The famous corn soup!
The famous corn soup!
Pasta a la Alvin
Pasta a la Alvin
Homemade cotecchino
Homemade cotecchino
Crispy pig brain with fried green tomato
Crispy pig brain with fried green tomato

Well, the last few weeks have been bittersweet. Bitter because Atlantis has been cancelled, I face an uncertain future, and, in a matter of days, my wife will be setting off an a two-week Asian excursion without me. Sweet because the corn soup is back on the menu at Fuel. I’ve been so caught up with Stargate news, the book of the month club, and various guest bloggers that I’ve been remiss in updating you on some of my recent culinary exploits, a number of which involved return visits to Fuel for that glorious corn soup (five visits in all so far). Most recently, I was there with my friend Rosemary who is in town overseeing production of a new CBS series called Harper’s Island. Shades of Agatha Christine’s Ten Little Indians! A group of friends and family members gather on a remote island to celebrate a wedding, but the festivities take a macabre turn when people start getting offed. The show sounds intriguing, sort of a cross between a prime time soap and a slasher flick. It’s scheduled as a mid-season replacement.

Anyway, it was Rosemary’s first time at Fuel and she was mightily impressed. We enjoyed that velvety smooth, delightfully rich corn soup (served with crème fraiche, house smoked BC salmon, garlic crisp, and a submarined scoop of corn sorbet), home made cotecchino sausage (a Northern Italian dish my father used to make using pork meat and skin) that Rosemary raved about, and, of course, the crispy duck. On a visit with Fondy, I also enjoyed a wonderfully simple yet incredibly tasty pasta dish with tomato and basil (compliments of sous chef Alvin who just returned from a year in Italy), and an off-OFF-menu special: crispy pig brain and fried green tomato served atop a mustard remoulade and topped with frissee. The latter made today’s installment of the Weird Food Purchase of the Day. Check it out at the bottom of this entry.


Shai writes: “So, what about those *sniff* season 6 scripts you suggested you might divulge?”

Answer: Soon. Soon.

JoJoB writes: “Did you try the ox tail or was it just Carl?”

Answer: That was my lunch Carl sampled from. I love ox tail!

A Honshuu writes: “So… the LA Times said “In fact, the midseason two-part finale (airing at the end of September), features a very smart (very big) surprise.”

Could this surprise be linking in to the Universe?”

Answer: No it could not.

Sachi writes: ““2. Did TPTB ever seriously consider having someone take over military command of Atlantis and having Sheppard just be the leader of the no 1. team (whatever it’s called)?”

Answers: 2. Never.

Isn’t that what Colonel Carter did in season 4?”

Answer: Woops. I misread the question. I assumed I was being asked whether there had ever been thought to making Sheppard the commander of the expedition. To clarify – Colonel Carter was most certainly the military commander during her tenure on Atlantis. She may have deferred to Sheppard on account of his Pegasus expertise but, if things came right down to it, she had the final word.

flygirl writes: “Will you have an active role in the 3rd SG-1 movie and/or the first SGA movie?? “


Answer: Paul and I will be writing and producing the first Atlantis movie. We will probably be asked to read and provide notes on the SG-1 film script as was the case with both Ark of Truth and Continuum.

The Skypig writes: “I love oxtail, especially when it’s extra fatty.”

Answer: You mean “well-marbled”.

Sean writes: “Well here I sit watching all my Tivo’d episodes of Atlantis while awaiting the entry of Gustav.”

Answer: Hey, Sean. Hope you, your wife, and everyone else affected by Gustav is doing alright.

Blaine Nielsen writes: “ since it sounds like you might be getting a new computer, i was wondering what you were thinking of getting??? Does the show pay for any of it or is it out of your pocket???”

Answer: Alas, I pay for my own hardware. I’ll get a PC of some sort. My writing partner recently purchased a Mac and it took an entire afternoon to set up the software that would allow his new computer to sync with the software we used in the office. Also, why not touch pad or right click? Is it just for the sake of being different?

MysteryMadchen writes: “My bad luck just keeps multiplying.”

Answer: Here’s hoping your luck has picked up since you last checked in.

Anais33 a ecrit: “1)Pensez vous que dans le film sur sga, il sera possible de voir des personne disparu dans la série comme Weir ou Ford?
2)Pour quand est prévu votre voyage en Chine?”

Responses: 1) Probablement pas. 2) En hiver.

Translation: It’s unlikely we’ll see Weir or Ford in the Atlantis movie. 2) I’m heading to China this winter.

Mini2z writes: “Will we see more of Larrin?”

Answer: No, we won’t be seeing Larrin this season.

Shiratdeborah writes: “As viewers we´ve only been presented with Woolsey in his role as the IOA´s unpleasant watchdog (wonder how he´d react to being on the receiving end of a watchdog now??? THAT might be interesting to witness).”

Answer: It would indeed. As a matter of fact, his probationary command should be up for review soon – say, Remnants-ish.

Luke Murray writes: “Hey Joe; been reading your blog for ages and I have a few questions about Stargate Universe.”

Answer: Sorry, Luke. I’m the wrong guy to ask about SGU.

Ponytail writes: “As one of the lawyers hired by Suspect #2, I have heard their side of the story and decided to represent all 4 of the accused.”

Answer: Not so fast, Lawly. The lab is in the process of running a dental match of the damage done with the respective bites of your four clients.

Mary writes: “Whats with the fricking Furlings?!!!”

Answer: The Furlings sent an envoy to Earth last year in the hopes of brokering a trade deal with our planet. We promptly had him stuffed and mounted. See here:

Shiningwit writes: “About french food, do you like frogs and ” escargots”.”

Answer: Butter-fried garlic frogs legs will be an upcoming Weird Food of the Day Purchase.

T writes: “There were so many wonderful performances, and some really great episodes strongly critically received in season 4, where any others submitted for consideration?”

Answer: Noop. We only had enough money for only one submission so the producers unanimously decided to go with Jewel Staite for Missing.

116 thoughts on “September 1, 2008: Corn Soup, Crispy Brains, and Mailbag!

  1. Mini2z writes: “Will we see more of Larrin?”

    Answer: No, we won’t be seeing Larrin this season.

    I am so glad. I cannot stand that woman. LOL

  2. Thanks for putting me out of my furling misery, i can sleep now safe in the knowlegde that they travelled all that way just to end up gathering dust on a shelf, and that they are ewokesque in apperance.

    I have a weird food of the day suggestion but you may have to get it made up special. Its a big of a glaswegian thing. Deep fried Mars Bar. You get 1 ,mars bar, cover it in batter then deep fry it. It may clog up your arteries but man is it tasty.

    Cheers M

  3. I’ve just eaten supper, and your pictures of the Fuel offerings is still making my mouth water. And I’d love to try the pig brains. I’m not the most daring of diners, but if its made of animal stuff I’m usually game. Though the corn soup looks worth breaking my “vegetables are bad” rule of selecting menu items.
    I’m really sorry to hear you’re not joing Fondy on the Asia tour. You’ve certainly earned a vacation, even if it meant that we missed out on your blogging for a couple of weeks. One more reason to be p/oed at ….things. So, now we all owe it to you to find ways to keep YOU entertained and amused, as you have so ably done for us.
    Four more days and we can get all the good stuff about Whispers you’ve held back. I’m glad it’s showing on one of my days off this week. I’ll take vaction hours to watch Atlantis uninterupted, but I’m getting tired of the “humor the crazy person” looks such requests get. Sad, that even if I don’t state why I want the time off that they know.
    Thanks for the Fuel update, and keep us informed on the investigation of the canine caper.

  4. Hello, I have two questions .
    1/ Are you watch a dog’s breakfast ? Think you a dog’s breakfast ?
    2/what series have you enjoyed most to produce?

    En français:
    Bonjour, J’ai 2 questions a vous posez .
    1/Avez vous vu a dog’s breakfast le film de David Hewlett? Si oui qu’en pensez vous ?
    2/Quelle série avez vous eut le plus de plaisir à produire ?

  5. Hi Joe!

    Thanks for all of the videos and thanks to Sharon for answering our questions.

