Today’s notes session on Remnants was long and involved but went very well. No requests to tone down or lose any of the key beats. Mainly requests for clarity and thematic reinforcement. We followed up with our final meetings of the week – 1) Stunts and SPFX in which we discussed squibs (What’s a squib? Look here:, ratchets, and a plethora of punches, 2) Make-Up, and 3) Extras. I’m pleased to report that Carl enjoyed today’s sushi lunch much more than yesterday’s chicken cartilage. By the way, Carl took exception to my describing him as “bitter” in my last entry, so I’d like to amend my previous statement and go with “cranky” instead. Paul, Marty G., Alan and I remain respectively “aloof”, “impudent”, “brazen”, and “diabolical”.

One more casting session tomorrow afternoon in a bid to find our Kiang. Looks like I’ll be losing Lieberman and bringing back Parrish instead.

Some more thoughts on Unwelcome Bodies –

Ltcoljsheppard writes: “Anyway, the one that really caught me was The Last Bus, as it mirrored a dream I too once had…”

Answer: What did the egg sticker signify in your dream? Maybe you can field this one.

Ltcoljsheppard also writes: “. I felt so bad for her state of existence, but worse still was the fact that her love wouldnt come back to her unless she bound herself up again and pretended to be helpless so the other could feel important and needed. Not only did I feel that showed a great sense of low self-esteem on the caregivers part but teetered too much in the world of abuse.”

Answer: True, but you could also view it as an extreme version of a relationship dynamic I see way too much of – individuals drawn to emotionally needy people.

Ltcoljsheppard also writes: “The Last Stand of the Elephant Man was another that stands out for me. Also I didnt come away from that story feeling a happy tidy ending. I actually put it down feeling that Merrick was going to find himself back inside his own body and then being refused the surgery promised. He was jumping at the “grass could be greener” promises instead of waiting to let the body be healed before choosing to return to it. Unless I missed something there.”

Answer: Really? There was no indication I could see to suggest anything but a happy ending for Merrick.

Your questions to author Jennifer Pelland are now in her hands. Looking forward to her visit in the coming days.

Award-winning artist/illustrator/designer/hot dog-eating champion John Picacio has created covers for the works of many of scifi and fantasy’s top authors and publishers. AND he’ll be swinging by this weekend so if you have any questions for him, start posting…

More guest-blogger announcements to come including a couple Atlantis heavyweights (hint: ryhme with Ark Mavela and Malan ScCullough).

Today’s entry is dedicated to dyginc’s buddy Gus.

Today’s video: A typical Sunday afternoon.  Turn up the sound when you watch it!

Enzo Aquarius writes: “That backhoe you folks have. Do you guys have to rent that kind of heavy equipment or is it on hand at the studio?”

Answer: Big equipment like that would be a rental although, in this case, those services are provided on-site.

A Honshu writes: “Am I even close with the “translation” of the Episode Poem?”

Answer: Somewhat.

Sector24 writes: “1. Are you going to follow the two new much anticipated and talked about series “Dollhouse” and “Fringe”?

2. If asked, for which movie director and genre would you like to write a script?”

Answers: 1. Sure. Fondy and I will check out most of the pilots and then drop shows as our interest in them flags. 2. I’m a big fan of Guillermo del Toro.

Wonderingbrit writes: “In the case viewer statistics, does anyone record the number of internet downloads from sites?”

Answer: The studio certainly counts legal downloads but Sci Fi bases is far more interested in how many viewers tune in to their network.

JoJoB writes: “What happened to Kanaan? Where did Michael go?”

Answer: Tune in to this week’s episode and find out.

Rebekah writes: “A friend of mine is getting married, and they are doing this bit with romantic movie quotes – and they are looking for quotes from science fiction movies. Joe, do you have any favorite romatic sci fi movie quotes?”

Answer: Sure. How about – “I don’t like sand. It’s coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere. Not like here. Here everything is soft and smooth.” (Attack of the Clones).

Airelle writes: “ Is the McKay bathtub scene coming up soon?”

Answer: Episode 3.

Fran writes: “How does an enemy steal a Cloaked Jumper (Search and Rescue), you’d have to have the Gene to fly the thing don’t you?”

Answer: You most certainly would.

Trish writes: “I’m out of the hospital and on the mend.”

Answer: Great to hear!

Trish also writes: “On Search and Rescue, was Michael behind the planet Mars in the Milky Way Galaxy?”

Answer: No, he wasn’t.

Anais33 a ecrit: “Aimez vous le style du site ??”

Answer: Sure.

Amber Hooker writes: “So, what’s the difference between Project Terzo and Project Twilight?”

Answer: The two are completely different projects.

Dyginc writes: “So just heard…my cat has one to six months left. I am not sure what to do here…technically Gus is my sister’s cat so this is her decision but I don’t know if I can handle waking up one morning and finding her gone. For those pet lovers out there that your pet has become like your own kids…what do you think i should do? I mean if we treat her we could have more time with her but then aren’t we just prolonging the inevitable? I am really lost here.”

Answer: Despite the input you may receive, ultimately this is a very tough decision that you’ll have to make all on your own. The best advice I can think to give is not to let guilt dictate the terms. Regardless of what you choose to do, Gus will know that he’s loved.

