Brad Wright shows off his All-Access Pass.
Brad Wright shows off his All-Access Pass. Hey, that's where that ninth chevron went!
The goa'uld are moving into their new apartment.
The goa'uld are moving into their new apartment.
I'm holding this stuff for Zipacna.
And Zipacna asked me to store some of his crap.
Rodney McKay bathed here.
Rodney McKay bathed here.
Compliments of Harmony.
Compliments of Harmony.
Still plenty of room in the back.
Still plenty of room in the back.
Mayborne sent these.
Mayborne sent these.
Destined for my wife's rock garden.
Destined for my wife's rock garden.
Each crewmember is individually sealed and stored away for next year.
Each crewmember is individually sealed and stored away for next year.
Wraith decor before the Extreme Home Makeover.
Wraith decor before the Extreme Home Makeover.
You may remember these from a little episode called Progeny.
You may remember these from a little episode called Progeny.
Hey, remember that episode where the team visits the alien tanning salon?
Hey, remember that episode where the team visits the alien tanning salon?
This we'll definitely re-use!
This we'll definitely re-use!
I'm sure the Ark of the Convenant is in here somewhere...
I'm sure the Ark of the Convenant is in here somewhere...
Pottery Barn opens a store on Abydos.
Pottery Barn opens a store on Abydos.
fully operational staff weapons!
This year's crew gift = fully operational staff weapons!
Awww.  It's a furling!  Stuffed and mounted.
Awww. It's a furling. Awwww!!! He's been stuffed and mounted!
I'd haul 'em out myself but I think they're carnivorous.
I'd haul 'em out myself but I think they might be carnivorous.

With production on the Stargate Atlantis series slated to wrap in the coming weeks, it was time for a little house-cleaning, so the producers took a trip down to the various lock-ups the other day to decide what should stay and could should go. After twelve years of television, you tend to amass a fair share of curios and, as we walked through the various warehouses and storerooms filled with everything from brass pseudo-Egyptian statuettes to unwieldy anti-replicator guns, I couldn’t help but feel a little melancholy – partly because Atlantis but mainly due to the oppressive nature of the storage facilities crammed floor to ceiling with…well, I wouldn‘t call it “junk” but I would say “it bears an uncanny resemblance to junk”. If one of those crazy cat ladies ever turned out to be a Stargate fan, I’m pretty sure this is what her place would look like.

We’d taken a similar tour two years ago when SG-1 wrapped, winding our way past Jaffa armor, goa’uld braziers, and the remnants of Dakara, trying to decide what we could get rid of in order to free up some space. The canoe from A Hundred Days? No, no. There’s no telling when a future episode might require a canoe. The Ma’chello device? Chances are we won’t need it again but we could certainly remodel it and use it as a base for some future alien tech. Seth’s throne? Nope, that one’s going up in my office! We faced some tough choices but Producer John Smith was on hand to offer his advice: “Just go from right to left and toss out every second thing, then go back from left to right and throw out every second thing again.” In the end, after much consideration, I think we ended up turfing six of twelve phone booths and called it a day.

This time around was just as difficult. We knew that we’d be making Atlantis and SG-1 movies so we would want to keep a lot of the items specific to each series. On the other hand, it made sense to keep a lot of the more generic items like village wear and weaponry for the new series.

Ultimately, when all was said and done, we ended up getting rid of three of the remaining six phone booths.

Today’s video: Carl leads us on a tour of Stage 6, Part II.

126 thoughts on “August 27, 2008: Keep it. Keep it. Toss it. Keep it. Burn it.

  1. You know, if you have the spare stuff that you don’t need, you could always arrange an auction and get rid of it all that way and maybe raise money for other things like charity and stuff.
    Pretty sure people would love SG1 – Atlantis leftovers.

    Who wouldn’t want Rodney Mckays bathtub? 🙂

  2. Man I would love to get my hands on some of those props! Halloween is coming and trust me the cost of Stargate Stuff on Ebay is expensive.

    Hey can everyone in the Atlantis Family say a little prayer for us down here in New Orleans about the upcoming storm that is slated to hit this Monday? We really do not need another repeat of Katrina. This Friday is the the 3rd anniversery of that nasty piece of business.

    Thanks Joe you guys are great!!!


  3. That’s pretty awesome. Thanks for showing all of that.

    Can I borrow any stuff for my wedding next year? just kidding 😉 My fiance proposed during a romantic evening of sharing our favorite show together…Stargate, so it’d only make sense to have a Stargate themed wedding.

    Anyway, thanks for the update. Very cool.

  4. 1. Will Elizabeth ever return?
    2. How many movies do you think you’ll do, if you do a series of them?
    3. Will the Ronan and Keller almost-kiss come to play ever?
    4. Are they just going to leave Elizabeth out there forever?
    5. Is it true that the third Sg-1 movie will center on Jack?
    6. Could Rainbow Sun Francks ever return?
    7. Will the first SGA movie be stand alone?
    8. When it says SGU 2-hour movie, does that mean pilot episode or an actual movie?
    9. Will Jason Momoa return for the movies?
    10. Will there be an SGA/SG1 movie?
    11. Was the end of “Ghost in the Machine” meant to show possibility of Weir returning or show that it is the end of her?
    12. Will there be any more episodes of just going to a planet and interacting with aliens?
    13. Will shippers be getting anything this season?
    14. What’s your favorite food?
    15.Will Michael’s story arc be resolved by the series’ end?

  5. …continuation
    16. What does it mean that SGU will be set for a younger audience?
    17. Is there a point to fight for Elizabeth or is she already gone?
    18. Will the series end with some closure?
    19. Will things from “The Shrine” come to play in the latter half of the series?
    20. Can we expect new storyline for the SGA movies (if there is a series of them)?

  6. Joe,

    Who’s running the camera for the tours? (Thanks for that, btw!) And if um…you’re looking to get rid of a few props, I’d be happy to send you my address. =)

  7. Heya Joe,
    The tour and your filming/camera work are cool.
    Eagerly awaiting Part III.

    Good move to save stuff for the movies and/or new series; cause you never know.