    Pig brain, huh? Hmmmm…..I’d rather try ox tail. I think it’s a staple in soul food cooking, which I can find in some rather yummy restaurants in this area. 🙂 Mmmmmmm…..fooooood with a sooooooooul. 🙂

    No Larrin in Season 5? My bad, I thought she was making an appearance – to smack Shep around and explain how she’s kept her shape with five kids and all.

    I think Suspect #4 chewed your shoe. It’s always #4.


  6. Joe said:

    Also, why not touch pad or right click? Is it just for the sake of being different?

    THANK YOU!! Someone else that can’t see the logic in that! It drives me nuts when I’m at a “MAC” client.

    Has anyone else noticed that the Answer and Reject buttons on the iPhone are on a different side to every other phone on the market too? Why?! That would definitely cause me to throw it. Well, maybe not throw it, it’s too expensive. But I’d give it a serious shake while calling it lots of names.

    Pressing the left key to answer a phone is just habit. It did make me think about some habits that you don’t even realise you have.

    I’ve noticed how many reading habits I have since getting the Reader.

    1. The “I won’t bother wiping away that fleck of dust on my page because it will be gone when I turn it” habit.
    It takes a little while for the light globe to go off in my brain followed by an internal mutter of “You idiot” realising it’s a screen and it will be there for every page turn.

    2. The “prepare that finger for a page turn” habit. It’s a button press. Another internal muttering, this time of “You moron”. This also means that I tend to hit the page turn button before having finished the page as I used to start turning the page about 3/4’s down so there wasn’t a break. Not so effective with an electronic device.

    3. Turning your Reader over to look at the back of it will not give you a blurb about what the book is about when you are a little confused as to where the storyline is heading. There’s usually a muttering to myself of “how blonde can you be sometimes?”.

    With all of your reading Joe, any particular reading habits?

    I hope that Fondy’s trip goes well and things start to fall in place for you soon.

    With all of those scrummy pics you’ve made me very hungry, (except for the pig brains but at least the pigs brain isn’t going to waste), so with that I’m off to get Vietnamese and maybe some pig trotter soup – only joking – well the pig trotter bit anyway.

  7. Cotecchino!! YUMMO!!! Had plenty of that in Friuli when I was there visiting ‘mah peeps’…!! Usually with heaps of sauerkraut!!

    Have you ever traveled to Northern Italy? If you haven’t & plan to, make sure you go to San Daniele – their prosciutto is to die for!!

    Talking of weird food, my Nonna used to make the most awesome ‘trippe”…I never gave it a thought until someone told me what they actually were (stomach linings). Still, I didn’t give up on eating it! Go the weird food weirdos!

  8. Pig brains — never something I thought you could cook and eat. Alas I’m vegetarian so I don’t think I’ll be able to try it anytime soon.

    How iTunes/Amazon downloads for Atlantis count? How are they incorporated into the show’s ratings, if at all? Do you get reports of how much they are purchased and downloaded?

  9. Mr. M, Evansville is the Brain Sandwich Capital. People come from miles and miles to attend the annual West Side Nut Club Fall Festival (starting Sunday October 5) just to eat. Brain Sandwiches are one of the biggest sellers. They’re served on hamburger buns and most people dress them with onions, mustard and pickles. (See one here.) By the way, the Fall Festival is the second largest street festival/carnival/etc. in America, only bested by Mardi Gras in new Orleans.

    dasNdanger wrote:

    Anne – do you have a way for me to contact you privately? If you go to Gateworld, you could pm me, but not sure you visit that site. Anyway, just wanted to ask you something.

    I don’t go to GateWorld usually (it’s scary there!) but I joined and sent you a PM with my email address. Please feel free to use it.

    I visit both Hey!Nielsen and several times a day. User name: anneteldy. Anyone wishing to contact me privately can PM me at either place.

    I don’t plan on visiting GateWorld regularly, so if you would prefer to contact me through them, just post your GateWorld user name here and I’ll send you a PM with my email address.

    Shai (aka Pissoffsnotface) wrote:

    Anne Teldy – OMG, you actually had a CHOICE re your icon? Nooo! You have to be winding me up re said heffalump. Really? I’m such a newbie. I got totally stitched up with the psychotic apple, btw.

    Anyone who resisters with WordPress can upload an avatar. Information can be found in the WordPress FAQ here.

    I use this avatar at all the sites I frequent. At my blog, I have two elephants as my banner and I use a dancing elephant in my sig on those forums.

    I don’t think your avatar here looks like a psychotic apple. I think it looks like a constipated beet.

    By the way, every time I run my comments through my ieSpell, it wants to change “Pissoffsnotface” to “Pacifists”.

    Anne Teldy

  10. I love my Mac… I can personally vouch for their speedy customer service!!! As for their compatibility, well… that’s something I can’t vouch for, as I do all my writing in Microsoft Word!!!

    That bit about Harper’s Island being a mid-season replacement has me worried… a mid-season replacement for what?!?!? CBS happens to be the home of my favorite math-related drama, and after what they did to it last season, I worry constantly that it is going to be replaced!!!

    I’m already excited about the SGA movie, but mildly upset that it will take so long to come out!!! I was watching the commentary of AoT, and Rob Cooper said they filmed it in about 18 days!!! Why can’t the movie come out a little sooner than “late 2009” if filming takes such little time?!?!? (Sorry for the rant… impatient fangirl here 😉

  11. Crispy pig brains does qualify as a weird food. I was less convinced about the weirdness of oxtail. Delicious when cooked right, not so weird.

    I missed the corn soup when I was at GateCon. I let myself get talked out of going to Fuel for a group dinner disaster (yeah 15 people heading out on a Sunday night to try to find a restaurant. That was a great move.) The picture of it only makes me sadder.

  12. Well when I saw the pig brain picture, I thought that would be a definate weird food purchase and then it was. Still not a winner for me. Never catch me near it (lol, I am set in my ways).

    Hey Joseph, you showed pictures of the OR a few days ago, which show were they from?

  13. I was just thinking about Stargate, and how there first team was called SG-1. Well .. whats John’s team called? SGA-1? lol. Seriously, whats the team called?

  14. When you said in an earlier blog that a “gaunt and pallid flowing-locked guest star” would make an appearance in the Atlantis movie I assumed you were referring to Weir. Who were you referring to if not her?

  15. Getting a mac to work with widows is a pain but once its done its a grate computer. Best of luck with what ever you get to replace your current one.

    By the way you do have a way with finding strange food have you tried pickled green beans or asparagus they are the best.

  16. “We only had enough money for only one submission ”

    Ack, what do they cost?

  17. Aren’t you afraid of Mad Pig Disease when you eat pig brain?
    I actually ate sheep’s brain at an Armenian baptism once, don’t think I’d do it again, given the choice.

  18. “T writes: “There were so many wonderful performances, and some really great episodes strongly critically received in season 4, where any others submitted for consideration?”

    Answer: Noop. We only had enough money for only one submission so the producers unanimously decided to go with Jewel Staite for Missing”

    I’m always amazed at the difference in taste between myself and y’all at the studio. Although I guess that’s what makes the world go round.

    But isn’t that kind of mean to the other actors?

  19. Hi Joe!

    I’ve been away on vacation (cottage trip – sans internet – bah!) but now that I’ve returned to the land of technology, I wanted to jump in and say hellloooooo…..

    I finally got to see Shrine and please pass on my “we’re not worthy” bow to David H. I cried from start to finish. It was so incredibly overpowering to ride out the emotion he brought to the visuals. The facial expressions, the hand gestures, the voice. It was soul-clenching.

    Incredible job by everyone else in the cast to bring it all together. It was the most touching episode I think I’ve ever seen on a TV show. Some can make me teary, others will get a little sniffle, but I think this is one of the first times I’ve been leaking tears from the get go. And when you can make someone laugh, while they’re still bawling, you definitely have something that will live in the heart.

    So… um… well, THANK YOU (and Brad too cause I think this was his, wasn’t it?) for such an amazing episode.