80 thoughts on “July 16, 2008: Meetings, book discussion, and lazy dogs

  1. Hey Joe,

    LOL “a typical Sunday afternoon”? I’m guessing Project Terzo is the third movie and Project Twilight is either the title of the 100th episode or it has nothing to do with Atlantis. anyway I’ll just re-post my questions from yesterday’s entry:

    1. Will Sam’s current job, after leaving Atlantis, (SG team, head of some facility, R&D at Area 51 etc) be mentioned in the 100th ep?
    2. I was looking for something Stargate related on wikipedia (yes I know not the best source) and sometimes besides “Writer” and “Director” it says “Teleplay by”. For example for The Shroud it says “Story: Brad Wright&Robert C. Cooper, Teleplay:Robert C. Cooper”. What does that mean?

    Thanks 🙂

  2. Hey Joe!

    Okay. So Michael wasn’t hiding behind Mars. *sigh*

    I’m so glad to know my dogs aren’t the only coach potato/ rugs out there. Sleeping dogs make me want to take a nap.

    Trish 😀

  3. Dygnic,
    I had to have my 17 year old Yorkie/Poodle mix put to sleep earlier this year.

    The only thing I can tell you is I knew when it was time. Even though taking her in to the vet and staying with her was a difficult thing to do, I glad I did it before her pain became bad.

    You have my sympathy.

  4. Hey Joe, after yesterday’s worry about Trish, I have now managed to lay myself up with two twisted ankles. I am thinking of complaining to management about the shoddy maintenance work on the patio around here this is the second time this week I have twisted an ankle.

    Can’t wait to see Friday’s episode as it will be the last I watch(live) for a while, as I am projected to start my new job on Sunday. I’ll be going back to my summer job of harvesting peas! 😆

  5. Great to hear they want to leave the rough stuff in Remnants.

    Loving the dog video yesterday and today (so cute).

    To Dyginc, sorry to hear about gus. My dog passed away at the age of 6. I was heart broken and yes she was like one of my children (even have a mother’s ring with her stone on it). In my case she got sick and passed within a couple weeks of becoming ill (while they were trying to figure things out). Although I was no good to anyone for weeks after her passing, I know that I could never of made the decision to put her down (as I would not be able to do that to my children either). However, I do have a friend who had to make that decision and did put her dog down. Her dog was her kid since they were unable to have children. Her final reasoning was that she couldn’t put the dog through the pain of dragging her hind end to move etc. just so she could have more time. My friend has always been able to consider all the outcomes even when emotions are running high.

    Joseph is right in the end it is your decision. My advice whatever your decision make, peace with it. In my case, my questioning why she was taken so quickly and so young, was justified in that I know I would never of been able to make the decision to put her to rest. So I like to think that decision was made by someone of a higher power for me. My prayers are with gus and you to be able to make a decision.

  6. Hi Joe!

    Snoring pups! WooHoo!

    Just finished watching the S4 DVDs – commentaries and all. Thanks for your work on them! 🙂

    Glad to hear Remnants remains toned up!!

    @ Dyginc: My sympathies at this difficult time for your family and family’s cat. As Lisa said, you’ll know. I’ve been there, and you just have to listen to your cat and your heart. 🙁


  7. Hey Joe!

    Thanks for answering my question, was wondering how you guys got all that equipment. Then again, various equipment rentals don’t cost much anyways, heh.

    Love the video of the dogs, especially the snoring. Talk about lazy bums, yet they are so cute. 😛

    Good luck on finding a Kiang, and thanks as always!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  8. Dyginc,

    As it happens, I came home today to find one of my cats had passed away. I have only lost two cats in my life and they have both come in 3 months.

    The first, Jelly, had been with me since she was a kitten and was over 17 years old at the time of her passing. When she got sick, she got very sick quickly. I cried buckets, but I do not regret the decision to euthanize her. I do believe that she let me know her preference in the matter by how she acted when I took her to the vet. I was just taking her in for a diagnosis and, hopefully, treatment. She was an impossible patient usually (the vet practice hated to see her coming), but on that day she was calm and peaceful. I could have extended her time on earth with treatment, but nothing would make her quality of life better. It wouldn’t have been right to make her hang on just because I wasn’t ready.

    I later got two cats from the Humane Society. Their owner had passed away and none of the family wanted them. I always felt bad for the older cats in the shelter. They often have homes that they loved and don’t understand what has happened to those homes and families. Annie never recovered from that loss. She had steadily lost weight in the shelter making a pre-existing condition worse. We were hoping to let her get acclimated and gain a little weight before addressing that issue. We just ran out of time.

    It was hard to come home and find her already gone, but, when she died she was at home and not in a cage. Her buddy of 8 years, Maggie, was with her even though I wasn’t.

    I think Gus will probably let you know what is right when the time comes. As Joe said, don’t let guilt make the decision.

    Animals are such wonderful creatures that they, as sick as they are, will still try to make you feel better about the decision even at the last. They don’t do it to make you feel guilty but to let you know that they will be OK.

  9. Thank you Joe, Lisa, Linda Gagne, and AV Eddy for your thoughts. My sister and I are truly touched. Right now we are policing the other two cats (shanks and yoda) with yoda in particular hissing at both cats. As for our girl Gus, we have to get the medicine tomorrow and see how treatment goes. The doctor said take it one day at a time and then hopefully a week at a time and so forth. Again thank you for your thoughts. We really do appreciate them…it means the world.

  10. @Dyginc, Rose, and Mackenziesmomma: I’m so sorry for the rough times.

    Kassandra: You just cannot walk, can ya? I don’t blame it on shoddy anything. I have seen ya trip over flat ground. 😉 Take baby steps, little squirrel. Now I have to worry about you. (((hugs))))

    Rose: Your stories are bittersweet, for sure. All pet owners have been there at one point or another. I think you have sage advice for Dyginc.