    And, for some of us die hards, never give up folks…just in case there is a last minute 11th hour reprieve.


  8. I’m torn between heartbreak and avarice at the pictures today. It is frustrating to follow the process of shutting down the production, but I’m also sufficiently curious about things to wonder at all that is involved. The fact that the movies and new show will ensure the survival of some of the stuff is a little consolation, but only a little. I appreciate you sharing with us. Now, if you hear about any online auctions of some of the “junk” please let us know. Though it would depend on where the money would go. I’m not much in the giving mood to certain corporations right now, but for charity or for funds to go back into movie production now…well, I can always reduce my christmas list to accomodate a purchase or so…

  9. The tours are great! Thanks to you and Carl for doing them. I still have The Shrine on my DVR, and now I HAVE to go back and see if I spot the dog picture in Woolsey’s office. I had never noticed it before, but now I surely will all the time.

  10. You know, if there’s stuff that you’re just going to throw away, you should put it on eBay. At least make some money off of it. Because you know there’ll be people wanting to buy it. Even if it’s just a fake rock from Random Alien Village #6.

  11. Hi, By stating Prodigal when asked if Teyla would appear in any episode besides the Queen did you mean that that is the only episode or it is the only episode that is really focused on her?

    =) (One teeny tiny question more) Will all the main characters appear in the final episode?

  12. Joe,

    Loving the videos!

    You sure do have quite the collection of stuff stored away from both of the shows. I can not even imagine the day you have “trash day”. i’m guessing there are quite a few fans who will be on the look-out for that trash day!

    It is interesting to see all of those photos…so many memories from just watching the show way in the middle of nowhere (that’s mid-west USA) are popping up in my head. I imagine you and the other crew members will sneak a peek or two before the big wrap up…perhaps even a few items will make their way under a coat or two and out the door onto the shelves of living rooms.

    So, Joe, What exactly is the etiquette on taking items from a set that is being torn down and tossed out? Only take what you can fit in a bag…or do you allow people to request items they really want?

    I’m guessing quite a few cast/crew members will want an item to remember the “good ole days”.

    Michele Blue

  13. To sean, my thoughts are with you. We are in S.. Fl. and just went thru FAYE with 3 feet of water in our city. 4 years ago we had jean and frances (Hurricanes) and we lost half our house! But nothing like Katerina! Good luck and stay safe! Joe, nice tour, Still bummed about sga, and can’t wait to see the next epi! Love the blog, Sheryl

  14. If you have any spare pieces of flocking lying around, I’m sure mine could use some new brothers and sisters. 😀

    Otherwise, I think I, too, will offer my home as a, uh, storage place for those, uh, useless props. Yes. I’ll even do it for free! So go ahead and send any of those props to my home, and I’ll take good care of them.

    Oh, and I’ve moved, so it’s a new address, but I’ll reveal it if it means that those props will get a good home for the time being. Yes. I have much space for those props. Much space. And love. Don’t forget love. And care. Tender loving care.

    Thanks for Part 2 of the video, Joe! I can’t wait for Part 3! Haha, you broke the console. 😀

  15. Wait…why would Universe need village wear? I mean, it’s supposed to take the characters to planets untouched by the Ancients (other than the Stargate), right? So there shouldn’t be any humans to wear that village wear…right?

    Because that was supposedly one of the things that would’ve made the series different; there won’t be humans everywhere…

  16. Wow, all that Stargate stuff stashed away is pretty cool, but I just found out today that come October my brother will be going back (yes, he was down there once before) to McMurdo in Antarctica. My parents also said that this time he has a pretty good shot at getting to the South Pole, too. And he’ll actually get paid to do it (he’s a firefighter). Maybe he can visit the Ancient Outpost while he’s there. Nah, probably just the Kiwi’s Scott Base which is about a mile away from McMurdo. I wish I were going, but I wouldn’t want to be there 3 1/2 to 4 months.

    Keep the set tour videos coming, Joe. I’ll probably never get to see it in person.

  17. Hey Joe.

    Thanks for the video. Um, same questions as yesterday:

    1. Will the SGA movie make reference to, in any way, SGU? Or vice-versa, which ever is out first?

    2. What will happen to all the props when they are no longer needed? Will they be auctioned off, or given away as prizes?

    Thanks Joe.

  18. “On the other hand, it made sense to keep a lot of the more generic items like village wear and weaponry for the new series.”

    Eh? Village wear for Universe? I can’t see there being any excuse for the new races encountered to look human considering the Ancients have never been to these galaxies?:S

    I was hoping the bigger budget Brad and Rob said they wanted would at least partially go towards more alien-esque aliens.

  19. I’m the same when it comes to turfing old stuff…can’t seem to let go of it for ‘sentimental reasons’ or whatever…

    Hey Joe – let’s combine junk and have a garage sale! tell ya what, I have my spare bedroom decked out Egyptian style – maybe I can put in a bid for some of those relics! eBay anyone??

    Still, I prefer my idea from yesterday – a Stargate museum! I’d pay to see that.

  20. Beautiful catwalks!! I’m sure the lighting crew gets a nice view.

    Your collection of Stargate stuff is not unlike my own collection of homework. You never know when you might need to remember something about the lipids in cells (even though I’m a poli sci major…)!! Actually, in truth, it looks very much like the backrooms of my college theatre. I think they still have set pieces from 1960-something. Eventually, it all gets reused. What do studios usually do with old set pieces? Especially something as particular as the Stargate stuff?

  21. Thanks for the videos and the pictures of the props. The city looks deserted with everything off. You should tell Carl to get the gene therapy so he can turn stuff on next time.

  22. Now I am sure there will be many requests, but if there are any pointy objects or beatin’ sticks that are, say, “inappropriate” for Universe I would totally throw myself under that bus. Take one for the team so to speak.

    Just a thought.

  23. Joe!

    Make a Stargate Museum!

    What about a Mega eBay auction for charity ???

    I could see a stargate koi pond in my backyard!

  24. Thanks for the videos and trying to cheer us up. Although, the pictures are hard to see and that smile of Brad’s is not comforting.

    Sorry, will most likely never get excited about Stargate Universe because in my mind it was why they chose to take Atlantis off.