  20. Sorry for another post, but to add to the previous one regarding the Gemini nomination, I wanted to say I do hope that Jewel wins. It would be nice for her and good for the franchise.
    I suppose that nominations for Geminis are similar to the Acadamy Awards and others in that they have a political aspect to them as well.
    It was a good idea to nominate a popular genre figure, so considering her work in Firefly in addition to this might be a selling point for the committee. Although not intended, perhaps there will be a sympathy factor too, due to the cancellation of Atlantis.
    If I were one of the judges, however, I would question the Category for which she was nominated, as she was not one of the leads at that point in the show.
    Although the other actors are most likely too polite or politically correct to say so, I’m wondering if they felt a bit slighted by the “newbie” coming in and getting nominated like that. Since Jewel sounds like such a nice person they probably don’t hold it against her, but might be a little under the radar pissed at you guys in the suits. I would be.

  21. “Answer: Woops. I misread the question. I assumed I was being asked whether there had ever been thought to making Sheppard the commander of the expedition. To clarify – Colonel Carter was most certainly the military commander during her tenure on Atlantis. She may have deferred to Sheppard on account of his Pegasus expertise but, if things came right down to it, she had the final word.”

    Wow, thank you Mr. Mallozzi for answering my question! That was my first time commenting on your blog and I honestly didn’t think you’d have time to answer questions like that, so thanks!

    Oh, and Susanna Clarke’s Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell is a fantastic book. I hope you enjoy it.

  22. Way too many weird foods for me………….
    Guess I am not the adventurous food tasting type.

    Off topic questions for you.
    Did I read somewhere that you play hockey? If so, are you any good? What skates and stick do you use? Which is your favorite team and player? Please don’t say the Leafs…………..
    Do you go to Canuck games? What do you think of the food at GM Place?

  23. Hi Joe,

    Really enjoying those food segments, but I have a question.

    Has anyone walked up to you while your video taping in the resturant and asked what the hell are you doing.

  24. Answer: Noop. We only had enough money for only one submission so the producers unanimously decided to go with Jewel Staite for Missing”

    Jewel is great but I thought the best performance of season 4 was by Joe Flannigan in the episode “Adrift.” The scene where Sheppard tells McKay to shut down Weirs nanites was very powerful.

  25. Pig brain… how could they do that to fried green tomatoes?? I’m from the US South where we eat fried green tomatoes with ranch dressing, but pig brain? I think I might be ill. :S Weren’t you worried about a mad pig disease version of the mad cow disease or something? I know, I know, it’s just another organ… but… ick… I can’t get past the thought!

    Then again, that’s the fun part about the weird food purchase of the day…

  26. “…crispy pig brain”… Ack! That’s just wrong. So glad I eat mostly vegetarian, except for the more than occasional Bob’s Big Boy.

    I’m so sorry to read that you’re not going to Asia. Do you have plans to get away for awhile before starting up on the SGA movie?

    Also, I’m really curious why all the producers would pick Jewel Straite over Rachel Luttrell for award consideration, especially since Rachel has given such wonderful performances throughout the year. I’m not anti-Keller (or Jewel Straite), in fact I thought Keller as a doctor was well written and performed in “The Shrine”. And I’m intrigued with the romantic angle the show is taking. I thought the relationship between Keller and McKay in “The Last Man” was very touching, and I’m looking forward to seeing where this path goes in “Tracker”.

    But I still don’t understand how performances are judged, or are there other considerations when deciding who should be nominated?

  27. Ah, please, Mr. Mallozzi. Save your empty threats for some other scaredy cat. My 4 innocent clients and I know that you can not prove it was one of them who chewed your shoe. You would not have left it out if you suppected your dogs were capable of such a crime. Lab tests? Show me!

    Not only is an immediate public appology in order, but now they have added another demand. All 4 dogs want to ride up front in the car whenever they travel. Fondy can sit in the back.

    You can not win. The owner is always to blame. Concede!

  28. Joe Mallozzi wrote on September 1st:
    [….] and, in a matter of days, my wife will be setting off an a two-week Asian excursion without me. </blockquote]
    Don’t forget to water her plants this time!

  29. Narelle from Aus’ comment made me laugh. She’s genius.

    Oh, and you are too.

    As you never replied on my hypothetical plastic lemon on your desk pondering I shall keep my lemon to myself. Er…hypothetically of course.

    You certainly have a lot on your mind. I hope all goes well. But I have a feeling with your talent that you won’t be wandering for long. It’s hard when your mind is full of anxiety and the person who you can usually count on to be a receptacle for that is away (in another country even!).

    While we might not be friends (heck the most you know about me is my screen name) know that a complete stranger hopes all goes well.

  30. I heard rumours we’ll be seeing Kari Wuhrer again later this season. Is this true? If so, about which episode?

  31. Hi Joe !

    I saw today mornig this : “Mailbag:

    Shai writes: “So, what about those *sniff* season 6 scripts you suggested you might divulge?”

    Answer: Soon. Soon.”

    So, if you have some ideas for Atlantis episode, could we, my friends and I, use those scripts to shot fan episode ???

    Merci beaucoup de par avance. 😉

  32. Joe! I’m going to be marvelously off-topic, but I just had a really good work review and got a 2.5 percent raise! Yay! I know this is probably only news that I care about, but I really needed to squee and the place where I would normally do that is read by a coworker, and it’s just uncouth to talk about pay around workmates. So I was really bummed because I wanted to share the news and didn’t know where to do it, until I thought of you. Thanks for being here and being awesome.

    So…pig brain. Is it just creamy in texture or creamy in taste as well? I have to say that the concept kind of horrifies me, but for a brief second you had me feeling like maybe I could try it if it smelled really good. I don’t know, though.

  33. DougIndy wrote:

    When you said in an earlier blog that a “gaunt and pallid flowing-locked guest star” would make an appearance in the Atlantis movie I assumed you were referring to Weir. Who were you referring to if not her?

    gaunt = 1. extremely thin and bony; haggard and drawn, as from great hunger, weariness, or torture; emaciated

    pallid = 1. pale; faint or deficient in color; wan

    gaunt + pallid + flowing-locked = Wraith = Todd

    Anne Teldy

  34. QUOTE
    Anyone who resisters with WordPress can upload an avatar. Information can be found in the WordPress FAQ here.

    Thank you, Anne T.!

  35. BTW, just back from my first Dragon*Con. Well worth the trip to Atlanta. Joe, I took your name in vain a couple of times, hope the ears didn’t get too burnt.


  36. Hey Joe!

    I’m back from Dragon*Con! I survived. YAY! So much happened this past weekend. We missed you there. The Don S. Davis Tribute was wonderful. I had planned on going to Dragon this year just to meet Don. After all the wonderful things everyone has said about him, it breaks my heart to know that I’ll never get that chance. 🙁

    The great news is that we raised a TON of money in Don’s name! I’m not sure but I think the Stargate Offworld Fandom Track raised $10,000! Maybe someone else with more knowledge can back me up? Or correct me if I’m wrong.

    @anne teldy: I totally agree with you. Gatworld is scary! My whole philosophy on it is *run away!* 😀

    @Green: You are a genius and make me laugh too! I missed my minion at Dragon! Boo hoo hoo! Narelle AND Das make me laugh, also. Good times on the blog, here, good times!


    p.s. Pierre Bernard is now my new best friend. 😆 He’s such a sweetheart!

  37. Hi Joe…

    I was wondering you and Paul have been with the Stargate franchise for many years now, and while I know that Brad and Robert are heading up Universe do you and Paul hope to be included in the new series when the time comes around to picking the people that will continue with the franchise… I guess the just of the question is, do you and Paul want to be a part of Universe if asked?

  38. Hey Joe,
    Sorry it’s me again… I wish I could just edit what I’d posted earlier to add this…

    I as just checking out the pictures gateworld has up for outsiders and I noticed that Carson doesn’t appear to have an Atlantis uniform on in the pictures, why or rather what is Carson’s position with the expedition now? This question may be answered on Friday in Whispers but I’ll be helping a friend at an art show and won’t be able to watch until I get home late Sunday night…. But a free weekend in Capitola, Ca wasn’t something I could turn down.. if the hotel has scifi I’ll force him to watch.

  39. So Jewel was the only one nominated. You’re not doing much to dispel the speculation that you’ve turned this into the Keller show and that you’re a bunch of middle aged men infatuated with a 25 year old actress.

