Construction\'s little hiatus project.

Bob has his eating cap on!

Spot the pineapple in this shot from Outsiders.

Renfield, you have betrayed me!

Fondy cut my hair last night and it was about time too as I had begun to resemble a cross between Gary Oldman’s Dracula and that guy from Flock of Seagulls. She’d been busy of late dealing with business matters and, as a result, my once trim do had gradually deteriorated to the capillary equivalent of a neglected lawn, all sprouted tufts, flat patches, and potential nesting spots for marsh hawks. I consider myself fortunate that she did get around to it as things were looking touch and go earlier in the day due, in no small part, to my big mouth. “I picked up blueberry juice,”I enlightened her as we returned home from our trip to the grocery store. “It’s sweet. Not like your goji juice that burns your throat.” (A reference to the box of “miracle berry” juice that had sat unopened for months since its purchase and was presently serving as an impromptu plant stand.) Fondy threw me the look she usually reserves for squeegee kids and Air Canada employees, prompting me to qualify: “But that’s how you know it’s working!” Having, I thought, nicely acquitted myself, I hurried inside to avoid further conversation.

I greeted the dogs, ate a half a peanut butter cookie, and then proceeded with the pre-hair-cutting ritual of washing my hair, setting up the folding chair in the basement, and patiently awaiting the arrival of my coiffeuse. Fondy is a former hairdresser and does a great job, but she is meticulous and takes her time. Once, I brought along a book to read and she was greatly offended that I would choose to zone her out. So now, instead, I sit quietly in the chair while she silently cuts my hair.

As we got started, I made a modest request: “Not too short.”

“I heard you the first time,”she rejoined. I wanted to point out that “the first time” was actually several days ago, but I thought it best not to say anything since her scissors were dangerously close to my right ear.

And, twenty minutes later, we were done. “It’s short,”she informed me the way a drycleaner might notify someone that their 2 for 1 coupon expired last year. That’s the way it is, bud. I don’t want any argument from you.

“But my mom likes it long,”I protested in an admittedly lame attempt to salvage the principal of my argument. I was headed to Montreal on Saturday to visit with family and my mother had always been a very vocal critic of my preference for short hair. She favored longer hair on me as evidenced by the fact that, throughout my elementary school years, I was occasionally mistaken for a girl. Oddly enough, mom preferred shorter hair on my sister who was sometimes mistaken for my little brother. Whenever we siblings needled each other, she was Andy and I became Josephine.

“Your mother’s hair is shorter than yours. She shouldn’t be complaining.”

In truth, my request had had less to do with mom’s partialities than it did with my desire to go with a different look. I’d been doing the short hair and suit thing for ages. It was time for a little variety like, say, longer hair with jeans and a t-shirt or shaved head with monocle, walking stick, and a propensity for using terms like “knackered”, “cracking!” and “luvvly-jubbly“. I’m sure you’ll agree that there’s nothing more unconvincing that some short-haired guy in a suit trying to pull off “luvvly-jubbly”.

All that said, even though it is shorter than I would have liked, it is a cracking haircut. And while mom may not be wholly pleased, at least she’ll be able to tell me apart from Gary Oldman’s Dracula.

Today’s entry is, appropriately enough, dedicated to Whovian celebrating her 15 year wedding anniversary.

Retractions: I stand corrected! Apparently crickets are on the menu at Vij’s. Daring culinary trailblazing are stupid publicity stunt. You decide – because I won’t. Also, the Greek Day stilt-walker pictured was not, I repeat, NOT an elf as previously cited. She was a fairy.

Well, ’ll be on the road all of next week eating my way through Montreal (my sister is already making the reservations) and while I’ll certainly keep this blog updated, I’m not so sure I’ll be able to get around to the mailbag. So, before I head off and start packing…

Carol Z. writes: “What say you? Silverberg on your author lists?”

Answer: I say yay. I’ve read Lord Valentine’s Castle and The Best of Robert Silverberg which included one of the most unsettling short stories I’ve ever read about a dystopian future where people have reverted to cannibalism for survival.

AMZ writes: “I’m currently making my way through the anime works of Satoshi Kon, I was wondering if you could recommend any other anime?”

Answer: I enjoyed Miyazaki’s work, especially Spirited Away. There’s a movie called Tekkonkinkreet that I just picked up. I haven’t watched it yet but I have heard very good things about it. If you enjoy Satoshi, you might want to give Paranoia Agent a try. Also, depending where your interests lie: Berserk, Boogiepop Phantom, Cowboy Bebop, Escaflowne, Ghost in the Shell (movies and series), Grave of the Fireflies, Haibane Renmei, Infinite Ryvius, Kino’s Journey, Last Exile, Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Now and Then Here and There, Samurai Champloo, Serial Experiments Lain, Voices of a Distant Star.

Pl writes: “What was your opinion on Fahrenheit 451?”

Answer: “While I did enjoy the premise, I thought it felt a little dated.”

The first lily writes: “I don’t want to sound greedy, but is there any chance Martin gero can post a Q&A or a breakdown of Search & Rescue once it airs?”

Answer: I’ll ask him whether he’d be interested in doing a Q&A.

Anti-Social Butterfly writes: “When would you suggest posting our BOTM comments and questions?”

Answer: Anytime on the first day of discussion (in the case of In the Garden of Iden, this Monday when I’ll also be weighing in with my thoughts).

Enzo Aquarius writes: “I have a question for the visual effects crew.”

And Green writes: “Alan McCullough is my man on this one. Oh, have I got questions for you, mister…”

And Sarah Lacey writes: “I’d like to ask Mark Savela some questions. Should I post them soon or wait until you give us the go head?”

Answer: Please save your questions for the appropriate week as I’ll only be collecting them in the lead-up to the specific Q&A sessions. It’s a lot less confusing for me.

Muddypippop writes: “I haven’t heard you mention The Ghost Bridges did you read it and did you like it?”

Answer: I thought it was a great book, but I simply preferred Old Man’s War.