    I didn’t fall in love with the Franchise because of the writer’s strike, I fell in love with Stargate Atlantis.

    Yes, I am one that is still holding out hope even though I think you are pretty clear on the situation. Oh well, never say never is my new motto.

  25. Awww. It’s a furling. Awwww!!! He’s been stuffed and mounted!”

    That’s…just wrong. Bwa ha ha ha!

    Loved the pictures. Enjoyed the tour. 🙂

    Many thanks!

  26. Wow, I’m really enjoying the set tour you and Carl are giving us. Thank you! The Atlantis sets are some truly impressive work, even when they’re not arranged and lit for filming. Your stage 6 set is my all time favorite film set, second only to the Edoras set from the Lord of the Rings, even over the other sets from those films. I’m hoping desperately that the set tours will be offered next Spring for the Vancouver convention, because I plan to be there to see them even if I have to put a second mortgage on my house to do so.

    Wow, that’s a lot of props! I hope you’ll give us a heads up if they decide to auction any of these off, because I would dearly love to be able to own something from Atlantis. I would even drive up there to pick up one of the larger pieces, if I was able to win the auction. I’ve been seriously tempted to paint and decorate my bedroom to look like the quarters there in Atlantis, but I’ve been able to refrain, so far… *is a horrible geek*

    By the way, Joe, the dog that we found dumped out here by some heartless misbegotten jack@** is settling in nicely at my folks place. For such a huge beast, he is definitely a sweetheart and a complete wuss. He whines and mumbles and reminds me so much of Dr. Rodney McKay that that’s what we’ve named him, though we call him Mac for short. Here’s a link to a post with some pictures of him.

  27. You should put all the extra crap you don’t want on auction for charity!!!! ‘Cause I’d totally buy an old Stargate phone booth (they’re so hard to come by these days in Cleveland!) or an old statue or two!!!

    And the mere idea of a tour to say goodbye to all the old crap makes me want to cry… you can deny the facts right up until you get rid of the stuff… that sort of finalizes the deal.

    Set tour part 2=AMAZING!!!! Although I’m kind of sad the puddlejumper bay wasn’t there!!! LOL that would have been awesome!!! I’m so completely fascinated with the “behind-the-scenes” of movies/television… maybe I can have Ivon’s job when he retires???

  28. Someone has already suggested actioning all the stuff off for charity, I’ve a better idea – action all the stuff off to fund a 6th season! Who needs networks when you have fans willing to pay stupid amounts of money to own a genuine staff weapon? (If I had stupid amounts of money [I don’t, I’m a student], I’d certainly spend it on a staff weapon!)

    Well, maybe a mini-season… you’ll need to keep a few staff weapons for things like filming scenes with Jaffa in, I suppose!

  29. Posting again to say that I agree with Lt.Col.Errandboy, we need a Stargate museum! I would so drive up to Vancouver to go though it! Or wherever it happens to go as a traveling exhibition, like the Star Trek exhibition going on at the San Diego Air and Space Museum through the end of November. It really is fantabulous, so you might want to go if you get a chance. I went twice while I was there for Comic Con and enjoyed it immensely. I even had my picture taken in Kirk’s chair (yep, it was one actually used in the original series) and I’m generally very allergic to cameras.

  30. I was just wondering how nominations are made for the Gemini awards? Are the individuals/episodes/departments submitted by the production company? Or do the Gemini people select them? I hope Jewell wins hers for Missing, but since I didn’t think she was one of the leads at that point, I would have thought Rachel would have gotten the nod for that episode.

  31. Sorry, Joe, but WordPress seriously needs an edit function, blast it! Anyway, my thoughts and well wishes are going out to Sean and the rest of you folks down South in the path of the summer tropical storms.

  32. Hey, Joe M – this is just ONE of MANY reminders re those (lost)potential season 6 scripts that *sniff* we’ll never get to see. Are any of them salvageable re Atlantis movies?

    There has been some interest – oookaaay, LOTS of interest – in Hexed, but if it would have been comedic with extreme Shep hair whump, I, for one, would have cringed watching it. What, the script required that JF’s hair should go flat? Aaagh! Some things should not be ‘messed’ with! NEVER whump the hair!
    Like it matters now. Sheesh. % – {

    Did I bypass the evil smiley/sulky emoticons. Yes?

  33. I would SO go for McKay’s tub. Altho I’d prefer McKay IN it, I think Jane would take issue. 🙂

    Is that where you glean the things to auction off for charity, later? You know crazy fans (like me): We’d buy just about anything if we knew who specifically used it or if it was autographed. So why trash something that could bring in enough moolah to… pay for *new* artifacts to be made? LOL

    Be readin ya tomorrow…

  34. That’s some warehousing requirement! It must be strange to walk through a place not just of memories – but your own dreamed up inventions, especially as some may never see the light of day again.

    While all these props belong to the shows, who actually owns them? MGM, SCIFI, Rob & Brad or Bridge?
    Actually, is the SGF like a private company that is then picked up by the like of MGM and SCiFi – or whoever makes the deal?

    There is also the weird issue of looking at these pictures and the sudden onset of childlike thinking of “me want one!”

    how would you say the show has effected your life beyond that of putting the clothes on your back and food in your mouth over such a long period.

  35. Hey Joe,

    MY what SOOO many fans would do to have some of the old props! If you guys are ever throwing items out – I’m sure fans would flop over eachother to get some of them! Auction them off, or heck, give them away! I’ll even pay shipping!

  36. Hi Joe – Thanks very much for the great photographs and video. Looking forward to Carl – Part III. What a trip down memory lane!! Maybe it’s time to organize the largest garage sale in Burnaby!

    Positive thoughts going out to everyone in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast area. Bad hurricane – go away.

    Here’s a question for Andy M –

    A lot of prep and planning goes into an episode. Is there an episode that stands out where you thought you had all of your “bases covered” and then everything just went sideways?