    Dyginc: My older dog is ten and I really am dreading going through what you are going through now. It’s not the fun part of being owned by a pet. (((((hugs)))) you are in my thoughts.

  11. Rose (formerly OhioAnne)
    I am so sorry for your loss. I understand the heartache and you are in my prayers.

  12. Fran writes: “How does an enemy steal a Cloaked Jumper (Search and Rescue), you’d have to have the Gene to fly the thing don’t you?”

    Answer: You most certainly would.

    But Ford flew a jumper without the gene. Hmmmm….

    Watch deleted scenes and bloopers from S4 and loved them. Finally get to see a glimpse of the ‘wee baby turtles’. Touching in that McKay is taking care of his best friend’s turtles. Ah, the gentle soul beneath the prickly, prickly exterior.

    Question: How do you sleep with the puppies snoring like that??!!

  13. The puppies sleeping – awesome.
    Now understand your comment about them sleeping near you. Also…poor Maximus looked soo tired as though he could not sleep for the noise.

    Are they always this loud?

  14. Airelle writes: “ Is the McKay bathtub scene coming up soon?”

    Answer: Episode 3.



    What can I say. I’m excited by Ancient plumbing.

    Best wishes to poor Gus.

    Also – Parrish? Cool! That actor was good, although only appearing briefly.

  15. @ Rose ***great big hugs*** I’m sorry to hear that two of your cats have passed away recently. It doesn’t matter how long we’re owned by our critters, they touch our hearts and it is always a heartbreak when they leave us. My Rocket Cat has owned me for over 9 years and I know I’m going to be a basket case when he passes on.

    @ Dyginc I’m not going to give you advice, that is between you and your sister and Gus and the vet; every case is different and you never know what is going to happen with treatment. But I will keep you all in my thoughts and hope for the best. ***great big hugs***

    Joe, thank you for sharing the vids of the dogs. Lulu playing in the sprinkler was cute and I felt sorry for poor Maximus not being able to sleep through all of the snoring from the other three dogs. Good lord, it sounded like a lumber mill! I’m amazed that you and Fondy sleep at all if that’s what they sound like every night.

  16. Joe, I see you edited the last entry to correct my name. Thanks for that.

    Trish, glad to hear you’re feeling better. 🙂

    Mackenzie’s Momma, sorry about your ankles. I hope you recover quickly. If I were you, I probably would mention it to someone, if there’s a safety hazard like that.

    Dyginc. so sorry to hear about your cat. It’s so hard when a pet dies. You think to yourself, why do I put myself through this? After all, you know cats and dogs have much shorter lifespans than humans. And yet, we just can’t help but want them in our lives. But Joe’s right. Don’t do anything out of guilt. Or because you think it’s prolonging the inevitable. Death is inevitable for all people and animals. so asking for a few more months doesn’t strike me as unfair or cruel. But if Gus has had a good life, letting her go before it gets too painful for her wouldn’t be any more unfair. Just make the best decision you can with the information available.

  17. *waves*

    Yep it is very early for me, i’m off down to London today, so it’s currently 5AM, and I’m currently holding my eyes open with matchsticks… it’s really not a good look for me. 😉

    And because it’s really early my squee for Remnants is a little quieter than normal. Well wouldn’t want to wake up the neighbours, as i’m kind and generous like that, so no need for earplugs today, but that’s fabby news. Did you have to do much fighting for those ‘holy shit’ scenes, or was it pretty much smoothe sailing?

    Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 😀

    Is it too early do you think to do my happy dance? 😛

    How on earth can you stand your babies snoring. 😆 Especially with all of them snoring in tandem. Heh. Talk about a dogs life, in my next life i’m coming back as a pug. 😛

    Have a good day, I know I will after reading that good news. 😀


  18. Your doggy video reminds me of my house today, but instead of snoring, sleeping dogs, I had puddles o’ cat. All four of them had apparently melted in the heat (hell, even my rat was oozing off of his box). And Stella was sleeping a lot like Bubba, only in the middle of the floor.

    @Dyginc…I’m sorry to hear about your cat. Having had cats all my life, I know what you’re going through. I really can’t add much to what other people have said, but I just wanted to let you know I’m thinking of you and Gus.

    @Rose…I’m so sorry for your loss. At least Annie was loved and died in a good home. I’ll be thinking of you and Maggie as well.

    @Mackenzie’s Mama…Two twisted ankles? Ouch! Not everyone can do that and not anyone would want to. I hope you heal quickly (and give the management hell!).

  19. Oh Joe, you lover of fine dialog you. I have to say, of all the memorable quotable bits from Star Wars, the “you’re not coarse like sand” bit has to be my favorite. That and C3PO’s string of ‘Oh my’ and ‘oh dear'(s) when he had his head severed during that overly long fight scene. (You know the one… the overly long one with all the visual effects…) That scene really succeeded for me. I’m assuming here that its intent was to make me weep softly while trying to glue my eyes and ears shut with imitation movie-popcorn butter.

    On a more somber note- Dyginc- I don’t envy you your choice. One of my dogs was recently seriously ill- possibly poisoned no less. It’s heartbreaking even to think about. I know nothing anyone can say can really help, but I wish you the best.

  20. Boy the dogs certainly have a rough life! Is it hard to yell at the pugs? I ask because someone’s pug decided my feet needed a bath when I was standing in line at the pet store – and the look the pug gave me – cute/silly/innocent – really made it difficult to be angry!

    Dygnic – I think you have to take each day as it comes – it is a personal decision, but I’ve also had cats that have ‘known’ they were not doing well and would start hiding or not coming home at night.

