fantastic movie.

  45. Can you ask 12 hawks to make Michael Corrigan more exciting in the next novel,
    maybe have him playing football for the furbo reserves or something?

  46. Could he bring Michael D. Higgins into the story as a Harlequin with a hurley as his talisman?

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