  37. If yer just tossin’ stuff out, I’d gladly take one of those Wraith finger armor thingys off’a yer hands… 😉

    On a side note…after a night out with Mr. Das down at the local, playing pool to Rob Zombie tunes (I won! 2 to 1!), then coming here and getting slightly bummed out by this entry (yeah, it was kinda depressing to me)…this ‘crazy cat lady’ discovered that her old lady kitty, Marbles, loves videos featuring a certain elf from a recent movie. She never pays attention to the tv or computer – but I put on the video, and she can’t stop watching it!

    Kinda like her mommy… 😛

    And…that’s about it. Will have to wait ’til tomorrow to watch your vid (it took about 45 minutes for the Nuada video to load last night, so…yeah…I’m not risking bumping that one for yours…I mean, I MUST keep my priorities straight! 😆 )


  38. Joe,
    A longtime lurker here and I just wanted to say thanks for all the behind the scenes stuff. The videos and photos are awesome!
    Also a big anime fan here and I know you have said before that you liked Makoto Shinkai’s stuff-Voices of a Distant Star and the Place Promised in our Early Days. Did you see the last one? 5 cm per Second? Amazing as all of his stuff has been. The rocket launch took my breath away. If you haven’t seen it, you’ve got to check it out! We have a lot of the same favorite series-Cowboy Bebop, Escaflowne and others. Have you seen anything new that has caught your attention? I need a new series to watch and I am looking for suggestions from anyone!
    Thanks again, Joe! Can’t wait for Whispers!

  39. If there are any spare ZPM’s laying around there that you don’t want lying around in there, give me a holler. A little wiring and one would make an Awesome night light in my 2 yr old nephew’s room.

  40. Joe,

    Will Teyla appear in the rest of the second half of the season and especially the finale?

    Will Teyla have to make a difficult choice in something that will change her life significantly?

    Are there any talks of any of the Atlantis characters possibly appearing or moving onto the new series? I’ve always wanted to see John as leader of Atlantis or leader in general, is that a possibility, a general maybe?

    Will the finale bring about some surprises, sadness, tragedy, and/or leave things open to interpretations?

    Do you think the main cast of Atlantis will be available for the movies or is it too soon to tell?


  41. Hey Joe!!!

    the prop pictures made me really sad…i don’t want to see atlantis go!!! also, i have a couple of questions…

    1. Will we see anymore John/Teyla scenes in the upcoming episodes?
    2. Will the McKeller situation be explored some more?

    and i also can’t wait for “Whispers” to air! by the looks of the promos on SciFi, it’s going to be an awesome episode!!!

  42. Whoa! You should keep all of it. Gene Roddenberry made a ton of money selling off Star Trek props, and now there’s eBay!!

    P.S. Thanks for the tour!

  43. I am a long time reader, first time commenter.

    I love all the behind the scenes things you take the time to share with all of us. The vids yesterday and today were great. I hope to see more of them.

    I am sad to see that SGA did not get renewed but I am thankful for all the quality episodes that the cast and crew brought to us over the years. I know that my family will tune in to SGU and, of course, all of the SG1 and SGA movies in the future.

    My son was reading the news release about SGU and he asked me what demographic means. After I explained he looked very puzzled and said, “it says they want a younger demographic, how much younger, I’m 10, won’t I like the new show?” I couldn’t help but crack up. In our house, SG1 and SGA are loved by a 42 year old mom and her three children (girls 16 and 4, boy 10). Who knows, with SGU, if the 10 year old is too old maybe it will be ok for the 4 year old.

    Thanks for an excellent show,

  44. their is some pretty neat stuff in those storerooms I think if i ever got the chance to visit i would want to wade thought your stuff after all IM A CAT LADY!!!! heheheh….

  45. Mr. M. wrote:

    On the other hand, it made sense to keep a lot of the more generic items like village wear and weaponry for the new series.

    Uhm… In the canon of Stargate SG-1, it has been established that humans evolved on Earth and that the Ancients (with a bit of help from the Goa’uld) seeded humans throughout the Milky Way and Pegasus Galaxies. The Ori did the same in their galaxy.

    So, if the worlds in Stargate Universe don’t already have stargates, how did humans get to them from these other galaxies?

    Anne Teldy

  46. @ Sean

    Hope you folks in NOLA and the surrounding Gulf area are ready to move next week. The current forecast models for our non-friend GUSTAV are not looking good. The majority of the models got GUSTAV making landfall just Southwest of New Orleans except for the one track that’s totally unthinkable. Let’s hope GUSTAV either downgrade in strength or changes it’s path. Otherwise the Corps of Engineers and FEMA will be severely field tested again.

  47. Thank you for the tour of the set. I missed the first two and need to go back and watch those. The magic of television re: the sets, indeed. Nice. 🙂

    How about selling the props and raising money for Season 6? *g* In my mind, in some alternate universe, SGA secedes from Earth… er, Sci Fi and becomes its own independent colony/entity/network thingy.

    Yeah. Not too coherent tonight…

  48. Hey loving the tour, just like being there…..well, almost. I’m enjoying everyone’s suggestions for your “cleaning out the closet” project. How about an auction and a museum? I find some solace in the show’s cancellation in that you can still have fun and make a dusty, cluttered, alien device holding, magic making keepsakes warehouse interesting. Good luck to all those along the Gulf Coast. Batten the hatches, weather the storm.

  49. Just saw a casting suggestion for SGU on Gateworld and I think it would be great.
    Have Shep and Vala chaparone the group of lusty young spacefarers and guide them in the mysterious ways of Kirking and Flirting.
    The poster thought that even though Shep and Vala look like brother and sister, they should be having a fling of their own, I agree. Would be fun!

  50. @ dasNDanger “Nuada video”? *ears perk* Is that Nuada as in Nuada Silver Arm of the Tuatha Dé Danann? Please, do tell!

  51. @sulien

    I SOOO did that when I was in Hollywood – they had the Star Trek: TNG bridge and transporter sets there & I was in geek heaven getting my pic taken in Picard’s chair!!!

    Would love to add “Dana in the ‘gate room of Atlantis” to my geek pic collection….*hint hint* 😉

  52. Thanks for another tour video and all of those pictures. It’s interesting to see what the sets actually look like and how stairs lead to nowhere 🙂 It always amazes me how production can cut scenes together and make it look like it’s a real functioning place and not a bunch of sets.