  21. It’s been a bad few days for blog regulars, it seems.

    @ Mackenzie’s Momma: Ouch! That’s gotta hurt. I wish you best of luck in a quick recovery. Maybe take this time to relax and watch some SGA episodes on DVD? 😉

    @ dyginc and Rose: I’ve got no real experience with pets so I can’t imagine how painful this must be for the two of you. All I can do is hope that your emotional wounds will heal in due time.

    Ok Joe, one of my fellow posters on Gateworld had this to ask about the show:

    Were the Asuran ships seen in “Lifeline” and “This Mortal Coil” Ancient designs or were they something that the Replicators came up with on their own?

    Thank you in advance!

  22. Dyginc I know that you and your sister will make the right decision at the right time – the decision should be based on love for and the welfare of your little furry baby.

    It is never an easy decision to make – but better a minute too early than a minute too late.

  23. My 11 year old dog some time ago just looked at me strangely one night as I was heading out to a fancy dress party. Nothing in particular, just didn’t seem himself.

    Dressed as Buffy, stakes and all, I took him to the vet. After convincing the vet that I wasn’t a. on drugs, b. there to steal their medication or need of psychological help, they checked him out and said he had a few days left in him. He was riddled with cancer.

    In apparently no significant pain, according to the vet, I took him home so everyone could say goodbye to him. Neighbours came down for one last hug, my cousins did the same. He was still going 3 weeks later.

    Then he nudged me one evening, it was time to go.

    With my Mum and Dad in tow, Mum rubbed his head, Dad the base of his tail (his favourite) and me hugging him around the middle we let the vet end his pain.

    It was a horrible experience to go through, but only fair considering all the love he had given us over the years.

    Animals are fortunate that we can end that pain for them when the time is right.

  24. Dyginc: I do believe that your little one will tell you when it’s time. And being with her and holding her as much as you can is the best medicine she can possibly have.

  25. Hey Joe,

    Hope you’ve recovered from your field trip.

    Loved the video! Sooooo cute. There’s something about a snoring dog. It makes you forget they aren’t human.

    A suit question for you Joe if you don’t mind.
    Do you go for the pure wool or wool blend?

    I have an update on my status as an undercover agent.

    Hubby’s friend has specified that it’s ASIO he believes I work for. I said to him at least pick a decent agency if you are going to say I’m a spy.

    I was trying to explain to him that he’s crazy for thinking this. However I kept on packing up laughing as I was trying to convince him. He said that’s made it worse because he knows I laugh when I try to lie.

    Hubby created a hand ball competition in our backyard. They threw me the ball. Got it through first handball (lucky shot!). Hubby’s friend says “See, it’s s**t like that!”.
    Hubby says back, “Now you’ve got me worried!”
    What could I do other than a palm slap to the forehead and walk off?

    The more I try to convince him I’m not a spy, the more determined he is to think I am!

    Maybe some extreme cliche girly behaviour will help to convince him otherwise. Now that’s going to be tough. But it appears it may be necessary.

    Have a good night.

  26. Leila Phillips wrote:

    But Ford flew a jumper without the gene. Hmmmm….

    This was addressed in the Commentary for “The Siege, Part 3”. According to Martin Wood, Ford was not piloting the Jumper. In fact, he was in the co-pilot’s seat. He dialed the gate which automatically lowered the Jumper into the Gate Room and shot it out the Gate.

    Anne Teldy

  27. My sympathies to all who have lost a pet in the past, and face the loss of one in the near future. It’s one of the downsides of being a species with a fairly long lifespan, that we are capable of becoming so attached to lesser lived animals, and have to face their inevitable demise. It actually made for some hard reading after enjoying the video at the beginning of the post.
    Looking forward to the guest appearances, though I’m not sure I’ll be able to have some questions ready by tomorrow night for Mr. Picacio. As for the Atlantis guest bloggers, I am looking forward to their participating in your forum. Thank you for your constant kindness and consideration to your readers; we owe you, even if it’s unlikely we’ll ever be able to repay you for the entertainment and education you provide daily.

  28. to Dyginc:
    I am a big cat lover, I have 7 now and would start a cat shelter so no cat would be homeless or abused if I had the funds. Back in 05 I had to put my best friend and 16year old kitty down. It was the hardest thing I have ever done and I miss Half pint severly, but I knew she was suffering and wanted her to be a peace. Then the kitten we got, right before half pint died, was killed two days before my birthday three months later. That destroyed me and caused my to adopt two new baby kittens from a local shelter. Last year at this time Half pints two kids, both 17 years old at the time and Buster her grandson who was 13 all got sick with in a corse of three months. I lost lizy first. I kept her inside and was trying to be there for her so she wouldn’t be alone, but she got out. The next day she was gone but I gave her all the love I could. A month later Buster got sick, a tumor in his heart, and moments before I could put him to sleep he passed away in my arms. Then Chester got sick with Liver disease, the same thing his mother, Halfpint, had. At the time I’d just gotten a loan and spent 600 dollars to get him rehydrated and to allow him to have more time. I knew it was going to happen but was not going to just let him go like I did with half pint because this time I had the money to try and do something. Death is going to happen regardless, it’s they way we go that is the defininf point. Joe’s right the guilt is the worst part of making that decision, but ultimatly you do what you can to make your animals happy and secure. I waited to long to take chester to the vet and the night before he died I was up with him all night long, holding him and trying to make him comfortable. Chester died that next morning 15 minutes before we were going to leave for the vet. I guess my reason for telling you this is as follows. Every situation is different when it comes to your animals. Would I want to put another pet down, NO. Would I do it if I knew their life was going to be hell, yes. Would I want to keep them with me as long as I could and charish the time I had with them if they were still eating and purring? yes. My cat’s are my kids. They mean more to me then people who have children or no pets understand. I have two 2 year olds now, 1 one year old (her birthday is the 22nd), 2 three year olds, a 13 year old who is very sick and will not be around much longer, but is still eating and purring so i’ve decided to let him live as long as I can, and one 17 year old cat Barney who’s halfpints second to last baby. I know I’ve been very long winded and I apologize, but I just thought you should know that animals are special and you are the only one that knows what is best. In my opioin, as i’ve been through every sinario, if the kitty is happy and loved, letting him live a little longer wont hurt, let him die in peace at home with those that love him and that he loves as well. If he’s in serious pain and can’t enjoy being alive; let him go. Halfpint lived three years with Diabetes (same as I have ) and she was happy and very much loved. Lizy lived years with thyroid problems but she was happy and fat. What ever you decide, like Joe said, it will be ok. You know what’s best, trust your heart. Hope that helps, Nicole.

