Back in late 2007, when we received word that Amanda Tapping would not be reprising her role as Colonel Samantha Carter on Stargate: Atlantis, the production was faced with the task of choosing a new commander for the Atlantis expedition. Surprisingly, it wasn’t that difficult given that Paul and I immediately agreed on the short list of candidates: “Picardo, Bob. That is all.” I picked up the phone and gave Bob a call, asked him how he’d like to join the show as a regular. He was surprised yet delighted at the prospect of coming aboard. “Uh, can I get back to you on Monday?”he asked me. “I need to run this by Linda.” Well, Bob’s lovely wife Linda thankfully gave him her blessing and so it was that Robert Picardo joined the cast of Stargate: Atlantis.

It’s interesting that, in season 5, Bob stepped into a position vacated by Amanda Tapping given that, whenever I do interviews, I often draw parallels between the two. They are both incredibly kind, professional, delightful to work with, and gifted actors who always elevate the performances of anyone they share a scene with.

As production on the show’s fifth and final season wrapped, I asked Bob whether he might be interested in doing a little fan Q&A for the blog. He was kind enough to say yes and, after shooting his last scene, dropped by my office to answer some of your questions which I dutifully transcribed and now present to you as part of this special Robert Picardo Guest Blog Entry…

Jason writes: “What was it like to work with Andy Dick on Voyager?”

RP: Andy dick was pretty wild to be around. The first day we met he said “Hey – Picardo. That’s so close to Captain Picard. Do you get teased a lot about that?” And I said “Wait a minute. You’re name is Andy Dick and you’re going to make fun of mine?”

I was actually concerned that when it aired that episode, T.V. Guide might do a close-up box about the episode with some unfortunate quotes like “Picardo and Dick Inseperable!” or “Picardo Handles Dick Adroitly“ or “Picardo Obviously Loves Dick“. But none of that happened.

Jason also writes: “If given a choice, would you prefer the Atlantis uniform or a suit and tie to wear when portraying Woolsey?”

RP: I definitely would have preferred Woolsey to stay in a business suit. However, I understand that it was very important for his identification with the team to be in a base uniform. I just wish that it didn’t look so much like a jogging suit.

Sylvia writes: “Please share description of a couple of scenes with the cast that stand out as memorable to you personally.”

RP: I liked my scene with Joe at the end of The Seed wherein Woolsey recognizes the necessity of casting aside the rule book. I thought that was the beginning of his real education as a leader. I also enjoyed the comic moments I was given to play particularly in the upcoming episode Remnants.

Laura writes: “Do you have any thoughts/comments about the closure of Star Trek: The Experience in Las Vegas?”

RP: I do think it was unwise of whomever purchased the Vegas Hilton to decide to close this attraction only a few moments before the Star Trek franchise if about to be revitalized by the new J.J. Abrams film. I am especially delighted to report that we reference Star Trek: The Experience in an upcoming Stargate: Atlantis episode set in Vegas. Dr. Mckay’s character points out that there’s only one place an alien could easily get a job in Vegas and that’s in Star Trek :The Experience. He of course gets a droll response from Richard Woolsey who happens to look more than little like that Doctor character from Star Trek.

Astrid writes: “What more character development would you have liked or would like to see happen to Woolsey?”

RP: I had hoped for a character arc with Ronon because I thought we were so marvelously mismatched: Ronon barely speaks and Woolsey can’t seem to shut up. I thought it would be fun if he agreed to Woolsey’s secret request to be trained in hand to hand combat and weapons. My thought was that Ronon would agree to wok with Woolsey with the caveat that he never open his mouth while they were training.

Amyfo writes: “The first thing I remember seeing you in was The Wonder Years. What was that like?”

RP: Even at the time I sensed The Wonder Years would be an iconic television show. People have enjoyed it so much in reruns. I also think that the writing was extraordinarily good. I think the scene where my character, Coach Cutlip, teaches sex education may be the funniest piece of film I’ve ever been involved in.

Amyfo also writes: “You’ve had guest roles on so many different great shows throughout your career. Any favorites?”

RP: I enjoyed playing Satan on Seven Days. Perhaps I’ll get to play Satan again even though Seven Days is long gone.

TM writes: “Would you do another book related to a character you played? It’d be pretty cool a Woosley’s guide to command or something.”

RP: I think its unlikely. The Hologram’s Handbook was fun to do because it was a satire of a self help book (which always annoy me). The basic conceit was that if you were an advanced Artificial Intelligence smarter than everyone else in the room, how do you get along with stupid people?

Glenda writes: “Now that SGA is canelled, will you be doing more convention appearances or will you be taking on more acting roles? What are your up in coming projects?”

RP: I will be doing two movies: a scifi creature flick called The Awakened and a horror movie with Joe Dante called The Hole. I also will be performing with The Dallas Symphony Orchestra in an evening of Star Trek movie music co-hosted by John Delancie. And I’m still doing post production on the first horror movie that I star in, Sensored. Check out the website, I also have upcoming appearances in Bournemouth England, Bonn Germnay, and Sydney and Brisbane, Australia as well as a number of domestic ones.

Nicole Gustas writes: “Why did they drop the whole “naming the doctor” thing on Voyager?”

RP: To begin with, the reason that became a recurring joke is probably my fault. The show had not yet premiered and we were shooting episode 5, I believe, and I had a big scene where I confessed to Kes that I would like to have a name like any other crewmember I asked Rick Berman, our Exec Producer if they intended to list me as Dr. Zimmerman in the opening credits (as my character was listed as Dr. Zimmerman in all of the scripts thus far and in the series bible). He said “Of course.” and I said “Well, if we’re going a storyline where I’m hoping to get a name, doesn’t this kill the suspense?” And he agreed and they changed my title credit to The Doctor. They enjoyed playing the character who couldn’t decide on his own name for a number of years. I think the whole notion of an indecisive computer program is rather amusing. But like any joke that’s played too often, it can get tiresome. So they basically dropped it except for a parting reference to it in our finale.

Nicole Gustas also writes: Why are you so awesome, Robert Picardo?  Doyou try to make potentially a#@hole characters equivocal, or is that just a special talent you have?

RP: I enjoy playing characters that are initially disliked but need to be reassessed as you discover more about them – their motivation, their beliefs, their quirks. I think that we too frequently judge people on an initial impression in life and I think it’s gratifying when you discover that this initial impression was wrong and you grow to like someone all the more (perhaps because of guilt or perhaps just sheer delight in the perverse). I think that I have brought additional conflict to the Atlantis palate. It is difficult to serve a leader that you don’t particularly like or have complete confidence in and I think the journey of Richard Woolsey becoming a leader impacted on those who were obligated to follow him. I also appreciate that there have been some nice comic moments with Woolsey accommodating himself to his new environment and responsibilities.

Patricia Lee writes: “I am looking forward to seeing the horror movie SENSORED. The behind the scenes on the website are great and the trailer is shocking and scary:
1. What was it like filming such a deep physiological thriller?”