Caitlyanna writes: “How’s the planning committee doing for the 100th episode party coming along do you know?”

Answer: We had a big meeting the other week and discussed the guest list and date. Your offer is much appreciated, but MGM prefers to go with one of the local Vancouver caterers for convenience sake. Nevertheless, your creations do look magnificent. Maybe the next time I’m in the California area, I’ll make it a point to drop by for a bite…

Narelle from Aus writes: “So I continued my questioning regime of Hubby and according to his friend, what makes someone think you are an undercover agent is:
1. I’m away on business a lot
2. I get phone calls late at night which causes me to immediately duck into my office and jump on my PC
3. I can fix electrical appliances
4. I can chop firewood while weighing only 45kgs.”

Answer: Yeah, the latter is a dead giveaway. And, to be perfectly honest, I have had my suspicions about you.

AV Eddy writes: “I probably should know this, but do the Wraith have feeding orifices only on their right hand or both hands?”

Answer: The wraith have one feeding hand.

Sandy writes: “ I have read about spot the pineapple in SG1. When did that start and is it in the finished cut of every episode.”

Answer: Every Stargate director had a signature piece they liked to work into every episode. In Martin Wood’s case, it was the big wrench. In Peter DeLuise’s case, it was himself. In Will Waring’s case, it’s the pineapple. According to Will, it started when he was an up and coming camera operator. The director of the low budget movie he was working on asked him to do a little on camera performance – simply drive his car through the shot. He did but, unbeknownst to him, there was a pineapple rattling around in the back window. No one else seemed to notice and, thinking it was kind of funny, Will decided to make it his signature. All well and good until he was working on a comedy and included a pineapple as a background piece. When the director saw it in the dailies, he went berserk and chewed Will out. He was beside himself until the star of the move, Danny Devito, asked him what was up. The director explained and Devito responded with: “I think it’s funny.” Well, if Danny Devito thought it was funny, then it was funny enough for the director. Not only did they keep the pineapple in the shot, they used it as a recurring motif throughout the rest of the movie (culminating in, I believe, a pineapple beach stand in the closing scene). So, if you ever see Will’s name in the credits, start playing spot the pineapple.

K8T writes: “Forgot to ask if you watched “Wipeout” or “I Survived a Japanese Game Show” last night? “

Answer: Nah. Nothing beats the real thing. Paul’s wife was telling him about a Japanese Game show her family used to watch in Switzerland. Contestants would roll beneath an open tiger’s cage with a piece of raw meat strapped to their chests. Those who made it all the way through (presumably meat and chest intact) would win a trip to Hawaii. “Did anybody ever get injured?”I asked her. “Oh, all the time,”she assured me. Now THAT’S entertainment!

Patricia Lee writes: “Speaking of Whispers, can you give us any more details about how Anne Tedly characters dies??? or does she?”

Answer: Nice try.

Essaytch writes: “Was S&R shot at the same time as the end of S4 for continuity’s sake? Or did you wait until S5 filming began to shoot that epp? In general, is this how you guys operate?”

Answer: Search and Rescue was the first episode shot when we returned for season 5. Continuity was important, which is why Jason had to have his dreads painstakingly reattached. To date, this is how we have operated since, more often than not, we don’t know whether or not we’re coming back when we finish episode #20 of a given season.

Fishbaum writes: “You said you approve all publicity stuff — any comments on the horrible MGM promo photography?”

Answer: I stand corrected. I approve most of the publicity stuff. I have no say on the network promos and stills. And, by the way, that was SciFi not MGM.

Wraith Cake writes: “Two films in recent memory which did frighten me silly were The Ring with Naomi Watts and Halley Berry’s Gothica…”

Answer: Halle Berry’s Gothika? For real?

Dyginc writes: “Do you know what the next BOTM selections are yet?”

Answer: Sure. Check out yesterday’s entry or mosey on over to the right sidebar.

Bailey writes: “Why, exactly, do you have a hiatus? Is it to give the “behind the scenes” people time to catch up with the filmed material?”

Answer: Pretty much. It’s an opportunity for our crew and various productions to have a well-deserved break AND play catch-up with set construction and props.

Ikiniowa writes: “On a scale from 1-10, with 10 being the darkest, just how dark is ‘Whispers’?”

Answer: It depends what you mean by dark. I think, in some aspects, Remnants is actually darker than Whispers.

NCSUfan writes: “I know you dig the dining experience…any recommendations?”

Answer: Fuel, Vij’s, Moderne Burger, Yujis, Tojos, Bistrot Bistro, Don Francesco.

Wraith Cake writes: “Do all those lovely sets soon see the landfills of Vancouver when a season is over, and are all those lovely long black wraith jackets destined to rot along side?”

Answer: We keep most of what we use. What we don’t is usually sold off at auction. What is not sold we end up eating.

Planet_tv writes: “1. How long will Woosley be command of Atlantis or has that not been decided yet?

2. How to do you tell Bubba and Jelly apart since thay are both fawn pugs (Even thou they are not related I am trouble telling them apart)?

3. Since you’re not going to Comic Con are you going have someone who is going get pictures for you so you don’t miss out on the fun that have seen cast and crew have in the Comic Con panel videos at Scifi’s website?”

Answers: 1. If we get a sixth season pick-up, chances are good Woolsey may still be in command. 2. It’s easy enough once you spend time with them. Telling babies apart – now THAT is hard. 3. Nope. Think I’ll just stay home and sulk.

76 thoughts on “June 27, 2008: Adventures in Haircutting! Pineapples! Retractions! And the Return of the Mailbag!

  1. Thanks for answering my question, Joe. 🙂 I look forward to both episodes. 😀

  2. Hi Joe,

    This is a writer’s question for you. I’m probably out of order here, since you’re having guest posters on, so any writer’s are welcome to chime in here.

    When writing, do you tend to write the “A” plot all the way through, then the “B” etc… writing tie-in scenes as you go, or do you write scene-to-scene, A, then B, then…(A,B,C (and more)) as they appear?