    You’ve also nominated her for the episode that finally turned a lot of people who were on the fence right off the character.

    What a slap in the face to Joe, David, Rachel and Jason. Not to mention Torri, who was phenomenal in Lifeline.

    Slap. In. The. Face.

    Wait until the movie comes out. Nobody’s going to want to buy it, because it’s going to be all Keller, Keller, Keller.

    She killed the show and you’re STILL infatuated with her.

  40. Talking about fuel. Something I kept wondering for a while now but never remembered to ask (I think):

    In the rather unlikely event that I’ll ever get to vancouver and have the money for a fuel Dinner; would the cook be able to present me with a rich and satisfying vegetarian menu?

    As a vegetarian I’m almost always left with about 4 or 5 dishes out of 100 because I defy the leave-the-meat-out-and-eat-the-rest attitude. Most of the time that minimises the pain of having to choose, but it can be annoying too….

  41. Hey Joe,

    I was wondering when SGA wraps production in a few weeks, what is the writers’ gang intent to do? Sure they will take some time off, but then? Some of them will contruibute to the SGA movie, but the rest? Is Martin going to focus on directing, is Carl going back to LA?

  42. Coucou Joseph =)

    Merci e m’avoir répondu! Mince je voulez tellement revoir ces personnes dans le film!

    Vous partez en Chine cette hiver, jespert que vous pourrez encore mettre votre blog jour.

    C’est quand que vous parlerez un peu français dans vidéo? ^^Sa serais sympas de vous entenre parler avec votre accent
    ^^ .

    Je suis happy, la pétition de pour sauver sga a atteint les 10000 signature, a peine 2 semaine après l’annonce de l’arrête, c’est pas mal je trouve.

    Hier j’ai trouver pleins de photo de vous, sur les photo des coulisse a la MGM^^! Je vais les rajouter a ma gallery!

    Alalala hier je regarder les bonus de la saison 7 de sga1 et j’ai vu le reportage sur annoncer l’arriver de sga a la TV, en plus c’était Robert et Brad qui parler, et on même vu le plateau entrain de ce construire.souvenir..souvenir..
    Jespert vraiment que Brad et Robert feront un aussi bon boulot pour SGU.

    Dite Joseph vous ne devriez pas bientôt aller au coiffeur?
    Moi je pense que sa ne vas pas tarder^^!

    1)Avez vous déjà gouter de la cervelle de veaux?
    2) Venez vous quelque fois sur mon blog? Qu’en pensez vous?

    aller bisou Joseph! je vous adore!!!

  43. <>

    I thought there was? There where 2 mentions of it, both from Carter.

    In the first one she told Sheppard his name was on the very short list for command. Then in the second after Carter has to deal with the IOA she tells Sheppard “I can see why you didn’t want command.”

  44. HA! I ate this time before reading your blog, and yet I’m still hungry… dammit.

    Seriously, if you said “I have a hankering for pig’s brain” in my presence, I would be exceeding worried that you were a pig zombie in disguise. May I say that your disguise is very good if that is indeed true.

    I love the way Fondy reached over and practically finished the meal for you while the camera was still on. The look on your face was priceless.

  45. Mornin’, Joe

    Yikes! ‘Crispy pig brain’.. And I thought *we* had some wierd eating habits over here, in Yorkshire. So much for the asbestos-lined stomach, huh?

    Well, i’m opting for the far more mundane coffee with coffee and coffee to round it all off. And as i’m sat here absently sipping away at it, I notice another answer in reference to ‘Remnants’. I know you wrote it and personally, can’t wait to see it for myself, being the great Shep fan I am.. But is that a push as a writer proud of his work, or is it really the ‘revelations’ you’ve mentioned in the past? An episode to answer a multitude of loose ends and unanswered questions that have arisen over the past few years?

    General Yogi Bear said:

    “Jewel is great but I thought the best performance of season 4 was by Joe Flannigan in the episode “Adrift.” The scene where Sheppard tells McKay to shut down Weirs nanites was very powerful.”

    I agree. Great performance. That said, I don’t think Joe F would take too kindly to being honoured with the award for ‘Best Performance by an Actress in a Continuing Leading Dramatic Role’.

    I may, however, be quite wrong.. >.>

  46. Hi,
    Am I right in thinking that the table that was used in the conference room in Atlantis for the first four seasons was the same table that was used in SG-1’s 2010? It looked pretty similar with the triangular shape and triangular middle.

  47. So, if I get it right, Sheppard was the de facto military leader in S1, than the official military leader in S2 and S3, then he was basically demoted to 2nd in command when Col. Carter became the Boss, and now he is the military leader again? I mean, Weir and Woolsey can’t be military commanders since they are civilians…

  48. Sachi: Oh, and Susanna Clarke’s Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell is a fantastic book. I hope you enjoy it.

    Joe, I noticed you read vol 1, what did you think of it? It’s been handed to me, and I’m a bit dismayed at the size of it and that the language is in the time period. I like 19th Cen. with the best of them, but… we have similar tastes, was it worth the read?
    thx DD

  49. “Also, why not touch pad or right click? Is it just for the sake of being different?”

    Huh, and here I thought I was the only one thinking that Macs are overrated (that is, if you aren’t designer who needs loads of graphic board power for PhotoShop, CAD and all that stuff) and a pain to use (I had to, because the layouters at the newspaper where I helped out are all Mac nutcases).

  50. Pig brains. Any brains. Gross. No nutritional value plus there’s that question of whether certain diseases pass through by eating brains (such as those 11 people in Minnesota last year).

    I hope that with the Geminis next year, you do nominate SHRINE. David (and the rest) did incredible work on that. Honestly, “Missing” was the last episode I would have submitted from season 4 🙁

  51. Since Remnants seems to be an episode that will show different glimpses of Sheppard’s heart and mind, does we also see any desires he may have?

  52. Ponytail – were there any crime scene photos or forensics? All you have to show is reasonable doubt. Who else had access to the shoe? Maybe the motive was:
    a. Someone wanted a new pair of shoes – were there any insurance policies written – and who was the beneficiary?
    b. Maybe it was used in a weird food choice of the day and planted afterward in the bedroom.
    c. Who has a foot fetish?

    And another spot of advice – take suspect #4 to the trial and let the jury see that face!!! They will award doggie treats in a heartbeat!

  53. Hey Joe, just checking in. I’ve been reading (how could I not), but not commenting due to a lack of time and bad internet connections.

    It was nice to hear about Fuel again, and I’m glad the corn soup you so love is around. Of all the places I think I’ll have to visit if I travel to Vancouver, Fuel is right near the top of the list (thanks to you).

    I’m sure this question has probably already been asked and answered and I’ve missed it, but just in case… will there be special features (like commentaries) for the Season 5 dvds?

  54. Ok, we know you know noooooooothing about Universe, however based on your apparent association with the company could you possible speculate: Do you *think* that the powers that be would like to include *one* (1) character from a previous Stargate series in the new series?

  55. Mini2z writes: “Will we see more of Larrin?”

    Answer: No, we won’t be seeing Larrin this season.

    Not in the movie either I hope. Please not in the moooviee!!!!!!!!!!!! She is awful!


    Looks like Fondy was enjoying your pigbrain immensely. 😀 Loving the return of WFPOTD Joe!

  56. The producers never felt that any of the other actors on SGA deserved to be nominated for anything, in a five year period !!! But a supporting character barely on the show 5 minutes gets such recognition.

    I find this very hard to believe and a huge slight on the talent of your regular cast members.

    Jewel Staite was not a leading actress in season 4 and I wonder why you felt her performance was so much better than Rachel Lutrells. I guess you feel that fans will think better of Keller’s character if the actress has been nominated for her performance. Well sadly the producers have proved that this has nothing to do with talent or acting ability but pure favouritism, and a desparate attempt to try and get fans to like an unpopular character.

    I was devastated when I heard of the cancellation of SGA but now I’m really not all that bothered and can’t even see myself watching the movies, because most likely they will feature your 2 favourite characters above all others.

    I do feel sorry for the likes of Joe Flanigan whose talent and hard work have never ever been recognised by the TPTB and hope that Joe goes on to better things where his talent is at least acknowledged.