RP: What made the character appealing to me is that he was pretty ineffectual in his own life but could create an absolutely terrifying version of himself in nightmarish images that he implanted in the people he was manipulating. It’s basically an “evil twin” challenge for an actor but in a more unusual context. Yes, I am very creepy in the creepy scenes. My teenage children will hopefully treat me with much more respect once they’ve seen the movie.

Arctic Goddess writes: “I enjoyed your character in China Beach. He was one of your best. But then, the doctor on Voyager was also very intriguing. You were wonderful at demonstrating his frustration when his little world of sickbay was ignored by the rest of the crew. Of all the characters you have played, which was your favorite and which one the most difficult to portray?”

RP: I would say that China Beach was the most difficult because of the emotional demands of many of the episodes. We were doing a series about a very unpopular war that had devastated a number of lives, especially among those who lost family members in the war and those who never fully assimilated back into society once they returned. We felt a tremendous responsibility had been given us in doing the show, that perhaps in some small way we could contribute to the healing of these old wounds. And I’m very proud of the work we did and impressive company of actors that I was honored to be a part of.

Rebecca T. writes: “Do you like to cook? If you do then, what is your favourite food item/meal to cook?”

RP: I love to cook! And I make many different dishes and many kinds of food, but if I had to pick a favorite it’s one of the simplest things I make with only a few pure ingredients. And that is my fresh spinach pizza and home made crust.

Neb writes: “When will we get to hear you sing in Atlantis!?”

RP: I don’t think Woolsey‘s CAN sing – which is a shame as the giant staircase in the Atlantis control room would be perfect for a musical number. I’d like to see Woolsey do A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody.

90 thoughts on “September 26, 2008: Robert Picardo Answers Your Questions!

  1. “When will we get to hear you sing in Atlantis!?”

    RP: I don’t think Woolsey‘s CAN sing – which is a shame as the giant staircase in the Atlantis control room would be perfect for a musical number. I’d like to see Woolsey do A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody.

    OMG… that would be hilarious! YES PLEASE JOE!!!

    Please have Ivon film that little ditdy for us and put it on the season 5 DVD…

    Thanks to Robert Picardo for such lovely answers and humor galore!

    Patricia Lee

  2. 😆 @ robert’s fears on how he and andy dick would be advertised for the episode!

  3. Fantastic interview of a terrific actor. I’ll be looking up his upcoming movie appearances (except for the sci fi channel flick; I’m no longer watching that network except for Stargate and Sanctuary). Thanks to Mr. P. for taking the time to do the interview, and to you Mr. M. for making it happen.

  4. Ah great, now I’ll never look at Atlantis’ staircase again without thinking of Woolsey singing a song, with the team behind, as backup singers/dancers 😉

  5. Heh. There’s this video of Patrick Stewart in full Picard uniform doing a song and dance number on the bridge of the Enterprise. You guys should totally do something like that with Woolsey, maybe as an easter egg on the DVD.

  6. Thank you Robert Picardo! I’m a huge fan of yours and it was great to read a guest blog from you 🙂

  7. Bournemouth!! Its so close, yet so far at the same time. Alas I shallnot be able too make it. It’s weird all this talk of Patrick Stuart, he’s a Chancellor at my uni, bet I’ll never meet him tho, just my luck. gd nite world xx

  8. Watching First Contact right now. Wow! That’s all I can say right now, well, besides COOL. Otherwise am inarticulate.

    Back to watching.


  9. Thanks for the interview! And I totally agree with Shawna about the dance sequence.

    Random question: What books were Chuck and John reading in tonight’s episode?

  10. I’m still pretty inarticulate about First Contact, but I will say that this is my favorite episode of SGA yet. I am completely blown away by it. Great story, great effects, fascinating mystery, wonderful character moments. I’m a little irritated at Sci-Fi’s previews because they took away from the cliffhanger a bit, but the episode was just amazing.

    I think I know who these people are too. We’ll see.

    And I think that das is most likely fairly happy, too.


  11. Thank you, Mr. Picardo for the guest blog, very intriguing. Joe has the bestest blog ever!

    First Contact. Wow. Yay! Wait … they … they … and then they … but then they … and they … and then… and then … and I have to wait TWO frickin’ weeks? Ooooh, that was good.

    My brother is improving, he’s begun making red blood cells now too, and his liver looks okay, kidneys are borderline. He still has several serious complications which keep him in the hospital, but he’s making progress. Thanks for all the good thoughts.

  12. Wow. First Contact really kicked ass…but…but… Todd made me whimper. 🙁 Damn him!! Why did he have to go and get all sentimental on me!!! Guuuuuh!

    It’s like I’ve said – what will they be if they are no longer ‘Wraith’. God, I just want them as is, now – and for the damn Lanteans to go the hell home and let the Wraith feed in peace. Yup. Yet another episode that has made me hate those meddling Stargate folks even more.

    Still…it was very good. Todd was wonderful, as always. But it has also left me terribly depressed. And my husband is gone for two days taking classes, so I’m alone, AND depressed.

    I need some chocolate. AND a Todd plushie.



  13. “today is a great day, Robert Grosseteste once said”, i love richard woolsey.
    why was this series cancelled?

  14. Just had to drop a line to say how “wow”ed I am by First Contact. By now you’d think I’d be used to having you folks delivering above and beyond expectations. I’m even willing to overlook the ignominy of Daedalus being taken over. She’s avoided the fate of too many television space ships, both in and out of the Stargate universe, up until now. And at least she was taken by Todd. But the balance of humor, action, and sheer tension is as good as anything in the series to date. I’ve been having fits trying to rate the episodes this season, and this isnt’ making my job any easier. Kudos to all concerned.

  15. No, No. Sing you are my Sunshine(Make it a 2nd time you’ve sung)
    That song would be perfect for Woolsey, but I can’t imagine a situation where he could sing this though.
    Maybe if Woolsey got paired off with someone or was close to someone, or maybe giving someone lessons on how to “express” feeling to someone on Atlantis.

    But yes, I’m all for Woolsey singing on Atlantis, make it happen 🙂

  16. Jason writes: “What was it like to work with Andy Dick on Voyager?”

    RP: Andy dick was pretty wild to be around. The first day we met he said “Hey – Picardo. That’s so close to Captain Picard. Do you get teased a lot about that?” And I said “Wait a minute. You’re name is Andy Dick and you’re going to make fun of mine?”

    I was actually concerned that when it aired that episode, T.V. Guide might do a close-up box about the episode with some unfortunate quotes like “Picardo and Dick Inseperable!” or “Picardo Handles Dick Adroitly“ or “Picardo Obviously Loves Dick“. But none of that happened.

    OMG! Can I just say I laughed so much I snorted..yep..that does not happen often with my very dry sense of humor but that response had me crying!

    Love First Contact…funniest line..I didn’t snort but I did bust out laughing..Caldwell to Woosely..Robert who?

    I enjoyed this episode A LOT..can’t believe I have to wait 2 weeks for the next!

  17. Just got done watching First Contact and am not happy I have to wait two weeks. If I think about it though it’s not so bad cause girls weekend is next weekend and the hotel surely doesn’t have the scifi channel. So, I guess that is something. Oddly, I seem to be wishing the days/weeks to go by faster so I can see the show. Bittersweet though cause the faster it goes by the sooner it will be gone.