  29. *laughs!* What an awesome vid! How do you sleep at night?! It’s given me a new found respect for you 🙂

    Thanks for posting this!


  30. Joe, when are you going to promote Sheppard to full bird colonel? (The 100th episode would be a good time.)

  31. Your dogs never fail to amuse me, Joe. They’re adorable.

    And wow, looking forward to the upcoming blog guests! That’ll be very exciting.

    I know you once mentioned that you don’t really go to the movie theatre, but rather wait for it to come out on DVD. So, in light of The X-Files movie coming out in about a week…is it one you’ll rent? Any thoughts?

  32. @Trish- Thanks for the well wishes 🙂

    @Shawna- Thank you too. Yeah the ‘management’ in which I refer to is myself since I was at home when I did this *sighs* I’m a brilliant brilliant person some days.

    @Christin- I’m a very talented person. This is the encore to tripping, falling and slicing open my knees back in April.

    @PG-15- I have no extra time sadly even while ‘laid up’ with twisted ankles I am forced to chase after an insolent little midget that is my toddler.

    @JoeM- so Parrish, Hmm? Y’all finally found him, was starting to wonder what’d happened to him 😉 he wandered off and get lost in some ancient lab, eh? 😉 😉

  33. Coucou Joseph! Merci de m’avoir répondu! Contente que sa vous plaise!! Je vais enfin pouvoir a la remplir!

    Mouhahaha..vos chien on vraiment un vie de roi XD lol
    Merci pour avoir répondu au question aujourd’hui!

    Mes questions:

    1) Dans cette saison 5 mise à part Carson, allons nous voir des personnnes mortes ou disparus?

    2) Selon vous qu’elle épisode sera le plus comique?

    Voila!! Merci bc!! Big bisou! je vous adore♥

  34. Hi Joe,

    Great start to season five with a top notch season opener.

    Few questions.

    Will Teyla’s baby be staying around all season. I’m not really a fan of babies on scifi and would prefer to see warrior and kick ass Teyla rather than motherly Teyla.

    Which then leads on to Kanaan. I understand the guy was a plot device to explain Rachel’s/Teyla’s pregnancy so was surprised to here he will be sticking around, in a refugee camp I believe. I hope that doesn’t mean that we will have Teyla wanting to save the “father of her child”, another umpteen times as in season 4. I would like to see an end to the rather disappointing Teyla/Kanaan affair.

    In the episodes finished thus far, could you name any particular incident or preformance that you would call outstanding, and why, and from which episode.

    Thanks Joe,
    Looking forward to the rest of season 5.

  35. All the pugs asleep, at the same time? Did you use sleeping gas on them or something?

    Dyginc I believe that it depends on the quality of life of the animal. Our cat, Tico, was put down several years ago now because he was deaf, had generally ill health, and looked miserable because of the suffering. If Gus still has a good quality of life then treatment may be answer. If Gus has a poor quality of life, and he/she is being kept alive for the sake of it, then it may be better to let Gus go. Either way, like Joe said, it is entirely your decision. We’re only here to advise.

    Mackenzie’s Mama Both of them?! Yeouch! I hope they mend quickly.

    Question: When it comes to writing a fight sequence, do you actually write blow-for-blow what you want to happen or do you just state the outcome and leave it to the professionals?

  36. Hi Mr M!!

    Greetings from Tipperary!!

    Well….Fame at last!! I share screen time with Mr Mallozzi!! Yes indeed! Check out GateWorld’s “Continuum Red Carpet”….….
    You might recall Mr M., that you very kindly introduced me to Mr McCullough just after the screening….and what do you know…..If you squint over your shoulder at time index 13-55 and again at 14-16…you can see Shirt’n’Tie nodding wildy to Mr McCullough ( I was asking about Deadelus Variations)…..
    So this has had two outcomes:
    (a) It confirms my alibi for the Canada trip
    (b) My wife is very taken with Mr McCullough!!?!

    Great memories!! It was the ultimate Uber-Fan experience…watching SG1..watching SG1..with all you guys there!!

    Regards to all


  37. “McKay bathtub scene coming up soon”

    Wait I minute, I’ve seen A Dog’s Breakfast!

  38. Well I’ve been trying to work my way through the comments but it’s been difficult. Just the other week I was telling Narelle how upset I get over sick and injured animals. Sorry I’m blubbering here. Dyginc and Rose my heart goes out to you. I wish that I could make a decision for you Dyginc and ease your burden but I know that whatever decision you make will be the right one for Gus. Rose, I’m sure Annie’s owner was grateful that she was looked after by someone that cared for her.