  57. I’ve just returned from a week of DragonCon (best costume of con: Assasin’s Creed dude, god bless ya, wherever you are) so feel free to ignore this question if it’s already been asked.

    Are you writing any original pilots of your own to pitch to the nets, Joe? And which do you prefer; writing for Canadian studios or the US nets? I imagine writing for a Canadian show would provide more freedom than dealing with rigid US studio system, but maybe it’s because the grass always looks greener across the border. And after doing SGA for so many years are you contemplating switching gears and cooking up something new?

  58. I actually had a specific question, which I will ask, but the last comment currently viewable says something I want to sort of ditto:

    I do feel sorry for the likes of Joe Flanigan whose talent and hard work have never ever been recognised by the TPTB

    Recognition by TPTB notwithstanding, I want to second that fan’s appreciation of Joe Flanigan. I found Stargate Atlantis purely by accident, during a rare channel-flipping expedition, and Flanigan is who caught my eye, and his portrayal of Sheppard is what brought me back for more. Thanks to him I not only fell in love with SGA, I also discovered Stargate SG-1. I’ve fallen hard for Rachel Luttrell/Teyla and Jason Momoa/Ronon over the past few years, too, but I definitely have a soft spot for Flanigan and Sheppard. I am really, really going to miss them both, and I also hope that whatever JF does in the future brings him the recognition I sincerely feel he deserves for his skill as an actor.

    …okay, that might have been a bit overwrought. Um. Man, SGA getting canceled sucks. 🙁

    Anyway. Regarding the remaining season of Atlantis: in “Broken Ties,” Ronon really went through hell. We got to see him go through withdrawal from the Wraith enzyme and end up on the road to recovery in that respect; but it seems to me that the whole torture and brainwashing thing, the fact that not only was he so horribly betrayed (again) by an old friend but that he also *did* give in, did serve the Wraith and even gave up the people he cares most about to the Wraith — it seems to me that that part of the experience can’t really be dealt with via one brief scene in which Sheppard gives him Tyre’s sword and they both look sad. Any chance, hopefully, please, that Ronon will have to deal with guilt or any kind of post-traumatic mental or emotional glitches before the season wraps up? Or, gosh, even just acknowledge that he’s still dealing with it? A word? A reaction to something? Possibly?


  59. Hhhmmm. Deep fried pig brain. Add a little snout and ear and you’ve just bought a cheap sausage.

  60. Hey Joe!

    Pig Brains? Ugh, I don’t think I would dare try it. That corn soup, on the other hand, now that I would gladly try. Good to see your culinary adventures again though, and, as always, the WFPotD. 🙂

    Thanks as always, and eagerly awaiting “Whispers”!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  61. I agree with – several others posting here. NOT ONE performance by Jewel Staite has been outstanding. I might come up with ‘mediochre’ at a pinch.
    Joe Flanigan has been CONSISTENTLY brilliant, as has David Hewlett. I won’t watch an episode without Joe F in it – or rather, I tried, (to be fair,) but the yawn factor soon set in. Caffeine, matchsticks, superglue and SGA loyalty kept my eyes open during any Keller-centric episode.
    The fans have been raving about the Sheppard/McKay scene on the pier in particular, me included.
    Joe M et al, you have hopelessly underutilised Joe F in particular, and sent SGA crashing all under your own misguided steam by wagging Keller at us.
    Joe and David deserved better.
    I look forward to seeing them both in other projects.
    How your minds were working when you nominated JS for an award is beyond me.
    Hope you’ll ‘do the Right Thing’ and nominate Joe F for season 5.
    David Hewlett is excellent, but Joe Flanigan does so much more with less.

  62. ahhhh. Need edit function for wordpress. Mr M please delete my previous post.

    About the Jewel Staite Gemini nomination comments.

    The TPTB pick someone who’s got the best shot at winning, well usually. Is either that or Jewel got the goods on the TPTB.

  63. Joe,

    Kassandra, (mackenziesmomma) just informed me that you had mentioned Allie. I’ve pointed Allie in the direction of your blog. It seems that while I was busy and far away in Hotlanta, Allie decided to *forget* how to find your blog. 🙄 Well, Mom’s home now. 👿 I’m crackin’ that whip! 😀

    @Das: I just glanced back at some of the previous posts and I wanted to add: I HATE SPIDERS TOO!!! ((((hugs)))) What’s weird is every Halloween I am OK with the cute fake ones. Ya know? The ones with stuffed animal bodies and purple eyes and such. Or maybe you DO NOT know and disagree which means you really are more phobic than I am. Although a phobia is an unrational fear. And yet, spiders DO kill people soooo…

    @Shai: I totally agree about the Shrine pier scene. Even non-uber fans like us mention it. Plus the squirrels enjoyed saying over and over again at Dragon*Con, “You are a good friend, Arthur.” It just made us laugh every time someone would say it.

    A very post-dragon*Con depressed

    Trish *sigh*

  64. @ Joe – just watched the last two food vids…

    Did you get to eat any more of your brainy dinner, or did the missus gobble it all up? And Carl – so cool, so calm – so…unimpressed. 😆

    @ FlatlandDan – Oh, that stuff was just gross!! Right up JM’s alley, certain sure! (for those who are lost, FlatlandDan posted this link yesterday:

    I’m surprised that they didn’t mention surströmming (Sweden; rakorret in Norway)…similar to lutefisk – but not. I understand that both surströmming and rakorret smell horrible – being rotten fish and all. I wouldn’t know – seeing as how I have enough trouble eating broiled fresh flounder. 😛 How I even have knowledge of this is still a mystery…

    @ Mahoney – I agree – it would have been interesting to see some sort of lingering affects from Ronon’s experience in Broken Ties the following week or so. A little distancing between him and the team, for instance…or something. I would actually have loved to see Teyla try to talk to him about it, get him to open up, and with him lashing out at her, accusing her of using her Wraith telepathic powers to mess with his head. Of course, I LOVE team tension and friction, but most people prefer the lovefests.

    Perhaps in the upcoming episodes involving the Wraith we will see something, though I think it’ll just be MORE hatred for the Wraith, and not any flashback, or friction, or heart-to-heart between Ronon and one of the others on the team.

    @ anneteldy – By posting the definition for ‘gaunt’, you have somehow – some way – made me fall in love with Todd even more. Thank you!

    @ Trish – Glad I make someone laugh. Usually people laugh, but all the while they’re giving me that ‘okay…is she off her meds?’ kinda look, while they’re glancing around for the nearest exit. 😆


  65. @das: Uh… I meant irrational… 😳 Can I blame my horrible vocab on a con-hangover?!!! Pretty please?

    *shakes tiny fist* DARN YOU WORDPRESS and your lack of spell check!

    My baby sis is getting married Sunday so I gotta go lose my mind— I mean help make a wedding cake, be the maid of honor (I hate the term maitron) and whatever else my mom yells— I mean asks me to do.

    Last post of the day!!! I promise! 😀

  66. Joe,
    I don’t have any questions for the author.
    So why me?

    I wouldn’t mind eating any of that food above.
    It all looks extremely good. (:

    I hope you’re doing alright.

    ~Allie. 😀

  67. I’d like to add my amazement at seeing Jewel Staite get nominated for Missing. I thought it was a joke when I first heard but like others have said my first question was, what was so special about her performance when I could name dozens more by other members of the cast that were far superior.

    I’m feeling a bit stunned at the moment and wonder what on earth prompted the PTB so single out this performance and why they found it to be better than all the outstanding performances by other cast members.

    I agree that Joe Flanigan was consistantly brilliant and I can’t think of one episode where his performance wasn’t top notch, but yet I fail to recall any appreciation ever being lauded on the man for his talent by the same PTB that nominated a supporting character.

    I have given up hoping to see Flanigan get some decent material and after giving in and looking at spoilers for the rest of the season, it looks like this will never happen.

    Sad way to see SGA end with so much wasted potential.