    The show had all kinds of great moments, but I have to say I laughed hysterically when they called for sheppard in his room and he woke up saying “I was just resting my eyes”. I had just done that ten minutes before the show. I fell asleep and my daughter was like, “mom your gonna miss it” and my response was ” I was just resting my eyes”, really though I was sleeping. Guess you had to be there.

    Thanks Bob.

  18. Thank you, Mr Picardo! 🙂

    I suppose it’s fortunate for you, Joe, that SGA is cancelled, because now I just want a musical ep all the more …

    Aaaaanyway …

    Re: First contact, Wowee!! 😀 It was great to see two of my fave characters, Daniel & Rodney, together! Loved the little heart-to-heart they had! Loved Rodney’s little geek-outs, too, like about Tesla, and the batcave. Liked how the transitions were handled, moving about the city. The thing about the wall was really cool, too!

    Did Todd seem depressed to anyone else? (He seemed to be feeling as I do about the political clime these days — like we’re screwed no matter who we choose for Pres.) I’m glad to see that his turning on them was a contingency plan, not something he planned to do no matter what. And I think he was upset that Sheppard wasn’t there — maybe even insulted?

    Speaking of Sheppard, loved his “teen agnst”ness when dealing with Woolsey, especially the “not making any promises” line. Flanigan’s faces in that whole sequence were too, too funny! XD Of course I also loved how worried he was for Rodney.

    And I know they don’t die, but that last sequence was really thrilling! Great job, David Nykl — he really sold it!

    I know we haven’t seen the last of McKeller, but I’m still rooting more for Ronon/Keller and was happy to see it here — I’m sorry, but for me, they have much more going for them in the way of physical chemistry. I think Rodney and Keller make great friends, but without that physical component, there doesn’t seem a point in going any further — their kiss in Last Man seemed awfully chaste, and one-sided. Granted that doesn’t mean Ronon and Keller should end up together either, necessarily, as a mentaal compoent is important to a good relationship *too*, but if she’s going to end up in a relationship with a physical aspect … yeah. I like McKeller only for how it gives the writers some ways to develop (or mess with) Rodney — I don’t find the idea of them being together long-term appealing (or, frankly, believable, as she seems to act like he’s got a cute crush and she thinks he’s sweet, not like she’s actually resciprocating — maybe she’s supposed to, but if that’s the case, Staite is just not selling it for me). I wouldn’t stop watcing if McKeller did end up being where things end up, but I’m not rooting for it either. Of course, with the cancellation, that’s moot anyway, I guess. I just personally would rather see the movie focus on Rodney & Sheppard’s relo and not be distracted by McKeller, even if Mckeller is only platonic. 😉 (But yes, I would still buy the movie no matter what, even if McKeller ended up married or something.)

    Also, sidenote, why does everyone keep saying lately that Rodney & Keller were married in the alt timeline? I saw no indication if this, no mention of a wedding and no rings ….

  19. this could become dicey, with the replicators, Micheal and now this new enemy it just seem to me that a lot of those 60 hive ships that were mentioned in the first season are being either destroyed or inoperable, i don’t see how they will play a major role in a movie format after this season. That being said, I would watch a movie dealing with the Wraith.
    By the way Shepard’s in trouble, he blow the city.

  20. First Contact was AMAZING! I thought everyone was perfect. I loved the speech gag with Woolsey.
    There was so much great action and the twists were very interesting. TWO weeks???!!! I can’t wait to see part 2.

  21. Acccording to someone on GW… re: First Contract… all the main responses to this episode is expletives and exclamation points.

    Way to go Marty Gero! Great Episode!!!

  22. Thanks so much to Robert Picardo for the Q&A. If possible, I think I adore him even more now.

    And I’m with everyone else calling for a Woolsey song and dance. Let’s make that happen for the DVD. 🙂

  23. Joe,
    Can you tell me why the center activation piece of the DHD in Tracker is blue? It is the first time I noticed this as all the other DHD’s are Red! Thanks
    Patricia Lee

  24. First Contact…Oh my god! What an amazing episode. One of the top 3 Atlantis episodes of the 90 so far. I have a bit of a rant but I’ll talk about this masterpiece first.
    I apologize in advance if this is a bit long. Everything worked in this episode. There was not one wasted scene or character. The 43 or so minutes flew by. I could not believe it was over so fast. Michael Shanks did an excellent job, enduring quite a bit of undeserved hostility from Rodney. Loved the continuity of Daniel always being criticized for his theories to bring Rodney down a bit by finding the secret lab full of cool ancient stuff. The chemisty between the two actors was really good considering the fact that I don’t remember them sharing a scene before, except the brief one in Rising.
    Shepard did a great job in the big chair as well. He can’t be blamed for encountering a race that had a big cool ancient ship that passed right through the shield. Side note: how neat was that device they used to burrow right down to the lab. Interesting that he had “Teyla and a team of marines” go to the pier instead of Lorne. I guess that was the only way to get her into the episode. Although to be fair there really wasn’t a good place to put her in before that.
    And now to Todd. Not sure if Das has regained consciousness yet, but I’m sure you and a few others are jumping for joy right now. Not only did you get the line from Shepard: “I have a relationship with Todd.” but the profound: “What will we do. What will we become.” in the speech he gave to Keller. And I can say with a straight face that he did indeed have a trick up his sleeve. Last week it was a portable transporter, now some kind of disruptor. The technology is the show is growing by leaps and bounds.
    I wasn’t too happy with Woolsey in this episode. It seemed he took a step backwords with his attempt to get his whole speech in to Todd and trying to explain that he wasn’t happy about the Wraith settlement being attacked. It seemed he lost the confidence he had gained earlier in the season.
    I also laughed at how Ronan upped the ante with Rodney by sneaking away as Keller’s bodyguard. The look on his face was priceless. The other line of the night was Daniel saying “I hope heaven doesn’t look like this.”
    Now for the rant. This episode was brilliant. Some of the best television has to offer. The kind of episode that gets a show a two year extension. So why in the frak is Atlantis being cancelled for kids in space? No one can argue that Atlantis should be taken off the air for any reason. Much less the drivel that Universe appears to be. If MGM/Sci Fi had that much confidence in Universe they would be releasing more detailed info on the premise or characters that would make someone other than a 15-21 year old want to watch the show. There isn’t a show on tv right now better than this, scifi or otherwise. To give up on a guarantee for some untried, more expensive gamble is the height of stupidity. BRING BACK ATLANTIS!!!
    In two agonizing week…Bring on The Lost Tribe!

  25. Joe, thanks for the interview. I know SGA is cancelled but I was watching the Last man tonight and I finely realized I wouldn’t see Joe flanigan. Silly I’m thinking about this now but the guy is Hot. I love watching SGA and I know season five is still not over yet but I’m really going to miss seeing all the characters. Jewel’s character was just growing and I hated Rodney’s character in the beginning but over the seasons his character grew on me. I think I’m having a late reaction after hearing the show was cancelled.. I’m looking forward to the movie… thanks for a great show and look forward to see what everyone will do in the future…Take care..! Oh look forward to seeing Daniel Jackson on tonights episode..Micheal shanks is a great actor also like Amanda Tapping..okay I’ll stop..good night!