    I had “it looks like a shadow of a pirate ship” thought before you said it in the video. It really does too.

    Like many others who commented, I’d also check out an auction of Stargate props.

  53. Joe, so who was the lucky one to be stuck with the Ori Prior staff?

    Ditto to Narelle and Thornyrose as well…
    Oh, the warehouses, so heartwrenching to see that it may all just go, perhaps as mentioned above, we can have an auction, but since there are fans from around the globe, make it an international auction?
    Joe, I hope you can get the props you want, to remind you of the Stargate series if you were to not return to it.

    Here’s another idea for your WFPotD: Tapioca peas!(just like Wasabi peas, but with Tapioca instead!)

    Joe, you have my questions that I wanted to ask Kenny and Lexa, right(and i’m assuming they’ve been submitted already)?

  54. Ooh ooh! Question Question Question!!!



    In Continuum (I believe?) Carter mentioned something about some project on the moon. Do you have any inside knowledge if this is referencing either SGU or the next movie? Hmmmm?

    K, end of question.


  55. Dear Joe,

    1. Ever heard of Ben X?

    2. Has you or David Hewlett ever seen Death Note?


  56. Well you really should arrange some sort of auction… There are plenty of us who’d like to get something from THAT XD

  57. This year’s crew gift = fully operational staff weapons!

    Quite poetic considering the crew are “staff”.
    I really should just go back on holidays right?

  58. Just wanted to say thanks for the behind the scenes tour, very cool!
    It reminds me of the inner workings of the Saddledome during hockey season or a concert; stuff stored everywhere and only a few people get to see it on a regular basis.
    Thanks again………..

  59. Note to go out with the staff weapons:

    Dear Crew,

    Just because these are “staff weapons” does not mean these are to be used as weapons by the staff.

    There will be no use of these for poking, ambushing of other members of staff while pretending you are in some battle sequence, tripping up of others in the hall while holding hot coffee, limbo competitions and under NO circumstances are any of you smarty pants to work out how to make these fully operational.

    Kind Regards
    The Management

  60. I’m heading down to Baton Rouge, Louisiana on Thursday to work the Grand Opening of a new store there this weekend. I have visions of jambalaya and gator dancing through my head, if the tropical storm doesn’t finish me off first.

    I’ll try to get at least one decent cajun meal while I’m there. I’ll take pics and keep you posted upon return, of course.

  61. If I ever manage to win a major lottery in the next few weeks like the Super7 – that big honking transport truck trying to get through the gate will be mine… Actually, I think I’ll get several and start a mobile museum multi-tour! All proceeds going to various charities…

    However, in the event [quick! mark the date on a calendar!] that I don’t win, I suggest all that Ikea furniture not snapped up by any of the employees [really, they all deserve first dibs on stuff] should go to HABITAT and any computer stuff not needed go to the local schools.

    NOTHING should end up in a dumpster or 1-800-gotjunk!

    I remember when DS9 shut down, small stuff that the cast managed to ‘liberate’ – they auctioned off at a club charity weekend event [about 80 people] and raised over $8K!! Well over 15 for the weekend!!

    Seriously, with the right paperwork attached, Fans will buy ANYTHING at *any* price!! The tax deduction alone would cover the cost of a whole season…

    Personally, I allows liked those blue ARG crystals…
    Already have one of those black tzio [sp?] Ikea lamp that Weir had on her desk… got it at a yard sale for $2.!

  62. Have you decided yet whether you’ll be filming the upcoming Atlantis movie on 35mm film or those digitl HD things yet? *hopes for 35mm film!*

  63. Merci pour la visite du Prop Department !!!

    Is there some Atlantis stuff on sale due to the stop of the series ? I wonder have a real costume, or some Ancient cristals from Atlantis computers 😉

    Please let me know for my fans-association.

    CU Soon !

  64. Hate to tell you Joe, but crazy cat lady is alive and well and lives in England and yes, she is a huge fan of SG1 and Atlantis. I will admit to having lots of shelves around the house that look as if they have been filled with stuff like yours – my clothes would make some of your villagers proud and my collection of pet rocks is not dissimilar to yours. If you are ever giving stuff away can I have a wraith please? Anyone would do but if you’d give Todd my number….

    Hey Das, I watched Nuada on youtube and I must admit he’s really rather nice (say in clipped English tones). I can’t help but feel it’s a little bring wrong to fancy Luke Goss from Bros though, you know?? It’s kind of like admitting you fancy Gary Barlow from Take That, which of course, I could never do (sober!)

  65. Is it me or does your narrative on the vid sound like Kermit the Frog?? LOL, made me smile. Many thanks – enjoyed the vid and the blog. Loved ‘Individually wrapped and stored’ and ‘Rodney McKay bathed here’

    You should look at Auction sites if you want some extra money for the really good effects for the films. Of course the bath will fetch more if it had Rodney McKay in it – at least in some circles it would, others maybe not so much.

    I’ll warn hubby that he may be living in a shed this time next year as I may have to sell the house to buy me a loaded bath just in case you decide to listen to my very wise and sage words.


  66. Hey, Joe! I’ve been reading your blog for a while, though I’ve never actually commented before. I really love your sense of humor ^.^ I started watching SG-1 at the start of the 6th season when I was 12, and I have been hooked ever since.

    I’m loving the tours, it really looks like you guys were having a lot of fun. And the pictures are awesome! I would love to get my hands on McKay’s bath tub xD And I agree with what other people have said. Instead of throwing everything away it would probably be a good idea to sell some of it. Really, what harm could it do if it’s stuff fans really want?

    Another reason why I’m commenting is because I wanted to ask you something that’s been on my mind for a very long time now. I’ve always wanted to ask someone in charge, even though I’m kind of afraid of what the answer might be.