  68. Ok well,I’m confused….Why did Jewel get nominated for best performance by an actress in a continuing leading dramatic role….If memory serves me correct she was only recurring in Season 4 so why was she nominated…Also this was supposed to be Teyla’s episode,why wasn’t Rachel nominated..This must have been a huge slap in the face for her….So this episode was in fact a Keller ep and Teyla was only the supporting character then…Well that’s the way it looks to me….Why wasn’t any of the others put up…There are way better performances over the yeasr on Atlantis by folks that have been there four or five years…Not folks who’ve been ther for five minutes!!!

  69. @ Trish- Seems we overlapped…

    When I was a child, I use to throw flies into webs, and watch in amazement as the spiders sucked them dry. I don’t know when or how fascination turned into unspeakable fear – but it did.

    It’s pretty much a visual thing…the legs…the fat, juicy body…the fast movement. We go canoeing on this lake and in the shallows there are tree stumps under the water, with the earth eroded away from around their long-dead roots. Round stumps, with exposed roots radiating out around them. As we drift over the stumps, I start to get the same heebie jeebie feeling I get when I see a spider – I just start freaking out inside, and hubby has to steer us into the deeper water so I can’t see the scary stump ‘spiders’ any more.

    I am SUCH a weenie. 😛

    So, to try to overcome it, I bought a bracelet with a real spider encased in plastic. I force myself to wear it, and look at it. It helps – I can deal with small spiders now, and larger ones if they are behind glass and can’t get to me. But if one of those big suckers ever got on me – sheer terror would probably stop my heart dead.

    Yup. Weenie.


  70. Dernier petit coucou avant le grand jour demain =(

    maintenant je mettrais des commentaire le soir sur votre blog, après l’école.
    Jespert que ma classe sera cool, que les professeurs seront sympa et que mon emplois du temps ne sera pas trop charger.

    Souhaiter moi bon courage!^^

    Bisou, je vous dore fort! A demain.

  71. Dear Joe,

    In regards to the nomination for Missing. I’m knocking down Jewel, but why didn’t you choose Rachel. I think she was outstanding and it was her character’s ep. Could explain this more for us? I know I’m not the only one confused by this.

    One more question please. Will we ever get to hear Teyla sing again on SGA?

  72. Sean, We are still waiting to hear from you! How are things in L. A. Any damage, let us hear from you! As for south florida, we have ’em lined up out here in the atlantic 3 deep, this w/e will tell.* fingers crossed* Can’t wait for friday sga! sheryl

  73. So have you been looking at the video’s on places like youtube to see the fan responce from that perspective? (In regards to the cancelation. I’ve found a few that made me teary)

  74. Bonjour,

    de retour de tros semaines de vacances en forêts pour apprendre la fin de Atlantis après la saison 5 , que nous n’avons pas encore vu au Québec.

    Comme vous je ne suis pas surpris tout en étant déçu. Mais Heureux d’apprendre qu’un troisième film s’envient et que nous aurons un premier film Atlantis, qui plus est, que vous l’écrirez. Ça promet.

    J’ai l’impression que Sci-Fi et MGM concentrent leurs efforts ($$) sur la franchise Stargate maintenant que Battlestar et autres séries sont terminées.

    Cher Joe, j’aimerais exprimer deux souhaits. Premièrement, pourriez-vous faire savoir à Mrs Wright et Cooper l’intérêt de milliers de fans à voir Claudia Black se joindre à Stargate Universe.

    Mon deuxième souhait, plus personnel, serait d’avoir un moyen de garder le contact avec vous dans l’éventualité où vous mettriez fin a votre blog.

  75. HI joe,

    ” Shiningwit writes: “About french food, do you like frogs and ” escargots”.”

    Answer: Butter-fried garlic frogs legs will be an upcoming Weird Food of the Day Purchase. ”

    Actually that was my question, Shiningwit quote me….! but never mind !

    Butter-fried garlic frogs legs are delicious …but only when my mom or I made them, I’ve never been crazy about frogs legs in restaurant.

  76. Looking forward to Joe Flanigan being picked up for a major role either as lead on a primetime TV series or a bloody good box-office smash.

    Joe Flanigan is the next Indy. He is right up there with Harrison Ford on charm, good looks, personality, comic timing and sheer brilliance on the acting front.

  77. Food:
    Would love, one day, to try the Fuel corn soup. Did try the Pea soup purely on Joe’s blog rave; when I have hated it. I must confess, the Fuel Pea soup was wonderful and I would order it…from there..again. But first gotta get the corn.

    Would try a taste of the pig, but probably would prefer the fried green tomatoes. Again, purely on Joe’s ok…and after watching taste after taste disappear to other than Joe’s mouth. LOL…hat was hilarious. So if Fondy likes it as well, then it merits at least a taste.

    Other things:
    Perhaps it is just me and if so, I apologize in advance.
    IMHO…the questions, statements, and demands for explanation regard the nomination seem to be so passionate and hurtful to the people who have given us a series that we LOVE. The analysis of the episode down to the dust on shoes is mind boggling. And, is not constructive.

    Remember in an earlier time, one would not have become aware of news such as this until it was over and done with.

    Remember in current times, Joe and the staff are working their hearts out on a series that was cancelled. What great incentive to receive criticism on what is now a labor of love.

    my apologies to any I have offended,
    climbing down from the soapbox

  78. I agree with most people, that JF should be recognized for his acting acheivements. Sad to say the Gemini Awards is not the place because he is not a Canadian actor.
    On the other hand DH SHOULD be recognized!!

    Nothing against JS, but really……….

  79. I find it incredibly insulting to the main cast members who have been on the show for 5 years and who made the show what it is today, to be completley side stepped to promote once again a favourite character. I cannot fanthom what brought you all to the conclusion that Jewels performance in Missing was in any way better than Rachels, or the amazing performances by Joe Flanigan and Jason Mamoa.
    How can you ignore the cast that made the show what it is today in favour of a supporting character whose performance was nothing more than mediocre.
    I feel incredibly sorry for Rachel Lutrell who continually gets side tracked and as others have said even more sad for Joe Flanigan who never seems to get acknowleged for all the hard work and the amazing performances he has put in over the years. I think I am finally done with Stargate.

  80. Ok people, I’ve had enough!

    To the people slaming Mr. M and the other producers re: the Gemini’s:

    Have you not heard of sarcasam? Mirriam defines it as 1: a sharp and often satirical or ironic utterance designed to cut or give pain.
    I could be wrong, but I took Mr.M’s answer to be SARCASTIC!

    Take a few minutes to look at the Gemini Awards, the nominations are decided by jury from all eligible entries. So if you really want to get pissy about who selected Jewel and not your favorite actor, blame them!
    Not the people who are responsible for making the show what it is and giving the actors the chance to shine!

  81. Yay!
    So Woolsey gets gimself a watchdog?
    (ah. no. that sounds more like he gets himself a pet hamster or something ; )))

    anyway – looking forward to Remnants!! Thanks for the tip, Joe.

    on a different note:
    So, you – we – are going to the (Tv) movies, huh?
    Siigh, well for one, I´m glad that Atlantis will be still around in some form – I´m just not toooo happy about its future format.
    You just cannot explore the range of ideas in the movie format, there´s less or no room for the quirky story, the risky ideas and most of the time it´s the little things that get sacrificed, less character back story, less Zelenka, less Carson, less Jeannie, less Todd and co. Less ancient tech curveballs.

    Siiiiigh, so I guess will never get to know what Todd´s new years resolution will be, now, will we? the name of his pet hamster?? ; ))).

    So when you´re going to pen that movie script I hope you´ll gonna have a hell of a lot of fun writing it and hopefully that translates on to the screen and onto us. So sending a bunch of muses over to you, may they tease you, inspire and taunt you and get a hell of a story out of you!…….; ))

    And perhaps as far as wishes go: no time travel, perhaps, gets a bit old now, and there´s nothing like consequences for actions in the good ole “here and now”. And brill character moments for Shep et al., preetty pleeazee ; ))

    The only comment I m gonna make about cancellation is this:

    it was e x e c u t e d with zero, zilch, nada style, consideration or grace. You (the entire crew) and we deserved so much better than that!

    bye for now, Deborah

  82. @ Sylvia – If it’s any consolation – and keep in mind this is coming from a gal that is not normally a fan of female characters – the more people bash Jewel/Keller, the more I just wanna scoop her up in my arms and give her a big hug (my also husband wants to, but if he even tries, I’m gonna slap him. Hard. 🙂 ).