    Portlandbound..aka darlene

  26. “What would we do? Who would we be?” I’m guessing das was trying to climb through her television screen to comfort Todd at that moment.

    Good episode but, once again, the Sci Fi Channel managed to give away the ending in their previews all week.

    Anne Teldy

  27. Wow! First Contact was something to behold! Good, quick moving story with lots of zingers between McKay and Jackson, and lotsof weapons acton by Sheppard and Teyla. Considering the time next week is spent to introduce Sanctuary, I can have patience and wait 2-weeks for the final part of this episode. Any other season it would be a month at least before we got the conclusion.
    Looking forward to Sanctuary to see what Kindler/Wood/Tapping/Robbins and Dunne have come up with at this time. Just spent 34 minutes watching a “sneek peek” on the SciFi website and I must say it looks quit interesting. But you’re gonna really have to suspend disbelief to enjoy this program.

  28. Never go bowling with people 15 years younger than you are. I’m pretty sure that although those 30-year-olds will have horrendous hangovers tomorrow, and will have to go retrieve their cars (having been driven home by the Designated Driver), I’m pretty sure that pain in my hip that started during the first frame will last longer than their hangovers. Not that I would ever admit that to them….

  29. Good Evening Mr. M.
    First Contact was a “GREAT” episode! It was amazing! Love it! Please tell Martin Gero & Andy Mikita that they hit this one out of the park!

    OOOH Ohh… Mr. Carter! *raise hand high in the air* I’ve got the answer…pick me, pick me!!! The Lost Tribe… it just came to me! They are the descendants of the LANTEANS? They have been waiting for Janus’s to return from being an ascended being or waiting for Janus’s off spring to come back and wipe out the wraith? Am I right?

    If am I right, can I get blog acknowledgment in two weeks?

    You guys are wonderful, this show is wonderful, and I am still baffled at how TPTB can still want to cancel it…there are still so many amazing stories to tell! sigh

    Patricia Lee

  30. @ wolfenm – Yes, Todd seemed a bit depressed, and for exactly what you said. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. His world is turned upside down, and he’s starting to feel it now…the change, the ‘metamorphosis’ of his kind, if they so choose it. But to choose it means losing who they are, and not to choose it means death for what they are.

    I would be depressed, too. Heck, it made me depressed just thinking about it.

    Also, Todd was a bit cranky, as well. I love Wraith when they’re cranky. 😀 Makes them more Wraithy, just the way I like ’em. Loved him brushing Woolsey off. I wonder if he was a bit annoyed that Shep wasn’t there, as if it was a slight, or something.

    I liked how Todd confided in Keller. It was nice to see him speak his mind freely. She’s the first one he’s actually opened up to, besides Sheppard back in prison. He torments Rodney, tries to out-snark Sheppard, stands up to Ronon, and is baffled by Teyla. But Keller? He lets his guard down with her. I find it an interesting writing choice, since the same scene could have taken place between Todd and Kenny, with no human ever knowing their apprehensions.

    I would like to know if there was any collaboration between this episode and The Queen as far as their interaction goes. I say this because in The Queen, Todd speaks soothingly to Keller, perhaps sensing her nervousness over having to explain the Michael thing to another Wraith. He knows she’s not full of ego like Rodney and Shep and Ronon, and even Teyla. Keller is different. Perhaps he senses her compassion, perhaps he doesn’t see her as a threat, who knows. But I really liked it, I liked how he let his guard down with her instead of someone else, then caught himself, and went back to work. I wonder if there was anything planned there between the two episodes to show character development between these two, or if it just worked out that way by ‘accident’.

    <b.@ Tim Gaffney – As you can see, I’m more apprehensive and reflective, than excited. I want more Todd, but the more I get, the more I fear for his life, and the Wraith as a whole.

    This is why I don’t watch much tv – I hate waiting to find out how things will turn out because I worry too much. I much rather watch a two-hour movie than wait weeks, months, or even years to learn the fate of favorite characters. (And yes, I often check the end of books and movies to see how the characters fair – I need to be ‘prepared’ for fictional deaths, seeing as I have no control over the real life ones.)

    That said, Todd is such an exciting character that my heart can’t help but jump the moment I see him on the screen. Probably ’cause he’s so dang sexy in that coat of his! But he’s also just a great character, so well-developed now and so full of personality, and possibilities. Like I’ve said a million times before – he’s why I watch the show.

    That also said, YES!! Sheppard and his ‘I have a relationship with Todd’ was a hoot! 😆 It just plays right into my theory that Sheppard wants Todd, BAD. See how disappointed he was that he couldn’t cozy up to the big green fella on this mission? Poor guy – absolutely gutted. Like I said a few days back – it’s not McKay Shep is eyeing up, but his old dinner date. That ‘gift of life’ must be a hellava thing…like oysters smothered in Love Potion #9.

    Heh. Maybe the Wraith aren’t evolved from iratus bugs as once thought, but from Spanish flies, instead. 😉

    As far as Woolsey’s confidence goes – this was a new situation for him and he wasn’t prepared. He was nervous, anxious – whatever. Anxious, I’ll say – probably thinking that he was going to save the PG by being the one to make peace with the Wraith. I think instead of lacking confidence, he was OVER-confident, biting off more than he could really chew. I liked it…but I liked Todd better. 🙂


  31. Thank you Robert, for answering my question, and for the wonderful Q&A. It cheered me right up.

    Also, I would never have thought before that spinach would be good on a pizza. I may have to try it someday.

  32. For the record, it’s nearly 4 am, and I can’t sleep. Damn that Todd!! I am gonna be useless tomorrow, seeing as how I’ve been awake nearly…*counts* 21 hours now. Yup. Damn that Todd and his swishy walk and his leather coat and his…his…glowy stun sticks! And damn him for having feelings…and then confiding in us! (Well, in Keller…but it’s all the same. )

    If anyone can find a new purpose for the Wraith, it has to be Todd. And they better not go all ‘lemming’ on us – not a species with an ‘instinct for survival’. No, no, NO. The Wraith just need a new outlet for their aggression…a new challenge…

    Roller derby. 😀


  33. Great interview!

    Success to you in the future Mr Picardo, great to see a nice people doing well 🙂

  34. Coucou Joseph!!

    Sa va ??? Rohhhh, j’ai rater mon reveille aujourd’hui!! MOI!!!! pour la premiére fois de ma vie!!! Et je détéste être en retard -_-‘!!

    Oh snif, je n’avais pas vue que l’on pouvez poser des questions a Robert, et bien c’est pas grave, sa sera pour une prochaine fois!

    aller bisou, bon week end! Je vous adore!♥

  35. For the moment I can not talk about that episode. I’m so sad and full of fear. All my thoughts are with Todd and the Wraith and my heart is bleeding when I remember Todd’s sad face while he talks with Keller about his uncertainness of the future of the Wraith. And she just smiles uncomfortable and goes on with her work.