    What are the chances of ever seeing Jonas Quinn again? I was always really bummed about his dismissal, he was one of my all time favorite characters. It just seemed like everyone forgot that he ever existed and was on the team for over a year. I’d love to see him on Stargate Universe if it’s at all possible (and Corin Nemec is willing to do it). There are a lot of fans out there who really miss Jonas :\

    And I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to make this blog. I always enjoy reading it :0)

    -Peace, Margaret

  67. Coucou Joseph!! sa va ?? Sniff vous n’avez pas répondu a ma question concernant l’adresse, bon je vous demanderez plus tard en espérant que vous répondiez.

    Waaou, ds vrai pièce de collection!! Mais qu’allez vous en faire après stargate?
    Et aprés le film de sga, que va t’il arriver de la citée ?? Vous pouvez la loué ? je suis prenante,vivre dans la citée c’est le rêve de tout fan de sga^^!!

    En tout cas merci pour la photo et la video!

    Je souhaite un bonne anniversaire a notre petite Amanda qui nous manque!!

    Bisou, je vous adore♥

  68. Good Morning Joe 🙂

    It’s hard to believe 13 years of wonderful and amazing tv memories are stored away in those rooms. It’s bittersweet to watch.

    I have a question to pose to yourself and to the cast.

    At conventions you are asked all manner of wierd and wonderful questions.

    If you or the cast could ask the fans one question, What would it be?

  69. Mornin’ Joe,

    No coffee this morning. I’m on tea and despite being english.. I can’t abide the stuff. So, forgive me if i’m clawing at the keyboard too much. I’m feeling a little like a Dalek, climbing the north side of K2.. >.>

    Wow.. Spring Cleaning, huh? That has a painful ache of finality about it. Found any missing crew or cast members entombed in those catacombs? Ya know, if you buried everything out in the desert and left it for a couple’ve thousand years, some Howard Carter guy might come along and dig it up. It’d keep those archaeo-types spinning for years. Hell, we could even get a fifth instalment of Indiana Jones from it.

    By the way, ever considered uploading TPTB into one’ve those virtual reality machines? That’d keep *everyone* happy.

  70. Im loving the virtual tours they are very interesting and funny. Looking forward to part 3!

  71. Hi Joe

    Love the tour videos and the photos even though they make me sad.
    If you need somewhere to store Major Lorne, I’m more than willing to give him a good home. 🙂

  72. Hello once more Mr M!

    Lovin’ the whole garage-sale type effort re: props. Yes, a Charity Auction would be great! Is that the Norco Storage Facility?
    Lovin’ the Carl Binder Tour…..Boy that guy could do real estate anytime!!
    @Sean : Thoughts with you guys re: storm
    @Sulien: A Dumas Fan and a Tuatha De Dannan Fan??? Wow, there must be an Irish connection there!

    Two fast questions :

    When is Miss Doig doing the Guest Blog?
    What is Mr Momoa’s favourite Dex Line? (You may recall he asked you to ask us ours…if you follow me?!)

    Finally, happy birthday to Miss Tapping today!


  73. Glad you didn’t fall down the stairs from the puddle jumper bay,,hmmm, the magic of television, and those wonderful VFX guys,girls. and everyone else. I will be away from computer ,for couple weeks,unless I can find op’s to use, flying to help out mom who is going to have surgery, well wishes,ok so, please keep the videos and pictures coming, I will catch up later. thanks for the entertainment. 🙂

  74. Ah, so it was you running the camera. It kind of…doesn’t sound like you. Not that we’ve ever sat and chatted…NEVERMIND!

    So…back to the props. What would go nicely with my framed original iris section, resin Apophis crate marker, autographed Celebration of 10 Years book and mini gate? I’m thinking… staff weapon or cryo tube. Or maybe a Zat. Yes! That’s it! A Zat! One of the hero props that actually pops up. Yup, that’ll do just fine.

  75. @ sulien – Alas, no. The Nuada of which I speak is from Hellboy II, a prince who should have been king, in my opinion. A sympathetic and tragic figure, so fragile and full of passion, and yet… so very brutal, broken by the damage done by man. The makings of an Irish legend, for sure…except for the British accent. 😉 There are several youtube vids, the one I love is to Mordred’s Lullaby – it’s a lovely lilting song that fits the character so well…and may conjure up images of your own King Nuada. (He has become a very acceptable Wraith replacement for those of us who still mourn the likes of Steve…ya know, back in the days when Wraith still had GOOD hair. 🙂 )


  76. Ok, yeah…now that I’ve watched the first video again, it does sound like you. I’m sure you’re thrilled to know that.

    Great interview on!

  77. Joe,
    Thanks so much for the video tours of the set, looking forward to part 3.

    I had such mixed reactions from seeing a picture of Brad Wright on your blog. I am SO MAD at him for the condescending attitude he took in his interview towards Atlantis fan. Yet, I am also SO GLAD for “The Shrine,” especially the final scene. I have rewatched that episode several times, it still is great. Probably the best Atlantis episode ever.

    Any idea when we’ll be getting some info on the Atlantis movie, hopefully movies.

  78. I love the set tour from you! It brings back wonderful of when I visited the set last summer, although it was much more active then since everyone was working 🙂

    Any chance of seeing Carl in the Ancient chair?

  79. 1)In “The Prodigal”, do we get further explanation into Michael’s ultimate plan for Teyla’s child and/or his personal feelings for Teyla?

    2) In “Tracker” does Keller have a definitive preference between Ronon/McKay by the end of the episode?

  80. Hi Joe

    Read your interview over on Thanks for trying to reassure us. One thing has me a little concerned. With the future of SGA/DVD movies resting on the success of the first one, won’t it be at a disadvantage if it’s first aired on Scifi? Or will the ratings as well as the DVD sales be taken into consideration when it comes to ordering more?

    Then there’s that question of a possible crossover into SGU. Why does it always have to be Daniel or McKay that come into question? Just for once, I’d like to see Sheppard or Mitchell mentioned. If they want to get numbers up for SGU, bring those two hunks over for a visit and it’s guaranteed.

  81. I think that you should sell things on ebay – especially the nice costumes made for Rachel when she was pregnant.

    Most of the ‘artifacts’ would make amazing garden ornaments.

    crazy cat lady

  82. Just read through all the comments – and …wow. We (myself included) sound like a bunch’a freakin’ vultures.

    So much for ‘Save Atlantis’…a week later and it’s ‘Raid, Pillage and Plunder Atlantis’. 😛

    “Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me…”


  83. IF you guys ever did finish (sniff, sniff) you should have an auction for charity – a terrific way to leave a legacy.