  83. Of course, that’s not as bad as ‘Agatha Christine’ – whoever the hell SHE is. 😉

    (sorry for the spammy post …blame it on my itchy submit comment finger again)


  84. Um – now I’m completely confused. Why are people refusing to watch Stargate ever again because their favourite actor wasn’t chosen for a Canadian award, which, as I understand it (and I may be wrong) can only be won by a Canadian?
    I can see how some might suggest other Canadian actors for consideration – the Hewletts, for example – but despite Rachel Luttrell living in Canada, she’s not Canadian – is she?
    I think Joe’s fairly distinctive accent places him firmly in LA, which, as far as I know, hasn’t been annexed by Canada (yet). Jason is also someone I’d not pin as Canadian immediately, though I should think surfing in Vancouver isn’t unknown. I don’t remember seeing any but I was only there for a day.
    Any award for anyone, or in any category on SGA is a cause for celebration for everyone, isn’t it, rather than the flounce and the slamming of doors?
    Great show and deserves all the awards it can garner, in my humble opinion.

  85. Hey, Lolli – read or re-read JM’s blog. The producers nominated JS. I get it that JF couldn’t be nominated for a Canadian award. I really do. But – since most of the cast is Canadian, surely, anyone but JS. Unless the nominee pool is that poor. In which case, who gives a toss about the Geminis.
    Moving on.

  86. Oh, wow.. Hey..

    Since when did this become a slanging match, huh? Does it really matter who nominated who for an award? It’s SGA, Folks.. and from what I recall of the last five years, it’s been the *entire* cast and crew who make it up.

    Sure, it’d be great to see Joe, Rachel, David and Jason getting public applause for all their hard work and effort.. along with a whole host of other names and faces, both behind and in front of the camera. But all it really boils down to is the success of the show and *that’s* what’s really winning the award. Jewel is great, but she wouldn’t be able to portray Keller the way she does, if it wasn’t for those around her. The nomination might have her name on it, but in all honesty, doesn’t it belong to everyone that works so hard to bring us the show?

    In a few months, Atlantis will finish as a series. Don’t go making a bitter end to something that’s been so incredibly compelling to hundreds and thousands of Scifi Fans around the world.

    Kudos to everyone.. You *all* deserve it.

  87. Joe,

    When you said
    “We only had enough money for only one submission so the producers unanimously decided to go with Jewel Staite for Missing”

    I thought you were kidding around and trying to wind us up. But I guess you were serious? If you were determined to nominate Jewel for something, why Missing, which was kind of dull? Why not Mortal Coil? I thought she did a good job as the replicator version of Keller.

    But I do agree with the other posters. I think Joe F. has done a fabulous job for years. He’s consistently entertaining and interesting to watch, and enlivens every scene he’s in, even when the story does not focus on Sheppard (which is pretty much most of the time).
    Yet it seems as if TPTB can hardly be bothered to mention him or acknowledge how much he’s done to bring Sheppard to life. It’s just frustrating as a viewer to feel as if what I consider to be the best part of the show is seen as unremarkable (and therefore is underused) by TPTB.

  88. Pig Brains…???? REALLY???

    uh.. YUCK?

    really as soon as I saw that my stomache turned… does look really tasty though.


  89. @ dasNdanger –
    hey, I absolutely agree there should have been some lingering effects from Ronon´s ordeal in Broken Ties. Wonder what´ll happen if he gets near a Warith again – any reaction, even along the lines of out of proportion anger (which would only betray fear and hurt) would be nice

    ” Of course, I LOVE team tension and friction, but most people prefer the lovefests.”

    ; )), why not both? just like in a good meal. or maybe, menu.

    @ Mahoney

    I know the feeling of hook, line and sinker – having watched
    SG-1 until O´Neill left (sorry team dynamics were off) I dismissed Atlantis – since I only got to see it in the German TV version and believe me ,you wouldn´t want to suffer through that. Dull doesn´t begin to describe it. All the actors vocal inflections, gone- ack! The German language doesn´t sit well with SGA.

    But this summer, there I was watching The Storm and The Eye for purely recreational purposes, (and I don´t watch a lot of TV, only soccer and the odd documentary, just nothing interesting on there), simply curious how the heroes would wriggle their way out of this tight spot, when something about J Flanigans portrayal of Sheppard struck me, made me wonder and not before long I was digging to find the original episode.
    And what can I say before I knew I had fallen head over heels in love with not only the JF´s portrayal of the character but most of all with team Sheppard (okay since season 2, Ford is a nice kid, to be sure, the actor got a beautiful voice, but just too young).

    Nope, didn´t look for it, didn´t expect it and it´s not that I would have time for an infatuation, but here I go….



  90. green said:

    Narelle from Aus’ comment made me laugh. She’s genius

    Oh, if only it was true.
    **rubs chin and contemplates what she would be doing if that time dilation machine in the garage really did work and for once she could truly be in two places at once therefore balancing both work and leisure**

    Joe, I finally got around to Continuum. More my kind of movie to Ark of Truth so I really enjoyed it.

    Time travel shows make my head go ouch. I’m all ok with the concept until it always gets to the part where they fix the past and then magically everything is EXACTLY the same in the future. With the number of decisions that each person on this planet makes and the snow ball affect these decisions have I find it hard to get a grasp of how the future can turn out to be the exactly the same.

    It’s probably been asked, but was Mitchell aware of who it was in that last photo and what had transpired in the past?

    Also, when watching the Daedalus Variations it reminded me of the skip drives from Old Man’s War. That was also another concept that caused me to stare into space for a while trying to get my head around how they could design a drive to always skip into such a similar universe and the consequences of that. I know it was explained that most universes would be extremely similar, but see above for where my head hurts.

    Trish – Good to have you back. Would love to get to a Con one year. Hoping to get to the Brisbane one in April.

    Hi Allie – Was there a part in the book when you thought, “I wonder what they meant by that?” or “How did they come up with that idea?”. Sometimes it takes a while to realise you can ask the author such a direct question, but it is a great opportunity if anything came to mind during the read. I hope you hang around for next month’s BOTM. The more, the merrier 🙂

    Das Be afraid, be very afraid, of the little ones in Australia. They stories of the red-back spider are horribly true and they are the tiniest suckers. The big ones are bad as well. And the medium sized ones you should watch out for too. Don’t go near koalas, kangaroos, wombats or possums. Yep, they’ll all rip your eyes out. Oh, watch out for the snakes, they’ll kill you too. Don’t swim in the Northern parts of Australia from October to April. Those invisible jellyfish will make your heart stop in under 3 minutes. The sharks can be problematic in South Australia so watch out for that.

    How do we have any tourism?

  91. Hi Joe,

    I’m sorry to hear you still don’t know what the future holds for you, work wise.

    But I’m sure someone with your talents will not remain unemployed for long! I can hear already them lining up outside your door, ready to grab you the moment you’re (temporarily!) finished with SGA! Careful when you step outside, you might trip.

    In the meantime, will you think about writing books? You have a ready made following already. I’d pre-order like a shot. Sight unseen! Just point me in the right direction!

    Thanks Joe, for bringing in all those guest bloggers, very interesting! They really broaden the horizon.

    And while Fondy is away, please remember to put her shoes out of reach of the serial chewers (Dogs are pack animals so they are all in it together!) or they will use them for their Weird Food of the day!

    And you’ll be in deep trouble!

    Thanks Joe!

  92. I just saw the MGM preview for “Whispers” and heard, for the first time, someone say “Major Teldy”. I got chills. What a pick-me-up after the absolutely crappy day I’ve had!

    The episode really looks good. Thanks again, Mr. M, for the honor.

    Anne Teldy (getting really excited now)

  93. Shai (aka Pissoffsnotface) said:

    “Hey, Lolli – read or re-read JM’s blog”

    @Shai – I do read Mr.M’s blog, and I still think he was being sarcastic when he said they only submitted one entry, I could be wrong, but this is my opinion. I enjoy his use of humor and wit when answering or replying to some of the more…. opinionated… Often he uses sarcasam.