    Same thing with Daniel and Rodney. Let’s wipe out a whole race! Who cares? They’re nothing but bugs, errors of Mother Nature.

    Unbearable arrogant humans….I really hope this gene therapy is no longer an issue now. And I hope that the Wraith are able to destroy that horrible device.

    Jumping for joy, Tim? I’m devastated.

  36. First Contact was among my Atlantis favorites, but having to wait two weeks is torture. The MENSA comment was priceless 🙂 Mr. Shanks and Mr. Hewlett were fantastic together; pure genius putting them together. In my opinion, Season 5 has been the best so far. If nothing else, the show is going out with a huge bang. 🙁

  37. Hi Joe,
    I always loved the production arts that you share with us on your blog, all those drawing that become this ship or that character or that device…
    And I was wondering with the end of Atlantis as a tv serie if you’re planning on share with us even more production art or that kind of stuff like : production art of the Hive Ships, Cruisers, the Lost Tribe ship, daedalus production arts, Altlantis production art, etc.. because I think that with those past 5 years the amount of art must be enormous but still it would be very cool for all the fan armada ^^

    Thanks for all you’ve done for us in 5 years anyway !

  38. First Contact was fantastic!! Thank you so much Martin and Joe!! Loved the Daniela dn Rodney banter! The little heart to heart, – the snarkiness, the little beats between them! Awesome thank you!

  39. Bonjour !

    Cela fait longtemps que je n’étais pas passer sur votre blog. J’espère que vous allez bien comme le reste de l’équipe de tournage SGA et vos chiens 😉

    Moi, ça ne va pas très bien en ce moment. J’ai beaucoup de travail à l’école et j’ai entendu dire qu’il y aurait une convention SG à Paris à laquelle je ne pourrais pas participé (Thanks Mum …). Je suis triste, j’aurais aimé voir à quoi ressemble une convention et peut-être voir mes acteurs préférés … Non seulement, j’habite à deux petites heures de Paris, imaginez ma déception… Qui plus est, c’est la dernière saison de SGA ce qui m’attriste encore plus parce que j’ai l’impression d’être passée à côté de quelque chose.

    S’il vous plaît, pouvez-vous transmettre mes amitiés et mes félicitations aux autres acteurs et faire un câlin à vos chiens de ma part 😉

    Aurélie, une fan française.

  40. Afternoon, Joe..

    Thanks to Bob for popping in and reporting to the Inquisition. I hope he realises just how brilliantly he portrays Woolsey and what a great asset his addition to the Expedition has been this season. I’m really gonna miss seeing how his charrie may have developed with time.

    Re: ‘First Contact’.. Cooly brilliant, as to be expected. I think my favourite part was at the end and that brief exchange between Teyla and Sheppard, as he orders her to clear the room. It takes only the one word, but so much could be read into that simple ‘ Teyla, please.. ‘ As per usual with Joe F, he manages to express everything with just one heartfelt glance. Kudos.

    @ BridJess:

    Huddersfield University? Cool runnings.. just down the road from here. And you never know, get through to graduation and the Chancellor might put in an appearance. They sometimes do. As it is, Patrick Stewart likes to spend time in the town whenever he can. Tis the man’s childhood haunt and as a typical Yorkshireman, he likes to keep a hold on his roots. Same as Sean Bean.. these days, you’ve a pretty good chance of bumping into the guy whilst out in Sheffield, or drinking in the local Pubs 😉

  41. Hello Joe!

    Thanks for Bob Picardo! That man has style and substance! And yet another reason to miss SGA already!

    I had a good laugh when I saw your test of the tap water. You’d think with all the rain falling on Ireland, the water would be good, wouldn’t you? The local paper headlines here in Galway are screaming: “Get the lead out!” It’s the latest tap water scare, we’ve got lead in the water this time.

    Last year, the tap water actually killed several people and sent a few hundreds in hospital. People were bathing their babies in bottled water! The tap water was full of bacteria whith a name I can’t even pronounce! The water in Galway should come with a warning “Now fortified with a 100% more protein!”

    I won’t even go near the smell of it. Literally!

    Between the doggies and I, I’m spending a fortune on bottled water. Lucky one of my daughter works for a bottled water producer…

    Hope it is better in Tipperary, Shit’n’Tie!

    Saw The Shrine on Tuesday. Dogs and daughter no 1 and I piled in a heap on the couch. Daughter and I blubbering away, Charlie is in it for the stargate and Suzie prefers the big cats on the Discovery Channel but we are all glued to the screen. And I’m thinking if this quality of writing and acting – by everyone! – does not get you renewed, what does? No. Seriously. What does it take?

    And I’m thinking back to Joe F’s comment, that he hopes fans won’t feel disrespected. Well, of course, we do. But I can’t imagine writers and actors feel particularly respected right now either. Maybe I’m wrong.

    Is there anything sillier than a dog scratching his armpit?

    Actually there is! Two dogs scratching their armpits… and falling over!!

    Thanks Joe!

  42. there’s is ANOTHER Astrid around here? wicked! (yes, that was the thing i noticed the most about the interview, the name being kind of rare).

    and thanks Robert for the time to answer the questions! and yes, i would love to see Wolsey sing 😉

  43. Too late to ask a question but never too late to throw roses, yes? Mr. Picardo there hasn’t been a character you have played that I haven’t thoroughly appreciated. You earned brownie points with me because, if I’m not terribly mistaken, you have(had) exotic birds. I saw one on your shoulder in some TV clip a while back. Anybody who can develop a positive relationship with a parrot is good people. We look forward to seeing you often on the screen (big and small!).

    God bless,
    Lady Conure

  44. Thanks to Robert Picardo for the interview and I, too, wish to see a Woolsey song and dance!

    First Contact was fantastic! Daniel Jackson is my fav character in the Stargate world and I was glad to see him again. I loved the Mckay/Jackson banter…

    Cool aliens w/cool toys!

    Ronon pulling one over on McKay – fantastic

    Keller seems to be getting more attractive as the year goes on and definetely maturing….

    Woolsey was great and I loved the whole Shep – who said that when Chuck called his quarters…

    Great ep, my favorite so far…

  45. Whoa! What a great episode Joe! Question on the suit guys (i know who they are). Will they know where the tech on our ships came from by design and will they be ticked that their family members in Ida gave it to us?

  46. First Contact? Loads of fun and unpredictable. This one makes me even more melancholy about the show’s impending end.


    The FX were stunning. I loved the alien ship exiting the hyperspace window over the ocean and the flight toward Atlantis was so cool. The exploding stargate, the vaporized Wraith ship. Amazing. Kudos to your team. Normally I don’t pay a lot of attention to that stuff, but the FX team outdid themselves.

    However, it’s not the FX that draw me to this show each week. It’s the characters and the world they’re in. How much do I love that I couldn’t figure out where we were going? So much. The characters? I love these guys (and gals). Daniel and Rodney are a hoot. Michael Shanks slid right in there and made himself at home. Fascinating to see how Daniel’s and Rodney’s self-sacrifcing modes kick in so differently. Great moment between Sheppard and Teyla when he tells her to leave the gateroom. Radek? He’s an arrogant fellow, like Rodney, but it’s all hidden below the surface. Either that or he’s been around Rodney too long.