    I would have been about 14 years old when I took our cat to the vet after she’d had a stroke and was partially paralysed. I gave the vet permission to put her to sleep. Um…even though I was young I’m glad that I took the responsibility for the decision. Now I’m often the person called in these situations.

    Although these things can be difficult it wouldn’t deter me from having a pet, even though I think I’m allergic to my cat. She’s a part of my family.

    Hugs, Chev

  39. That video is now one of my very favourites, I was laughing so much. Was that you clapping near the start of it Joe?

    Just checking…do the questions I (eagerly) posted for John Picacio last week count for his q&a? Should I post them again?

    Thanks Joe,


  40. Joe,

    I have a Stargate Universe question: Is there a possibility that the character of Cassie Frasier will be part of the new series?

    I think she would be a great addition to the new series. A little bit of the old and yet something really new.


  41. Thanks for the link on what squibs are; it made looking them up rather convenient.

    That sounds like an interesting turn about the Jumper! About how many Jumpers does the Atlantis expedition have now?

  42. “Answer: Hey, Toby. Yes, I’ve been to Tokyo a number of times. Check out a place called Gonpachi. There’s one in Ginza and another in Odaiba. Also, get up early and enjoy a sushi breakfast at the Tsukiji fish market. Finally, if you’re willing to spend a few bucks, treat yourself to a meal you won’t soon forget at the Tapas Molecular Bar in the Mandarin Oriental Tokyo. Read all about it here:

    I managed to find the Gonpachi in Ginza, but unfortunately it was jam packed, so no luck there. And I haven’t been into Odaiba at all yet.

    I went for a very expensive (and amazing) dinner at the Park Hyatt here in Shinjuku last night. It was one of those meals I doubt I will ever forget. Definately in my top 5 and certainly worth the price. I had some beauatiful saddle of lamb, perfectly cooked. And the New York Cheesecake, with crushed Graham Cracker base – simply amazing. Evenry mouthful was just WOW.

    I love Japan, will most certainly visit again. Oh and I’ll try to get back to Ginza for Gonpachi before I head back to the UK.

  43. Something I forgot to add before, everyone keeps mentioning this McKay bathtub scene. It seems David Hewlett does not have an aversion to taking his clothes off and bathing in front of the camera =P

  44. Wow, we are overwhelmed at your thoughts and advice. I can say that today when I woke up she was breathing better and we should be getting the medicine today to start treatment. And I understand what Joe said about guilt…in talking to my sister last night she feels guilty about what happened to my cat Dozer four years ago and that is part of the reason she wants to see if the medicine works before we make any decision. Today I am a little more numb but I will be taking every moment to love on Gus. Bless you all for your thoughts and sharing your stories…I honestly feel like you understand and I will let you know what happens.

  45. Joe, I thought Search and Rescue was a good episode.
    I’ll try to keep it very general. There was a lot going on and lol McKay delivering the baby…Too funny I just can’t imagine. Some very nice Teyla and Sheppard moments and Sheppard and Ronon moments. I liked the scene with McKay and Carter just before the end. Some nice action scenes … However, we get to the ending … and it was the worst send off of any character I have seen in the 12 years of the Stargate franchise. Do we ever find out what Sam is doing now and does she get the chance to redeem herself?

  46. Hi Joe! Sadly, I missed the S5 opener last Friday (occupied with prep for stupid garage sale 🙁 ) but consoled myself with the idea that I could watch the episode just prior to this week’s new ep, presuming SciFi kept to the schedule they had last season. Sigh. Just checked our TV schedule and discovered that is not the case. So, now I start the season already behind and not knowing what happened because I usually try to avoid spoilers. Rats. I imagine it will rerun eventually, so I guess I’ll just jump in with ep 2 tomorrow and go from there.

    On the upside, my husband gave me SGA-S4 DVDs for my birthday! 🙂 So, my Stargate DVD collection remains complete. (Looking forward to the release of Continuum at the end of the month too!)

    Ok, enough blabbering from me. Thanks for letting me vent a little. Have a great weekend! 🙂

  47. Dear Sir,
    I want to thank you to post my comments on the episodes of season 4 SGA although I am doing it in french and that only a few may read it. So we viewed recently

    This mortal coil
    Vraiment un excellente idée de scénario qui utilise autant d’éléments différents et réutilise autant d’histoires antérieures pour les imbriqués les unes dans les autres de manière à nous désorienter et à nous garder sur le qui vivie tout au long de l’épisode. On apprécie le jeu de Jewel State dans sa version replicator, elle y met juste le bon dosage de nuances pour nous intriguer.

    Be all my sins remember’d
    Plein d’actions, beaucoup d’effets spéciaux, fort sentiement inconfortable devant ce robot à l’apparence humaine utilisé comme arme : on peut y voir une référence plus philosophique autour du fait que des extrémistes utlisent des enfants, des ados ou des femmes comme bombes humaines pour commettre des attentats. Beaucoup d’émotions en voyant ce qui arrive à Weir; rien ne nous laisse indifférent dans cet épisode. Le niveau de qualité atteint par les derniers épisodes ne se dément pas.

    Spoils of war
    Évidemment il état difficile de maintenir l’élan des derniers épsodes mais malgré un petit féchissement dans notre intérêt, on apprécie d’en apprendre plus sur les wraight.