    Thanks! Enjoy your trip to Montreal.


  3. Thanks for the dining recommendations in Vacouver. After some research I discovered that there are no tours at Bridge Studio…but hey I’m not hard to please my husband and I are more than happy to meet some Stargate peeps for dinner and pick your brains there….just kidding.

    Some were mentioning some “scary” movies like Gothica. Just saw a movie over the weekend that I wouldn’t classify as scary so much as intense and disturbing….Oh my God was frequently used several hours after watching it. The Happening…I know critics didn’t like it but every M. Night Shyamalan fan must see it…we had to go out and rent National Treasure 2 afterwards to end the day on something light. Going to see Ironman and the Hulk this weekend…shouldn’t be nearly as intense.

  4. Carol Z. writes: “What say you? Silverberg on your author lists?”

    Answer: I say yay. I’ve read Lord Valentine’s Castle and The Best of Robert Silverberg which included one of the most unsettling short stories I’ve ever read about a dystopian future where people have reverted to cannibalism for survival.

    Whoa! Glad I have still more Silverberg to find… and that you too are a fan 😉

    You’re fortunate that Fondy trims your hair Joe. Last time I went to a “salon” it cost me $65.00 US with tip and that was ONLY a wash, cut and blow dry. My hair is now long enough, I trim it myself. And color be-darned, I’m silver and PROUD!

    Question, will the blueberry juice be used straight or will you mix it in some culinary delight, like a home made ice cream? I’ll bet Alan would LOVE that! Blueberries contain 14 mg of Vitamin C and 0.8 mg Vitamin E per 1 cup. In addition, blueberries contain anthocyanins and phenolics that can also act as antioxidants. They simply delight my 16 month old grand niece who eats them by the handful.

    There. I’ve done my educational duties of the day.

    Carol Z in New Jersey

  5. *puts head in hands, red*
    Darn my enthusiasm!
    For later, then *nod*

    This is why whenever I get a haircut I just buzz. That last sentence might have had more impact if I mentioned I were female. No time to think too much about it. And I think a man in short hair saying luvvly-jubbly is just as disturbing as a long-haired man saying it with a monocle. But that’s just my opinion, I s’ppose.

    I find my impactfulness (<–not a word) isn’t as enthusiastic as my penchant for asking questions prematurely. I should fix that.

    Thanks for the heads up. 😀 Does the same go for Janina’s questions?

    aside: I’m currently watching a documentary (F*ck [censored]) on the F-word. It’s taking all of my pitiful restraint not to include some form of it in this note. Think George Carlin-esque, here, (r.i.p.).

  6. Heya Joe,
    Your pre-cut do is very Sheplike.
    You probably would do quite nicely with the completely shorn look and in full dress tux. Quite dashing and very distinguished actually – in my visualization.

    The pineapple is in the middle..horizontal with base on the right and crown on the left.

    Enjoy your travels and feeding opportunities.
    We look forward to hearing about the feasting.

  7. Hey Joe.

    I bought the coolest toothbrush today! It has special whitening bristles, 3 different parts on the head that each rotate differently…plus, while your brushing, it sucks out the spit from your mouth like that hose at the dentists office does! Don’t ask why I told you that…onto my questions for today…

    Out of all the books you have read so far in your life, what ONE (1) has been your all-time favourite? How many times have you read it?

    Also…why does Stargate not air in Canada (on Space Channel or something) like it does in the US?

    Thanks Joe. Hey, enjoy your trip to Montreal!

  8. oops, was so focused on the hair and pineapple – did not ask obvious questions like:
    What did you all dine on at Fuel?
    Did Robert Picardo enjoy Fuel?

  9. Thanks Joe,

    For …. not anwering my Q? But you know I had to try!…

    And Trish…. a.k.a Whoivan… HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! You rock!

    Have fun in Montrel this coming week!


    Patricia Lee

  10. Answer: The wraith have one feeding hand.

    Are there ever left-handed Wraith? Do they get picked on by the more numerous right-handed Wraith and do their teachers try to make them eat with the “proper” hand? 😀

  11. A marsh hawk nest might be a dashing conversation inducing hairstyle; although I can well imagine the drawbacks.

    I used to cut my husband’s hair when he was in the Navy; I can do a wicked military taper. I still cut his hair now and then, but the full bushy beard! There’s a chore! He hasn’t shaved since he retired from active duty in 1997, he can tell you the exact day, nay, the exact time down to the minute he last touched a razor. These days, he likes to go down to the local beauty college and let the girls practice beard trimming; full beards are a rarity and he’s welcomed as a challenge. $3 plus tip and they’re mostly competent. It’s hair, it grows back.

    I have long hair which does nothing in particular but hang around my face. I kept it vivid purple for one year when I turned fifty, and moved on to varying dark reds and burgundies this year. Right now my silver-grey roots are showing, and all my 20-something friends are urging me to go for it. I just don’t know; am I ready to be the witchy crone-goddess incarnation? I was a real blond once upon a time. Any suggestions, anyone? Not cutting, I had short short hair as a little girl. Mom called it a Pixie Cut. I was adorable.

  12. It’s just strange seeing you in a shirt and with messed-up hair. You look like someone in their 20s. Really!

    Safe travels, Joe! Don’t eat too much!

  13. You only ate half of the cookie!? Man peanutbutter is really good, you can’t just waste it!
    And your wife doesnt read your blog does she?

    Saw some photos off of GateWorld, how come Andee Frizzell wasn’t the Wraith Queen? Kinda thought she’d stay. Or maybe she just couldn’t do it?

  14. I understand that you don’t proof the Sci Fi stills, promos, etc… but… There’s one cast photo from this season that I find particularly amusing… where not only is most of the cast levitating, but Woolsey looks about three inches tall compared to the rest of the cast. Maybe the actor is slightly… compact… but I don’t think he’s THAT short. 😛

    Do you find these sorts of things funny (I mean, they’re not your fault… there’s nothing you could have done) or do you find them aggrivating?