    I would bid on an McKay bathtub – remodeling the bathroom soon anyhow!

    Once again, thank you for all of the behind-the-scenes pictures & videos…& all those juicy little spoilers 🙂


  84. Nice pictures and captions. Is there anything that you plan on taking home? Besides Zipacna’s headdress of course.

  85. As luck would have it I’m currently in the process of remodelling/redecorating my home and I figure I’ve got space for some choice pieces and plenty of room in the attic for the rest. That would give the kids more ammo than the boxes of Star Trek paraphernalia thats already up there. Anyone want a set of Blueprints?

  86. @ compactbarbie – Hon, I’ll fancy ANYthing that looks that good in white elf body paint… *fans self* Whew. I’m not familiar with Luke from anything else (that I know of) – so, no past images to overcome. Lucky me!! 😀

    RE: Todd. Oooo…you’ll have to fight for that one! I mean, I’d take Steve in a heartbeat, but he’s been dead these four years, so… yeah. I’m suspectin’ he started to turn by now. And then there’s always sleazy Eddie…oh, wait!! I could take that drooly feller from Condemned – he even had the good hair! See, I want one’a those buggers who’s still alive and kicking! So…Condemned Wraith, or maybe if ‘Kenny’ doesn’t get killed off this season (yeah, riiiiiiight), I’ll settle for them, IF you’re hellbent on keeping Todd for yourself. Greedy ol’ bint. 😉


  87. I was reminded of Teal’c’s runny nose joke in those first few pics.

    You should leave all that stuff there Joe and with the shifting sands of time some poor geologist will find it during a dig in say 400/600 years and tear his/her hair out trying to figure what part of the Egypt or other country it came from.

    Great pics mate, good memories, many thanks.


  88. 1. Will we find out what that stuff was that Michael injected Teyla with?

    2. Will there be any proper Teyla whump at all this season?

    And i’m still bummed about Atlantis getting canned for this new toy…..So seeing as their going for a “younger” audience does that mean us over 30’s are dead to them now

  89. “On the other hand, it made sense to keep a lot of the more generic items like village wear and weaponry for the new series.”

    Don’t forget the plastic trees – what would stargate be without a forest !

  90. To Sean: Keeping N.O. in my prayers,Maybe just, maybe the storm will hit TX or pan handle and miss you guys all together.

    To Sheryl: I’m also in S.FL, Fay left us pretty damp, but not as bad as some. I remember Jeanne and Frances really well, and bracing myself the pending new one out there.

  91. Hey Joe!

    Cool photos! In the staff weapon photo, is that Teal’c’s staff cannon on the top shelf? Also, looks like the Type 11 Naquadriah bomb a few shelves down. Nice to see you kept all of this stuff. 🙂

    I agree with what has been said earlier, it would be neat if you folks auctioned off whatever you don’t need, perhaps send money to charities from the earnings?

    Thanks as always, and I am really enjoying these set tours!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  92. f-fae-glasgow said; “If you or the cast could ask the fans one question, What would it be?”

    Good question.

    I am feeling less bummed today, sorry, about any down comments.

    Of course then I read here about a crossover possibility and perked up again, but then saw Jackson/McKay and frowned again. I am with Bailey; Sheppard and Vala there is a pair that would be interesting to watch together. I guess I will have to go where these people are going and read more (I know that is a major task for me lol).

    The other day a commenter asked how you felt that they woke up to your blog first. Well, I have to say, I stay up late (the other night was like 1am for me in the Northeast) to read your blog and then look again the next day.

  93. Thanks everyone for your thoughts. Looks like Mother Nature is brewing up 4 of them right now. Guess I better go get my generator out of storage!

    Hey Joe can you get the South Arctic Defense System to do anything about these storms!!!


  94. Hi Joe!
    You should better hire somebody tidying up the staff weapon room, or why is the Genii-panel from Trio in the right rack ? – tststs 🙂


  95. Hey Joe, if you’ve got the free time and are in the mood for a bit of a laugh, some slightly insane people on the gateworld forum have discovered that we can make perfectly accurate predictions of everything that will happen in the future of the Atlantis universe by drawing direct parallels between the show and Harry Potter. Highly plausible scenarios so far include:

    – John and Teyla will die horribly at the hands of Michael

    – Lorne, Mckay, Kanaan, the Chinese woman off SG-1 and Lucius Lavine will all run Atlantis at some point.

    – Jeannie will run off with Zelenka

    – Dr Beckett is gay

    Logical and likely, one and all. Anyway, if you are remotely curious, it’s under season 5 of Atlantis, with the subject heading ‘Torren John Emmagen is the boy who lived’.

  96. Snif, je me sens mal aimé par vous joseph!! J’en est parler a tout mes amis, et il son d’accord avec moi!! Comme en atteste ces email passer avec ma nouvelle amis(qui en comprend) Florence!


    “JM je l’adore il est trop fort lol on dirait qu’il se fout de nous mais c’est pas grave faut pas baisser les bras nous on l’aime bien :D”


    Alalala si tu savais Jojo m’en fait voir émotionnellement de toute les couleurs: J’ai créa 2 blog sur lui, 1 forum,1 site, j’ai fait des video, je lui est envoyer des cartes pour son aniv.. je lui est promis que la prochaine fois c’est la statue dans mon jardin a son effigie lol… j’avoue il y a des star qui rêverez d’ avoir des fan comme moi, il n’a pas de reconnaissance je trouve , mais les frenchi son coriace!! Il lâche pas l’affaire comme sa!

    Quesque vous voulez que je fasse de plus?
    Que je vous laisse tranquille?
    Désoler sa ne sera pas possible =(

    Ps: désoler pour ce petit moment de déprime, mais sa arrive a toue le monde..