  94. While Missing isn’t my favorite episode, I can see why it’d be picked. It gives the character a nice journey to take from completely lacking confidence and feeling kind of useless in her particular situation to being more confident in herself and her abilities outside of her profession (without losing herself and becoming someone wholly different). And I personally think that’s an interesting arc and a good message.

  95. Anne Telday I’m excited for you!

    I have a feeling I’m going to be rolling on the floor in hysterics when I hear it for the first time. Not because it’s funny, but because there will be a 100’s of thousands of viewers with very serious faces watching the show not knowing how many funny comments were posted (particularly Dovil’s sick orphan with puppy cancer) just to try to rack up as many visits as possible in order to win the amazing prize that you did.
    And that made absolutely no sense at all.

  96. @ Joe – you once said that you’d only appear in an episode if you could be a Wraith. With the series ending, do you think you’d undergo the make-up process – just for funsies – before it’s too late? If so, would you post the pictures?


  97. Hi! I know i already left a comment but i felt this was necessary to ask, because i have been living under a rock for the past few weeks i literally just figured out Stargate Atlantis really is cancelled. Whats up with that?! Can’t you do something to stop that from really happening??? I LOVE stargate! I’ve watched it ever since i was a little little kid! I’ve watched it from the beginning! Then Atlantis came – that was awesome too! And now its done? >.< This makes me super sad. Why … *Sniffle* why would anyone cancell it? Aren’t the ratings higher than last season?
    Plllllllease pleasee don’t let them cancell my favorite show. Pllllllllllease. *Sniffle*

  98. Crispy pig brains… did it watch telly too closely??

    Better than those chicken feet I suppose.

    Looking forward to “Whispers”..

  99. Hi Joe, now that Fondy is away for a holiday, are you going to be proactive and learn to cook better (that is, cafe/restaurant mode) meals for yourself.

    Not sure if the dogs can claim to be totally innocent on the shoe chewing crime. That little black ‘angel’ face is not convincing enough for me.

    As for the cat – I only hope he/she has a good lawyer. Seems to me he/she can make a good case for compensation for emotional distress. He/she has gone white with fright!! 🙂

    raindrop said: “But I do agree with the other posters. I think Joe F. has done a fabulous job for years. He’s consistently entertaining and interesting to watch, and enlivens every scene he’s in, even when the story does not focus on Sheppard (which is pretty much most of the time).”

    Totally agree!! But then I have been a fan of JoeF since Providence, but have only seen fleeting glimpses since then as the tv networks here don’t buy every series or tv-movie producted in the US/Canada or Britain.

  100. Rachell Lutrell was born in Tanzania and imigrated to Canada when she was 5. I thnk that makes her elligible to be nominated for a Canadian award, but obviously the ptb didnt think her performance in Missing was award winning material.

    The problem I have is that Jewel’s performance was no more deserving than Rachels and Rachel was in fact a leading actress in a show, while Jewel was a supporting character. Rachell has been on the show for 5 years but in none of that time have the ptb found her performance worthy of being nominated.

    Again I realise that Joe Flanigan cannot be nominated for a Canadian award but surely there are some American awards he could have been nominated for, but it’s not just about awards but a little recognition to all the cast members who have consistantly done a great job and I rarely if ever have seen Joe Flanigan get applauded for anything he has contritubed to Atlantis over the years. A little bit of consistancy and apprecation to all of the actors would be nice.

  101. Hi Joe, just wanted to thank you again for the book suggestions and club. I just finished “The Forever War” by Joe Haldeman. Very similar themes to “Old Man’s War”, but much darker in tone, IMHO.

    Have you read “Zoe’s Tale”? It’s the next installment in the Old Man’s War series from John Scalzi. It’s basically a retelling of “The Lost Colony” from Zoe’s point of view (John Perry and Jane Sagan’s adopted daughter). I was a little disappointed at first that it was going over “old material”, but I think John Scalzi would be entertaining if he rewrote the phone book!

    Here’s a suggestion for you: The Kingdoms of Thorn and Bone series by Greg Keyes. First book is “The Briar King”. It’s similar to Martin’s Song of Fire and Ice series, with some really interesting characters and very creepy bad guys. And the best part is, the series is COMPLETE! lol

  102. iberostar – Exactly! Mr. Mallozzi has stomped all over the crime scene, and he is the one who took the suspicious photos. It is his finger prints that can be found on the shoe and his wife is fleeing the country so as not to testify against him.

    There is plenty of reasonable doubt in this case. I plan to bring all 4 dogs into court. I figure in less than 5 minutes, Lulu will be sitting in the Judge’s lap, and the rest of the dogs will be gazing innocently at the jury.

    I expect the Judge to throw the case out and Mr. Mallozzi will be ordered to pay all my clients demands and court costs for making such a frivolous, unsubstantiated accusation!

  103. With all the furor over the nomination of Jewel for a Genie, I wonder if American actors are eligible for a Canadian industry award? It’s been ages since I’ve watched either the Genies or the Geminis. In any case, Seriously? For Missing? Hmm I like Jewel, it’s Keller I’ve had problems with but David Hewlett is the real gem of the cast. And Joe Flanigan shines right alongside him in terms of talent. What about Rachel or Jason? Such hard working, talented actors who star in the series and give us so much week after week were overlooked in favour of an okay performance in a yawner of an episode that nearly made me switch channels; something no other ep of the series could do. Not even the Old Elizabeth ep of the first season.

    On a different note, I hope you and Paul write a pilot for a show that stars Joe, David and Rachel. And absolutely Jason, if he’s willing and interested. I’ll miss our gang but if we could get some combination of the Fab Four on weekly tv again, that would be wonderful. Too much to ask? Hope not. 🙂

  104. P.S. To clarify, (1) despite my disappointment in the choice of Missing to showcase Jewel, I hope she wins the award. 🙂 Too late to wave under the noses of Sci Fi and MGM and achieve anything in terms of renewal, but terrific nonetheless. *waves my SGA 4ever flag* 😉

    (2) A pilot with roles written for Joe, David, Rachel and Jason and hope it gets picked up by a network — however that works. Not ready to even think about letting them go…

  105. Hi Joe,

    What are your thoughts on foie-gras? From time to time I try to be a bit of a “food-adventurer” myself but this is one thing that I have yet to try – should I give it a go? Looking forward to your thoughts on frogs legs. The one time I had a chance to try them they were crunchy-salty-yummy, if not a tad too greasy.

    And I’m sure that you get deluges of Sheppard queries but I thought I’d give it a whirl…Any plans on giving our guy a love/like/I might not totally hate you interest?


  106. “T writes: “There were so many wonderful performances, and some really great episodes strongly critically received in season 4, where any others submitted for consideration?”

    Answer: Noop. We only had enough money for only one submission so the producers unanimously decided to go with Jewel Staite for Missing.”

    Are you trying to get yourself killed by saying that (truth or joke….can’t really tell on my end)? Well….maybe not killed…but being hounded/harrassed for weeks/months….

  107. I really wish the writers would address this subject in an episode. It would take only 1 minute of air time. Question: “Why can’t we make more ZPM’s? There must be some kind of information about them in the Atlantis database?” McKay: “Well duh! Don’t you think we thought about that? We can’t because …. (long sarcastic diatribe about why). 1 minute thats all it would take

  108. I think in regard to finding information on how to build a ZPM in the database, it has to do with the shear volume of information in the database, and the fact that it is in Ancient. I don’t remember if they ever said what the Ancients called the ZPM Or ZedPM as McKay calls it, in their own language. Not knowing the correct term may make searching the database hit and miss. Or that information may have been damaged when parts of the city were flooded during Rising, or from any of the other times when the city was damaged/attacked. The Ancients could have encrypted the information before they left for Earth and abandoned the city, incase the city ever fell in the wrong hands. If there is a lab for producing the ZPM’s, the information may only be contained in the database there, and they either haven’t found it yet, don’t know what the lab is for yet, or as seen many parts of the city have damage from the flooding/attacks. It could have been destroyed. There is still a very large part of the city still unexplored.

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