    The aliens? I hope we get to see who they are. I have some guesses, each more preposterous than the last, but I’m having fun playing with it. Why must we wait two weeks?! You can tell me Joe; I promise not to tell. Who are the aliens?

  47. Joe,
    Thanks to Robert Picardo for the Q&A. He is one of my favorite sci fi actors and a great convention guest (I’ve seen him twice).

    Now on to last night’s show:


    I don’t know where else to start with First Contact but with WOW!!


    I mean, look at this ep: Daniel and Rodney, Todd causing problems, new enemies, secret labs, explosions all over the place, Rodney and Daniel whump, Ronan pulling McKay’s chain over Keller again. Looking a episode like this makes me even more angry that SGA was cancelled. Doesn’t MGM and Brad and Robert see how good this show is???

    Looking forward to part 2. Can’t wait to see Woolsey’s reaction to Shep managing to blow up both the med lab and control room.

    Can I say Wow again?

  48. That was a fantastic episode last night, Joe. Congratulations to all involved in its production. Thats about 90 episodes now and its definitely in the top 5. No question.

    I have a couple of questions if you don’t mind? Will we ever find out who these aliens are and had a 6th season been forthcoming were they due to become major players?

  49. I have to say this is the best mid-season two parter since “The Return 1&2” in season 3. I’ve missed the element of Atlantis where they make new discoveries in the city itself. The secret lab was genius. The new bad guys looked cool too. The exploding stargates twist was great and unexpected. Just the kind of high stakes problem you need in a story like this. This episode was so great. I can’t wait for “The Lost Tribe”. In two weeks! 🙁

  50. Awesome interview! I imagine that Bob Picardo is a laugh riot, and it was even funnier in person.

    Little side note, I passed my qualifying exam yesterday. I am now a Ph.D. candidate (yea!). Unfortunately for you this means a return to my long-winded inane BoTM comments. I was wondering however if I might request a mention in tomorrow’s blog or a later one if you are busy. I’d really appreciate it.

  51. Well all I can say about FC is….THANK YOU!…what a brilliant episode…can’t wait until the next episode…and who put the more money joke in?…very good….LOL

    Kriss 🙂

  52. First of all, I have to say that yes, there definitely has to be a bonus behind-the-scenes with Woolsey and the team doing a musical number. Beckett can be playing the bagpipes on the side.

    Okay, now on to First Contact. Once again, a reminder of why I love Stargate so much. I can’t even begin to put into words how amazing it was. The Daniel-McKay scenes were absolutely perfect, and I loved the “you could have told me” “yes, I could have”. I couldn’t help laughing when the aliens threatened to kill Daniel and when he got shot both times, but it was a little sad when he told McKay not to turn the device on even when his life was in danger. It was so typically Daniel, being willing to sacrifice himself for the galaxy, and that’s why I love him. I also liked that Sheppard wouldn’t promise not to blow up Atlantis- great foreshadowing- and the McKay-Sheppard parallel explanations were really cool. Great job to everyone involved!

    Like everyone else, I can’t believe that SGA was cancelled and I absolutely hate the world for making me wait two whole weeks for the second part.

  53. First Contact was great. Rodney and Daniel really are a very amusing pair. And can I just say how much I appreciate you guys bringing back the issue of Janus after not mentioning it since the first season? Personally, I love when stuff comes back around like that, especially when it’s been so long that the audience might have forgotten. It seems like… I don’t know, like a reward to viewers who actually pay attention.

    Aw, poor Woolsey, all worked up to give a speech. Loved that moment with him and Caldwell, though. Makes me think it would be fun to see more of them together.

    Whenever Shep & Co. ran into those bad guys, it kinda seemed like they gave them a second to get their shield up before firing. Like there was an obvious hesitation where they could be firing, but wait until the shield’s up. What’s with that. I understand it the first time, but the second time they should have started firing when they saw the guy reaching for his arm.

    Heh… loved Daniel’s uneasy question about harmful radiation.

    Okay, wow, evil cliffie.

    I like how much Zelenka was in this one, and I really liked Shep’s “You can do it, Radek” at the end. It’s just nice to see the second tier get their props.

  54. Sad day…Paul Newman passed away. 🙁 One of the greats, for sure. His contributions to the world of entertainment, and to society, will truly be missed.

    @ Trish – You would be proud of me. I caught my OWN spider today (plastic cup and junk mail flyer!)! It was something like this:

    It was either that (a funnel web), or a small wolf or nursery spider…they all kinda look alike to me, but we have loads of funnel web spiders around here, and I think they’re generally smaller than wolf and nursery spiders. I freaked myself out looking for a picture – some of the ones I saw – from JERSEY – were like 4″ long! If I ever saw one that big in my house, I would faint dead away, like Kavanagh facing a Wraith.


  55. Whew, I’m still thinking about how amazing Last Contact was. Everything was perfect- Sheppard in command, Sheppard and Teyla friendship, Rodney’s feelings for Keller, Keller and Ronon, Rodney and Daniel, Woolsey, Zalenka. I really loved every character.
    The first thing that really stuck out for me (it was the beginning of the episode anyway…) was the CONTINUITY of Keller/Ronon/Rodney. omg I was so happy. I loved everything about that scene: Ronon coming to help Keller, Keller appreciating it, Keller having not one huge bag but two, Ronon winking at Rodney, Rodney’s reaction (David is brilliant).
    Another thing I really liked was the door. Probably the coolest door! lol. Very unique.
    Loved the aliens. Not too over-the-top. Looked awesome in the suits. Good lines, good goal.
    Loved the scene where the Wraith attack ship blew up. As soon as they showed them in space, I knew it was going to happen. But that was only a split second before it actually did. So it was a great suprise. It was very OH SH#%!!!!! now Todd’s going to be pissed!!!
    Overall, the episode was fantastic. I still think The Shrine was the best of the year, but that only means that some of the other episodes are like .2% behind. Meaning they are very close.

    I really feel like the series is at its peak. It’s always best to go out with a bang, but it’s also heart-breaking.
    Two questions Joe Mallozzi:
    1) Will the Stargate movie continue from where we leave off in the series? Or will it re-introduce the characters, and kind of go back in time where, for example, the Wraith were extremely powerful.
    2) How are the ratings doing?

    “Also, sidenote, why does everyone keep saying lately that Rodney & Keller were married in the alt timeline? I saw no indication if this, no mention of a wedding and no rings ….”

    Because, in the Last Man, Rodney and Keller did get married. After the kiss, the next scene was them walking outside their house. At that point, they were married, and then Keller became ill. The Rodney voice over said they were married. Then he lost Keller, his wife and the most important thing in his life at that time, and started the research.

  56. Man, First Contact was good edge of your seat fun, whew! I again marvel that so much action can be jammed into one hour. Well done Martin!