  15. Now I have to start looking for Will Waring’s name in the credits, AND look for pineapples? I hate pineapples…still thanks for the heads up on the inside gag. I love Mr. Picardo’s look. Was he an excuse for you to take in an extra meal at Fuel’s for the week, or are you past the point of excuses? As for the haircut, my sympathies. My work, sort of like Amanda Tapping in her SG-1 years, makes short hair more practical. Two years ago I took it to an extreme, ending up with a buzzcut in exchange for some donations to a worthy charity. Alas, I’m not one of those who looks good as a baldie. Have you considered going the bald route at some point? If so, just name the charity and I will throw in my bit to encourage you. I suspect others would do the same. Hope you enjoy your Montreal sojourn, and with settle for rewatching season 4 in preparation for the new season.

  16. *Picks herself up off the floor and cralws back into her chair*

    Sorry, it seems I fainted dead away seeing you in something other than a suit and with your hair not perfectly coifed!

    Omedetou to Trish and her hubby!!

    Speaking of anime, did you ever get around to seeing Howl’s Moving Castle?

    Sci fi has been seriously irritating me of late in regards to the promos. They keep intermingling clips from *last season*, like the Replantis city tower blowing up, and worse, stuff with Elizabeth, as if they were trying to convince us she’d be back! Shameful! And I’m irritated by their ads, where the announcer talks about the “intergalactic puddle-jumpers”. INTERGALACTIC? As in traversing the space between galaxies?? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m thinking even the ‘jumper that McKay installed the hyperdrive in couldn’t have gone from Pegasus to the Milky Way without going through the Space Bridge, and that doesn’t really count, sou desu ne?

    I think the reason the season 5 photos are so bad is because they weren’t actually taken on location. Look at their feet on the steps — no shadows or reflections, and the ancient lettering shows up where theire body should be blocking them. They’ve been Photoshopped into empty sets! And their outlines look like greenscreen, with the lighting not matching up to the set. But why do it that way? Would it have been so hard to get the shots on the actual set? Were prior shoots done this way and they just did a better job photoshopping in the past than this year?

    I’m glad the season 4 DVD set cover looks decent at least — IMNSHO, Ronon and Sheppard looked downright scary (and not in a good way) on season 3’s cover ….

    Oy, sorry, apparently I’m feeling nitpicky and cranky today. XD I’m sure I will be cheerier when the new season starts!

  17. You, or anyone from Stargate, are more than welcome to visit me in Bishop the next time you’re in California. I will warn you that Bishop is rather boring. It’s a small town what can I say, unless you like trains because Laws Railroad Museum is still a highlight for the locals that know their way around the entire museum. If you come in the winter, bring Joe Flanigan with you because I know he’d probably love to ski in Mammoth. I know he did the commentary for The Rising Parts 1 & 2 with Martin Wood and Joe was explaining that when they were in the helecopters for the opening sequence with him and Richard Dean Anderson that he had grabbed his skis and was looking for a great hill to ski down.

    I knew MGM would go with local people for any of the food, but I had to ask. You never know. Now I’m looking forward to decorating an everything Tim Burton cake for a kid’s 15th birthday on September 1st. He’s already growing out his hair so that he can be Sweeny Todd for Halloween.

  18. Hi Joe! Been lurking again, but have had nothing to say worth saying. Have had a crappy week starting with my cat of 10 years dying and just craptastic days at work to finish it off. The only thing keeping me sane right now is the fact that next week I get to see my hubby (whom I haven’t seen in 2 months) and meeting my fellow squirrels at Shore Leave the following week.

    But I digress.

    I like the haircut, and I like the shirt even more! 🙂 Finally finished the Androids Dream and liked it very much. Will have to check out the new selections of the BOTM and maybe have one of those done by Christmas. haha

    Have fun in Montreal and try not to eat too much!

    Happy Anniversary Trish! Congrats on making it to 15 years.

  19. You’ve killed your supervillian image – your wife cuts your hair!

    Enjoy your trip to see your family – I hope you don’t miss the hounds too much when you are away.


  20. Heehee. Love the t-shirt.

    I need a haircut, too. It’s odd, but ever since I got about, oh, 33 or so inches chopped off, I just can’t get it short enough. Maybe it’s a phase. Meanwhile, I think it looks so bad, I’ve taking to wearing bandannas, which I can’t recall ever wearing before in my life.

  21. Today we had to call the fire department because the main jail door refused to open and started smoking.

    Random, I know, but it just doesn’t stop being funny.

  22. caitlyanna said:
    You, or anyone from Stargate…visit me in Bishop the next time you’re in California

    If memory serves, there is a restaurant – great for breakfasts…Jacks.

    A good steak place, but I do not remember the name.

    And to the north is Bode – ghost town at about 8,000 ft.
    Friends and I tried to visit in Oct 2006 and it snowed 8-10 inches. Needless to say, we did not go cause we did not have winter clothes or shoes.

  23. Hi, Joe
    If SCIFI doesn’t pick up the 6th season, will you produce one or more movies like SG1?
    And will you join the 3rd series’s procreation?

  24. Digging the casual look Joe. You look ready for a day of laying about the house watching DVDs and reading.

    Enjoy your holiday.

  25. “Wraith Cake writes: “Two films in recent memory which did frighten me silly were The Ring with Naomi Watts and Halley Berry’s Gothica…”
    Answer: Halle Berry’s Gothika? For real?”