  97. Enjoyed part 2 of the tour Joe but OMG am as disappointed and horrified as you to find out that those stairs lead nowhere! 😮 😛

    As for the Stargate storage rooms – Wow. I could so spend hours looking at everything in there! 🙂

  98. Joe,

    I have a question for you.
    I need a good image of the SG-1 and SGA star gates. Do you know where I can find them or can you please send them to me?

    Also on the Jack and Sam thing; I think Sam needs to forget Jack and go back to Pete. I liked Pete a lot.

    If you are getting rid of stuff let me know I will make the drive and get it.

  99. Thank you for these pictures. They DO have a melancholic feel, even just when watching them.

    I’m not the kind of person who puts a lot of decoration in her home, but you could certainly make your fortune by putting up for auction the things you don’t keep: Rabid fans would fight over them! 😉 (And if you happen to have a real live faced wraith for sale, hmmm, I’d gladly adopt one…)

  100. hey joe….

    i’ve been reading your blog for awhile now and don’t remember if i have ever commented but i had to say that i love the video set tour you are showing… has a little extra coolness as i was just on the set tour in april at the convention so it is pretty cool to be able to watch the video and say that i have seen that in person……although the highlight of my tour was the picture that martin posed for with me……but anyway onto my actual question……i totally love connor trineer and love the michael character so i was wondering if the michael storyline is in the works to be all wrapped up at the end of the season?
    and i suppose i should throw in with everyone else and say thanks to you and the casts and crew for the great seasons of stargate so far and hopefully we get many more years with the movies and new series……

  101. Sean, I have 1 word for you – EVACUATE please be careful believe me , we here in s.fl. are watching the tropics VERY closely. And karen where are you, i am in port saint lucie, hopefully HANNA will turn, i am not yet ready for another one yet. Just got the kids back in college– UCF-daughter and FAU- son ,hey joe i heard you all up there in BC had some tremblers this week any damage-we certainly hope not, but i will take my hurricanes over your earthquakes anytime–I know when they are comming- you dont.By the way FL. does not have earthquakes , one of the few places in N. America that does not.! When is part 3 of the tour? Thanks , Sheryl

  102. Hmmm, Handing out props éh?

    Ok, I think that as a loyal fan of the show I should at least get something out of this deal. I mean c’mon, I’ve stuck with you guys through good, bad and even the episodes with Richard Kind.

    That in mind, I’d like to call dibs on the Stargate.

    Just put it in a big box and send it this way.

    Oh, And while we’re giving stuff away, You mind if I take one of those ZPM props?, They would go so well as a light source for my living room.

    Oh and a Puddle Jumper, Or just the blueprints is okay too.

    Thanks in advance 😛

  103. Joe, seeing an amazing collection of set pieces like that I can’t help but wonder, is it all catalogued?

    I also wondered when I saw the video with the folders of scripts decorating the office, why you wouldn’t have digital read only copies of past scripts stored on a network drive.

    Questions for Andy: How do you decide how you are going to shoot a scene – what’s the process you go through?

    What is tougher to direct: A complicated action scene, a highly emotional scene or a scene with the Asgard?

    If you could trade jobs for a day with anyone on the production, who would it be?

    What are your hopes for Stargate? Do you know if you have a role yet in the future?

    Cheers, Chev

  104. Hello Joe,

    I’m still in a quandary as to whether looking at behind the scene stuff is such a good idea. On the one hand, I am dead curious (Thank you for the videos!) and on the other, the more of those things I watch and the more difficult it is to suspend disbelief. But I can’t stop myself looking at the videos DVDs extras!

    It’s also reminding me it will soon be gone. Chocolate simply doesn’t help. And I have tried!

    No. I am not even sure that a “new pair of shoes + new handbag” will help this situation. I also have tried that therapy.

    If you do not have a role to play in SGU (I can’t imagine anyone being crazy enough to pass up the opportunity to have you on the team but recently the PTB haven’t demonstrated a lot of intelligence…), will you concentrate on – finally – writing a book?

    A sci-fi book, of course, not a food review book.

    I have a confession to make: I pass as quickly as possible over the food pictures because they make me feel nauseous! There must be something seriously wrong with me but I can’t face them. Food never looks right to me in pictures, too many slimy looking, shiny strong colours, like aliens exploding out of people… Oh, dear, I hope I haven’t spoiled it for everyone else! Sorry!

    Maybe I should stop reading sci-fi?

    Your BOTM selections / recommendations have been very useful as guidance because over here in Ireland, most bookshops concentrate on fantasy and horror and I much prefer sci-fi. As I don’t find it easy buying books blindly online, thanks!

    If you wrote a book, you’d then be able to invite yourself as guest blogger…..

  105. Auction what you really don’t want and donate the proceeds to charity. If this was already mentioned, sorry.

  106. Hi Joseph, reading the blog entry on wrap up for SG and wondering, WHERE CAN I GET THOSE PROPS!?!?!?!id so love them, is there anyway i could take them off your hands, heck id take the stargate and put it in the backyard. please get back, as id love a memory of a great series….ooh the furlings wiould be

  107. We are a paintball field (Line of Fire) currently prepping for a Stargate Atlantis Theme Day in October 2008. If there is a possibility of landing any of the shown props please let us know. It would save on the time we’re spending building our own. We are going to reuse the 16 foot Stargate we built for our SG-1 Theme Day 2 years ago, but any other props we would be interested in. Thanks

    Toby Joe Gilreath
    Operations Manager
    Line of Fire Paintfields

  108. What are they going to make of all of this?
    Do you think that it is possible to go there and to some accessories, costumes or decorations ?

    If only I could have a functional staff or zat…

  109. Hi Joe,

    the auction is a great idea…and if getting the stuff out will be a problem, then u could always hold an online auction, and then ship the stuff to the buyers after each buyer has made their deposit. But i would strongly suggest the real auction, easier and we get to see all the cool stuff directly.

    i am very much interested in getting one of those goa’uld thrones as well…as well as some small tid bits, LOL

  110. Ok so to me the show was terrific. But I would like somemore Sg-1 and SGA. Not so much Sg-1 but SGA it ended with Atlantis on Earth what about Teyla and Ronan they probably want to go kick so wraiths asses!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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