    Comme j’ai aimé cet épisode. Bien sûr on soupçonne les impératifs budgétaires derrière ce genre de scénario mais tout y est intéressant, les couples formés, leurs intéractions, leurs motivations, les dialogues etc; très plaisant à regarder. À revoir

    Bon on continue à s’éloigner de l’intrigue principale mais on retourne aux sources de SG1 en visitant une palnète et en découvrant les moeurs de ses habitants. Beaucoup d’humour, David Hewlet à son meilleur aussi Joe et quel défi pour Jodell Ferland, qu’elle relève avec brio. Beaucoup de plaisir encore une fois.

    On reste sur notre faim et on ne sait pas trop pourquoi. En fait c’est comme si les scénaristes avaient eu peur d’entrer résoluement dans l’exploration du la vie de Sheppard et par crainte de manquer leur coup, avaient ajouté une histore en parallèle. Le problème c’est que cette histoire ne colle pas avec l’ensemble des aventures de SGA. On vient juste de voir la défaite des Replicators dans Pegasus et on nous les ramène sur Terre. En plus, on nous a habitué au fait que les Replicator sont presque invincibles et on peut accepter que des moyens invraisemblables soient mis en oeuvres dans une autre galaxie pour les détruire. Cependant c’est totalement hors contexte sur Terre. Désolé mais je crois qu’on a manqué de discernement dans cet épisode; on aurait dû mieux approndir l’histoire de Joe et, par exemple, donner à Ronon l’occasion de nous faire voir combien il est étranger dans notre monde .

    C’était impossible de manquer son coup avec ces trois acteurs, leur talent et ce scénario ( sauf quelques faiblesses par ex. la découverte de la corde est mal amenée c’est comme si les personnages l’avaient délibérément ignorée jusqu’au moment opportun dans le déroulement de l’intrigue).
    Mais dès lors qu’on entre dans l’action, on est tenu en haleine. J’ai vraiment adoré la réaction des enfants qui sont tellement naturels dans les circonstances, drôle et combien juste. Vraiment très bon.

    À bientôt

  48. Dyginc – I have had to make the decision to have two cats euthanased to date. A horrible decision. They both had kidney failure. One was too ill to put on medication and I decided that the pain of kidney failure (I had a kidney infection and that was bad enough) made it so that his life would be intolerable. My gilr cat wasnt as ill so we had 9 more wonderful months with her on medication. She eventually went blind but still managed to circumnavigate the house. She talked to us whenever we went into ‘her room’, so she knew we were there. The horrible day i had to make the decision for her, she hadnt eaten for 2 days. The vet said it was her time. Bless her, when the vet started to inject her she made a little chirruping sound. The vet said it sounded like she was saying thank you for making the right decision. I sit here in tears remembering that day but it was the right decision to make. You’ll know when you have to make that decision. My thoughts are with you.

    John Sheppard is my happy place

  49. Joe M’s Answer: Really? There was no indication I could see to suggest anything but a happy ending for Merrick.

    Response: I think it had to do with the Alamo, the doomed last stand. Couple that with his demand to humiliate Joseph by going public to let everyone know he came begging to get out of the deformed body… not to mention that the entire society seems to revere physical deformities. They don’t come across to me as a very empathetic society so why would they do this?

    I guess it’s simply the accumulated sensation that different aspects of the story left me with. *shrugs* Plus I’m a naturally untrusting person… okay, it didn’t come naturally, it came from more than my share of being betrayed… so I guess I just automatically see Merrick being betrayed since we didn’t actually get to see his “ending”.

    Oh and the egg sticker didn’t occur in my dream, nor did it reoccur… what did stand out in mine was a recently deceased friend who kept “recurring” throughout the journey.

    The first time I came upon him, like the girl in the story came upon the boy looking for answers… I also asked a few questions, warily but calmly… but my dream was the actual journey of this trip….. not just sitting there talking.

    Once I had gotten my vague answers, someone else came along in a rush and hurried me away to begin the journey… I had to walk up a tall flight of stairs to a type of tower room and that’s where I had found my friend. So to begin the journey from there I was ushered to the top of another set of stairs that extended waaaaaaaaay down into darkness below…. from there my friend reoccured in the background or in the crowds that impeded my progress or chased me through their territory til I got to the next section. He didn’t chase or impede, he simply watched with no expression… until I made it to within a few yards of the exit…. I was surrounded and I thought “so close” as I was pushed to my knees, but a man stepped away from the gate and into this “dark territory” to tell them all to release me, I had made it… and he picked me up and walked me away from the mob to the gate and gave a small smile of encouragement. I stepped through the gate and through the door, looking back and honestly feeling as though I was abandoning these people to this place…… and I woke up.

    And years later I remember it and the feeling it left me with (of course I didn’t give details of encounters or trials along the way did I *grin*)

    Mine was a journey on foot, not knowing why I was there, but knowing where I was and not wanting to admit it….. it was just too scarey an idea to be a living person trapped in pergatory.

    Mine too seemed like a ghost town (no pun intended) with very few people making an appearance. As the journey continued there were more and more until there were mobs hanging around the exit gate… and I knew for sure by the end rescue that I wasnt meant to be there and had completed the challenging task of exiting pergatory, out of the clutches of those residing there who didn’t want to be there and who certainly couldn’t stand to watch another escape from it.

    *blinks and looks around* Sorry about that. LOLOLOL Does make for an interesting story doesn’t it? Now I know why Jennifer wrote it down. lololol

    Okay I think I’m done. Did I answer the Merrick question in there somewhere? lololol

  50. Yes, best of wishes to VFX crew for the emmy nom (for Adrift). They deserve to win! Extra chocolate for them today!

    And sympathies to all the commenters here that have lost a pet or hurt themselves lately.