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha you made me laugh out loud—silly man! You don’t find her scary? Where ye at guy? Yesss Halle Berry scares me—to death! But the scene that I couldn’t wipe from my mind, is when she finds her dead husband’s “studio” and there’s a bed (Ug!! I can barely think about it as I write Aaaar!) I have a phobia (looks over her shoulder) of beds! I’m not kidding. For the most part I find them revolting. I would rather sleep on a pile of dirt (and those wraith pods for humans: how’d ya like to sleep in a VAT full o’ throw up?)…anyway I digress. Back to the scene I can’t get out of my mind: Berry comes across her husbands torture studio and there is a heavily stained bed and right next to it (gasp!) is a defibrillator. So these young girls were so terrified (because they were being mauled by these psychopaths) that their hearts stopped—hence were revived so they would be up for more torture. I don’t know, I guess you have to be a woman to appreciate the implications—that scene still terrifies me (my man thought the film was laughable too, so you’re not alone). There was nothing gratuitous about it, it was purely the psychological factor. These poor girls, half naked flailing about on a disgusting mattress …. Alright!!! tuRNing TurNing turNIng down the volume in my brain. Alright bye bye

    Heh heh

    BTW: Whadaya talkin’ about? Your hair looks great!

  26. Hey Joe,

    I’m back from a 2 week vacation. I didn’t have the internet regularly so I just caught up on two weeks of your blogs. They were wonderful and witty as usual…thanks for all the pics and vids.

    We went to Gatlinburg, Tn in the Smoky Mountains and then up to Niagara Falls, Ontario. Great trip, gorgeous scenery!

    The two day car trip home in a minivan with my husband, two teenage sons and my parents was cruel and unusual punishment. Still trying to figure out what I did to deserve THAT…lol.

    So…did you miss me? *wink wink*


  27. Hey Joe, thanks so much for the anime recommendations. You’ve succeeded in making me wish I was Zelenka in “Sunday” and could have just won “Dr Mallozzi’s anime collection”. As it is I might have fun asking around for some of the titles (I’m pretty sure asking for “Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi” at my local dvd stores will get me some strange looks).

    I’m really glad you mentioned Hayao Miyazaki too, I saw Spirited Away a few years ago, and while I liked it, I could only see an American dubbed version. Not exactly the same atmosphere, is it?

    So apart from you slightly sceptical look, I think your hair looks good like that. You know what else you could do to change the “short hair and suit thing”? How about some coloured streaks? I’m thinking blue and silver, kind of Atlantis-themed. What do you think?

    Have fun in Montreal too.


  28. Hi ya

    Not to sure whether or not I should post this but MSOL are having their charity auction at the moment…all proceeds going to the Multiple Sclerosis society of Canada….there are some great items up for auction from various shows (including Stargate of course!) that are filmed in Vancouver.

    Here is the link to the ebay auction list…

    Joe if you could get that pic of David and Michael signed that would be great!…can you imagine the price that would go for!!!!…


    Kriss 🙂

  29. Hey Joe,

    I just had to put my two cents in about the Wraith feeding with one hand. I’m afraid to say you were mistaken because it has already been documented in S3 “Common Ground” that Todd used both hands to feed on Genii soldiers while in the woods. Just had to get that off my chest.

    Also, I was watching Stargate (the original movie) last night and realized Richard Kind (Lucius, S3 SGA) plays the guy who misinterprets the hyroglyphs (sp?) before Daniel gets there. I thought it was kind of neat that he had a role in Stargate (the franchise) from the beginning.

    Hope you have a safe trip to Montreal. Enjoy being with your family if you can.

  30. Hi Joe,

    Cool more great pic’s! Nice one of Robert Picardo.

    Love the one of you in your wolverine t-shirt! Great hair!

    Have a nice trip to see your relo’s! Have fun in Montreal!

    Hey! I say luvvly jubbly all the time! But! I’m female! So I dont know if that counts!
    I also say knackered alot! Especially in my family!

    Take care & happiness always!


  31. Hello Joe,

    I’m having a great time keeping up with your hiatus, have a great time at home! – Can’t wait to join you (not literally) BUT I will be off on my own little vacation to Bordeaux and then on to London starting next Wednesday and I just can’t keep my head in the work game. Even though I’ve really been trying to finish up and leave things so that the fires that start while I’m away won’t burn too brightly…

    I was wondering if you have ever read “Snow Crash” by Neal Stephenson – I read it quite a while back and couldn’t put it down. I’m thinking I will have to re-read soon.

    Gotta run – SG-1 is on again on SciFi…


  32. I believe that Lord Valentine’s Castle was just nominated for a major award (or at least made a significant industry top 10 list).

    Here’s my question for Janina “Dusty” Gavankar:

    Could you give a brief rundown of a day-in-the-life (during a single day of shooting). Are you a method actor? How did you become Dusty everyday on the set?

    Thanks in advance for answering all our questions, I really appreciate you taking the time to stop by! And I can’t wait to see Whispers later this summer.

  33. I almost forgot to say something about the Pineapple. Will Waring’s trademark easter egg. Why did he start using a pineapple (like the SG1 writers used Wizard of OZ references)?

  34. Where are my manners. Happy 15th wedding anniversary to Trish/Whovian! Here’s hoping for many, many more…anniversaries! Yes!

    Oh hey, and lookit! It’s the return of the marathon reviews!

    Sight Unseen: Ok…not a fan of this one. In fact, it’s placed at the 116th spot out of 124 episodes seen so far. Yeah…just, wasn’t interesting. The initial problem was nice, and watching it solved is also pretty cool…but after the halfway point, when it became a manhunt of someone I had no interest in whatsoever…the episode just fell flat. Don’t get me wrong, Vernon was pretty funny, but it just felt like you guys got to the halfway point, and ran out of things to do for the main plot, so you changed the episode from being about a weird ancient device to about some conspiracy nut and his damaged life. I would’ve been fine with one or the other being the main focus, but the episode felt like it couldn’t decide on which to do so it all became a shallow mess at the end. I mean, you could’ve gone with the bug route and have them actually interact with the characters and become dangerous…or you can look deeper into the psychological problems of Vernon (though that could’ve been too similar to Martin Lloyd’s situation, I suppose). I think both would’ve been better.

    The bugs looked nice though.