  57. Great episode

    @ Anne Teldy and Others

    What limp brain at Skiffy approve the trailer for the next episode. They give away the whole plot. One should expect idiotic moves from Skiffy. Didn’t they spoil the return of Carson for us by putting it on a preview trailer. It apears they done it again with The Lost Tribe preview.

    Everyone do yourself a favor, don’t watch The Lost Tribe preview on Skiffy or YouTube.

  58. Voici quelque question pour vous!!

    1) Avez vous deja une idée de scénario pour le film de sga?
    2)Que ferez vous quand le tournage du film sera définitivement finit?
    3) Combien de fois êtes vous venu en France?

    Voila =D Bisou! a demain joseph!

  59. RP: I don’t think Woolsey‘s CAN sing – which is a shame as the giant staircase in the Atlantis control room would be perfect for a musical number. I’d like to see Woolsey do A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody.

    Sounds like a good idea for one of your video pieces to me! Get the studio to call it a webisode?


  60. hey Joe,

    First Contact was awesome! regarding Carl Binder: you said he isn’t working on another Atlantis movie or SGU. Is Brad Wirght still writing the third SG-1 movie or is he too busy with Stargate Universe? thanks for the Q&A with Robert Picardo, I’m looking forward to the Star Trek reference in Vegas

  61. I did quite enjoy FIrst Contact, as I posted earlier.

    However, one thing more I have to say about First Contact. I was kind of annoyed with Gero for the way the scientists treated John like he’s dumb. I couldn’t stand dumb O’Neill; the dumb acting was a big reason I stopped watching SG1 for while. However, one of the reasons I like SGA and Sheppard is that he ISN’T dumb and NEVER plays dumb. I can believe he’d be a colonel and that he’d be able to earn the respect of McKay and other scientists. Flanigan has never played him dumb either.

    Maybe Gero doesn’t like Sheppard and that’s his way of getting it out? It just seemed odd because despite the jokes, Gero doesn’t write Sheppard as stupid. I stopped being annoyed, though. when I realized the jokes didn’t really mean anything. I mean, we clearly see John NOT being dumb despite the jokes. The back and forth scene where he and Rodney each are explaining how the aliens found them (hearkens back to “The Eye” with a similar type of shared exposition between the two) is nicely done (well edited and timed and written. These two seem to share a brain). I really liked that moment of exposition. And it’s John who figures out how to contain the explosion.

    So, interesting to me, this bit of Gero writing.

  62. lol, Mr. Picardo’s pretty funny. Thanks to you both!

    I liked the new enemy introduced in last night’s episode! I hope we get to find out more about them. Who’s idea was it for the enemy’s energy-based shield? I thought that was the absolute coolest thing on Stargate I’ve seen!

    It was nice seeing Daniel in Atlantis. Unless I’m mistaken, he’s now ultimately responsible for bringing the attention of 3 enemies to Earthings. That’s a pretty good track record!

  63. Ellie said Hope it is better in Tipperary, Shit’n’Tie!

    Heh. Awesome typo! Yeah, like I needed anymore proof that I’m secretly a 13 year old girl – Joe, last night’s episode had me enthusing at the screen very loudly. The ship goes through the shield? “COOL!” The aliens’ special ‘elevator’? “COOL!” The alien’s personal shield? “Oh, Cooooool!” I think my fellow viewers were heartily wishing I’d remember the rest of my vocabulary. What an episode!

    The VFX were awesome, and there were just so many little things that were great: Todd, Zelenka, Woolsey, Chuck, Daniel and Rodney snarking at each other. Oh, and Sheppard owes everyone an arse-kicking over the ‘dumb’ slurs. For me, that totally gave it away as a Martin Gero episode. I remember seeing Mr Gero in a DVD extra saying how no-one really believed that Sheppard ‘coulda been Mensa’ (uh, maybe *you* don’t, but pretty much everyone else does, Mr Gero).

    I want to comment on the Wraith thing, too – Todd really got me thinking about the logistics of changing the wraith diet. Where would they find sufficient food to feed the wraith while they are (presumably) turning into farmers and growing their own?

    Damn it, Joe! WHY did it have to be cancelled??? ARGH.

  64. First off, thanks Robert Picardo! 😀

    Second…First Contact, how cinematic. I felt like I was watching a movie with the scope of the story, the effects. Great fun to watch.

    I liked the device where the camera zooms from one area of Atlantis to another, to show where Rodney and Daniel are now. Helps reinforce the sheer SIZE of the place, and how far people have to go to get from one area to another. I tend to forget that sometimes.

    It was great to see Michael Shanks again (can we petition for 3-4 SG1 movies per year at least?). The back and forth between the fast talkers was fun.

    Ronon, making his move, the grin at Rodney as he leaves. Had me laughing out loud.

    I’ll definitely watch this one again, probably right before part 2 comes out, so I can get the whole effect.

  65. OH! I’m glad that I’m not the only one now who has ever seen that huge Atlantis staircase and thought it’d be hysterical if someone burst into song…

    Okay, I’m weird. 🙂

  66. First Contact: wow, this is a fantastic ep. Great ideas. There is so much going on. Really exciting. Definitely an episode I’ll watch again and again. I’m so eager to see the next part. Do I really have to wait two weeks? Hmpf. Rodney and Daniel are very funny together. I love the competition. Everybody has a great part. Just one thing: I missed Lorne.

    Just why do they stop such a qualitative TV entertainment?!

  67. Robert Picardo bringing Woolsey to Atlantis has been a fantastic addition. In my opinion, he has been what Atlantis has needed in leadership from the beginning.

    “First Contact” was great… except for…

    All those scientists coming and going and not one noticed the blinking light right out there in the open? As a former biochemist and neurochemist, who worked in research labs with scientists and engineers, the first thing they would do is check out all the gadgets to see if there was anything cooler in the back of the room than in the front. There is a reason why scientists have an adage, when all else fails, read the instructions. Because they are big kids that like to play with gadgets. That was the first time I’ve seen Atlantis populated by scientific idiots, including Rodney. Was he that taken up by his worry that Daniel might show him up?

    You could have at least tried to hide it and zoomed in on it so they didn’t look actors who don’t have a clue about scientists.

    Other than that, the episode was great. Shanks and Hewlitt were great together. Loved the interaction between Ronon and Keller when leaving Atlantis – probably my favorite scene with Keller – but don’t take that to mean I’m looking to ship them. Loved also the byplay between Ronon and Rodney.

    Since my tape of Tracker went gaflooey thanks to the cable feed, I had to do that over, so I was watching it again and noticed something. I know Ronon and McKay were trying to carry Keller’s bags to impress her, but while Ronon was grabbing the one bag that McKay was going to carry, he didn’t seem to notice Keller was already hefting a bag herself… So in essence, Ronon was insisting on carrying McKay’s bag, not Keller. Throws a different spin on it, doesn’t it? (Oh, and by the way, not looking to ship them either.)

  68. @ noir – First, you are not alone in your concerns about Todd and the Wraith. This episode, despite its Wraithy goodness, was very depressing for many of us. I don’t know how Todd managed to wiggle his tricksy little way into our hearts, but he did. And now – well…what can I say. The future seems bleak, no matter what choice they make.