  51. Oh Joe, how do you and Fondy sleep at night with that racket in your room?! All I have to put up with is a snoring hubby, and fortunately he doesn’t tend to be very loud…well, most of the time…but four snoring dogs, wow, noe that’s noisy!!!

    And Parrish! Yay!! Don’t ask me why, but I do like to see characters from other eps turning up now and then. Any chance of Corrigan from ‘Suspicion’ (the anthropologist) too? How about an update on Sergeant Stackhouse too?

    Of course, if said character isn’t mentioned by name, I have to admit to not always recognising them…but then when I used to watch Andromeda I didn’t recognise Michael Shanks when he made his first guest appearence on it, so not so good at the recognising people thing sometimes!!! (I did, however, spot the lady who played Sora in a recent Bones episode…to my own amazement!)

    Hmm, I seem to be rambling, sorry. Will go now…


  52. Funniest

    What’s better than snoring dogs, in various reclined poses?

  53. I miss my Japanese Bobtails … I actually got them in Japan, two and a half weeks old and I raised them on a bottle. They beat the odds and survived, and were the smartest damn cats I ever met. As babies, they slept under my ears, one on each side of my head.

    They moved to the States with me; although Jake almost got lost when he wormed his way into the drawer of the bedside table in the motel in Las Vegas. Pico was a fierce hunter and once brought me a live and angry Mamushi (Japanese pit viper). They could do tricks and obeyed voice commands such as “drop it!” when it came to live, angry snakes. My friends called Jake “The Reverend Jake”, he expected all to bow to his will, but he was cool about it. We even had him ordained through the Church of Light. Jake fell over dead one day while playing with my hubby. So fast, so sad, but he was 15. Pico lingered another year or so, I finally couldn’t bear it anymore and took him to the vet. Both are cremated and in cute wooden boxes, I even have a friend who will care for their ashes when I pass on.

    While I love my current cat-boys, they are not so clever, nor so cool, nor so devoted to me and the Mister as were Jake and Pico.

  54. Wow, cool dog snoring video, I am surprised they don’t wake each other up with that melodious racket!!
    Sorry Carl took exception, hope he is better today. Doesn’t he realize how you have a way with words and could call them as you see them, no offense intended, just descriptive for us (blog types).
    My sympathies for the animals, I have lost a few in my lifetime, never easy, but they tell you when.

  55. Dyginc I doubt you’ll get time to read this note but I had a similar situation with one of my cats. Because we didn’t have the finances we didn’t have a choice. I suppose I’m both thankful and upset about that.

    I think, if I were asked, my feelings would be that the love you have for another being is worth, in any case, whatever decision is made.

    And…it’s going to be hard either way. I think.

    Joe Mallozzi I miss my cat in Knoxville. I think seeing your dogs sort of helps me because it’s nice to know someone is spoiling their dogs as much as I spoiled my cat.

    I’m very impatient for a career to start. But I’m scared to death for a career to start. How ridiculous is that?

  56. Hey everybody,

    Sir Paul MacCartney will do a show July the 20th 2008 at Québec City on “Les plaines d’Abraham” for the 400th anniversary of foundation of our City. More than 250 000 ( the half of Québec population ) persons are expected !

    Lucky us !!

    If some of Stargate fans want to visit us Sunday night the 20th please take note that all hotels are full but some places are availble in the vincinity of the town .

  57. 1)Who will take the most dangerous risk this coming year?

    2)Will Sheppard be seeing any examples of how far his team is willing to go for him?

  58. Hello Joe,
    Those dogs look so peaceful and relaxed. Ahhh, the good life. Great video!

    I have some questions for John Picacio.

    Hello John,

    1. Do you prefer to work on a Wacom tablet using digital programs like Painter and Photoshop, or do you prefer to use more traditional methods using Oils and Acrylics?

    2. Have you used ZBrush yet? If so, what do you think of it?

    3. Do you prefer freelance or working for a company?

    4. How much creative control do you generally get with your work that you do for clients?

    Thanks for your time.

  59. Joe,
    2 quick questons for you. When can we post cmments for Mark Savela, and how long before an episode airs do you have it completey finished. Thanks for our time.

  60. Joe,

    It is great to know that I am not the only one with a dog that snores. My 15 lb rat terrier snores like a freight train. All of my friends find it absolutely hilarious.

  61. Hi Joe,

    Lazy dogs! I think they are just chillin’ out! Waiting to pounce at any minute! They are so cute though!

    “Squib” That’s a cool word! I like it!

    Have you read any Tad Williams books & if so did you like them?

    Take care & happiness always!


  62. Quick questions for you, Joe. I notice that Continuum is having its premiere in San Diego on the USS Midway. That is a cool idea, who came up with that one? How would a person get tickets for that, other than hitting the lottery and buying them for a few grand on Ebay?

  63. Dyginc,
    I’ve been where you are with a beloved pet. My best friend died two years ago at home where I thot she would be most comfortable with me by her side. It was horrible–middle of the night, in pain, scared and I couldn’t do anything to help at the end. Don’t wait–make the last gift one of compassion and unselfish love. Good luck–my heart goes out to you.

  64. Hi, Joe.

    Congratulations on the Emmy Nomination for Adrift’s Visual Effects! Best wishes to Mark Savela and his team.


  65. Joe,

    Just saw the list of Emmy nominations. Please pass on my congratulations to the VFX crew for their nomination on Adrift. It’s nice to see some of the outstanding work on SGA getting recognized. 🙂

  66. OMG hahahha! Gotta love your pugkids… they’re just adorable.

    Oh and put your shoes away.

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