    Smoke and Mirrors: This is more like it! A pretty good episode; again, a lot of cloak and daggers stuff that you guys excel at; many plot twists and turns. Agent Barret was a great character, very mysterious at first, but ultimately proved to be honorable and a good guy. Sam looked…SO HAWT in this episode. I’m just going to come right out and say that. She seemed to have gotten tanned or something. It was also quite disturbing how “dirty” the “reality” of the world is in this episode. Company heads murdering people for profit? Using one’s own near-demise as a selling point for an election? Yikes. Is nothing sacred? Very disturbing, and depressing…which is good! Great episode.

  35. Salut Josephine=)!! (mais nan je rigole^^)


    Sayer je vient de pousser un cri dans la maison et ma mére croit que je vient de me faire assassiner…

    Olalalala comment vous êtes trop mimi sur cette photo !! adorable!! ♥_♥ Moi je préfére avec les cheveux comme ça, mais pas plus lomg!
    Je vous rassure ma mére est un peu comme la votre^^!

    Je vais vous dire franchement si j’aurai 20 ans de plus, que j’habiterai a Vancouver, et qu’ont soient célibataires..;Je vous draguerez volontier..!

    Attention je vous fait un sacrée compliment là!! Vous êtes encore super draguable!!! ^^


    1)Demain, final de l’euro. Allemagne contre Espagne, un pronostique?

    2)Quel recette préférez vous cuisinez?

    Bon allez, gros bisou, je vous adore!!!!!!!Bonne journée!

  36. Is any of the BOTM authors for August doing guest blogs?

    Have good time here at the eateries in Montreal.


    Stop pestering Mr. M about Stargate Atlantis first run episodes airing in Canada. It just take a little online research to find that it’s on the pay-per-view “The Movie Network” channel in Canada. They outbid the defunct CHUM/CityTV previously.

  37. Wow that haircut is adorable. It looks lighter when it’s longer. Well done Fondy. Makes you look younger too. Although not quite in your twenties as PG-15 suggested.

    Not sure about the t-shirt though. Maybe you needs smaller steps to work up to the new look. Start with some casual shirts and polo shirts. Here I’m sounding like Carson Kressley LOL!

    Have fun with the family in Montreal. Safe trip!

    Cheers, Chev

  38. Jumperpilot, Todd doesn’t feed on the left soldier in the woods, he is just saving him for the dessert. If you look closely, you can see that only the Genii on the right is ageing: The one on the left is just terrified to witness and to know he will be next. Also Todd only wears a metal glove on the right hand while in the prison. By the way, am I the only one who thinks of it as a chastity belt for wraith? 😉

  39. Very epic stance there, made even more manly by your T-shirt.

    And wise move not to antagonise a woman with scissors.

    Hope you have a great time in Montreal =]

  40. Hi Mr. Mallozzi, i was wondering if we were going to see the Bola Kai this season?

  41. Hi Joe

    i love Montreal. It’s such a wonderful cosmopolitan sort of city.. Lovely restaurants.. Re The Garden of Iden.. I really liked the bbok alot.. I thought the premise was so very interesting and the plots would be able to be spun in lots of directions.. I also liked the humor in the book. And as I love history to be able to go back to different times is great.. Wonderful job all around..

    Enjoy Montreal


  42. HI there Mr M

    Greetings from Sunny Tipperary!

    Safe trip to Montreal. Is this the opprtunity you couldn’t pass up? By eating well in Montreal, I assume that the first stop will be your own mother’s cooking (which from the Christmas blog entries looks amazing!) My regards to your her and your family! Safe trip! Hope you enjoy your holiday!


    PS Any more news on Marty G’s YPF? I’ve been trawling the net for reaction, but have come up empty! Any date for European (or specifically Irish release date?)


  43. The question is, did you take that pic of your hair before or after having it cut *hehe*
    When I was very young, my brother cut my hair and in order to correct what he had done my hair ended up very very short. I always got mistaken for a boy. i let my hair grow long from then on. But I still had a fringe. my father always thought it to be so cute as it stood up on its own. But the woman that always came by to cut our hair always cut off more than I wanted and the fringe included more and more hair, so one day I decided to let the fringe grow long as the rest of my hair was rather long too. I hated that fringe!

    So, now that italy can’t win der Ec anymore, whom do you wish to win the EC on sunday? Spain, who kicked Italy out of the Championship, so that you can say “at least we lost against the champion” or Germany 😛

    And a question to Janina Gavankar. I’m sorry if someone already asked. I don’t have the time to read all comments:

    Did you play any pranks on each other and if so, tell us about it :o)

  44. How do you feel about Earth getting the Asgard-tech? Imo, it takes away all suspense in a space-battle when Aurora-class ships are blown away in three seconds by the Deadalus – not to mention Hive-ships. Or Michael’s Cruiser in S&R for that matter… The entire crew enjoying their chats while Michael bombards the ship for a couple of minutes. Where is the suspense in all that? How are the enemies supposed to be threatening while we can blast them from the galaxy in mere seconds with our superior Asgard-beams? I’d like to hear your opinion on this, because it’s one of the things that has been bugging me for a while.

  45. I say you should go for the Paul McGillion hairdo with blue/silver tips the look could be completed effectively with a smoking jacket and cravat with (and this is purely for effect you understand) a cigarette in a long holder!
    Then again you could always have borrowed Jason’s shorn dreads and integrated them into your own hair as extensions, yep that should do it.

    Recovering from elder daughter’s stag night (HATE the term ‘hen’) others are still sleeping it off LOL this time next week she’ll be a married woman and I will have joined the ranks of outlaws.

    tally ho!

  46. Maggiemayday said: Right now my silver-grey roots are showing, and all my 20-something friends are urging me to go for it. I just don’t know; am I ready to be the witchy crone-goddess incarnation? I was a real blond once upon a time. Any suggestions, anyone?

    YES! Ditch the color and let her rip au-naturel girl!
    For many years I hit the dye bottles of all major brands, gagging at the ammonia smell, hoping none got in my eyes to blind me. It is not worth it.