    RE: The Spider. I released it outside, on the sidewalk. I watched it (at a safe distance) until it scampered away into the grass. This time of year the spiders are all getting lethargic because of the cooler weather, and they come into the house more, looking for warmth. Not sure it was exactly that type of spider, but it was close. Size-wise it was about a 3/4″ body, with a leg span of about an inch and a half – maybe a little more (not sure how that converts into metric 😛 ). I’m pretty sure it’s a funnel weaver spider, also called a grass spider, but not 100% sure. I didn’t get too close!


  69. @das

    1,5 inces are about 3,80 cm. – Oh, you would “love” my niece’s pet “Socke”. It’s a bird spider (Avicularia metallica). 😉

    And about Todd…Well, he’s charming, intelligent and humorous – so it’s no wonder that we lost our our hearts to him. 🙂 And as long as he does not find his way to my heart though his palm it’s ok. 😀

  70. In season 1 Teyla introduced herself to Sheppard as Teyla Emmagan daughter of Taggan.However, in the season 5 priemiere Teyla names her baby after Sheppard and her father, Torren.Can you please explain this?

    Thank you.

  71. Thanks Bob for taking the time to answering a couple of questions and Joe for transcribing. It was a little disappointing though. Only a few questions and so many Trek questions. I guess we’ve been spoilt the past few weeks with the other guest blogs. But thanks though, I’m sure lots of people liked it.

    Cheers, Chev

  72. “So in essence, Ronon was insisting on carrying McKay’s bag, not Keller.”

    Yea, I watched it again last night. It’s true that she had her own bag, but I think the idea was that there was one bag on the ground and each guy wanted to carry it. Then one guy would not have a bag to carry, leaving him ’empty’.

  73. Thanks for having Bob Picardo on the blog! I was first introduced to him in China Beach and thought he was great in it. I also thought Dana Daleny was excellent in that and have not liked her in anything since. Anyway, back to Bob, who I’ve also enjoyed very much as the Doctor in ST and Woolsey.

    It’s really too bad that shooting has wrapped because:
    “I don’t think Woolsey‘s CAN sing – which is a shame as the giant staircase in the Atlantis control room would be perfect for a musical number. I’d like to see Woolsey do A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody.”

    I think this should be a blog video for sure….so….if Bob is back for the SGA movie and you have a few minutes as the lighting is being set, I’m thinking you should go to the stairs and turn on the camera!

  74. @ noir – Ummmm. NO. I would NOT ‘love’ your niece’s pet spider! And thanks. I just HAD to go google a picture of it, and now I’ve got a bad case of the willies. 😛 *shudders*

    RE: Todd. My husband was away for a few days, so he missed Friday’s episode. He’s working until 10 tonight, and said that when he comes home, he wants to watch ‘Todd’. Heh. That’s how impressive the big green fella is, he’s even charmed my husband into referring to the show as ‘Todd’ instead of ‘Atlantis’. Wait until he finds out that Todd only has 5 minutes of screen time because that guy with the glasses ate it all up…he might be a tad disappointed.


  75. das: regarding spiders – they don’t bother me too much(don’t love them either) and I have no problem squashing them. Lizards on the other hand completely creep me out. Occassionally they get in the house. Yesterday I came within inches of stepping on a 6 inch dead one (in my bare feet) behind the desk when I went to change printer cartridges. “cringe, shudder, cringe, cringe”. My skin will be crawling for about another 3 days and I’ll wonder if there are any “live” ones still lurking around inside too. I hate the south.

  76. riley said:

    Oh, and Sheppard owes everyone an arse-kicking over the ‘dumb’ slurs. For me, that totally gave it away as a Martin Gero episode. I remember seeing Mr Gero in a DVD extra saying how no-one really believed that Sheppard ‘coulda been Mensa’ (uh, maybe *you* don’t, but pretty much everyone else does, Mr Gero).

    I agree that Sheppard has an extremely high IQ. It’s just that he’s lazy and people generally make assumptions on appearances. We know he’s good with puzzles and numbers.

    I’m not sure if someone’s ever asked you this Joe, but what do you imagine Sheppard got his degree in at College?

    Cheers, Chev

    p.s. I wouldn’t worry about Shep. He has ways of getting them all back ;-D

  77. @ TAM_MYST – You are the first person I’ve known with a lizard problem. Mostly, it’s spiders (or bugs in general) and snakes. Are you afraid of all lizards, or only a certain type?

    My sister HATES snakes…so, I used to put snake skins in her car, and scare the crap out of her. 😈 Even after I’d removed it, she wouldn’t sit in the car for days. So, now she lives in Florida, surrounded by snakes…heh. (Yes, I laugh, because she’s thrown her fair share of daddy longlegs on me, not to mention giant rubber spiders and stuff. So, we’re even.)

    I have no problem with snakes (wild snakes I’m cautious with – I don’t want to get bitten, even by harmless black snake). My parent’s house, grandmother’s house, and our office are all on the same property, and I’ve always been the resident snake catcher. Our office is a trailer on the edge of wetlands, and we often get snakes in it (black rat snakes, mostly – slower and less aggressive than black racers). The last time (last year) we had two – a mating pair…mating…on top of the file cabinets. They were about to fall, and I grabbed a trash can to catch them, but was too late…and they fell and slithered off. I called my friend who’s a park ranger nearby, and he came and found one (relocated it to the park), but we never found the other one. Poor thing…not a nice way to end a romantic tryst, falling off of a file cabinet. 😛

    Back in high school, I used to help care for the pet iguana (and two boas) that the school had. I liked it – didn’t freak me out or anything…but I didn’t have to feed the snakes. It’s the only reason I don’t own snakes now – I just can’t bring myself to feed it something cute and furry. So…no problem with lizards – I’d love to have one of those little green guys in the Geico commercials. Up at the PA Ren Faire, they call them ‘baby dragons’, and I always go visit the vendor, and hold them…let them crawl all over me. They’re cute, even when not selling car insurance. 😀

    Okay…I’m rambling…sorry. Anyway – seems I’m only really afeared of squishable things with loooong legs. Scaly, slithery things – no problem!

    @ Joe – Have you done a blog on phobias? I know we talked here about stuff that scares us (when you were doing Whispers), but I can’t remember if you did a phobia blog. Maybe you did do one around that time…but my memory is pretty sucky.


  78. Hi Mr M!

    THanks to Mr P for the wonderful interview! Yep, I looked at that staircase on set, and actually the song I thought of was:
    “On the Street where you live” from my Fair Lady…

    @Riley and Ellie:

    You have no idea how close I have been to that typo on occasion! It has made me often think of “re-naming myself” but those that have met me/know me have said (a) Shirt’n’Tie kinda suits me (all puns intended) and (b) the typo is hilarious when it happens…So hey who am I to deny mirth and laughter.. The world needs more of same!

    @ Ellie: A-ha! Another Paddy in our midst!! Yes, Galway has had its fair share of water probs..Will be there in a few weeks for an “escape weekend”!

    Best to all Mr M!!


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