    I’ve been naturally silver, white and gray for 3 years now and am complimented regularly on my long locks. The texture is a bit coarser than when it was brown, but that’s what creme rinse is for.

    And I object to your term “witchy-crone” — THAT’s a self-deprecating, stereotypical term I am surprised to see you use. Tsk-tsk… Check out some of the TV adds for osteoporosis meds using gorgeous, mature women, many of whom have sliver tinged hair.

    I say let nature shine through, it’s always more beautiful than anything man can devise.

    Carol Z

  47. OH darn it. Alliepeeps asked my question, lolol. When you mentioned that the Wraith have only one feeding hand it reminded me of a question I often have had…… which was, you guessed it….

    Are all Wraith right handed or are some left handed feeders?

  48. How many subliminal messages can you get in one picture I am referring of course to the picture of Bob outside Fuel? On closer inspection of the picture I managed to pick up the following disturbing items of interest.

    1, The prototype android chef, note the eyes a dead give away

    2, Above Bob’s left shoulder the word …’Rats’

    3, The word ‘Conform’ can clearly be seen in the picture.

    3, Below Bob’s left shoulder another word ‘Rant’

    4, And the final give away the word ‘Fuel’

    A good conspiracy theorist can put all this together and come to the inimitable conclusion that you in your mild mannered guise as Joe Mallozzi were trying to bring about the down fall of the world by sending the following message to your sleeper minions

    ‘Rats conform, fuel rant’

    I rest my case, but I suspect that future fuel price increases around the world would have been traced back to this one innocuous picture.

    I suspect my genius has just derailed your bid for world domination using Android Chefs, Joe Mallozzi or is it Baron Destructo?

    I want no accolades or statues erected in my name, but if you could have a quick whip round to thank me and deposit the money in my off shore account in Uzbekistan that would be wonderful.

    My work here is done.

    Pauline (Saviour of the World)

  49. Ok, well, maybe I’m just a bit behind times, but I just saw the video clips that you and Martin G did over at the MGM site. First of all, I learned how to correctly pronounce your name! And then I LMAO at the videos.

    So, anyway… cool… apparently, I’m just at a loss for words…or maybe it’s just early and I need caffeine.


  50. A comment to Jumperpilot,

    I know the scene you’re referring to but I believe Todd is simply pinning the second soldier to the ground with his left hand while he feeds with his right, because the other soldier doesn’t wither away, he simply looks terrified as he clutches Todd’s arm.

    Of course I might be the one mistaken but that’s the way I perceived that scene.

  51. I pretty much live on blueberry juice!! I’m not quite McKay with the citrus allergy, but I am allergic to North American orchard fruits… translation: mosty apples – which is in *everything*!! Hence the blueberries are my main source of Vitamin C. And strangely enough, it’s also lowered my blood sugar levels… If you aren’t already, try a brand called TRUE BLUE – you can get in at Sobey’s and Superstore and Walmart too. But try their LITE BLUE, a lot less sugar with the same taste. I usually add about 10% water to my glass to cut the sweetness down.

    Love to munch on goji berries too! – Bulk Barn, but they’re not cheap…

  52. Hey Joe!

    Thanks for clarifying about the Q&A session with the visual effects crew. With your trip coming up, I’m sure you definitely don’t need the confusion of remembering or copying down questions. 😛

    In regards to crickets, I’ve heard that chocolate-covered crickets actually are very good (and supposedly the insect is healthy for you as well?).

    Love the photos today, and have fun packing! 🙂

    – Enzo Aquarius

  53. Thanks for the prompt answer Joe. I guess I was under the impression that Ms. Baker was going to be answering question on June 30. I should really learn how to read.

    Morjana said:
    TV Guide Online has a poll about Jason Momoa’s hair cut:

    POLL: What do you think of Momoa’s new look?

    You know this may be an inordinately silly question, but why must he either have no dreads or keep them as they are?

    I guess what I’m asking is why can’t “Ronan” get a trim. How long are those things, 2 1/2 feet? If he HAS to keep the dreads (in wig/weave form) why must they impersonate Davy Jones’ tentacles from Pirates of the Caribbean? If they get much longer they might evolve prehensile abilities like a monkey’s tail. I propose a compromise between Mr. Momoa and MGM, if the dreads must stay someone give the poor man a lighter wig.

  54. Hey, Joe!

    Haven’t read your blog for months. Not much has changed I see. You’re still talking about food, the dogs, and sci-fi.

    Had to comment on the longer hair pic. Absolutely love you with longer hair. Very, very sexy…especially the sideburns.

    Can’t wait for the new season to start!


  55. Oh, I forgot to mention something regarding Sight Unseen yesterday. While watching, every time the ancient device was on screen, its constant humming was actually making my TV vibrate, very loudly. Heh, looks like you picked a sound at the natural frequency of my TV.

    What a coincidence.

    I still get my hair cut by my mom, and she’s gotten quite good at it (even though she can only do 1 hair style: shorter). The funny thing is, my dad ALWAYS wants my hair to be ultra short. The shorter the better.

  56. Wow. I totally didn’t recognize you in that picture.

    It wasn’t so much the haircut as it was the sight of you wearing a t-shirt. Your evil despot persona is slipping. 🙂

    Bon voyage. Safe journey. And a big hello to your mom!

  57. Laura Dove writes: “…Also Todd only wears a metal glove on the right hand while in the prison. By the way, am I the only one who thinks of it as a chastity belt for wraith? ;-)”

    LOL! –well, they do have sexy hands… minus the nails. The nails have got to go. I have this mental image of the Lanteans forcing Todd to clip his nails back. (Ewwwwwh! and probably his toe nails are long too! *blech!*)

    Maybe that’s why their teeth are so sharp (Bwha ha ha) they break them trying to bite their nails.

    BTW I love the mental image: the season has ended, it’s a wrap and everyone at SGA has reduced, reused and recycled. Now you’re all layin’ back on the grass eating what’s left…heh heh heh that’s adorable! …hey…
    I wanna do that.


  58. @ JM – You ol’ Beast, you… 😉

    @Laura Dove – You’re right – Todd only feeds on one at a time – first the one under his right hand while saving that mean ol’ bastard for dessert. I love the fact that he had to watch what was going to happen to him next.

    About the ‘glove’ on Todd’s hand. I think of it more as a muzzle to keep him from biting. But, if YOU want to think of it as a chastity belt, keeping Todd’s handgina pure and undefiled…then so be it.

    Pervert. 😉


  59. Hey Joe!

    Wow! A blog dedication. 😳 Thank you very much! And thanks to all the other well-wishers.

    Jeremy and I got back today from the beach. I did get sunburned… stupid Florida sun. But I also saw DOLPHINS and we had some good food. We have the leftovers to prove it, too. Food leftovers, not dolphins. 😉

    Is that WOLVERINE on your tee? At first glance I thought it was a picture of Marty! 😯 Obviously the very briefest of glances. At second look I realized I was looking at you.

    I finished the BOTMC book! *pats self on the back*. I’m all ready for the discussion on Monday.

    Jeremy does have a suggestion for you, Joe. At dinner last night I was telling Jeremy about your problem with transitions for the DVDs. Jeremy says you should put up a picture of a sun with your face in the middle, Teletubby-style, if ever a transition seems a bit rough. He thinks it would add a lot of class to the DVDs.

    BTW, I think you’d look great with the Flock of Seagulls hairstyle.

    Trish 😀

    P.S. I always knew Narelle was an undercover agent. My uncle was one and they wear the same shoes. It gives them away every time.

  60. Joe,

    Just wanted to let you know that hubby loved the Scalzi books (especially Old Man’s War), and is currently burning through The Ghost Brigade (?). On his behalf, thank you for the recommendations!


  61. Lovin’ the new “do”. It’s both Summer and Winter.
    The key to a versatile do is being able to pull off the slick corporate during the week (maybe with the aid of some product) but to be able have a carefree mop that matches the Summery relaxed attire for weekends and the occasional hiatus.

    Joe said:

    Answer: Yeah, the latter is a dead giveaway. And, to be perfectly honest, I have had my suspicions about you.

    So was it the comment about death threats or that I’ve been seen talking into my shoe on occasions?

    Have a sensational time with your family.

  62. 13 days til season 5… can’t wait.
    .. Do you ever get heartburn or upset tum from the culinary feasts?
    .. ok ok it was a fairy, but is elf not in the same family? or near family, a mistake any one could make..
    ..the haircut is cool, and remember, it will grow, maybe not as fast as you would like, but it will..I used to trim,,haha,trim my little brothers hair when we were much younger, I usually managed to nip and ear or somewhere..oww! told him to sit still.
    never tried blueberry juice, make have to look into that. I like a nice cran-grape, not bad. Enjoy your trip to visit mom and sis. !! 😀

  63. Knowing your taste for suits and cufflinks, it was a little shocking to see you in ‘casual’ supervillain mode. Nice Wolverine t-shirt.

  64. Dunno if you know this or not, but the first episode of season 5 has been leaked. It’s all over the internet by now!!

    (BRILLIANT visual effects, btw!! I LOVED IT!!!!)

  65. Personally, Mr. M, I liked the Joe Flanigan look to your hair in that picture.

    Aaannndd, if your hair was longer than normal when it was filmed, it makes me wonder just who might have been under the face-sucking Wraith’s hand. My first thought on seeing it was you then Beckett (because of the too dark dye job) but now I’m not sure.

    Ms Gavankar: Were any Space Cows harmed during filming?

    the real Anne Teldy 😀

  66. Just to help out a bit…

    It’s Beast on JM’s t-shirt…with the same haircut as Wolverine.

    Kinda like the beast wearing the t-shirt with the same haircut as Flanigan.



  67. Went to SciFi Atlantis and couldn’t find where or how to ask a question. Saw this link, so here I am and here it is.

    In the series premier, “Rising”, at about 38:19 you hear Teyla introducing herself as the “daughter of Tughan”

    In the season 5 premier, “Search and Rescue”, at about 41:51 as Sheppard is being wheeled out of the infirmary, Teyla says “… Turin John, after my father and … “.

    If this really is a blooper, are you going to retake the scene before its officially aired?

  68. Oh, I’m sorry. What was I thinking, spending your money that way. Let me rephrase the question.

    If this really is a blooper, are you going to do a voice-over before its officially aired?

  69. @ Laura Dove – Aye, the Wraith certainly enjoy their food. Seems they don’t have much else going for them, poor fellas.

    It would be rather amusing to see a human female make advances towards a Wraith, just to see him squirm. I assume such conduct would be quite inappropriate to them. Of course – that’s just how it translates in my mind. The creators may have a totally different vision here, but I can’t help but think that a Wraith/human relationship would be as taboo to them as a farmer meddling with the livestock is to us.


  70. I wonder if some wraith worshippers try to seduce their masters? But being fed on by a wraith is so painful that I doubt anybody, even a worshipper, would willingly temp a wraith, even if the wraith gives the life back afterwards.

  71. Keeping this away from the news about Mr. Davis…hope ya find me again, LD…

    Laura Dove wrote:
    I wonder if some wraith worshippers try to seduce their masters? But being fed on by a wraith is so painful that I doubt anybody, even a worshipper, would willingly temp a wraith, even if the wraith gives the life back afterwards.

    Only in fan fic. 😉

    I have an idea about worshippers, clones, and feeding in general, but since I’m not into fan fic, I keep most of my ideas in my head (I might write a drabble or two for funsies in a thread, but I prefer the ‘canon’ of the show). I might be able to turn it into a short something-or-other, but prefer to keep it as a discussion since writing is a real pain in the arse for me. When I get a chance, I will tell you over on Gateworld. It has nothing at all to do with sex, however…so certainly not fan fic material anyway. 😆


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